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Man dies, another loses testicles to trigger-happy cop

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PDP crisis

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Bowing to Tukur is political suicide –Nyako

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Strike: FG, ASUU meet on Monday


Saturday, August 17, 2013





INEC registers PDM for Atiku’s men

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Treading the Tiwa Savage path

...Independent Democrats too

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Father of the inventor of the electricity-generating football, Dr. Idoni Mathews (left); Vice-President Namadi Sambo (2nd left); President Goodluck Jonathan (middle); inventor, Miss Jessica Mathews (3rd right) Minister of Works, Mr. Mike Onolonemen (right) and others watching President Jonathan juggling the newly invented football presented to him at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, yesterday. PHOTO: NAN

Anambra guber: APGA disqualifies Soludo, Obi’s SSG, 4 others P. 6

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Man dies, another loses testicles to trigger-happy policeman P.17

Court fines man for snatching neighbour’s wife


Saturday Mirror

August 17, 2013


Divorce court

‘My wife was caught in a hotel with a P.40 pastor The agony of China’s one-child policy P.20

How three men killed toddler for money ritual P.18 Stop P.34 gender negativity –Rhonda Watson

Man burnt to death for impregnating mother, daughter P.16

Woman gives birth to Siamese twins with 3 legs P.36

How three men raped 14-year-old girl P.16


n Upper Area Court II in Kabong suburb of Jos, the Plateau State capital yesterday passed a judgment directing one Alhaji Suleiman Gbadamosi to return the two children he forcefully took from Mike Adang when he lured his wife into marriage. The Court also ordered Gbadamosi to pay a fine of N50, 35O for the offence committed, while ruling that the wife in question can decide to stay with Gbadamosi if she so desires. Delivering the Judgment, which came after seven years of hearing, the Chief Magistrate, Justice Ladi Madaki, said based on the evidence before the court, there was a legal customary marriage between Mercy and Mike Adang and the marriage was blessed with three children before Mercy abandoned her legitimate husband and married Gbadamosi in 2005. Justice Madak stressed that Mercy was carrying Mike’s baby when they got married according to native law and custom in the early 90s. When Mike’s house was burnt during the 2001 crisis in Jos, Mercy decided to go and stay with her aunt in Tudu Wada, a suburb in Jos the state capital with the three children of the marriage. While living with her aunt, Mercy met Gbadamosi and abandoned Mike. After a short while, she moved to Gbadamosi’s house with her three children and changed their names to Islamic names. Thus, Matilda M. Adang became Zainab Suleiman Gbadamosi, Mishim Azi Adang became Nasiru Suleiman Gbadamosi while the third child left before he was renamed. According to the Judge, contrary to the claims of the first and second defendants (Mercy and Gbadamosi) that there was no marriage between Mike and Mercy and that they had no children at the time they were together, it is evident before the court that Mike and Mercy were married in ac-


cordance to the customs and traditions of the Izere, where they both hail from. Mike Adang legally married Mercy since he had satisfied the customs and traditions of Afizere people by paying the sum of N500 Naira as bride price, as stipulated by Afizere custom and offered other marriage items as Afizere tradition demands. Justice Madaki noted with regret that it was unfortunate that Mercy Adang was a promiscuous and materialistic woman, who went after other men and had extra marital affairs with Gbadamosi, which led her to eventually deny her legitimate husband because of material things. The court described the first defendant (Mercy, now known as Fatima) as “a promiscuous woman for having sex with another man after being traditionally and legally married.” Similarly, the biological mother of the first defendant who had testified before

the court during cross examination of witnesses and denied knowledge of any marriage contract between Mike and Mercy, was described by the magistrate as “a shameless old woman” According to Justice Madaki, the supposed mother in-law acted irresponsibly by denying her son-in-law publicly because he is not financially rich. The 7-year legal battle between Mike, Mercy and Gbadamosi ended in favour of the plaintiff (Mike Adang), with Gbadamosi and Mercy fined the sum of N50, 350 to be paid to Mr. Adang as appearance charges of his counsel. Responding, counsel to the defendants, Barrister Ansho said he will discuss with his clients, study the Judgment and may appeal against the decision of the court. He also objected to the payment of the fine since his client still has another opportunity to appeal the judgement.

Mob attacks lawmaker in Katsina • Accuses him of doling out stipends JAMES DANJUMA KATSINA


esterday was not the best of days for a House of Representatives member, Ibrahim Babangida (Malumfashi/Kafur). He escaped death by the whiskers when he was attacked by a mob in his constituency in Katsina State. Babangida was in the Kafur Local Government Area to attend an event hosted by former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Bello Masari who was giving out one of his daughters in marriage. Saturday Mirror learnt that the law-

maker had decided to visit his constituency in a big way and prior to the wedding ceremony, had sent an undisclosed amount of money to be shared to people including youths in the area. It was gathered that he had not visited his constituency since becoming a lawmaker, a situation that prompted him to dole out the money for sharing as a way of appeasing some of the youths who were said to be angry with him for failing to come visit them all this while. A source who did not want his name mentioned told our correspondent that “the sum of N1, 000 was given to each of

the youths” but several of them “were not able to get any as the money could not go round.” According to the source, “Some youths who had attended the wedding event, on sighting him, began shouting at him and accusing him of neglecting them and giving them pittance when he was supposed to have done more.” “It took the intervention of the police to wrest him out of the hold of the mob and he was later rushed out of the place. The police had to fire some shots into the air to disperse the angry youths. He was then taken to the police station in Malumfashi and was kept hidden there for several hours,” he said.

Saturday Mirror


August 17, 2013



Finally, My Oga At The Top speaks


bviously, Commandant Shem Obafaiye of the National Security and Civil Defence Corp, Oyo State, was not prepared for the aftermath of the live interview conducted with him on a Channels Television’s promamme, Sunrise, on March 16, 2013. Just one innocuous question – What is the website of the NSCDC? and he tripped. He struggled over the question and with the insistence of the interviewee, he couldn’t but give in to the blunder that earned him instant fame: My Oga At The Top. The immediacy of his fame was almost unprecedented. While he, so to say, basked in the fame, countless Nigerians worked on the side, projecting his popularity and smiling to the banks in the process. T-shirts, face-cap, bangles, ties and countless other accessories bore Obafaiye’s picture and the new found cliché, My Oga At The Top. Shortly after the “project fame,” the commandant was transferred to Oyo State from Lagos, a move which many people believe was a face saving measure. And there, life assumed a new dimension. The now famous Obafaiye lives far away from where he made his name. Several weeks after he resumed work in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, it was mum from him. With characteristic curiosity which the average journalist shares with the cat, a mission was embarked upon by Saturday Mirror, and the destination was Ibadan. The subject was Shem Obafaiye, the new Commandant of the NSCDC in Oyo State. And what about him? To do an undercover work of how he operates in his new duty post; how those under him hold him, especially against the backdrop of the fame he has enjoyed and how he had also carried on despite the negativity attached to the event that led to his fame. With two days of undercover work at his office located in Iyaganku area of Ibadan completed, this reporter decided to go for the kill: Get My Oga At The Top to speak about life after the event that led to his new trade mark. A visit to his office was frustrating. Obafaiye was

said to be out of town and would not be around until the week after! Oh, how fantastic it would have been getting the interview at once to complement the undercover work. But hope was not lost as the Assistant Public Relations Officer, Mr. Segun Odedina, promised to intimate My Oga At The Top with the interview request when he came back. The reporter’s call card was dropped with the hope that a call would one day come through to announce the date of the interview. Would such a call ever come? Skepticism reigned. However the undercover work was as reflected in the Saturday Starters story published as What is new with My Oga At the Top on Saturday, July 27, 2013. But barely 72 hours after the publication, a call came through to this reporter and it was the Public Relations Officer of the Oyo State Command of the NSCDC that was on the line. “Would you come for the interview with the Commandant in the afternoon?” The NSCDC officer must have thought that the reporter was resident in Ibadan when making the request. But when he was made to realise the reporter was in Lagos, a change in date was effected. And on Friday, August 2, 2013, at exactly 2.00 p.m. as agreed, My Oga At The Top, in his spacious office, was already talking, for the first time to any newspaper, after the Channels’ interview, to Saturday Mirror on how he felt about the incident that led to the My Oga At The Top fame. Quite free, very lively and unrestrained, Obafaiye spoke on how he felt about the incident. Surprisingly, his position was far different from the way many Nigerians considered it. To him, the incident lacked the negativity attached to it. Rather, it was a divine announcement of His glory in his life. The interview was conducted by YEMISI ADENIRAN. Excerpts:




August 17, 2013

Saturday Mirror

My Oga At The Top fame, an act of God -Obafaiye


hat is your assessment of the security situation in Ibadan and Oyo State in general? The security situation in Oyo State is relatively peaceful and I must tell you that the synergy among the security agencies here is very superb. We relate well; the Commissioner of Police carries me on well and indeed refers to me as his brother. I do the same to him. Anything that affects one affects all. At a time, there was a clash between my men and the police. Immediately I told him about it, he promptly took it up and resolved it. My bosses were amazed. That’s the level of rapport that exists between us. How would you compare the work situation in Lagos to the one in Oyo State? Lagos is very riotous. What I am trying to say is that there is so much stress in Lagos State when compared with a state like Oyo. Oyo State is a more peaceful state. Ibadan is particularly peaceful. Life here cannot, in any way, be compared with life in Lagos. But just as God backed us up in Lagos, He is still doing the same here in Ibadan. The way He made me succeed in Lagos, is the same way He has started making a success of my work here in Oyo State. My achievements have been positive. It has always been my desire to do my best as much as possible on this job and wherever I find myself, and God has been good to me. This is what I always tell my subordinates. Since all of us cannot be president; we cannot all be Commandant General, we can all contribute our quota to the growth and development of Nigeria in whichever corner we find ourselves. This is what I always tell my subordinates. I always tell them that if they are cleaners, they should clean well. The Bible instructs us to do our job as unto the Lord. We should do all with the fear of God. That is, if no one is watching you, God is. My wish is to do my best, to leave a good legacy behind for my generation and everyone coming after me. Would you rather work here or in Lagos? Our job is with the federal government. So, it is not about where anyone prefers, it is about where we are posted to. And the rule is that we must be ready to work anywhere; we must adapt to whichever environment we find ourselves. It is a service and we must do it well at all times. There is nowhere I cannot work. You were posted to Ibadan shortly after the “My Oga At the Top” interview. How about your family? Did you move them down to Ibadan or they are still in Lagos? They are here. They joined me barely a week after I resumed here. It makes the job easier because there won’t be any divided loyalty. What are the challenges of your job? Life is a risk and so is every job. Our own job is no exception. Even the Army, advanced as they are, they still have challenges. In our own case, we are making do with what the federal government has

been giving us. We have men on ground and with good leadership, we are showing commitment and doing well. God has been very faithful. In the course of our job, we arrest tankers with arms and ammunition among other major things. We have challenges, but they are minimal. How would you rate the success of the NSCDC so far? Am I not too small to rate the NSCDC? Generally, I would say, of all the agencies, ours is the closest to the masses. We live with them, interact with them and we have a good intelligence gathering network. We are doing well in all ramifications. On some different occasions, we are the first to get to scenes of fire inci-

dences. In the area of disaster management, we help manage situations, rescue and rehabilitate. In the area of preventing the activities of pipeline vandals, we are also doing well. If I am to give a mark, I would give 75%. That is an A. As security officer, what tips would you give to individuals for safety? We must observe personal security in our homes. It would be wrong to switch on your light before leaving home; people should be conscious of strangers around where they live; they need to call the attention of neighbours if they see strange faces; they should put bulbs in their surroundings to illuminate the environment. I would also advise that you don’t

I never went to Channels over My Oga At The Top –Wife Mrs. Mary Foluke Shem, wife of Commandant Sunday Shem Obafaiye, is one of the children of the late Evangelist Timothy Obadare of WOSEM. In fact, she was the Personal Assistant to the reverred evangelist who incidentally is being buried today. In this interview with YEMISI ADENIRAN, She debunked the rumour that she went to Channels Television to plead on her husband’s behalf. for? The show was a live one, what they spread was on the internet, how many places would I have gone? Besides is he a school child and Channels, his school where he would be disciplined? I never went there and I thank God because He has been in control since. What’s your assessment of your husband? He is a good man, self-disciplined and God-fearing. He is a responsible man, respectable and a workaholic. He takes his job and superiors seriously and of course doesn’t joke with his family.



hy have you not included Obafaiye in your name? My husband does not want it so. He wants me to bear his own name directly. Shem is his own name not a generational name. Is it true that you went to Channels T.V. management to plead over “ My Oga At The Top” saga? This is not just funny but it is very strange. But you know it is normal to have all kinds of rumour spread over such an incident. I was not even in Lagos when the event took place. I was in my husband’s village for his father’s burial. There was no network, so, I did not even know what happened. It was when we got back to Lagos that we now heard and saw what it had turned to. And if I had I been in town, why would I go and be begging. What would I have gone to beg

You were Papa Obadare’s Personal Assistant until he died. What were the challenges of the job and how are you missing him? There was no big deal in handling that job. It only needed a very dedicated heart, a heart that is hooked on God and one that is very committed. I was doing it for my own father, so I did not see it as any big deal. As for papa’s death, he lived a glorious life, a life that was committed to a God-given assignment. He was a good influence on his generation, he made a great impact and we all will miss him for a long time. But what can we do? He has to go and he has gone. It is now left for us to try and contribute our own quota to life as much as we can to influence our world and make a good impact in God’s kingdom. How are you enjoying Ibadan? We thank God for everything. Ibadan is a quiet place, not like Lagos. Although we have just come to Ibadan, it is a new place but we are adapting really well. It’s a nice place her and we are enjoying God’s love. We thank God for everything.


just leave your gate open. Your security man should be registered with a security outfit so that they will be able to capture his data. This is to enable them to trace him. It is risky and not ideal to just employ somebody just because he claimed to have worked as security officer in some place before. He might have been sacked for one misdemeanor or the other before or may even be telling lie just to feed himself. He may not be able to handle the job and you may end up suffering for this at the end of the day. And for those who employ house helps, they must be careful of who they leave their children with. A lot of underground work need to be done to have these kids placed in safe hands. What is your opinion about the Channels Television interview that brought you instant fame? I have nothing much to say other than to bless God for everything. I thank God for all that happened; I thank God for my boss, his support and love. He is a good boss and I appreciate him. As far as I am concerned all things work well for those who love God and in all things, the Bible says we should praise God. The people that thought they were going to ruin me did not know that they would end up in announcing my destiny. In the history of humanity, there had never been any human being that had instant fame like I did especially in a case that was meant to end negatively. My brother-in-law in London is even so excited about the incident that he promised to assist me make big money out of this supposed mess. He had already handed the matter to an agency over there to trade mark “Oga at the Top.” But I just asked him to forget it. There is no need for that. Many of my class mates are in top positions in Nigeria currently, yet, they said I did not go to school. I can mention a lot of them here, including the Attorney General in Lagos State, Ipaye. But why should I do all that. All the same, I give all the praises to God. It was not the first interview I would be having with them (Channels Tv). After that interview we shook hands and I even gave them my complimentary card. I could see that they were not really cheerful. If there was any effect, it CONTINUED ON PAGE 5

Saturday Mirror


August 17, 2013


‘I’m prepared to work anywhere’ CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4 was on them and not me. It was the same day I met with Governor Fashola of Lagos State. Theirs took place in the morning and I met Governor Fashola later in the day. Some people believed they were up to something, but I did not know. I was only being careful with words as a security officer. We apply caution in all that we say and do. It was a live programme, the whole world was watching us, so, I did not want to be too free. But like I said, I thank God for everything. I blame nobody for anything; I see everything as an act of God. They believe they would use it to destroy my destiny but God turned everything around for me, for the better. How did your family take the development? The day of the interview, 16th of March, 2013, was the day my father was buried. It was as if it was designed to destablise me on the day of the burial of my father, but it was not so. It was three or four days after that they apologised and said it was not meant to embarrass me. Channels felt bad because it backfired. Anybody that wants to go for an interview in Channels will be very skeptical now and henceforth. I just felt it was my time for divine announcement, so I did not take it the way they thought I would take it. In fact, when I saw the T-shirt, I wanted to buy one. Some had thought that my transfer to Ibadan was a demotion, but they are wrong. It is not. They also claimed that my wife went to Channels over the issue. The question I asked was, to do what? She did not. The whole thing has only turned around to be God’s glory in my life. What is your philosophy of life and how did it apply in the case of “My Oga At The Top” case? My philosophy of life is to impact positively on this generation. I want to leave a legacy, a good and worthwhile legacy behind that will not make my family live or walk in fear when I am gone. I want to sustain my good name; and that is what I preach to my staff every day. I tell them to be open-minded; be determined; do what you will do with your best ability whether people are there or not. Note that there are people watching you and your work will speak for you when you are not there. This is what I always tell them. What is the lesson to be learnt in your “Oga At The Top” issue? Everyone should identify a lesson out of the whole saga. What is your childhood ambition and where were you born? My dream was to become a military person. In the village, they called me a Soldier because of the way I walk. Talking about where I was born, I was born in Ayetoro Kiri in Kabba/Bunu local government area of Kogi State. What influence do your parents have on your life as an adult? My parents are very hard working and

well-disciplined. My father was a farmer and made us to work on the farm as early as 4 a.m. and wouldn’t come back until 10 p.m. They were very strict. My father was not that rich, but he was determined and loved his children to go to school. The two of them are dead now but they left a good memory of themselves behind. And you know like it used to generally be in

those years, we lived a communal life. My father lived a very selfless life. He wished all other children that were not even his own the best that he wished for we his children. He wouldn’t let any child that he found at home when others were in school be. That earned him the name“Baba ki lo n se n le.” He would ensure that the reason why the child was not in

Obafaiye and his entourage during a courtesy visit to Alafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, recently

school got fixed as much as possible. This and others we learnt as we grew up. He taught us the essence of hardwork. He was not rich, so, we had to work on the farm very hard to get money to take care of our school fees. My mother was also hard-working. She was a strong-willed woman who was a popular garri maker of her time. She died in 2009 while papa died in February 2013. They taught us to be solution givers and we thank God that we are on that path. He believed in the power of cane. I remember a time that I and one of my brothers went to work in the farm and we covered so much ground and without food. When he came, we thought he was going to be excited and commend us. He, instead, went wild when he found out we did all that we did on empty stomach. He caned us in anger. Would you recall any of your childhood pranks? I was a serious student in UNILAG and so wouldn’t joke with my books. I came from a poor family and I didn’t want to disappoint my parents and myself. I think I entered the female hostel twice throughout my undergraduate days. My success was more important and I wouldn’t want anything to distract me. How would you describe village life? It was a communal life. People do things together, but in the city, they want to do it by themselves. There were good and healthy foods in the village. Everything was expressly from nature, the air, water, vegetables and all. Even herbs came handy for ailments that would have cost a fortune in the city. City life has caused crises to marriages whereas this is not common in the village. There is a huge difference between life in the village and in the city. What attracted you to your wife? She is beautiful and a good singer. She was leading a chorus at a crusade when I first saw her. She is an evangelist.

Obafaiye at an ammunition-receiving ceremony


How would you describe marriage? Marriage is a beautiful thing. That is the way I would describe it.



How do you unwind? I am married to my job and my wife complains about that. When I am not working, I am in church. The last time I went on leave was in 2009.






What is your general advice for people? Let every individual do his work as ordained by God, believing that he or she is accountable at the end of the race. People should be contended with what they have; they should use all their strength to do whatever is given to them and wait on God for reward. People should put their trust in God and not in human beings. Today, we have so many people derailing because they expect so many things from human beings. Wait for God at the appointed time. Do what you are doing with the fear of God.



August 17, 2013

PDP crisis: It is fight to the finish –Nyako

•Says bowing to Tukur amounts to political suicide OBIORA IFOH ABUJA


he Adamawa State governor, Murtala Nyako, may not be in a hurry to reconcile with the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP as he is determined to fight on until the perceived injustice meted at him is redressed. Speaking with the Saturday Mirror yesterday through a telephone interview, an aide of the governor who will not want his name in print said that surrendering to the national leadership of the party would amount to political suicide as the governor would have lost the grip of a structure he is meant to be the leader. According to him, “how do you expect the governor to be part of the trip to Tukur’s house when in the actual sense, their cases are different. My boss shares with the agitations of the other northern governors but beyond that, we have the unresolved issue of who is the leader of the party in

Adamawa, who is in control of the party structure. “You can’t be a governor and you do not have a control of the party in government. It is unthinkable and until this matter is resolved, we will not accept the reconciliation efforts of the party. “I believe every party leader wants peace in the party, I also believe that even the leadership including the presidency are desirous of peace but every reconciliation must be anchored on the plank of honesty and fairness. We demand for nothing less than that and until the structure is restored to the leader of the party in the state, I can’t assure you that we will go very far in the peace initiatives, but we believe in reconciliation.” On Thursday, three out of five northern governors who have been aggrieved over the leadership style of Dr. Tukur resolved to discontinue with their agitations against the party and pledged their loyalty to leadership of the party. The three governors,

Rabiu Kwankwaso, (Kano), Sule Lamido (Jigawa), and Aliyu Wamako (Sokoto) who had a close door meeting with Dr. Tukur, at his residence that lasted several hour also apologised on behalf of the other governors notably, Murtala Nyako, (Adamawa) and Babangida Aliyu (Niger State) for their inability to be part of the meeting. The governors said that they had returned to the leadership of the party and that all that happened in the past which involved grievances, accusations and counter accusations were done because of gap in communication amidst disinformation from some quarters between them and the leadership of the party. They said that having listened to the national chairman, “we are now properly informed about the happening in the party and promised that henceforth, we will work in harmony and unity with the leadership of the party and we also pledged our loyalty to the leadership of the party under Dr.

Bamanga Tukur.” National chairman of the party, after listening to them, also promised as a father to forgive and forget all that had happened in the past. He assured of the leadership of the party to work together with the governors stressing that any member of the party that felt aggrieved over any activity of the party should utilise all the internal mechanisms and platforms set out by the party to reconcile aggrieved members under the cardinal three Rs which is Reconciliation, Reformation and Rebuilding. Recall that Tukur and Nyako had been enmeshed in supremacy battle over the control of Adamawa State in the party. While the present leadership of the party in the state is loyal to the national chairman, after the previous executive that is loyal to Nyako was dissolved, the governor is insisting that the former executive must be returned to their offices pending the expiration of their tenure.

Saturday Mirror

Anambra guber: APGA disqualifies Soludo, Gov. Obi’s SSG, 4 others OBIORA IFOH ABUJA


head of the November governorship election in Anambra State, the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, has disqualified former Central Bank Governor, Professor Charles Soludo, from the exercise. Also disqualified was the immediate past Secretary to the State Government , Anambra State in the government of Governor Peter Obi, Chief Oseloka Obaze. However, Prof. Soludo and the five others Emmanuel Nweke, Ogbuefi Tony Nnacheta, Barrister Chinedu Idigo, Dr. Chike Obidigbo and Obaze still have the opportunity to appeal the decision of the screening panel. In a statement signed by the chairman of the Gubernatorial Screening Panel, Alhaji Tayo Sowunmi, Ifeanyi Mbaeri (Secretary) and Chief Onwuka Ukwa (member), the panel said “the reasons for the nonclearance of the unsuccessful aspirants are as contained in the provisional certificates issued to them.” However, at the end of the screening exercise which took place between Thursday and Friday at the national secretariat of the party, the panel cleared seven aspirants including former Minister of Transport,

John Okechukwu Emeka, former governorship candidate of the Peoples Progressive Alliance, PPA and member of the House of Representatives Uche Ekwunife, John Nwosu, Emmanuel Nwogbo, Paul Odenigbo, Chief Willie Obiano and Patrick Obianwu. But inside sources confirmed to Saturday Mirror that reasons for disqualifying some of the aspirants were based on non - presentation of voters cards, no evidence of financial strength, incomplete certificate, no evidence of tax clearance amongst others. Prof. Soludo contested for the same office in 2010 under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party but lost to the incumbent governor, Peter Obi. He only recently defected to APGA to make fresh effort to achieve his governorship ambition. The appeal panel will sit today to revisit their claims. But one of the disqualified aspirants, Chinedu Idigo, faulted the reason for his disqualification as he maintained that the requirements did not also include evidence of bank financial statement. In an earlier interview with Saturday Mirror, Idigo had assured the people of his readiness to use the potentials in trade and commerce to transform the economic fortunes of the state.

Group tasks CAN on fight against corruption OLUFEMI ADEOSUN ABUJA L-R: First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan; President Goodluck Jonathan and the President, National Council of Women’s Societies, Mrs. Nkechi PHOTO: NAN Mba, at a dinner in honour of committed promoters of women empowerment in Abuja, recently.

Jonathan mourns Jigawa Deputy Speaker •Congratulates IBB on 72 birthday ISE-OLUWA IGE


resident Goodluck Ebele Jonathan yesterday described as painful and untimely the death of the Deputy Speaker of the Jigawa State House of Assembly, Hon. Inuwa Sule Udi. Utti breathed his last Thursday after involvement in an auto-crash.

In a statement yesterday, President Jonathan commiserated with the family of the deceased, the government and the entire people of Jigawa State over the incident. The president, while expressing utter shock at the death which he described as “very painful and untimely,” said Jigawa State and the nation would miss the legislative experi-

ence of Hon. Udi, a thirdterm member of the State House of Assembly. President Jonathan also prayed that God Almighty would console members of the Udi family and grant the soul of the departed lawmaker peaceful rest. has congratulated former Head of State, General Ibrahim Babangida (rtd.) on his 72nd birthday anniversary. Babangida turns 72 today

In a congratulatory letter to Babangida, Jonathan praised his life of outstanding accomplishments. The letter reads in part: “I join your family, numerous friends and many well-wishers to thank Almighty God for His continued guidance, protection and provision for you in the past seventy-two years of a life of outstanding accomplishment.”


group under the auspices of “Exposed Campaign” has urged the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria to be part a of the crusade against corruption and all other societal vices. According to the group, the fight against official graft cannot yield the expected results without the active involvement of the church. The campaign, championed by a coalition of Christian groups across the world, is poised to mobilise one million Nigerians to stand up for integ-

rity and transparency by making a personal commitment and to collect 100, 000 signatures that will go to the global call to the G20 leaders. The national coordinator of Exposed Campaign, Mr. Peter Akanimoh, stated this at the official launching of the campaign in Abuja. He said, ”If we want to record progress in the fight against corruption, then, the church has to take the lead. We are calling on the Nigerian church to take the lead on the fight against corruption. We hope to see at least 1,000 churches organising 1000 public vigils against corruption.”

Saturday Mirror


August 17, 2013


Nigeria cannot break up by 2015 –IBB •Says Obasanjo’s attack on younger politician is opinionated


ormer military president, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, has allayed fears of a break up of Nigeria by 2015. He said contrary to the prediction by the United States of America , the nation would remain an indivisible entity. He said what was pre-

dicted was a grand design to create fear in the minds of Nigerians, which should be discarded. He added that Nigeria is a country which reports about it are over-exeggerated. Commenting on the palpable fear in the minds of the people, ahead of the 2015 elections, IBB, who spoke during a pre-birth-

day interview with journalists in Minna at his noted that he could not see the country disintegrating as the proponent of the idea would want Nigerians to believe. His words, “I can’t see that happening. We should not give prominence to that predictions. You in the media too should not

give it prominence and if it will happen, I will know before now. People say it to create fear in the minds of Nigerians. Honestly, forget disintergration in 2015. “One of the most amazing country is Nigeria. If you leave out side it, you will think the world is coming to an end with the kind of things you hear,

NDLEA arrests student with hard drugs at Lagos Airport OLUSEGUN KOIKI


he National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, said that it foiled an attempt by a 27 years old student, Chukwu Ramseyn Onyekaozuru, to smuggle 5.300kg of cannabis and 660 gramnmes of heroin to Rome, Italy. NDLEA yesterday stated that the drugs were detected during the outward screening of Alitalia passengers at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, MMIA, Lagos.

A media statement signed by the Head, Public Affairs, NDLEA, Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju, stated that the parcels of cannabis were covered with dried bitter leaf vegetables inside a bag while the heroin was ingested by the suspect. According to him, the suspect claimed to be a Philosophy student at Ebonyi State University. He allegedly confessed, “I studied Philosophy at Ebonyi State University where I graduated in 2009 with three referrals. I later travelled to Italy and came

to write the three courses. As a result of my long stay in the country, I was broke and needed money to buy my ticket to Italy and settle other family expenses. “In the process of looking for money, I was introduced to the drug baron who bought my ticket and gave me One Thousand Euros. I accepted the money because I was practically stranded after my exams.” Commenting on the arrest, the Airport Commander, NDLEA, Mr. Hamza Umar, said that the arrest was one of the few

Navy arrests five oil bunkers after gun duel SEGUN ADIO


ive suspected pipeline vandals and illegal oil bunkerers, including a woman, have been arrested by men of the Nigerian Navy after several minutes of intense exchange of fire at Majidun area of Ikorodu in Lagos State. They suspects were arrested in the early hours of yesterday. Parading the suspects before journalists in Lagos yesterday, Commander NNS Beecroft, Navy Commodore Christian Ezekobe, said that three boats, 126 50-litre kegs of Petroleum Motor Spirits (PMS) were recovered from

them, while their partnersin-crime abandoned their mission and fled. The Naval boss, however, refuted claims that some of the vandals were shot and wounded in the gun duel. According to Commodore Ezekobe, the Naval personnel who carried out the arrest only shot to disarm the suspects, but were met with stiff resistance from the suspects until they were overpowered by the Naval personnel. His words: “This lady and gentlemen, if I may called them that, were apprehended somewhere at Majidun in Ikorodu. We had actionable intelli-

gence that this (vandalism and illegal bunkering) was going on and we leveraged on that as part of our deliverables to the polity to strike. Though they presented an awful amount of armed resistance even in the dead of the night, we were able to arrest a few of these guys,” he said. Commodore Ezekobe also said that information reaching the command indicated that the pipeline vandals and illegal bunkerers were working in active connivance with local community in Majidun area. He promised to get in touch with the Brigade Commander, Lagos and the state’s police commissioner to carry out more raids in the area.

CIBN honours CBN boss, 6 others


he Chattered Institute of Bankers in Nigeria (CIBN) has announced the conferment of fellowship of the institute’s award on Dr. Kingsley C. Moghalu, Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), and six other Managing Director/ Chief Executive officers of leading financial institutions in the country. Those in the honours list include Mr. Emeka Emuwa,

GMD/CEO, Union Bank of Nigeria Plc; Mr. Segun Oloketuyi, MD/CEO, Wema Bank Plc; Mrs. Bola Adesola, MD/CEO, Standard Chartered Bank Ltd and Mrs. Sola David-Borha, MD/CEO, Stanbic IBTC Holding Plc. Others are Mr. Ladi Balogun, GMD/CEO, First City Monument Bank Plc; Mr. Jubril Aku, MD/CEO, Ecobank Nigeria Ltd; Mr. Ayorinde Olabode, Pro-Chancellor, Achiever University

and Rewane Bismarck, MD/ CEO, Financial Derivatives Company Limited. In a press statement signed by Nelson Olagundoye, of the Corporate Communications & External Relations unit of the body, the investiture is in recognition of the awardees’ meritorious services, commitment to professional responsibilities and valuable contributions to the industry in particular and the economy in general over the years.

cases of poly-drug trafficking made by the command in recent time. He said, “Most traffickers smuggle only one drug at a time. This case is one of the few poly-drug trafficking cases recorded by the command since January. The suspect had 5.300kg of cannabis packed in vegetables and other food ingredients. “He also ingested 660 grammes of heroin. It is an interesting case and we have made significant progress in our investigations.”

only to come back and find people play foot ball.” On the recent comment by former President Olusegun Obasanjo that the crop of younger political leaders lack integrity, the elder statesman said though he had not read what he said, he believed some younger politicians were doing well and Obasanjo was just expressing his opinion, especially when there were high expectations from the older generation on the younger.

Said he: “I am not sure I read what he said…. May be it is an opinion, may be because our opinion of them is very high. It is a normal situation. But, I think the younger generation are not doing badly.” He also reasoned that currently, the nation is going through difficult times and it is the capacity to hold it together that makes it a great nation. He therefore stressed the need for Nigerians to remain steadfast in love and peace.



August 17, 2013

INEC registers two new parties EMMANUEL ONANI


he Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), yesterday put an end to days of speculations about its readiness to widen the political space as it registered two new political parties. The newly registered parties are the Indepen-

dent Democrats (ID) and the Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM). Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar had on Thursday confirmed that while he remained a bona fide member of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, some of his associates had approached the commission to register the PDM as a political party.

Mr. Abubakar has been the leader of the PDM which was before now a political pressure group founded by late General Shehu Musa Yar’Adua. INECs secretary, Mrs A. C. Ogakwu, in a statement made available to Saturday Mirror yesterday said the new parties were registered “in accordance with the provisions of the 1999 Constitution

of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended) and the Electoral Act 2010 (as Amended).” She added that, “the Constitution, Manifesto, Logo/Flag and list of National Executive Officers of each party have also been approved by the Commission”, but however declined to provide details with regards to their identities.

Saturday Mirror

CMD begins clampdown on illegal firms AUGUSTINE MADU-WEST KANO


ard times await manpower development consultantss in the country who are yet to register with the Center for Management Development,an agency under the Federal Ministry of National Planning saddled with the responsibility of regulating their practice. Already the center has begun a massive clamp down on defaulting consultancy firms. According to the Director General of CMD, Alhaji Kabir Kabo Usman, the move is part of the measure to ensure that the consultancy complies with set standard as well as operate within the law establishing the Center for Manage-

ment Development. The Director General who paid a courtesy visit to the Kano State police commissioner in Kano yesterday said that the law enforcement agency would be supportive in this regard to enforce compliance. He added that the center was happy with the effort the state police had put in place to restore peace in Kano to promote economic activities in the commercial town. He told the police boss that as part of the measures to address the issue of capacity building through management consultancy, his men might be used to promote set standard in the agency by ensuring that defaulters were apprehended and sanctioned appropriately.

Group lauds minister over transformation in aviation sector TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE Candidates making photocopies of their documents during the Post-UTME screening at the University of Abuja, yesterday.


Boko Haram: JTF, vigilance youths arrest female sect members armed with poison INUSA NDAHI MAIDUGURI


embers of Borno Vigilance Youths Group (BVYG) and the Joint Task Force (JTF) on Thursday arrested a Boko Haram female terror suspect, along with a 35-year old man, suspected to be an informant to the terrorist group that engages women in the smuggling and carrying of rifles and ammunitions to launch attacks. According to JTF sources yesterday in Maiduguri, the vigilance youths have already arrested five female Boko Haram terror suspects with rifles and 254 rounds of ammunitions in three wards of the metropolis. The youths, the sources said, arrested the woman and a man, during their routine “stop and search” operations. Also a reliable security source said, “residents of Maiduguri and Jere Metropolis are being warned to be careful with women whom they associate with, as an intelligent report

have it that some female Boko Haram suspects have intensified plans to break/ sneak into households and put deadly poison substances into their food items.” The source added that the new tactics was being adopted as some of the method in the fight against security agencies. Ibrahim Isa, a vigilance youth of Gomari told our correspondent yesterday that the arrested female Boko Haram terror suspect sneaked into Ajelari ward area along with 11 other girls to poison water points and underground water reservoirs of residents in Bulunkutu and Gomari wards of Maiduguri. He however said: “We were able to arrest this woman with a rifle and ammunitions hid under her flowing veil in a tricycle. The 35-year old man was also arrested in Bulunkutu ward. Based on the identities of this man, our boys were also able to confirm that the man does not carry any rifle, after he sneaked

into this area to collate information on our activities and the JTF in Maiduguri. “The other 11 girls, armed with poison for water points and underground water reserviours, are on the run. But we will get them, as we intensify our search and massive hunt for fleeing Boko Haram sect members in Maiduguri.” Confirming the incident yesterday in Maiduguri, JTF spokesman, Lt.

Col Sagir Musa, said that terrorists do not rely and remain with one tactics of attacks and killings, as the Boko Haram sect has commenced employing women to smuggle more arms and ammunitions for terrorists’ activities in Borno State.” He said some women were arrested by the vigilance youths in three wards this week, while arms and poison were also recovered from the female terror suspect.


he National Committee of Yoruba Youths (NCYY) has lauded the Minister of Aviation, Princess Stella Adaeze Oduah, for her performance and transformation of the aviation sector. The group, in a statement signed and made available to journalists by its president, Oladimeji Odeyemi and Secretary, Alhaji Bello Bashiru, stated that since Oduah’s appointment by President Goodluck Jonathan, to oversee the aviation sector, tarmacs are being built in first generation airports and they are also being remodelled to be first among

equals around the world. The group pointed out that despite the recent dearth of heroes in the country, the Minister of Aviation had distinguished herself in turning around of the aviation sector. “The array of accomplishments that the aviation ministry is hauling into its kitty is a testimony of a determined, focus and great leadership the minister has deployed to turn the aviation industry around for good in her quest to put Nigeria first. “She has ensured that airline passengers are not excessively taxed or exploited by agencies, airlines or those who are into bi-lateral agreement with the Aviation Ministry.”

It’s low key birthday celebration for me – Oba Otudeko FUNMI SALOME JOHNSON


he chairman of Honeywell Group, Dr. Ayoola Oba Otudeko, has requested that those who plan to send him birthday gifts on the occasion of his 70th birthday should send the fund to Footprints Occupational Training Centre (FOTCs), an initiative of the Oba Otudeko Foundation (OOF). The business man made

his position known in an interview with our correspondent, just as he declared that his birthday would be celebrated in a very modest way. The request for the direction of the funds which would have been spent on gift to the initiative, he said, is to engender his efforts towards contributing to capacity building. The Oba Otudeko Foundation (OOF) is a private, non-profit making organisation inaugurated in

2003 as a vehicle for public-spirited programmes. It is committed to programmes aimed at ensuring that Nigeria keeps pace in the technologies and competencies that will define the twentyfirst century and beyond, through people empowerment, capacity and institutions building. According to him, the vision to implement Footprints Occupational Training Centres model was informed by the need

to respond to the challenges posed by youth unemployment and dearth of essential and much needed skilled manpower in our country. “The Oba Otudeko Foundation believes that Technical and Vocational Education (TVE) needs to be revolutionised and refined in Nigeria by empowering a new generation of skilled artisans, craftsmen, technicians and technologists to power the Nigerian economy.

Saturday Mirror


August 17, 2013


Innovator of electricity generating football appointed Nigerian ambassador ISE-OLUWA IGE


he federal government has appointed a US-based Nigerian who innovated energy generating football and skipping rope, Jessica Matthew, as an Entrepreneurship Ambassador. Minister of Trade and Investment, Dr. Olusegun Aganga, made the disclossure yesterday in Abuja after the presentation and demonstration of the invented products to President Goodluck Jonathan at the Presidential Villa. The soccer ball, as demonstrated by the Edo State-born inventor, could generate three hours of electricity after 30 minutes of play and could

store power for 72 hours. The electricity generated by the ball, according to her, could be used as electricity source to power lighting points and household equipments. Mathews, 25 years and co-founder of Unchartedplay said the airless football used as electricity power source when not in use, can span 18 months before replacement. The inventor, who studied Psychology and Economics in Havard University, US, said she taught herself Electrical and Mechanical Engineering because of her interest in the field. She said her motivation to invent the ball and skipping rope came when she attended a wedding in Nigeria and there was a sud-

den light-out. ``I am a Nigerian and was in Nigeria, it was my aunt’s wedding and we lost power. ``How many times, is there anyone who has not been affected? ``For me I was raised to seek a solution when there is a problem. To be as creative as you can and be open to different ways so you can address the situation,’’ she said. Speaking on why she chose to use football, Mathews explained: ``To me, we all know that football is the most popular thing in the world. To most people, football is the most convenient any man on the street will be attracted to kicking football. So, the idea is to put something that people really

love and get more out of it. ``These are the things we can use to see if we can amplify existing behaviour to bridge the gap between what is working and what is not working in this country that we love so much. ``We take our passion for sports that is so beautiful and we say okay, let’s give people renewable clean power that they can control’’. She said the innovation which had been accepted and already in use in the US would be affordable when mass produced and introduced into the Nigerian market. ``Right now, if we are going to sell it here in Nigeria, it will be equivalent to what you will pay for a solar inverter. ``Right now, we have not

started making them here, we are selling them in New York and in New York, we charge people a lot because it is New York,’’ she said. Aganga said that Mathews is an inspiration to every Nigerian especially children and the product is portrayed as made by a Nigerian for the world. ``The product is actually versatile, it is not just about the electricity you see, you can use it to charge your mobile phones, for fans so there are so many things for which it can be used.

FG, ASUU meet on Monday over strike EMMANUEL ONANI


R-L: The Course Governor, Navy Captain Erasmus Victor; Commandant, Nigerian Armed Forces Resettlement Centre, Oshodi, AVM Moses Akisanmi; Programme Director, EMPRETEC Nigerian Foundation, Mr. Conrad Adigwe and the Director of Training, NAFRC, Brig-Gen Peter Bojie, during the graduation ceremony of the Senior Officers Entrepreneurship and Management Training at NAFRC Officers’ Mess, Oshodi, yesterday.

``We are also looking at the possibilities of manufacturing it in Nigeria and see how we can make it cheaper in this country. ``I am glad that Jessica has also agreed to be our Ambassador in terms of promoting entrepreneurship in our universities… Dr Reuben Abati, the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity said President Jonathan congratulated Mathews on her creativity and innovativeness. He said the president gave the assurance that the invention would be used as a major tool to mobilise young children and encourage them to think more deeply.

he team set up by th federal government to negotiate with the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, over the ongoing strike by university lecturers, will resume negotiation on Monday. The decision to resume talks on Monday was communicated to newsmen by the Governor of Benue State, Dr. Gabriel Suswam. At the end of the FG/ ASUU meeting which ended in a deadlock on Tuesday, Suswam, who is the chairman of a 22-member NEEDS Assessment Committee on the implementation of infrastructure in universities,

expressed optimism that contentious issues that necessitated the strike, would be resolved, as quickly as possible,to enable students return to classrooms. He said: “Well, the meeting continues next week Monday. We made some progress; we had very fruitful discussion with ASUU and we have agreed we are to meet again on Monday at about 3 O’clock. “When we meet again we will be able to arrive at some decisions.” Meanwhile, unconfirmed report has it that the federal government may have agreed to release a “certain” amount of money to pay some of the enhanced allowances, that triggered the strike.

FAAN issues 48hrs ultimatum to fuel tankers Terrorism: FG approves border patrol corps for Immigration Service Oto relocate K



s part of its renewed effort towards stemming the tide of terrorism in the country, the federal government has approved the establishment of a border patrol corps and the creation of additional border posts for the Nigeria Immigration Service (NIS). There have been a resurgence in terror activities at the border towns between Borno and Yobe states of Nigeria on one hand and the countries of Chad, Cameroun and Niger Republic, on the other.

Security sources said the approval is part of the new strategies evolved to curtail the arms smuggling as well as the activities of the Boko Haram Islamist sect. Contained in a letter with reference number D PA R A / / F M O I / 0 0 3 2 / TI/51, and signed by the Director of Paramilitary Services Department, Mr. Keftin Amugaon, on behalf of the Minister of Interior, Comrade Abba Moro, the move would see the deployment of some officers and men of the Immigration Service in the new corps while new hands may also be recruited.

Also, the latest newsletter of the NIS which confirmed the approval said the letter was addressed to the Comptroller General of Immigration, Mr. David Paradang in response to his request for the establishment of the border patrol corps. It said Mr. Paradang, had upon his appointment as the NIS last month, sought for the approval of the Minister of Interior, Mr. Abba Moro, for the establishment of the corps. He had reportedly anchored his demand on the need to ensure a holistic management of the nation’s borders which are porous.




he Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria, FAAN, yesterday issued a 48 hours ultimatum to owners of fuel tankers parked indiscriminately on the road at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, MMIA, Lagos. The agency says there is no going back on the latest ultimatum. FAAN also said that where the tankers are presently parked constitute security and safety threats to the users of the airport. But, the tanker drivers under the auspices of the Nigeria Union of Petroleum

and Natural Gas Workers, NUPENG, and the Petroleum Tanker Drivers, PTD, in a letter sent to FAAN is requesting for fours years extension before the vehicles are relocated out of the road. However, FAAN, in its response through the Regional Manager, South West Airports, Mr. Edward Olarerin insisted that the government would not go back on its order. He explained that the authority has provided an alternative for the tankers at the Ajao Estate Road end of the airport and said the place was convenient enough for the tankers. Olarerin recalled that the relocation exercise commenced in 2005 with the security alert from the

federal government, but since then, it had been difficult for the agency to relocate the fuel tankers. He emphasised that as at the time the airport was constructed in 1979, it was linked with pipelines, but they were vandalised by unscrupulous elements in the society. He noted that some unserviceable tankers were parked on the road with most of them not loading aviation fuel, adding that with the ongoing remodelling of airports by the federal government, such tankers parked on the airport road could no longer be tolerated by the authority. But the Secretary General, PTD, Comrade Tayo Aboyeji, asked FAAN to give them another ultimatum before relocation.


August 17, 2013

Saturday Mirror

From the Civil Service NULGE knocks arbitrary staff deployment in Bayelsa LGs EMMA GBEMUDU YENAGOA.


ice President of the National Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE), South South, Dr. Jones Ofunne, yesterday took a swipe at the alleged arbitrary deployment of senior cadre officers in the Bayelsa State councils. Ofunne, on a visit to the state yesterday, alleged that seniors at Grade Level 16 in the councils were being redeployed and replaced with junior officers from

Grade Level 9. It was learnt that some of the redeployed officers were Directors of Finance, Treasurers and Heads of Personnel Management. The NULGE boss, who was accompanied by some national officers spoke in Yenagoa, said that the union was in the state to probe the alleged irregularities in councils in the state. “On the issue of this irregular and arbitrary deployment of staff, it is our strong view that the state government was

ill-advised by the body that carried out the exercise. It is like sacrificing experience, seniority, competence and years of service on the altar of political nepotism and despotic considerations,” he said. While noting that team had concluded its investigation, Ofunne condemned the action of the state Local Government Service Commission which acted without respect to the laws to the laws governing the civil service. According to Ofunne, the state branch of NULGE had written

series of letters to discourage the policy when the commission implemented the first phase. “Rather than listening, the government went ahead to execute other batches. We will still continue with our consultations as we seek audience with the government. We expect that the government will listen. We have written earlier for audience and we hope it will be granted,” Ofunne said. The NULGE boss, however, lauded the state government for regular payment of salaries and

ensuring there was transparency in the local government system by appointing permanent secretaries from the system. In a reaction, Permanent Secretary in the Local Government Service Commission, Chief Suru Oyarede, said the deployment was mere posting and was in line with the mandate of the commission. Oyarede, however, demanded that our reporter sought more explanations from the Chairman of the commission, Mr. Talford Ogolo on the matter.

Nasarawa govt. warns civil servants against holding double appointments


he Nasarawa State Government has warned that it is criminal and unconstitutional for civil servants to hold double or multiple appointments while in active service. The Head of Civil Service of the state, Dr Dominic Bako, said in a statement issued in Lafia on Friday that it was wrong for civil servants to hold political appointments and at the same time, operating private businesses. “Any civil servant found operating a private business, running Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), engaged in contracts or political appointment will be sanctioned based on the civil service rule,’’ the statement said. “Any civil servant, who is holding double appointments,

is advised to desist from such acts or be sanctioned. “The government has put up all the necessary machinery to check and sanction civil servants found wanting. “It is uncalled for and ungodly for civil servants to receive double salaries while in the civil service. How can one be in the civil service and is still holding political appointment and at the same time operating private business? The Head of Service directed all permanent secretaries, heads of all government agencies and local government service commission to monitor and ensure strict compliance. The statement, however, said that civil servants were only allowed to engage in farming as part of their contribution to national food security.

NEMA begins assessment of flood-prone areas in Kebbi


he National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) said it had commenced the assessment of areas identified as flood-prone in Kebbi. The North West Coordinator of the agency, Alhaji Rilwanu Ismail, announced this when he visited the Deputy Governor, Alhaji Ibrahim Aliyu, in his office in Birnin Kebbi on Friday. Ismail said the assessment would help the agency to adopt measures to prevent future havoc in the state. He called on state governments

to support the agency in preventing damage sequel to the expected flood, adding that the agency will collaborate with states to prevent the havoc. Aliyu said a statewide campaign would be conducted on the measures to prevent damage during the expected flood. He said the relevant authorities had been alerted on the expected flood, and they will adopt measures to prevent that, especially finding alternative settlement to people living on flood plains.



NLC seeks God’s intervention to alleviate workers’ plight in Anambra


igeria Labour Congress (NLC) in Anambra planned to stage a oneday prayer session in Awka to seek God’s divine intervention over the precarious condition of workers in the state. Anambra State Chairman of NLC, Mr Patrick Obianyo, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Awka on Friday that a three-day fasting from Aug. 19 would precede the prayer session slated for Aug. 21. He told NAN that the NLC decided to seek the face of God because workers in the public civil service in the state had suffered so much under successive governments. Obianyo, who is also the chairman, Medical and Health Workers Union of Nigeria (MHWUN), Anambra chapter, enjoined the workers to participate actively in the prayer programme. He said that the prayer session was being organised to prevail on the present administration to intervene in the plight of the workers. He said that the permanent

secretaries in the state civil service were more of glorified clerks in terms of salary, with the net pay of about N150, 000 per month and directors receiving N110, 000. “If these are the salaries of permanent secretaries and directors, then come to think of what the salaries of other workers down the ladder would be. “Anambra workers are the least paid throughout the federation and it is not more of lack of fund, but the willingness by the powers that be to accord workers their due rights,’’ Obianyo said. The chairman said that Anambra remained the only state that organised labour had never gone into any meaningful dialogue with the government. “That is, perhaps, part of the reason government is still holding seven months check-off dues of some industrial unions for going on strike to demand the implementastion of the minimum wage regime,’’ he said. Obianyo explained that Anambra was the only state without the Civil Service Com-

mission, Local Government Service Commission and Post Primary School Service Commission for one year and six months. According to him, “the workers will vote only for the aspirant in the forthcoming gubernatorial election that will be ready to pay them the minimum wage. “Enough of the sacrifice, enough of the sufferings. Our children have the right to quality education, they must have food on their tables,’’ Obianyo said. Mr Uche Nwora, Permanent Secretary, Head of Service, Anambra, said that government had been sensitive to the plight of workers in the state. He said that government would not have met all the workers’ demands, ``but it is not to say that government is insensitrive,’’ he said. He said that work had started for 1,000 housing units for workers at Isi-Agu in Awka, pointing out that government also planned to employ 4,000 new workers.

Saturday Mirror


August 17, 2013



Ogun LP inaugurates Daniel as Grand Patron FEMI OYEWESO ABEOKUTA


peculation as to the current political status of former governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, was finally laid to rest yesterday as the state

chapter of Labour Party (LP), said it has concluded plans to install the former governor as its Grand Patron. The party’s chairman in the state, Comrade Bode Simeon, who disclosed this to journalists in Abeokuta, also used

the occasion to conform former Governor Daniel membership of the party. As a further prove of the former governor’s new relationship with the Labour Party, Comrade Simeon said that that a stakeholders’ meeting will hold at Daniel’s resi-

dence at Asoludero Court in Shagamu, Ogun State, on tomorrow where the former governor would be officially decorated ad the grand patron of the party. The party chieftain also maintained that the former governor’s fam-

ily would be formerl;y registered into the party, while the same registration exercise would also hold in all 236 Wards in the state. He also said that the party’s State Registration Committee would hold a feed-back meeting with the former

governor to review its strategies. Meanwhile, the Ogun Stste chapter of the Labour Party (LP) has debunked the claim that former Governor Gbenga Daniel is the chief financier of the party in the state.

Osogbo stood still for Obadare at Service of Songs ADEOLU ADEYEMO OSOGBO


sogbo, the Osun State capital, stood still yesterday during the Service of Songs in honour of the late founder of the World Soul Winning Evangelistic Ministry (WOSEM), Apostle Timothy Obadare. The programme which started at 12:00 noon, was witnessed by people from all walks of life. The venue of the event was later turned to a carnival ground for all and sundry who attended the programme as they appreciated God for the kind of life the deceased lived while on earth. Speaking at the event, Osun State Head of Service, Mr. Olayinka Owo-

eye, described the late Obadare as an embodiment of salvation which young generation now and yet unborn should emulate.

Owoeye, however, charged Christians to remain steadfast in the Way as the late Obadare did. Chairman of the state committee for the burial

of the departed clergy, who is also the state commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Alhaji Sikiru Ayedun, likened the late Obadare to the biblical

Prophet Elijah. Ayedun also challenged men of God today to emulate the life of the departed clergyman. In his own speech,

Osun State chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Apostle Abraham Aladeseye, described Obadare as a motivator in the service of God.

L-R: Mr. Adebisi Omoyeni, former Group Managing Director of Wema Bank; Chief Dayo Okondo, a People’s Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain and Mr. Obafemi Adewale, Director-General of Bisi Omoyeni for Ekiti Revival during the public declaration of Omoyeni as a gubernatorial aspirant on the platform of the party for the forthcoming governorship election in Ekiti State, recently

Ibadan court strikes out suit against company



Rent Court sitting in Ibadan, Oyo State, has struck out the case instituted by the estate of the late Ibadanbased businessman, Chief G.A.Tewogbade, against the Hotel Solution Consultancy Services Nigeria Limited. The applicant, in the suit No. RC/ IV/221/2012, had instituted the case against the respondent, praying the court for the possession of the property situated at No. 8, Akinyemi Way in New Bodija, Ibadan , bearing Marble Suit Hotel where the respondent was carrying out its hotel business. The applicant averred that the suit was filed because the management of the consultancy

firm had refused to service the loan given to it by one of the first generation banks in the country. But the respondent in its counter claim through the chairman of the company, Mr. Ayo Oladipo, said the lease agreement

between the two parties was for 25 years while the respondent had just used the property for two years and three months with an upfront payment of five years before the management of the bank connived with the

applicant to seal up the premises. At the resumed hearing of the case, counsel to the applicant , Mr. O. Osunlakin, informed the court that the applicant in the suit intend to discontinue the case and

have filled notice of discontinuance . But while the counsel to the respondent, Mr. Uche Amajo, did not oppose the discontinuation of the case, he nevertheless asked for cost. The Presiding Chair-

man of the court , Barrister Akinsumbo Akande, in his ruling, said since the applicant had filed notice of discontinuance, the court is bound to strike out the case and then struck it with no order for cost.

Distressed Building: Lagos demolishes 80-shop mall MURITALA AYINLA


he Lagos State Government yesterday pulled down a shopping mall under construction in Oshodi over use of substandard building materials and violation of building approval by its agency. Saturday Mirror gathered that the building, when completed, would house about 80 shops, while it is expected to host over 300 buyers and sellers daily. But the Lagos State Building and Con-

trol Agency (LSABCA) made a swift move and brought down the building to avert its eventual collapse and the loss of lives and properties. The agency also sealed off other four buildings without approval in the area. Speaking after the demolition of the shopping mall, General Manager of LSBCA, Mrs Abimbola Animashaun, said the agency took the step to save the lives of innocent residents of the state, who might fall victims of the poorly constructed

mall if eventually cave in. She maintained that the owner of the building flouted the approved plan. According to her, the approval given to the property owner was residential and not commercial as the building was converted to. Her words, “imagine the number of people who will be coming here. The staircase can’t withstand the stress and the foundation and construction were done with substandard materials. This is death trap for people. We have to stop it

before it kills people just like that,” she said. Animashaun also said it was illegal for anyone whose building under construction to stack the building materials on the road or outside the compound of the building, saying that government would not hesitate to seal such building. She continued, “People can’t approval for stacking of the building materials on the road. It is great offence. People should create a space within their sites to stock their materi-

als. You must have pace to store your building materials within your site and they must not be more than what you can use,” Animashun said. She, however, urged residents to inform the government whenever they discover any distressed building or an uncompleted building with substandard materials. She added that the government would also prosecute the owner of the shopping mall, adding that several guidelines stated in the approval were not followed.



August 17, 2013

Saturday Mirror


C’River may revoke Tukur’s company’s CofO RICHARD NDOMA CALABAR


ross River State government is threatening to revoke the Certificate of Occupancy of formerly Serome Wood, now called Calabar Wood Company. The wood processing factory, situated along

Muritala Mohammed Highway in Calabar, is said to be owned by the current national Chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Alhaji Bamanga Tukur. The PDP Chieftain reportedly acquired the company from the Cross River state government several years ago. The state’s commis-

sioner for Lands and Housing, Surveyor Raphael Uche, who dropped the hint in Calabar, maintained that with the ban on logging in the state has rendered the company useless and irrelevant to the state. The commissioner disclosed that the state’s Land Use and Allocation Committee, in its

recent recommendation, claimed that the purpose for which the company was established, has been defeated with the ban on logging in the state. His words, “The Land Use and Allocation Committee has recommended to the state government for change of purpose clause in the Certificate of Occupancy issued to

Calabar Wood Company since the purpose for which the land was acquired has been defeated with the ban placed on timber lumbering in Cross River state,” he said. The land’s commissioner who said the ministry was expecting positive response from the government on the

matter disclosed that four notices of Revocation of Rights of Occupancy have already been published by the state government. He further stated that about 140 applications for Certificate of Occupancy have been processed by his ministry and are awaiting the approval of Governor Liyel Imoke.

Activist condemns alleged killing of ex-militant in Cyprus EMMA GBEMUDU YENAGOA


Members of the Nigeria Bar Association at the 2012/2013 End of Legal Year Thanksgiving Service of Rivers State Judiciary in Port Harcourt, yesterday. PHOTO: NAN

n Ijaw nation activist, Udengs Eradiri, yesterday condemned the alleged killing of an exmilitant, Stanley Eteimo, in Cyprus. Eteimo, 28, an indigene of Bayelsa State, was allegedly murdered at a hotel beach on August 8, 2013, in North Cyprus after attending a night party. But a Cyprus Police report claimed Eteimo, drowned himself to death, a claim the activist vehemently rejected. Eradiri said that Ijaw youths were not elated on the manner Eteimo was allegedly murdered in his prime. In the words of Eradiri, “It is sad to

hear that an Ijaw son was murdered in North Cyprus. Up till now the authorities concerned cannot explain the circumstances that led to his death. We won’t take this any longer. We condemn the killing and call for further explanation on the circumstances that led to his death,” he said. Brother to the deceased, Julius, who went to identify his remains, insisted that his brother had no reason to kill himself, noting that he saw ‘blood stains from his ear, mouth, nose and a mark on his neck.’ Julius had prevailed on the hotel management to produce the CCTV tapes from that night, which the hotel reportedly turned down.

NULGE knocks arbitrary staff deployment in Bayelsa LGs EMMA GBEMUDU YENAGOA


ice president of the National Union of Local Government Employees, South South, Dr.Jones Ofunne, yesterday took a swipe at the alleged arbitrary deployment of senior cadre officers in the Bayelsa State councils. Ofunne, on a visit to the state yesterday, alleged that seniors at grade level 16 in the councils were being redeployed and replaced with junior officers from grade level nine. It was learnt that some of the redeployed officers were Directors of Finance, Treasurers and Heads of Personnel Management. The NULGE boss,

who was accompanied by some national officers spoke in Yenagoa, said that the union was in the state to probe the alleged irregularities in councils in the state. His words, “On the issue of this irregular and arbitrary deployment of staff, it is our strong view that the state government was ill-advised by the body that carried out the exercise. It is like sacrific-

ing experience, seniority, competence and years of service on the altar of political nepotism and despotic considerations,” he said. While noting that team had concluded its investigation, Ofunne condemned the action of the state Local Government Service Commission which acted without respect to the laws to the laws governing the civil

service. According to Ofunne, the state branch of NULGE had written series of letters to discourage the policy when the commission implemented the first phase. Continuing, “Rather than listening, the government went ahead to execute other batches. We will still continue with our consultations as we seek audience with the government. We ex-

pect that the government will listen. We have written earlier for audience and we hope it will be granted,” Ofunne said. The NULGE boss, however, lauded the state government for regular payment of salaries and ensuring there was transparency in the local government system by appointing permanent secretaries from the system.

In a reaction, Permanent Secretary in the Local Government Service Commission, Chief Suru Oyarede, said the deployment was mere posting and was in line with the mandate of the commission. Oyarede, however, demanded that our reporter sought more explanations from the Chairman of the commission, Mr. Talford Ogolo on the matter.

Oshiomhole wants against action against environmental degradation


overnor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State has called for unity in the fight against environmental degradation. Governor Oshiomhole made the call yesterday when the Director General, National Environ-

mental Standards and Regulation Enforcement Agency (NESREA), Dr Ngeri Benebo, paid him a courtesy visit in BeninCity. The governor stressed the need to find lasting solutions to environmental degradation, adding that

steps were being taken by the State Government to protect the environment. He said the prohibition of illegal felling of trees, protection of forest reserves and regular planting of trees were some of the steps being put in place to protect the envi-

ronment. Oshiomhole said everyone must pay attention to the environment in order to sustain its protection and development. In her remarks, Benebo appealed to the Edo State government for office accommodation for

30 members of staff. She added that NESREA office in the state would help in creating additional jobs. Benebo said that 25 per cent of senior and 100 per cent of junior members of staff would be recruited from the state.

Politics BRIEFS


PDP chieftain advises INEC, Nigerians on 2015

Saturday Mirror

August 17, 2013


Suntai’s successor‘ll emerge by divine 14 arrangement –Senator Bwacha


Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) chieftain in Sokoto State, Alhaji Abubakar Yabo, has advised the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to provide a level-playing ground for all political parties in the 2015 general elections. Yabo said that free and fair elections would be best guaranteed by providing such an enabling environment. He said: “The world is watching and only credible elections will be accepted by Nigerians.’’ He urged the commission to devise methods that would enable its officers to conduct free, fair and credible elections for the survival of the nation’s democracy. “The era of rigging election is over in Nigeria because the electorate is now more educated than before, hence the need for the commission to work out modalities that would prevent rigging,” he said. Yabo also called on the relevant stakeholders to preach tolerance and understanding among their followers. He said that the principles would ensure the peaceful conduct of future elections and facilitate good governance.

Kinsmen urge Jonathan to back Bayelsa for top post in NDDC


he Ogbia Youth Leaders Forum (OYLF) in Bayelsa State has called on President Goodluck Jonathan to support Bayelsa State’s quest to clinch the position of Executive Director, Projects, in the new Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), board. The group in a statement jointly signed by its National Chairman, Comrade Tuanam Henry Eteli and National Publicity Secretary, Comrade Azibanator Andy Jonas, said that aside giving serious considerations to the six Niger Delta states – Bayelsa, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Edo and Delta (BRACED) – when the new board is constituted in September, the President must also ensure that a Bayelsan got the position of Executive Director, Projects. “With the expected inauguration of the new board of NDDC by September 2013, a sound NDDC board is strategic to proper management of human and material resources that can really translate to the development of the region. We therefore call on the Presidency to take precaution in the choice of new appointments to avoid the recurring decimals of unproductive service delivery,” the group stated. The group noted that since the chairman of the NDDC board is expected to go to Cross River State and Managing Director to Akwa-Ibom, it would augur well if the position of the Executive Director, Projects comes to Bayelsa State because the state has never occupied the position in the board formation.”



NGF crisis: PDP’s reconciliatory moves of necessity TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE


f the ongoing reconciliation move among Nigerian governors is anything to go by, the leadership crisis in the Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF), may soon be a thing of the past. In the last few days several efforts are being made by the governors and some stakeholders, including President Goodluck Jonathan and former President Olusegun Obasanjo to end the leadership tussle between Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers State and Governor Jonah Jang of Plateau State in the NGF. The relationship among the governors have become frosty following the emergence of two separate chairmen during the Friday May 24 NGF chairmanship election held in Abuja. During the election, 19 members voted to give Amaechi a second term while 16 others cast their votes in support of Jang. However, despite Amaechi’s victory, those in support of the Pleateau State governor refused to acknowledge the victory of his Rivers State counterpart. The disagreement between the two camps eventually led to a factionalisation of the forum. As a result, Amaechi and Jang have since been parading themselves respectively as NGF chairman and running the affairs of the forum from different secretariats. Although Governor Amaechi seems to gain public support and acceptance as the NGF chairman, the Jang-led faction

appears backed by the presidency and the faction has met President Goodluck Jonathan on some occasion. The president has also, at different occasions, shown his recognition of Governor Jang as chairman of the NGF. Since the election the two factions have been meeting separately. Whenever Governor Jang called a meeting, Governor Amaechi always instructed his supporters not to attend. Ditto Jang’s faction. Both factions have also engaged in diatribe on different occasion, particularly, challenging one another over the leadership of NGF. Apparently worried about how the NGF crisis has been heating up the polity and the need for the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governors to unite before the 2015 general elections, the Jang-led faction decided it was necessary to urgently call a truce. At a meeting held in Abuja by the faction of the NGF on Sunday, with seven governors and six deputy governors in attendance, the governors expressed their willingness to ensure peace. Speaking to journalists before the end of the meeting, the chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party Governors’ Forum (PDPGF), and Akwa Ibom State governor, Chief Godswill Akpabio, said that reconciliation among the governors was overdue. He noted that all the governors should be seen to be working together under one umbrella. His words: “We are going to reconcile. We need to work together as a team. We, all the governors, are going to reconcile

and come together under one umbrella. We believe that all governors should come together so that we can positively impact on Nigerians.” One of the arrow heads of the Jonah Jang-led NGF faction, who spoke on condition of anonymity, also told journalists that there was need to put a stop to the factionalisation of NGF. “We need to settle down and settle our differences. It is not portraying us in good light before Nigerians and the international community. We need to put a stop to the factionalisation of the forum,” he said. According to a reliable source, the need for peace among the governors, especially the PDP governors, was borne out of the belief that the factionalisation in NGF might affect the fortune of the ruling PDP and injure the 2015 ambition of President Goodluck Jonathan if urgent steps were not taken to reconcile the governors. It is believed that the opposition had been exploiting the division in the NGF by romancing with some of the PDP key governors, who are majorly in Amaechi’s camp. The development, if allowed to continue, especially with the emergence of the newly registered All Progressives Congress (APC) may lead to the collapse of PDP before 2015 if not properly checked, some have also reasoned. In order to prevent a monumental havoc to be wreaked on the ruling party, the Jang-led faction has therefore deemed it necessary to ensure peace. Although the Amaechi-led faction memCONTINUED ON PAGE 15



August 17, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Suntai’s successor ‘ll emerge by divine


Senator Emmanuel Bwacha, who is representing Taraba South Senatorial District in the Upper Chamber of the National Assembly is in the Chairman, Senate Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources. In this interview with journalists, he said that only God can determine who will succeed Governor Danbaba Suntai in Taraba State in 2015. He also faults those calling for his recall from the Senate. TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE reports.

ou are perceived to be a loyalist of the ailing Taraba State governor, Danbaba Suntai, and not supporting the Acting Governor from becoming the substantive governor. Why is that so? Is the acting governor aspiring to be substantive governor, if I may ask? Well, I don’t know about that but if he is, that should be wrong because the governor is alive and kicking. I remember we had a similar experience in this country. During the tenure of late President Umaru Yar’Adua, the then Acting President Goodluck Jonathan never became substantive president until Ya r ’ A d u a was pro-

nounced dead. So, don’t forget that scenario and make no mistake about it that the precedence has been set. Again, there has been no clear definition of what time an Acting Governor can act, so he has all the latitudes to act as an executive governor. Nobody stops him from awarding contracts, sacking and appointing commissioners or doing anything that a substantive governor should do. So, I don’t think there is a quest or a cry for a substantive governor except if he tells you he wants to be. If that is his mindset then some of us can now speak. But as it stands today, he has not told us that he is trying to become the acting governor; he may be doing this I don’t know. I don’t want to insinuate but as far as we are concerned, the governor is coming back very soon; that I can tell you authoritatively.

What is your relationship with the Acting Governor? He is the acting governor in my state and I am the serving senator representing Taraba South Senatorial District and among the three senators, I am the only senator that is friendly with their government; his government and his boss, the ailing governor. How do you see the sack of some officials including the Secretary to the State Government (SSG) and other loyalists of the ailing Governor Suntai by the Acting Governor? Mind you, I stay in Abuja, I am not a Jalingo person and Jalingo does not come under my territorial district. Be that as it may, this is a statewide matter, and I think some of my constituents are actually involved. Well, we know that the Acting Governor has sacked the commissioners,

there are many insinuation and rumours, but we are waiting to see the processes of their being replaced because Taraba is a very complex state. Like I told you there have been many rumours. If you talk about Suntai loyalists, I don’t know what you mean, because the Acting Governor himself should be considered a Suntia man because he was not around during the election, but because he is a Suntai man, Governor Suntai went and brought him and most of us don’t actually know him. As a matter of fact I have never met him since my 22 years in active politics in the state. The Acting Governor is also a Suntai loyalist. Some political stakeholder from Southern Taraba under the name, Southern Taraba Peoples Congress led by one Daniel Likam are calling for your recall from the Senate. What would you say about this? I am not known to be a person who responds to ranting ants but the truth about it is that the so called stakeholders and a former Minister of State under former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s administration, Salome by name. Remember she contested election with me in the PDP and lost. She didn’t only lose, she came last. She defected to the CPC to contest again with me for the Senate and lost. Not only losing, as a matter of fact she came last. She was not even the second person in that election. The leader of the so-called stakeholders, I was told is known to be a thug. He was working with the ACN candidate that I defeated. Now placing these two people to where they belong, which vote are they going to recall? Can you go and withdraw the money you did not keep in the bank? People who voted for you are the endowed with the right to recall; which vote are they going to recall? But, I am deeply concerned about why people should even be distracted by these people who didn’t vote for me or PDP. People who will call for my recall and I would be disturbed are the people who elected me and I know them; when

they talk I would act and then I would go home and call for town hall meetings to know the problems. One allegation levelled against you is that you hardly visit your senatorial district since your election into the Senate? I am the first Senator in the history of Taraba Southern Senatorial district that organised town hall meetings regularly until the governor had his crash. And secondly, no public elected officer elected from my zone can claim that what he has on ground is better than what I have provided for the people. These facts speak for themselves; let the person come out and speak out. Those calling for my recall only want a situation where I should speak and talk about them, that is why I don’t like to reply them because I would be dignifying and glorifying them with my response What are your plans for 2015? Some said you have been anointed by Governor Suntai to take over from him? First and foremost, people appear to have lost touch with the position of the world. Now, everybody appears to be focused on what he is going to be in 2015. People are not believing that the world has come face to face with reality; the world is in a rapture mood; people don’t know and that calls for a deep concern for people and we should not only focus on 2015. In politics, I am aware that the ailing governor has agreed that the governor would come from my zone, Southern Taraba. He has told me, he has told the world, he has told several other politicians from my zone but he has never told us who he wants to succeed him from the South. I have made this clear times without number. Also, when they say they are doing this to distract me, I am not surprised. I have well over two decades of experience in practical politics. Now, if you say, do I have gubernatorial ambition? In developed democracy I would have told you that I wished I was the President of Nigeria because in developed democracy like the United States, even in Europe, you find that presidents are been sourced from the countries parliament particularly the Senate. Now you would be insulting me if you think I am not qualified to be governor. Again, I am experienced enough to know, by the history of my state that governors emerged by divine arrangement, not by the might of the candidate, not by the wealth they have, not by their connections. By the history of our state, governors that emerge largely are attributable to divine direcCONTINUED ON PAGE 15

Saturday Mirror


August 17, 2013


arrangement ––Senator Senator Bwacha CONTINUED FROM PAGE 14 tions. Governor Jolly Nyame came from nowhere and emerged; even Suntai was not the candidate that the then sitting governor wanted and I think Suntai is also well experienced enough not to tell anybody that any candidate that he want is automatically going to be the governor. He has said it is God who would decide who is going to be the next governor of the state and I am aware of that as the truth. So, I don’t know why people are being mischievous and are being hyper active about trying to distract me . What is your take on the internal crisis in the state PDP? If you want to know that, we replied them that is actually what gave rise to our being in court with Senator Aisha. When the congress was conducted they decided on their own to stay away; all CONTINUED FROM PAGE 13 bers boycotted the NGF meeting called by Governor Jang on Sunday, it appeared not to have foreclosed the possibility of reconciliation between the two factions. To show their seriousness toward the reconciliation, some of the PDP governors from the two factions have, between Sunday and Tuesday, met with President Jonathan and Obasanjo for fence-mending meetings and fine-tuning of the reconciliation move. Prior to the various meetings that took place between Sunday and Tuesday there have been several peace moves to reconcile the governors with President Jonathan even meeting with some of the aggrieved governors, including Governor Amaechi, individually. On June 27, during a National Economic Council (NEC) meeting chaired by Vice President Namadi Sambo, the two factional NGF chairmen were made to sit sideby-side in the new sitting arrangement for attendees. Amaechi and Jang according to the alphabetical sitting arrangement were made to sit side-by-side on the right side of the Vice-President. During the meeting a drama ensued between Jang and Amaechi and other governors as they exchanged banters with one another over the crisis. While the banter that pervaded the beginning of the NEC meeting could be considered as a psychological warfare, analyst regarded the meeting as an event to prepare the ground for a possible reconciliation among the governors. A number of events have unfolded after the meeting and today, it is apparent that efforts are being made to ensure that frayed nerves are calmed and genuine peace returns to the NGF. It would be recalled that two days after the mild drama, President Jonathan and Governor Amaechi, who had not been relating well for several months engaged in a public show of affection as they shook hands and embraced each other on June 29 in Port Harcourt. President Jonathan on July 27 also had a secret meeting with Amaechi and five PDP governors, who had been in consultation across the country in a bid

of us were there - myself and the other five members of the House of Representatives. So, it is not possible for two people out of nine to say that a congress that was held was not held. So, to me it is sounding very strange. The congress was held and the former party’s chairman, who vacated office also made public speech, endorsed the congress. Probably out of naivety and hypocrisy that is inherent in Nigerian politics or in the third world politics the chairman that left office also turned around and said that there was no congress. So, I am not surprised because it is very typical of losers in Nigerian politics. What is the chance of PDP in Taraba State with the emergence of the All Progressives Congress (APC)? Parties are like huts in the farm land, when there is sunshine or rainfall, to ensure you don’t feel the effect, you re-


main under the umbrella. If PDP allows a hole in the umbrella, when you create a hole in the umbrella and when the rain is falling nobody would like to stay un-

der the umbrella but if the umbrella of the PDP remains as we know it to be, there would be no problem. I am a founding member of the PDP and I was the State Secretary General of the Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM), the Yar’Adua political machine that was the principal partner in the coalition that formed the PDP. In my own state we were actually the dominant group that formed the PDP and I was the Secretary of the state chapter. So, if the umbrella is like how we formed it from day one, we have never known any opposition party in the state. But if somebody else has decided to create a hole in the umbrella, then you never can tell. Because, like I told you, nobody would like to stay where rain would be falling on his head. You would naturally run outside to seek for where you can stay and rain would not fall on you.

PDP’s reconciliatory moves of necessity to restore normalcy to the PDP. The five governors are Muazu Babangida Aliyu (Niger ), Sule Lamido (Jigawa), Rabiu Kwankwaso(Kano), Murtala Nyako (Adamawa) and Aliyu Wammako (Sokoto). To political analysts, the reconciliation is a good move but some people seem to be divided over what would be its final outcome. While some believe that the reconciliation will see the light of the day, some are of the view that it may be difficult for all the parties involved to accept the terms raised at the negotiation table. According to a reliable source, based on the outcome of some of the meetings that took place this week, there is a strong indication that both Amaechi and Jang may be asked to step down for another neutral candidate to emerge as NGF chairman for peace to return, and in the interest of the PDP. But the two governors seem not to buy the idea. None of them appears ready to step down for the other. Political analysts are of the view that while it may be easy for Governor Jang to step down since his emergence as NGF chairman was controversial and tied to the apron string of the presidency and PDP leadership, the same cannot be said of Governor Amaechi, who was duly elected and won the NGF chairmanship election with 19 votes against 16. It is also believed that it may be difficult for Amaechi to step down because of the various factors that led to his re-election and some of the sacrifices he and other governors in his faction had made in the cause of the NGF crisis. Speaking with State House Correspondents after his meeting with President Jonathan on Wednesday, Governor Murtala Nyako of Adamawa State insisted that the election that produced Amaechi must stay, adding that Governor Jang could not lead the governors’ forum. His words: “In democracy, when you have an issue, you discuss. The election in the governors’ forum has become an issue. It shouldn’t be an issue. If one group got 19 votes the other one got 16, in democracy, even in the eyes of the people in elementary school, they know that 19 is higher

than 16. It should not be turned into a controversy. “You are saying Jang should step down, step down for what? Did he win the election? What we are saying here is that if he (Jang) is going to step down because he is second winner, then that is their business and it is not the business of others or the winner to tell him to step down. He is number two, he got the second highest votes and that is the way forward.” Governor Nyako also noted that the NGF needed a chairman that would protect the interest of its members and Nigerians in general. “We have already in the governors’ forum established certain criteria for leadership within us. He must be somebody we trust. I would like to have a leader of the forum who when he is with the president in the small room talking about Adamawa State can put in a word for Adamawa State. It should not be someone who will aggravate issues in the eyes of Mr. President. “The other one we feel is that he should add some value to Mr. President. If you have a forum leader who is seen to be part of the president, that has become a yes man of Mr. President, then the governors will say he is not representing our interests. If he is not representing the interest of the governors he is not representing the interests of the ordinary Nigerians. These are areas we have sorted out,” he said. Some people are of the view that any attempt by Governor Amaechi to step down may be seen as a sign of betrayal to some governors, especially the APC governors on whose back Amaechi rode to power. If not for the support of the 11 opposition governors, it would have been difficult for Amaechi to defeat Jang. The APC governors’ voices are presently recognised in NGF and taking the NGF chairmanship from Amaechi may not be in the good interest of the opposition party governors. Attesting to the fact that the APC governors will determine Amaechi’s next line of action, Rivers State Commissioner for Information and Communications, Mrs. Ibim Semanitari, said his boss would not hesitate to yield to the opinion of the gov-

ernors that voted him as their chairman. “Everybody who knows Amaechi knows that he does defend democratic principles. If all of the governors, especially the governors who voted for Governor Amaechi, ask him to step down, that would mean that the majority of the governors have decided that there should be a new chairman. Naturally, he would concede to his colleagues. But today, that is not the case,” she said. Irrespective of the move being taken by PDP to reconcile all its governors, the opposition parties having benefitted immensely from the PDP and NGF crises, definitely will not want the PDP governors to reconcile and they may possibly do everything within their power to ensure that the ongoing reconciliation does not see the light of the day. Considering the reality that the PDP needs to be united to continue to succeed, especially in coming elections, the party would possibly do everything within its power to unite all its governors before the 2015 elections. Speaking to journalists after his meeting with President Jonathan at the Presidential Villa on Tuesday, Governor Akpabio said the series of high-level meetings among the governors and the stakeholders would bring about a positive result. His words: “All the steps being taken at the moment are in the right direction to ensure cohesion and bring back all the party faithful; particularly the body of governors will come together to work as one for the interest of Nigeria and the interest of the PDP. “I know that all the governors of the PDP are working towards the success party. One thing I can assure you is that there is jittery in the camp of the opposition with the meetings of the PDP governors.” As the reconciliation moves continue, the questions on the lips of many people is, how easy would it be for PDP to bring back all the warring factions, putting into the consideration the damage the NGF crisis has caused the ruling party and how PDP has created a crack in the wall for the opposition to penetrate.



August 17, 2013

Saturday Mirror

How three men raped 14-year-old girl


24-year-old patent medicine dealer, Ijezie Chidiebere, and two other men have been arraigned before the Ebute Meta Magistrate’s Court for allegedly raping a 14-year-old girl. The incident was said to have taken place on August 3, 2013 in Orile-Iganmu, Lagos State. The police said Chidiebere and the other suspects; Okechukwu Ezea, 25 and Chikezie Ejesi, 25, detained the victim in

Chidiebere’s shop where they violated her “and in the process, destroyed her hymen.” To cover their action, they allegedly poured a liquid substance suspected to be olive oil on her while pretending to be clerics. They were said to have told some people that had gathered that the girl was a witch, who needed urgent spiritual deliverance. Some of the people, who were not convinced,

alerted policemen who arrested the trio. The three men were arraigned on four counts of felony, rape and false representation. The charges read in part, “That you, Ijezie Chidiebere,m, Okechukewu Ezea, m, Chikezie Ejesi,m and others now at large on August 3, 2013, at 9pm at No 8, Kekere-Ekun Street, Orile-Iganmu in the Lagos Magisterial District did conspire amongst yourselves to commit fel-

ony to wit defilement and administering of noxious substance.” The prosecutor, Sergeant Qasim Adams, said the offences were punishable under Sections 409, 137,166(1)(D) of the Criminal Laws of Lagos State Nigeria 2011 and Section 247(b) of the Criminal Code of Law of Cap ‘C38’ Laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 2004. The men pleaded not guilty to all the charges. The magistrate, Mr.

K.O Ogundare, admitted the defendants to bail in the sum of N100,000 with two sureties each in like sum. He also instructed the police to transfer the matter to the Surulere

Man burnt to death for impregnating mother, daughter

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Only shortlisted candidate will be contacted

Family Court where it would receive proper attention as the court lacked the jurisdiction to try the case. The matter was adjourned till September 24, 2013.


he university town of Nsukka in Enugu State has witnessed yet another brutal death as a tipper driver who allegedly impregnated a widow and her daughter has reportedly been burnt to death by son of the widow, Sunday Ugwoke. The tipper driver, Sylvester Ezema, attached to Ferguson Nig. Limited, hailed from Akpa Edem, Nsukka Local Government Area, Enugu State and shared a common fence with his widowed lover, Mrs. Ugwoke. Reports said he had been having amorous dealings with the woman’s daughter too, unknown to the widow. Sylvester was allegedly burnt to death by Sunday, who had warned him to leave his mother alone and stop having sex with her in his late father’s bedroom, which is adjacent to his room, a warning the deceased allegedly ignored. Having defied his warning, Sunday, armed with pepper and petrol ambushed the lover boy. As Sylvester stepped out of the house, Sunday poured the powder pepper and petrol on Sylvester and set him ablaze.


Saturday Mirror

August 17, 2013


Protector or predator?

Tayo, shot in the testicles

Chinonso, one eye gone

‘Is the police still our friend?’ A drunken, sneering and staggering cop with a loaded gun was simply an accident waiting to happen. Some residents of Amuwo Odofin (Lagos) are witnesses to this. Bright lost his life, Chinonso his eye, Tayo, his testicles and Ebere her hand. The blood of the dead and the injured survivors cry out for justice. THOMAS USHIE


he night of August 4, 2013 was a horrible one in Amuwo Odofin, a suburb of Lagos. The residents of Diamond Estate, especially those living on Janet Fajemgbesin Street and Chief Sunny Ogbeide Close never had an inkling of impending disaster. Little did they know that Bright’s bright life would fade away like a candle in the wind, leaving his 2-year-old daughter asking from time to time, “where is my daddy? I want to see my daddy”. Neither were they aware that Chinonso would lose his eye; that Tayo’s testicle would be damaged or that Ebere’s hand would be injured and her pregnancy

threatened. They are all victims of an allegedly drunk and trigger happy cop identified as Corporal Mohammed Abubakar, who pulled the trigger and left in its wake, in the words of the late Afro Beat maestro, Fela Anikulapo Kuti, sorrow, tears and blood! It was a case of the protector becoming the predator and tormentor. And as the residents of the street gathered on Tuesday, August 13, and observed a candle night to pay their last respects to the late Ogah Victor Ocho popularly known as Bright, several questions begged for answers: “Is the police still our friend?” “How would Nonso carry on with his life with one eye?” “How would Ebun, the late Bright’s daughter, survive without his caring dad?” “Would Tayo Ajasa be able to bear children with his damaged testicles?” When Saturday Mirror visited the streets of the shooting spree to feel the pulse of the friends and families of the victims, a day after the candle night was held for the Late Bright, tongues continued to wag. At the residence of the late Bright, the neighbours, who were still obviously angry over the incident, bore their minds on the unfortunate incident. According to one of the residents who identified himself as Frank, “Bright was my friend, I mean, our friend. He was friendly with everybody. I never had any premonition that his life would be cut short in just a twinkle of an eye. We had a candle night for him yesterday and everybody continued to ask questions without answers. We wonder if the police are still our friend. This Corporal Abubakar that killed Bright and wounded many others was quite close

with Bright. But look at what he did to that innocent young man. What is of importance to us now is justice. Justice must be done. Just look outside there, you will see Bright’s blood. That blood is crying for justice as the heat of the sun burns it and the wind blows over it. The policeman that killed him must be brought to justice. And the government must take care of Bright’s daughter because that was what he asked for before he gave up. He said ‘please take care of my daughter, Ebun’. After the birth of Ebun, her mother left and Bright has been singlehandedly taking care of her. He loves her so much but Corporal Abubakar did not allow her to enjoy her dad,” Frank wailed. Another resident, John Imokie said: “Bright was a very harmless and friendly young man bubbling with good expectations for his daughter whom he has been taking care of without a mother. The policeman before that incident was very friendly with Bright. He came to Bright’s barbing saloon to barb or shave whenever he was in Lagos. That very evening, the policeman came around and Bright asked his daughter, Ebun, to greet “uncle”. Little did the little girl know that the person that she called uncle would become a monster and turn her to an orphan. Less than 30 minutes after that encounter, the police man became something else. In fact, when people say that he was drunk, I believe it was beyond drunkenness.” Conducting the reporter round the scene of the shooting, Frank said “look at the bullet marks on the walls. Look at the gate, there are bullet holes there. The policeman released several shots here. He

was chasing everybody on sight. It was as if we were at a war front. He was shooting and staggering.” While some people at the scene of the altercation were lucky to escape the bullets unhurt, it left Chinonso Ozemena with an indelible disability. He may never see again with his right eye. The bullet speared into it and has ravaged it almost beyond medical redemption. “That fateful night, I came back from work and was relaxing inside the compound. I heard noise outside and decided to see what was amiss. I saw the policeman fighting with somebody. He was in mufti. Some boys came and separated them. We thought that everything was over. He called on some of his colleagues to help him out. His police colleagues came but realised that he was drunk and asked him to go home. He, however, insisted on fighting and urged them to also fight the man he was fighting. As his colleagues did not yield to molesting innocent people, he got angry, dashed into where he was lodging, came out with gun and starting firing indiscriminately at people. His colleagues pleaded that he should not shoot but he said that he would shoot everybody and resign from the force. It was like a joke. When I heard the argument, I moved some steps away and before I could realise it, he started shooting and the bullet hit one of my eyes. I was admitted at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital. The doctors performed surgery on me. I was later discharged, but I am still feeling pains,” a visibly traumatised Chinonso narrated. Chinonso has been left disabled. He CONTINUED ON PAGE 19



August 17, 2013

Saturday Mirror

How three men killed toddler for money ritual SEGUN ADIO


hree persons are currently detained over allegedly killing a 3-year-old boy for money ritual. Amidu Jimoh, John Joseph and Maliki Aderounmu are telling law enforcement agents all they know about the death of the boy said to have been buried alive as part of a money-making ritual. Amidu and Aderounmu, two long term friends had been confronting hard times together for many years now, but both were determined never to give up. They always told themselves that they would make it big in life no matter what it takes. Sometime in June 2013, both friends concluded that they would go diabolical when it appeared they were not making headway in their pursuit of wealth. Both Amidu and Aderounmu reportedly headed for Osunara village, Igangan, in Ibarapa North Local Government Area of Oyo State to consult a herbalist to help them out. At Igangan, Joseph, the herbalist, reportedly assured them that he would give them solutions to their unrelenting poverty and make them rich if they can get the carcass of an uncircumcised boy. Amidu and his friend returned to their Ibadan base wondering how they would find an uncircumcised toddler as prescribed by the herbalist. An evil thought soon came over Ami-



KILLING THE BOY IS NOT MY DOING du as he convinced Aderounmu that the best way out of the predicament they found themselves was to go for the son of his own brother, with whom they both live in the same compound. With Amidu giving assurances that the task would be accomplished without any hitch, Aderounmu reportedly agreed to carry out the task with Amidu. On the day they would ‘use’ the boy in question, everyone in the compound was said to have gone in search of their daily bread and that was the opportunity Amidu was waiting for. He reportedly told the boy to accompany him (Amidu) to bring an item home from a nearby shop and the boy innocently nodded in agreement. But before the appointed day, Amidu had reportedly dug a grave dozens of meters away from the compound where he had planned to bury his brother’s son. So on the day he took the boy out of his parents’ home, Amidu allegedly drugged the boy and buried him in the

grave alive. As prescribed by the herbalist, the carcass of the deceased would be brought to him after seven days in the ground. A resident of the area attested that Amidu, on the seventh day, was trying to dig out the remains of the dead boy from the grave in the night when he was caught red handed in the act. The neighbour maintained that when he was accused and the big polythene bag in his hands was searched, he could not offer a convincing explanation as to how he came about its contents. Law enforcement agents were alerted and Amidu was immediately arrested and detained. During preliminary investigations, Amidu confessed to his heinous crime and named Aderounmu as the one who joined him to dig the grave and also connived with him to pick the boy that was killed. Aderounmu was also picked up and detained. Days after, both Amidu and Ader-

ounmu reportedly led law enforcement agents to Igangan where Joseph the herbalist lives. The herbalist also was arrested and all brought to Ibadan for further questioning. In his confessional statement, Amidu claimed that he actually thought of his brother’s son because he was given a specific date by Joseph to produce a carcass and he was losing the battle to get one. He said, “This is the work of the devil because my brother does not deserve this treatment meted out to him. I was under pressure to get a boy of that age and time was running out. That was why I convinced Aderounmu that we should go for the boy.” Joseph, in his statement, claimed that he did not ask the two men to go pick the boy in question, but only told them that a boy of that age was all they needed to become rich. In the words of Joseph, “I did not tell them to go and kill anyone. All I told them was that they should get the parts of a boy and it was up to them to know how to get it. So, killing the boy is not my doing.” According to a police source, the two friends and the herbalist conspired to kill the boy. “Some of the claims of the accused persons were pure lies. Investigations have shown that they all conspired to carry out the act, but we are on top of the situation.” The law enforcement officer maintained that the suspects would be charged to court soon.

Saturday Mirror


August 17, 2013

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 17 wonders what would become of his life with an eye lost. But he says justice must be done and the killer cop brought to book. “I am calling on all well meaning, justice loving Nigerians to take up this case and make sure that Corporal Abubakar is brought to justice. Nigerians and the Inspector General of Police must take this case as if we are their children and make sure that this policeman is punished appropriately. I don’t know how I will live my life with one eye. I am still feeling pains all over. I am not married. What would become of my life?” Chinonso lamented, fighting back tears. Also speaking on how the bullet burst Chinonso’s eye, Ikechukwu, another resident who said that he was lucky not to have been hit by the bullets said that “It was a very disgusting sight and painfully so. The bullet burst Chinonso’s eyeball open. Blood was gushing out. It was just terrible. It is something that no man would ever pray to see. The doctors performed surgery on the eye to bring out the bullet. We thank God he did not die because if the bullet had pierced through the head, we do not know what would have happened. But he lost his eye. It is very painful. I was with him throughout the incident, accompanied him to LUTH. The company which Corporal Abubakar was attached to, Ashanti Security Company (ASCO), paid the deposit of N146,000 for the treatment. After that, they did not do anything again. We have not seen the company since then. It was the family that took care of the other major medical expenses. I really wonder if police is still our friend. The best way to reassure us is by punishing this killer policeman and compensating the victims appropriately”. A youth leader at Amuwo Odofin, David Awom, urged the police authority to “try and do something urgently about the policeman that committed this unforgiveable crime against the innocent people he was supposed to protect. “He should be arrested and prosecuted in an open court so that all Nigerians would see that justice is done. This has become very necessary because there are many Corporal Abubakars in the police force. Sometimes, some of these trigger happy policemen would drink, get drunk and be shooting into the gutter or into the air. This time around, Corporal Abubakar decided to face innocent Nigerians struggling to live their lives. It is very unfortunate. The police authority must not protect bad cops in their fold, else they would continue to give the force a bad name.” Giving a chilling account of how the allegedly drunk cop almost snuffed life out of him, Tayo Ajasa, one of the victims who is presently receiving treatment at a private hospital in Festac Town, Lagos, said that he does not know if he would be able to bear children as the bullet speared through his thigh, damaging his testicle. “I was waiting innocently at a street side fast food joint close to Bright’s barbing saloon to buy noodles when the whole thing started. The policeman was causing trouble up and down. He was not in uniform. It was only those who knew him previously that knew he was a policeman. It did not ever occur to me that the trouble would degenerate to something else as he was obviously drunk. I did not believe


‘Where is my daddy’



I’M CALLING ON JUSTICE-LOVING NIGERIANS TO TAKE UP THIS CASE AND MAKE SURE THAT CORPORAL ABUBAKAR IS BROUGHT TO JUSTICE. NIGERIANS AND THE INSPECTOR GENERAL OF POLICE MUST MAKE SURE THIS POLICEMAN IS PUNISHED APPROPRIATELY. I DON’T KNOW HOW I WILL LIVE MY LIFE WITH ONE EYE. I AM NOT EVEN MARRIED YET that the problem would lead to a trained policeman bringing out his gun and shooting innocent Nigerians. As he was firing indiscriminately, the bullet hit my thigh, damaging my testicle. I was bleeding profusely. I was taken to the hospital, but they demanded for police report. We went and got it before they commenced treatment. It was a gory sight. The pain was just so terrible that I cannot describe it. I thought I was going to die. It was God that saved me. I don’t know if I will be able to perform sexually. I just had an x-ray. The doctor said he cannot confirm if my sexual system is okay. “My family is footing the medical bills. The police authority has not shown up. The security company the policeman was attached to, ASCON, has not shown up. I am left here alone for my family to take care of. The government is supposed to take full responsibility for the disaster because the policeman is a government employee. But there is nobody to take responsibility except my family. They are the ones paying the bills and feeling the pains with me,” Tayo told Saturday Mirror on his hospital bed. Giving her own account of the confrontation that led to the death of Bright and left three others critically wounded, Bose Francis, the operator of the fast food joint said that they did not have any premonition that their once peaceful street would be visited by disaster. “That night, I was here selling my fast

food. People were buying and going their way innocently. It was around 10 to 11 p.m. The late Bright was inside his saloon barbing somebody’s hair. So, the policeman, who was friendly with Bright as he used to barb his hair and do his shaving at Bright’s saloon, called Bright to leave what he was doing and come. Bright did. He followed him. The policeman was not wearing his uniform. He was in a short and a singlet. When they got to the drinking spot, I don’t know what happened that led to the police slapping one of the men there. That was how the trouble started. Bright was not involved in any trouble with him or anybody. None of the victims of the shooting were involved in any trouble with the policeman. So, I discovered that the boy he slapped was asking him what he had done. The boy did not even know that he was a policeman. Some boys separated them, but before we knew it, the cop called his colleagues to come and assist him. They came but realising that he was drunk, they advised the boys to keep away from him. The policeman was not satisfied and he went inside his lodge, brought out his gun and starting shooting. I was with my baby strapped to my back. It was God who saved me and my baby from being hit by the bullet. “Emeka, one of the victims, was standing very far from here. The policeman shot Emeka and he was shouting ‘my leg, my leg.’ I was so scared. Bright was standing close to his saloon, on the road. As the policeman continued to shoot, he turned his

gun and faced Bright and shot him. He continued shooting while pursuing people. He faced our gate and started pumping bullets. Ebere, a pregnant woman ran and locked the gate from inside to prevent him from entering inside the compound. It was in the process of locking the gate that the bullet hit her on her hand. She was very fortunate. If she did not lock the gate, I wondered what would have happened. Unfortunately, as Bright was being taken the hospital, he died, leaving his two-year old baby lonely. While he was down, drenched in blood, maybe he realised that he would not make it and he started begging us to please take care of his baby. It is so sad. Bright was a gentle man. He was not a troublesome boy at all. I can’t tell why he was just killed like that, leaving that innocent baby who has been asking ‘where is my daddy, I want to see my daddy.’ She does not deserve what life has given her at all. The government should take over her care and make sure that she is given the best life can offer, else, the ghost of Bright would haunt this country,” Bose told Saturday Mirror. Speaking in the same vein, Jackson Friday said that “the policeman was in mufti. The man that he was fighting did not know that he was a MOPOL. So, the Mopol brought his out gun and released some shots into the air before facing other people. I was standing close to Bright’s saloon. When he started shooting, and I discovered that some people were already groaning in pains, I docked inside the gutter and lay flat. I did not bother about the dirt in the gutter. My life was more important. If only other people around were enlightened enough, they would have gone down instead of standing. Maybe because the victims knew him within the vicinity, they thought he would not shoot them. Unfortunately, Bright died and left his little daughter behind. I was shouting for help when Bright fell. People were too scared to come out because of the sound of the gun shots. We are still wondering the manner of friend the police has been to us. It could have been me”. When Saturday Mirror visited the late Bright’s barbing salon, it was covered with blood stains. The two iron gates of Plot 26, Fajemgbesin Street, where the shooting took place were riddled with bullet holes. Not even the electric pole was spared. Meanwhile, the remains of the late Bright is scheduled to be laid to rest at his home town, Ikwokwu Uwokwu, Oju Local Government Area of Benue State, within the week. According to family sources, a wake keeping was held for him on Monday, August 12, 2013. According to the Lagos State Commissioner of Police (CP), Umar Manko, the police corporal responsible for the shooting spree is not with the Lagos State Police Command, but came from MOPOL 17, Akure, Ondo State. “The corporal is not from the Lagos State Police Command. He is from MOPOL 17, Akure. He was attached to a company in Festac Town. I wonder what a mobile policeman from Akure was doing in Lagos.”



August 17, 2013

Saturday Mirror

The agony of China’s one-child policy One-child policy leaves some Chinese fearful of the future. Xu Min, 53, of Beijing and his wife lost their 23-year-old son in a car accident last September. A little discussed yet devastating consequence of China’s one-child policy is the growing number of parents suddenly left childless when their only child dies. Many such bereaved parents — numbering more than a million — are physically too old to conceive again. Most experience depression and struggle financially to support themselves in old age. Many say they have nothing to live for.

Xu Min and his wife


t’s been 11 months, and Xu Min still rarely leaves the house. He spends his days on the couch in front of a TV, trying to block out memories of his dead son. He blames fate for the car accident that killed the 23-year-old in September. But for the loneliness that will haunt him and his wife the rest of their lives, Xu blames the Chinese government. China told the couple that they could have only one child and threatened to take away everything if they didn’t listen. They were good citizens, Xu said, “so for 20 years, we put our whole future and hope into our son.” Now, the couple have no one to support them in old age. But even more crushing, said Xu, 53, they have nothing to live for. For more than three decades, debate has raged over China’s one-child policy, imposed in 1979 to rein in runaway population growth. It has reshaped Chinese society — with birthrates plunging from 4.77 children per woman in the early 1970s to 1.64 in 2011, according to estimates by the United Nations — and contributed to the world’s most unbalanced sex ratio at birth, with baby boys far outnumber-


ing girls. Human rights groups have exposed forced abortions, infanticide and involuntary sterilizations, practices banned in theory by the government. And officials are increasingly deliberating whether the long-term economic costs of the policy — including a looming labor shortage — outweigh the benefits. In the latest sign of such concern, the government recently announced that it is studying possible ways to relax the one-child policy in coming years, according to state media. Little discussed and largely ignored, however, is a quiet devastation left in

the policy’s wake: childless parents. A parent’s worst nightmare in any country, the death of children in China is even more painful because of the cultural importance of descendants, increasing financial pressures on the elderly and the legal limits on bearing additional offspring. Few reliable numbers exist on such grieving parents. But one study by the state-run Chinese Academy of Social Sciences estimated that more than 1 million parents have lost their only child, a number expected to rise rapidly in coming years. Many such parents are too old to conceive again, and some say they re-

gret not pushing for a second child when they could have, even if it would have meant losing their jobs and getting hit with overwhelming fines. In quiet and often-tearful interviews, more than 30 parents who have lost their only child described lives of emptiness and depression so deep that some have contemplated suicide. Almost all characterised their child’s death as a crippling financial blow because China’s elderly tend to depend heavily on their children to supplement modest government pensions. Many noted bitterly the enormous resources that the government has plowed into the enforcement of the one-child policy, creating a new wing of bureaucracy down to the township level. With limited exceptions for rural and ethnic groups, the government collects steep fines from offenders, estimated to equal billions of dollars, although the precise amount is kept secret. And yet, the parents complain, it wasn’t until 2007 that China began to disburse small sums as compensation to parents whose only child had died.




Woman Stop gender negativity

–Rhonda Watson

Relationships Sh ld you b Should be ffriends i d with your partner’s ex?

Fashion •Meg Alabi’s

Transformer •Funky grooves


...Divorced, ready to mingle

Sex talk How to turn mediocre sex into combustible sex



Celebrity Okechukwu Ukeje is an award-winning critically and commercially acclaimed actor. His star has shone further brightly recently and he is on course to becoming one of the country’s greatest actors. He however tells ENTERVAGANZA that he also has a huge interest in music as well as fashion and TV production aspirations.


hy did you go into acting? The interesting thing is that I stumbled on the arts. I watch movies a lot and when watching them, I am convinced I can do the things the actors in them do. But it is one thing to know that one can act, and another to have the opportunity to do so. Acting on stage for the first five years helped me a lot because it was a learning platform for me. In addition to that, when I felt it was necessary to acquire additional skills, I embarked on an eight-week workshop at the New York film Academy, in Los Angeles. I spent quite some money; it cost over $10,000 including fees, accommodation and other bills. You became an household name when you won the Amstel Malta Box Office acting talent hunt show. Do you think you would have been this successful in acting if you didn’t win AMBO? That is a question I have asked myself before and I’d be honest with you, I don’t know. The reason I say that is because of the way the industry is here in Nigeria. I know that winning AMBO did a lot for me and I thank God. Maybe without it, I may still have been scratching the surface. It could have been anything, but let’s just say that I’m grateful that it happened. After winning AMBO, was it tough trying to prove to movie producers and directors that you could fit well into the industry? I have to be honest, it was really, really tough. Reality TV shows are good concepts here in Nigeria but I think the part the organisers have to work on is how they incorporate whoever wins into the industry at large. We just win and we think that, yes, the world is going to bow at our feet but then we realise that it really doesn’t work that way. Not everyone who has won a reality TV show has lived up to the expectations of people who watched them during the competition. What do you think is responsible for this? I guess that for some people, when they were getting into reality shows,

August 17, 2013

Saturday Mirror

‘Why I love Joke Silva’ they did not have the bigger picture in mind. But I did. I have a very unique and specific design for my life. I guess for some other people, it was just about fame. And for some, ome, persevering and determining to break eak through was not for them. And then n for some, it was just a flash in the pan. n. Trust me, I would not knock down anyone yone who has attempted because Nigeria a is difficult as it is. What do you u do apart from acting? I host social and corporate events. By extension, I’m very interested in TV broadcast. I really hope to be able to float my own TV shows in the near future, and these se are shows that I’ve started designing igning with partners. I have e a large interest for hospitality spitality business and a line of T-shirts designed ned by me. And, of course, urse, I have a huge interest terest in music. So it’s true rue that you used to be a performming musician? I joined a music team in n the university. I was also the only nly singing member mber of a rap group and we used to go to churches, hurches, get invited to gigs and stuff like that. Most of the he people who went to University sity of Lagos with me still ask sk about my music. What I’m m doing now is concentrating g on my acting and from that, hat, I’ll open up a market for my music. You won the he best actor category at the e Africa Magic Viewers Choice e Awards earlier this year. Was it a big deal for you? The last award rd I won was in 2010, and that was as City People’s. But there is a difference. This comes from the he work I have done. It is interesting resting because, even though I have done about 13 movies, there e are about just three or four in circulation. For me to win an award ward for the few that I have done, ne, when people would expect that hat I should have shot more than 50 movies before I would be qualified fied is a good signal. Which actor r or actress do you admire most? ost? I admire Aunty nty Joke (Silva) most. I remember er during my first flick, we had different fferent interpretations for the character aracter I was supposed to be playing, ying, and we were looking for the e best. When we were driving from om Abuja to Nasarawa, she picked ked up her phone to call a doctor friend of hers, and

she e was on the phone for 30 minutes, doing g research for my own character. That was as simply amazing.

Saturday Mirror


August 17, 2013


e c n e s s E n i a g a s return Y

ou have to give it up for Essence. She is one lady who is definitely not ready to throw in the towel musically. She can’t be said to have attained the giddy heights of music like many of her colleagues who hit the limelight even after her, but she can be said to be determined to still attain those m heights. he Her most successful song, H Facebook Love, almost did the Faceboo magic for her. It brought her musical success like none mus of her other songs have ever done. e Now she retur ns w i t h Give e M M o r e One and Reason. R eason. one of Will on tthem hem do the magic? m agic?



Tiwa Savage goofs; says Goldie, Justus Esiri died last year



Kenny Ogungbe warns Jaywon F or some time now, it has been making the rounds underground that Filebe singer, Jaywon, is having issues with his record label, Kenny Ogungbe’s Kennis Music. While some have alleged that Jaywon has called it quits with the label that made 2face into an international brand, others have said that he will call it quits. All along, there has been nothing really concrete from both parties, but Kennis Music’s parent company, Kennis Communications, has come out to warn the musician over his contract situation, probably in a bid to forestall such problems it had with another of its artists, Maga Don Pay singer, Kelly Hansome. In a statement lucidly titled ‘Jaywon signed for 3 full albums,’ Kennis Music reminded Jaywon that he signed a 3-album deal and only one, Meet Jaywon, has been released so far. The statement

also cemented the label’s position on the Jaywon issue by declaring that “discussion of Jaywon’s contract renewal is not on the front burner.” In recent times, artists having problems with their labels has been rife in the music industry. Celebrated cases that readily come to mind are the ongoing BrymO, Chocolate City faceoff; May D, P-Square brouhaha and Eva, Trybe Records sudden split. A respected music egghead has however warned Jaywon to honour his contract with Kennis Music as Kelly Hansome who reneged on his is yet to get his career back on track since then.

exy singer, Tiwa Savage, who finally released her debut album, Once Upon A Time, quite recently, has made a goof that she can be forgiven for. The Eminado singer was the celebrity guest on Kennis Music Channel’s My Top 10 Countdown recently and she acquitted herself faultlessly in disclosing her top ten music videos and the reasons why she chose them. A professional to the core, she didn’t use the giltedged opportunity to basically promote her own videos and those of her Mavin Records labelmates, which is what Sound Sultan did during his own spot on the same programme recently where he also disclosed that he was the one who wrote Sho Le and not Sean Tizzle. As a matter of fact, she didn’t choose the videos of any of her Mavin mates, Wande Coal, D’Prince and Dr Sid. Still, it was expected that she would include her own videos in the countdown and she elected to position her Without My Heart video featuring Don Jazzy at number four. Her goof however came when she was introducing her number one video, which was one of her videos of course, her latest, Olorun Mi. Explaining the reason it was her top choice video, she said that a lot of beautiful people died last year, including her beautiful sister, Goldie, Justus Esiri, the Aluu 4, the Dana crash and so many others that she can’t name. Goldie died this year, though, on Valentine’s Day in February, and Justus Esiri also died this year shortly after her in the same month. Definitely a mistake on Savage’s Savage part.


August 17, 2013

Saturday Mirror



Leonard, Oluchi eliminated from PFWA’s

prizes opportunity P

roject Fame West Africa contestants Leonard and Oluchi have lost out on the golden opportunity they had to win any of the millions of naira prizes the long running TV show has on offer. The duo can only have themselves to blame for losing out as they were adjudged the least deserving of remaining in the reality show by the public, the show’s tutors, and their fellow contestants. Of the five of them on prob a t i o n

(Ayoka, Roland and Simon were the remaining three), the viewing public saved Simon, the tutors saved Roland, and Ayoka was saved by the contestants who were not on probation. But even as Leonard and Oluchi bowed out last Saturday, another five contestants were placed on probation the following day, last Sunday, and two of them will also be shown the way out tonight. The five are Henry, Johnny, Gbemisola, Blessing and Olawale, and they performed Banky W’s Yes/No, Iyan-

ya’s Jombolo, Omawumi’s Warn Yourself, 2face’s Ihe Neme and Davido’s Gobe. They were however nominated by the judges who saw their performances as below par and not deserving of a pass mark to remain in the hunt for PFWA’s top prize of N5m, a record contract and an SUV or its additional prizes of N3m and a saloon for the second position contestant, N3m and a saloon for the third and N2m only for the fourth. Meanwhile, five hopefuls, Ngozi, Anwunli, Henry, Shawn and Nancy also performed to make it into the show through the wild card route. They opened the show on Saturday and those of them that will make it in will be announced this weekend.

Ezi Emela treads the Tiwa Savage, Seyi Shay path


Emela Emela

rom every indication, it is only a matter of time before Ezi Emela will become a household name. Just like Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay have become very popular in the country after returning from their foreign bases to take up a music career here, Emela too has taken that bold step and is now on course to becoming really popular with the release of her latest single, Feeling Good.

Feeling Good, which comes on the heels of her two previous singles, Catch My Heart featuring Mista Silva and Secret Lover featuring Skales, is further testimony of the fact that Emela wants to attain the stardom which is currently the lot of Savage and Shay. Like Savage in particular, who employed the sexy girl image to worm her way into our consciousness, Emela too is also employing the sexy girl strategy

and she uses every opportunity she has to let us see her sexy side. She’s not all about being just sexy, however. Feeling Good has been rated as a hot number by music pundits who have also rated her as very promising because she’s taking all the right steps (including working with established names like Skales and Sexy Steel) that will make her music career blossom.

D’Banj releases the eagerly awaited Hennessy Artistry 2013 theme song


ike him or not, like it or not, D’Banj continues to be hot. Assaulted by severe criticisms that would have submerged other artists, he didn’t go under. The latest feather in his cap is that he has released Raise Your Glasses, the theme song for this

year’s annual Hennessy Artistry annual music project which aims to develop the music industry by promoting new talents through shows headlined by established artists. While last year’s HA was headlined by MI and Naeto C, D’Banj is this year’s sole headliner

and has already begun to prove that he justifies being the sole headliner through Raise Your Glasses which has been eagerly anticipated but has not disappointed in its coming and has thereby been adjudged in most quarters as the best HA theme song so far.


Six Foot Plus

Pikin Small Stout Artist: Six Foot Plus Intro This one na for some women Wey dey go find pikin for native doctor Hear am Mummy, I want to drink small stout [you say] Daddy, I want to drink small stout [See wahala] Uncle, I want to drink small stout Hey shut up, this pikin we no go give you small stout Chorus Pikin [Ehn] You dey hungry [yes] Wetin you want to chop [I want to drink small stout] This pikin [Ehn] You dey hungry [yes] I say wetin you want to chop [I want to drink small stout] This pikin [Ehn] You no go suck breast [No] Wetin you want to chop [I want to drink small stout] Shut up pikin, we no give you small stout [Noooooooo] Cry, cry, nonsense Verse 1 One fateful morning as all of us dey sleep for yard One man dey rake him wife My friend I need a child This na regular quarrel, so everybody came out We said stop, pause, oga, madam, don’t shout The woman vex Come hear her friend advice Make she go meet baba Of course she met baba Then baba gave her a charm to help her get a child 1, 2, 3, 4, the woman belle come out She said I’m blessed, come go give testimony for church Everybody wey dey for church give am round of applause But she forget say Satan gift dey like time bomb When e blow, the little boy go metamorphose Waiter, give my son a bottle of Fanta No na daddy, I want to drink small stout

Saturday Mirror


August 17, 2013




arewell Feza

Tanzanian Housemate Feza has become the 20th Housemate to be booted out of The Chase. As soon as IK made the announcement, she hugged her fellow Chasemates. She walked out of the House as they cheered her on. When she stepped on stage, IK asked her the big question: “Do you love Oneal?” And she answered “Yes I do” without hesitation. She also disclosed that there is still an element of distrust between them. IK also asked her about Oneal’s initial attraction to Cleo. “I will let that slide because I wasn’t there,” she replied. Over the past eleven weeks, Feza established herself as one of the most polarising Housemates in the Big Brother House. You either love her or you hate her; there is no in-between when it comes to Feza. But her journey in The Chase finally came to an end last Sunday. As she exited the House, she took along with her all of Tanzania’s hopes and dreams. Her fellow country mate Nando made a sudden exit from The Chase when he got disqualified for violating the Big Brother Africa rules two weeks ago. The Tanzanian’s departure follows hot on the heels of her man Oneal’s too from The Chase. Before he was booted out last week, they were the most-talked-about couple in The Chase. Feza’s es Eviction therefore elicits the quesThe tion: “Is Africa against couples in Th Chase?” out In the past we have speculated about his ‘The Curse of The Couples’ and this an curse looks to be real now more than ever.

Beverly’s nomination feat Beverly has tory by becom-


made hisi n g

the first Chasemate to sail through the season without being nominated. During a conversation with Elikem and Melvin after nominations were made on Monday, the lingerie model couldn’t hold back her excitement at the prospect of making history. “This is amazing! Being the first Housemate to go through the entire season without being put up for possible eviction! Wow,” she said as she jumped for joy. When Elikem congratulated her and playfully reminded her that she was not out of the woods yet because of the Save And Replace action that would take place that Monday night, Beverly confidently replied that “I have a feeling my name will not come up.” Elikem however insisted to her that “don’t relax too much. Anything can happen. There are people who have made it to the final week and have been evicted before.” Despite their conversation, which portrayed Beverly as seeping with overconfidence, it didn’t make Elikem replace her with himself through the Save And Replace decision which was his to exercise. He put up her boyfriend, Angelo, instead. This week’s nominations are the final nominations for this year’s BBA. Those still in the House on Monday will be the ones to have the final shot at the whopping $300,000 prize.

Beverly the drunken master Beve r l y had to be carr i e d to bed twice last S a t u r d ay after she had a little too

much to drink. Drinking in Big Brother is something of a sport, and Beverly is a great player, as evidenced by her many drunken shenanigans since The Chase started. When she ran amok, stumbling about the House as her man, Angelo, watched, and then tried to get him to tuck her in, he told her, “Beverly, you’re not that drunk.” She therefore found solace in Bimp who led her upstairs and attempted to tuck her in. As soon as she lay her head on her pillow, Bimp looked for her pyjama bottoms, found them and helped her into them. Beverly looked grateful, but as soon as Bimp attempted to leave the bedroom, she followed him. She then sat with her fellow Housemates, ate and engaged them in a lively but drunken conversation. Angelo then walked off in a huff and retired, leaving his lady yapping. Melvin then helped Beverly upstairs and gave her a goodnight kiss on the forehead. Sweet!

Chasemates bond together It’s always great when the Housemates get along! Last Wednesday, the House looked like something out of a cheesy 80s sitcom. There was absolutely no gossiping, no cat fights and lots of hand holding, helping each other and singing as the Housemates put the finishing touches on the Task and cracked jokes. Everyone pitched in as supper cooked on the stove. When hunger called, they all happily gathered at the kitchen counter, dished up and prepared to tuck into the scrumptious spread. Before they did so however, they asked Angelo to pray. The South African Housemate did as requested and after the prayer, everyone sat at the table and had a chilled dinner. Naturally, the Housemates couldn’t stay away from nominations, as well as Save and Replace talk. The gang e v e n

went as far back as the LK4 and Koketso days when The Chase began. Anyways, they do say to know where you’re going, you need to know where you’re from, right?

Beverly, Elikem, Cleo, Melvin make it to the finale Nigeria’s Beverly and Melvin sailed to the finale alongside Ghana’s Elikem and Zambia’s Cleo. After HoH Elikem made his final decision to save himself and butcher South Africa’s Angelo, the four Chasemates secured a place in the finale. Beverly and Melvin are the last country pair standing after all other countries lost one or both of their Housemates to evictions during the course of The Chase. This means that only one Housemate between Bimp, Dillish and Angelo will join the elite four in the road to the Finale. Cleo has been up for eviction four times and never had the opportunity to be saved by the Head of House but was fortunate enough to be saved by Africa on all occasions. Elikem on the other hand has faced the eviction dagger twice, in week 4 and in week 9. During the first nominations of the season, he was saved by Feza and that was in their happier times. In week 6 and 10, he saved himself, just as he did this week. In week 7 and 8, he was saved by Oneal and Sulu respectively, and they must be kicking themselves right now. Melvin on the other hand also managed to dodge the dagger until week 6 when he saw it fit to put himself up for possible eviction instead of swapping any of his fellow Housemates who were nominated at the time. Luckily for him, Africa had his back and he was back to continue with The Chase. At the end of the day, it’s anyone’s game, and only one in five or is it in twenty-eight, will walk away with the much coveted prize.




August 17, 2013

Chris Attoh quits Tinsel


op Ghanaian actor, Chris Attoh, has announced that he is calling it a day with the epic record breaking, long running African soap, Tinsel. According to him, he is leaving Tinsel because he has decided to pursue other career interests. Though his character will still be in Tinsel for now, it’s only a matter of time before the soap’s producers will also decide the appropriate thing to do with it. Attoh is not the first actor to quit the soap. Nigeria’s Damilola Adegbite did so as well to also pursue other career interests and her decision then also created a stir, just as Attoh’s is doing now.


Doris Simeon succumbs to the bikini strategy


e k I frustrated a k i h C

into revealing why her marriage crashed



alented actress, Doris Simeon, hass joined the league of female celebbrities who pose in bikinis to get themhemselves noticed. The bikini photo, which h is on the cover of a magazine, Reel E, has gone e viral and got everyone talking about her. Female celebrities who have shared their bikini photos in recent time include Mo’’ Cheddah, Yvonne Nelson, Eva Alordiah and Karen Igho. Simeon’s has, however, come as a surprise prise to everyone because she’s always been the poster ter girl for modesty and decency. Though she wasn’t as bold as her colleagues eagues who pose in just the bikinis and don’t give a damn amn what anyone says, as she covered her bikini with a dress, the dress transparent, so what was its point?

Saturday Mirror

eautiful A-list actress, Chike Ike, has been frustrated into finally revealing why her marriage crashed. After years of keeping sealed lips on her troubled marriage, then her separation from her husband, she disclosed last month that she was out of the marriage for good as the court had granted her a divorce. The carefree manner in which she made the disclosure didn’t go down well with the public and she received a bashing for being happy about being divorced. Probably to let everyone know that she had a genuine reason to quit the unhappy union, she released the statement below to vindicate herself. “The past three years has been a very emotional period for me. I focused my energy on work and to build back my self esteem. “It’s been really hard for me to come out straight and talk about this because sometimes, I pinch myself to wake up and not believe that I was a victim of domestic violence. I’ve been through a lot in my life, faced a lot of challenges but this is one topic I’ve tried so been waiting for the right time but I have hard to avoid and have b really no right time because every come to a resolve that there’s t are being lost due to domestic violence. second of the day, lives a “I was a victim of d domestic violence in my marriage and that reason I left my marriage, aside other reasons. was the singular rea “Growing up as a a girl, I was always known as the sweetest kid k d on the block. ki block Before I got married, I had been through some relationships and for once had no man ever laid relation a finger on me. The first time it happened in my marriage, I didn’t didn understand it because I am not the type of woman a man beats, but I guess there are no types. “It just ha happens and no woman deserves it. As a young girl I tthought it was love or his way of expressing his emotions emotions. After every beating, he pleads, cries and says it won’t happen again. Once again I thought it was love and made excuses for him. years when it kept happening consistently, “Over the y looking for other definitions for it. I started losI started lookin self worth, and most painfully, I lost ing my pride, self esteem, es I almost lost my life in the process a pregnancy (miscarriage). (miscar serious and abnormal it really was. then I realised how se “I have heard and read a lot of accusations from ignorant people who don’t know kno my story. I guess that’s why they are ignorant. I was 20 years old and very naive to the world when I got married for money. I was married to a cormarried. They said I m porate guy, who had a 9-to-5 job in a bank, lives in a rented 2-bedEgbe. room apartment at E “So do the math! I married for love. I did a traditional wedwedding and a court wedding. So that’s how ding, a white wed much I wanted to be married forever. For five years I hoped, wished that one day it will all change. But prayed and wis the last straw that broke the camel’s back was during a argument, he threw a glass jug at my face and I heated argu and it shattered on the wall. dodged it a saw death flash before me and I made a deci“I sa sion to save my life. I left my marriage. “I am not saying this to draw pity from anyone because we are entitled to our opinions and beliefs. I am not also saying this to discourage people from falling in love because it’s a beautiful feeling and I still believe in it. “I am saying this to educate, share and talk about my experience as a victim of domestic violence because it is real.” Ike

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August 17, 2013

le StyGlam and

with Yemisi Adeniran


s ’ i b a l Meg A


hether for a day or night event, every woman wants to look her best. But the stress of having to cope with both dates at the same time or on the same day can be an uphill task. To cater for this however, Meg Alabi, an up and coming Nigerian designer is

out with a collection she called “Transformer.” Chic, sassy and comfortable for every stylish lady, the creative director of the label, Alabi Coutre explains that the collection is a combination of fabrics and designs that can transcends from an evening to casual, formal and to party wear. “It transforms your look to suit your location, office to the club, red carpet to the mall, all with just a flip,” she noted.



August 17, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Fashion Frenzy


o you feel depressed more often than ever and you are confused at what to do? No need to visiting any doctor, no need to swallowing any pill too. Just make up your mind to turn your wardrobe around. What is there to have? Funky wears, that‛s what you need at such times. They are wears with a collection of contrasting fabrics with edgy street wear influences reinterpreted through a lens of pure

glamour. The colours may range from earthy browns, brassy gold and bronzes, to brick reds and shocking pinks, and fresh acid blues and greens. Just something hot, spicy and far away from your usual collection. You may even extend it to your shoes, bags and other accessories. They may be weird but keep them as much beautiful as possible. One thing you will discover is a rare lifting of your spirit as soon as you take a look at your mirror. Such is simply one out of the many wonders of being stylish. Take a step this weekend and you will sure have a good feel.

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August 17, 2013




Makeup tips for small eyes Almost every girl desires her eyes to appear bigger and there are many makeup techniques and beauty tips that can help us to do so. Let’s talk about some of them now: 1) Apply a light shimmery eye shadow colour (white or pale champagne colours) into the inner corners of your eyes. This will instantly brighten up your eyes and make you look more awake without trying too hard. 2) To make your eyes look bigger try an old but effective trick, using dark brown or grey eye shadow colour, create a “V” shape around the outer corners of your eyes (just turn the “V” shape on its side with the sharp part pointing out from the eye), stretch the pointy part of the “V” further than your natural outer corner of the eye using the brush, it will instantly make your eyes stand out and look bigger! 3) Here is another makeup tip that can help your eyes appear bigger – apply a light colour of eye shadow under your brow bone. It can be shimmery or matte colour, it doesn’t really matter, but as long as the colour is light, it will instantly make an illusion of a “face lift” and will make your eyes appear more awake and larger looking. 4) You can use an eyeliner or eye pencil to make your eyes appear bigger. Chose the eye pencil of dark colour – black, dark brown or dark blue – and line your upper lash line with it making the line thicker as you move away from your nose. You can extend the line further than outer corners of your eyes which will instantly make your eyes appear bigger. 5) Curl your lashes, it will help open up and “enlarge” your eyes. Start curling close to the roots of your lashes and make another pinch in the middle of your lashes as well, like this you will get beautiful and natural looking curve. 6) To make your eyes stand out and appear bigger make sure that you keep your eyebrows very well groomed all the time. Eyebrows frame your eyes and even your whole face, so it is important to keep them in great shape. Beautifully groomed eyebrows can make a tremendous difference in the way your whole face looks. TO BE CONTINUED NEXT WEEK



August 17, 2013

Fashion Guest

Saturday Mirror

‘Beauty comes from within’

Looking good as far as screen diva, Mercy Aigbe, is concerned erne ed is a life e fter two o kids. time business. Little wonder she looks very hot still even after g She shares with YEMISI ADENIRAN the secret behind herr ravishing look.


hen did you start acting professionally and how would you describe the journey so far? I started acting professionally in year 2005 and I woulds say, all have proven well. Yes, at first, it appeared tough but I tell you over time and with determination, I have been able to come this far. Acting has been fun, rewarding and quite pushful. By pushful, I mean, it has made me to want to do more, better whatever I did wrong, introduced whatever I thought ought would make my outing better, generally looking and moving upwardly in this career and life generally.

will not see anything yourself, ing wrong in yoursel ellf, f, you will not feel inferior erior to others, you willl compete favourably with your mates, you will ll d e velop yourself well and make good impression o on n people. If you don’t believe in yourself, yo you u can never make any good impression o on n others.

Are you saying it is not only those that watch movies that have lessons to learn from the movies they watch? No, not at all. Everyone including we actors and actresses have lessons to learn if we will care to pick these lessons. That’s why it is good forr us to take our time to watch our own movies es and even others’. We will not only pick some lessons from them but also have the opportunity to evaluate and improve on them. What would you say is the secret behind ehind your good look, despite having two children? ldren? I think I will thank God for everything.. It is not by my making but God’s. I also thank God forr giving me a beautiful mother who I got my looks from.. Above all, I thank God for helping me to believe in myself. yself. I again have a wonderful husband who gives me the he right support at all times. Can you expantiate on the idea of believing in oneself as it relates to looking good? If a woman will believe in herself and d appreciate herself no matter her peculiarities, she will take big leaps in life and become a success. As per looking good, if one will believe in herself, her image, age, she will know what to do, where to touch, what to wear to look good. Besides, she will be happy all the time ime and this will make her radiate from within, afterr all beauty comes from within. When you believe in yourself, you

Mercy Aigbe

Fashion Trivia Sasha P takes a fashion leap


torm Records artiste, Sasha P (Yetunde Alabi), has joined numerous fashion icons with her new fashion label tagged ‘Inception’. Sasha, who came into limelight as a music icon alongside Wierd MC in 2004 when there were virtually no female rapper has vowed never to look back where golden opportunities beckon her to express her Godgiven talents.

With an understanding of the Nigerian fashion scene and the taste of young ladies who are more expressive in their dressing, Sasha is poised to make an exploit of her new endeavour. She became an icon on the Nigerian and African Hip-Hop scene since she got signed by Storm 360. And to make this latest effort a rare dive, she has travelled all around Africa to add a golden touch to her wears. Her target customers are women who like to

dress with ease and appreciate affordable fashion. The fabrics are the types that will not retain too much heat. With a mix of colours such as royal blue, coral, pink and tangerine orange, the rap artiste says the fabrics are great for the Nigerian weather. “We use a lot of silk, chiffon, and items and materials to give you a unique but beautiful look at all your events, be it formal or informal,” she said.

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August 17, 2013



August 17, 2013

Saturday Mirror


Should you be friends Nothing wrong with it


e choose our friends and we see different values in people and it is those values that determine the extent to which we will go to while becoming friends with anyone. It may be an unusual friendship but I’ve seen some that have worked in the long run. We meet people in different circumstances and it’s not really unusual for you to meet a partner’s ex and become friends with the person. Even as it sounds far-fetched, the world has really become a global village and there are so many places where we can meet. There are so many social networking sites, places of religious worships with revivals springing up every day, sporting arenas, and other opportunities of hooking up as friends. It is therefore not an impossibility that our paths will cross while in the course of our daily activities. Being friends with your partner’s ex may seem very odd especially in this part of the world with our latent suspicion for everything and anything we do not have direct control over when it has to do with our partners but the truth of the matter is that it’s really not a big deal unlike the way a lot of people will see it. Having done it not once but severally and becoming quite close to one or two, I’ve found out that for a lot of people who do not even want to think about it, it’s surely an overrated idea to think that there’s something wrong in being friends with your partner’s ex. What ever happened between your partner and the ex was way before your time and there’s really nothing you could have done about it. It’s in the past and for me, it should stay in the past. I don’t dwell on what if, but what is and what will be. I know it’s taking a risk but the truth is that it’s also a chance to get new insights about your partner that may otherwise have taken you years to find out. I’m not advocating for creating the ambience for gossiping and digging up dirt about your partner but a kind of friendship which may develop through maturity and

sincerity of purpose. You can get to form new opinions and understand certain reasons why your partner may be behaving about some situations that ordinarily you may never get to find out. It helps in understanding and having a different perspective about your partner’s needs. It is also true that a situation like this may create an opportunity where whatever you end up saying in privacy between your new friend the ex and yourself may become a topic for ridicule whereby your partner may become a laughing stock among mutual friends who may even have seen a relationship between you and your ex as an abnormality in the first instance and who may not even support the friendship or understand your rational for starting a friendship like that. You need to be careful of the motives of the new friend who may also not have your true interests at heart. People have different motives for friendship and whatever motives you may have doesn’t really matter because you need to be wary of your new friend until a point where you can feel that there are no ulterior motives from your new friend. Most times we will end up always trying to second guess the motives of the new friend. The truth is that I do give a lot of credit to anyone who may find himself or herself in this situation. It is seriously showing an attitude of maturity and trust in inviting someone who shares a history with your partner to come into your life. My advice here is that you shouldn’t allow the ex to bring in any old baggage into your relationship with your partner. As much as you may also want to open up and be free it’s a big risk like I said earlier but life, friendship and love all revolve around risks. Therefore if I’m to answer the above question I’d say there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it if you know what you are doing and your motives for doing so.


This column is x-rated

How to turn mediocre sex into combustible sex T

he lights are low. Your clothes lie in a heap on the floor. You reach for each other. The two of you tumble unto the bed, and... Blah. No explosions of passion. No breathy proclamations of desire. No tumultuous climax. Then you wonder: How can everyone in movies and romance novels be having fiery, combustible sex when you and your partner barely create a spark? TV shows and movies give us this very skewed representation of what sex is supposed to be like. Everyone seems to be climaxing and having orgasms all the time from whatever they’re doing. When you grow up on a diet of that, and then your real life doesn’t match, you think, ‘There’s something wrong with me,’ or, ‘There’s something wrong with my partner.’ Real-life sex can almost never measure up to the passion portrayed on the screen. Movies hardly, if ever, portray sex scenes in which people pass gas when they are in an odd sex position or where someone takes the love of his/her life in their arms only to discover that s/he has bad breath. Sex in the real world isn’t perfect, and it doesn’t always end with an earth-shattering climax -- and it doesn’t have to. Good sex doesn’t necessarily have to be about an orgasm. It can just be an emotionally fulfilling

experience between partners.

Getting what you want in bed Even when everything else in the relationship is working, sexual styles aren’t always compatible. You like long foreplay sessions. Your partner is ready to go in an instant. You long for wet, sensual kisses. He prefers dry, chaste pecks. Sex is not just naturally perfect. There is the energy of a new relationship that is positive -- the excitement and the eagerness and the passion. And the negative is that you bump noses or knees because you just haven’t learned how to ‘dance together’ yet. But even long-term couples can struggle in the bedroom. Though we can easily tell our partner what shirt/blouse we’d like him/her to wear, or what we’d like for dinner, we tend to get tongue-tied when it comes to the topic of sex.

Time to talk People tend to be very sensitive when it comes to talking about sex. They’re afraid of hurting their partner’s feelings, so they don’t tell them what they like or don’t like. But you’re not going to get it unless you ask for it. So how do you tell your partner what you want without bruising his or her ego? It’s really in how you phrase the statement. ‘I would love it if we...’ or, ‘Could we try this?’

Saturday Mirror


August 17, 2013



with your partner’s ex? I don’t think so


This column is x-rated You don’t want to make them feel bad about what they’ve done or haven’t done. You can have the conversation whenever and wherever it’s most comfortable for you. But before you talk, you need to know exactly what it is about your sex life that bothers you. Is it a question of technique? Personal hygiene? Timing? Once you know what isn’t working for you, there are things you can suggest that can mitigate those circumstances. For example, if something about your partner’s smell is turning you off, suggest taking a bath together before making love. If you crave more foreplay, ask for a slower entry into sex. Before you can tell your partner what you want him or her to do in bed, you need to know what you like. This is especially for women. They’ve got to explore their own bodies and know exactly what turns them on.

When it’s just not working After you’ve tried talking and the sex still isn’t working, what then? Experiment together. Learn to get to know each other’s bodies. Try sex aids. Read books with pictures or watch an educational video together. Not porn, but explicit videos in which a voice-over explains what’s happening in the scenes. Sometimes, the problem is a physical one, such as premature ejaculation. Or it may be that the stress from your job is bleeding over into the bedroom and disrupting your sex life. In those cases it you need to take time to unravel why you two are not getting along in bed and

This column is x-rated try to remedy it.

Getting it or faking it If you’re still unsatisfied, is it ever OK to fake it in bed? If you’re faking it, you’re doing yourself a disservice because you’re not learning what really turns you on. And eventually, faking takes a toll. Your partner is going to realise that you’re disconnected.

Ending your relationship/ marriage over bad sex Can sex ever be bad enough to consider ending a relationship over? Possibly. You might really love somebody and the sex is never going to be better than OK. You have to decide whether you can live with that. Whenever you’re considering a breakup or divorce, you need to weigh every element of the relationship and not just the sex. You can’t have everything in life. If you have a wonderful relationship and you love each other or you have kids but the sex isn’t great, maybe you can live with that. Every couple has the potential to have good sex if they’re willing to put a little effort into it. If you’re two emotionally and physically healthy people, you should be able to work with what you’ve got. Not everybody needs to be hanging off the chandelier or sitting on the washing machine to experience good sex. You can get better. But you have to practice, and you have to be open to discussing it and helping each other to make one another happy.

n an ideal situation, every couple should work towards building a stronger bond as well as reducing (and eventually eliminating, if possible), problem areas within their control. For some couples, their problems are primarily related to in-laws or extended family, for some others, erstwhile boyfriends/ girlfriends top the chart. Let’s call it “the ex-factor”. The usual scenario is occurs when a person remains friends with his or her ex. In such a situation, his/her partner may fight him/her or the ex, or may just ignore the friendship. But what if the partner decides to be friends with the ex? There are many background stories that one could consider in dealing with the issue at hand. In one situation, we could have a couple who were both friends with one person’s ex before they became a couple. This is could be called an example of “dating your friend’s ex”. In another situation, the ex could be introduced to the current partner as an ex who is now “just a friend”. In such a situation, the “current partner” could decide to be on “hello-hello” communication with the ex or be friends with him/her, for whatever reason. If you interview women who are friends with their men’s ex, you will hear all sorts of answers. For one woman, it could be an inspector gadget kind of strategy; a CIA/FBI tactic to protect her man and to ensure that the “just-a-friend” status of the ex does not change. For another, it could be the “if you cannot beat them, join them” situation – when the man has made it clear that he wants to remain friends with the ex and accuses his woman of mistrust, the woman may become friends with the ex to show her man that she trusts him and has no qualms with the ex. Hmmmmm. For another woman, it could just be sheer innocence and zero suspicion: the ex may just be her type of person and since she does not see any harm in becoming her friend, why not? Another situation could be that the ex was already her friend before she started her relationship with her man, so the friendship should go on. The list could continue, but how healthy can a relationship be, if an ex remains close through either or both the man

and the woman? I do not agree with the view that so far as a man does not have deep or strong feelings towards his ex after a break-up, then keeping the ex as a friend, either by the man or his partner, is not such a big deal. In fact, I believe that an ex should remain in the pages of your life’s history and nowhere else. This is because even if an ex does not seem like a threat initially, she (the ex) can, and would most likely eventually become a source of worry. Remember, there was “chemistry” between that woman and your man!!! You have to remove the remove the ‘evil day’ from your future, instead of just postponing it. Even if it is your opinion that your man and his ex have found ‘true love’ in other persons (including you) and have moved on to a point of no return, I still do not see why your man’s ex should be your friend. You can be courteous towards her whenever your paths cross, but you need not bring her into your circle. It may be reasonable to say that the true test of complete termination of an intimate relationship is the ability to communicate with the ex without crossing the line. In fact, you may think that you may be more confident about your man’s love and commitment when despite the proximity to his ex, it is clear that he is ‘over’ his ex. But remember, people fail tests!!!! Even though your man does not need to totally cut off from his ex because a break up need not lead to an eternal war, you should not be the one to create or strengthen the continuity of the friendship. Whilst you should not vehemently demand that your partner cuts off totally from his ex, you should constantly concentrate on building a stronger bond with your man in a way that his ex will not be a threat to your relationship. According to Janice Levine, Ph.D., author of Why Do Fools Fall in Love?: “To keep your life moving in a healthy direction, you need to determine exactly where an ex fits into your life, or he’ll continue to affect you and your future relationships,” So, is it okay to be friends with your partner’s ex? I doubt!


August 17, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Woman Stop gender negativity

–Rhonda Watson Ms Rhonda J. Watson is the U.S Consulate Diplomacy Officer in Nigeria. A hardworking and vision focused woman who believes in the power of women, she condemns gender negativity as regards women in this interview with YEMISI ADENIRAN.


hat is your observation about Nigerian women as a non-Nigerian? Nigerian women are good, strong-willed and are positive thinkers. They love their husbands, their children and from what I have seen, will go the extra mile to fend for the welfare of their families. They do all kinds of work; they are brilliant and can compete very well with their counterparts all over the globe. One thing however is deficient in them: they are too independent. How is this a problem? Being independent is good but we should know that life by nature is interdependent. Women in this part of the world tend to paddle their canoes, mind their own businesses and a lot of things go wrong by this. No one is saying we should turn to beggars or live on others in any way but we need to know our limits, our weaknesses, identify where strength is and move promptly to get it. Until we get to that level, we are still not getting there. And you know, great wisdom lies in any woman, even man, who will identify a particular strength she lacks in another man and go for it. It only shows a simple, very humble heart that will get the right compliment. There is a lot of gender discrimination against women here and this needs to be addressed. What is more painful is that women are their worst enemies. This is very painful. We shouldn’t be the worst enemies of ourselves. Do you mean the discrimination you are talking about is among the women themselves? Yes. That’s exactly what I am saying. Women do a lot of harm against themselves which is most unfortunate. For instance, why do women say they don’t want to work for another woman? They will rather wok under a man than works for a woman like them. They usually forget that they are women like those they choose not to work

with. They easily don’t attach meaning to the faults of those men but will clearly see that of their fellow women. This is not good at all. We are supposed to be each other’s partners. We should cover another’s nakedness and not try to run another or our female friends down in any way. I have observed that women also don’t want to vote for another woman where this arises. They will rather vote for a man. Women pull women down whereas men don’t. This is gender negativity. We don’t believe in ourselves. And if we won’t believe in ourselves, how do we convince men to believe in us. If we will not rush to vote for our fellow women who are contesting, how do we expect men to vote for them? We need to stop this attitude. It is destroying us, it is pulling us down, it is relegating us to the ground. We shouldn’t see ourselves as a threat, a competitor or a contender. If we will be careful to avoid all of these, we will be better for it, we will be able to win men to our sides. Are you saying the observation of some women leaders who have assured that women will rule the world soon is a mirage? It may be, if care is not taken. Coming up to make sweet and assuring speeches and observations is not just enough, discovering the root of the problem and frantically working to overcome or solve the problem is the best. If you look around us you will see that a lot of women achievers are now around but you will discover that everyone is doing this single-handedly. This is where the issue is. We need to be interdependent mentally, emotionally, financially and really, in all ways. We should see ourselves as fellows indeed. We should choose to belong to another woman’s group or camp and not choosing a man’s camp. We should learn to believe in another woman. We should not be negatively motivated by jealousy, envy and other peculiar vices of women if we must take and remain in top positions.

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August 17, 2013






How easy will it be to cause a separation from all of these that are naturally women’s nature? I see nothing difficult where determination and a mid-set is present. No doubt, it is the nature of women to be envious of another but believe me, even men do envy one another. If we will encourage each other and decide to be more mature in our ways of doing things, this world will soon be ours. If that subordinate will handle her superior the way she will want her own juniors to do with her when she finally takes over that same position, she won’t drop off on the road out of frustration. The same is applicable to a boss. If a female boss will be smart enough to realise that there is no position that is permanent and so will be mindful of how she treats her female subordinates, she will not only enjoy the ride while they are working together but will be a good reference point. There have been many times when some women out of their nature, their non-compliant nature have had to leave a job that could have made their lives better untimely just because their bosses were women. They had to leave in haste and even before their time. Whereas there are men who are simply worst than these men. We need to be more patient with our fellow women especially when we know that we share the same traits, if not all. Working together has a lot of gains. We can be complimentary to each other, create something great together than what individuals can do. Is the society not guilty in this case? The society definitely has its own blame. Its blame of believing strongly in me more than it does of women. The society needs to involve more women in its determining positions. But really, we can all testify to the fact that the society has improved over time as we have more women in top positions than it used to be. Even in politics, we have more women than we used to have and this is also evident in other sectors. We have more husbands supporting their wives in their careers than what it used to be, which is an indication of a great improvement, unless we don’t want to be objective. Women are getting bolder and bolder and the sky is just the starting point if their counterparts will give them the support they need, and of course, if they will also see their fellow women as friends and associates. Women should start work

on the next generation by inculcating this idea into their young girls too. How do you think parents can help build their children’s confidence? Generally, this is simple. They should just allow these children express their wills freely. They may try and oversee what the free will is and do proper corrections where necessary but they shouldn’t deny them their free will. When a parent tries to lord his or her wish on a child, he denies the child in question the chance to express his potential in full and such a child may never believe in himself. And you know what? the literate are most guilty here. They are the ones who want their children to feel the weight of their wealth of experience and have them suck from it. They move about singing what they know to the boredom of their children, they never listen to the pulses of these children. So, they fail in their guiding duties. Where they are supposed to see their children’s strength and build on it, they can’t because they are all the while busy looking for their fault and hammering on it. The danger here is that such children end up losing faith in them as models and even in themselves as individuals. There are a lot of people who are unfulfilled today because of the wrong advice of their parents at one time or the other and I tell you, many parents will end up in hell because of this. Parents should have a large heart when dealing with their children and they must know that since children are not the same, they cannot use the same measure to deal with them. Parents must open their eyes wide to see the strength of their children and encourage them to build on it. That way they will be able to make use of their talents and natural potentials to its fullest. What does style mean to you? Style is something that comes naturally. It is that which you are able to do with all ease, and make good impression on others. What would you say to young women who look up to you for inspirations? They must be focussed, know what their hearts beat for and follow it with a passion. What I mean by that is that they must have vision and put their totality in it. They must be hard working and scorn all distractions. They must know when to play and when not to.

Inducing labour may be tied to autism –Study


study by some autism experts in the U.S has come up with a finding that autism might be linked with inducing and speeding up labour. According to the authors, it’s possible that labour-inducing drugs might increase the risk — or that the problems that lead doctors to start labour explain the results. These include mothers’ diabetes and foetal complications, which have previously been linked with autism. Like most research into autism causes, the study doesn’t provide conclusive answers, and the authors say the results shouldn’t lead doctors to avoid inducing labour or speeding it up since it can be life-saving for mothers and babies. Emphasising on this fact, the lead author said : “We haven’t found a connection for cause and effect. One of the things we need to look at is why they were being induced in the first place.” Smaller studies suggested a possible tie between induced labour and autism, but the new research is the largest to date, involving more than 600,000 births. The government-funded study was published online in JAMA Pediatrics. The researchers examined eight years of North Carolina birth records, and matched 625,042 births with public school data from the late 1990s through 2008. Information on autism diagnoses didn’t specify whether cases were mild or severe. Labor was induced or hastened in more than 170,000 births.

Overall, 5,648 children developed autism — three times as many boys as girls. Among autistic boys, almost one-third of the mothers had labour started or hastened, versus almost 29 percent of the boys without autism. The differences were less pronounced among girls. Oxytocin and prostaglandins are used to start or speed up labour but the study doesn’t identify specific medications. The strongest risks were in boys whose mothers had labour started and hastened. They were 35 percent more likely to have autism. Among girls, autism was not tied to induced labour; it was only more common in those born after labour was accelerated; they were 18 percent more likely to have the developmental disorder than girls whose mothers had neither treatment. Symptoms of autism may involve communication problems including avoiding eye contact and unusual repetitive behavior including arm-flapping. Causes are uncertain but experts believe it probably results from a combination of genetics and other factors. These may include mothers’ illnesses and medication use while pregnant, fathers’ age at conception, and problems affecting the fetus during childbirth — all suggested but not proven in previous research. The study’s biggest strength is bolstering the growing consensus that risks for autism occur before birth or soon after.


August 17, 2013

Saturday Mirror


Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression

10 things you should never tell your kids T

here are a handful of obviously wrong, damaging and terrible things to say to a child (like I wish I never had you), but it may surprise you to discover that some seemingly harmless phrases can trigger resentment, dent self-esteem, or bring up other less-than-desirable sentiments in your kids. Here are 10 phrases you should think twice about before repeating to your children.  I know you can try harder. Frustrated by a daughter who you know is capable of much more in school, sports, music, etc.? Any comment that makes it seem as though you’re not satisfied with her efforts can not only be discouraging to your child, but can also do the opposite of motivating her to try harder. If your try harder has to do with tasks or chores, then be clear about what you expect: When you have your room cleaned up, then you can go out and play.  Are you sure you need that second round? You’re better off steering clear of any talk that might foster a negative body image. Incidentally, the same goes for telling your child that he’s a great eater. Try to avoid labels (like he’s my picky child), because you never want to turn food into a power issue. Instead, keep food-related comments specific and positive: Wow, I see you tried the squash soup!

 You always… or You never… At the heart of these statements are labels that can stick for life. Telling your child that he ‘always’ forgets to call makes him more likely to be the kid who, you guessed it, never calls. Instead, ask your child how you can help him or her change: I notice you seem to have trouble remembering to bring home your textbooks. What can we do to try to help?  Because I said so! This phrase puts all the control in your hands, and dismisses your child’s growing sense of autonomy and ability to figure things out. It also leaves out a potential teaching moment. Let’s say your kids don’t want to visit their aging great-aunt on a sunny day when they’d rather play. Instead of ‘because I said so try, I know you’d rather ride your bike, but Aunt Clara really loves seeing you, and we try our best to honour our family.’  I told you waiting until the last minute was a mistake! You’ve repeatedly told your son that if he played video games all afternoon, then he’d have less time to study for the math test. And guess what? Unprepared, he didn’t do well on the exam. But saying I told you so tells your child that you’re always right and that, by contrast, he’s wrong. If he cleans his room when asked, say, Isn’t it easier to find all your stuff when your room’s tidy? This puts the control and the credit with him.


 You’re the best at soccer! Say you always tell your child how smart she is. She may, over time, become scared of trying new things or more challenging work, for fear she won’t be ‘smart’ anymore if she gets a B instead of an A. It can also backfire if your child is struggling with work and you say, But you’re so smart! She may only feel worse for not living up to the label you’ve given her. Focus instead on her hard work: You show up to every practice and try your best or what a fantastic job you did on this science project!  Don’t worry—the first day of school will be fine. What’s wrong with trying to soothe an anxious kid out of worry? If you tell your child not to worry, then you’re dismissing her feelings. So now she’s still worried about the first day of school, and she’s worried that she’s worried, or that you’re upset over her worry. Same goes for don’t cry and don’t be angry. Instead, say, I can see you’re worried. Can you tell me what you’re most concerned about, so we can talk about it?  I wish you didn’t hang out with Jack; I don’t like that kid. Yeah, a lot of parents don’t like that kid, for whatever reason, but the moment you tell your child that ‘that kid’ is not your favourite, he becomes more appealing. Keep the lines of communication open between you two to hopefully spark discussion about

values, right and wrong, and so on. Ask your child some open-ended questions. Such as, ‘What do you like about hanging out with Jack?’ ‘What do you guys do?’  That’s not how you do it! Here, let me. You asked your child to help you with a task but then she does a notso-great job. It can be tough to hold yourself back from just jumping in and taking the task back, but that’s a mistake, because then she never learns how, and is less likely to try anything else you ask down the line. If you must, then you can step in but in a collabora-

tive rather than dismissive way: Here, let me show you a neat trick my mom taught me about folding towels! Why can’t you be more like your sister/brother? Siblings and rivalry go hand in hand—and anything you say that sets up comparisons only fuels that natural flame. Comparisons slot siblings into categories the smart one, the athlete and discourage kids from trying the thing their sibling is ‘good’ at. Try instead to encourage each child in whatever pursuits are his or hers, while avoiding comparisons.

Tiny Feet

NAME: Arafat Akinbayode

BORN TO: Mr. and Mrs Akinbayode AGE: 3 months BIRTH WEIGHT: 3.5 kg Have you just had a baby? Send a picture of your bundle of joy to

Woman gives birth to Update Siamese twins with 3 legs T he birth of conjoined twins by a housewife, Mrs. Ene Musa Andrew, at the St. Daniels Hospital, Otukpo, came as a great mystery to the people of Jerusalem street in Otukpo Local Government Area of Benue State. They insist that there has never been any such mysterious birth in any part of the various communities of the local government. Otukpo is the ancestral home of the Idoma nation, a minority tribe in the agrarian state. The honed twins, who were

delivered through cesarean operation, are still in the hospital as no one has come forward with any form of assistance for them. The joined twins have four hands and three legs, two heads, two chests and noses, but share the same pelvic girdle. The proprietor of St. Daniels Hospital, Dr. M. O Daniel, said that the twins are joined together at the abdominal region with a shared female organ, with one having healthy chances of surviving than the other.

He stated that the twins are eating well but may develop complications if an urgent high-tech operation is not carried out outside the state and appealed to government agencies, philanthropists and religious institutions to come to the aid of the parents. Mr. Andrew Musa, a corporal with the Nigeria Police currently serving with the Otukpo division is the father of the joined twins. He said, “There has never been such strange delivery in my family ( lineage.”

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August 17, 2013

hat are the symptoms of menstrual cramps?

Menstrual cramps

Menstrual cramps are pains that begin in the lower abdomen and pelvis. The discomfort can extend to the lower back or legs. The cramps can be a quite painful or simply a dull ache. They can be periodic or continual. Menstrual cramps usually start shortly before the menstrual period, peak within 24 hours after the onset of the bleeding, and subside again after a day or two. Menstrual cramps may be accompanied by a headache and/or nausea, which can lead, although infrequently, to the point of vomiting. Menstrual cramps can also be accompanied by either constipation or diarrhea because the prostaglandins which cause smooth muscles to contract are found in both the uterus and intestinal tract. Some women experience an urge to urinate more frequently.

What is the treatment for common menstrual cramps (primary dysmenorrhea)? Every woman needs to find a treatment that works for her. There are a number of possible remedies for menstrual cramps. Current recommendations include not only adequate rest and sleep, but also regular exercise (especially walking). Some women find that abdominal massage, yoga, or orgasmic sexual activity may bring relief. A heating pad applied to the abdominal area may relieve the pain and congestion and decrease symptoms. A number of nonprescription (overthe-counter) agents can help control the pain as well as actually prevent the menstrual cramps themselves. The main agents for treating moderate menstrual cramps are the nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), which lower the production of prostaglandin and lessen its effect.

A woman should start taking one of these medications before her pain becomes difficult to control. This might mean starting medication 1 to 2 days before her period is due to begin and continuing taking medication 1-2 days into her period. The best results are obtained by taking one of the NSAIDs on a scheduled basis and not waiting for the pain to begin.

What if the cramps are very severe? If a woman’s menstrual cramps are too severe to be managed by these strategies, her doctor might prescribe low doses of birth control pills (oral contraceptives) containing estrogen and progestin in a regular or extended cycle. This type of approach can prevent ovulation (the monthly release of an egg) and reduce the production of prostaglandins which, in turn, reduces the severity of cramping and causes a light menstrual flow. Today, when a woman has abnormally

heavy and painful uterine bleeding, her doctor may recommend endometrial ablation, a procedure in which the lining of the uterus is burned away or vaporized using a heat-generating device.

What is the treatment of secondary dysmenorrhea? The treatment of secondary dysmenorrhea depends on its cause. There are a number of underlying conditions which can contribute to the pain including: Y Endometriosis (cells from the uterine lining that are located in other areas of the body); Y Uterine fibroids (non-cancerous uterine growths that respond to estrogen levels); Y Adenomyosis (a benign condition in which the cells of the inner uterine lining invade its muscular wall, the myometrium); Y Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID); Y Adhesions (abnormal fibrous attachments between organs); or

Y Use of an intrauterine device (IUD) for contraception. All of these conditions should be first diagnosed by a physician who will then recommend the optimal treatment. If a woman begins to experience changes in her menstrual cramps, such as in their severity, timing, or location, she should consult her physician, especially if the changes are of sudden onset. What is the long-term outlook (prognosis) for menstrual cramps? In general, a woman’s menstrual cramps do not worsen during her lifetime. In fact, the menstrual cramps of primary dysmenorrhea usually diminish with age and after pregnancy. When there is secondary dysmenorrhea with an underlying condition contributing to the pain, the prognosis depends on the successful treatment of that underlying condition. As women have learned more about their bodies and how to maintain them in optimal health, menstrual cramps have become less of a debilitating illness, and more often, merely a minor monthly inconvenience.

Menstrual Cramps At A Glance Y Menstrual cramps are periodic abdominal and pelvic pains experienced by women. Y Medically, menstrual cramps are called dysmenorrhea. Y Primary dysmenorrhea is common menstrual cramps without an identifiable cause. Y Secondary dysmenorrhea results from an underlying abnormality that usually involves the woman’s reproductive system. Y Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are commonly used to treat cramps. Y Physical exercise can help alleviate menstrual cramps. Y Menstrual cramps tend to improve with age. CONCLUDED


How do I cure gonorrhoea? Dear Mirror Doctor, Good afternoon doctor. What type of drug will cure gonorrhoea? +234806--------------601 Mirror Doctor Replies Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted infection caused by the bacterium Neisseria gonorrhea. Gonorrhea affects both men and women and can infect the cervix, urethra, rectum, anus and throat. Gonorrhea is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Gonorrhea is easily curable but if left untreated it can cause serious health

problems such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), which can lead to abdominal pain and ectopic pregnancy in women. Untreated, gonorrhea can also lead to infertility, meningitis and septicaemia. Gonorrhea is treated with antibiotics. Treatment is recommended for a person who has a positive gonorrhea test, anyone who has had sexual contact in the past 60 days with a person diagnosed with gonorrhea, whether or not they have symptoms or used condoms, a newborn whose mother has gonorrhea at the time of delivery. If you are prescribed more than one

dose of an antibiotic, be sure to take your antibiotic exactly as directed. If you miss doses or don’t take the full course of medicine, the gonorrhea infection may not be cured. Do not have sexual contact with anyone while you are being treated. Until both you and your partner(s) have been tested and treated. If you are treated for gonorrhea and your sex partner is not, you will probably become infected again. If your treatment is a single dose of antibiotic, wait at least 7 days after taking the dose before having any sexual contact.

Symptoms that do not go after treatment may be caused by another gonorrhea infection or treatment failure. Certain strains of the gonorrhea bacteria have become resistant to some antibiotics. When bacteria become resistant to an antibiotic, they no longer can be killed by that medicine. If you have been treated for gonorrhea and don’t get better, you may be re-tested with a gonorrhea culture to see if there is bacterial resistance to the antibiotic you were taking. If there is bacterial resistance, you will need another antibiotic to cure the infection. To prevent reinfection, don’t have sex until any partner that might be infected is tested and treated.


Male Essentials

August 17, 2013

Saturday Mirror


with Oseyiza Oogbodo w Oogbodo kingseiza@ggm kingseiza@gm

Cap it


J Spinall is one smart boy fashion-wise. Though his overall dress sense is simple, he has still been able to make himself fashionably reckoned with by always wearing traditional caps with his outfits. Because his outfits are mostly Western, his caps

on them make him noticeable immediately and stand him out. His constant wearing of the native cap on Western outfits, which is not a style that is original to him, has made him so distinguishable that he has come to be known as The CAP. Way to go, Spin.

First date outfits T

oday’s men are generally becoming influenced by the marketing efforts of fashion companies. For those of us who are more keen on being trendy and well suited, we are faced with a little dilemma when the time comes to dress up for that first date. The question often asked by fashion conscious men when going on a first date is: What will I wear to impress my date tonight? The ideas discussed hereafter will focus more on avoiding to be overdressed on the first date rather than the specific clothing to wear.

Diner date On a first date, people will most commonly meet for lunch or dinner. Your first impression will be vital to pursue your quest, and should set the tone for the whole date. So what should you wear when going to the restaurant? First of all, your clothing selection will depend on what eatery you attend. If

reservations are made at a prominent restaurant, a very chic suit will be required. On the other hand, if one chooses to wear a suit and invites his date to the local hot dog stand, he will obviously be inappropriately dressed. This comparison obviously reflects two extreme cases, but believe it or not, many guys will still over-exaggerate their attire for a first date. The chances are, on your first date you will be dining at an above average restaurant. As a result, wear a nice pair of classy pants, a matching shirt and elegant shoes, to be on the safe side. A little tip: make sure to have nice footwear, because women will generally look at your shoes as a first judgement tool. A simple combination of clothing such as those mentioned above will be suitable for any occasion. Movie theatre Another very popular place people bring their dates to is the movie theatre. Some people make big efforts to

dress up simply to go catch a movie. An overwhelming amount of good looking women might explain this behaviour, but if you are already with someone, what would be the point? If it is a habit for you to dress sharply, then suit up nicely even when going to the movies. Yet, if you are normally a casual dresser (jeans and sneakers), then do not get all spruced up simply for a movie. The reasons for this are simple. First, you might not feel comfortable wearing more formal clothing, and second, if you start seeing your date on a more regular basis, she will have higher expectations and will expect you to dress up for every occasion. Just show her what you are all about (fashion-wise) right from the start. Night spot A more unconventional thing to do during a first date is to go clubbing. When attending one of downtown’s trendiest nightclubs, it’s the right occa-

sion for you to dress up semi-casually with a blend of funkiness. Going to clubs is all about being seen and having fun, therefore suit up your trendiest apparel and make a surprising first impression. As a matter of fact it should not surprise her, since your first date is at an unconventional trendy night spot. On the other hand, if she chooses a less trendy nightspot such as a pub, or tavern, then simply wear jeans with a decent shirt or sweater. Imagine people’s reactions if you were to come in with your date dressed up in a $2,000 Armani suit. This awkward situation can be avoided by avoiding to overdress. Conclusion These guidelines are not set in stone. Each and every one of us is different, but the idea is to give men insight on what is considered overdressing and underdressing on first dates. Hopefully you’ll have a successful first date. If not, at least you’ll be dressed for it.

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August 17, 2013

Julius Agwu stages music comeback at Industry Nite Musicomedian Julius Agwu staged his return to the music industry by headlining last week’s edition of the weekly Industry Nite which holds every Wednesday at GET Arena, Lekki, Lagos, and which is dedicated to the development of the music industry and the entertainment industry as a whole. Considering Agwu’s pedigree, it wasn’t surprising that several superstars turned up to support him. Among them were DJ Jimmy Jatt, Koffi, Owen Gee and Gabriel Afolayan.

Julius Agwu

Ali Baba

African China

Adora Oleh

DJ Jimmy Jatt

Okey Bakassi

Gabriel Afolayan

Jimmie Akinsola


Owen Gee


DJ Humility

Kcee and Harrysong

Klint Da Drunk and Omo Baba

Merrying time



August 17, 2013

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My wife was caught in a hotel with a pastor •

He is accusing me of adultery because he wants to be free to marry the lady he is currently dating -Wife


benga Awoyode, 48, has told the Alagbado Grade A Customary Court to dissolve his union with Raliat Awoyode. The petitioner, who works with the Yaba College of Technology, said that his wife is very hostile. He said that she is always insulting his two children from his first marriage and that she does not have any respect for him or members of his family. He told the court how his wife pushed his aunt during a quarrel and the woman sustained serious injuries as a result of the fall. He also contended that his wife is having an affair with their next door neighbor and that his neighbor’s wife had to warn his wife to leave her husband alone. Giving an instance of adultery on his wife’s part, he said that on one occasion, his wife was caught with a Celestial Church pastor in a hotel, when he was on night duty. He also told the court that his wife is always destroying

his things whenever they have a misunderstanding, and that she would sometimes seize his documents, ID card and driver’s license. He said that he did not pay any dowry on his wife and wants the court to grant him a divorce. Raliat Awoyode, in her response, said that her husband’s claims are not true, as she is not a hostile person. She also said that when her husband’s children and some other relatives came to their house, they all lived together without problems. She stated further that when he is going to work, he would give her N200 as feeding allowance for nine people. She claimed that he is only accusing her of adultery because he wants to be free to marry the lady that he is dating currently. She also said that her husband once beat her up when he brought another woman to the house. She said that the court should not dissolve the marriage as she still loves her husband.

The court president adjourned the case till Monday, 9th September 2013.

The couple lived together for 15years and have three children.

•I need her to be close to me -Husband FUNMI SALOME JOHNSON


He kicked my stomach when I was pregnant because I refused to sleep with his cousin


yoola Soola, 35, has asked the Alagbado Grade A Customary Court to dissolve her marriage. The unemployed mother of four complained that her husband, Seun Soola, is a contractor and travels a lot, but does not bother about the upkeep of the children. She told the court that they got married in 2001. She stated further that whenever she asks him for money for the family’s needs, he would say that he has not been paid. She said that he could be away from the house for up to two or three months. She told the court that her husband is adulterous and that he is dating a woman in their neighborhood and another lady in the house where they live. And when she asked him why he was carrying on in this scandalous manner, he and his lover picked up a fight with her. “The two of them stabbed me with a broken bottle. He has turned me into a punching bag. One

day, during one of my pregnancies, he kicked me in the stomach and attempted to strangle me because I refused to sleep on the same bed with his bed-wetting cousin,” Ayoola narrated. She complained further that he does not have regard for her

family. When he is summoned by her family to settle their differences, he is usually rude to them. She told the court that she does not love him anymore and wants the marriage dissolved. She also wants her husband to be responsible for the upkeep

of the children, as he has not been taking care of them. The respondent, Mr. Seun Soola was not in court during the hearing of the case. The court president adjourned the case till Monday, 9th September 2013 for judgement.

My spouse beats me all the time •I’m tired of the marriage -Husband


54-year-old woman, Aminat Oyeleke, last Tuesday urged Ikeja Customary Court, Lagos, to dissolve her 33-year-old marriage over maltreatment by her spouse. The petitioner, a trader, told the court that she was tired of her marriage to her 57-year-old husband, Dejumo, because of his constant physical and mental abuse. “My husband, Dejumo, beats me all the time. Inside and outside the house, I am being embarrassed daily. He is fetish. He threatens my life.

He rapes me when I’m not in the mood for sex

There is no more love between us. In short, I am tired of the marriage. “God has blessed me with good children who can take care of me. I can no longer continue to suffer in the hands of my husband,” Aminat said. The respondent, Dejumo, told the court that he was also tired of the marriage and would not mind a divorce. “If she wants to go, no problem, I am also tired of the marriage. I cannot force her to stay when she has made up her mind to go,” he said. The marriage is blessed

with five children, one male and four females. The oldest is 32 years and the youngest is 24 years. The Court President, Sam Aluko, after listening to the couple, pleaded with them to settle their differences, but to no avail. Aluko, therefore, asked the couple to invite their children to the court to hear their own side of the story. He ordered the couple to maintain peace until the children appear in court and adjourned the case to September 17, 2013 for further hearing.

hirty seven–year–old Titilope Alabi who lives in Ogba area of Lagos State is before the Ikeja Magistrate court seeking for divorce with the claim that she is being constantly raped by her husband Kunle. According to Titilope, she has been through hell in her 12-year marriage which she said has produced two children aged 11 and 8 years old respectively. Titilope alleged that she has been a victim of rape frequently by her own husband. “My husband can sleep with me up to six times in a day. He does this every day. And anytime I tell him that I am tired, he will beat and rape me. “I have reported him to his family members who told him to reduce sex to four times a week, but my husband refused to comply. This has resulted in several quarrels and we keep the disturbing the peace of the neighbourhood all the time. Even the neighbours are tired of us and our constant fights so much so that our landlord is threatening to evict us from the house. He is a very jealous man who would always accuse me of having extra marital affairs, which is not so” she said. Kunle on the other hand feels his wife is too engrossed in her job and that she keeps late night, which is not going down well with him. He said, “What causes the frequent fights between us is that she comes home late and I need her to be close to me.” He said that he cares for his family and regularly gives them feeding money except when he has poor sales. The respondent, however, told the court to grant his wife’s wish, saying that he was no longer interested in the marriage. The President of the court, Mr. Sam Aluko, adjourned the case until September 21 2013 for judgment.

Saturday Mirror

August 17, 2013



Saturday Mirror

August 17, 2013


Michael Ogunusi:

Lawmaker in touch with roots K AYODE FASUA


he mammoth crowd at Ojokoro, a community in Ifako/Ijaiye local council area of Lagos State apparently signalled the arrival of a strong political figure or a folk hero. The intrepid surge of humans was so tasking the security agents had to mount the dais to make special appeal for decorum. They all massed in to welcome a House of Representatives member, representing Ifako/Ijaiye constituency of Lagos, Hon. Michael Yomi Ogunusi. The event held last week. It was an occasion for the launch of newly formed All Progressives Congress, APC, in the constituency. The event was also meant to be twopronged as Ogunusi continued in his streak of charity contributions to uplift the locals in his constituency. But while the programme was about to start, some street urchins popularly known as ‘area boys’ caused a stir as they demanded that the lawmaker ‘wet the ground’, a euphemism for financial settlement. The ‘area boys’ were eventually pacified by some party loyalists while the former, on their part, relapsed into sessions of solidarity songs to boost the rally. But speaking with Saturday Mirror after the event, Ogunusi said he was shell-shocked to read in a section of the media that he was stoned by some hoodlums opposed to his bid to re-contest the House of Representatives election in 2015. “It was the very opposite of what happened because those boys were only asking for money; in actual fact, they piloted my convoy amid songs of praise from the road’s junction to the venue of the event.” Ogunusi, one of the founding members of Alliance for Democracy (AD) which later transmuted to Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), in Lagos State, remarked at the rally that the merger among the ACN, the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), All Nigeria Peoples Congress (ANPP) and a section of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) was an indication that “divine liberation has come for the suffering masses.” Speaking in the same vein at another launch of the APC in Fagba, another community in his constituency, Ogunusi said the coming together of

four political parties to form the APC would naturally result in convergence of ideas needed to transform Nigeria’s neglected rural communities. “It is not for nothing that that they say that two, three, four heads are better than one; more so, in our case, it is a scenario of four good heads are better than one.” According to him, the new party would seek its mandate right from the grassroots, “not bamboozling anybody with the allure of power.” On another occasion within his constituency, Ogunusi distributed General Certificate Examination (GCE) photo cards worth N2 million to over 200 students. Besides, he said he had spent over N4.5 million to sponsor various

football tournaments in the localities and had granted rent subsidies ranging from N30, 000 to N50, 000 to over 20 persons in Ifako/Ijaiye area. Also, the lawmaker built 15 lock-up shops in Ojokoro named ‘Otunba Ogunnusi Shopping Plaza’ at a sum of N5 million. Flaunting a list of his achievements so far, Ogunusi recalled that he sought and got approval for eight solar boreholes at a cost of over N17 million to provide potable water for the locals of his constituencies. He also made similar provision of six 300KVA transformers valued at over N15 million for Papa Ogundimu, Iju and Araromi CDA units of Ojokoro community. All these, he claimed, are aside from his having

to build many churches and mosques for his people and then providing them free regular routine check-up for diabetes and high blood pressure. To boost education, the lawmaker said he sought and got approval for the computerization of two communities in his constituency, at a cost of N30 million, from the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC). On his activities at the National Assembly, Ogunusi, who is Deputy Chairman, House Committee on Finance, said he was the prime mover of a motion to alter the provision of the constitution in favour of state and community police system. “Also, I presented a bill for an act against monetary imposition to secure bail as is the practice in many police stations in the country.” Ogunusi added that he also moved a motion for a national policy on diabetes and breast cancer in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Health and that he also presented another bill for the amendment to two sections of the Environmental Impact Act, to make it conform to international standards. Speaking on the polity, the lawmaker said it was high to for the review of the country’s constitution to reflect popular wishes. ”People complained that our constitution has been militarised and that it was written by few people. That is why the National Assembly deemed it fit to review it. So, issues bothering on state creation, revenue allocation to local government, creation of state police and other germane issues need to be reviewed so that we can move forward as a nation.” He added that the problem of insurgency in the northern parts of the country could also thaw if far-reaching constitution review can be affected. An apostle of states creation, Ogunusi said creating more states would bring about rapid development to the grassroots and give opportunities to many Nigerians to participate in governance and in the monitoring of the country’s resources, “which are our common patrimony.” “Creation of more states will help bring about rapid development in the country. I do not hide my feelings and opinion on the issue. I am in support of the creation of Ijebu State and I also support the creation of other states in the country. We did it in the country before and saw the difference,” he said On the poser of if he would like to re-contest election into the National Assembly in 2015, the lawmaker smiled cherubically, saying, “Electoral power belongs to the people and that’s why people are my focus of action while representing them at the National Assembly. Let the people assess me and decide if they want me to run for the office again.”

Saturday Mirror



August 17, 2013

ursting out of the earth and towering well above 60 feet is a structure which purple colour has faded right inside the heart of Igbo Agala in Ibadan, Oyo State capital is the Bower’s Tower, a monument erected in honour of Captain Ross l. Bower first resident and travelling commissioner of interior Yorubaland (1893-1897). The tower has two major qualities which makes it unique in this part of the world: its height and location. A tall building built on a hill. Ascending the 48 steps of the staircase will bring you to the apex of the tower where you can even have a more panoramic view of the largest city south of the Sahara. Oke Are, on which the tower is erected, on itself, offers a panorama of the city. Hence, on all sides a gust at the tower is offered a panorama of JP Clark’s Ibadan’s broken China scattered among seven hills. A mini amphitheatre at the foot of the tower spreads out to circular structures where guests sit, relax and momentarily forget the hustle bustle of the city below. A building which performs the twin role of a reception and canteen is at the back of the tower if one comes in through the south gate and there is a mini-bar to its right. There, up inside the tower, the guest is offered a powerful telescope, at an additional fee of course, to have an unimaginable view of the golden roofs of areas as far flung as Elekuro, Orita Aperin, Aremo, Molete, the University College Hospital, Dugbe and closer ones like Oke Padi, Ogunpa, Bere, Mapo and others. Wait a minute! The writer must have been caught up in time. The current Bower’s Tower is practically the exact opposite of the above description. Indeed, it is under lock and key looking forlorn, desolate and broken. Only the strong spirit of the tower itself appears unbroken though the entrance to its 48 steps is also under lock. The structures in the enclosure are all broken and dilapidated. The circular structures where guests ease the pressure off their feet after the long windy climb up the tower are now dangerous to enter not to even think of occupying. All over are overgrown shrubs and weeds. The agile government official who now tends the place had to combine being a gardener with his work in order to feel a little bit save from reptiles and other dangerous animals that have turned the place into a home. A couple of days before the reporter’s visit to the once-upon-a-time edifying structure, neighbours disclosed, the official killed a long snake. Captain Bower must have been an English gentleman and officer. His white uniform, high doom colonial hat and general appearance must have been spit and polish. Sadly, this cannot be said of the monument named after him in Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State and the headquarters of the Yoruba army at the zenith of the glory of the Oyo Empire. Ibadan, it was where the captain admin-

Bower’s Tower:

Panoramic view of Ibadan

INSET: Ogunwusi

One of the roads to the tower

istered the whole of Yorubaland during his active days in the service of His Majesty. And Ibadan it is now where a monument – the Bower’s Tower is, to pay everlasting respect to the seat of power of the gallant captain. A visitor to the tower which stands in commemoration of Captain Bower’s seat of power can navigate the place via no fewer than three places: Oke Sapati via Beere, Yemetu, Agbadagbudu, Oniyanrin. They all lead to Igbo Agala (Forest of Agala) from where Bower administered the land. As soon as somebody branches off towards Agala from Oke Are, what immediately comes to their notice is the condition of the road. It is barely passable. A wise visitor will do well by parking his vehicle and making the remaining part of the journey on foot. The road stretches more than 200 metres and suddenly bursts into a tarred and spacious one which seems to have appeared out of nowhere. A similar occurrence will be witnessed on other outlets to the facility But through the lonely road that leads to the tower, one thing is available: worship

The main gate of the tower

centres. Religious centres of both Christians and Muslims jostle for space and recognition. The wide expanse of land that used to be feared and most times avoided is now a congregation of worship centres. With different names, these Mountains (ori oke), Compounds (agbala) and camps (ago) are in a rough count not fewer than 100. Decorating their arenas are also different insignia, statutes and signboards. Different colours of religious and prayer garbs are also contesting amongst themselves. The tower has about 48 spiral staircases, designed by one Taffy Jones in the early 30s. It was unveiled on 15 December, 1936 by Sir Robert Tower. Etched on one side of the tower are: “BOWER’s TOWER ERECTED DEC. 1936 IN HONOUR OF CAPTAIN ROSS L. BOWER 1ST RESIDENT AND TRAVELLING COMMISSIONER OF INTERIOR YORUBALAND (1893-1897). However, the words can only be read if the gates are flung open once more after the renovation and remodelling of the place which the chairman of the Oyo State Tourism Board, Benedict Kayode Ogunwusi said were some of the reasons the facility was put under lock and key.

He explained that: “The tenant running the place has defaulted for three years now. And the government has decided that he should be ejected from the tourist site. And that is exactly what we have done. We have already checked him out and the government is planning to renovate and remodel the site to an international standard. And that is why it is under lock and key now. Asked if the government already have a blue print of the new Bower’s Tower, Ogunwusi replied in the affirmative. “Yes. Someone has come. He is going to do the beautification of the whole place. We are going to remodel the tower. There is going to be light which will be seen throughout Ibadan,” he stated adding that, “the government is on Agodi Gardens now. It is after its completion that we would move to the Bower’s Tower.” But as the reporter wandered from the desolate state which has become of the Bower’s Tower, he could not help being drawn into a religious pilgrimage of a sort as he sought to quench his eschatological thirst among the terrestrials garbed in apparels of different colours and designs professing to be in commune with the celestial.



August 17, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Sport English Premier League

Saturday Mirror

August 17, 2013


2013/2014 PREMIER LEAGUE FIXTURES Today’s Matches Liverpool v Stoke 12:45 Arsenal v Aston Villa 15:00 Norwich v Everton 15:00 Sunderland v Fulham15:00 West Brom v Southampton 15:00 West Ham v Cardiff 15:00 Swansea v Man Utd 17:30 Sunday, August 18, 2013 Crystal Palace v Tottenham 13:30 Chelsea v Hull 16:00 Monday, August 19, 2013 Man City v Newcastle 20:00 Wednesday, August 21, 2013 Chelsea v Aston Villa 19:45 Saturday, August 24, 2013 Fulham v Arsenal 12:45 Everton v West Brom 15:00 Hull v Norwich 15:00

Manchester United trio of Javier Hernandez (left), Danny Welbeck (middle) and Robin van Persie looking set to retain the league trophy this season

Clubs set to rumble, as Liverpool, Stoke battle in early opener ANDREW EKEJIUBA



he 2013/2014 English Premier League (EPL) kicks-off today with seven matches, as Liverpool and Stoke City battle each other in an early opener at Anfield. Defending champions, Manchester United during the week had accused organizers of the EPL for pitching them into a tricky start to their league defence, with United boss David Moyes insisting that its fixture list is fixed. From the fixtures, the defending champions face Chelsea at home and Manchester City and Liverpool away in their opening five games and Moyes described the club’s start as the “hardest for 20 years”. With United starting their defence today with a tricky visit to Swansea, Moyes has been reassured of the selection method. Chelsea also will open their campaign with back-to-back home games against Hull and Aston Villa before travelling to Old Trafford. In the case of Arsenal, manager Arsene Wenger says the London club remains keen to bring in new players before the transfer window closes to fortify the team. Speaking ahead of Arsenal’s Premier League opener at home to Aston Villa today, Wenger said the Gunners could yet bring in upwards of three new players, although he would not be drawn on whether Luis Suarez of Liverpool remains a target. “I don’t disagree that we are a bit light at

the moment,” “We are llooking th t ” said id Wenger. W “W ki to strengthen our squad. The Arsenal boss is eager to make a good start to the season, but is wary of Villa, particularly because they managed to retain striker Christian Benteke. However, Mikel Arteta believes Arsenal can challenge for the Premier League title if they bring in fresh faces and remain consistent. The Gunners have endured a quiet summer in the transfer market, with Yaya Sanogo the only addition to Arsene Wenger’s ranks. Meanwhile Liverpool and Stoke will kick start the league with an early opener slated for Anfield. Liverpool striker Luis Suarez will miss the first six matches of the season as he completes a 10-game ban for biting Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic in April. Daniel Agger and Martin Skrtel should be passed fit, while Iago Aspas could make his Premier League debut. Former Barcelona youngster Marc Muniesa could start on the left of a three-man midfield for Stoke. Another new signing, Erik Pieters, is also poised to make his debut for the club at left-back. After the drawn-out Suarez saga, Liverpool are desperate to get a first Anfield opening-day win since Michael Owen’s brace sunk West Ham in 2001. Mark Hughes, though, will be equally determined to manage what he failed to do in his entire QPR reign - notch up an away league win. Since Suarez was never going to feature

Moscow 2013: James blames flop on inadequate preparation P. 47

due to the Iago d t his hi ban, b th £7.2m £ 2 new boy b I Aspas will be earmarked to play a major role and, with four goals in pre-season, the 26-year-old has looked sharp. His 12 goals helped Celta Vigo stay up last season but that was his first top-flight campaign. Coutinho is already the real deal though. Gerrard and Sterling are fit again to make the Liverpool midfield more creative and balanced. Mignolet is a sound long-term replacement for Reina, although he’ll be under pressure to prove himself. But there’s no doubt Jamie Carragher’s experience will be missed at the back. It wouldn’t be surprising if Stoke get their first ever Premier League goal in front of the Kop. It’ll also be interesting to see how Marc Muniesa deals with English football. The Spanish Under-21 international defender was highly regarded at Barcelona’s La Masia academy and was good enough at 17 to be on the bench in the 2009 Champions League final against Manchester United. A torn knee ligament hampered his progress. But Mark Hughes may have nicked a real bargain. His evolution of the Stoke squad and playing style from last season’s shot-shy strugglers has only just begun. He’s learned from his QPR chastening and not flooded the club with new signings. In Charlie Adam and Peter Crouch he has two former Anfield men returning to make a point. Spirit will be good under a new manager but a long hard season could lie ahead. It would be a major shock if Stoke lands a first league win at Anfield since 1959.

Jonathan extols dead Paralympian Onaolapo P. 47

Newcastle v West Ham 15:00 South’pton v Sunderland 15:00 Stoke v Crystal Palace 15:00 Aston Villa v Liverpool 17:30 Sunday, August 25, 2013 Cardiff v Man City 16:00 Tottenham v Swansea 16:00 Monday, August 26, 2013 Man Utd v Chelsea 20:00 Saturday, August 31, 2013 Man City v Hull 12:45 Cardiff v Everton 15:00 Newcastle v Fulham 15:00 Norwich v Southampton 15:00 West Ham v Stoke 15:00 Crystal Palace v Sunderland 17:30 Sunday, September 1, 2013 Liverpool v Man Utd 13:30 West Brom v Swansea 13:30 Arsenal v Tottenham 16:00 Saturday, September 14, 2013 Man Utd v Crystal Palace 12:45 Aston Villa v Newcastle 15:00 Fulham v West Brom 15:00 Hull v Cardiff 15:00 Stoke v Man City 15:00 Sunderland v Arsenal 15:00 Tottenham v Norwich 15:00 Everton v Chelsea 17:30 Sunday, September 15, 2013 Southampton v West Ham 16:00 Monday, September 16, 2013 Swansea v Liverpool 20:00 Saturday, September 21, 2013 Norwich v Aston Villa 12:45 Cardiff v Tottenham 15:00 Crystal Palace v Swansea 15:00

LITTC: We will defeat Egyptians –Adeyinka

P. 49



August 17, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Time to unearth more Okagbares is now I HARD TACKLE have had critics of this column expressing their desire to see more materials related to other sports (aside football), but each time such suggestion crops up, my defence has always come handy and they have remained the same. Football receives great attention as the king of all sports, which has remained dear to Nigerians, both at home and in the Diaspora. Thus, anything that tends to bring negativity to the growth and development of this beautiful game, often leads to an uproar among the diverse people of Nigeria and HT cannot shy away from this. Therefore, it is under such premise that we expose the good, the bad and the ugly part of the game in Africa’s most populous black nation, Nigeria. To state the oblivious fact on why football receives greater attention, one can frankly say that nothing much is happening in other sports! Except for athletics, basketball and recently cricket, one can comfortably state that things have gone awry in our sports industry, no thanks to the administrators in the National Sports Commission (NSC). As a kicker, it beats the imagination of many sports analysts that a country of about 160 million people cannot raise a world beater in each of the sports we have come to embrace. Reasons being that all the sporting federations are not doing enough in churning out athletes from the grassroots, while the NSC is looking elsewhere for succour to cover their shortcomings. However, despite all these inadequacies some of our athletes go the extra mile to see their names written in gold in their


Andrew Ekejiuba chosen careers. Aside the likes of individual athletes like Chioma Ajunwa-Opara (Atlanta ’96 Olympics long jump gold medallist) and Chika Chukwumerije in taekwondo, there is a good reason to also celebrate the jewel that is at the centre of today’s piece, Blessing Okagbare. Just like many other sports analysts who had watched her career rise, this jewel in the savannah has often times put up some superlative performances in major athletic meets for the country, but any time she fails, the administrators refused to look at the circumstances that led to her failure and correct them. The Delta State-born athlete is one of the few outstanding athletes that have worked hard for more than half a decade to maintain a great form in the track and field events. Despite her London 2012 Olympic flop and the criticisms that trailed her, Okagbare picked up her gauntlet and prior to the Moscow 2013 World Championships, smashed her 100m African record and set a new one. It was a feat that is enough to make the likes of Mary Onyali-Omagbemi to giggle in disbelief. Today, Okagbare is the fastest


woman on the continent which is worthy of commendation and at the World Championships in Moscow, this blistering star endured so much for Nigeria by featuring in four events, out of which she has already won a silver medal in the women’s long jump. In the 100m final, Okagbare came a disappointing sixth position on Monday, returning a time of 11.04secs, with Jamaica’s Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce winning the race in a time of 10.71 seconds. However, the African track queen proved to be one of the best in the world in shortdistant races, having reached the final of the event in Moscow. One outstanding feat the Beijing 2008 long jump bronze medallist achieved in Moscow 2013 is her ability to end Nigeria’s 14-year-old medal drought in the worlds with her silver medal win. How did she achieve all these within few months? The fact remains that hard work really played a role in her career rise and it is the stand of HT that the NSC should as a matter of necessity see how to encourage the athlete, and groom others who will take over from her because a stitch in time saves nine. For a single athlete to feature in

four major events, namely, 100m, 200m, 4X100m and long jump at a World Championship is awesome and deserves praise. And the time to unearth more Okagbares at the grassroots is now, so that the upcoming athletes can draw inspiration from the sprint queen before her retirement. Also, in alleviating the enormous burden on Okagbare’s shoulders during major international events, the NSC should as a matter of necessity concentrate their attention on giving other sports (aside football) a fair share of boost and development. They should also avoid a situation where Nigerian athletes are forced to dump the nation to compete for other countries. For example, Christine Ohuruogu is doing wonderfully well for Britain in the 400m and today, she is the first British woman to have won two world titles in world championships; having won gold in 400m in Osaka in 2007 and in Moscow 2013. Only last week, Nigeria’s upcoming athlete and Dickinson State University (US) student, Fred Agbaje opened up in an interview on the ills pervading the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) and the failure of the 4X100m Men’s team to qualify for the World Championships in Moscow. “The AFN has lost lt. We are progressing downward if there’s any word like that. In addition, the AFN don’t have a technical department that’s why things like this occur. “I had a 10.16secs and Ogho-Oghene Egwero also had 10.16secs. Nicholas had a season’s best of 10.30, while two other athletes had 10.3secs and you are telling me that the athletes are


to blame. I will say it again, AFN doesn’t have a technical department and the planning is poor. “There is no care or support for the performing athletes, but we still achieve these results by our individual effort. If I and my colleagues in school could run 40.61secs with two people going 10sec and two others running 11secs, then why can’t the Nigerian team run a 39.20secs in 4X100m?” Agbaje asked. From the foregoing, it is clear that Nigeria is blessed with abundant talent, but what is lacking is the will to do the right thing by the administrators in the NSC. We need to encourage our upcoming talent in sports and put them to proper use. More jewels for sure can still be discovered in other sports before Okagbare’s retirement.


NSC organises chess competition for Adino assures on grassroots development of squash S’East schools DENNIS AGBO ENUGU


he South East Zone 1 of the National Sports Commission (NSC) comprising Enugu, Ebonyi and Anambra States have concluded plans to organise a two-day chess competition for secondary schools in the zone. Speaking with sports writers on the forthcoming tournament at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium, Enugu, the coordinator in charge of the zone, Stanley Okebugwu explained that the competition would help to raise a formidable U-17 Chess Team for the zone.

The competition, Okebugwu revealed would take place at the Media Center, Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium, Enugu, from August 21 to 22. He disclosed that 32 athletes are expected to participate in the event, adding that the chess tournament is open to U-17 players in secondary schools within the zone. Okebugwu added that wild card had been given to the Association of Private Schools in Enugu State to feature at the tournament. “Each state including the Association of Private Schools in Enugu would present 4 male and 4 female

players at the championship. Besides, certificates of participation, total prize money of ninety thousand naira (N90, 000) would be won,” he stated. The zonal coordinator added that the need to discover talents that would be groomed for future major tournaments within and outside the country as well as to keep the youths busy this holiday period also informed the decision to organise the tournament. Okebugwu described chess as a sport that stimulates the brain cells and quickens its reaction, stating that Nigeria has featured prominently in this sport in many international competitions.



ice President of Nigeria Squash Racket Federation of Nigeria, Tochukwu Aghadinuno Adino says that the Federation is fully committed to the grassroots development of the game, even as he assured that the board will soon come out with programmes aimed at developing squash in all the six geopolitical zones of the country. According to him, the mandate of the present board of the Federation is to take the game of

squash to a higher level which prompted it to organize a clinic in Lagos this week aimed at discovering young players that will be nurtured to become future champions in the racket game. “The present board of the Federation is mindful of the Federal Government’s transformation agenda on reviving sports and that is why we have decided to put up programmes that will bring the game to limelight. “To achieve this, we recently organized a coaching clinic for upcoming players where

United States-based former number one squash player, Jude Odeh taught the players the basic rudiments of the game and the success of that clinic has encouraged us to line up many such clinics aimed at discovering talents at the grassroots,” he said. Adino who also doubles as President of South- East zone of the Federation, noted that through the efforts of the board, many squash court projects are now under construction in the South Eastern States, promising that concerted efforts are being made to ensure such projects are executed in other zones of the country.

Saturday Mirror


August 17, 2013

Moscow 2013: James blames flop on inadequate preparation YEMI OLUS


eam Nigeria’s 4x400m relay team at the ongoing World Championships in Moscow surprisingly crashed out of the heats in their very first race of the competition but national athlete, Godday James says his colleagues are not to blame for the dismal result. Instead, the former national champion identified late preparation as the bane of sports in Nigeria. The team finished a distant seventh in the heats with a time of 3:04.52 and James, who is currently training in Germany, believes that the athletes could have fared better if their preparation had been well executed. The quartet placed seventh in Heat 1 with a time of 3:04.52secs. Jamaica won in 3:00.41secs. Other countries that qualified for the final include Great Britain (3:00.50), US (2:59.85), Trinidad

and Tobago (3:00.48), Belgium (3:00.81), Brazil (3:01.09), Russia (3:01.81) and Australia (3:02.48). Kenya, the only other African country that qualified for the World Championships, was eliminated in the heats as they finished seventh with a Season’s Best of 3:06.29secs. James, who was part of Nigeria’s bronze winning 4x400m relay team at the Athens Olympics in 2004 said, “Personally I don’t think the time the team ran is too bad. We just need to adjust our level of preparation and I believe that things will be better next year. The major problem was that the boys were not well prepared before the championships. “They were just called on the 5th of August from their houses that they should meet at the airport to leave for Moscow. There was no camping; meanwhile they were expected to compete with the best in the world. It’s not the best.”

Etisalat FCB U-17 School Cup

Para Athletics: Official laments dearth of competitions YEMI OLUS

A Analyst, Events and Sponsorship, Etisalat Nigeria, Ephraim Abiona (1st left); Keke Senior High School coach, Adekunle Kamilu (2nd left); Keke Senior High School Team Manager, Ojo Julius (1st right) with Keke Senior High School squad, after the team beat Akande Dahunsi Senior Memorial High School to qualify for the final of the Etisalat FC Barcelona U-17 Football Competition, in Lagos on Wednesday

Keke High School, Anthony Village High School battle for trophy ANDREW EKEJIUBA


fter a thrilling semi final games, Keke High School, Ifako-Ijaiye and Anthony Village Senior High School, will battle each other in the final of the maiden edition of the Etisalat FC Barcelona Under-17 Football Competition. Both schools located in Lagos Mainland fought spiritedly to reach the final which will take place today at the Campos Mini Stadium, Lagos Island. Keke High School defeated Akande Dahunsi Senior Memorial High School, Ikoyi 2 – 1 in the first semi finals, while Anthony Village High School edged past Magbo Alade Senior Grammar School, Ibeju Lekki in a nail biting second semi final encounter that ended 1 – 0.

The eventual winner of today’s final match will go home with a cash prize of N1million Education grant for their school and a trip to the United Arab Emirates for the team. Speaking at the end of the match, Director, Brands and Communications, Etisalat Nigeria, Enitan Denloye, expressed satisfaction with the level of talent displayed thus far in the competition, adding that he was confident that the competition will impact positively on the lives of the students. He also urged players and coaches of both Akande Dahunsi Senior Memorial High School and Magbo Alade Senior Grammar Schools to see their defeats at the semi finals as a learning curve and a springboard to build on for better performances in the next edition of the competition.

ARS: Lagos agog for national finals ANDREW EKEJIUBA



n official of the Nigeria Para-Athletics Federation has expressed concern over poor funding of the activities of the federation which has led to a decline in the sport. The official who didn’t want to be named revealed that each time the federation had plans of participating in international competitions such trips could not be executed due to lack of funds from the National Sports Commission (NSC). Speaking to Saturday Mirror at the National Stadium in Lagos, the official said, “We have been invited for not less than three international competitions but each time the issue comes up, the NSC will complain of lack of funds. As a result, our athletes have been left idle with nothing to do while the federations have no idea of what to do. “Also secretaries were recalled and till date, have not been replaced by new ones or reassigned to various federations, so we have little or no activity right now. If you go to almost any federation, you will find out that nothing is happening. This is not a good development at all. We hope that something is done very soon to stem this tide.”


he entire city of Lagos is agog as football fans await the arrival of the twelve teams comprising of 192 players who will be vying for honours in the male and female categories of the ongoing annual Airtel Rising Stars National U-17 Tournament, when the national finals gets underway in the city between August 23 and 25. The teams qualified for the three-day championship after featuring in the zonal championship phase where they had to see off strong opposition to qualify for the national finals. Lagos and Port Harcourt zones emerged through a selection process organised by the State chapters of the Youths Sports Federation of Nigeria (YSFON) and the Nigerian Referees Association (NRA) with support from the States’ Football Associations. The zonal championships were held in six centres across the federation, and these include, Kaduna, Abuja, Enugu, Port Harcourt, Ibadan and Lagos. Each of the centres will feature one male team and female team each at the national finals. To qualify for the national finals, Kaduna male team defeated a selected side via penalties after earning a barren draw during regulation time, while the female team ran away with a lone goal advantage over another Kaduna selected side.

From the Abuja zonal championship, the host male team beat Nasarawa 1-0 to the available sole ticket in the final match decided inside the Old Parade Ground, Area 10, Abuja. Their female counterparts also defeated the Niger State female team 1-0. At the Liberty Stadium, venue of the Ibadan zonal championship, Kwara state defeated Oyo 6-5 via penalties in the female category while Ekiti lost to their Oyo counterparts 0-1 in the male category. The Lagos National Championship will be decided inside the main bowl of the Agege Township Stadium which also hosted it last year. Aside determining the national champions, the championship will double as a qualifier for the ARS inter-country championship slated for Lagos next month. The Airtel Rising Stars U-17 Tourney, in its third year running, is a pan African initiative of Airtel Africa, designed to provide support for the development of football talents across African markets. It is aimed at discovering talented students (male and female) of secondary school age and providing them the opportunity to polish their football skills and develop into renowned stars. As part of the tournament, top teams from 17 African countries will compete against each other for the title of Airtel Rising Stars African Champion, scheduled for Nigeria in September.

Jonathan extols dead Paralympian Onaolapo ISE-OLUWA IGE ABUJA


resident Goodluck Jonathan has described the death of Nigerian Paralympian gold medallist, Mrs. Joy Onaolapo, as a big loss to the nation. Onaolapo was among those who made Nigeria proud at the London 2012 Paralympic Games. In a statement on Thursday by Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Dr. Reuben Abati, the president said he received the news of the death of the medallist with shock. Recalling meeting Mrs. Onaolapo when the Federal Government hosted and honoured the Paralympics medallists at the State House, Abuja last year, President Jonathan said: “It was indeed remarkable and very inspiring that she did not allow her physical challenge to stop her from reaching for the best in her sporting life.” Jonathan also applauded Onaol-


apo’s commitment and determination at the Games and in life which he said were worthy of emulation. The statement reads in part: “As preparations are underway for the burial of the Nigerian Paralympics heroine in the 52 kg power-lifting category, President Jonathan commiserates with her family, the government and people of Edo State, members of the Nigeria Power Lifting Federation (NPLF) and the entire sporting community. “As we mourn the untimely transition of our beloved sister, let us be consoled by the knowledge that Mrs. Onaolapo’s feat would forever remain fresh in our memory,” the President stressed.



Saturday Mirror

August 17, 2013

Vox Populi: Who wins 2013/2014 EPL season? The 2013/2014 English Premier League season, which kicks-off today at various centres is already generating a lot of interest. Our correspondent YEMI OLUS went to town to sample the opinion of soccer fans on their expectations this season and the return of gladiators to the world’s most glamourous league. Excerpts:

Peter Ezeudoh (Business consultant)


he clubs I expect to dominate this season are Chelsea and Manchester City. Chelsea because of the return of the Special One who has been a huge success at all the clubs he has managed. He has also won the English Premier League twice with Chelsea during his first stint with the club. I expect him to do it again this season. Chelsea also has a youthful, energetic and combative squad. Manchester City also stands a chance because they have a new experienced manager, Manuel Pellegrini, a sound tactician. The club has spent over £90 million on new signings and their existing squad makes Man City the strongest squad in the EPL at the moment.

Zugwai Maikaje (IT professional)



expect Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City to be the major threats this season. Chelsea because there have been a couple of signings and because Jose Mourinho is back. His mind games are very important, including the fact that he is a good coach. For Man United, they are a good team, though there is a lot of doubt about Moyes, he has a proven track record during his period at Everton. He has never had the depth and spending power he has now and there has to be something Alex Ferguson saw in him to select him. Man City’s hasn’t changed a lot apart from Tevez’s departure and Manuel Pellegrini is also a good coach. They will be challenging for a Champion’s League spot. Arsenal will have a good start like every other season, but will fizzle out towards the end unless they get a big name to give results and inspire other members who are disillusioned.

Inda Adaba (Banker)


expect a very competitive season. I foresee some surprises springing up on the log for the first eight clubs that will qualify for Europa Cup. However I feel the top four will remain the same. As a United fan I can’t say I’m confident that the club will retain the title. Moyes has stepped into a larger spectrum and I don’t really expect him to get everything perfect. He will need time and space to settle in and create his own brand. Honestly the title right now (based on all I see) should be between Manchester City and Chelsea. However, I have made up my mind to just enjoy the Premiership this season, no matter the results.

Johnny Edward (Sports reporter)



Adebayo Amosun (Media practitioner)

t’s going to be another exciting 38 weeks of intrigues, good football and war of words between coaches when the EPL kicks off today. I expect Chelsea, Manchester City to compete favourably with United, but I expect Chelsea or Man City to win considering the coaches they have and the calibre of players signed by Pellegrini. My heart says Chelsea will come out tops, while my head thinks City may be too strong for the rest of them all.

Ikechukwu Agada (Sports fan)


expect this season to be different. The trophy will either go to Chelsea or Manchester City, but not Manchester United because David Moyes will struggle because expectation will be too high for him. I don’t expect Tottenham to take the day, and even Arsenal is like a gun without bullets. Both clubs are underdogs as far as this season is concerned. Arsenal haven’t won a trophy in eight years under Arsene Wenger, so I don’t expect this season to be any different for them.

Babatunde Abiodun (Marketing executive)


he teams I expect to dominate are the usual suspects. I will classify them as the contenders, outsiders or pretenders as you may call it. The teams I refer to as the contenders are Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City and Arsenal in that order. I tip Chelsea because they have an ambitious manager with a winning and strong mentality in the person of Jose Mourinho. He is also a coach who understands the EPL and has been hugely successful wherever he goes. Chelsea also have a collection of very gifted, young and exciting players like Hazard, Mata, Oscar and have new young players like Andre Schurrie and Marco Van Ginkel. Chelsea will be up there as my number one candidate to win the EPL, while Manchester United is my second choice to win the title. Though United have lost a great manager in Sir Alex Ferguson, they still have the crop of players that won the EPL last season.




Paul Daudu (Research officer)

tip Chelsea to win the title. I think the biggest signing for Chelsea was the return of the Jose Mourinho and he is coming back into a very different club than before with new players and it will be interesting to see what approach he takes. The return of Jose Mourinho has transformed the atmosphere at Stamford Bridge because he has never lost at home in the Premier League and if he can retain that record, then you can say they are already having the trophy in sight. I expect Manchester City to be second. A lot will depend upon the new manager and the new stars in their fold. As Pellegrini has no experience managing in England, it will be interesting to watch how quickly he adapts. For me this won’t be Man City’s season unless they really hit the ground running.



n this season’s Premier League, I expect the ‘Big Four’, Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City to end at the top of the league. By my assessment, Chelsea are strong favourites for the trophy because they have a good team and they have not lost any top player. It is going to be an open race but I have a feeling, just like I’ve had for eight seasons that Arsenal would pull a surprise, maybe because I am a fan. I have no idea how other teams will fare. Tottenham will lurk around as usual and lest I forget, the return of Mourinho will make the season quite exciting. I have some form of uncertainty about Moyes and I have no idea what to expect from Pellegrini. But I hope Arsene Wenger surprises us!


Saturday Mirror


August 17, 2013


LITTC: We will defeat Egyptians –Adeyinka National table tennis champion, Hameed Adeyinka, won three gold medals for Lagos State during last year’s National Sports Festival, tagged ‘Eko 2012’ and recently featured in the Cameroun Invitational Championship which took place in Yaounde. He spoke with YEMI OLUS on his preparation for the Lagos International Table Tennis Classics which comes up later this month. Excerpts:


ou recently featured in the Cameroun Invitational. How was it? The competition went well. I played in the men’s singles and was determined to bring the cup to Nigeria, unfortunately I lost in the quarterfinals. I must say that it wasn’t easy. I played in a group made up of two Egyptians, two Camerounians, a Congolese and me. I lost to the Nigerian-born Congolese, Saheed Idowu 3-2 and the Egyptians as well. However I defeated the Camerounians. This was your first international competition. How would you rate the experience? It was a good experience for me because I learnt a lot. I can now see that it’s not easy to make it to the national team. It gave me the much-needed exposure and has built my confidence because right now I believe I can beat anybody. I learnt skills that would improve my game. You won three gold medals including the men’s singles at the last National Sports Festival. How has your game improved since then? Prior to the festival, the Lagos State team went on a training tour of China and the trip really gave my morale a boost. I appreciate the efforts of the new board of the Nigeria Table Tennis Federation who helped us because we trained there and it helped us during the festival and even after. How prepared are you for the Lagos International Table Tennis Classic which comes up in few weeks time? As you can see, we are all working and training hard towards it; I also believe in prayer. When you train hard and you also add prayers to it, you become a successful man. I have been here training since morning. I gave myself a schedule that I would train in the morning and afternoon. A lot of international players are going to be around for the classics, including the player that defeated me in Cameroun and that is why I am preparing myself the more. I want to beat him because he is coming to play in my country, my home. A lot of the foreign players don’t really know me, but I believe in myself and the standard of our tables here in Nigeria. In Cameroun we played on tables that we were not used to, so it changed many things. Here we are playing on Joola tables and that is ninety-five percent guarantee that we will play well. Do you think the Nigerian play-

ers have what it takes to beat their foreign counterparts, especially the Egyptians who are ruling in Africa right now? I have never met the current African champion, Omar Assar before, neither have I watched him play. However, I believe that Nigerian players are training very hard and I don’t think the Egyptians are training more than us. You can see how our coaches are running up and down to ensure that we prepare well. They have given us a training programme to follow. First of all I believe in myself and I also believe in my colleagues. Talking about the likes of Ayo Omotara and Mojeed Olayiwola who have been consistent, you can see that we are battle ready. I’m not talking about players who will do well today, but are nowhere to be found the next five months. What’s your target for the Lagos International Classics? My target is to win. It is not different from the National Sports Festival which I won last year, even though I know that the classics rank higher because it is an international competition. The players are going to be different but it’s almost the same thing as far as I’m concerned. What are your expectations for the rest of the season? As I said earlier on, I believe in prayers and training. Here in Nigeria, you have to work hard to make it into the national team. If I work hard and I win the national trials, I will surely be invited to join the team for whatever international competition is at hand at that moment. I pray that Almighty Allah should grant me the strength to train and win at the end of the day because I have amassed enough knowledge on the sport. Do you have plans of participating in the Commonwealth Games which comes up next year? My immediate target is to win the trials for the classics which come up on the 24th of this month. I want to prove myself among the other home-based players because I just returned from an international tournament and should be able to prove my worth. I want to be first and it’s not about talking big and I want to put in my best. Like I mentioned earlier, if a player does well, he or she will be invited for the Commonwealth Games because they don’t just pick anyone. You need to win competitions to be sure of getting an invitation.

Adeyinka in action. INSET: Adeyinka

A new NTTF board is in place. What are your expectations from them? I believe that they want to work for the players and protect their reputation and integrity as well. They have only spent a few months in office and we have already played series of competitions. They have massive plans for the Lagos Classics such as has not been seen before and one of our national umpires, Mr. Ranti Lajide said there were plans to stage this kind of classics about eight years ago; it is only coming to fruition now. I believe that they want to help us, advertise the game and lift up the game of table tennis in Nigeria. There is a general consensus that the game of table tennis has dwindled in Nigeria. What can be done to improve the standard of the game? We need more equipment. I am a player with Lagos State and we presently have four new tables. If you enter the Molade Okoya-Thomas Indoor Hall at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, you will also see a lot of new tables there. The present board has provided equipment but we still need more.

Which club do you play for? I play for Spring Fresh Marshals and as a club, we don’t lack anything. Our team manager is doing well and we the players are doing fine as well. The player I met during the final of the National Sports Festival, Mojeed Olayiwola is my team mate. That shows you the calibre of players we have. Don’t you aspire to play in Europe like a number of your colleagues such as Aruna Quadri and Bode Abiodun? I definitely want to play abroad. I don’t think there is any home-based player who is not praying for such an opportunity, but I believe in timing. God’s time is the best. You may struggle to travel out and it may not materialize at the end of the day. However I believe that if a player trains hard and plays very well, a foreign club will even be the one to send an invitation to you. I believe that my time is coming because I want to be among the likes of Segun Toriola, Seun Ajetunmobi and others who are playing professionally in Europe and are doing well.


Saturday Mirror

August 17, 2013


Community banishes man for impregnating 13-yr-old daughter


man has been banished from his community for impregnating his 13-year-old daughter. The, man according to his wife, Janet, a 40 year-old trader, confessed to incest before the traditional ruler of his community after initial denials. According to her, the husband initially denied responsibility. But after the intervention of their village head, he confessed to the crime. “He was interrogated by the police, but he denied. Our king intervened and also interrogated him and he later confessed to the crime,” she stated. She said that the punishment meted out to him is customary in the African culture. “He has been banished from the village, leaving me to take care of the 13 children,” she said. Janet who has 13 children for the man, has, however, blamed herself for the unwholesome development. She claimed that her prolonged absence from home created the gap that not only ruined her marriage but destroyed what was left of her daughter’s life. “I was not always around. At a time when my daughter needed motherly care and advice, I was not around. At the time she had her first menstrual period; my husband was at home with her and gave her the necessary care. “But it turned out to be a sordid experience as the man took advantage of his growing daughter. “He began to sleep with her afterwards, telling her if he didn’t do that, the menstrual blood would continue. That continued without my knowledge until I discovered the girl was ill. I got the shock of my life when I was told my daughter was pregnant. More devastating was the fact that her father had been sleeping with her,” she lamented. Lamenting how she has been taking care of the children, she said the punishment should also have included taking care of the 13 children she has from the marriage. “It has been very excruciating; a more severe punishment should have been given to him to take care of the children rather than leaving me all alone to care for the 13 children. Although the man was not really doing anything serious before the incident, he supported from the little pension he collected from his former employer,” she disclosed.

Crime Watch How mob rescued commuters from robber at motor park Obinna Eze was a cool operator. He loved operating alone. But he never bargained for the kind of victims he encountered in his last operation. What happened?



ut for the prompt response of a crowd at a motor park in Enugu State, four commuters would have lost their possessions and probably lives to a notorious armed robber who held them hostage early in the morning. The suspected robber, who gave his name as Obinna Eze, was a lone ranger operating along Amenu Edem community in Nsukka Local Government Area of the state. On the day of the incident, Eze reportedly threatened to kill all the victims should they refuse his orders. The four passengers were said to be on their way to Ugwu Na Agbo Edem area of the state. Apparently wanting to avoid the early morning traffic, they all walked down the road towards the motor park hoping to catch the early morning bus to their destination. But unknown to these people, Eze, a one-man robbery gang, was tailing them while also pretending to be a traveller rushing in the same direction with the four people. While the four were busy chatting and talking among themselves and walking towards the park, the suspected robber reportedly walked briskly behind them. At a point, Eze, holding a shot gun, suddenly increased his pace and ran towards his target. He soon caught up with them and quietly told the man in the front to stop or risk being killed. All four became scared as they were held hostage at gun point. Since they day was still dark, Eze found it easy to operate. While they were being quietly turned back to where they were coming from, two of them suddenly dropped flat on the ground, yelling at the top of their voices, thereby drawing the attention of all other people at the park to the unfolding drama. The attention of some policemen patrolling the park was also attracted to the scene. Almost immediately, drivers and other people as well as the law en-


forcement agents at the park dashed towards the direction of the man crying for help. Still holding the gun in his hand, about seven men simultaneously swooped on the robber and dragged him to the ground dispossessing him of his deadly weapon. After a conducting a thorough search on him, one live cartridge was found in his pocket aside the one in the loaded gun. The law enforcement agents immediately took Eze and his weapon into custody. One of the victims, who declined to give his name, claimed that he was on a business trip to Ugwu Na Agbo Edem. According to the middle-aged man, “It was like a drama. We were all waking towards the park when suddenly the man ran in front of us and pointed a small gun at us. Since it was dark, no one would know the type of gun it was. All I remember was that he told the woman beside me that she should not scream or she would lose her life. He then ordered that we turned backed towards where we were coming from. While we were going, one man and I just threw ourselves flat on the ground

and started shouting for help,” the man said. A driver in the park, identified as Frank claimed that Eze could have run away but for the alertness of the law enforcement agents. “Some of us thought it was a hoax initially, but when the noise persisted, we ran towards the scene to see what was happening. That was when we saw the man (Eze) holding a gun at the four of them. The police and some of our members overpowered him and dragged him to the ground,” Frank said. In a statement after his arrest, Eze, who pleaded for clemency from the mob that gathered, claimed that he took to robbery because he was out of job and needed to sustain himself and his family. Speaking on Eze’s arrest, spokesman for Enugu State police command, Ebere Amaraizu, said that investigations into Eze’s case had commended fully and that he was cooperating well with investigators. He said that Eze would be charged to court upon completion of investigations.

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Saturday Mirror


August 17, 2013


Ex-Ebonyi varsity student in multiple drug trafficking SEGUN ADIO AND OLUSEGUN KOIKI

O Joseph, one of the attacked victims

The two suspected teenage robbers

Two teenagers, 1 other arrested for robbery August 10, 2013 was not a good day for most residents of Ladilak area of Lagos. It was the day armed robbers descended on them with untold terror. However, three of those who allegedly carried out the bloody raid are now in police net: two teenagers and a friend. SEGUN ADIO


night guard and ex-convict was among three suspected armed robbers cooling their heels in police detention following their alleged raid on several streets around LadiLak through Palm Grove area of Lagos State recently. The robbery was allegedly committed on Saturday, 10 August, 2013. Apparently capitalising on the seeming tranquillity experienced in the area after bloody inter cult clashes the previous day, about a dozen suspected armed robbers, wielding weapons, reportedly stormed Johnson area of LadiLak looting and shooting sporadically into the air. In the end, several residents were robbed of their valuables while a woman was shot to death. After the suspected robbers had shot sporadically into the air for several minutes, they reportedly embarked on a street to street, house to house and shop to shop raid, beating occupants and inflicting injuries on several of them. A woman, whose identity and residence could not be immediately ascertained, was said to have been hit in the head by bullets fired by one of the suspected robbers. The woman was later pronounced dead by doctors. However, at the peak of the robbery, a resident was said to have managed to alert the police who immediately moved in to prevent further carnage by the suspected robbers. But the robbers had reportedly fled before the arrival of the law enforcement agents. But last Monday, three of the suspected robbers: Riliwanu, Sunday Abaka and Johnson Olalekan Peters, have been arrested by the police. They were allegedly arrested at different locations in the metropolis. Peters, 19, reportedly works as a night

guard for a notable resident of the area, but was identified as one of the kingpins of the armed robbery syndicate. Peters was said to have dropped out of school in 2010. He initially denied his involvement in the crime, claiming that he, Riliwanu and Sunday, were merely members of the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) and that they were only being persecuted by those they might have offended in the course of their actions in the organisation. However, on his arrest, several items were recovered from him ranging from mobile telephone handsets, several energy drinks suspected to have been looted in people’s shops, soaps, jars of female air cream and some amount of money were also found on him. But investigations by security operatives later revealed that Peter, a native of Olomu in Ogun State, was served terms at the Ikoyi Prisons on charges of stealing and robbery. After interrogation, Peters confessed to the crime, claiming that he was actually working for one Wasiu, a follower of one Elewure, said to be the coordinator of the organisation in the area. Peters, in his confessional statement, claimed that it was Riliwanu who gave him the gun which they used in the robbery operation. “I did not set out initially to rob people. It was Wasiu that asked me to help him. It was after the operation that I was asked to take custody of the phones we collected and some other things. The gun they saw with me actually belongs to Riliwanu,” Peters said. Another arrested suspect, Abaka, 14, was roundly recognised as one of the members of the notorious cult that carried out the killings a few days before the incident. Abaka claimed that he was only approached to come join the fraternity and he never had inkling that he was being lured into robbery.

“Someone had approached me to be initiated into the fraternity and we were ready for the initiation when Ogidan gave me a nylon bag to hold for him. It was inside the nylon bag that police found a gun,” Abaka added. Gbenga Joseph is one of the victims of the robbers’ assault on some residents. Joseph only has God to thank for still being alive today. On the day of the robbery, Joseph, a trader, reportedly returned from work and after having a cold bath, took a stroll to the bus stop to buy roasted meat (suya). While returning from the bus stop and bearing the suya in a cellophane bag in his hand, he ran into about six advancing suspected robbers. “When I saw the boys running towards where I was and how they were breaking into shops and vehicles and shooting sporadically, I tried to run away from them, but one of them just grabbed me by my shirt. They demanded for all I had on me which I gave them. Despite that, they still inflicted machete cuts on me and smashed my head with a bottle,” Joseph said adding that he later lost his mobile telephone handset and N11, 500 to the suspected robbers. Another victim, Olaklekan Folake, 25, was also attacked together with two of her friends while trying to escape from the advancing robbers. “The robbers came after us when they saw three of us coming and we ran into a shop, but they pursued us there. One of them later pointed a gun at us demanding that we submit all that we had on us to them which we did,” she recounted. Some handsets were reportedly taken away from the women. A source at the police station where the suspects were kept confirmed their arrest to Saturday Mirror saying, “the matter is still being investigated and at the appropriate time, they will all be arraigned in court.”

peratives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agents, NDLEA, have arrested a student, Chukwu Ramseyn Onyekaozuru, at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos. Onyekaozuru, 27, was reported to be heading to Rome, Italy, with 5.300kg of cannabis and 660 grammes of heroin. The suspect was said to have packed the cannabis in vegetables and other food ingredients, while he ingested the heroin. The NDLEA in a statement its spokesman, by Mitchell Ofoyeju, said Onyekaozuru was arrested during outward screening of passengers on board Alitalia airline. Onyekaozuru, who claimed to be a 2009 graduate of Philosophy at the Ebonyi State University, maintained that his foray into the illicit trade was to raise money to start his business. “I studied Philosophy at the Ebonyi State University where I graduated in 2009 with three referrals. I later travelled to Italy and came to write the three courses. As a result of my long stay in the country, I was broke and needed money to buy my ticket to Italy and settle other family expenses. In the process of looking for money, I was introduced to the drug baron who bought my ticket and gave me one thousand Euros. I accepted the money because I was practically stranded after my exams,” Onyekaozuru said. In his comment after Onyekaozuru’s arrest, NDLEA Lagos Airport Commander, Hamza Umar, described the arrest as one of the few cases of poly-drug trafficking made by the command. “Most traffickers smuggle only one drug at a time. This case is one of the few poly-drug trafficking cases recorded by the command since January. The suspect had 5.300kg of cannabis packed in vegetables and other food ingredients. He also ingested 660 grammes of heroin. It is an interesting case and we have made significant progress in our investigations” Hamza added.

35-yr-old fishmonger jailed for stealing fish


35-year-old fish seller, Ahmed Isah, has been sentenced to three months imprisonment for stealing

fish. He was sentenced by the Presiding Officer of Grade 1 Area Court, Kado, Malam Ahmed Ado, yesterday. Ado, however, gave the convict an option of N1, 500 fine and warned him to desist from criminal activities henceforth. Isah was arraigned in the court for stealing 43 pieces of fish valued at N40,000. The police prosecutor, Sani Yakubu, told the court that the case was reported at Utako Police Station on August 14, 2013, by Eze Afaraefuna of Wuse Zone 5, Abuja. Yakubu said that on that day, the accused, in collusion with one Ibrahim, now at large, broke into the complainant’s shop at Wuse Zone 5 and committed the crime. He said offences of joint act and theft contravened Sections 79 and 287 of the Penal Code.



August 17, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Winning the war against insurgency T

he killing of Momodu Bama, the Deputy to Shekau, and Commander of Boko Haram insurgents in an encounter with federal troops was another timely response to the militants’ recent atrocities few day after Sallah. Interestingly, recent revelations with regards to activities of the Islamist terror group, Boko Haram have confirmed that the insurgency and other unrest witnessed in some parts of the country has nothing to do with religion, but the activities of internationally backed terror groups determined to destabilise the nation. This, no doubt cannot be far from the gospel truth. It is simply an orchestrated plan to distract the government from delivering its plethora of campaign promises to Nigerians. A sign that peace has finally returned to these once volatile areas is the fact people living these states are very much free to move about in pursuit of their life aspirations. One outstanding event that shook everyone was the resolve by Muslim faithful in Borno state to stage its annual Sallah Durbar for the first time in four years. Recall that with the notoriety of activities of Boko Haram in these states, the traditional Sallah Durbar festivals were put on hold. In such instances, muslim faithful are usually advised to hurriedly return to their homes after observing the congregational Eid prayers. In the last four years, Sallah and Christmas celebrations in the above listed states are usually marked without merriment, fun and partying which are

no doubt factors that makes such events memorable and thick. Therefore, the Tuesday’s attack on a Mosque in Konduga in Borno state further reveals to Nigerians that the Boko Haram group is never an organisation whose interest is to promote Islam and its adherents, but to consistently visit terror on innocent and hapless citizens. Nigerians of different faith are gradually coming to terms with the fact that the terror group is their common enemy and has no link with Islam as the mode of the group’s activities suggests. The wide condemnation that greeted the attack on the Konduga mosque even by Christians is an indication that Nigerians have since realised that Boko Haram is only out to make life miserable for all Nigerians, irrespective of faith, tongue or political divide. Sadly, both religion, Islam and Christianity have suffered immense human and material loses since the terror group launched its first attack in 2009 in Maiduguri, Borno state. It is instructive to stress the fact that no administration in our chequered political history as an independent nation has ever witnessed the level of distraction, especially on the security front than the President Goodluck Jonathan led government. It is particularly worrisome that those behind the unrest have remained faceless and daily frustrating genuine attempts to engage them in healthy dialogue. The fact is, many, including those who never believed in the ability of this government to frontally

address growing insecurity in the land have since come to realise the complex nature of the issue and have joined in looking for a way out of this quagmire. Even though the constitution has place the security of lives and property of Nigerians on the shoulder of government, Nigerians have also accepted the fact that they equally a have roles to play to guarantee their own security. This, they have demonstrated in a number of ways. Example of such is the resolve by youth in Maiduguri, the Borno state capital to come together under a name ‘Civilian JTF’. These youths through house to house search are identifying, arresting and handing over to the Military JTF suspects who have links with the dreaded Boko Haram group. This, no doubt is yielding immense result. This is however a typical example of how citizens are expected to assist government in addressing their needs. Through, the coordinated efforts of the government, especially in tackling insecurity in the troubled states of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe, normalcy is gradually returning to the above listed areas. Nigerians who once deserted these states for fear of being attacked or killed are beginning to return in droves. This, no doubt is an indication that peace, security and normalcy have been partially restored in states once described as hotbed of violence. That the present administration has what it takes to fight insurgency in some parts of the country is to stress the obvious. Its resolve to engage these faceless

elements so as to get to the roots of the matter remains her source of strength. It is equally important to stress the fact that the emergency rule imposed on the troubled states of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe is yielding meaningful results. It is was indeed a huge achievement that during the recent Sallah celebration in Maidurguri, durbars were held, families paid visits to fun spots and people transacted their businesses without fear of imminent attacks. This, no doubt is an indication that this government is winning its coordinated war against terror. We really need to understand the complex nature of this insecurity challenge. What government requires from its citizenry is the understanding that it is doing her very best to make life meaningful for all Nigerians, irrespective of where they come from. In this light, we should see the war against insurgency as a collective one and not the sole responsibility of security agencies or the government alone. Since the emergency rule was announced a few months ago, it is evidently clear the military has claimed major successes. Undoubtedly, these successes wouldn’t have been possible without the support and cooperation of Nigerians. It is a fight to finish. While we commend the gallantry of officers and men of JTF and civilian volunteers, there is this dire need for everyone to support the determination to stop the terrorism in Nigeria. Ola Lookman Member, Youth Against Disaster Initiative (YADI)

That celebration of women in Abuja


t is undeniable the fact that socio-economic activities in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) were grounded as the First Lady, Mrs. Patience Jonathan, led some women groups, under the auspices of the Nigerian Council of Women Societies (NCWS), to march for peace in Abuja. Though what was supposed to be a peace rally, turned into a political campaign as the women drummed up support for the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan. The rally, which was tagged: “Celebration of Nigerian women for peace and empowerment,” created serious gridlock as security agents blocked and diverted motorists away from some of the major routes in Abuja. All roads from Berger Junction, Central Business Area and the Federal Secretariat complex were blocked for the special rally, which started around 7am at the Old Parade Ground, Area 10, Garki, as participants marched through designated routes to the Eagle Square, venue of the gathering. As a woman and a witness to the colourful event, this is my perspective. Various groups, individuals and officials were not left out as they came out

to witness and celebrate women. While Mrs. Nkechi Mba, National President of NCWS said the mega rally was to celebrate the unprecedented empowerment of Nigerian women, the National coordinator Nigerian Women Voices for Good Governance, Amb. Princess Grace, said women have never been given opportunity to serve at various levels of government in the past as the President has done now. Speaking at the event, the First Lady Dame Patience Jonathan expressed her heartfelt joy over the huge turnout of women of all class. She said women are endowed with special gifts to be peace makers and bridge builders, they are therefore key to sustainable peace in our society. She further remarked that the President Goodluck Jonathan has fulfilled his promise on given the Nigerian women the opportunity to serve in his government. Realising that Womenfolk are integral part of nation building, the first lady has been unrelenting in her struggle to awaken and empower the woman folk as epitomized in various activties and campaigns especially in ensuring that women are accorded recognition consti-

tutionally. Keying into her husband’s commitment to women empowerment, Dame Jonathan has been working assiduously through her pet project, Women for Change Initiative (W4CI), to better the lives of Nigerian women and children. The Nigerian entertainment industry were not left out, as the Stallion and elegant musician, Onyeka Onwuenu was readily available to sing praises of the Nigerian women, she said people that criticize Nigeria, do that from afar not knowing what is really happening within the country, she added that majority of Nigerians appreciate Nigeria but the minority with negativity are just too loud. A popular comedian, Lepacious Bose condemns those that have negative issues towards this nation, she said they themselves need change. While many women at the carnival and the dinner that followed showered encomiums on the administration of President Jonathan, men too were not left out. The chairman KWANKWASIYA WAZOBIA from Kano, said Nigerian Women are heading for greatness with the enabling environment to demonstrate their talents and acumen in various field of endeavours.

Various states were on parade as they displayed their culture and styles. The entertainment industry also helped out again as they liven up the audience, who were already tensed up with security checks and scrutiny before getting into the venue of the event, most people had their clothes wet with down pour of rain, vehicles parked at long distance while people walked in. Rather than looking for fault where there is none, Nigerians should appreciate the women, and encourage her, our land is blessed and beautiful, this was the Minister of Water Resources, Sarah Ochekpe speaking at the event. Everyone seems to be speaking positively about the nation Nigeria, and the improved image of Nigerian woman in the scheme of things in the country and beyond. The carnival further showed the world the level of our endowment as a nation with nature, good music, colourful fashion and rich culture for tourist attraction. How I wish if the western media criticize Nigeria, our local press should project us positively prove them wrong. Stellamaries Amuwa Maitama Abuja

Saturday Mirror


August 17, 2013



Wild jubilation in Onitsha as Obi signs water scheme MoU


he joy of residents of Onitsha knew no bounds yesterday with the payment of N1.8 billion for the revalisalisation of the water scheme in the area. It will be recalled that Onitsha has been without running pipe borne water in the last 13 years. At the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the state and PC Africa, at the Governor’s Lodge, Onitsha, after inspection tour of the major facility of Onitsha Water Scheme at Nkisi. Governor Peter Obi assured the people of the state of prompt completion of the project. The signing of the agreement was witnessed by the European Ambassador to Nigeria, Dr. David MacRae, and the traditional ruler of the town, Igwe Alfred Achebe. In his speech at the event, Chief Achebe

commended Governor Obi for his leadership style in the state. Governor Obi explained that the choice

of a foreign company for the project was to underscore its importance. The governor maintained that the company would

do a thorough job on the project, having done so in past projects in different parts of the world. Governor Obi, who

said he decided to make full payment for the project in order not to entertain excuses for nonperformance or delays,

Managing Director of PC Africa, Glenn Burton-Durham (middle), with Governor Peter Obi (left) and the Anambra State Commissioner for Water resources, Emeka Nwankwu, (right), during the signing of MoU for the rehabilitation of Onitsha Water Scheme shortly before the presentation of the cheque of1.8 Billion Naira for the project at the Governor’s Lodge, Onitsha, yesterday.

however, apologised to the people of the town for the late intervention of the water scheme, saying it was because things did not work out according to plans earlier made for the resuscitation of the scheme. Speaking earlier, the state’s Commissioner for Water Resources and Public Utilities, Dr. Emeka Nwankwu, wondered how Onitsha, with a population of 4 million people, could be without potable water. Managing Director of PC Africa, Glenn Burton-Durham said that with the payment and corporation of the people that the company would deliver on schedule. In the meantime, Ambassador Macrae said the EU would continue to fulfill promises made to the state and would accelerate work to ensure early completion of existing projects.

Abducted Imo monarch’s wife: Police confirm arrest of 3 suspects CHRIS NJOKU OWERRI


he Imo State Police Command yesterday disclosed that three of the suspected kidnappers of wife of the traditional ruler of Nkwumeto autonomous community, Eze Basil Nwokeke, have been arrested while one of the ab-

ductors was killed during gun duel with the police. This disclosure was sequel to the rumours making the rounds that the suspects were still at large. Spokesman for the state’s police command, Mrs. Joy Elemoko, described the speculation as untrue and misleading, saying that three suspects

were arrested 48 hours after the traditional ruler’s wife was abducted. In the words of Elemoko, “Contrary to reports in some quarters that the suspected gunmen who kidnapped the wife of His Royal Highness, Eze Basil Nwokeke of Nkwumeto Autonomous Community, Ihitte Uboma Local Govern-

Anambra Guber: APGA disqualifies Soludo, 5 others OBIORA IFOH ABUJA


head of the November governorship election in Anambra State, the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), has disqualified the former Central Bank governor, Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo, and five others from the exercise. The othger five disqualified intending contestants for the coveted seat are Emmanuel Nweke, Ogbuefi Tony Nnacheta, Barrister Chinedu Idigo, Dr. Chike Obidigbo and Oseloka Obaze. They, however, still have the opportunity to appeal the decision of

the screening panel. The screening exercise was held at the national secretariat of the party. In a statement jointly signed by the chairman of the Gubernatorial Screening Panel, Alhaji Tayo Sowunmi, Ifeanyi Mbaeri and Chief Onwuka Ukwa, the panel said “the reasons for the non-clearance of the unsuccessful aspirants are as contained in the provisional certificates issued to them.” The screening panel, however, cleared seven aspirants including former Minister of Transport, John Okechukwu Emeka, former governorship candidate of the

Peoples Progressive Alliance (PPA) and member of the House of Representatives Uche Ekwunife, John Nwosu, Emmanuel Nwogbo, Paul Odenigbo, Chief Willie Obiano and Patrick Obianwu. Inside sources told Saturday Mirror that reasons for disqualifying some of the aspirants were based on none presentation of voters cards, no evidence of financial strength, incomplete certificate, no evidence of tax clearance, among others. One of the disqualified aspirants, Chinedu Idigo, faulted the reason for his disqualification as he maintained that the requirements do not also include evidence of bank financial statement.

ment Area were yet to be arrested, the command wants to state that within 48 hours of the incident, the principal suspects were traced to their hideouts and arrested,” she said. According to her, law enforcement agents were able to track the suspects as they were negotiating the ransom,

saying that after a shootout, three of them were arrested, while one of them was killed. The police spokesman also pointed out that the fifth suspect, Chizuru Nwagbisi, popularly known as “Point One” escaped arrest and had since been declared wanted by the police. While appealing to

members of the public to furnish the command with useful information leading to the arrest of the fleeing suspect, she, however, warned that anyone who has any knowledge of the whereabouts of any criminal, but failed to report such to the police would be treated as an accomplice.

Igbo leaders divided over today’s Ohanaeze meeting DENNIS AGBO ENUGU


ome Igbo leaders and prominent members of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, the apex socio-cultural organization of Igbo people, are now divided over whether or not to attend today’s Ime-Obi (caucus) meeting of the group which invitations were extended to hold today at Ohanaeze secretariat in Enugu. Saturday Mirror exclusively gathered that the invitation for the meeting circulated via text messages by Dr. Joe Nwogu presuming to be secretary of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, has

generated ripples among Igbo leaders. It was gathered that while some of the leaders are urging all invitees to disregard the text message, others urged all concerned to shun the meeting and go about their normal businesses. A chieftain of Ohanaeze Ndigbo and secretary of the 2013 Ohanaeze electoral committee, Prince Richard Ozubu, who spoke with our correspondent, urged Ndigbo to disregard the purported meeting, adding that there is no present leadership of the body let alone with mandate to summon an Ime-Obi meeting.

IN the words of Ozobu, “The governors have deliberated on the report of the Ben Obi-led reconciliation committee and I was reliably informed that the governors recommended for a new electoral committee to be set up and Ime-Obi to be summoned for a new election and that has not been done. Anybody parading himself today as an executive is on his own because Ohanaeze Ndigbo today is in comatose. It is in the best interest of Ndigbo to disregard the invitation and ask questions on why the report of the committee and the recommendations of the Governors have not been made public four months after resolutions,” he said.



August 17, 2013

Saturday Mirror


100 prisoners regain freedom in Katsina JAMES DANJUMA KATSINA


ver 100 prisoners have regained their freedom from various prisons in Katsina State following efforts of the state government to decongest existing prisons in the state.

Special Adviser to the state governor on Community Development, Abubakar Bindawa, stated this when he and members of the committee shouldered with responsibility of decongesting the prisons visited medium and satellite prisons in Daura council

area. Bindawa said the committee had visited 11 prisons including that of Daura, where four inmates gained their freedom after their fines were paid by the state government. He said the fines payment was for some catego-

ries of prisoners that had little jail term left, or were old, and that the process was made possible after the committee had presented a report on the issue to the state government. Bindawa said prisoners whose fines were paid were given the sum of N10,

000 each as capital to start small businesses as way of enabling them to stand on their own. The state’s Assistant Controller of Prisons, Bukar Usman, while commending the state government for the decongestion effort, however, warned the freed inmates to desist

from any act that could make them come back to prison. Usman urged them to show to the society that they had been reformed while in prison and that they should be of good behavior as they return to their various communities.

El-Rufai’s campaign against Sambo’ll fail –PDP chieftain A ZA MSUE KADUNA


chieftain the the Peoples Democrtic Party (PDP) in Kaduna State, Alhaji Umar Farouk Kafanchan has said that the former Minister of the Federal Capital territory, Nasir el-Rufai’s campaign of calumny against Vice President Namadi Sambo would fail. El-Rufai had, recently, in an interview in Kaduna, said the tenure of Namadi Sambo as governor was the worse in times of developmental projects in the state. But, Kafanchan, yesterday, said el-Rufai’s attack on Vice President Sambo was for political relevance in the state.

Bauchi State Governor Isa Yuguda (right) and Principal Private Secretary to the Governor, Alhaji Adamu Alkali, during the governor’s news briefing on Thursday’s heavy rainfall in Bauchi, yesterday. PHOTO: NAN

antics,” Kafanchan said. The party chieftain also took a swipe at the former minister while he was in charge of the federal capital territory. Continuing, “Let me tell you, El-Rufai cannot come out calling our party and the vice president names because he was in the kitchen cabinet of Obasanjo and instead of doing good things, he was busy fighting everyone including the hands that fed him. He cannot abuse people just because he wants to be relevant,” he said. Kafanchan, however, said that the vice president left indelible mark in the state while he was governor.

cult gabng members were members of the outlawed Kalare group which he said had since been dislodged. Atajiri also assured residents of the state that law enforcement agents were on top of security situation, claiming that efforts are also being made to sustain the tempo. According to him, “The success recorded so far was because of the

dedication, commitment and professionalism of our men. We are making efforts to ensure that Gombe remains secured, peaceful and calm, and our appeal to the general public is that they should continue to report suspicious movements, and movements of objects or property they suspect have been stolen so that we can proactively react to the situation promptly,” he said.

According to the party chieftain, “el-Rufai has always commended Vixce

President Sambo for his developmental strides when he was still in the

PDP. Now that he left for the APC, he has resort in attacking the person of

the vice president just to remain relevant. He will never succeed in these

Gombe police arrests 30 cultists, cattle rustlers DANJUMA WILLIAMS GOMBE


o fewer than 30 suspected cattle rustlers and cult gang have been arrested by the Gombe State police command over the last one week. The command’s pub-

lic relations officer, DSP Fwaje Atajiri, while parading the suspects, yesterday, said the cattle rustlers, numbering two, were arrested on the eve of Sallah last week while they were transporting the animals to the market. Atajiri said the cattle

rustlers were intercepted by policemen on stop and search duty along Dukku Road and upon interrogation discovered that the four cattle and other animals in their possession were stolen from different locations within and outside the state. On the other arrested

criminals, Atajiri explained that 27 of them were arrested based on the tip-off that they were planning an attack on a rival gang while some others were arrested at different points. The police image maker, however, dismissed speculatiosn that the arrested

Ibrahim Ningi, disclosed this yesterday at the second private guards companies stakeholders meeting held in the state capital. Alhaji Ningi said 30 such companies have been registered, while 10 were given warning notice to normalize their operations. In the words of Alhaji Ningi, “No fewer than 14 Private Guards Com-

panies have so far been sealed-off for operating without valid license; while 10 have been given warning letters to normalize their operations, 30 other companies have renewed their licenses.” The NSCDC boss thereby called on security stakeholders to assist the corps in guarding against private guards’ unprofessional conducts and illegal operations in the state. He recalled that

in 2004, the federal government had placed the operation of the corps in its Exclusive list. Meanwhile, a communiqué issued by the state’s NSCDC Public Relations Officer, Superintendent Oguntuase Akin Michael, is said that said foreigners (buzzus) should henceforth not be used in providing security services whether in private homes or in companies.

Kaduna NSCDC shuts 14 illegal private security firms A ZA MSUE KADUNA


he Kaduna State command of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), has sealed 14 illegal private guards companies operating without valid licenses in the state. Kaduna NSCDC commandant, Alhaji Zakari

Flood destroys houses, worshippers could roads in Borno 500 not perform and complete INUSA NDAHI MAIDUGURI


75-minutes downpour yesterday in Maiduguri, Borno State capital, has left several mud houses and roads in the metropolis destroyed. The downpour disrupts yesterday’s Jumat prayers in mosques, while over 6,

their prayers mosques. The destroyed houses are located in the outskirts of Maiduguri, including Njimtilo, Dalaram and the settlements on the banks of River Ngadabull. Saturday Mirror gathered that 11 houses collapsed at Njimtilo villages.

Saturday Mirror


August 17, 2013

MDC drops court challenge A to Mugabe’s re-election


Fraud: China rejects appeal by Nobel laureate’s brother-in-law


imbabwe’s opposition MDC yesterday withdrew a court challenge against President Robert Mugabe’s reelection through a vote the party had denounced as fraudulent, saying it was being denied crucial evidence by election officials. Mugabe, 89, and his ZANU-PF party were declared winners of the July 31 election but the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) led by outgoing Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai had filed a motion for the con-

stitutional court to overturn the result. A hearing on the MDC challenge, which had alleged widespread voterigging and intimidation by ZANU-PF, had been planned for today. “I can confirm that we have withdrawn the presidential election petition. There are a number of reasons, including the failure by the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission to release critical evidence in this matter,” MDC spokesman Douglas Mwonzora said. The decision appeared to

end any hope of further action by MDC through the courts, which Tsangirai’s party have said are dominated by ZANU-PF along with other state institutions in the southern African nation that was formerly known as Rhodesia. Mugabe, Africa’s oldest leader, who has ruled since independence from Britain in 1980, this week told critics of his re-election to “go hang”, making clear he would brook no questioning of his disputed victory either from the West or his MDC rival.

Pointing to flaws in the July 31 vote cited by domestic observers, Western governments - especially the United States - have questioned the credibility of the election outcome and are considering whether to prolong sanctions against Mugabe. But Mugabe is drawing comfort from African election observers who endorsed the elections as largely free and orderly and have urged Zimbabweans to move on peacefully. Western observers were barred from observing the vote.

Mexican pilgrims attend an Assumption Day mass celebrated by Pope Francis in the Italian town of Castel Gandolfo.

UK Judge approves man’s sterilisation


sion. The Court of Protection in London has heard that the DE does not want to become a father again. But he could not be relied upon to use condoms or other birth control methods effectively to prevent pregnancy, the court was told. In her ruling, s Justice King said DE lived with his parents but had a longstanding, loving relationship with his girlfriend PQ, who also has learning disabilities, but of a less severe

nature. The birth of the couple’s first child had a “profound” effect on both families, and measures were taken to ensure there was no further pregnancy, including keeping the couple apart and supervising any contact between them. The judge said the couple’s relationship “nearly broke under the strain, but remarkably weathered the storm”. DE’s social worker, who specialises in looking af-

ter disabled adults, had told the court “how very unusual it is to see such an enduring relationship between two significantly disabled people”, adding it was “remarkable and very precious and should be valued and protected in their interests”. Justice King said DE had suffered considerable distress during the separation with his girlfriend and had his confidence shaken by the loss of his independence.

memorial event for slain miners. In a decision highlighting the ruling African National Congress (ANC)’s loss of support among many mineworkers, Zuma’s government backed out of the ceremony commemorating 34

striking platinum workers killed by police at Lonmin’s Marikana mine. Last year’s so-called “Marikana massacre” was the deadliest incident of its kind since the 1994 end of white-minority rule. It shocked South Africans and the world and drew at-

The ruling - announced by a court in Huairou, a one-hour drive northeast of Beijing - was not unexpected as China hardens its stance towards the rights community under the rule of newly-installed President Xi Jinping. The Huairou court upheld the June sentence that Liu Hui, a manager in a real estate company in the southern city of Shenzhen, defrauded a man called Zhang Bing of 3 million Yuan ($490,000), along with another colleague. Liu Hui has maintained his innocence, according to his lawyers.

Deadly Lebanon blast claims at least 22


he death toll from a blast that ripped through a southern suburb of Beirut on Thursday has risen to at least 22. The powerful car bomb detonated in a densely populated area of the Lebanese capital containing strongholds of the Shia militant movement Hezbollah. Heavy damage was reported to nearby buildings and cars. Interior Minister Marwan Charbel said officials were investigating if the van believed to be carrying the explosives had been driven by a suicide


High Court judge has sanctioned the sterilisation of a man “in his best interests” in a landmark legal ruling. The 36-year-old, from the Midlands, has learning difficulties and already has a son, born in 2010, with his girlfriend. Justice Eleanor King ruled that a vasectomy could take place after hearing that another child could cause the man “psychological harm”. Experts said he was capable of sexual consent but did not have the capacity to make decisions about contraception. The case came to court because of undisputed evidence that the man - referred to as DE - does not have the capacity to decide whether or not to consent to sterilisation, meaning a judge had to make the deci-

Chinese court yesterday rejected an appeal by the brother-in-law of jailed Nobel Peace Prize laureate Liu Xiaobo, upholding his 11-year sentence on fraud charges, a case seen as another example of official retribution on the Liu family. Supporters of Liu Hui say his case was trumped up, aimed at thwarting the increasing attention by the rights community on the plight of Liu Xia, who has remained under effective house arrest since her husband won the Nobel Prize in 2010.

bomber. Among the dead were a father, mother and their three daughters killed in their car. The blast is being linked to the conflict in Syria, which has stoked sectarian tensions in Lebanon. The site of the blast is close to the Sayyed al-Shuhada complex, where Hezbollah often holds mass rallies. The explosion comes a month after another car bomb wounded more than 50 people in the same district of Beirut. A Sunni Islamist group said it had carried out that attack, promising more violence against Hezbollah.

Egypt crisis: Death toll rises as violence spreads


t least 60 people have been killed in Egypt, officials say, as protesters loyal to ousted President Mohammed Morsi clashed with security forces. Thirteen people died in Cairo, health and security sources said, with many dead and wounded near Ramses Square. Two days ago the protesters’ camps were broken up, leaving at least 638 dead and causing international condemnation. Outside Cairo, there are 12 reported deaths in Nile

Delta cities and 13 in the rest of Egypt. In the wake of Wednesday’s violence, the interior ministry says police have been authorized to use live ammunition “within a legal framework”. There is also a state of emergency in place, with a curfew starting at 1900 local time (1700 GMT). Hundreds of people gathered at a mosque in Ramses Square yesterday, after the Muslim Brotherhood, of which Morsi is a member, appealed to its supporters to join a “march of anger”.

Zuma draws fire on South Africa mine killings anniversary


pponents of President Jacob Zuma turned the anniversary of South Africa’s bloodiest post-apartheid mine violence into an attack on his failure to tackle poverty and inequality yesterday after his government shunned a

tention to growing workers’ dissatisfaction with Zuma and the ANC’s rule. Instead of attending the Marikana memorial event, Zuma flew to a regional summit in neighboring Malawi. While seats reserved for cabinet ministers at

the memorial remained empty, leading critics of Zuma who plan to challenge him and the ANC in elections next year pilloried his government’s handling of labor unrest and popular protests against widespread poverty and unemployment.





If any of you wants to run a degree programme, we will admit them, but we will not take anybody who does not have five credits. Prof Isaac Adewole, Vice-Chancellor, University of Ibadan, speaking when the Oyo State Commissioner of Police, Mohammed Indabawa, and his senior men paid him a courtesy visit.

Saturday, August 17, 2013.

The African military in an age of democracy (II) A s was proposed at a recent Tswalu Dialogue that we-hosted in the Kalahari, today it is possible to discern a taxonomy for African militaries in terms of their relationship with civilian governments. Like the counties they represent, Africa’s militaries are differentiated. There are those proposed ‘red carders’ where military regimes (such recently as Mali) have come to power unconstitutionally. Coups remain a threat particularly where there is an insurgency which throws the absence of civilian leadership in sharp relief. A second category comprises the ‘legitimators’ where military governments or armies have morphed into civilian regimes. This category includes a lager number of countries, literally all the way from Angola to Zimbabwe. A history of liberation struggle invariably invests the army and especially its leadership in one party and one electoral outcome. And given the influence on the rule of law, this usually goes hand in hand with negative investment perceptions and economic fortunes, outside notably of natural resources. The third group is those countries with a history of military rule, where civilians now, once more, govern, including Nigeria, Liberia, Benin, Sierra Le-

with President Olusegun Obasanjo




one and Ivory Coast. The fourth category are those ‘constitutionalists’ where there is no formal history of military rule, including Botswana, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Gabon, Kenya, Malawi, Mauritius, Senegal,

Tanzania and Zambia. No formal role in politics does not mean, however, that the military is out of government altogether, not least in possessing and pursuing business interests. While this ‘arrangement’ might keep


Athletics: Asumnu unhappy with Nigeria YEMI OLUS


ne of the country’s top sprinters, Gloria Asumnu, is having doubt about representing Nigeria barely two years after she decided to switch allegiance from the US to don the green-and-white colours of her parents’ country of birth. The sprinter who was born and raised in the US first competed for Nigeria at the 2011 World Championships in Daegu, South Korea, but has over time, been demoralised by the lack of organisation in the system. The Tulane University graduate who has a Personal Best of 11.03secs over 100m is currently featuring at the IAAF World Championships in Moscow. She didn’t make it past the semis in the 100m, having finished in seventh position where she posted an unimpressive time of 11.44secs.

The athlete, whose parents hail from Imo State, took to the social media network, Facebook, to voice her concerns. She said, “This year has been very stressful; glad that it is finally over. Choosing to run for Nigeria was a decision I thought I made for the better but in turn I’m starting to think it was a big mistake. It’s not set up for you to be the best you can be. I have a great coach and trainer and this has nothing to do with that. “Although, I’ve had time to reflect on my season, it’s been filled with injuries that I just couldn’t recover from in time. I know I gave it my all and I’m looking forward to next year with many changes that lie ahead.” Her comments gave an indication that she would not feature in the 4x100m relay team which she was expected to be a part of. When asked if she was no longer running the relays, she said, “I have no answers about the relay; as of now I’m not a part.”

the military formally in the barracks, in the longer-term this risks promoting elite interests, patronage and uncompetitive practices over wider developmental needs. Translating growth into development remains a key African concern, especially among its burgeoning youth population. Where there are such vested interests there is a danger also of militaries protecting political interests and sponsors. Still the African military’s role in politics has also largely overshadowed a key question – what should be the key attributes required to do the job before it today? The variability of African militaries can be a threat to the people they are supposed to protect. Africa’s post-independence history shows too that if you neglect your army, they can become a domestic risk. The best contribution the military can make to democracy is to stay out of politics, Institutional incentives should be geared to wider, national objectives rather than those narrow, elite and often patronage-driven interests linked to one or another political party or personality.


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