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Thursday, August 30, 2012

CSR: Promasidor donates medical equipment to Isolo LCDA ELLA OLAMIJU


romasidor Nigeria Limited, makers of Cowbell Milk, has donated medical equipment to a public health centre in Okota in Isolo Local Council Development Area of Lagos. Some of the items donated to the centre include blood pressure monitors, projectors, Xray machines, gauzes, surgical gowns, drapes and bandages, printers, bin liners amongst others. Corporate Communication Co-ordinator, Promasidor, Mr. Isiaka Lawal, disclosed that the company was partnering with the Isolo Local Council Development Area to provide medical equipment for the public health

center, which is in line with the company’s corporate social responsibility policy. He said, “As a company, it is part of our policy to give back to the community in which we operate in and we know that partnering with the Isolo Local Council Development Area on this project will be beneficial to our host community.” Chairman, Isolo Local Council Development Area, Honourable Shamsudeen Abiodun Olaleye, acknowledged that Promasidor Nigeria has continually impacted on the lives of the people in the community. The chairman who recently marked his 300 days in office said, “We really want to appreciate the efforts of Promasidor Nigeria because it has not relented in assisting whenever it can.

We want to say thank you to the staff and management of Promasidor for the kind gesture. We have looked forward to this partnership, at first, we thought it was a mirage but now we know it has come to stay. The health center is ready but the structure is not enough the equipments are very key and Promasidor has made the full realization of that promise. We want to say thank you also for the items that were donated.” Olaleye disclosed that since Promasidor joined his administration it has helped the Isolo Local Council Development Area in bringing smiles to the faces of widows and has promised to empower the widows by giving them products for free as well as branded shops to start their own businesses.

L-R: Assistant Brand Manager, Promasidor , Mr. Kingsley Onuoha, winner in the on-going Olympics Medal Rush promo, Mr. Christopher Nnagbo, and Procurement Manager, Promasidor Nigeria, Mr. Anie Ekong during the cheque presentation in Lagos recently.

A brand should live up to its promise


he brand promise of the Skye brand is to always build positive association with customers. when the banks YES campaign kicked off years back,the bank positioned itself as a worthy friend to customers. I remember vividly the radio commercials “I wish I had a friend saying YES to my dreams”.The campaign exemplified the values of the bank as a true and dependable ally for customers. I was at the Ikeja Plaza branch of the Skye Bank several weeks back. It was a transaction that required one paying huge interests as i needed to sort something out urgently.The paper work would have scuttled our plans as it was too late. I was pleasantly surprised when the BDM, one William Odigie intervened and sourced the money for my company to hold the event. That day, the man never knew the huge capital he added to the brand’s

image. The Skye Bank actually said YES to my dream that day as what looked like a brick wall thinned out within seconds. The Skye brand and its Manager projected the brand values and created an enduring touchpoint that remains indelible.A friend also shared his memorable experiences whenever he uses the Skye Bank VIP lounge at the Airport whenever he travels to visit his family in Canada. It is required of any brand to live up to its promise and meet consumers’expectation. Consumers seek out brands that keep their promise. Brands should create experiences and opportunities for consumers to be emotionally attached with the brand. This happens only when brands consistently meet consumers’expectation and ultimately living up to the brand promise. Brands have remarkable ways

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e describes himself as a creativity junkie who loves pitches and the high adrenalin that goes with. And though he is an ardent promoter of good music, his area of expertise is copywriting. Steve Babaeko is the Creative Director of global advertising and marketing communications firm, 141 Worldwide, where he has driven the creative process remarkably for over five years now. Prior to his engagement with 141Worldwide, Babaeko had spent five years each at foremost advertising agencies MC & A Saatchi & Saatchi, and Prima Garnet Ogilvy between 1995-2000 and 2000-2005 respectively. With the goal to change the landscape of marketing communications in Nigeria, a feat which he has lived up to significantly, Babaeko, a 1994 Drama graduate of Ahmadu Bello Univeristy, Zaria, recently created a distinct buzz in the ad and marketing communicatins world with telecoms company Etisalat’s advertising campaign in Nigeria. On where he draws such creative inspiration from, hesaid: “Creativity is divine, so my inspiration comes from that realm, plus, I think my environment and people I meet. I call myself a student of humanity, thus, I love to study people, their actions

Brand X-Ray with Ayodeji Ayopo Tel: 08023448199 E-mail: to impact the way consumers view their services. The service or products are seen together with the brand as this focuses on perception. Perception matters most and how consumers perceive the brand is important than what the brand claims to be.My perception at that point in time reinforced my belief in the Skye brand. The brand has power to shape perception. This is because brands function like prisms. How consumers perceive the brand is shaped both by the actual product, features as well as the brand attributes. Consumers also utilise their established parameters to measure the extent to which a brand lives up to its promise. Consumers’ expectations are also informed by


the experience with the brand. Consumers compare the patronage of a brand in line with their expectations. When consumer experiences exceed expectations, consumers are delighted. This is why positioning is a crucial issue for every brand. It is expected of brands to maintain consistent positioning while coping with challenges in the market place. A brand should always strive to live up to its promise and preserve the brand’s core essence. My personal experience of the Skye Bank brand is one that has been etched in my memory. I believe that is the brand is that friend that I need according that creates an enduring touch point for me.


I CALL MYSELF A STUDENT OF HUMANITY THUS I LOVE TO STUDY PEOPLE and inactions, hopes, fears, and aspirations. All these are for me a big well of inspiration.” Babaeko has developed advertising Campaigns for brands like Fanta, DSTV, Virgin Atlantic, Etisalat, Pfizer and many other multinational companies, and has won several advertising Awards and pitches in the process. He is well travelled and a strong cheerleader of the youth. He gives lectures on creativity and advertising in his spare moments. The brand promise captures the essence of a brand. A brand must ensure that it substantiate every claim. Not only should such claim be substantiated but also be consistent at every point in time. A brand is also expected to be a trend setter and not following trends in order to differentiate its identity. This becomes very important because occurrences force some brands to embrace the bandwagon effect which may be injurious to their image. The reputation of any brand that fails to live up to its promise is at stake and this automatically leads to revolt by the consumers. Consumers are also emotionally involved with any brands that deliver on promise. When consumers are emotionally involved with a brand, that brand has reached an important point of success. Emotional involvement leads to brand loyalty and advocacy on the part of the consumers for the brand. A brand attracts all these and more when it fulfill its “vows” to the consumers.

Thursday, August 30, 2012  

All the fact,...all the sides

Thursday, August 30, 2012  

All the fact,...all the sides