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Misconducts: NJC hears cases against Judges April 24

Tourism industry: The untapped goldmine

Vol. 3 No. 18

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Shehu Sani speaks:





Only Salkida can invite Boko Haram for dialogue

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Says he’s a freelance journalist on exile

Calls FG’s proposed amnesty a scam


Four feared dead as van plunges into Lagos lagoon

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L-R: Mother of the deceased, Mrs. Adetutu Famuagun; Ekiti State Governor, Kayode Fayemi; his counterpart from Edo, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole and father of the deceased, Chief Festus Famuagun, during a condolence call on the parents of the late Ekiti State Deputy Governor, Mrs. Funmilayo Olayinka, in Ado-Ekiti yesterday.

I didn’t call Ojukwu an extremist –APGA chairman P. 8

Five jostle for Ekiti Deputy Governor position We are still mourning, time not ripe –Govt

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CAF U-17 Championship: Golden Eaglets battle Black Starlets

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Mirror


To a

Dauntless Spirit at


Your Excellency, The occasion of your 78th Birthday provides us an opportunity to look again and appreciate an unapologetic son of Oyo State, who shoulders on his neck one of the most cerebral deposits in any human skull. Looking at your fine analytical mind, strength of conviction, intrepid spirit and courage, we can only conclude that our state could not have been more blessed. We admire your fearless disposition, frank observations and ready wit. We pray that God would grant you more days of relevance in the years ahead to afford us of your muchneeded counsel as we brave on in our self-avowed intent to build a better Oyo State. Many Happy Returns!

Sen. Abiola Ajimobi

Executive Governor of Oyo State




Sunday Mirror



Mary Slessor’s residence in Calabar

Tourism industry: The untapped goldmine Nigeria’s tourist industry has suffered neglect over time. Successive administrations in the country appear not to have much regard for it. But stakeholders believe that the sector, if properly harnessed, would rival oil and could be what is needed to turn around the dwindling economic fortunes of the country. If this is the situation, why then has the industry lingered in perpetual neglect? What would it take to revamp it and what is the inherent benefit that has remained untapped? These are what this report, anchored by Head, Special Investigations, Isioma Madike, focuses on


igeria’s tourist industry, according to informed stakeholders, remains a goldmine that has been neglected by successive governments. The country, it has also been said, could exceed its foreign exchange expectations with proper harnessing of her tourism potential. There is hardly any state in the federation

that one would not find a tourist potential. But, they all share one thing in common: abandonment. In Borno State, tourism is based primarily on its natural resources, history, rich traditions and cultural heritage of the people. There are also sceneries of poetic beauty in the hilly South as well as historic monuments represent-



ing the past grandeur of Kanem Borno Empire in the North. It is endowed with other tourist attraction centres such as the Sanda Kyarimi Park (Zoo) in Maiduguri, Lake Alau, Sambisa Game Reserve, Rabeh’s Fort at Dikwa, Jaffy Falls, situated in Kwaya Kusar Local Government area, the Shehu’s Palace, Museum, Lake Tilla, Gwoza Hills, the Marama Spiritual Mountain in Hawul Local Government area and family recreation and amusement park. Sadly, insecurity, lack of funding by government and religious beliefs have contributed to their neglect, it was gathered. The Sanda Kyarimi Zoological Park, which was established in 1970 as a community forest reserve, houses a lot of animal species of great beauty. In the past, it served as leisure for people, especially during festivals. But due to the security challenges, the park is no longer receiving patronage from both from within and outside the state. During the last Sallah celebrations, it was reported that a suiCONTINUED ON PAGE 4




The Big Read

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Mirror

‘In Borno, concern is insecurity, not tourism’

Shehu of Borno’s palace

Kusugu Well where Bayajidda killed the famed snake in Katsina

Agbokim Waterfalls, Calabar

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3 cide bomber was arrested at the entrance of the gate trying to manipulate his way into the zoo to cause destruction. This has added to the woes of the once beautiful zoo. Also, Lake Alau, which was the spot where Idris Alooma, one of the famous warriors, hero and charismatic leader of the ancient Kanem Borno Empire was buried, is in ruins. It used to be a site for intensive farming, particularly irrigation during dry season. Fishing is another economic activity that takes place on the lake’s shores. It equally provides water to Maiduguri and its environs via the Water Treatment Plant. Incidentally, previous administrations did not deem it fit to give the site the desired attention; even the present government under the leadership of Governor Kashim Shettima, has not been any better in this regard. In the same mould is the Sambisa Game Reserve, which harbours a sizeable population of wildlife, including elephants, antelopes and lions. It has now become a dead zone following the recent Joint Task Force, (JTF’s) discovery of a bomb-making factory by suspected terrorists in the area. In fact, the park has not only been neglected but has become a no-go-area as all the casual workers and staff have relocated from the neighborhood owing to the fear of possible attack

from the terrorists, who many say are suspecting that it was the workers in that park that revealed their presence to the JTF. For the Marama Spiritual Mountain, which from a distance forms the shape of letter “M”, it has been a long intriguing story. It connotes a story of tourism and mythology. Over the years, Europeans, especially missionaries developed interest in this particular mountain, which lies in-between a cascading range of hills running from the highlands of Adamawa. The mountains from which Marama town derived its name is believed to offer certain mythical protection and progress to people who patronised it. But as a result of the increasing influence of Christianity and Islam, the site’s patronage declined and government lost interest in developing and maintaining it for tourist attraction. The Shehu of Borno Palace, which had remained a tourist attraction and was patronised by people from all over the world, has now become desolate due mainly to the security challenges in the state. Prior to the Boko Haram insurgency, the palace reflects the grandeur, prestigious relics and modified architectural design of Arab civilisation. It is made of burnt-bricks and was constructed by the artistry of four famous Kanuri masons and architects. The palace was used for Durbar Festival, instal-

lation and turbaning of traditional rulers. Reacting to this ugly situation, the Commissioner for Commerce, Industry and Tourism, Dr. Asabe Vilita Bashir, told Sunday Mirror that the neglect of tourism in Borno State is largely caused by insecurity. She also pointed to the locations of the tourist sites, which according to her, are mostly situated at the outskirts. She, nonetheless, said that the present administration in the state is working to revamp the sector through her ministry. In Ogun State, the story is not different in spite of its numerous tourist potentials. Some of these centres include the Olumo Rock in Abeokuta, Birikisu Sungbo Shrine at Oke-Eri via Ijebu – Ode, Yemoji Natural Swimming Pool at Imagbon, Laogo in Ogun Waterside area, the Madam Tinubu Shrine in Abeokuta, Area J4 Forest Reserve and Tongeji Island in Ipokia, among many others. All these centres have interesting tourist attractions and are capable of generating substantial revenue for the state and the country in general. Among these centres however, the Birikisu Sungbo Shrine is one peculiar tourist centres, which has over the years, generated controversies because of its relevance in Christian religion. The shrine, which in the past attracted a lot of tourists, is regarded as the final resting place of the Biblical Queen Sheeba, an Arab woman, who in her old age, died and was buried there in Ogun State. Till date, the tomb of that heroine, after whom the shrine is named, is referred to as the “Mecca of Nigeria” because the shrine has become a monument of religious curiosity. The belief among the people of Islamic faith in the area is that whoever visits her shrine and requests for anything in sober reflection will receive such a desire. The tourist centres hosts among other features, a ninehole golf course, a family concourse, snack bar, prayer ground, administrative office and guest chalets. But the sad story is that the place has over the years been neglected by relevant authorities, who pay little or no attention to it. Even though the Federal Government had commissioned and declared it a national monument in December 15, 1964, the place has remained a shadow of its old self as it is completely abandoned. The shrine will be unpleasant to a first time visitor because the environment is

bushy. Over the years, there have been accusations and counter-accusations between the Ogun State Government and the Federal Ministry of Culture and Tourism over whose responsibility it is to maintain the tourist centre. Sunday Mirror gathered that the state government did not want to make any statement that would throw spanners into in the wheel of progresses per the successes already recorded between it and the Federal authority, in such a way that it could cause a setback to the efforts at revamping the shrine. Several archaeologists were said to have visited the place with a view to bringing it into relevance. In Cross Rivers State, the once revered tomb of Mary Slessor in Akpap Okoyong, Odukpani Local Government Area, is in shambles. So also the two-storey fabricated building constructed in 1887 by a missionary carpenter, Owens, with walls made of iron sheet and the doors, of wood. That was the famed Mary Slessor Residence. The Kwa falls, otherwise known as Kwa rapids, which had provided background for 2002 Miss World swim suit shots, is also crying for attention. It is a typical rain forest where visitors could sight monkeys in their natural habitat. Refome Lake, the acclaimed largest fresh water in Southern Nigeria, is equally in that mould of neglect. Pretoria Rameh resort is not left out of this mess also. Niger State is among the many states that are blessed with tourist attractions, as such can be found in a nook and cranny of the North-central state. Almost all the 25 local government councils have tourist sites numbering over 60 in all. They include the famous Zuma Rock, located along AbujaKaduna road, a beautiful huge rock formation said to be used for defence by native Gwaris against invaders. It has a magnificent view suitable for relaxation and picnic. On a close look, a human-like face becomes visible on the rock with engraving such as eye sockets, nose and a mouth. There is also the Gurara Water Falls, described as Nigeria’s stunning premier falls in Gurara Local Government area of the state. Aside those two, there is the Baro Empire Hill, a flat-top hill with beautiful scenery across the River Niger. Standing atop of it is the Lord Lugard’ first Head QuarCONTINUED ON PAGE 5

Sunday Mirror

The Big Read

Sunday, April 14, 2013


‘Biblical Queen Sheeba’s monument remains undeveloped’


Culture and Tourism Minister, Edem Duke

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4 ters building and an High Frequency, Radio station he used then. The Bida Brass Works and Masaga Glass works, in Bida area of the state as well as the Kainji dam, the Kisra Museum, and the Kainji Lake National Park, the largest national park in the country, all in Borgu local government area and the Zugurma National Park in Mashegu council, all lie desolate. It would be recalled that as part of efforts to open up the tourist attractions and get investors to invest in the sector and boost socio activities, the state Governor, Dr. Muazu Babangida Aliyu, in 2009, flew an helicopter and landed on top of Zuma Rock. He pledged after that display that his administration would construct the tallest building in the country atop the massive rock, consisting of a five-star hotel and operate a cable car from the rock to the Gurara Water Falls. This promise was followed with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the project with an interested investor. But years after, nothing concrete has happened in that site as such a lofty plan remains a dream till date. Gambo Yusuf, a hotelier, like many others, is not happy with the status of tourism in the state. He told Sunday Mirror that there is nothing concrete on ground to show that the state is serious about developing its tourist sites. According to him, “the tourism business is very lucrative; just look at what is happening in other nations of the world that really took time to develop theirs, you will understand. It is a good source of revenue, if only the nation can expand its horizon beyond oil.” Yet, the Commissioner for Tourism, Mrs. Susan Aishatu Gana, said it is not


true that the state government has no agenda for its tourist sites. She stated that MoUs had been signed to build hotels around the Zuma Rock and the Gurara Water Falls with interested investors, and that soon, work would commence on those places. She also explained that her ministry, only recently, undertook a tour of the entire state where it identified over 60 tourist sites, which many people were not aware of before now. “This is to let people know that we have tourist attractions and we want to go a step further to market these areas and it is our desire that the industry will attract investors. Government has its role to play; look at the Gurara Water Falls, there was no road before now, but the state government constructed the road to open up the place. It is now left for investors to come and invest. It needs partnership with investors. If the private sector invests, they will want to ensure that their money is recouped. And we all know that in Nigeria today, government cannot do everything alone; it needs to corporate and partner with the private sector,” she said. Katsina State is also blessed with several tourist centres, some of which date back to hundreds of years before the coming of the British colonialists. One such is the Gobarau Minaret, which is believed to be over 1000 years old. It used to be a watchtower in ancient times of war. Another is the Daurama palace in Daura council area and the Kusugu well; both have historic significance and recognition. The palace, believed to be more than 1500 years old, housed one of the earliest female traditional queens, Daurama, while the well has links to the famed Bajayida, who killed a huge snake that prevented


people from fetching water. But despite these tourist sites, the state appears not to be serious at developing them. In a swift reaction, however, sources close to government say the problem is not that of neglect or abandonment but inadequate influx of foreign and local tourists. According to a director in the Ministry of Tourism, Ibrahim Abdul, the state is making efforts to encourage and promote its tourism potentials. He said that the ministry along with that of History and Culture Bureau as well as the National Monument and Museum Commission, are brainstorming to achieve more patronage of tourists to the state. “Efforts are in top gear to woo tourists into the state. The Ministry of Commerce and Tourism is spearheading this,” he said. The Igbo Agala area of Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, is host to the once irresistible tourist site, the magnificent Bowers Tower, which is located in the hilly part of the city. The imposing structure is over 13 feet long with its history dating back to I936. However, the derelict nature of the other structures that litter the entire compound, speaks volume of the neglect it has suffered in recent times. Apart from the bushy nature of the compound, the shelters erected for the relaxation of the tourists have become dilapidated. Oluwabiyi Tobiloba, who claimed to be working for the private company that manages the Tower, said “we have been here since 1999, though, one can say that it has not been a bed of roses because of low patronage; it is important that the state government through the tourism board come in to make this place more beautiful for those coming here. Whatever that is keeping this place alive comes from us.”

A civil servant, who lives in the area, Dotun Onayemi, said the tower before now was always a beehive of activities, attracting both the young and old who visited to have a glimpse of the beauty of the ancient Ibadan city at its top. “It is quite unfortunate that anything that has the input of government often ends up not lasting for long. The tower that we grew up to know is not what is there today. The onus is on the present state government to do all it can so that the Tower can regain its lost glory.” It is the same sad story at the Agodi Gardens, located along the state Secretariat road, which is supposed to be a visitor’s delight; it reveals a tourist centre that has seen better days. The Gardens located in a large expanse of land is littered with disrepit cages for animals and birds with many of them empty. The sordid nature could be noticed right from its entrance with only one battered gate opened while the second one has been removed and replaced with blocks mounted to fill its space. Also, the Gardens now could only boast of about six tortoises, 10 ducks, three monkeys and a lion. Apart from having overgrown weeds in virtually every part of its corner, it is deserted with no guard to take visitor round it. In Anambra State, the Agulu Lake, the famed Ogbunike cave, Igbo-Ukwu museum, Amichi War library, the Imoka shrine, the Owerre-Ezukala Water Falls and the Rojenny Games Village, are some of the neglected tourist sites. The centres have remained undeveloped for the public to enjoy their full potentials. At the Imoka shrine in Awka, the whole place looks very rustic and unkempt, with CONTINUED ON PAGE 6


The Big Read

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Mirror

Mary Slessor’s tomb in Akpap Okoyong, Calabar in shambles


Tomb of Queen Sheeba in Ogun State

bushes surrounding it. One of the priests of the shrine, Chief Nwimoka Madu, told Sunday Mirror that the shrine attracted visitors mainly during the Imoka Masquerade festival and that once the festival ends, the whole place is abandoned. The Ogbunike-cave suffers the same fate of neglect as nothing has been done to develop it to international standard. As for the Igbo-Ukwu Museum, which is domiciled in a building along Onitsha-Ekwulobia road, it looks more of a historical relic than a tourism centre. The Rogenny Games Village, which used to be the preferred destination of many holiday makers in the past, was as dead as its premises, having been overgrown weeds until recently when the state governor, Peter Obi came to the rescue by releasing millions of naira to a private developer, Chief Romy Ezeonwuka, for its rehabilitation and resuscitation. The Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism, Joe Martins Uzodike, also disclosed to Sunday Mirror that government had approved the award of contract for the construction of Agulu Lake Hotel and Infrastructure at the sum of N1, 892,092,483.20. He said the contract has a completion period of nine months. Uzodike stated that the construction of Agulu lake hotel is part of the efforts of the government to develop and revamp the tourism sector. “We shall soon commence the enumeration of all the hotels in Anambra State as part of the efforts to boost tourism sector and attract patronage,” the commissioner said. Kaduna State also has numerous tourist centres, which include the Nok Cultural Safe at Kuwi in Jema’s Local Government area, Gamji Park, the Maitsirga Water-falls in Kafanchan, the legendary Lord Lugard Bridge in Kaduna town and the Kerfena Hills in Zaria. Incidentally, all of them have been abandoned by the government as people no longer visit such leisure places owing to its deplorable condition. Gamji Gate known as Gen. Hassan Usman Park is situated at the end of Swimming Pool Road, Kabala-East in Kaduna city. The park was used as a garden during the periods of colonial and northern administrations. It has a natural setting of trees, mangrove, orchard and is dotted by small islands from River Kaduna that flows beside it. The Park was given a face-lift and was developed into a tourist’s relaxation and leisure area in the 1980s and ‘90s, but, it now begs for government attention as its infrastructure has lost its allure. Residents of Kaduna city, who still manage to patronise the Park have lamented the alleged high fee being charged even as the recreational centre is unkempt. “This is a famous tourist centre in Kaduna city. Colonial people used this place but government doesn’t


Daurama Palace, Katsina State

Marama Spiritual Mountain Maiduguri

want to improve on the infrastructure and they are collecting money from people,” one local tourist fumed. Over 22 buildings constructed by Sam Mbakwe administration at Abadaba Lake, Obowo in Obowo Local Government area of Imo State are today in a state of decay for lack of management. The massive structures built in bricks now provide safe heavens for hoodlums even as some of the facilities have also been vandalised. However, Abadaba Blue Lake and its environs, which harboured the colonial District Officer’s rest house, remains a tourist potential in neglect. Along with Abadaba are the Rolling Hills at Okigwe and National Springs located at Onicha Ezinihitte Mbaise area of the state. Together, the tourist sites cry for development as their potentials remain untapped. Other abandoned tourist centres such as Mgbede at Orlu, Ogidi at Amaifeke Orlu, Iyi Okwu at Ihioma, Eziama Mystic Spring in Ideato South, and the Uboma Fish Ponds are among the unexploited tourism centres. Though the state government intends to renovate some of these centres, some industrialists told Sunday Mirror that the Abadaba Lake, for instance, has been neglected for too long as the government has been losing substantial revenues which should have accrued from it. Rivers State is not exempted and could not be excused from the neglect of its huge tourist potentials. In spite of the state government’s defence on the issue, stakeholders in the sector have voiced out their frustration over how the tourism industry is perceived by the government. They have berated the state for doing “too little” to develop

the tourism centres in the state. Akpekon Imbufe, an hotelier is one of them. He told our correspondent that Rivers State is abundantly blessed with enormous tourism resources begging for development but that managers of that sector lacked foresight. He pointed to the Port Harcourt Zoo and wondered why the government would abandon such strategically located facility to rot away without enough animals to attract tourists. He did not stop there, but stated also that the total absence of a city gate in the state says a lot to those who are visiting the state for the first time. “Yes, the state is hugely blessed with oil money and abundant tourism potentials. Unfortunately, it is not blessed with people who have the capacity to develop these resources for the benefit of the state and the country in general. All entry points to the state are neglected and unattractive, giving a first time visitor to the state the impression that it is a dirty place,” he added. Attempts to get state authorities to speak on its plans for the sector failed as Sam Dede, who was recently appointed Director-General of the Rivers State Tourism Development Authority (RSTDA), failed to take calls or answer text messages sent to his phone on the issue. Additional reports by Inusa Ndahi (Maiduguri), Femi Oyeweso (Abeokuta), Richard Ndoma (Calabar), Priscilla Dennis (Minna) James Danjuma (Katsina), Kemi Olaitan (Ibadan), Charles Okeke (Awka), Aza Msue (Kaduna), Chris Njoku (Owerri) and Godwin Okonkwo (Port Harcourt).

Sunday Mirror


Sunday April 14, 2013


Allegations of misconduct against judges flood NJC •Body fixes April 24, 25 to examine petitions ISE-OLUWA IGE


ggrieved litigants from different parts of the country have flooded the National Judicial Council (NJC) with petitions alleging serious judicial misconducts against judges sitting in various courts of records nationwide, Sunday Mirror has reliably gathered. Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Aloma Mariam Mukhtar, who is worried by the development has already sent queries to some of the affected judges to get their own sides of the case. A competent source close

to NJC who spoke with Sunday Mirror yesterday on condition of anonymity said that the National Judicial Council had already fixed April 24 and 25, this year for its meeting where the petitions and other ancillary matters would be discussed. The source said that most of the petitions were either alleging outright corruption or abuse of judicial oaths of office against the affected judicial officers. Although the number of petitions to be treated by the NJC at its meeting is not yet clear as at press time, the NJC source told Sunday Mirror yesterday that the

CJN was still adding and removing petitions from the official list of cases to be considered at its meeting. According to the source, “there is no doubt about it, the CJN is poised to scapegoat some of the judges with dirty records in order to sanitise the judiciary. She is not willing to spare any judge who is corrupt. But I think she is trying to be careful. She wants to be sure that things are done properly before she makes progress with the cases. I need not say that the Jombo Offo case is still fresh. She does not want to make any mistake,” the source said. The source also added

yesterday that there was an upsurge in the number of petitions being received from litigants against sitting judges since the new CJN resumed office. It claimed that the upsurge was traceable to the determination by the firstever female CJN to cleanse the judiciary of its rot in the next two years. “The Jombo Ofo case gives a guide. She was the one that nominated her for elevation at the level of the Federal Judicial Serice Commission meeting. She was also the one who stood up against her immediately she realised the discrepancy in her record,” he added.

Only last Monday, the incumbent CJN, Justice Mukhtar, threatened serving judges fond of writing questionable judgments with serious sanctions. According to her, “a judge should write judgment in a simple and unambiguous manner such that it leaves no one in doubt as to what the judgement has addressed. A judgement should meet the justice of the matter or controversies between the contending parties. It is certainly not good for a judgement to be capable of more than one interpretation otherwise the judge would have caused more problem than the reason for his being called upon to intervene in

the first place. “Where therefore a judge is found to be complicit in the writing and delivery of a judgement, the NJC as constitutional regulatory body will not hesitate to wield the big sticks,” she had added. The NJC is a creation of section 153 of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) with power to hire and fire erring judicial officers. The Council is headed by the Chief Justice of Nigeria although complaints are thickening against the idea of making a serving jurist the head of the all-important Council in view of what happened during the tenure of former CJN, Justice Aloysius Katsina-Alu.

JTF intensifies raids on terrorists in Kano AUGUSTINE MADUWEST, K ANO


L-R: Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi; Alaafin’s Cultural Ambassador, Dr. Paula Gomes; Guest Lecturer, Prof. Fabio Lima and representative of Minister of Culture, Prof. Olatunde Babawale, at the Paula Gomes Cultural Foundation and Alaafin of Oyo United to Preserve Culture Heritage in Oyo PHOTO: NAN over the weekend.

Boko Haram has killed more Muslims than Christians, says JNI


he Muslim umbrella body in Nigeria, Jama’atu Nasril Islam (JNI), has expressed dissatisfaction with Boko Haram’s rejection of the proposed amnesty by the Federal Government.

According to an online publication, Saharareporters, a statement by its scribe, Dr. Khalid Ahmed Aliyu, JNI criticised the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) for its resistance of the policy, asserting that Boko Haram sect had killed more Muslims than Christians. JNI, according to the report, said it was perplexed that while the call by the Sultan of Sokoto and President-General of JNI to grant amnesty to Boko Haram had received the strong support of some prominent Christians, the President of CAN, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, and others were confusing the country’s leadership on the way

out of Nigeria’s security challenges. “Our concern is, what is the motive behind the total rejection of amnesty by them?” the statement asked. “Do they benefit from the quagmire of the Boko Haram? When were they appointed special advisers to the president on the perpetuation of insecurity? However, if leaders’ utterances cannot ventilate the atmosphere for peace at a time when such is most needed, what else will guarantee peace? The unfortunate menace of Boko Haram insurgency in Nigeria is indeed an accident beyond religion which affects every Nigerian directly or indirectly and upon which no passing of bulk can be logical,” Aliyu said. Arguing that the menace of Boko Haram had affected more Muslims than nonMuslims, JNI described

Islam as a glass house from which no true Muslim should throw stones, and that it stands by the teachings of Islam which cautions against making provoking statements in times of anger because it only leads to regret. It therefore appealed to the Federal Government to proceed with its plans for amnesty as “a potent way of restoring peace to Nigeria without minding any distractive tendencies of some conservative elements” who may have a selfish agenda. “Consequently, as always, JNI uses this medium to call on the Federal Government to do away with all the vituperations of the CAN president and his cohorts by swinging into action undeterred over the issue of granting amnesty, with all stakeholders involved carried along such that peace and

prosperity will return to Nigeria. In the same vein, Muslims must not be oblivious of the significance of prayers; therefore they are called upon to fervently pray to Allah, the Most High, for the harmonious existence of Nigeria. Meanwhile, we seize this opportunity to remind all Nigerian Muslims of resisting any provoking temptation.” It is unclear if JNI, at the time of this statement, actually knew that Boko Haram had itself denounced the amnesty initiative, as JNI did not criticise the violent group about its rejection. In a broadcast quoted by AFP on Thursday, the group’s leader, Abubakar Shekau, said it was the government, not Boko Haram, which needed a pardon from his group, which he said had done no wrong.

pparently moved by the statement credited to the leadership of the Boko Haram sect in turning down the proposed Federal Government amnesty for its members, the Kano militaryled Joint Task Force (JTF) has begun combing the nook and cranny of the state, particularly the capital city in search of militants.

Sunday Mirror investigations at the weekend revealed constant raids on suspected flashpoints and hideouts in search of terrorists. Most of the raids, from our findings, had ended in tragedies. Some of the suspected flashpoints which had been under severe military “bombardment” were identified as Anguwan Uku, Sheka in Sharada area, Hotoro, Eastern Bye-pass, as well as Dakata, where sect militants had laid siege lately. We gathered that for the fourth day running, JTF and the police had intensified their operations to free Kano from the grip if Islamic extremists. For instance, while the police surveillance patrol is more prominent in Bompai, Dakata, Zango and Sabon Gari, Kano’s nonindigenous community, the JTF has remained a common sight in Sharada, Hotoro, Eastern Bye-pass and Yankaba, where they have intensified their house-tohouse search for terrorists and weapons of mass destruction.

Kano State Commissioner of Police, Musa Daura, said the command was leaving nothing to chance in its campaign against criminal activities, while JTF spokesman, Captain Ikedichi Iweha, told our correspondent that the house-to-house search by JTF operatives was a routine operation, designed to restore peace in the state. It would be recalled that last Friday’s operation in the city by JTF left seven persons, a soldier and six suspected terrorists dead. The soldier, whose identity is being withheld by the JTF, was attached to the 3 Brigade Kano, according to military sources. Sunday Mirror gathered that the bloody gun duel followed an early hour raid by JTF on Sheka in Kano city, notorious for Boko Haram activities and one of the many hideouts of gunmen operating in the state. Spokesman of the JTF, Ikedichi Iweha, an army captain, said the operations led to the death of seven persons, adding that at the end of the raid, assorted dangerous weapons, including explosives were recovered in a building that provided cover for the terrorists. “The building was demolished after five women believed to be wives of some of the militants and three of their children were evacuated to safety by JTF,” Iweha said. A similar raid on Easter Sunday claimed the life of a JTF operative and 14 suspected Boko Haram gunmen somewhere around Anguwa Uku quarters.

The newly elected nation didn t call Ojukwu an ex tremist, says APGA chairman



Sunday April 14, 2013

Sunday Mirror

North has no leaders –Emir A ZA MSUE



mir of Kazaure, Alhaji Najib Hussaini Adamu, yesterday said the North has no leaders. The royal father reiterated that those parading themselves as leaders of the zone were merely out to enrich themselves while pretending to be leaders of the people. Alhaji Adamu main-

tained that the present leaders in the North had become so isolated that they are hardly found in public functions that did not benefit them directly. Speaking on the topic, “Crisis of leadership as a source of conflict in Nigeria: The way forward”, organised by Arewa Media Forum (AMF), in Kaduna he maintained that the North lost sincere leadership after the death of the

Premier of the region, Sardauna of Sokoto, Sir Ahmadu Bello, many years ago. His words: “North lost its leadership right from the death of Sardauna of Sokoto, Sir Ahmadu Bello. So right now there is no sincere leadership in the North. “The leadership problem the North is facing today, which the country is taking part of it, is caused by our leaders in the posi-

tion of authority. Some of them will steal millions of naira and look for boys to cover them up, and at the end of the day, these boys will turn to something else. “The most painful aspect of it is that our leaders have become isolated, even as the Emir, I cannot talk to some of them because they have made themselves inaccessible.” The Emir noted that it was only during a political

rally that the leaders would be found in his hall, but in an avenue to tell the truth, the hall would be empty. He stated: “I agreed with the issue that there is no religious fundamentalists in the North, but extremists who do not know the idea of their religion. “The way forward is for the people and the leaders to go back to the doctrine and teachings of the two religions, Islam and Chris-

Aliyu to FG: Set up constitutional courts to try election petitions PRISCILLA DENNIS MINNA


overnor Muazu Babangida Aliyu of Niger State has called on the Federal Government to set up constitutional courts to try election related issues after the ballot in the nation.

The governor, who stated this at the 24th Forum of Speakers of the 19 Northern States House of Assembly in Minna, said instead of setting up election petition tribunals that are later disbanded, it would be better to establish constitutional courts in their place. Aliyu, who is also the chairman of the 19 Northern States Governors’ Forum, NSGF, exonerated President Goodluck Jonathan led-administration from the security challenges rocking the North and urged the region to collectively rise up to the challenges and finding lasting solution them. “Let us take responsibility and find solution to common problems affecting the North and leave Abuja alone. This is because Abuja cannot help us in solving our security challenges as a region.” He also urged the Speakers to be agents of change in their states by focusing on quick dispensation of justice, decrying a situation where many of those presently languishing in

prisons across the nation for years were neither tried nor convicted. “Half of the prisoners in our prisons are not convicted because the judiciary is going through a lot of problems. Because of that, many are in prisons. They are remanded and not convicted. I want to ask you to encourage your chief judges to go and release them, especially if they have served their prison terms. Let them do the right thing,” Aliyu told the Speakers. Earlier, the chairman of the Speakers of the 19 Northern Speakers Forum, Inuwa Garba, pointed out that Speakers of the zone are not unaware of certain alien insecurity crises in the region, but would do everything possible within the ambit of the law to ensure peace and stability. Speaking also, chairman of the state PDP, Alhaji Abdulrahaman Enagi, stressed the need for peaceful relationship within the various houses of Assembly, saying most of the houses were overtaken by wrangling that lead to periodic change of leadership. He explained that such changes create enormous problems within the house as no meaningful development can take place among people that are divided among themselves.

tianity.” However, the former Vice Chancellor, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, Professor Ango Abdullahi, blamed the leadership crisis in the zone on the followers, saying that if the followers were obedient, did things along the teachings of the two religions and follow good examples shown by the leaders, everyone would be better for it. His words:”However, both the leaders and the followers must agree on common interest, otherwise there will be no peace.”

I didn’t call Ojukwu an extremist, says APGA chairman EMMANUEL ONANI


L-R: Officiating Minister, Bishop Anthony Gbuji; the groom, son of Enugu State Governor, Nnamdi Chime and his bride, Nnoma, during their wedding ceremony at the Holy Ghost Cathedral in Enugu, yesterday. PHOTO: NAN

Board of varsities: Salisu Buhari appointment in order –Abati ROTIMI FADEYI ABUJA

The Federal Government yesterday justified the appointment of the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Salisu Buhari, among members of the governing council boards for federal universities. Buhari was convicted for certificate forgery during the administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo but was later granted a pardon. Responding to opposition to the appointment of Buhari while on Sunrise, a Channels Television breakfast show, Presidential Spokesman, Dr. Reuben Abati, said that Buhari’s appointment was

in order, stressing that there was nothing wrong for him to hold such public office. Abati noted that the former lawmaker was pardoned by the administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo after apologising to his colleagues on the floor of the House of Representatives. He, however, said any appointment could still be reversed if there was a protest from the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) or from the concerned university. “Salisu has brought these comments and these comments are very controversial. People are saying that he was convicted for forgery and perjury under the

Obasanjo administration. “If you recall after that conviction, he not only apologised on the floor of the House of Representatives, the administration at the time subsequently granted him pardon. “I think we have discussed pardon on this programme before. Pardon means you can no longer be punished for whatever offence you have committed. It means that your rights have been restored and you can again legitimately act for the society. The pardon says you can’t be shut out of the society. “If you have opportunity again to serve your country, of course, you can be asked to be part of the process,” he argued.

he newly-elected national chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Maxi Okwu, has clarified that at no time did he refer to the late Biafran leader and Ikemba Nnewi, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, as an extremist. Okwu, who made the clarification at a Town-Hall meeting in Abuja, yesterday, insisted that his earlier comment was “wrongly interpreted”. According to the APGA national chairman, “the person interpreted what I said in his own man’s freedom fighter could be another person’s terrorist; it depends on the approach. “So, let’s not make too much noise about it; it’s a distraction and my brother Umeh took it and ran away with it.” He declared that his mission as the party’s chairman “is to reconcile all members of the party that are dissatisfied and disillusioned.” This is even as he noted that the “new APGA” is founded on inter-party cooperation, and is “focused on forward movement”. Earlier in the day, Okwu, who was elected on April 8, at the party’s national convention in Awka, the Anambra State capital, paid a courtesy call on the Eze Igbo 1 of Abuja, Eze (Dr). Sir Nwosu Ibe.

NIGERIA IN BRIEF Margaret Thatcher influenced me, says Ita-Giwa Former Special Adviser to President Olusegun Obasanjo on National Assembly Matters, Senator (Princess) Florence Ita-Giwa has joined millions worldwide to extol the virtues of the late Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of Great Britain. In a statement made available to news men, the political leader of Bakassi

said that the late Prime Minister was an inspiration that spurred her to achieve great feats politically. The statement reads in part: “On a personal level, her life and times greatly affected my world view about the place of women in the political sphere. When she shattered the imaginary glass ceiling set by political male chauvinists, she set

the stage for women like me to dare the status quo and challenge entrenched male political juggernauts who saw elective offices as their birthright. “Not only was I inspired by her to stand for and win elections, I did so on several occasions as a candidate of what could be termed the opposition party in my constituency.

NCC lifts ban on Airtel, Globacom, Etisalat promos

Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has lifted the ban placed on promotions on Airtel, Globacom and Etisalat networks, Mr. Tony Ojobo, director of Public Affairs, NCC has said. The three service providers reportedly met the regulatory body’s December 2012 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Ojobo told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in

Lagos that the ban placed on promotions on MTN network was still in force. “The ban on MTN still remains in force until the KPIs are met. “We expect that the networks will all continue to provide good quality of service,” he said. The NCC had on November 12, 2012, placed the ban on all promotions by telecom operators as well as lotteries

on the GSM networks. Ojobo then said that the ban, which took immediate effect, would remain in force until the commission decided otherwise. He explained that the ban was introduced because NCC was inundated with many complaints from consumers and stakeholders against the various promotions offered by the operators. She added, “On a personal level, her life and times greatly affected my world view about the

Sunday Mirror


Sunday April 14, 2013


Five jostle for Ekiti Deputy Governor position K AYODE FASUA


s all await Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State to name a new Deputy Governor, politicians keen in occupying the office have reportedly begun to scheme, seeking the endorsement of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, leaders and that of the governor himself. The state’s deputy governor, Mrs. Funmilayo Olayinka, died on April 6, following a fitful battle with the cancer disease. No fewer than five persons are believed to have been penciled down for the job and would be screened

•We’re still mourning, says state govt

by the inner caucus of the party after the burial of the late Olayinka on April 26. Sources at the weekend revealed that since Olayinka hailed from Ado-Ekiti, the state’s capital, indigenes of the town are insisting that she represented their slot and as such, an Ado-Ekiti indigene ought to be appointed as deputy governor. Apart from that, it was also gathered that the womenfolk within the ACN in Ekiti have embarked on a campaign of gender appeal, stressing that a woman should be appointed

since the last occupant was a woman. The female agitators are reportedly anchoring their request on the fact that apart from Oyo State, all the other ACNcontrolled states in Yorubaland have women as deputy governor. However, other local government areas within Ekiti Central Senatorial district, to which Ado-Ekiti belongs, are also clamouring for “power shift” to enable another community within the district benefit the position, our source informed. In Ado-Ekiti, however, there are three gladiators,

out of whom only one is a woman. The male contenders are said to be Chief Bisi Egbeyemi, a former national legislator and an ex-chairman of Ado Local Government and Senator Babafemi Ojudu, a serving senator. The female contender from Ado-Ekiti, sources said, is Prof. Modupe Osabusua, an academic. However, it was similarly gathered that a group is currently rooting for the appointment of Hon. Bamidele Opeyemi, a House of Representatives member, who hails from

Iyin, a community near Ado-Ekiti, and hometown of former state governor, Otunba Niyi Adebayo. But from Efon-Alaaye, in Efon Local Government area of the same Central District may also emerge Mrs. Ronke Okunsaya, a multiple-time commissioner in the old Ondo State and Ekiti State. Currently, she is the state’s Commissioner for Tourism and Culture. Sources source said she is the topmost contender. When contacted, however, the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Fayemi, Mr. Yinka Oyebode, initial-

ly declined comment on the subject but after much prodding, he replied: “The state is still mourning now and so nobody is talking of succession. We are in a mourning mood; I’m not aware of positioning.” Oyebode however eulogised the departed deputy governor, saying at the risk of her frail health, she strove to deliver her best. He added that Olayinka, in concert with the governor’s wife, Erelu Bisi Fayemi, and Okusanya, the tourism commissioner, “put down their feet to ensure that women in the state get their dues.” (See additional story on Page 14)

Salkida, not Sultan, should lead Boko Haram dialogue –Shehu Sani A ZAM MSUE KADUNA


L-R: Secretary to the State Government, Dr (Mrs.) Oluranti Adebule; Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN) and his Deputy, Hon. (Mrs.) Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire, during the 2013 first quarter budget review at the Banquet Hall, Lagos House, Ikeja at the weekend.

4 feared dead as van plunges into Lagos lagoon MURITALA AYINLA


here was pandemonium yesterday morning at Majidun area of Ikorodu as a Hilux van belonging to Ikoyi Club plunged into Majidun River, leaving four occupants drowned.

An eyewitness said the tragic incident occurred around 5am when the Hilux van marked KSF 918 AU skidded off the bridge and plunged into the river, after hitting the pavement of the river, at top speed. According to him, “This ac-

cident happened in the morning when I was driving out; it is like the driver lost control or something. He didn’t slow down before approaching the bridge. The next thing we saw was the vehicle somersaulting into the river”. Speaking with Sunday Mirror, the Director of Lagos State Fire Service, Mr Rasak Fadipe, who confirmed the incident said a search effort had since commenced following the tip-off by members of the public. For hours, search and rescue efforts were going on, to find the missing occupants. Officials of the Lagos State Emergency Management

Authority (LASEMA), Lagos State Transport Management Agency (LASTMA), Naval personnel and volunteers in the locality also had a hectic time searching for the missing occupants of the ill-fated van. Also speaking, Navy officer and local divers intensified search for the missing bodies, adding that the victims. It was learnt that one of the victims identified as Kolawole Ahmed , a manager with Ikoyi Golf Club drove the vehicle , having closed from work yesterday morning on his way home. Confirming the accident, the General Manager Lagos

State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA) Dr. Femi Oke- Osanyintolu said though the vehicle has been recovered rescue operation was ongoing in the river to recover the missing persons. On the search efforts, the Spokesman of National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) South – West Mr. Ibrahim Farinloye agency had mobilized its officials to the scene of the accident for rescue operation. As at the time of filing in the report, he said the bodies have not been recovered, saying assuring that NEMA will mobilize more of its officials for the operation.

Fashola to unveil video on defensive driving MUYIWA OYINLOLA


s part of its commitment to ensure safety on Lagos roads, Lagos State Drivers’ Institute (LASDRI) has produced a DVD on ‘Defensive Driving’ for professional drivers, which will be launched by Governor Babatunde Raji Fasola on

Wednesday, April 17, The 30-minute DVD which will be launched at the Lagos State Television premises, Ikeja, according to the Chief Executive Officer of the institute, Mr. Peter Oyedokun, was designed to retrain drivers on driving skills, upgrade their skills and make them see the reason they should make proper usage of road and traffic signals.

Speaking while addressing journalists at his Osodi office, Oyedokun, said, “This video would provide an avenue where drivers can learn driving skills, and how to drive correctly on the road. “They would be retrained on proper use of the highway and the things expected of them while driving.” Speaking further, he disclosed that the video is pro-

duced as an indigenous tool, and is translated into the five major languages, including English, Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa and pidgin. He said, “His Excellency directed that we produce an indigenous video this time, instead of the usual Western type. “He requested that the video should be translated into Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa, English and Pidgin English”.

he President, Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria, CRCN, Mallam Shehu Sani, has said that only a freelance journalist, Mallam Ahmed Salkida, who has constantly had interviews with Boko Haram leaders, will be able to mediate and bring about true amnesty .

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Sunday Mirror, Sani said Salkida would be in a better position to dialogue with the Boko Haram leaders than the Sultan of Sokoto, Muhammadu Sa’ad Abubakar111. He said Salkida must definitely be in a committee that should be set up to meet with the Boko Haram leaders for the committee to succeed. But when reminded that Salkida had fled the country, he replied: “Nigerians should ask themselves questions. Why should such a person flee when he has made sacrifice and even offered to arrange the first meeting directly with the Boko Haram group. Such a Nigerian should be encouraged if he has access to Boko Haram and these people trust him; why don’t we bring him and make him Chairman of the committee? Must he be a billionaire? Must he be a politician or is it because he is a journalist? Didn’t they know that sometimes a solution to a problem may just be before you? I know the kind of effort and sacrifice that man has put in.”

He said before an amnesty, there must be a committee and that the committee should be seen to be independent and must have the representatives of the Federal Government and it must have the respect of members of the sect. “It is only when they have the respect of the sect that they will have the chance to work things out but if you set up a committee that is made up of the Chief of Air Staff, Chief of Naval staff, D-G SSS, in fact all security chiefs and some sweethearts of the president, do you think the insurgent will listen to you?”, he asked rhetorically. Sani added that for the committee to achieve its set target, it must not only be independent but must have the capacity and the respect for whatever is going to be the outcome. “It should comprise first and foremost, the leaders of different Islamic sects in Northern Nigeria and then you also have representatives of JNI, Ahmed Salkida, a freelance journalist.” He said dialogue had failed in the past because the government has continued to do the wrong thing, saying no matter the high level of the committee set up, as long as that committee cannot reach out to the leader of Boko Haram, it is technically and virtually impossible to “pin down” the insurgents. He said the committee that he was suggesting should ensure ceasefire from the side of the Boko Haram for at least seven to eight months, while discussions last. (See interview on Pages 12, 13)

Sunday Mirror


Man in the News APRIL 14, 2013



ajiya Turai Yar’Adua, widow of former Presidentcum-ex-Katsina State Governor, Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, needs no introduction as she was dominant during her husband’s reign. Born in July 1957 in Katsina, Turai got married to the late Yar’Adua in 1975. She served as Nigeria’s First Lady from 2007 until the death of her husband on May 5, 2010. Turai’s boldness and candour became manifest when her ailing husband was brought home to the country from Saudi Arabia under the cover of night, hidden to the majority of those who served in government, including the then Vice-President, Dr Goodluck Jonathan. She showed the world that she was in charge at the Presidency as she virtually controlled access to her husband while he was hospitalised for three months abroad for treatment over what his chief physician described as acute pericarditis, an inflammation of the sac surrounding the heart and a kidney ailment. She only allowed very close family members and a few aides to see the ailing president. It was also believed that she indeed organised a military convoy that escorted Yar’Adua from the Abuja international airport to Aso Rock, the seat of government, following the unceremonious return of her husband. A former United States Ambassador to Nigeria and a fellow with the New York-based Council on Foreign Relations at the time, John Campbell, said: “She is indeed the person I think is calling the shots. The basis of her ability to do it is because she controls access to the president.” Political watchers believe that since the passing on of her husband, Turai has remained incommunicado. The only time she was in the public domain was during the issue of the disputed land with the current First Lady, Mrs Patience Jonathan, mid last year. The disputed land, plot number 1347 Cadastral Zone AOO, Central Business District, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, FCT, was said to have initially been allocated to an NGO, “The Registered Trustee of Women and Youth Empowerment Foundation, WYEF”, a pet project initiated by Turai while she was the First Lady. Minister of the FCT, Bala Mohammed, revoked the allocation for what he described as “overriding public interest” and reallocated the same land to Mrs. Jonathan for the building of African First Lady Peace Mission Headquarters on November 2, 2011. Mrs. Yar’Adua has maintained a resolute stance, insisting that the land allocated to WAYEF on February 19, 2010 was being trespassed upon by Mrs. Jonathan and has proceeded to the court where she got an order dated March 5, 2012 restraining the defendants from affecting WAYEF title and interest over the land. Those joined as co-defendants in the suit were the Minister of FCT, Federal Capital Administration and the Abuja Geographic Information System (AGIS). Following the clatter that trailed the land dispute, especially from the leading opposition party in the country, the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, the Federal Government called for an out-of-the-court settlement of the matter. The ACN has described the legal tussle between the incumbent First Lady, Dame Jonathan and her predecessor Hajiya Yar’Adua over a juicy plot of land in the Federal Capital territory as “a study in despicable sycophancy, insider abuse, arbitrariness and manifestation of the culture of impunity, all of which have become the hallmarks of the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan”. In a statement issued by its National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said, “In more decent climes, this scandal would have seen the immediate exit of the FCT Minister, Senator Bala Mohammed, from the cabinet and severely affected the political fortunes of President Goodluck Jonathan. “While the party is not holding brief for Hajiya Turai Yar’Adua, it is clear from the court records that the disputed land was first duly allocated to her non-governmental organisation: ‘Women and Youth Empowerment


Passionate over amnesty for insurgents in the North Foundation’ by the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory and a statutory right of occupancy duly issued under the hand of the same minister. ‘From the same court records, the organisation paid all levies and dues running into several hundreds of millions of naira. However, shortly after, the minister for the Federal Capital Territory without reasons issued a notice of revocation of the said property, ostensibly on the grounds of overriding public interest only to swiftly re-allocate the same land to another non-governmental organization, the ‘African First Ladies Peace Centre’, believed to belong to the current First Lady, Dame Jonathan,” the party said. Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) and Minister of Justice, Mohammed Bello Adoke, later informed the presiding judge of the court, Justice Peter Affen, that the Federal Government had made arrangement for an out-of-court settlement. Reacting to the plea for an out-of-court settlement, Counsel to WAYEF, Mr. Lagi Innocent, confirmed to the court that his clients had been approached for an outof-court settlement but added that this was not the first time the defendants were making such moves. He mentioned that WAYEF had already begun the process of notice of committal to prison on the defendants by filing forms 48 and 49, adding that it was unfortunate that people could no longer trust the government in the country. Turai penultimate weekend also used the occasion of the Award Gala Night organised by the Niger Delta Young Professionals during which she was present to collect the posthumous award given to her husband for his contribution to the development of the Niger Delta to re-launch herself into public consciousness. The former First Lady, on the occasion, charged Pres-

ident Jonathan to replicate what her late husband did to solve the Niger Delta crisis by granting amnesty to Boko Haram members in the North. Turai, almost in tears, urged President Jonathan to have compassion on the children who were dying in the North everyday just as she lamented that poverty had turned the region into a death zone. “President Jonathan needs to take a bold step my husband (Yar’Adua) took in the face of critical opposition by granting amnesty to the Niger Delta militants when he saw the alarming rate at which children and women were dying in the Niger Delta region,” Turai advised. Although, she acknowledged and commended Jonathan whom she fondly called, “my brother” for his readiness to grant amnesty to the Boko Haram sect, she pleaded that the process should be fast-tracked so that the problem of insecurity, death and poverty ravaging children and women in the North could stop. “This is your turn to do the same in the North. It is imperative for you to appoint good advisers who will guide and direct you on how best to handle the amnesty programme. My brother, I am not happy with what is going on in the North,” she complained. Responding to her, President Jonathan who was represented by his Minister of Special Duties, Alhaji Kabiru Taminu Turaki, said he would personally deliver Mrs. Turai’s message to Mr. President, just as he said the administration was leaving no stone unturned to ensure the insecurity ravaging the North was laid to rest. It would be recalled that eminent northerners, including the Sultan of Sokoto, had called for the granting of amnesty for the dreaded Islamic fundamentalist group as a way of bringing peace to the North that has witnessed a series of killings and destruction of property in recent times.


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Olayinka: Sun sets for amazon P 13


FG, Boko Haram’s ding-dong over amnesty

Invite Ahmed Salkida, not Sultan, to dialogue with Boko Haram –Shehu Sani P 12, 13

Briefly Plateau Assembly confirms Jang’s electoral body nominees Plateau House of Assembly at the weekend confirmed three nominees of Governor Jonah Jang as members of the Plateau State Independent Electoral Commission (PLASIEC). The three were cleared following a voice vote conducted by the Speaker, Mr John Dabwan, during which the majority of the members affirmed the nominations. The voice vote was preceded by a motion of urgent public importance moved at the plenary by Mr Gondina Sambo, the member representing Kigana constituency. Moving the motion, Sambo said: “It will be recalled that Gov Jonah Jang forwarded the names of Vincent Dawal from Quan’pan and Alfred Dala from Langtang North for renewal of tenure as members of Plateau State Independent Electoral Commission. “The governor also forwarded the name of Ishayi Biri from Bassa local government to replace Ishmaila Ransa.” The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that two of the nominees who were former members of the assembly were asked to take a bow while Dala also got cleared after he was asked his role in a past election. NAN recalls that Ransa was recently removed by the state assembly for alleged misconduct on the governor’s recommendation.

Rep empowers constituents with N20m

Boko Haram insurgents; Inset: Malam Shekau, the sect’s leader



hile the argument about whether or not the Federal Government should give amnesty to members of the dreaded Boko Haram group before ceasefire, the sect has rejected the pardon and peace initiative being planned by the government. In an audio message released to the media on Thursday, the leader of the Islamist sect, Mallam Abubakar Shekau stated that his group has not done any wrong that warrants being pardoned. According to him, it should be the sect that should grant pardon to the Federal Government “for the many atrocities it has been committing against Muslims.” It will be recalled that the Federal Government had barely a week ago constituted a panel to look into the possibility of granting amnesty to Boko Haram members who for about two years have unleashed terror

on Nigerians, especially those in the northern part of the country. Shekau who spoke in Hausa language, affirmed that the group is out to avenge the killing of Muslims and the “destruction of Islam”. “The Government is talking about granting amnesty to us. What have we done? On the contrary, it is we that should grant you a pardon”, Shekau said in the audio message. The Federal Government considered the amnesty alternative following a recent call by some northern leaders for amnesty for members of the recalcitrant group. Northern leaders on the platform of Northern Elders’ Forum recently appealed to President Goodluck Jonathan to consider amnesty for insurgent groups in the Northern region, in his programmes as a way of overcoming the security challenges in the country. The call for amnesty has for some time continued to be like a song on the lips of some northern leaders, making them to meet with President Goodluck Jonathan in

Abuja. The main insurgent group in the North, Boko Haram, has claimed responsibility for masterminding several attacks across the northern states causing the death of hundreds of people. The forum made its position known at a closed-door, late night meeting held with the President at the State House. The 25-member Northern Elders’ Forum was led by the former Nigeria representative to the UN, Alhaji Yusuf Maitama-Sule. Addressing State House correspondents after the meeting, the spokesperson for the Forum and former Vice-Chancellor of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Prof. Ango Abdullahi, said that the meeting centred mainly on national security. “The contention here is that the country is facing challenges and I’m sure you will agree that there are challenges in the country, particularly in the area of security. “That is the greatest challenge the country is facing today and we spent a lot of CONTINUED ON PAGE 12

A member of the House of Representatives representing Remo federal constituency of Ogun State, Taofeek Buraimoh, has distributed empowerment materials valued at over N20 million to his constituents. No fewer than 135 people benefitted from the empowerment scheme, which Buraimoh said was aimed at alleviating poverty among the people of the constituency and also to get them gainfully engaged in one vocation or the other. While distributing the items which included motorcycles, grinders, dryers, generators, sewing machines, business centre equipment among others, the lawmaker urged the people, especially Christians, to imbibe the spirit of sacrifice in accordance with the tenet of the just concluded Easter. “What we are doing was also aimed at helping the people to be economically active and alleviate poverty among our people,” Buraimoh said. Beneficiaries of the empowerment programme, which he disclosed was in phases and would be implemented to impact on the lives of the people and empower them to contribute meaningfully to the development of their various communities and Ogun State, were drawn from the three local government areas that make up the federal constituency, Ikenne, Remo North and Sagamu. He reassured the people of his commitment to the fulfilment of his electoral campaign promises, saying that efforts were in top gear to attract Federal Government presence to the area and also ensure that more democracy dividends got to the people. He also advised them to continue to live with people of other faith in harmony as development could only be witnessed in a peaceful atmosphere.



Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Mirror

Invite Ahmed Salkida, not Sultan, to dia Mallam Shehu Sani is president, Civil Rights Congress of Nigeria (CRCN). In retrospect, Sani, a peace and rights advocate led former President Olusegun Obasanjo to the Boko Haram enclave in Maiduguri in September 2011, an epochal visit that served as a launching pad in subsequent efforts to practically broker truce. Speaking in this interview with Aza Msue in Kaduna over the proposed Federal Government amnesty to Boko Haram, Sani said only a freelance journalist, Mallam Ahmed Salkida, who has constantly had interviews with Boko Haram leaders, will be able to mediate and bring about true amnesty. According to him, big names like ‘security chiefs’ and ‘the Sultan’, listed as potential arbitrators will not solve the insurgency. His submissions on the amnesty saga are in their entirety, illuminating. Excerpts:


What is your take on the recent Federal Government’s proposed amnesty for Boko Haram? Well, amnesty is one of the many proposals that have been voiced by Nigerians as a way out of this insurgence and violence; but it is not a magic formula. It is not going to lead to the end of the insurgence, neither is it going to end the violence. That President Jonathan Goodluck has announced amnesty and has constituted a committee does not mean that people will take train from Yobe and Borno states to Eagles Square in Abuja waiting for amnesty. Secondly, there are many categories of persons who want this amnesty; there are those who want amnesty because they want peace, there are those who want amnesty because they want to save their necks from the insurgence, there are those who want it because they intend to milk this country dry from the billions of money that will be given out for the programme and there are those who want it because it is the way out but they do not know how possible. And you cannot have amnesty and the next day you have all the guns and bombs submitted. What I have seen about this proposed amnesty is an attempt to scam Nigeria and raise false hope; those who think amnesty is all about bringing peace the next day are simply wasting their time and they are elements who simply want to profit from amnesty. With an amnesty the government will be in the position to pump billions of naira in the names of unemployed persons from Northern Nigeria and then parade them as being insurgents and give them the money. This proposed amnesty by the Federal

Government will not work. Number one, the Boko Haram group did not say amnesty is one of the conditions to which they will end this violence. Secondly, this committee that is set up by the Federal Government is not different from all other committees that have been parading themselves and engaging in dialogue with the Boko Haram group, and it has never worked. The only viable contact with the Boko Haram was the one facilitated by me that took former president Olusegun Obasanjo to Maiduguri for peace talk and the one by a freelance journalist, Ahmed Salkida, which brought Dr. Ahmed Datti. Other dialogues apart from the two I mentioned were simply scams. There were series of false peace talks in Saudi Arabia, false peace talks in Maiduguri and false declaration of ceasefire which I have consistently debunked which have come out to be true and I’m saying there is every likelihood that the insurgents will debunk the amnesty. There was the committee by the northern states’ governors, the one by Ambassador Zakari Ibrahim, the one by Borno State Government, and now one by the Federal Government. Nigerians have continuously been fooled with series of ceasefire. It is another road to deception; Nigerians should be worried because billions of tax payers’ money is about to be siphoned for a fruitless fight that is going to lead us nowhere. So, how can the Federal Government tackle this insurgency once and for all? I have already said that there are two ways of tackling this insurgency;the use of force and the use of dialogue. Well, government has consistently deceived itself that

force can end the insurgency, they are not wrong in the sense that the insurgency has ended in some countries using force; unfortunately, it did not work here. Secondly, there is the option of dialogue. Before an amnesty, you need to have a committee and this committee should be seen to be independent and must have the representatives of the Federal Government and it must have the respect of members of the sect. It is only when they have the respect of the sect that they will have the chance to work things out but if you set up a committee that is made up of the Chief of Air Staff, Chief of Naval staff, D.G SSS, in fact all security chiefs and some sweethearts of the president, do you think the insurgents will listen to you? It is just a simple logic; the very fact that the committee will serve as the mediating body should make it independent and have the capacity and the respect for whatever is going to be the outcome. And this committee should be credible, it should comprise first and foremost, the leaders of different Islamic sects in Northern Nigeria and then you also have representatives of JNI, Ahmed Salkida, a freelance journalist. Now Nigerians should ask themselves why dialogue has continued to fail. It has continued to fail because they have continued to do the wrong thing. No matter the high level committee set up, as long as that committee cannot reach out to the leader of Boko Haram, it is technically and virtually impossible to pin down on this insurgents. The committee that I have suggested that should comprise all these should ensure a ceasefire from the side of the Boko Haram for at least seven to eight months; they should also extract commitment within this period to end arrest and harassment .There should be no shooting, bombing and killings of innocent persons so that there would be a period of silence for eight months. Then the root cause of this insurgence will now be tabled, the killing of Mohamed Yusuf, several Boko Haram members will table their demands and make reasonable contact to their families, aiming for reconciliation over what happened. This committee should reach out to all those people who are in detention, this committee should 100 percent, take stock of victims of Boko Haram who have been killed in all those places. You sit down with them, hear their own story, the orphans and see how justice could be done to them before you talk of amnesty. We simply wake up one day and declare amnesty and think that the next day, amnesty will calm everybody down. That committee must have reached out to the leader of Boko Haram, followed by a ceasefire and then do justice to victims of Boko Haram. Boko Haram is different from Niger Delta militants. Are you aligning yourself with other Nigerians who opposed Federal Government’s decision of amnesty?

I have not opposed amnesty and I do not support a bogus amnesty that is simply aimed at defrauding Nigerians. If we want an amnesty that will end this problem…it looks so simplistic to say that there is an amnesty; so people will come out and lay down arms and collect money. We must also understand that there are some acts of violence that are different from the North and Niger Delta. The Niger Delta militants want a fair share of resources from their region; they also want money to be given to them, and some of them have openly come to say they want money as a condition to end the violence. Boko Haram has never made any monetary claim, nobody should go and allocate billions of tax payers’ money for them and I am saying it very clearly, when I led President Obasanjo to Maiduguri, I took onlyN20,000 for fuel; nobody should come and defraud Nigerians in the name of lining up some street boys and misinforming Nigerians that they are militants, then give them some millions and also give some Islamic personalities contracts like they are giving Tampolo and others in the Niger Delta. Are you totally opposing northern leaders who are clamouring for amnesty for Boko Haram? Look, what I am just telling you is this; all these elders, most of them are for amnesty because they want to save their necks so that the fire will not reach them; but many of them are part of what has led us into this mess. If they have spoken out against corruption and mismanagement when northerners were in power, we would not have been here, which has made it so easy for the insurgents to recruit millions of our young people who have been abandoned by government. The leader of Boko Haram did not say he needs money like the Niger Delta leaders, Tampolo and Asari Dokubo. So, am still emphasising on this so that nobody will defraud Nigeria. I am for amnesty but not for scam. You talked about Salkida a freelance journalist, but from report I have read, Salkida has fled Nigeria over security threats. What do you say about this? Nigerians should ask themselves questions. Why should such a person flee when he has made sacrifice and even offered to arrange the first meeting directly with the Boko Haram group. Such a Nigerian should be encouraged if he has access to Boko Haram and these people trust him, why don’t we bring him and make him Chairman of the committee? Must he be a billionaire? Must he be a politician or is it because he is a journalist? Didn’t they know that sometimes, a solution to a problem may just be before you? I know the kind of effort and sacrifice that man has put in. You kicked against the Sultan of Sokoto as the chairman of the amnesty commit-

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Sunday, April 14, 2013


alogue with Boko Haram –Shehu Sani tee, what is your reason? First of all, the Sultan is a leader of Muslims in Nigeria, despite that the Boko Haram sect has not recognized him or respected him. Apart from making statements, what other efforts has he made? He might have made efforts but without any result. I am talking to you today not because I am an activist or a commentator, but I went to Maiduguri, and I have proved to you what I have been doing. Why has the Sultan not gone to Maiduguri? So, you see he would have solved a lot of problems but this one, he is ineffective. So, making him the chairman of an amnesty committee will not work. For example, during the postelection crisis in 2011, people like him were targeted and even the Emir of Kano, an old man was also targeted, the Shehu of Borno was also targeted. So, how can you bring somebody who is being hunted to chair an amnesty committee?

The only thing the chairman of the committee will do is to submit a proposal to Goodluck Jonathan requesting for billions of naira to settle the sect, and some rascals from Sokoto, Katsina, Kano, Maiduguri and Jos will be brought in and money will be given to them and some Islamic leaders will be given contracts as much as they are giving Tompolo. But what connection do they have with Shekaru, or what connection do they have with entire members of Boko Haram? Do you have any regret for taking expresident Obasanjo to Maduguri after which concrete suggestions were made to the Presidency but might have been ignored? Well, today, the only pain I feel is the killing of Baba Fugo. Fugo was a man of peace and determination. Both of us sought the permission of the Boko Haram group to organise a reconciliation.

But the group came up openly and denied that they were the ones that killed him. I have to believe them because they killed so many people and admitted but why did they reject this one? Our suggestions to the Presidency were buried by the late General Andrew Azazi because he believed his way was the only way. Azazi misinformed the president to go to South Korea and said Nigeria will end Boko Haram by June last year. So, our efforts were sabotaged by no other person than Azazi, and this is to show how some people who think they are security experts think they can stop Boko Haram, using security formula but they do not know the economic, political and social aspects of it and that is why the problem is persisting. I will continue to say in my own way how to solve this problem. When all Nigerians believed that a peace talk was going on, I said it was not and it came out to be true, and I’m saying that this amnesty will not go anywhere because the commit-

tee members, no matter how highly placed they are, if they do not reach out to the sect, it will not work. Who is that one person that can guarantee the effectiveness of this amnesty? There is no person. If you ask me of two or three persons, the first person is Ahmed Salkida, but that does not mean there are no other persons who can equally reach out. Those kinds of people will not want their names in print. Everybody thought it was going to the Sultan and when the Sultan failed to deliver, then they have nowhere to go. As it is now, what will happen if the amnesty fails? It means we have failed, the Federal Government has failed. The government must reach out to those people who are respected by the sect so that the crucial issues will be properly resolved.

FG, Boko Haram’s ding-dong over amnesty CONTINUED FROM PAGE 11

times discussing the various

issues on security matters. “On amnesty, what we discussed is that the general opinion in the country is that amnesty should be factored in to whatever the government is trying to do to overcome the violence that is taking place all over the country and, particularly, in most parts of the North. “Fortunately, the President is already thinking hard on it and he assured us that there is a special meeting on the matter tomorrow and I’m sure that something substantial will come out of that meeting,” he said. Abdullahi said that they were at the Presidential Villa as a follow-up to an earlier visit last year where a memorandum was submitted to the President on matters of the nation by the Forum. He said that the President, after studying the memorandum, invited members of the group for further deliberations on issues raised in the submission. Also, the Minister of Information, Mr Labaran Maku, confirmed that the group called for amnesty for insurgent groups. He said the President also briefed the forum on what government had been doing to stabilise the situation in the North and to promote infrastructure development and agriculture. The minister said the forum was informed of efforts of government toward promoting education in the North, particularly through the construction of more than 100 Almajiri schools to increase access to education by more than 9.5 million children on the streets. He said the President also spoke about the nine out of 12 Federal Government-owned universities established in the North. Other members of the forum at the meeting were, Dr Hakeem Baba Ahmed, Mrs Pauline Tallen, Alhaji kali Gazali, Dr Safiya Mohammed, Mr Solomon Dalong and Sheikh Ahmed Lemu. Also in the meeting were Alhaji Shehu Malami, Sen John Wash Pam, Alhaji Bello Kirfi, retired Maj.-Gen. Paul Tarfa, Alhaji Lawal Kaita, Dr Paul Unongo and retired AVM Allamin Daggash. Alhaji Sanni Daura, Alhaji Yahaya Kwande, Alhaji Sale Hassan, Alhaji Bashir Yusuf, Justice Mustapha Akanbi, Prof Idris Mohammed, retired Capt. Paul Tahal and retired Capt Bashir Sodangi were also part of the delegation. It will also be recalled that the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Abubakar Sa’ad III, had also recently called for amnesty for members of Boko Haram. To this effect, the Federal Government on April 4 inaugurated a committee to look into the possibility and modality on granting amnesty to the fundamentalist Boko Haram sect. However, an indication that the sect might truly not be interested in the proposed amnesty deal emerged when some Borno State Government officials were gunned down. That was followed by an attack that was carried out on a police station in Yobe State on Thursday. Four policemen were killed in the fire fight at the police station and

their rifles were taken away. The stance of the group notwithstanding, a number of individuals and groups have commended the federal government for the initiative. For instance, the United States of America on has backed government’s gesture. The Political Counsellor at the Embassy of the USA, Gregory Lawless, said in Abuja that the American government would support amnesty for Boko Haram if it was the solution to ending violence in the North and other parts of the country. “We think it is a positive development. We will work with Nigerian government as it develops its own policy approach as to counter violent extremism,” Lawless said in a response to a question about the US position on the amnesty the Nigerian government was planning to grant the Islamic sect at a teleconference on US-Nigerian Bi-national Commission. He added, “Security concerns in Nigeria would be addressed through our regional security cooperation working group as part of the Bi-National Commission. In the same vein, former Head of State and presidential candidate for the Congress for Progressive Change in 2011, Maj-Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) last week threw his weight behind the Federal Government’s plan to grant amnesty to members of the Islamic sect, the Boko Haram. Buhari contended that granting amnesty to the fundamentalist sect members would not be out of place because it would not be the first time a militant group would be given such a privilege by the Federal Government. He recalled the decision by the late President Umaru Yar’Adua to grant amnesty to Niger Delta militants to douse the tension in the oil-rich region. The CPC presidential flagbearer in company with his running mate, Pastor Tunde Bakare; the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Masari, and the party’s National Chairman, Prince Tony Momoh spoke in Abeokuta, shortly after a courtesy visit to Governor Ibikunle Amosun in his Oke-Mosan office. Equally, President- General Ohanaeze Ndi-Igbo Worldwide, a pan Igbo social group, Chief Gary Nnachi, has joined the long list of other Nigerians calling on the Federal Government to grant amnesty to members of the Boko Haram sect, so long as it will restore peace back to the nation. Nnachi who was recently in Kano in company of top notch of Pan Igbo social group to build confidence among the Igbos residing in the volatile region following the recent bomb attack on a luxury bus Park, noted that “peace is the only thing that will guaranteed development and wellbeing of the Nigerian citizenry and federal government should be in the vanguard of ensuring that peace is maintained, therefore the government should do whatever it takes, including giving amnesty to the Boko Haram members if they will lay down their Arms and leave peacefully with everybody’. The Ohaneze boss stressed that “Nigeria is a country for everybody, be it Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa or any other Tribe,


we don’t have any other place than this our beloved nation and its time we stopped deceiving ourselves and live peacefully with one another, and the freedom of movement, right to live and ownership should also be guaranteed” Meanwhile, former presidential candidate and founder of the National Action Council (NAC), Olapade Agoro, has faulted the planned amnesty for Islamic sect, Boko Haram saying the Federal Government, by so doing, will be empowering the sect to continue their onslaught against the nation. He also berated the Northern elders who are at the forefront of calls for amnesty for the sect saying they are interested in the largesse that will come with the amnesty so as to be well equipped for the 2015 general election. He stated that: “First and foremost, Mr. President is already mortgaging his position. He is telling the world that he lacks the will expected to deal with terrorism and insurgency. “How can a man that said Boko Haram members have infiltrated his government now turn around and say they are faceless? “It will be stupid of any leader to talk of granting Boko Haram amnesty. By the time you gave them money in the name of amnesty, you are empowering them to continue the onslaught. You are giving them enough fuel and arming them to fight the nation. “The Northern elders know Mr. President is hotly pursuing 2015ambition. What they are waiting for is enough money to arm their insurgents groups and to have enough resources to campaign against the president. That is all. So, by listening to the Northern leader’s call for amnesty, Jonathan wants to arm the sect against himself”. “Before we talk of amnesty for Boko Haram, they must first come into the open, hand over all their weapons and surrender them to the Federal Government.


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PDP Governors’ Forum is long overdue –Sen Oyofo APRIL 14, 2013

An inner caucus member of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that he is, Senator Victor Kassim Oyofo explains why the controversial PDP Governors Forum was constituted. Also, he hits back at the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and its merging partners, as well as those who hold the view that the Yoruba race is marginalised. In this no holds barred interview with Deputy Editor, Kayode Fasua, and Senior Correspondent, Ayo Esan, Oyofo, who was in the Senate between 1999 and 2007, dissects the Nigerian politics in the most revealing fashion. Excerpts:

is quite in order. Amaechi, who belongs to a party that has the highest number of governors in the country, should rightly be the Chairman of the general Governors Forum. But the PDP must have its own agenda and this agenda must be championed by governors who are from the PDP. And Godswill Akpabio is most eminently qualified for that. So in case the PDP Governors are holding a meeting now, do they expect the chairman of the Nigeria Governors Forum to attend? The Governors must attend the Nigeria Governors Forum because there must be something general and the PDP governors will attend the meeting on what is particularly PDP’s: the maintenance of the corporate entity of the PDP and its programmes. Let us look at the reconciliation effort in the PDP. You said now that you moved with the national chairman of the party to some zones as part of the reconciliation effort. How successful was the reconciliation effort by the national leadership of the party? The reconciliation was very effective. The reason I tell you this is that, I was in the South-West where we don’t even have governors as everybody knows, but the crowd was tumultuous. You see, we must not understand reconciliation as zero conflict. If you think of reconciliation as a zero conflict, then we are not talking politics. Unless you gather ‘zombies’ together, it is then that they don’t have any opinion and they don’t have anything personal to discuss. Then you say, ‘everybody, go here!’ And all of them go there. And I don’t think that is possible. So, don’t let us talk about reconciliation as if it means zero conflict. Some say it is the perceived ambition of President Goodluck Jonathan to contest in 2015 presidential election that is causing crisis in the PDP. I won’t ‘naturally agree. The President is a young man and if he has not done anything unconstitutional, there is no need for any crisis. Nobody has ever said ambition is a crime; so why will that cause a conflict? We are not yet in 2015 and definitely, as I said, we should not look at political harmony to be equal to non-partisan interest. Nigeria is made up of North and South, generally speaking, and I will expect that the northern group as an example will always like to say something for themselves, just as those of us from the South will want to say something for ourselves. For that matter, we from the South-South have something to say, just as the South-West has something to say, and the South-East. But it is in mixing this together that we have a palatable group that makes what is called Nigeria.


Recently, some PDP governors were reported to be against the national chairman of the party, to the extent that they were calling for his removal. What does this portend for the party? First, let me because of my fortunate proximity to the national chairman, make some basic statements. One, PDP as a whole is harassed by newspapers journalists. They like to publish stories which very often are not even close to the truth. At the time they said some PDP governors wanted to remove Bamanga Tukur, it was far from the truth. That is what we know. And recently, I had a chance to go with him (Tukur) to many of the zones in the country. And we had tumultuous welcome in all of the zones that I followed him to. And the governors of the respective zones that were at home at the time we got there were present in our meetings. This is politics and you can’t have politics without having some people who will want to rock the boat. But that is not to say that is how PDP is faring. PDP is very much on ground anywhere you go in the country and PDP is solidly with Bamanga Tukur. The Chairman of the PDP Governors Forum spoke about that when we visited Port Harcourt, the South-South zonal headquarters.

So most of what you are saying is just newspapers trying to make interesting stories. They are not necessarily always true. But there will always be a situation where people are rocking boats, otherwise there won’ be politics. Don’t you see the creation of the PDP Governors’ Forum as part of the problem because we were having the Nigeria Governors’ Forum chaired by Governor Rotimi Amaechi who is also a PDP Governor? Is the creation of the new forum not a sign of crisis in the PDP? No, as a matter of fact, I think they should have formed the PDP Governors Forum long before now. This is because we are in politics. I cannot sit, for example if I am a governor, with a CPC (Congress for Progressive Change) governor and expect him to agree with me. I have my own agenda which might quite be different from his’; otherwise, why are we not in the same party? So, that it existed like that for so long before it was corrected is what we should have been discussing. And we are approaching 2015, and people must define who they are. So I don’t see anything wrong because Amaechi is leading the Nigeria Governors Forum and he is a PDP Governor and Governor Akpabio is leading the PDP Governors Forum. That

The President has now agreed that amnesty should be granted to the Boko Haram insurgent group as against what he said earlier that the government was not ready to give amnesty to a faceless group. Does this not amount to double speak? It means that the faces have been seen. If you don’t see the faces, who will you, grant amnesty? So, there is no conflict in that. If the government said they were faceless, it means the government didn’t see the faces. So if now they are known, then he can discuss amnesty with them. The opposition parties-the ACN, ANPP and CPC-have come together to form a mega party. Do you think the new party will give PDP stiff opposition at the 2015 poll? They don’t even have a party yet. So let us hope they can register a party. Let’s assume that they are able to register a party? They are nothing. For me, I won’t lose my sleep over them. ACN is part of it. I think Yoruba are really re-examCONTINUED ON PAGE 16



Sunday, April 14, 2013

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‘Anenih has helped to guide democracy since 1999’ CONTINUED FROM PAGE 15 ining themselves as to whether they want to belong to a corner. These are the people who of right have been at the centre of political civilisation in Nigeria since 1851. How can they allow anybody to box them into a corner? So, when that realisation is placed before the people, they will make a decision and they will put them (ACN) where they belong. So I don’t see any problem. Then, who is there again? The CPC has not even got out of its shattered block. So what is there to worry about CPC? Standing alone or standing together with the ACN means the same thing.

Elections are coming up soon in Ekiti, Osun and Anambra states. When there is internal wrangling within the PDP, how do you think the party can come together to take over these states? I have already answered the question; that the process of resolving internal differences doesn’t remove personal wishes or personal positions. Everybody in SouthWest now realises that they have made a mistake in opening windows to the ACN. So now, what they are doing is a rethinking. They are saying ‘yes, we are brothers and sisters, we can fight but we must stay together to win election.’ They now know that they have a common interest and that they need to pursue their common interest. In politics, they have something to share. I cannot quarrel with you to the extent of saying ‘don’t let us go to the stream.’ Where are we going to get water to drink if we don’t go to the stream? So, the South-West PDP now realises that they must close ranks. That was the message that rang out clearly in all our visits to the South-West zone. Whether Ekiti or Osun, they will definitely rally together and win the race The South-West people are crying that they are being marginalised by the Jonathan administration. Is the marginalisation due to the fact that they didn’t vote PDP in the last election? Nobody has marginalised the SouthWest. In the South-West, I think we have seven or nine ministers. How can you call that marginalisation? We are talking of key positions in the country... What key positions? There are six geopolitical zones. If you just vacated the Presidency (referring to the eight years rule of President Olusegun Obasanjo) what do you want to get now? In South- South, we are in the minority but we are not complaining anymore because nature made it our lot. So, South-West is not being marginalised. And this is why I am talking about the fact that South-West cannot afford to be in an obscure corner. You know the SouthWest; they have what you call Omoluabi (a thoroughbred). How can an Omoluabi, a person born complete, will now go and sit in a corner? So, we have a discussion going on here. So it is only they, the South-West that can marginalise themselves. How do you see the recent pardon granted the former Governor of Bayelsa State, Diepreye Alamieyesiegha by President Goodluck Jonathan? Whenever certain issue come up, I am often not quite sure how to take a position because as you know, I am committed to the truth. I cannot say he (Alamieyesiegha) is a fraudster. It was alleged that he was corrupt. I think they tried him. I know that the only comical side was when he escaped from England and he was said to have dressed as a woman. That is a bit comical. But you will excuse me if I don’t make a statement on the issue because I

am not in a position of facts. I must speak what is the truth. It doesn’t mean I am for or against, just that I don’t have the facts. For example, I once told you in an interview that the only Nigerian who is not a thief is the one without opportunity. So, all of them are thieves. What is in Alamieyesiegha that made him a special thief ? So if you ask me, I don’t have the fact; that is number one. Number two; any Nigerian that is not a thief is one without opportunity. The big man steals big things; the small man steals small things. So I am not sure that in this milieu, I have a means of measuring a particular person. If I had the facts, yes, I would make a categorical statement. So I am neither for the pardon nor against it. The President has the facts but I don’t have them. Those who are criticising the pardon may have the facts but I know from experience that most people do not even have facts before they take sides on issues. As a former Senator, how will you assess the present Senate or even the entire national legislators? Well, if I must speak frankly, I don’t think they have the experience we had. I mean I spent 55 years in the oil industry before I went to the Senate. I was the chairman who created NDDC (Niger Delta Development Commission). It is the only bill that has ever been vetoed in the present democratic experience by 95 votes to two. With Obasanjo refusing to sign it, we vetoed it into law. I created the NESRA (National Environmental Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency) and I also created NUTSRA. I wish the senators will be more productive because when they gave a public review the other time about the number of bills they have passed it wasn’t exactly the kind of thing we have done. I wish they are more productive. But the problem I see with the legislature is not necessarily because it is this particular people that are there now, it only requires experience. We have too high a turnover of legislators in every election. You will find that in a Senate that has 109 people, only 35 or 28 will return. So the new ones don’t even know the difference between a motion and a bill. And it is going to take them time to learn it. I am not saying anything new in this regard. When we got to the Senate, we didn’t know the difference except some of our colleagues who were lawyers. We didn’t know we have to learn and we learnt quickly. So the weaknesses in the legislative houses today have to do with high casualties of experienced people who don’t return. So it is a drawback for our democracy. That is why I said to the PDP that we must look for other ways to conduct primaries in order to help our democratic development. 109 people after hard-work of learning all sorts of legislative ways, you tell them to go or they don’t come back because their opponents have mopped up a lot of money with which they would fight them. Meanwhile, the serious one who is trying to do legislative work doesn’t have money. In our time, we didn’t have money anyway . You are a foundation member of the PDP. People have criticised the PDP that it has not performed creditably as the ruling party in the last 14 years and that there is the need for a change. Do you agree with such critics? Even if Angels rule in Nigeria, the Angels will be criticised. PDP is only a microcosm of the entire nation. What is great about the PDP is that it is in every village. There is no party that can field candidates in all elections in Nigeria, whether it is ward election or the others, except the PDP. That shows you the acceptability of the


PDP. Definitely, we would have done better. I think we should have built better roads by now. I think we should have had railway working. This is because the absence of railways destroyed our roads. Heavy can imagine accidents like the one that happened on Benin-Ore road a few days ago. It has to do with the fact that we want to do too much within a very short time. But even the ones we have done, we would have done it better. However, it is not because it is the PDP, it is because we are Nigerians who don’t want to do things right. PDP is made up of Nigerians. Yes; so Nigerians as a whole, if they have an angel for governors or president, they will have something to complain about him. So those who are saying the PDP has done this or that and that it is not doing well, what do I expect them to say? If they say we are doing well, it means they won’t contest election’. How would you then assess our democracy since 1999? I think our democracy, if you look at the fact that even you journalists now have freedom to do your job and you have Freedom of Information Bill, you will know that we are progressing. You can speak your mind and nobody is going to put you in prison. What we are saying here now, if you say such in some parts of Africa, we will probably sleep where we don’t want to sleep today. So, the greatest thing is the fact that the people can speak out their minds and do what they want to do within the ambit of the law. It is when we do things outside the ambits of the law that we now have problems. So, I think we must say that the development of democracy has been well guided by the PDP. Chief Tony Anenih has just been returned as the BOT Chairman of the PDP. How do you see his re-emergence? One of the things that happened in the PDP recently is the return of Chief Tony Anenih as BOT Chairman. That is a man who is very experienced. And he is also a man who is very determined. He is reliable and he is a great achiever. And he

has helped to guide democracy since we started this dispensation. So I think his return to the helm of affairs in BOT will give the party a direction. I know him personally. I may have one or two issues with him as explained earlier, that human beings are that way; that we are friends doesn’t mean a zero thing to argue about or that you are not friends doesn’t mean that you don’t eat together. So, I see his coming as a good thing to the PDP and my only wish is that he’d work with the chairman so that both of them who are elder statesmen could work together and bring something formidable to the PDP. And I know Chief Anenih; he will definitely work with the chairman. As ‘Mr Fix It’ that is best known for, I am expecting him to join the national chairman and fix the PDP. As an elder statesman, what is your advice to the young generations of this country? I don’t know what to tell the young generations because all the problems we are having now are young generations’ problems. In my time, there was no kidnapping; when you hear of kidnappers, you won’t see my age group there. If you hear of Boko Haram, you don’t see my age group there. If you hear of militants, you don’t see my age group there. So it looks to me that my advice to young people is that, one, we should be more tolerant. We should redefine our expectation. I tell my own direct children that if you compare life as a tree, you must start climbing it from the base. You cannot climb it from the branches. So many young people today think they can go to the branches and climb the tree. And I think this is part of the problems. It is true that the society has also failed the youth and I am on their side when it comes to this. What I mean is that, you have a situation today when a young man graduates, there are no jobs. So there is a societal breakdown. The social contract between the government and the youths has definitely not been working. And for that reason, we need to counsel them. Also, we should develop farming in a big way so that we can have youths resettle in farms and thereby reduce unemployment.

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

























Compromising ‘Federal Character’ principle


he revelation, recently, that the Federal Character Commission (FCC) was inundated with petitions from various parts of the country on skewed employment in federal Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) raises concern on the poor management of the principle of federal character which is supposed to be hinged on inclusiveness, equity and distributive justice in the polity. Indeed, every crisis in the land seems linked with the unconscious or, sometimes, deliberate top government officials’ disregard for policies crafted to keep Nigeria as one, like the federal character principle now being grossly compromised by the MDAs. This may well justify the recent decision by the Senate to probe the employment irregularities dogging virtually all the MDAs. Reports said the petitions affected mainly 13 of the over 300 MDAs considered most juicy. They include the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) and the Nigeria Custom Service (NCS), among others. Consequently, the Senate was said to have mandated its committees on Federal Character and Inter-governmental Affairs; and Employment, Labour and Productivity, to ‘holistically’ investigate the development in January this year. There were allegations that employment slots in the MDAs were being sold to job applicants, while due process involving the advertisement of such jobs in the interest of more job seekers was being observed in the breach. Such claims can scarcely be unfounded, given reports on the arrest of fake job placement consultants and the stranglehold by, and concentration of some ethnic groups in some of the MDAs to the detriment of others. It was alleged, for instance, that employment letters were offered for

sale between N400, 000 and N500, 000 by a syndicate whose operational bases were in Gwagwalada, Karu and other places. In Lagos and other major cities, it is not uncommon to find posters and graffiti-like adverts for recruitment into the Nigerian Army, Navy and the Police in most unsuitable places like pedestrian bridges, bridge pillars and beams, bus terminals, road embankments and dividers. Federal employment processes and procedures that should be diligently undertaken to boost peaceful co-existence among the nation’s federating units, in sustenance of the federal character principle, are thus being flagrantly violated and mocked through the creation of lucrative markets for fraudsters. It may be stated that even prior to the country’s independence in 1960, the need to balance and manage the nation’s delicate diversity had been recognised. In 1954, when Nigeria opted for a federal form of government, it was observed, for example, that within the Nigerian nation, there were differences in culture, stages of social and economic development and varying levels of political awareness of the citizenry. It was likewise observed that disparities existed in the educational development of different parts of the country. Successive constitutional amendments that followed also recognised these discrepancies. They formed the basis of the constitutional conference convened in 1995 by the military government of the late General Sani Abacha, which sought to redress most of the areas of disagreement. Some of the proposals that emerged from the constitutional conference were on how best to share political powers, redressing the marginalisation of disadvantaged groups, as well as the equitable distribution of economic wealth. Proposals like dividing the

country into six geopolitical zones, rotation of certain political offices, provision of new revenue sharing formulae and the establishment of a Federal Character Commission were hotly canvassed, and some of them were incorporated into the country’s 1999 Constitution in use presently, including the federal character principle now being grossly abused. We, therefore, welcome the decision of the Senate to probe MDAs’ non-compliance with the principle, believing that the exercise will be thorough, and its outcome farreaching enough to halt the trend. We also think that in sustaining the principle, compliance should be respected only if the interests of other federating units are taken into account. For, there should be equity in employment, and appointments should reflect the country’s diversity as much as possible. Nevertheless, where an area is highly technical and competent persons are not available in a particular zone, there is the inherent danger picking just anybody from such an area. It may then be most appropriate to seek alternatives from elsewhere in the interest of productivity and development. Therefore, while we subscribe to the federal character principle, care must be taken not to hide under its umbrella to blindly promote mediocrity. A situation where young, inexperienced graduates are drafted to head sensitive and strategic MDAs they are ill-equipped to handle can distort and destroy the hierarchy structure and discourage professionalism in the public service. The federal character principle is acceptable to the extent that it nurtures peace and development in the country. This should be the guiding philosophy of the Senate committees charged with probing the alleged reckless assaults on the principle.

Reminiscences APRIL 14, IN HISTORY 1865: President Lincoln assassinated in Washington

President Abraham Lincoln was shot and mortally wounded by John Wilkes Booth while attending the comedy “Our American Cousin” at Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C. He died the next day.

1912: Atlantic Ocean titanic strikes iceberg

The RMS Titanic struck an iceberg just before midnight on April 14.

1931: King Alfonso XIII forced out of Spain

The Second Spanish Republic was proclaimed forcing King Alfonso XIII of Spain to leave Spain. He lived in exile in Rome but did not abdicate the throne.

1952: U.S. - Bomber crashes, 17 crew members killed

A B36 Bomber failed to take off from Fairchild Air Force Base near Spokane. This was the world’s largest bomber with 10 engines and 15 out of the 17 crew were killed during takeoff.

1961: De Gaulle orders release of 700 political prisoners

Seven hundred political prisoners were released in Algeria on the orders of the French President, General Charles de Gaulle.

1971: Algeria faces riots over rice price

Riots broke out in the Liberian capital, Monrovia, over the price of rice.

1986: Tutu chosen as archbishop

Desmond Tutu was selected to be the Archbishop of Cape Town and head of the Anglican Church in South Africa.

1988: Soviet Union leaves Afghanistan

The Soviet Union agreed to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan ending nine years of its occupation.

1990: Mandela admits torture of guerrillas

Nelson Mandela admitted that dissident guerrillas were tortured by the ANC, but that those responsible had already been punished.

2003: U.S. commandos capture Palestinian terrorist United States commandos in Baghdad captured the wanted terrorist, Abul Abbas, leader of the Palestinian group that killed an American on the hijacked cruise liner, Achille Lauro, in 1985.



Sunday April 14, 2013

Sunday Mirror

A Glass House of crooks and saboteurs? Uncensored U nc

Sheriff S Folarin

E-mail: 08094217972 (SMS only)


omeone in the Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) has to lose his job, and fast enough, for the plethora of ridiculous news in recent times, from the Glass House, which have been trailing the country’s AFCON 2013 victory. The decisions and attitude of some so-called administrators in the NFF have become very embarrassing to us, the newly crowned African champions, and the nonsense is obviously reducing the euphoria of success and undermining the stature of the nation in global politics. First in the list of missteps was the rumoured resignation of Stephen Keshi, following reported malicious taunting by members of the Federation even before the end of the tournament in South Africa. Another irresponsible act is the unresolved tango between two clubs, involving Sunday Mba, the scorer of the lone and winning goal in the AFCON final, who has not been able to kick the ball competitively since February, because the clubs are claiming ownership of him. The most embarrassing story is that of the decision to halve the salary of the coaches and the accompanying foolish act of pulling out of the Championship of African Nations (CHAN) on apparently flimsy excuse of lack of funds. Lack of money should be the last complaint of the NFF because just last February, they earned 1.5 million dollars for winning the tournament; and based on the feat, government and Corporate Nigeria have been generous to all par-

ties, including the NFF. Another name for the Glass House is NFF. The NFF is a recent coinage, as the name was originally Nigerian Football Association (NFA). The Glass House shelters the administrators of Nigerian football. That is where the destiny and fate of Nigerian football is determined. It is the seat of soccer that has boasted of, and displayed three Under-17 World Cup trophies, three AFCON trophies, six Under-20 African Youth Championship trophies, about ten or more African Women’s Championship trophies in all categories, and a place that has been privileged to assemble some of the greatest legends in African and world football: some have won Olympic Gold medals, some Player of the Year in the continent, and yet some had been decorated as second best in FIFA Under-20 World Cup. The Glass House has been honoured so many times by the great deeds of the players, coaches and teams. The NFA/NFF had overseen the hosting of two FIFA age-limit World Cups and several African and regional tournaments. The nickname for the NFA then was “No Future Ambition”, and this was so because of the persistent cases of lack of planning, mismanagement of men and resources, misappropriation of fund, and brazen acts of looting of funds meant for the development of the soccer game in the country. The Glass House’s low profile has been caused by endless controversies as well as allegations of corruption and incompetence of its staff. Those occupying the Glass House are thus defiant of the warning that stones are not to be thrown in such a delicate place. The Federation has therefore brought much fame to Nigeria just as it has also wrought so much shame. The recent declaration of cash crunch was to ostensibly justify its decision to cut Keshi’s salary, pull out of the CHAN, and a ploy not to fulfill the financial promises made to the victorious team. As African champions, it was shocking and ridiculous to have the football federation taking such decision at a time the nation should capitalize on the CHAN to develop domestic foot-

ball, consolidate on the AFCON victory and the positive profile it has engendered, and maximize the hard-earned spotlight to return Nigerian football to global reckoning. We can recall that the AFCON success was largely precipitated by the skillfulness of six home-based players, which was a testimonial of the abundance of talents on the local plane. CHAN would have been a veritable platform to consolidate on that feat by featuring a full home-based team and test the grounds with them. Only empty-heads or enemies of progress will come up with anything contrary. The men in the Glass House rather did not have that decision well thought-out. They seemed more interested in using such loud claim of bankruptcy and lousy decision of withdrawal from CHAN to send a message to Keshi and his squad that they were not happy he succeeded, which is an irony because the Glass House should be the most interested in national success, for, they get the eternal credit for such. Methinks, Keshi’s success as a local coach has however apparently spoiled business for someone in that House of confusion; because, while they should be celebrating him and be happy like everyone else for the sake of national interest; some self-centered, seemingly good-for-nothing nitwits, saboteurs and sadists simply want to ease Keshi out. Their outcry is also probably to attract government attention and to have government extend the largesse for the Super Eagles to the Federation members; but I think that is the dumbest way of earning government carrot. The halving of the crew’s salary and backdoor dropping of names of the Eagles’ South Africa 2013 backroom staff, smells of fraud. These staff include media team, medical doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, and security attaches, without whom the team would have suffered setbacks in some vital areas. But today, the inglorious actors in soccer decision-making circles are shortchanging the team members and seem to be doing all they can to undo Nigeria’s success story. The murky politics of the NFF, coupled

with the administrators’ manifest dislike for Stephen Keshi, thus rubs off the ovation attained in February, and is a total disservice to Keshi, who ended Nigeria’s gold drought and restored the country’s soccer glory, feat that hordes of past and present NFF officials could not have achieved over the years. Someone in the Glass House hates the guts of Keshi, and this unfolds every day, and such person(s) have been having sleepless nights plotting to undercut the coach while damning our common or national interest. My take on the unfolding but unpleasant drama is that the NFF is the Achilles’ hill of Nigeria’s football development. They are the ones that would have no reason to commence the local league on time; the ones that will take two steps forward and twenty years backward as exemplified in the dumb recourse to renaming the premier league Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL); the same ones who would demonize and then victimize a hero and plot the downfall of successful squads in their thoughts and actions. I think those in the NFF are desperately wicked and are vile in their thought and action. They are causing us shame and agony. They do not mind if we are hurt by their words and deeds. They have been selfish and avaricious. They seem unhappy that Nigeria won the AFCON. They seem to benefit from failures and experiments. They apparently prefer to invite foreign-based footballers because of the petty or plenty cash they are likely to gain from such enterprise, and when the so-called pros are listed, you will find the old fags and worn-out legs topping their lists. While the football administrators are the very people we should consign to the waste-bin of ignominy, Keshi should be the one to be celebrated and encouraged to put in place developmental football in Nigeria. If Keshi were to be a South African today, he would be King. •Dr. Folarin is a Senior Lecturer and Head of Department, Political Science/ International Relations, Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria

Boko Haram and the case for amnesty ORJI UZOR K ALU


rench poet Victor Hugo once stated that “amnesty is as good for those who give it as for those who receive it. It has the admirable quality of bestowing mercy on both sides”. Indeed as much as we have witnessed broad steps taken by Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan towards embracing this noble ideology and attempting to understand our would-be adversaries, Boko Haram, we must truly incentivize and steward talks as best we can - perhaps on their terms - in order to bring about lasting peace and reconciliation. Nigerians are facing many challenges, perpetual stumbling blocks hindering a smooth transition to prosperity and geopolitical competition. Yet there is none as blaringly obvious as the complacency our national leadership has emanated while our citizens routinely put their lives in jeopardy simply walking to school, attending church or checking in at work. The threat of domestic terrorism (in-part spearheaded by Boko Haram) looms large and weighs heavy on our consciousness; in fact, Nobelprize winner Wole Soyinka remarked no more than a week ago that Nigeria is on the verge of a ‘potential civil war’. At present, we have nowhere collective-

ly to neither hide nor turn to but government, looking to accountable leadership to provide a lasting solution. But there are questions lingering in the air, on strategic execution rather than simple theorization. One must nonetheless commend the Federal institutions for standing steadfast in a commitment to restore peace and attempting to quell international criticism while nations encourage their citizens and with them their businesses to ‘escape’ from Nigeria. We must continue to applaud the Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) for suggesting that offering a reprieve to members of Boko Haram remains an important option in order to right the insurgency in the North, a plague systematically destroying the region’s socio-economic fabric. However, as I have remarked over the course of the last weeks and indeed months across the globe, we must be willing to dialogue directly one-to-one and moreover seek alternative solutions under an umbrella of amnesty should the broad theoretical suggestion not take flight in practice (as the notion has thus far been unilaterally rejected by Boko Haram spokesmen). We must make a concerted effort in order to return our national reputation to its lost glory, as a bright light emanating

throughout West Africa, beaconing international integration. As I and separately MURIC have suggested, one viable option remains that a dedicated civilian-based initiative be implemented, supplementing or perhaps replacing military exercises in the Boko Haram entanglement. Much like the hiring of outside counsel in a civil matter, (an advocacy role I have aimed to secure for the last year), negotiations should be held from spokesman to spokesman, in a manner that befits all parties involved. Indeed our officers are no safer than our families in dealing with those we do not fully understand, as we learn of twelve souls now missing after an attack by the armed Movement for Emancipation of the Niger Delta (MEND), perhaps inpart due to such a call for amnesty being promoted while concurrently exercising combative operations. We must refresh our own appreciation of the ramifications of un-checked intimidation. Continued violence not only plagues the lives of our citizens in-country but promotes instability and a lack of infrastructural confidence to communities in the Diaspora and our colleagues on the global stage. Infighting, as this truly is, perpetually erodes Nigeria’s aspirations of joining the echelon of the BRICS

and pigeonholes us in a vicious cycle of violence begetting poverty and poverty begetting violence once more. We must work closely with our international colleagues as this is not simply ‘our problem’ anymore. We are a symbol of African economic power and potential; with the help of our trusted investors and trade partners, we have in front of us an opportunity to sustainably develop our nation above and beyond the wildest dreams of our children. Ultimately, we must settle our differences in the interest of unified, national healing and mutual prosperity, whether coming to such a binding resolution is the drive of a governmental committee, executive leadership or achieved from a single actor speaking on behalf of his people. Though the threat to our fiscal trajectory remains a sincere concern, the human toll has penetrated our bureaucracy and elevated the urgency in ending our veritable self-implosion. Though it is in our hands to create tangible change, we must be willing to break the barriers of old and seek innovative answers to solving the challenges of our new Nigerian century. •Dr. Kalu, former governor of Abia State, can be reached on okalu@orjikalu. com


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QUOTE Where there is no original, there cannot be a counterfeit. It is because there are genuine Servants of God, hence there are imposters.

–Bishop Enakirerhi

EDIFYING GOD Sunday, April 14, 2013

Insurgency: Jonathan needs fervent prayers, says cleric


•Cautions against rebellion in churches K AYODE FASUA


igerians have been urged to intensify prayers for President Goodluck Jonathan to enable him overcome the various security challenges facing the country. The first Primate of The African Church Mission, His Eminence, Dr. Emmanuel Olabode Koya, gave the admonition in a goodwill message ahead of his 60th birthday holding next Tuesday. In the message laced with prophetic messages, issued through the church’s Public Relations Officer, Elder Ola Campbell, he noted that pure demonstration of love on the part of Nigerians was needed at a time like this as the President meant well in his efforts to revamp the economy. “The best way to make him overcome the security challenges in the country, especially the insurgent attacks in the North is for both Christians and Muslims to undergo unrelenting and coordinated prayers as nothing can be too difficult to suppress unrelenting prayers to the throne of heaven,. “From what we can say, the man has an unusual ambition to improve the economy and personally supervise the process but this insurgency problem is a big distraction for him,” the cleric averred. Dr. Koya also advised cabinet ministers in the administration to show commitment to their duties, as some could lose their jobs for want of performance.

Christianity not a tea party, says Pastor Adewunmi 21

Meanwhile, Koya also on the occasion of his birthday raised the alarm over what he described as “rebellious moves by some supposed servants of God within the church system.” He counselled, saying, “My clarion call to all heaven-bound citizens in Christendom is to join the Band of true believers who are determined to make their local assemblies a gate to Heaven and not a gate to hell fire by embracing all the sound doctrines of Christ in The Holy-Writ. “Also, they should earnestly contend for the faith,” he admonished. Reminiscing on his service in God’s vineyard, dating from his being inducted as Deacon of the FACM at the Jehovah Shalom Cathedral in Lagos in September 1975, Dr. Koya noted that his 35 years in the vineyard has taught him that “in everything, one must be patient and steadfast but not being a slothful sluggard.” He remarked that apart from his stints in Lagos, he had also served at Ijebu-Ode, Ogun State and Ibadan in Oyo State, under the banner of the church. On May 26, 199i, Dr. Koya was consecrated a Bishop of the FACM. A native of Ijebu-Ode, he was born on April 16, 1953. As part of activities lined up for the cleric’s birthday, as announced by the chairman, Planning Committee, Bro. Taiwo Oniwinde, the list of events began with a thanksgiving service and book launch at the Christ Church Cathedral, Oyingbo, Lagos, where a mass choir led by Lekan Solanke and Tosin Ajiri would be on stand.


Baba Aladura’s burial Begins The funeral ceremony of the Supreme Head of the Eternal Sacred Order of the Cherubim and Seraphim, His Most Eminence, Baba Aladura Amos Akinsanya Akinde, will begin on Monday April 15, 2013 with a service of songs at his residence, Monilola Adepoju Crescent, Dalemo Alakuko, Lagos by 5pm. The service of song will continue at that venue till Thursday when it would hold at the church’s general headquarters, 75, Ibadan Street (East) EbuteMetta, Lagos. The wake-keep service will hold on Friday at The Eternal Sacred Order of The Cherubim and Seraphim, St Moses Orimolade Cathedral, Orimolade Road, Egbe while the funeral service will hold on Saturday April 20 at the Palace Square, Akinde town, Lagos. Interment follows at Ojokoro Holy land.

Testimony Chapel International celebrates The activities marking the 11th year edition anniversary and thanksgiving service of Testimony Chapel International, a.k.a Glorious Assembly of Saints will begin on Monday 8th and it will continue on Sunday April 14 at 6p.m. daily. The theme of the event is, “The unfailing Jesus”. It is billed to take place at the church headquarters, Testimony House: along 51, Iwaya Road, Yaba Lagos. Speaking on the event, the co-hosts, Bukola David and Mercy Chinyere Olanrewaju urged the teeming church community and the faithful to come and learn the secrets in the name of Jesus Christ and through it experience a miracle. Other special features include, Testimony House Choir, Kingdom Seekers and Testifiers. The Sunday’s 14th thanksgiving will witness a combined service at 9 a.m.

Sunday Mirror/Babcock University Bible Quiz: • Current and past winners can collect their prizes from the office of the Editor, Sunday Mirror, 151/161 Broad Street, Lagos anytime from Monday to Friday. Participants should always indicate their names when sending their entries.

Primate Koya

It’s time for the next level, says Pastor Okereke 22

What’ll make God finish His good work, by Pastor Muoka 24


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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Mirror

Pastor Daniel to brethren: With dangers ahead, what’s your escape route? Presiding Minister of Global Grace Church, Pastor Samuel Daniel, is bothered by the way many people devise what he describes as “escape hatches” to wriggle out of some problems in life. In this message, he teaches that there is only one perfect way of escape. Any other device, he says, is perilous. Excerpts:


n the struggle for survival, many people device ways to escape from problems and predicaments like poverty, sickness, hardship and other unfavourable situations of life. Along the line, such people become ensnared, entangled or entrapped in the web of the wicked one: Satan and its cohorts.

Your own problem may be poverty; and in order to escape it, you decided to join an occult group, a robbery gang, swindlers, tricksters, ritual murderers, terrorists and kidnapping groups just to make money by any means. Some go as far as prostituting to keep the body and soul together. Others do other terrible things like sacrificing their mother, children and loved ones just to escape from one unpleasant situation or the other. Everybody can have thousands of reasons for developing their own escape hatches. Escape hatch dangers are fraught with alarming dangers. Today, we will examine the way of escape within the context of the scriptures in the book of Luke 17:25-30: As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the days of the son of man. They did eat, they drank, they married wives, they were giving in marriage until the day Noah entered into the ark and flood came and destroyed them all. Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot, they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built, but the same day that Lot went out of Sodom, it rained fire and brimstone from heaven; and they saw them all. Even thus shall it be in the day when the son of man is revealed.” These are the stories of Noah and Lot and how God provided the way of their escape when destruction came upon the land. You can read more about Noah in the book of Genesis 6:1-14 and in 7:1. Noah escaped from the flood through the ark while Lot in the book of 19:1-18, escaped through the mountain. But these two avenues of escape were not perfect; but they were a type or shadow of the true way of escape from the destroyers of this world. Something was wrong with these ways of escape. What then was wrong with those escape routes? After Noah escaped, he planted a vineyard, and got drunk from consuming excess alcoholic wine, produced of his vine. The Bible records that he cursed one of his

sons, Ham, because Ham saw his nakedness in his drunken state and failed to conceal him. Noah quietly escaped from the flood but at the end, he became a drunkard and cursed Ham. Some historians have said that Africans are the descendants of Ham which explains why the continent is going through lots of suffering and hardship. I want to tell you that as a many as are in Christ, will no longer labour under that bondage in the mighty name of Jesus. What fruit was produced from Lot’s escape route? The result is that he produced the Edomites and Ammonites, two arch-enemy nations of Israel known till this day. See the detail in Genesis 19:37-38. Now, there was a warning that they should escape for their dear lives because God was about to destroy the city. They heed the word and began to escape; but after they had heeded the word, what was their end? You see the way Lot went and slept with his two daughters and produced two sons who became the forefathers of the people of Edom and Ammon from his own daughters? Brethren, there is a true and perfect way of escape which God had provided for believers ahead of eternal destruction to come. God has foreseen the danger that is ahead of every human being. There is a destruction that is coming at the end of this generation. There is a destruction that is about to strike; but who are those that will escape it? I want to read from the book of John 14:6: I am the way, the truth and the life; no one cometh unto the Father but by me. If you have known me, you have known the Father also and henceforth, you have known Him and have seen Him. As many as have received Jesus, I want to introduce to you, the only perfect way of escape. Many have joined different kinds of religion; many have also joined all sorts of cultsschool cults, open cults and secret cults. Some have joined armed gangs, terrorist groups and fraternities in search of survival. Such devices of men are nothing but escape hatches; and they are harmful to you as an individual; they also bring reproach to a people and land. There is only one way that is harm-free. Speaking of this harm-free escape route, the Bible says that the gift of God maketh rich and adds no sorrow. There is a repercussion to

any gift that the devil gives. The devil can never give you anything free. If he makes you wealthy, he turns you to a bloody ritual killer and makes your mother, wife, children and human beings as ransoms for blood money. At the end of it all, you won’t be able to enjoy that money because, those who should enjoy your money or wealth are not alive to make your joy complete. Today, people say that many big men do not help or assist the poor with their wealth. Let me tell; they cannot because they had paid heavy prize to get such wealth. They had done certain terrible things that when they remember them, they can ever help anyone in life. Hear me; there is a perfect way to escape that trouble you are facing today. Jesus said, “I am the way and the life.” He is the truth and He is the life. Any man that is advanced in age and has no money need to know that something is missing from the life he is living. Are you a daughter of Christ and you are not married when you are supposed to be in a husband’s house? Then, you must correct the missing link. You are supposed to have your own child but you have none, something is missing. Stop going to drink concoction so that you can have a child; stop going to a herbalist. A herbalist cannot give a child. If a herbalist gives you a child, that child must be like the herbalist that it came from. That is why I want to introduce you to the perfect way of escape, which is Jesus Christ. According to the book of John 14:6, Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the life and no one can come unto the Father but by me. In the book of Act 2:37-38, the people were afraid and therefore asked Peter what they should do to escape the danger ahead. If you must escape, there are some credentials you must possess to become part of those people that the promise is meant for. Number one credential is that you must repent and be baptised in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The book of Mark 25:16 says, “He that believes shall be saved.” Have you believed that Jesus is the true escape route? Have you now seen that a cult that you have joined and other escape hatches that you have devised as a way out of your life’s problem is not the true solution but one thatwould compound


your troubles? Jesus said that he that believes shall be saved from the danger that is ahead; from the operation of the enemy and from the manipulations of the wicked one. Invariably, the book of Acts 4: 12 declares that neither is there salvation in any other. If you think that there is any salvation in that fraternity, cult, religion or that thing you are doing in hiding, the Bible says there is no salvation in any other... “for there is no other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved except through Jesus Christ.”

You may have accepted him literarily, but have you accepted Him in spirit and in truth? If you have not done so in truth, you are as good as those that have devised one of those imperfect escape hatches that lead to destruction. Accept Jesus truly, wholly and be among those who will escape the danger ahead. See you next Sunday. God bless. •For counseling contact Pastor Samuel Daniel via email , www. or phone: 08060143296, 08164392405.

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Ignorance or spiritual short-sightedness is one of the three major strategies and weapons that the devil uses against the children of God. The two others are Harassment and Enticement. Ignorance is lack of basic and essential knowledge of God and man. When the true knowledge and wisdom is lacking, understanding is distorted. This situation disables man from rendering the true and acceptable worship to his God. He does not have the correct idea about God and what exactly God requires of him. He does not even have the correct understanding of himself and his position within creation. The typical believers rely on the teaching of the church, whereas the church has found a convenient compromise between the holy teaching and worldly pleasures. The church has become like a bus that moves in the dark without the head lamps. The above is because the leadership of the church can no longer ignore the world. “Thou therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ. No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.” (II Tim 2:3-4) Having experienced the miracle of the net-breaking fish like Peter, the man of the world is unable to forgo the fish, the net and the boat in order to move to the next stage of his spiritual journey. He preaches the benefit of Christianity but would not teach the challenges of the cross. He takes glory for every little breakthrough and success of the follower but will blame Satan for the mandatory occasional misfortune. The followers are thereby misled to believe that they are completely insulated from the worldly challenges. So every such challenge is misunderstood as failure of prayer and this usually causes backsliding and derailment. Lives of the Apostles The above situation has led me to a research into the history of the Apostles and their followers and I saw a wide difference in what they believed and how they exercised their faith from what the Pastors and Christian Leaders of our time are doing. I could see that the Apostles gave everything including their lives to their faith; while the church leaders of today would rather draw all they can find unto themselves to further crucify Jesus and His church. I also noticed that the followers of the early Apostles sold their valuable possessions including their lands and remitted the proceeds to the church so that the poor and the widows will not lack. Same way, today’s believers are encouraged to sell their possessions but the money is not meant for the widows and the needy but for the leadership of the church to increase their wealth. I had a feeling that there must be facts about the faith that were known to the early Apostles which are not known to the present church leadership. I am not sure any Apostle of today will agree to be thrown to the lion rather than renounce his faith in Christ. We just have to know these facts that are missing in the lives and teachings of the present generation of believers. I believe these facts may have to do with the true and correct personality and identity of the Lord Jesus. We shall therefore unveil these mysteries so as to understand what Christianity is all about. Ignorance of Brother Saul Even in the early days of the Apostles, many were ignorant of who the Lord Jesus was and one of such was Brother Saul before his conversion. The Institution he fought was the Institution he thought he was fighting for or defending. He vowed to fight the Son to the end on behalf and in support of the Father but the Son has come to do the very will of the Father so Saul was actually fighting the will of the Father whom he thought he supported. He was knocked down on his way to Damascus but because of his sincerity even in his ignorance, he quickly recognized the Lordship of Christ and asked, ‘Who art thou, Lord’. “And Saul, yet breathing out threatenings and slaughter against the disciples of the Lord, went unto the high priest, And desired of him letters to Damascus to the synagogues,

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Sunday April 14, 2013

Christianity not a tea party, says Pastor Adewunmi Presiding Minister of House of Prayer Ministries, Pastor Segun Adewunmi, insists that Christians must imbibe the reality of our faith. “We must not remain spiritual infants that will live forever on milk and other liquids,” he charges. Excerpts:


that if he found any of this way, whether they were men or women, he might bring them bound unto Jerusalem. And as he journeyed, he came near Damascus: and suddenly there shined round about him a light from heaven: And he fell to the earth, and heard a voice saying unto him, Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me? And he said, Who art thou, Lord? And the Lord said, I am Jesus whom thou persecutest: it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks. And he trembling and astonished said, Lord, what wilt thou have me to do? And the Lord said unto him, Arise, and go into the city, and it shall be told thee what thou must do.” (Acts 9:1-6) True Identity of Christ Similarly, we wallop in ignorance by serving our carnal self but blackmailing Jesus. The Lord Jesus had asked his disciples who people said he was. They called Him different names, none of which belongs to Him. He now requested to know who the disciples thought he was and Peter answered “Thou art the Son of the living God”. Jesus told Peter that this true and correct understanding of my identity will form the foundation upon which my church will be built. “And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” (Matt 16:18)

With this statement the Lord Jesus desires that our faith should be built upon the rock. That means He wants the church to be built on a solid and hard material that will not be affected by the weight of the challenges of the world. Christ means Messiah. Messiah is he that has come to sacrifice himself in other to reconcile God with man. Followers of Christ therefore are those that dedicate their lives unto Christ so that they will be sacrificed with him. They are those that no longer live for themselves but for Christ. The Blood Covenant performed during the Last Supper was subsequent to the understanding of building our faith on the rock. It was an agreement that the participants should be ready to sacrifice themselves. The Lord Jesus requested us to have the understanding of ‘No cross; No crown’ as the real foundation of our faith. He wants us to ascertain the correct nature of the soil material that constitutes the foundation so that we may know what and how to build on it. From A Miracle Seeker to A Cross Bearer The account of St Luke’s gospel about how five thousand were fed with five loaves of bread and two fishes and what happened there after, bears eloquent testimony to how the believer is expected to move from the level of a miracle seeker into that of a cross


bearer. “And when the day began to wear away, then came the twelve, and said unto him, Send the multitude away, that they may go into the towns and country round about, and lodge, and get victuals: for we are here in a desert place. But he said unto them, Give ye them to eat. And they said, We have no more but five loaves and two fishes; except we should go and buy meat for all this people. For they were about five thousand men. And he said to his disciples, Make them sit down by fifties in a company. And they did so, and made them all sit down. Then he took the five loaves and the two fishes, and looking up to heaven, he blessed them, and brake, and gave to the disciples to set before the multitude. And they did eat, and were all filled: and there was taken up of fragments that remained to them twelve baskets.” (Luke 9:12-17) He miraculously fed five thousand people with five loaves of bread and two fishes and there remained twelve baskets of remnants but soon after he revealed himself as Messiah who must suffer persecution and death, He also went further to warn that His followers must bear their cross and be prepared to lose their lives as well. This was a disappointment to many who had thought it would be miracles galore as the church of God stands today. “Saying, The Son of man must suffer many things, and be rejected of the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be slain, and be raised the third day. And he said to them all, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me. For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: but whosoever will lose his life for my sake, the same shall save it. For what is a man advantaged, if he gain the whole world, and lose himself, or be cast away? For whosoever shall be ashamed of me and of my words, of him shall the Son of man be ashamed, when he shall come in his own glory, and in his Father’s, and of the holy angels.” (Luke 9:22-26) What is the Rock Rock is that solid and hard material that forms part of the earth and other planets. Rock was used figuratively by the Lord to describe the quality of the foundation upon which faith must be built. Jesus expects our faith to be built on His true identity as the Messiah. That is, He that came to sacrifice Himself for mankind. Rock is about that which motivates our worship. Jesus was variously called the Healer, Miracle-worker, a reincarnate of Elijah or John the Baptist just as the average believer today bases his belief only on the ability of Jesus to change his life for the better. Of course the gospel has its selling point in miracles and healings but after experiencing miracles and healings, believers are expected to move to the next phase in their spiritual lives and rise beyond the realm of signs and wonders. Faith Built on the Rock Another word to note is the word ‘build’. Here, the Lord compares the project of believing to a house which is built in stages. It implies that faith should grow but the success of a Christian life depends on its foundation. Jesus says the wise man builds his house on the rock while the foolish person puts his house on the sand. “Whosoever cometh to me, and heareth my sayings, and doeth them, I will shew you to whom he is like: He is like a man which built an house, and digged deep, and laid the foundation on a rock: and when the flood arose, the stream beat vehemently upon that house, and could not shake it: for it was founded upon a rock. But he that heareth, and doeth not, is like a man that without a foundation built an house upon the earth; against which the stream did beat vehemently, and immediately it fell; and the ruin of that house was great.” (Luke 6:47-49) •For counseling, contact Pastor Segun Adewumi on 08039425631 Or Email: past

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Sunday April 14, 2013

Always offer thanks to God –Pastor Oloruntimilehin Pastor Joshua Oloruntimilehin Daramola, of Omnipotence Mission of God emphasizes the need to for being thankful to God. Excerpts: People should always give thanks to God. We should be thankful whenever we wake up in morning, at least for being alive to witness another day. To praise God could present some task. An ungrateful person does not know how to praise God. Anybody that does praise God cannot receive from Him. They that are cheating on people cannot receive grace from God. Similarly people that do not think deeply would not know how to thank God. There are three types of thanksgiving. First is the thanksgiving is performed outwardly for people to see i.e. seeing somebody in a bad situation and the person thanks God that his or her own situation is not like the person’s own such thanksgiving does not go deep into the person’s heart. The second thanksgiving is that of the tip of the tongue. For instance a person felt sad for losing huge money and people now say it was only money the person lost not his or her soul invariably the victim would say he or she is thankful that it was not the life that lost. Again a person sees people given thanks he or she would join them doing so. Also people thank God for a person that buys a car. These are tip of the tongue thanksgiving. The third is the thanksgiving that came from deep down the heart of the person or the thanksgiving that came as a result of a deep thought.

This is thanksgiving worthy of the living God. For instance a person that thinks about his or her past and realizes he or she could have died but God spared him or her. This is retrospective thinking that brings about the person thanking God. This is the kind of thanksgiving God cherishes. It is out of the retrospective thanksgiving that makes God to answer the person’s prayer. When Jesus wanted to raise up the dead person (Lazarus) his mind thought deeply about what God had been doing for him by always hearing Him and already heard Him. John11 verse 41 – 43 says “...Father I thank You that You have heard Me. And I know You always hear Me…” Jesus did not pray for the dead person to rise up but He raised up his voice and called the name of the dead person to rise up. It was the retrospective thought of Jesus that brought the power that revived Lazarus. Brethren there are two kinds of thought, hypertensive and thought of past events. What is hypertensive thought? It is a thought that makes people to always think about their problems and how to proffer solutions for them. People who think this kind of thought are always afraid and sick, they would never think to say thank you God. The reason is that they have allowed their problems to overwhelm them. Therefore anybody that always thinks about his or her problems would not think about thanking and appreciating God. Imagine

the thought of the widow who had two shekels only and decided to give God. She was not thinking about her poverty condition and did not allow it change her thought and decision. She was recognised more than those that gave huge money. Mark 12 verse 41 – 44 “…Many rich people threw in large amount. But a poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins worth only a fraction of a penny… I tell you the truth, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the other…” It is therefore imperative for those that are genuinely serving God to let their thanksgiving come from the bottom of their heart so that they would be recognised and their request would be granted. Oloruntimilehin

You should rule through the word, by Pastor Bamidele Pastor Lai Bamidele of Christ Glorious End-Time Evangelical Ministry, took time out of his characteristic teaching ministry and launched into prophetic prayers and declaration, during a recent service held in the church at Egbeda, Lagos. Excerpts:


f you want to rule, if you want to become a ruler, you must get yourself prepared for the word. The journey of a man’s life can only go far when the word is in him.

The book of 1Samuel 12:6 says, “And Samuel said unto the people, the Lord who appointed Moses and Aaron and who brought your ancestor up from the land of Egypt, is a witness. Now present yourselves so I may judge you before the Lord about all the righteous acts He has done for you and your ancestors.” The Bible emphasises in that scripture that it is the Lord who appointed Moses and Aaron. God is advancing you according to the sound of my voice. God is advancing someone here today. Stand up and say to God, ‘You are the God that advanced Moses and Aaron; as I step out today, advance me in the same way you advanced Moses and the same way you advanced Aaron. In the course of the journey of my life this year, advance me; advance my business; advance the work of my hand. You advanced Aaron, you advanced Moses; advance my life. It is my moment of advancement. Lord, this year, advance me. I disagree with stagnation, I disagree with failure. Lord advance me, in the name of Jesus.

As you step out of this church today, God will advance you in all departments. It took the children of Israel only one night to embank on the journey of their advancement. After today, God will move you forward. Now talk to God; say as I step out of this church today, the Lord will move me forward; as I am moving forward, my life is moving forward, my business is moving forward, it is forward ever. Everything about me, the same way you advanced the children of Israel, O God, from today, my life is moving forward; my business is moving forward; my marriage is moving forward; it is forward ever and backward never for everything about me. I will not fail; my life will not fail; my business will not fail, in Jesus’ might name we have prayed. Brethren, if I be a man of God, in this month of April, God will move your life forward. Somebody’s life is moving forward in the name of Jesus. The children moved forward only one night. It will not take the King of Kings more than one second to move your life forward. He will change your status and level from nothing to something. Hear me. After this message, every one of you that is stagnated in life, God will advance your life, in the

name of Jesus. It is the sons of men that prove the acts of G o d . E v e n in that circumstance you are going through, you must have a reason to celebrate the goodness of God. After this message, calamity will not visit your home.

•For counselling contact: pst_, phone 08074484415, 08027502864 and 08161285586




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en, by their nature, could begin a work and leave it unfinished. But it is not of God to begin a work and leave it unfinished. Any work that God begins, He will surely finish. The fact of His beginning the work is an indication of its completion because the whole Trinity- the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are involved in every work and concern themselves both in the production, preservation, and perfection of it. The Father decrees it, the Son purchases it, and the Spirit infuses it. In other way, the Father begets it, the Son excites it, the Holy Spirit conducts and so they all concur to its production. Also, they all co-operate and work together for the preservation of it. God even sees the finishing of the work from the beginning. Philippians 1:6 says, “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ: Our heavenly father, the creator of all things-visible and invisible in heaven and on earth-has no record of abandoned project at all. Whatever He has started in your life, even the work of salvation which we commemorated recently, during the Easter, will be accomplished. If you believe, say Amen. Without Him was not anything made that was made. Therefore, there is nothing that is impossible for God to do. Psalm 24:1 says, “The earth is the LORD’s, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.” Beloved, God owns everything and all things are subject to Him. Nothing can oppose Him at all. Everything, both visible and invisible, exists by His power because He owns all the resources to accomplish whatever project He embarks upon. He has the wisdom, strength and power. He has all the spiritual and human agents under His control to accomplish His work. Nothing can stop or oppose the living God. So, I don’t know what you are passing through; that mountain or work you think is enormous for you, but I have the assurance of the Lord that today, He will finish the work. Isaiah 43:10-13 says, “Ye are my witnesses, saith the LORD, and my servant whom I have chosen: that ye may know and believe me, and understand that I am he: before me there was no God formed, neither shall there be after me.” Brethren, let it be known to you that He will finish the work. The good work He started in your life, He will work and finish it and no man, no matter his position of authority will oppose or stop Him. The evil doers, be it witches/wizards, occult people any other demons troubling you, will bow. That sickness in your body and non-promotion at the place of work must bow. You shall be delivered from that bondage in Jesus’ name. I don’t know who has sworn that

Sunday April 14, 2013

What’ll make God finish His good work, by Pastor Muoka While reiterating the biblical assurance that God will finish the good work He has begun in the brethren, the General Overseer of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, says there are conditions attached to this divine assurance. Excerpts:

Sunday Mirror

of God from getting out of Egypt was the plan of God. Pharaoh did everything, even with his magicians and army, in fighting against the children of Israel so that they will remain in bondage forever. But Pharaoh and his men were thrown into the red sea and they perished forever. I don’t know who may be standing in the way of God’s plan for you. Brethren, they will perish. Even Nebuchadnezzar, the great king of Babylon was opposing the children of God from worshipping the true God and wanted them to worship the golden image. Meshach, Shedrach and Abednego refused to worship the golden image. Nebuchadnezzar threatened to throw them into the furnace of fire which he had heated seven times hotter, if they did not bow at the sound of the trumpet. The three of them maintained that if the God whom they serve could not deliver them, then the king could cast them into the fire. When they were eventually cast into the fire, it did not stop the plan of God; rather it brought promotion to them and Nebuchadnezzar bowed before them to worship the God that delivered them from fire. Brethren, those ganging against you are just wasting their time. What Nebuchadnezzar and his fire could not do, they can never do it. That fire all around you will bring your promotion in Jesus Name.

Condition for God to finish the good work


no member of your family will pass a particular level, that none of your children will make it in life; but what I know is that today, they must bow because God will heal you, deliver you and bless you. Look at that problem for the last time and you will see it no more because unto Him every knee must bow. Even the devil himself at a time was a very beautiful angel, but he became proud

and God decided to wipe him out because He can not dwell with unclean persons and He started doing war in heaven. But He was cast out by the angels of God because nobody resists God. He was cast unto the earth and God is casting him into hellfire. The point is this: Satan cannot stop the good work of God. Even the evil personality called Pharaoh, who the devil raised and used to prevent the children

absolute righteousness and holiness has contributed immensely to the physical, mental and spiritual development and advancement of the human race, toward the body of Christ. Aside the establishment of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries, on a threefold vision of grassroots revival all over the world, Pastor Muoka is universally acclaimed as an icon of grassroots revival evangelism and has travelled to more than 80% of the nations of the world propagating the gospel of Christ and building schools based on the foundation of strong Christian, moral teaching. According to the Chairman of the National Advisory Council of the National Association of Christian Pilgrims, His Lordship Rt. Rev. Lawson Ikechi, JP, series

of research was conducted for more than two years among clergymen and different Christian denominations in Africa by the renowned organisation, and at the end, Pastor Muoka was overwhelming voted the first-class deliverance minister in the world while his ministry, the Lord’s Chosen, as the fastest growing ministry in Africa. From the inception of his ministry, Pastor Muoka has been a terror to the kingdom of darkness. But the G.O with the uncommon grace to know the wicked strategy of the devil and its agents here on earth, has remained undaunted and resolute in the face of jealous critic. Available records reveal that no problem that was brought to him that has remained the same or unresolved. The afflicted have

For God to finish the good work He started in our life, we must ensure that we maintain good relationship with Him by living a righteous and holy life. This is because without holiness no eye shall see the Lord. Seeing God in glory depends on our holiness, because that is the indispensable condition of our obtaining the accomplishment of His work in our life. God has never abandoned the project to bring the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt, but He insisted that they must follow His precept and on this premise He delivered them from the bondage of Pharaoh and the Egyptian task masters. Be rest assured that as you prepare your mind, receive Christ and begin to live right, He will definitely finish the good work He started in your life. Jeremiah 32:27 says, “Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh: is there anything too hard for me?” I don’t know what you are passing through but God will give you answer and victory today in Jesus name. Luke 12:32 says, “Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” Beloved, there is no abandoned project in God’s lexicon. He will heal you; He will connect and meet you at the point of your need. He will make a way for you where there is no way.

General Overseer bags continental award


or his earnest desire to win 10 billion souls for the kingdom of heaven and the philosophy woven around his popular principle of ‘a Christian is not a sinner and a sinner is not a Christian’, The General Overseer of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Movement, Pastor Lazarus Madukaejiekwu Muoka has won the ‘Twin’ award for “Pillar of the Gospel & Icon of Spiritual Development in Africa.”

The award was bestowed on him by the National Association of Christian Pilgrims (NACP). Visiting leader of the association, Rev. Egba Awo made the presentation at a brief but colourful ceremony at the Revival Ground Headquarters of the ministry, in Ijesha, Lagos State. Often described by many as God’s ear for humanity, Pastor Muoka a preacher of

been delivered, the sick healed, diseases cured, the blinds and deaf saw and heard respectively. Broken homes have been united under the anointing of Pastor Muoka, while the yoke of poverty and hindrances have been broken. Many armed robbers, rituals, kidnappers and chief priests of various shrines who have contact with his ministry have renounced their nefarious acts and received salvation. Reacting to the award, Pastor Muoka noted that the precept of God demands all glory and as such, we should always give the glory to our Lord Jesus Christ for without Him we can do nothing. “It is our attitudes that will appeal to people that are not Christian to seek for the salvation of their life” Muoka said.

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‘I honestly don’t think fame changes people’ Although, born with the sickle cell disorder, effervescent Tosyn Bucknor did not allow that to weigh her down in life. The Law graduate of the University of Lagos is an on-air personality, musician and the founder of THESE GENES, a sickle cell project. In this interview, she speaks about sickle cell disorder, styles and other issues with Angela Davies. Who’s Tosin Bucknor, and how was growing up like? I come from a simple and small family of four in Lagos State. I attended Queens College, Lagos, then the University of Lagos where I studied Law, and then to the Nigerian Law School, Lagos. Growing up was interesting, fun and simple. I liked reading and watching television but reading was my first love. I loved writing too. Why did you abandon Law for television, radio and music? Although, I love Law, I love other things more. Law is a jealous wife. You can’t really practise it and do the other things you love, so, I had to leave it. How would you define your style and what kind of outfits do you love to wear? My style is very simple but also dramatic. I like to wear simple dresses with interesting details. I like accessories a lot. I love earrings, bracelets and rings. I’m crazy about rings. I wear accessories anywhere I want to. For example, I could wear a chain on my arm and a ring on my neck. I like mixing up my accessories. I love accessories but rings are my favourite. My style depends on my mood. On a normal day, I like wearing jeans and a lovely top or Tshirt. Some days, I wear skirts and I like wearing dresses as well. I like mixing, matching and wearing things in ways people don’t normally wear them. For instance, I am known for wearing a lot of my skirts as dresses; I do that a lot and people don’t always notice. I like wearing skirts as dresses a lot. What is that fashion item you cannot do without as a woman? Lip gloss because I feel that no matter how casually dressed you are, it is the easiest thing to quickly change your appearance. You may not be able to do your mascara or apply your eye shadow but you can quickly apply your lip gloss and you are good to go. How long have you carried your dreads? It has been on and off for over 10 years. It is very easy to maintain. How would you describe yourself before you achieved fame? Do you agree some people change with fame? I am an interesting person and someone who grows every day. Who I am now is who I have always been. I don’t think I have changed, I am the same person. I don’t think I am any different from who I was before fame. I honestly don’t think fame changes people. I think what it does is that it accentuates what is already there. I think if someone is rude, they are always going to be rude whether they are famous or not. The only thing is that fame might make it more obvious. For example, I don’t pick my calls and it is something that I have been doing for long. It is not a question of being famous that I don’t pick my calls, but I am just bad at keeping my phone. Half of the time, it is either on silent or I don’t even know where it is. The truth is that I am bad with my phone so in that same way, I think people just have certain things

they do or don’t and fame just brings it out. What are you doing to give back to society? I am passionate about young people, especially about where they are going, what decisions they are making for their life and so on. That is always something that I am interested in doing. I try to give back as much as possible in terms of my time and energy to the society. It is not always about money but something as simple as giving and investing your time and being there for people. You are the founder of THESE GENES. What was the driving force behind its formation? I am a sicklier. I went for a youth empowerment conference in Ghana and they told us to do something we are passionate about. I asked myself what I was passionate about and one thing I noticed was that there is a lot of misconception about sickle cell. People don’t know, for example, what they call people living with sickle cell and you hear them say ‘sickle cell patient’ a lot. That is actually wrong because sickle cell is a disorder. THESE GENES is a sickle cell project that I run and it started in 2007. The idea is to create sickle cell awareness and to get people to continue talking about the disorder. Thankfully, it has been very successful. We partner with other sickle cell projects and organisations. Aside from partnering with organisations, do you get support from individuals? Yes, people are wonderful in that regard. What I discovered is that Nigerians are always willing to give support. However, they just need to know that you are serious and understand what you are doing. Once they understand what you are doing and know that you are serious, they will give you all the support. Did you ever feel sad or depressed about your condition? I will say it was not easy but I am grateful to my family for helping me through the difficult period and making sure I never felt useless and unwanted. But, eventually I realised that life is not about how long one lives but how well. There are people with AS genotype that still go ahead to get married even when they know that there are possibilities of giving birth to a sicklier. What do you think is the best solution? I wouldn’t advise them not to get married; I mean I wouldn’t say do it by force, but I won’t say they shouldn’t. I don’t think that telling people not to get married is the way to solve the sickle cell issue. It is like burying our heads in the sand. The best solution is to find a cure. We also have to find better management processes and a way of phasing it out. People need to also start investing in research. The truth is that sickle cell disorder is seen as a black man’s disease in the sense that it affects mainly black people. There are ways to manage it, so telling people not to get married is not a solution. Basically, it is unrealistic. They have to find a cure and better management solutions. Where would you consider as the sexiest part of your body? CONTINUED ON PAGE 27

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‘I honestly don’t think fame changes people’ CONTINUED FROM PAGE 26 This is difficult but I have been told that I have nice hips. I have a friend that is always telling me that I have nice hips. And people comment on my hips sometimes when I wear certain kinds of outfits. What clothes do you wear to accentuate those hips and what is that clothing item you will never be caught wearing? I like wearing jeans but once in a while, I wear fitted dresses that apparently show off the hips. I will never be caught wearing maybe fish-net stockings; I don’t understand the point of fish-net stocking. What puts you off people? I don’t like fake people, pretenders. I don’t like if I can’t tell who you are and how you are feeling. I am sure you’re going to settle down one day. Who is the man in your life? Maybe, who knows? It is only God that knows these things. You want me to dictate to Him? What if He says, I should go and be a nun? There is no man in my life at the moment. What is the major challenge of your job as an on-air personality? It is waking up early. My show starts at 6:00 a.m. so I have to wake up at 4:00 a.m. every day. What is that fashion item you can spend a lot on? Shoes. I like shoes. I think I can spend a lot on shoes. Who are those women you admire fashion-wise and who are your role models? I really like Gwen Stefani and Sasha. For Sasha, I like the way she puts her outfit together. Also, I like Solange Knowles. These three women do interesting things with clothes and fashion. Bolanle Oshin-Peters, Funke BucknorBrutte, my sister and Mrs Sola Bucknor, my mum are my role models. I admire their energy and passion. I also admire Gbemi Olateru-Olabegi and Ellen De Genres, the talk show host. Music-wise, I admire Solange Knowles and Gwen Stefani because they do music on their own terms. How do you love your make-up? The truth is that I would love to do eyelashes but I get so tired of sitting down. I could do dramatic eyes and wear simple lipstick or simple eyes and then wear dramatic lipstick. How do you relax and what are your hobbies? I enjoy watching television. Sleeping, tweeting, eating, dancing and singing are my hobbies. Eating per se is a big hobby of mine. If you have to change anything about yourself, what would that be? I think my stomach. I wish my stomach were flatter.

‘I call my guy a clown, he makes me laugh’ ADAEZE AMOS


ou may not recognise her at a first glance but her stage name, Ju Baby, rings a bell. Her real names are Juliet Roberts Obadiahi. She has featured in many Yoruba movies and a few English soap operas such as Eldorado, Images, This Time Tomorrow, to mention but a few. Although, this Lagos State University graduate of Industrial Relation and Personnel Management did not study Theatre or Creative Arts in the university, her passion lies in acting. She started this from the time she was in the secondary school. Because her parents thought that acting was for never-do-wells, they insisted she should opt for a different course. “My parents thought that Theatre or Creative Arts would do me no good, that was why I opted for the course I studied to satisfy them,” she said. But when she was through with her university education, she had to go back into acting, a profession she has a flair for. “When I graduated, my mum insisted I should make use of my certificate first. So, I worked with a production company and I also worked in a marketing department of another company before I opted out to pursue my dream, which is acting. Now that I’m doing what I have passion for, I’m honestly fulfilled,” she added. To parents who impose their choice of course on their children, she has some words. “Truly, I had that challenge. I actually wanted to study Theatre Arts but my parents were of the opinion that the graduates seldom get jobs, but see me now at the end of the day, I’m still doing that which I have passion for. If you as a parent stops your child from doing what she has passion for, that will slow her down in getting to the place she is supposed to be. Let her make her choice as long as it is not prostitution that she is going into. All we need is your support and encouragement. Everything is a profession. ” Now that she is neck deep in what she has flair for, she did not rule out the fact that she has not been confronted with some challenges. “The major challenge in this industry is that there are lots of artistes who are not willing to take a bow. Yes, we have them, even the old faces and they are not willing to leave the scene. For you to be seen or noticed, you really need to prove yourself. You have to show your own ability for you to. The Yoruba movie genre is open to everybody. All you just have to do is to prove yourself and you are there.

I’m more into Yoruba movies and I’m fulfilled because even though I’m not Yoruba, I’m accepted. There is no discrimination there as long as you can do it. They would give you a chance to prove yourself.” Obadiahi’s childhood is evergreen in her memory. “I grew up with a strict dad of blessed memory. So, my social life was slow. My dad was already late before I started making friends and started making decisions of my own. But apart from that, it was fun. I hail from a polygamous home but we had our differences. At a time, we came together and laughed over some things we did.” She still remembers her very first love. “It was interesting; I always say it was a stepping stone to where I am, even though we are not together, I enjoyed it while it lasted.” She said she was already an adult before she had her first kiss. “My first kiss too was interesting. I was grown up already before having it. I was 18 years old then.” Apart from her childhood romance, there were some memories she still holds dear to her heart. “My dad was so strict that he wouldn’t want me to talk to anybody, I mean any guy. I thought he was being wicked on me but today, I have realised he was trying to bring me up in a good way.” But who exactly is that man in the life of this fashionista? “I really don’t like to talk about my relationship but he is fine, fun, understanding and jovial. At times, I call him a clown; I also do call him a comedian. He is always making me laugh.” Does he have the qualities of her dream man? Put directly, will she accept him if he proposes marriage? “Oh sure, I will be willing to marry him if he proposed marriage to me. Although, I’m scared with the high rate of divorce in our society these days, I will no doubt marry him.” She proffered a solution to divorce in our society. “I think the way out is to have patience.” What if a woman is being battered and maltreated in her matrimonial home? “That is one thing I won’t accept. I’d rather be alive to tell my story than to be dead. If it is not working, I don’t think I would like to force it. In a marriage where I’m being battered and bullied, I would take a walk not giving a damn what people would say. It is not compulsory one stays in a marriage that is not working. We can endure but when it gets to a point where he batters you and even your children are scared when their father is coming, you need to think twice because you never can tell what would happen the next minute.”


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APRIL 14, 2013

Nollywood stars honour the late Esiri



ast Monday, April 8, the crème de la creme in Nollywood came together at the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos for the candlelight procession and tribute night in honour of their own, veteran actor, Justus Esiri, who passed on, on February 17. The event, which was put together by the Actors Guild of Nigeria to herald the final journey home of the late Esiri, was an assemblage of Nollywood stars who were. Among them were Ini Edo Ehiagwina, Chioma Chukwuka Akpota, Rita Dominic Nwaturuocha, Emem Isong, and Segun Arinze. Others were Benita Nzeribe, Joke Silva and her husband, Olu Jacobs, Kanayo O. Kanayo, Leo Emeziem, Francis Odega and Lawrence Onuzilike, among others.

Chioma, Kate Henshaw and some Nollywood stars

Joke and Olu Jacobs

A cross section of Nollywood stars

Segun Arinze 3rd left, Rachael Oniga and others

Justus Esiri Jnr. Dr. Sid Esiri and their younger brother Arinze Okonkwo

Julius Agwu

Chioma Chukwuka Akpota

Olachi and Tunji Bamishgbin Esq

Zack Orji

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Dude Style

Naughtiest Thing The naughtiest thing I’ve ever done

Colourful blazers VANESSA OKWARA


lazers are must-have clothing for that fashionable man who wants to stand out in any occasion. These days, bright colours are no longer reserved for the ladies alone. Men equally make fashion statements with blazers that come in bright colours of orange, electric blue and even pink! This can be worn with a good pair of shirt or T-shirt over a pair of jeans or trousers with matching shoes or sneakers.

I jumped into girls’ hostel in a secondary school –Gideon Okeke It happened some years back while I was in secondary school. It was unlawful in that school to do what we did but it was because my friends and I were trying to be mischievous. We were caught and were severely punished. This is a very naughty thing I did which would remain indelible in my memory. It is something that amuses me each time I remember what happened. This happened at the Nigerian Navy Secondary School in Port Harcourt. The school relly maintained a water-tight security. The authorities made it almost impossible to visit any girl there except on their visiting day. But we took a gamble! Their gate keeper too did not help matters. After contemplating on how to get into the school compound, my friends and I decided to beat the school authority to it. We became determined, jumped the fence and zoomed into their hostel. But luck ran out on us as we were caught almost as we jumped in. That was when we realised our folly. It dawned on us that we were going to face the consequences. We were eventually taken to the principal. He caned us mercilessly. This is an experience I would never forget. Gideon Okeke is an actor and TV show host who anchors a programme titled, ‘Money Drop’. He also works on Tinsel, a soap opera. By Adaeze Amos


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Saxophonist, Yemi Sax, proposes to girlfriend, Adeshola O n Tuesday, April 2, multiple award-winning Saxophonist, Adeyemi Adeosun, popularly known as Yemi Sax, proposed to his longtime girlfriend, Adeshola Sholatayo Durojaiye at the Cold Stone Creamary bar, Lekki in front of their family and friends. Durojaiye could not curtail her joy as she watched her beau read the romantic proposal note to her. Here is

what adeosun wrote for the love of his life. “The first day I met you Shola, my heart beat, and something said to me, this is the mother of your children and the woman specially made for you from heaven. This has never happened to me ever since I’ve grown up to be a man. I’ve met so many ladies but you are a rare germ and can’t be compared to any of them.

“Today I look into your eyes to tell u this; you are the true definition of love, the true definition of a good woman and you have brought nothing but happiness to my life. Your love to me is more than anything in this world; you are the apple of my eyes and I love you so very much Shola; I cherish you very much Shola. I love the way you love and take care of me not as a grown up man but as your baby and you have prooved to me that real love still exists. You are beautiful from inside and also from outside; words cannot express the way I feel for you and I pray today that God Almighty will crown your effort and always be with you everyday of your life. Thanks for the joy, happiness, growth, fulfilment, new life and love you brought to my life ever since I met you and thanks for bringing out the real man in me. Please Adeshola, with humbleness, sincerity, no pride, love, emotions, respect, and joy from inside, mo fi oriade bee, I beg you in the name of God Almighty, will you please marry me? So that this joy I feel from inside will be forever.” At the end, it read, Adeyemi Joseph Olufemi Adeosun a.k.a. No. 1 sax boss African sax oracle YEMISAX. After these romantic lines, she happily accepted and Yemi slipped the 18 carat gold ring with diamond black zephire stones into her fingers. Congrats to Yemi and Shola

You have a story to tell us about your wedding/engagement, or your new born baby. You can call this line 08051980588


Arafat Abolade Ayoka Balogun was delivered at Ahmadiya Muslim hospital, Ojokoro, Lagos to Akogun Gani Kayode Balogun and Alhaja Khadijat Jumoke Balogun. She was delivered at 2:30 a.m. and weighed 2.5kg. According to Khadijat, during the pregnancy, she desired fruits. “During the pregnancy, I craved for different types of fruits.” Were there obvious physical body changes? “I had a puffed face and swollen feet,” revealed Khadijat. What irritated Khadijat? “I was irritated by the smell of perfumes,” she emphasised. What do Arafat’s parents love about her? “We love her friendly disposition to everybody,” said Khadijat. What do they want Arafat to become in future? “We want her to become an entrepreneur,” Khadijat stated. What is the meaning of her names? “Arafat means Holy Mountain while Abolade means she that brought wealth,” Gani disclosed.

Mowete weds Obayuwana T

he families of Mowete and Obayuwana united to celebrate the holy matrimony of their daughter, Hannah Nkechi Mowete and son, Mark Obayuwana on Saturday, March 16. The solemnisation took place at the World International Sacred Peace Movement, Ibiye and it was officiated by the Sacred Minister, Elder Bro Diamond Ukuyoma. The court wedding took place at the Ikoyi Registry on March 14 while the traditional wedding held the following day, at Ogidi Civic Centre, Festac Town. For Hannah and Mark, they decided outrightly to walk down the aisle after being friends for awhile. “We had our moments of trials but it was always suppressed with our faith in God because we had one belief which is God. He already set the pace and all we need was to always agree thereby having a movement ahead. This move-

ment led us through the family introduction and dowry payment in the bride’s village in Ikelike, Ogwashi-Uku, Aniocha South, Delta State, which took place on the October 28 and 29, 2012.” Mark, the groom is from Igbanke, Oriomwon local council of Edo State. What pet names do they call each other? While Mark prefers calling me “Ann”, I call him “my dear or “my big baby”, revealed Hannah. What would they do to spice their marriage? They affirmed that, “As we settle into matrimony, we intend building our home with the fear of the Lord.”

Abdullahi Adeyinka Hamzat was born at Onward Hospital, Agunbelewe, Osogbo to Adewale and Modupe Hamzat. He was delivered at 7:00 p.m. and weighed 3:5 kg. What did Modupe yearn for during the pregnancy? “I craved for food like rice, Indomie and pap,” she said. What irritated her during the pregnancy? She said anything that had foul smell irritated her. “I hated anything that had foul smell.” What do his parents love most about Abdullahi? “We love his complexion and he sleeps well,” Modupe said. What does Abdullahi’s parents want him to become in future? “We want him to become a medical doctor so that he can save lives,” Adewale added. What is the meaning of Abdullahi? “Abdullahi means God’s servant,” said Adewale.

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Ethnic Look APRIL 14, 2013

Aso-Oke: The timeless fabric ADAEZE AMOS


here is no way you can tell a complete story or history of Yoruba-speaking people of South-West without including their timeless fabric, Aso-oke. Today’s fashionistas wear it to special occasions such as weddings, chieftaincy title and funeral ceremonies, etc with much allure. As0-oke, which simply means, top cloth is as old as the history of its people and they are seen in three different types. Alaari, which of course, is the rich, red Aso-oke; Sanyan, which is usually the light brown ones, and Etu, the dark blue types. These three are popular in the fashion world. Fashionistas use them for either Gele (head tie), Ipele which is the shoulder sash, Iro which of course is a wrap skirt or Buba which is the Yoruba blouse. Take a look at these fashionistas on this page and get the Aso-oke feel.

Photos:, La Ruge Bridals, Nortex Aso-oke.

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Single’s Bliss

Pregnancy Talk




Adaeze Amos

…a peep into the world of a seriously searching sister!

Thou must not be too open in any relationship!


Getting pregnant and trendy Regina and Obinna got married and it took them three years to have a baby. After one year of marriage, their family doctor advised that Regina should start coming to the clinic because “after one year of uninterrupted sex and a woman fails to get pregnant, she needs to be coming for check up,” Dr Reuben counsels. After a year of marriage, Regina actually started and she continued as the doctor counselled unperturbed for three years before she eventually became pregnant. She never relented in looking good even while going for her check-ups. This made the nurses in that hospital to admire her because her style was always ther topic of discussion each time she visited the hospital. When she became pregnant, the nurses too were the first to notice that Regina was no longer giving a hoot about her looks and dress sense. One of them summoned up courage and approached her privately to find out why she was looking unkempt. “Auntie Regina, sorry I had to tell you that your dressing is a far cry from what it was some months back when you were yet to get pregnant, what happened now?” Regina, who was shocked because she wondered where the nurse got that boldness from, was short of words. When she was about to answer, the nurse refused to purse. “To be frank with you auntie, some of your dresses look as if someone forced them on you. Look at your hair,” she said, holding the strands of her braided hair, “you find it difficult to go to a salon for your hair. Hmm, na wao! Maybe you need to be told that Uncle Obinna, your husband, is still young and very handsome. There are some girls out there who are waiting for any slightest opportunity to take over. So, wake up from your slumber and sniff the coffee. And lest I forget, if looking like the way you are is what it means to be pregnant, I rather remain like this!” She laughed, and walked into the hospital where the rest of the nurses were waiting for her. Regina didn’t like what the nurse did. When she told her husband while threatening that she would report the nurse to the

doctor for either a sack or suspension, he hushed her. “Leave the poor girl alone. Is it because she told you the truth? You are shabbily dressed these days. I have been trying to tell you this.” That to Regina was another bombshell. But honestly, being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t still keep abreast with the trends and feel stylish. Simply put, you can actually look trendy even with your waistline gone and your tummy protruded. Or haven’t you seen these days some pregnant mums on red carpet events? That goes to show that you can still look young, stylish and as your body gets bloated. Feelings of fatigue, discomfort, skin changes, body aches and pains matched with a surge of raging hormones would pose a hindrance to looking good. But you can always overcome them if you are determined. This is easy if you follow these: Don’t slip into oversized dresses all in the name of opting for maternity dresses that make you look more bloated. Opt for jersey fabrics that can easily expand and ensure you go for styles that clinch on a high waist, swing dresses and up-to-date sleeveless empress styles to flaunt your arms if they are good, firm and without stretch marks. Watch your armpits first. They are not meant to be dirty and lush. If your legs are your pride and glory, still flaunt them. Remember to accessorise well. Opt for colourful costume jewellery that are eyecatchy. Drop earrings if need be and colourful bangles to blend with what you are wearing. Cocktail rings can make you look modern but don’t abuse it. Let simplicity be your watchword. For your footwears, slip into something comfortable. You can go for flat shoes, opt for the embellished ones. Better still, alternate with slip-ons, tong sandals but watch your toe nails and check if they need a little attention. You can gradually build a flat shoe collection to last you the nine months. You can actually get pregnant and get trendy with ease or better still, look out for magazines of pregnant fashionistas and copy some styles.

Hmmmnnn….I’m yet to recover from last week’s confusion when Desmond called me while having lunch with Alex. I know that Desmond and I are not officially dating but we are in a way, after all, these days guys don’t ask a lady out before they get down; its’ old school to do so! It’s only guys who love to cross their “t” and dot their “I” who indulge in that but babes like me can never be attracted to such emotional nuisances flaunting themselves in trousers! Well, as I was saying jare, I simply picked my phone and dropped it in my handbag while Alex was staring at me with a twist on his face. You see, in the double dating game, if you are the cheating partner, you must never allow the innocent one launch the accusation attack. You must always be millions of steps and work with the speed of light ahead of him or her. Mind you, you must do this with subtlety or no theatrics - just be natural, though playing a game! Immediately I saw the twist on his face, I gave him one of those my pitiful looks, adjusted my dress so that my cleavage is more exposed to fill his eyes and told him in a very forlorn mien that: “It’s Mrs. Olanipekun that my Director of Programmes I told you about. The woman behaves as if she’s a witch! The very moment she sees I am leaving the studio and suspects I am done for the day; that is when she phones and wants me to return to the studio immediately for one voice over or the other. I am tired of that woman and may just quit this job joor”. I got him! You needed to have seen how Alex immediately seized my hands in his and was petting me. He pleaded that I must never quit my job because of anyone though he will take care of me. Bad babe like me! To sweep him completely, I started crying and he immediately jumped out of his seat, came over to my side and was wiping my tears with his handkerchief. My magalicious ATM fell for it o! Correct babe wey I be!!! I am sure I would have done better as an actress! Genevieve, Omotola, Ini Edo, Mercy Johnson and who else is hot in that their Nollywood business, join together would not have been able to withstand me had I not ended up in this microphone business! But microphone work too sef na acting because I keep reading some boring news details, interviewing some funny creatures whom deep down in my mind I feel like invoking amadioha the god of thunder to strike because even they themselves (politicians) know that you know their responses to your questions are blatant lies from the deepest parts of hell fire! Nollywood is missing real action from me! Back to our gist, Alex footed the bills and we left the restaurant. I still wore that gloomy looks and he kept on petting me till we got to the studio. I had told him I didn’t want to go back to the studio lest I will be encouraging Mrs. Olanipekun to continue her madness but he begged and begged that I should do it for him. He promised to come pick me at home by 10 p.m. to a place I will love. I didn’t know what to say immediately he said that. “Alex honey, I should have told you something,” I started. You needed to have seen the worry and alertness on his face! Chei! I ravish every moment a dashing dude like him drops dead for me! I continued: “I am not at my apartment right now; I am living with my aunt on the Island because when I got home Saturday night, my apartment was inside out”. “I don’t understand, what are you trying to say - what happened? Who scattered your house and why? ” Alex queried with worry. You see, vengeance is sweet when served cold on a magnetic inviting dish! I seized the opportunity to hit the furnace for Simisola. You know, hell knows know much fury like a plush chic with alternatives scorned. Heaven will know no rest until I am through with Simisola. Don’t get me wrong, she is still my friend, but she needs some special scolding to let her know we don’t belong to the same category! I utilised the opportunity to gist Alex everything; I mean everything!!! I went to the extent of giving him graphic details of the present state of my apartment. He agreed adding that, “I noticed this is a new dress you are wearing but I wasn’t too sure that is why I didn’t bother to ask”. Alex was furious. I was stylishly begging him not to be angry with her but was adding Ghana pepper to the open wound. Mischievous smiles. You can fill in the blank space yourself. Alex is my young sugar thus cannot accompany me to my supposed aunt’s place! At least, he now knows I am not home and my imaginary aunt who lives in Lekki is a strict disciplinarian who wants me married. Oh! You see why he wouldn’t want to come close to Lekki, especially Chevron drive? Alex is not interested in a second wife, so will stay far away from ‘my aunty’s place’. Did this trick work? What happened to Simisola and my darling Desmond’s calls? Grab a copy of Sunday Mirror next week to find out! I’m dying to gist you!


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In need of a serious relationship/marriage My name is Loveth, 20 years old; I live in Lagos. I need a guy, between 22 and 24 years old, for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage –08102161497. I am Kayode, 29 years old, and a teacher. I need a serious relationship with a lady between 22 and 26 years of age that could lead to marriage –08079700244. My name is Honey, from Enugu. I’m 40 years old and HIV positive. I need a woman who is also HIV positive for marriage –08094329913. I am Tonie, 45 years old. I need a lady between 40 and 50 years old for friendship –08062604725. My name is Owadasa Ayodeji T. I want a girl between 25 and 35 years old for a serious relationship –07064825025, 08081931240. I am Abbey, 33 years old; living in Ibadan. I require a lady between 35 and 50 years of age for a romantic relationship –08058019772. I am Anthony Ebube. I need a beautiful, humble and God-fearing, intelligent lady of 18 years old for friendship –08208805009. Ade is my name, 44 years old. I live in Akure. I need a working-class, comfortable lady living in Akure, between 28 and 35 years old, for a relationship –08050358043.


Creating a fresh relationship after a break-up


ou always hear people say things like ‘after the rain comes sunshine’ when you have gone through a harrowing experience or trying to recover from a broken heart. At the time when they are comforting you with these words, it may never look like it will ever happen but trust me, time does heal all wounds. Wallowing in self pity is never the best way to get over heartbreaks but we do it all the same. Some of us express this in varying ways: some cry buckets of tears in the privacy of their bedrooms; spend sleepless nights staring into darkness and thinking of their lost love while some will call up one of their closest friends and simply pour their sorrows into a listening ear that is willing to hear the tale of a love gone sour. Broken relationships always leave biter tastes in our mouth when we remember them and for some people, it takes years before they get over the pain and move on. All the same, I’ll say making a clean break and creating a fresh start is the best way to forget the past and move on with your life. There’s no need crying over split milk or indulging in vengeful thoughts that will create bitterness in your heart and these things have a way of reflecting in your attitudes to others so avoid them as much as you can. Make up your mind to start afresh and get determined not to make the same mistakes twice. You do this by making sure you don’t choose the next person just because they happen to look like or act like your Ex. This usually have a boomeranging effect in the long run. You’ll end up not being truly satisfied with that person because you’ll keep comparing him/her with your ex and most of the time, they fall off the high pedestal which you have placed them. In creating a fresh relationship, first of all make sure you are healed of all hurts from the former relationship. There’s no need carrying an excess baggage full of complexies and inhibitions to the love zone of a new relationship. No one likes to hear how wonderful your Ex was when they are on a date with you. Be sure you are totally healed from a broken heart before jumping into a fresh relationship. The next thing to do is to build up your friendship data base. Most of us find romance at work or through our network of acquaintances. If this isn’t happening for you, you may need to extend your friendship circle.

Best way to do this is to spend more time on leisure activities that you enjoy and meet other individuals who like the same things. The more friends you have, the more chances you have of meeting that special someone. Try meeting new friends by changing the circle of friends you had with your Ex. That way you will not easily run into your former lover or make the mistake of dating any of their friends. People who do that end up spoiling the friendship that exists between their ex and their new partner and I don’t think that is really the ideal way to create a new relationship. Its best you always create a fresh relationship on a clean slate away from old reminders of your former relationship. When you have cast your net into the ocean of new friends, I’m sure you’ll definitely catch an interesting fish! So don’t be shy to accept an invitation for a date no matter how trivial the outing may seem. You never know if that simple date will be the beginning of a budding and lasting relationship. You can be invited to go for a quick drink or a simple lunch date or even a special dinner date. Accept it graciously and prepare your mind to have a lovely time. First dates can be frightening and fraught, so don’t expect too much. All you really need to establish is that you are comfortable with the other person and you don’t feel physically repelled by them. If you’ve had a good time on the date, there’s no harm in texting or phoning to say how much you enjoyed it. Most ladies are shy to do this for fear of appearing too forward or desperate. All the same, don’t insist on another date if the other person seems less than keen at the end of the first date. A gentle ‘Would you like to meet up again some time?’ should be enough to establish if there’s any spark between the two of you. If you don’t want to meet again, it’s good manners to gently let the other person know the truth. Try: ‘I think you are very nice, but I don’t think we could have the kind of relationship I’m looking for.’ That way, you’ll save yourself the trouble of wading off an unwanted fly trying to perch on your love zone and preventing you from creating further room to meet someone else. New relationships are always sweet and exciting at the beginning. Enjoy the feeling of being in love again and make sure that this time you put in your best and eliminate all the mistakes you made in previous relationships that could cause a break up in the new one. I wish you all the best in your new found love!

My name is Ruben; I’m single and need a working-class lady, between 28 and 32 years old, who is caring, for a serious relationship –08028575093. I am Ola, 40 years old, living and working in Lagos. I require a lady, 25 years old or above, for a serious relationship –08038669791. My name is George. I am 44 years old. I live and work in Lagos. I need a lady 28 years or above for marriage –07087897024. I am Justice John from Abuja, 30 years old. I am an estate agent. I need a God-fearing 20 to 26 years old Christian girl for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage –07081993498. I am Henry, 24 years old. I want a pretty and God-fearing girl, between 18 and 22years old for a relationship –08021365199. Akin is my name; 35 years old. I want an active lady, between 22 and 43 years old, for a relationship –08174428217. I am Babalola, 35 years old. I require a Muslim lady, below 30 years old, for marriage –08087074640, 08138856900. My name is Obi Frank, 30 years old. I live in Abuja. I want a lady, between 22 and 26 years old, for a serious relationship that could lead to marriage –08065989911. My name is Bolaji. I am 35 years old; I need a beautiful 25 - 27 years old Muslim lady from any part of the country –07033004637. I am Funsho, a dark, tall, athletic and educated man. I am 30 years old and need a mature stable woman that wants a blissful relationship –07057218241. I am Doyin, 60 years old, a widower in need of a fine-looking lady who is responsible, between 50 and 55 years old, retired or still working widow or single mother who has the fear of the Lord for a serious relationship –08187826373. My name is Uche, 40 years old businessman who lives in Lagos. I need a plump lady for marriage –08106343150. My name is Temitope; I am 27 years old, 6ft tall and live in Lagos. I need a working-class lady, between 30 and 48 years old, for a good relationship –08035603754. I am Tayo, fair-complexioned and a working-class adult who lives in Lagos. I need a caring and working-class lady, between 23 and 33 years old, for a relationship –08036872112. My name is Tajudeen Oluwasegun. I am above 30. I need a serious relationship with a lady between 25 and 30 years of age –08034120038. I am Nwabueze, 37 years old. I want a busty, romantic lady from any tribe for a serious relationship. –08063522167. I am Gbenga, 38 years old. I live in Abuja. I need a working-class lady for a relationship between 30 and 35 years old. Tribe is not a barrier –08057266524. My name is Jonny. I want a God-fearing woman who must be focused and lives in Lagos, for marriage –08051438141, 07088865804. Osaro is my name, a 40-year-old businessman; I need a lady, between 30 and 40 years old, for a serious relationship –07055356297. My name is Niyi, 23 years old, living in Lagos. I need a girl, between 18 and 30 years old, for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage –08099431788. I am Lanre, a 44-year-old journalist. I want a comfortable woman above 35 years old, for a serious relationship that could lead to marriage –08074319299. My name is Olawale, 25 years old, 6ft tall and a student living in Lagos. I need a responsible lady of 20-26 years age for a serious relationship –08020683454.

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Faces & Events

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Gbemi and Obadiahi Juliet Roberts, actress

Benita Nzeribe

CEO Shakara Clothing

A gathering of Yoruba movie stars at Pinkies Foundation’s second anniversary

Hakeem Rahman

Folakemi Oginni



Lolade Abuta and Ayoola Yetunde Francis Odega

Gloria Ibru

t was a colourful ceremony at Times Square Events Centre, Ajao Road, Ikeja on April 7 when Yoruba movie stars, fashionistas and celebrities came in droves to mark the second anniversary and magazine launch of Pinkies Foundation, a division of Pinkies Global Services Limited. The red carpet which started at 2 p.m. was indeed great, not because style icons that came were clad in pink attire which was the colour of the day, but there were also striking different poses before paparazzi. Yoruba movie stars and fashionistas such as Iyabo Ojo, Juliet Roberts Obaddiahi, Sexy B, Gbemi, Mo Bola and Folakemi Oginni, among others graced the event.

Kanayo O. Kanayo


Bunmi Yusuf L-R: Zack Orji, Sylvanus Nnochiri and another Nollywood actor

Sexy B

Rita Dominic signing the condolence register


Lawrence Lurrenz Onuzulike

Rachael Oniga

Macsmith Ochendo

Mrs. Fatai and Iyabo Ojo


Mo Bola and Funmilolan Abayomi


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Mirror

& ovies Music M Stories by Olumide Segun-Oduntan 08189418761 e-mail:

OzzyBosco returns with Tinini featuring Olamide


Remember the sensational kid artiste with the stage name “OzzyBosco WonderKid”, the five year old dynamite who dazzled and illuminated the entertainment industry last year with great songs, and astonishing stage performances? The multi-award winner and acclaimed “Youngest African Superstar”, OzzyBosco, who turned six years on 7th January 2013, is back better and stronger with a mind-blowing single, titled Tinini featuring Baddo of life Olamide. OzzyBosco, who made fantastic progress last year with two hit songs; Superstar, featuring Lamboginny, and Sweet Mama, featuring Flavour N’abania, won several awards and honours including Most Talented Young Star from Dynamix All Youth Awards and Youngest African Entertainer from Classic African Merit Awards. This year he wisely decided to team up with the rave of the moment, Olamide in his new song Tinini mastered by Samklef to stage a flamboyant 2013 debut. While this song, Tinini is about to set ablaze the dance floors, believe it or not, another single titled

Piece to The Nation featuring the African Lion himself Terry G is also in the making. The awesome and very thought-provoking song will follow up in less than no time after the video to Tinini featuring Olamide hit the screen. On the other hand, OzzyBosco is rounding up an exquisite piece of work, a television cartoon series titled OzzyBosco WonderKid Show which will be showcased on television and satellite network worldwide. The cartoon is directed by Abdul Bello aka JJC Skillz, who also is about to shoot the musical video of Tinini. The promo for the cartoon is now running awaiting the debut show soonest. In order to showcase his philanthropic trait which he inherited from his mother, Chief Nonye Elizabeth Mojekwu, come this summer break, OzzyBosco will be jetting out with 10 kids between the ages of 6 and 15 on a lifetime all expenses paid holidays to Togo and Ghana. The humanitarian project titled OzzyBosco Charity Adventure (OCA) is aimed at putting smiles on the faces of children particularly the underprivileged.


iMike set to unleash two mind-blowing singles “Hard work conquers all”, is one saying that MTN Project fame West Africa Season 2 winner, Mike Anyasodo will happily tell anyone on the surface of the earth, is a reality in every sense of the word. The enigmatic singer and charismatic performer, who was tipped by many a pundit as the biggest and brightest performer from Project Fame West Africa, fell to the lowest ebb of musical ranking in the Nigerian Music industry at a point where he was meant to reign as a the industry’s fresh prince of pop. Despite his ill fate, the Delta State born talent never gave up believing in the power of divinity and hard work, that one day he would justify the title as the biggest rising talent in West Africa. Now with Joy and pride August Pee Entertainment a newly birthed record label in Nigeria has presented the rebirth of Mike Anyasodo, MTN Project Fame Season Two winner, as ‘iMike’. The deal signed by H. Man’s led August Pee’s Entertainment will see Mike Anyasodo being known as iMike and August Entertainment, handling the recording, promotion and release of materials that will birth iMike’s sophomore album. To ensure a worthy come back for the young lad, August Pee Entertainment has engaged the services of a high flying music producer Mr. Chido to produce two blazing hot singles for iMike. The two songs titled For My Head and Ada, will be released within seven days with For My Head coming as a free internet download while Ada is the main single that will see iMike, take his rightful place as a leading star. Pictures and Images are key in projecting every major song in the buzzing Nigerian music industry hence the decision of August Pee Entertainment to enlist two of Africa’s ace cinematographers: Clarence Peters and Adasa Squareballs to deliver the pictorial interpretation of iMike’s two singles. Speaking to the ever elated Mike, who is now known as iMike, M&M got the following confession; “first it was a rumour, now I am confirming to you that August Pee is leading the attack of my return to the music industry, meaning August Pee is home and my label.

Wed Expo

Nigeria’s biggest entertainers set to party at Encomium’s ball Some of Nigeria’s biggest entertainers will be on the red carpet and actual event tonight to witness this year’s edition of Encomium’s Black and White Ball scheduled to hold at Ruby Gardens, Kilometre 11, Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos. The organizers of the gig recently indicated that superstar MC/Comedian Julius Agwu will host the five-star ball, while Africa’s number one DJ, the iconic Jimmy JATT will deliver the best of Nigerian music at the event. Nigeria’s sensational singer, Ego (of Lagbaja fame) is also billed to thrill guests with rich live music from here and beyond. “It’s simply the biggest, most exciting party of the year. We have earned the tag

‘high octane’, and we have built a reputation of promoting high fashion and unique style,” says Encomium publisher, Kunle Bakare. He enthused further that, “We at Encomium can’t wait to pamper you and ensure that you have the time of your life on April 14 at the Black and White Ball.” The highly anticipated black and white ball is a 7-star event with panache, glitz and glamour. And the organizers have assured that it will get better this year - with more celebrity attendance, a new, improved venue, and The Elegance and Style Awards to celebrate pioneers, trail blazers, forerunners and icons in the entertainment industry and beyond.


Sunday Mirror


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Banky W, Tosyn Bucknor, Olamide, others rock Hennessy gig Wave-making music stars; Banky W, Olamide, DJ Xclusive, Praiz, Tosyn Bucknor, Skales, DJ Neptune, Zaina, MoEazy, Producer TY-Mix and many others came out recently in their numbers to party with music lovers at the launch of Hennessy’s latest addition to their premium cognac collection, VSOP Nyx. The exclusive Ultra Violet themed party, which was held at XQ Lounge in Victoria Island on Friday, March 29th and Club Rumors in Ikeja on Saturday, March 30th had guests glowing in the dark with first-of-itskind Neon lighting in Nigeria and celebrities mingling with fans who came out to show massive support to Hennessy. The two-day event kicked off with the Beat Bar crawl as Hennessy officials and party thrillers, Olamide, Phyno, Ketchup and Morell hit clubs on Victoria Island and the Mainland before making final stops at popular clubs, XQL, V.I and Club Rumors, Ikeja in Lagos. The launch which was hosted by Beat FM’s presenters, Olisa Adibua and Jimmy had pulsating performances from Phyno, Ketchup and Morel as well as a special per-

Banky W, Olamide & guests at the party

formance from UK Based hit maker, L Marshall. Award-winning DJ Neptune kept the crowd on their feet all night as guests partied to an amazing mix of monster tracks. Notable faces at the launch include EME chairman, Banky W, Beat FM Boss, Deji Awokoya, Mo’Eazy, Zaina, Skales, Praiz, Kas,

Shaydee, Sarz, Tosyn Bucknor among other guests. The new VSOP NYX is the second numbered collector of the Hennessy VSOP privilege collection and can be described as a collector’s bottle as it has a metallic look which glows in the dark light.

May D, Davido, Daddy Showkey for Timeout With Tee A Abuja edition When Wed Expo stormed Lagos With over 25,000 guests and 150 exhibitors, at the just concluded Wed Expo, the wedding related event is now one of the biggest crowd pulling events. The four-day exhibition that held at the Landmark Event Center Victoria Island was a pomp and glam affair. The expo organized by Wed magazine was tipped as Nigeria’s largest wedding exhibition that showcased various top wedding vendors from all parts of the wedding industry to clients, potential clients and customers. It gave the exhibitors the opportunity to advertise their goods and services to a wide range of customers in one place at a given time. The vendors included different groups of photographers, makeup artistes, bridal houses, hair stylists, event managers, wedding planners, florists, caterers, jewelers, Aso Oke makers, drink vendors, MCs, wedding services, travel agencies and lots more. According to a source, the 2013 Wed Expo was definitely the biggest thing to ever hit the Nigerian wedding scene with over 150 exhibitors and well over 25,000 guests which includes but not limited to intending brides and grooms, engaged couples and the general public who travelled from far and wide to be at the exhibition. Amidst the style and glamour of the expo, the organizers held the first ever Wed Awards which was aimed at recognizing and rewarding efforts and contributions of individuals and companies that have proved their mettle in the wedding industry. The inaugural edition of the Wed Awards awarded people in 26 categories, touching almost every category in the wedding industry. After the success of the event held in Lagos, the Organizers of the expo are now getting ready to give customers another dose of splendor by hosting yet another classy edition of the Wed Expo at the Federal capital territory in September 2013 tagged Wed Expo Abuja. The expo is for the customers in and around Abuja, and for people that missed the Lagos exhibition and for exhibitors that could not get a booth at the Lagos Exhibition. The event will take place at the International Conference Center Abuja and it will showcase again a variety of vendors in the wedding industry ranging from wedding planners, cake makers, decorators, souvenir companies, decor rentals, photography, reception locations, ushering, videographers, DJs, MCs, invitations and lots more.

Multi-award winning comedian, TV host and entrepreneur Tee A is taking a dazzling team of super star singers and performers along with him, for the umpteenth edition of his concert series, Tymeout With Tee A in the federal capital territory, Abuja. Entertainers that will thrill guests at the Tymeout With Tee A Live Edition, Abuja concert include a combination of bestselling singer Davido, and rap giant and one of Africa’s most decorated hip hop acts Ice Prince. The evergreen performer, Daddy MayD Showkey, will make an extended appearance, as well as Tee A himself who will be appearing as multiple personalities. Wave-making Skales and May D are also on the train. Tymeout regulars Madam Princess and MC Abbey will also thrill guests in an evening of comedy, music, theatre and dance. Tee A, who pioneered live stand-up comedy events in Nigeria with his hugely successful Live ‘N Naked series, has built the Tymeout brand, to become one of the biggest events in Nigeria’s entertainment calendar, holding

regularly in Lagos, Abuja and London, with past headliners including icons 2face Idibia, D’Banj, and Ali Baba; as well as fan-favourites Wizkid, Basketmouth and Bovi. The Abuja concert will hold at the Congress Hall of the Transcorp Hilton on April 21, 2013. Tee A says: “We’ve done Abuja over and over and the love is real. I can’t wait to do it again.” The Tymeout Live series was created, according to Tee A, to take the famous TV show Tymeout With Tee A closer to audiences in different cities, while giving the show’s stars an opportunity to relax and interact with fans around the world. “It’s just like another edition of our TV show. Only this time, you’re watching live, not on TV. It’s a fantastic experience even I wouldn’t want to miss,” Tee A said. He added that “I can assure you that my friends Ice Prince, Davido, Daddy Showkey, Skales, May D, Princess, MC Abbey and many others are looking forward to bringing the fun to Abuja… The question is can Abuja handle this?”

Ice Prince, Burnaboy, Praiz, others set to rock at AYE Awards Top entertainment performers like Ice Prince, Burnaboy, Praiz, Tee A and a host of others are set to blaze the trail at the second of Abuja Young Entrepreneurship Awards (AYE Awards), a night of glitz, glamour and pure

Ice Prince

entertainment. The event will be anchored by Bovi and Chigul and promises to be rib-tickling. The awards ceremony billed to hold on the 19th of April 2013 at the International Conference Center Abuja, will feature awards in categories such as; Beauty, Education, Entertainment, Fashion Accessories, Fashion and Design, Food and Drink, Health and Fitness, Hospitality and Event Management, Information and Communications Technology, Media and Arts, Philanthropy, Specialized Services and Young Entrepreneur of the Year. Voting for the various categories has been ongoing since the beginning of the year and is currently running online till the 18th of April. The Abuja Young Entrepreneur Awards is an award that was introduced in 2012 to break the sequence of mediocrity amongst Abuja youth and as a yardstick to the Nigerian youth at large.

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Lessons of Life

ANGELA DAVIES 08023342083


‘My mother and I are in romantic relationship with same man’


ow would you react if you found out that the sugar mummy of your boyfriend who has been tormenting your life is your mother? Well, I just found out that my mother who I was told died six months after giving birth to me and I are in love and sleeping with the same man. The only family members I grew up to know were my father and elder sister, Joan. As a growing girl, both my father and sister showered me with so much love. My father always made sure that my sister and I were always happy and lacked nothing. He was both father and mother to us, so, I had no mother figure in my life. But strangely, since I knew my left from right, I must say I have never seen my father with any woman neither has he ever mentioned that he was going on a date with a woman. I recall the first time when I asked my father about my mother and with teary eyes, he told me that she was dead. “Linda, my dear your mother is dead. Please let us forget about her. Your sister and I are here for you,” he said. Joan also told me the same thing. I discovered that he did not want to talk about women or show any interest. When we tried to make him find a woman and remarry, he refused. He told us he had the two most beautiful women in the world and as such did not need a third one. But sometimes, when I looked at him closely, I knew he was suffering silently and I concluded that he must have loved my late mother so much not to remarry. Now back to me, I met and fell in love with Samuel in my third year in the university. He was doing his National Youth Service Corps programme when we met at an eatery. It’s love at first sight. The attraction cannot be explained but we both discovered that we were attracted to each other. We started dating almost immediately and we were very happy with each other. One thing my father always told my sister and I was that we should bring home our friends, whether male or female so that he too can be close to them. When my relationship with Samuel got closer, I took him home and introduced him to my family as my boyfriend. After my father chatted with him, he accepted and welcomed him into our family. As time went on, from school I usually went and spent the weekend at his place. But after he had completed his youth service and started looking for a job and got none, he became frustrated while I encouraged and gave him my unflinching support. I told him everything would be fine and some weeks later, he came over to the house to inform me that he had got a job. We went out to celebrate that evening. I was so excited because he was happy. He told me the managing director was a woman and she promised to increase his salary if he performed well after the three months probation period. What I did not know was that the job he said he got was to be the woman’s lover while she provided him with all the basic things of life to make him comfortable. However, in my second semester in final year, Samuel started behaving funnily. He cancelled our dates without any reasons and also warned that I must not come to his house without first calling him. With all these, I began to get suspicious and confronted him to find out if there was another woman. He said no. He used his job as an excuse. We were together in his bedroom one evening when we heard a knock on the door. I wanted to

go and see who was there but he insisted on opening it himself. After about five minutes, he came back to the bedroom. “Who was that honey?” I asked. “Oh, it was my boss. She came to give me important information concerning a meeting tomorrow,” he said. “This is the technology age; she would have simply called you on phone to tell.” I emphasised. “I said the same thing but she said she was in the neighbourhood and decided to come and tell me,” he informed. One Saturday morning, I decided to pay him a visit since I had the spare key to the house. I tried opening the door from outside but obviously someone was at home even though I didn’t see his car parked in the compound. I decided to knock. “Yes, who is that?” asked a female voice from inside. I was shocked to answer but eventually, she opened the door. It was a woman in her 40s dressed in a bump short and spaghetti top. “Hello, good morning, who do you want to see?” she asked. “Samuel my boyfriend,” I said. “Well, he is not in right now but I will deliver your message when he gets back,” she said. “Please who are you?” I questioned. “You will soon find out,” she said and then slammed the door. I desperately wanted an explanation so I waited for him at a canteen two houses away from his. After waiting for almost two hours, I saw him drive into the street. I quickly flagged at him to stop. He parked and joined me in the canteen. I told him my encounter with the woman in his house. He told me she was an aunty but when I told him I didn’t believe him, he revealed that she was his boss. “What is your boss doing in your house, dressed in a bump short and spaghetti top?” I retorted. He told me that I would not un-

derstand but she pays his bills. He told me to leave so that he would not have problems with his boss. “God, I can’t believe you are the one saying all these. What did she give to you,” I sobbed. Samuel left me there and drove into his compound. Since I could not come to terms with what was happening, I informed my family about the new development in my relationship with Samuel. My father was very furious, so he called Samuel and asked him to come over to our house to have dinner with us the next day so that he could talk to him one on one. However, when he came, he denied the allegations and told my father that the woman in question was his aunty. We were involved in several fights and once or twice he hit me because of this woman he referred to as his ‘aunty’. However, one day, when I went to visited him at home, he had changed the door lock. I heard voices inside and started knocking. Surprisingly, Samuel came out like a wounded lion with the woman and beat me blue and black. “Are you a child? Can’t you see the handwriting on the wall? She is my sugar mummy and I love her. Don’t ever come back here again,” Samuel warned. The woman then pulled me by my hair and said, “Hey little rat, I hope you heard all my darling just told you? We love each other and please don’t come back, if not you will not leave here alive the next time.” They both pushed me out of the compound. Continued next week Please send your advice to the phone number or e-mail address above. No calls, please.

Sunday Mirror

Praise & Worship

Sunday April 14, 2013


The demon called fear –Pastor Chidi Many will excel if only they will conquer fear and have more trust in God. This was the focus of a recent message by Pastor Chidi Anthony, Presiding Minister of Kings in Christ, Ajao Estate, Lagos. Excerpts: (Continued from last week) ear is the reason why many of us who have not made progress in life. Many of us have not invested in different profitable ventures because we are afraid that we may lose our money. Let me tell you, it is even a risk not to take risks. Any human being who will succeed in life must take risks. But if you want to take a risk, you have to take a genuine risk. This ministry that I am doing is one of the greatest risks. Do you know what level of risk I often take? Let me tell you. Each time I call up an unknown person from the congregation, I tell them ‘The Lord said you are so, so and so person; and that your problem is this and that.’ What if I say your name is Agnes Shettima and you tell me right in front of the whole congregation, ‘No! You lied. My name is actually Theresa Abiodun. It is not true that the problem that brought me to church is because I am sick of Asthma as you have said but that I need a husband.’ Would this microphone not fall out of my hand? It is a big risk to do the things that ministry entails. But when you hear directly from the Lord you speak it out with faith and it will work. Many people are afraid to take a step of faith. The truth is: when you take a step doubtfully, failure creeps in and you end up losing in that endeavour. Because, the Bible says believe and it shall be established. For instance, a young lady that received a marriage proposal says, ‘Oh! I am afraid to marry Emeka because I heard that there are imbeciles in his family line. If that lady continues to nurse the fear in her mind and after some time she goes ahead to marry the young man, her first pregnancy for Emeka will likely




greater thing than the healing pool of Bethsaida is about to happen at the Gymnasium Hall, National Stadium, Lagos.

And what could be greater than the biblical pool where a great number of afflicted persons got instant healing when angel of God stirs up, you may ask. Pastor Chidi Anthony, presiding minister of King in Christ church, told journalists in Lagos that come May 9th through 11th, a powerpacked waiting on the Lord and miracle explosion would take place at the National Stadium Complex, Lagos. “It is a vision that God gave to me. In that revelation,

produce an imbecile because of what she had believed in her heart will manifest. Fear is destructive. Who told you that you will not have a child? That your eldest sister does not have a child, your immediate elder sister married and does not have a child does not mean that when you marry, you will not have a child. Destinies are different. Fear is a destroyer. See what the Bible says about fear in Genesis 9:2; “And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every fowl of the air, upon all that moveth upon the earth, and upon all the fishes of the sea; into your hands are they delivered.” This is the scripture. If there is anybody that should be feared, you are the one. But let me tell story about my friend, Uche. Often I go on deliverance programmes; and after deliverance, people show appreciation by way of gifts. When I come back I use it to clean myself up, buy good wears and my friend usually comes around to ask for some financial assistance. I try to assist him as best as I could. One day, Uche said to me, “Chidi you are wicked.” How? I enquired. He said you always dash me money why not take me along to this deliverance programmes and teach me how to do it myself ? Then I told him, “Uche, your ministry and my ministry are not the same. I see you as a teacher. I am a deliverance minister. You cannot do what I do. Uche, I will go to any shrine, scatter and destroy everything and I will go,” I further told Uche. He said to me, “Is that all?” I said yes. He said common take me to the shrine. Show me the shrine and go to sleep. Before you wake up, I will destroy it.” I said ‘are you sure Uche?’ He said yes. Incidentally, I had another deliverance event at a place called Asiaga I saw that many people are held in chains. ‘he Lord said to me, ‘these ones are in bondage; go and liberate them.’ I asked God how? “And the Lord said; ‘Tell them that something greater than the pool of Bethsaida is here. Just alter the word and I will locate their problems. ‘Son, tell those people that something greater than the pool is here and I will locate them’,” the cleric explained. In recent time, Pastors Chidi’s deliverance and prophetic ministry had turned his church’s Ajao Estate headquarters into a pilgrim ground as miracle seekers and other afflicted persons keep trouping into the humble worship arena in tens of hundreds. He said, “Last year, when

in Ohafia, Abia State that same evening. My task that evening was to destroy the dreaded god of thunder called Kamalu in their native language. I said ‘Uche I am going to Ohafia to destroy Kamalu’ and he said ‘okay let’s go.’ When we got to Ohafia, Kamalu worshippers had just given the god of thunder fresh sacrifices. There was blood everywhere. When my friend saw the fearfulness of the deity, he went soft with fear. I did not quickly realise that. Without hesitation, I began the deliverance and said, “Jesus says that if you enter into the house of a strong man, you need to bind him. So, let everybody close your eyes and begin to pray and bind every demon here.” I started praying in tongues and Uche was also praying. I never knew that fear had taken the better part of him though he began to speak in tongues: lambra, lambra lekekeke ri kalaba; and Uche would come to my side stylishly and ask me, “Chidi, did you say you want to kill this shrine? My hand is not in it ooo.” Then he would continue to speak in tongues, lelelelee. I began to wonder because I thought he was confidently speaking in real tongues. Then he continued mbra, mbra, mbra. “Chidi, look, well, my hand is not in it. Nlemlelelee.’ When he pushed thrice, I began to decode the words of his tongue blasting. Fear began to creep into me, but my spirit told me that something was using him to abandon the deliverance. Then the voice of the Holy Spirit came to me saying, “Common do the work of your father while there is day; for night cometh when no man shall work.” I summoned courage and ignored him. I prayed and prayed and went into the shrine, took the pot in the shrine out, splashed it on the ground and set it ablaze.


If I had allowed Uche to enter into that shrine with that fear, he would have come out as a mad person. Listen; the same power that I have is in you, the same right I have before God is the same right you have. The difference between you and I is the way we handle the demon called fear. After we have prayed here, the Lord will proclaim that sickness as no more there; you are released. But immediately we dismiss here, on the way home some of us would go back to that Chemist on their street and say, doctor please give me that my

usual, you know...that my sickness; claiming what does not belong to them. The Bible says that none of us shall suffer the affliction of the Egyptians. Do you know who you are? You are the sons and daughters of Abraham. Therefore, sickness has no power of you. But hear this: The Bible also says that if that spirit that is in Jesus is in you, it shall revitalise your mortal body. I prophesy to you, every demon of sickness, fear and hindrance in you, I command them to die in Jesus’ name.

‘Greater than Bethsaida pool’ we had the maiden edition of this annual event, people from USA, Europe, Asia and all over Africa were in attendance. “Lots of them were healed and delivered of different bondages that had held them down for long. Then it was held in our modest auditorium on Osolo Way, Ajao Estate. “But this time round, that venue cannot contain us any long. That is why this year’s ‘Greater than Bethsaida Pool’ will be held at the Lagos national stadium. And I know that something will happen during the programme.” What should participants expect from the event? “The Lord said to me, people are permitted to come with all kinds of problems. But they are not permitted to go out of the venue with such problems,” he

further explained. According to the cleric, 30 days fasting and prayer programme beginning on April 9th had already started as a prelude for an atmosphere of miracles. Sunday Mirror also gathered that the first programme would commence at 10 am to 1.30 in the afternoon on May 9. “We will come back to the venue on Friday, May 10 at 8 am to wait upon the Lord till Saturday morning May 11th,” he added. Great men of God like Apostle Paul Winners from South Africa, we have Apostle Gentle Shedrack from Port Harcourt; Apostle Tony Aniekwe from Lagos, Rev. Dr. P N Anwuzia and the Apostle of Practical Christianity, Zoe Ministries would be ministering Sunday Mir-

ror also learnt. Other ministers include Rev. Martins Inyiaka, Rev Ogboso Ejindu and guest artists like Paul Nwokocha, evangelist Dan Ike and redemption voice of Kings in Christ Power Ministry. “I will declare the programme open and also round it up. My message to all is to come to the programme and receive and witness the power of God. He is the same God yester, today and forever more. “We will be paying attention to counselling, and ministrations. All they need to do is get their seat reservations. There will be free transport to guarantee easy access to and fro the venue. At the end, we will have every cause to say of truth there is a God in this nation,” Pastor Chidi affirmed.


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Sunday April 14, 2013

Sunday Mirror

The place of diligence and love, by Pastor Olusore Your consistent faith in God and passion for others will make you planted and flourish in the court of the Lord. So says, Pastor Israel Olusore of Livinglight International Church, Lekki, Lagos.


ow I want to talk about diligence. That you know scripture does not mean it will work. You have to diligently apply what God has said to your life. Not once. Diligence means being consistence in application. In consistency lies the power. There is this couple who had been praying to God to give them the fruit of the womb for over 14 years. The grabbed the relevant of scriptural promises and confessed 20 times in the morning, 20 times in night; within one year, the couple gave birth to a set of twins boys. God is still the same God but the approach changed. The couple applied the principle; they confessed but they were diligent in confessing. If they miss it in the morning, they made sure that they confess it 80 times in the night. A woman was eight months pregnant; and they were to relocate to another state. They went for preliminary medical check up. It was discovered that the child had no brain. It had a cyst in the head. Medical experts said the only remedy is to evacuate it. Incidentally, the father of the afflicted baby happens to be a medical doctor. He went to the other doctor and asked: “What is solution of this thing you are saying about doctor said the baby’s father my baby?” He replied, you people don’t know what we are facing. Your baby has a cyst in the brain; the only option is to evacuate it. The child’s father looked at the other doctor and said, “I am a Christian.

Desti Destiny Hour with Pastor Femi

Lanre-Oke, sms or call 08030752799

John 6:39-40 “And this is the father’s will which hath sent me that all which he hath given me; I should loose nothing, but should raise it up again at the last day. And this is the will of Him that has sent me that everyone who seeth the son, and believeth on him may have everlasting life; and I will raise him up at the last day”. God’s will is central to all His dealings and works on earth. God is only committed to His will. Knowing and doing God’s will is all that is required of man. The will of God is broad and cannot be restricted or limited. For example, it is God’s will that we live in good health and prosper according to 1 John 2;8. It is God’s will that we live in pleasure, be fruitful, have dominion over His works on earth and bring glory to God through our lives. God’s will also include; His desire to see us succeed- Joshua 1:8; increase- Psalm 115:14, wealthy- 2Chorinthians 8:9; excel and highly prosperous- Deuteronomy 28:113. God’s will for us, His beloved is much

I know whom I have believed. I refuse to evacuate that child. The doctor said I am also a Christian, I am Catholic. So, we need to evacuate; you know what I am saying. And that guy resigned his appointment and went to look for healing scriptures that Dodei Osten used on her sick bed and confessed those scriptures 350 times, in the morning everyday; and give to his wife to confess 50 times within eight months. They relocated in the ninth month. There was a blizzard. They carried them inside that snow to a hospital. The child was delivered fully formed. What happened? God evacuated the cyst and put the right thing there. They did brain test, the child score 8 over 10. That is a genus. So, It doesn’t take God one year to change us, we are the reason why we are not changing. Diligence; consistently be before him. Job said all the days of my appointed time on earth will I wait until my change comes. He didn’t know his appointed time, so he was ever in God’s presence until his appointed time. God said; “They that be planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the court of our God. But you say no, I am not going to wait to be planted; Let me go through and fro like the Devil. You are missing it. You need to put your root down. Expose your spirit to the word. Expose your soul to the word. Be intoxicated by it, be diligent about it. We are more diligent about our secular work than we are in our spiritual re-

lationship. So, we are failing in life. If the professors are that sound, why are they having issues? Why are they breaking down? Until they came to know Christ and follow Him fully; He said follow me and I will make you. It is only those who follow fully that are made. The key of love Though I have faith to move mountain and I lack love, my faith is nothing In Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor none circumcision matters but faith which works by love-Galatians 4:6. Prophesies will fail, miracles will fail, the gifts of Spirit will fail but love never fail. The power that activates and makes faith potent is love. For in Jesus Christ neither circumcision availeth any thing nor none circumcision but faith which works by love. We there is no love, faith is impotents. In my little life all the miracles God has brought in my hands has been on the latter of love, compassion. Every miracle of Jesus was based on compassion. I had found myself some time ago that I was sobbing. I was not praying for the person because someone’s affliction touched greatly; I was sobbing and the person was healed. Just tear, Oh! God; Oh! God! The woman came to shed tears here the other day . She is not a member of this church but her son attends this church. I was doing the runs with Mummy because we needed an extra hand to pick them up. She told me that she had been having


challenge for several months. I said what is it? She said she doesn’t know. And I didn’t get down from the car. I said come here, I laid hand on her and God healed her. There was instant deliverance. Around six in the morning, there was instant deliverance that I had to ask mummy to hold her because she was falling. As soon as we finished, the car was giving a knocking sound, my wife was worried, I said to her ‘relax.’ I know what has happened, it is the devil. So I said Satan get lost, you can’t stop me. And I continued. You don’t know what you carry. Say to yourself I carry God. The Bible says fear not little children for you have overcome them and greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world. •For counseling contact email: or phone 08028425555

Knowing God’s Will (1) more than all we can comprehend. However, the devil fights the manifestation of God’s will in a believer and the fulfillment of such will through him or her (the believer). God desires that all His will be made a reality in our lives as His children and through us to others. The devil always brings up situations acts to discourage us from believing in God’s will or allowing such to be done through us to others. The major warfare the enemy has against us as believers in Christ is that God’s will be impeded, hindered and not made manifest through us in Him. God has made all provision available for the fulfillment of His will on earth and interestingly, the devil, and his cohorts are part of the tools God has made ready to help in the actualization of His will on earth. An example can be seen from the life of Moses in Exodus 2:1-10, the Man for whom all the male children were being killed was been fed by the same enemy who was seeking his life. The same Pharaoh who wanted all male children killed, so as to frustrate God’s purpose, was the man God appointed to feed Moses, accommodate, train and send him to school. The enemy appointed to frustrate God’s purpose for your life, I prophesy will rather help you to your di-

vine place in destiny in Jesus name. No matter the attempts of the wicked, God’s counsel, will, and purpose is supreme and will be establish concerning you in Jesus name. Throughout scriptures, everyone who became relevant in God’s program and plan on earth were men who abandoned self – will to embrace God’s will. From Moses who left his business as herd’s man to pursue God’s will to Peter the fisherman who left his boat for the master’s use, not one of them regretted leaving their ambition/ occupation to embrace God’s vision. Abraham did not, Nehemiah left his palace duties to build the walls of Jerusalem, and Ruth left the gods of her fathers to embrace the God of Israel. No matter your state and condition, place and position, recognizing and embracing God’s purpose for your life will make you relevant in God’s move on earth. It leaves you with much reward here on earth and yet unquantifiable reward in Heaven. What then is stopping you from knowing God’s will? Knowing God’s will for you is easy however, you will first and foremost need to surrender your life to God completely. If you must commit God to your life then you must belong to Him because if you are not

part of Him, you are not of him and to do this is also easy; You acknowledge and believe in your heart according to Romans 10:9-13, that Jesus died on the cross of Calvary and rose the third day. You confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and repent of all your sins, accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour by confessing his Lordship over your life, that marks the first stage in aligning yourself with God’s will for your life. Once you are born again, you become a child of God and hence a vessel unto honour unto for His use. The next stage after the salvation is for you to desire and seek to do His will according to Matthew 6:33. Don’t forget that being in His will is the first requirement; you can only do His will because you are in His will and only salvation through Jesus Christ qualifies you to be in His will so as to do His will. Next week, we shall be examining other necessary factors that can help you locate God’s will for your life. Till then, go and prosper in His will. •For further prayer & counseling Please contact: Pastor Femi Lanre-Oke, Jesus Praise Evangelical Ministries International, Ibadan, Oyo State. 2348030752799, 2348053695097 Email:

Sunday Mirror

Praise & Worship 45

Sunday April 14, 2013

Violent faith: Key to instant miracle healing!

T The Voice o of wisdom

with Dr. David

Oyedepo E-mail: Phone: 7747546-8


ecognise that everyone’s healing is according to his faith. Healing is delivered according to the faith of the recipients. For instance, in the encounter between two blind men and Jesus, the Bible says: Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you. And their eyes were opened… (Matthew 9:2930). So, healing is accessible only by faith. Healing is delivered according to the faith of the aspiring beneficiary. It’s not by struggles; it’s by faith. So, faith is the gateway to your healing. Secondly, we also saw the woman with the issue of blood. Jesus said to her, “Thy faith has made thee whole” (Luke 8:48). So, faith is our covenant access to our possession of total health. Faith guarantees your access to healing and wholeness; but violent faith is what guarantees your access to instant healing. As bad as Lazarus’ case was, Jesus said, “Faith is equal to it.” If faith could recover Lazarus, it will recover you. That is how powerful and potent faith is! Every change of story in scriptures answers to the violence of faith. So, it takes the violence of faith to access your possessions in Christ.

How To Generate Violent Faith:

•By The Anointing Of The Holy Ghost:

It’s proof from scriptures that the Holy Ghost is the custodian of spiritual violence against all satanic assaults. In Acts 4:13, the Bible says:Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marvelled; and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus. After the Holy Ghost came, they had no more limitations; they were free! They had been empowered to operate on this strange frequency. They were in hiding before the fire came. When the fire came, they became irresistibly violent. The Holy Ghost is the trigger for spiritual violence (Acts 4:29-31). Every time you are operating on this violence frequency, God’s integrity is committed to deliver result. •Your Victory Is In Your Mouth: Death and life are in the power of the tongue… (Proverbs 18:21). Your victory is not in the hospital, surgeon or your consultant; it is in your mouth. You shall have whatsoever you say (Mark 11:23). Your victory, healing, restoration and total health are in your mouth. You can never be healthier than the utterances that proceed from you. You cannot be healthier than the thoughts that go on in your heart. •Through Spiritual illumination: Spiritual illumination is vital in generating violent faith, resulting in intoxication. Intoxication of revelation equals violent faith. Two instances of violent faith resulting in instant healing: •The Story Of The Paralytic Man: He was paralyzed and he could not walk. On hearing that Jesus was around, his friends carried him to the place. As they could not gain entry into where Jesus was, they tore the roof and dropped the sick man from there. Jesus was moved by their faith, and

so He healed the man immediately (Mark 2:1-12). That is violent faith provoking instant healing! • The Story Of Blind Bartimaeus:The case of blind Bartimaeus was that of a never-give-up faith! When Jesus saw his violent faith as he cried out for his healing, Jesus told him his faith had made him whole. Immediately, he regained his sight (Mark 10:46-52)! The Great prescriptions of the Great Physician:Jesus is the Great Physician. His prescription guarantees instant manifestations and restoration. He took time out and gave us the content of this great prescription in John 6:48-57.For my flesh is bread indeed, It’s meat indeed and It’s drink indeed (John 6:55). There is no drug in the world that compares with it in potency and effectiveness. The communion is for the renewal of your days. How Does He do that? The Rod: Aaron’s rod swallowed up the magicians’ rods. Jesus said, “This is my flesh.” That means, “This is that Rod…” When you take in that Rod, it has power to swallow up all the rods of the magicians (Exodus 7:12). So, when you take the flesh of Jesus, you are taking in a spiritual Rod, which has capacity to swallow up all the rods of the oppressors in your body. Again, we saw the Rod in action in Luke 24:30-31. Jesus blessed the bread and gave to His apostles, and the Bible says, their eyes were opened and they knew Him. So, as you take the Rod this morning, every mental blockage is swallowed up in victory, in the name of Jesus.

What is in the Blood of Jesus:

•The life of the flesh is in the blood (Lev. 17:11). He said, “This is my blood which

was shed for you.” That blood was sickness-free. When you take the Blood, your corrupt blood is flushed out and replaced with His sickness-free blood. •The blood covenant delivers instantly from satanic strongholds (Zech. 9:11-12). •The communion leaves you with something to show. Anytime you approach the communion table violently with faith, it delivers results instantly. Friend, the power to access instant miracle healing through violent faith is available, if you are connected to God. You get connected by confessing your sins and accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. This way, you are born again. You can be born again right now, if you haven’t been, by saying this prayer: Lord Jesus, I come to You today. I am a sinner. Forgive me of my sins. Cleanse me with Your precious Blood. Today, Lord Jesus, I accept You as my Lord and Saviour. Thank You for saving me! Now I know I am born again!I will continue this teaching next week. Every exploit in life is a product of knowledge. For further reading, please get my books—Keys To Divine Health, The Healing Balm and Bible Sense For Total Health. I invite you to come and fellowship with us at the Faith Tabernacle, Canaan Land, Ota, the covenant home of Winners. We have three services on Sundays, holding at 6.30a.m, 9.00a.m. and 11.30a.m. respectively. •I know this teaching has blessed you. Write and share your testimony with us through: Faith Tabernacle, Canaan Land, Ota, P.M.B. 21688, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria; or call 7747546-8; or E-mail: feedback@lfcww. org

Rewards abound in honouring God’s servants Shepherd Life with Bishop Kingsley

Enakirerhi Founder and General Overseer of Heroes of Faith Ministries, Ughelli, Delta State, Bishop Kingsley Enakirerhi, in this homily, lists the benefits accruable from honouring the real servants of God. Excerpts


he book of 1Timothy 5:17 contains a very important instruction to believers. It is an instruction if dutifully followed will cause a believear to experience breakthrough in life. Many believers today spend great periods in prayer asking God for breakthrough in one area or the other without success when they can simply obtain that breakthrough by simply obeying God’s word. In Isaiah 1:19 we are told that if we are willing and obedient, we shall eat the good of the land. The scripture says in 1Timothy 5:17 “let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine”. God commands us to honour ministers of the gospel. This is because they did not appoint themselves. It is God that called them who

is also demanding that we honour them. In Hebrews 5:4 we are told that no man takes this honour upon himself, but only those who are called like Aaron. It is however, disheartening to observe that many people do not honour God’s servants. Sometimes they seem justified because of the various atrocities that have been committed by “servants of God”. I want to state emphatically that many who parade themselves as ministers of the gospel are not genuine. Some are agents of Satan who masquerade as ministers of the gospel in order to bring reproach to the church of God. They are not genuinely saved so their mission is to cause men to hate the church by their deeds. And indeed they are gaining quite some grounds. But I want to state also that where there is no original, there cannot be a counterfeit. It is because there are genuine Servants of God, hence there are imposters. The good news is no matter how long a lie reigns, the truth will surely prevail. All the false prophets will one day be exposed. Jesus said by their fruit we shall know them. To honour God’s servant, we must reverence them. This does not mean we should worship them. We must accord them the respect that is due unto them. Just as we give honour to our earthly parents, we should also respect the men of God. Whether we like it or not, the moment a person is called by God into the ministry, God also places honour upon him. This has nothing to do with age hence when Aaron and Miriam tried to disrespect Moses, God smote her with leprosy. There are many today who are afflicted and going through one challenge or the other simply because

they disrespected God’s Servant. We are to give them honour not because of whom they are but because of who they represent- God. One of the ways we can honour God’s servants is when we live according to God’s word. Nothing is as painful as when a servant of God is called to the Police station because one of his members stole or fought and injured someone else. When members live in line with the word of God preached, the servant of God will be happy and feel honoured that his labour is not in vain. You cannot claim to honour someone when you are walking contrary to what he has taught you. Whenever, we live according to the word he is pleased. Another way we can honour God’s servant is to obey him. God speaking about the Israelite in Isaiah 29:13 said they honour Him with their mouth but their heart is far away. That is how many behave to God’s servant. They will say all manners of good things about him, but they will not obey him. When you honour someone, you will obey him. When we are committed to the vision and the ministry which God has given his servant, then we are honouring him. To be committed to the vision and ministry of God’s servant means to be supportive. You must support him with your talents, your money and in your prayers. How often do you spend time to pray for your Pastor? Many believers can spend an hour criticizing their Pastor, but will not spend even fifteen minutes to pray for him. Your Pastor needs your prayers. He also needs your financial support. When you pay your tithes, and offerings, when you give him a

prophetic offering, you are honouring him. We must also defend and protect him against enemies of the gospel. When others are speaking evil about your pastor, do you join them or laugh with them? If you honour your Pastor, you will not allow others to speak evil of him. Just as you will defend your earthly parents, so also you must defend your pastor. What then is the breakthrough or blessing when we honour God’s servant? First, those who honour God’s servant will also receive honour from God. In 1samuel 2:30b the scripture says “… but now the Lord saith, be it far from me for them that honour me I will honour, and they that despise me shall be lightly esteemed.” Whenever we honour God’s servant, our lives will also attract honour. All the kings who honoured God’s prophet in their reign also were honoured. A look at King David and Josiah reveals that when you honour God’s servant, you also attract honour. Another breakthrough we receive for honouring God’s servant is that it will be well with us and we shall live long. (Ephesian 6:1-3). In number 16:1-33 we saw how Dathan, korah and their group all perished because they opposed God’s servant Moses. King Saul lost the kingdom because he disobeyed the instruction of Prophet Samuel. In Matthew 10: 41 Jesus said “He that receiveth a prophet in the name of a prophet shall receive a prophet’s reward…” If you want to enjoy the prophet’s reward, then start honouring God’s Servant today. •For counseling or enquiries send an email to


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Sunday April 14, 2013

Sunday Mirror

Remember Lot’s wife


any of us are fond of embracing our enemies and running from our friends. It operates like a curse! I call it the “Fatal Attraction!” Some are attracted to what will destroy their health, families, minds, relationships and reputation. Do your possessions possess you or do you possess them? “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and loses his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?” (Matt 16:26). Relinquish everything, rather than lose your souls. It becomes a “Criminal Affection” when we grieve with anxiety over what God commands us to abandon. “He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to keep what he cannot lose,” remarked Jim Elliot who sacrificed his life in the bush of Ecuador while trying to share the gospel to an unreached barbaric tribe. Jesus taught His followers: “He who loves his life will lose it, and he who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life” (John 12:25). “For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it” (Luke 9:24). In the patriarchal story of Lot, Abraham’s nephew, Lot “chose for himself ” the fertile land of Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen 13:11). God would have destroyed Lot’s whole family if Abraham had not interceded for them. Even in the compelling deliverance by the angelic visitors, Lot could not convince his married daughters to escape the inferno with their families. Out of the four escaped family members (Lot, his wife, and their two virgin daughters), Mrs. Lot could not make it to safety because she looked back against the angelic instruction (Gen 19:26).

Holy Inquiry with Pastor Paul

Nkirukah E-mail:

Dear minister of God, I am a born-again and I study the scriptures very well. I am even interested in attending a Bible College in my locality but for lack of fund to look after my immediate family and finance the Bible course. However, I have been praying God for so many things but it is as if it is taking God quality time to give immediate answers. Why? How do I get immediate answers from God? There are things I really want God to do for me now. Thanks for anticipated, prompt response. L. Nwabueze from Enugu State. Dear reader Prayer depends on what you are praying about or praying for. But you must know that God does not answer unrighteous

Why did Mrs. Lot look back? What was she looking for? She looked back, she delayed, and God made her a monument of his displeasure (Gen 19:26). Perhaps she desired to take something with her from Sodom. So I ask you: “What in hell do you want?” This world will soon be on fire, my dear ones. Set your gaze on things above, not on things on earth. “The fashion of this world passes away” (1 Cor 7:31). “The world passes away, and its lust: but he that does the will of God abides forever” (1 John 2:17). God will not give you anything that you cannot give back to God. It is the devil who does that! Anything you cannot surrender to God upon demand has become a god to you! It has you, you don’t have it! It rules/controls you! Mrs. Lot is an example of apostasy, “a general falling away from religion or a denial of the faith by those who once held it or professed to hold it” (Martin H. Manser, Dictionary of Bible Themes). It is tantamount to spiritual adultery and thus provokes the jealous anger of God. It is preceded by spiritual immaturity in followers of Christ because of insufficient growth, or a failure to develop to one’s full potential. This is a stern warning to you and I! Seek to be stable in you walk with God. “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, knowing that your labor is not in vain in the Lord” (1 Cor 15:58). God will make you firm and unwavering, emotionally and spiritually in Jesus’ name. People who profess religion and then go back again into sin, become worse in character and condition than they

were before. Their latter end is worse than their beginning, their Christian Heathenism worse than their old Heathenism. Many Nigerian Christians are scared back to “babalawos” and secret societies because of spiritual attacks and search for spiritual power or quick wealth or political positions. Remember Lot’s wife! Your end would be worse than your beginning unless you repent today! “Now the just shall live by faith; But if anyone draws back, My soul has no pleasure in him. But we are not of those who draw back to perdition, but of those who believe to the saving of the soul” (Heb 10: 38-39). It is better to have never known the way of righteousness, than to turn back from it to the old filthiness. People who do so are compared to dogs and swine. “For if, after they have escaped the pollutions of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they are again entangled in them and overcome, the latter end is worse for them than the beginning. For it would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than having known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered to them. But it has happened to them according to the true proverb: ‘A dog returns to his own vomit,’ and, ‘a sow, having washed, to her wallowing in the mire’” (2 Pet 2: 20-22). To be “entangled” means they are implicated, braided-in, interwoven, involved in, and overcome by those vices like an animal that is entangled in a net. God have mercy!! Why is it that those who have been addicted to any habits of vice, and who

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Which Bible characters had no mothers?


Noah had four sons. True or false?


What family occasion does the Song of Solomon celebrate?

profess to be religious, and then fall away become worse off ? The reasons may be that they are willing now to show to others that they are no longer under the restraints by which they had professedly bound themselves. A classic example is Apostle Peter who gave up foul language for three and half years as he followed Christ. When confronted by a young girl in the High Priest’s courtyard, at Jesus’ illegal night trial, Peter denied Christ with cursing and swearing (Mark 14:71). Their old companions in sin may be at special pains to court their company, and to lead them into temptation, in order to obtain a triumph over virtue and religion. At times too, God gives them up to indulgence with fewer restraints than formerly: “And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind, to do those things which are not fitting; being filled with all unrighteousness. . .” (Rom 1:28-32). Remember Lot’s wife! To “remember” is more than an intellectual act. It is to pay heed to something and so to be encouraged or, warned by it. Through her unlawful looking back, she has become the type of “earthlymindedness and self-seeking.” Mrs. Lot attempted to preserve the “lesser” at all cost, and thereby lost the “greater.” She only looked back and was fatally lost. Practice looking unto Jesus and on our eternal treasures daily because last minute effort may be fatal. Remember Lot’s wife. No more looking back. Move on!! To be continued… •Tunde Ojewole, PhD, is the Babcock University Pastor in charge: Division of Spiritual Life. For enquiries, contact: or call/SMS 08058299434/08060376577

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Belshazzar- Daniel 5:22, 26, 27.


Christ’s love for the Church- Ephe sians 5:25. No God- Psalm 14:1


How do I get immediate answers from God? prayer, but He answers righteous prayers, and you have to also know that because God has not answered you today does not mean He will not answer you again. Let us study some scriptures pertaining to it below: Hebrews 11 verse 6 says, “but without faith it is impossible to please Him (God), for he that cometh to God must believe and diligently seek him because He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. And since it takes faith to please God, you must endeavour to exercise your faith, first of all in order to please Him. Of cause, you know, you have to please somebody before you can ask the person for help or assistance. Secondly, Mark 11 : 12 - 14 and verse 19 - 26 read; 12 And on the morrow, when they were come from Bethany, he was hungry, 13 And seeing a fig tree a far off having leaves, he came, if happily he might find anything thereon: and when he came to it, he found nothing but leaves, for the time of figs was not yet, 14 And Jesus answered and said unto it No man eat fruit of thee hereafter forever. And his disciples heard it; 19 and when even was come, he went out of the city, 20 And in the morning, as they passed by, they saw the fig tree

dried up from the roots, 21 And Peter calling to remembrance saith unto him, master, behold, fig tree which thou cursed is withered away, 22 And Jesus answering saith unto them, have faith in God, 23 For verily I say unto you, that whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass, he shall have whatsoever he saith. 24 Therefore I say unto you, what things so ever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them, And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have ought against any: that your father also which in heaven forgive you your trespasses, 26 But if ye do not forgive, neither will your father which is in heaven forgive your trespasses. Verse 22 said, “have faith in God”; in verse 23, he said, “verily I say unto you , that whosoever shall say unto this mountain be thou remove and be thou cast into the sea, without any doubt in your heart, and shall believe that those things he says shall come to pass , he shall have whatsoever he says.” Verse 24: Therefore, I say unto you what things so ever you desire, when you pray believe that you receive them, and you

shall have them. But verses 25 and 26 warn that if you have anything against anybody, forgive because, if you do not forgive them neither will your heavenly father forgive you. Which means if you do not forgive, you will not be forgiven, and your prayer will remain unanswered. In Matthew 7 verse 9, the Bible also warns that you ask specifically or exactly what you need; that is, no man can ask the father for bread and the father will give him stone. Philippians 4 verse 6 says, “Be careful for nothing, but in everything, by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your request be made known unto God. Nevertheless, in Matthew 17 verse 21, the Bible says that some certain prayers or situations need more than prayer, but you have to add fasting. Which means fasting is not every day’s programme, unlike prayer, but can be done when the need arises. Above all is faith; let’s see Ephesians 6 verse 16: Above all, take the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.” So you need to have faith, not only do you have faith, you need to exercise your faith because faith without works is dead. James 2 verse 17. So faith is the ultimate.

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Sunday April 14, 2013


Behold, alternative to amnesty!

n Islam, ‘Iddah’, a somber moment of reclusiveness which a widow should observe after the passage of her husband, runs for four months and 10 days. But for a naturally reticent Hajia Turai, widow of the late President Umaru Yar’Adua, the whole world stood in eerie admiration when on April 5, in Lagos, she broke her silence, coming almost three years after the death of Yar’Adua. Though the occasion was meant to bedeck her with an award of honour by the Niger Delta Professionals Group, she unwittingly emerged a heroine of sort, having in humility made a passionate plea to President Goodluck Jonathan, the nature-born successor to her husband, to quickly move in and save the dying children of northern Nigeria. Her plea was specifically tied to the urgency in granting amnesty to the Boko Haram insurgent group, as she in an impassioned tone, implied that the streets of the North are virtually stalked with broken limbs and with the corpses of hundreds of thousands of souls. She was quick to remind Jonathan that her husband, who was the President’s boss, did a lot to bring peace to the restive Niger Delta region through a coordinated amnesty programme. But hardly had she retreated from the dais when dissonant voices greeted her submission. While some allied with Hajia Turai, terming her vote for amnesty as oracular timeliness, others sneered in sheer disdain for the reason of her viewpoint. For those in support of the former First Lady, the death toll in the North is enough reason for government to bend over backwards and parley with the Boko Haram group, in the interest of peace and national security. But for those averse to her view, a dialogue with the insurgent group should have preceded amnesty as

was the case with the Niger Delta militants. To that extent, they consider the group’s members as faceless and that it would smack of sheer jocosity for a government to empanel a roundtable team with ghosts. But as the debate raged last week, Boko Haram itself issued a statement dismissing any form of amnesty that may have been muted by the federal authorities. And in tow, more attacks were launched, the latest being the killing of five teachers and six others in Borno State on Wednesday. However, without prejudice to the positions taken by the ex-First Lady and those who opposed her, and also the resolve of Boko Haram to jettison any ceasefire proposition for now, there is a clear need of organically tackling the ongoing drift of what will eventually resonate in a reign of anarchy in Nigeria. Pointing fingers and apportioning blames or even begging on the two knees before the patently angry insurgents will only amount to smashing chummy ants and insects lining a room jam-packed with sugar cubes. The brutal fact is that the cosmetic federal arrangement concocted as the three organs of government, namely, federal, state and local government, is the man behind the mask of our masquerade of terror, as it were. A recapitulation of pre-colonial Nigeria brings forth the picturesque of disparately constituted ethnic nationalities vaguely put at about 250, which conducted their affairs considerably well, at the period. Though there were wars of conquest and the slave trade, yet a concatenation of activities during the era preceding the British colonization of Northern and Southern Protectorates of the ‘Niger areas’ would have resulted in the natural constitution of what could still be a

Nigerian state. Again, while the colonial masters acted wisely by dividing the country along ethno-regional lines, at least for easy administration, the military incursions starting from 1966, which gave birth to the ongoing low-syndrome federalism, was Nigeria’s major undoing. Recall that while there was crisis in the West over leadership tussle between the Action Group leader, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, and his estranged acolyte who was the Premier of Western Region, Chief Ladoke Akintola, neither the Northern Region nor the Eastern Region was perturbed as it was seen as an internal trouble for the West. During the period too, there was no reason for any Hausa man to butcher an Igbo trader in the North, because there was no basis for path-crossing. But when the military began to rule, after the Major Kaduna Nzeogwu-led coup was stymied and hijacked by senior military officers, in January 1966, the Head of State, Major-General Johnson Aguiyi-Ironsi apparently derailed a mutually acceptable form of governance in the country when he, by military fiat, ordered a federal system instead. Same with the administration of General Yakubu Gowon and the others after him, as they kept creating states and leaving them with a clear code of total dependence on the Federal Government. But the administration of President Olusegun Obasanjo made an effort at reverting to the old order through a ceremonial recognition of the country’s six geo-political zones but which are yet to be constitutionally recognised. Granting the North-East, North-West, North-Central, South-West, South-East and South-South constitutional recognition would reasonably mean allowing each of them to be governed by a Premier or its equivalent.

Kayode de Fasua ua (07043855192; SMS only, pls)

And each zone should be allowed to have other leadership positions down the line, bearing their respective title biases. Whatever you call it, a President, a Prime Minister or even a Chancellor can head the country, administering from Abuja, with a small parliament. To continue to forcibly unite the nation through a confusing contraption of federalism is not only alien to the spirit and body chemistry of the peoples therein but can also be equated with forcing a courtship of dog and goat or of sheep and wolf. The Russian example comes in handy. Should we not learn from ‘Glasnost’ and ‘Perestroika’, the two disengagement policies that helped a peaceful dissolution of steaming hot communist contraption that was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR)? Vintage Mikhail Gorbachev who became the first President of the USSR in 1985 dissolved the Union on his head in 1991, to allow for ethnic assertions; and in their case, it was not even a confederal denouement but total dissolution, culminating in 15 independent countries. Therefore, amnesty or no, a Boko Haram, if eventually crushed or pacified, will rebound in some other form, tormenting this place called Nigeria; that is, if no semblance of Glasnost and Perestroika or a Sovereign National Conference is embraced, by the leaders.

A’bom Airport: Providing wings in a flying State ESSIEN NDUESO


t is often said that the peacock is always proud of its feather and loses no time displaying it whenever opportunity beckons. This is presumably the summary of the story of the Akwa Ibom International Airport (AKIA). When Governor Godswill Akpabio laid the foundation stone of the interim terminal building of AKIA in December 2007, not many people showed significant enthusiasm for the progress of development of the then newly started Airport. Akpabio’s promise to land a large body aircraft at the airport the following year was taken with a pinch of salt because the previous administration had failed to make any significant progress despite repeated assurances on the airport. To be candid, several other prime infrastructural projects before that time were witnessing very slow pace of implementation. And this situation substantially accounted for the inability of most government projects to be completed and inaugurated for public use before the coming of the Akpabio administration. The actual construction on the building commenced in January, 2008 and in September, 2009, not only was the interim terminal building completed but such other complementary facilities like the control tower, Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Service (ARFFS) unit, communications room, the runway and internal road network among others in the Airport had also been completed. Before this time, and in June 2009, when several media editors and aviation

correspondents visited the airport to see things for themselves, they were overheard whispering that the terminal building and the control tower can never be ready by September, 2009. Some of them even said that should a plane land in Uyo on September 23 that year, it will undoubtedly enter the Guinness record book. All that is history, as an inaugural flight touched down on the tarmac of the Airport on 23rd September, 2009, the 22nd anniversary of the creation of the state. On that day an Arik Air, Boeing 737-900 Aircraft loaded with passengers was received into the facility with an unprecedented enthusiastic crowd of well meaning Nigerians, mostly Akwa Ibom indigenes flocked to the airport to keep a date with destiny. Knowing too well that the responsibility of implementing his vision in the aviation sector was enormous, Chief Akpabio bestowed the task of seeing this vision through, on the shoulders of a humble and dynamic Austin Mbeh, a lawyer and grassroots politician. Those who know Barr. Mbeh, can always vouch that he is one who is committed to quality service delivery and hates mediocrity with passion. At all times, Mbeh had discharged his assignments diligently. As publicity secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP in Akwa Ibom State, and was considered a great pillar behind the success of the Uwem Ita Etuk-led executive. At the time of his appointment as commissioner in the State Executive Council, he was overwhelmingly being sought after by Ikot Ekpene federal constituency to represent the constituency in the green chambers of the national assembly. His first port of

call was the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, and Barr Mbeh brought life into the ministry, including organizing the national festival of Arts and Culture, NAFEST. Since his appointment as superintendent, the airport has not witnessed any lull in breaking new grounds and hitting fresh milestones. Apart from securing all the necessary approvals from the myriad of aviation regulatory and other oversight bodies, the Airport has retained a sustained partnership with reputable Airlines who are operating scheduled passenger services into it. These are beside frequent corporate and chartered operations that are run by entities such as Julius Berger, Exxon Mobil, banks and other innumerable individuals and organisations. Akwa Ibom airport is arguably the first airport in Nigeria to secure approval for its operational manual. This also entails regular updating of its critical safety facilities to bring them in sync with international best practices as enunciated by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). For instance, in October, 2010, AKIA underwent the commissioning/calibration of the navigational aids by the Senegalese-based company, ASECNA. Shortly after that, the facility achieved the upgrade from Visual Flight Rule (VFR) status to Instrument Flight Rule (IFR) operations and night operations. At so many times, people do wonder if the airport does deserve to be branded an international airport. Akwa Ibom International Airport has fulfilled her mandate as an international facility having commenced yearly direct airlifting of Christian pilgrims from Uyo to Jerusalem since December 2010. The operations cover pilgrims from three

states of Akwa Ibom, Abia and Cross River. AKIA was designed with three major components, namely; the passenger airport, the cargo wing and the Maintenance Repairs and Overhaul (MRO) facility. Its runway dimension of 3.6 km by 60m expandable to 4.2km makes it the second longest runway among Nigerian airports only cueing behind the international runway of national premier gateway, the Muritala Mohammed Airport, Lagos of 3.9 km. The critical Aircraft for AKIA is Boeing 747. This is beside the fact that the Airport is now putting in place the requirement to handle the Airbus A380 by adjusting taxiway dimension and parking areas (Apron). The new terminal building under construction is making provisions for the A380 airbus. Having come this far with the first phase of development, the second phase is going to focus on considering and selection of an operator for the MRO together with securing all the technical approvals. This phase will also witness the building of the main terminal building (contract for construction and equipment has already been awarded) and the taxi way in addition to extending the interim terminal building apron. Also a brand new VIP hanger is being developed besides the main MRO. In addition, the MRO apron will also be extended to accommodate cargo operations. Contracts for all these have already been awarded by the state government and works have since commenced. From the foregoing, it is clear that AKIA has been strategically positioned for seamless international aviation services. •Ndueso wrote from Uyo, Akwa Ibom State


Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Mirror


Sunday Mirror


Always buy soft brushes rather than the hard ones to prevent damage to teeth and gums

Hard tooth brush causes gum recession

Brush your teeth regualry with soft britle toothbrush

Learn how to properly brush your teeth to prevent tooth dammage

‘Brushing too hard can cause teeth sensitivity’ FACTS



o you shy away from cold drinks or a cup of hot tea because it gives you shivers once it gets in contact with your teeth? Sometimes this throbbing in your teeth and gums can be painful, making you to hold your cheeks in agonising moments waiting for the ache to go away. This means that the sensitive part of your teeth has been exposed and this can lead to what medical experts refer to as dentin hypersensitivity. According to some medical journals, dentin hypersensitivity also known as sensitive teeth is sensation felt when the nerves inside the dentin of the teeth are exposed to the environment. The sensation can range from irritation all the way to intense, shooting pain. It’s characterised by discomfort or sharp and sudden pain in one or more teeth and is often set off by hot or cold foods or drinks, breathing in cold air or pressure on the teeth. A professor in the department of Oral Rehabilitation in the School of Dentistry at the Medical College of Georgia, Van Hayward, disclosed that aggressive tooth brushing and consumption of acidic substances can wear down the enamel on teeth and also affect the gums which invariably lead to sensitive teeth. According to him, “when the protective layer of enamel erodes or gum lines recede, a softer tissue in your teeth called dentin can be left exposed. Dentin connects to the tooth’s inner nerve centre, so when it is unprotected, the nerve centre can be left unshielded and vulnerable to sensations, including pain.”

Dentin hypersensitivity or “sensitive teeth” presents as temporary tooth discomfort or pain after eating cold food, drinking cold liquids or breathing cold air. One in every five adults all over the world suffers from sensitive teeth in their lifetime. Brushing your teeth too hard and poor oral hygiene has been identified as militating factors that cause sensitivity in the teeth. Dentists recommend that you brush your teeth for two to three minutes to get the most thorough cleaning with a soft bristle toothbrush. Desensitising toothpaste which contains compounds such as potassium nitrate, strontium chloride and strontium acetate is highly recommended to help reduce tooth sensitivity.

Equally, Dr Emmanuel Iwujiaku, a dentist and the owner of Voyage Dental Clinic in Lagos State, buttressed this study by explaining further that this problem is basically caused by the ignorant way we handle basic dental hygiene. “To understand tooth sensitivity, one needs to understand the anatomy of the tooth first. A layer called cementum protects the tooth under the gum line. The enamel is the strongest substance in the body and protects the crowns of healthy teeth. This forms a bullet-proof coating over the underlying sensitive part of the tooth called the dentin. “The dentin contains microscopic tubules or canals. When we brush too hard or use a hard tooth brush to continuously brush the teeth, we are only causing damage rather than cleaning the teeth. Over brushing only makes the dentin lose its protective covering, the tubules allow heat and cold or acidic or sticky foods to stimulate the nerves and cells inside the tooth. This may cause hypersensitivity and occasional discomfort when you chew, drink cold or hot liquids or when you breathe

through your mouth,” explains Dr Iwujiaku He stressed that although tooth brushing is good for the overall health of the teeth, over brushing can actually be detrimental to your dental health. “Toothbrush damage is known in the trade as toothbrush abrasion and it is the damage to teeth and gums that result from the use of excessive force in brushing, usually using a hard toothbrush. If you’re brushing too hard or too much, it could lead to increased tooth sensitivity and receding gums, the latter of which could require surgery to correct,” he warned. The medical expert debunked some of the misconceptions people have about tooth brushing. “One of the misconceptions that a lot of people have about oral care is that you need to brush really hard. This is not true. In fact, it’s often better for your teeth and gums if you use a softer touch. The plague and bacteria that build up on your teeth can be more effectively removed with a softer, gentler scrub. If you brush too hard, not only are you risking injury to your gums but also causing a more

Meat consumption should be checked, not stopped –Don Dr Mairiga Peters of the Nasarawa State University, Keffi, has said that checking meat consumption would help in reducing its negative effects in the human system. Peters told newsmen in Lagos, while responding to a research by the Cleveland Clinic, United States, that lack of such checks was injurious to human health. The research indicated that

the L. Carnitine, an amino acid, said to be abundant in red meat, and the Trimethylamine-N-oxide (TMAO) could aid atherosclerosis. Peters recommended biochemical applications like boiling and cooking, and reduction in meat consumption, to reduce the content of the compound in red meat and other substances containing toxins.

He said, however, that as toxin accumulation in the body occurs over time due to improper metabolic processing, outright stoppage of meat consumption could be a disservice to the body. Peters said that total stoppage of meat consumption would bring about the denial of the body of the supply of L.Carnitine, required for the maintenance of physical fitness.

permanent damage that could lead to gum recession. This recession occurs because you have brushed too hard with too much force on the gums. As the gum line recedes due to excessive tooth brushing forces, it begins to expose a part of the tooth which is normally kept covered up by the gums,” the medical expert emphasised. If you are already experiencing the symptoms associated with dental hypersensitivity, the good news is that it can be treated. It is therefore very important for you to visit your dentist for diagnoses and the proper medication and treatment will be recommended. Dr Iwujiaku said in treating dental hypersensitivity, the dentist will have to take a close look at your teeth, clean it and check the root canals to decipher the main cause of this problem. “Depending on the cause of the sensitivity, we usually recommend desensitising toothpaste which contains compounds that help block sensation travelling from the tooth surface to the nerve. Sensitivity toothpastes containing potassium nitrate is highly recommended to help reduce tooth sensitivity. A major advance in treatment has been the introduction of sensitivity toothpastes containing strontium chloride and strontium acetate. Desensitising toothpaste usually requires several applications before the sensitivity is reduced. If the desensitising toothpaste does not ease your discomfort, your dentist may suggest in-office techniques. If receding gums are the cause of the sensitivity, your dentist may use agents that bond to the tooth root to “seal” the sensitive teeth. The sealer usually is composed of a plastic CONTINUED ON PAGE 52

HEALTH NEWS ‘41% of Nigerians hypertensive’ Permanent Secretary in the Plateau State Ministry of Health, Dr Elias Pede, said in Jos recently that about 41 per cent of Nigerians had been confirmed to be hypertensive. He described hypertension as ``a major

public health concern’’, explaining that the prevalence was higher among the low income segment of the population. ``Research has also shown that victims range around 40 per cent of adults in African coun-

tries with some as young as 25,’’ he added. The permanent secretary cautioned against uncontrolled high blood pressure, noting that it heightened the risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and kidney failure.

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Stakeholders applaud banks over low interest rates for SMEs TOLA AKINMUTIMI ABUJA


n what appeared to be coming as soothing balm to microentrepreneurs’ strayed nerves after years of lamentation over lack of access to cheap funds to grow their businesses, the Bankers’ Committee of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) last Tuesday opened a vista of hope for millions of Nigeria’s financially challenged investors with a promise to introduce a new interest rate regime on credit that will favour Small and Medium

Scale Enterprises (SMEs). Although the modalities of the proposed regime are still being fine-tuned at the Committees with a view to making it appealing to its targets and impact positively on their operations, stakeholders believe such a measure could not have come at a more auspicious time than now when most of the SMEs are suffocating under the current regime that has completely denied many would-be enterprises the opportunities of realising their productive potentials and sustainable growth. Briefing the media on the proposed plan to enable micro enterprises to access bank credit at lower interest rates amongst other decisions taken at the end of the Bankers Committee’s meeting in Abuja, the Managing Director of Diamond Bank Plc, Dr. Alex Otti, said the move would help in addressing one of the constraints militating against optimal performance of the enterprises and create more jobs with the attendant multiplier effects on the economy. Otti, who disclosed that the modalities of the proposed lower interest rate regime for the SMEs were being fine-tuned by the Committee, promising that it is expected that the new interest rates would become operational within the next few weeks. He explained: “We held extensive discussions on how banks can begin to support the real sector, the retail sector of the market, the micro, medium and small scale industries. We underscored the need for banks to support those areas of the economy that have hitherto not benefited as much as others sectors for the simple reason that it would help to reduce social tension and by generating a lot of employment and empowering a lot of people in the economy. “Banks also discussed ways and means of reducing interest rate to

CBN governor, Sanusi

this sector of the economy, which we belief is the livewire of the economy. Further discussions are going to hold among banks to see how we can collectively make lending cheaper or lower in the industry so that we can encourage the micro, medium and small scale industries to thrive and generate employment, reduce inflation, reduce social tension and increase productivity generally in the country”, Otti added. Reacting to the proposed lower interest rate regime on bank credit for SMEs, the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), believes that the implementation of the policy would radically transform the economy in terms of the GDP growth rate and other multiplier effects, including of employment opportunities for millions of Nigerians. The Director General of the Chamber, Mr. Muda Yusuf, specifically pointed out that the policy, if well implemented, would provide the financial impetus required to give meaning to ongoing programmes of the Federal and State Governments to create jobs as the SMEs remain the most viable channel for employment in an economy in which the informal sector is estimated to be contributing up to 67 per cent of the GDP. He explained: “When the SMEs get credit at lower rates, they will be able to create jobs. More impor-

Prof Aliu

tantly, access to credit should also be addressed because it is when they have access to credit that they can talk of lower interest rates” To ensure that the impact bears more on sustainable growth and employment rates, Yusuf would like the Committee to possibly make agricultural sector lending rates to be lower in view of the productive and socio-economic impact it is playing in the economy, particularly its roles in government’s efforts to diversify the economic base and make agriculture a major foreign exchange earning source for the country. In another informed appraisal of the proposed regime, an entrepreneurial development expert, Professor Sola Aliu, pointed out that the plan by the banks to henceforth apply special/lower interest rates on credit for SMEs is a welcome development and indeed a step in the right direction in view of the fact that it will contribute significantly to the growth of the SMEs that have been carrying a financial burden that is too heavy for them. Aliu, a Professor of Economics and former Consultant to UNESCO, DFID and other international and local organisations, however canvassed a interest rate regime that would not exceed three percent above the banks’ minimum discount rate and also remove all other constraints that could hamper the

micro enterprises from having easy access to credit. He explained: “This is desirable as it will contribute significantly to the growth of the SMEs that have been carrying a financial burden that is too heavy for them. It is our plea that the new rate will not exceed 3% above the banks’ minimum discount rate (minimum inter-bank lending rate) set by the CBN. The banks should as much as possible streamline their conditionality to ensure that the SMEs can access capital more easily. “It is however important to state that financial burden is just one of many burdens that stultify the growth of SMEs. Robust business development services (that include access to information, marketing, supply-chain, management/technical training, strategic planning and help to integrate SMEs into the formal economy) should be put in place on a public-private partnership arrangement. “Also the government should create an enabling environment for enterprises to flourish by addressing the issue of decayed infrastructure, trade policy and regulations (at Federal, State and Local Government levels), multiple taxes and other constraints that disproportionately burden SMEs”, the renowned Economist added. According to him, in order to

ensure that the loans are secured and redeemed as and when due, the SMEs must imbibe sound business ethics and put away the ‘victim mentality’ by taking responsibility for their operational problems rather than subject themselves to ‘fear-driven reality loop’ which over the years had put and the micro entrepreneurs in the state of low selfesteem and limiting beliefs. “They must be helped to connect with their inner selves to activate their creative abilities and capabilities. In this state they become shapers and creators of their future rather than live the future in autopilot state where every wind takes them to unknown destinations”, Aliu concluded. Speaking from a similar wellinformed analytical mind, another Economist, Dr Adewale Bakare, believes the proposed measure has the potential of remarkably re-defining micro business practice and operations as it would create a better funding platform for the hitherto financially-constrained businesses to come alive and impact positively on the economy through the exponential growth in their productive capacities that would be witnessed. Bakare, a Senior Lecturer at the Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba- Akoko in Ondo State, however identified the challenge of collateral as a pre-condition for granting credit to micro enterprises which, he said, banks use to secure such loans in case of default even as he canvassed a less-cumbersome for securing loans as well as a more prudent management of borrowed funds by entrepreneurs so that potential benefits of the proposed measure will be felt in the economy. “It is a good development as this will enable the SMEs to access funds at lower costs which will translate to lower operational costs for their businesses. The issue of collateral is another thing that has denied SMEs access to bank credit in the past. So, the banks should look for other ways of securing loans advanced to micro businesses. “More importantly, it will be better if such credit could be converted to machinery and other operational support assets because of the high rate of loan default among SMEs. In such a way they will be jointly protecting their interests in the business. Although it is not all SMEs that divert funds meant for their operations to other unproductive needs, the truth is that the banks’ should offer some financial management supports to the SMEs so that in the long run, all stakeholders and the economy will be benefit”, Bakare advised.



Sunday April 14, 2013

Sunday Mirror

FG, states share N731bn for March Property Watch •For Lagos area as at Friday April 12, 2013 A. Building materials Cement: Dangote Cement per bag of 50 kg.......N1,800 Burham Cement per bag of 50kg.......N1,800 Elephant Cement…………………N1,800 Sandcrete blocks 6 inches sandcrete block ..........N130 9 inches sandcrete block ..........N150 Sand Sand per tipper load .......... N12,000 Sharp sand (double) ..........N22,000 Gravel (single) ...................N18,000 Gravel (double) ..................N23,000 Granite ...............................N120,000 Reinforcement 8mm(153) pieces per ton (N125,000 10mm (153) pieces per ton .......... N135,000 12mm ............................................N161,000 16mm ........................................N172,000 20mm (53) pieces ....................N122,000 Wood Timber (hard) 1x1x12 ..........N1,000 Timber (hard) 2x2x12 ..........N600 Timber (hard) 2x4x12 ..........N700 Soft wood 2x2x12 ..........N250 2x3x12 ..........N300



he Federation Account Allocation Committee over the weekend distributed the sum of N731.13 billion to the three tiers of government for the Month of March, after over two days of prolonged deliberations.

The March allocation represented a decline of N1.49 billion over the distributions totalling N729.64 billion shared by the federal, state and local governments in the preceding month. When compared with the budgeted N745.71 billion for the month, the N731.13bn distributions from Statutory, Value Added Tax (VAT) and other accruals to the Federation Accounts showed a negative variance of N14.57 billion. The FAAC also transferred N95.24 billion into the Excess Crude Account (ECA), thereby bringing the new balance in the ECA to $7 billion. As at the end of 2012, the balance in the account was about $9.74 billion. There was a drawdown of

the account of $2 billion which was shared by the tiers of government early this year. Addressing journalists after the over six hours meeting which ended at about 11.45 pm on Friday, the Minister of State for Finance, Dr Yerima Ngama put the gross revenue from minerals and non-minerals sources for the month at N595.71 billion. A decomposition of the gross revenue of N595.71 billion on source basis indicated that minerals accruals totalled N518.38 billion while non minerals revenue was N77.32 billion respectively. Ngama said the March gross revenue was N24.02 billion higher than the N571.67 billion accruals to the Federation Account in the preceding month. He attributed the increase to receipts of arrears of Crude oil and gas sales. The Minister said: “The gross revenue of N595.70 billion received for the month was higher than the N571.67 billion received in the previous month by N24.02 billion. “This is due partly to the receipt of arrears of sales of

crude oil and gas. “Crude oil production and lifting operations, however, decreased during the period due to force majeure declared at Qua Iboe and Brass Terminals and maintenance work at Okono, Brass and Amenam terminals”, he added. Giving a breakdown of the distribution, Ngama said N496.41 billion was shared from the statutory allocation compared with VAT’s N61.63 billion and the N35.549 billion shared for the Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme. Also, N7.61 billion was also shared between States and Local Governments from refund of the debt owed the Federation Account by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. Of the statutory allocation of N496.41 billion, the Federal Government got N232.53 billion or 52.68 per cent, states got N117.92 billion or 26.72 per cent, while the 774 local governments were allocated N90.93 billion or 20.60 per cent. In addition, N55 billion was shared to the nine oil produc-

Nigeria’s CSEA named Africa’s best research institution

Plywood 3x3x6-----------------N3,500 2x4x8-----------------N2,400 Roofing Sheet Corrugated iron sheet per bundle ...N10,000 Asbestos 4x8 per piece ..................N1,600 Asbestos (solo) ............................N1,100


B. Landed property Focus area: Lagos Mainland 1. Four bedroom detached house with BQ at Omole Phase 11, Kosofe -----N40m Estimated price in 5 years------------N60m


2. 800 square metres at block 47 at Isheri North Estate, Lagos ---------- N6m Estimated price in 5 years----------N15m 3. 6 bedroom wing of duplex plus BQ at Adeniyi Jones off Opebi, Lagos------- N55m Estimated price in 5 years------------N100m 4. A land measuring 5.081 square metre at Ajasa, Ipaja, Lagos------------------------------N25m Estimated price in 5 years---------N50m 5. 2 nos bungalows on 800 square metres along Oba Akran, Lagos----------------N150m Estimated price in 5 years----------N250m 6. 1.12 acres of land with uncompleted building at Marwa Road, Satellite Town, Lagos---------------------------------------------------N1,5bn Estimated price in 5 years------------------N2bn 7. Uncompleted block of flats at Isheri -Osun, Lagos--------------------------------------------------N15m Estimated price in 5 years-------N20m 8. Four bedroom duplex at Gbagada------N18m Estimated price in 5 years-----------N30m 9. 8 nos of 3bedroom flats with BQ at Surulere, Lagos---------------------------------N80m Estimated price in 5 years----------N100m 10. A detached house at Oke Ira, Ogba, Lagos--------------------------------------------------N22m Estimated price in 5 years---------N35m •Compiled by Dayo Ayeyemi, E-mail:

ing states based on the 13 per cent derivation principle. From the VAT distributions of N61.63 billion, Federal Government got N9.24 billion or 15 per cent, states N30.82 billion or 50 per cent while the local governments shared the balance of N21.57 billion or 35 per cent. The March FAAC meeting remained one of the most prolonged meetings in the past two years as the states’ Commissioners of Finance were reported to have disagreed several times with the Minister and Accountant General of the Federation over the formula used in calculating the accruals into the Federation Account. In fact, the meeting was interrupted up to three times during which the States Commissioners had to come out to discuss over the contentious issues requiring their joint agreement before going back for the continuation of the joint session. ut. ``This development is wrong and in such situations the first PFA of choice is picked for the contributor.

L-R: Commissioner for Information, Delta State, Mr. Chike Ogeah; Ekiti State Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi; his Rivers State counterpart, Mr. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi; and Director, Centre for Values in Leadership, Prof. Pat Utomi, during the ‘Nigeria Symposium for Young and Emerging Leaders’, in Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort, Ekiti State, recently.

FG empowers 300 ex-militants with SME kits


he Federal Government, through the Niger Delta Amnesty Programme, over the weekend in Lagos, empowered about 300 ex-Niger Delta militants, who benefited from the various skill acquisition programmes of the amnesty office.

The beneficiaries were given equipment necessary for them to start Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMEs), even as the ex-militants were warned against selling the equipment, or letting out their shops, which are against the agreement they signed with the amnesty office. The materials included cement for those who were

trained on building materials, generators, fridges, flat screen televisions, gas cookers and laptops. Others are electric welding machines, safety helmets, safety boots, welding machines Addressing journalists at the event to showcase the tools for distribution, Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta, Kingsley Kuku, said this is the first in the series of empowerment programmes aimed at assisting trained and equipped young men and women set up and grow small businesses. Represented by the Technical Adviser to Amnesty Office, Larry Pepple, Kuku said the

empowerment programme was to prepare beneficiaries to become part of the new generation of entrepreneurs, besides laying a solid foundation to break the cyclic nature of poverty and contribute to national economic growth. He added that this empowerment has further moved Nigeria closer to the realisation of the number foremost of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) – eradicating extreme poverty and hunger by 2015, adding that the programme is in line with President Goodluck Jonathan transformation agenda and vision 20.2020.

he Global Development Network (GDN), a global that supports research in economics and research, has named Nigerian-based Centre for the Study of the Economies of Africa (CSEA), as the best institution in Africa. This is even as one of the Centre’s Executive Directors, Dr Ebere Uneze, also bagged the body’s “Lifetime Achievement Award” for his excellent contributions to the advancement of quality research, public policy analysis and capacity building in Africa. The GDN gesture was part of efforts to strengthen institutions to improve public expenditure accountability in developing countries CSEA is a non-profit think tank Research Centre that conducts high quality applied research on economic policy issues in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. The Centre places emphasis on policy-relevant research on issues around Public Financial Management and Governance; Macro-economic Management; Trade Investment and Inclusive Growth; Poverty Alleviation, Social Protection and Safety Nets; Energy and Environment.


Sunday Mirror


Victor Nwanekezi, 9-year-old, down with kidney problem AYO ESAN


r Joseph Cornelius Nwanekezi, the father of Victor is not happy, for his only son is dying. He is seeking the assistance of good-spirited Nigerians to come to his aid, to rescue the boy whom medic had diagnosed with serious kidney disorder. According to him, he decided to withdraw Victor from the Federal Medical Centre Owo, Ondo State when they could not afford to pay for his hospital bill again. Nwanekezi, who is a commercial motorcyclist, said he makes an average of N1, 200 daily and delivers N800 to the owner. He disclosed that it was through the N400 he got daily that he used in maintaining his family and lamented that he had spent his life savings on the boy but that there had been no positive response to his ailing health. “The problem started early in July last year; Victor had fever and we took him to the hospital where he was treated. Again, his health deteriorated and we took him back to the hospital where the doctor detected that he had swollen legs. That was where the whole problem started. It was at the Federal Medical Centre Owo (FMC) that we were told that he had kidney problem. The time he was diagnosed of having this problem was the same time that I had an accident on okada. It was while I was at the bone-setters home treating my fracture that my wife informed me, and

the world crashed on me”. Basilia, the mother of the boy, is a petty trader, “ I sell a few buckets of plastic rubbers. I have gone round to look for money. I have borrowed over two hundred thousand naira from families, friends and many people. We now lock the boy in the house; prayer warriors have come here to pray for him but nothing is forthcoming. When we cannot do more and there is no money, we requested the doctor to discharge him from the hospital. That is why he is at home. He hardly eats, has no strength and he goes to the toilet once in a while”. Victor who attends Divine Glorious primary and nursery school, Ijebu- Owo, Ondo State is in primary four. He is a brilliant boy, one of the friends stated adding that his friends have been crying for missing him in school. One of the parents’ family friends who attends the same church said, “We are begging the rich Nigerians, NGOs and all the governors, especially Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, to help this boy before it is too late.” When Sunday Mirror visited, the parents were crying and rolling on the ground, saying there was no place to turn to for help. The parents said that N3 million was needed to take him to India for medical help. For donations, send to the account number below while the father’s phone number is 08063917407. Account: ECO Bank; 0064838974; Cornelius, Nwanekezi, Owo branch.

Little Victor

Concerns as Benue flood victims return to crisis-prone areas



any victims of last year’s flood disaster in Benue have returned to the flood-affected areas, in spite of the State Government’s warning for people to stay away from areas, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports. An investigation conducted by a NAN correspondent yesterday revealed that the victims were yet to benefit from the funds released by the Federal Government five months ago. The victims, who are yet to benefit from the N500 million approved by the Federal Government for the flood victims, said they had no alternative than to return to the

flood-affected areas. The victims expressed dissatisfaction over the delay in the distribution of materials provided by the State Government. One of the victims, Mr. Dennis Igbana, said that the victims had no other option than to return to the areas affected by floods. “Our situation is that of the abandoned child, we are treated as if we do not belong to this state or country, we are being abandoned as if we choose ourselves to be affected by flood. “Before the flood, we were living happily even though we did not have much as a people, we were eating and drinking from the little that we had. “Now some people in government are making jest of us, they took advantage of our situation to enrich themselves while we live in abject poverty, they are constantly praying for yet another flood because of what they stand to gain. ``We cannot question God why we are citizens of Benue State, other states in the country such as Edo State, had released additional funds and shared to the victims, but in my state, our government officials have decided to take away even the little one Mr. President had given us,” he lamented. Reports further said that since the victims were forced out of the camps on Nov. 24, 2012, majority of them now used uncompleted buildings and makeshift tents as temporary settlements. The victims of the disaster had continuously suffered

untold hardships in the process of trying to make new homes, due to a lack of support. The state’s victims may be in for another disaster should they continue to stay in uncompleted buildings and makeshift tents during the raining season. Another victim, Mr. Tyoyame Torkula, said that he had already completed planting his yam along the banks of the River Benue. “I have completed my yam farm, the one affected last year was bigger than the one I have planted this year, life must continue and we have to eat too. “My house, farm lands and everything I had was submerged by the flood. We were staying in the camps but were later forced out even when the government knew very well that we had no place to stay. “We are going to remain here, even though we are suffering, we do not care, after all nobody cares about us. ``We want to move on with our lives, people who are not affected do not understand what we are passing through now,’’ Torkula stated. Mr. Theophilus Adzaagee, the Chairman of the Benue State Committee on Flood Disaster Relief Management, attributed the delay in resettling the victims to a lack of comprehensive data. Adzaagee said that the Benue Government would not politicise the exercise at the detriment of the victims. Five months after the close of the camps for the victims, fire had gutted relief materials meant for the victims at the Local Government Education Authority in Wurukum, Makurdi.



Sunday, April 14, 2013


Sunday Mirror




as the killing of Aminasoari Dikibo, National Vice-Chairman of ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in charge of the South-South a case of political assassination? Or was it an incident of armed robbery attack often witnessed whenever the targets of robbers are trying to escape? These are questions that remained unanswered years after the murder of the politician. On Friday, February 6, 2004, Dikibo while heading for Asaba, the Delta State capital to attend a South-South meeting of the PDP, suddenly ran into some gunmen at Ughelli, so said an account. He was in company with his driver and police orderly. The account stated that while at that portion of the road at about 7pm, the gunmen pulled up in another vehicle trying to catch up with Dikibo and his team. But the politician’s driver reportedly gathered speed, suspicious of those coming behind them. But the attackers, realising that their target might escape, began to shoot at the vehicle in front. But at a certain intersection, the driver reportedly detoured as he reversed to escape the hounds. While doing the maneuovering, a ring of shot hit Dikibo at the rear seat, directly on the head. The bullet was said to have ripped off his brain but the driver and orderly were possibly oblivious to the fact that their principal had been hit. They kept running at break-neck speed only to realise through a peep at the central mirror that their assailants had disembarked from the vehicle. Again, that peep revealed that Dikibo had fallen. They then beheld the unthinkable. The PDP Vice-Chairman, whom all politicians who had converged on Asaba were waiting for, was in a pool of his own blood, stone dead. However, a disconnect in the story of the murder of Dikibo then raised fears in some circles that his death could have political undertones, more so that he was a controversial figure in the affairs of South-South politics. Then Deputy Governor of Edo State who is now the Chief of Staff to President Goodluck Jonathan, Mike Oghiadomhe, had made a helpful comment which should have led investigators into asking questions. He said he last spoke to Dikibo at 5pm on the fateful day, on phone, and that the latter said he was at Ughelli and hoped to arrive in Asaba at 7pm. Yet, reports said to have been obtained from his driver and orderly put the time of the attack at 7pm, a time he ought to have arrived in Asaba. But what might have lent credence to Oghiadomhe’s account was a report that Dikibo was actually killed along Kwale-Ogwashi-Uku road, a few kilometres to Asaba. Following the assassination, a first police report put a pin on armed robbery attack, even though nothing was taken from Dikibo and his team, and no effort was made by the attackers to kill particularly, his police orderly who should be the first target. Dikibo’s political activities The Okrika, Rivers State-born Dikibo became controversial for what those who knew him described as “his forthrightness and outspokenness.” For instance, then Commissioner of Information in Rivers, Mr. Magnus Abe, who described the slain politician as a father-figure, had this to say of him: “If he (Dikibo) didn’t like what you are doing, he told you to your face. And if he had told you, he has

The late Dikibo


Murder of Dikibo, PDP’s Vice-Chair told you and forgotten about it. If you call him to your house to eat, he will come. So I don’t really see him as having vicious enmity with anybody.” Yet this politician was noted to have taken positions on controversial issues of the era, which include many national issues, the South-South, the Niger Delta struggle, the Governor Chris Ngige of Anambra political saga, 2007 general election permutations, and indeed, the crisis rocking Okrika, his native home. Sources at the period revealed that Dikibo nursed the aspiration of becoming the national chairman of the PDP in 2007, once power shifts to the North. Another top politician from the South-South region was also said to be eyeing the same office but that Dikibo’s cutting edge was that he enjoyed the support of all the South-South governors. Also, at a time some political forces in the country were making unrelenting efforts to get Governor Ngige out of office for allegedly playing Judas against a fraternity of Anambra cabal, Dikibo was always in defence of the governor, as he often referred to Ngige as “my good friend.” In Delta State too, Dikibo also gave full support to Governor James Ibori, against the backdrop of seething accusations from the governor’s critics in the state, who accused Ibori of massive corruption and of perpetrating the rigging of the 2003 governorship election in his favour. Again, in Rivers, Dikibo’s home-state, there was intra-party crisis within the PDP over the ambition of then Speaker of the House of Assembly, Hon. Rotimi Amaechi. The Speaker wanted to be governor in 2007. Amaechi is from Ikwerre ethnic stock which then laid claim to long years of po-

litical marginalisation. The late PDP V-C’s stance, it was reported, was that it was too early to take a position. Although there was nothing to link Amaechi’s ambition with the murder of Dikibo, observers said the slain politician’s stance against the popular wish within the party could have hurt certain interests. Also, the state governor, Sir Peter Odili, was said to have had cordial relationship with the late Dikibo, making the PDP V-C to wield so much power in his Rivers home-state. Efforts to track killers Though President Olusegun Obasanjo, following the murder, first echoed the police’s initial information that Dikibo was killed by armed robbers, he nonetheless constituted a six-man panel of enquiry to look into the circumstances surrounding the gruesome murder. Heading the panel was Justice F.E Ukata, a retired Chief Judge of Abia State. The panel was mandated to among other things, examine the circumstances surrounding Dikibo’ death, with a view to fishing out those behind it and making recommendations aimed at preventing a recurrence. As for the Police, the inspector General, Tafa Balogun, tasked Yakubu Mohammed, Assistant Inspector-General of Police (AIG) in charge of Zone Five, Benin, to go after the killers. After a while, Mohammed announced that seven suspects had been arrested in connection with the killing. Besides, he said the police were interrogating Dikibo’s driver and orderly. Till date, however, Dikibo’s murder remains unresolved as no one has been convicted for the crime.

Sunday Mirror



Zonal News

Sunday April 14, 2013

Kidnapped wife of Abia Fashola calls for synergy ex-council chairman in education sector regains freedom

agos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola (SAN), Friday received the First Term report of the state’s Technical and Vocational Education Board (LSTVEB) advocating a synergy between the Education Sector and the Organised Private Sector as a means to grow the economy and solve unemployment problem. In his remarks after receiving the report from the Chairperson of the Board, Mrs. Adeyinka Taiwo Oyemade at the Lagos House, Alausa, Governor Fashola said the economy of Africa and Nigeria would experience real growth in terms of job creation when the Private Sector interfaces with the schools in the production of graduates. “It is only when we have this handshake, which I call the handshake between the town and the gown, where the school that produces the students interface with the society that needs them and produces what the society needs that we can move away from just recording growth in Nigeria to growth that leads to jobs”, the governor said. According to Governor Fashola, “The African Economy and by extension the Nigerian Economy, is growing but is it responding in sufficient number to the need

for jobs? That is the challenge that we have; of how products of the skill development centres in universities, in technical colleges become sufficiently skilled to be employable in the real sector where they are needed.” The governor told members of the Board, “I think we must involve, as we are already doing, but in a much deeper way, the Organised Private Sector in the management of the schools, in the administration of the curriculum and in the development of the skill sets that are necessary for industry support. “I think these are the strengths that we need to develop, that we need to deepen so that at the outset as we are producing, we are producing for a waiting market not for a saturated market”, the governor said. He said his administration would continue to deepen relations with industries as a means to address the growing concern about unemployed young persons. He added, “I think the reality of today’s economy is that people must focus more on entrepreneurship and recognise that a university degree or any form of education, is not an end in itself anymore but a means to an end. It provides curtain edge competence for peo-

ple to go out there and be all that they can.” The governor declared, “On behalf of Government, I especially acknowledge the receipt of the report of the activities of the Lagos State Technical and Vocational Education Board as presented on behalf of the Board by its Chairperson, Mrs. Adeyinka Taiwo Oyemade. I think it is no overstatement in the report when it states that a baby born three years ago has started toddling about and is now ready to walk. “I must, on behalf of beneficiaries of all the restored and revitalised technical colleges in the state, thank you for the wonderful work you have done. It was not easy resuscitating interest and activity in technical and vocational education. “But somehow, I think we are blessed with men and women who, not only understood the issues involved, but they were ready to sacrifice”, he said adding, “I must confess that I gained a lot in terms of education for myself by my interactions with you and by the reading of your report. And it has enabled me to champion, with members of the public and our students, the development of the proper role of technical education in the development of the young mind”.

Family health expert wants antenatal campaign in rural areas A family health specialist, Dr Femi Amao, on Saturday in Lagos called for increased awareness and sensitisation on antenatal care among pregnant women in the rural areas. Amao told newsmen that increased awareness on the importance of antenatal care would help to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity rate. ``Government at all levels should increase awareness and sensitisation campaigns, especially among rural women on the importance of going for regular antenatal

care in the hospitals. ``This will help reduce maternal mortality and morbidity rate in the country,” he said. According to him, most pregnant women in the rural areas are still ignorant of antenatal services in the hospitals. Amao said: ‘One of the major reasons why many pregnant women in Nigeria die during childbirth is because they do not avail themselves of the antenatal care being provided in the hospitals and health centres. ``The few who visit the hospitals during pregnancy for antenatal care

still prefer to have their delivery taken at home by traditional birth attendants. ``Some of their practices are harmful and have contributed to maternal mortality and postnatal complications. ``It is when complications resulting in bleeding, foetal death, ruptured uterus and infection occur during delivery that some cases are referred to the hospital and most often it would be too late.’’ He described antenatal as indispensable to the health of mothers and babies.


rs Glory Nwulu, wife of Dr Onyekachi Nwulu, a former Transitional Committee Chairman of the Obingwa Local Government area in Abia State, kidnapped on April 10 in Aba, has regained her freedom. The Commissioner of Police in Abia State, Alhaji Usman Abubakar, confirmed the development in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Aba on Saturday. The commissioner said the abductors abandoned

Nwulu near a church at Osisioma Ngwa in Aba at about 7.30 p.m. on April 11. Abubakar said that the woman was found by a combined team of Antirobbery, Anti-kidnapping and the Counter-terrorism Squad. He said that the hoodlums got wind that the police were after them when they were taking the woman to Imo State, and had to make a u-turn back to Aba, to dropping the woman near a church and taking to their heels. ‘’They heard from their informants that the po-



lice were pursuing them with three Hilux vehicles on their way to Imo, they had to make a u-turn to Aba and drop her near a church at Osisioma Ngwa and fled.’’ Abubakar said that the woman, kidnapped at Umuodukwu Village in the Ogbor-Hill area of Aba, had re-united with her family, adding that no ransom was paid to the abductors. He appealed to the public to assist the police with useful information on the activities of kidnapers in the state.

Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu (right) and the Israeli Ambassador to Nigeria, His Excellency, Mr. Uriel Palti, when Dr. Kalu paid him a courtesy visit recently

We have no problems financing our contracts –Obi


ven while many contracts are going on in Anambra State in all the sector, Governor Peter Obi goes on flagging off more. In the last one week, he had flagged off four roads, some in areas considered difficult to access. Fully aware of this, he assured the people of Anambra State that his government thrives on planning and that the money for all the contracts being awarded had already been saved. He made this remarks during the flag-off of Iyiowa-Odekwe Road at Okpoko. Obi assured the people that the work would be completed within the life span of his administration. He, however, cautioned them against recklessness and in discriminate dumping of refuse into culverts. The governor listed the roads and projects his administration has executed in the area to include the on-going Atani-Og-

wuikpele-Ochuche road, Atani-Ozubulu road with three bridges, the supply of transformers, school renovations and electri-

fication of some towns, among others. He called on the people to continue to support his administration by fulfilling their civic responsibilities.

Traders, transporters decry Customs high-handedness CHRIS NJOKU OWERRI


or the second time in less than one month, the Customs Federal Operations Unit (FOU) Zone C Owerri has publicly destroyed impounded frozen poultry with a Duty Paid Value pegged in millions. But some individuals have viewed such action in market circle as a deliberate attempt by the Customs authorities in the zone to cripple the activities of petty traders whose livelihood depend solely on these imported poultry items. A poultry seller at Ekeukwu Market, Owerri, the Imo State capital, Madam Cordelia Nwaocha, de-

scribed the impounding and destruction of poultry products by Customs as a deliberate attempt to snuff life out of them. “The Customs authorities want to push us out of business knowing that most Nigerians depend on these products to stay alive.” Another petty trader, Mrs. Margret Onuegbu, claimed that she no longer sells because of scarcity of the products in the market. Speaking on the issue also, a transporter, Mr. James Nwosu, accused the Customs officers in the zone of extortion and bribery, alleging that the officers collect bribe from them before they could be allowed to pass.


North News


Sunday April 14, 2013

Agency cautions farmers over application of insecticides, chemicals


he Kebbi Agricultural and Rural Development Agency (KARDA), has cautioned farmers on the application of insecticides and chemicals, to prevent environmental degradation and human health hazards. Alhaji Yahaya Haruna, the Programme Manager in the agency, gave the caution while speaking in Kalgo, Kebbi, at the weekend. Haruna observed that farmers engaged in the application of insecticides and chemicals with-

out consulting extension workers from the agency. “The extension workers in the agency had been trained and directed to assist farmers on proper application of chemicals and insecticides for maximum yield. “Agricultural insecticide and chemicals are dangerous to humans and the environment and if misapplied on the soil, farm yield would be minimal. “We would dissuade farmers from applying chemicals and insecticides close to harvest, to

avoid consumption of unhealthy foodstuffs.” Haruna said that some farmers had failed to realise the disparity between herbicides and insecticides to apply on the farmland, stressing that the extension workers would properly guide the farmers. He, therefore, urged farmers to seek support and guidance from the agency, especially as collaborative efforts were being made with seed firms for the supply of sundry seeds, to ensure maximum yield.

He said that the affected institutions have been operating with substandard and obsolete facilities. According to him, only 19 out of 33 Private Healthcare Institutions inspected met the minimum conditions set by the state government. Meanwhile, Governor Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso has signed into law the state Consumer Protection Council bill to safeguard the people against substandard and fake

products. The governor insisted that Kano people deserve to get value for the money they spend on consumer goods. A statement signed by the Director of Press to the governor, Halilu Dantiy, stated that the law is a deliberate attempt to ensure that products circulated in the market meet approved standards, adding that anyone found contravening the law will be prosecuted.

Sunday Mirror

Five feared dead in Benue road mishap HENRY IYORKASE MAKURDI


o fewer than five persons are feared dead after a truck belonging to Dangote fleet of vehicles loaded with cement lost control and overran a station wagon and somersaulted opposite Total Oil near Benue cement factory in Gboko yesterday at about 4pm. An eyewitness told Sunday Mirror at the scene that the said vehicle was heading to the far north and descending a hill with speed when the

accident occurred while five people sustained various degrees of injury. The eyewitness further added that the rate of reoccurrence of accidents involving Dangote cement trucks is almost becoming a ritual as hardly a week passes by without recording a case of accident at one point or another within the vicinity. As at the time of visit the youths were seen off loading the contents of the truck as uniformed men stood guard making sure the cement which poured out of the truck


were not stolen or looted. When contacted the Benue police command’s spokesman Deputy Superintendent of police Mr. Danie Ezeala confirmed that there was an accident involving a trailer and a small vehicle adding that no life is being lost at the moment. He debunked insinuations of commuters having lost their lives in the accident saying that as far as he is concerned no person was reported killed when he received the brief.

UITH partners Kwara Diagonistic Centre Kano clamps down on private health institutions on health care A M -W P UGUSTINE KANO




ano State Government has clamped down on 31 out of the 313 existing Private Health Institutions in the state within the last six months for allegedly operating below set standard. This was disclosed by the Senior Special Assistant to the Kano State Governor on Private Healthcare Institutions, Dr Salisu Ibrahim.

rof. AbdulWaheed Olatinwo, the Chief Medical Director of the University of IIorin Teaching Hospital (UITH), says the hospital will partner with the Kwara Diagnostic Centre, to improve health care services in the state. The Chief Medical Director made this known in IIorin at the weekend. Olatinwo said that the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on the partnership would be signed within the next three weeks in Ilorin. He explained that the partnership would go a

long way to complement the effort of the hospital at providing diagnostic services to patients in the state. According to him, the MoU is in line with the research and training programme for the UITH staff in area of diagnosis and research, in order to offer quality services. The CMD said that the hospital had carried out successful a kidney transplant and cautioned pregnant women against taking drugs and alcohol. He stressed the need for attitudinal change by the staff in order to fast

track the effort of the hospital on service delivery. Olatinwo commended the initiative of the Kwara Government in the construction of the diagnostic centre On fake and counterfeit drugs, the CMD said that the hospital was collaborating with NAFDAC to identify people’s reaction to drugs intake, with a view to curbing fake and counterfeit drugs. Olatinwo advised Nigerians to always undergo medical check-up at least once a year to ascertain their health status.

Reps push for ban of substandard goods TORDUE SALEM ABUJA


L-R: Former Vice Chancellor, Ahmadu Bello University, Prof. Ango Abdullahi; Managing Director, Nagarta Radio, Alhaji Yusuf Saulawa and Director-General, Media and Publication to the Governor of Kaduna State, Alhaji Ahmed Maiyaki, at the Arewa Media Forum Annual Lecture in Kaduna, yesterday. PHOTO: NAN

Committee chairman lauds Wamakko on The state’s Commisin the Illela Local road projects Road Government area of the sioner of Works and


lhaji Arzika Sarki, chairman of the Sokoto State House of Assembly Committee on Roads and Transport, has commended Gov. Aliyu Wamakko for embarking on the construction of rural roads in the state. Sarki gave the commendation on Saturday, after inspecting the ongoing construction of the 25-km Dogon-Karfe-Amburuwa

state. The chairman, who noted that the road network would assist in boosting the socio-economic development of the area, stated that the project would also prevent rural-urban drift among the populace. Sarki said that the road projects when completed would ensure the smooth transportation of goods to markets across the state.

Transport, Alhaji Umar Tambuwal, told the committee members that the contract for the construction of the road was revoked and re-awarded to Bindagari Engineering Construction Company. He said that the project which would gulp over N761, 022,572.54 was expected to be completed within eight months

he House of Representatives Committee on Industry will soon present a Bill seeking the ban of substandard goods from China, India and other countries inundating Nigeria with counterfeit products. The key sponsor of the Bill and Chairman of the House Committee on Industries, Hon. Mohammed Ogoshi Onawo(PDPNassarawa) said yesterday that the piece of legislation is ready for consideration by lawmakers. “Currently, we are working on a bill to make sure that importation of fake or substandard goods is either eliminated or brought to the barest minimum in Nigeria”. He regretted that “Nigeria has become a dumping ground for substandard goods from other countries”.

According to him, “most of these substandard goods come from China and India”, but wondered why “the same countries are manufacturing standard goods for United States of America and other European countries”. The lawmaker said he was also working on other Bills to make industries in Nigeria more viable and competitive. Hon. Onawo who represents Awe/Doma/Keana Federal Constituency of Nassarawa State in the Green Chamber, also disclosed that the House on its resumption would consider his Bill seeking a clear definition of the boundary between Nassarawa State and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). The lawmaker appreciated the positive economic impact on the State as a result of its nearness to FCT, but warned that If not clearly defined now, there could be a border conflict in the future between the

two territories. Many workers in FCT are residents of the Mararaba town in Nassarawa State. Mararaba is the nearest part of Nassarawa to the Federal Capital. The legislator who is the only member from Nassarawa on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party(PDP), who also fielded questions on the crisis rocking his party, was optimistic that the party would resolve its internal squabbles and emerge victorious in 2015. “This great party will remain strong and stronger than you have known it”. He attributed the several crises in the party to its size, but expressed optimism that the party would survive itself and perform better at the 2015 elections. “It is not easy to manage the size of the PDP, but what is happening today will eventually make us better and stronger in the next elections”.

Sunday Mirror



Gov’s wife appeals to warring communities in Gombe to embrace peace

ajiya Adama Dankwambo, the wife of Governor Ibrahim Dankwambo of Gombe State, has appealed to the warring communities in Bambam town to embrace peace. The appeal was contained in a message sent to the second Annual General Meeting of the Tangale Waja Development Association (TAWADA), Women’s Wing, in Kaltungo at the weekend. She said that only genuine peace in the area could bring the much sought-after development. The Dadiya and Waja ethnic communities had engaged in violent clashes last week. Represented by the wife of the Deputy Governor, Mrs Sintiki Rubainu, Dankwambo, observed that Gombe South, known for its peace in the past, had come under attack of the devil. She said that as a result of the crises, a lot of lives and property had been lost and urged the people to come together in order to forge ahead. “Mothers, we have a challenge; as we come together, we should ensure

that peace is restored in that community. “As mothers, we should encourage our husbands and children to ensure peace instead of violence and destruction,’’ she said. The governor’s wife assured the women that she would continue with her empowerment programme to ensure that women got skills to help themselves and families. The President of the association, Mrs Finney David, said the event came at a time when the two tribes were engaged in war. “It is a mixed feeling for some of us who have been affected by the recent civil disturbances that occurred in Bambam. “Our hearts go out to the people who lost their lives, families, houses and means of livelihood. “We call for peace and ask our people to forgive each other and live in peace with each other. “Permit me to use this medium to urge and beg our men and youths to please let peace reign again in Tangale Waja land. “By this, we join thousands of people from Gombe South and pray

that God grants us peace in the area and Gombe State in general. “We, TAWADA Women, condemn in strong terms the wanton destruction of lives and property because women and children are always at the receiving end of all vices. “We are left widowed and our children are left on the streets once the bread winners are dead,” she said. Meanwhile, the director, National Orientation Agency (NOA), Gombe State, Mr Ado Solomon, urged women in the zone to go and preach peace to their husbands. “Women are desirous of peace; all problems are created by men and the women of Tangale Waja are saying it is enough of these crises”, he said. Two persons were killed and many others injured when crisis erupted between Dadiya and Waja ethnic groups in Bambam town last week. Police authorities in the state had said that 17 persons were arrested in connection with the crisis and that they would be charged to court after investigations had been

L-R: Bauchi State Commissioner for Water Resources, Alhaji Sani Burrah; Commissioner for Information, Alhaji Mohammed Dhamina and General Manager, Water Resources, Mr. Aminu Gital, during a news briefing on shortage in water supply in the state, yesterday. PHOTO: NAN

Gombe is losing billions of naira annually –Miners


ombe State government is losing billions of naira annually for not utilising abundant mineral resources in the state, the Nigeria Union of Mine Workers in Gombe has said. Alhaji Danjuma Garba, the state chairman of the union, said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Gombe at weekend “Gombe State government is losing billions of naira for not developing the mineral resources in


Sunday April 14, 2013

the state. “We are blessed with a lot of mineral resources in the state and they are supposed to be developed for revenue generation as well as job creation”, he said. He said the state had a role to play in utilising the minerals to boost its economy by generating a lot of revenue. According to him, if government invests meaningfully in the sector, it will not be relying on Federal Government’s allocation for the execution of

projects for the masses. Garba listed the minerals in the state to include gold, lead-zinc ore, limestone, kaolin, bentonite, gypsum, coal and barite, among others. “The state government can also promote activities of small scale or artisanal miners to fully develop the sector”, he said. According to him, the most important thing that government is supposed to do is to generate statistical data of the abundant minerals deposit in the state.

4 dead, 3 injured in Delta auto crash


our persons were feared dead while three others were injured in a vehicle accident along the Agbor-Abraka Road in Delta State on Saturday. The accident occurred at about 6.30 a.m. It involved a commercial bus with registration number KRD 862 XC and two articulated vehicles with registration numbers XC 306 AUC and XC 842 AUC. Mr Olusola Olusegun, the Issele Uku Unit Assis-

tant Area Commander of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), confirmed the incident. He said that the two articulated vehicles collided while the bus rammed into them. Olusegun added that two of the dead bodies had been recovered and deposited at the Obiaruku General Hospital while the three injured persons had been taken to the Agbor General Hospital. The FRSC boss further disclosed that the two



drivers of the articulated vehicles were trapped in their vehicles, adding his officials were trying to disentangle the trapped bodies. According to him, officials of the FRSC, who got to the scene immediately after the incident, removed the wreckage of the vehicles to make way for free flow of on the road. A similar incident occurred on March 20, at Issele Uku on the Asaba-Benin highway, killing three persons.

UBTH conducts mass burial for 51 accident victims T

he University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH) on Saturday conducted a mass burial for the remains of 51 accident victims who were burnt beyond recognition. The victims were involved in a multiple accidents which claimed more than 60 lives at Ogbogui village on the Benin-Lagos expressway on April 5. The remains were interred at the First Cemetery in Benin, after being transported from the UBTH mortuary. Mr Aikonogie Wilfred, UBTH’s Chief Mortician, who spoke to newsmen at the cemetery, said the 51 bodies were given mass burial because the bodies could not be identified. Wilfred disclosed that

two corpses had been identified and taken away by the accident victims’ relatives. He said the identification and burial only involved bodies of dead accident victims brought to the hospital. At the cemetery, concerned family members, relatives and friends wailed as the bodies sealed in a bag were deposited into the grave from a truck. Odiamah Chika, who said he lost his mother, niece and a nephew, expressed regret that Nigeria had lost more lives to road accidents than it did during the 1967-1970 Nigerian Civil War. He lamented the absence of comprehensive data among agencies in

the transport sector to ascertain the authenticity of the figures of those who die in road mishaps. In his reaction, Samuel Nwafor, a native of Anambra State, said he lost a 47-year-old uncle in the accident. Nwafor said his late uncle was a self-employed chartered accountant, and survived by a wife and four children. Meanwhile, the FRSC Zonal Commander, Wole Olaniyan, said some measures were being worked out to ensure strict adherence to traffic laws and safety on the roads. Olaniyan, however, attributed road mishaps to over-speeding, and warned passengers to stop encouraging their drivers to travel at a fast speed

Akwa Ibom approves N289m for renovation of Army Barracks


total of N289 million has been approved by the Akwa Ibom State government for the renovation of dilapidated buildings at 6 Infantry Battalion, Nigerian Army, Ibagwa in Abak Local Government Area. Governor Godswill Akpabio, who stated this on Friday during the 2013 Shooting Range Classification Exercise, lamented the state of structural dilapidation in the barrack, and directed the Commissioner for Housing and Urban Renewal to commence renovation of some dilapidated buildings immediately. The governor said, “I have already approved N289 million for renovation work in the barrack. I hereby direct the state Commissioner for Hous-

ing and Urban Renewal to embark on the immediate renovation of the buildings in the army barracks, and the rehabilitation of the volleyball pitch, building of a sports and games hall to be named after the immediate past Commanding Officer of the barrack who lost his life last year in the Dana Airline crash”. Akpabio also said the renovation work should include building of the Sports and Games Hall in the barracks to be named after the late, Lt. Col Owoicho Jumbo Ochigbo, the then Commanding Officer of the 6 Infantry Battalion, Nigerian Army, Ibagwa. He assured that the state government would always partner with the Army, and thanked them for the sacrifices they have made

for the country and for joining his administration in maintaining peace and security in the state. He lauded the Commander of the barrack for his integrity in building and completing two blocks of building in the barrack. “I am delighted to be part of your shooting competition. I never bargained to win but it indicates that even within five minutes, a good student would always be a good student”, he said. The Commander, 13 Amphibious Brigade, Nigerian Army, Calabar, Brigadier-General Okwudili Azinta said families from different states are assembled to perform traditional plays during the exercise, and commended the governor for turning the barrack into another local government area.


Sunday Mirror

CHAN 2014 Agbim rues Nigeria’s absence P. 62


P. 63


Rumble in Marrakech!

Y As Golden Eaglets battle Black Starlets



he city of Marrakech, Morocco, is agog as Nigeria’s Golden Eaglets commence their campaign today in this year’s CAF U-17 Championship when they battle Black Starlets of Ghana in one of the Group B matches; after the tournament kicked off yesterday at the Mohammed V Stadium, Casablanca, between hosts, Morocco and Gabon. Today’s cracker is scheduled for 6pm Nigerian time and will be preceded by a clash between Congo and Cote d’ Ivoire which promises to be explosive and thrilling. The two past winners will go for the maximum three points knowing that a win today will put them in vantage position when they meet other group members, Congo and Cote d’Ivoire later in the competition. A total of eight teams namely; Botswana, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, Cote d’Ivoire, Tunisia, Gabon and the host nation Morocco will compete in the two weeks championship in the cities of Casablanca and Marrakech to determine who replaces Burkina Faso as the reigning African champion. Not only will the winner

Aguero targets third Chelsea win

EPL: Late Arsenal burst sees off Norwich A

rsenal scored three goals in the final seven minutes to fight back to beat Norwich City 3-1 yesterday at the Emirate Stadium and move third in the Premier League. Norwich took the lead just before the hour through Michael Turner’s header from a Robert Snodgrass free-kick. Mikel Arteta scored from the spot after Kei Kamara was penalised for a challenge on Olivier Giroud. Giroud touched in from an Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain cross before substitute Lukas Podolski drove in a third in added time. For 85 minutes, Arsene

Wenger looked set to start a pivotal week for his team’s Champions League hopes with a defeat. But, with games to come against Everton and Fulham before top-four rivals Tottenham are next in action against Manchester City on April 21, his team answered plenty of questions about their quality and mental strength to secure a seventh win in eight Premier League matches. Norwich simply fell apart after the penalty award and after seeing what would have been a second win since December 15 turned to nothing, as they remain four points above the relegation zone.

Golden Eaglets looking set to battle Black Starlets today.

be crowned African champion but the four semifinalists will go ahead to represent the continent at the FIFA U-17 World Cup to be held in United Arab Emirates from October 17 to November 8. The tournament since its inception in 1995 has been used as the breeding ground for future African stars and this year’s competition which is in its 10th edition is certainly one that can be expected to bring to the fore talents that are set to follow in the footsteps of now African superstars who first got a taste of the international platform and recognition from previous championships. Players such as Nwankwo Kano, Mikel Obi, Andre Ayew, Anthony Yeboah and Odartey Lamptey are some of the stars that were discovered in previous tournaments who later became house hold names not only in African football but at the global

Fergie hits back at Mancini P. 63

level. It is expected that today’s encounter will rekindle the old football rivalry between the two West African countries who have not only dominated the U-17 tournament in the continent but also at the world level with Nigeria emerging world champions three times and Ghana two. Speaking ahead of today’s encounter, Golden Eaglets Coach Manu Garba noted that his team has prepared well ahead of the match even as he stated that the aim of the team is to qualify for the FIFA U-17 World Cup as African champions. “We have prepared well for the competition. Our goals are clear, we want to qualify for the FIFA U-17 World Cup as African champions and then we will return to prepare for the World Cup,” he said. Also speaking ahead of the encounter, Black Starlets handler, Paa Kwesi

Fabin says that the training tour of Italy which his team embarked on ahead of the championship has prepared them adequately for tournament. “Our training tour of Italy really helped the players to prepare well ahead of the tournament and we hope that when they get into the field of play this evening they are going to give a good account of themselves,” he said. Fabin while admitting that Nigeria will pose a very big challenge to his players noted that the Black Starlets are aware of the Nigerian challenge and are ready for the task ahead. Meanwhile, Eaglets player, Alhassan Ibrahim has vowed to go for goals when they take on the Starlets today even as he assured that they will not allow the Ghanaians to run away with victory in today’s encounter.

Lukas Podolski (left) scoring Arsenal’s third goal in added time.



he Nigeria Association of athletics Technical Officials (NAATO) has successfully held its election of new executives of the organization. The election which took place during NAATO’s National Congress at the Abuja National Stadium saw the emergence of Prince Henry Amike from Edo State as president, while Mr. Adigun Ademola from Oyo State emerged as the Vice President. Other elected officials

Milan can cope without Balotelli –Montoliva

P. 63

NAATO’s new executives.

are Mr. Jimoh A. Eneye (FCT) as Secretary General, Beatrice Molokwu (Anambra) as Assistant Secretary, Ekpo Edet Grace (Cross River) as Treasurer, Anigbogu Elizebeth (Delta) as Financial Secretary and Prince S.O. Babtoba (Lagos) as the Public Relations Officer. Others are Shola Ogundele (Lagos) as Social Welfare Officer I, Emem Ikhaobomeh (Akwa Ibom) as Social Welfare Officer II, Umudu Joseph Obi (Anambra) as Auditor I, Allan Josiah Eku (FCT) as Auditor II and Baby Ndah (Delta) as the Provost Marshal.

Sunday Mirror


Sunday April 14, 2013

Heartland: Tension in Owerri over CAF’s decision

Heartland FC of Owerri



ension is still mounting in Imo State as football enthusiasts and stakeholders express their disappointment following CAF’s final decision to uphold the walkover of Heartland Football Club in this year’s CAF Confederation Cup second leg tie against Union Sportif Bitam of Gabon last weekend. Yesterday, CAF officially decided on the matter by upholding the walkover by US Bitam and consequently revealed that there decision was in conformity with article 16 of the competition regulations. Sunday Mirror gathered that despite the sprinted efforts by government officials in the state to shift blames, stakeholders still maintained shoddy preparations was the bane of Heartland’s misfortune. Heartland’s journey to the walk over began actually in Abuja when the club’s protocol officer stayed in

Abuja for several days before he was eventually told that the Gabonese Embassy does not issue visa in the capital city. According to the Commissioner whose ministry is in charge of sports, Comrade Kenneth Emelu, when the issue of visa was settled the Gabonese football authorities brought out another trump card. “When we first booked for our travel tickets at Asky Airline, they charged N90, 000 per passenger, few days later, the ticket fee went up to N 106, 000 and skyrocketed within a space of two weeks to N 134, 000,” Emelu disclosed. Sunday Mirror learnt that the management of the airline claimed that the officials did not make payment for air ticket on time, but the commissioner disagreed saying that the state government released N 15 million on Monday to the Heartland FC management, notwithstanding the Easter public holidays in Nigeria.

Rugby stakeholders, NRFF disagree over concession R ugby stakeholders have disagreed with the outgoing President of the Nigeria Rugby Football Federation (NRFF), Richard Ajayi, over the federation’s concession adopted since 2009 by the National Sports Commission (NSC). The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the disagreement was at the stakeholders meeting held on Thursday in Lagos to fine-tune developments for the sport. Tempers rose when a member, Edward Pamfom, asked the president, the terminal date for the concession contract. The question divided the meeting into two factions, between the stakeholders and the federation’s outgoing officials. Pamfom, the Northern Zonal Coordinator for Rugby, had also sought to know the importance of the concession. Reacting, Ajayi said that the contract would termi-

nate on June 9, saying he personally believed that the concession process was a good idea because it has brought notable developments to the sport, over the years. However, delegates from the northern parts of the country were quick to contest the facts, saying that they were not aware of such developments. Pamfom expressed disappointment with the way the NRFF was running the affairs of the sport in the country, saying that it was time for a positive change in rugby. After a series of heated arguments, the NRFF president excused himself from the meeting and asked Tunde Akinrele, the Chairman of the forum, to continue with the deliberations. Later, Akinrele and the stakeholders jointly decided that a communiqué would be prepared and immediately forwarded to the NSC.

As much as the commissioner has put up this defense, stakeholders still maintained that both the government intervention and Heartland FC management preparation for the game was abysmally shoddy. According to stakeholders the money spent by the government to hire private jets for emergency air lifting of the team would have been used earlier to charter the plane before the match day. Ikechukwu Awulonu of the Heartland’s Supporters Club described the walkover as very sad and unfortunate development. According to him the situation was not properly handled by the state gov-

ernment. “You cannot believe the team has been training without salary, it is government fault, they ought to have provided funds much earlier than that Monday,” he fumed. Also speaking, the Imo State SWAN Chairman, John Nwogu, supported Awulonu saying that there was no adequate preparation by Heartland’s management. “CAF gave us two good weeks to prepare for the match, but it was the protocol officer and one agent that kept the people in the dark, there was nobody to talk on behalf of Heartland,” he said.


Knockout IFEANYI Eduzor with


Kareem title defence suffers postponement


he title defence between Commonwealth Superflyweight champion, Yaqub Kareem of Nigeria and his British challenger, Paul Butler, earlier scheduled to hold on April 12, at the Liverpool Olympia will now take place on April 20, at the Wembley Arena. The fight which was originally scheduled to take place on March 8, was postponed because of late issuance of British visa to the champion, while the latest development was caused by disappointing ticket sales for the fight. Speaking on the development, Kareem noted that though he was disappointed with the frequent postponement of the fight, he is still in good frame of mind to defend his title on April 20. the game in Nigeria. “I fell disappointed with the “We’re all deceiving ourselves in this country over latest development because the league. Everyone is aware that the sponsorship from DStv had elapsed and has been renewed, but the eteran boxing coach, NBBF has not finished the Joe Mensah says that legal terms with them, why unless sports administrathen, are they in a hurry to stampede teams into regis- tors in the country take the issue of development of the tration. pugilist game serious, Nigeria “I see their memo to the will never regain its leading clubs as cheap blackmail position in the sport in the that is not in the interest of continent. our basketball. There’s no He told our correspondent reason blaming the clubs that the country cannot boost for not registering when of world class boxing gym they (NBBF) have not ful- which is necessary for the filled their obligation to the proper training of pugilists and wondered why Brai clubs,” he said. Ayonote gym at the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos, should be abandoned by successive sports administrators. “It is unfortunate that we do not have a standard boxing

I have trained hard for the fight, but I am assuring my fans that I will successfully defend my title against my opponent. “It is true that Butler is a good fighter but he will meet a better boxer when we climb the robes next weekend and my prayers is that the fight do not suffer another postponement to enable me settle scores with my opponent once and for all,” he said.

Basketball: Tanko berates NBBF over non-commencement of league IFEANYI EDUZOR


roprietor of Yelwa Hawks Basketball Club, Alhaji Tanko Dutse, has described the uncertainty pervading the commencement of the 2012/2013 DStv Premier Basketball League by the Nigeria Basketball Federation (NBBF)as a slight on basketball club owners. He told our correspondent that NBBF blame that the delay in commencement of the league was as a result of the none compliance of some clubs to laid down rules, was nothing but a slap on the clubs who are the stakeholders in the league. Dutse who also doubles as the representative of the Savannah Conference teams on the outgoing League Board, says the attitude of the federation as regards the league is bad, noting that their action is not helping the growth of


Mensah tasks NSC on boxing development gym where boxers could


be trained and nurtured to become future champions. “The Brai Ayonote gym has been abandoned over the years and even the Etete Camp in Benin City, Edo State where we camped boxers ahead of London 2012 Olympics was not an ideal place to train boxers for an international championship such as the Olympics and Commonwealth Games,” he said. According to him, there is the need for world class boxing gyms to be built in all the six geopolitical zones in the country to enable coaches and boxers have a conducive environment to train.

NBBF President, Alhaji Tijani Umar

Oshatoba tasks government on football development ANDREW EKEJIUBA


FIFA licensed agent, Mr. Goke Oshatoba has tasked governments at all levels to give more attention to the discovering of talents in football as a way of raising local and international stars for the country. Oshatoba, who is also an Insurance personnel and consultant, disclosed this in Ilorin, Kwara State while speaking with journalists. According to him, it is not an understatement that Nigeria is blessed with po-

tential footballers particularly among the young ones who should tap into the sport to place the country on high pedestal in the field of international soccer. He however tasked government to provide incentives that would attract young players to be more committed while representing the country in international competitions. Oshatoba also revealed that he announced his resignation from the services of ADIC Insurance where he was a senior management staff, so as to enable him face squarely, his job as a FIFA licensed agent.

Bernard Hopkins (right) lands a punch on Tavoris Cloud during their IBF title fight.

Hopkins’ challenge excites Cleverly “It’s great to read what


BO World Lightheavyweight champion Nathan Cleverly believes a super-fight against new IBF champion, Bernard Hopkins and himself will be an exciting fight. The 25-year-old was excited to read quotes from the American legend saying that he wants to fight him in the United Kingdom because Hopkins sees him as a threat to any of the elite 175lb fighters in the division.

Hopkins has been saying about me, he’s the ultimate warrior and doesn’t shy away a§from any challenge. “You saw how he defeated Tavoris Cloud last month to break his own record to become the oldest world champion in history. He wants to fight me so I say let’s get it on, it would be an honour to share the ring with him and I’d love the challenge of beating a legend,” Cleverly enthused.



Sunday April 14, 2013

CHAN 2014

Agbim rues Nigeria’s absence

Agbim in action for Super Eagles.


ou have been around for some time playing professional football in Nigeria, how would you describe your experience till date? Just like every other profession, football has its ups and downs, but one has to be ready to face the challenges anytime they come up. Personally, my experiences has been rewarding and exciting because I am doing what I love doing and that is the secret to finding fulfillment in one’s career. I have played with some of the best players that have come out of this country, while I have also had the opportunity of being managed by managers of high quality and that has really helped me develop my game to the level I am currently. In the course of your career, you spent a season with Al-Merreikh of Sudan. Compare the league there with what is obtainable in Nigeria? It was a good experience, though very short and I learnt few things regarding the game during my time in Sudan. It is a wonderful league in terms of organisation and standard facilities, but I decided to come back to Nigeria because I believe in the Nigeria project and thank God our league is one of the best in the world, producing quality players year-in, year-out which to me is a testimony of our country’s football prowess. You made your international debut for the Super Eagles in a friendly game against Angola in January 2012 and have also been nominated as captain of the home-based Eagles, how fulfilled are you considering the fact that we have other good goalkeepers in the league? Obviously, I was excited and felt honoured to have been given the chance to don the green and white jersey of Nigeria at a time when many of my colleagues who were probably more matured and talented have not been looked at. But that has also taught me to do my best so as not to disappoint the coaches who brought me into the national team setup. To be nominated as captain of the homebased team means the coaches must have seen some leadership qualities in me before

Rangers FC of Enugu and Super Eagles goalkeeper, Chigozie Agbim is one of the fast rising shot stoppers in the country. In this exclusive interview with SAYO OGUNDEJI, the former Gombe United goalkeeper speaks on Nigeria missing out in next year’s African Nations Championship (CHAN) and Rangers’ CAF Champions League quest. making such decision and the best way to respond to the challenge is to show that through my performance and how I carry my other colleagues along by seeking for their welfare and the progress of the team as a whole. Despite being selected as one of the six home-based players at the last Africa Cup of Nations, you did not get to play a single game as Nigeria emerge champions of the continent. Does that make you feel bad or discouraged in any way? Naturally every player will want to get a taste of the action in any competition, especially in a great tournament like the AFCON but all the players cannot play at the same time and that means everybody must wait for his turn which will surely come at the right time. Beside, the team comes first before my personal ambition and being part of the squad that won the tournament gives me joy and that makes me feel better as a player. Even the euphoria of the achievement has erased any negative memory I must have had as regards my not being used during the tournament. Nigeria has great goalkeepers in Vincent Enyeama and Austin Ejide and I have to learn from them because they have years of international experience which makes them the coach’s first or second choice goalkeepers, and I believe I will get to that stage one day with hard work and dedication. Nigeria held Kenya to a goalless

draw in a world cup qualifier in March and the result has dented the country’s chances of qualification. Going by the busy fixtures in June, can the Eagles still make it to Brazil 2014? The Kenyans came with the intention of beating us, but we fought back to pick a draw which to me is a fair result going by our performance in the encounter. But we have demonstrated how strong and dedicated we are when it matters most with our outing at the last AFCON and with the quality of players now in the team, we will surely qualify for Brazil 2014.

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captain of the home-based team, are you disappointed in any way? It is very unfortunate that Nigeria will not be taking part because that would have given those of us home-based players the opportunity to showcase out talent and build on the success of the Super Eagles triumph at the last AFCON. The Nigeria Football Federation are charged with the administration of football in the country and players must all respect their decision when issues like this crop up, because they are also doing their best to promote the game in the country. Though we are all looking forward to representing the country at the tournament, but there will always be another opportunity. Rangers are Nigeria’s only representative left in the continental competition this year after the ouster of Kano Pillars, Lobi Stars and Heartland. Does your team have what it takes to emulate Enyimba by winning the CAF Champions League in this current campaign? Personally I thought Pillars would qualify for the next round of the competition having gotten a comfortable 4-1 victory in the first leg, but football can be very unpredictable which makes it more interesting. Rangers are aware of the responsibility as the country’s only surviving representative and we are going to intensify our efforts in making sure we go as far as possible in the tournament. We have an experienced coach who has won the competition before and that is an added advantage on our side. We are not only interested in doing well in the continental competition, but also intend to win the Nigeria Professional Football League and the Federation Cup. Who do you look up to as role model in this business and in what ways has he shaped your career? Of course, I grew up watching the likes of Peter Rufai and Ike Shorunmu doing business for Nigeria and they have been an inspiration to me and my career. Interestingly, I have the opportunity of working under Shorunmu in the Super Eagles which gives me the avenue to even learn from him. Both Rufai and Shorunmu have represented the country at the highest level and I hope to get to that stage and probably surpass their achievements.

Nigeria is in the same group with Spain, Haiti and Uruguay in the FIFA Confederation Cup, how far do you think the Eagles can go at the tournament? Spain is the world champions and Nigeria is the Africa champion which means two great teams with remarkable records will set the tournament on fire. I am looking forward to it because we will do our best to get a positive result, not only from Spain but against any other opponents as we aim to win the competition. Spain is a very talented side and play attractive football, but we also have the potential to win the world cup in the nearest future and there is no better platform to show the world that our game has improved greatly than the FIFA Confederation Cup. Nigeria has pulled out of next year’s African Nations Championship (CHAN) due to financial constrains, as


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Aguero targets third Chelsea win


ergio Aguero is aiming for a hat-trick of wins against Chelsea when Manchester City takes on Rafa Benitez’s team in today’s FA Cup semi-final. City started their season by defeating Chelsea 3-2 in the Community Shield and secured a 2-0 win over the European champions in the Premier League at the Etihad Stadium. They also drew 0-0 at Stamford Bridge in November in Benitez’s first game in charge after succeeding Roberto Di Matteo. “We’ve had three close games against Chelsea already this season and we expect the same again on Sunday,” Aguero said. “We’ll go out looking to win like we did earlier this season when we faced them in the Community Shield and at home in the Premier League it goes without saying we hope the result is the same this time around.”

The Argentine striker believes Benitez has changed Chelsea’s style of play, explaining: “I think that Chelsea’s current manager is trying to use a patient approach to open teams up rather than utilise the counter-attack. It’s probably going to be a very open game and the team who keeps their head at the crucial moments will win.”


Wenger eyes top-four advantage


rsene Wenger has challenged his Arsenal team to pile the pressure on out-of-form Tottenham by going seven points clear in fourth spot in the Premier League. Wenger’s side, currently have games against Everton (on Tuesday April 16) and Fulham (April 20) before Tottenham welcome Manchester City to White Hart Lane on April 21. Until recently, Spurs looked to have all-but secured fourth place, but their patchy form of


Sunday April 14, 2013

late has seen the race for the top four heat up once again. “Because they (Tottenham) don’t play we have a chance to build an advantage. But since four or five weeks ago we know we have to win our games whether they play or not,” Wenger said. “We have to focus on our games. It does not matter whether Tottenham play or not. We have to win our games. “I’d rather have the points on the board. Tottenham will be hard competition until the end, Chelsea as well, and the only way we can deal with that is to look at ourselves and win our games.” Tottenham lost on penalties in the Europa League to Swiss outfit Basel in midweek, and Wenger added: “Is it an advantage for them being out of Europe? I don’t know, you cannot speculate on that.


Heynckes excited EURO BRIEFS over Barca clash Fergie hits back at Mancini S B ayern Munich coach Jupp Heynckes has spoken with excitement about the prospect of facing Barcelona in the semifinals of the Champions League. Bayern and Barcelona, the runaway leaders in Germany and Spain, will meet first in Munich’s Allianz Arena before the return leg in Camp Nou the following week. “It will be huge task for us playing against this Barcelona team, who have been enthusing and also dominating European football with their imaginative and creative football for the past four years. “I have always got good results against them with my team in Spain, for instance with Athletic Bilbao I beat them twice in Barcelona. I am looking forward to two magic football nights,” Heynckes said. Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said: “I am looking forward to the games. That’s the team that has been the most successful over the past few years. It will be extremely difficult and very exciting. I can remember our last two games; it was our Waterloo in Barcelona. “It is a chance for us to show that Bayern got better since 2009 and we can compete with the best teams again. It will be an interesting competition between Bundesliga and Primara Division. There is no clear favourite in both draws.”



ir Alex Ferguson has ridiculed Roberto Mancini’s claims Manchester United have it easy in the Premier League and accused the Manchester City boss of seeking ‘self-sympathy’. Despite City’s 2-1 victory at Old Trafford on Monday they remain 12 points behind rivals United in the Premier League, with the Italian admitting after the game they have no chance of retaining their crown.

I respect Ronaldo, but I don’t fear him –Ekiza


thletic Bilbao defender Borja Ekiza insists that he does not fear any player not even Cristiano Ronaldo. The 25-year-old centre-back will come face to face with the Portuguese striking sensation when los Leones host Real Madrid at San Mames this evening.

Diamanti: Juventus, Bologna discuss new deal







1. Man Utd




2. Man City




3. Arsenal




4. Chelsea




5. Tottenham




6. Everton




7. Liverpool




8. West Brom




9. Swansea




10. Fulham




11. Southampton




12. West Ham




13. Newcastle




14. Norwich




15. Stoke




16. Aston Villa




17. Sunderland




18. Wigan




19. QPR




20. Reading





uventus have held informal talks with Bologna about a possible deal for Alessandro Diamanti. The Bianconeri have an excellent working relationship with the Rossoblu and have been in constant contact this season, with Manolo Gabbiadini currently on loan at the Renato Dall’Ara, and Frederik Sorensen co-owned by the two clubs.

Botta enthused by Inter switch


uben Botta has expressed his excitement at his imminent move to Inter and informed his new club’s fans that he is similar in style to Real Madrid winger Angel Di Maria. The Tigre attacker is set to make a summer switch to San Siro and the uncapped Argentine cannot wait to line up alongside some of his idols.


Redknapp realistic over Remy



arry Redknapp has admitted it will be hard for Queens Park Rangers to hold on to Loic Remy if they go down. Remy has nevertheless impressed since arriving from Marseille in January, and Redknapp believes he would be among the Premier League’s leading scorers if he had been with the club all season.

Milan can cope without Balotelli, says Montolivo


iccardo Montolivo has moved to downplay the significance of Mario Balotelli’s suspension in terms of AC Milan’s Champions League aspirations, arguing that the Rossoneri proved long before the striker’s arrival at San Siro that they are a quality side. Balotelli was hit with a mandatory one-game ban after picking up his fifth booking of the season in last weekend’s draw at Fiorentina but he was further

reprimanded for using offensive language towards the officials at the Artemio Franchi. The enigmatic but prolific striker will now miss Milan’s crucial Serie A clash with second-placed Napoli today, as well as their subsequent clashes with Juventus and Cagliari, but Montolivo is in no doubt that Massimiliano Allegri’s resurgent side can cope. “Certainly, Balotelli’s impact


in the league has been crazy,” the former Viola captain said. “But, in November, before Mario’s arrival, we had already started our run thanks to Giampaolo Pazzini.” Indeed, Montolivo believes that the Rossoneri have the players to challenge for silverware next season which, he freely admits, was precisely why he decided to leave Fiorentina for Milan last summer.

“I would finally like to win something in my career,” confessed the Italy international, who was booed upon his return to the Artemio Franchi. “I spent seven years at Fiorentina, I gave everything I had, we had some exciting seasons and I was also captain, so I’m sorry that I was not welcomed back. “But I’m only looking forward now. For me, it is a closed story,” he said.



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bn, amount the President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, said FG spends annually on the management and treatment of malaria in the country.




bn, sum the CBN Governor, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, disclosed as what the apex bank recovered for customers who were cheated by banks in 2012.

Dubai 2013: Re-tooling managers of change and turbulence

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E-mail: Unah is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Lagos

with Jim Unah


t was the Greek Heraclitus, reacting to the thesis of Parmenides that Being is impermanence – that nothing changes—who propounded the doctrine of eternal change or perpetual flux. Now, if changes are inevitable, in this instance, in business operations or in the affairs of corporations, have managers who drive the locomotives of businesses braced up to flow with the looming changes and stormy times ahead of corporations, in the next couple of years? That was the provocative question posed by the Group Managing Director and generalissimo of the Energy Group of companies, Dr. Jimoh Ibrahim, which animated discussions in the Dubai confab that ended last Friday, involving about 200 executives of his conglomerate. The gist of that intellectual bazaar is that you need men and women of penetrating foresight with proactive mien and communicative competence to navigate troubled waters and keep businesses afloat in times of recession. As the mop up recession of the economic downturn of 2008 which ravaged Europe and even great America beckons,

business managers should gird their loins to contain the buffeting windstorm of corporate decadence. The warning from Dubai 2013 is instructive and timely because a whole lot is at stake – businesses that could not navigate the turbulent times would crash, and family and social life built around integrated labour relationships formed over the years would be severely incapacitated. It is not only instructive for corporations and their managers, it is equally a wake up call for governments that regulate economic activities and corporations to maintain fiscal discipline, eliminate wastes and excesses and stick to the basics, by spending more on capital goods and infrastructure than on ephemerals and dispensable in overbloated recurrent expenditures. Thus, in turbulent business times, you do not only need managers who could sell snow to an Eskimo, you need men and women at the helm of affairs who are kitted with the impregnable armory of discipline, adherence to time tested strictures and principles, with winsome and charismatic capacity to identify with the aspirations of people and carry them along. In such times, irrelevancies and trivialities should be discarded; only what counts for survival in legitimate terms should be entertained and treasured. But even as organizations are being enjoined by the Dubai confab to re-tool their managers to enable them pilot their businesses away from stormy weather,

corporations should begin to look out for members of their organizations who can be prepared as successor managers that already demonstrate a capacity to maintain and sustain standards; a capacity to keep to business essentials, and a capacity to maintain and sustain good reputation and good customer relations. Managers of institutions of higher education are not left out in the wake up call to strategize to survive difficult times. As industry complain of the lack of requisite skill in graduates of educational institutions, especially the universities, to fit properly into job schemes and job descriptions, managers and stakeholders of higher education should review the curriculum to recapture the integrative intentions of the university idea by designing multi-disciplinary programmes that would produce generalists rather than narrow specialists. Modern mass societies and industry require men and women who can multitask; who can navigate difficult social and corporate terrains, and foster genuine understanding of the physical corporate environment, the social corporate environment and human nature. When this is accomplished, town and gown would be united as institutions of higher education would be breeding men and women capable of adjusting properly to situations in society and the world of work. All of these are calculated to produce a peaceful industrial society for the pursuit of excellence and enlightened self-interest.

CAF Confed Cup: Heartland loses appeal against US Bitam ANDREW EKEJIUBA


he Confederation of African Football (CAF) has thrown out the appeal of Heartland FC of Owerri challenging the walkover the club suffered in the hands of US Bitam in last weekend’s CAF Confederation Cup second leg tie in Gabon. The 1st leg of the encounter played in Owerri ended with a score of 2-1 in favour of Heartland and the return leg was scheduled for April 6 at 16h00 in Libreville – Gabon, but could not hold. In its official statement yesterday, CAF confirmed that the referees and officials duly registered the absence of Heart-

land team at the time of kick off of the second leg tie. “The CAF Inter-clubs Committee considered that the absence of the team from Nigeria was mainly the responsibility of the club Heartland, rather than a case of force majeure. Consequently, and in conformity with article 16 of the competition regulations: ‘If for any reason whatsoever, a team withdraws from the competition or does not report for a match-except in case of force majeure accepted by the Organising Committee- or if it refuses to play or leaves the ground before the regular end of the match without the permission of the referee, it shall be considered loser and shall be eliminated from the competition. The same shall apply to the teams which were declared dis-

qualified by decision of CAF.’ “And without considering other possible sanctions to be applied during the next meeting of the CAF interclubs Committee in May in Cairo, the CAF Inter-cubs Committee considers Heartland eliminated from the competition. “The US Bitam team will therefore face USM Algiers for the next round of the competition,” the statement read. Reacting to the decision of CAF, the Media Officer of Heartland FC, Cajetan Nkwopara, revealed that the management of the Owerri-based club will re-examine the decision to see if there are other legal frameworks that could be exploited for a fair judgment.

It is thus that the Dubai 2013 concern for the transcendence of turbulent economic times could translate to the evolution of a life strategy that would make man more human in mind and spirit, more accommodating of his fellowmen; with the net result of making society more peaceful and more humane for the attainment of comfort and happiness. Consequently, everyone should key into the Dubai 2013 remedy for the management of changing turbulent economic fortunes of mankind, since the phenomenon of change and turbulence could never be wished away. The survival and sustenance of businesses is critical to the survival, comfort and happiness of man on earth. Human experience in every sphere is becoming increasingly fluid. Only those who are equipped to cognize and synthesize the conflicting interests in society can survive well. Only those trained and retrained to navigate difficult times can bring hope, soccour and happiness to humanity. Thus, training is key: training, first in the school system, and in conferences, workshops and seminars. Luckily, God has made this possible through man to man. Let all lovers of humanity emulate this initiative. Let all captains of industry, all men and women of means and all employers of labour with capacity, do this type of thing to their employees. It will add value to human quality and worth, and it will percolate in the pool of mankind’s intellectual and spiritual heritage.


Today’s Matches Newcastle v Sunderland 12:00

Stoke v Manchester United 14:05 PREMIERSHIP RESULTS

Arsenal 3 – 1 Norwich Aston Villa 1 - 1 Fulham Everton 2 – 0 QPR Reading 0 – 0 Liverpool Southampton 1 – 1 West Ham CAF U-17 CHAMPIONSHIP

Today’s Matches Congo v Cote d’Ivoire 15:00 Nigeria v Ghana 18:00 ENGLISH FA CUP RESULT

Millwall 0-2 Wigan

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