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Saturday, July 28, 2012

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The Queen of England appears in the stands at the opening ceremony of the XXXth Summer Olympic Games.


Oil workers adamant •Action paralyses oil depots, jetties •Panic buying begins

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Forfeiture: FG, Delta Aviation: Declare State of Emergency, State fight over $15m Ibori bribe panel tells FG P. 7

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July 28, 2012

Saturday Mirror

Scenes from opening ceremony of London Olympics

Tolling the bell to open the games

The Queen is applauded by other dignitaries after making her arrival in the Stadium

The lights dimmed inside the stadium, while a tribute to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital glowed blue The Olympics rings are illuminated with pyrotechnics as they are raised above the stadium during the opening ceremony

Children perform on trampolines as dancers play Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital staff

Industrial workers forge the Olympic rings in a mocked up steel mill

Revellers at the stadium

Beckham had a little help from a crew, cleverly hidden from shot

Saturday Mirror


July 28, 2012

Saturday Starter

The work of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) is simple: Transmit electricity. By extension, it means making life very comfortable and very pleasant, electricity being a major factor in how well technology can best be explored in the day-to-day activities of individuals and organisations. Surprisingly, however, the reverse is the case. Instead, PHCN’s inefficiency in its delivery of service or maintenance of its equipments has turned its activities to a major nightmare for the citizenry. For instance, in recent times, in different parts of the country, there have been cases of electricity-transmitting cables snapping and killing several people. From the different incidents recorded, the blame has largely been on PHCN. Most eye-witnesses of the disasters tell stories of alleged lackadaisical attitudes of PHCN officials. People tell stories of how, before the tragedies, officials of the power company simply turn the deaf ear to complaints about their faulty cables and equipments and look the other way. They say when, eventually, the power transmitting cables snap, they leave tales of grief; tales of disaster.



Cables of death

o relatives and friends of 23-year-old Blessing Eyo Okon, Friday, May 25, 2012, will forever remain a day of gloom. It was the day they lost the promising hairdresser. All thanks to a power cable that snapped and electrocute her right in her shop. Looking forward to a great day, Blessing left home for her shop, located at 25, Mount Zion Road, Calabar, Cross River State that morning. She was full of life and brimming with hopes and dreams for the future. Business was going on well as she was recording good patronage. At a point, however, when she was still attending to customers, the skies became cloudy. It was obvious that it was going to rain. The rain was accompanied by a thunderstorm, which blew everything in its path in all directions. Blessing and her customers thought they were secure. Being in the confines of her shop, they felt they were safe from the rain and any possible accompanying problems. But they were wrong. The rain had not stopped when the electricity cable that ran around Blessing’s shop snapped. Because the cable still carried energy, power was transmitted through the wet floor and those in Blessing’s shop had, literally, the “shock of their lives.” In no time, the shop caught fire and smoke engulfed the entire place. It was as though the fire was fuelled with petrol. Blessing was the worst hit. She had burns all over. She was trapped in the shop and got burnt to the extent that her intestines poured out in what can best be described as a gory sight. Another tale of woe was caused by PHCN’s high tenCONTINUED ON PAGE 5


July 28, 2012

Saturday Mirror

Saturday Starter

Abosede Elugbaju: A victim’s triumph


bosede Elugbaju can be called a lucky victim. She lived to tell her story and receive compensation for the pain she suffered. Still, her story remains a pathetic one. She had one of her legs amputated as a result of the devastating effect of an electricity transmitting cable that landed on the metal door of her shop. Assisted by her lawyer, Mr. Jiti Ogunye of Jiti Ogunye Chambers, Elugbaju weathered the storm of a legal battle for five years and at the end got justice. For the irreparable damage caused her, the trial judge of a Federal High Court, Lagos , Justice Oyindamola Olomojo, awarded her a whopping N17,970,000. Her victory made her the first person to win a case of personal injury against the PHCN. Mrs. Elugbaju was in her shop on September 25, 2005, where she plied her trade as a seamstress. In the afternoon of the fateful day, Elugbaju reclined on the metal door of her shop when an 11 kV cable snapped from a PHCN pole and landed on it (the door). She was electrocuted almost immediately. But luck was on her side. The transformer to which the cable was connected exploded, hence the reduction


in the amount of power passed from the cable to the door. Already, so much damage had been done. She had been badly burnt and had gone into a state of

How I won N18 million for Elugbaju –Ogunye Human rights activist and Lagos-based lawyer, Jiti Ogunye, spoke with YEMISI ADENIRAN on how he won the first ever successful case for his client, Mrs. Abosede Elugbaju, against the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN).


here have been cases of loss of lives and properties in recent time owing to the snapping of electricity cables by the PHCN. What is your reaction to this? Generally, it boils down to the failure of governance, specifically the gross rot, inefficiency and corruption in the power sector, which is responsible for the pervasive decay that is all too evident in the power generation, transmission and distribution systems of the power sector. Now, we all are familiar with the problem of power generation in Nigeria. For twelve years of civil rule, we are still oscillating between about 2,000 megawatts that were inherited from the military era in 1999 and 3,000 megawatts, that we are now told we are generating. But because you have raised the issue of snapping of electricity cable, let us restrict ourselves to transmission and distribution of electricity. The transmission lines crisscross the entire country. They have their problems in the bushes where they are. These problems are tackled by what is called transmission line tracing, that is, clearing of trees, etc along the transmission lines. And of course, there is corruption here too, because line tracing can be going on every year, under the guise that non-existing trees are being felled, to allow for a hitch-free transmission. In reality, no trees are felled, and money is being stolen. The point is that transmission of power in the national grid does not pose danger to the people, except when they are urbanized, as was the case in Port Harcourt, about three years ago, when a high tension wire fell off a transmission line and killed many people. The real problems are the distribution lines. They are aged, rickety, always sagging, neglected and very dangerous. These cables are everywhere on our streets and in our neighbourhoods. And because they are not properly attended to, they fall on people and houses, causing losses of


lives and property. You won the first successful case for your client, Abosede Elugbaju, against the PHCN in 2007. Can you give us an insight into how you came about the case? Well, in 2002, I had just won a case in the Federal High Court Osogbo for the Osogbo Steel Rolling Mills Workers, who were dismissed from work by General Abdusalam Abubakar under the repealed Public Officers (Special Provision) Decree 17 of 1985. The workers were 67. The Decree had a clause ousting the jurisdiction of the Court; so we were not expected to win the case, as the Defence filed a preliminary objection. But we won the case. The case was conducted on a contingency-fee payment arrangement, meaning that if we won the case, we would earn a fee, and if we failed to win, we lick our wounds. So one of the leaders of the workers, Accountant Posi Eluwole, is an uncle to the Elugbajus. He was the one who told them, following the electrocution accident that he had a “Philadelphian” lawyer who could do the case. And after the Elugbajus contacted some big names, human rights lawyers in the profession, without any headway, partly because of nonagreement on payment of fees, they settled for our law CONTINUED ON PAGE 5

coma. She was quickly helped to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) and her leg was amputated. Obviously aggrieved, the Elugbajus began to think of how they could get redress. They made efforts to get some compensation from the PHCN and the federal government to no avail. Letters, it was gathered, were also written to the president at the time, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, his wife, now late, Stella. Letters were said to have been written to the then vice president, Atiku Abubakar and Titi, his wife, but to no avail too. Not even the letter to the Minister of Mines and Power at the time, yielded any result. Hell bent on correcting the injustice, Elugbaju sought the help of a Lagos-based lawyer, Jiti Ogunye, who, after his letters to PHCN were ignored, decided to go to court. The court option, as expected by the lawyer, yielded fruit. The PHCN would rather want the case settled without a trial in court. On November 14, 2005, therefore, PHCN offered to compensate Elugbaju with N500,000. The offer was rejected, and in April, 2006, PHCN tempted the victim with N900,000 which she again rejected. The offer was later increased to N2 million, but the victim again felt unsatisfied, arguing that the amount did not cover the cost of her treatment. Annoyed that the offer did not change the mind of Elugbaju, PHCN decided to engage in a legal battle. At the end of the battle, Justice Olomojobi hinged the judgment on the NEPA Act 256 Laws of the Federation, 1990, with particular attention to Sections 7 and 8. She declared therefore, that: “From the aforestated provisions, it is glaringly clear that the defendant has the obligation of managing, maintaining, and working of electricity undertaking. It is also endowed with the responsibility of maintenance, repair, or removal of any electric lines, fittings, apparatus or appliance for lighting… “I hold that the defendant owed the plaintiff the duty of care to ensure that its apparatus are properly maintained and repaired immediately it observed any fault, to avert any injury to the citizens contrary and in particular the plaintiff in the instant suit…. “I wish to state here that the non-replacement of the stay wire which was said to have been cut before the incident of September 2002 is an act of gross negligence on the part of the defendant. Even five years after the incident, when the court visited the locus in quo, the stay wire was yet to be replaced.” Based on the conviction that an injustice had been carried out, the court awarded N17,970,000 damages in Elugbaju’s favour.

Saturday Mirror


July 28, 2012

Saturday Starter

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3 sion wire on May 27, 2012 in Jos. Faith and Goodness Gambo were returning from church around Kabong, Rukuba Road in Jos North Local Government Area of Plateau State, when they were caught by a cable that hung dangerously. While Faith who was placed on oxygen at Bingham University Teaching Hospital died, her sister, Goodness, survived but had her arm amputated. On the fateful day, the people of Kabong community of Rukuba Road, had woken up to find out that a high tension line had disconnected and was hanging dangerously. A member of the community quickly phoned the PHCN office in the area at about 8.00 a.m. to inform them of the incident. The contacted officer was said to have immediately contacted those on duty with the hope that they would rectify the fault. That was not to be. At about 10 a.m. of that day when power was restored, disaster struck. The two girls - Faith, 7 and Goodness, 4 - who were returning from church got caught up by the heavy current emitted by the high tension cable that had disconnected and was left carelessly on the ground along the main road. A similar incident occurred barely a month after in Ibadan, the Oyo State capital. On Monday, June 25th, 2012, at the Agbekoja section of Apata Market, market women and men had arrived very early in the day to carry out their usual buying and selling. It was not the traditional busy market setting as it was very early in the day. But without any inkling of a disaster waiting to happen, the PHCN cable that runs across the market snapped and fell on no fewer than five of the traders. The five traders died. Some of the traders nearby were lucky. They landed in the hospital. One of them, Afsat Abiade, was taken to Garden of Eden Hospital, Apata. The victims of the Ibadan case included one pregnant woman simply identified as Tawa. Tawa’s moth-

Cables of death

driver identified as Simon Nwafor was electrocuted at Aguda, Surulere area of Lagos State on his way to his boss’ residence on Somosu Street. There was a heavy rain that morning and his decision to take shelter in front of some shops close to the power line snuffed life out of him as there was an electric cable hanging over the place. His body was found in the gutter around the place by residents.

er was said to have also died as a result of the shock she had upon the news of her daughter’s death. A nursing mother was also reported to have been claimed by the incident. Only on July 3 too, at about 6.20 a.m, a 47-year-old

Could these deaths have been averted by PHCN or residents of these scenes of death? In the Ibadan market incident, traders and residents of the area assert that there had been several complaints to PHCN officials in Apata over the dangerous cables to no avail. One Sikiru Ajiboye who runs a tailoring outfit in the area was quoted in a news report as saying that “the incident could have been averted if the PHCN management had reacted positively to earlier complaints.” He said rather than replace the obviously very weak cables; the officials of PHCN simply repaired it, thus endangering lives. Mr. . Charles Ogbonia, a resident of Ogba , Ikeja, who was also full of complaints about PHCN told Saturday Mirror that the company should always respond promptly either by ensuring that it stops the flow of electricity to the cables instead of allowing it to take people’s lives. In the opinion of one Alhaji Muyideen Agoro, a building contractor at Orile Agege, the use of fake and sub-standard materials by PHCN is partly responsible for the dangers Nigerians are exposed to. “ It is so painful that we live in a helpless environment like ours,” he said.

electrical appliances and gadgets, PHCN will avoid liability by pleading that since the power surged was through a consumer’s internal wires before wrecking the gadgets, it is not liable. What a mischief. In the Elugbaju’s case, however, there was no escape route for PHCN. It was the street cable, exclusively under the control of PHCN, that fell off an abandoned, decayed wooden crossbar on an electricity pole that landed on the shop of Abosede Elugbaju, who was reclining on a burglary proof iron bar encasement in her seamstress shop, which caused the injury. It was a clear case of negligence. We concentrated on working out the loss and damage, naira by naira, kobo by kobo, for we knew the court is not a Father Christmas. Special damages have to be specifically proved. So, we cost every item lost in the shop, sewing machines that were burnt, the wheelchair, and “artificial leg” she would need for her life time, every convenience, she would need, before we came to general damages, under which we addressed psychological pain. By the time we finished, we came to =N=35 million It was a five-year battle. What was it really like and what gave you the strength to carry on? No, it was a seven year battle. From inception to judgment took five years, and from judgment to execution of judgment took two additional years. Three Judges sat on the case. And I will never forget them. Justice Regina Nwodo, now in the Court of Appeal started the case. Justice Olomojobi, now retired gave us judgment, and Justice Archibong enforced the judgment, by garnishee order. May God bless them. What kept us going? The fact that PHCN defied us. We wrote letters before the case started. We wrote to Obasanjo, to Atiku, to their wives, thinking that the human and woman angle could appeal to them. No response. It was only when we started the case, that PHCN started offering settlement. First it offered N200,000. Then N500,000;

N1, 000,000, and finally N2,000.000. But we spurned the offer. We were also strengthened by our desire to get justice for our client. We wanted to use the law to wipe away their tears, and we were determined What was it like winning a whopping N18 million for the poor woman? It was professionally fulfilling. It was incredible. She cried, even on television. I cried too. It was a somewhat happy ending to a tragedy. What was your fee in the case? We will not discuss our fees. The draft was issued in her name, and she dutifully paid the percentage we agreed on. But I can assure you, our fee was moderate, the objective being to ensure that the purpose of the monetary award is not defeated by a greedy fee payment demand The PHCN once said it would appeal against the judgment. Has it? Yes, it did when it was struggling against the Garnishee proceedings, when its Bank Accounts were frozen, so that the judgment sum could be extracted. After payment, PHCN abandoned the Appeal. It is understandable. Has the money changed the life of the woman? Without any doubt. It was a miraculous intervention. Do you think PHCN has learnt any lesson? No, PHCN cannot learn any lesson. PHCN is impervious What should be the attitude of the average Nigerian be to the dangers they are exposed to by the inefficiency of the PHCN? Caution. Care and more care. Don’t stay by or under a wire that is perilously hanging on the street, threatening to maim or kill more people. And if and when accident occurs, in spite of your taking care, after your doctor has attended to you and you are alive, contact a lawyer. Have you had another such offer involving PHCN? Yes. The cases are pending in the Courts.

Electrocution victim

‘How I won N18 million for Elugbaju’ CONTINUED FROM PAGE 4 firm. Could you do a review of the case, detailing the challenges you had over it? How, also, did you handle the case? We were not contacted early, because the family, understandably, was pre-occupied with saving the life of the victim, Mrs. Abosede Elugbaju. The first consideration, upon being briefed, on a contingency-fee payment arrangement was to ensure that we filed the case within three months of the occurrence of the incident. If we had failed to do that, the cause of action would have been defeated by the Public Officers Protection Act, under which there is a 3 month time line to challenge any action or inaction of a public officer or public office, that is an infraction of the law. We filed the case at the Federal High Court, Ikoyi, Lagos, on the last day, that is the last day of the third month. The next concern was the state of health of the victim. I can say here that she is a living miracle of God. How she survived the electrocution, only God knows. She left the hospital seven months after the case was filed. She spent ten months in the hospital during which period she underwent several surgeries, including amputation of one of the legs. So, because we feared for her life, we decided to file the case in her name and in the name of the husband, such that the action could survive any eventuality. Of course, they did not know the reason, and we did not tell them. In preparing the case proper, we did our home work. There was a lot of misconception that NEPA (PHCN) could not be sued and is not liable for injury occasioned. But many people, including lawyers, did not know that it is only when an injury is caused by the internal wire or cable of the consumer, that PHCN is excluded from liability. This is why, anytime there is power surge that destroys


July 28, 2012

Saturday Mirror

Saturday Starter

Most disasters are self-inflicted –PHCN Mr. Godwin Idemudia, the Principal Manager (Public Affairs), Marina, Lagos, disagrees with Nigerians who believe the PHCN should be totally blamed for the deaths recorded on account of PHCN cables’ snapping. He told YEMISI ADENIRAN in this interview that some of them could be blamed on the refusal of victims to listen to warnings by the PHCN. Excerpts:


here have been incessant cases of PHCN cables snapping and killing people. What’s your reaction? I sympathise with those that have lost their people one way or the other to this development. No one wants to lose any of his or her relatives, no matter how bad the person may be. PHCN will never be happy to record any death due to any of its equipments or services. The only thing that has been our great concern is the fact that people are not yielding to our warnings in the many ways they have come. Apart from the danger of sudden and painful deaths that are associated with electrocution, many people are unaware of the risk of contacting cancer due to the radiation that occurs wherever such incidents take place. We are getting frustrated that people are not listening to us. When you look at the catalogue of this sad occurrence, you will agree with me that most of the disasters are self-inflicted. What is the PHCN doing to reduce the menace? All the time, we all know that prevention is better than cure, which is why we, at PHCN, have gone out of our ways to be campaigning against people purchasing lands where we have high tension wires. It is the same thing as

Residents of Rogo area of Powerline, Iju, Lagos State, spoke to FUNMI SALOME JOHNSON on why they have remained glued to the danger zone despite all warnings from PHCN. We’ve been here before the powerline -Alhaji Nurudeen Thompson, Baale I have been living here since I was born. I’m the present Baale here. We have been living here before the power line was erected. We have made several efforts to ensure that the roads are kept well but nothing has been done about it. We have never encountered any electricity accident or crisis. On our part, we just don’t sit down. We ensure that the environment is safe for its inhabitants. We normally perform rituals periodically to avert such incidences. The only challenge we have here is the road. If government can help us grade the road and provide drainage, we would appreciate it. That is the only challenge we are faced with here.

We have never experienced electrical accident -Hon. Dele


seeing a fuel tanker with a leaking tank and rushing there to scoop fuel. You can only be going there for an appointment with death. We have gone to appeal to local government chairmen, the Baale, Community Development Agents (CDA) to assist us discourage people from selling and buying land portions where there is danger. But, you see, the situation has continued to be the same. I wonder why people will go and buy graves in the disguise of land. All excuses of poverty, economic crunch and all are just not tenable. We should open our eyes and ears to what is the truth and apply our minds to doing what is right.

We have gone around with fliers and run campaigns on radio stations just to get people informed. But sadly, for reasons best known to some people, they just have remained on these dangerous zones. It is really shocking and unthinkable. In Lagos, where I oversee, there are eleven districts and I have Public Relations Officers who help in disseminating relevant information via documents, fliers to these CDAs and the general public. Even for those who cannot read, we employ the languages they understand to carry them along. We have warned on several occasions against vandalisation of PHCN equipments by people, but you see, this still occurs. And it is through this, at times, that cables get disengaged from where they are rightly fixed, down to where they cause danger. We have been doing a lot but nobody wants to listen to us. Painful and discouraging as this may be, we will not rest on our oars at PHCN until we have achieved our goal. But you see, the PHCN’s voice is not enough. We need help from the federal and state governments. Take a look around and see what the once rowdy, dirty and dangerous areas in Lagos have become today; who would ever have thought of something like this some years back? Everywhere is cleared and guided very strictly day and night. That

is the power of government. The federal government has the power and the whip to use on anyone that goes against its rule anytime without being queried. They should wade into this situation and use force to evict these people from the dangerous areas. Honestly, if they want to do it, they can do it; we are losing people and structures daily, the government should look into this. How do you think PHCN can stop this snappings? Snappings come by transpirations. It hardly occurs and if it drops on the floor, it will trip off and this will help the necessary stations to trace it. It is when it drops on people and houses that we have people dying. It is not supposed to drop on people or structures and that is why they are not supposed to be there at all. I mean, if it falls on the ground, there won’t be any life involved. Talking about power lines, how far should structures be from high tension wires? Building of structures or staying under or near power facilities poses threats to lives and properties as I have said. That is why we have a recommendation of the PHCN right-of-way clearance. For instance, structures must be 50 metres away from cables or high tension wires of 330KV power. For 132 KV cables, structures must be 30 metres away. And for 33KV and 11 KV cables, structures must be 15 and 10 metres away respectively. This, we have continually preached to people but they have remained adamant.

Voices from under high tension wires Oyekanmi, Politician

safe. To safeguard ourselves, we put off all electrical appliances when it rains. We also always ensure that the kids wear their shoes all the time to ensure safety.

I have been living in this area since 1985 and ever since, I am yet to experience any problem. Ever since I have been living in this area, I have never experienced any electrical accident. We have heard it happening and we have seen it, but it has never happened in our area.

We have no other place to call home -Kafayat Akinbo, Housewife Although we hear of cable snapping and killing people, that has never hap-

We will soon leave the area -Abibat Adamo, Hair-dresser. I am aware of the danger of living or operating under high tension wires, but I was born here and I have lived here with my parents over the years. Although we have never experienced any form of accident from the electrical poles or cables in our area, somewhere not too far from us there was an accident of such. Late last year, a cable dropped from the pole and killed passerby. When I heard about it, it made me scared. But what can I do? For now, there is little I can do. However, I know that by the grace of God, we will soon leave this environment for good.

We cannot abandon our house – Omolola Rahman, Seamstress It will be ten years this year since I have

pened here and we pray it does not.

I have no choice- Tony Obiora, Trader

Baale Thompson

been living here. The house is owned by my in-laws. Ever since I’ve been living here, there has not been anytime we had electric related accidents and by the grace of God, we will not experience it. Again our house is not particularly under the power line. Normally, before you could build a house, you have to move some feet away. Government has been here for inspection and it has okayed our building. That gives us the confidence that we are

I moved in here about three years ago when I had accommodation problem. I have heard a lot of stories about electric accident in other area but majority of us that live here are just there because we do not have enough money to get accommodation elsewhere. Besides, I spend most of my time in Ikeja where I sell spare parts. So most of the time, I am not at home. But for safety reasons, I always make sure I switch off all my electricals whenever I am going out and I dare not walk bare footed around the house or anywhere. I am believing God for enough funds to get a better accommodation elsewhere.

Saturday Mirror


July 28, 2012


Oil probe scam: Don’t blame me for my son’s ‘sins’ –Tukur OBIORA IFOH ABUJA


he national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr. Bamanga Tukur, has warned that his status should not be diminished as a result of the “perceived” sins of his son, Mahmud, who was alleged to be involved in fraudulent practices in oil subsidy fund. Mahmud Tukur, Managing Director of Eterna Oil and Gas, was, along

with others, accused of defrauding the federal government the sum of N6 billion on the false pretences of importing fuel into the country. Speaking in an interview with Saturday Mirror, Tukur said his son is of age and capable of facing his challenges. He, however, expressed worries over alleged trial of his son in the media, pointing out that the case had not been heard in court before dust was being raised.

According to the PDP national chairman who spoke through his Special Adviser on Monitoring, Hon. Bernard Mikko, an accused is innocent until proved guilty. “This explains why we are quick to try suspects, especially those linked to top government functionaries. Our laws are clear and we know that we are all presumed innocent until proven otherwise and convicted by a competent court of law. “The sons of the past

and current PDP chairmen are no exception. Mahmud is the son of Bamanga Tukur, the current PDP national chairman, but since the reported arraignment of the former, the trial seemed to have not only shifted from the courts to the media. It has also shifted from the son to the Tukurs,” says the aide. Quoting from the Bible to support the position of the PDP national chairman, Mikko said, “what is happening now is in

contrast to Deuteronomy 24:16 which states that ‘the father shall not be put to death for his children and the children for fathers, every man shall be put to death for his own sin’”. Also quoting Ezekiel 18:20, which says, “the soul that sinneth shall die. The son shall not bear iniquity for his father and neither shall the father bear iniquity for the son”, he explained that the biblical verses underscored the points that every individual is accountable for his or

action. Citing historical precedents, Tukur said, “In August 2011, Onyango Obama, an uncle of Barack, the 44th president of the United States, was arrested in Boston, Massachusetts for traffic offenses. Earlier in April in 2008, Zeituni Obama, an aunt of Barack Obama was also arrested for suspected immigration offenses. In none of these cases was the reputation of the US president impugned by the US society or media.

Forfeiture: FG, Delta State fight over US$15m Ibori’s bribe ISE-OLUWA IGE


L-R: Bayelsa State governor, Seriake Dickson, visiting Nompumelelo Zuma, , wife of South African president, Jacob Zuma and Mrs. Rachael Dickson, wife of the governor, after Mrs. Zuma arrived in Yenagoa on a two-day working visit, yesterday

Aviation: Declare State of Emergency, panel tells FG TOLA AKINMUTIMI ABUJA


fter seven weeks of rigorous examination of the state of the nation’s Aviation following the June 3, 2012 Dana airline’s mishap that led to the loss of over 150 lives, the Technical and Administrative Review Panel on Domestic Airlines Panel set up by the government (TARPDA) has submitted its report. The report comes with the recommendation for a declaration of state of emergency in the industry to facilitate the immediate fixing of the moribund operational facilities and guarantee air transport safety in the country. The chairman of the panel, Group Captain John Obakpolor (rtd), made this known when he formally presented the panel’s Interim report to the Minister of Aviation in Abuja, Princess Stella

Oduah, warning that to do otherwise might pose a serious danger to air travel passengers’ lives and undermine the integrity of the nation’s aviation sector in the global air travel industry. In addition, the panel also canvassed the setting up of several flag carriers and national carrier with the latter having a strong public sector participation in order to consolidate on the achievements of the ongoing reforms in the sector. Obakpolor, who noted that the assignment of the panel would have been completed on schedule but for the fact that principal officers in the relevant ministries, departments and agencies that were supposed to provide technical information and relevant documents that would give insight into crucial issues affecting the operations of the sector were never on their desks.

He advised government to halt the ugly development in order to ensure safe air travels in the country. He said: “In summary we have recommended that the Federal Government should immediately declare an Aviation Sector Emergency Programme (ASEP) which will fasttrack the process of transforming the old and outdated infrastructure in the sector, particularly airport terminals that were built in the 70’s, ensure sustained provision and maintenance of air navigation and meteorological equipment and all other requirements for moving the Aviation sector to catch up with International best practices. “We have also recommended the setting up of several flag carriers and National Carrier but with strong public sector participation in the form of the shareholding.”

While describing the report as an interim one in order to give it the colouration of fair play and transparency, the seasoned industry expert said the panel based its recommendations on information gathered from all relevant authorities, airline operators and stakeholders across the country and that in order to ensure its quality, a web portal was opened for collation of technical safety records from all the airline operators. On the danger of ceaseless travels of professionals in the ministries for other official engagements, the panel described the trend as undesirable for the ongoing reforms and advised that the Minister of Aviation, the Permanent Secretary, Directors, Heads of Aviation agencies and their staff should be allowed to pay attention to their primary assignment.

arely four days after the federal government got a High Court order, temporarily forfeiting to it, a whopping US$15million allegedly offered by convicted former Governor of Delta State, James Onanefe Ibori, to the pioneer chairman of Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, to stop his trial, Delta State government yesterday began a legal battle to claim the money. The state government is contending that the bribe could not be taken over by the federal government since the jailed ex-governor robbed the state and not the federal government. It also invited the court to issue an order returning the money to Delta State because if the court awarded the money to the federal government, it would be paid into the federation account and would be shared by the 36 states of the federation when in fact, the money belonged to Delta alone. Delta State is also arguing that the denial by Ibori, in a counter affidavit filed before a Federal High Court in Kaduna way back 2009 while facing money-laundering trial could no longer be relied upon. This, according to it, is because he had been convicted and jailed for the offence of stealing Delta State money, including the US$15m he offered as bribe to Ribadu to stop his trial. The argument of the state government is contained

in a lawsuit filed by a lawyer, Mr. Timipa Okponipere on Friday, before a Federal High Court in Abuja on behalf of the people of Delta State and with the authority of the state government. In the suit, Timipa is challenging the move by the federal government to take over the $15 million allegedly received from the former Governor of Delta State, Chief James Ibori, by a former chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, (EFCC), Malam Nuhu Ribadu as bribe . The lawyer said that the bribe money rightfully belonged to the government and people of Delta State. Justice Gabriel Kolawole had on Tuesday July 24 ordered a temporary forfeiture of the controversial US$15 million to the federal government. The court had also ordered the commission to publish in a national newspaper the interim order of forfeiture to allow anyone who is interested in the property to appear before the court to show cause within 14 days why a final order of forfeiture should not be granted in favour of the federal government. The order was made at the instance of Mr. Rotimi Jacobs who filed the exparte application on behalf of the EFCC. The Federal Government, the Attorney General of the Federation and the EFCC were listed as the plaintiffs while the Central Bank of Nigeria was listed as the sole defendant.


National News

July 28, 2012

Saturday Mirror

Northern governors kick against Minimum Wage • Reject State Police, Single Tenure



he Northern Governors’ Forum rose from an emergency meeting in Abuja on Friday with a resolution kicking against Minimum Wage regime and the establishment of State Police as being canvassed by their counterparts in the Southern part of the country. Also, the governors declared their opposition to a possible introduction of a single tenure for the president and governors by the presidency and vowed to resist it.

The northern governors, while stating their position, resolved that each state be allowed to negotiate its own minimum wage and that there should not be a consequential amendment in Labour Allied and Company Law. In a communiqué issued at the end of the meeting, the governor said “the extant provision of the constitution that provides for two terms of four years for the president and governors be maintained.” The Northern governors, however, resolved to prevail on the federal government

to embark on Police reforms that would assist the states in the control and management of police affairs. Niger State governor, Aliyu Babangida Aliyu, the forum’s chairman, who read the communiqué in a meeting that virtually saw all the 19 governors or their deputies in attendance said the forum further stressed the need for a sound philosophy for modern policing by amending the provision of Section 215 of the 1999 Constitution and deleting proviso (214) of the Constitution. On the controversial is-

sue of Immunity Clause as contained in Section 308(3) of the Constitution, the Forum resolved that the status quo be maintained while also supporting the current provision in the Constitution which provides for two terms of four years each for the president and state governors. After sharing experiences of members on the general insecurity in the northern region, the forum resolved to constitute a Committee on Reconciliation, Healing and Security to comprise eminent citizens from the north to work towards mitigating

the situation. On the issue of residency/indigenship, the forum said the status quo be maintained. It stressed that people should be encouraged to integrate with the society they find themselves. Other resolutions of the forum includes the adoption of the submission of the secretaries to the Governments of Northern States and Attorneys-General on the review of some aspects of the constitution such as “that the revenue allocation formula be amended in fa-

vour of states and local government” They also called for an amendment where the Accountant General be saddled with the management of the accounts of the federal government only and hence should be referred to as Accountant General of the Government of the Federation (AGGF). The forum noted that the illegality of the establishment of the Sovereign Wealth Fund was being challenged at the Supreme Court and its resolve to pursue the matter to its logical conclusion.

Terrorism: Two soldiers, two attackers killed in Maiduguri INUSA NDAHI MAIDUGURI,


Ibrahim Lamorde, Executive Chairman, Economic Financial and Crimes Commission, (l) presenting a souvenir to the Spanish Ambassador to Nigeria, H.E. Alvaro Casillo Alguela, during a courtesy visit to the commission’s headquarters in Abuja, yesterday.

APGA: Faction petitions IGP over alleged perjury OBIORA IFOH ABUJA


n All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) faction loyal to Alhaji Sadeeq Masala yesterday in Abuja launched a counter attack, disclaiming allegations of impersonation and signature forgery slammed on them by the Chief Victor Umeh-led faction. The group, at a press conference, stated that they had formally launched a complaint with the InspectorGeneral of Police (IGP) to commence perjury proceedings against some members who swore to an affidavit alleging that their signatures were forged in the attendance list of the National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting of the party held on July 12.

Similarly, the Masalla group claimed that the document published in some national dailies purporting to have emanated from them were forged as it did not contain any attribute of the letter head. For instance, brandishing the media publications made on the allegation of forgery against them, the Masalla faction explained some vital differences between the letter head published on the matter and the real letter head they used, stressing that “if what they published in the papers were actually documents obtained from INEC, then, there must have been connivance with some INEC officials to forge, documents. “We never forged and can never forge anybody’s signature. What we are doing in the party is voluntary and

aimed at repositioning the party and removing it from the clutches of one man. For one of us to deny what one is part of and swearing on oath about it is most unfortunate. “No amount of intimidation or blackmail can stop us from getting out party back on track. If you look at this publication and our letter head carefully, you will notice that there is distinct difference between the logo published and the logo on our letter head. “Recall that we had told you that the letter we submitted to INEC had 98 names not any 20 or eleven. What we have here is entirely different from what we sent to INEC. What I can tell you is that the matter has been reported to the Police and the IGP has authorised that the issues of perjury we raised should be investigated and

they will take their time to come up with reports on the issue”. Also speaking differently on the activities of the Disciplinary Committee set up by the party on the 13-points allegations they made against Chief Umeh and Alhaji Shinkafi, Barrister Bala Bako, chairman of the committee informed newsmen that the two officials of the party had refused to appear before the panel even after they extended invitations to them. They stressed that they would have no option than to write their report and submit to the National Working Committee of the party.

wo soldiers belonging to the Joint Task Force, were killed by some suspected terrorist on Friday along Baban Layi Ward of Maiduguri. The terrorists were said to have launched an attack on the patrol vehicle of the JTF a few metres away from Shehu of Borno’s palace, leading to the death of two soldiers. The soldiers were said to have fired back at the men, killing two. The incident, our Correspondent gathered, took place at about 2 p.m. and left Shehuri ward and Monday Market area deserted. Confirming the incident to our Correspondent in

a telephone interview, the JTF spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Sagir Musa, said a JTF patrol vehicle was attacked at about 1300 hours of the day in Shehuri general area by suspected Boko Haram terrorists and the attack was resisted. The incident, according to Sagir, led to the killing of two Boko Haram terrorists. He said two JTF personnel who were unfortunately wounded, but are responding to treatment at UMTH. Sagir explained that 25 suspects had been arrested in connection with the episode. Similarly, an improvised explosive device was detected by the troops and detonated by the bomb disposal unit, in Maiduguri.

Saturday Mirror

National News

July 28, 2012


Strike: Oil workers adamant as operations paralyse Y FG meets leaders in Abuja SOLA ADEBAYO



triking oil workers yesterday remained adamant as they shunned entreaties by the federal government to call-off the action to pave the way for dialogue on their demands. The latest development heightened fears of looming scarcity of petroleum products nationwide. Saturday Mirror learnt

that the meeting initiated by the federal government with relevant stakeholders, especially the leadership of the striking Depots and Petroleum Products Marketers Association of Nigeria (DAPMAN), Jetty and Petroleum Tank Farm Owners of Nigeria (JEPTFON) and National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) was ongoing in Abuja, as at

press time last night. The meeting held at the instance of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Productivity, was reportedly attended by the representatives of JEPTFON, NUPENG, Federal Ministry of Finance, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) and Petroleum Products Pricing and Regulatory Authority (PPPRA). Findings by Saturday

2012 budget: PDP applauds Executive, Legislature harmony OBIORA IFOH, ABUJA


he Peoples Democratic Party has hailed the exiting harmony between the National Assembly and the Executive arm of government in their efforts to ensure success in the full implementation of the 2012 budget. The Deputy National

Chairman of the party, Dr.Sam Sam Jaja, while restating his views on the disagreement of positions between the Executive and the House of Representatives on the implementation of the 2012 budget during a press conference recently said that his views were misrepresented. In a statement in Abuja on Friday, Dr. Jaja explained

that it neither said it would not compel the House of Representatives to drop the impeachment threat on the President. “For the avoidance of doubt, our position is that the Peoples Democratic Party was founded on unbending democratic principles and thrives on irreducible democratic practices that do not conduce to unnecessary

Mirror showed that the National President of the NUPENG, Mr. Igwe Achese, led other national officers of the association to the meeting. Oil workers under the aegis of DAPMAN, JEPTFON and PTD, a strategic wing of NUPENG had embarked on a nationwide strike action on Thursday to press home demands for changes and reforms in the petroleum sector and payment of outstanding fuel subsidy claims to petroleum marketers.

imposition of views. Our manifesto is crystal clear on our thrust as a broad and issue-based political party whose essence orbits in the unrestricted, robust debate of crucial national issues whether in the Parliament or in the larger Nigerian society. The critical role that this plays in ferreting out the odds and getting the best out of our democracy cannot be equaled. We are proud that the National Assembly dominated by our great party has been sensitive to this.

Saturday Mirror recalls that Achese had last week threatened that NUPENG would henceforth embark on strike without any warning, since the warnings given in the past had not yielded results. Giving reasons for the decision to embark on the strike, Achese said that despite the series of promises and the understanding reached between the union and the federal government on dealing with the challenges confronting the sector, the govern-

ment had always failed to keep its promises. Achese said the union was also demanding that the federal government should immediately commence payment of subsidy to fuel marketers for this year’s imports. The NUPENG president added that oil workers could no longer tolerate the state of roads in most parts of the country, saying that the union was recording casualties among its members due to road accidents daily.

NSCDC arrests 190, prosecutes 42 vandals in six months OMEIZA AJAYI


he Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC, has said that between January and June 2012, about 190 vandals and oil bunkerers were arrested. It added that 42 of them are already undergoing prosecution. Commandant General of the corps, Dr. Ade Abolurin, disclosed this at the weekend while addressing officers and men of the corps who returned from a basic training in counter terrorism and counter insurgency course at the Army Base Camp in Kachia, Kaduna state. Abolurin said apart from arresting criminals, the corps had the mandate to, as well, prosecute them without compromise. He added that within the

same period, the NSCDC impounded over 140 trucks and barges from different parts of the country as they were caught in possession of vandalised electrical equipment and other exhibits. “Peace will surely reign in this nation and you can be rest assured that those who felt that the transformation agenda is not working, let it be noted that it is indeed working in our own sector and it will continue to work notwithstanding the current challenges. “Your training will not be effortless and we on our part are telling you that this armed squad is not a killer squad but a pride to all Nigerians and the government as well as the security agencies of government”, he said. explaining that the corps would continue to collaborate with other security agencies.

30, 000 teachers benefit from Learn Africa’s workshops TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE L-R: Jonas Agwu, Corps Public Education Officer, FRSC; Janet Adepegba, Special Assistant to Corps Marshal; Hon. Mohammed Ogoshi Onawo, Chairman, House Committee on Industry, displaying his upgraded driver’s license, and Bisi Kazeem, Deputy Corps Public Education Officer, in Abuja, recently.

TETFUND may sanction schools over projects A ZA MSUE KADUNA


ertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFUND) may sanction some tertiary institutions nationwide over poor implementation of intervention projects just as it rated the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) as the best institution for the contract. The board said NDA had

completed the intervention projects life cycle within 90 days, while other benefiting institutions were still lagging behind after three years of commencement of similar projects. Chairman of TETFUND Board of Trustees, Dr. Musa Babayo, who led an inspection team to the headquarters of the NDA and other project sites in Kaduna yesterday stated

that performance of NDA was an indication that TETFUND’s template for implementation of projects was not difficult to meet. According him, “We are very happy with what we have seen here today, because assessing of fund by benefiting institutions is one of the major challenges confronting us, and here is a beneficiary who has been able to complete the project

life cycle within 90 days. Others have been lagging behind for two years, three years.” He added: “We have inspected all the projects; the PGD School, the Library, the Auditorium Hall and others. Three-quarter of the project has reached 100 per cent completion, while others have reached 75 per cent. This is a national record. We therefore commend NDA management for making our job


s part of its plan toward ensuring qualitative education in Nigeria, foremost learning resource company, Learn Africa Plc, has trained over 30,000 teachers in over 100 workshops held in different states of the country. The states include Lagos, Kaduna, Abuja, Kano and Benin. The focus of the training is to sharpen the skills of teachers in primary and secondary schools. Learn Africa Plc, a learning resource business with

a history spanning over 50 years, drew the participants at the workshops from both public and private schools. The subjects of focus are English, Mathematics, Civic Education, Social Studies, Science and Technology, Economics, Government, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, During one of the workshops in Lagos, the Lagos State Commissioner for Education, Mrs. Olayinka Oladunjoye, commended Learn Africa Plc for its laudable contributions in the education sector and their willingness to work hand-in-hand with government to develop the sector.


July 28, 2012

Saturday Mirror

Dafe Uyota Onojovwo 1957-2012

Cross section of Redeemed Christian Church of God ministers during the funeral ceremony of pioneer Editorial Board Coordinator of National Mirror, Mr. Dafe Onojovwo in Lagos, yesterday.

First Ladies at War


Turai Vs Patience urai Yar'Adua, Nigeria's immediate past first lady and Patience Jonathan, current first lady are currently embroiled in a legal battle over a choice parcel of land in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, FCT. The land dispute is already generating a lot of tension in the Presidency. The big question is who owns the land? Turai or Patience? Grab a copy of Newswatch for details on the disputed land and the efforts of the Presidency to resolve the matter amicably.

Family of the deceased; Son, Mr. Omoefe Onojovwo; brother, Justice Akpofure Onojovwo; son, Eyituoyo Onojovwo and Erhimefure Onojovwo during the burial ceremony.

Impeachment Threat: Why Lawmakers Are Angry


ecently, members of the House of Representatives threatened to impeach President Goodluck Jonathan over the slow implementation of the 2012 Appropriation Act by the federal government. The lawmakers warned that if by September when the House resumes from annual recess, the budget performance had not improved by 100 percent, they would draw up articles of impeachment against the president. As the storms are gathering over the impeachment threat, Newswatch provides an insight into the issue and why the lawmakers are angry.

L-R: Children of the deceased; Mrs. Eseoghene Micheal; Mrs. Eloho Fashua and Mr. Omoefe Onojovwo during the final burial of their father, Mr. Dafe Onojovwo.

Kaduna: Toxic Waste The Frustrations of Imo Controversy LG Chairmen


or sometime now, local government administration in Imo State has been crippled by the refusal of Governor Rochas Okorocha to comply with the recent Appeal Court ruling, ordering the reinstatement of sacked chairmen of the 27 councils in the state. But why is Okorocha reluctant to allow the council chairmen return to their offices? Find out in this week's Newswatch.



L-R: Mrs Ilesanmi Veronica; wife of the deceased, Mrs. Jolomi Onojovwo and Mrs. Funmilayo Adekoto. Photos: OLUFEMI AJASA


Saturday Mirror

July 28, 2012


Seeking recognition for Office of the First Lady

Maryam Babangida

Patience Jonathan



he circumstances surrounding the recent appointment of the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, as a Permanent Secretary in Bayelsa State, has brought to the fore once again, the controversy over the Office of the First Lady and the call for its recognition by the Nigerian Constitution. Speaking during an interview with journalists in Yenagoa, shortly after her swearing-in as a Permanent Secretary along with 18 others in Bayelsa State Civil Service penultimate Friday, the wife of the president called for the recognition of the Office of the First Lady in the constitution. She said it was regrettable that the Office of the First Lady and others belonging to other wives of political office holders were not recognised by the constitution. She stressed that in view of the significance of the roles played by the wives of political office holders their offices should be given legal backings to enable them have benefits at the end of their husbands’ tenure. Her words: “The constitution amendment should look into the issue of wives of political appointees. They should find a role for us when they are amending the constitution; they

should look into our own affairs. We should be included in the constitution so that we too can retire with benefits. With that, we can enjoy our career.” Although the constitution does not recognise the Office of the First Lady, wives of military Heads of State, civilian presidents and governors, since the days of the wife of General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, the late Maryam, have been occupying it and using same for purposes which they feel comfortable with. For instance, during her husband’s tenure, Maryam Babangida singlehandedly created the Office of the First Lady, thus making herself relevant in the administration through her programmes. She attracted global recognition, especially, in affairs relating to improving the lives of women and people in the rural areas. During her tenure, she initiated a personal project known as “Better Life for Rural Women.” With the project, she established many co-operative societies; cottage industries; farms and gardens; shops and markets; women centres and social welfare programmes. She also empowered many Nigerian women through programmes on adult education, primary healthcare, agriculture, crafts and food processing. After Babangida’s exist from office, the regime of late General Sani Abacha

saw the emergence of another Maryam as the First Lady. With the attraction Babangida’s wife had created with the Office of the First Lady, Maryam Ahacha maintained the office and launched her own initiative. Titled “Family Support Programme,” it focused more on family health care programmes than any other thing. Special attention was given to mothers and children. During the ten months period General Abdusalami Abubakar was at the helm of affairs as Head of State, the Office of the First Lady did not enjoy the kind of attention created by wives of his predecessor. Suffice it to say that the First Lady at the time, Fati Abubakar, who was a judge, had little or no time to really settle down. With the controversy that had trailed the creation of the Office of the First Lady, former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was reluctant to recognise it when he resumed office on May 29, 1999. He vowed that he would not allow the running of the office. But that soon changed. As the First Lady, Stella Obasanjo launched her “Child Care Trust” programme and catered for the interest of some handicapped children. She received huge donations from local and international organisations for the purpose of caring for the under-privileged and disabled children. She also pursued various programmes

toward development of youths, while also campaigning vigorously against women trafficking. The situation was the same during the tenure of the late Alhaji Umar Musa Yar’Adua. Sitting comfortably as the First Lady of the country upon her husband’s resumption of work on May 29, 2007, Hajia Turai Yar’Adua enjoyed the glamour due to her. With the power of her new office, she embarked on some programmes aimed at combating cancer. She carried out the programme through the International Cancer Centre, Abuja, which serves as a screening centre and hospitality for the treatment of cancer in Nigeria. She later founded her pet project, Women and Youth Empowerment Foundation (WAYEF), which operated like a non-governmental organisation without being attached to the Office of the First Lady. Hajiya Yar’Adua, in addition to her NGO, also enjoyed the support of wives of state governors across the country in the war against HIV/ AIDS under the auspices of National Women Coalition Against HIV/ AIDS. She championed the programme for the National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA). The Office of the First Lady, still unrecognised by the nation’s constituCONTINUED ON PAGE 12



July 28, 2012

Saturday Mirror

Seeking recognition for Office of the First Lady CONTINUED FROM PAGE 11 tion, has continued to be a good tool in the hand of Dame Patience Jonathan since her husband became the president. Her pet project is “Women for Change Initiative,” and it focuses on the total restoration of the dignity of womanhood in the country. It also supports women in leadership positions. The office is not peculiar to wives of presidents alone. Governors’ wives have also been enjoying the prestige of the First Lady in their various states, embarking on some laudable pet projects within their territories. However useful some of the projects embarked upon by some of the First Ladies have been through their of-

fices, not many Nigerians would agree that the Office of the First Lady should be given recognition. Some of those against it argue that the lack of continuity of the programme by the successor makes nonsense of it. Besides, some have argued, the privileges of the office are often abused by the First Ladies. The programmes embarked by the office, it is believed, are often sponsored by those seeking one favour or the other from members of the first families, so to say. To recognise the office, according to its critics, is therefore, to create chaos and power tussle. A committee set up by the presidency over the review of the constitution is also against its recognition. In its re-


Subsidy probe: PDP should apologise to Nigerians –CNPP TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE


ollowing the arraignment of some families of top ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) chieftains at the Ikeja High Court for allegedly defrauding the Federal Government the sum of N6billion on the false pretences of importing fuel into the country, Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP) yesterday called on PDP to tender apology to Nigerians over the poor implementation of the fuel subsidy funds. CNPP in a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Osita Okechukwu, made available to Saturday Mirror, said that rather than insulting the intelligence of Nigerians, PDP should tender unreserved apology to Nigerians. The group also called on judges handling the fuel subsidy scam to let justice be done. The statement reads in part: “CNPP was outraged over the puerile statement and lame excuse emanating from the National

Deputy Chairman of the PDP, Dr Sam Jaja, to the effect that, ‘On the issue of some of PDP members in the Oil Subsidy Scam, these are individuals and everybody will bear his or her cross. PDP did not send anybody to go and misbehave. “We regard the statement as crass insult to the intelligence of Nigerians; for a patriotic political party whose body and soul is polluted by conspiracy and conflict of interest could have hid its head in shame, show sense of remorse, reflect and tender unreserved apology to Nigerians who gave them the mandate to preside over their commonwealth, instead of lame excuse. The lame excuse shows that PDP cannot change. “No matter how long PDP perches on its high horse, Nigerians cannot easily forget that the criminal looting and bazaar which took place in the Petroleum Support Fund (PSF) of the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) commenced with the appointment of its former chairman, Dr Ahmadu Ali as chairman of PPPRA.”

PDP to hold fresh congresses in Taraba, Benue, Ogun, Ondo OBIORA IFOH ABUJA


ollowing the petition against the conduct of last congresses in some states, the National Working Committee, NWC, of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has approved the conduct of fresh congresses from the ward level in Taraba, Benue, Ogun and Ondo states. This was one of the key decisions taken at the 313th meeting of the NWC held during the week. Briefing newsmen on the decisions of the NWC, the deputy national chairman, Dr. Sam Sam Jaja, said the NWC had looked into the complaints arising from the conduct of primaries in the affected states and found the petitions plausible to merit conduct of fresh congresses in

the affected states. According to him, the NWC also relied on the letter from the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, on the conduct of the congresses to reach its decision but quickly added that the INEC report was not sacrosanct. “We received petitions on the congresses, we depend to some extent on INEC report but their report is not sacrosanct,” he said. Dr. Jaja further declared that the party had already commenced fresh congresses at the ward level in Ogun State and “the process in Ogun will be completed next week”. He explained that the NWC had resolved to curb the issue of imposition of candidates and returned the party back to the people.

port, the Justice Alfa Belgore-led Presidential Committee on the Review of the Constitution said: “Since the office (First Lady) does not operate under any legal framework, that the operation and funding (both in kind and cash) of such offices at all levels of government should be discouraged and abolished forthwith.” Speaking to Saturday Mirror, a constitutional lawyer, Mr. Fred Agbaje, kicked against the recognition of the Office of the First Lady in the constitution. He said it would amount to a mockery of the constitution if the wives of presidents and governors are given special roles in the constitution. Said he: “I disagree with the position of the president’s wife that the First Lady should be given a role in the constitution. We would be making mockery of our constitution if we give roles to wife of the President and governors in the constitution. If traditional rulers who have many people under their authority and domain are not given any role in the constitution, why should it be the wife of the president? And if that is carried out, what would become of the wives of presidents and governors who are professionals and who would not like the title of the First Lady. The Office of the First Lady has no place in the whole world. The idea is a military carry-over; it was introduced by Maryam, the wife of General

Babangida. I believe it is better we do away with military matter and accept full democracy.” An elder statesman and former governor of old Kaduna State, Alhaji Balarabe Musa, believes that only elected or appointed public office holders should be given roles in the constitution. “We should not be apolitical. Nobody should be given any role in the constitution unless he or she is elected or appointed by somebody that was elected with the backing of the National Assembly. I don’t think it will be advisable to give any role to the wife of the president or governors. At present there is no role for First Lady and we should not allow any constitutional role for them,” he said. A Lagos based lawyer and human rights activist, Mr. Bamidele Aturu, said Dame Jonathan’s call would amount to frivolities in government. His words: “We don’t have time for such frivolities and that move will not be acceptable to us. I think the constitution has even given power to many people who are not even functioning in their offices. So, creating the office or giving any role to the Office of the First Lady will be another burden and wasting governments’ resources, considering that some of those who are given responsibilities at the federal and state government levels are not even functioning.”

In your refreshingly different Aviation... a sorry pass!

Very soon, the Federal Airports Authority (FAAN) would start the removal of abandoned aircraft from about eight airports in the country. In all, there are 65 aircraft belonging to some popular airlines in the country. The question is: what led these hitherto popular airlines to this sorry pass? We try to answer the question tomorrow in a comprehensive investigation into the operations of airlines in the country. It is a must read.

Reps and the drumbeat of impeachment The Green Chambers have got the bit in their teeth. They are threatening President Goodluck Jonathan with impeachment. This is not the first time a sitting president would be so threatened. But none of such threats had succeeded. Would this be any different from the past? What are the aces that the lawmakers have and what would be the likely response from the presidency? We serve you details of this ‘conspiracy’ tomorrow.

Jos: Trauma of the displaced

The bloodletting in Plateau is no longer new. But thankfully, the killings have stopped. But today, the state is battling with another trauma, that of the displaced who are in about six camps. Apart from being displaced from their villages, life has not been easy for them. So what have been the challenges? We bring details to you in our special report entitled ‘Trauma of the displaced’.

‘W ‘Women deserve d more roles l in i politics’

Tokunbo Dosumu-Awolowo is the daughter of the late sage, Chief Obafemi Awolowo. In her own way, she has been able to achieve a lot in life notwithstanding the larger-than-life image of her father. In this exclusive interview, she shares life’s experience and what women must do to play more active roles in national affairs. These and many more available tomorrow in your


Saturday Mirror

July 28, 2012


Flying Eagles sweating it out in training ahead of their encounter against the Ngorongoro Heroes of Tanzania. INSET: Coach John Obuh.

AYC: Flying Eagles set for Battle of Dar es Salaam SAYO OGUNDEJI


he Flying Eagles of Nigeria will be hoping to grab all the three points at stake when they take on the Ngorongoro Heroes of Tanzania in far-away Dar es Salaam in the first leg, second round of the 18th African Youth Championship (AYC) qualifier clash at the nation’s National Stadium on Sunday. The Nigerian team, under the tutelage of Coach John Obuh, was beaten 1-0 by their counterparts, Rwandan’s Young Amavubi, in a friendly game at Amahoro Stadium, Kigali in Rwanda on Tuesday. The friendly match was staged to help both sides put their players in the right shape of mind ahead of this week-

end’s AYC qualifiers. Rwanda will host Mali as Nigeria plays away to Tanzania. Nigeria is the defending champions of this competition after beating Cameroun 3-2 to win the last edition, which was held in South Africa. Prior to the Battle of Dar es Salaam tomorrow, the Flying Eagles would need to up their game having crashed out of the second edition of the eight-nation invitational tournament, Cape Town Challenge, held in South Africa earlier in May and losing their last friendly game against the Young Amavubi, which may sway the outcome of the encounter in favour of their host. The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) only few days back sacked the team’s assistant coaches Abimbola Samuel and goalkeeper trainer, Suleiman

Balotelli: I would have been a UFC fighter P. 41

Shuaibu, citing indiscipline as the reason for their sack and the team must put their recent challenges behind them to stand any chance of defeating the Eastern Africans convincely. According to Tanzania Football Federation (TFF) Information Officer, Boniface Wambura, the hosts are ready to compound Nigeria’s problems by going all out for a resounding victory, adding that playing in front of their fans will give the Ngorongoro Heroes the needed motivation. “This is a very important match for our team and having played the Nigerian team before gives us an idea of how they play, and we are going to use all of that by making sure we get an outright victory. “Our team defeated Nigeria’s U-23

I felt sad when Team Nigeria trio failed dope test –Chioma Ajunwa-Oparah P. 42

team here in Dar es Salaam last year, though we lost the reverse fixture in Benin City, but we are very much aware of the fact that Nigeria always has good players and we will be ready for the game. “Beating Nigeria here at home will no doubt brighten our chances of progressing and qualifying for the tournament proper. We can only hope that their loss to Rwanda will have a negative effect on their psyche so that our team can capitalize on that to get the points we need,” Wambura said ahead of this important match. Meanwhile, the coach of the Nigerian team, Obuh, has insisted that his boys are focused ahead of the encounter, adding that the team would not disappoint Nigeria come Sunday.

Nations Cup qualifier: Rufai warns Eagles against P. 43 complacency



July 28, 2012

Saturday Mirror

Tribute to Sunday Bada’s heroics


uring last weekend’s production in my office for the weekend sport pages, the sweet memories of Nigeria’s late 400m sensation, Sunday Bada, came to the fore. This time, the message was clear and gave credence to a populist belief that a good name would forever remain evergreen. Today, I have taken my time to reflect on the great heroics of this great son of Nigeria in this column, especially on the recent decision of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to reward Nigeria’s 4X400m men’s quartet, in which he was a member, their deserving gold medal at Sydney 2000 Olympics. Really, Bada may not have been alive to receive this great honour, which he had longed for prior to his demise on December 12, 2011, but history will forever remember him for writing the name of Nigeria and Africa in gold in a global showpiece. As a kicker, on Friday, July 20, 2012, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) awarded Nigeria the gold medal of the 4x400m men’s relay race from the Sydney 2000 Olympics after it closed the case on doping offender, Antonio Pettigrew, of the U.S. The United States of America, original winners of the medal, were disqualified and stripped of the medal following late Antonio Pettigrew’s confession to having been doped at the time of the Games. As providence had it, the IOC


Andrew Ekejiuba


The remains of Sunday Bada (right) lying-in-state at the National Stadium, Lagos, prior to his burial, as two of his children (left) weep for a departed father who served his country meritoriously.

had to delay in reallocating the medals while awaiting any new information from the ongoing investigation into the American doping scandal. But no contrary information came after Pettigrew’s confession and IOC proceeded with awarding Nigeria the gold medal. The Nigerian men’s 4x400m relay team, which was made up of the late Sunday Bada, Enefiok Udo-

Obong, Clement Chukwu and Jude Monye, got its gold medal after the long wait, as Jamaica was moved up to silver and the Bahamas awarded the bronze medal. Born on June 22, 1969, Bada’s rise in athletics did not come easy, but hard work, determination and the love for his country spurred him on to specialise in the 400m event.

Records also have it that he began his early athletics career in Kaduna and broke through at the regional level in 1990, with bronze medals in both 200 and 400 metres at the 1990 African Championships. The next year, at the 1991 All-Africa Games, he won silver in the 400 metres. He also competed without reaching the final in the 400 metres of the 1992 Olympics, but in the 4 x 400 metres relay he managed to finish fifth with the Nigerian team. But Bada never gave up his desire to make Nigeria proud, as same year, he broke the 45-second barrier by running the 400 m in 44.99 seconds, in September in Havana. This happened at the 1992 IAAF World Cup, an event he won. He became Nigeria’s 400 metres champion in 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997 and 2001. He also participated in, and won, the Indian championships in 1994. His personal best time was 44.63 seconds, and with 45.51 seconds indoor he holds the African indoor record. As earlier noted, Bada set a national record in the 4 x 400 metres relay at the 2000 Olympics, where the Nigerian team also won gold medals after the disqualification of the USA. At the World Championships, Bada made his breakthrough in 1993, when he won the silver medal at the World Indoor Championships. In the same year he finished fifth at the 1993 World Championships.

In the World Championships final, he clocked in 44.63 seconds, the second fastest time ever by a Nigerian sprinter, after Innocent Egbunike’s 44.17 s. In 1994, he added almost a second to his season’s best, running in 45.55 seconds in Monaco. The season highlight was a bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games. In 1995, however, he gained his second silver medal at the World Indoor Championships whereas at the World Championships, he finished eighth. In the 1995 World Championships relay, he won a bronze medal together with teammates Udeme Ekpeyong, Kunle Adejuyigbe and Jude Monye. After his active career, Bada retired following the 2001 season and was the technical director of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) before he died in December 2011 at the National Stadium, Lagos. From the foregoing, it is clear that Bada’s life was full of service and tremendous victories for his dear nation, and HT salutes his heroics. So, as we remember him today as a gold, winning Olympian, it is the stand of HT that Bada’s name should not be thrown into the dustbin of history, but that the Federal Government should as a matter of urgency, immortalise this young man who spent the greater part of his prime to bring glory to Nigeria. We are waiting patiently for the actualisation of this great dream!


London 2012 will be exciting –Beckham One of England’s most celebrated soccer icons and London 2012 Ambassador, David Beckham, talks on what the London Olympics means to him when asked by CNN’s Amanda Davies. Excerpts:


hat’s your role at the London 2012 Olympics? No, I’m not allowed to say any thing on that. But it’s exciting. I’m excited to be part of, obviously, such a huge occasion for our country and for everybody involved in this Games. It’s exciting to have Olympic Games in the East End of London and for myself to be a part of that is – I’m very honoured. Will your role involve children? Um, no, I don’t think it does, actually. I don’t think it does. Animals? Nope. Footballs? Nope. Flames? I think I might have one.

Fabulous. I like to hear that. Good. As you said, you know, you’ve been grown up in London. How exciting is it to see this now with just a couple of days to go? Yeah, obviously it was seven years when this whole process started, and you know, as being part of bringing the games to a part of London where I grew up. You know, it’s exciting to see everything come together. I was at the stadium yesterday, and I’ve not been there for a few months, and to see the change that’s happened, and also to see the change that’s happened around the area as well – it really is incredible. And it’s – you can feel the atmosphere building around the stadium now, and it’s great to see the athletes arrive and the interest become bigger. How many events will you ac-

tually get to go and see? I don’t know, yet. You know, obviously I’ve got a busy week. But there will be a few events that I’m hoping to get to, and take my kids down to. So it will be fun, hopefully. Will you watch the GB football team? Um, I’ll probably watch them on telly. You know, I’m interested in all the GB athletes. I think it’s important for us to support every one of them. You know, it’s such a huge occasion, and a huge sporting occasion. We’ve got so much talent in our country. You know, it’s exciting to have so much on display. You’ve met a whole host of fantastic sports people, fantastic athletes. Who’s been the most impressive for you? I think meeting people like Muhammad Ali, you know, for me, when I met him for the first time,


that was kind of – because I don’t think there is a bigger sporting icon in the history of sport than Muhammad Ali. He stood for so many amazing things and did so many amazing things. You know, his whole career and his whole life, kind of, was about survival, whether it was boxing, whether it was his life in general, whether it was outside of the ring, you know, it was always about survival. And for me, he’s the most amazing sportsman that I’ve ever met. And I would think your family might have some split loyalties, heading into this games -- GB, or Team USA? Oh, no, their loyalty obviously

lies with Team GB, but they’ll still be supporting the US team, because we’ve lived there now for 6 years, we’ve been kind of bought in by the American public and people in LA. And it’s been really incredible, the way we’ve kind of been made to feel at home. And we know you always have a busy life, but this week is nuts, frankly. You’re here to do some Olympic stuff and then you’re flying back because of the football, and then back here for Friday. How do you do it? How do you fit that in? It is what it is. It’s my life; I wouldn’t change it and swap it for anything.

Saturday Mirror

July 28, 2012




July 28, 2012

Basketball: Tunisia won’t understand us tomorrow –Oyedeji


ne of Nigeria’s henchmen in the D’Tigers’ squad, Olumide Oyedeji, has assured fellow Africans, Tunisia that they would not understand the Nigeria surprise packages when the two clash on Sunday in their opening game. This is because the story of the Nigeria’s male basketball team to the Olympics is like that of rising from grass to grace or zero to hero. It is more like the Biblical rejected stone that eventually became the cornerstone.

Oyedeji said here ahead of the game tomorrow that D’Tigers had undergone uncommon transformation and have moved away from under-dogs to power-house, as Tunisia are African champions coming to the London Games. ‘’Things have changed. We are no longer the D’Tigers they used to know. They too have confessed to the sudden transformation of the Nigerian team. We’ll sort things out on the court on Sunday,” Oyedeji maintained.

Saturday Mirror


London 2012


He was not alone. His coach, Sani Ahmed agreed with his player and said they don’t dwell on titles and would not see Tunisia as African champions when they shoot for basket on Sunday. ‘’We’ve respect for all the teams here. It is not easy for teams to qualify to be part of the Olympics. We respect them but on the courts, my brother, there is no respect. We are here to make a point and to bring honour to millions of Nigerians,” Ahmed noted.

July 27 - August 12, 2012

Korean breaks world record in men’s archery


Dong Hyun

he Republic of Korea has claimed the first world records of London 2012 with a stunning display in the men’s Archery ranking round yesterday. Im Dong-hyun broke his own 72-arrow mark of 696 by three points and was also part of a record in the Team shoot. Alongside Kim Bubmin and Oh Jin-hyek he helped register a 216-arrow total of 2,087 - smashing the world record by 18 points.

Friday’s shooting got under way in perfect conditions, with the Korean trio setting the standard from the off. They took the three top seedings, with world number two Im again leading the way, breaking the world record for the third occasion since the London 2012 test event. Despite rain affecting the second half of the ranking shoot, Im still finished with a superb 699. Kim was just one point behind with 698 and Oh closed with 690.

T’Tennis Toriola, Oshonaike flaunt intimidating records


he table tennis event begins today, and as the competitors take another look at their bats, Nigerian ping pongers are ready to dazzle the crowd at the ongoing London 2012 Games. Two of Nigeria’s players, Segun Toriola and Funke Oshinaike, are coming on board with their intimidating records. Toriola is one of the most outstanding athletes in the London Olympics making his sixth appearance in the Olympics. It is an incredible record and that alone has sent shivers down the spine of many of his opponents. Thousands of athletes crave for one Olympics and for one athlete to have participated in six Olympics is awesome. Toriola is not alone. Nigeria’s


Canoeist Akinyemi feels the heat

J Toriola

Queen of the Table, Funke Oshinaike, is also ready to sparkle not only with her fierce strokes, but also making a bold statement with her fifth appearance in the Olympics. The two Nigerians have shot themselves into the history book, but will do more by capping their extraordinary records with medals. ‘’I thank God that I am still alive to play in my 6th Olympics. I promise to do my best. Any athlete who promises to win a particular medal before the Games is a liar. With God, all things are possible,” Toriola said. When the Nigerians step into the Excel North Arena venue on Satur-

day, power, subtlety and lightning fast-reflexes would be on display. Oshonaike needs more energy to fight off the challenge of Iranian Shahsavari Neda in her first game while Edem Offiong fights off Egyptian challenge of Meshref Dina. And the Master, super strokes of Toriola would come to play against Canadian Ho Andre while Aruna Quadri confronts Machado Carles of Spain. Table Tennis Coach, Richard Edem expects tough battles since all attention would be focused on the men and women singles which happens to be the ones Nigerians qualified for.

onathan Akinyemi may not be as popular as other Team Nigerian athletes here in London for the Olympics, but he carries a huge responsibility to paddle himself into reckoning after the Olympics. He is well known internationally, though, after qualifying in style for Nigeria in canoeing. This is the first time the country would be partaking in the sport and many wonder why canoeing? The 23-year-old, who has a British mother and a Nigerian father, is not bothered about opposition in the Games but is scared about the terrible heat that has enveloped London after two days of sunshine. ‘’Everything is well with me. The only problem is the heat. It is terrible. I am here to take a fan to my room. The heat is terrible.

I am burning up,” he joked. “Johny” Akinyemi was once voted the ICF Athlete of the Month. A gold medallist at the 2012 African Canoe Slalom Championships in South Africa, Akinyemi went head-to-head with Beijing bronze medallist, Benjamin Boukpeti (TOG), and retained his K1 title, thereby securing Africa’s sole K1 spot at the London 2012 Olympic Games. “It’s just absolutely incredible and I’ve not stopped smiling since I won the race. I wake up at night and after about ten seconds remember that I’ve qualified for the Olympics and I just laugh out loud. I’m just so happy,” he enthused. Akinyemi grew up in Warrington and started canoeing at the age of 12 . He is one of Team Nigeria’s medal hopefuls here at the London 2012 Olympics.

MAGAZ INE Fashion •Glamorous tails •Birds of paradise

Sex talk •How to handle bad sex

Relationships •How should you deal with an unplanned pregnancy?


Rising diva


July 28, 2012

I’m used to it already. But the basic thing is that my education cannot affect my business because all I have to do is write an email to order the hair I need from Europe and it is then delivered and I have people working with me so everything is going smoothly.

Celebrity Barely three months after relinquishing the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) crown, Sylvia Nduka has opened a hair shop in Lagos. In this interview with OSEYIZA OOGBODO, the Accountancy student of the University of Lagos speaks about life after the crown, her business aspirations and future plans. Excerpts:

What are your plans to give back to the society that made you? I want to help young ladies like me. I’m going to reach out to them with my Face of Sylvia’s Hair contest. The winner will go home with one million naira while the first and second runnersup too will not go home empty-handed. They will go with N500,000 each. What made you go into the hair business? My passion for fashion. The hair is a very essential part of a woman so my intention is to help women have access to the best hair that will make them look as they should. Do you think making such a vast edifice exclusive hair shop is sensible and viable? Selling only hair is very okay for me. I didn’t open this shop to sell retail. What I’m really focusing on is wholesales. We have our distributors and we are looking for more and interested people to get in touch with us. Clothes and cosmetics are not my line. I do what I want to do and my line is hair. I’m focusing on hair now and if anything comes up later, you will certainly get to hear about it.


ow did you feel the day you handed over the MBGN crown? I didn’t feel anyhow. It was all good. I handed over to the next pretty girl that can carry on the MBGN tradition. And it wasn’t bad, it’s all good because I can’t be MBGN forever and I’ve moved on to the next level for me. Do people still admire you like when were you were the MBGN? I think it’s still the same. You know, now I’m working so hard on my own to be the best I can be so people admire me for that now. Are you saying that you won’t miss being queen? It is only natural that one would once in a while feel a pang that oh if only I were still the queen. And close to that time of actually handing over the crown, you would also feel the pang that so it’s truly coming to an end. But it’s something you get over fast because you were aware from the very start that you could only be queen for a year and that year would inevitably come to pass. What memory do you still cherish the most from when you were queen? That will be about my project then. It was on education. Education is the most important thing in the world and I used my project as an opportunity to help as many children as I could to get education. Children are very vulnerable. They can’t fend for themselves nor take vital decisions on their own, and that’s why they were the focus of my education project. How far have you gone with your own education? I’m still in the University of Lagos studying Accountancy. So you are going to become an accountant? I don’t intend to become an accoun-

Saturday Mirror

Have you started making money from the shop or are you just investing hoping for a better day? I am making money. My hair is selling in the market and I’ve been making money since December that I launched it. It’s been doing very well. Our aim is to always satisfy our clients and that has really been helping us to claim our fair share of the market.

‘I want to help young girls like me’ tant. I’m going into business full-time after the NYSC. I’ll focus more on my business, and it won’t just be my hair business alone then. A lot of other things will come in.

How are you able to combine schooling with your business? It’s not a big deal anymore. When I was the queen, it was that way too so

Do you sometimes feel the downside of being a celebrity? It is only natural of course, because as a celebrity, you are a role model so you have to be at your best always, especially in the public. Sometimes, of course, you get tired of it all but nothing compares to being a celebrity. It opens doors for you and helps you make headway. And you must also have it in mind that being a celebrity is an option. Nobody forces anyone to be a celebrity. You become a celebrity only because you worked hard for it so you don’t really complain when you feel a little of its downside. You just grit your teeth and get on with it. Is your success in the hair business tied to your celebrity status? Yes. If I was never MBGN, you wouldn’t know me now. So I would say all thanks to the Silverbird Group. And I’m still working with them. They are my family and we will always be together. Can you tell us how much exactly you spent on your shop and your business so far? No, I won’t tell you that.

Saturday Mirror


July 28, 2012




Donna Diva flies with Shut Up I


f you have never heard of Donna Diva, you can be forgiven. The simple reason may be that she has been performing to an exclusive set of high clientele before but now she is ready to take her game to the whole world. In 2006, she became the leader of Sheraton Hotel, Lagos in-house band, a position she left last year to realise her ambition of becoming a world renowned recording and performing artiste. “I am ready to take on the world,” she disclosed to Entervaganza. “Performing in-house for Sheraton Hotel for six years has given me the drive and hunger for more and I’m poised now to make the world my stage.” Donna’s words are not idle. She is a versatile singer-songwriter-producer and has performed both in and outside the country. “I would have been a very big artiste by now but I had to take my time to get it right. I went into music professionally in 2006 and what I’ve achieved already is enviable, without being immodest. I was a backup singer for Duncan Mighty and then I was with Sheraton heraton so I wasn’t in the mainstream. “But it’s all well ll because I have acquired the necessary r creative and entrery preneurial skills to o survive sur u vive in the mainstream sector hence e my decision to take on the mainstream since sinc ce last year. Mind you, when you have ve a successful su uccessful song, it makes you very popularr so you have to be prepared for that success succe ess and I’m prepared now.” Apart from her er exclusive performances at Sheraton, n, she disclosed d that

she had also performed at a birthday for Senator Iyabo Obasanjo-Bello, the Nollywood Dinner with President Goodluck Jonathan, Surface Festival in London and even in faraway Australia at a birthday party for a certain Mike Smith. “Performing is second nature to me. It’s what I was born to do. I love performing and making music and that’s why I produce my own songs as that gives me the freedom to flow with the beat and to infuse the right lyrics to complement the beat and get the perfect song which will be evergreen.” Donna, whose style of music is a blend of reggae, pop, R & B and traditional African sounds, recently released a single, Shut Up, and also its video directed by top-notch director Clarence Peters. “Shut Up will make me into a household name,” she predicted. “It is already getting rave reviews and spreading by the day. Frankly, I’m very happy at its acceptance because I am very eager for the mainstream now. I want to be known far and near only the suca n d cess of my songs can do that for she me,” added.

Elizabeth Daniels, throws birthday bash, previews movie F riday, July 20 was a momentous one for pretty Nollywood actress, Elizabeth Daniels. Not only did she hold a party to celebrate her birthday, she also previewed Behind The Melody, her debut as a movie producer. And following the tradition of many

celebrities recently, Daniels also reached out to the less privileged earlier in the day by visiting an orphanage where she spent time playing with the children there and also gave them gifts. Thereafter, it was time to really party and she and her friends and colleagues in-

P-Square’s mother for burial


he remains 62-year-old of Mrs. Josephine Okoye , mother of multiple award-winning singers, P-Square, , 62, currently in a Lagos private mortuary, will be laid to rest in her husband’s house at Ifite-Dunu, Anambra State next week Thursday. Shortly before the burial, there will be a lying-in-state at her Umunachi, Umudioka Village, Anambra State and a service at St. Gabriel Catholic Church, before the proper burial at Ifite-Dunu, which will also be the reception venue.

The one-day affair will be anchored by M.I.C, leading undertakers in Nigeria and is expected to be attended by colleagues of P-Square in the entertainment industry and some state governors amid tight security. Until her death, the late Mrs. Okoye was the General Overseer of Friends of Jesus Catholic Prayer Ministry, with its headquarters in Jos, Plateau State. She is survived by her husband, Mr. Moses Okoye and eight children namely Christopher, Henry, Jude, Lilian, Tony, Peter, Paul and Mary.

cluding Ruggedman, Faze, May D, Ini Edo, Okey Bakassi swooped on Shaunz Lounge where they partied all night. She also used the opportunity to preview Behind The Melody to her guests and gauge their reactions to the movie which would soon be released. Thanking God for her success, she said, “I came into the industry just like every other girl who has the dream of becoming a star. When I was growing up, my father wanted me to read Law and become a lawyer, but at a point, I went to a movie location to get my house key from a friend, and that was how I was asked to audition for a film. “From there, it has been more success for me thanks to Charles O’Tudor who gave my contact to Desmond Elliot who took me to Emem Isong, and they said I’m a talented actress but needed formal training so I enrolled into Royal Arts Academy where I studied Acting and after that, the jobs have been coming.”




July 28, 2012

Saturday Mirror



Footprints creator loses father NGOZI EMEDOLIBE


his is not the best of times for Jerry Isichei, the brain behind Footprints, one of the popular drama series on television. He lost his father to complications associated with lymphoma at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital. The situation has made him suspend camping for the recording of the remaining episodes of Footprints for next season.

According to sources, Pa Nelson Isichei, who died at 75 after a protracted battle with the ailment, will be buried on August 3 after a funeral service at his home town, Anidinma Close, Onicha Ukwu Quarters, in Aniocha Local Government Area of Delta State. Reacting on the impact of the loss, Jerry who is also the director of Footprints currently showing in 25 TV stations in Nigeria and the United Kingdom said he had a

good relationship with his father, naming him as the source of his creative energy. “I will always be grateful to him for the creative instincts he deposited in me. I see him as the source of my inspiration in doing this job. My father was a very good storyteller, and you could not spend an hour with him without learning one trick about telling a good story. He deposited a lot in me as regards this job of drama.”

Paul Play

Angel of My Life Isichei

It’s another show from Toni Payne F ollowing the success of My Champagne Life, her TV reality series, Toni Payne storms the small screen again with The Toni Payne Show, a talk show that is fun, educative and emotional as it focuses on societal, family, romantic and self help issues. Hosted by Toni herself, TPS takes on serious issues in a relaxed and fun manner and it has different segments that include comedy, general news and motivational talks.


It gives viewers an opportunity to express themselves through its online and offline contact details. As the host, Toni uses her several years of experience in the entertainment industry to anchor it in a catchy manner that leaves viewers yearning for more. The final selling point of TPS is that it is a family show designed for all types of viewers regardless of age, gender, belief or religion.

Ovie O carpets international music collaborations


vie O is indisputably the number one blogger of Nigerian music. His website, notjustok. com, is the undisputed top outlet for the promotion of Nigerian music digitally. Established in 2006, notjustok has become such a dominant force in Nigerian music that Ovie O too has consequently become one of the major personalities who determine which Nigerian songs get airplay or not. So when Ovie O talks about music, people listen and what he is saying right now is unpalatable. In a series of tweets, he has unequivocally condemned the several collaborations between Nigerian artistes and their American counterparts because the songs don’t get airplay abroad. Probably miffed that the international collaborations are not getting airplay on radio stations in the Western world, especially the United States where most of them originate from, he is questioning the rational-

ity behind them. “Are the international collabos getting airplay anywhere? What’s the essence of spending top dollar for such features then? Are they really helping Nigerian music abroad or just giving our artistes ‘levels’ locally? The international acts don’t even help promote (or even tweet) the links to these collaborations at the time of release.” Ovie

Idy James is GM of UNIUYO FM



roadcast virtuoso, Pastor Idy James, has been appointed the General Manager of UNIUYO FM. He has had stints with AKBC and Cool FM. He started duties at the University of Uyo-owned station on Monday and he is saddled with the responsibility of commercialising and rebranding it.

Artist: Paul Play Verse 1 Been waiting all my life For the one that I love She is always in my dream She is my fantasy The moment I saw you Walk in through that door Girl I knew you are the one Bridge: My oh my my oh my Baby let me take you to the top Let my loving fill your arms Until the morning comes Everytime I see your face Tears of passion can be traced Will you be my wifey You and me forever baby Chorus Girl wanna let you know you mean the world to me Girl never felt the way I feel with you before Girl don’t ever leave me lonely Without you girl my life is incomplete You are the angel of my life My, my oh my...angel of my life (4xe) Verse 2 You’re the one I want You’re the one I need No more late night dreams No more fantasy Baby hold my hands Tell me that you care Cos only you can set me free Repeat bridge Repeat chorus Rap: What’s wrong with world mama Why you’re acting like you ain’t got no lover I feel it’s time to share love between one another Sit back and relax and listen to a brother Moreover, I feel we were meant for each other [I buy you Chanel, D&G and Gucci leather] Baby girl understand, I ain’t just trying to say my past is clean [It may seem like all I wanna do is to slide in between] Girl me and you we can just be friends Or be wifey we can be like this until the end [No need to strife, there is no need for us to pretend We live our life, real better make dividends] Yes Refrain My, my oh my...I wanna be your lover One and only lover Repeat chorus

Saturday Mirror


July 28, 2012






Ishaya Bako … Extraordinary writer, director


ith all the accolades he is receiving behind the scenes, Ishaya Bako will definitely see no reason why he should come out from behind them. He is a filmmaker per extraordinaire and his films are highly rated. One of them, Braids on A Bald Head, won the short film category at the African Movie Academy Awards 2012 and has also been severally praised at the Cambridge, Seattle and ClermontFerrand International Film Festivals where it has been shown. His journey into movie making began when he acted on stage as an extension of his love for writing. And when he decided after an accident that he had to follow his heart and become a filmmaker, he headed to the London Film School where he imbibed all the necessary film making techniques

and is now the better off for it. The story of his rise to success is one that everyone should follow. It is simply that when you want to do something, get the best training for it, no matter the cost. That is what Bako did. Film school in London is very expensive but he paid the fees. Another of his success secrets is that he pays attention also to the business side of making films because as he says: “Film is both an art and a business.” And if you’re one of those who have ever watched a movie and ended up crying, don’t be ashamed as Bako says one of the ways by which you know a good movie is if it makes you cry. Some of his other films are School of Curry, Blue Baby Elephants and The Filipino Guide on How to Be Invincible in London.

tep up Revolution is about Sean, a waiter who puts up with his demeaning job and unsupportive sister because of his dream to gather large groups of people, play loud obnoxious music in public space without a permit and cause a massive disruption in the day-to-day lives of law-abiding citizens. Standing by his side is Eddie, a lovable computer nerd. These creepily co-dependent friends are hoping to win what amounts to a modern-day talent contest – if they are the first to achieve an ungodly amount of hits on their YouTube channel, they will walk away with a fat stack of cash. This money could be used to launch their careers as vigilante dancers . Their friendship is threatened when Sean meets Emily Anderson, a gifted dancer and sufferer of that deadly disease “Rich Man’s Daughter Syndrome.” Cursed with a childhood in which she wanted for nothing, Emily is instantly drawn to the borderline poverty that Sean lives in – seduced by the vibrant lifestyle that only comes with consistently worrying about where the money to pay for their monthly rent is going to come from. Like a modern-day Romeo and Juliet, Sean and Eddie are torn apart


he Watch is a science fiction comedy film directed by Akiva Schaffer and written by Jared Stern, Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg. It stars Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill, and Richard Ayoade. The film follows Evan (Stiller), Bob (Vaughn), Franklin (Hill), and Jamarcus (Ayoade), a group of neighbours Bako on set

like the star-crossed lovers they are and Sean begins an admittedly sweet fling with the beautiful Emily. As the two develop a love as deep and nuanced as writer Jenny Mayer can possibly muster, their summer loving is threatened by Emily’s father. Emily’s dear old dad, you see, has business cards that read “Evil Business Tycoon” and he has, in his hissworthy quest to provide a good future for his daughter, set his sights on turning the ghetto that Sean and Eddie call home into a lush and economically vibrant resort. And in order to save the Cuban restaurant where they hang out and drink milk shakes, Sean, Eddie and their friends must dance like they’ve never danced before and begin a literal revolution. A step up revolution.

who form a suburban neighbourhood watch group and use it as a front to get away from their families. However, when they accidentally uncover an alien plot that threatens the world, they are forced into action. Vaughn’s character provides the man-cave and the beer and the parental anxiety over his teenage daughter. Hill’s steely loner provides the unwanted associations to recent tragic events. And Ayoade provides the grace notes. Lanky, mellow-voiced and easy comic company, the British comedian and actor is well-known in England. The excellent Rosemarie DeWitt also does what she can as Stiller’s wife, a.k.a. the plot complication. It’s these five against aliens.



July 28, 2012


SHOWBIZ SNOOPS ithout any iota of shame or modesty, model-actor, Sunkanmi Ogunade aka Sunky, has disclosed to Entervaganza that he is in love with sexy singer Tiwa Savage. Excitedly, Sunky said, “I fell in love with her when I saw the video of her hit song, No Kele Kele Love. She is extremely sexy, appealing, talented and I find her attractive and hot. However, I never had the opportunity to meet her so I couldn’t tell her how I felt.” Claiming that he kept dreaming about her, though, Sunky left the country last year for Malaysia in order to become an international model-actor and as fate would have it, Savage visited that country to perform last weekend. “When I heard she was coming to perform at Club II.45 here in Malaysia, I knew that was my opportunity to meet her.” Though they met, he says he couldn’t tell her how he feels. “It’s not that I was afraid to do so but there was no time,” he explained. “She was in town for a very short time and was very busy and there were many people all over her. But I have her contact now and I will get

Sophie Gemal

Favourite Food

CAESAR SALAD Favourite Drink SCREWDRIVER Favourite Restaurant/Bar CLAN CAFÉ, ABUJA Favourite Day Of The Week SATURDAY, CAUSE I GET TO REST Favourite Designer (Intl) ZAC POSEN Favourite Perfume SPLENDOUR BY ELIZABETH ARDEN Favourite Fashion Item HIGH HEELS Favourite Movie GONE WITH THE WIND Favourite Brand Of Telephone Handset BLACKBERRY BOLD 5 PRESENTLY Favourite Quote BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER

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Sunky and Tiwa in Malaysia

‘I’m in love with

Tiwa Savage’ in touch with her at the right time.” Sunky waved aside the gulf in age between them, with the view that age is nothing but a number. And on if he isn’t

just in lust with her, he was emphatic in denying that, saying he meets many female celebrities all the time but Savage is the only one he feels something for.

Azadus T

returns yet again

here is no denying the fact that entertainers who have once been famous and in demand and then find themselves no longer hot always crave to return to the spotlight and all the adulation and deference that come with it. This is definitely the case of Azadus who found fame and a bit of fortune with his hit song, You Is The One, and then enjoyed more fame with another song, Madam. Suddenly, there was a slump in his career and he even quit Kennis Music, the record label that brought him the success he enjoyed. He has however been trying his best ever

since to re-acquire the success he did with You Is The One so he keeps releasing songs. Since the saying is that winners never quit and quitters never win, he is back again with yet another single which just might return him to the in-demand status he once enjoyed. His latest comeback is Don’t You Cry on which he features acclaimed producer, OJB Jezreel. It is a prelude to his upcoming album which will have 17 tracks and many other collaborations with top artistes including Sound Sultan, late Dagrin, Tuface idibia, Koffi, Lord of Ajasa and W4 and production by big name producers OJB Jezreel, J Sleek,


Del B and others. Will Azadus shine again? Send us your view.

L.A.X challenges Wizkid, Davido, others


ritain-based Damilola Afolabi, a new entrant into the Nigeria big league of music industry players and who is better known as L.A.X, has just released his latest hit single, Jaye. The talented rapper-producer who started his music career during his days at Turkish International College, Lagos has chosen to pursue what he believes in against all odds is now looking forward to taking over the music sector. “I believe I have what it takes to be the best in the industry,” says L.A.X confidently. “Competition is

what drives an industry, music included, and I’m a very competitive person who believes in healthy rivalry. To me, it is all about friendly competition and if Wizkid, Davido and other young artistes are doing well, then I am sure I can not only do as well as they are but even better.” On Jaye, he features heavyweight rapper Ice prince and he told Entervaganza why he collaborated with the rapper who brought us the hugely successful Oleku. “There are several ways to break into the music industry and one of them is through collaborations with already es-

tablished artistes. Ice Prince is very successful and one of the biggest names out there so my collaboration with him is a major boost to my career.” Jaye is doing well in clubs and on radio while L.A.X, who is currently studying at Salford University, Manchester, UK, says he is not surprised by its success. “I didn’t just do Jaye. It is the product of proper research followed by feasible promotion so its success was assured from the very start. Its success has encouraged me to continue working on my album which I will drop after my graduation next year.”

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July 28, 2012



Big Brother StarGame update

Who wins StarGame? Who’s got your vote?


here are just 11 days of Big Brother StarGame left, and the housemates seem to have united on a common theme: Wati and Prezzo must go! The duo picked up four nominations each, while Jannette and Lady May picked up two apiece. Once Big Brother had announced the results of a pensive day of nominations on Monday night (20:00 CAT on Africa Magic, DStv Channel 114), Head of House Wati chose to save himself and put Kyle up in his place. Lady May nominated Wati and Jannette because she felt they were the ring leaders of a discussion last week during which they convinced the other housemates to form a “Hate Lady May” campaign to oust her from the game. Prezzo nominated Kyle for being “a disciple – he is a follower and tends to get on everybody’s nerves”. His other nomination went to Namibia’s Lady May because he felt she thought she was “God’s gift to the Big Brother house”. Janette nominated Prezzo because she felt he has had enough exposure to last him a lifetime. She also picked Wati because she felt he “has a lot of love” from Big Brother StarGame viewers. Wati picked Jannette and Talia as his nominees, the former because she had a country ally in Kyle, which Wati felt could compromise his game. His nod to Talia was because he feels she is his biggest competition in the game. Keagan, who escaped without a single nomination himself, nominated Lady May because he finds her “somewhat annoying” and Prezzo because he is “sly”. Kyle nominated Prezzo because he is “hot and cold”, along with Head of House Wati. Talia also nominated Wati and Prezzo, It’s all up to the viewers now! You need to vote to keep your favourite contestant on Big Brother StarGame, and in with a shot at the USD 300 000 prize! Voting opened immediately after Monday night’s nomination show and closes at 06:00 CAT on Sunday morning.

Goldie has finesse –Prezzo “Goldie has finesse,” Prezzo defended her during a discussion about female artistes. The question Prezzo had posed to Wati and Talia was “Why do chicks like saying their names and then ‘baby’ afterwards.” Just as they were counting some of the artistes; like “Eazy Baby” “Lady May baby”, Talia said “Goldie baby” and Prezzo simply cut her down to size. Mhmmm it looks like Prezzo still has the hots for the Nigerian songbird. Could he be in love with her or did he just get accustomed to defending her?

‘Why should we suffer?’ Some of the Housemates are not too happy with the punishment meted out by Biggie. Many of the Housemates voiced out their frustrations in the Diary Room, at the punishment Big Brother handed them, after Wati broke his alcohol ban. This eventually led to Big Brother cutting half of their booze supply. Prezzo and Lady May in particular, were very vocal about the issue. “He was very inconsiderate. He has such a big head and thinks he is untouchable,” Lady May said. Prezzo also did not hold back. “I’m glad that Biggie handed out some sort of punishment, because he broke the rules. However, I do not understand why we should all suffer for one man’s actions. Anyway, they do say ‘All for one and one for all” he said.

Girls just wanna have fun The Big Brother chikitas came out to play like little kindergarten girls, jumping on the beds. What started off as Jannette and Lady May’s dancing session in the bedroom turned out to a ball of excitement and Talia wouldn’t be left out of the fun.

Hopping from bed to bed and occasionally falling off, the girls couldn’t stop giggling as they imagined what the guys would think of them. Meanwhile, the guys were clueless of what was happening upstairs and that was just the way the chikitas wanted it to be. Don’t you wish you were there just for old time’s sake?

Biggie punishes housemates! Biggie has punished housemates courtesy of Wati‘s alcohol problems. The Malawian housemate has continued drinking alcohol even after Big Brother made it clear that he’s not supposed to take any alcohol for as long as he stays in the StarGame house. Big Brother had made it clear at the time he banned Wati from taking alcohol that in case he took any alcohol again, the whole house will have to suffer as a result. He (Biggie) also quoted: “One for all and all for one!” though most housemates feel they shouldn’t be suffering because of Wati. Meanwhile, Keagan admitted during his diary session that he’s the one who gave Wati the alcohol. What’s your take on the punishment?


Nas makes StarGame appearance Prolific American rapper Nas made an appearance in the Big Brother House early as a ONE Campaign celebrity ambassador. Overwhelmed does not even begin to describe the state of the Housemates as the popular hip-hop star popped up on the TV screen. “I have no doubt that in your heart of hearts you want to see Africa become the jewel of the world and I have no doubt that you can be the change that you want to see,” he enthused. After seeing the rapper’s special message to them the StarGamers were in disbelief as Wati exclaimed “Nastradamus” repeatedly meanwhile Talia mused: “This is some big stuff guys, this is huge.” Rapper Prezzo tried to get Big Brother to play the video again but to no avail. Nas is one of many celebrities that have made an appearance in Upville this week as part of the ONE Campaign Task.


Melanie Fiona in the House Canadian R&B singer Melanie Fiona was the latest international star to make an appearance in Upville in a long list of celebrity ONE Campaign ambassadors. Straight after American rapper Nas made his own StarGame appearance, the songstress popped up the screen to share some words of encouragement with the Housemates and her excitement at the amount of talent in the House. “I’m impressed not only by your talent but also your thirst for knowledge and hunger for change,” shared the musician. Afterwards the R&B crooner told all of the musicians in the House, “I’m keeping my eye on you.” Hmm… Could we be seeing a collaboration between Melanie Fiona and one of the StarGamers in the future? Who knows. Well Melanie, we’ll be keeping an eye on you too.

The girls having fun

Jannette gets poetic With all of Jannette’s wild antics it can be a bit hard to fathom that once a born a time she was just an innocent wide-eyed little girl. But early into this evening we got a glimpse of the angelic girl that used to be. The Ugandan was stricken by a bout of nostalgia of her early school days and so she decided to do a recital of her two poems from her childhood. Talia and Keagan were chosen as the audience for this poetic performance. The first poem that she recited was about judgement day. She put on quite a show for her fellow StarGamers, as she accompanied every lyric with animated actions


and even modified her voice for each of the characters in her poem. Afterwards she received a round applause from her audience and Keagan was particularly impressed that she could still remember all of the words so many years later. “You should use your memory for something constructive,” advised the South African. Well, well it looks like Lola Fiercehas been banished for the night. But how long will it be until the frisky Upviller is back to her raunchy ways?


July 28, 2012

Ten years ago when Oluwabunmi Olatokun lost one of her legs in an auto crash , it seemed the end of her world had come. The mother of two, in this interview with YEMISI ADENIRAN spoke on how life has been with her ever since. She also gave her advice to other people who may be goi ing through going a similar experience or challenge in life. Excerpts:

Saturday Mirror


‘I lost my leg, but life goes on’ W

hat was growing up like? h I was born at the Apostolic Bus Stop area of Agege in Lagos State some 45 years ago. I grew A up in Lagos Lag and attended Ifako International Nursery Primary School. I later moved to Lagos African Church PriSc School, Ifako, Agege. From there, I went to African mary S Church Grammar School, Ifako, Agege, Lagos. I went to Churc DENREM Ticketing and Reservation School at Adeniyi DEN Jones, Ikeja. I worked for five years with TransmisJon sion Travels, Ikeja, Lagos. I later gained admission into int the Lagos State University where I studied International Relations (Diploma). te After my course, I went straight into the business of foams and mattresses. That was to last for n two years. I later moved to Ikeja where I sold prot visions in cartons; but the business did not move as well as I wanted. I saw that hairdressing business was hot and I joined the business about 20 years ago. I am still in it now feeling satisfied. At first the business was moving well. Ikeja used to be the best place for hairdos, attachment, weave-ons. So, we were selling very well then. There were no restrictions on what we were doing. You could erect a shed and call customers. It was more paying then. But now, a lot of people are into the business, and this has affected it. It has slowed it down drastically. I had about 10 apprentices; they did braids, fixed weave-ons, fixed nails and sold hair-products, beauty products, rollers and hair straighteners. We had no less than 20 customers everyday. Life was simply rosy and c easy. Now, No the story is different. Business has gone down as a so many people have ventured into it. We are not selling as we used to. What other things do you do? I travel to London, Turkey and Dubai to buy jewelleries, shoes and bags. I have ready-made customers for the goods and they sell well. How did you meet your husband? I was 25 years old when I met him. His name is Mr. Wale Ajala from Ogbomosho in Oyo State. He is late now. I met him on my way to a sister, Mrs. Folake Odia, who had just put to bed at one hospital along IjaiyeOgba Road. He met me on my way to the hospital and we got talking. As they always say, one thing led to the other and the rest is history now.


How would you describe him and how much do you miss him? He was a very friendly man and very kind. He wasn’t too free with money but was always there for me. He died at the age of 68. I always miss him. At times when I remember some of the roles he played in my

Saturday Mirror


July 28, 2012

life, I wish he were still here. I miss him all the time. You have lost one of your legs. Would you like to tell us how it happened? I was involved in an accident along Iwo Road. I was coming to Lagos from Akure where we attended the funeral of a member of the family. When we got to Iwo Road, we were told that a trailer’s brake had failed. All the vehicles around were racing out of the way. People were jumping out of vehicles to escape being crushed. I was sitting at the front with another person. Those in the car I was in, also jumped down. I also did, but unfortunately, when I got down, I fell right under the trailer and it crushed my left leg. That was on June 29, 2002. I was rushed to the University Teaching Hospital, Ibadan, where the leg was later amputated. How has life been after the accident? It is better imagined than experienced. I was almost giving up on life. Imagine a young woman like me who was always on the move just getting grounded all of a sudden. It was devastating. I thought of so many things and I kept asking myself and God why? But you see, God is unquestionable, very unpredictable. In all situations, He remains God. He alone can determine what happens to man and at the point it will happen. That is why I believe in the saying “Man proposes but God disposes.” But without deceiving anybody, it was a hell of a long period in my life. I could not imagine life without my leg. How would I move around? Was this how I would end my life? All the dreams and plans I had were shattered and I generally felt sad and dejected. As God would have it, I was not left alone. I had my family members - immediate, close and far - all around me, watching and caring for me as a precious child. I do not know what I would have done without them all. They didn’t abandon me for a second. They provided for me financially and emotionally. Without them, I am sure I would have done something terrible to myself. After God, comes my family. I thank God for the kind of family I have. They stood solidly behind me. Even now, they are still with me. My brother, Oladunjoye Olatokun, has remained solidly behind me. He has since assisted in ensuring that my business goes on. He is not the only one. As the last born of the family, I enjoy the support of all my siblings all the time. Even their children give one assistance or the other at various times. They have never made me feel the full weight of the pain of losing a leg. Even my sister, whose party we attended before the incident happened, has always stood by me. I am specially using this opportunity to appreciate my brother, Oladiji Olatokun for his kind gesture to me and the entire family. Honestly, it is only God that can repay all that he has continually done for me and every member of the family. He has been unreservably generous; I just cannot thank


him enough. I can only pray that God in His infinite mercy will continue to keep and bless him more abundantly for us. What are the challenges you have been facing as a result of your situation? Although it is not easy, I still live my normal life; I still go to work and do my business the normal way. I go out and I don’t allow my situation to weigh me down. Although I still feel some pain at times and visit the hospital intermittently, I live my normal life. The most important thing is that I am not dead and I thank God Almighty for that. I have every reason to thank God. What if I had died that day? What if I do not even have a child? You know some people have been involved in such an accident and they have been made miserable ever since; some may become blind; others may lose their hearing, some may have their spinal cord broken and so cannot walk or stand for the rest of their lives. There are some who get burnt in their own accidents and have their skin and faces damaged, some have had their wombs and other internal organs destroyed for life. I can go on and on like that, but my own is not like that. I might have lost a leg but I am okay, I can move around; beyond that, and despite all, I still have admirers. It is in appreciation of God’s kindness to me that I plan to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of the incident tomorrow. I may not be able to do all the things I was doing before, but I thank God that I am still alive. I thank God that my business is still on. I am happy and appreciate the abundant blessings of God in my life. What advice do you have for women in general? I will take a look at two things. The first one is the need for women to be up and doing, no matter your situation. Generally, I don’t subscribe to any woman being idle. Even physically challenged people should be busy doing something. They should be involved in one trade or the other so that they can be self-dependent. They should be ready to go on with life, no matter the situation. The second aspect is the area of beauty. I see the need for women to beautify themselves. I hope you would not think I’m saying this because I’m into hairdressing business and sale of beauty products. The hair is the “crowning glory” of any woman and it must be well taken care of to give the required beauty that a woman deserves. When a woman takes care of her hair, her beauty is enhanced and that makes her good. Beside this, the men we have around now, do not fancy women that are liabilities. Is marriage really necessary for all women? In this part of the world, marriage is seen as very important. It is the desire of every man and woman to get married one day and have children. It is also the desire of parents to see


their children get married and bring grandchildren home. It is the pride of everyone in Nigeria. When you look at the three religions we practise in Nigeria, you will discover that all also favour marriage. The society itself places importance on marriage, and that is why as soon as a lady begins to approach her mid-20s, she gets anxious to have a man as a husband. A man, we all believe and the three religions believe, is the head and cover for a woman. Any woman of a marriageable age without a husband is seen as irresponsible, no matter her achievements and status. Well, civilisation is robbing fast on this but I believe, it cannot take away the relevance of marriage to people and women in particular. I mean, there is a way people relate with you as a woman when they discover you are married and there is a way they also perceive you when you are not. Is marriage the way to absolute happiness? Frankly speaking, good and desirable as marriage may be, it is not the way to total happiness. Except one is lucky to be married to a God-chosen man or woman, he or she might not find happiness. And you know in this part of the world, once you are also out of a mar-

riage, there is a bad tag on you. This is why a woman must be prayerful and watchful where marriage is concerned. This is because your stress may not be from the man you marry; it may be from any of your in-laws. What then is your advice to young unmarried ladies and those already married? I will advise those yet to be married to be prayerful and watchful as I said. If God is on their sides, the journey won’t be tough. And for those already married and having problems, they should also be prayerful and patiently wait for God to make things work for them. They should try all to please God and please their husbands and his families. But when they need to run for trouble, they should because it is only when one is alive that he can enjoy life and tell a good story. Do you intend re-marrying one day? Yes, if God permits. I will not force myself on any man though, because marriage is not a do-or-die affair. I thank God for my children, they are doing well, and they are my joy. If a husband comes, thank God, if not, thank God. I have admirers all the time and I give God the praise for this.


July 28, 2012


Saturday Mirror

Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression


robably the most important thing a parent can do is to keep a strong bond with their teen through the teen years. A close relationship with parents is the best insurance the young person will choose friends parents appreciate. It also helps the teen resist negative peer pressure. Even if they say otherwise, these young adults want and need the security of knowing that parents are there for them.  Know your adolescent’s friends. If you welcome them into your home and show a genuine interest, teens are less likely to see their parents and friends as opposing forces.  Don’t jump to hasty conclusions based on dress, appearance, language or interests. Sometimes, adolescents go to extremes to prove they are independent and not like their parents by “trying on” different social identities. Or teens may use slang or terms new to their parents and try out new things. Negative comments from parents can cause teens and their friends to retreat.  Make room for peer activities. Young people need time with their friends. Offer your home as a place for gatherings. Don’t feel hurt if your teen doesn’t want to accompany you for every visit or family event. But, do make sure he/she is part of the most important family gatherings. Consider having your teen invite a friend along occasionally. For younger teens, offer to drive them to events. If your child is hanging

How to influence your teen’s choice of friends out with friends you are concerned about, monitor activities more closely. If there is a particular friend you are concerned about, don’t greet the friend with open arms. Your lack of response will cue in your teen. Don’t say anything negative either, as your child will likely become defensive and your relationship may become strained. There are four situations when parents may have cause for worry. If your adolescent has no friends, he may need some help on how to be a friend. If the problem persists, counselling may be needed. If your teen is secretive about social life, he/she may be associating with peers of which you won’t approve. Or your teen may be convinced you won’t like the friends. Have a talk to figure out why. If all your teen’s friends are much older, the teen could be involved in harmful activities such as drinking and other drug use. Take the risk and be assertive and firm about what is acceptable and what is not. Losing interest in friends and wanting to be alone for more than a two week period may indicate depression. Friends are so important to teens. Because of that importance, parents should play a role in supporting their teen’s healthy friendships.  Don’t be judgmental Parents may not be able to

appreciate all of the teen’s friends. But they should not express negative judgments which are more of a reflection of their own insecurities and anxieties. If they are put off by the appearance or the dress-sense of some her teen’s friend, they should think twice before expressing any negative judgment; remember, there is a generation gap! May be, with time you might start liking some of her friends whom you find to be weird at the moment. But when parents notice a friend whose behaviour and personality rings alarm bells in their minds, then they must express their apprehensions to the adolescent – in a manner that is matter of fact, rather than reactive and judgmental.  Find a quiet time and talk calmly with your teen you might tell him that her new friend is not very bright and sharp as she herself is. Is there something that she sees in her? Your composed expression might encourage her to open up with you. Perhaps, she will not accept any negative things about her friend at the moment, but it might start her thinking. With time, she may be able to judge her friend with a more mature outlook, and start making correct choices. Confrontation, mostly, generates reactive behaviour in

adolescents, and should be avoided.  Make your house a welcome place for teen’s friends Your teen is getting older and learning to make his own decisions, including who he hangs out with. The best way to influence your teen’s choices is to make sure you’re one of their friends too. Try to make your house a welcome and warm place for his friends, where his friends feel comfortable, and feel free to

express their opinions. Be familiar with them, without getting ‘chummy’.  Be a ‘friend’ Make them feel that you are their friend too, albeit a senior one. This is the best way to gain the real understanding of your teen’s friends. Invite them to family functions; introduce them to other family members. You must talk to your child about the values that the family expects them to follow. Tell them that you respect their freedom but also that there are pitfalls to too much freedom. Remember, your relationship with your child during his adolescence determines, to a large extent, the kind of personality and relationships he is going to have in future.

Tiny Feet

NAME: Ameenah Abdul-hafiz

BORN TO: Mr. & Mrs Animashaun AGE: 4 months BIRTH WEIGHT: 2.6kg Have you just had a baby? Send a picture of your bundle of joy to

Baby with Down’s Syndrome lands swimsuit campaign

ParentingUpdate V


alentina Guerrero, a ten-month-old girl with Down Syndrome from Miami, Florida, is now the face of a Spanish swimwear designer, Dolores Cortes.’ She is on the cover of a U.S. catalogue for the designer’s new collection. The toddler also made her runway debut four days ago at Miami Swim Fashion Week where she was carried onto the stage by the designer at the end of the fashion show. Valentina, who features in further images inside the new catalogue, will also front the swimwear label’s 2013 Kids USA campaign.

She is the first Down’s syndrome person to be chosen as the main model of a prestigious fashion designer’s campaign Although she is not the first child with Down syndrome to model, Valentina is considered the first to land a campaign with a well-known designer. Speaking on the reason for her decision, the designer said ‘ People with Down’s Syndrome are just as beautiful and deserve the same opportunities. I’m thrilled to have Valentina modelling for us.’ Valentina was born last September and is the daughter of Miami TV host Ceci-

lia Elizalde and her partner Juan Fernando. Her excited mother said that she was mainly happy ‘ because the fact that they are placing Valentina on a catalogue sends a very clear message of inclusion; all children deserve the same opportunities regardless of their physical, economic, social, racial or medical condition.” Her daughter, she also pointed, “teaches us much more than we will ever teach her.” Cortes has also pledged to donate 10 percent of the profits from the DC Kids line to the Down Syndrome Association of Miami.

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July 28, 2012

le StyGlam and

with Yemisi Adeniran



or a woman who wants to stand out, to create attention, the tail dress is just the answer. Taily dresses are designed for the woman who is not afraid to her curves and hot legs wherever the dress’ tail starts from. And they are best as casuals and all informal dates. You can make your own design with an Ankara fabric, lace or guinea brocade materials depending on your taste. They can be in plain colours and can be mixed up with any friendly material. One good thing you can never take away from this particular style is the elegance and gorgeous compliments that follow their adorners. Pair them again with your choice of statement jewellery, heels of taste and you sure will appear sexy and glamorous. Here are some images to stir you up.


July 28, 2012

Saturday Mirror



n time past, crisp and widely accepted as the white colour might appear, they were strictly limited to some occasions and styles. The white, orthodoxically, is seen as clean and meant for the holies alone. In this season of creativity and free expression of personal styles, the story has taken a new toll. The face of the white fabrics, whatever form it may be has been uplifted by artistic designers. With a touch of an unusual palette of vivid complementary colours, the white fabric has been made to suit all occasions as well as making the wearer a bird of



paradise still. To lift your spirit, you can accessorise your own with a colourful woven kente, aso-oke or Ankara fabric infused with gorgeous laces, trims and scarves. You can also express your own individual glamour in ethnic inspired jewelleries of high quality materials. This may include Swarovski crystals, vintage rhinestones, corals, tiger eye beads, glass beads, turquoise nuggets, wood and sea shells. They can be long and scarce, short and dense. Though not many are at home with the white number, the final outcome of this combo offers the wearer a high level of confidence and glow that makes you the centre of attraction. Update your wardrobe with one today.

Your candid response to all fashion questions There is so much ado about water and its benefits but I always caution myself on the quantity I take. This is because my working place is quite a distance and I do not always want to inconvenient myself and other passengers by a frequent call to visit the ladies. What can I do and what are the benefits of water to beauty? Most people don’t quite get the health benefit of drinking water yet. If you are not healthy, it is not possible for you to look beautiful.

Water is not just needed when you are thirsty. About 66% of our body weight is water. Our muscles contain about 75% water and our brain tissue contains 85% water. 85% of our blood is water and even 22% of our bone is water. Because our bodies contain plenty of water, it is vital to keep drinking plenty of water. Without water, we would dehydrate. Dehydration can result in our organs not functioning properly which can end up in death. So, you see, water is not just important to keep us beautiful, it is needed to keep us alive. For the purpose of details, let’s have some of the benefits highlighted this way:

Water keep you may have depression wh your effort to Enough of water, accordi benefit weigh gered together hunger which

Saturday Mirror


July 28, 2012

Fashion Frenzy

ps your brain healthy. If you don’t drink enough water, e headaches, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome and hich will always make you look undesirable no matter beautify your face. water intake will help you lose weight. Drinking more ing to some studies can help to prevent overeating and ht loss. Because hunger and thirst sensations are trigr, the thirst sensation, at times, is always mistaken for h will make one eat when one is actually craving for


The layered look


thirst. Water gives fresh and healthy skin. Water, primarily stimulates the circulation of blood, fluids and the necessary elements inside our bodies. Additionally, it controls and regulates the skin’s natural balance. When water is warm, it has the power to hydrate, revitalize, detoxify and oxygenate the skin. Warm water also gets rid of blackheads and makes large pores smaller. Drinking water also makes the body more relaxed and invigorated. It also replaces the moisture lost due to everyday activities.

or fashionistas who are never tired of moving with trends, the multi-layered beads are hot this season. Not just for special outings but for formal days as well. Meanwhile, this particular fashion piece is not the long and flowing type but the chunky and choker types. They are fun-filled staples of the moment designed to have your face lifted from what it was yesterday. These accessories are usually adorned with a touch of bohemian hippie and as such are ideal for ladies who want to add ethnic flair to their appearances this season. Multi-layered necklaces will add a decadent touch to your outfit, especially when they are designed beautifully. There is a richness to them that is quite irresistible. These multi-layered necklaces and earrings sets are made up of gold tone chains, and high quality formica stones beads that have a smooth polish. The three hues in this matching jewellery set come together beautifully. For a classic look, along with the necklace, you can also get a simple pair of dangle earrings that you will find yourself wearing with or without the necklace. When wearing this piece, you will save yourself from being tagged clumsy if you will avoid wearing them on high neck dresses or shirts. Being chokers, they will be good on strapless wears, spaghetti, off- shoulder outfits and other low neck wears. Make sure, however that you are comfortable in it as comfort is the most important thing to carry off any outfit or accessory. Exfoliate your skin and necklines by applying lotion with a subtle glitter to make your skin glow. And if you are bold enough to wear a skin-cut hair, this accessory will definitely lift your face beyond your wildest imaginations. Get them in different colours and designs and you will stand tall at every of your dates.



July 28, 2012


Saturday Mirror


‘I’m enjoying myself’ Cute and drunk with optimism, Adeyemi Yetunde, a bubbling young model, is sure of ruling the modelling world. She told YEMISI ADENIRAN how she intends going about this.


hat’s your attraction to modelling? I have ave always loved modelling even when I did not know that was what it was called. I love cat walking, showing howing my appearance off to people e even when I did not know it is any y career that can bring money or yield eld any profit. And really, now that I have come of age and know better, r, I have seen modelling as a way of expressing myself in the best way I can. Ever since I found my way into it, it has served this purpose ose and more. Modelling is fun, you know. It allows one to meet people and visit places. And one learns earns a lot by this. Beyond all these, I love the fun of makeover, runways, ays, the applauds and all of that. Going through the makeover always ys makes me feel great and really fulfilled. ulfilled. I have always dreamt of becoming coming celebrated and I know modelling lling is one passion and venture that hat will help me realise this. As a student, how do you intend to draw a line between your studies es and your modelling passion? That at has not been any big deal. I don’t ’t allow the two to clash. I do more of modelling whenever the schooll is on break. The few times I have had to be away when school is in session, sion I tried to do extra work to cover up for the classes I missed. I make sure however not to miss tests. Do you have the support of your parents? At the initial stage, they were opposed to it. They believed it was a way of distracting myself and getting wayward. They kicked against it even when they knew I love it so much. Convincing them was very difficult. They believed models were prostitutes but over time, they gave

Easy hair styles to consider


their consent and I have promised never to allow it to disturb my studies. Have you ever felt intimidated at any point on this job? I have never and I don’t think I will ever. Modelling is competitive and any competition, I believe, is a game. You either win or lose. And a person who loses today can be celebrated tomorrow. It is not possible to be winning all through. I go for any show with this at the back of my mind and so, I don’t get bothered or intimidated by anyone. I am enjoying myself and I know I will make a positive mark in this career one day, after all, it is not a do or die affair.


orking in an office filled with beauty aficionados and product addicts means there’s co-worker hair envy on a daily basis. But amid the expert fishtails and seemingly effortless topknots, there’s nothing that inspires more jealousy than a self-innovative styles worn on a daily basis. With a few (and only a few) key products and styling tools, you can quickly give yourself a salon-worthy hair-do. The following tips will guide you perfectly: Do a Snooki Pouf: Styling your hair into a pouf or doughnut style will give you an unusual look and you can change this anytime you like. Try a half ponytail: This halfponytail style creates a lot of volume at the crown of your head. Once your hair’s in a half pony, try adding ribbons around the base, twisting the po-

nytail into a bun, or clipping it up. Add curls to a ponytail: You can try this for prom, as well as everyday wear. Try a chic low ponytail: It is for a more mature, low-key look. Try wearing your hair curly: Whether it’s curly or straight naturally, you can turn your locks into sleek curls. Or, try creating loose curls with a flat iron: It sounds weird, but it’s totally possible! Try straightening your hair with a blow dryer and a flat iron: You can wear your hair down like this, or use it as the starting point for another style. Make a high ponytail: Make it look extra cute by tying a ribbon around the base. Wear braids for a change. Wear a punk style: If you are the daring type, get a punky cut that will last as long as you desire.

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July 28, 2012

Male Essentials Cool


with Oseyiza Oogbodo w



here was a time that dreadlocks were severely frowned at. was born dreadIf a child c locked, locke his parents would cut it all off. Nowadays, though, dreads are tho very ver well accepted and some men make themso selves fashionse elves able

by sporting it. Since dreads come in only two ways, either naturally at birth or styled by a hairdresser, men who fancy it and are not naturally dreadlocked simply visit the saloon and they come away with the dreads of their choice. And like all fashion trends, it comes in many variants too: long, short, rough, smooth, etc. So if you want to be different, go for the dreads drea dr eads ds of of your choice and you will definitely stand out.

Taking care of your dreads Cleansing Keeping your dreads nice and clean is essential to maintaining the smooth and shiny locks most dread wearers aspire for. However, what many people don’t realize is that many shampoos will leave residue on the dreadlocks, making them look dull and dirty. They also do not thoroughly clean buildup of beeswax, dirt, and other residue. Since dreadlocks are thick, dirt and grime can build up easily. For a proper cleanse, a combination of vinegar and baking soda should be used. First, pour the baking soda into the palm of your hand. It should be enough to cover your palm. Then, place both palms together and then release them over and into wet hair. Rub the baking soda around and into your dreadlocks. Purified water works best, but many people would rather not buy water for each time they wash their hair. Once the dreads are rinsed, shampoo following the instructions on your clarifying shampoo. The clarifying shampoo will clean away any residue left from the baking soda, as well as bring the hair to the consistency needed to keep the dreads locked and healthy. Do NOT use any conditioners. Conditioners can not only unravel your existing dreads, but if you have just put the dreads in, it can completely undo them, losing all the work you just did. If you are concerned about moisture, remember that dredlocks require a different form of moisture than other hairstyles, no matter the type or texture of hair a person has. The sea salt, beeswax, and baking soda that will be used in your maintenance regimen will provide plenty of moisture, but it will be the proper moisture required for dreadlocks. Twisting Your dreads will need to be twisted as often as possible. If you are sitting down watching television, you can twist your dreads. If you are reading something, twist your dreads with your free hand. Twisting is very important, especially in the beginning stages of forming your dreadlocks. Before twisting, your locs should be sprayed thoroughly with a solution of 2 tablespoons of sea salt in 24 ounces of water. However your dreads were twisted when you created them, that’s the same way you need to twist them when maintaining them. Wrapping From time to time, your hair will naturally grow. When this happens, there can be loose flyaway strands sticking out of your dreads. They can also be in between dreads or just coming from somewhere on your scalp. These need to be tucked into the top of the dread and pulled through. If there are any short hairs sticking out of the outside of the dread that cannot be raised up to tuck into the dread, these can be molded down onto and around the dread with the beeswax. When they get long enough, they can then be raised up and tucked inside the dreadlock. They may naturally lock to the dread before they get long enough to tuck in and that’s fine, too.


July 28, 2012

Saturday Mirror


How should you deal with Seek advice


mmm…a thing of beauty and joy is what being pregnant connotes to a lot of people unless it is unplanned and most unwanted. Dealing with the issue of an unplanned pregnancy, whether the couple is married or not can be very overwhelming for the parties involved especially the would-be mother who will have to overcome uncertainty, shame, lack of money and a host of other things too. Making the right choice is something that should never be treated lightly and both parties have to make inputs on what to do and when to do whatever they may have decided upon. The idea of a new life coming through you with its attendant complications to your lifestyle will bring with it questions that we will need to answer; fears of the unknown and what it may bring and also the fear of making wrong choices for you, your partner and the pregnancy itself. Financial consideration and what third parties like friends and family will say are the chief reasons why most men decide that a pregnancy may not be wanted even when it is unplanned. It should be expected that when preventive measures are not put in place before, during or immediately after intercourse, pregnancy will be the end result therein. The funny thing is that unplanned pregnancies are quite common and most times the advice you’ll get from people even if well-meaning, will be frustrating and annoying. This advice will mostly often be unsolicited suggestions that will be meddlesome and frustrating because family and friends will see the coming of the unplanned pregnancy as fair game for treating you as an immature adult. Stories will fly around on what you should or shouldn’t do to yourself and the pregnancy. As the expectant father, it is advisable to plan well for the birth of the baby. I do not believe in recriminations nor had I known. Personally, I believe one should man-up to ones responsibilities even if you didn’t expect

the caring of the pregnancy to be part of your responsibilities. Being mature means being responsible for ones actions. Showing a positive attitude to life and your situation will go a long way in determining the outcome of your situation. Don’t be too bothered about criticisms because it will only lead you to doubt your own capabilities as a man. And experiencing doubts, especially if you are not married is something to be expected. It is at this point that minor conflicts will start becoming major ones if care is not taking. Being bombarded with different internalized questions that may even bother on the paternity of the pregnancy at times may result in the man feeling less sure of himself with the misconception that the only way out for playing it safe is to deny the unplanned pregnancy. To tell you the truth, we all grow into the role of being good parents no matter how well we may have planned for it. Nobody was ever born into that role. The worst thing we can ever do when confronted with the facts that there’s an unplanned pregnancy on the way is to act rashly without deep thoughts on the consequences of whatever we decide upon because this may end up alienating the people we care most about. For unmarried couples, it gets worse because we believe that other people’s opinions about us should determine how we act or relate with ourselves. For me this is not a good way to handle things. The best way to go about everything is to try to look at things from a nonemotional point of view. Done in the right way, the issues involved will be seen for what they are and we will be able to acknowledge the truth which is that the coming child is not at fault for our mistakes and we shouldn’t take it out on it. Going through self denials wouldn’t work. Finally, seeking the advice of a medical doctor on how to go about coping with the pregnancy will go a long way in putting everyone’s mind at ease.


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How to handle bad sex


he lights are low. Your clothes lie in a heap on the floor. You reach for each other. The two of you tumble into the bed, and then... NOTHING! No explosions of passion. No breathy proclamations of desire. No tumultuous climax. To put it bluntly, the sex just isn’t that good. And then you wonder: How can everyone in movies and romance novels be having fiery, combustible sex, when you and your partner can barely create a spark? Forget TV and movies “TV shows and movies give us this very unrealistic representation of what sex is supposed to be like. Everyone seems to be climaxing and having orgasms all the time from whatever they’re doing. When you grow up on a diet of that, when your real life doesn’t match, you think, ‘There’s something wrong with me,’ or, ‘There’s something wrong with my partner.’” Real-life sex can almost never measure up to the passion portrayed on the screen. Movies don’t portray the fact that it’s likely that in if you are in an odd sex position, you can pass gas, or that the love of your life may take you in his arms and overwhelm you with mouth odour. Sex in the real world isn’t perfect, and it doesn’t always end with an earth-shattering climax. And realistically, it doesn’t have to. Good sex doesn’t necessarily have to be

about an orgasm. It can just be an emotionally fulfilling experience between partners. No matter how bland your sex life may be, it can get better. The key is to know exactly what you want -- and then ask your partner for it. Learn to get what you want in bed You like long foreplay sessions. Your partner is ready to go in an instant. You long for wet, sensual kisses. He prefers dry, chaste pecks. Your partner needs sex twice a day. You can’t handle it more than three times a week. Even when everything else in the relationship is working, sexual styles aren’t always compatible. That’s especially true for new couples. Sex is not just naturally perfect. There is the energy of a new relationship that is positive -- the excitement and the eagerness and the passion. And the negative is that you ‘bump knees’ because you just haven’t learned how to ‘dance’ together yet. Even long-term couples can struggle in the bedroom. Though we can easily tell our partner what shirt we’d like them to wear, or what we’d like them to cook for dinner, on the topic of sex we tend to get tongue-tied. Speak up! People tend to be very sensitive when it comes to talking about sex. They’re afraid of hurting their partner’s feelings, so they don’t tell them what they like or don’t like. You’re not going to get it unless you ask for it. So how do you tell your partner what you

Saturday Mirror


July 28, 2012



an unplanned pregnancy? No abortion please!


This column is x-rated want without bruising his or her ego? The key is really how you bring up the statement: “I would love it if we” ... or, “Could we try this?” ... You don’t want to make them feel badly about what they’ve done or haven’t done. You can have that conversation in bed, or at dinner over a glass of wine -- wherever is most comfortable for you. Before you talk, you need to know exactly what about your sex life bothers you. Is it a question of technique? Personal hygiene? Timing? Once you know what isn’t working for you, there are ways you can suggest ways of mitigating those circumstances. For example, if something about your partner’s smell is turning you off, suggest taking a bath together before making love. If you crave more foreplay, ask for a slower entrance into sex. Before you can tell your partner what you want him/her to do in bed, you need to know what you like. Once you’ve figured out what you want and shared it with your partner, what if your sex life continues to be dull or unfulfilling? What if it’s so bad that it’s threatening your relationship? ...And if it’s just not working After you’ve tried talking and the sex still isn’t working, what then? Experiment together. Learn to get to know each other’s bodies. Try some sex aids (Yes! There is a thriving sex industry in Nigeria today. Sex shops, which offer an array of sex aids, can be found in most Nigerian cities). Read books with pictures (such as The Joy of Sex), or watch an educational video together. AVOID porn. Try explicit videos in which a voice-over explains what’s happening in the scenes. Sometimes the problem is a physical one, such as premature ejaculation. Or it may be

This column is x-rated that the stress from your job is flowing over into the bedroom and disrupting your sex life. If you can’t make it, don’t fake it If you’re still unsatisfied, is it ever OK to fake it in bed? Our experts say no. If you are faking it, you are doing yourself a disservice because you are not learning what really turns you on. And eventually, faking takes a toll. Sooner or later, your partner is going to realise that you are disconnected. Should you break up over bad sex? Can sex ever be bad enough to consider ending a relationship over? Possibly. You might really love somebody and the sex is never going to be better than OK. You have to decide whether you can live with that. The fact is, in many cases you have to either accept that the sex is never going to be mind-blowing ... or you have to leave. Whenever you’re considering a breakup or divorce, you need to weigh every element of the relationship, and not just the sex. You can’t have everything in life. If you have a wonderful relationship and you love each other and you have kids but the sex isn’t great ... maybe you can (should) live with that. In most cases, though, you shouldn’t have to break up or settle for mediocre sex, as long as you’re willing to put a little effort into it. Every couple has the potential to have good sex. If you are two emotionally and physically healthy people, you should be able to work with what you’ve got. Not everybody needs to be screaming in bed! You can get better. But you have to practice, and you have to be open to discussing it and getting help when you need it.

hen n two people are datdat ing, the usual expectation (all things being equal) is for them to get engaged, and then get married soon after. In the same vein, when people get married, the society expects to see the woman’s bulging stomach after some time. In normal situations, no one really expects to see such a bulge when people are just dating. Also, considering the state of the economy and family planning, some couples do not look forward to “the bulge” at certain times. So what should a couple do when they find out that “they” are pregnant at a time they did not plan to have a baby? This issue will be much more difficult for an unmarried couple to tackle, for many reasons. What if they are just two young naughty children who decided to indulge in pre-marital sex? If the relationship is still at an early stage and marriage talks have not set in, the pregnant lady is very likely to be dumped big time. In fact, she will be shocked to see the “other side” of the guy when she breaks the news; all the love talk will disappear and her name will change from “angel” to “slut” or “cheap skate”. The guy will suddenly remember how he still has a lot to achieve before marriage and how she is not “marriage material”. For a married couple, there are many slants to this issue. A pregnancy can be categorized as “unplanned” in different circumstances. The couple could be young and newly married and may have decided not to have a child until after a minimum period, only to get pregnant earlier than planned. Another instance could be when a woman gets pregnant within a few months of having a baby. The other instance is when a couple has had “enough” children and are supposed to have closed their book. Of the three instances given for married couple, the easiest to handle is the first instance where the unplanned pregnancy is simply an early one. In this case, it is not that the couple do not desire children; they just were not “ready” to start having children. Abortion should not be

case. The an option in this case Th second case is a bit more challenging than the first – when a nursing mother gets pregnant while she is nursing a baby that is just a few months old. The third instance is the most challenging and the pregnancy could come at any time, e.g. 10 years after the “last born”. It is crazier and more frustrating when it is as a result of a failed IUD. The truth is this: none of the instances highlighted above should cause a woman to abort a baby. Abortion is the last thing that should come to mind when an unplanned pregnancy comes up. If a young girl decides to play around instead of keeping herself until marriage, she should be prepared to have a baby. Any guy who decides to play with a lady who is not his wife must be ready to be a father. All those stories about not being ready to start a family do not hold water; the naughty children should have considered this before indulging in what should be exclusive to married people. Same goes for those in a “serious relationship” who are not ready to get married. Whether the guy walks away or not, abortion should not be the way out. Abortion in marriage may sound logical in certain circumstances, but my stance remains the same – NO ABORTION! Whilst I believe that family planning is very necessary, particularly because of our everincreasing population, there is no reason why an unplanned pregnancy should be branded an “unwanted pregnancy” which should be aborted. The way to handle such a pregnancy is to accept it, carry the pregnancy to full term and nurture the baby when born. The best way to avoid being faced with this challenge is for unmarried people to totally abstain from sexual relations while married people should strictly follow the pregnancy prevention methods available. Once abortion is not an option, you will be very cautious. A woman has very few fertile days each month, so the solution is simple: zip up! So should you abort an unplanned pregnancy? Not at all!


July 28, 2012

Dear Igho

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Having difficulties with relationships, family, work or any other aspectt off your life? lif Help is at hand with TOBORE IGHO OVUORIE

I love my wife but impregnated my neighbour Dear Igho, Good day sister. Please I’m in a deep mess and don’t know what to do. Let me start like this: I’m a married man but one year ago, I met a girl living in my street and fell in love with her. I wooed her and she accepted but she seemed not to have time for me. Later, she gained admission into a polytechnic at Ire there in Osogbo. Subsequently, she called that she loved me but was still a virgin which was why it was very hard for her to tell me she loved me while at home but now had developed more love for me there in school. I actually still have doubts about her claims. When I saw her elder sister who attends the same institution with her, she told me that her younger sister has a boy friend in school. I was really shocked and after making my mind not to call her anymore I later discovered that her elder sister liked me. Really, she always came close to me. We (the elder sister and I) then fell in serious love for some months but last month, she called me and told me she was pregnant. Before she told me, a prophet had told me that if any girl got pregnant for me and I aborted it, the girl would die. I wasn’t surprised when she also told me that her mother got a revelation that she would die and advised her not to do abortion if she eventually got pregnant. I have taken her to three laboratories for test and all the results were positive. The truth is that I love her but I’m a married man and I love my wife and child too; I don’t want to destroy my home. What do I do because I’m confused? Please here is my number 080 -22-----. Please help, for I’m totally in a

big mess. T boy, Lagos.

Dear T boy, First, let me start by stating that we don’t send personalised messages; all responses are usually on this page for the benefit of every reader. To be candid, I doubt if you really love your wife and child as you claim, if not, you wouldn’t have been jumping around and supposedly falling in and out of love with ladies, how much more, blood sisters living on your street. It speaks volume about your person. It also amuses me that you immediately realised that you love your wife and kid when pregnancy set in. As regards loving the elder sister who ‘snatched’ her sister’s ‘married boyfriend’ I think you’re wrong about that. You never

Why do I look older than my age? Dear Igho, I am 17 years old but look 22. I’m puffy and have big boobs. My bra size is 41 and I don’t have stretch marks on my boobs. Please, I want to know why I don’t look my age. Are my boobs big because I’m puffy or is there something to them? If I want to lose some pounds, will my boobs reduce too? Anonymous.

Dear Anonymous, There is nothing wrong with you

looking older than your age, being plump, not having stretch marks or having big boobs. All that matters is how you package yourself. I’ll advise you love yourself and see and consider yourself as beautiful because that is who you are. If you want to shed some pounds, that would be nice, but don’t concentrate much on that for your boobs may or may not reduce. Rather, eat nourishing meals, exercise often, look good by wearing clothes that suit your shape and put more effort in activities that will add values to your person and mankind. Wishing you the best ahead!

loved her but lusted after her and her sister. Well, no matter the amount of scolding, the deed had been done, so what is crucial is the way forward. Obviously, the young lady knew you were married before getting involved with you. In as much as you never promised her marriage, she should give birth to the baby while you train the child without getting yourself a second wife. I doubt if she would want to hand her child to you, thus, you would both agree on how much you would be giving her every month for the upkeep of the child while she moves on with her life. But this would have to be reviewed as the responsibility of taking

care of the child increases. Thank God that she’s in school, hence, the possibility of her being a burden is less. Don’t think all these will be so smooth; prepare for unfriendly situations from her, her family and your wife. Yes! Your wife, because you must break the news about your irresponsible behaviour to her. Her initial reaction would be quite unpalatable but you must eat the humble pie for no woman will be excited to have step children worse still in such inglorious circumstance. If you can assure her that her territory would not be encroached in anyway either by you marrying a second wife or a step child coming to live with her, then you’ll win her support to some extent. Before you go before her to break this news, confess your sins to God and seek His face. Thereafter, see members of your extended family before letting your wife in on what’s happened. Make your stands clear on what you intend to do and stick to it if you want to be happy and live long. You must promise your wife and family that this ugly event will never recur and stick to the vow. Let me know how everything goes.

I’m in love with a married man Dear Igho, I’m in love with this man I so much love but he’s married and has two children. I’ve never stopped loving him since the first day I set my eyes on him due to his love for my family. His wife never gives him happiness. Not long ago, he took me out to a hotel and we spent the night but he never asked me to have sex with him. All he said was love is not all about sex. Please, advise me on what to do. Confused girl, Lagos state.

Dear Confused girl,

The only thing I’ll advise you to do is to leave this man alone so he could make peace with his wife and enjoy his home. Were you to be in the shoes of his wife, will you be glad to hear that your husband took a lady to a hotel or is cheating on you? Besides, how are you sure he has an unhappy home? Some men are ready to say nasty things for the sake of actualising their creepy games with unsuspecting young ladies. Whichever is the actual side of the coin, it is more dignifying being in a meaningful relationship with a single young man, thus, go get yours and plan for a fruitful life ahead. Mind you, should anything go wrong, such as getting pregnant if you have sex with him, he’ll deny you on a platter of gold. Should he even accept responsibility, you’ll always be the other woman, which he wouldn’t hide. Don’t live for yourself alone; put your unborn children into consideration before leaping. Good luck!


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July 28, 2012


Lagos pedestrian bridges:

And the traders return Following the ban on trading and begging on pedestrian bridges in Lagos State, sanity returned to the bridges. But recently, law enforcement agents appear to have relaxed and the usual disorder that initially prompted the ban has returned, thus exposing users of the bridges to harassment and danger. YEMISI ADENIRAN


hen, about two years ago, the Lagos State government of Babatunde Fashola, pronounced a ban on trading and alms-taking at every available foot bridge, majority of Lagosians must have been very happy. To them, it was a continuation of the transformation that the state had been undergoing in recent time. With law enforcement agents around to ensure compliance, sanity returned to the streets of Lagos. The bridges that were often agog with traders soon became deserted. The sanity was to last, but for some time. Like the biblical evil spirit whose second return to its formal place is said to be accompanied with seven more notorious spirits, the excitement was but a flash in the pan. Gradually, the pedestrian bridges that were once devoid of the menace of traders and beggars are again bubbling with activities of the banned people. Now, the traders and beggars are back at their former posts. Hardly would anyone visiting Lagos for the first time be able to draw the line between a normal market place and pedestrian bridges. Although these bridges still perform their primary function of being a means through which pedestrians can safely cross highways, users are daily exposed to a variety of grotesque sights and experiences. Apart from traders’ wares that are

displayed on both sides of the bridges, in spite of the limited space, beggars of different kinds of afflictions are familiar sights. While the traders make conscious efforts to attract pedestrians to their wares by pushing them in their faces, beggars employ different tricks to squeeze some cash from them. The deaf and dumb simply display their predicament on a cardboard tied round their necks or chests while others with blood-drenched bandages around their legs, breasts and parts of the body, claiming to have one form of ailment or the other also abound. On another hand, are women with children, often twins and triplets, begging for alms. And while this unfortunate scene is on, criminals ranging from pick-pockets and muggers are on one hand, having a field day. A female pedestrian who simply identified herself as Charity shared her recent painful experience on one of the bridges with our correspondent. “I was hurrying home on Wednesday last week when I discovered that I had lost my phone. My office is at Isolo and I live at Maryland. I took the Charity footbridge at Oshodi only to regret ever doing so. There were a lot of pedestrians struggling to make use of the bridge. It was dark and I didn’t have much choice; but by the time I got into the bus taking me to Maryland, I found out that my handset was gone. I am sure it was while we were struggling to pass through the pedestrian bridge that one of the hood-

A barber operating on a pedestrian bridge

lums stole it. I just pray the government does something about these traders on these bridges because there is no way we can avoid using them.” This experience is not peculiar to Oshodi. Currently, the Idumota pedestrian bridge is virtually a market, offering a bewildering array of wares. Items like children’s dresses, handsets’ batteries and cases, kitchen utensils, candles, flash lights, meat, matches, beauty products, mirrors and condiments are available for purchase. Another pedestrian, Mr Jide Ogun, said, “the sight of these traders is just annoying. They give no room to people to move and this can be frustrating. One day, as I was trying to manoeuvre my way, I mistakenly stepped on the wares of one of them and broke some of the mirrors she was selling. Not only did she stain my clothe as she held tightly and roughly at it, she also swore to collect some money from me. I did not pay her because I was not having any extra money and she could not invite the police because she knew she had her wares displayed at the wrong place.” Despite such losses that occur at intervals, some of the traders stay put on the bridges. “Selling on footbridges is the best and I will continue to be here. I sell more on the bridge because there are more patrons. Many of them, though may be in a hurry,

they always have one thing or the other to buy as they go. Besides, I don’t get disturbed by area boys as much as I would have if I had had a shop somewhere,” said Mama Bolu, a petty trader on Oshodi bridge. Corroborating her was Gbade Hassan who sells men’s ties and handkerchiefs. “I can’t afford to rent a shop, so, I can only make do with whatever I can sell on this bridge and its environment. Yes, often times, officers from the local government come to chase us away but we still come back at night. It is easier for me to move around passers-by and advertise my products than to sit in one shop and just be sleeping, expecting patrons to come. There is nothing we can do now, we have to eat,” he said. Despite the munificence offered by the bridges, there are clear and present dangers. These, said Usman Gardi, a cripple on Orile – Mile 2 bridge, come in different forms. “There are more people who pity me while passing by on this bridge than when I just stay anywhere else. I make more money than I do in other places. But, we face robbers as much as the pedestrians and the traders. Many times, these miscreants come and ask for their share of the money we have made and we are left with no choice than to give them something. This is even good if they do not take everything away.



July 28, 2012

Saturday Mirror

Ilaje-Otumora: Lagos ‘highbrow’ slum

A typical residence in Ilaje-Otumora

Ilaje-Otumora is in the heart of Lagos. Though surrounded by highbrow neighbourhoods, it is a slum. FUNMI SALOME JOHNSON takes a look at its inhabitants and their living conditions


t is doubtful whether the inhabitants of Ilaje- Otumora, Ebute Meta West could be labelled as hostile or not. Very doubtful. However, anytime you venture into the community or near enough, it is a great stench that first bids you welcome. You are welcome to a slum. This is a settlement which accommodates over 200,000 people in the heart of Lagos. One of the questions which usually rakes the mind of a first time caller or visitor to this community is how could human beings exist in such an environment? A casual glance around the community, however, quickly reveals the source of the stinking identity of the place. It is a product of a deluge of refuse. It is actually the settlement itself; it is a habitat for over 200,000 people. There they carry out the rigours of living. There they embrace the pain of sleeping and living on canal and heaps of refuse. Worse still, people give birth, dine and wine in this contaminated and disease-prone environment. Inhabited by over 20 ethnic groups, the people of this region strangely refer to themselves as Lagosians. But they are far removed from the megacity mantra of the state government considering their standard of living. Many of these residents are largely traders within the area. While some work on Lagos Island, a good number of them eke out a living from scavenging from the refuse on which they live. Apart from the pungent stench from dilapidated zinc and the wooden buildings that greet the first-time caller, the sight of malnourished women and kids who played around the refuse is a common feature in these habitats. Cattle, dogs, cat flies and reptiles play around with thick smoke from part of the debris. It is a place where man and animal co-habit freely. But, it still remains in the heart of Lagos. It shares boundaries with other developed streets such as Otto-Ilogbo, Olokodana, Brick field, and Omidiyi, all in Ebute-Meta West, Lagos Mainland Local Government. While some of these streets could boast of well

Another view of the area

tarred roads, with potable water, and to some extent, fairly stable power supply, all features of a cosmopolitan city, to the inhabitants of Ilaje-Otumora, they remain a dream. This is the story of the communities you see from the Third Mainland and Carter Bridges when going to the popular Costain Bus Stop from the Lagos Island. Speaking to Saturday Mirror, the chairman of Slum Dwellers Association (SDA), Comrade Musbau Agbodemu, berated the state government for letting them suffer despite their contribution to the state politically. He added that the community lives in the midst of developed areas of Lagos yet it is without government infrastructure. “You could clearly see the National Art Theatre, Iganmu; the Lagos Mainland Hotel and the Ijora Power plant from this community. This shows our proximity to the developed areas in Lagos. We see and hear of development but we are yet to experience it. We vote and mobilise people to vote but dividends of democracy are yet to come our ways,” he lamented. Reminiscing on the history of the community, Agbodemu said the community had been in existence for 25 years. However, Folorunsho Obaoye, popularly known as

Coach because of his football coaching job in the community, disclosed to Saturday Mirror that he has been living in the community for over three decades adding that he is a product of Jubril Martins School Ebute Meta West where he did his school certificate exams. Obaoye further expressed his discontent over the shabby treatment their community had received from the government over the years despite the fact that they contribute immensely politically especially at election times. “This is 12 years of democratic dispensation in Nigeria. We all agitated for democracy. It is very unfortunate that the much talked about dividend is far from bveing experienced. The only things we can boast of in this community are two primary schools; Banjo Primary School and Ebenezer Primary school, IlajeOtumora. We also have a junior secondary school; Ilogbo Junior High School. When the students complete the junior school, they are most times sent to other schools like Gbaja Boys High school or Gbaja Girls High school for their senior secondary school education. Even the health centre that was built is yet to be officially opened since these years. We need water and some other amenities of life to keep going but nothing has been done about it so far,” Obaoye lamented.

Saturday Mirror


July 28, 2012


Rain of sorrow in Jos

One of the destroyed building (inset) Gov Jang in Jang addressing the affected people

The rain lasted for about four hours. Its effects may, however, last generations. Many residents of Jos, the Plateau State capital are still smarting from the resulting flood. JAMES ABRAHAM JOS


ainfall is Mother Nature’s gift to mankind and it is usually heralded with joy in all he societies given its many social and economic benefits. But the residents of Gangere, Rikkos, Angwa Rogo and other surrounding communities in Jos, the Plateau State capital would rather wish that last Sunday’s rainfall did not come. By the time the rainfall which started around 3:30pm eventually stopped around 9pm, more than 45 people were dead while no fewer than 50 persons were declared missing. This followed a flood which swept across the communities. Although the flood had been blamed on the people for building on waterways, those who survived the disaster are still counting their losses. As at the last count, more than 8,000 displaced persons are currently taking refuge at the LEA Primary School, Gangere and College of Islamic and Arabic Studies all in Jos. “I have never seen a thing like this since I was born. It was a very terrible experience,’’ said Mallam Usman who escaped death by the whiskers. Recounting how he managed to escape, Usman said: “On that fateful day, I visited my friend in Rikkos. He had asked me to come over and spend the week with him. We were inside his apartment watching TV when suddenly the wall upon which the TV set rested collapsed and everything went down. As we made to rush outside, water from nowhere just swept our feet. My friend was able to swim to safety but the water carried me away. I thought I was already dead until suddenly I was held by a tree. That was how I held tight to the tree for more than five minutes. How I managed to climb up the tree, only God knows. I didn’t come down from the tree until the following day. It was Allah that saved me,’’ Usman added.

But 28 years old Ibrahim who lives in Rikkos was not so lucky; he lost four of his brothers and his 84 year grandmother to the flood. Their family house was also not spared. Narrating how the incident happened, Ibrahim said: “we were in the house when the rain started. Around 10pm, we discovered there was water everywhere. We started sensing danger when some of the houses and our house hold items were gradually being submerged. Immediately, we thought of how to move my four younger brothers and my grandmother to safety but it was not possible as the water had already filled everywhere. Not long after, the rushing water swept my four brothers and my 84 year old grandmother away. I did not see them again. The house also collapsed. But I thank God I am alive’’’ For 78, year, old Alhaji Alhassan Saliyu, the Sunday flood incident was devastating. “I have lived here in Rikkos for more than 35 years. It was terrible. If not for the help of my brother in inlaw who assisted in evacuating the women and children, the whole family would have been wiped off. But my neighbour lost four children including another woman in their house. Since the incident we have been staying indoors because we are yet to get rid of the shock Twenty three-year-old Hussaina Ibrahim is thanking God for saving members of her family from the flood disaster. Recounting her ordeal she said: “I was at home when the flood started. My mother asked us to leave the room immediately which we did. Less than three minutes after we left the room, the whole building was immediately submerged in water and eventually collapsed after ward. We could not recover any of our property but we are happy that we are alive to tell the story”. Also Mallama Khadija Mohammed who though escaped with her five children, had her house destroyed

.Her domestic animals which she reared at home were all swept away by the flood. It was a terrible experience she lamented. Mallam Yahaya Lawal and Hajiya Amina also escaped the flood but had their houses destroyed. Eight year old Aisha and Hauwa are daughters of Malam Kabiru aka Usama who lost four of his kids and his wife to the flood. Aisha who was rescued two days after the flood said that her sister, Hauwa who was also rescued with her died before she could be taken to the hospital. Their father, Mallam Kabiru who is presently taking refuge at the Gangere camp could not hold back tears upon hearing that his wife was also among those rescued dead by NEMA officials on Monday evening. However, at the College of Islamic and Arabic Studies, Rikkos and LEA Primary School in Gangere where many of the displaced victim are camped, there are concerns about their health. Already, about 65 cases of cholera have been reported in the two camps. According to Tawa Abdulrahman who led a team of medical personnel from the Federation of Muslim Women of Nigeria, the children who were mostly affected might have drunk from contaminated water Abdulrahman, a medical laboratory scientist, said the development if not properly checked could lead to further spreading of the disease. But the National Emergency Management Agency said that it had begun to assist the victims. NEMA Zonal Coordinator, North Central Zone said that already relief materials had been distributed to the victims so as to alleviate their sufferings. Also Plateau State government said it was doing all it could to assist the victims. The state Commissioner of Water Resources and Rural Development, Mallam Idi Waziri, had led government delegation to commiserate with Jamatul Nasril Islam (JNI) at the Jos Central Mosque after visiting the displaced persons at the camps. He said Governor Jonah Jang was worried over the unfortunate development as such had directed that a committee be set up to assist the victims with relief materials.



July 28, 2012

Saturday Mirror

‘My boyfriend’s parents rejected me and his child’

Jaji and her daughter



atimoh Jaji is just 24 years old, an age when she should be enjoying life to the fullest. But she looks much older than this age. And definitely, she is not having a swell time. Admitted, she is neither suffering from hunger nor homelessness, two of the things which absence most human beings find most unbearable. Rather, her albatross is the social stigma she suffers as a result of a health condition which has disfigured the right side of her face. Looking at her is therefore not for the faint of heart, and she confirmed it. “There are some people who see me on the road and they turn away in both fear and revulsion. That has happened to me not once or twice and it keeps happening constantly,” she added. Despite the condition which makes some people not to even want to look at her, she was still lucky enough to get a boyfriend who impregnated her. She gave birth to a baby girl, Halima, on February 15. Sadly, Halima’s birth only brought more trauma and social rejection for her. “When my mother went to inform my boyfriend’s parents that I had given birth to a grandchild for them, they told my mother that the child wasn’t their son’s and that they were not interested in it. They said they couldn’t have anything to do with a disfigured being like me and that their son would never marry me. They also said my parents and I

Abandoned by lover, despised by would-have-been in-laws, Fatimoh Jaji faces life stoically with her daughter even as she hopes for N6million that would rid her of stigma. A tumour has disfigured the right side of her face.





OTHER STUDENTS AND THAT’S HOW MY EDUCATION STOPPED should care for the child the way we cared for the pregnancy.” Ganiyu, a Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI) officer who is Halima’s father, backed his parents’ action in a way, going by Halima’s statement that “Ganiyu said he would only marry me if I get healed of my condition.” And on if he’s supporting her financially to get healed, she was emphatic that “he is not.” Speaking on how she and Ganiyu met, she said, “It was when we had accommodation problems and we went to stay with my grandmother. While there, I would sometimes sit outside in the evenings and Ganiyu approached me that he liked me. After a time, I began to like him too and that’s how our

relationship began.” Fatimoh’s condition has been diagnosed as neurofibromatosis. “I was four years old when a boil developed above my right eye and as I grew older, it grew bigger.” Now it is so big that her right eye is no longer visible and yet it still bulges down in a mass to her chin and mouth region. But they didn’t begin to seek serious medical intervention until when Fatima was about eight years old in 1998 and it was apparent that the problem wasn’t going to go away. “We went to the general hospital on the Island from where we were referred to LUTH. Doctors operated on it at LUTH, saying it might and might not return and that it was best treated abroad. Three days after the operation, it began growing again and they discharged me after a month, saying that they could still do the operation again, but we would have to pay for it again.” The condition has really robbed her of a lot of life’s benefits. In addition to Ganiyu’s parents rejecting her for their son, she couldn’t acquire education because of it. “I was in primary 4 when I was advised to stop coming to school. They said I was scaring the other students and that’s how my education stopped.” Now, she is a roadside trader at the

famous Idumota Market, Lagos where some people give her alms. “Sometimes, people give me money when they come across me in the market. I know they do so out of sympathy for me. Even when I tell them I’m a trader and not a beggar, they insist on giving me money.” Like the typical Nigerian, Fatimoh has not given up that there’s a better and brighter day for her. While her spirit should have been broken by her condition to the extent of committing suicide, she is rather full of zest and optimistic that when there’s life there’s hope. Her optimism might not be unconnected to medical reports that claim that her condition can be successfully turned around. “When we went to LUTH, the head of the medical team that attended to me categorically stated that my condition is best treated abroad. When they operated on me, they did so only in the belief that it just might work for me. “When the LUTH operation failed, we sought the assistance of the Lagos State Government and we were referred to LASUTH. When they examined me there, they also opined that it would be best if I go abroad for the necessary intervention. They are also willing to do the operation but we’ve not done it there because their statement that it would be better if we go abroad made us recall that LUTH’s doctors also said that, so we realised it would be just a waste of time doing it in Nigeria again.” Even though she has been advised to travel out to seek better medical help, she hasn’t done so and Saturday Mirror asked her point-blank why she hasn’t. “We cannot afford the cost,” she responded sadly. “It is millions of naira, six million at least, and we cannot afford it. I know if my parents had the money, they would gladly give it to me. If I had it too, I wouldn’t mind spending it just to make me return to normal. Please I am calling on Nigerians to come to my aid so I can live a normal life,” she said as she broke down in tears. Sobbing uncontrollably, she said, “Tejuosho Diagnostic Centre has helped us to get in touch with a hospital in India and they said they can correct my condition with three operations over the course of a year. “For the first operation, I will spend five days in the hospital, recuperate there for two weeks, then I will return for the second surgery three or six months afterwards, follow the same procedure again before returning the third. “Each operation will cost $7,500 asides the cost of flight tickets, accommodation, feeding. They also said I must come with a companion so it’s two of us that will have to go together. Please I beg Nigerians to come to my aid.” If you are interested in helping Fatimoh Jaji, her bank account is:

Jaji Fatimoh Aduke, First Bank 3061304265

Saturday Mirror


July 28, 2012




or Cyracus Chinedu Ekpe, a Nigerian businessman married to a German, and his in-laws things are no longer at ease. Reason: Ekpe has been denied asses to his children who are staying with his in-laws. The above, according to Ekpe, was the culmination of years of differences between him and the Rufs, whose daughter, Katharina; he married on October 6, 1999 at the Marriage Registry in Ikeja, Lagos. Now, the couple are no longer together and the seeds of their 13-year-old union, Kimberly, Eric and Maureen, live with their maternal grandparents in Germany. Ekpe disclosed that the marriage, which started with a lot of hope and enthusiasm, had turned into a nightmare for them; especially as he rarely sleeps again in the night because of the urge to see his three children who he alleged were being kept in Germany on the orders of his in-laws. “We met in Germany. I resided in Germany for many years before we got married. My wife’s family was aware of my plans to get married to Katharina but her mother was not too disposed to the marriage,” he added. Saturday Mirror learnt that Ekpe’s problems with his mother-in-law started after the couple’s return to Germany. Katharina’s mother allegedly created a lot of scenarios that led to the refusal of German authorities to renew Ekpe’s visa. The development, according to Ekpe, led to his movement to Spain where he got a temporary permit. The crisis, which almost tore the couple apart then, was later resolved and Katharina frequently travelled to Spain to see her husband. Worried by the development, the couple decided to relocate to Nigeria. This they did with their children in 2006. “While I was in Germany and Spain, my wife and I were always together with the children but after some years, we decided to relocate to Nigeria. But when my wife gained admission into a university in Germany, we both decided that since she would be away, the children should stay in Nigeria to continue their studies. She agreed and all of us came back to Nigeria where we registered the children in a school before the mother returned to Germany. However, she visited occasionally”, he disclosed. Ekpe, who is into real estate, importing and exporting, enrolled Kimberly and Eric, who were 12 and 10 years old respectively at Greenwood House School, Ikoyi, Lagos and he paid about N1million per term as his children school fees. With their relocation to Nigeria, Ekpe and Katharina thought the storm was over but how wrong they were. A return to Spain and Germany for business and education purposes turned into another war between Ekpe and his in-law. Upon Katharina’s return to Germany to continue her study, her mother was said to have expressed disdain over her daughter’s decision to leave her grandchildren behind in Nigeria. However, according to Ekpe, prior to

Ekpe with two of his kids

‘I was beaten, jailed to give my kids away’

Chinedu Ekpe is a Nigerian who is married to a German. The marriage produced three children. However, for years now, he has not been able to see his kids or visit them in Germany where they live with their grand parents. Katharina’s journey to Germany, the couple had reached an understanding that the wife would join the husband in Spain the following week. But the agreement later turned out to be a wishful thinking as they never met as agreed. It was while at a train station in Spain where they agreed to meet that Ekpe was arrested by the Spanish Police at the request of their German counterparts. He was alleged to have been arrested based on a complaint lodged with the German Police by Katharina’s mother that he had abducted her grandchildren. According to Ekpe, he was arrested on the flimsy allegation that he kidnapped his biological children and took them to Nigeria. He was kept behind bars for one month in Spain and two more months in Germany. While in custody, he claimed that German officials in connivance with their colleagues in Nigeria took his children, Kimberly and Eric, to Germany without their passports and normal documentations. Ekpe alleged that Katharina’s mother with the aid of the Germany Embassy in Nigeria seized the children from his mother who had them in her custody in Lagos. It was after Kimberly and Eric landed in Germany that Ekpe got his freedom and returned to Nigeria. While in custody, Ekpe said he was also denied all access to his businesses and his family. The Spanish Embassy in Nigeria also refused him entry visa but he got a relief from the French Embassy. However, the French Embassy, accord-

ing to him, later aligned with Spain, citing a purported alert issued by the German authorities, stating that he should not be granted entry visa to countries in Europe. After his release from detention, Ekpe, who saw his arrest as flagrant infringement on his fundamental human rights, abduction, kidnapping and racism resorted into a litigation against the German Embassy that did not only play active role in his dehumanisation but decided not to renew his travel documents or issue him a visa. The denial of visa, he claimed, has prevented him from having access to his children. “There were no crises between my wife and I before and after we got married. But unknown to me, my wife’s mother was opposed to the decision to relocate the children to Nigeria. My wife’s mother is a racist and she does not hide her contempt for black men. I am surprised at my mother-in-law’s actions because she did not only ensure that I was arrested, she ensured with her influence to frustrate me to have access to my children. She arranged the deportation of the kids to German even without their passports and also made arrangement so that they won’t renew my visa. “While in the foreign custody, I was beaten black and blue; I was in Spanish jail for about a month before I was flown to Germany in handcuffs. There, I also spent two months in police cell. While in custody, I was denied all legal contacts. The only opportunity available was German counsellors who always visited re-

minding me that I might bag a six-yearjail term if I didn’t let go of my children. During the period I spent in custody, I lost hundreds of millions because I am an estate developer and an importer. “My wife was very supportive to me and I don’t feel she betrayed me because she supported all our arrangements to relocate to Nigeria but could not stop her mother from arresting me. After my arrest, my wife went as far as reporting to the German Police that I did not kidnap the children and that it was a mutual consent but they won’t listen. The relationship between us during my arrest and unlawful detention was very cordial and it was after the arrest, that I impregnated her which resulted in the birth of our third child.” Ekpe’s lawyer, Amaechi Chris Maduemezia, in a protest letter addressed to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Olugbenga Ashiru, stated the circumstances surrounding the plight of his client and demanded for justice. The letter dated May 31, 2012, reads in part: “All attempts by our client and his wife to explain to the police in Spain that the decision was a mutual arrangement by both parents fell on deaf ears as he was detained in Spain and asked to sign documents to allow the German authorities access to the children with a view to taking them back to Germany before he could be released. He refused to sign the document and he was detained for almost one month without access to a lawyer or the Nigerian Embassy in Madrid, Spain.


July 28, 2012

Saturday Mirror

Saturday Mirror


July 28, 2012


Balotelli: I would have been a UFC fighter


anchester City attacker, Mario Balotelli, has confessed that he would have liked to be a competitor in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) had he not become a footballer. The Italy international has seen his fair share of controversies as well as yellow and red cards in the past few seasons due to his fiery temperament,

EURO BRIEF Juventus plays down RVP interest


s the transfer saga surrounding 28-year-old Robin Van Persie took another twist, Juventus director Giuseppe Marotta said: “Talk of our real interest in him seems excessive to me.” Arsenal are believed to want more than £20 million for Van Persie, who earlier this month said he would not be signing a new contract at the Emirates.

and he has confessed that he is a fan of mixed martial arts. “If I wasn’t a footballer, I probably would’ve wanted to be a UFC fighter. I really love it,” the flamboyant attacker stated at an Umbro event. The 21-year-old then went on to explain why he has worn the No.45 jersey at City and Inter. “My first game in Serie A, it was under Roberto Mancini,

I also had No.45, because the younger players had numbers between 35 and 60. I got No.45 and scored two goals, so it became my lucky number,” he said. Balotelli recently returned from his break after starring for Italy at Euro 2012 where he netted three goals, helping his country to the final of the tournament.

ayern Munich CEO KarlHeinz Rummenigge has taken a swipe at former FCB II coach Andries Jonker in the wake of his criticism towards the Bavarian club. Jonker sent an e-mail to the Bayern board earlier this week where he criticized their youth academy for lacking of a clear philosophy, among other things, but Rummenigge believes the Dutchman should take a look at himself rather than berate others.

“He should not have written this e-mail. There are situations where you can have a bit of self-criticism. I think we can exclude that in this case,” the Bayern director stated. Jonker joined Bayern in the summer of 2009 as Louis van Gaal’s assistant, and was named caretaker boss in 2010-11 following the latter’s departure. He was in charge of the Bavarians’ reserves last term, but left the club this summer for the position of assistant coach at Wolfsburg.

Rummenigge hits back at Jonker B

Van Persie

West Ham makes £17m bid for Carroll


est Ham United has stepped up their pursuit of Andy Carroll with a club record bid worth £17 million for the Liverpool striker. The Hammers have offered to take Carroll on loan with a view to a permanent deal next summer if the club avoids relegation in the coming season.


Robben, Ribery settles their differences


Koscielny snubs Barca for Gunners


rsenal defender Laurent Koscielny has revealed he snubbed interest from Barcelona to sign a new five-year deal with the club. The 26-year-old blossomed into the club’s outstanding defender last season after arriving at the Emirates from Ligue 1 side Lorient in 2010.

Sahin set for Premier League action


eal Madrid midfielder Nuri Sahin is set to join a Premier League side on loan, according to reports. Sahin, 23, made two La Liga starts for Real Madrid last season, having joined the club from Borussia Dortmund in 2011.


ayern Munich pair, Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery are friends again after previously falling out. p The duo suffered a much-publicized dressing room bust-up durc ing i half-time of their UEFA Champions League semi-final first leg p against Real Madrid in April. a Bayern were reported to have fined Ribery 50,000 (£39,000) and f the t Frenchman and Robben were said to have been hauled in front s of o the club’s hierarchy for a ticking i off. But Robben now says the pair has h put their differences in the past as a they prepare for the new season. “Something happened and it wasn’t easy. I found it a pity what w happened. h “Up until then our relationship


Vermaelen: Arsenal will compete for everything


rsenal defender Thomas Vermaelen has said he believes the club is “good enough to compete for everything” next season. The Belgium international said that although the Gunners have faced criticism and are currently embroiled in a transfer saga surrounding skipper and top scorer Robin van Persie, they will challenge for honours if key players stay fit. Speaking during the club’s pre-season tour of the Far East which van Persie has not joined, Vermaelen, who signed a new Emirates contract last year, said he was proud to play for them. “When I was young I watched Arsenal a lot, and you could see the way they played was really attractive. “I love the way we play, and it means I can play as well. It’s not only about defending and heading and tackling. I enjoy defending, but I like to play as well. “It’s easy to give a long ball from the back, but it doesn’t


give you any choice. It’s better to build up and show a bit of your technique as well. I like the vision of Arsenal,” he said. Vermaelen said the club’s “aims this season should be the same as ever” to win things and added: “I know people are criticizing Arsenal, but our main target is to keep everybody fit. If we do that, I’m really confident our team is good enough to compete for everything.”

Lyon targets Sakho

P Robben

had been really good on and off the pitch. “Now everything is once again in order. We’re going in the same direction once again and I hope to enjoy playing with him again,” Robben said.

aris St Germain defender Mamadou Sakho could be heading to Lyon. Bernard Lacombe, advisor to club president Jean-Michel Aulas, said that Lyon will need to sell players before they move into the transfer market, but that a centre-back would be at the top of their wanted list. Sakho is surplus to requirements at ambitious PSG after a

year of big spending which has seen Alex arrive in January and AC Milan defender Thiago Silva sign for the club this summer. “The plan is to sell two players before, we start recruiting. “But it’s true; we at least need one central defender and maybe a defensive midfielder. That is why we are interested in Mamadou Sakho,” Lacombe said.



July 28, 2012

Saturday Mirror

I felt sad when Team Nigeria trio failed dope test –Chioma Ajunwa-Oparah Chioma Ajunwa-Oparah (MON) is one of the few distinguished Nigerians that have made the nation proud while she was an active athlete. Aside holding the record of being the only Nigerian to have won an individual gold medal at the Olympics, she is currently serving as the Divisional Police Officer in charge of Meiran Police Station, Agbado Oke Odo LCDA, a suburb of Lagos. In this exclusive interview with ANDREW EKEJIUBA, she speaks on her career and the prospects of Team Nigeria at the ongoing Olympics Games in London. Excerpts:


them to excel at the London Olympic Games? My advice to our athletes is that they should go out there with self confidence and believe in themselves. They should be focussed, attentive and take their trainings seriously. They should make sure they do not run into troubles too. Apart from the aforementioned, I believe that they will do well.

an you briefly share with us your experience on your present job as an officer in the Nigeria Police, considering the fact that you are coming from a sporting terrain? Actually, it has not really been easy, because you know what it is to combat crime in Nigeria, but thank God we have been coping with the situation. I also thank God that my athletics career has been able to make me cope with the task of going about my business as a Police officer. You see, if you’re really healthy and smart, you will be able to do very well as far as the police work is concerned. Take a look at our preparations for the ongoing Olympic Games in London, do you think we prepared well for the global showpiece? You know the way we always do things here; everybody knows that Nigeria always starts their preparations late, but we thank God for the kind of athletes God has given to this great nation. We have very strong-minded and talented athletes, so it must always be our prayers that God should continue to give our sports and administrators the strength, ability and wisdom to do the right things at the right time. Our athletes have tried in their build up and competitions they involved themselves in prior to the Olympics in London and we know that Olympics is not just like any other competition in the globe. The fever of Olympics alone normally makes some athletes to fumble and it’s my prayer that none of our athletes should fumble this

Chioma Ajunwa-Oparah

time. May God keep them and give them strength to emerge victorious in their events. I believe Blessing Okagbare should be able to excel at the London Olympic Games. Looking at the eight events we shall be competing in at the Olympics, which of the events do you think we can get at least some medals? Athletics in the past use to be our best bet and another one is boxing, though at the last Commonwealth Games and Olympics we did not perform well in boxing. So, this time around, the boxers in Team Nigeria for the London Olympics must have learnt some lessons. Another event I think we can get a medal in London is taekwondo where we have Chika Chukwumerije. What advice do you have for our athletes in order for

It is on record that you are the only Nigerian that has won a gold medal in the Olympics in an individual event. What was your winning secret? The winning secret I had then was that I always put God first in all I did, and I also trained very hard. Hard work and discipline were the keys for all my successes while I was an active athlete. I also made a lot of personal sacrifice for all my trainings to pay off and it did happen for me. Aside discipline, which is the key, one has to be determined for what you want and I believe God will see you through. What’s your advice to the National Sports Commission and the Nigeria Olympic Committee regarding the use of fire-brigade approach in preparing our athletes for major sporting competitions like the Olympics? My advice to them is that as soon as they return back from the London Olympics, they should commence preparations for the 2016 Olympics. They should make sure that they groom new talents that will replace the aged ones who may not

Chioma Ajunwa making a giant leap to win gold in the women’s long event at the Atlanta’96 Olympics.

I SPENT MY TIME TELLING OUR ATHLETES TO MIND WHAT THEY EAT AND WHAT THEY DRINK, BUT THIS TIME AROUND NONE OF THEM WILL COME OUT BOLD TO SAY SHE DIDN’T KNOW. make it to the 2016 edition of the Olympics, holding in Brazil. Chief Patrick Ekeji cannot do it alone; he needs the support of every Nigerian to succeed as the Director General of the NSC. You know that he was an athlete at a time and even became a coach, so he really needs people who has been there to support him well in his quest in transforming Nigerian sports development. If he really gets the right people around him, sports will really develop in our country because we have the talents. Prior to the ongoing Olympics, three of our athletes where dropped from Team Nigeria because they failed a drug test each. How did you feel as a person hearing such sad news few days to the

Olympics? Actually when I heard it, I felt sad because I read it over the newspapers. It was because of this, that I devoted my time attending their competitions and advising them to remain clean, so that nobody would say he or she did not hear. I was singing it like a song to them telling them not to make the kind of mistake I made. I never wanted any of them to go through the kind of trauma I went through when I heard such a problem when I was an active athlete. I spent my time telling our athletes to mind what they eat and what they drink, but this time around none of them will come out bold to say she didn’t know. It is only them and God that should know what really transpired? Personally I felt so embarrassed.

Saturday Mirror


July 28, 2012

Nations Cup qualifier Rufai warns Eagles against complacency SAYO OGUNDEJI


head of Nigeria’s 2013 Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against the Lone Stars of Liberia next month, a former Super Eagles goalkeeper, Peter Rufai, has called on the Stephen Keshi-led team not to underrate their opponents, saying the Eagles must approach the game with all seriousness. The Eagles missed out of the last Nations Cup in Gabon and Equatorial Guinea, despite having a crop of talented players, the ex-international believes all hands must be

on deck to make sure the mistake of the past did not repeat itself. Already, the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has tentatively fixed the resumption of camping of the team for the all-important fixture for August 19, 2012 in order to allow the team have enough time to prepare. And Rufai who is obviously impressed with the work Keshi has done so far, called on the team to be ready for war, adding that the host will do their best to unsettle the Eagles. “The Super Eagles game against Liberia might look so simple on paper, but the Liberians will surely want

Johnson tasks NFF on football violence ANDREW EKEJIUBA



to make things difficult for the national team which means that Keshi and his lads must be ready psychologically and not take things for granted. “We have talented players, but other teams have also developed. That means Nigeria must raise her game against Liberia because they would want

Abubarkar rues Olympic miss SAYO OGUNDEJI


igeria international and Kano Pillars Basketball Club of Kano player, Usman Abubakar, says he is still at loss over his exclusion from the male national basketball team, known as the D’Tigers currently participating at the ongoing London 2012 Olympic Games. Abubakar was one of the three home-based players selected to feature for the national team en

route the Olympic qualification tournament, but was however dropped alongside other two players shortly before the tournament in Venezuela. The team made history as they picked one of the tickets available for the tournament for the first time in the history of the game in the country. Though the player was happy over the feat achieved by the team, he however expressed disappointment over what he termed ‘unfair treatment’

to the home-based players. “I am excited as a player and as a Nigerian that my country made it to the Olympics for the first time. It would have been better for me if I was part of the team, but we were dropped by the coaches shortly before the competition. “The three home-based players were part of the squad for the tune up games and to be dropped before the tourney for no just reason is unacceptable,” he said with a tinge of regret.

Akinyemi features on Glo/CNN African Voices


s the London 2012 Games officially kicked off on Friday in London, one athlete carrying the weight of expectations of millions of Nigerians for a first ever Olympic medal in canoeing is Johny Akinyemi, the star guest on this weekend’s edition of CNN’s African Voices, sponsored by telecommunication giants, Globacom. Akinyemi is Nigeria’s first Olympic canoeist as the country had never participated in the sport at

the games before. Unlike some of the marquee summer Olympic events such as athletics and swimming, white-water canoeists navigate their course solo in a race against time. Akinyemi who has a British mother and a Nigerian father grew up in Warrington and started canoeing at his local canoeing club when he was 12 years old. Inspired by the achievements of Paul Ratcliffe (GBR) who won silver in the K1 event at the Sydney



2000 Olympic Games, he gave up his place at the top of the British canoe rankings to compete for Nigeria, his father’s home country.

to cause an upset at this stage of the qualifiers. “Missing out on the last edition is not good for our football development and that is why everything must be done to ensure we are part of the contingents to the next tournament holding in South Africa,” the former national team captain said.

Ukah craves for hockey development IFEANYI EDUZOR


resident of Hockey Federation of Nigeria, Patrick Ukah, has advocated grassroots development of hockey to enable Nigeria become a force to be reckoned with in the game. He stated that the country has a lot of potentials in the game, but it is unfortunate that concerted efforts have not been made to develop the game fully. “It is unfortunate that hockey is being relegated to the background when it is supposed to be developed to such a level that the country will rule the continent in the game. “We have a lot of good hockey players in secondary schools and tertiary institutions and our league is one of the best in the continent but lack of encouragement is affecting the game. According to him the country’s failure in picking an Olympic ticket in the game over the years was because of inadequate exposure of the players.

hairman of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) Security Committee, Effiong Johnson, says the country’s football governing body has not done enough to fight violence in the game but admitted the NFF “sincerely does not want to see it continue in football.” Johnson who is also Chairman of the Akwa Ibom State Football Association was speaking at an ethical re-orientation programme on violence organized by the 1 GAME: Football without Violence campaign in Calabar on Thursday. He said the fight against violence in Nigerian football is slow and not being done properly. “Sometimes I wonder

who should be at the forefront of this campaign against violence. Is it the football governing body or civil societies? I know that every stakeholder has a role to play, but so far, I think only 1 GAME is working. “As Chairman of the NFF Security Committee, I’ve asked myself, how much have we done to make the game safer? I realize we have done very little to stop it. I believe the fight against violence requires the synergy of government, football administrators, policy makers, civil societies and non-governmental organizations. It is not a oneman-show,” he added. Johnson commended the efforts of the Nigerian media in the fight against violence describing their contributions as “the catalyst” in the campaign.

NWF to honour Fashola, Aregbesola IFEANYI EDUZOR


lans are at advanced stage by the Nigerian Wrestling Federation (NWF) in conjunction with the Current World Wrestling Federation (CWWF) to honour Governors Babtunde Fashola and Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola with Good Governance and Peace Awards for their contributions toward sports development in their respective states. According to a press statement that was made available to our correspondent and signed by NWF’s President, Prince Hammed Olanrewaju, the Federation decided to honour the two Governors because of their unrelenting efforts in empowering the youths through sports as well as their contributions towards peace and stability of the country. “Nigeria Wrestling Federation chose the two Governors because of their track records, not only in sports development in the country, but their support for the sustainable peace and development of Nigeria. “The award which will


be given in conjunction with Current World Wrestling Federation (CWWF) whose headquarters is in Austria and its affiliates in the United States, Canada, Japan, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy and Nigeria is our own little way of commending them for their good work as well as encourage them to do more in the areas of sport development,” the statement read. The proposed good governance and Peace Awards presentation will hold before the 2nd edition of BRF Wrestlemania 2012 scheduled for October.



July 28, 2012

Saturday Mirror

Saturday Mirror


July 28, 2012

Knee pain

and skin. • Compression. This helps prevent fluid build-up in damaged tissues and maintains knee alignment and stability. Look for a compression bandage that’s lightweight, breathable and self-adhesive. It should be tight enough to support your knee without interfering with circulation. • Elevation. Because gravity drains away fluids that might otherwise accumulate after an injury, elevating your knee can help reduce swelling. Try propping your injured leg on pillows or sitting in a recliner.

CONTINUED FROM LAST WEEK What are risk factors for knee pain? A number of factors can increase your risk of having knee problems, including aging, athletic activities, and trauma injuries. Others are; • Excess weight. Being overweight or obese increases stress on your knee joints, even during ordinary activities such as walking or going up and down stairs. It also puts you at increased risk of osteoarthritis by accelerating the breakdown of joint cartilage. • Mechanical problems. Certain structural abnormalities, such as having one leg shorter than the other, misaligned knees and even flat feet, can make you more prone to knee problems. • Lack of muscle flexibility or strength. A lack of strength and flexibility are among the leading causes of knee injuries. Tight or weak muscles offer less support for your knee because they don’t absorb enough of the stress exerted on the joint. • Certain sports. Some sports put greater stress on your knees than do others. For example, repeated pounding your knees take when you run or jog all increase your risk of knee injury. • Previous injury. Having a previous knee injury makes it more likely that you’ll injure your knee again. Not all knee pain is serious. But some knee injuries and medical conditions, such as osteoarthritis, can lead to increasing pain, joint damage and even disability if left untreated. And having a knee injury — even a minor one — makes it more likely that you’ll have similar injuries in the future.

What is the outlook (prognosis) for knee pain? The outlook for an individual with knee pain depends on the particular cause of the pain. For examples, knee pain caused by degenerative cartilage can be chronic, while knee pain from injury sometimes resolves completely with appropriate treatment. Treatment and drugs: Treatments will vary, depending upon what exactly is causing your knee pain. Medications: Your doctor may prescribe medications to help relieve pain and to treat underlying conditions, such as rheumatoid arthritis or gout.

surgery, it’s usually not necessary to have the operation immediately. Before making any decision, consider the pros and cons of both nonsurgical rehabilitation and surgical reconstruction in relation to what’s most important to you.

Therapy: • Physical therapy. Strengthening the muscles around your knee will make it more stable. Training is likely to focus on the muscles on the front of your thigh (quadriceps) and the muscles in the back of your thigh (hamstrings). Exercises to improve your balance are also important. • Corticosteroids. Injections of a corticosteroid drug into your knee joint may help reduce the symptoms of an arthritis flare and provide pain relief that lasts a few months. The injections aren’t effective in all cases. There is a small risk of infection. • Surgery If you have an injury that may require

Self-care measures for an injured knee include: • Rest. Taking a break from your normal activities reduces repetitive strain on your knee, gives the injury time to heal and helps prevent further damage. A day or two of rest may be all that’s needed for minor injuries. More severe damage is likely to need a longer recovery time. • Ice. A staple for most acute injuries, ice reduces both pain and inflammation. You can use an ice pack wrapped in a thin towel to protect your skin. Although ice therapy is generally safe and effective, don’t use ice for longer than 20 minutes at a time because of the risk of damage to your nerves

LIFE SAVERS Call or see your doctor if you:  Can’t bear weight on your knee  Have marked knee swelling  Are unable to fully extend or flex your knee  See an obvious deformity in your leg or knee  Have a fever, in addition to redness, pain and swelling in your knee  Fall because your knee “gives out” CONCLUDED


Help stop this pain Dear Doctor, I’m a youth copper serving in Lagos State and I hope I won’t bore you with my complaints but I need your help urgently. My problem started last December as soon as I came back from the village where I’d gone for my father’s burial. First, I developed pain in the upper region of my back and there hasn’t been any relief after several visits to five different hospitals and frequent use of pain relievers. Sometimes my back and stomach

will suddenly become hot and without taking any drug it will become normal again. There’s this occasional change of taste on my tongue which could be salty, sugary or even bitter. Also, I always feel some jerky movement all over my body and some sharp pain in my head, throat and joints. As I write this, my entire body is shaking but I guess this could be out of excitement of writing to you. Doctor, I really need to see you to take a look at me and tell me what is really wrong with me. Please,

write and give me an appointment. I’ve already spent a lot of money trying to find a solution to the problem but I’m not really satisfied with the results. Some blood tests I did some time ago only revealed the presence of malaria parasites in my system but I believe the problem is beyond that. I know something is seriously wrong with me. B.J.Y Ikoyi, Lagos Mirror Doctor replies: The main problem I can pick from your mail is that of back pain. All the other associated problems can be said to be psychological or in the least constitutional, in my own opinion. However, I

will advise that you have an x-ray of the upper back bone with emphasis on the spinal column since you seem to have jerky movement and pain in the head. The possibility of a vertebral problem must be borne in mind here. Let me advise here that if the back pain persists you may need to see a consultant physician because of your rather vague but genuine symptoms. In the meantime, you can take analgesic and try to relax as much as possible. I’m afraid I cannot give you my address as this column is not designed for that purpose but I’m sure your doctor will be able to refer you to a physician, if he deems it necessary so that the problem can be solved.


July 28, 2012

Saturday Mirror

‘Hospitality business; challenging but lucrative’ TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE




FAST FOOD BUSINESS he fast food industry is one of the much sought-after busiTHE BEST THING YOU nesses in Nigeria because of the fact that people cannot do without CAN DO IS TO HAVE A food, which has made many people BUILDING OF venture into the hospitality business to satisfy clients’ hunger. While many YOUR OWN went into the business with business motives, some ventured into it based in my mind to have a restaurant of my on passion for the business. own and that was what gave birth to SaHaving worked tirelessly for many voury Restaurant.” organizations in the hospitality busiAccording to Famoriyo, starting an ness as a management consultant, Mr. eatery business is very costly considOyeniyi Famoriyo, in 2001 decided to ering the necessary human establish his own outlet let known as SaSa and capital resourcresourc voury Meals. es involved. He Speaking to Saturday day Mirror on said that getting how he started the business, siness, Famora property to be iyo, the MD/CEO Savoury voury Meals, used as an eateat disclosed that; “Savoury ury is over 10 ery centre is the years, as we started late 2001. Befirst hurdle tha that fore starting Savoury, y, I was into anybody who management consulting ng for many wants to venven Tasty and Tetrazzini eateries. It ture into the was in the course off consulting business busines for those organisations tions that I started building my own. I believe it is better for me to start my own rather than consulting for people and that is what made me start Savoury. I have a great interest in hospitality business and it Famoriyo had always been

must think about. His words: “From the beginning, I knew that the business of eatery involves a property. I knew that if you are into fast food business, the best thing you can do is to have a building of your own. So, I started with that because I knew that if I have building of my own or acquired a land of my own definitely I could get a loan from the bank. The land we are using was first leased to us and we later bought it. To start the business, I also received assistance from banks and friends, and my own money at that time was less than N1 million. “Going into eatery and fast food business involves taking a risk because many things would happen. If the location is not right, you may have problem from Day One. And if the location is right the recipes must also be right and the people working with you must also be right. If your recipe is good and you don’t have right people to prepare it or right people to attend to customers, everything will not be right.” Speaking on the basic challenges facing eatery business in Nigeria, the Savoury boss said duplication of taxes and other charges is really affecting the hospitality business, considering the amount of charges they are paying to local, state and federal governments. “The major challenge in this business has always been government. It is so because in Nigeria you have to build a republic of your own to survive. You have to have your own security, water supply, electricity and many social amenities. For the success of our business, we have even embarked on a lot of cor-

porate social responsibility by giving people around us street light and tarring some bad portion of the roads. If we are doing that, what do you expect from the government? “If people must eat then it means we must sell. The eatery business is lucrative but most of the money goes into buying diesel, repairing generator and payment of government charges. At the state government level, you may deal with about six to eight different ministry and agencies; Ministry of Health, Environment, Tourism and so on. In Lagos State, it is not easy running a business considering the various charges and taxes we pay to different ministries and agencies in the state. “We also have cases where there is duplication of charges. Some of these charges are really affecting our business. You will discover that the Mama Put as the local bukas are called may be killing up to 10 goats on a daily basis and they do not pay the kind of tax that we, who are into eatery business, who do not make up to 10 per cent of such sales, pay.” Talking about the high and low season of the business, Famoriyo said: “In the eatery business, there are high and low seasons. The peak periods for the business are festive periods like Christmas, Easter, Valentine, Muslims festivals and public holidays. The dry season attract more sales for us than the rainy seasons because people don’t like taking themselves out for an appointment during the rains for fear of rain and poor road. So we do have low sales during the rainy seasons.”

Saturday Mirror


July 28, 2012

Setting up a tissue paper/ serviette production plant P

Raw materials include jumbo reels, and glue. Packaging materials include printed labels and nylon rolls. All these are 100 per cent available locally. Since the machine will process 1,250,000MT per annum, the total projected sales revenue is N437.5 million from which we deducted the total inputs of N315. 5million thus realizing a gross profit before tax of N122.5million in the first year. Many Nigerians have burnt their fingers while sourcing local machinery from some inexperienced and dishonest fabricators who produce machines with very low efficiency. Many investors have been deceived. The issue of availability of raw materials should not disturb a prospective investor because we have so many options to handle it. On the whole, a toilet roll project is a very good small-scale industry, which can launch a small investor into the world of millionaires within one year.


Looking carefully into the 2012 budget, the Federal Government is paying much attention on manufacturing, local industrial developments and agriculture. Any investor into any of these sectors will benefit from various government incentives. Any type of manufacturing engaged by individual or groups of individuals or corporate organizations will go a long way in contributing towards the growth of the nation’s economy. It will generate employment opportunities and add to the GDP. The purpose of this write-up is to educate Nigerian businessmen and enlighten potential investors on the commercial viability and profitability of tissue paper/serviettes production.

Tissue paper

Product market Most Nigerians consume toilet roll. Its demand is influenced by population explosion, rapid urbanization and social awareness. It is generally used for cleaning and sanitary purposes in households, restaurants, hotels, canteens, social gatherings, parties, maternity homes, clinics, hospitals, educational institutions, churches, night clubs, shops, fast food centers and offices. Research findings indicate that Nigeria alone now needs over 950 million tonnes of tissue papers per annum, while our total local production output is still less than 150 million tones; the supply gap offers a tremendous opportunity for Nigeria investors.

Space/personnel requirements A three-bedroom flat garage or warehouse may serve as accommodation, while staff strength of eight is required for effective production, marketing and administration. Bigger or smaller plants are also available at competitive prices.

Estimated Cost Implication

Production technology Nigerian investors can now go into this lucrative business using locally-made machines. Though there are imported machines, our local investors do not need to waste their scarce foreign exchange for the importation. The writer will assist you in procuring and installing quality machines that will stand the test of time at moderate and affordable prices. The attractiveness of this project is that both the raw materials and equipment are locally available and the technology involved is very easy to understand and master. The


essential equipments are: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5)

Core making machine Rewinding System Band Saw cutter Embossing Unit Perforating Unit

These equipments are portable, simple to operate and durable. The machines will be procured from highly experienced local producers of such

machines The machinery being introduced here is rugged, reliable and high performing with a capacity of 5,000kg per day. Operating on a single shift for a minimum of 250 days per annum, a total of 1,250,000 MT of tissue paper will be procured and processed into quality tissue products (toilet rolls & serviettes).

Raw materials/profitability

Preliminary Expenses Machinery & Equipment Working (Variable) Accommodation (Rented) (variable) Contingencies Total

(N’000) 250 5,000 3,500 500

750 10,000

Courtesy: Uba Godwin, 08034494437, E-mail:


July 28, 2012

Saturday Mirror

Saturday Mirror


July 28, 2012


JTF invades militants camp in Bayelsa 14 win SUVs in P’ Harcourt promo CHINEDUM EMEANA PORT HARCOURT


elecoms giant, MTN on Thursday in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, continued to wow its customers as it handed over keys to Hyundai jeeps to 14 winners in its ongoing Goodwill Automania promo. Speaking before the car keys presentation ceremony, Pete EviParker, zonal coordinator of the National Lottery Regulatory Commission, said that MTN’s promo was credible and enjoyed the endorsement of the commission. He, however, warned the public to shun any lottery, raffle draw or promo that is not endorsed by the NLRC. In his words, “The NLRC is bringing solidity and credibility to lottery because of its social value to society.”



peratives of the Joint Military Taskforce (JTF) last Wednesday invaded a militant camp at Katabubo near Foropa, Southern local government, Bayelsa State. During the siege of the camp, four militants were reportedly arrested after over-powering them in a gun battle. Some of the munitions used by the militants were reportedly seized by the JTF. The arrested suspects were said to be in the security outfit’s custody and telling them all what they knew about their involvement in the crime. Their identities were not disclosed. However, the “Commander” of the militant camp, simply identified as Gen. Addison, escaped arrest during the attack, and his whereabouts were unknown as at press time. It was, however, gathered that

Arrests four, recover arms the security outfit had launched a man -hunt for the fleeing commander. Saturday Mirror was informed that the JTF personnel also recovered some arms in the camp.

For some time now, Gen. Addison had been on the wanted list of the JTF over his alleged involvement in sea-piracy and illegal bunkering activities in Foropa and other neig-

bouring communities in the southern Ijaw local government. Investigations revealed that Addison had earlier renounced militancy and embraced the Federal

Government amnesty programme but returned to the trenches over undisclosed reasons. Contacted, Spokesman of JTF, Lt. Col. Onyema Nwachukwu, said he was not aware of the incident, as he was indisposed.

Bayelsa filling stations shut, as fuel sells for N150 EMMA GBEMUDU YENAGOA


esidents of Yenagoa, Bayelsa State yesterday were hit by a scarcity of petroleum products following the closure of filling stations by majority of operators in the state. The closure is coming on the heels of failure to revert to approved N97 for pump price of the commodity as well as the nationwide strike called by the National Union of Petroleum & Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) scheduled to begin yesterday. A move round the town revealed that most filling

stations refused to sell the products while those that supposedly had them hoarded the commodity. The NNPC mega stations also lacked products when our correspondent visited their filling stations. Investigations by Saturday Mirror revealed that majority of the filing stations in Yenagoa and communities in Sagbama, Kolokuma/ Opokuma and Ogbia local governments of the state had shut down their business. A source, who pleaded anonymity, told our correspondent that the State Petroleum Monitoring Taskforce and Director-

ate of Petroleum Resources (DPR) had directed the dealers and marketers to desist from selling fuel at N100 and revert to N97 per litre. But, the petroleum union vowed never to revert to N97, claiming that most of them do not purchase the product directly from the Port Harcourt refinery. Only last Tuesday, the DPR in the state shut down six filling stations in Yenagoa for selling above the approved pump price. The artificial scarcity of fuel in the state has an opportunity rise to “black market” operators that are now selling fuel

in 10- and 20-litre jerry cans at N2,000 and N4,000, respectively. It was further gathered the “black market” operators allegedly buy the product at night periods in some filling stations and resell same during the day.

Gov. Dickson

Osun signs N17.8b Osogbo-Ilorin Road dualisation contract Amosun sacks OOU’s VC, registrar FEMI OYEWESO ABEOKUTA


s part of the efforts to sanitise the tertiary institutions in the state, the Ogun State Government yesterday sacked the duo of the Vice Chancellor and the Registrar of the Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) Ago Iwoye in the Ijebu North Local Government Area of the state . The duo of the VC, Professor Wale Olaitan and its registrar, Mr. Femi Oyewole, were asked to proceed on compulsory leave. Saturday Mirror gathered that the decision to sack the two principal officers of the university was reached by the management board of the institution at its meeting following a pending recommendation of the visitation pannel which had earlier visited the university.


sun State government has signed a N17.8 billion contract agreement with SAMMYA Construction Company Limited for the dualisation of the 45 kilometers Osogbo-IkirunKwara State Boundary Road. A statement from the state government made available to Saturday Mirror, says that the dualisa-

tion had been segmented into three of Osogbo-Dagbolu (International Market) to Alamisi Market in Ikirun (9.52 kilometers); Osogbo (Old-garage) to Ikirun junction road (20.5 kilometers) and Ikirun-IlaOdo- Kwara State Boundary road (16.5 kilometers). In signing the agreement on Thursday, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Works and

Transport, Engineer Oladepo Amuda, said that, in line with the agreement, the project would be completed within 24 months of which the work had already commenced. He said that the project was not the usual direct contract award, but a contractor-financing transaction, which came out of the confidence of the contractor in the adminis-

tration of Governor Rauf Aregbesola, saying that the money for the contract would be repaid across 36 months after the completion of the project. A development financial institution, The Infrastructure Bank Plc (TIB) which is the Transaction Advisor, Fund Arranger and Financier of the project, is working in conjunction with the construc-

tion company and other stakeholders to fund the project. He further said: “The road will link the market hub at Dagbolu with a spur from the major road to the market and from there to Alamisi Market in Ikirun. The major one will go from Old Garage and directly to Ikirun and to the Kwara State boundary.

L-R: Former Chairman, Odua Investment Board, Sen Brimoh Yusuf; Group Managing Director, Mr. Adebayo Jimoh; Chairman Odua, Chief Sharafadeen Alli; director representing Ogun State on the board, Alhaji Tajudeen Bello and Iyalaje of Yorubaland, Chief Alaba Lawson, at the inauguration of Almond Court in Ibadan, yesterday. PHOTO: NAN



July 28, 2012

Saturday Mirror

7 Kwara College of Education students nabbed for gang rape Kogi commissioner promises to boost internal revenue ADEMU IDAKWO LOKOJA


he new commissioner for Commerce and Industry in Kogi State, Hon. Ali Aju, has promised to overhaul all the parastatals and departments under his ministry for effective performance. Aju said this in Lokoja, yesterday, after he formally assumed duty in the ministry. He added that the only way for the present administration to succeed was to harness the entire avenue that would enhance the financial status of the state. The commissioner, who received a standing ovation from the staff of the ministry because of his past achievement as a one-time special adviser in the state, called them to cooperate with him in order to bring about the desired change.



even students of a College of Education in Kwara State have been arrested by the operatives of the Directorate of the State Security Service (SSS) for an alleged gang rape offence. The students were said to also belong to a secret cult group, a cover that they allegedly used to rape the girl friend of one of them. Parading the students on Friday in Ilorin, Head of the SSS Directorate in the state, Mr. Williams Alogba, said they were also found to be in possession of fire arms and fake Nigerian currency at the time of their arrest. Alogba told journalists that he briefed the press “because of the recent development in the state” saying; “not too long ago, we had an incident of a cult activity. Two cult members were killed and one of them was beheaded.” He added that they beheaded the one killed in

order to hide the identity of the victim and that the government had since then taken resolute measures to check further occurrences. According to him, the SSS was informed that some students of one of the colleges of Education in the State (which he

pleaded not to be named for security reasons) abducted and raped a fellow student of the college. The girl was said to have been raped by four of the students. Seven students were however subsequently arrested. They were Abdulrasak

Abubakar, Musa Sikirullahi, Kamaldeen Isiaka; Olanrewaju Lawal, Ibrahim Olanrewaju, Tunde Yusuf and AbdularahamJ imoh. They were to be handed over to the police for prosecution, according to the security chief. He urged members of the public

to volunteer information to his organization about evil perpetrators in their midst. Some of people arrested in the manner of these students would be given a reformation through a programme and thereafter be released to join the society again, he said.

NGO tasks Benue youths on entrepreneurial skills HENRY IYORKASE MAKURDI


hree young entrepreneurs are to smile home with various sums of money in the on-going entrepreneurial initiative aimed at encouraging and realizing the potentials of young men and women who are creative enough to be self reliant. The concept is nurtured at the instance of the CYMMY Associates in recognition of young lads who are creatively driven and to discover their potentials as well as to make it practical in their chosen trades. The beneficiaries of the contest includes Mrs. Ene Agbo, who bagged

the 1st prize of N250,000 for having emerged with the best proposal in the category of business proposals for fashion designing while Mr. Victor Itodo picked the 2nd position on computer sales and maintenance and was compensated with N150,000 naira, and the amount of N50,000 for the winner of the 3rd prize went to Master Onoja Joseph. The organizers of the event, which was tagged “The Young Executives: Their Lifestyles And Habits”, was held at the Pastoral Centre, witnessed over 500 participants with dignitaries including principals of tertiary institutions, bankers as well as representatives of

other organizations. Speaking during the presentation of to lucky winners, National Coordinator of the programme, Dr. Edeoja Emmanuel Ogah, said the idea behind the concept was to encourage young entrepreneurs to be self reliant. He added that the programme was designed to assist young men to realize their creativity and fulfill their obligation of reaching their goals and aspirations especially in the area of entrepreneurship. A participant at the forum, who identified himself as Mr. John Time, applauded the foresight of the organizers of the concept, adding that it was a

healthy development and urged the management to sustain the innovation so as to lessen the burden of young men relying on government to provide employment in the state.

Gov. Suswam

Gombe to spend N3.6bn on rehabilitation of 10 schools DANJUMA WILLIAMS GOMBE

‘Gombe, high risk of polio infection’


n official of the World Health Organisation (WHO) in Gombe State, Dr Adamu Ibrahim, on Friday described the state as “a high risk” for polio virus infection. Ibrahim said this in his presentation in Gombe, at the Annual General Meeting of scientific conference of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), Gombe chapter. He said that Gombe state was still high risk in spite of the fact that in the last three years, there was no single case of polio recorded in the state. “It is not a guarantee of the absence of the disease, because the state is surrounded by places that still record polio cases,” he added.


econstruction and renovation work on classrooms, hostels and staff quarters in 10 schools in Gombe State is currently under way in a sustained effort by the state government to completely overhaul the education sector. The repair works in the schools is said to gulp N3.6 billion. Governor Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo made the disclosure at the flagoff of the distribution of instructional materials for the northeast geo-political zone and the taking over of two schools built by the International Cooperation Agency of the South Korean Government (KOICA). According to Governor Dankwambo, the move was part of a sustained effort to reposition the education in the state with the beginning of the 10 pilot schools comprising junior, senior and primary schools. Other efforts accord-

ing to him include the recruitment of 1,000 graduate teachers for secondary schools and another 1,000 basic education teachers, which include participants in the Federal Teachers’ Scheme. He said the state had

concluded arrangements for the establishment of a state-owned college of education as well as more technical schools to fasttrack the acquisition of functional and vocational skills. The governor, while

commending the Korean Government for building the two schools in the state, said the procurement of the books has confirmed the Federal Government’s determination to uplift the standard of education in the coun-

try. He called on the State Universal Education Board (SUBEB) to ensure that the books reached the targeted pupils and students with a threat to deal decisively with anyone found diverting the materials.

Governor Ibrahim Gaidam of Yobe State (left) looking on as Agric Commissioner, Idi Barde Gubana help Mallam Dadiyo Bako with a bag of millet purchased at the cost of N1, 000 during a ceremony to flag off the sale of grains to the people of the State at very subsidized rate, in Damaturu, yesterday

Saturday Mirror


July 28, 2012


Kwankwaso laments dearth of engineers in Kano civil service AUGUSTINE MADU-WEST

Kano spends N120m on girl-child education AUGUSTINE MADU-WEST KANO


overnor Rabiu’ Kwankwaso of Kano State has said that his administration committed N120.6 million to the implementation of Conditional Cash Transfers programme for Girls Education, CCT-GE in 300 schools in the state. During the re-launch of the programme, jointly funded by the state government and DFID’s Education Sector Support Programme in Nigeria (ESSPIN) in Kano, the governor said the move would reduce the problems associated with girl’s education as well as the menace of poverty among the beneficiaries.



overnor Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso of Kano State has lamented the dearth of qualified engineers in the state civil service. The governor claimed that the situation made his government to re-engage some retired engineers to help out in handling its infrastructural projects. Governor Kwankwaso, who spoke during a Ramadan breaking of fast with supervisory and project engineers as well as allied professionals in the state held at the government house in Kano, pointed out that projects of high magnitude such as the ones embarked upon by his administration since assumption of office required involvement of tested hands to see the light of day. He therefore challenged quantity surveyors, engineers and town planners among other



he Anambra State Government will on Monday commence the audit of all the shops and stores in the various markets in the state. Commissioner for Commerce and Industry, Robert Okonkwo, said this yesterday after holding a meeting with leaders of markets’ unions drawn from the Amalgamated Markets Traders Association in the state. Speaking to journalists on the import of the exercise, Okonkwo said that the auditing, which is free of any charge would involve methodological enumeration of the shops, their owners and location. He stated that the exercise to be carried out in all the markets with the support of the market leaders would help the government in planning how to effectively deploy its resources for development.

the execution of capitalintensive projects like the Kofar Nassarawa flyover, three new cities in the suburbs of Kano metropolis as well as mega road projects in Kano City. He emphasized that water pipes would be meticu-

lously re-laid along Zaria Road and Shaikh Jafar Road so that they would not to be affected by the on-going reconstruction of the roads, thereby impeding water supply. Disclosing that the government was currently

constructing about 40 roads worth billions of naira across the state, the governor charged the state Ministries of Works and Environment to closely monitor such projects to ensure value for public money.

Assistant Controller of Customs, Mr. Bappa Usman (left), being congratulated after his decoration with his new rank by Comptroller Usman Kankara in Sokoto, yesterday. PHOTO: NAN

Imo council chairmen shun Okorocha’s peace move CHRIS NJOKU

Anambra begins audit of shops, stores

professionals in Kano to cooperate with the government toward putting in place projects that would stand the test of time. The governor reiterated that his administration was committed to



he 27 reinstated local government chairmen in Imo State yesterday shunned the peace move initiated by Governor Owelle Rochas Okorocha to resolve the Appeal Court judgment that ordered the governor to reinstate the council chairmen. Okorocha had, yesterday, invited the chairmen for a dialogue on how to move the state forward but the chairmen refused the governor’s olive branch. They claimed the governor did not invite them formally as the executive chairmen of the local government areas. Addressing a gathering of traditional rulers, labour leaders, retired judges yesterday at the Sam Mbakwe Extended Chambers, Government House, Owerri, Okorocha said that he never breached any law by appealing the judgment of the Appeal Court, which was in favour of the elected chairmen. He said the election

…As gov asks them to resume duty that brought the chairmen in was illegally conducted as he met separate court injunctions restraining the Imo State Independent Election Commission (ISIEC) from conducting the election, Notwithstanding, there

was massive corruption discovered in the local government councils, a situation he said led him to dissolve the local government administration. However, the governor said the occasion was not a period to shift blames

but time to find ways to move the state forward and urged the elected chairmen to “come back and embrace peace.” In the words of Okorocha, “I call on them to return to work as quickly as possible and serve out

their tenure so that we can conduct the next local government election as quickly as possible,” the governor appealed. He continued, “I need the chairmen now before you create the impression that Okorocha is not law-abiding.” He said such impression was not true.

APGA faults Enugu court order against Umeh DENNIS AGBO ENUGU


he All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), in Enugu State, has expressed concern over the interim injunction granted by the state High Court restraining its National Chairman, Chief Victor Umeh, from convoking the national, state or local government executive committee meetings of the party. The court gave the restraining order on Thursday. The party accused some officials of the Anambra State Government of sponsoring some “dissidents” to cause trouble in the party. The state Chief Judge, Justice Inno-

cent Umezulike, who granted the application for an interim injunction brought by a former member of the party in the state, Mr. Jude Okoli, also restrained the APGA Chairman from expelling any member pending the hearing and determination of the motion on notice fixed for Tuesday, July 31. Reacting to the order of the court, the state Chairman of APGA, Mr. Okechukwu Nkoloagu, said that though the judiciary was the last hope of the masses, the court might have been misinformed to take the action because the said plaintiff was no longer a member of the party. Nkoloagu said: “First and foremost, the so-

called injunction by Jude Okoli on Victor Umeh did not involve the party but they went ahead to restrain him from conducting the party’s affairs, so they should involve the party. How can they restrain the national chairman from conducting the affairs of the party when the party was not included in the matter?” Nkoloagu disclosed that Okoli was expelled by the party having been found culpable by a disciplinary committee, which found that he was working hand in hand with the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) “so he was duly expelled.” He continued, “I was wondering why the court honoured the suit

because Chief Umeh is the National Chairman of APGA, he is not contesting any land dispute with Jude Okoli. And Jude Okoli himself is an expelled member of APGA; he has no locus to go to court and begin to join issues with the national chairman of a party he is not a member of. So, be it as it may, we will go to court on Tuesday and by God’s grace, we will vacate the order. “Remember that some expelled members of the party in the state had gone to court earlier this year challenging my tenure of office and the matter was vacated on grounds of jurisdiction. So I was surprised when this case came up and was honoured.”


Crime Watch

Saturday Mirror

July 28, 2012

Crime Watch

P. 54

Where is Funmilayo Falaye?

Three friends die in gang war

BRIEFS Police parades five suspected kidnappers in Edo SEBASTINE EBHUOMHAN BENIN CITY


do State Police Command on Friday paraded five suspected kidnappers at the premises of the command in Benin City even as the spokesman, DSP Anthony Airhuoyo, confirmed that some cultists have been arrested in relation to the killing of about five cultists this week. However, one of the suspects, Charles Onah, 26, said he and his 16 year-old younger brother, Endurance Onah, merely threatened to kidnap a man who he had sold sand and who was still owning him N3, 500 balance. The elder Onah said he merely ordered the man to send him N5, 000 worth of recharge card without disclosing his identity. Two of the other suspects, 32 year-old Andy George-Olufemi and 25 year-old Godwin Otoro were arrested at Suleija, where they wanted to cash N18, 000 paid into Godwin’s Bank account. Saturday Mirror gathered that the money was part of the ransom they were paid in a kidnap operation. Speaking to newsmen, George-Olufemi confessed that he threatened their victim, a man, whom he had worked for when he was in Benin City without disclosing his identity by ordering him to pay N18, 000 into Godwin’s account or he will be kidnapped and killed if he failed to do so. On his part, Godwin told newsmen that George-Olufemi was a friend to his family who pleaded to use his Bank account number after lying to him that a brother from Benin intended to send some money to him. He said he was nabbed when he was about to cash the money. The last suspect, 30 year-old Mr. Nosa Onaghinor, said that he obtained a SIM card with which he called his victim, Chima’s number, before telling him that he was playing a middleman role to inform him that he was about to be kidnapped and killed by an unknown group. He added that he demanded for the sum of N200, 000 only from Chima even as the victim promised to send him only N14,000 in appreciation of his timely information. The informant would later send his younger brother, Osamudiamen Onaghinor’s bank account to the victim without disclosing the source of the money to his younger brother. Both of them were arrested at a bank premises (name withheld) when the younger brother was about to cash the money.



Babatunde Owoade aka Pepper, Lateef Tijani, Frederick Ogba, Kenneth and Bolaji Salako aka Jet Li were friends. They also had a mutual friend, Anthony Akintolure, popularly called Forsythe. Three of the five friends are dead today because of Forsythe. How did this happen?


hen guns boomed in the wee hours of Saturday 23 June, 2012 at Araromi Street, Ilaje, Bariga area of Lagos, most of the residents cringed with fear and hugged their beds. However, when the smoke cleared and the day broke, behold three young men lay on the floor of their apartment stone dead. They were said to be victims of some suspected cult members in an inter gang war. Around 2:00am of the fateful day, five young men were reportedly sleeping in the comfort of their room and parlour apartment oblivious of the death lurking just in the corner. The import of their mortality probably dawned on them when three suspected cult members burst in on them demanding the head of an acquaintance. Prior to the attack on the men at Araromi Street, the three suspected cultists had reportedly visited Ogbere Street, close by, where they allegedly shot one Dare in the eye. The shot Dare is currently lying critically ill in a hospital. It was from Ogbere Street, that the suspected cult members reportedly headed for Araromi Street in search for one Anthony Akintolure, popularly called Forsythe, a 300 Level Chemical Engineering student of the University of Lagos. Once they arrived in Ilaje, the suspected cultists headed for the apartment Forsythe was believed to be sleeping in. There, they reportedly met the five men in deep sleep. Once the assailants broke into the living room, they came face to face with one Babatunde Owoade, popularly called Pepper,

who was also sleeping in the room at the time. Owoade was face to face with one Balogun, who allegedly led the cultists to the house. Owoade was said to have demanded from Balogun whom they were looking for. He was promptly told that they were on the trail of Forsythe. Balogun allegedly told Owoade that they were there to snuff life out of Forsythe. But before his friends went to bed the previous night, Forsythe, apparently aware that some assailants were hunting for him, chose not to pass the night in the place, contrary to his practice. At that point, Owoade, who told Balogun that Forsythe did not pass the night at the apartment, reportedly went on his knees pleading with Balogun and his two other assailants to let sleeping dogs lie and leave the house. Balogun was reportedly unfazed by Owoade’s pleas. By that time, the other four occupants of the two rooms were awake and also joined Owoade in appealing to the assailants. Apparently convinced that his target was hiding in the second room, Balogun allegedly bulldozed his way to the room. He was thus repelled by the other occupants in the room. A fight soon ensued. At this stage, the assailants allegedly opened fire on all the five men they met in the apartment. In the end, Owoade and Lateef Tijani reportedly sustained heavy gunshot injuries while Frederick Ogba, Kenneth and Bolaji Salako aka Jet Li were not so lucky; they reportedly died one after the other from the injuries sustained in the gun attack. No sooner had the men gone down in a

hail of bullets that the assailants took to their heels. The two who sustained various degrees of injuries were reportedly rushed to the Ikeja General Hospital, Ikeja. Saturday Mirror learnt that Salako was buried at Atan Cemetery four days later while Ogba was laid to rest a week later. However, Tijani, one of the injuried who was rushed to the hospital is said to have developed brain disorder, in what doctors said, was the result of the gun attack. Investigations revealed that Tijani no longer behaved like a normal person even on the hospital bed. Speaking on the incident, Forsythe, who claimed not to be a cult member, told Saturday Mirror that a group of boys referred to as Down Town Boys must have carried out the attack. “It was Kenneth who called me around 2:00am that day that they were being attacked, apparently when the boys first came. He asked me to come and help them confront the boys, but I told him I was far from there. Around 5:00a.m, my mother called me on phone that my friends had been attacked. She asked me not to return to the vicinity until dust settled on the issue. “But by 8:00a.m, I came back home and saw that Pepper and our other friends had been shot. We then rushed them to Ikeja General Hospital,” Forsythe said. Andrew is Tijani’s brother. In a chat with Saturday Mirror, he re-affirmed that his brother’s condition was not improving. “When the guys came that early morning, they accused my brother and his friends of being supporters of one of the opposing camps. We told them we did not know the whereabouts of the man they were looking for. But their minds were already made up. That was how they started shooting and got my brother and his friends injured while three people died instantly,” Andrew said. He claimed that he is already in hiding as there are increasing death threats from the assailants.

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Saturday Mirror


July 28, 2012

When did cannabis become a banned drug? When the operatives of the NDLEA swooped on 32-year-old Joyce Fetz accusing her of being in possession of a banned substance, she took it as a rude joke. Was she actually ignorant of the fact that cannabis is a banned drug or just trying to be smart? SEGUN ADIO


t is either Joyce Fetz was being too pleasing to her friends, or she was just being naively crafty when she was caught with 14.40kg of cannabis recently by operatives of National Drug Law Enforcement Agents (NDLEA). Fetz, 32, is a Nigerian woman married to a German. Her cannabis-laden luggage was reportedly discovered by operatives of the anti-narcotics agency during the baggage checking. Fetz was billed to fly a Turkish Airlines aircraft to Madrid, Spain for a brief visit. She was billed to travel to Germany to re-unite with her husband. Fetz was billed to deliver the banned drug to a cartel in Madrid before making the Germany trip. She hailed from Warri, Delta State. Fetz was nabbed at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos. But all was not to be after all. Investigations revealed that before Fetz married her German husband six years ago, she was a pupil of India College, Benin City, Edo State from where she terminated her schooling in Class 2. Her dropping out, it was discovered, was because of the inability of her parents to continue sponsoring her education. Once she stopped schooling, Fetz took to buying and selling of second hand clothing in Warri. She later made


some money and graduated to importing female shoes and bags. This she reportedly brought into the country from Asia and Europe. That she did until she met her husband and both agreed to get married. It was further discovered that part of the condition Fetz was given for the marriage to the German was to be a full time house wife. She consented to that

proposal and she had been a full house wife ever since. Along the line, the woman felt the need to up her status and earn more money than she did under her husband. She was soon connected to a drug cartel based in Spain with whom she agreed to ferry the banned drugs from Nigeria to the European nation. But in her statement before antinarcotics agents, Fetz, who claimed she was not in the know that cannabis was a banned substance, however, blamed her present ordeal on the trust she had for friends in need. “I was given the drug by a relative of my friend who resides in Spain. I was only being nice, and that has put me in this mess. When they (NDLEA operatives) opened and confirmed that it is marijuana, I told the officers that I had no objection because I was only helping my friend. If I had known that I would be arrested, I would have declined taking the luggage for her. She was to collect the bag from me in Spain while I take another flight to Germany,” said Fetz who claimed that was the first time she had had problems with anti-narcotics agents. But in a swift reaction to her arrest, Chairman of the NDLEA, Alhaji Ahmadu Giade, said the agency would not be fooled by claims that the woman was ferrying the consignment for her friends. “The issue of helping her friend to smuggle drugs will be determined by the court. She will be charged in line with the NDLEA Act. What is important is for members of the public to learn from her experience,” Giade said. He claimed that Fetz would be prosecuted for unlawful possession and exportation of narcotics under the Agency’s Act.

3, 000 Euros is worth the trouble – Drug courier SEGUN ADIO


or Mark Denis Ebinum, 3, 000 Euros in cash is worth risking being jailed for. Ebinum matched his thoughts with action recently when he was arrested for ingesting 1.750kg of a banned substance suspected to be cocaine. Ebinum, who resides in Spain, was caught with the aid of the body scanning machine. Ebinum was billed to board a Turkish Airline flight to the European nation from the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, when he was caught with the banned substance. On his arrest, Ebinum was immediately whisked to the waiting room of the anti-narcotics agents and a couple of hours after, he reportedly excreted all the consignments. Ebinum, a native of Enugu State, attended Igboetiti Primary School and Community Secondary School, both at Igboetiti, from where he graduated in 1996. He is married with two kids. His wife and children are resident in Nigeria, while he is in Spain in search of daily bread.


Since 2001, Ebinum had relocated to Spain where he had been working as a cleaner at a pub. He reportedly lost his cleaning job late last year and the father of two had been jobless ever since. But in a bid to make ends meet and feed his fam-

ily, Ebinum took to drug peddling. In his confessional statement before NDLEA operatives, Ebinum said that his joblessness pushed him to trafficking drugs. “I have been working in Spain since 2001 but for over a year I have been jobless. Last December, I came to Nigeria to see my wife and two children. I have not been able to go back because of lack of money. I was stranded. It is the situation that made me to smuggle cocaine. There was no other option because as nobody was willing to help. As a family man I need money for the upkeep of the family and I would have earned 3,000 Euros from the deal, and I think the risk is worth taking,” he said. NDLEA chairman, Ahmadu Giade, advised Nigerian youths especially, not to yield to the temptation of money to engage in actions capable of ruining their lives. Giade also urged members of the public to shun drug trafficking because it leads to regrets. “My advice to the public is that drug trafficking is not an escape from the difficulties of life. It leads to pain, shame and regrets” Giade cautioned.


Alleged gun-running: Baale tasks police on released suspect SEGUN ADIO


aale of Owutu village in the Ikorodu Local Government Area of Lagos State, High Chief Joseph Olatunji has urged the police authorities at the State Criminal Investigations Department, Panti, to re-arrest a suspect, Mrs Bilkis Owoyemi Olaoye, over alleged gun-running and aiding cult activities in the area. Olaoye, 47, had been in police detention over alleged gun running and cult activities. Her son, Ibrahim Lawal, 26, who is said to be currently at large, is alleged to be hand in glove with her. Apparently when no substantial evidence could not be established against her, Olaoye was set free by the law enforcement agents. But in a swift reaction to Olaoye’s release, Olatunji claimed that a locally made gun and five live cartridges said to belong to runaway Ibrahim, were recovered from Olaoye’s shop. The monarch also claimed that Ibrahim and his group used to hold nocturnal meetings in the woman’s shop in the community. Olatunji further alleged that Olaoye had been the one keeping the group’s weapons anytime they wanted to strike. He gave an account recently when Ibrahim’s group clashed with the Ikorodu Zone of the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC) which resulted in the death of one Tobi. “Ibrahim and his group had been disturbing the peace of the community for many years back, and several times he was released by the Divisional Police Station in Owutu before the latest intervention by the SCID,” added the traditional ruler. He therefore called on police authorities to re-arrest Olaoye and investigate her properly for the law to take its full course. Speaking with journalists, Olaoye termed allegations against her son as baseless. Though the woman did not deny Ibrahim’s waywardness, she claimed that the OPC was behind her son’s current travails.

Gun men kill three Agip staff in Bayelsa EMMA GBEMUDU YENAGOA


hree staff of the Nigeria Agip Oil Company (NAOC) were killed last Thursday evening when some gun men attacked a speed boat belonging to the firm along Tarabora in Southern Ijaw local government, Bayelsa State. Remains of one of the killed staff, Hector Abbey ,has been recovered, while two others have been declared missing . The boat identified as MV Terra was ambushed by the gunmen when it was heading to the firm’s Clough Creek flow station along Egbema-Angalabiri ,when they shot the driver of the boat on leg and three others . When contacted, Spokesman for JTF, Lt. Col. Onyema Nwachukwu, confirmed the incident to our correspondent saying that the NAOC boat was conveying staff of the firm to its Flow station before it was attacked by sea pirates.

Crime Extra Where is Funmilayo Falaye? Saturday Mirror


July 28, 2012


Her father used her for rituals. He’s looking to kill another of my children – Funmilayo’s mother


He’s now after me - Fumilayo’s brother

Funmilayo Falaye was seen last on 16 February, 2006 as she left to honour her father’s invitation for a meeting with him. Now, six years after, her mother and siblings are alleging something else. What is their allegation and on what is it hinged? SEGUN ADIO


t is now six years that Funmilayo Falaye had disappeared into thin air in rather strange circumstances. Funmilayo, popularly called Ade, was reportedly abducted for reasons her abductors did not mention. No ransom was also demanded and none paid. She was 25 years old. However, six years on, her siblings are now demanding full investigations into the case. Funmilayo was allegedly abducted at the family’s Odo Ona Elewe, Ibadan, Oyo State residence on February 16, 2006. Back then, Funmilayo’s parents and her siblings did their best to locate her, but to no avail. As far as Funmilayo’s mother and other siblings are concerned, the father is the prime suspect in the disappearance of the family’s first child. Apart from urging the powers-thatbe to probe their breadwinner for the disappearance of Funmilayo, one of the Falaye’s children and younger brother to the missing young woman, is currently in hiding alleging that his father is now after his own life and wants to use him for ritual. Funmilayo was reportedly newly married at the time and had relocated with her husband to Lagos before she was alleged to have received the call to come home from her father. Funmilayo lived with her husband at Ketu area of Lagos where she used to sell building materials before her disappearance. She was 25 years old at the time. She was the first born of the Falayes. Investigations revealed that the parents of the missing woman had been long separated. While the father had since relocated to Osogbo, Osun State and settled down with another woman, Iya Yemi, Funmilayo’s mother, Comfort, had been carrying on with life since her estranged husband relocated to Osogbo. According to Lekan (not real name), the younger brother of Funmilayo, who reported the matter to Saturday Mirror, he and other siblings as well as their mother, now live in perpetual fear and are in hiding because his father had allegedly threatened to deal with anyone who raises the issue of Funmilayo’s disappearance before him again. Lekan further alleged that anytime Funmilayo’s whereabouts were mentioned to their father, he would claim

that she is at Ilesha. Lekan claimed that his father never took them to where his elder sister is at Ilesha. Lekan also claimed that he would have been the second abduction victim of their father but for divine intervention. Speaking with Saturday Mirror on the phone, Lekan claimed that in late 2009 while the disappearance of his elder sister was still fresh, he had challenged his father several times demanding that he produce Ade whom he had personally invited for a meeting before she disappeared. Apparently because of his loquacity on the matter, his father also invited him to Osogbo. “When he (Father) called me for a meeting over my concern for the disappearance of my sister, he just told me that I should not mind my mother. He claimed that Ade was in Ilesha and had asked him to give everyone her regards. I asked him to give me Ade’s phone number but he said she did not have a phone,” Lekan alleged. On how his father also orchestrated his own abduction, Lekan alleged further: “After our meeting, I told him I was returning to Ibadan, but my father said I had to pass the night there in his house. When he became insistent, I agreed to sleep until the following day in his house. But by 5:00am, he woke me and said I would accompany him to a church where he was being ordained with a title. He claimed we needed to be there early to put things in shape. I followed him through the dark bush path. But while we were going, he brought out a yellow handkerchief and started chanting some incantations into it. Suddenly, I became weak from inside. My father did not even notice that I had stopped and was weak. He just continued chanting into the handkerchief. “After a while, apparently when he could not see me again, he came looking for me. Before his return, I had stopped by a food seller who was just starting her early morning cooking. I then saw my father coming back through the bush path, calling my name. I begged the woman not to tell him I was there. When he came along where I hid, he asked the woman if she saw a young man and that one claimed she did not. That was how he started running home looking for me. It was from there that I ran to the main road and begged people for money and returned to Ibadan.”


The young man alleged that his father never asked his mother whether he had returned home or not since then until now. Lekan added that when his mother called him two weeks after to ask after him, his father simply told the woman that he was fine and that he(Lekan) had decided to stay back in Osogbo. Lekan claimed his father did not know that he was right with his mother at the time. In a telephone chat, Mrs Comfort Falaye, mother of the abducted young woman, told Saturday Mirror that asking for her daughter’s whereabouts was a waste of time. She alleged that Funmi-

layo had long been expended for rituals. Comfort claimed that her fears now was that her other children are not given the Funmilayo treatment. Her words: “It is a long time now that we have been looking for Ade. It’s since the day her father called her for a meeting. The man and his family are doing the thing in concert. They are looking for another person to kill now. He has killed Fumilayo, simple.” Saturday Mirror contacted Falaye on his mobile phone line. After repeated calls which he did not pick, our correspondent sent him a text message. Again, Falaye did not respond.

Saturday Mirror

XXXTH Olympic Summer Games

July 28, 2012

Performers dressed as Pearly Queens during the opening ceremony. Photograph: Reuters


Aerial view of the Olympic stadium



he XXXTH Olympic Summer Games began in London last night with a colourful ceremony. The ceremony began with Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins - complete in a yellow jersey - ringing the largest harmonically tuned bell in the world. As the sound of the bell died away, a young soloist began singing Sir Hubert Parry’s setting of William Blake’s poem Jerusalem. And more than 60,000 fans gathered at the event venue to hear the strains of Danny Boy being sung by a young choir. The choir in the stadium, all wearing yellow hooped tops, carried on the song on Jerusalem. A horse drawn carriage on the track and a man in an old top hat carrying a book under his arm were seen stepping out to meet several other men dressed in similar garb. All four countries of the United Kingdom, namely, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland were represented in the song - Jerusalem, Danny Boy, Flower of Scotland and Bread of Heaven sung by youngsters. Kenneth Branagh play later took the centre stage from Williams Shakespeare’s play, ‘The Tempest’. It was a celebration of creativity, exuberance and generosity of the British. In the course of the ceremony, five Olympic rings seemingly made from molten steel, rose from the ground and came together in a shower of sparks. This was followed by a film of Buckingham Palace - with overhead shots and film of tourists taking a look round. A black cab drew up and Daniel Craig (aka James Bond) raced up the stairs and into the building. The Queen and Daniel Craig slowly walked down Buckingham Palace corridor before Her Majesty and James Bond left the palace and stepped onto a chopper. The statue of Winston Churchill in Parliament Square was seen waving as the helicopter flew over London and through Tower Bridge. It was indeed a

breathtaking spectacle. The film featuring the encounter between Bond and the monarch at Buckingham Palace prompted much laughter and cheers. “Good evening Mr Bond,” the Queen said in the clip, before they left together, apparently heading towards the Olympic Stadium in a helicopter. A helicopter then flew over the stadium to the sound of the Bond theme tune, as two figures parachuted down, one dressed as the monarch. As if by magic, the Queen appeared in the stands at the stadium - part of a crowd of about 80,000 - amid cheers. The chairman of London 2012, Lord Coe, earlier told the BBC he was “as excited as hell”. Crowds of people, many of them dressed up in their nation’s colours, were seen at the Olympic Park for the show. The aforementioned film depicted a

picture of how James Bond whisked the Queen to the Olympics. Then the national anthem of the United Kingdom was quickly performed by the Kaos Signing Choir for Deaf and Hearing Children. Then came Mr Bean’s show which added more glamour to the event. Fireworks on Tower Bridge was also shown on the night as, a powerboat, driven apparently by David Beckham, coming down the Thames was seen. Jane Bailey, a young footballer, was also seen carrying the Olympic flame. Fifty dancers, including choreographer Akram Khan, used images of mortality such as dust and the setting sun to dramatise the struggle between life and death as the favourite hymn of Mahatma Gandhi, was played by the band on board Titanic as it sank. Later the march past event began with Greece the first of the 204 which teams entered the arena.

Greece, as the spiritual home of the Olympic movement, always has the honour of being the first team to enter the Olympic Stadium for the athletes’ parade. Team GB as host nation was the last. The Greek flagbearer was Alexandros Nikolaidis, a taekwondo silver medallist in both Athens and Beijing, while weightlifter Romela Begaj, a European silver medallist who is aiming to become the first Albanian ever to stand on an Olympic podium, carried her country’s flag. Australia’s flagbearer is 6ft 5in basketball player Lauren Jackson, who plys her trade in America’s WNBA led the 410 members of the Aussie team to the arena. Opening ceremony director Danny Boyle was so moved that he tweeted during the event saying: “Thank you, everyone, for your kind words! Means the world to me.”

Beckham shines in delivering Olympic torch


e’s often seen cruising the streets of California on his beloved motorcycle but it seems that David Beckham’s not so confident when it comes to driving speedboats. The global superstar mesmerised the watching world when his long anticipated role in the London 2012 Olympic Games was finally revealed. The 37-year-old was charged with driving the Olympic Torch via a speedboat down the River Thames, but it was down to some clever camera work that he accomplished the feat.

Although the LA Galaxy footballer was standing at the helm with two hands firmly on the wheel, there was another man who gave a steady hand to the boat. While viewers at home watched the dapper dressed Beckham power toward Tower Bridge, they were unable to see the other man on the boat crouching next to him. The father-of-four looked at his best in a black suit with a matching tie and a white shirt as he smoothly smiled down the camera. However, the illusion created in part by director Danny Boyle was unable to fool

supporters of the games who watched on from the river bank. As David’s boat, which was named Max Power, approached the famous Tower Bridge, a huge explosion of fireworks went off and added to the total experience of the opening ceremony. Tower Bridge came alight due to the spectacular display as Beckham continued to stand at the head of the boat. The footballer - who was famously snubbed from Team GB for the Games - had promised he would still play a part and he certainly didn’t

Mr Bean brings down the house


ome of the very British elements of the Olympics Opening Ceremony may have left some view-

ers across the world bemused, but at least one character was instantly recognisable - bumbling funnyman Mr Bean.

The London Symphony Orchestra took centre stage playing Chariots of Fire as Mr Bean - British actor Row-

disappoint. Accompanying the fatherof-four on the boat was Jade Bailey, Arsenal and England Under 17 ladies footballer player. Beckham has previously spoken of his disappointment at missing out but said he was determined to enjoy the Games as a fan. ‘I am going to be just proud just to be there as a fan more than anything,’ he said. ‘In a part of London where I grew up playing soccer over the fields that have been changed now. As a fan and an Englishman I am going to be very proud.’

an Atkinson - took to a keyboard. Half-way through the performance he took out his phone and then proceeded to sneeze, while playing one key repetitively





It is unlawful for the management of public schools in Lagos State to demand levies from parents to maintain or upgrade facilities in their schools. Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Raji Fashola, while speaking at the second edition of the Governor’s Education Award in Lagos on Thursday.

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Lessons for Africa from China’s development experiences (1)


n July 13, 2012, I participated in a Forum on China-Africa Financial Cooperation and I believe that my presentation is worthy sharing with readers of this column. “Let me express my pleasure to be here at this Forum on China-Africa Financial Cooperation jointly organized by Exim Bank of China and Afreximbank following closely on 2nd China-Africa People’s Forum which I attended four days ago in Suzhou where Vice President Xi Jing Ping gave the Keynote Address. Let me hasten to thank the organisers of this Forum for their kind invitation to me and for the opportunity to rub minds with you on the theme of the Forum, “China’s Development Experiences and Lessons for Africa”. I strongly believe that these exchanges and interactions between China and Africa at this time are good for both sides considering the history of our relationship, friendship and cooperation. Let me commend Mr. Li Ruogu, President of China Exim Bank, for the visible signs of the involvement of his bank in the development of Africa particularly in the agriculture, infrastructure and education sectors. These are relevant and

with President Olusegun Obasanjo vital sectors for our development in Africa. Let me congratulate Mr. Ekra, President of African Export-Import Bank, for the good and great works he is doing in the bank since his assumption of office which in itself had some uneasiness at the beginning. In looking at the lessons that Africa can learn from China’s development experiences, we must, first of all, take cognizance of the differences between China and Africa. First to be appreciated is the fact that China is one country with the largest population of 1.3 billion people and vast area of land 9,598,086 square kilometers in the world, while Africa is a continent of fifty-five countries.

Although Africa is larger than China in land area, it is only about half the population of China. China is located in an area where it shares land borders and maritime boundaries with neighbours some of whom are friendly and others who are so suspicious. Africa is, on the other hand, a continent with internal conflicts and contradictions within it and surrounded by oceans and seas that are generally congenial. China is seen as a growing likely world power on which watchful eyes of competitors for global space and power are set; Africa is generally regarded as the poorest continent of the world which seems to be unsure on how best to handle

its affairs, hence its poverty. China has many thousand years of recorded history and Confucius attitude and values to go by; Africa’s initial written history was by colonial masters from their own perspective. These differences do not foreclose learning from each other; after all, human beings are human beings and their orientation, needs and desires are similar, no matter where they are geographically located, but we must be aware of special difficulties that such differences present in learning and copying by one from the other. China’s development stems from the emergence of the country from the crucible of a revolution. Africa’s emergence from colonialism in the main is more evolutionary than revolutionary and both of us need to make up for the lost ground and the burden that our precedents have imposed on us. To forget history is to lose memory. China has not forgotten, Africa must not forget history. Always remember where you are coming from. China looked in, in preparation for opening up. Then, the focus became production and development.



Eguavoen resigns, parts ways with Enyimba IFEANYI EDUZOR


mbattled head coach of Enyimba FC of Aba, Augustine Eguavoen, has finally parted ways with the

club. According to a reliable source, the former Nigeria U-23 Coach handed in his resignation following the announcement of his suspension on Thursday by the club’s chairman, Felix Anyansi-Agwu. The coach who have been having a running battle with the management of the team following his side’s poor run in the league which placed them in a distant 4th

position with 52 points from 34 matches had his problem compounded by the shocking 2-0 defeat suffered in the hands of National League side, Prime FC of Oshogbo at the quarter-finals of this year’s Federation Cup. This development now leaves assistant coach, Abdu Maikaba with the responsibility of taking charge of the club’s last four Nigeria Premier League games for this season. Attempts by our correspondent to talk to Eguavoen on the development failed as he did not respond to telephone calls, while the phone of the club’s chairman was switched off.

Olympic 2012 Male Football Results Honduras 2 – 2 Morocco Mexico 0 - 0 Korea Republic Spain 0 - 1 Japan UAE 1 - 2 Uruguay Gabon 1 - 1 Switzerland Belarus 1 - 0 New Zealand Brazil 3 - 2 Egypt


Great Britain 1 - 1 Senegal

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