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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Guber election

Decision day in Anambra •Ngige, Obiano, Nwoye, Ubah, others slug it out •Helicopters on patrol •APC, PDP in war of words over arrest P. 6

Heads of government at the 2013 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Colombo, Sri Lanka, yesterday.






EFCC arrests Lamido’s sons •Presidency denies gov’s claim over $250m bribe x STealk Top ten sex lies

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Saturday Mirror

November 16, 2013

Oshiomhole, Edo government hit dead end on Oyerinde’s murder SEBASTINE



do State Governor, Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole, is not a happy man. The unresolved murder of his principal private secretary, Comrade Olaitan Oyerinde, is what is making him extremely unhappy. Approximately a year and six months after Oyerinde’s assassination on Friday, May 4th, 2012, Saturday Mirror can exclusively report today that Oshiomhole and indeed the government of Edo State have hit a dead end in the search for the killers of the man he fondly called “my son.” The governor is therefore unhappy because those that killed the man that helped to prepare the blueprint with which he is governing Edo State may never be found. The investigation of Oyerinde’s death has been dogged by a litany of controversies. Not the least of them is the fact that the State Security Service (SSS), the national agency that is vested with the power to carry out discreet investigation, and the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), which is



vested with investigative and prosecutorial powers, turned in conflicting, competitive and contradictory reports on the murder. The direct result of the error of omission or commission is the detention of two different sets of criminals said to have killed Oyerinde at a particular time in his house.

Explaining why nothing seems to be happening now, Edo State Attorney-General and Commissioner of Justice, Mr. Henry Idahagbon said the very fact that the police were pursuing the prosecution of the wrong people makes the search for Oyerinde’s killers difficult. “The position now is that the mat-

ter has been stalemated. This is the only country in the world where such a thing will be possible; where you have two different security organs of government parading two different sets of criminals who claimed to have killed only one person. Oyerinde could have only been killed at a particular time by a gang of criminals. So, for us to have two sets claiming to have killed him, it is not possible for a man to be killed twice. So, that has created the stalemate. Honestly, how to navigate out of that stalemate, I cannot pontificate on it right here. But it has created difficulties for us as prosecutors,” Idahagbon said. Asked why the state government cannot pursue the prosecution of the SSS suspects since it does not believe that those paraded by the police were responsible, Idahagbon explained, “If you arraign those paraded by the police, all they need to do in law, because the law presumes every accused person innocent until proven guilty, in order to prove your innocence in court, all you have to do is to cast aspersions-to poke holes-in the standard of proof.” CONTINUED ON PAGE 53

Saturday Mirror


November 16, 2013

Saturday Starter

Death penalty G

overnor Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole of Edo State has been acclaimed on many fronts for taking the lead in dealing with the menace of kidnapping by passing into law the anti- kidnapping Bill, which now prescribes death penalty for convicted kidnappers in his state. But the Comrade-Governor has many critics. Chief among them is the government of Switzerland, which faulted Oshiomhole for signing the Bill. The Human Security Adviser of the Embassy of Switzerland in Abuja, Mr. Pascal Holliger, had condemned the governor’s actions in an interview with Saturday Mirror in Geneva during the 17th session of the Universal Periodic Review, UPR, of the Working Group of the United Nations Human Rights Council. Holliger said the Swiss government was deeply concerned and worried about the little regard for human life in Edo State. He said: “The Government of Switzerland is very concerned about the actions of Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State because Nigeria has consistently in the past few years been giving signs that it was inclined towards honouring the moratorium.”

Is the convict’s life more precious than the victim’s? The Federal Government has since come out to say that in spite of the fact that it entered into a moratorium pact on death penalty, the punishment would remain in force until the constitution and other relevant state laws are amended. Stating the position of the federal government on death penalty, the then Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Olugbenga Ashiru had said, “Nigeria is not the only country where death sentence is upheld. Although there is a moratorium on death penalty, this will continue to be determined by the appropriate authorities, including state governments who exercise the prerogative under the law. So long as our laws contain the provisions for death sentence, so long will it be enforced once it is pronounced by competent courts of law and due process fully followed.” Ashiru had also taken time to remind

ambassadors and heads of missions in the country that the federal government would henceforth not tolerate comments and actions by the international community that interfere, or have the capacity to so do, with Nigeria’s domestic matters. The government of Edo State had also urged the government of Switzerland to, rather than criticize its death penalty law, assist it with the establishment of a forensic crime laboratory necessary to curb crimes in the state and the country in general. According to the Edo State AttorneyGeneral and Commissioner of Justice, Mr. Henry William Idahagbon, death penalty is necessary for now to deal with the peculiar challenges of kidnapping in the state. He said, “Regarding the displeasure of the Swiss Government about the signing into law of the death penalty for kidnap-

pers, I say without any fear of contradiction that we have no apology to make to the Swiss Government. Nigeria is a sovereign country and Edo State is part of the sovereign state of Nigeria. We have peculiar problems here that the Swiss people do not know and do not have. We are trying to respond to curtail a crime that is growing out of normal proportion and dimension.” It was not the first time the comradegovernor was drawing flak for death penalties. He had earlier in the year signed the death warrants of four convicted criminals, who were immediately executed. That move revived the execution of criminals, which was last carried out in Edo state about 17 years ago. Before the executions, human rights activists and advocates had risen with one voice to ask the governor to respect the CONTINUED ON PAGE 4


November 16, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Saturday Starter

Death penalty is still part of our laws Dr. Umunna Orjiako is the Nigerian Ambassador/Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland SEBASTINE EBHUOMHAN



s a sovereign state Nigeria cannot make law and abolish them because of the interest of just any other nation. “Let me tell you something about the sovereignty of nations. Nigeria is a sovereign country and we are not apologetically so. Now, we have a law in a democratic system which is what the AGF was telling the international community. The law is constitutional law. In a democracy, the President cannot just make a decree and abolish a law. He has to persuade the National Assembly; he has to negotiate with

‘Death sentence should be expunged from Constitution’ Benjamin Odeh is a civil rights activist and the legal consultant to Project Alert on Violence Against Women


hat is your take on death sentence? My take is that as a Christian, though the issue is not a religious one, is that nobody gives life and nobody has the right to take it. Secondly, I don’t think that death sentence has helped solved or reduced crimes in the country. If you look at the sociology of crime in the society, you will discover that the more violent the security agents are on the criminals, the more they are devising new ways of perpetrating their crimes. In essence, I don’t belong to the school of thought that says death sentence should still be our law. So I would suggest that death sentence should be expunged from our law. What should now replace death sentence if it is expunged? I think this goes back to our reform system which almost all administrations have been paying lips service to. If our prison system is properly reformed, I tell you that if a person commits a capital offence, they can be made to go through a more rigorous jail term. For instance, if someone commits murder and they are given a life sentence with hard labour, that would serve the purpose and they would still be useful to the


society. This would serve a better purpose than just exterminating the person. By the time you kill, the person just goes and it does not really affect things because the criminal would have trained many others before he is killed. So giving a capital offender a life sentence would make the convict to even be useful to the society. But this can only happen when the prison has been reformed and restructured.

the people. What becomes law should be the basis of the wishes of the people of the country. In the case of Nigeria, the death penalty is still part of our constitutional law. “It is true that we declared a moratorium on the death penalty some years back. But a moratorium does not mean abolition. They are two different things. So, since Nigeria is a Federal Government,

states have the right to implement what the Constitution allows which is within their purview. That is what is happening in Edo State. We are not making any apologies to anyone. We are simply explaining that Nigeria is an evolving democracy and that with time, may be, all the states will coalesce on the understanding that the death penalty is probably not the best way to check or punish crimes.”

‘If you kill, be ready for the consequence’

Fred Agbaje is a constitutional lawyer


o you think Nigerian laws should be changed to abolish death sentence and replace it with life sentence? It is high time Nigerian laws were changed. However, I’m saying it feebly, because of the human right instinct in me, that it should be changed so that we can have life sentence in place of death sentence. Until that law is in place, the existing law must take its course. However, don’t forget that the person that was killed in the course of armed robbery, or a victim of kidnapping, who is dead, deserves justice. We must not look at justice from the perspective of the accused person, who has terminated another person’s life unconstitutionally. Justice is a four-way thing. There must be justice to the accused, who is standing in the dock; justice to the victim, who is dead and buried as a result of wanton destruction of life by the accused; justice to the larger society, whose norms have been desecrated by the criminal act of the accused; and above all justice to the whole world. Those who are saying that the accused that has been convicted in a murder case should be pardoned should also consider the man in the grave that was killed. Does he not deserve justice? I don’t care if we go back to the Bible days, when the law was “an eye-for-an-eye.” If you kill you must be ready for the consequence. That is the fundamental essence of criminal punishment. That is the jurisprudence of criminal law. In the realms of criminal law, especially comparative criminal jurisprudence, every person is


deemed to understand the consequences of his actions. If you kill, you must understand that the law will come after you and you will go in for it. That is the only way there can be sanity in the society; that is the only way the culture of impunity can stop. Otherwise, it will continue. Some people have argued that capital punishment has not reduced capital offences. What is your take? Nothing can be so fallacious than that type of argument. Nobody wants to die. The armed robber tied to the stake is still begging that his life should be spared. Most times when these capital offenders are caught by the police, you see them singing like birds begging for forgiveness. When paraded you see them shaking like jelly fish. In other words they do not want to die. From that analysis, it shows that they do not want to experience what they have done to others.

Is the convict’s life more precious than the victim’s? CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3 sanctity of life and commit the death sentences to life with hard labour. But many, including respected jurists, threw their weights behind the executions, citing the fact that each of these condemned men had taken human life(or lives) to get their sentences. z Daniel Nsofor was travelling from Ekpan to Ehor along with two others and a lady called Maria Imariagbe. At about 07:15pm, they disembarked from the ve-

hicle at Ehor and then they attacked their victim, Maria Imariagbe. They strangled her to death and stole her money. z Chima Ijiofor was a spare parts dealer in Benin. He had a relationship with a woman that led to the birth of a baby. The baby was two and half months old when he visited the mother at her house. There, he gave money to the mother to go and buy him a bottle of Coca-Cola. Before she came back, he poured acid into the mouth of the baby and the baby died. What was his excuse? That as a first child from his state of

origin, he was not expected to have a child out of wedlock! z Osarenmwinda Aigbokhian went into the bush to hunt. He said he saw a big deer and shot at the deer and the deer died. He started butchering the deer. While butchering the deer, the deer turned into a human being. He didn’t stop to say, ‘oh, let me run to the village and call people to come and see the wonder of the world: a deer has turned into a human being. He cut the human being into small parts and buried the parts in several parts of the

bush. And when autopsy was done, there was no mark of a bullet. So, there was no shooting. The person was killed with a very sharp object. z Richard Igagu went with his gang to rob a family. After robbing the man of his money and valuables, they raped his wife. And after raping the wife, they inserted a bottle into her vagina. She bled to death. The question now is: Are the lives of men like Nsofor, Ijiofor, Aigbokhian and Igagu more precious than the lives they took?

Saturday Mirror


November 16, 2013

Saturday Starter





He added that “it was Jesus himself who said it to Peter after he cut someone’s ear that whoever lives by the sword must die by the sword. It is the mind of God that whoever kills should be killed because if the person is not killed, he will continue killing. So it is good as it is instant judgment and instant judgment is what people are afraid of. If people know they will face instant judgment, they will be cautious in their ways unlike they know they will be treated leniently for their sins.” Supporting both Okodua and Akindele’s stances, Archbishop Magnus Atilade, Chairman, CAN South-West, said “it’s in the Bible that thou shall not kill, but if a person has killed, he must be

killed. And that’s the only time the death penalty is justifiable; if those who are to be killed have been convicted of murder.” In his own case, Emmanuel Oje Ehimika of Fruits Integrated Ministries, and who is popularly known as Preacherman, said “killing someone does not solve the problem but even adds to it. You have to reform them instead as you don’t know what’s in them that will still be useful to the world. Just imagine if Saul was killed in the Bible, would we have the Epistles today? So the death penalty is not right as we should be taking something out of nothing by reforming the sinners. “The only problem is, do we even have the facilities to reform? When people go to prison here, they come out worse instead of better. So who is reforming who? All the same, the Church is preaching that people should be reformed as that armed robber of today can be that person who will contribute greatly to the world tomorrow.”

Thou shall not kill ... unless –Clergymen OSEYIZA OOGBODO


ven as the world has witnessed, and keeps witnessing many thorny issues, none of them can ever be as thorny as that of death penalty. It is so thorny that even seasoned men of God found it difficult to find a common front on it, even though the question that Saturday Starter asked them about it was very simple in its substance and phrasing. Is death penalty wrong or right, religion-wise? Monsignor Okodua, Chairman, Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Lagos State chapter, was emphatic in his

response. “It is an extreme form of punishment,” he said. “It is not something the Church can ever support as the Church will always advocate for a second chance for people to redeem themselves. And the law of God says thou shall not kill.” While Okodua’s position is just that the law of God says thou shall not kill, meaning that death is not right, the position of Pastor Noah Honour Akindele, who is popularly known as Kiniun Jesu, and is a high ranking Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) minister, is the polar opposite. Speaking in the Yoruba dialect, he said, “O wa nu Bibeli wipe eni to fida pa ni, ida la o fi pa.” Translated to English, it means whoever kills another with a sword must also be killed with a sword.

Islam supports capital punishment Ishaq Akintola is a Professor of Islamic Eschatology. A muslim rights activist and director of Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), he lectures at the Lagos State University, Lagos. He speaks on the position of Islam on Capital Punishment.


hat is the position of Islam on Capital Punishment? Islam supports capital punishment as long as it is adjudicate by the state. What Islam is against is murder. It is against the killing of any innocent soul or taking laws into one’s hand. It likens the murder of one person to the killing of a generation, and likens the setting free of one person to setting free a whole generation. Islam is totally against the taking of life without due authorisation. Doing so, according to Islam, is haram; it is forbidden. You can find a reference to this in Quran Chapter 6 Verse 151. That means it has to be duly authorized by the government, as it is the case, through the courts? Yes. Except it is declared by a competent authority, it is not allowed. It is haram. The point is, in a situation where murder has been committed, the murder has to be punished unless the family of the murdered person agrees to take compensation. The compensation could come in form of money or any other thing like a parcel(s) of land, building


or any other thing considered to be appropriate. Against the backdrop of the position of Islam on Capital Punishment. What is your view about the campaign at the international level for the abolition of Capital Punishment? Honestly, I wonder what all these

modern day propagandists are after. I wonder what they want to achieve. They lack the moral justification for their campaign. These are the same people who are telling us that a man can marry another man and a woman can marry another woman. They are promoting lesbianism and homesexuality as against the position of our creator. They cannot tell us how to live our lives because they did not create us. The Almighty Allah who created us gave us the manual with which to operate our lives, so how can they rise up and start telling us something else. There is always the need to do the right thing. Not to do the right thing is to inspire a breakdown of law and order. For instance, if the families of a murder victim are not given justice, they may resort to self help; they may take laws into their hand and there will be disorder; there will be violence. We should allow the law of our creator to operate. He is our creator and we must follow his manual. In this instance, anyone that deliberately kills the other person is due for Capital Punishment.

Capital punishment is a recent development –Ifa Priest Chief Jamiu Ogunniya is an Ifo, Ogun State - based Ifa Priest and traditional herbal medicine practitioner


n traditional Yoruba society, murderers (by accident) were made to serve the king in the farm as slaves, while those who killed out of vengeance were sent to the hottest part of battlefields. “The issue of capital punishment is a recent development. “Monarchs get some of their slaves from offenders to the society. They were not expressly killed in retaliation for their misdeeds”.



November 16, 2013

Saturday Mirror


It is decision day in Anambra •Obiano, Ngige, Nwoye, Ubah, others slug it out •Heavy security presence everywhere TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE AWKA


ll is now set for the much awaited Anambra State governorship election, as over one million people of Anambra State go to the poll today to elect who will succeed incumbent Governor Peter Obi, come March 17, 2014. Electorate in all the nooks and crannies of the 21 local governments of the state will file out today to perform their civil responsibility to elect who will lead the state for the next four years. According to the breakdown of voter population, polling units and voting points, which was made available to journalists yesterday during accreditation at INEC office in Awka, 1,784,536 registered from 4,608 polling units and 6,581

voting points will take part in today’s election. Today’s election will be observed by 23 accredited observer groups, which comprises 18 local observers and five foreign observers. The local observers groups include Transition Monitoring Group (TMG), Coalition of Democrats on Electoral Reforms (CODER), Women Arise for Change Initiative (WACI), Voter Awareness Initiative (VAI) and Transparency Centre Network (TCN). The foreign observers are Embassy of the USA, International Foundation for Electoral System (IFES), British High Commission, European Union and NEPAD Nigeria. Security agents are also prepared to ensure a hitch-free election. The presence of members of the armed forces and police and other se-

curity agents is felt on the major roads and streets as they were seen with different patrol vans. Security was also tight at the INEC office as people were screened properly before they were being allowed into the INEC premises. Journalists and election observers who came for accreditation were not exempted from the exercise. At the beginning of the election process, over 50 aspirants showed interest in the governorship race but only 23 candidates will fly their parties ticket in today elections, which many people believe is going to be a four horses race. The four main candidates are: Senator Chris Ngige (All Progressives Congress, APC); Chief Willy Obiano (All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA); Dr. Patrick Ubah

(Labour Party) and Comrade Tony Nwoye (Peoples Democratic Party). Having presented their manifestos to the electorates during the campaign period, the people of Anambra will decide the fate of the candidates in today’s contest. Apart from the manifestos of the candidates, several factors, such as religion, zonal agitation for governorship, godfatherism, influence of money, political structures, among others may determine who will emerge victorious in today’s election. The breakdown of the registered voters base on the three senatorial zones that comprise of seven local governments each shows that strength and weakness of the candidates may either make or mar their chances in the governorship election.

L-R: First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan; Secretary to the Federal Government, Chief Anyim Pius Anyim; Abia State governor, Chief Theodore Orji, and Ekiti State governor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, during the funeral service in honour of the late Okoronkwo Ihejirika, in Ovim, Abia State, yesterday.

Security helicopters patrol state DENNIS AGBO


head of today’s election, there has been a very tight security in and around Anambra State with two security helicopters patrolling. The state headquarters of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, equally witnessed terrific day as the commission made last minute preparations for the election. Accreditation of election observers and monitors took place at the INEC office with

different interest groups that struggled to be cleared. INEC also distributed non-sensitive materials to different local government areas. Candidates however did not engage in campaigns as they did sort out agents and other logistic details in their different campaign offices. The campaign of the All Progressives Congress, APC, candidate, Chris Ngige, was a beehive of activities as the Osun State governor, Aregbesola, visited the campaign office in solidarity.

Electoral monitors not thugs arrested, says APC OBIORA IFOH ABUJA


he All Progressives Congress (APC) has said that about 180 suspected thugs arrested in Imo State are not thugs but electoral monitors. The party therefore demand for their immediate release. Te APC has also accused the police of acting out the script of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, for today’s governorship election in Anambra through the arrest. In a statement issued in Lagos on Friday by its Interim National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said the report that a ‘crack team’ of the police in Imo State had arrested 180 ‘armed hoodlums carrying fake voters cards, official identity cards of INEC and independent bbserver identity cards’ is nothing but tales by the moonlight. ‘’Those who were arrested

by the increasingly partisan police are election monitors from Osun, who are members of the Justice and Equality Organization, an INEC-accredited election monitoring NGO. With INEC having trained key officials of the accredited election monitoring NGOs, those trained are now training their members in readiness for the election. Those trained by INEC are in Owerri. ‘’Those whom the police have labelled as thugs are members of the Justice and Equality Organization. They are in Owerri for training ahead of the election. They chose Owerri because of its proximity to Anambra and its affordable hotel costs. None of them is a member of the APC, despite the insinuation by the police, and none is armed, because you don’t need guns to monitor elections. Any weapon exhibited by the police must have been procured by them to justify their gaffe.”

Hold APC responsible for any violence during poll – PDP Obiano not disqualified –APGA OBIORA IFOH ABUJA


he Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has charged the Police and the entire public to hold opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) responsible in the event of any breakdown of law and order during the governorship election holding today in Anambra. The PDP, in a statement signed by its National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa

Metuh, on Friday said the arrest of 181 heavily armed political thugs from APC controlled Imo State ready to be deployed to Anambra, has clinically exposed APC’s plot to cause mayhem and unleash violence during the election. The ruling party said the plot is part of the grand design by APC leaders to disrupt and discredit the election since they discovered that Anambra people had rejected their party. “The entire nation re-

ceived with shock the news of arrest by the police of 181 heavily armed thugs, sponsored by the APC and ready to be deployed from APC controlled Imo State to Anambra where they have been instructed to unleash mayhem and terror on the people and disrupt the election. “While we commend the police for the arrest, we wish to alert the general public that those arrested represent only a very small fraction of the population

of armed thugs prepared to be unleashed on Anambra State by the APC. The APC has armed over 4,000 of its members with dangerous weapons, set to be deployed from Imo State to Anambra with the express order to cause trouble and violence during the election. “This plot is part of grand design by APC leaders to disrupt and discredit the election since they discovered that the Anambra people have rejected their party.”



ll Progressives Grand Alliance(APGA) has called on Anambra people and the general public to disregard the information being spread around, alleging that the APGA governorship candidate for today’s election, Willie Obiano, has been disqualified. While pointing out that the candidate will still contest the Anambra

State governorship election, APGA said ‘the candidate is still in the race”. In a statement issued by the APGA’s National Director of Publicity, Ifeanacho Oguejiofor, the party said the propaganda is a calculated lie to misinform the general public,especially, the Anambra State electorate. It said the agenda of the rumour is to confuse the electorates in the state ahead of the election, calling on the citizens of the state to ignore the false propaganda.

Saturday Mirror


November 16, 2013


Military kills 9 terrorists in Borno raid INUSA NDAHI MAIDUGURI


L-R: Former chairman of Vitafoam of Nigeria Plc, Chief Sam Bolarinwa; former Minister of Health, Prince Julius Adelusi-Adewuyi and President, Igbimo Ure Ekiti, Dr. Deji Adebajo, at the group’s reception for Sir Remi Omotoso as new chairman, Standard Chattered Bank, in Lagos, recently.

Alleged financial crime: EFCC arrests Lamido’s sons

•Presidency denies gov’s $250m Kyari, on phone failed as bribe claim ABDULLAHI ODEYAND ROTIMI FADEYI DUTSE, ABUJA


minu and Mustapha, two eldest sons of the governor of Jigawa State, Sule Lamido, have been arrested by the operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), according to Radio France International monitored yesterday morning in Dutse, the state capital. The report said that the governor’s sons were arrested Thursday night. Although the Radio France report did not state the reason for the arrest, reports from the British Broadcasting Corporation monitored in Jigawa alleged financial crime. Checks in Dutse, the Jigawa State capital, revealed that the governor who was said to have heard the news while on his way to Sokoto returned to Abuja, where he had been since last week. Sources told Saturday Mirror that the governor who was to be in Sokoto as a member of an All Progressives Congress consultation team had delegated his deputy, Ahmed Mahmoud Gumel, to represent him. It would be recalled that the governor’s sons had been guests of the EFCC in recent time. Efforts to speak to the Director of Press, Ahmad

the answering machine indicated that he could not be reached as at the time of filing this report. The arrest was however confirmed by the head of the EFCC’s media and publicity, Wilson Uwujaren in a short reply to a text message sent to him by Saturday Mirror. The exchange reads: Saturday Mirror: Please, can you confirm that two of Governor Sule Lamido’s sons were arrested by EFCC last night? Uwujaren: Yes. Thanks. Meawnhile, the Presidency, yesterday said that Lamido lied over his claim that President Goodluck Jonathan refused to act on information that a serving minister recently collected a bribe of $250 million from an oil company. A statement issued by Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Dr. Reuben Abati, said the allegation by Lamido that he informed the president of the acceptance of the bribe by an unnamed minister was absolutely without any foundation in fact or reality as no such communication ever took place between them. The statement reads: “We have noted with much regret, the grossly irresponsible, false and mischievous claim by the Governor of Jigawa State, Alhaji Sule Lamido that President Goodluck Jonathan has refused

to act on information that a serving minister recently collected a bribe of $250 million from an oil company. “The Presidency views the patently bogus allegation reportedly made by the governor in a radio interview yesterday as an unacceptable and callous attempt to unjustly impugn the integrity of President Jonathan and cast aspersions on the seriousness of his administration’s efforts to curb corruption. “The allegation and the claim by Alhaji Lamido that he informed President Jonathan of the acceptance of the huge bribe by an unnamed minister is absolutely without any foundation in fact or reality because no such communication has ever taken place between them. “We abhor Governor Lamido’s descent to the unscrupulous, reckless and thoughtless peddling of arrant falsehood in a puerile effort to score cheap political points against President Jonathan for personal and sectional political gains. “If, as he claims, Alhaji Lamido has credible information about a minister receiving the said amount

as bribe, he should publicly name the minister involved without delay and provide evidence to support his allegation. “In the event that he is unable to do so, he should be prepared to offer an unreserved apology to the President and Nigerians for his unwarranted and unjust effort to denigrate, disparage and malign the President and the Federal Government. “While the Jonathan Presidency will continue to make corrupt public officials answerable for their actions, it will not succumb to harassment and blackmail by self-seeking politicians jostling for personal advantage.” Lamido, during an interview aired on the Hausa service of Abuja based Vision (92.1) FM radio had alleged that a minister in Jonathan’s cabinet received a $250 million bribe from an oil company. The governor, who did not name the minister, alleged that in spite of the fact that he called the attention of the president to the fraud, there was no action taken to investigate the matter.

ine suspected Boko Haram terrorists were yesterday killed by the troops of the 7 Division, Nigerian Army in Rimanti Alagarno villages of Damboa local government area of Borno State. The suspected terrorists were killed when the troops of the division launched an attack on their hideouts/camps on the off shores of the Sambisa forests. The Army in a press statement signed by its spokesman, Lt. Col Muhammad Dole, said, “in a midnight encounter with the Boko Haram terrorists, the Nigerian Army, 7 Division killed nine Boko Haram terrorists, while others fled with various degrees of injuries along RimantiAlagarno Road in Damboa local government area of

Borno State on Thursday 14th November 2013”. According to the statement, during the encounter large arms and ammunitions were recovered with the destruction of two pick up vehicles belonging to the terrorists, while a pick up vehicle and three motorcycles were equally recovered by the troops. Lt Col. Dole revealed that although a soldier was wounded during the operation, he is currently responding to treatement at University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital (UMTH). The spokesman stated that the 7 Division of the Nigerian Army has intensified patrol in the deep forest of Damboa and Gwoza local government areas of Borno State, in remote and isolated villages and towns with a view to prevent incessant attacks by the insurgents.

Akanbi’s wife is dead WOLE ADEDEJI ILORIN


he wife of Justice Mustapha Akanbi, retired President of the Court of Appeal, Alhaja Musatu Aduke Akanbi, is dead. She died in the early hours of Friday at an Indian hospital after a brief illness. She was aged 68. One of her children,

Professor Mohammed Mustapha Akanbi, of the Faculty of Law, University of Ilorin confirmed the news to journalist on Friday. He said his mother’s remains would arrive Nigeria on Monday or Tuesday for burial. She is survived by her husband, Justice Akanbi, six children and grand children.

Bishops forum tackles CAN UBONG UKPONG ABUJA


he Bishops and Eminent Clerics Forum of Nigeria has kicked against the reported suspension of its members from the Christian Association of Nigeria. The forum further insisted that the group had no constitutional authority to take such an action. It also disowned one

Archbishop Avwomakpa for allegedly making false claims that he is the leader of the clerics forum. The group said the archbishop had no right to make such a claim. A statement by the general coordinator of the forum, Bishop Julius Ediwe, in Abuja on Friday, criticised CAN and Avwomakpa for announcing the suspension of the forum members.

Globacom launches state-of-the-art Call Centre in Abuja


lobacom, a leading telecommunication company in Nigeria, has opened a state-of-the-art mini Call Centre in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. In a release, the call centre is part of the company’s strategic agenda of creating more capacity to handle customers’ demands.

The new mini call centre is equipped with the latest technology and manpower and is capable of handling close to 20,000 calls per day. According to Globacom’s Director, Customer Care, Ms. Maria Svensson, the new call centre in the FCT further demonstrates the ccompany’s passion to serve its subscriber base more efficiently.

Her words: “Our ultimate goal is to ensure a significant reduction in the waiting time for a customer to speak with a Customer Care representative in Hausa language and get his issues resolved. We simply wish to be more accessible and more responsive to our customers,” she said. Svensson explained that the new Call Centre puts the

company on the same cultural and geographical locale as the customer making the calls. Consequently, the call centre official is able to relate better with his or her caller since both speak the same language. She maintained that Globacom plans to set up more mini Call Centers across the country.



November 16, 2013

Saturday Mirror

ThisDay bombing: Boko Haram member gets life jail ISE-OLUWA IGE


Federal High Court sitting in Abuja yesterday sentenced a 34-year old self-confessed member of the dreaded Boko Haram sect, Mr Mustapha Umar, to life imprisonment. That was shortly after the presiding high court judge, Justice Ademola Adeniyi, found him guilty of attempt to bomb the Office of ThisDay newspaper

located on the SOJ Plaza along Sabongari Road, Kaduna on April 26, 2012. The attack of the SOJ Plaza on which his target (ThisDay newspaper) had an office alongside two other media houses resulted in the death of three innocent persons with few others sustaining varying degrees of injury. Mustapha, upon arrest, had confessed that he agreed to bomb the ThisDay Office in Kaduna to avenge for the publication of a blasphemous news story by the newspaper

about Prophet Mohammad some years back. He had said that the plan of the sect was to attack ThisDay newspaper opertational bases in different parts of the country in order to kill the newspaper as a business outfit. But Justice Ademola, in a judgment yesterday, held that the reason adduced by Mustapha to attack ThisDay newspaper office was untenable even as he held that the likes of convict ought to be removed from the society

of the sane so that he would not kill more people. Saturday Mirror reports that the federal government had charged Mustapha before a Federal High Court in Abuja after taking his confessional statement which established a prima facie case against him. He was specifically accused of engaging in acts of terrorism contrary to the provision of Section 1(2)(d) of the TPA 2011 and punishable under Section 33(1)(a) of the same law.

When trial began, the government had called ten witnesses, all hooded, to testify against him. Some of the witnesses included those who rescued him from the Honda car which he used to ram into the SOJ Plaza in order to bomb the building housing ThisDay office and those who took statements from him at the scene of the incident, clinic and detention centre. A load of exhibits including the wreckage of the Honda car and the camp

gas cylinders used by him to attempt the bombing of the ThisDay office and his confessional statements were tendered against him. Besides, the video compact discs showing Mustapha confessing to the crime in Hausa language and why he engaged in the attempt to bomb the ThisDay office were also tendered and admitted in evidence. Mustapha also gave evidence for himself after losing his application for no case submission.

Nigeria to partner Sri Lanka on mechanism strategic dialogue ROTIMI FADEYI ABUJA


L-R The Country Director, EMPRETEC Nigeria Foundation, Mrs Onari Duke; Course Governor, Lt. Col. Adewale Adetola; representative of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Rear Admiral Usman Jubril, and Commandant Nigerian Armed Forces Resettlement Centre (NAFRC), Air Vice Marshal Moses Akisanmi, during the graduation ceremony of Senior Officers Entrepreneurship and Management Training at NAFRC Officers’ Mess, Oshodi, Lagos, yesterday.

FG determined to improve Mark leads Abuja kids on armed forces finances –CDS oral health campaign SEGUN ADIO


embers of the Nigerian Armed Forces have again been assured that the federal government is determined to improving and developing their financial basis in order to assist them in retirement. These assurances were given, yesterday, to participants of the Senior Officers Entrepreneurship and Management Training by the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Admiral Ola Sa’ad Ibrahim. The pre-retirement workshop was organised for selected officers from the three services by the Nigerian Armed Forces Resettlement Centre (NAFRC) and EMPRETEC Nigeria Foundation, held at the centre in Oshodi, Lagos State.

Admiral Ibrahim, who was represented at the occasion by the Director of Training, Defence Headquarters, Rear Admiral Usman Jubril, said that though there were many competing demands needing federal government attention, the Goodluck Jonathan administration was committed toward ensuring that members of the armed forces are fully assisted especially when they leave service. Addressing the participants, Admiral Jubril said, “You at a transitional state in your military career. The necessity of considering what your post service life will be is paramount. That is why the government is determined to improve and assist you in your retirement so as to ward off the tension, unskilled and undeveloped problems arising from retirement.”



he Senate President, David Mark, has called on Nigerians to give priority to their oral health. A clean mouth, Mark said, is essential to a healthy living, even as he urged parents to assist their children to ensure they live with clean teeth. Senator Mark made the plea in Abuja on Thursday when he officially flagged off “Oral Health Provision for the Nigerian Children” at Ushafa community, Bwari Area Council in the nation’s capital. The Oral Health Initiative of the Federal Ministry of Health, which commemorated the National Oral Health Week, was taken into the city’s communities to promote advo-

cacy on oral health among Nigerians. The initiative, which began with the formation of oral health clubs in various public schools to help facilitate the implementation of the programme, aims at eliminating diseases and other health challenges associated with poor practice of oral health. Mark, Nigerian Oral Health Ambassador, used the medium to present toothbrush and toothpaste to the school children. In his remarks, the Senate President stated that the passage of the National Health Bill would improve the nation’s health system. Mark, who encouraged the children to constantly manage their teeth, called for the involvement of both religious and community leaders to ensure the success of the initiative.

ice President Namadi Sambo has said that Nigeria and Sri Lanka are to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the establishment of the mechanism for strategic dialogue. Speaking at a bilateral meeting with the President of Sri Lanka, Mahida Rajapaksa, the vice president stated that when eventually signed the document would expand relations between the two countries through strategic dialogue and cooperation with the ultimate aim of promoting shared objectives and interest within bilateral, regional and international spheres. Sambo, who is in Sri Lanka for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), commended the government and people of Sri Lanka for their warm hospitality and their giant strides in infrastructural development. The vice president explained to the Sri Lankan leader the efforts of the Nigerian government in actualising the transformation agenda in the power, transportation and agricultural sectors of the economy while also ensuring remarkable improvement in the areas of education, health, housing, trade and investment. Responding, Rajapaksa recalled the over thirty years interruption the country faced as a result of the internal security infractions and the efforts being made to revamp the

economy. Specifically, he noted the neglect suffered by Hambantota, his native area in terms of infrastructure and the efforts being made to address such lapses to ensure even development. In a related development, Rajapaksa at a round table conference in Hambantota, called for cooperation in trade between member countries to boost commerce and the socio-economic situation. Sambo also met with the Minister of the Sri Lankan Economy, Basil Rajapaksa, who commended President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration for the efforts being made in the area of power and other sectors of the Nigerian economy. Those who accompanied Sambo to attend all meetings were the Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Mrs Viola Onwuliri, her counterpart in the Ministry Trade, Industry and Investment, Samuel Orton, Others include Senator Isaiah Balat, the Nigeria High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Dalhatu Tafida, and the Nigerian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, Sambo is also expected to be in Kuwait tomorrow where he would participate in the 3rd Africa-Arab Summit. The Africa-Arab Summit with the theme, “Partners in Development and Investment” opens on Monday with focus mainly on trade and investment issues that would impact positively on the people of both regions.

Saturday Mirror


November 16, 2013


PDP crisis: Oyinlola drags Tukur, NWC to Jonathan OBIORA IFOH ABUJA


he suspended National Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, has dragged the national chairman of the party, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, and the entire National Working Committee before the leader of the party and the president, Goodluck Jonathan, over the continued refusal of the party to allow him resume office. Oyinlola also said that it was inexplicable that NWC could claim that it

was unaware of the Appeal Court order when its counsel was in court when the judgement was delivered. In a statement in Abuja, Oyinlola, through his Principal Secretary, Femi Adelegan, claimed that the court order which PDP said it had not received was transmitted electronically to the National Legal Adviser, Mr. Victor Kwon and Chief Olisa Metuh. “We have proof of service and will prove this. The question to ask is ‘’If PDP is unaware, how did it rush its appeal to the Supreme Court? That

is the same manner in which Justice Abdul-Kafarati claimed that he was not aware that records of proceedings of his court had been transferred to the Court of Appeal, when he wanted to pronounce Prof. Wale Oladipo as the national secretary, when the proceedings were actually forwarded from his court. Thank God that pronouncement, following its abrogation, has been made in vain.” The statement titled: ‘’LET THEM USE POWER; WE SHALL USE COURAGE’’, disclosed that Oyinlola had formal-

ly reported the matter to the national leader of the party, President Goodluck Jonathan. “Oyinlola took this step in consideration of the widely held notion that the perceived long chain of any organisation is its leadership, which is always credited with the gains or shortcomings of the organisation. “It went further to assert that the statements that emanated from Thursday’s PDP press conference, could only suggest that regrettably, some people thrive on the basest and lowest forms of

sentiments, giving cause for concern about their true commitment to democracy’’. According to him, ‘’I simply refuse to believe that those perpetrating the horrors of numerous atrocities designed to nail Oyinlola at all costs, are not aware of the implication of denigrating the Judiciary and the rule of law; and that my fiercest critics and opponents today are those who are unhappy at my preference for Due Process in administering the affairs of the PDP national headquarters.

“Most of them are people who were denied attempts to secure undue and illegal political advantage and patronage that would have amounted to the circumvention of regulations. “It is true that I chose not to compromise on illegalities and destructive tendencies exhibited by these people; That was the advent of the culture of impunity, tyranny, oppression, dictatorship and refusal to abide by the resolutions of majority of PDP NWC members, who were all elected by the party’s national convention’’.

Senate committee urges Youth ministry to prioritise YEP, others TOLA AKINMUTIMI ABUJA


he chairman of the Senate Committee on Women Affairs and Youth Development, Senator Helen Esuene, has urged the Ministry of Youth Development to sustain its ongoing Youth Empowerment Programme (YEPs) and other initiatives as the springboard of boost-

ing creative capabilities. By so doing, he said, it would be tackling unemployment of the youth in the country. Giving the advice during a meeting of the committee with the ministry’s top officials on Thursday in Abuja as part of its oversight function, the chairman of the committee, Senator Esuene, particularly commended the

ministry for embarking on skill acquisition training of 1,418 youths from across the six geo-political zones in the country under its Youth Empowerment Programme (YEP). She explained that the initiative demonstrated government’s resolve to tackle the menace of unemployment and with continuous implementation of such a programme, the number of

NSCIA commiserates with Tunde Sanni’s family


he Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) has commiserated with the family of Alhaji Tunde Sanni, the Oyo State Correspondent of THIS Day, who died during a protracted illness. In a condolence letter signed by Prof. Ishaq Oloyede, its SecretaryGeneral, the council described the late Sanni as a forthright journalist and a selfless Muslim. ``He was indeed an ambassador of Islam. We

pray that Allah will forgive his sins and grant him al-janah firdaus,” the statement reads in part. NSCIA called on all the employer of labour, especially in the media sector ,to expedite action on the establishment of Media Salary Scale (MSS) for the journalists in both public and private media. ``Implementing the welfare incentive like this, is a way of supporting and encouraging conscious and practising journalists such as late Tunde Sanni and discourage corrup-

tion in the society.” The council also commiserated with the Publisher of THIS DAY Titles, My Nduka Obaigbena and all the staff of the company as well as members of Nigeria Union of Journalists and pray for Allah’s protection on all of them. Tunde Sanni, 49, died on Thursday in his home town Ijebu Imodi in Ogun State and was buried according to Muslim rites. He is survived by his aged parents, wife and eight children.

NIN: All Nigerians will be enrolled by 2014 –NIMC ADEOLA TUKURU ABUJA


arring all hitches, threats and uncertainties, all Nigerian entitled to posses the National Identification Number (NIN) would be enrolled by December 2014. The Director General of the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) Chris Onyemenam made the declaration while fielding questions at the meeting with develop-

ment partners at the commission’s office. He said the presidential directive of ensuring that all eligible Nigerians are registered by December 31st 2014 must be adhered to, as “there are people there that have a responsibility to make sure that people are enrolled without hitches”. He assured that they had already done the required calculations and known how to go about it. “If our daily targets

are not achieved, we know how to go about achieving them, all of that have been factored into the strategy of deployment so far being done so as to ensure that we meet our targets of capturing 100, 000 enrolments per day nationwide. “We have an office there and people go to work. We have criterion and we are planning to do those responsibilities to provide the environment for us to operate, where people can safely enrol.”

unemployed youths would be reduced significantly. While advising the ministry’s top functionaries to continue to show more focus and commitment to the empowerment programme in the coming years, the Senator noted that the construction of youth development centres across the country by

the ministry was desirable for youth empowerment. Specifically, the committee chairman who also described the establishment of the Youth Development Centres as desirable for youth empowerment, said there was the need for the ministry to prioritise its implementation in view of inadequate fund-

ing hoping that at least 10 more youth centres can be completed and delivered to serve the people in the immediate future. However, Senator Esuene expressed the Committee’s concern about the non-implementation of constituency projects for the ministry listed under this year’s appropriation.

In your refreshingly different

The US visa lottery denial The dust is yet to settle over the disqualification of Nigeria and 18 other countries from the US diversity visa lottery on the grounds that the affected countries had exhausted their quota. Beyond the excuse given by the US government, further investigations reveal that the red card given to Nigeria can also be attributed to other serious and undisclosed issues. What are these issues and what are the implications of the US action? We tell you tomorrow.

At last, Clara Chime opens up Embattled First Lady of Enugu State who was bundled out of Government House last Monday and taken to her mum over accusation of being mentally imbalance, has now found her voice, outside the confines of the state house where she claimed she was being illegally locked up. Again, a detailed analysis of the crisis between her and her estranged husband, the governor, is presented in a breezy news features.


Plane crash: Shocking revelations at victims’ burial The remains of some of those who died in the October 3 plane crash bearing the corpse of the late former governor of Ondo State, Dr Olusegun Agagu, were laid to rest during the week. But there were noticeable hiccups preventing the burial of some of the victims of the crash. What really went wrong to prevent the final rites of passage for the victims of this unfortunate incident? Pick a copy of Sunday Mirror, tomorrow.

‘Hat-making has taken me to places’ Chito Mark is the CEO of Graces Hats Limited. She is a seasoned hat-designer whose products are worn by women from all walks of life, including Michelle Obama, the American first lady. She explains in this interview the great things she has achieved through her vocation.

These and many more available tomorrow in your


November 16, 2013

Saturday Mirror

From the Civil Service Teachers’ verification is not intended to witch-hunt anyone –SUBEB


he Ondo State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) has said that ongoing verification of teachers in the state is not intended to witch-hunt any one. The Chairman of the board, Mr Ade Adeniyi, made this known in his maiden meeting with

other SUBEB members at the board headquarters in Akure on Friday. He said the personnel audit was targeted at fishing out ageing and half-baked teachers, and assured that the state government was being thorough in the conduct of the assignment.

“Gradually, the old ones will leave and the young ones will come in, but I assure you that we will not witch-hunt or victimise any teacher in the verification exercise,” he said. He, however, added that if the old teachers were still useful, ``we will con-

tinue to use them”. Adeniyi said teachers in the state would be trained on computer application, adding that efforts would be made by the board management to create conducive working environment in schools and offices. He charged the board

members that they should collectively identify issues that would enhance smooth administration of the agency and productivity of personnel. He said that identified issues would be urgently addressed to enable the board to deliver on

its mandate. Responding, Mrs Ajayi Moji, the Permanent Secretary of the board, expressed eagerness of other board members to support the chairman to ensure that high education standard was attained in the state.

FRSC records 50 per cent accident reduction in Imo


he Sector Commander of the FRSC in Imo, Mr Yusuff Salami, announced on Friday that road accidents had been reduced by 50 per cent in the state. Salami made the announcement in Owerri at a news conference to mark the 2013 African Road Safety Day and World Day for Remembrance of Road Crash Victims. The commander said that a total of 287 road crashes occurred in Imo in 2012, while in 2013 it went down to 174. Salami said that 96 persons died in road accidents in 2012, while a total of 89 persons died in 2013. He said that a total of 689 persons sustained serious injuries through road crashes in 2012, while in 2013 it was a total of 651 persons. Salami said that unless effective action was taken, road crashes would become the fifth leading cause of death in the country. He said that over 90 per cent of road crashes were mainly caused by human factors, calling for attitudinal change by road users. Salami described untrained drivers, driving

above stipulated speed limits and use of mobile phones while driving as the most prominent causes of road accidents. The commander said that in a bid to reduce road accidents in Imo, the command had intensified its daily patrols and clearing of broken down vehicles on highways. Salami said that the command had also embarked on public enlightenment to sensitise the populace on the need to be safety conscious. He said that the command had convicted many traffic offenders. The sector commander also urged public office holders to observe the rules guiding driving in convoys and using sirens, saying that abuse of such rules often posed serious dangers on highways.

Al-Makura of Nasarawa State

Dakingari of Kebbi State

Kebbi Head of Service to penalise truants


he Kebbi Head of Service, Alhaji Bujari Jega, has disclosed that he would soon embark on unscheduled inspection to Ministries, Agencies and Departments (MDAs). Jega made the disclosure in Birnin Kebbi at a news conference, saying, “the measure followed increased reports on lateness and absenteeism to work by civil servants in the state.’’

He warned that workers who report late and absent themselves from duty without genuine reasons would be penalised, in line with the civil service rules and regulations. He expressed concern that some civil servants came late to work and absent themselves from duty when the government paid their salaries promptly at the end of the month. “I urge workers to fear God and justify their wag-

es by working in line with their schedules. “Workers who collect salaries and arrive late to work and absent themselves from duty before the official closing time must search their conscience and fear the hereafter.” The Head of Service urged senior civil servants to live by example by not encouraging their subordinates to come late to work and absent themselves from duty.

He urged the junior workers to reciprocate the efforts made by government to provide conducive working environment and amenities to improve their standard of living by ensuring proper implementation of the policies and programmes of government. He announced that the state government had concluded arrangements to reward dedicated and hardworking civil servants.

Commission urges civil servants to plan ahead of retirement


he Nasarawa State Local Government Service Commission on Thursday advised civil servants in the country to form cooperative and thrift societies to better their standard of living after retirement.

The Director of Administration and Supply of the commission, Mr John Danlami, gave the advice in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lafia. He said it was only when civil servants planned well

and formed cooperative and thrift societies that their standard of living would be better off after retirement. He said, ``It is unfortunate that most retired civil servants in the country find life difficult after retirement and this is due to poor plan-

ning while in active service. “There is poverty in the country, but one of the ways to plan for life after retirement is to plan ahead and be aware that life continues. “It is not how much one spent or receives while in active service, but how well

one plans before the retirement. “I am calling on civil servants to form cooperative and thrift societies in order to save little amount of money in order to get something to fall on after retirement.

Saturday Mirror


November 16, 2013



Leadership crisis rocks Ondo importers association HAKEEM GBADAMOSI AKURE


risis seems to be brewing in the leadership of the Ondo State branch of the Importers Association of Nigeria (IMAN) as two people are laying claim to the leadership of the organisation. A caretaker committee of the union known as National Taskforce (NATFORCE), headed by Clement Iwaloye, had been put in place by the by union since 2009, while another parallel committee headed by Chief Festus Olumoyegun surfaced, recently. A crisis was averted recently at the secretariat of the union when the Chief Olumoyegun-led group appeared armed with a letter of appointment, claiming to be the new Acting Director of the union in the state, a move that met a brick

wall by men loyal to the former chairman. . Speaking on the development, Olumoyegun explained that Iwaloye had been relieved of his post and had been removed from office on October 17, 2013, by the National

Executive Committee of IMAN on the grounds of mismanagement of the affairs of the organisation. He said that he reported to the office based on his appointment showing his appointment letter dated October 24, 2013.

According to Olumoyegun, he escaped death by the whiskers as he was beaten, harrassed and whipped by members of staff. He said “Let me allay the fears of those volunteers that Iwaloye is using to pre-

vent me from entering the office that I have not come to sack anybody but to sanitise the place. I am ready to work with them provided they are also ready to work with me in line with the act establishing IMAN,” Olumoyegun said.

L-R: Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Transport, Eng. Nebolisa Emodi; Minister, Sen. Idris Umar; Managing Director, Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC), Mr. Adeseyi Sijuwade and member NRC Governing Board, Hon. Ej Aigbonayinma, at the commissioning of 20 pressurized oil tanker wagons in Lagos, yesterday. PHOTO: ADEMOLA AKINLABI

But reacting to the claim of Olumoyegun, Iwaloye said that his purported sack could not hold water because it was not backed by any letter from the national executive of the organisation and insisted that he would remain in office until he completed his assignment. Iwaloye says, “There is no official communication to that effect nor is there any letter to indicate my removal from office. If I will quit the office at all, I must complete the training of the volunteers I recruited and ensure that they are properly recognised by the headquarters because I have name and integrity to protect.” However, Chief Osita Okereke, Director-General, IMAN, in a telephone chat urged Iwaloye to stop parading himself as Ondo State director of the organisation.

Anambra guber arrest: Osun APC disowns police claim


he Osun State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC) has denied reports from Anambra State Police Command that youths arrested in Owerri, the Imo State capital, were members of the party. APC Osun State’s Director of Publicity, Research and Strategy, Barr. Kunle Oyatomi, in a statement made available to Saturday Mirror,

claimed that the young men arrested by the police were members of the Justice and Equity Organization duly accredited by Independent Electoral Commission (INEC) as Observers in Saturday’s governorship election in Anambra State. According to Oyatomi, “What was found on the young men arrested in Owerri were not voters cards but INEC identification tags as observers of

the election. Even police exhibit displayed to reporters showed only the ribbons holding the observers’ tags, and not voters’ cards.” The Party’s spokesmn also maintained that APC investigation showed that the young men were not found with APC ID cards as climed. According to the Party, “The Anambra Police Command was being mischievous by claiming that the youths were

so-called “APC thugs” on their way to disrupt the Saturday election.” Oyatomi’s release further claimed that the Justice and Equity Organization in their own explanation had said that it was their members who were arrested at the premises of Disney Hotel, Km. 4 Owerri-Onitsha Road. he claimed that the group had chosen Owerri to train and brief its members on

their assignment. According to Oyatomi, “The claims by the police therefore that they were “APC Youths” is a calculated attempt to set up the APC which was in no way is connected with the JEO, a civil society group that was on their way to Anambra to monitor the election. “Going by the release of this organization on its website explaining why they were in Ow-

erri, and what happened with the police, it is clear that the APC had nothing to do with that incident even if the people arrested were from the State of Osun.” The party therefore advised the Anambra police to be “careful and to guide against making incorrect statements and falsely accusing innocent people or groups of crimes they did not commit.


randum of Understanding (MoU) that would be agreeable by both parties. Adeoluwa also informed the committee that they were at liberty to recommend people that will implement and enforce the MoU. According to the govern-

ment scribe, “I am happy that we are making progress despite the fact that we were unable to sign the Memorandum of Understanding last year. Last year’s grazing season witnessed the least trouble and friction unlike in the

past 15 years”, AdeOluwa said. AdeOluwa commended the groups, particularly the youths for their cooperation, assuring that the state government would continue to be neutral and not take sides with any par-

ty in the matter. Responding, head of the Fulani community in the state, Alhaji Mohammed Kabir, noted that dispute between Fulanis and farmers was not peculiar to the state, but said it is only in Ogun State that govern-

ment was taking meaningful steps to mediate in the matter. Kabir expressed also the readiness of his people to cooperate with the state government. He also appealed to the farmers to give peace a chance in the area.

Ogun inaugurates committee on Fulani, farmers disputes

he Ogun State Government has inaugurated a sevenman committee to find lasting solutions to the dispute between farmers and Fulani herdsmen in Ketu and other communities in Yewa North Local Government Area of the state. The committee is headed by Special Adviser to Governor Ibikunle Amosun on General Duties, Mr. Bayo Adeyemi. Inaugurating the committee, Secretary to the State Government, Barrister Taiwo AdeOluwa, enjoined members to come up with a workable Memo-

Teachers verification not to witch-hunt anyone, says Ondo SUBEB


he Ondo State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) has said that ongoing verification of teachers in the state is not intended to witch-hunt anyone. Chairman of the Board, Mr Ade Adeniyi, made this known, yesterday, in

his maiden meeting with other SUBEB members at the Board headquarters in Akure, the state capital. Adeniyi assumed duties as chairman of the Board on Novemer 7, 2013. Adeniyi said the personnel audit was targeted at fishing out ageing and half-baked teachers, and

assured that the state government was being thorough in the conduct of the assignment. His words, “Gradually, the old ones will leave and the young ones will come in, but I assure you that we will not witchhunt or victimise any teacher in the verifica-

tion exercise,” he said. He, however, added that if the old teachers were still useful, ``we will continue to use them”. Adeniyi said teachers in the state would be trained on computer application, adding that efforts would be made by the board manage-

ment to create conducive working environment in schools and offices. He charged the board members that they should collectively identify issues that would enhance smooth administration of the agency and productivity of personnel.



November 16, 2013

Saturday Mirror


Ngige, Ubah, Obiano divide Anambra Catholic church leaders NWABUEZE OKONKWO ONITSHA


ttempt by leaders of Catholic Church in Anambra State to agree on whom the church would support in today’s decisive governorship



arkets in A n a m b r a State have been closed down for business from today till Monday, next week to enable traders participate actively during the voting exercise. President of Anam-

election failed leading to sharp disagreement among them. The church leaders could not reach a consensus on who to tell their members to vote for between Senator Chris Ngige of the All Progres-

sives Party (APC); Ifeanyi Ubah of the Labour Party (LP) and Willie Obiano of the All Progressives Grand Alliance ( APGA). The meeting, said to have been convened by Archbishop Valerian Okeke of the Onitsha

Archdiocese, ended in fiasco as the delegation of the Nnewi Diocese were said to have walked away in protest when they suggested that Ubah should be placed as their first choice candidate. Eye-witnesses at the

meeting claimed that majority of delegates, however, rooted for Sen. Ngige. The preference of Ubah by the Nnewi Diocese was not unconnected to a Cathedral church he is currently building for them at Nnewi.

However, Archbishop Okeke, who presided over the meeting, was said to have declared both candidates ‘no victor, not vanquished’ and asked all to go home and tell everybody to vote for candidates of their choice.

…Traders union shuts Anambra markets bra Markets Amalgamated Traders Association (AMATAS), Chief Okwudili Ezenwankwo disclosed this yesterday in a telephone chat with journalists. Ezenwankwo also urged all traders in the state, who has voter’s cards, to ex-

ercise their franchise, saying it was their civic responsibility to the state. Ezenwankwo further disclosed that all markets in the state, including Onitsha Main market, Ose-Ekwodu, Ochanja, Nnewi mar-

kets, Aguata and Awka markets would remain shut until Monday, adding that security operatives have been directed to guard the markets within their localities. Meanwhile, The Chairman, Board of Trustees of Importers

Association of Nigeria, Chief Gilbert Bravo Obi has urged political parties to shun violence and electoral malpractices during the polls. Speaking to journalists, yesterday, Obi advised the Independent National Electoral Com-

mission (INEC) to work with the fear of God and love for humanity by declaring the right winner after the polls, saying “INEC should release result as soon as possible as delay could lead to rigging and falsification of results.”

Union leader advocates death penalty for corrupt public officials


ational President of Senior Staff Union of Colleges of Education in Nigeria (SSUCOEN), Mr Mohammed Sani-Uwais, had advocated death penalty for corrupt public officials. Sani-Uwais made the call yesterday in a speech at the union’s 17th Delegates Conference hosted by the Ebonyi State College of Education in Ikwo, Ebonyi State. According to him, death sentence for convicted corrupt public officials is required to free the system from `morbid corruption’ as well as engender transparency and accountability in public service. Sani-Uwais said corruption had hindered progress and development of the nation’s public sector, adding that death penalty would stem the tide. His

L-R: First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan; Secretary to the Federal Government, Chief Anyim Pius Anyim; Abia State Governor, Chief Theodore Orji his Ekiti State counterpart, Dr Kayode Fayemi, during the funeral service in honour of the late Okoronkwo Ihejirika, in Ovim, Abia State, yesterday.

woerds, ``The nation’s public sector and critical infrastructure have overtime been neglected due to corruption. ``Our public sector can no longer provide those essential services

it was statutorily established to provide because of systemic failure due to corruption. What we are saying is that there should be legislation providing death sentence for con-

victed corrupt public officials’’, Sani-Uwais stressed. Sani-Uwais said that looting and plundering of national treasury by corrupt elements in the society had resulted in

socio-economic and infrastructure deficit. He said the union was committed to ensuring that rights and privileges of members were protected. Provost of the institu-

tion, Prof. Silas Omebe, had lauded the leadership of SSUCOEN, saying that the conference would afford participants the opportunity to explore the rich cultural values of the state.

Enugu residents advised on driving during ‘Ember’ months


he Enugu State Director of the National Orientation Agency (NOA), Mr Isaac Onukwube, has advised road users to imbibe good driving habits and culture, especially in the ``ember’’ months. Onukwube said the only way to stay alive on the road was to avoid reckless driving and to do what was right through the change of attitude.

The NOA director gave the advice at Agbani in Enugu State yesterday at the inauguration of a road safety awareness campaign in collaboration with the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC). Onukwube said that most crashes on Nigerian roads were caused by recklessness on the part of the drivers, especially motorcyclists known as “okada riders”.

Earlier, the Corps Marshal of the FRSC, Mr Osita Chidoka, said that corps was the leading agency in road transport safety management in Nigeria. The corps marshal, who was represented by the Assistant Corps Commander, Udi Unit Command, Mr Chukwuka Eya, said the FRSC was committed to reducing road crashes and create

a safe motoring environment. He said the agency had been regulating, enforcing and coordinating all road traffic activities through sustained public enlightenment, effective patrols, prompt rescue services, improved vehicle administration and promotion of stakeholders’ cooperation. Chidoka advised all road users, irrespective

of their status, to have positive attitude on road usage. “When attitudes are changed positively with regards to the use of the roads, definitely, Nigerian roads will be safe,” he said. He said safety on the road was for everybody, adding that if everyone could do the right thing the road would be safer. “Safety on our road is everybody’s business; to-

gether we can eradicate the carnage and incapacitate injuries from road traffic crashes,” he said. Mr Sunday Onovo, the Vice Chairman Okada Transport Union in Agbani, said its members would abide by the rules and advice of both the FRSC and the NOA. Onovo pledged the cooperation of the union members to minimise crashes on the roads.

Politics T

he Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Rt. Rev. Matthew Kukah, has said that respect for the rule of law remained the greatest way to achieving peace in Nigeria. Kukah said: “Peace is not something that God merely offers to us, but a possibility, a dream, a vision and a hope. It is not a final destination or some state of novena where we can sleep because the world’s problems are all gone. “It is a permanent state of work where one generation hopes it can create conditions that enable the next generation to manage its problems effectively without recourse to violence and lawlessness.” According to him, the greatest peace is when everyone lives under the law and breakers of the law get punished accordingly. On the challenge of leadership in the country, the Catholic bishop urged Nigerians to stop blaming politicians alone for the ineffectiveness of the law in Nigeria. He urged Nigerians not to elect leaders based on their religious backgrounds, saying effective leadership had nothing to do with a leader’s religious background but his or her ability to respect the rule of law. “I do not care whether a president is God-fearing or not because God does not have a ballot and it is not God that will vote. We are the ones who will vote for our new leaders and for now, a leader is accountable to us, and the leader will settle with God,” he said.

‘Confab, only antidote to misgovernance in Nigeria’


Yoruba socio cultural pressure group, the Ominira Yoruba Apapo (OYA) has described the proposed national conference as the only antidote to bad governance in Nigeria. OYA national vice chairman, Mr. Rasaq Oladosu, said the national dialogue would save the nation from bad politicians. “Nigerians must see the confab as their last chance. The planned dialogue remains the last chance for the Nigerian people to determine the kind of nation they want. Nigerians must not listen to those speaking against the planned conference for their own selfish political gains,” he said. Oladosu also noted that the political charade going on against the planned conference was geared towards stopping it. He said: “We have heard enough of lies from politicians pretending to do good for the people. Now is the time when the people will decide by dialogue how they want to be governed. “The outcome of the conference, once it is subjected to a referendum of the people, cannot be hijacked by politicians,” he said. Oladosu however disclosed that the OYA’s stand was for Nigeria to practise true fiscal federalism and give autonomy to the regions.

November 16, 2013


We need to restructure P. 14 democratic practice –Owolabi Salis


Kukah says respect for rule of law, central to peace, stability in Nigeria

Saturday Mirror

Oyinlola’s suspension and the embers of discord TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE he crisis rocking the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) took another dimension on Monday as its National Working Committee (NWC) announced the suspension of four members of the new PDP (nPDP). Those suspended according to PDP National Publicity Secretary, Chief Olisa Metuh, were the national chairman of the new PDP, Alhaji Abubakar Kawu Baraje; the deputy national chairman, Dr. Sam Sam Jaja; former Osun State governor, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, and the national vice-chairman (North West), Alhaji Ibrahim Kazaure. Speaking during a press conference in Abuja on Monday, Metuh said that the suspension was long overdue but that the party leadership had tarried because it did not want to been seen as being hasty in taking disciplinary action against its members. His words: “The National Working Committee, in line with the provision of the constitution, has after the preliminary hearings as stated in our constitution, suspended forthwith from the PDP, the following: Alhaji Abubakar Kawu Baraje, Dr. Sam Sam Jaja, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola and Ambassador Ibrahim Kazaure. “The suspension of these four members of the National Executive Committee, because of their past positions in the party and present, is for the breach of Sections 58 (1), b, g, h and I. “The party has decided to suspend these individuals because they have engaged in acts that are inimical to the provisions of our constitution. We have witnessed an attempt at political identity theft, where some unknown people, our brothers who are aggrieved, will collude with some known individuals to attempt an identity theft.” The PDP spokesperson also said that the four suspended members of the party are to be referred to the party’s Umaru Dikko-led National Disciplinary Committee (NDC), inaugurated two weeks ago by the national chairman, Bamanga Tukur, for further investigation. In a swift reaction to suspension of its members, the new PDP, in a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Chief Chukwuemeka Eze, described the suspension order as an abuse of the judiciary and the Nigerian constitution on fair hearing. He said the suspension is an abuse of the Nigerian constitution and abuse of the judiciary which recently reinstated Oyinlola as the national secretary of the party. His words: “The suspension is in flagrant abuse of the PDP Constitution Article 57 subsections 7 and 8 which states




that ‘Notwithstanding any other provision of this Constitution relating to discipline, no executive committee at any level except NEC shall entertain any question of discipline as may relate or concern a member of the NEC, public office holder i.e. Ministers, Ambassadors, Special advisers or any member of the Legislative Houses. “No disciplinary committee at any level except National Disciplinary Committee shall impose any punishment provided under Article 57 of the Constitution arising from any disciplinary action on any person named in Article 57 of this Constitution. “With this sections of our constitution and considering that Prince Oyinlola, by his position as the incumbent National Secretary of PDP as stated by the Appeal Court and considering the privileged positions both Kawu Baraje, Sam Jaja and Ambassador Kazaure have occupied in the party, it becomes imperative and a sacrosanct fact that only the NEC of the party and not any funny NWC can suspend such calibre of members of the party as mentioned above therein.” Condemning the suspension, the nPDP spokesman noted that: “This illegal act exposes Tukur and his NWC as lacking not only democratic character but lack common understanding of the PDP constitution. To us, this is an abuse of the judiciary which recently reinstated Oyinlola as the National Secretary of the party, abuse of the Nigerian Constitution on fair hearing and most importantly exposing the intolerant attitude of Tukur and his sponsors. “Finally, this uncivilised act and action is not acceptable to us as we insist that Oyin-

lola must be reinstated as a matter of urgency as ordered by the Appeal Court as the National Secretary of PDP. In this regard, we urge INEC and any other government agency not to entertain any document or letter from PDP without the authorisation of Oyinlola in view of the fact that he is the incumbent National Secretary of PDP fully recognised and sanctioned by a creditable court of our country. “We urge all good members of PDP to remain calm, steadfast and focussed as we fight the illegality which Tukur and his people represent as the task to strengthen and rebuild our party, a task that we must conclude.” Oyinlola, in his reaction to the suspension said that: “This is part of the impunity we are protesting against. None of us has been queried or requested to give explanations for any alleged offence. And if they are reacting to the issue of the new PDP, why did they decide to leave out the serving state governors, senators and members of the House of Representatives, who have been very vocal? It’s all an attempt to circumvent the ruling of the Court of Appeal. “Certainly, the last has not been heard about this matter and I am sure that truth will prevail over falsehood.’’ Irrespective of the reasons given by the PDP for the suspension of the four key members of the nPDP, many people are of the view that the suspension is a direct attack on the Baraje-led new PDP and a move by the Bamangar Tukur-led PDP to circumvent the ruling of the Court of Appeal, which ordered the immediate reinstatement CONTINUED ON PAGE 15


November 16, 2013

Saturday Mirror

We need to restructure democratic practice –Owolabi Salis Chief Owolabi Salis, a certified public accountant, lawyer and politician is a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) 2015 governorship aspirant in Lagos State. He was Action Party of Nigeria (APN) Lagos State gubernatorial candidate during 2007 gubernatorial election. Salis, a former PDP National Secretary aspirant, in this interview, speaks about his aspiration to govern Lagos State in 2015, internal wrangling in PDP and the proposed national conference among other issues. TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE


hat is your view on the proposed national conference considering the divergent views expressed so far on it? Yes, I think this is something we need as a nation looking at the actions and inactions in the country right now, particularly, the attack on the presidency on state of insecurity, especially Boko Haram. The issue of minority agitation, federalism, security among others, are sensitive problems that demand very serious discussions at this time in the history of our country. On the sincerity of the president to bring the conference to reality, I believe that Mr. President is very sincere and those attacking him or planning to boycott the conference are only playing politics. I heard that the leader of APC, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu was against the proposed conference. From the records, Tinubu, who is a major stakeholder of America Returnee Association (ARA) like me, is one of the luckiest politicians we have in this country. For me I think the discussion is necessary and my view on what I will want them to discuss is how to restructure our democratic practice. We need to discuss. Do you think there should be no-goarea during the national conference? I don’t believe that there should be nogo-area because when you say there should be no-go-area that means they are not discussing the whole problems. If you really want to get to the roots of the problems, there should be no-go-areas. The only issue I would be opposed to is the issue of disintegrating the country. I believe in one Nigeria. Many names seem to be flying around as likely ministerial nominees from Lagos State. How would you react to the jostling for a ministerial position? We heard that they are going to give us a minister in Lagos and it would be better if the person is purely a party man or woman. Presently, we have Dr. Olusegun Aganga representing Lagos but many people see him as a technical person who hardly contributes to the development of the party in the state. Similarly, we have lots of technical politicians like me in Lagos. For example, I am a Fellow of the Chartered Accountant of Nigeria, a member of the Nigerian Bar Association, an Economist, a chartered banker and a certified Public Accountant and there are so many powerful people like me in Lagos PDP. We have many very strong, rich, intellectual value base but some of us are silent. There are a lot of powerful people in Lagos PDP and these are the people now agitating for the selection of people who are technically oriented, who can keep value and at the same


time promote the party even in the face of opposition parties. I agree that there are lots of names flying around in the news, but I don’t control the structure. Unfortunately, a recommendation is always about people who can hold on to the structure. They want to give it to people who they know can satisfy their interests. It is always like that in all states and that is unfortunate for Lagos PDP. The best people don’t usually have the slot. It is those who can satisfy the interest of the power brokers that always have their way in becoming ministers. A lot of names have been sent by those who control the structure of the party in the state but I know that my name found itself on the list through some independence sources because whoever grabs that ministerial position from Lagos would have a vantage position because he or she would use it to build the party and building the party means that people would follow the person. You noticed that some former governors were ministers before they became governors. If they had not been ministers, they wouldn’t have had the chance of becoming a governor. That is the way the system is structured. How true is the report that you are joining the race for the 2015 gubernatorial contest in Lagos again? Yes, I want to contest again because I have interest in developing the less-privileged people. I don’t believe that the incumbent All Progressives Congress (APC) government has so far done well in Lagos State because for you to judge if a particular government has done well; you have to look at how that

government has been able to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor. Breaching the gap between the rich and the poor in human need is key and that is why the rich are being taxed to support the poor. The rich, many times, don’t need the government to survive because they can afford to buy private practices; private education, private medical needs. They can afford to buy private houses and so on. Government is about public services and in bridging the gap between the rich and the poor; government should bridge the gap for every citizen to have quality access to life? As a rich man, when I built my house, I have a shelter. Poor people should also have shelters over their heads through low cost housing projects. That is what we call government. As a rich man, I have my own private cars to move me up and down; the poor people should also have some public transport to move them from one point to another. As a rich man, I can afford private medical services and I can even travel abroad to get medical services; poor people should also have access to good medical services whenever they are sick. That is why we need government. Looking at different sectors, can we truly say that government has met the yearnings and aspirations of the people? Let us talk about education. I do pay over N1m for the education of my kids, but these poor people like pepper sellers, fish sellers and others can’t afford it, so they need good public schools for their children. While I was growing up, I was a beneficiary of public education and that transformed me to what I am

today. If you look at the quality of public schools in Lagos State, it is nothing to write home about. If you are talking about the Lagos State University (LASU), that is supposed to render support to the poor people, they are trying to transform it to a rich man educational system by introducing high school fees that children of the poor can no longer afford. In terms of health services, many people cannot afford to pay the bills that are being charged presently in public hospitals, much less visit private hospitals whenever they are sick. How many people can afford hospital bill of N100,000 when the minimum wage is N18,000 per month? When doctors go on strike it is the poor people that suffer most. During the last doctors’ strike, I know a lot of people that died at the time because they cannot afford private medical services. Presently, we have a situation where we are creating classconsciousness in Lagos State. If you are not rich, you have to succumb. I have written some programmes that I think can be used to advance the interest of those living in Lagos State. The programme cut across based on my experience from what I have seen when I travelled all over the world. I have visited the grassroots in many countries that I travelled to and I believe that we can touch the lives of people if we improve our incomes and create jobs. With the criticism of some of the policies of the ruling party in Lagos State. Do you truly see the PDP as an alternative party in 2015? When you look at the population character of Lagos State, it favours the PDP but we have leadership issues. Since 2003 general elections, PDP has been defeating PDP in Lagos State. If you can recall, some people left the party prior to 2003 elections due to lack of internal democracy, cheating, factionalisation and many things that created problems in 2003. The same thing happened in 2007 when people and a group like that of Funsho Williams left the party and they were compensated with Secretary to the State Government (SSG) and about two positions of commissioners in ACN government. The same thing happened in 2011 when a whole minister, somebody who has been a minister under PDP, left the party along with PDP chairman of Lagos West Senatorial district to ACN at the last minute. These are people holding on to the major structure of the party. While some people left the party to join the ruling party, some people waited back in the PDP during 2007 and 2011 elections to spoil the game because there was no internal democracy. So, PDP has been destroying PDP. It is not that APC is better than PDP but what is affecting us is leadership. However, if we are able to resolve the leadership issues then we can move forward because Lagosians are already looking forward to an alternaCONTINUED ON PAGE 15

Saturday Mirror


November 16, 2013

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 14 tive to this present government in the state. For me, I decided not to join any group because my loyalty is to the PDP, such that if I get the ticket, it will be easy for me to say lets unite the party. What has been the trend in the party is that if someone in a particular group gets the party’s ticket, those in other groups usually work against the person. You said you don’t belong to any political group in PDP. How, then, do you think it would be easy for you to get the party’s ticket considering that political groups usually determine who emerges the party flag bearer? When you are talking about party politics, it is about working relationship with caucuses. I learnt that under Barrack Obama. I was one of the key guys that worked for Obama not just the sycophants that came after Obama emerged. From the first day, I had that privileged of being invited to the 2008 inauguration by Obama. I live in New York and I played my role from New York and I know that we have to align with caucuses. So, there will always be caucuses. If you are not a member of caucuses, you align with them and build relationship. It is not all caucuses that produce candidate and even within the caucuses, there are a lot of people who will not support their choice or the choice of the leaders in the caucus. In a major caucus, they may say they want to support a particular person, and there are people in the caucus who will oppose that. So, the type of campaign we are carrying out now is different from what we have carried out before. It is completely different from what we did in 2007 and 2011. We are using different formats and it is like you play the game, if you lose twice, go back to the trenches and re-equip yourself. It is completely different and there is high likelihood that I will get the ticket and if I get the ticket then the Lagos people will decide.

Going to APC is political suicide, Babatope tells G-7 governors TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE


ormer Minister of Transportation, Chief Ebenezer Babatope, has advised the G-7 governors not to defect to the All Progressives Congress (APC), saying that any attempt by the governors to go to APC would amount to political suicide. Speaking to Saturday Mirror in an exclusive interview, Babatope said there was nothing APC could offer them. Noted that if they thought APC would offer them temporary asylum, it was an asylum that would crack and they would regret for the rest of their lives. His words: “The G-7 governors are men that many people respected within the party. We love them and find it extremely difficult to comprehend the situation whereby these men are fleeing or are trying to flee with the APC. I want to appeal to the seven governors not to leave the PDP. They should stay in the PDP, make their points known to the PDP leaders and their points would be totally examined, objectively assessed to ensure that we have a PDP that is totally reformed. Nobody has said that PDP should not be reformed. We have been talking about it that we need a party that is reformed and would be able to satisfy the yearnings and aspirations of the people. “Let them stay in the PDP and make their points. They are governors and nobody would push them aside. But if they make the mistake to go and align themselves with the strange elements of the


APC, they will regret it till their dying days. No political rebellion has ever succeeded in any part of the world. “I am appealing to the G-7 governors; they are young men and most of them have a bright future before them but they must not take into gambling by saying that they want to go to APC. I believe that there is nothing APC can offer them. If they think that APC will offer them temporary asylum, it is an asylum that will crack and they will regret for the rest of their life.” Babatope, while stressing the need for the G-7 governors not to go to APC said: “PDP is not ready to witch-hunt anybody

and that is why I am appealing to the G-7 governors to stay in the PDP and they would be surprised themselves that many people would support them for what they are doing in term of reforming the party and then the party would move ahead. I am appealing to them not to commit political suicide by joining a party that they never understand. If they join APC, their political fire would be extinguished and many of them would go to political oblivion. “APC will eventually discard them. Even if they are not discarded, they will discard themselves because they will discover that they are irrelevant to what is happening there.” Speaking on the recent suspension of four leaders of the Alhaji Kawu Baraje-led PDP, Babatope, who is a member of the Umaru Dikko-led PDP National Disciplinary Committee, said that the suspended members would be giving fair hearing whenever they appear before the disciplinary committee. “We want the best for our party and we are going to achieve it. If they bring them before the disciplinary committee, we are going to give them fair hearing. The members of the committee are experienced people and what do we have to gain in terms of witch-hunting anybody. We are going to give them a fair hearing. But what is important is that we will not allow the integrity of the president of this country, who is the leader of the party and also the integrity of the party leaders to be ridiculed or to be enmeshed in messy affairs. So, we will give them fair hearing.”

Oyinlola’s suspension and the embers of discord CONTINUED FROM PAGE 13 of Oyinlola as PDP National Secretary. To many political observers, the refusal of the PDP NWC to suspend the G-7 governors and other prominent leaders of the new PDP, is a pointer that the suspension of Baraje, Oyinlola and two others was a move by the Tukur-led PDP to checkmate Oyinlola from assuming the position of the party’s Secretary as ordered by the appellate court. Chief Chukwuemeka Eze, for instance believes that the suspension is an attempt by the Tukur-led PDP to ensure that peace eludes the party. “Tukur and his funny NWC have only succeeded in exposing themselves not only as champion of undemocratic acts but the greatest enemies of PDP as all their actions are all geared at ensuring that peace eludes the party,” he said. A PDP chieftain, Chief Taiwo Kuye, however saw it in another light. According to him, the suspension of the four members of the nPDP will strengthen the PDP and give them opportunity to forge ahead without any distraction. His words: “The suspension of Oyinlola and three others will strengthen the party the more. They are already on their way out of the party because with the suspension their commitment to divide the party has failed. Once they go, the party will have

the opportunity to forge ahead without any distraction.” The nPDP led by Alhaji Abubakar Kawu Baraje broke away from the PDP during the party’s August 31 Special National Convention in Abuja. The membership of the breakaway faction includes former Vice President Atiku Abubakar and the G-7 governors; Sule Lamido (Jigawa), Musa Kwankwaso (Kano), Aliyu Wamakko (Sokoto), Murtala Nyako (Adamawa), Chibuike Amaechi (Rivers) and Abdulfatah Ahmed (Kwara), members of the National Assembly, among others, who are disgruntled with Tukur-led PDP. Since the formation of the nPDP, both factions have been at loggerhead over the structure of the ruling party. In the last few months several efforts have been put in place by President Goodluck Jonathan, former President Olusegun Obasanjo and many other founding fathers of the PDP, but the moves seem not to have yielded any fruit as both factions refused to sheath their swords. While both groups were still flexing their muscles, a Court of Appeal sitting in Abuja last Wednesday ordered the reinstatement of Oyinlola as PDP National Secretary. The appellate court ruling generated lots of confusion between the party leaders on the effect of Oyinlola’s reinstatement. The threat by the nPDP that it would ensure that the


reinstatement order was carried out also generated some heat over the court verdict. While some people have thought that the reinstatement of Oyinlola as Secretary would create a platform for reconciliation of the two factions, others believe that it would be dangerous to the Tukur-led faction, considering the recent romance of some leaders of nPDP with the leading opposition party, All Progressives Congress (APC). Considering several moves against the New PDP and alleged witch-hunting of its members by the presidency and PDP leadership through security agents and federal government agencies, some people believe that the suspension of Baraje, Oyinlola and two others is a deliberate plan to prevent

Oyinlola from being reinstated as PDP National Secretary. To political analysts, the suspension of four key leaders of nPDP would generate more crises within the ruling party as it may build or mar PDP, especially in their quest to put an end to the crises in the party, which seem to be creating a cracking wall for the opposition to penetrate. In the last few weeks, the opposition leaders led by APC national chairman, Chief Bisi Akande; former governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and former Head of State, Gen. Mohammadu Buhari, have visited some of the G-7 governors to woo them into joining APC. Though some of the visited governors told the APC leaders that they were not prepared to leave the PDP for now until they were told to do so. Those in the know believe that some of them were just playing pranks as their soul was already in APC, with only their body in the PDP. Head or tail, the suspension of the four members of the New PDP is going to affect the turn of events in the ruling party as those factions are strategising to ensure that they outsmart each other in the battle for the soul of PDP. The question on the lips of many people is who blinks first between the two factions? Political observers can’t wait to see who, at the end of the day, outsmarts the other.


November 16, 2013

Saturday Mirror


Saturday Mirror

November 16, 2013


Riding to the altar in Keke Napep SEGUN ADIO


Different strokes for different folks, they say. That saying is indeed true, especially regarding 37-year-old Henry Bassey. While virtually everyone would prefer to arrive at their own wedding in a luxurious saloon car, SUV or limousine, Bassey went to his in a commercial tricycle known popularly in local parlance as Keke NAPEP or Keke Marwa. Is it that Bassey is not buoyant to get a car to take him to his wedding, or that he was being forced into marriage so had to make his feelings known through a seemingly rebellious action? Speaking with Saturday Mirror, Bassey brushed aside the notions that maybe he didn’t have money to get a car or that he was unhappy to be getting married. “I might not be the richest man in the world, but then I don’t think you have to be extremely rich to get a well-appointed car to take you to your wedding. And as for maybe being unhappy to be getting married, I am very happy that I’ve married, and I was very happy on my wedding day and I’m very happy that I and the love of my life, Joy, are now legally one,” he said. So why did he use a tricycle as his groom’s vehicle? “Simple,” he replied. “I am very different in everything I do, and I wanted to be different in the way I arrived at my wedding, so that’s why I used the Keke NAPEP. Those that are close to me know that I am very creative, and even my wife tells people that that is what she likes most in me. Nevertheless, she was very surprised as well when she saw the Keke NAPEP.”

WHEN I TOLD MY BESTMAN ABOUT IT, HE SAID, ‘I AM SURE YOU ARE JOKING.’ I REPLIED THAT I WAS DEAD SERIOUS AND HE SAID, ‘IF YOU HAD INFORMED ME EARLIER ABOUT THIS, I WOULD NOT HAVE COME WITH YOU Like most creative people, Bassey’s inspiration to ride in the Keke Napep to his nuptials came suddenly. “A few days before my wedding, I went to meet my in-laws in Umuahia. While going about, I noticed a neat commercial Keke NAPEP parked at a bus-stop, and maybe because it was so neat and different from the most of them, it just struck me just like that that I should ride in it to my wedding,” he

recalled. A man of action, he approached the tricycle’s operator immediately. “I asked him if he could take me and my bestman to the church on my wedding day. He laughed but I persisted and he asked me if I was really serious and I said yes and we agreed that I would pay him N2,500.” And so he returned to Lagos with his plan close to his chest, a plan that he only

intimated someone else, his bestman, of two days before the wedding when they were in an airplane conveying them to the east. “When I told my bestman, Emeka Egbuniwe, about it, he did not utter a word initially. Eventually, he said, ‘I am sure you are joking.’ I replied that I was dead serious and he said, ‘If you had informed me earlier about this, I would not have come with you.’ And he did not say anything about it again but he realised it was for real indeed when we left the hotel we lodged on the wedding day and the tricycle was there waiting for us.” And when some of those who attended the wedding wanted to make the tricycle usage an issue, Joy weighed in behind her husband. She told them that though she was not consulted on the use of the tricycle, but that her husband liked springing surprises and she was in full support of his tricycle style.



November 16, 2013

Saturday Mirror

The ‘mute’ twin mother beggar on Broad Street

Hadiza and her twins

War against children

The sight of female beggars who use babies, especially twins, as bait has become commonplace in Lagos and practically every major town in Nigeria. With no thought for the health or comfort of these babies, these women make brisk business, day and night, rain or shine, dust or dew THOMAS USHIE


he sight of female beggars who use twin babies as their bait has gradually become a common sight at different locations in Lagos. Their marketing strategy is to pry some change out of Nigerians who have the milk of human kindness flowing in them in abundance. Even the hardest of hearts have been known to melt at the sight of two innocent wide-eyed

babies in the arms of a raggedy woman who obviously does not have the wherewithal to give then any kind of care. On the bustling Marina, (Lagos Island), which is home to several banks headquarters and business concerns, Saturday Mirror counted six mothers of twins seating with sad postures, displaying their twin babies to attract sympathy from pedestrians and motorists. The same day on Bank Anthony Way, in Maryland area, several of these women could be seen making brisk

business from begging in the traffic snarl with their twin babies. At Opebi/ Allen Roundabout, in Ikeja, another is seen plying her trade with her twin children, totally defying the fierce, scorching sun, without any thought for the obvious discomfort of these hapless babies. At Oshodi, one of the pulsating heartbeats of Lagos, these mothers of twins seem to be extra ‘security conscious.’ When one of them sighted the reporter taking pictures of the beggars and their kids, she grabbed her kids and took to her heels. She sought refuge with a young cripple who later identified himself as Ibrahim. Speaking with Saturday Mirror, Ibrahim identified the mother of twins as Binta, and her children as Hassan (the boy) and Hassana (the girl). He said, “The girl’s name is Hassana

while the boy’s name is Hassan. They are here begging for alms so that they can feed. They are not my children. They are my friend’s children. Since they are here, I look after them. That is why they ran to me. My friend is crippled and he has nothing to feed his wife and children. He is not here today. He also begs for alms to feed, take care of his wife and children. His name is Isa. My own name is Ibrahim,” he explained. Cautioning on what could be the adverse effects of exposing children to such an environment at such a tender age, Ibrahim sought consolation in the adage that says necessity knows no law. “It affects them but there is nothing we can do. If they stay at home, there would be no food for them to eat and take care of their other needs. If they CONTINUED ON PG 19

Saturday Mirror


November 16, 2013


War against children

Ibrahim, Binta and her twin

CONTINUED FROM PG 18 have a better choice, they would surely stay away from this kind of condition. But now, there is nothing they can do,” he lamented. Nevertheless, while they might be hunted down by poverty, education is paramount in Ibrahim’s plans for his alleged friend’s children. “If I have money, I will send them to school. I don’t want them to end up on the bridge begging for alms. I don’t think that would be good for them. Of course, they are not crippled like me or like their father. So they can grow

up and fend for themselves and by the Grace of God, their mother and father. They are already walking and they can hear and obey commands. That means that if they are sent to school now, they could learn at this age. But we don’t have the money to send them to school. But if anybody that has money offers to help these children and send them to school, I will be very happy,” he stated. But what have Binta and Isa been doing with the proceeds from their begging all these years? Ibrahim explained: “We use the money to buy food and clothing for the

children and take care of other urgent needs.” The beggars don’t seem to mind working overtime. The reporter walked up to another beggar at the end of the pedestrian bridge. It was already 7 p.m. As the reporter established conversation with her, suddenly, two officials of the Lagos State Kick Against Indiscipline (KAI), obviously having been awakened from their complacency by the flash of the reporter’s camera, walked up to challenge the reporter. “Who are you and what do you want from them?” one of the KAI officials enquired. The reporter introduced himself. And the KAI official politely advised the reporter to make whatever inquiries or interview with the beggars at the foot of the bridge as “it is not safe to interview people with children on the pedestrian bridge.” He explained further that “We have warned them not to beg on this bridge again but they have refused to heed the warnings”. As if to convince the reporter of earlier warnings, one of the KAI officials yelled: “Have you not been warned to stop begging here. If not for these children, I would have arrested you now. Go down,” he ordered in pidgin English. One of the ‘mother-beggars’ was obviously physically challenged. Apart from her lack of sight, she also kept mute, suggesting that she has hearing challenges. The reporter observed that she benefitted more from public sympathy than the others who exhibited no physical challenges. These beggars also appear to be quite informed. Saturday Mirror’s interaction with some of them revealed that they are quite aware that their trade is not just illicit but also inhumane, as all of them usually take on their heels

when approached for fear of being arrested. Nevertheless, their continuous engagement in the begging business with their twins, which some Lagosians have alleged are hired from some unscrupulous child care centres for a fee, bears eloquent testimony that human beings are motivated by the will to survive and when pushed to the wall, they could walk against the law on the road to survival. When the reporter approached one of these beggars on Marina Street one Thursday afternoon, she grew violent as the reporter sought to know her identity and mission. She ordered the kids in Hausa to run to the nearby car park. And as the reporter attempted to take her picture, she hit him with an umbrella while alerting her colleagues to disappear from the scene. The other beggars hurriedly took their twins and dashed to ‘safety.’ The violent one meanwhile charged towards the reporter swearing, hauling vituperations at him. A trader who was watching the scene cautioned her that the reporter could be a policeman. But she did not seem to care. Passers-by and traders soon joined what had become a heated discussion on the trend of women begging with tender babies on the rough and dirty streets of Lagos and other major Nigerian cities. Even though some of these children look like biological children of their so-called mothers, many of them do not bear even the faintest resemblance to these women, suggesting that they may not actually be their biological children. The consensus of everyone who joined the roadside debate was that it has become necessary for security agencies to keep a close watch on these beggars who ply their trade using innocent children as bait.

Brazilian parent sells baby for £260 (N70, 000)


pparently, it is not only in Nigeria that babies are under siege. A Brazilian baby has been offered for sale for £267 (about N70, 000) on a website because the parents claim it will not let them sleep. Brazilian police have launched an investigation into the advert, which was posted on Tuesday on the OLX classified website. The advert features a baby of only a few months old dressed in a blue outfit, alongside the caption: ‘Cries a lot and does not let me sleep and I have to work to survive.’ The person who posted the advert provided a contact name and number for the city of Aparecida de Goiânia in the central state of Goias. The advert was active for more than 12 hours on the site before the company withdrew it for breaching the terms and conditions by advertising ‘inappropriate content’. Police Child Protection officer, Marcela Orçai, from Aparecida de Goiânia, said they are trying to track down the person who posted the advert.

• Says, It won’t let me sleep and I have to work to survive

The baby advert

The officer added that records from OLX indicted that a sale had not taken place. The child was advertised under the

Babies and Children’s section. “We are trying to locate the person who posted the advert. We believe that the individual may live in the Campos

Eliseos neighbourhood of the city,” said the officer who warned that police would make the culprits answerable for their actions.’ OLX classified website is the largest consumer trading website in the world with a presence in some 107 countries. Each month, the company reports that it receives more than 100 million users buying and selling goods and services on its free classified site. Police said the advertiser has offended whether they actually meant to sell the baby or not. Digital law expert Rafael Maciel said the offence committed was negotiating the sale of a life. In April this year, a mother was arrested on suspicion of selling her 12-year-old daughter for £1,340 (N357, 000) in Cromínia, in the same state of Goiás. The child had been sold to a 28-year-old man. Police found the youngster and she was returned to her father.



November 16, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Uniforms for commercial bus operators: Matters arising What is the latest about Lagos State’s Road Traffic Law which says that commercial bus drivers and conductors must start wearing uniforms in order to curb reckless driving and crime? FUNMI SALOME JOHNSON went to town on it and reports that the registration, which will precede the uniform wearing has begun. She also discovered that opinions are divided over it.


Lagos State is known for many things: its hustle and bustle and most population in Africa included. It is also known for crime, vicious acts of crime, especially armed robbery operations in which people are killed indiscriminately. The armed robbers in Lagos, in line with the hustle-to-survive nature of Lagos that makes most of its population keep originating new methods of survival, also keep coming up with new methods to carry out their operations. So, instead of robbing just banks, hospitality outfits, residences and so on, they also masquerade as commercial transport operators to rob passengers. Known as ‘One chance’, it is one of the worst crimes ever as victims are pushed out of the buses while still in motion and they end up sustaining debilitating injuries. Commercial transport crime was however not limited to buses alone. Since motorcycles were also used for commercial transport, they were also used for robberies like bag snatching and as the getaway machine from robbery sites. With Lagos in the painful grip of commercial transport robberies, it wasn’t surprising that the state’s charismatic Governor, Babatunde Fashola, decided to do something about it. To solve the menace of motorcycle robberies, he ordered them off certain roads. And to combat bus robberies, registration of all bus operators (drivers and conductors) and the practical need for them to be uniformed were seen as the solution to the robberies they always denied, claiming that they were not carried out by genuine drivers and conductors but people pretending to be them. While the motorcycle ban on major roads has lessened motorcycle robberies, the proposed introduction of uniforms for bus drivers and conductors is raising dust. According to the Lagos State Commissioner for Transportation, Kayode Opeifa, ““This step has become necessary in order to regulate the operations of commercial passenger vehicles and public transportation operators for efficiency, safety and security.” And in line with the Lagos State Government’s edict, the Bus Conductors Association of Nigeria (BCAN), Lagos State chapter, has unveiled the uniforms for commuter bus drivers and conductors in the state and other states across Nigeria. National Publicity Secretary, BCAN, Francis Odinukaeze, said all commuter bus drivers and conductors in Lagos and other states of the federation would

Commercial vehicles



soon begin to wear the new uniforms and badges as they would help to sanitise commercial road transportation so that registered operators in the sector could be proud of their job and quacks would be eliminated. Tajudeen Agbede, Chairman, National Union of Road Transport Workers, Lagos State branch, adds that the uniform will help to save lives o the NURTW is in full support of it. But just as there are two sides to a coin, and every good thing has its bad side, Lagosians have different views over the uniform. Tina Ekpah, whose sister was a one chance victim recently, says, “It is a very good initiative by the state because it will at least curb the incidences of these one chance vehicles that a lot of people

have fallen victims to. I only hope that the uniform will not be compromised. You know there is virtually nothing impossible in this country. We have seen armed robbers wearing police uniforms to rob and even going for operations with police pistols. If the government can really be serious about it and monitor it well, I believe that it will really go a long way in curbing crime in the state.” As for Adebiyi Mobolaji, a technician who works in Ikeja area of Lagos, “I wish it will be done as it is said but you see this is Nigeria where nothing works. Before you know what is happening now, you will start seeing the uniform on all kinds of people. Some may not even wear the uniform and no police will stop them as long as they bribe them. After all, when LASTMA started initially, it was as if

they will never collect bribe. Today, what is happening, they are collecting bribe too. Nothing works in this country. We are only pushing on with the mindset that one day, something will happen that will change the situation for good. I am not a pessimist but it’s just that I have seen all sorts and I’ve kind of lost hope in the so-called government.” Those at the heart of the matter, the bus drivers and conductors, also have their own opinion of the uniform. Adefemi Shuaib, a driver who plies Ikeja to CMS said it is welcome if it will be properly administered. “It is a good idea. It will distinguish the real commercial drivers from those that use commercial vehicles to carry out criminal activities. At least, there will be uniforms and badges with names printed on them and passengers will be able to tell if they are good commercial operators or if they are one chance. Although, we are yet to do the registration but we have started on it and will soon be through with it.” Another bus operator, Chidi, who operates the Ikeja to Mile 2 route, however believes that the uniform will make no real difference. As for Dennis Akpan who is popularly known as Dboy and is a conductor, he doesn’t see the uniform as necessary. “The uniform will not stop people from doing whatever they want to do. The registration aspect is sensible though as it will enable to do their job easily and track down any offender.”

Entervaganza The Saturday Mirror Magazine

Woman Relationships

Scandals cannot but come

–Bukky Wright

Is your partner ‘working late’?


Sex talk Top ten sex lies

Fashion Halter fun


... Dogged by controversies



November 16, 2013

‘Mama Ajasco has made me popular’ Mojisola Oyetayo plays the role of Mama Ajasco in the popular TV production, Papa Ajasco and Company. She is also the public relations officer of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Lagos Chapter. OSEYIZA OOGBODO met her and she spoke a bit about herself.


ow did acting begin for you? I began acting a few years back but I guess I was officially launched into the movie industry after I won the 12 Ambassadors reality TV show sponsored by Unity Bank. The Mama Ajasco role has made you very popular. How did you get the role? I just went for the audition and I was lucky to be chosen. How long have you been playing Mama Ajasco, and what has it done for you? I’ve been playing it for about three years now, and it’s made me kind of popular, I guess. Apart from Mama Ajasco, what are your other credits? I have starred in over ten soap operas and series and quite some movies. Have you won any awards? No. Considering your celebrity status, are you a millionaire? No. Why is it that unlike in America, most Nigerian actors live from hand to mouth? Hmmm! It is well oh. We will get there by God’s grace. Have you been getting endorsements? Not yet, but I have done a few adverts. Are you married? I am divorced and a single mother. What is your advice to upcoming actresses? My only advise is that they

shouldn’t sell themselves short to any producer, director and the likes. Did you face any opposition from your parents when you wanted to go into acting? No! My family has been very supporting and there for me. Do you do any other thing apart from acting? Yes! I’m a voice-over artist, an MC, and an event and interior decorator. I have to have multiple means of income. So is it possible to survive as just an actress in this country? No. What would you say you did that helped you become Lagos AGN’s PRO? It was all God. I didn’t do anything to be the public relations officer of Actors Guild of Nigeria, Lagos chapter. I only offered my services to the guild and I was accepted. Is there anything about you that we don’t know that you would like us to know? You journalists too like aproko! That’s enough information for now.

Saturday Mirror


Saturday Mirror


November 16, 2013

Dr SID attacks Wande Coal in Surulere S


equel to Wande Coal’s official splitt from Mavin Records, the record label of Don Jazzy, zzy, his long-time mentor, and the still simmering feud ud between them over the ownership of Coal’s latest smash sh hit, Baby Face, tongues are wagging that Dr SID’s latest release, Surulere featuring Don Jazzy, is an attack of Coal. They say Surulere, which talks about the virtues of patience, is actually an attack on Coal for being impatient with Mavin Records to carry out its plans for him. Pundits have however adviced Dr SID to try his best to stay out of the Jazzy, Coal war as it doesn’t really concern him. This might however be very difficult for Dr SID to do. Feuds among ex-labelmates are not a new thing in the music industry, and in most cases, those still with the label end up making nasty comments about and doing songs against those that left, in order to prove Coal their loyalty to the label.

Venita Akpofure lambastsToke Makinwa ... condemns her single status



n what can be said to be the most surprising attack of the week, model and video vixen Venita Akpofure brutally lashed out at popular on-air personality, Toke Makinwa. For reasons best known to her, Akpofure literally tore Makinwa to shreds, going as far as blasting her that “I thought you would get married ten years ago.” Her attack began after Makinwa tweeted that she would as usual post her weekly video blog advicing people on relationships and marriage on Wednesday.

But her announcement did not go down well with Akpofure who reacted without beating about the bush. ush. “Please give us a Christmas present of keeping your lips pursed. d. We would love that. We’ve heard all your advice on everything. Now use your advice for yourself. Concentrate te on finishing work in your own relationationship and stop trying to figure e out everyone else’s. I thought you were getting married ten years ago.” Makinwa is presently believed ieved to be in a very serious relationship nship with Maje Ayida. It is yet to be made concrete however.


Chidinma’s image receives more battering ... denies sex tape


hese are definitely bittersweet times for Miss Kedike, Chidinma, the first female winner of Project Fame West

Africa. Even as her star has been shining more brightly of recent, with performances at top concerts including Butterscotch Evenings and Colourful World of More, some really dark clouds hover on the horizon occasionally. The first of them was her nude pictures saga. While that was a case of a publicity stunt gone awry, she had to come out quick-

... declares she’s a virgin ly to deny that she ever took nude pictures, as she never expected that her fans would berate her for taking supposedly nude pictures all in the name of promoting her brand. But why wouldn’t her fans lash her, when they see her as a good girl, which has been her image all along, so they were let down by her sudden brazenness? But hardly had she swum out of the murky waters of her nude pictures saga than she faced jealousy from her co-members of her church choir. According to

them, she wasn’t spiritually eligible to be a member of their choir, going by the fact that she was singing secular songs like Emi Ni Baller and rollicking and frolicking with people outside Christendom. Her latest dark spot is definitely the worst. She has been linked with a sex tape, with claims spreading fast that she was the lady in the pornographic video that has gone viral. She has however denied being the morally loose lady and went as far as saying she’s still a virgin.



November 16, 2013

Saturday Mirror



Saeon attacks Blackmagic, Victoria Kimani, then apologises ... Victoria is not tight musically ... Blackmagic’s Repete was virtually written by me





hat could have been the next celebrated spat in the music sector has fizzled out as suddenly as it saw the light of day. The near-spat, which was ignited by promising singer, Saeon, is the sort which should have blown out of proportion, but it didn’t because Kenyan singer Victoria Kimani and Repete singer Blackmagic whom she attacked didn’t really react and she has now apologised to them. Whether the apology is genuinely from her heart and wheth-

er it will be genuinely accepted is another issue however as her vitriolic attack on her two more established colleagues wasn’t a minor affair but one that has cast credibility on their credentials. According to her, Queen Victoria, the newly released mixtape of Chocolate City artist, Victoria Kimani, will “fail” as the music in it is not good enough. And regarding Blackmagic, she said his hit song, Repete, was virtually written by her and he has refused to credit her till date.

BrymO, Chocolate City bout Round two ends in deadlock


t is no longer news that Ara singer, BrymO, is in discord with Audu Maikori’s Chocolate City, the record label that signed him on and brought him to prominence. What is news presently is that the second round of the bout between the singer and the label ended in a stalemate earlier this week when their Maikori

court case had to be adjourned because BrymO didn’t appear in court. Even as the two parties are now gearing up for the next court appointment which is scheduled for next month, people are already wondering what will happen then. Will BrymO not appear again? Will CC have gotten tired of being seen as bully and thereby have

washed its hands off BrymO and the case? As we await the outcome of the next court date which will be round three of their ongoing bout, just keep in mind that while the second round was a deadlock, CC won the first round by getting a court injunction against BrymO to stop him from music activities.


Maheeda condemned severely


aheeda bit more than what she could chew with her recent posting of herself in a Catholic nun’s habit. While all her racy, seminude pictures of herself have basically been tolerated by the public, her pose

in the nun’s habit elicited unanimous condemnation. She was vilified mercilessly, as her popular image as a sexual item isn’t in tandem with that of a nun. Maheeda is however not bothered by the criticisms and has kept posting more pictures of the type she’s

known for, and has even gone as far as posting one in which she was totally nude.


Baba Nee headlines Freshers’ Night/Welcome Party FUNMI SALOME JOHNSON


mo Ghetto singer, Baba Nee, will headline this year’s edition of Freshers’ Night/ Welcome Party which is

scheduled to hold next Friday. The show’s organisers, Ige Oluwaseun Martins of Heclly Entertainment, and Funke Kuku of Club 7, boasted that it is going to be full of fun and excitement and that

tertiary institution students who are its targets will catch all the fun they can. “We organise it every year to welcome newly students of tertiary institutions as well as welcome undergraduates back to school and despite the

ASUU strike, the show must go on,” Martins said. Kuku added that the allnight show, which will hold at Club 7 and will also feature a raffle draw sponsored by House of JLO, will start with the red carpet by 6pm.


Omini Knowest

Artist: Waje Intro This is W-A-J-E E-Kelly … E-Kelly Eh And it’s another one From me Hey Listen Verse 1 You tell me say you know my gifts E be like say you dey there When God dey give me This voice wey I dey take dey sing You open your mouth to tell me that I need to switch Hook You think say I start today See the many blessings wey dey come my way See me I no dey like to brag Now the one thing sure I know what I’m about, yeh To be a bad guy no be by force To roll up your rizla No be by, no be by No be by force To be a bad guy no be by force To roll up your rizla No be by, no be by No be by force Ehn Chorus (2x) Leave me alone Make I do the one wey I know Make I do the one wey I know …. omini know know Make I do the one wey I know … .omini know know Yeah Omini knowest Verse 2 Who first buy motor Buy old model Buy buy old model The first to start the race Fit no finish well … fit no finish well Take a look around you And learn from those who fail The lesson is not to run your mouth But just to bless eh Hook Chorus (2x)

Saturday Mirror


November 16, 2013


Skelewu palaver paves way for better music videos I



t seems that the hullabaloo that ensued from the Skelewu video mess has turned out to be positive for the music industry. Since the Nigerian music sector has been seen to be on a rise in recent years, and Nigerian music videos have been said to have advanced greatly consequently, it was therefore understandable that uproar greeted the poor effort that was the initial Skelewu video because people were eagerly expecting it and when it came, and it was disappointing, they vented their rage in frustration. At this point, it is pertinent to note that Skelewu’s first official video is not the first video that will disappoint Nigerians but it is the first that people were really able to let their true feelings about it be known, and this is because of the increasing access people have to the internet where they can let their opinions be known without censorship, editing or caring whose ox is gored. One of the trends of the industry all along has been that songs that became very popular without videos mostly always ended up having disappointing videos. 9ice’s Gongo Aso and Street Credibility as well as DJ Zeez’s O4kasibe are good examples. Their videos, when they were eventually shot and released, did not meet up with the precedents the songs had set, and so they didn’t last long on the airwaves and didn’t get too much bashing either as the media didn’t help fans air their opinions. p But the b brouhaha and controversy that ensued from Skelewu’s video(s) have made all al those involved in the mu-

sic video sector realise that they have to sit up, and they have indeed done so as the music videos being released now are quite good indeed. One of the frustrating things about videos is that you watch a damn good video and then you watch a trashy video and then you discover that they were both directed by the same person and then you’ll start wondering how on earth it was that the director who did the extremely good video was the one who also did the totally trashy one. And that is Sesan for you. Sesan is right in the thick of the Skelewu video mess and the Nigerian music video sector. He has directed many videos for D’Banj. He it was who directed Skelewu’s first official video that was so vilified that its singer, Davido, had to go and shoot another one with Mr Moe Musa in order to appease Skelewu fans. Now, Sesan has a latest video on air that will help a lot to redeem the glory he lost over Skelewu. The video will also aid Iyanya a lot in his quest to maintain his Kukere glory. The video in question is of Iyanya’s latest song, Le Kwa Ukwu, and it is being critically acclaimed for its plot and cinematography and is winning more fans by the day ... unlike his Skelewu video. Another video that has come after Skelewu, and has a plot that matches its song’s lyrics is Niyola’s Toh Bad. Directed by Kemi Adetiba, and released last Monday, Toh Bad is a video that will challenge other directors to come up with something as good as it in terms of locations, props, costumes, cinematography and most importantly, its plot. The golden girl, Tiwa Savage,

maybe on account of being managed excellently by Tunji ‘TJ Billz’ Balogun, hardly puts a foot wrong, and she didn’t do so again with her latest video, Eminado, which was released last week Monday. Eminado is a very popular song that her fans have been waiting for its video. And the video’s coming coming can’t be categorised as a disappointment, even though its lyrical interpretation wasn’t its director, Clarence Peters’ focus. He shot it as just a fun video and people are really having fun watching it. Yet another fun video by Clarence Peters that has just been released is Burna Boy’s Yawa Dey. Like P-Square’s Personally and Tiwa Savage’s Eminado shot by him, Yawa Dey is also not about really interpreting the song’s message, but getting across visuals that will entertain people, albeit in a sensible manner, and Yawa Dey, Eminado and Personally videos do just that.




Bu urna a Boy y Burna Peters


November 16, 2013

Yvonne Nelson holds sexy birthday


hollywood actress, Yvonne Nelson, is not hot on account of just her acting skills. She’s also hot because she’s very sexy and she used her birthday this year to further enhance her sexy image.

She staged her birthday party at a beach in Ghana on Tuesday and turned up in a racy bikini number that both her male and female fans are still salivating over. Her guests, who included her col-

leagues, Van Vicker and Majid Michel, also turned up in their beach wear and it was a sexy birthday that has further shot Nelson up in popularity ratings in the African movie circle.

latest marriage stand the test of time?


wasn’t satisfied with it. Her first marriage was to her colleague, Black Arrow star, Seg u n Arinze. Their wedding was the talk-ofthe-town back in the 90s as they were both very hot, and Ann was particularly hot from her prostitute role in the extremely successful movie, Domitilla, which exposed the negative sides of

Aki, Paw-Paw, others for Peter P-Square’s traditional wedding tomorrow


Will Domitilla’s t a time when many ladies are finding it difficult to get married, it seems that Nollywood star, Ann Njemanze, popularly known as Domitilla, has a secret marriage formula as she just got married again last weekend. The marriage, which is her third, comes barely two years after her second one which took place in 2011 and which sources say she walked out of as she

Saturday Mirror

t) and her new

Njemanze (righ


prostitution. And as she settles down to enjoy her latest marriage, tongues are already wagging, wondering how long it will last. The busybodies speculating about the marriage’s probable life span are doing so because they say her first two marriages didn’t last long.

day was chosen for Peter PSquare’s highly anticipated wedding, and that day has come. That day is tomorrow, and Nollywood stars are agog for the event which is already being tipped as one of the weddings of the year. Even though tomorrow’s affair is just the traditional arm of the entire wedding ceremonies, with the white arm scheduled for next year, it doesn’t make tomorrow’s event any less grand and it’s a certainty that the Who-Is-Who in the entertainment industry will be there. A source close to P-Square told ENews that among the many Nollywood stars that will attend the wedding are Aki, Paw-Paw, Funke Akindele, Chioma Chukwuka and Desmond Elliot.

t n e u m s e s O r o y d l n r e e s v g e ba B A


s predicted by Nollywood producer-director Charles Novia, Nigeria’s female representative to this year’s Big Brother Africa reality show, Beverly Osu, has bagged herself an endorsement deal as the face of Prestige Cosmetics. While in BBA, Osu became the first Nigerian participant to have ‘sex’ in the show, an allegation she has denied. Due to her believed loose morals while representing Nigeria, it was thought that coming back home

would be difficult for her. But while reviewing her ‘public sexual activity’ while BBA was ongoing, Novia opined that times have changed and loose morals are even celebrated nowadays so Osu might return to the country to become an A-list celebrity and also bag several endorsements. And he has been proved right, as Osu is now one of the nation’s biggest celebrities and has now bagged her first endorsement with more certain to come.


Saturday Mirror


November 16, 2013

le StyGlam and

with Yemisi Adeniran

The more the merrier


ig, chunky and lots of ‘em‛ make bangles most desirable. You‛ve got to love this accessory trend as big bangles can be pretty inexpensive and they pack a major punch of attraction when you pile them on. They may be in beady strands, plastic modes, gold or silver strands or packaged in varied ankara fabrics. Colourful and creatively designed as we

have herein, chunky bangles have of late become a lady‛s way of making bold and daring fashion statements. And whether you have a formal or casual date, you are still likely to find a means of expression by them, so pack a variety today.




November 16, 2013

Fashion Frenzy

Saturday Mirror


Saturday Mirror


November 16, 2013

alter fun



alter dresses come in a variety of prints, colours and fabrics. It can either be short or long with two extra pieces of straps attached on the two sides of the bust line

of the dress, which you can use in different ways. You can either tie the strap or if you want you can even put it behind your neck and just sew it. But the most popular form of halter dresses are those where you tie the straps behind your neck. These straps can either be the adjustable ones or the specific sized one. But mostly you must opt for the adjustable strap halter dresses as they will give you the perfect fit. To wear your halter dress well, you need to follow these tips: Keep your neck bare of accessories: While wearing a halter dress you must avoid all sorts of necklace or any other neck piece. A neck piece will make your neck look much smaller than it is. So, never ever wear any neck piece while you are wearing a halter dress. Pay attention to the kind of bra you wear: You have to understand how to wear halter dress with a bra. A halter dress means baring your back, so, you cannot afford to showcase your bra. Your bra straps must not be visible while you are wearing a halter dress. You should therefore buy a strapless bra that can be easily concealed under the dress. You can also go completely braless. For a perfect shape, you can opt for those halter dresses that have foam cups as this will give you a perfect look even if your dress is a low cut one. It must fit you correctly: Never ever buy halter dresses that are way too large or too small for your body. If you are going for a large halter dress for yourself, it might give you a weird look, making you look fat. On the other hand, if the halter dress is too small, it will make you look fat and outline your extra body fat. So, try to buy such a halter dress that fits your body perfectly and make sure that it is meant for your body structure only. Choose a colour, fabric and pattern according to the frame of your body: If you want to know how to wear halter dress perfectly then you must also give a bit of thought to your bust line. If you have a heavy bust line then you must not opt for a light fabric halter dress, as it will make your bust line look much heavier than usual – and not in the best manner. And, you might not want that. In case of colour, if you are on the broader side, dark colours like black and navy blue halter dresses will do wonders. In case of smaller frame bodies, you can go for any colour or even prints like polka dots and floral patterns. Select the right straps: If you have a bigger body frame, opt for those with thicker straps as this will give you a better look. But those who have a very small shoulder frame must opt for smaller straps as this will give them a broader look.. Accessorise correctly: For a halter dress you can try out accessories like big earrings, attractive handbags, strappy stilettos and also beautiful heavy bracelets that will compliment your earnings as well as your dress.



November 16, 2013

Fashion Guest

Saturday Mirror

‘Fashion makes and interpretes you’

Mrs. Omowunmi Kate Olamide is a Nigerian based in South Africa. A teacher acher and direchich provides tor of Living Hope Academy, a non-profit organisation, in South Africa which extra support for students to bring out the best in them, she is a mother of two. In this interview with YEMISI ADENIRAN, she talks about what fashion means to her among other things. Excerpts:


ou are a teacher. Is that what you had wanted to be as a child? To be sincere, no! You know man proposes and God disposes, but I am not regretting being a teacher now! As a teacher you read every day; thank God that through my work I am a nation builder. How do you come to be a teacher and what is the attraction? Our mentality in Nigeria about teaching is bad! In Nigeria we look down on a teacher as nobody in the society. Even we consider teachers to be non-professionals! When we relocated to South Africa we found out that teachers are treated as professionals; there is a professional body, South African Council of Educators, that regulates teaching profession. You will be evaluated by this body and thereafter licensed to teach. With all these in place, I became interested in teaching and as a wife and mother in a foreign land, l believe that this is a good profession for me. So l applied and the rest is history. What have you been able to achieve as a teacher, particularly, in terms of making students the true future leaders? As a teacher, you are a counsellor, pastor, manager, motivator, administrator, leader, assessor and a parent. You talk to these learners everyday, even speak to their parents. When you start seeing positive changes in these learners and they come back to you to thank you for what you have done, then you realise that you have done something great. Don`t forget that these learners are looking up to you to lead and direct them in the good ways of life. I feel completely fulfilled and thank God for His guidance all along. I also thank my husband for his support and understanding. Many men prefer to marry teachers so that their children could be brought up well and they would have time for the home in general. Is this the attraction to your husband? It is very funny. You see, we got married

in Nigeria and moreover l was not a teacher then. I studied Statistics like I said and teaching was not on my mind. So, I would not say that was the attraction. I remember there was a time he told me that my profession had no meaning in marriage as far as he was concerned. What he was concerned about was how I would manage him. But you would recall that I said earlier that a teacher is a motivator, pastor, counselor, leader assessor and a parent. A lot depends on how you use these qualities to the advantage of your marriage. The experiences from all these makes a teacher a good housewife. You can`t be teaching other people’s children the good way of life and your own family is not enjoying the good way of life. I think with this at the back of your mind, you would want your family to be seen as a good family. More so, don`t forget that you are a leader. What does fashion mean to you? Fashion is you, yourself ! Fashion makes you and interprets you! It tells people whom you are! Don`t forget you are a brand and your fashion sense makes you a big or small brand. How would you compare the lifestyle of women in South Africa

with those of Nigeria? Women here are sophisticated because of the affordability. I’m sure 70% of working class ladies are earning more than men. It is a sort of taboo for a Nigerian woman to smoke but here, it is a part of life. Here women are considered first for a job before men in an interview, so they have upper hand.



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Hair care tips for rainy season


igeria’s leading hair and scalp care brand, Natures Gentle Touch has released various tips on how women can take proper care of their natural hair. Speaking at the monthly Natures Gentle Touch Hair clinic, the head of technical education, Mr Dan Kom-

lan, a certified Trichologist, enjoined women to always moisturise their hair every day. During the rainy season, the weather is very humid and the hair absorbs too much water vapour causing it to become weak because of the weight of the moisture in the strands. This makes the hair to look frizzy.

He explained that moisturising is the act of retaining moisture in the hair using an oil or butter to trap or seal in moisture in the hair strand. When a moisturiser is applied, the oil or butter coats the hair strands thereby preventing it from absorbing too much moisture which has saturated the weather,

while at the same time sealing in the moisture already inside in the hair strand and preventing the hair from going dry. He encouraged women to take proper care of their natural hair because the advantages of staying natural cannot be compared to any artificial hairstyle.

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November 16, 2013

Male Essentials


with Oseyiza Oogbodo w

Fashion tips for skinny men U

nfortunately, not all men are born tall and handsome with naturally built physiques. Nevertheless, while you may not have won the genetic lottery, clothing and grooming choices can go a long way in helping you make the best of what you’ve inherited. Consequently, there are appropriate fashion tips for skinny and fat men because both skinny and chunky men can alter their wardrobes in order to flatter their body types and feel more confident in their skin. All you have to do is know yourself. If your body type falls into one of these categories, the tips below will teach you how to best complement your physique.

Tips for the thin man Many men spend a lot of time dieting and working out to achieve a slimmer physique, all while harbouring serious envy for their skinny counterparts who can eat whatever they please without gaining an ounce. But when it comes to fashion, just as overweight individuals find it tough to buy clothes that are flattering for a larger body, super-slim people experience difficulty finding clothes that fit well and complement their smaller frames. One way to bulk up is to join a gym and start lifting weights, alongside eating more protein and other foods that will add muscle mass to a bony body. However, don’t worry if you hate exercise or can’t seem to fit it into your day as the following fashion tips for skinny men will help you create the visual illusion of being larger than you truly are. Buy blazers with small shoulder padding To make your upper body look more muscular, purchase blazers with light shoulder padding. Be warned that bigger is not better here, as small shoulder pads will give your back and chest a visual boost, but massive padding will make you seem like a small boy lost in a man’s jacket in addition to cheapening your look, even if your blazer is pricey. Avoid slim-fitting shirts Avoiding slim-fitting dress shirts and T-shirts is an important fashion tip for skinny men. Instead, opt for tops that come away slightly from your midsection, as these will hide a small ribcage. Don’t buy your tops too large, though, as too much extra fabric will make you seem like you’re swimming in your shirt. In addition, avoid clingy fabrics. Check the labels on your tops to make sure they don’t contain too much elastic. Tailor your blazers Only wear single- or double-breasted blazers and make sure to tailor them so they fit properly throughout your en-

tire body. Avoid any loose fabric under the arms or in the shoulder area. Also, a key fashion tip for skinny men is to keep consistency in your tops and bottoms, so don’t wear oversize blazers or sweaters with fitted trousers or vice versa or your thin frame will be glaringly apparent. Wear jackets at the right length When it comes to jackets, make sure they all fall right under your buttocks. A shorter jacket will emphasise your height as well as your skinny waist, arms and legs. A longer jacket, on the other hand, can make you look like a blanket-covered stick. Wear flat-front trousers Your trousers should have a classic cut and remain simple with a flat front. Go for straight-leg or slightly boot-cut shapes and steer clear of tapered trousers or skinny jeans. Pockets also add a bit more volume to your shape, as do pleats and cuffs, but wear trousers with the latter two features only when they’re in fashion. Don’t be afraid to wear trousers with lines or patterns because these add volume, although you’ll want to banish pinstripes from your closet as they will make you look like a beanpole. Choose bulky fabrics Choosing bulkier fabrics for all your clothes is an important fashion tip for skinny men. When in style, thick corduroy pants can beef up your legs. During the colder months, skip out on trends like fitted, grandpastyle cardigans in order to avoid resembling a schoolboy, and try chunky, knitted wool cardigans instead. As far as dress clothes go, select heavier wools for your suits and cotton dress shirts with a higher thread count. Whether you’re dressing up or down, always dress in layers as more clothes means you appear to have more mass. Wear turtlenecks and crewnecks When you’re a skinny man, wear turtleneck or crewneck sweaters in chillier weather.

V-neck sweaters will expose your neck and thin features. Similarly, open-collared shirts won’t flatter you, so button up your dress shirts as much as possible. Pay attention to the collar when you’re buying dress shirts and pick ones that have spread collars as they will make the upper portion of your c h e s t s e e m wider.


November 16, 2013

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Is your partner

Don’t assume anything


hen your partner spends more time working late at night regularly especially when the work can be brought home or delayed till the next day, then it becomes obvious to assume that there are a lot definitely going wrong with your relationship. You may not want to admit it to yourself but the obvious truth here is that good communication has gone out through the window and what is in place is a situation whereby both of you are just buying time for something or anything to happen. There are things that naturally raise suspicion in any relationship and constant late nights in the office with a heavy work schedule as an excuse is very high up there on the list. Yes we all have moments when the job schedule is very high and we really have to stay behind to try and reduce it. At other times, the urgency of meeting the job deadline at times may also make up for the need to be in the office beyond the allotted time but the truth is that these reasons cannot be regular and always. If it becomes regular, the danger is that commitment to the relationship becomes endangered and after constant nagging, the partner who feels shortchanged may end up not caring again and this may lead to the death of the relationship. Basically, coming late depends on the job specification of one’s partner and the location of the office or business premises to one’s place of abode. Some things in a relationship needs a lot of maturity and understanding because your constant quarrels over the issue of late homecoming especially if the fear is that of someone lurking somewhere to snatch your partner, may end up fueling that very thing you want to assume that your nags will prevent. Let us take fantasy away from reality, whether one’s partner comes in very late or very early, that doesn’t stop the person from having an affair with someone else. The truth is that there are a lot of hotels doted all over the streets of Lagos and other major cities in the country that caters for daytime dalliance for

just a little cash and one’s break time is enough to quickly sneak in to do whatever one desires. I do not think using the cover of darkness to perpetuate romantic liaisons is in vogue again with the above scenario that has been painted here. It’s really the truth here to say that every marriage has its own set of rules and each partner would have developed his or her own lifestyle even before the relationship started. What may work for you and your marriage may not work for the next couple’s relationship. Your work schedule or your partner’s is a reflection of the lifestyle you would have chosen and developed over the years. Be that as it may that even if cheating may be ruled out as a reason for perpetual late home coming and not to sound contradictory, it will still be expedient to say that what may be wrong with the relationship is beyond the scenario of another man or woman but instead something deeper which may have been latent for a long time but which is now being manifested through the wish of the partner staying out late not wanting to spend quality time with the other partner. The staying late in the office doing some work therefore becomes a readymade excuse not to come home early. For me personally, I believe that my partner and I should be on the same page in issues like this because there’s really no big deal to it as far as we have an understanding from the beginning. The nature of our jobs would have been put into consideration and the distance we both have to travel daily to and from the office. It is very funny frankly to assume automatically once we hear of a partner coming home late regularly that the person is definitely cheating and to also assume that someone who comes home early doesn’t cheat. If your spouse wants to cheat for goodness sake, the person can cheat in your house with you in it. Your partner can go bad regardless of what time the person gets home. What makes a person bad has nothing to do with home arrival time.


This column is x-rated

Top ten sex lies T

he messages we receive about sex from our parents, the media, and our educational, social, and religious institutions tend to be contradictory, and often downright false. One way to combat the lies we’re told about sex is to start cataloguing them. Below is a very incomplete list of some of the biggest lies we’ve been told about sex. They are numbered for reading convenience, not in order of importance. Sex Lie 1. Sex is genetic: It’s a puppetmaster thing and we’re lucky to be getting our strings pulled now and then. Because procreation is tied to our species survival, evolutionary scientists and pop psychologists alike argue that the most important understanding of sexuality is the one that links our sexual behaviour to procreation. Thus we are told that male sexuality is voracious and dangerous, that female sexuality is a side effect of the need for women to have babies, and that the psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects of sexuality are not as important as the genetic ones. There is clearly a genetic component to sex, but that doesn’t mean that this is either the most useful, or “truest” perspective from which to think about our sexuality. Sex Lie 2. Sex is natural and simple: You should just know how to do it. Sex is natural, we’re told, because we have to do it to survive. But this doesn’t accurately describe what human sexuality has become. Though intercourse may be instinctive for some (but clearly not all) of us, sexuality is much more than intercourse, and none of it actually comes easily. It’s strange that we are taught how to perform most other basic human behaviours (how to eat, how to communicate, how to go to the toilet) and as we get older we learn the more complicated ones (how to read, write, drive a car, fly a plane, work, cook etc) and yet we’re just supposed to know how to have sex. Sex Lie 3. Sex is gender: Men are from sex-crazed Mars; women are from soft and romantic Venus. This particular lie takes many forms:

• Women just want to cuddle, men want to have raunchy sex. • Women are sexual communicators, men can’t talk about their sexual feelings. • Men and women can’t ever be friends, sex always gets in the way. • Men want sex all the time, and women don’t. • Men are more visual than women when it comes to sexual arousal. All of these are variations on the biggest sex lie: That sex is 100% tied to our gender. The fact is that how we think about, feel about, and actually have sex is infinitely more complicated than which door we walk through in a public toilet. Sex Lie 4. Sex is spontaneous: Don’t talk about it, just do it. When you think of it, this lie about sex doesn’t make any sense. If sex is meant to be something fun and exciting, something that makes you feel good about your body and yourself, makes you feel loved and attended to, why would planning for sex ever be a bad thing? Wouldn’t it actually be nice to know you’re going to get to have sex at the end of a particularly hard day? Yet we’re told that the most exciting sex is the sex that “just happens”. In reality, sex rarely “just happens”. It’s true that many couples never talk about sex beforehand, but that doesn’t mean that one (or more likely both) partners aren’t thinking about it, wondering when they’re going to have it next, and fantasising about what kind of sex it will be. Sex Lie 5. Bigger is better, more is better…better is better. These statements are true for some people, some of the time. The specific lie we’re told is that these things are true for everyone, all of the time. In reality, people have size preferences that change depending on their mood and what sort of sex they want to have. Similarly, we all have different levels of sexual desire, and these levels can change throughout the month, and over the years. Finally, there is a more contemporary lie that tells us we should always be reaching for better sex, trying new

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November 16, 2013


‘working late’?


Be very worried


This column is x-rated things, pushing ourselves and our partners to attain new heights of great sex. Some researchers have pointed out that this competitive attitude can have the opposite effect, making us anxious and on edge about the sex we’re having. Sex Lie 6. Sex is special: It’s a rare transformative moment that only comes once in a while. On one hand, it’s true that sex can be transformative and that some of us don’t get to have sex as often as we’d like. But on the other hand, sex is an incredibly common and regular occurrence. Yet many of us are raised to think of sex as a non-renewable resource that’s about to dry up. If we put sex in its place among all our other activities of daily living and all the ways we communicate with the people around us, we might have a lot less anxiety about how we’re doing it, how often we’re doing it, when we’re doing it, if we’re doing it right, and who we’re doing it with. Sex doesn’t need to be treated with kid gloves. It can take it, if we start to dish it out. Sex Lie 7. We can make it on our own: Sexual agency is the same as sexual independence. What’s true is that we all have a right to sexual agency - to experience sexual pleasure on our own terms, think sexual thoughts, and have sexual desires separate from those around us. But the silent lie is that sexual agency equals complete independence. In truth, none of us are completely independent from those around us, and we rely on others in ways few of us acknowledge. Among the few people who have managed to really figure this out are folks living with disabilities, who require assistance with regular daily activities. When you rely on others for some form of help, it becomes very apparent the way we are all connected. If you don’t, you can go through life imagining that you’d be fine without anyone around. Yet even masturbation, which is often fuelled by sexual fantasy, requires some external stimulation. Even if you’re only dreaming of the object of your desires, they’re still involved to some extent. Sex Lie 8. There’s a right way and a wrong way to have sex. Whether we’re being told we have to do it

This column is x-rated on a bed, three times a week, only at night, when we’re in love, for money, or some other form of this lie, there is no lack of people who want to feed you the lie that there is only one (or two) right ways to have sex. The truth is that there are no rules (beyond age and consent) to how you can have healthy and fun sex. Whenever you catch someone feeding you this lie, reject it outright. Sex Lie 9. Great sex is all about… Is it about sexual technique? Is it sexual communication? Is it the “spark”, or the bed sheets, or the sex toys, whatever? Amazon lists over 150 books with great sex in the title, each one offering you an endless stream of advice on what constitutes great sex. It’s no lie that great sex can be had, but the lie is that one person’s great sex will be your great sex. Great sex probably isn’t like a cookery recipe which works best if you follow the directions to the letter. Learning more about sex can probably only add to your experience of good sex, let’s suggest that great sex happens in the way you uniquely put it all together, not in following a step by step guide book written by someone whose main goal is to sell you a book. Sex Lie 10. You need to lie about your sexual behaviour to fit a certain stereotype or to appease the people close to you? When it comes to sex, men want to be seen as ‘real men’; the kind who have had multiple partners and lots of sexual experience. Women, on the other hand, still want to be seen as having less sexual experience than they actually have had, to match what they perceive is expected of them. While women would usually report having fewer sexual partners, being older when they lost their virginity and having fewer one night stands, men go the opposite direction. They claim more sexual partners, losing their virginity at a younger age and to having more one night stands. Scientific studies, however, report that the much touted ‘differences’ between men and women in some areas of sexual behaviour are actually fallacies. For instance, in 2013, a scientific study found that women reported more sexual partners than men when they thought they just had to be truthful!

o matter how much in love a couple is or how much they cherish each other’s presence, one cannot possibly spend 24 hours – 7 days every week with the other. We definitely have ‘worlds’ outside that of our partner, including our career world(s). Most of us spend more time at work than we do at home, and it is easier to build relationships at work than anywhere else. With all the ‘office romance’ gist we hear from time to time, the usual suspects that come to mind when one feels that his/ her spouse is cheating on him/ her are the bosses/colleagues of the opposite sex. Bearing this in mind, should one get worried or suspicious when his/her partner spends longer hours on the job? For me, this is one of the many topics that do not have a straight answer. Whilst I would want to shout a big “NO!!” because one must trust his/her partner totally; I must admit that longer hours in the office has the potential to make a person bond with a boss or colleague of the opposite sex. Even if the person did not set out to get overly chummy with another person of the opposite sex, he/she may still ‘fall’. We do not fall deeply in love or get close to people overnight; it takes time. (I used the word “deeply” so that the proponents of love-at-first-sight will not be quick to crucify me!) In fact, if we really think about it sincerely, we will see that a lot of the people we have grown to love or cherish were people that we started out being ‘just friends’ with, but overtime, built very strong bonds. Ask those who have been into office romance and they will tell you that they cannot really state the exact moment they migrated from the ‘just colleagues’ world to the world of couples. It is a simple principle – the more time you spend with someone, the closer and more intimate you get with the person. Like other general rules, there are exceptions. Please also note that people easily use the “I’m working late”

excuse to do things away from the office. Someone could claim to be in the office or at some work-related meeting when in fact, he/she is with another girlfriend/boyfriend. Having all this in mind, would you call someone who gets uncomfortable about a partner’s extra hours at work a suspicious and insecure person or a cautious person? It really depends. No two cases are the same. Just imagine some scenarios which may naturally make one uncomfortable: • if the act of spending longer hours in the office becomes almost permanent and the partner does not indicate that it will soon end; • if the partner becomes evasive and distant; • if the late work hours and weekend overtime involves meetings which make the partner incommunicado (you cannot call the person or visit the person at the office); • if the late work hours is with just one boss or colleague of the opposite sex; • If the partner starts hiding to take calls, text or chat; • If the partner gets uncomfortable, dodgy or irritable whenever you bring up gist around his/her work. In my opinion, one has to give the partner the benefit of a doubt. At the same time, caution is important. If your relationship is still as blissful as ever, and your partner keeps you well-informed about the long hours at work, you may not have cause to worry. (Those who are victims of ‘smooth players’ would immediately react to this because we have excellent ‘players’ who can keep the relationship ‘blissful’ while doing some ‘runs’). However, if all the smoke signals appear and alarms begin to ring, discuss your concerns with your partner. If he/she fails to give you the assurance you need, well…. So, should you get worried or suspicious when your partner spends longer hours at work? Maybe!


It’s no major surprise that Bukky Wright has remained one of the most visible actresses in the movie industry today. She combines rare beauty with even rarer talent. The screen goddess shared the highs and lows of her journey of over 15 years in the world of movies with YEMISI ADENIRAN.

November 16, 2013



ou have been into movies for over a decade now. How would you describe the journey so far? How best would I have put this? I can only say a big thank you to God Almighty who has brought me this far. He is the one who has crowned my efforts with success and not any other or by my own might. So many others that we started the journey together have died. Some fell off along the line out of frustration and a few others that I met in the industry are yet to be as popular as I am today. I am very grateful to Him. He is the one that has been my helper all these while. You took off with Wale Adenuga’s Super Story. What was your first time on set like? It wasn’t funny at all. But I thank God for the opportunity. It is simply indescribable. It wasn’t easy at all. It all happened all of a sudden and was almost shaking me all over but I remembered I had always nursed the ambition of becoming a star, so I made up my mind to grab the opportunity the way it came and here we are today. I might not have been the best but I am definitely not the worst. Looking at the journey so far, would you say you have achieved your goals? Well, like I said earlier, so far, the journey has been glorious; God has helped me to make a good and indelible mark in the industry and on Nigerians home and abroad at least. However, the sky I believe is still the limit and I tell you it’s still a bit far away. There are still more grounds to cover, my best is yet to come. My fans should just watch out for more action from me.

Saturday Mirror

‘Scandals cannot but come’ What are the attributes that have taken you this far? There is no attribute really that can be as good and constant as God. He is my helper and that is it.

How about good looks and talent? They are all important and assets too. Of course an actress’ good face and beauty will definitely attract pro-

ducers. Her brilliance and ability to interpret roles accurately and creatively will also work for her. But do you know that it is only God that can sustain all these? Anything can happen if God

Saturday Mirror

is not in one’s support, you know? Things like bad luck, hatred, even accidents can maim or destroy the good looks nature has bestowed on someone. There are lots of beautiful and talented actors and actresses, for instance that have died suddenly or got maimed due to some accidents along the line of their career growth and that dream had become cut short. So many have happened in recent times and this is really painful. So living this long and doing wonderfully on the job is not by one’s power, but by God’s grace. You sound very religious… I am a child of God, I believe in God Almighty, His sovereignty and all. That is not to say I’m a pope or a pastor, I’m not a fanatic too. I love God, love my work and dedicate tangible time and attention to my job. I take any role they give me with all seriousness no matter what and I guess that has also helped me a lot. Tell us some of the movies you have produced so far? Owo Ale was my first, then, 7’oclock, Agbeke, Temi Ni Nkem, Saworo Ide, Shade Blade, Tolulope,


November 16, 2013

Strangely, he wasn’t bothered about it and told me to be bolder and stronger at heart so as to face the worst whenever it comes. He reminded me of what he said when I made my intention to join the industry known to him. He had asked me then if I was ready for the demands of the job and I said I was. Well, with his advice, I kind of become thick-skinned to all these rumours and I’ve been able to keep my head high since then. How have you been able to combine your acting career with the home front and your business? I keep finding a way around them all the time. Whatever needs to be done must surely be done and since this is an assignment strictly for me, I can’t but do it. As for the strength, God has been of help. It’s surely not easy. But you know, nothing good comes easy. Most actresses’ marriages are broken even before they were made. What would you attribute this to? I must tell you that broken homes are not limited to actresses and artistes alone. It is everywhere. It af-





INTERPRET ROLES ACCURATELY AND CREATIVELY WILL WORK FOR THE ACTRESS Without Shame, The Cartel, Omotara Johnson, Dugbe Dugbe to Nbo and a host of others. You seem unflustered by all the scandals around your person. Where do you draw your strength from? Scandals cannot but come. It’s part of the price one has to pay for fame. I made up my mind not to see it as any big deal. They are mere distractions. One should not care about the noise of the market when one is involved in serious transactions. That’s exactly how I have been carrying on. Meanwhile, I must make it clear that the media capitalised on my innocence then. But it has only made me stronger, wiser and better. Which of these stories got to you most? There was a time a publication wrote that I was a bastard, that I did not know who my father was. That was heart-shattering and I cried, cried and cried. I called my father to find out if he had seen the writeup and he said ‘yes’ to my surprise.

fects all professions. I may be wrong but to a large extent, I will say that Nigerian men are easily intimidated by the success of their wives. They can’t cope with a successful wife, so they find faults and make life unbearable for them. There is no woman who wants to be jumping from one marriage or one man to the other, but when the situation dictates that, you cannot but face it. Other factors like lack of genuine love, dishonesty, lack of trust, greed and impatience are also capable of scattering homes. You are still beautiful and desirable. Do you have plans of getting married one day? For now, I have no thought of such. I give all my love to my kids and my career. What’s your philosophy of life like? Simple. Live and let live. Keep the past behind you and move towards the future. Never mind your oppositions; they can distract you from succeeding. Keep focused on your target and you will end up well.



’Rear of the Year’

Miss Bum Bum crowned in Brazil T

he winner of a contest to find the best bottom in Brazil has been crowned. In its third year, Miss BumBum has a huge following in the country and around the world and titleholders often go on to become national celebrities. This year’s winner was Dai Macedo, 25, an administration student from the central state of Goias, who impressed judges with her 42in behind. Eliana Amaral, from Pernambuco in north Brazil, was awarded second place while bringing up the rear, literally, was Jessica Amaral from the central northern region of Para who came third. Speaking after her win, Ms Macedo said: ‘I’m all emotional. I didn’t expect to win.”

Macedo being crowned ‘Rear of the Year’

Is your husband the one? • A third of women who are already married secretly admit they STILL haven’t found Mr. Right


lmost a third of married women say they still haven’t found Mr. Right. Research revealed that while most women claim to love their husbands, 31 per cent said they were still on the hunt for their ideal partner and were still attracted to other men. The majority of women who admitted they still hadn’t found the perfect partner despite being married believed this was because they were still attracted to other men. Fortunately for their other halves, 83 per cent insisted they would remain faithful even if Mr. Right came along. However contented couples cited still being attracted to each other as the most important part of a happy relationship, with 33 per cent of women and 39 per cent of men saying they still ‘fancied’ their other half despite being in a long-

term relationship. Having a husband who is your best friend or who makes you laugh as well as agreeing on important family decisions were also listed by women as the keys to a happy marriage. Only ten per cent of the men and women polled said they didn’t believe there was such a thing as Mr. or Mrs. Right when it comes to true love.

Top 5 reasons you know you’ve married ‘the one’ 1. You’re still attracted to your spouse 2. You consider your other half to be your best friend 3. Your partner still makes you laugh 4. You agree on important family decisions 5. You are proud of each other’s achievements


November 16, 2013

Saturday Mirror


Children are like wett cement. t Wh Whatever t falls on them makes an impression

How do you deal with sibling rivalry? A

lthough siblings can be the closest of friends, it’s rare to find a child who gets along perfectly with all of his or her siblings. Brothers and sisters fight. It’s just part of the natural ebb and flow of family life. Different personalities and ages can play a role, but siblings also often see themselves as rivals, competing for an equal share of limited family resources (like the bathroom, telephone, or last piece of cake) and parental attention. Sibling rivalry is a normal part of growing up, but it can drive parents crazy. What’s the key to minimizing disputes at home? Know when to let your kids work out their problems themselves and when to step in and play referee. What causes sibling rivalry? Kids aren’t always the most rational of human beings -- especially younger children. Sometimes, the smallest issue can turn into a major battle and strain a sibling relationship to the breaking point. Attention. Children are always vying for their parents’ attention. The busier the parents are, the greater demand is for their attention and the less they can focus on each child. When there’s a new baby, it can be hard for the other child (or children) to accept losing his or her position as the centre of attention. Sometimes, the parents’ attention is focused on a child who is sick or has special needs (disability). Kids will act out and misbehave to get the attention they want if they feel like they’re being ignored. Sharing. Most homes don’t

have unlimited resources. That means all siblings will inevitably have to share at least some of their possessions. Giving up a toy or other favourite possession to a sibling can be especially hard on young children. Unique personalities. Your oldest child might be the headstrong one while the youngest is quieter and more introverted. Differences in temperament can lead to clashes. Age and gender differences also can lead to sibling fighting. Fairness issues. Children are like little lawyers, always demanding fairness and equality and fighting for what they perceive are their natural-born rights. A younger sibling might complain that her older sister gets to go to a party and she has to stay home, while the older sister whines that she has to babysit her little sister instead of going out with her friends. Feelings of unfair treatment and sibling jealousy can lead to resentment. Finding a good family balance The screaming might be driving you nuts, but avoid getting in the middle of an argument unless a child is in danger of getting hurt. Try to let your kids resolve their own issues. Stepping in won’t teach your kids how to handle conflict, and it could make it seem as though you’re favouring one child over another, especially if you’re always punishing the same child. Some disagreements are easier than others for kids to end on their own. Here are some tips for resolving the conflict when sibling fighting escalates to the point where



baby which was 15 weeks old when its mother was declared brain-dead was delivered by Caesarean section at 27 weeks, after doctors kept the mother alive on life support. The Hungarian doctors who delivered the baby in July believe the birth is one of only three such cases in the world. The family has asked for privacy and has not released the identity or sex of the baby. The child was born three months after its 31-year-

you can no longer stay out of it: Separate. Take your kids out of the ring and let them cool down in their own corners/ rooms. Sometimes, all kids need is a little space and time away from each other. Teach negotiation and compromise. Show your kids how to resolve disputes in a way that satisfies both siblings involved. First, ask them to stop yelling and start communicating. Give each child a chance to voice his or her side of the story. Listen, but don’t be judgmental. Try to clarify the problem and ask your kids to find a solution that works for everyone involved. If they can’t come up with any ideas for resolving the issue, you introduce a solution. For instance, if the kids are fighting over a new game, propose that you write up a schedule that gives each child a set amount of time to play with the game. Enforce rules. Make sure all of your kids abide by the same rules, which should include no fighting, name-calling, or damaging each other’s property. Let your kids have a say in how the rules are established and enforced. When your kids follow the rules, praise them for it. Don’t play favourites. Even if one of your kids is constantly getting into trouble and the other is an angel, don’t take sides or compare your kids (for example, by saying “Why can’t you be more like your sister?”). It will only make your kids resent each other more. Giving one child preferential treatment can also hurt the relationship between you and your children.

Don’t make everything equal. There is no such thing as perfect equality in a family. An older child will inevitably be allowed to do some things her younger siblings can’t. Instead of trying to make your kids equals, treat each child as a unique and special individual. Give kids the rights to their own possessions. Sharing is important, but children shouldn’t be forced to share everything. All of your children should have something special that is completely their own. Hold family meetings. Get together with the entire family once a week to hash out any issues. Give every family member

a chance to air his or her grievances, and then come up with solutions together. Give each child separate attention. It can be hard to spend time alone with each child, especially when you have a large family. But one of the reasons siblings resent each other is that they feel they aren’t getting enough of your attention. To let your kids know that you value every one of them, make one-onone time for each child. Carve out special days where you take your daughter shopping or your son to the movies -- just the two of you. Even 10 to 15 minutes of your attention each day can make your child feel special.

Tiny Feet

NAME: Faith Janet Olanike Fasua

BORN TO: Mr. and Mrs Fasua AGE: 5 weeks BIRTH WEIGHT: 2.9 kg

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Baby born to ‘dead’ mother! Update

old mother suffered a stroke. Her life support machine was switched off two days after the Casearean section. She had been rushed to hospital, operated on but was declared brain-dead. She was kept on life support and doctors were able to see through an ultrasound that the foetus was moving. “In the first two days we struggled to save the mother’s life and it was proven... that circulation and functions stopped,” said the lead physician. “On the second day when

[other] examinations were carried out, we found the baby was alive and kicking well in its mother’s body.” During the pregnancy, the father of the baby and grandmothers visited the hospital to rub the mother’s stomach and talk to the baby. A music therapist was used to help stimulate the foetus. Doctors had to fight numerous infections and would turn the woman over to avoid bedsores. While they were hoping to keep the baby in the womb as long as possible, in the 27th week, the woman’s circulation

became unstable and doctors decided to deliver the baby because the womb was no longer safe. “The aim was not just to deliver a child but to deliver a healthy child,’ the physician said. She added that there were three reported cases of births when the mother was declared brain-dead 15 weeks into her pregnancy - but one of those babies did not survive. The baby weighed about 3lb (1.5kg) when it was born and initially needed respiratory support. Despite this, doctors were confident it would sur-

vive. “When the baby was born it was a fantastic moment, it immediately cried out, it was kicking. …it was an unforgettable moment for all of us who took part in the treatment.” The baby was discharged from the hospital last month but doctors wanted to wait to make the announcement about the delivery until they were sure the baby would survive. It is now developing well at home and doctors say it does not show any illnesses related to premature births although it will be continuously monitored. (

Saturday Mirror



November 16, 2013

hat is abdominal pain?

Abdominal pain is pain that is felt in the abdomen. The abdomen is an anatomical area that is bounded by the lower margin of the ribs and diaphragm above, the pelvic bone (pubic ramus) below, and the flanks on each side. Although abdominal pain can arise from the tissues of the abdominal wall that surround the abdominal cavity (such as the skin and abdominal wall muscles), the term abdominal pain generally is used to describe pain originating from organs within the abdominal cavity. Organs of the abdomen include the stomach, small intestine, colon, liver, gallbladder, spleen, and pancreas. Technically, the lowermost portion of the area described previously, is the pelvis, which contains the urinary bladder and rectum, as well as the prostate gland in men, and the uterus, Fallopian tubes, and ovaries in women. Practically speaking, it is often difficult to know if lower abdominal pain is coming from the lower abdomen or pelvis. Occasionally, pain may be felt in the abdomen even though it is arising from organs that are close to, but not within, the abdominal cavity. For example, conditions of the lower lungs, the kidneys, and the uterus or ovaries can cause abdominal pain. On the other hand, it is also possible for pain from organs within the abdomen to be felt outside of the abdomen. For example, the pain of pancreatic inflammation may be felt in the back. These latter types of pain are called “referred” pain because the pain does not originate in the location that it is felt. Rather, the cause of the pain is located away from where it is felt (i.e., it is referred to a different area).

What causes abdominal pain? Abdominal pain is caused by inflammation, by stretching or distention of an organ or by loss of the supply of blood to an organ. To complicate matters, however, abdominal pain also can occur without

Abdominal pain

inflammation, distention or loss of blood supply. An important example of this latter type of pain is the irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It is not clear what causes the abdominal pain in IBS, but it is believed to be due either to abnormal contractions of the intestinal muscles (for example, spasm) or abnormally sensitive nerves within the intestines that give rise to painful sensations inappropriately (visceral hyper-sensitivity).

How is the cause of abdominal pain diagnosed? Doctors determine the cause of abdominal pain by relying on: 1. characteristics of the pain, 2. findings on physical examination, 3. laboratory, radiological, and endoscopic testing, and 4. surgery. Characteristics, symptoms, and signs of the pain The following information, obtained by talking with a patient, is important in helping doctors determine the cause of pain: • The way the pain begins. For example, abdominal pain that comes on suddenly suggests a sudden event, for ex-

ample, the interruption of the supply of blood to the colon or obstruction of the bile duct by a gallstone. • The location of the pain. • Appendicitis typically causes pain in the middle of the abdomen, and then moves the right lower abdomen, the usual location of the appendix. • Diverticulitis typically causes pain in the left lower abdomen where most colonic diverticuli are located. • Pain from the gallbladder typically is felt in the middle, upper abdomen or the right upper abdomen near where the gallbladder is located.

The pattern of the pain. • Obstruction of the intestine initially causes waves of crampy abdominal pain due to contractions of the intestinal muscles and distention of the intestine. • True cramp-like pain suggests vigorous contractions of the intestines. • Obstruction of the bile ducts by gallstones typically causes steady (constant) upper abdominal pain that lasts between 30 minutes and several hours. • Acute pancreatitis typically causes severe, unrelenting, steady pain in the upper abdomen and upper back. The pain of acute appendicitis initially may start near the umbilicus, but as

the inflammation progresses, the pain moves to the right lower abdomen. The character of pain may change over time

The duration of the pain. • The pain of Irritable Bowel Syndrome typically waxes and wanes over months or years and may last for years or decades. • The pain of pancreatitis lasts one or more days. • The pain of acid-related diseases - gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or duodenal ulcers - typically show periodicity, that is, a period of weeks or months during which the pain is worse followed by periods of weeks or months during which the pain is better. What makes the pain worse. Pain due to inflammation typically is aggravated by sneezing, coughing or any jarring motion. Patients with inflammation as the cause of their pain prefer to lie still.

What relieves the pain. • The pain of IBS and constipation often is relieved temporarily by bowel movements and may be associated with changes in bowel habit. • Pain due to obstruction of the stomach or upper small intestine may be relieved temporarily by vomiting which reduces the distention that is caused by the obstruction. • Eating or taking antacids may temporarily relieve the pain of ulcers of the stomach or duodenum because both food and antacids neutralize (counter) the acid that is responsible for irritating the ulcers and causing the pain. • Pain that awakens patients from sleep is more likely to be due to non-functional causes. Associated signs and symptoms of abdominal pain • The presence of fever suggests inflammation. • Diarrhea or rectal bleeding suggests an intestinal cause of the pain. • The presence of fever and diarrhea suggest inflammation of the intestines that may be infectious or noninfectious.


Is HIV still a killer?

Dear doctor, Please doctor, I and my wife are victims of HIV. And we were asked to take some medications. These we have used for 8 months, but our tests are positive after treatment. Is HIV a silent killer? I am worried. Thanks. Sam---------------------------Nassarawa state

Mirror doctor replies Although there is no cure for Acquired Immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), medications have been highly effective in fighting HIV and its complications. Drug treatments are designed to help reduce the HIV virus in your body, keep your immune system as healthy as possible and decrease the complications you may develop. You and your doctor will work togeth-

er to develop a treatment plan that best meets your needs. Three main factors will be considered when designing your treatment plan. These are; your willingness and readiness to begin therapy, the stage of your disease and other health problems. It’s important that you take your medications exactly as prescribed. This is a crucial part of your treatment success. Most medications have side effects,

which your doctor will discuss with you. Individuals respond differently to medications and side effects may vary. At this point, it is important you know that the medications will help reduce the virus in your body if you use them as prescribed. Don’t be so anxious that your test results are still positive. You need to develop a positive attitude to accepting the fact that you are positive and can live healthy life. Ensure you are registered with an approved health facility that caters for patients that are positive. This is for effective monitoring and management. The drugs are free.



November 16, 2013

Saturday Mirror

The girl without a vagina ...

•She has no womb, cervix or vaginal opening, cannot have periods or bear children


teenager has spoken of her ‘total shock’ at being told at the age of 17 that she had no vagina. Jacqui Beck, 19, has MRKH, a rare syndrome which affects the reproductive system - meaning she has no womb, cervix or vaginal opening. She was only diagnosed after she went to her doctor about back pain - and mentioned in passing that she hadn’t started her periods. Tests revealed her condition and that where her vagina should be, there is simply an ident, or ‘dimple’ - meaning she is unable to have sex or carry her own child. Women with the condition appear completely normal externally - which means it is usually not discovered until a woman tries to have sex, or has not had her first period. Miss Beck admits that when she was first diagnosed, she felt ‘like a freak’. “I’d never considered myself different from other women and the news was so shocking, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “I was sure the doctor had got it wrong, but when she explained that was why I wasn’t having periods, it all started to make sense. “She then explained that I would never be able to carry a child and might have to have surgery before I could have sex. “I left the doctors in tears - I would never know what it was like to give birth, be pregnant, have a period. All the things I had imagined doing suddenly got erased from my future. “I was really angry and felt like I wasn’t a real woman any more.” Because she had never attempted to have a physical relationship, Miss Beck had never noticed the problem herself. Had she tried, she would have discovered it was impossible for her to have sex. Miss Beck said, “It wasn’t really a conscious decision not to have a boyfriend, I just didn’t really fancy any of the boys in my area, which is lucky, considering what I know now.” She explained she has a ‘dimple’ where her vagina should be so from the outside it looks normal - which explains why the condition wasn’t detected earlier. Despite the shocking news, she is trying to see her condition in a positive light - and even as a way of making sure she meets the right man. She said, “If he has a problem with it, then he’s not the kind of guy I want to go out with. “I’m a hopeless romantic and I see it as a great test of someone’s character. Instead of focusing on it putting off men, I actually think it will help me find, ‘the one.’ “I want to be upfront with any men I meet and tell them straight away about my condition. I don’t want them to feel tricked into being with me. “I will feel more comfortable if they know the truth and besides, if they run at the mention of MRKH, then I don’t want to be intimate with them.” She says that as a teenager, she was


blissfully unaware of her condition - with no idea that the development she was waiting for would never happen. “When I was 14, my friends started talking to me about their periods. They started carrying tampons around, complaining about cramps and sharing notes on what it was like. “For a year I waited to go through the same, until at 15, everyone I knew had started their period apart from me. “I didn’t panic though, I’m tall and skinny and thought that might be something to do with me being a late developer.” Instead, she focused on her future and when she was 17, applied to attend a music college. But after suffering from pain in her neck in 2012, she went to see her doctor. “While I was there, I mentioned I hadn’t started my period yet. I still wasn’t overly worried but I thought it was worth saying something “My doctor was very surprised but didn’t seem to think it was serious. He just suggested that he would do some scans to see what the problem was.” When scans showed nothing, she was referred to a gynaecologist, who immediately spotted something was wrong. Miss Beck said: “My other scan results had been sent to her and just from looking at them, she knew I had MRKH. “She sat me down and basically explained that I didn’t have a womb, or a vagina, that I was born without them and in-

stead just had a small dimple in it’s place.” So mortified by what she had heard, she was too embarrassed to admit to family and friends she had the condition - let alone the prospect of telling any future boyfriends. She said, “I was too embarrassed to call my mum and talk it through with her, so instead, I sent her an email. “She called straight back and came over to see me the next day. And although mum was upset for me, she tried to focus on finding out as much about the condition as possible, so we could understand it. “She also encouraged me to focus on the bright side. We laughed as we listed all the things I wouldn’t have to go through, period

cramps, childbirth, smear tests - to try and look on the bright side.” Focusing on her treatment, Miss Beck was admitted to the Queen Charlotte and Chelsea Hospital in London, which specialises in the condition. There, she was given dilation treatment, which involved using different sized dilators to try and stretch her vaginal canal - but was told if it didn’t work, she would have to be operated on. She said, “I spent two days there, getting taught how to use the dilator and learning more about MRKH. “The first time the nurse showed me how to use a dilator, I nearly died of embarrassment. But now I’ve got used to it, I see it as any other form of treatment. “At the hospital, they referred me to a network of other women who have the same condition. It was great to speak to other girls who felt like me. “I stopped feeling so lonely and it also gave me hope as I spoke to women who had gone on to have a full sex life.” Thankfully, her treatment has worked and if she continues she will not need surgery and when she chooses to, will be able to have intercourse. Further down the line there are more difficult conversations she will have to have when she wants to have children. She said, “I’m not yet at an age when I’m thinking about kids, but I think that will hit me later on. I will use a surrogate, or adopt, but I will have to make sure any guy I meet is ok with that too. “Again, I try and take it as a blessing that, unlike women who discover they can’t conceive when they are already trying for a baby, I have time to get used to the idea.” For Miss Beck, her one hope is that the condition becomes more well known, so that other women realise they have it earlier than she did. “I had only told five of my best friends, but then I realised it’s not something I should be ashamed of. “If I had cancer, or, any other medical issue, people would be supportive. So, I recently came out to everyone on Facebook, telling them about my condition. “I was surprised at how positive everyone was. They said I was brave and beautiful. Now I wish I had been open about it from the beginning.”




RKH (Mayer Rokitansky Küster Hauser) is a congenital abnormality which affects one in 5,000 women. It is characterised by the absence of the vagina, womb and cervix. Women suffering from the condition will have normally functioning ovaries and so will experience the normal signs of puberty but will not have periods or be able to conceive. The external genitalia are completely normal, which is why MRKH isn’t usually discovered until such persons are in their teenage years.

It’s usually discovered when the woman tries to have sex or fails to get her period. Many women are able to create a vaginal canal using dilation treatment, which uses cylinder shaped dilators of different sizes to stretch the muscles. However, if this is unsuccessful then surgery will be used to stretch the vaginal canal. Following treatment women are able to have intercourse and can have their eggs removed and fertilised to be used in surrogacy.

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November 16, 2013


Ill Bliss, Tha Suspect, others thrill at LoudNProud ...

At the last LoudNProud, established, upcoming and newly discovered artists came together to perform in a show that will be the talk of the town for quite some time to come. The established artists were made up of Ill Bliss, Tha Suspect and Chidinma while the upcoming were represented by Saeon, Pucado, Kamar, Jade Rose and Hzone. Also present at the superlative live band show were Clarence Peters, Ehiz, Rhythm FM’s Omalicha, Shine Begho, Yemi Alade and last year’s Project Fame West Africa winner, Ayoola.

Ill Bliss


Yemi Alade

Hauwa Mekan

Tha Suspect and Ayoola

Shine Begho


Ladies rock at Butterscotch Evenings Bloggers Linda Ikeji and Olori Supergal, rapper Sasha P, actress Omoni Oboli, and socialite Nkiru Anumudu were just some of the ladies who had a blast at the latter edition of Butterscotch Evenings that held last weekend at Eko Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos. The five ladies dressed to kill and worked the red carpet to the admiration of all that attended the much-hyped event.

Omoni Oboli

Linda Ikeji

Nkiru Anumudu

Olori Supergal





ast Tuesday, Ebenezer Bankole, who works with a Lagos based real estate firm told the court that he would want his marriage of less than two years to Folashade Bankole dis-

November 16, 2013

Saturday Mirror

‘My wife is a drug addict’

•He stripped me of my inheritance and turned me into a wreck -Wife solved. According to Ebenezer, he can no longer continue with the marriage because of his

wife’s drug and alcohol addiction. The 30-year-old disclosed to the court how his wife has suddenly become a drunk and a drug addict. He said, “She is no longer the woman I married. She drinks herself to stupor on a daily basis and not only does she drink, she smokes heroin and cocaine. She has sold virtually all the valuable things in the house and she won’t stop. I have tried severally to take her to the hospital for rehabilitation but she just won’t stay. I m tired of living like this and cannot cope anymore. I want the marriage dissolved so I can live right.” Folashade, however, claimed that Ebenezer is the cause of her woes and all the mess she found herself in today. “This man is a devil and a killer,” she said, pointing to her husband. He ruined my life and turned me into a nervous wreck. I gave him all my inheritance so we could plan life with it and improve our standard of living. He took everything and left me with nothing. He left me naked and

now he wants to send me away so he can marry another woman. He told me to stop working, claiming that he will take care of me and provide for me and our unborn children without knowing that he has an ulterior motive. He withdrew everything that rightfully belongs to me from me and he has been sleeping around with another woman. I have seen her with him on several occasions and if he thinks he is going to have his way, he is a big joker because I am not going to let him have his way. He must return all the documents of my father’s estate back to me before I will let him go. I don’t want this marriage dissolved until he has produced all the documents to the landed properties I gave to him and all my belongings in his custody,” explained Folashade on top of her voice, while wailing loudly. The court president however advised both parties to maintain peace while he adjourned the case to January 7, 2014 for further hearing and possible resolution.

‘My husband wants to take over my investment’ •I did not cede the business to her –Husband FUNMI SALOME JOHNSON


45-year old woman, Kafilat Shobo, last Tuesday told the court that she wants the marriage between her and her husband, Femi dissolved. The businesswoman alleged that her husband of 14 years is a fraudulent man who will stop at nothing to tarnish her image just because their marriage has been childless and he wants to rob her of her material possession. She said, “We have been married for fourteen years but unfortunately there has been no issue. We have gone everywhere for all kinds of treatment and there has been no reason for us not to have children. He knows this fact and instead of him to just say that he is tired and wants to quit the marriage, he embarked on a mission of tarnishing my image and looking for ways of robbing me of my material possessions. He calls me all sorts of names. He even told people that I am HIV-

positive. He alleged that that is the reason I have not been able to give him a child because he has been sleeping with me with condoms. He says all sorts of unprintable things about me anytime and anywhere without caring who is around. He is a fraudulent man and worse still, he beats me up at every little provocation. As if that is not bad enough, he is planning to sell my landed properties in different part of Lagos and he wants to take over my block of toilets at the market place which I invested about N2million of my sweat into. I approached him some time ago to build toilets and bathrooms in the market place in Ogba area which he agreed. After investing about N500, 000 into it, he said he could no longer continue and handed over the ownership to me and I spent N2 million on the project. Now he wants to take over the place after I have spent my money completing it. I was harassed by gun-wielding policemen four times on the orders of my husband. When they

would not cease to hunt me, I filed for divorce at this court. I am tired of this marriage I want it dissolved before he kills me. All he wants is to rob me of what rightfully belongs to me and would even go as far as tarnishing my image just to make me feel bad. I want the court to dissolve the union so that we can go our separate paths in peace” she said. Fifty-four-year-old Femi, however, denied calling his wife HIV-positive. He admitted beating her but said he had stopped. He said, “I used to beat her in the past since she would not humble herself. She doesn’t care about my wellbeing and leaves home at will. She stays away from home and will sometimes be away for up to four weeks. The last time she travelled, she told me she was going to Jos for her business transactions. She did not return until after four weeks despite the fact that she knew I was ill. I stopped beating her after people appealed

to me. She only lent me some money, which I have allowed her to recoup over the past months when I left her in charge of the toilets which are meant for commercial purposes. I did not cede ownership of the toilets to her.” The case was adjourned to February 11, 2014 for judgement.

‘My husband is too stingy’ •I promise to be more generous henceforth –Husband


housewife, Memunat Rasheed of Ganmo Area, Ilorin, has told an Ilorin Area Court that her husband, Rasheed Isiaka is too stingy. The 30-year-old woman prayed the court to dissolve her four-year-marriage to Isiaka due to his stingy nature. The plaintiff told the court that her husband was stingy to her and their two children, and that he hardly provided for their needs. “My husband will at times satisfy himself at the cafeteria before coming home and will refuse to cater for me and my children,” she said. My Lord, I want an end to this marriage because I cannot continue to live with a man that is selfish and stingy to his family,” said the complainant. According to her, their marriage was contracted in 2009 and has produced two male children, Ibrahim and Kazeem. The defendant objected to the prayer of his wife, saying that he was still interested in the marriage. “My wife doesn’t know how to manage and that is the reason I always feel reluctant to give her everything at once,” he said. Isiaka promised to change and give to his family more than necessary in order to make his wife and children happy. He prayed the court for an adjourned date for him to make a reconciliatory move. The Presiding Judge, Mr Yusuf Abdulkareem adjourned the case to December 5, 2013 for a report of settlement or continuation of hearing. (NAN)

Court dissolves 3-year marriage over wife’s ‘uncontrollable aggression’

•Grant his prayer –Wife


n Ilorin Area Court has dissolved the three-year marriage between Mustafa Kudus and Saidat Mustafa over the latter’s hot temper. Kudus, 40, a resident of Gambari Area, Ilorin, had earlier prayed the court to dissolve his marriage to Saidat, due to her ‘uncontrollable hot temper’. The plaintiff told the court that his wife gets provoked easily and reacts negatively to everything around her. He said, “My wife has fought with every member of our neighbourhood and our family friends due to her uncontrollable aggression. My Lord, I want an end to this marriage because I cannot

cope with a woman that lacks calmness and can’t control her temperament. Our marriage was contracted in 2010 and had produced one male child, Sheriff.” He cited an instance when his wife grabbed his clothes in the presence of her friends, accusing him of not giving her enough money to buy foodstuff. The defendant did not object to the prayer of the plaintiff but said her husband complained a lot. Sa’idat prayed the court to grant the prayer of her husband without any claim. The presiding Judge, Mr. Yusuf Abdulkareem dissolved the marriage and issued a certificate of divorce to the plaintiff. (NAN)

Saturday Mirror


November 16, 2013


‘Another man has married my wife’

•The marriage has collapsed irretrievably- Judge


Customary Court, sitting in Ado-Ekiti, has dissolved a 10-year-old marriage between Mr. Temitope Sanni and his wife, Temitope Sedikat for trouble-making and unfaithfulness. The estranged husband Sanni, 40, had sought the divorce over alleged impatience and unfaithful. Sanni said his wife was wayward, insatiable and a trouble-maker. The father of three said that since she had re-married, he wanted two of his three children to be in his custody because of the negative attitude of his wife. The court’s president, Mr Ogunsemi Joseph, in his judgment, ruled that since the wife had re-married the marriage had collapsed. He ruled that one child should be in custody of the wife, while the remaining two should be in custody of the husband. Ogunsemi also ordered that the husband should pay N3, 000 as monthly allowance on each of the three children while both parents should have free access to all the children. (NAN)

‘I can no longer cope with my husband’s excessive sexual urge’ •I love her -Husband


housewife, Lami Shaibu, has urged a Grade 1 Area Court, Aso Pada, Mararaba, Nasarawa State, to dissolve her marriage to her blind husband, Ibrahim because of his excessive sexual urge. Lami, 38, of Aso Pada told the court that she was no longer interested in

the 15-month marriage. “I urge the court to dissolve this marriage because I can’t stand his excessive sexual urge. He likes sex too much, I can’t bear it. Since I got married to him, there is no peace in the house. He always beats me. He doesn’t forgive anything and does not provide food for the

house. “Most times, he would have sex with me from midnight till early hours of the morning. Even when I am crying, he will not stop. “Whenever I refuse his sexual advances, he will beat me. He does not care if children are around. All he wants is sex. Because of his excessive sexual demands, I had to move away from him. I now stay

at my guardian’s house at Aso Pada, Mararaba,’’ Lami said. Ibrahim, 56, said: “I still love her with the whole of my heart. I urge the court to give me time to reconcile with my wife. I believe we can settle the matter amicably.” The Judge, Malam Danladi Musa, adjourned the case to November 18, 2013 for settlement or continuation of hearing. (NAN)

Ogunjebi and his wife, Bolanle Ogunjebi. The estranged wife, Bolanle (49), had sought divorce over allegations of constant beating, use of charms, public embarrassment at work as well as gross irresponsibility. Bolanle said that her husband beat her frequently and later told her to pack out of the matrimonial home on a particular night. The mother of two added that since her packing out, her husband had been threaten-

ing her life with charms. The court’s President, Mrs Akomolede Olayinka, in her judgment, observed that the marriage between the parties had collapsed and consequently dissolved the marriage. She ruled that the custody of the children should be awarded to the wife while the husband should be responsible for the payment of half of the children’s school fees. Akomolede also ordered that the husband should pay N3, 500 as monthly allowance on each of the two children. (NAN)

‘My husband has turned me to a punching bag’

•I beat her because she’s too stubborn –Husband


n Ilorin Area Court has dissolved the four-year marriage between one Rukayat Taiwo and her husband, Afeez, over constant battering of the former by her husband. Rukayat, 31, a resident at Agbo-Oba area of Ilorin, had prayed the court to dissolve her marriage, alleging regular beating by Afeez. She told the court that her husband was fond of beating her over every little misunderstanding between them. “My husband has turned me to his slave with the way

he maltreats me whenever we have minor differences,” she said. She cited an instance on February 2 when her husband allegedly inflicted a serious injury on her face, saying she was admitted for two days at Temitope Hospital. “My Lord, I want an end to this marriage because I cannot cope with a man that always beats me for every little thing I do,” she said. Rukayat said that she was married to Afeez in 2009 and that the union had produced a female child.

The defendant, who did not object to the prayer of Rukayat, said; “My wife is too stubborn and that is the reason I always beat her.” He prayed the court to grant her prayer and dissolve the marriage. The Presiding Judge, Mr Yusuf Abdulkareem, consequently dissolved the marriage. ‘My husband threatens me with charms’ A Customary Court sitting in Ado-Ekiti has dissolved a 10-year marriage between one Emmanuel


Saturday Mirror

November 16, 2013


Ibitoye Abosede:

Ensuring business unusual at NDDC


he Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC has been variously described as the ‘House of Corruption’ since its inception in the 90’s. This dubious image continued through the years, even as news of regular shady deals kept filtering out from the commission into the media, nay into various homes of Nigerians. Not surprisingly, the agency was in very bad odour. Ibitoye Abosede’s job, when he was named Head of the Corporate Affairs Department of the intervention agency was therefore Herculean. The administrator and Public Relations guru that he is, Abosede set to work, especially on the image of the agency. He says, “Because of what has been happening in the commission before then, everybody had a negative perception of the place. It was regarded as the haven of political appendages who were only out to fleece the commission of its bountiful resources. Trying to change the mind of outsiders was a near impossible job, but we kept struggling to turn things around. However. all these were not helped by the conduct of successive boards, especially in the areas of intraboard squabbles, allegations of fetish practices and high level corruption’’. Abosede, however, employed his years of experience and the various trainings he received home and abroad to wage a successful war against the negative publicity which was the lot of the agency. Looking back now, Abosede says, “My job was made easier when the new Acting Managing Director, Dr. Atako came in and started working in ways that are positively unusual to the commission. She made tremendous impact in the way things are done in the agency and she has impacted positively also on the lives of the people of the Niger Delta area within a short time’’. Continuing, Abosede explained those factors responsible for the turn around in moulding the image of the commission within months. ‘’My new boss has commissioned more than one thousand projects within the past three months and she has

changed the ways were done in the past. It is no more business as usual, it is now justify your pay and the resources entrusted to you as staffs and contractors. The people of the Niger Delta can now see palpable projects, especially those that are people and environmentally friendly. Education and large scale development of infrastructures are now the order of the day and the people now look at the commission as an intervention agency that is working seriously towards the actualisation of the dreams of the Federal Government and the aspirations of the people of the Niger Delta.” The University of Lagos Alumni became the head of the Corporate Affairs Department of the commission in 2010 and since then, people have started no-

ticing the change in the projection of the agency’s image through aggressive and sustained positive image-changing news that is now changing people’s perception of the once-vilified commission. Ibitoye Ayodele Abosede Brown was born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Abosede Brown Oshonaiye of Igbaja in Ifon, in Ifon Local Government of Ondo State. He had his primary education at Saint Paul’s Anglican Primary School, Ifon and had a brief stint at the Ekamarun Anglican Grammar School, before proceeding to the highly acclaimed Imade College Owo, founded by the first civilian Governor of old Ondo State, where he finished his secondary education. He attended the Federal School of Arts and Science, (FSAS) Mubi in the then Gongola state, now Adamawa state be-

tween 1977 – 1979, for his Higher School Certificate course (HSC). Abosede was later admitted to the University of Lagos, Akoka, Yaba, in Lagos where he studied Mass Communication and graduated with a B.Sc Hons degree in 1983. He returned to the same University of Lagos, immediately after his National Youth Service programme for his Masters degree in the same field of Mass Communication in 1984 and was awarded the M.Sc (Hons) degree in Mass Communication, specializing in Advanced Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing Management in 1985. Abosede started his working career immediately he left UNILAG with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in 1985. In 1989, Abosede moved to the banking industry and worked with Wema Bank PLC, as the Public Relations Manager for several years. Between 1994 and 1997, Toye also worked at various Organizations, first as Assistant General Manager, Commercial services at Raona securities Company Ltd, Buklad Marketing Communications the General Manager. He was the Media Relations Manager in the Directorate of Publicity, Obasanjo campaign Organisation in 1998 and later became the Chief Press secretary to the wife of the former Vice President – Mrs. Titi Atiku Abubakar in the Presidency between 1999 – 2001. How did Abosede eventually find himself at Niger Delta Development Commission? “The vacancy in the Public Relations Department was advertised in a newspaper then and I applied just like everybody else. There were about twelve of us and after some rigorous grilling and tests, two of us were employed in 2002 as Assistant Directors in the Public Relations Department.’’ On the initial challenges he faced when he came into the commission, Abosede painted a gory picture of the image of the agency then. “The situation remained the same until recently, when Dr. Christy Atako was appointed Acting Managing Director of the commission. Being an insider, she knew where to plug the waste and slimy deals that had become the hall mark of the existence of the commission, which was established from the ashes of the defunct OMPADEC, that was incidentally mired in corrupt charges and activities throughout its short existence. It was established by the Olusegun Obasanjo Administration to address the seemingly endless challenges faced by the people of the oil-producing areas of the Niger Delta. Atako, having worked with the commission for a long time, set to work immediately she ascended the seat of the head of the commission and put together a team of professionals to clean up the negative image and attention the commission had garnered over the years.”

Saturday Mirror


November 16, 2013

The awesome beauty of Olumirin Seven layers of rocks and seven waterfalls. The water flows majestically among the rocks and splashes down with great force on the vegetation around. Visit Erin-Ijesha (Olumirin) Waterfalls and be spellbound.


isitors to Olumirin Water Falls in Erin-Ijesa, go away not only appreciating the work of nature, but also wondering how Nigeria could possibly be sit ing on such a goldmine without making efforts to explore and in-deed dig up the gold. Situated within lati-tude 7°30’ and 8°45’ North and longitude 4°31’ and 5°East, it is one of the very few water bodies where fresh prawns thrive and which has some feel of wildlife. Erin-Ijesa is in Osun State. As part of South Western Nigeria, the area falls within the tropical climatic belt, with alternating hot/dry and a warm humid season. Atmospheric temperatures range slightly from 30 – 34 degree Celsius, while annual rainfall averages 1500cm. Erin Garden is a thick forest, which houses Olumi-rin Water Falls. The waterfall is 2km off Erin Ijesha town, which is a few kilometres east of Ilesa town on theIlesa-Akure Road. According to one of the custo-dians of the waterfall, it was discovered by a woman called Akinla, founder of Erin-Ijesha town and a grand-daughter

of Oduduwa, the progenitor of the Yo-ruba race, in the year 1140 AD dur-ing the migration of Ife people to Erin-Ijesa. Legend has it that when it was first discovered, the waterfall had the ap-pearance of a mysterious figure. No one dared move near it for fear of being swallowed up. It was believed to be a liv-ing spirit through whose several mouths water gushed out; a very tall and huge spirit whose height reached to the high heavens. The inhabitants therefore named the fall “Olumi-rin.” They thought this was another god whose power over the whole area was only similar to Akinla, the founder of Erin Ijesha town. According to a tourist who has visited the water-falls, “it doesn’t look like anything out of this world until you begin climbing the seven levels of the ascend-ing plains of the waterfalls. The view at all the levels is wonderful and the fresh-ness of the water is energiz-ing. However, the last and seventh level is definitely the most intriguing, well that’s if you ever dared the tor-turous climb.” Olumirin is open to tourists throughout the year and only few visitors can climb beyond the second layer. Another tourist attests to this. “Climbing up to the third level can best be equated to traipsing the snowy steeply Mount Everest.Obviously, being at these different levels and just basking in the invigorating freshness of the falls is an unforgettable experience, but guess what? The place to be is definitely the seventh level. Why?Not only does it lie at the peak of the falls, it is also hosts a settlement where

many of its inhabitants have lived for several years!” Still another enraptured tourist could only wax po-etic when he was confronted with the sheer splendour of nature at Olumirin. “I could not resist the seduction of this beauty, for Olumirin Water Falls is craft of supreme architecture. Overcoming my inertia, I plunged deep into the fresh flowing fountain, burying my fears and anxieties in the clear water. This was the first fall. Each fall dis-tinctly marks the mystical propensity of the fountain.Its ability to sieve out the adventurous from the lilly-livered enjoys universal ac-claim. “Ascending the first steps that point to the first fall is usually for all. Though its dancing bridge and the mould covered greenish stones leave a bare feet squirming in pain, yet the first fall is all em-bracing.Like a mother, she opens her bosom for all visitors to the fall to soup from her clear spring. It’s after this that the ascent to the second fall begins. I made it to the second fall. “I had erroneously believed that I had seen the best of Olumirin Water Fall. But I saw nothing in the first fall. The second fall was out of this world. I came to ap-preciate why I am human, not an animal.My eyes beheld beauty. I saw, touched and tasted beauty. I flew off on the wings of contemplation. As the wa-ter like a snake lazily sliced through the heights, it picked up velocity that slapped the flesh, pumping out like an imprisoned rebel through the thickness of

the woods. The third fall was some-thing else...” Yet another dazed visitor said, “The breeze at the waterfall is cool and refreshing, the water flows among rocks and splashes down with great force to the evergreen vegetation around. The whole scenery is fascinating and idyllic. The full flow of the waterfall could be seen during the rainy season. The wa-terfall is used for drinking and as medi-cine by indigenes and tourists alike.” One of the tourists, Ademola Ojo who spoke with Saturday Mirror on the medicinal potential of the wa-terfall, said that the water is capable of heal-ing many ailments, depending on the faith of its user. Ojo attests that he has used the water to cure sicknesses such as headache, stomach-ache and skin dis-eases, and that people indeed come from all over the country to fetch the water which they use for curative purposes. Tunde Omole an indigene of Erin-Ijesa who de-scribed Olumirin waterfall as nature’s gift to the com-munity, said that the site has brought a lot of glory to the community, adding that the waterfall has played host to hundreds of people, school children, members of various groups and associations who regularly visit the site on excursion. Omole, however, appealed to the state government to allocate more money for the development of the site, adding that efforts should also be made to ensure that the site is listed among international tourist sites by UNESCO.



November 16, 2013

Saturday Mirror


Saturday Mirror

November 16, 2013


Dare-devil striker, Emmanuel Emenike (left) expected to lead the Super Eagles attack against the Walya Antelopes of Ethiopia today in Calabar.

Eagles, Walya Antelopes in final battle ...W/Cup play-off sets Calabar agog IFEANYI EDUZOR


igeria’s Super Eagles are battleready today as they confront the Walya Antelopes of Ethiopia in the second leg of the 2014 World Cup playoff, which will determine who among them, will pick one of the five continental tickets for the Mundial to be hosted by Brazil. The match is billed to kick off by 4pm Nigerian time at the U.J Esuene Stadium, Calabar, and will see the two teams going for the maximum points at stake. The Super Eagles defeated their East African counterparts by 2-1 in the first leg decided at the Addis Ababa National Stadium on October 13 and will need at least a draw to book a ticket for the World Cup, while the Ethiopians will need to score at least two unreplied goals to achieve their dream of getting their first World Cup debut. Coach Stephen Keshi’s side went unbeaten in the group stage of the qualifiers, topping Group F by winning three of their matches and drawing three of their six games. They conceded just three goals in

the process, while their Ethiopian counterparts won four of their six matches in their Group, and surviving a late scare in their final game by coming from behind to beat Central African Republic 2-1. It is also important to state that a 2-1 victory for Ethiopia in Calabar will see today’s cracker going into extra time and possibly into a penalty shoot out if no winner emerges at regulation time, which makes today’s match dicey. Qualification would mean a fifth tournament appearance for Nigeria having previously been to the World Cup in 1994,1998,2002 and 2010, while for Ethiopia, qualification will mean their first appearance at the Mundial. Already the African champions who are in high spirit ahead of the all-important cracker are right now mapping out strategies on how to tame the much improved Walya Antelopes, promising that they will not disappoint in the match. Top among the players who would battle the visitors includes, Mikel Obi, Victor Moses, Shola Ameobi, Ogenyi Onazi, Ahmed Musa, Obinna Nsofor, Nosa Igiebor and team captain, Vincent Enyeama.

Keshi allays Moses fear P. 46

Our correspondent gathered that all the aforementioned players have expressed optimism that the Ethiopians will not prevent them from hoisting Nigeria’s flag in Brazil next year. Speaking after their training session in Calabar on Wednesday, the Super Eagles gaffer, Keshi, noted that while it is true that his team has an advantage over their opponents, considering they won the first leg of the play- off, but they will not underrate the East Africans because the Ethiopians have fine players who can upset any good team any day. “We are fully prepared for the encounter and I am looking forward to Nigeria booking their fifth World Cup ticket at the end of the full 90 minutes. “It is true that we won the first leg in Addis Ababa, but that does not mean that the Ethiopians are pushovers. We are not going to underrate them, rather we will approach the game with all seriousness it deserves because underrating a team such as Ethiopia could be dangerous,” Keshi noted. As earlier stated, the Ethiopians lost the first leg at home, but they are undaunted by that defeat as they have promised that they can still deny the Super Eagles the opportunity of being at the Mundial next year. According to their

Noisy Ethiopians will cry home –Onazi P. 47

coach, Sewnet Bishaw, they are going to approach the second leg with all seriousness pointing out that his players played better than the African champions in the first leg, however, poor finishing in front of goal prevented them from recording a major upset in that encounter. It is expected that Keshi will be counting on the experiences of Emmanuel Emenike, whose brace helped Nigeria to come from behind to beat Ethiopia 2-1 in the first leg, as well as Godfrey Oboabona who made a goal line clearance in the encounter. Efe Ambrose , Elderson Echiejile , Azubuike Egwuekwe Ogenyi Onazi, Mikel Obi , Nnamdi Oduamadi, Victor Moses and Ahmed Musa are also expected to record an outstanding victory against the Ethiopians. The Ethiopian coach on the other hand, is not ready to accept that their World Cup adventure is over and will likely make use of Behailu Assefa who gave them their shock lead in the first leg to spearhead their attack. He is also likely to introduce dependable striker, Getaneh Kebede who missed the first leg due to an ankle injury he picked up in training ahead of the first leg and also Saladan Said Ahmed who like Kebede scored four of Ethiopia’s eight goals in the qualifiers.

Messi reflects on his Barca debut P. 48



November 16, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Ethiopia can’t leave Calabar with Brazil 2014 ticket A HARD TACKLE ll roads will today lead to the ancient city of Calabar where the Super Eagles of Nigeria are expected to seal the fate of visiting Walya Antelopes of Ethiopia in the second leg of the 2014 World Cup play-off. The African champions would be going into today’s cracker having defeated the visitors at their backyard by 2-1 in the first leg and it is expected that a resounding victory against the mouthy Ethiopians will ensure Nigeria’s flag being hoisted in Brazil next year. As a kicker, on paper, the Super Eagles have all it takes to tame and possibly roast the Walya Antelopes with goals as analysts are eager to see Coach Stephen Keshi use the explosive encounter to reassure so many soccer pundits that their Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) victory earlier in the year was not a mere fluke. How is the Nigerian team going to play today? How are they going to draw the much needed inspiration that will see them fly over Ethiopia at this final stage of the Brazil 2014 World Cup qualifiers? Your guess could be as good as mine because at this stage no team will ever dream of losing out in capturing one of the tickets for the Mundial. Already, qualification would mean a fifth World Cup appearance for Nigeria having previously been to the Mundial in 1994, 1998, 2002 and 2010, while for Ethiopia, qualification will mean their first appearance at the global stage. So, the Walya Antelopes are expected to fight back. However, all odds are against the visitors because aside the fact that the African champions are in high spirit ahead of the


Andrew Ekejiuba all-important cracker, the players are eager to see themselves land in Brazil. The determination of the players to actualise this great dream is so glaring. HT gathered that majority of the Nigerian players want to use the ‘Battle of Calabar’ to announce to the world that Nigerian football is on a massive rise. Mikel Obi, Victor Moses, Ogenyi Onazi, Ahmed Musa, Obinna Nsofor, Nosa Igiebor and team captain, Vincent Enyeama have all shown their determination to roast Ethiopia in Calabar. According to Keshi, the Eagles are not ready to underrate the visitors because they have the potentials to turn the table, even in Calabar. It is the stand of HT that the team must not allow this opportunity to slip off their hands because a World Cup ticket will go a long way to confirm Nigeria’s soccer prowess as worthy champions of Africa. Actually, the Ethiopians lost the first leg at their backyard, but they are undaunted by that defeat as they have vowed to deny the Super Eagles the opportunity of being in Brazil next year. According to their coach, Sewnet Bishaw, they are


going to approach the second leg as if it is a World Cup final. He revealed that his players played better than the Super Eagles in the first leg, but where denied of victory as result of poor finishing upfront. Therefore Keshi should mar-

shal out a killer squad that will teach the visitors a lot of football lessons. Emmanuel Emenike, whose brace helped Nigeria to come from behind to beat Ethiopia 2-1 in the first leg, should spearhead the attack, while the entire squad should play as a wellblended side in order to give Nigerians something to cheer ahead of upcoming festive season and the New Year. The team has trained enough and today is a day of reckoning for the visitors who manhandled our players in Ethiopia after the first leg. HT wants to use the opportunity to tell Godfrey Oboabona who made a goal line clearance in the first leg, Efe Ambrose, Elderson Echiejile and Azubuike Egwue-

kwe to be red alert and never give the strikers of Walya Antelopes any room to operate. They should keep a close watch on Behailu Assefa who scored Ethiopia’s opening goal in the first leg, and their dependable striker, Getaneh Kebede, who missed the first leg due to an ankle injury. Also, Saladan Said Ahmed who like Kebede scored four of Ethiopia’s eight goals in the qualifiers should be marked-out of the encounter, so as to quicken the actualisation of victory in today’s encounter. Nigerians for sure are behind the Eagles in prayers and anything short of Brazil 2014 World Cup ticket will be unacceptable. The time to roast the Walya Antelopes is now!

Walya Antelopes looking set for today’s cracker in Calabar.


Keshi allays Moses fear




uper Eagles coach Stephen Keshi says there’s nothing to fear about the fitness of

Liverpool star Victor Moses. Moses raised suspicion about his fitness yesterday at the final training session at the U.J. Esuene Stadium, when he left the pitch in the last leg that pitted

the Team A against Team B to sit on the bench. There were suggestions that the former Crystal Palace star may have been excused to discontinue the training due to exhaustion as the Calabar weather yesterday was very hot. Keshi insisted that his Liverpool ward was fit and looking forward to the game against Ethiopia. “My players are in good condition and so is Moses. The players are in perfect condition for the game,” Keshi assured. “Though there are just two injury concerns, Nosa Igiebor and Rueben Gabriel. “Moses is good; I don’t have a problem with him.” Moses is expected to play the crucial second leg as Eagles are set to pick their ticket for next year’s Mundial in Brazil.

Ethiopia goes spiritual against Nigeria IKENWA NNABUOGOR CALABAR


thiopia have decided to go spiritual in a desperate bid to overturn the scores ahead of today’s final leg of the play-offs of Brazil 2014 World Cup qualifiers, Saturday Mirror gathered. The players’ spotted strange-looking, creamcoloured anklets round their two ankles. Sources disclosed to our correspondent that the bruised Ethiopians, who go into today’s game with a 2-1 disadvantage, may have sought spiritual help to overturn the

table against Super Eagles right in their backyard. The players looked so unfriendly at the Channel View Calabar Hotel camp yesterday and refused to speak to curious journalists who sought to know the reasons behind the strange anklets. Camp sources also told Saturday Mirror that the visitors believed so much on the anklets to stage a massive upset in Calabar. Only players wore the anklets as none of the technical crew members and FA officials joined them in the new found spiritual beliefs.

Saturday Mirror

We are here to beat Nigeria –Ethiopia coach IKENWA NNABUOGOR CALABAR



November 16, 2013

oach of the Walya Antelopes of Ethiopia Sewnet Bishaw has declared in clear terms that their mission in Calabar was to beat Super Eagles and qualify for the Brazil 2014 World Cup finals. Confident Bishaw maintained that for his team to come this far, they are capable of beating the Eagles at their Calabar backyard and qualify for the World Cup. He also cautioned that Eagles were a good side and that his team needed not to be complacent about it. “Any team that gets to this stage, is capable of qualifying for the World Cup and that’s the case with us.” “My team is as good as beating Nigeria here and that’s what is uppermost in our minds. “My boys are in good shape, we have worked hard enough to get here and the result of today’s game will determine,” the Ethiopian coach said.


Noisy Ethiopians will cry home –Onazi IKENWA NNABUOGOR CALABAR


uper Eagles’ midfielder Ogenyi Onazi has declared that Ethiopia will cry as a result of defeat Eagles will hand them in today’s crucial final leg play-offs of the 2014 World Cup qualifiers at the U.J. Esuene Stadium, Calabar. The Lazio midfielder maintained that the Walya Antelopes will get punished for getting noisy with the false belief that they will cause an upset in the game. The Jos-born player told Saturday Mirror that his side was 100 percent ready for the cracker and promised

their visitors a tough game. “Football is not all about making noise and playing a game on the pages of newspapers,” Onazi continued. “It’s gone beyond that and the Ethiopians will surely pay for their careless talk. “We’re leaving no stones unturned as regards where we are heading and Ethiopia will be hard done for it.” Onazi has remained the Eagles’ mainstay since making his debut last year. And the former U-17 star played a huge role in Eagles’ AFCON triumph in South Africa last February.


All Stars back Eagles to beat Ethiopia IFEANYI EDUZOR


embers of Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola’s Club, the All Stars International FC of Lagos, a socio cultural club consisting of ex-Internationals and national team footballers have thrown their weight behind the Super Eagles of Nigeria in their effort to pick a ticket for the Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup finals,

at the expense of Walya Antelopes of Ethiopia. The Super Eagles will today confront the Ethiopians in the crucial second leg final playoffs at the U. J. Esuene Stadium, Calabar, but the soccer ambassadors of yesteryears unanimously tipped the African champions to beat their visitors and pick the ticket for the Mundial. “We are going to Calabar to cheer the Super Eagles to victory,” Frank Tandoh told our correspondent at their train-

ing camp at the Eagles Club Ground, Surulere, Lagos. Ex-University of Uyo midfielder, in the NUGA Games soccer event, Uduak Evans Udoukpong, said that the Ethiopian defence will as usual fall to the good attacking network of the Super Eagles. He predicted a 2-0 win by the Super Eagles. A retired NRA Grade One referee and former striker of the defunct Federal Ministry of Works FC of Lagos, Chief Stephen Adigwe said that we

have more experienced players than any other country in the continent and predicts a 2 – 0 win by Nigeria. In his own remarks, former First Bank FC of Lagos defender Jide Oloyede, noted that the Ethiopians are psychologically down and cannot even get a draw in today’s match, but was quick to add that football can be funny at times, hence the need for the Super Eagles to take the game very serious.

Bankers Games: Skye Bank stuns UBA, record 4th title win ANDREW EKEJIUBA

I Sewnet

n a carnival-like atmosphere, Nigeria Bankers Games Cup holders, Skye Bank successfully defended their football event title and went on to set a new record four title wins. Skye Bank also emerged the first side to win the Cup three

times on the trot before defeating United Bank for Africa (UBA) 5-3 on penalties this year after regular time score had stood at 1-1. Standard Chartered Bank won the third place play-off against First Bank by 7-6 on penalties after a hard fought game that ended with neither side scoring in regulation time. Skye Bank fans had trooped

to the Onikan Waterfront venue in bus loads as though they had the assurance of the Octopus but then it was UBA that drew the first blood through prolific Seun Mohammed on 29th minute. It was Mohammed’s seventh goal and they took the lead into the second half when another Bankers Games veteran, Kayode Abdulrasheed restored

Aroh tips Eagles to land in Brazil ANDREW EKEJIUBA


he Commissioner for Youth and Sports in Anambra State, Dr. Edozie Aroh, says the Super Eagles will win their match against the Walya Antelopes of Ethiopia today in Calabar. The match is the last in the series of World Cup qualifiers between the two teams and a win will guarantee the Eagles’ qualification for the 2014 finals in Brazil. Aroh made the favourable prediction at the closing ceremony of the maiden Gov. Peter Obi Traders Cup final at the Rojenny Games Village, Oba, on Thursday. He said that the transformations in Nigeria’s sports industry were yielding good results as evidenced in the victorious outing of the Super Eagles in the Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa and the victo-

rious outing of the Golden Eaglets in the United Arab Emirates. The commissioner said that Anambra was working assiduously for the achievement of the national policy on sports development through the organisation of various sporting competitions in the state. He revealed that the talent discovered from the state sports festival, school sports festival, Gov. Obi’s Unity and Traders Cups competitions would be nurtured to form the nucleus of the state-owned clubside which is in the pipeline. “We have come to the finals of yet another talent-revealing football competition for our brothers who could not participate during the previous ones. “In line with the transformation agenda in sports we are not relenting in our efforts to develop Anambra youths in spite of the limited time of this administration. “For the Super Eagles match

against Ethiopia, I have no doubt in my mind that they will win and earn a place in Brazil. We hope they will sustain the winning streak of the Golden Eaglets,” he said. In the very entertaining final match of the Traders Cup, Nkwo Ogbe market, Ihiala, defeated Bright market, Onitsha, by 6-5 on penalties after a pulsating 1-1 draw at regulation time to win a prize money N900,000 and N600,000 respectively. In the third place match, Oyema market, Aguluzigbo, were 1-0 better than Timber Shade market, Awka to go home with N400, 000 andN300, 000 respectively. Special awards were also extended to the Most Valuable Player, Best Goalkeeper and Highest Goal Scorer of the competition. A total of 23 markets and trade groups participated in the 10-day competition.


parity for Skye on 58 minutes. Mohammed went on to emerge the highest goal scorer and was very elegant in losing the trophy. Sterling Bank emerged the overall champions of the 2013 NBG and their Regional Business Executive Kayode Lawal said the win will hopefully give them more visibility.



November 16, 2013

Pepe eyes Juve comeback

Saturday Mirror

Messi reflects on his Barca debut


imone Pepe is determined to overcome his injury problems and return to the first-team fold at Juventus. The 30-year-old Italy international suffered a serious thigh injury in 2012 and has been frustrated in his bid to regain full fitness. Having been limited to just one appearance since the start of last season, as a substitute against Lazio on November 17, 2012, he admits there were times when he doubted his ability to play again. “It’s been hard. To go a year without playing, for someone who is a footballer, is a horrible thing,” Pepe said with a tinge of regret. “I’ve been away from the field of play for 362 days, but I’ve only been missing from the Vinovo training complex on the days when I needed scans. “I can’t think of quitting, though, as there is still a great desire. I did have doubts, I can’t deny that, but now there is a good chance that I will return.” Pepe has not set a date for his return, but is optimistic he will soon be available to Juventus. Messi



Lampard unsure of his future


helsea midfielder Frank Lampard plans to leave any decisions on his future until after the FIFA World Cup. Lampard has featured in every Premier League game for Chelsea this season, having signed a one-year contract extension in May. However, he has yet to decide what the coming years will bring, insisting his current focus is purely on retaining his England place with the World Cup looming. “Right now, I’m not sure in my own head. At my age I understand it’s not a four-year contract, it’s a oneyear extension. I’m more than happy with that. “I’ll make a decision after the World Cup; when we’ve won it and can all retire happy,” he said. Lampard is aware he must continue to perform if he is to be part of Roy Hodgson’s squad in Brazil next summer. “We’re all in the same boat. What we’ve done up to now carries a bit of weight but if your form falls off in the next six months you can’t expect to be going,” he added.

ionel Messi has recalled his first senior Barcelona game as a ‘dream come true’ in a Barca TV programme specially made to commemorate the event’s 10th anniversary. Messi was given his first team Barca debut 10 years ago this week by Frank Rijkaard, coming on a substitute to play the last 15 minutes of a friendly against a Porto side managed by current Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho. The Argentine says in the Barca TV programme that day was a dream come true. “Nov. 16, 2003 is a very important date for me,” Messi said. “Because

that’s when I was able to make my childhood dream come true; it was a very happy day for me. I’d fought hard to make that moment happen and it was really special.” Messi, who was aged just 16 years and 145 days and playing for Barca’s Youth A team, was surprised when then academy team coordinator Josep Colomer told him he was going to Portugal with the senior squad members such as Luis Enrique, Xavi Hernandez and Rafael Marquez. “I remember that we were training with the Youth A team and when it finished, Colomer talked to me about a few things and then told me that I would be travelling with the

Ozil’s transfer excites Monreal Ronaldo deserves Ballon d’Or award A –Casemiro rsenal defender Nacho Monreal says that Mesut Ozil’s transfer from Real Madrid was unexpected but that it is “an honour” to play alongside the German. Ozil has impressed since his deadline-day move to the Emirates Stadium and the left-back is surprised that the Gunners were allowed to sign him. Asked if the switch surprised him, Monreal replied: “Personally, I think so. Mesut is a star and Real Madrid is full of stars. I didn’t expect Madrid to let him go.” Ozil is expected to head to World

Cup 2014 with the Germany squad but Monreal is a little more concerned over his own place. Though the defender has been called up for Spain’s friendlies against Equatorial Guinea and South Africa, he is behind Kieran Gibbs in the Arsenal pecking order and Jordi Alba at international level. “I would like to go to the World Cup,” he added. “I’m conscious that it’s not going to be easy, also in part because I’m not playing the minutes that I would like with Arsenal but I’m going to keep fighting because I really want to be at the World Cup.”


Udinese chairman hails coaching staff Navas targets trophies at Man City


dinese chairman Giampaolo Pozzo has praised his coaching staff in light of the recent coach sackings in the Serie A. Pozzo said he has full confidence in his coaching staff’s ability and attributes the club’s poor form to injuries and a difficult fixture.


eal Madrid midfielder Casemiro has no doubt that team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo is the best player in the world and deserves to win the Ballon d’Or. The Portugal international is one of the leading candidates to win the prestigious individual trophy, alongside Franck Ribery and Lionel Messi. Casemiro feels that it would only be logical if Ronaldo emerged victorious following his fine performances in 2013. “He has to win the Ballon d’Or. He is spectacular,” the Brazilian said. “There is no doubt that he is the best player around right now. If he scores two goals in a match, he always wants more and keeps on giving.


anchester City winger Jesus Navas is enjoying life in the Premier League and says he is looking forward to winning trophies under Manuel Pellegrini. Navas has not always been afforded a place in Pellegrini’s first XI since his £18million move from Sevilla, starting just eight games this season, but insists he has no regrets about moving to the Etihad Stadium. Pozzo

Allen admits injury frustrations


first team,” he recalled. “He told me that I should just go and enjoy the game and the experience, but when I came back I should concentrate on the Youth A team.” Looking back now, a decade later having won three Champions League trophies, four Ballon d’Or awards and also become a father, Messi says he does not feel he has changed too much over the years. “I think that I continue to be the same person,” he said. “I see things in the same way, though I have grown and learnt how to value things.” Messi is currently sidelined by a thigh muscle tear, and not due to play again until January 2014.

oe Allen says being sidelined at Liverpool is frustrating but he is determined to win back his place in the Anfield side. Allen, 23, had a shoulder operation in March and then picked up a hamstring injury in September and has featured four times for his club, playing a total of just 83 minutes for Liverpool so far this season.

Matri: Milan must regain focus


C Milan striker Alessandro Matri said he and his teammates must concentrate on the finer details to move up the Serie A table. The men in red and black stripes have not won in six games in all competitions and have slumped to 10th in Italy’s top flight, 15 points adrift of the UEFA Champions League qualification spots.


Saturday Mirror


November 16, 2013


Nigeria’s sports industry needs private sector participation to succeed –Bamgbola Hon. Hakeem Adisa Bamgbola is the Chairman of Itire/Ikate Local Council Development Area of Lagos State. In this interview with IFEANYI EDUZOR, he speaks on his plans to transform the area into a haven for sportsmen and women in the country, as well as profers solutions on how to develop sports in the country.


he Super Eagles will be meeting Wayla Antelopes of Ethiopia today in Calabar in a World Cup play-off, what do you expect in that match? In the first place, I must commend Coach Stephen Keshi for the tremendous transformation the team has witnessed since he took up the coaching job with the team. His ability to believe in our home-based players and giving them opportunity to showcase their talent is also commendable. Having said this, I want to believe that we are almost there I Brazil, but the players must guide against underrating their opponents. They should forget about the 2-1 advantage they had from the first leg because in football anything is possible. It is true that the Ethiopians are boosting of having the capability to cancel the goals and prevent Nigerian from going to the World Cup, but I believe that at the end of the full 90 minutes, we will get a good result that will take us to next year’s World Cup in Brazil. You were recently nominated as one of the recipients of the ‘Good Governance and Peace Award’ by the Nigerian Wrestling Federation. How do you feel about the award? The news about the award came to me as a big surprise because I never lobbied for it. I did not even know when they visited my council area to take inventory of the good work we have been doing since assumption of office. What it means is that when one is in a leadership position, he must put structures and facilities on ground that will benefit the common masses because somebody somewhere is watching him and taking note of what he is doing. I must have to commend members of the Federation under the able-leadership of Prince Hammed Olanrewaju Mohammed who have revived the game since he took over the mantle of leadership of the association. I could remember in those days as a young man, we use to hear about Power Uti and others inviting foreign wrestlers to come and fight in the country, but suddenly everything nosedived. So, for them to now revive the sport is a good thing and we at the council will continue to give them the support they deserve in order to move the game forward. What effort is your administration making to develop sports in your council area? We have been trying our best to ensure we emerge as the best Local Government Area in Lagos State in terms of sports development. The Local Government is actively participating in the Lagos Junior League which all the Local Government Areas and Local Council Development

Areas in the state are sponsoring to develop football at the grassroots. It is being organised in such a way that players are encouraged to combine football with education. We pay them allowance and provide materials for them and this has been going on for the past five years. Although it is a big burden on us but we are determined to succeed in the project. Right now some ex- internationals like Victor Ikpeba and others are part of the project. It is a well known fact all over the world that if you want to develop talent, you must catch them young at the grassroots. That is what we are doing and from there we will move to the next level. The league will also help in repositioning football in the state which for some time now has witnessed a downward trend. Apart from football which other sporting activity is your administration supporting? We are not restricting our support to football alone because we believe in the development of all sports. In my council area, we have a standard boxing gym built by the chairman of the monthly Lagos Boxing Hall of Fame and one time Commissioner of Finance in the State Prince Wale Edun at Olatilewa Street, Lawanson which we are maintaining. We have a lot of young men whom we are encouraging to take to boxing and stop flexing their muscles on the streets. We also have an ex-Olympian who is helping in the training of our boxers and there is also a yearly table tennis tournament being sponsored by an illustrious son of this council area in remembrance of his late mother which we are also supporting. You should also realise that Itire/ Ikate being a densely populated area is facing a lot of challenges in other areas especially health and that is why we recently built one of the biggest health centres which we call ‘Itire Flagship Center’ that was commissioned by Governor Babatunde Fashola some months ago. We also have a clinic at the Local Government secretariat and every Monday, you will see our nursing mothers and pregnant women in large numbers coming for treatment. We also have one at Anjorin, Itire, and we are building another major one at Ijesha so that it can accommodate the large population at the Ijesha axis. But notwithstanding all these challenges, we will continue to give support and encouragement to our sportsmen and women. It will also interest you to know that I have put in place a quarterly “Walk to keep fit” exercise in the council area. Are you satisfied with the involve-


ment of the private sector in sports development in the country? I am not satisfied with the involvement of the private sector in sports development because they are not doing enough to develop sports in the country. In most cases, when they support sports, it is only football they concentrate on. Maybe there should be a law in the country that should compel multinational organisations to set aside certain percentage of their profit for sports development in the country as is done in developed countries of the world. Look at table tennis for instance, there was a time Nigeria was number one in the continent, but now it has been taken over by Egypt and we are now number two or three. Even now, small countries like Congo poach on Nigerian players and they play for them and they are doing very well. I want other states and Corporate Nigeria to emulate what Lagos State did recently with the International Table Tennis Classics that attracted the best players from all parts of the world. This has not happened before in the history of this country. I was at the finals of that classics and it was fantastic. I quite appreciate what the state did because it enabled those visiting players who have negative perception about Nigeria to have a second thought. They now got first-hand information and know that we are friendly and civilized people. In fact it is high time the government compels these companies to give back to the society because most of them, except a few, don’t want to identify with what is happening with our youths. Sports is a powerful tool that can be utilized to bring harmony and peace into the society by keeping our youths busy, and as such there is need for these companies to be more involved in sports development in the country. How would like sports to be developed in the country? There is the need for grassroots sports development in the country because when you catch them young at very early stage, you will be able to nurture them to stardom. There is also need to emulate the Lagos plan of action. You know our Governor is a sports-loving Governor who plays football twice a week and chal-

lenged us to always give prominence to sports. During the last National Sports Festival which the state hosted, he stated that the state will not be involved in poaching of athletes from other states, but will be ready to discover and groom talent. So, we decided to groom athletes from Lagos, kept them together, trained them very well and Lagos did well in that festival. And by the time they represent the state in one or two other festivals, they must have gained enough knowledge and exposure which will enable them win more laurels for the state. Looking at the level of sports development in the country, do you think Nigeria has what it takes to regain its lost position in the continent? There is no denying the fact that Nigeria has what it takes to regain its lost position in sports not only in Africa but in the world. When you look back, you will discover that there was a time Nigeria produced great boxers, wrestlers, tennis players, athletes and footballers among others, but suddenly everything went down which is an indication that something went wrong somewhere. There is the need for all hands to be on deck with serious private sector participation for the country’s sports industry to comeback where it was some years ago.



Saturday Mirror

November 16, 2013


Man, 28, bags 21 years imprisonment for snatching motorcycle


n Ibadan High Court on Friday sentenced one Saheed Sogaji, 28, to 21 years imprisonment for conspiring and robbing a man of a motorcycle. Justice Bolaji Yusuf said that the prosecutor had been able to proof the charges against the accused beyond reasonable doubt. He sentenced Sogaji to seven years imprisonment for conspiracy and 14 years for robbery. The judge said that the sentences were without option, adding that the sentences would commence from the day Sogaji was put in custody. Earlier, the Prosecutor, Titilayo Dairo, told the court that Sogaji and others faced two-count charge of conspiracy and robbery. She said that Sogaji and his colleagues now at large, conspired to rob one Kehinde Isiaka of his Bajaj motorcycle with registration number LUY 080 OA, on March 26, 2012 at Odo-Ona Elewe in Ibadan. The prosecutor said that the offences contravened Sections 516 and 401 of the Criminal Code Cap 38 Vol. II Laws of Oyo State of Nigeria 2000. Sogaji had, however, pleaded not guilty to the charges. The Defence Counsel, Mr Fola Awoyemi, prayed the court to temper justice with mercy with his client. Awoyemi said that Sogaji, from Cotonou, had been in prison custody since March 26, 2012, adding that he had also lost his parents.

Man, 26, bags one year for robbing with toy gun


n Ojo Magistrates’ Court in Lagos on Friday sentenced a 26-year-old man, Sunday Friday, to one-year imprisonment for intending to commit felony

The Magistrate, Mr T.O. Shomade, sentenced Friday after he pleaded guilty to the charge, and did not give the convict an option of fine. “The sentence will serve as deterrent to others,” Shomade said. The Prosecutor, ASP. Godwin Eze, had earlier told the court that the convict was caught with a toy gun at No. 82 Wole Boyle St., Ajangbadi, a suburb of Lagos. Eze said that the convict confessed entering the residence of one Tobechi Ezeonye, with intent to commit felony. “I don’t know what pushed me to the house with a toy gun,” the convict said. Eze said the offence contravened Section 306 of the Criminal Law of Lagos, 2011.

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Mother of two nabbed for sending threatening text messages SEGUN ADIO


Chinyere Arinze, 25, used to be a married mother of two kids until she got divorced about two years ago. After her divorce, she relocated to Abakpa, Enugu to live with her parents. Unfortunately, she was always having

disagreements with two of her cousins and she vowed to deal with them. And since her divorce from her husband, she had been living from hand to mouth without any concrete means of income so she hatched a plan to make money and also get back at her ‘nagging’ cousins, Chinwe and Ebere, who worked as petrol attendants in one of the filling stations in the town.


In October, she sourced a mobile telephone number and used it to send a threatening text message to Emmanuel Obi, the owner of the filling station where Chinwe and Ebere worked. In the text, she claimed she had got wind of plans by Chinwe and Ebere to connive with armed robbers to attack the filling station and demanded that Obi should reward her of an amount of money for her effort. Worried, Obi, reported the issue to the anti-kidnapping unit of the state police command and before long, Chinyere was tracked and arrested. Upon her arrest, she confessed to the crime, adding that her aim for sending the threat message was to humiliate Chinwe and Ebere and make them suffer for their past misdeeds towards her. “My cousins always made fun of me because of my problem with my former husband so I wanted them to suffer too. That’s why I sent the text to their boss,” she said. Adding that she regrets sending the text, she said she would have loved to personally meet with the petrol merchant to tender her apology to him. She also called on the law enforcement agents as well as her two cousins to forgive her especially for the sake of her two kids. Speaking on the issue, Obi said, “I will remain grateful to God and the police for the prompt arrest of the culprit,” he said. In his reaction to the latest breakthrough of law enforcement agents in the state, Enugu State Police Public Relations Officer, Ebere Amaraizu, commended the anti-kidnapping unit of the state police command for their feet to promptly arrest the suspect. He assured that Chinyere would soon be arraigned in court and that others like her who were also involving in extortion which was the new crime wave in the state would also be caught and dealt with.

Man docked for slapping police officer


-34year old man, Akinade Kamila, has been arraigned before a Lagos Magistrate Court, Ikeja for assaulting a police officer. He however pleaded not guilty to the three-count charge of alleged pretence, stealing and assault and was released on bail. He was initially arraigned for a charge of obtaining money under first pretence and theft. He was released on bail but failed to show up for his trial following which his surety was arrested. The surety was arraigned and discharged but the defendant was sighted within the court premises. Attempt to arrest him resulted into a scuffle with the police officer but he was eventually overpowered and subsequently charged to court He was accused of unlawfully assaulting one Police Corporal Micheal Odion with force number 367949 by slapping and physically assaulting him while he was performing a lawful duty. The defendant resides at No.39 Ebenezer Street, Governor Road, Ikotun, Lagos state. When his counsel, Mr. Ademola Ogu-

nyade, asked the court to grant his client bail, the prosecutor opposed the application. The prosecutor, Mr. Edet Okoi told the court that the defendant had previously been arraigned and granted bail on 20th September, 2013 for alleged pretence and stealing, offences committed on 20th April, 2013 but he jumped bail. Okoi further told the court that the defendant had earlier failed to honour the bond signed with the police. He further said this led to the arraignment of his surety, one Mr. Sulaimon Ola. The prosecutor expressed fear that the court grant bail to the defendant on a liberal term, the defendant might not come for trial again. But the counsel to the defendant argued that his client was entitled to bail. He told Mrs. Dan M. Oni, the presiding Magistrate that his client has no intention of running away. He was also accused of obtaining and stealing by false pretence the sum of N1million from one Mrs. Adeola Olajide on 20th April, 2013, at the depot of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, (NNPC),

purportedly for supplying 33,000 litres of Diesel oil to her. The defendant, Akinade Kamila, a diesel dealer is allegedly owing a business partner, Mrs. Olajide, a sum of N1 million, being money given to him to buy black market diesel in Warri, Delta State. But in his defence, he claimed that he bought the diesel as agreed but lost it to the police who confisticated the product on his way to Lagos. He also claimed that he has entered into agreement with the complainant to repay the money. He claimed that so far he had paid back the sum of N200,000. Prosecuting police officer, Edet Okoi added that the defendant committed offences contrary to and punishable under Sections 312(1)(a),278(2)b and 172(a) of the Criminal Laws of Lagos State of Nigeria, 2011.The defendant however pleaded not guilty to the charge and was granted bail in the sum of N200,000 with two reliable sureties in like sum. The matter has been adjourned till 17th December, 2013 for further hearing. (

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November 16, 2013




hen abut four weeks ago, Deolu Olatoye was naming his second child, little did he know that he was breathing his last days on earth. More surprising it would have been for Deolu that two of the so-called friends that were helping him organise the naming ceremony would end his life so abruptly. Deolu was reportedly stabbed severally in all parts of his body recently by two friends and close confidants identified as Yusuf and Mukalila. Deolu. 32, was a father of two kids before he was hatched to death in the room of one of his friends at Oke-Efon, Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital. Investigations revealed that Yusuf, one of Deolu’s two friends, had been suspecting that he was having an amorous affair with his wife, identified as Busayo, and did not hid his disdain for the deceased. Strangely, Yusuf never for one day confronted the deceased on the charge but continued to nurse the animosity against him. It was on account of this accusation that Yusuf and Mukaila allegedly connived to sniff life out of their friend, Deolu. Eyewitnesses say that on the fateful day that he would be hatched to death, Deolu was putting finishing touches to the forth-coming birthday celebration of his aged mother. He was reportedly saddled with getting people invited for the birthday bash. That he was doing until he met his untimely death. It was reported that on the day he would be killed, Deolu returned from his mother’s house and just told his own wife that he wanted to see his two friends, Mukaila and Yusuf. It was reported that Deolu checked Mukaila at home, but the latter’s wife informed him her husband and their third friend had gone out. So, after Deolu dropped Mukaila’s invite, he reportedly headed for Yusuf ’s house where he met the latter’s wife at home. It was reported that while Deolu was coming down the stairs of Yusuf ’s house, the two friends were also coming in and they asked that their departing friend returned upstairs. Deolu reportedly heeded his friend’s request and when they were all at Yusuf ’s room, the two friends subjected the deceased to beating, using a knife all over his body. Once they were satisfied with their action, Mukaila and Yusuf reportedly left the house. An eyewitness account claimed that the two suspected cultists headed for a police station nearby to report the matter. But while there, they reported to law enforcements of a disagreement with a friend which left the latter injured. Upon hearing

Two grandmothers arraigned for child trafficking




Man stabbed to death over amorous relationship with friend’s wife their story, it was reported that law enforcement agents asked that Mukaila returned home to take the injured friend to the hospital. That was the last they saw of Mukaila, as he took to this heels. A neighbour, indentified as Mama Ibukun told reporters that the deceased struggled with life until he gave up the ghost. According to the fashion designer, “The noise coming from the man (Yusuf)’s room alerted a lot of people in the neighbourhood, but since such cries was a recurring decimal there, no one really bothered to enquire what the noise was about. It was later we heard that the noise was that of Brother Deolu who we all know as a friend to the man living in that room,” she said. Yusuf ’s wife, who was suspected to be having an amorous affair with the deceased, upon interrogation informed law enforcement agents that she was actually close with the deceased. The woman

claimed that she and the deceased used to work together before but denied having an affair with him. The woman was quoted as saying, “It was strange and surprising to hear that I was dating brother Deolu. I had been known to him now for long and my husband even knows that we used to work together. But to hear that it was because of me that they did what they did to him was unbelievable. There was no such a time the man even asked me out to start with,” the woman reportedly told law enforcement agents. Muyiwa Odejobi, Ogun State Police Command Public Relations Officer, could not be immediately reached on phone, but a senior police officer at state CID, Eleweran, confirmed that arrest of Yusuf and claimed that investigations were still ongoing on the matter.

Court remands seven over alleged murder of businessman


he Igbosere Magistrates’ Court in Lagos on Friday remanded seven men accused of killing a 49-year-old businessman. The Magistrate, Mrs F.O. Botoku, ordered that the accused should be kept in the Ikoyi Prisons over alleged murder of Chidi Ejimudo. The court could not take the pleas of the accused as Botoku said that she needed the advice of the state’s director of public prosecutions. The court adjourned the case till Dec. 13 for mention. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the accused are: Bilyaminu Adamu, 24; Inusa Mohammed, 33; Mohammed Alhassan, 52; Iliyasu Daliman, 28; Aminu Meddah, 33; Mustapha Abubakar, 23, and Sukaidu Suberu, 42. The prosecutor, Cpl. Morufu Animashaun, had said that they conspired to murder Ejimudo at 3.00a.m. on July 10 at


his residence at No. 116, Iyana-Isashi Road, near the Lagos-Badagry Expressway. He said that the accused murdered the deceased with a cutlass. Animashaun said that the accused were

arrested after series of investigation by the police. The prosecutor said that the offences contravened Sections 221 and 231 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011.

Man jailed for assault and intimidation


Kubwa Upper Area Court in Abuja on Friday sentenced one Garuba Rabiu, to 14 days imprisonment for intimidating his neighbour, Omaye Shuaibu. The Judge, Alhaji Lawal Manir, sentenced the convict after he pleaded guilty to the two- count charge of assault and intimidation. Manir did not give the convict an option to pay a fine, saying that the punishment would serve as deterrent to others. He warned the convict to live in peace with his neighbour after he had served his punishment. Earlier, the Prosecutor, Cpl. Arziki

Kaura, told the court that Shuaibu lodged a report against the convict on Nov. 12 at the Dutse Makaranta Police Station. Kaura alleged that the convict beat up Shuaibu because she refused to answer his greetings three times. He also said Rabiu threatened to inflict grievous injuries on her with a cutlass The prosecutor said the offences contravened Sections 265 and 397 of the Penal Code. Earlier, the convict, while pleading for leniency, apologised to Shuaibu, noting that he had no problem with her before the November 12, 2013, incident.

Lagos Federal High Court, presided over by Justice Yinusa Mohammed, has fixed December 17, 2013, for the trial of two women over their alleged involvement in child trafficking offences. Justice Yinusa fixed the date after he had ruled on their bail application which was argued by their counsel Chief Benson NdaKara. They were however granted bail in the sum of N2 million with two sureties in the same sum each. The women, a 55 year-old Madam Kike Martins, popularly called Iya Akere, a resident of 3, Agbo Looking Street, Lagos Island; and Salami Olabisi, 54, who resides at110, Igbosere Street, Lagos Island; were charged before the court by National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons and Related Offences, (NAPTIP), on a two count-charge of trafficking in under aged person. NAPTIP in a charge number FHC/ L/344c/2012, signed by Vivienne Okey-Ngene, a Principal Legal Officer in the agency, for the AttorneyGeneral of the federation, alleged that the two accused persons had sometime in the month of July, 2011, transacted between themselves a 14 year-old, Alice, a citizen of Benin Republic, for unlawful forced labour. The offences according to NAPTIP are punishable under Section 22(1) (a) and 22(1)(d) of the Trafficking in Persons Prohibition Law and administration Act 2003, and punishable under the same section of the act. Count one of the charge reads: “That you Kike Martins(a.k.a. Iya Akere), 54 years, of 3, Agbo Olokun street, Lagos Island, on or about the month of July 2011, at 110, Igboosere street, Lagos Island, within the jurisdiction of the Federal High Court, acquired Alice, 14 years, of Benin Republic, to be used for unlawful forced labour, and thereby committed an offence contrary to Section 22(1) (a) of the trafficking in persons prohibition law enforcement and administration Act 2003 as amended and punishable under same section of the act.” Count two reads: “That you Salami Olabisi, 54, of 110, Igboosere street, Lagos Island, on or about the month of July. 2011, at the same address, within the jurisdiction of the Federal High Court, employed Alice, 14 years, of Benin Republic, as a domestic child outside her family environment, and thereby committed an offence contrary to section 22(1) (d) of the trafficking in persons prohibition law enforcement and administration Act 2003 as amended, and punishable under the same section of the act.” (



November 16, 2013

Saturday Mirror

That Boko Haram victims support programme


fter more than three months of extensive deliberations, consultations and dialogue on ways of unraveling the root causes of insurgency in northern Nigeria and how to achieve lasting peace within the region, the Tanimu Turaki led Peace and Dialogue Committee set up by President Goodluck Jonathan finally submitted its report. Expectedly, some aspects of the report, especially the portion that ruled out compensation for victims of Boko Haram attacks across the country, generated pockets of reactions from members of the public. The decision not to openly hand out money or other relief materials to innocent and helpless Nigerians who became refugees in their own land didn’t go down with most Nigerians, arguing that successive governments have always compensated victims of crises as a way of helping them to overcome their pains and loses. Meanwhile some weeks after, President Goodluck Jonathan during a function at the Word of Life International Gospel Centre, in Warri, Delta State, assured victims of the dreaded sect, Boko Haram, that a committee will soon be put in place to work on how they will be compensated. The committee is to be mandated to fashion out Boko Haram Victims’ Support Programme. This is indeed cheering news for victims of crises in the country. A number of reasons must have compelled President’s decision to have a more organized and coordinated

means of meeting the needs and aspirations of victims of violence or ethnic disturbances in different parts of the country. We are not unaware of reports of alleged diversion and looting of funds meant for flood victims by some Taraba state government officials. A few of other examples of how people take advantage of such windows to become instant millionaires are not far-fetched. While speaking at the event, President Jonathan, said although the Federal Government would not want to create a wrong impression, a committee would be set up to provide a blueprint on how victims of Boko Haram could be compensated, saying there was no way government could actually cushion the plights of the victims. Offering further insight as to how his government intends to introduce a wholesome compensatory package that would be accepted by all said, the President said, “The word compensation was too vague; that’s why I was ambiguous about my statement. I don’t want to send wrong signals to the world; that is why I oppose the word compensation.” “We may not be able to compensate them adequately but we are going to assist them in ensuring that they pick the bits and pieces of their lives again”. We cannot but rule out the obvious fact that President Goodluck Jonathan remains committed to meeting the yearnings and aspirations of all Nigerians through well-defined and structurally organized procedures.

The era of doling out monies to government officials to distribute to victims of either natural or man-made disasters is over. In place of such unorganized procedure, this administration has deemed it necessary to set up a committee comprising of wellmeaning Nigerians and god-fearing individuals to map out plans on how best to address the plights of victims of violence across the country. Those who genuinely have the interest of victims of Boko Haram at heart have realized that the idea of doling out money to their representatives isn’t the best option. Some of such worthy moves have been abused in the past by those saddled with such responsibilities. Those whose past time is to shine at the expense of suffering and grieving Nigerians and those who have become sudden millionaires by simply diverting funds meant for the people. Enough is enough. This is a clear demonstration that government is out to block holes through which highly placed government officials and their accomplices in states and local government levels shortchange Nigeria and Nigerians. Well, some might have some misgivings about this change in the manner of alleviating the sufferings of victims of Boko Haram insurgency, giving the fact that millions are daily released to ex militants as allowances for their oversea trainings, it is however instructive that for us to get things done rightly, we must alter existing modus operandi. This move I believe isn’t geared towards denying these

Nigerians what is rightfully theirs, but a deliberate effort to ensure that victims of crises are not only assisted, but given a meaningful lift above their circumstances. Of course, the victim support programme is not entirely a thinking or conclusion of Mr President. It is solely part of the recommendations of the Tanimu Turaki led Committee. Undoubtedly, Mr President’s resolve to work with the recommendations of the committee give credence to the fact that government he is very much interested in the efforts put in by members of the committee. This is no doubt a right step in the right direction. As commendable and laudable as this initiative might appear, it is instructive that government matches its words with actions by ensuring that the programme achieves its desired goals and objectives. It should ensure that self-seeking and greedy government officials do not hijack the entire process. Victims of Boko Haram attacks are our brothers and sisters. We feel their pains. Even though government cannot in sincere terms offer adequate compensation for the loses they suffered, it is instructive that we do our best to provide reprieve for them. There are in situations that they never bargained for. It could be anyone. All they require from us are reasons for them to look beyond their miseries, pains and anguish. Ola Lookman

PDP Crisis: There are more pressing issue


hen a man has many children, numerous grandchildren and a lot of descendants but just seven out of those children are erring, I don’t really think it’s something to lose sleep over. In a similar vein, if a child needs something from his parents, and such demand cannot be immediately met, that should not be a reason for the child to denounce or ostracize his parents. There is no better way to describe the continuous hassles between the Baraje-led faction of the People’s Democratic Party, best known as the new PDP and the mainstream PDP. It is no more news that during the August 2013 special convention of the PDP in Abuja some party stalwarts including seven governors currently elected under the party’s platform staged a walk out. They complained about lack of internal democracy and other perceived personal ambition. According to leaders of the new PDP and the G-7 mainly drawn from Adamawa, Kano, Kwara, Rivers, Niger, Sokoto and Jigawa states, “not only has the Constitution of the party been serially violated by its Chairman, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur and his co-travellers, but all the organs

of the party have been rendered virtually ineffectual by a few people who act as though they are above the law. Unfortunately, it is obvious that that they get encouragement from the Presidency whose calculations are geared towards shutting out any real or imagined opposition ahead of the party’s presidential primaries for the 2015 elections.” It is so amazing that members of the ruling party who have reaped from election rigging and other unconstitutional actions perpetrated by the same party are the ones now openly preach against impunity violation of constitutions. The ruling party, which all these governors have been part of, for more than a decade has been found culpable times without number when it comes to lack of internal democracy. I really don’t know why the sudden agitation to stop the President from exercising his constitutional right of contesting any office of his choice, come 2015. I am not in any way against the G-7 and its agenda but it is more of a trivial than salient issue. Why not create your own party with a new constitution instead of engaging in legal struggles over the use of the same party slogan and logos. Why not move on with your

own manifesto instead of trying to “save” the party you have already denounced from being hijacked. The government of the day on the other hand, should focus on vital national issues other than attacking the G-7 governors from all angles. Instead of throwing banters and tantrums here and there in a bid to disrupt activities of the opposition, why not focus on improving lives of the masses that gave you their mandate? Perhaps government is so scared of the breakaway faction that it had to do everything possible to see dissident members either return or dispatch. There were noticeable uncomfortable developments from the imbroglio including the disturbing trends at Airport during solidarity rallies. In fact there are various accusations of flagrant violations of human right from all the factions in the crisis. In a nutshell, I think the PDP splinter group should simply channel and settle their grievances internally, as no organisation exist without misunderstanding. Better still, since the differences seem to be nonnegotiable as the President would surely contest in the next election and Bamanga Tukur is not willing to resign, the splinter should cre-

ate register its own party with a new name, policy and precepts. More so, there is no crime deflecting to the opposition if their notions are in tandem with each other. As for the Presidency, there is still about fifteen months or so before the next election and who says that isn’t enough time to win back hearts of the masses previously let down by your inactions? University and polytechnic students are still at home, remember! Bad roads are still a common sight around the country, have you forgotten? The country is still vulnerable in terms of security. The poor masses are practically scrounging to survive. Isn’t that more important than in-fighting in the ruling parties? I wish to therefore call on all those involved in the unfortunate PDP crisis to either sheathe their swords or concentrate on providing good leadership to the electorates or on the alternative let them leave the scene for others that do not share in the idea of politics of bitterness and rancour. Moshood Isah Sapele Street, Garki II, Abuja

Saturday Mirror


November 16, 2013



Court restrains INC, others from canceling IYC poll EMMA GBEMUDU YENAGOA


High Court sitting in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State has issued an Order of Exparte injunction restraining President of

the Ijaw National Congress (INC), Senator Tari Sekibo, from canceling the recent national election of the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC). Others joined in the suit include the Vice President and Nation-

al Secretary of INC, Charles Ambaiowei, Theodore Ezonfade, respectively, and their agents. The Electoral Committee of the IYC had declared Udengs Eradiri winner of the Presiden-

tial election conducted between October 28 and 29, 2013, in Yenagoa. The claimant and newly elected President of IYC, Eradiri, had approached the High Court presided over by Justice Raphael Ajuwa, praying

the court not to allow the defendants, their agents and cronies to cancel the election pending the determination of the motion for interlocutory injunction of the suit. In a Suit No YHC/211/2013, the court

ordered the defendants to appear before it on November 22, 2013, to show cause why an order of the interim injunction should not be granted in restraining them from canceling the IYC election result.

Gowon, Soyinka, Oshiomhole for Oba of Benin book launch SEBASTINE EBHUOMHAN BENIN CITY


ome Thursday, November 28, 2013, all roads would lead to the Oba Akenzua II Cultural

Centre on Airport Road, Benin City, as a book, a book: ``Cradle of Ideas: A Compendium of Speeches and Writings of Omo N’Oba Erediauwa of Benin, would be presented to the public.

The Coordinator of the Book Presentation Committee, Prof. Godwin Akenzua, announced this at a news conference in BeninCity, yesterday. According to him, the

book presentation would be graced by dignitaries including a former Head of State and friend of the monarch, General (Dr.) Yakubu Gowon and the Nobel Laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka. Prof.

Akenzua maintained that both eminent personalities would be supported by the Governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole, among many eminent Nigerians.

A statement made available by Prof. Akenzua said copies of the book will be presented to media houses to enhance their knowledge of the Benin Traditional Kingdom.

Oshiomhole, Edo government hit dead end on Oyerinde murder CONTINUED FROM PG 2 “The standard of proof is: prove beyond all reasonable doubts, not prove beyond any iota of doubt. So, what an accused person needs to do is to cast reasonable doubt on the case of the prosecutor and he walks away scot free because the law presumes that it is better for 99 guilty persons to walk the streets as free men than for one innocent person to be imprisoned for an offence he did not commit. So, that has created a stalemate and how to navigate out of it, like I said earlier on, I do not know.” “It is a legal dilemma. It might have been actuated by politics or not—I cannot say for sure. But my position is that, as a prosecutor, it is difficult to prosecute either of the two teams because the two security organizations bungled it. This is a classical case of bungling of an investigation. The two of them cannot be correct. It is either the police are correct and the SSS is wrong or the police are wrong and the SSS is correct. But both of them are claiming to have peo-

L-R: Newly sworn-in Supreme Court Judge, Hon Justice John Inyang Okoro; Akwa Ibom State Governor, Chief Godswill Akpabio; retired Supreme Court Judge, Justice James Ogebe and Justice Mary Odili during a reception for Justice Okoro in Abuja, yesterday.

ple who have made confessional statements who from their investigations killed Oyerinde. You and I know that that incidence of his killing was done at a particular time in his house in Benin City; and it could not have been done by two gangs at the same time.” Idahagbon, who was Oshiomhole’s Special Adviser on Legal Matters when Oyerinde was killed, insisted that the police report has too

many loopholes to sustain a successful prosecution. “But the fact remains that the police have arrested, and they have paraded and they have arraigned a group of persons as the killers of Oyerinde. Yes, that fact cannot be obliterated. Yes, their case may be weak but they have paraded. So, if you were now to say because their case is weak, you now arraign and charge those who were paraded by the

SSS, all they need to tell you in their defence is, “we didn’t kill him, the police have the suspects who killed him.” By so doing, they would have cast a reasonable doubt on the case of the prosecutor. The case would fall like a pack of cards. So, therein lies our difficulty,” he added. While the police and SSS have stuck to their different grounds, there are new indications that Oyerinde might not have

been killed in an ordinary robbery incident. For example, it is rumoured in high quarters in government that Oyerinde was the brain that posted in the internet the nude picture of a certain leader of the People’s Democratic Party in Edo State, an action that was meant to ridicule the party and its leadership before the Edo State governorship election of 2012. The initial 10 police

suspects are Messrs Garba Usman Maisamari, Danjuma Musa, Muritala Usman, Moses Asamah Okoro, Auta Umaru Ali, Umaru Adamu (alias Duna), Rev. David Ugolor, Wilfred Iserhienrhien, Hassan Aliyu Babete and Idris Abdulhamid. The six SSS suspects are Messrs Mohammed Abdullahi, Raymond Origbo, Chikezie Ede, Saidu Yakubu, Sani Abubakar, and Hassan Bashir.

Engineers seek FG, private sector partnership on industrialisation


he Nigerian Society of Chemical Engineers (NSCHE) on has called on the Federal Government to stimulate the country’s industrialisation through a pragmatic collaboration with the private sector.

National President of NSCHE, Mr Abubakar Yar’Adua, made the call at the society’s 43rd Annual General Meeting and Exhibition in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital. Yar’Adua said that the country’s development

could only be strengthened via industrialisation that was promoted through Public-PrivatePartnership. According to him, ``Government stands to benefit industrially from Public-PrivatePartnership, as it would

yield more dividends and revenue from taxes. ``There is the need to tackle poverty and create jobs, this, therefore, informed the decision to adopt a common agenda for the government and the private sector. In his remarks, Gov-

ernor Godswill Akpabio said that the country’s oil and gas resources should play a pivotal role in the country’s efforts to become industrialised. The governor, who was represented by his deputy, Lady Valerie

Ebe, said: ``Many opportunities abound in the oil and gas sector. It is a very large sector that attracts many industries, from oil and gas exploration, extraction, to petroleum lubricating oil and grease manufacturing,” the governor said.



November 16, 2013

Saturday Mirror


ICPC storms Jigawa to probe commissioner, ALGON executives ABDULLAHI ODEY DUTSE


fficials from the Abuja headquarters of the Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Commission (ICPC), have arrived in Dutse, Jigawa State to investigate alleged financial misconduct involving the state’s commissioner for Local Government. The council chairman is being investigated along with the executives of the Association of Local Governments of Nigeria (ALGON) in the state. The visit by the ICPC, Saturday Mirror gathered, followed a petition

by some concerned citizens of the state who alleged waste of public resources by the politicians. However, a government source attributed the investigations to the crisis in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), which he

said considers “Governor Sule Lamido as a rebel who must be punished.” The commissioner, Alhaji Sule Indirawa, who was visibly shaken when journalists visited his office on the matter declined to answer ques-

tions. However a member of the ICPC team, who did not want his name in prints, told Saturday Mirror that they were in the state on routine duty. According to the ICPC source, “The team is expected to be in the state for

two weeks during when the Local Government transactions and accou8nts would be examined to certify the petitions,” the source said. The investigations has come at a time the state Independent Electoral Com-

mission is preparing fresh election which has already started with collections of forms by aspirants. A staff of the JIEC said the presence of the ICPC in the state would not affect the elections scheduled for January, next year.

NUJ donates N1.5m to deceased colleague’s family DANJUMA WILLIAMS GOMBE


cheque for the sum of N1.5 million has been presented to the family of the deceased member of the Gombe State council of the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ), Mohammed Bose. The money was part of the in-

surance package for their late breadwinner. Late Mohammed Bose died of illness recently in Gombe and until his death, he was a reporter with the radio arm of Gombe State Media Corporation. Presenting the cheque to the first beneficiaries of the scheme in Gombe on behalf of the NUJ na-

tional President, Mohammed Garba, Chairman, Gombe state council, Alhassan Yahaya, urged journalists in the country to embrace the insurance scheme putin place by the current executives of the Union. Yahaya, also at the occasion, declared that it was now mandatory that all practicing Journalists

be insured, due to the hazards involved in the profession. His words, “The Journalism profession involves a lot of risk, harassment and lots more. Therefore, the Garbaled NUJ executives have made it mandatory for all practicing journalists to be insured,” he said. The NUJ Chairman, however, advised the

family of the deceased to ensure that the money is used to improve the lives of the children he left behind. Responding on behalf of the family, son to the deceased, Mohammed Al’amin, thanked the NUJ for coming to their aid within a short period. He called on other unions to emulate the NUJ.

Borno hospital patients swell over free feeding scheme INUSA NDAHI MAIDUGURI


ollowing on the heels of free food for patients in government hospitals and clinics within the Maiduguri metropolis in the last three weeks, some beneficiaries are refusing to be discharged from the health facilities, Saturday Mirror has learnt. This is even as sources said some nurses and medical doctors have demanded to be enlisted in the scheme so as to enable them treat their patients without buying what they will eat during working hours. The scheme was on the orders of Governor Kashim Shettima aiming to assist the sick with food to keep body and soul together. Chairman of the free food for patients committee, Hajiya Fati Dori, in an interview with journaists in her office in Maiduguri, yesterday,

L-R: Vice Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Special Duties, Rep. Zephania Jisalo; Minister of Special Duties and Inter-Governmental Affairs, Alhaji Tanimu Turaki; Chairman of the committee, Hon. Bello Kaoje; Chairman, Senate Committee on Power, Sen. Philip Aduda and Minister of State for FCT, Oloye Olajumoke Akinjide, during the monitoring and evaluation of the 2013 Zonal Intervention/Constituency Projects at Kubwa in Abuja, yesterday. PHOTO: NAN

further confirmed that several hospital staff and relations of patients in some hospitals have approached the members of the committee to be included in the provision of free food even

when they were hale and hearty. She explained further that on several occasions, the committee had received complaints from some hospital staff that patients are delaying

their discharge or refusing to leave the hospitals after treatment because of the type of food being served at the hospitals daily by the committee. Hajiya Dori also said that efforts are being

Al-Makura reshuffles cabinet G overnor Umaru Al-Makura of Nasarawa State has reshuffled his cabinet to ensure effective governance of the state. This information was contained in a statement by the Secretary to the State Government (SSG), Hajiya Zainab Abdulmu-

min, in Lafia yesterday. It stated that eight commissioners were redeployed, while 11 others retained their portfolios. The Commissioner for Local Government, Yakubu Hauwa, was redeployed to Education, Science and Technology, while Adamu Mua’zu,

Culture and Tourism, moved to Environment and Natural Resources. The Commissioner for Environment, Danladi Madaki, moved to Agriculture and Water Resources and Hussaini Abubakar, moved from Education to Finance and Economic Development.

The former Commissioner for Finance, Muhammad Dan’azimi, takes charge of Local Government, while the Commissioner for Agriculture, Samuel Meshi, takes charge of Tourism and Culture. The Commissioners for Rural and Community

made for the continuity of the programme, saying that the exercise is now wide acclaimed by all and sundry, especially the poor patients who cannot afford even a meal while at the hospital.

Hajiya Dori disclosed that the committee started with 110 patients but today it has in its record about 450 patients enlisted/recorded that are being served with free three square meals daily.

Development, Godwin Mbatsav, and Sports and Youth Development, Angama Weibey, swapped positions. It said the governor had also approved the appointment of rector and provosts of the stateowned tertiary institutions. They are: Dr Rebecca Umaru, Acting Provost, College of Education,

Akwanga; Dr Muhammad Salihu, Acting Provost, College of Agriculture Lafia; and Dr Silas Gyar, Acting Rector, Nasarawa State Polytechnic, Lafia. The SSG said the appointment was in line with the determination of the present administration to reposition and strengthen tertiary education in the state.

Saturday Mirror


November 16, 2013


Philippine typhoon death toll hits 4,000


The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles cuts his 65th Birthday cake as his wife, the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla looks on during a reception at the British High Commission, India, yesterday.


hina unwrapped its boldest set of economic and social reforms in nearly three decades yesterday, relaxing its one-child policy and further freeing up markets in order to put the world’s second-largest economy on a more stable footing. The sweeping changes helped dispel doubts about the leadership’s zest for the reforms needed to give the economy fresh momentum as three decades of breakneck expansion shows signs of faltering. A reform document released by the Communist Party following a fourday conclave of its top brass promised land and residence registration reforms needed to boost China’s urban population and allow its transition to a western-style service and consumption-driven economy. Pricing of fuels, electricity and other key resources - now a source of major distortions - would be mainly decided by markets, while Beijing also pledged to speed up the opening up of its capital account and further financial liberalization. “The reforms are unprecedented,” said Xu Hongcai, senior economist at the China Centre for International Economic Exchanges, a wellconnected Beijing think tank. “Reforms in 1990s were limited to some areas, now reforms are allround.” President Xi Jinping

he death toll from one of the world’s most powerful typhoons surged to about 4,000 yesterday, but the aid effort was still so patchy bodies lay uncollected as rescuers tried to evacuate stricken communities across the central Philippines. After long delays, hundreds of international aid workers set up makeshift hospitals and trucked in supplies, while helicopters from a U.S. aircraft carrier ferried medicine and water to remote areas leveled by Typhoon Haiyan a week ago. “We are very, very worried about millions of children,” U.N. Children’s Fund spokesman Marixie Mercado told reporters in Geneva. A U.N. official said in a guarded compliment many countries had come forward to help. “The response from the international community has not been overwhelming compared to the mag-

China abolishes 1-child policy

and Premier Li Keqiang, appointed in March, announced several breakthroughs in social policy, pledging to unify rural and urban social security systems and to abolish controversial labor camps, the official Xinhua news agency reported, citing the document. The plans, more comprehensive and specific than initially thought, also dispelled concerns that Xi would need more time to take full charge of China’s vast party and government bureaucracy. China-watchers took the establishment of a working group to lead eco-

nomic reform and a new State Security Council as further signs of how effectively Xi managed to consolidate power just eight months after he officially took over. “This is almost an unprecedented move toward unlimited power,” said Zhang Lifan, a Beijingbased historian and political commentator. The initial brief reform outline published on Tuesday triggered a stock market sell-off, with investors taking its scant details as a sign of a lack of commitment on Xi’s part or his inability to convert vested interests, such as powerful

state-owned companies. But a raft of specific policy plans ranging from interest rate and currency regime liberalization to residence registration and land reforms and the opening up of some of the protected sectors to private and foreign firms seemed to put such concerns to rest. The commitment to abolish labor camps was also remarkable, given that several political sources had told Reuters this was an area where Xi was facing much resistance.

Gambia severs diplomatic ties with Taiwan


ambia has announced that it has cut diplomatic ties with Taiwan. President Yahya Jammeh’s office said the move was for reasons of “national strategic interest”. The West African state was one of a few African countries to recognise Taiwan, which China regards as part of its territory. Correspondents say it is unclear if the move is linked to the development of relations with China, which has a growing influence in Africa. Despite the announce-

ment, Jammeh said Gambia hoped to “remain friends” with the Taiwanese people. “This decision has been taken in our strategic national interest,” a statement from his office read, without elaborating. “We are proud that we have been a very strong and reliable partner of the Republic of China [Taiwan] for the past 18 years, the results of which are there for every Taiwanese to see. “Despite the end of diplomatic ties with Taiwan, we will still remain


friends with the people of Taiwan.” Taiwan said it was surprised by Gambia’s decision. “Our government express shock and regret that Gambian President Yahya Jammeh sent a letter to our embassy in Gambia on 14 November to inform us [of] the immediate termination of ties,” Vice Foreign Minister Simon Ko said in Taipei. “We think this is Jammeh’s personal decision,” he added.

nitude of the disaster, but it has been very generous so far,” Jens Laerke of the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs told the Geneva news briefing. Captain Victoriano Sambale, a military doctor who since Saturday has treated patients in a room strewn with dirt and debris in Tacloban, which bore the brunt of the storm, said there had been a change in the pace in the response. “I can see the international support coming here,” he said.

“Day one we treated 600-plus patients. Day two we had 700-plus patients. Day three we lost our count.” President Benigno Aquino, caught off guard by the scale of the disaster, has been criticized for the slow pace of aid distribution and unclear estimates of casualties, especially in Tacloban, capital of hardest-hit Leyte province. A notice board in Tacloban City Hall estimated the deaths at 4,000 yesterday, up from 2,000 a day before, in that town alone.

Dare the cheetahs! Kenyans chase down and catch goat-killing cheetahs


our villagers in northeast Kenya have chased down and captured two cheetahs which were killing their goats. The owner of the goats told the BBC that the cheetahs had been picking off his animals one by one, day by day. The men waited until the hottest part of the day before launching the chase over a distance of four miles (6.4km). The cheetahs got so tired they could not run any more. The villagers captured them alive and

handed them over to the Kenya Wildlife Service. “I need compensation from them because the cheetahs killed most of my goats,” Nur Osman Hassan told the BBC’s Somali Service. Correspondents say livestock is the backbone of the economy for the Kenyan-Somali community living in the arid northeast of Kenya. Cheetahs are the fastest-running animals on the planet and can reach speeds of at least 104km/h (64mph).

French priest kidnapped in Cameroon in Boko Haram’s den pings of foreign nationals.

oko Haram is holding a French priest who was kidnapped in northern Cameroon, a source in the banned Nigerian Islamist group said yesterday, rejecting claims of a rift among the insurgents. “I can confirm that the French priest is in the hands of mujahideen (fighters) from Jamaat Ahl alSunna Li Da’wat al-Jihad, who carried out the operation that was co-ordinated with Ansaru,” he told AFP. Boko Haram prefers to go by the Arabic name, which translates as “People Committed to the Propagation of the Prophet’s Teachings and Jihad” (holy war). Ansaru is an offshoot of the militant group and has previously claimed kidnap-


The United States on Wednesday blacklisted both Boko Haram and Ansaru as terror groups, bowing to months of pressure to act after years of bloody violence in northeast and central Nigeria that has left thousands dead. Hours after the declaration overnight WednesdayThursday, armed men abducted Roman Catholic priest Georges Vandenbeusch from his home near the town of Koza in northern Cameroon, about 30 kilometres (20 miles) from the Nigerian border. He was seized by about 15 people, who burst into his Nguetchewe parish base, according to the bishop of the Nanterre diocese near Paris, which has authority over the cleric.

African bid for Kenya trials deferral fails at U.N. Security Council


he U.N. Security Council yesterday did not approve an African bid to postpone the International Criminal Court trials of Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto, for one year. The 15-member Security Council was split - seven members, including Russia and China, voted for a

draft resolution to approve the move, while eight members, including France, the United States and Britain, abstained. Security Council resolutions need nine votes and no vetoes by any of the five permanent members - Britain, Russia, China, France and the United States - to be approved.





The prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS in Niger State has dropped to 4.0 percent below the national average of 4.1 percent. The achievement recorded is due to the commitment of the state government in partnership with international donor organisations. Niger State Commissioner for Health, Dr Ibrahim Sule, while speaking on the state’s HIV/AIDS status in the last two years.

Saturday, November 16, 2013.

Typhoon in the Philippines F

or almost a week now, the Philippines has agonized, mourned, sorrowed, buried their dead, received aids and relief from abroad and received accusations and blames for inadequate, slow and ineffective reaction to one of the worst typhoons on record that has ever hit the country. The ceaseless television reports made the agonies of the victims real and infectious. But for all levels of government in the Philippines, the international community and all of us in developing societies, there are lessons to learn and absorb. Watching and listening to President Benigno Aquino on CNN, one could empathise with him and understand his explanation that the initial responsibility for handling such natural disasters is that of the local governments and authorities. They have their routine and their drills – evacuation centres, storage of essential materials, action by the Police to maintain law and order and so on. These routine measures, before, during and post-disasters, have worked in the past when the magnitude of the disaster was manageable at the local level. But what hit Leyle Province and some of its cities and particularly its provincial capital, Tacloban, was unprecedented. Whatever local arrangement as emergency preparation for

with President Olusegun Obasanjo



IN THE CASE OF ANY DISASTER, IT IS BETTER TO HAVE MORE ASSISTANCE AND RELIEF THAN NOT TO HAVE ENOUGH natural disasters, it was grossly overwhelmed, overstretched and indeed destroyed. Where there were almost 300 Police men, there were only 20 to attend to immediate post-typhoon calls. Others were casualties, mourning or attending to their dead, wounded or lost. It was

death, destruction and chaos beyond the normal capacity of the local authorities. With total breakdown of communication, transportation and power, the chaos was reinforced with confusion and paralysis. The local government and authorities




uper Eagles coach, Stephen Keshi, has declared that his team is set for the crucial final leg of the play-offs of the 2014 World Cup qualifiers against the Walya Antelopes of Ethiopia today. Keshi told journalists shortly after Eagles rounded off their final training session at the U.J.Esuene Stadium, Calabar, yesterday that he was satisfied with the preparation ahead of the big clash. He was full of confidence on the condition of his boys but cautioned he wouldn’t relax until the big task was concluded. “It’s not going to be easy so to speak because the Ethiopians are equally a good side,” Keshi said. “The preparation has been great and I

We’re set for Ethiopia –Keshi can tell you that the boys are ready for the task.” Eagles are at advantage going into the game having won the first leg 2-1 in Addis Ababa last month. However, Super Eagles goalkeeper, Vincent Enyeama has declared that qualifying for the World Cup in Brazil next year, is what matters most for the team ahead of today’s encounter. Enyeama assured that the team was squarely bent on beating Ethiopia to qualify for the World Cup finals. “The badge on the shirt matters a lot to me and we must defend it. “World Cup means a whole lot to me, to the entire team and the millions of fans in

the country and that’s more reason why we must be at our best. “We will make Nigerians proud and we enjoin them to come out in their large numbers to support us,” he said emphatically. Meanwhile, the Lille keeper is three games away from etching his name in the record books as the new custodian to keep clean sheet in the French Ligue 1 the most games. The former Enyimba keeper has gone eight games, including Monaco game a fortnight ago where he stopped Zlatan Ibrahimovic from scoring, to pursue a French Ligue 1 record of a clean sheet of 10 games.

have to re-think, re-strategise and replan for future, taking the last experience as the base. In spite of hampering by damage to facilities, the international reaction was commendable. The national government has to work out a new plan that will be triggered to support local authorities immediately disaster strikes. In the case of any disaster, it is better to have more assistance and relief than not to have enough. I believe that what the Philippines needs at this period of such monumental disaster is sympathy, donation of aid and relief rather than trade in blame and accusation. In post-disaster management, the international community must lend helping hands to the Philippines and countries prone to such disasters to enable them plan and prepare better to deal with future occurrence. No community, country or society is immune from natural disasters in different forms and scale. In planning and preparation, while the first or immediate response must be from the local government and authority, the national government must have immediate backup plan and preparation to go hand-inhand with local efforts. Like fire drills in hotels and public buildings, these plans and preparation must occasionally be practised to ensure that when the wolf comes, there will be adequate number of hunters to check its menace.

World Cup 2014 Play-Offs Today’s Matches Nigeria v Ethiopia 16:00 Senegal v Ivory Coast 19:00

Sunday, November 17, 2013 Cameroon v Tunisia 15:30

Tuesday, November 19, 2013 Egypt v Ghana 18:00 Algeria v Burkina Faso 19:15

International Friendles Libya 1 – 1 Niger Russia 1 – 1 Serbia Czech Republic 2 – 0 Canada

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