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Agagu to be buried ed beside father on P. 11 October 4




2015: Lamido/Amaechi z z campaign organisation z z debuts in Kaduna P. 54 z

Suspect seeks transfer from Ikoyi Prison over P. 2 insufficient food




Boko Haram kills 159 in Borno Vol. 03 No. 40


Saturday, September 21, 2013

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•7 killed as security operatives bombard Abuja hideout

•24-hour curfew declared in Kafanchan

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Rescue operators and sympathisers evacuating remains of people killed by security operatives in suspected Boko Haram hide-out ut at Apo Zone in Abuja yesterday.

Jonathan sacks Emordi, Olagunju as special advisers ...As EFCC probes Tourism minister, others for alleged fraud

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Stop dancing naked in public, Metuh tells Baraje PDP crisis

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...Tukur’s case against Atiku, others suffers setback x STealk Sex after the baby: How early is too fast?

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isa l a n P. 26 Mo Why I went to prison


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Islam’s answer to Miss World

Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola of Nigeria crowned Miss Muslimah 2013 P.17

September 21, 2013

Cynthia: Suspected killers not tortured to confess -Police •Defendant demands change of prison to Kirikiri because of insufficient food at Ikoyi Prison WALE IGBINTADE

Two Chinese nationals docked for attempted rape of 20-year-old cook P.50

Housewife poisons stepson with rat killer P.20 Divorce court

‘My wife beats me mercilessly’P.40


he Area Commander, Area E, Lagos Police Command, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Dan Okoro yesterday told a Lagos High Court that suspected killers of Cynthia Osokogu were not tortured to make confessional statements to the Police. ASP Okoro told the trial judge, Justice Olabisi Akinlad, in a trial-within-trial to determine whether the statements by the defendants were made voluntarily or under duress. The first and second defendants, Okwumo Nwabufor and Olisaeloka Ezike, charged with conspiracy to commit murder and murder were alleged to have made confessional statements to the police. But their counsel has challenged the admissibility of the said statements arguing that if the court came to a conclusion that it was made under duress, it would not be admitted. Other two defendants in the suit are Orji Osita and Maduakor Chukwunonso respectively. Under cross examination by Michael Ajayi, lawyer to the 2nd defendant, ASP

Okoro explained that when the first and second defendants [Nwabufor and Olisaeloka], were brought to his office with their confessional statements he asked them whether they made the statements voluntarily or under duress. He said “when the 1st and 2nd defendant were brought to my office, I read through their confessional statements and I asked them whether they made them voluntarily and they answered in affirmative. I then asked them to narrate to me what they ac-

Ahmadu was to be taken to the hospital by his wife. However, while taking her bath, she asked one of her children to accompany Ahmadu to the bus stop to wait for her while she dressed up. On their way to the bus stop, Ahmadu and his daughter saw a neighbour who offered to give Ahmadu a lift in his car. Ahmadu entered the car and asked his Ahmadu daughter to go back home. In the car, he

told the neighbour that he was going to Idumota. Since the neighbour was going to Ayobo, he dropped him at Church Bus Stop in Ipaja with the intention that he would connect a bus to Oshodi enroute Idumota. That was the last Ahmadu was seen till today. The psychological strain of his disappearance for his family and loved ones is harrowing. Have you seen him anywhere?

reports about his honesty. The man, Ethan Whittington, now plans to meet Mr James to give him the money. This isn’t only about rewarding a great guy. I think it’s a statement to everyone in America” Mr Whittington, who lives in Midlothian, Virginia, said he was so overwhelmed by Mr James’ honesty that he decided to start the fund. “The fact that he’s in the situation he is, being homeless, it blew my mind that he would do this,’’ Mr Whittington said.

He said his idea of starting donations on a crowdfunding website for Mr James “caught on like wildfire ever since”. “It’s brought me a lot of hope. This isn’t only about rewarding a great guy. I think it’s a statement to everyone in America. “If we come together and work toward one thing and work together, then we can make it happen.” Meanwhile, Mr James, a former Boston courthouse employee, said that he would not have kept “even a penny” of the money he had found in the backpack even if he were desperate. James said a medical condition made it hard for him to work, but God had always looked after him.


Father catches man raping daughter P.51 Have you seen this 59-year-old ex-fireman and father of six?


he man in this photograph is missing. He has not been seen dead or alive since he left his 55, AnuOluwapo Street, Ajasa, Lagos residence on December, 22, 2012. Mr. Ibrahim Bola Ahmadu is 59 years old and he has six children; two males and four females. He left home at about 8am on December 22, 2012 to go to the hospital. Ahmadu, a retired fire service officer, has Amnesia (loss of memory) and he is being treated for it. On the day he went missing, Ahmadu was on his way to the hospital to keep an appointment with his doctors.

Honesty pays off for homeless American •Returns N6.7m, gets N17.5m reward


Saturday Mirror

onations of more than $110,000 (N17.5m) have poured in from across the United States for a homeless man in Boston who returned a lost bag with $42,000 (N6.7m) in it. Glen James alerted police after he found the backpack containing cash and travel- James ler’s cheques last weekend, and the bag’s owner was then tracked down. A complete stranger later started an online fund for Mr. James after reading media

tually wrote in their statement. “In the midst of their narration, I stopped them and sent the Investigating Police Officer, (IPO), Inspector Joseph Edo, to arrange for a video coverage of their oral testimony and it was recorded’’. He said when the video recorder was brought, he told the suspects that their oral statements would be recorded and that whatever they said would be used against them in court. ‘’They were willing and narrated what transpired during the period they were with the late Cynthia, they were very free. It was like a drama session. While the first defendant said it was the 2nd defendant that held Cynthia on the throat, the 2nd defendant also accused the 1st defendant of chaining Cynthia’s hands backwards,’’ he added. Earlier, in their examination- in-chief led by the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice Lagos State, Ade Ipaye, the IPO, Inspector Joseph Edo and a Deputy Superintendent of Police, Gregory Imoh, told the court the roles they played in obtaining statements from the defendants. In his testimony, Edo told the court that the 1st and 2nd defendants made voluntary statements in August 20, 2012 after they were duly cautioned that the statements would be used against them in court. He told the court that the two defendants voluntarily made confessional statements and that they were not brutalised or pressured to do so as alleged by the lawyers. Also, in his testimony, DSP Imoh said when the defendants were brought to his office by the IPO and his team members, he read the statements aloud to them (suspects) and asked if they made them voluntarily and they said yes. Meanwhile, there was a mild drama in the court as Okwumo Nwabufor (first defendant) prayed the court to transfer him from Ikoyi Prisons to Kirikiri prison because of alleged insufficient food in the Ikoyi Prison. However, his request was rejected when one of the prison warders from Ikoyi prisons debunked the allegation. The warder, named John told the court that the main reason the defendant wanted a change of prison was because he was caught using a cell-phone in the prison yard. He said the prison authority decided to change his cell since they did not know how he came about the phone. But, his lawyer, Victor Opara, apologised to the court pleading that he never knew it was not because of food. Justice Akinlade, in her ruling, rejected the request and ordered that he should remain in Ikoyi prison. The case has been adjourned till November 20 and December 11 respectively.

Saturday Mirror


September 21, 2013

Saturday Starter

Marriage for Catholic priests

Long awaited break from church tradition? K AYODE FALADE


he debate has been on for some time. It is not a new one. However, the debate on whether or not Catholic priests should be allowed to marry has again come to the fore. And as usual, it is with a lot of passion with could not be stripped of sentiment and at the same clear reasoning and facts. What could have thrown up this debate now? On Wednesday 11 September, 2013, NBC News reported that the Vatican’s secretary of state suggested that the Catholic Church could be open to allowing priests to get married. The Vatican’s secretary of state Archbishop Pietro Parolin in a response to a question during an interview with a Venezuelan newspaper had asserted that clerical celibacy is not Church dogma, signalling that the tradition should be debated. “Celibacy is not an institution but look, it is also true that you can discuss (it) because as you say this is not a dogma, a dogma of the church,” he said, as quoted by NBC. Parolin is viewed as the second most powerful figure at the Vatican behind Pope Francis. He, however, acknowledged that clerical celibacy has a longstanding tradition in the Church. “The efforts that the church made to keep ecclesiastical celibacy, to impose ecclesiastical celibacy, have to

be taken into consideration. One cannot say simply that this belongs in the past,” he added. Thus began yet another debate over the marital status of the clergy in the world’s first and largest church. While some are out rightly against such proposition and even its mere contemplation, some faithful and even clerics are not faxed. Their decision is that of the church. For them, they are ready to swim with the tide. Whatever is the Church’s decision in its wisdom is totally accepted to them. However, some revolutionaries are calling for a total scrapping of the celibacy institution. Members of this school are quick to point out that since about 20 per cent of the total priests in the Catholic Church globally are married, why then should it not be made optional for all of them? Investigations by Saturday Starter revealed that many catholic priests are actually married. This, however, is not a secret. It is a known fact to many faithful at this side of the world. “Most married Catholic priests are part of the Eastern Catholic Churches, also known as the Eastern Rite, who can be found in places like the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, the Ukraine, and other nations along the border between Western and Eastern Christianity. These churches are under the jurisdiction of the Vatican and they recognise the authority of the Pope; however, their practices and traditions are much closer to those of the Eastern Orthodox Churches. One of

those traditions is allowing priests to marry.” Catholic Answer Magazine writes. “Some estimates place the number of married priests at around 20 per cent of all Catholic priests in the world. This would mean that 20 per cent of all Catholic priests are officially and legally married, even though celibacy continues to be a requirement. But marriage is not limited to priests who are part of the Eastern Catholic Churches — we can also find about 100 Catholic priests in America who are married and who are part of the Western Catholicism that comes to mind when most think of Catholicism,” it added. Why are they married? They got married while serving as priests in other Christian denominations, usually the Anglican or Lutheran churches. If such a priest converts to Catholicism, he can apply to a local bishop who then submits a special application to the Pope, with decisions being made on a case-by-case basis. If accepted, he is certainly not expected to get divorced or otherwise separate from his spouse, so his wife comes right along as well. This exception to the celibacy rule was created on 22 July, 1980. This, however, is not applicable to a current Catholic priest. If he wants to get married, he must choose between marriage and the priesthood. The Catholic Church, lately, has been inundated with complaints of inappropriate relationship between its priests and members of the congregation both male and female.


Saturday Mirror

September 21, 2013

Saturday Starter

The Church has final say

–Monsignor Gabriel Osu, Director, Social Communications, Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos,


hat informed celibacy in the Catholic Church? This is a whole course of study. It is something that started more than 2,000 years ago. It is not what we would just spend five minutes on phone and discuss. What is your take on whether or not priests should be allowed to marry? What opinion? What other opinion do you want me to have when I have been a priest for more than 32 years now? Do you go to ordination without knowing what you are doing? I don’t have opinion outside the church’s administration and dogmas. I am already inside priesthood. I didn’t become a priest yesterday. I am 32 years into it. So they don’t ask for your opinion. If you have opinion, you would not enter priesthood. I don’t have any personal opinion. No priest has any personal opinion.

Are you aware that some priests are allowed to be married especially in Eastern Europe and some other places? What type of priests? Is it under the Latin rite? Is it under the Roman rite, the Coptic rite, the Egyptian rite? Have you taken time to find out what led to it? But won’t getting married have effect on the alleged straying of some priests? (Cuts in) What are you saying? Is it churches’ teachings that you are saying or your own speculations? The reports were all in the media. We read about priests having amorous relationships with members of their congregation, etc. Though, not in Nigeria of course... (Cuts in). What of if it is in Nigeria? Therefore? So many Nigerians are guilty of corruption. So therefore all Nigerians should be dead? Does it mean they are all bad?

No need for debate –Reverend Father Melchezedek Okpala, Former Anthony Cardinal Okogie’s secretary, now a formator and lecturer at SS Peter and Paul Bodija, Ibadan.


hould Reverend Fathers get married? There is no need for this debate because the rule of celibacy is a church law so it is a humanly sanctioned discipline which is alterable not a divine law which is unalterable. The Roman rite imposes celibacy as a rule of discipline. I have read some arguments in the past and I know that it is unlikely to change. Celibacy will reduce sexual impropriety among the Catholic clergy when compared to the crisis married clergy have caused in every other denomina-

tion that practises it. Anglicans and Protestants. You can go and look up the statistics, they are unassailable and undeniable. The latest argument for married Catholic clergy stems from the readmittance to the Catholic priesthood of Anglican priests who were married while in the Anglican Communion. The Catholic Church does not permit them to renounce this marriage but grants them special Apostolate. So some proponents say that this is permissible for these special cases so why not for main stream Catholic priests?

‘They should not be allowed to get married’ Thomas Adekola, a Catholic, spoke with TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE


hat is your view on the agitation that Catholic priests should be allowed to marry? Preventing priests from getting married is biblical but to say whether it is right or not now depends on individual perspective. Personally, I see celibacy as a means to eschew many distractions which getting married might cause a priest. Let us take a look at even the babalawo, Ifa priest, for them to commune with their gods, some of them decided to remain single so as to give their totality to their gods. Do you think many Catholic priests are really keeping to the celibacy oath? About the questions of being faithful with the oath of celibacy by priest, I can’t rule it out that it has not been breached. Love of worldly things has entered the life of many priests. However, we still have priests who still maintain the oath. Those ones are held in high esteem by their followers.


What is your take on the issue? They should not be allowed to get married. I think that makes us so unique and highly respected by government. Although the cannon law is subjected to review, l think the church still needs to reiterate on those priests that are in the world but not of the world.

What is even the percentage of these many priests? I said some sir, not many... (Cuts in) Are you saying the priesthood as a universal priesthood or that of just some group of people? No. I said some priests have been found wanting in their sexual relationship with the members of their congregation and others... (Cuts in) Even with Jesus Christ himself, Judas was found wanting. So, what happened? Did the whole apostles die? No, do not talk or write out of sentiments. It does not mean if some priests are bad, the whole church is broken down. I am just asking whether their being allowed to marry could lessen the temptation that may arise? Does it mean nobody is committing any crime in those churches where their priests marry? Even though they have wives, does it mean there is no sin there? These are all sentiments here and there. And there are media talking here, saying. They are even church problems, not problems of you writing or researching. You cannot say because some priests are renegades here and


there therefore everybody is bad. It is not everything you read in the American press that you take hook, line and sinker. Check the Anglicans, Methodist, Islam, everywhere in the world, there is no place where there is no crime. There are crimes all over. The Catholic Church is universal. It is very wide, from Timbuktu to Sokoto. It is too wide to say that something happened in New York and you are using it to judge all.

Why can’t a priest ever marry?


n the Eastern rites of the Church it is common for married men to be ordained to the priesthood. Further, in the Latin rite there are a few married men, converted ministers from other faiths, who are ordained to the Catholic priesthood. This, however, is not common. Finally, in neither the Latin rite nor the Eastern rites do priests (or deacons) marry after they have been ordained, except in extraordinary circumstances. The reasons Latin rite priests can’t marry is both theological and canonical. Theologically, it may be pointed out that priests serve in the place of Christ and therefore, their ministry specially configures them to Christ. As is clear from Scripture, Christ was not married (except in a mystical sense, to the Church). By remaining celibate and devoting themselves to the service of the Church, priests more closely model, configure themselves to, and consecrate themselves to Christ. As Christ himself makes clear, none of us will be married in heaven (Mt 22:23– 30). By remaining unmarried in this life, priests are more closely configured to the final, eschatological state that will be all of ours. Paul makes it very clear that remaining single allows one’s attention to be undivided in serving the Lord (1 Cor 7:32–35). He recommends celibacy to all (1 Cor 7:7) but especially to ministers, who as soldiers of Christ he urges to abstain from “civilian affairs” (2 Tm 2:3–4). Canonically, priests cannot marry for a number of reasons. First, priests who belong to religious orders take vows of celibacy. Second, while diocesan priests do not take vows, they do make a promise of celibacy. Third, the Church has established impediments that block the validity of marriages attempted by those who have been ordained. Canon 1087 states: “Persons who are in holy orders invalidly attempt marriage.” This impediment remains as long as the priest has not been dispensed from it, even if he were to attempt a civil marriage, even if he left the Church and joined a non-Catholic sect, and even if he apostatized from the Christian faith altogether. He cannot be validly married after ordination unless he receives a dispensation from the Holy See (CIC 1078 §2, 1). CULLED from Catholic Answers Magazine

Saturday Mirror


September 21, 2013

Saturday Starter Allowing priests to get married will rupture the system – Simon Udie (KSM), is a Knight of the Order of Saint Mulumba


hat informed celibacy in the Catholic Church? The issue of celibacy in the Catholic Church is part of the church law and as contained in the cannon law. It is basically the art of encouraging no marriage. As we can see, not all the apostles of Christ were married. Christ himself was never reported to have been married. And he was a priest. In the Catholic Church, especially when you talk of the western world, it is a situation that a person who is not married is ordained into priesthood and he shall remain so until he retires or he leaves priesthood. If you talk about what informed it, I will say it is a thinking model of concentration. I think it is informed but the thinking that a man who is not married and ordained into priesthood will pay more attention and concentration to his spiritual duties and responsibility to the people of God. As you can see, he is called a Reverend Father. It means as he is not even married, he is a father to thousands of people. Is celibacy only limited to not getting married and does not involve not sleeping with a woman? What is the mindset behind sleeping with a woman? If you are unmarried, you are not expected to be involved in such things. Of course, everybody is free to keep a relationship with whosoever they wish provided it is within the ambits of moral relationship. And keeping moral relationship is being able to keep a

non-sexual relationship with such a person. What is your own take on the current debate on whether or not a priest be allowed to get married? The church has its rule. And until this rule of the church is changed, it will be difficult for one to think otherwise. To me, as the church decides, so be it. But allowing such, I think, will cause some kind of a rupture within the system of the Catholic Church because it means we would be introducing that which has not been there for over 2,000 years. But are you aware that some catholic priests are allowed to be legally married? Yes. We have had situations where we have converts from the Anglican into the Catholic Church. Anglican priests are allowed to marry just like the Methodist and some others. Celibacy is practised mainly in the Catholic Church. I have heard of conversions of priests from the Anglican Church into the Catholic Church. And if at that time, the priest has already married, the Catholic Church would not ask him to ask his wife and children to go. If such a person got converted and wants to continue being a priest, he is allowed. But don’t you see that as double standard? No, it is in no any way double stan-

dard. Are you aware of reports of inappropriate relationships between some priests and members of their congregation: male and female? They are allegations. No sir. Some priests have come out to admit and then apologise. Obviously, I have read about one or two. But i would not say. But recently when the Pope went to Brazil, he made a statement. When he was asked about gay issues, he said something like, “If Christ should find favour in them, then who I to query them am?” The matter of the woman caught in adultery in the Bible could be used to illustrate this. Christ asked anyone who has not committed sin to cast the first stone and all of them walked away. He now turned to the woman and asked where are your accusers? She said they have gone away. Have they found you guilty? She said no. He told her, “Neither have I, but go and sin no more”. Don’t you see their being allowed to get married helping them to keep the temptations that may arise at bay? In every system, there is what we call an egg that is not totally suitable. There are good policemen, there are bad policemen. We have good priests, we have bad priests. And all these are individually related. It is not system related. Is it pos-


sible to get a hundred percent good policemen on the streets? Is possible to get a hundred per cent good priests? I will also say no. So it goes for every other profession and vocation. No matter how, some bad eggs would be there. And what did Christ say about those who strayed? He said, look for them and bring them back. If he want to turn a new leaf and still wants to remain a catholic and a priest, let him continue and if not let him go. But if you say you throw overboard what has been in existence for the past 2,000 years for the sake of the minute percentage? If this will be the only reason for it, I don’t think the church will succumb. Let me tell you, celibacy is not in any way any form of distraction to the priests themselves.

Many seminarians have been expelled due to atrocities Mrs. Adeola Oluponna, a devoted Catholic spoke with TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE


hat is your view about the agitation that Catholic priests should be allowed to

marry? It can never be possible for Catholic priests to get married. Why? It is the priest that usually takes our sacrifice and offering of sins to God. During consecration they are the ones that usually bring down the presence of Jesus and the angels. But some of them allegedly marry secretly, have girl friends or get involved in sexual acts, what is your take on them? They can only do that secretly. Why should they do so that? They are all human beings, they are not angels and they are not castrated. So it is likely for any of them to be involved in sexual acts secretly but that would be between them and God. The Bible says ‘thou shall not judge’. So it is only God that knows what people are doing secretly. I believe the sin will be on the head of any lady that submitted herself

for sexual intercourse with a priest. As a mother, how can I allow my child to play or relate anyhow with a priest knowing that he is not an angel; he is a human being like me. There is nobody the devil cannot use; devil can use a pastor of a church to sleep with his members, it can also use father to sleep with his daughter. There is nobody devil cannot use and that is why they do advise some of us who are mothers during Mother’s Union meeting not to allow our children to go to Mission House anyhow without any concrete reasons. We should not also allow our children to dress indecently. If a lady dressed provocatively and a priest saw part of her nakedness, how would the priest not be moved sexually when he is not castrated? Considering that it is normal for men to be sexually active, many people have suggested that any Catholic priest that wants to marry should be allowed to get married like their own colleagues in other denominations…. Yes. I have seen no fewer than two priests who left priesthood because they felt like getting married.

Don’t you think it is unfair preventing some of these priests from getting married since some of them would love to procreate During the nine years of their priesthood training, they always advise them not to hide their character. We are not born in the same house and society, so if they notice that any of them is cunning they can advise that person to withdraw from the training. It is only those who remain steadfast that would become priests after nine years training while those who failed will be expelled from the seminary. So, if you ask many of them who were sent parking from the priesthood training, they will not tell you what they did before being sent away. If anybody in seminary is caught in immoral acts, the seminary will investigate the matter and if the person is guilty, he will be sent away. They will ask him if he is still interested in the priesthood and if he said he is interested in getting married, they will allow him to leave the seminary. During their first year in seminary they may be up to 100 students but they may be reduced to three in the eight years in seminary. For example in my parish, two years ago, we had about 15


youths that are seminarians but now all of them have dropped maybe as a result of committing one atrocity or other. The Bible even says that many are called but few are chosen.



September 21, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Boko Haram kills 159 in Borno roadside attacks

•7 killed as security operatives bombard Abuja hideout OMEIZA AJAYI AND INUSA NDAHI



o fewer than 159 people have been killed by suspected members of Boko Haram in three roadside attacks this week along Maiduguri-Biu federal highway, officials have said. This is as seven people were feared killed as security operatives bombard a hideout of suspected sect members in Abuja. In the first attack, on Tuesday, Boko Haram guerrillas wearing army uniforms stopped traffic on a highway between

the cities of Maiduguri and Damaturu, dragging people out of their vehicles and killing them, with 143 bodies recovered so far. Violence in the NorthEast area of the country has intensified over the past two months, as the sect fight back against a military operation that started in May to try to crush their four-year-old rebellion. Tuesday’s toll was initially given as “more than 20”, but information often takes days to trickle out of the remote and sparsely populated region, where roads are bad, curfews are in force and the military has cut the phone network since May.

“We have been picking corpses off the roadsides all day, there are more in the bush,” said Abdulazeez Kolomi, an Environmental Protection Agency official in Benisheik village. “They are all travellers slaughtered by Boko Haram gunmen. We have so far picked up 143 corpses.” On Thursday, following a similar pattern, Boko Haram insurgents killed at least 16 people in an attack on travellers plying a highway from Maiduguri to Bamboa, a police source collecting bodies on the scene told Reuters. This is even as our correspondent observed that there

was a heavy concentration of Vigilante Youths (a.k.a Civilian JTF) on the streets of Maiduguri metropolis following intelligence report that the terrorists had issued letters of threat to attack some of the communities at the weekend. It was gathered that the terrorists numbering over 50 with sophisticated weapons barricaded the Maiduguri -Damaturu highway on the two occasions stopping motorists and passengers, particularly those they believed were heading to Maiduguri for international flight to Saudi Arabia for the 2013 Hajj exercise which was launched

L-R: ASUU National President, Malam Nasir Fagge; Minister of State for Education, Mr Nyesom Wike; Vice President Namadi Sambo and Vice PHOTO:NAN Chancellor, Bayero University Kano, Prof. Abubakar Rasheed, after a closed door meeting in Abuja on Thursday.

Rivers: Police abort youths tour of project with Amaechi SAM OLUWALANA


he Rivers State Police Command yesterday blocked all the entrances to the state-owned University of Science and Technology, located in the state’ s capital city of Port Harcourt. The action prevented a tour of the project of the state government by Governor Rotimi Amaech and some youths attending a programme organised by the Rotary Club with the Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi. The tour, it was gathered, was however aborted as armed policemen who stormed the university’s campus early Friday morning ordered everybody to remain within the confines if the school walls. The state chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, had alleged that the youths were planning a pro-

test and had warned them against being engaged to protest against the President Goodluck Jonathan. It was gathered that youths, mainly students, numbering over 500 were waiting to be conveyed in some luxury buses provided by the state government from the university where they were camped, before policemen swooped on them. The police alleged that the youths who were at the state owned institution for a retreat being organised by Rotary International, District 9140, had been mobilised by the Rivers State government to protest against the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan. Governor Amaechi had on Thursday criticised President Jonathan’s administration for its failure to speedily complete the construction of the East-West Road, among many other things.

Organisers of the programme told Saturday Mirror that Governor Amaechi who addressed the youths on Thursday on the issue of leadership, had promised to take them on an inspection tour of some projects embarked on by his administration. One of the youths who also spoke with journalists although on the condition of anonymity, explained that shortly after some state - owned buses arrived at the campus to convey them to the Government House, police patrol vans, numbering about ten, stormed the campus and blocked the buses from embarking on the trip. According to him, “When the organisers of the retreat (Rotary Club) insisted on the motive for the obstruction, the policemen claimed that intelligence reports revealed that they were going on a protest match against President Jonathan.

The leader of policemen who stormed the hostels where the youths were housed, was said to have told the organisers of the retreat to write an undertaken that they were not going out on a demonstration over the strike by the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU. When contacted, the state Police Public Relation Officer, PPRO, Mrs. Angela Agabe, who was recently re-deployed from her post, said she was in the middle of handing over to her successor and was not disposed to responding to the issue. However, the State Commissioner for Information and Communications, Mrs. Ibim Semenitari, said the action of the police was disturbing, even as she denied that the state government was mobilising the youths or anyone for that matter, to protest against the president or the federal government.

by the Vice President Mo- members of the sect were rehammed Namadi Sambo ported to have killed no fewer in Maiduguri last Saturday. than 34 in persons made up An unconfirmed report of motorists and passengers revealed that following the plying Maiduguri-Biu federal incident, Yobe State gov- highway in Limanti Village ernment had suspended of Konduga Local Governits earlier plan to airlift its ment Area of Borno State on pilgrims from Maiduguri Thursday and Friday. The Abuja operation International Airport. It therefore resolved to use which occurred at about 12:30am yesterday reportedly Kano International Airport. It was also gathered saw 17 suspects injured and from a reliable source that the arrest of 200 others, some the same group of gun- of who were said to have been men that unleashed terror rounded up at different locain some parts of the state tions in the territory. Earlier reports placed were those who intercepted motorists and a commer- casualty figures at between cial bank bullion van with nine and 12, however, a security escorts along Mai- visit to the Asokoro Genduguri-Damboa Road kill- eral Hospital revealed that ing eight people on Thurs- seven bodies had been deday before killing 26 other posited in the morgue. In a swift reaction, Deppeople on Friday some few metres away from Bulabu- uty Director, Public Relations in the Department lin Ngaura Village. Mallam Musa Ali, a of State Service, Marilyn members of vigilante Ogar, who was at the scene youths who also accompa- denied knowledge of any nied some of the security deaths, but said while sevoperatives to Limanti said, eral persons were injured, “we were able to convey 12 were arrested. According to her, the inover 30 corpses from the scene of the incident, in- cident occurred in the earcluding some women who ly hours of the day when were lucky to have not been a combined team of secukilled by the terrorists, but rity operatives went for an we found them in trau- operation behind the Apo matic condition, which I Legislators’ Quarters. She said the operation believe will be attended to was sequel to information by medical personnel.” The Borno State Assem- obtained from two Boko bly member representing Haram elements Kamal Damboa constituency, Alhaji Abdullahi and Mohammed Lawan Ayamu Gwasha, con- Adamu, who had earlier firmed the attack to news- been arrested by the DSS men in Maiduguri saying for terrorist activities. They led the security “my people reported to me to uncompleted from the village that many team people were killed on Thurs- buildings where arms day and Friday by gunmen were purported to have suspected to be Boko Haram been buried underground. Ogar added that the two sect members.” Owing to lack of com- suspects had forewarned semunication network which curity operatives that they was closed down for the were most likely to come unpast four months, both the der fierce resistance by their Police Commissioner, La- members in the building. She denied allegations of wal Tanko and the acting spokesman of the newly es- extra-judicial killings, saytablished 7 Division of the ing security operatives came Nigerian Army, Maiduguri, under gun attack when they Sagir Musa, could not be attempted to exhume the buried weapons and so they reached for confirmation. Meanwhile, seven per- had to use their firepower to sons suspected to be mem- rein the hoodlums. “No sooner had the team bers of the Boko Haram terrorist group were yes- commenced digging for the terday feared killed when arms, than they came under a full complement of se- heavy gunfire attack by other curity operatives stormed Boko Haram elements withan uncompleted building in the area, which prompted located behind Apo Legis- immediate response from the security team. lators Quarters in Abuja. “As a result, some perThe incident happened at Zone E, just 100 metres be- sons were injured and 12 hind the mosque of the Apo others have been arrested Legislators Quarters, just as CONTINUED ON PAGE 7

Saturday Mirror


September 21, 2013


Boko Haram kills 159 in Borno roadside attacks CONTINUED FROM 6 in connection with the incident, and are making useful statements”, she said. While reiterating the need for Nigerians to be more aware of their immediate environment and promptly report suspicious activities to security agencies, the DSS spokesperson said the place had been rendered safe and normalcy had returned to the area. “Members of the public are advised to go about their normal businesses, as appropriate security measures have been emplaced to ensure the safety of citizens in the FCT”, she added. Both Abdullahi and Adamu told Saturday Mirror in an interview that they belonged to an armed group known as “Youth Forum” and that they often hid their weapons in the building and as well carry out their meetings within the premises. They said the building belonged to an army general who had earlier given a quit notice to the illegal occupants, some of who were Rickshaw (Keke NAPEP) operators. “But our colleagues decided that since there was no better place to stay within the city, they would approach the security guard in the compound for assistance. The plan worked because it was agreed that each night, everyone would pay N200 to the guard in order to sleep there,” said Abdullahi. According to the Department of Development Control in the Federal Capital Territory FCT Administration, there are currently 480

uncompleted buildings within the city centre -a situation which poses a lot of security risk to the nation’s capital. A resident of the area who did not want his name mentioned, told our correspondent that the position of the security operatives was a complete baloney. He said: “It happened at about 12 midnight. Some armed soldiers came. There are some uncompleted buildings in the area. The area is Apo Zone E in Legislative Quarters. It is not far from the mosque. “It’s just about 100 meters from the mosque. As I’m speaking to you right now, the policemen there are more than 40. They’ve gathered over 200 Hausa boys. They killed over 12 unarmed people. There are still some magazines of soldiers littered everywhere. “Maybe the police have carried the 12 corpses to the morgue. Maybe somebody alerted the security guys that the boys are suspected Boko Haram members. They’ve never harmed anybody since we started staying there. They’re not even stolen anything from anyone. “What we just learnt is that the owner of the uncompleted building has been warning them not to live in that house. He has been threatening them. “The policemen arrived there around 7.15 this morning after the soldiers raided the place. Those soldiers came around 12 midnight and were just shooting sporadically till 2 am. We couldn’t sleep.”

First woman Bishop appointed in Britain and Ireland


married, 53 years old Pat Storey has been appointed the first woman Bishop in Britain and Ireland, the Anglican Church of Ireland announced on Friday. She is to become the bishop of Meath and Kildare, in the Irish Midlands. She said she was “both excited and daunted by this new adventure”. The Church of Ireland encompasses both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. The Church in Wales and Scotland have passed a legislation allowing women bishops but have

not yet appointed any, while the Church of England is expected to approve legislation soon in spite of strong opposition from traditionalists. Storey, who has two children, grew up in Belfast, studied in Dublin and was until now a Rector in Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Richard Clarke, Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland said: “Having known Pat Storey since she was an undergraduate and I was Chaplain at Trinity College, Dublin, I very much welcome her as a new bishop. She is a person of great warmth, intelligence and spiritual depth.”

President Goodluck Jonathan (middle) on arrival at Bamako International Airport, Mali for the inauguration of President Ibrahim Keita of Mali PHOTO:NAN recently.

PDP crisis: Stop dancing naked in public, Metuh tells Baraje OBIORA IFOH ABUJA.


he Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) yesterday said the Alhaji Abubakar Kawu Baraje-led PDP and the seven aggrieved governors are neither serious nor responsible in the portrayal of their demands for reconciliation asking them to stop dancing naked in public. The splinter group and the seven governors have among others demanded that Jonathan should not contest in 2015, that state party structures should be returned to the governors, and that suspension slammed on the Rivers State

governor, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, should be lifted. But in a press briefing in Abuja on the reconciliation process, Metuh said the party has taken a critical look at the implications of the actions and utterances of the splinter party and said even though party leaders had decided on the path of caution and decorum, they were not afraid of the consequences of doing otherwise. He however assured that the Tukur-led PDP would emerge stronger and better regardless of the outcome of the much anticipated October 7 reconcilatory meeting by the party, reiterating that the National Working Com-

mittee of the PDP is proud of Tukur’s leadership. He however ruled out sanctions for the splinter party at the moment, noting that sanctions could not be given while peace process is still going on. Metuh said “We are talking about what has to do with party constitution, about the fate of our party and country. It has nothing to do with Nollywood and display of unnecessary sentiments and emotions. “The demands of the other groups in any setting people have their demands. They have heard the demands of the other groups but I am sure you have not heard whether our national chairman has

a demand that he needs, if he has a demand and you are going into negotiation, keep it in the family. “Conflicts are resolved on the table not on the pages of newspaper. We are not engaged for people to clap for us on the way we are making our demands. If you are making demands for the public for all measures dramatise it, publicise it but if you are making demands and you want to discuss it with your brothers then be serious about it, because if you are not serious about it then you have another motive. You are not looking for it being achieved you are looking for a different motive.”

…Hearing in Tukur’s case against Atiku, 3 others suffers setback ISE-OLUWA IGE


Federal High Court sitting in Abuja, yesterday, bowed to a composite request by factional chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (nPDP), Baraje and two others for a short adjournment in a case instituted by the ruling PDP and its chairman, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, to stop them from parading themselves as leaders of the crisis-ridden political party. The two others are former Governor of Osun State, Olagunsoye Oyinlola, and Sam Jaja. The PDP and Tukur are seeking to restrain Atiku, the factional chairman of the new PDP, Abubakar Baraje, former Governor of Osun State, Olagunsoye Oyinlola

and Jaja Sam Jaja from acting as executive members of the breakaway PDP. But the trio of Baraje, Oyinlola and Jaja had told the court that they were served the plaintiff ’s response late the previous day and needed time to react. The trial court judge, Justice Elvis Chukwu, who was scheduled to listen to parties adopt their written addresses in the case, said he would allow the request on the ground of fair hearing. Similarly, hearing was aborted, yesterday, in a suit touching on the dispute over who is the actual candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for the next governorship election in Anambra State. The case could not go on yesterday following absence of the plaintiff ’s

lawyer, Yusuf Ali (SAN). The suit was filed before the Federal High Court (FHC), Abuja by Tony Nwoye. In the suit, he is seeking to compel the Indepenednt National Electoral Commission (INEC) and the PDP to uphold him as the party’s candidate for the election. Yesterday, parties were expected to address the court on the implication of a judgment by the PortHarcourt division of the court on the suit be Nwoye. The judgement by Justice S. A. Aliyu of the FHC, Port-Harcourt, delivered on September 17 this year, in suit FHC/PH/CS/296/2013 disqualified Nwoye, directed the INEC and the PDP to recognise the plaintiff, Nicholas Ukachukwu, as the party’s candidate for the election.

Yesterday, Alex Akoja, who announced appearance for the plaintiff, told the court that his principal, Ali was absent because he just got a copy of the Port-Harcourt court’s judgment and needed time to study it, to enable him properly address the court. He sought for a short adjournment. Defence lawyers, including Ahmed Raji (SAN), who represented INEC, did not object to Akoja’s application for adjournment. But lawyer to Ukachukwu, Orji Nwafoe-Orizu, who had applied to be joined as a party in the suit, told the court that Ali’s absence was part of the plan by the PDP and INEC to delay the hearing of the case and frustrate the victory handed to his client in the Port-Harcourt judgment.



September 21, 2013

Jonathan sacks Emordi, Olagunju as special advisers ROTIMI FADEYI ABUJA


resident Goodluck Jonathan has relieved Mrs. Joy Emordi of her appointment as Special Adviser to the President on National Assembly Matters with immediate effect. The president has similarly terminated the appointment of Dr. Tunji Olagunju as his Special

Adviser on the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD). In a three- paragraph statement issued yesterday by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Dr. Reuben Abati, the president thanked Emordi and Olagunju for their services and wishes them success in their future endeavours. Although, the statement did not give reasons

for the termination of their appointments, it was gathered that the sack of Emordi may not be unconnected with the recent visit of the Kawu Barajeled faction of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the National Assembly which resulted in a fight in the chambers of the House of Representatives. The leadership of the House of Representatives had on Tuesday allowed

the Baraje group to address the House which is believed to have more opposition members. The belief, it was gathered, was that what happened at the National Assembly was not properly managed by Emordi. The visit of the Barajeled faction of PDP sparked a fight between his loyalists and members who are in support of the Alhaji Bamanga Tukur-led PDP.

L-R: Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Power, Amb. Godknows Ighali; Technical Committee Chairman, National Council on Privatisation, Mr. Atedo Peterside; Director General Bureau of Public Enterprises, Benjamin Dikki and Senior Special Assistant to the Vice President, Mr. Umar Sani during a press briefing after meeting of the National Council on Privatisation in Abuja, yesterday.

Alleged fraud: EFCC probes Tourism minister, others ISE-OLUWA IGE


he Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is probing a multimillion naira fraud allegation at the Federal Ministry of Culture,Tourism and National Orientation. The petition which formed the fulcrum on which the anti-graft agency is acting, covertly fingered the sitting minister, Edem Duke, and other principal officers of the ministry as perpetrators. Some aggrieved workers of the ministry who are privy to sensitive information about the running of the ministry authored the petition. Specifically, the petitioners had accused the minister and senior management of the ministry of breach of procurement rules, hijacking of professional jobs in the minister’s office such as Fascinating Nigeria, WTO,CAF Meeting 2012, outsourcing of ministry’s staff profes-

sional functions to consultants and minister’s aides and use of minister’s aides for foreign trips in lieu of desk officers of professional departments. They also alleged underpayment of cultural officers at the cultural centers abroad, poor renumeration during previous Abuja Carnival, Calabar Carnival, Macina Dubar and Gidan Makama. In a letter to the minister dated 10th July,2013 and signed by 33 staff of the ministry, the workers alleged that “departmental projects/programmes are not executed to the letter, even though it is being budgeted for. That last year (2012), only World Tourism Day was executed out of the 12 programmes budgeted for. The question is: What was the allocation used for?” They also alleged that “the much talked or publicised National Tourism Development Master Plan has nothing on ground to show for the huge appropriation in the last three years…”

Already, the EFCC which had a copy of the petition had summoned some of the officers of the Tourism ministry for interrogation. In a letter signed by Bashir Dalhatu on behalf of the Head, Economic Governance, dated 26th August, 2013 to the Permanent Secretary of the ministry, the EFCC sought for the release of three “key” officers of the ministry. The officers summoned included Mr. Banjo Ayodele(Tourism Dept), Mr. Monday Alabi(CPO Unit of Accounts Dept) and Mr. Oliver Akuta(Other Charges/Accounts Dept). The letter marked CR:3000/EFCC/ABJ/E.G/ T4/VOL.12/372 reads in part: “This Commission is investigating a case of conspiracy, fraud and abuse of office in which the above named officers of your ministry featured. “In view of the above, you are kindly requested to inform and release them to interview the undersigned

through Mr. Obioha Okorie on 27th August, 2013 at Block C No5 Fomella Street, Off Ademola Adetokunbo Cresent, Wuse 11, Abuja by 10:00prompt”. It was learnt that the anti-graft agency’s intervention may not be unconnected with a 17 point staff grievances/ demand submitted to both EFCC and to the minister on 10th July this year, a copy of which was made available to select media houses. Feelers from the antigraft commission, yesterday, indicated that the agency might be forced to place all the parastatals under the ministry on its radar. The ministry was said to be one of those with the highest number of petitions against its management from both the ministry and parastatals under it. Contacted for comments yesterday morning, EFCC spokesperson, Wilson Uwajaren said he did not have details on the investigations but would get back as soon as he got information.

Saturday Mirror

APGA’ll appeal court order over nomination of candidate – Okwu TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE


hief Maxi Okwuled All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) has vowed to appeal the order made by the Federal High Court, Awka in Thursday over nomination of the party’s candidate for the November 16 Anambra State governorship election. APGA, in a statement issued by Victor Eneh, the Senior Media Assistant to Chief Maxi Okwu, noted that the party would appeal the order on the ground that it was against the provisions of the Electoral Act 2010 (as amended). The statement reads in part: “The All Progressives Grand Alliance led by Chief Maxi Okwu is on notice of a Federal High Court Awka, Anambra State, order of Thursday September 19th 2013, vacating the earlier one the court made on Monday 16th September instant, on the ground that it was against the provisions of the Electoral Act 2010 (as amended). “Justice M.T. Salihu made an ex-parte order on Thursday vacating the earlier one he made directing INEC to accept the two candidates, Chika Obidigbo and Willie Obianoh, produced in primaries conducted by Chief Maxi

Okwu and Chief Victor Umeh-led APGA pending the hearing and determination of the motion on notice before the court. “It is indeed a travesty of justice that a court could so turn the law on its head. In the first place the Respondents had a day earlier filed a motion challenging the jurisdiction of the Court. They then came a day later with a motion ex-parte asking the Court to vacate its Order of 16th September 2013. Even a first year lawyer knows that a question of jurisdiction is taken first. Rather than do that, the Judge curiously heard the ex-parte motion and granted same without notice to us though a clear date had been taken to hear the motion on notice. “It is trite that an exparte order cannot be vacated when all the parties have been served and placed on notice. The case was adjourned to Monday 23rd September 2013. The Judge ought not to have taken further step until the adjourned date when all the parties will be before him. There is no urgency that warrants the ex-parte application being set aside. “The plaintiffs shall appeal against the vacation of the order ex-parte of 19th September 2013, and shall file a stay of execution of the said order.”

NCAA insists Akanu Ibiam airport is international OLUSEGUN KOIKI


he Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, yesterday said that it has fully granted the Akanu Ibiam Airport International, Enugu, the status to operate international flight. The airport was about a month ago designated as an international airport by the federal government with Ethiopian Airlines operating international flights to it. NCAA, in a statement signed by its General Manager, Public Affairs, Mr. Fan Ndubuoke, and made available to aviation journalists stated that NCAA’s role in civil aviation was regulatory as the federal government of Nigeria controls policy, which it exercises and directs by it’s prerogative, and generally in avia-

tion matters through federal ministry of aviation. Ndubuoke added that NCAA’s standards with respect to airport, aircraft, passenger and operational safety, security and experience are primary and not necessarily determined by designation of an airport as international or domestic. He stated that the relevance of such designation was only to the extent of the nature of equipment, traffic, security and uniform safety concerns. Ndubuoke insisted that an airport being gazette is not one of NCAA’s considerations with respect to safety, security or passenger comfort and experience. He noted that it was entirely false and preposterous to insinuate that gazzetting constitutes a factor in NCAA technical analysis and certifications.

Saturday Mirror


September 21, 2013


NCP seeks Attorney General’s advice on Sapele Genco

...approves payment for 14 PHCN successor firms TOLA AKINMUTIMI ABUJA


he National Council on Privatization (NCP) yesterday referred the case of CMEC/ EURAFIC consortium, the preferred bidder for Sapele Generation Company who had paid $119,887,156 of the $201,000,000 bid consideration to the Office of the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of

Justice and Legal Committee of the NCP for advice. A statement issued by the Head, Public Communications of the Bureau of Public Enterprises, Chigbo Anichebe, at the end of the Council’s 6th meeting indicated that the decision was as a result of the legal issues that were identified in the transactions and needed to be resolved. This is even as the Council also approved the

payment of the remaining 75 per cent of 14 out of the 15 bidders for the acquisition of the 15 PHCN successor companies. The payment approval was given to the 12 companies that made payments on the due date as well two others that made late payments. The bidders that met the due date include Amperion Power Co. Ltd (Geregu); Transcorp/Woodrock (Ughelli); Integrated

Energy Company (Ibadan); NEDC/KEPCO (Ikeja); Vigeo Power Ltd. (Benin); and Aura Energy Ltd. (Jos). Others are Integrated Energy Company (Yola); Mainstream Energy Ltd. (Kainji); West Power & Gas (Eko); Kann Consortium (Abuja); 4Power Consortium (Port Harcourt); and Sahelian Power SPV Ltd. (Kano). In addition, approval was also granted on the late payments by North

Jonathan off to US for talks with Obama, UN ABUJA.


resident Goodluck Jonathan leaves for the United State today to participate in the 68th Session of the United Nations General Assembly which is expected to focus on identifying parameters for the post-2015 global development agenda. Jonathan, who is also scheduled to meet with United States president, Barack Obama, in New York, would join other world leaders for high-level discussions on ways and means of building on the progress made thus far towards achieving the millen-

nium development goals that were agreed in the year 2000. A statement issued yesterday by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Dr. Reuben Abati, said the president and members of his delegation would participate in other high-level events focusing on women, youth and civil society, human rights and the rule of law, as well as the use of information communications technology for development. The Nigerian delegation led by Jonathan would also contribute to thematic debates on the role of partnerships; how stable and peaceful societies can contribute

to development; and the role of potable water, sanitation and sustainable energy in the post-2015 global development agenda. Before delivering Nigeria’s statement to the 68th Session of the United Nations General Assembly which would be broadcast live by the Nigerian Television Authority on Tuesday, Jonathan would on Monday take his administration’s drive for greater foreign investment in Nigeria to the famous New York Stock Exchange where he would have the opportunity of ringing the closing bell for the day. Jonathan who would be accompanied by the

On decentralisation of Minimum Wage we stand, say Fashola, Fayemi MURITALA AYINLA


overnors Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State and Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State yesterday called on the nation’s labour unions to embrace the planned decentralisation of the fixing of minimum wages. Speaking while inaugurating the South West Zonal office of the National Pensions Commission (NPC) in Ikeja, Fashola described the decentralisation of minimum wage as the best for true federalism, adding that development would save the state from being compelled to pay what it doesn’t have. He argued that if the wage fixing is decentralised it would engender healthy rivalry and competition among the federating states. He said: ‘’I think the time has come for us to

speak openly and honestly for what we believe in. We may disagree but we should try and agree at the end of the day. The labour union has a position on the decentralisation of the minimum wage, perhaps they would listen to another position which takes us ultimately. “For us, it is not who makes the law that matters, it is whether or not the Nigerian worker gets a fair pay for a hard job. Who makes the law, who has the responsibility to manage it only detracts us from the main issue. “And if we are decentralising the management of pensions and it is making sense, why can’t we decentralise payment of wages? This is a federation. Payment of wages shouldn`t be imposed on the states ’’he said. To address the issues, the governor urged labour to dialogue with the appro-

priate government authorities on reaching an agreement on the issue, saying incessant protests were inimical to development. Governor Fayemi of Ekiti State, on his part, argued that imposition of a minimum wage was not in the interest of labour as it might discourage states willing to reward workers more from doing so. ANYARAGBU: I, formerly known and addressed as MISS ANYARAGBU CHIOMA UZOAMAKA, now wish to be known and addressed as MRS. NWANEKEZI CHIOMA UZOAMAKA All former documents remain valid. NYSC, NBA Nig. Council of Regal Education and general public take note.

OKEKE: I formerly known and addressed as Miss Okeke Olivia Ginika, now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Obidike Olivia Ginika. All former documents remain valid. General pubic, take note. NNAIKE: I, formerly known and addressed as MISS NNAIKE AGATHA OLUEBUBE now wish to be known and addressed as MRS NGALA AGATHA OLUEBUBE. All documents remain valid. Nig Prisons Service Enugu and general public take note.

First Lady, Dame Patience, representatives of the governors’ forum, representatives of the National Assembly and several ministers would also confer with the United Nations Secretary-General, Mr. Ban Ki-Moon and hold bilateral talks with other heads of state and government. The president will host a reception for the Nigerian community in the United States before leaving New York for Abuja on Wednesday.

All the pre-qualified bidders were given access to the virtual data room from September 1, 2011 to the proposal submission date of July 31, 2012. Pre-qualified bidders were also allowed to visit the distribution companies and physical data rooms that were located within the franchise area of each company. At the deadline for payment of the initial 25% of bid consideration on 21 March 2013; all the preferred bidders for the 15 Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) successor companies met the deadline. At that deadline, the BPE had received $559,445,573.96 from 14 bidders for 15 successor companies. The Nigerian electricity industry has been unbundled into generation, distribution and transmission companies with a view to encouraging private sector participation and attracting foreign and local investment into the Nigerian power sector to ensure economic and reliable electricity supply.

In your refreshingly different As power supply goes private…

In a matter of days, Federal Government’s privatization of the power sector will fully come on stream with the Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) giving way to private companies which will now manage power generation and distribution, respectively. But a major hiccup in the new arrangement is power generation. How many megawatts can the country boast of, to ensure 24-hour power supply and thus obliterate the time-worn stigma of constant outage? What are the chances that the generating companies known as GENCOs and the distribution companies called DISCOs will live up to their billing and meet the expectation of Nigerians? We dig deep into the new order in Nigeria’s behemoth of an energy sector. Get across to your vendor, tomorrow.

Anxiety ahead Enugu council poll As all await the November 2 local government elections in Enugu State, the gladiators in the crucial poll have been pointing fingers at each other with the opposition parties, mainly APGA and APC, accusing the ruling PDP of trying to use the power of the incumbent to run over the election. But the PDP too has replied. Get the fireworks from Sunday Mirror.



South Power and Interstate Electric Limited for Shiroro Power Plc and Enugu Distribution Company Plc respectively, subject to the late payment penalty as provided in clause 12.20 on interest for late payment and clauses 5.5, 5.5.1 and 5.5.2 of the SPA. The Council also directed the Office of the Accountant General of the Federation to ensure that all staff entitlements are fully paid by the week beginning September 23 and ending September 27, 2013. Council equally approved the protocol for the physical handover of the successor companies to the bidders that have fully paid the remaining 75 per cent for the acquisition cost. It would be recalled that in December 2010, NCP advertised for Expressions of Interest (EOIs) from prospective core investors interested in acquiring controlling stake in the 11 successor distribution companies (Discos) and the six generation companies (Gencos) created out of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria.

Ekiti 2014: The Fayemi, Bamidele battle Frequent confrontations between supporters of Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti State and the House of Representatives member for Ekiti constituency 2, Hon Opeyemi Bamidele, have brought to the open, the battle of wits between the two chieftains of All Progressives Congress (APC) ahead of the 2014 governorship election. Again, how is their party reacting to this clash of the titans? We bring you the inside story.

‘Tall, handsome men do not attract me’ Omotunde Adebowale David, fondly known as Lolo 1 of Lagos Wazobia FM is an on-air personality. She is one of the top presenters in pidgin who became popular when she was co-presenting with Yaw on Wazobia FM. She speaks in this interview about her lifestyle, the kind of men that fascinate her and the very thing that can make her cry. A snippet is that she is unmoved by the touted charm of tall, handsome men. These and many more available tomorrow in your


September 21, 2013

Saturday Mirror

From the Civil Service ICPC operatives arrest civil servant for allegedly demanding bribe


he Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC), on Friday said it had arrested one Abbah Adikwu, a staff of the Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) for allegedly demanding bribe before performing his official duties. This is disclosed in a statement issued and made available to Saturday Mirror by the commission’s Head of Media, Mr Folu Olamiti in Abuja. He said that the arrest was made on Wednesday following a petition filed to ICPC on September 16 by another civil servant

whose name was withheld. According to the statement by ICPC spokesman, the accused demanded bribe from another staff of the commission (name withheld) before he could treat his file. The statement reads in part: “A Petitioner, (name withheld) a Civil Servant had filed a petition on 16th September, 2013 at ICPC against the Suspect, Mr. Adikwu for demanding for a bribe before his file could be treated. “The Petitioner further informed ICPC that he had been visiting the Suspect’s office since December 2012 to regularise his service but the Suspect

frustrated all his efforts through unethical conduct and brazen demands for a bribe. “The Suspect was put under surveillance by ICPC and arrested through a sting operation after collecting marked money from the Petitioner within the premises of the Civil Service Commission. “Mr. Adikwu violently resisted arrest and was about to bolt away but was physically restrained by ICPC operatives. “However, there was mild drama at the point of taking him out of the Commission’s premises when some of his colleagues and other persons blocked the

gate, assaulted ICPC operatives and held them hostage in the office of the Chief Security Officer for several hours. “It took the intervention of a back-up security team from ICPC to secure their freedom and whisk the suspect away. Some of the officials who assaulted and obstructed ICPC operatives were arrested the following day. “Section 41(f) of the Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Act 2000 prescribes one year imprisonment without option of fine for anybody who assaults or obstructs officers of the Commission in the execu-

Osun HOS wants teachers to embrace ICT


he Head of Service (HOS) in Osun State, Mr Sunday Owoeye, on Friday, advised teachers in the state to embrace Information Communication Technology (ICT) to be at par with global trend. Owoeye made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Osogbo. The Head of Service, who spoke on the sideline of a seminar organised for newly recruited teachers into the state primary schools, noted that ICT would help teachers in the discharge of their official duties. He also advised the teachers to be contented with their earnings and guard their pupils to be of good character. He said: “The process that brought you in as teachers into the state primary education is an indication of credibility that remains our watchword in Osun. “This is the first time any state government in Nigeria will engage the service of the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board for the purpose of conducting aptitude test for applicants. “We are consciously doing this to guide against inefficiency in our public schools as pri-

mary education is the bedrock of all the strata of education.’’ Owoeye said the rationale behind the training was to enhance the teachers’ intellectual quality and performance in the classroom. “Certainly, special blessing is awaiting you from God if you commit yourself to this job without cutting corners,’’ he said. He said the last recruitment in which 3,000 teachers were employed was unprecedented in the history of the state.

Ekpo Nta, ICPC chairman

Civil servant docked for failing to produce Anambra commissioner


civil servant and surety, Obi Okwudili, 54, was on Thursday in Lagos arraigned for allegedly failing to produce Vincent Ezenwajiaku, Anambra Commissioner for Special Duties, who was declared wanted by Police Special Fraud Unit (SFU) over alleged N10 million fraud. Okwudili, a senior civil servant in Anambra, is facing a charge of obstruction of justice at an Igbosere Magistrates’ Court in Lagos. The prosecutor, Insp. Olukan-

mi Olusope, told the court that the accused had stood surety for Ezenwajiaku on Aug. 15 at the SFU, Ikoyi, Lagos, but failed to produce him when police requested for him. “The accused, who is a civil servant in Anambra, stood surety for Vincent Ezenwajiaku, the State Commissioner for Special Duties, who is wanted over N10 million fraud. “He has failed to produce the suspect as requested by the police after he had been granted an administrative bail,” Olusope

said. The prosecutor said that the offence contravened Section 97 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Okwudili may be sentenced to a sevenyear jail term if found guilty. He, however, pleaded not guilty to the charge. The Magistrate, Mr J.A. Adegun, granted him bail in the sum of N200, 000 with two sureties in like sum and adjourned the case to Oct. 25 for mention.

tion of their duties. “At the end of investigations Mr. Abbah Adikwu and others may be charged to court for alleged infractions against the ICPC Act 2000.”

Activist calls for review of minimum wage


youth activist, Mr. Jolly Emmanuel, has called for a review of the national minimum wage of workers to alleviate poverty. Emmanuel, also a member of the National Youth Council of Nigeria, made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Port Harcourt. He said that President Goodluck Jonathan’s Transformation Agenda could be better appreciated and felt by the masses if the minimum wage was improved on. “N18,000 is too small for a man or woman that has responsibilities, it does not solve any problem, it is so dehumanising. “It is important government reviews this meagre pay upward so that crime and poverty level will be reduced,’’ the activist said. Emmanuel, who, described the minimum wage as “a furtherance of impoverishment,” said that it was time to change the ugly trend. He urged the Federal Government to consider the plight of the workers, who he said, were the engine room of every economy. According to the activist, improved wages for workers will not only mobilise them effectively, but boost their productivity. Emmanuel said there was need to encourage industrial production as a way of boosting the economy. “A well paid worker is always a well produced and viable worker, therefore there is need for government to make workers happy,” he said.

Saturday Mirror


September 21, 2013



Agagu to be buried beside father Oct 4 T

he late former governor of Ondo State, Dr Olusegun Agagu, is to be buried beside his father’s grave, his Kuyeju family in Lameha Quarters, Iju-Odo, has said. Chief Samuel Akin-

rogunde, a member of the Kuyeju family, told reporters in Iju-Odo that the late former governor had requested that he should be buried beside his father’s grave at St. Paul’s Anglican Church cemetery.

Meanwhile, the Ondo State government has fixed Friday, October 4, 2013, for the internment of the former governor of the state, Dr. Olusegun Agagu. According to Chief

Akinrogunde, ``Before he died, he (Agagu) had ordered that he should be buried beside his father, late Chief Olorunfemi Agagu, who died in March 1973 and was buried at St. Paul’s An-

glican Church,’’ he said. Akinrogunde also thanked the state government for making the burial of the late former governor an official responsibility of the present administration.

He added that the family would begin early preparations for the Octber 4 burial, adding that necessary arrangements would be made to forestall any hitch.

I’m more resolved than ever for Ekiti guber bid –Bamidele ABIODUN NEJO ADO EKITI


ouse of Representatives member and All Progressives Congress (APC) chieftain in Ekti State, Hon Opeyemi Bamidele, yesterday reiterated his resolve to contest the governorship seat in the state against the incumbent that no amount of Dr Kayode Fayemi. Hon. Bamidele, who alleged that the state government pressured the police to disrupt the launch of

his campaign outfit, Ekiti Bibiire Coalition (EBC), last Thursday to prevent him from declaring his intent to contest in the election, told his supporters that no amount of intimidation would make him jettison his ambition. He maintained that the love shown him by his supporters during the police onslaught had strengthened his resolve to contest the coveted seat. In the onslaught, some Bamidele’s supporters were said to have ben arrested by the police.

L-R: Chairman, Supervisory Board, Royal FrieslandCampina of The Netherlands, Mr. Piet Boer;; Lagos State Deputy Governor, Mrs. Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire and Commissioner for Commerce and Industry, Mrs. Olusola Oworu, during a courtesy visit by the management of FrieslandCampina WAMCO Nigeria to the deputy governor in Lagos, recently.

Two arrested with fresh human head in Ibadan KEMI OLAITAN IBADAN


he Oyo State Police Command yesterday arrested two suspected ritualists with fresh human head. The arrest was made at Olufana village along Igbo- Oloyin in Akinyele

Local Government Area of the state. Saturday Mirror learnt that the arrest of the suspects was made possible after the community who sighted them informed the police. The suspect were seen cutting the head of the

woman along Igbo-Oloyin village. One of the suspect, Seyi Akinrinola (30) who claimed to be a farmer, while speaking with journalists, said he was advised by the other suspect to get human head for anti-bullet medicine and the head was that of

a mad woman. He maintained that the woman was known to residents of the village and that he only cut off the head and hide it on a tree near his house. But the second suspect, identified as Ajitoni Ogundeji, 40, denied his involvement in

the evil act, saying, “I do not know anything about it” Oyo State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), DSP Olabisi Ilebanafor, while speaking on the incident, said members of the community informed the police that they sighted human

head on a tree and the that men of the command promptly moved into the area. Her words, “ The police lay siege and Seyi arrived later on motorcycle with polythene bag with the aim of retrieving the head and that was how he was arrested”.

Lagos distributes 131,700 MCMR booklets to pregnant women MURITALA AYINLA


n a renewed effort to minimise maternal mortality in the state, the Lagos State government says it has distributed about 131,700 comprehensive homebased booklets to pregnant women and nursing mothers in the state. The booklets are designed to raise awareness on safe motherhood. Lagos State Commissioner for Health, Dr. Jide Idris, who made the disclosure yesterday, however, urged residents, especially nursing and expectant mothers to key into government’s plan on reduction of mother and child death rate. In the breakdown of the distribution of

the materials, Dr. Idris claimed that 39 100 maternal heath booklets and 92,600 child health booklets, had been distributed. He explained that the booklets contained details of benefits of breast feeding to mother and

child, as well as and what attributes babies would exhibit at different stages. In the words of Dr. Idris, “the causes of mother-child mortality are bleeding, either before or after child birth; infection which can also affect the

unborn child; increase in the blood pressure of the pregnant woman. “This, if not checked can damage vital organs of the pregnant woman and have serious consequences on the unborn child. That is why would-

be mothers are advised to go for antenatal care to detect this earlier and treat such complication before they go for labour,” the commissioner said. The commissioner also disclosed that the state government had begun

the distribution of 7,385 ‘mama kits’, an all-in-one kit that contains all that are needed to help provide clean and safe delivery to pregnant women who deliver in the Primary Health Centres in the state.

UK group seeks promotion of Yoruba ethical values, forms OPU


s part of efforts to forge a common front and provide a platform to uphold their cultural heritage, Yoruba people living in the United Kingdom have launched a pan Yoruba group, the Oodua People’s Union (OPU), an organization for Yoruba people in the Diaspora. Speaking while delivering his keynote address at the launch, national co-

coordinator of OPU, Otunba Gani Adams, urged Yoruba resident in the UK to see themselves as one big family and challenged them to contribute to the growth of Yoruba land. Addressing the gathering, Adams says, “The formation of the OPU is significant in two ways: First, it will serve as a platform for all Yoruba sons and daughters in the UK to contribute their own

quotas to the development of our fatherland. In others words, from today, the Yoruba people all over the world will hope to tap from the abundance human resources available in all of you, hoping that you would collectively rise in defence of any member who faces injustice or needs assistance of any form. “Secondly, the union is coming at a time when major events all over the world

point to dangerous directions that demand you to clearly identify with your root to be able to survive the potential dangers,” Adams said. Otunba Adams further advised Yoruba people living abroad against tribalism and nepotism, saying the race was too learned to be involved in such demeaning conducts. Adams continued, “ It is only in Yoruba land that

you can see members of the same family practice different religions and yet they still live in peace and harmony; eat from the same plate and pursue family interest without any sign of religious difference”, Adams said. Among the dignitaries that attended the launch were Olu of Owode-Egba, Oba Kolawole Aremu Sowemimo; Oba Mukaila Salako.



September 21, 2013

Saturday Mirror


Enugu LGA polls: Police deny APC security during primary elections DENNIS AGBO ENUGU


he Enugu State chapter of All Progress Congress (APC), has condemned the refusal of the police command in the state to provide them security during the just concluded primary elections. The APC had, last Thursday held its primary elections in the state ahead of the November 2, 2013 council polls in the state without police cover throughout the duration of the exercise. Speaking with journalists at the end of the primaries, Dr. Ben Nwoye, the state’s APC local government primary election committee chairman, described the police action as ‘unfair, and quite unfortunate.’ Dr. Nwoye, disclosed that he led other members of his committee to the office of the state

commissioner of Police, to formally request for police protection through a letter. He claimed the personal assistant to the

police commissioner refused to collect the letter from the team. His words, “It is now clear, that the police in

Enugu state, is only for the ruling peoples Democratic party PDP so, we are using this medium to call on the Inspector Gen-

eral of police IGP, to as a matter of urgency come to our aide, because APC members in the state are now endangered species”

L-R: APGA Enugu State Coordinator, Ichie Jude Okuli; Women Leader, Mrs Ngozi Ugwu and Chairman, Primaries Committee, Chief Chuka Udeh, during the party’s Enugu State primaries yesterday.

Obi lauds development partners for Anambra growth


overnor Peter Obi of Anambra State has lauded the contribution of foreign development partners to the rapid growth of the state. The governor said this yesterday, while meeting the Country Director of the World Bank Marie

Francoise Marie-Nellyand in his Abuja office. Governor Obi noted that prior to becoming the governor of the state, many development partners turned their backs on Anambra State because of the state’s poor performance in their various programmes at

the time. The governor however said he was satisfied that under him, the foreign partners have not only returned, but that the state is now adjudged one of the best in the implementation of their various programmes. Governor Obi attrib-

uted the progress in the state to his ability to reach out, even at the expense of his personal convenience, to partners and corporate organisations that have been helping the state in different forms. His words, “By the end of the year, we shall spend

about N40 Billion as part of the last push towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals. As part of that, on Monday, we granted N1.5 Billion to churches in the state for the rehabilitation of the primary schools we returned to them. Recently, we also granted N2 Bil-

He maintained that the police commissioner’s aide bluntly told his team that his boss was unavailable and that he cannot receive such letter, especially coming from an opposition party. Dr. Nwoye, regretted that the police action was coming barely few days after some miscreants suspected to be PDP thugs lunched serious attack on the opposition party members at a hotel in Agbani, in Nkanu West council area, while they were holding a meeting. When contacted, the Enugu State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Ebere Amaraizu, explained that the APC members did not bring the security request letter on time, saying the doors of the state police command is always open to all citizens at all times.

lion to ASUBEB for the rehabilitation of our own primary schools,” he said. The governor also promised that his administration would continue to pump billions of naira to construction and procurement of school libraries, computers, and generators in schools in the state.

Mbaise nation urges Ihedioha to contest Imo guber seat in 2015 CHRIS NJOKU OWERRI


he race for the Imo State 2015 governorship rlection hots up yesterday at the people of Mbaise urged the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Chief Emeka Ihedioha, to run for the governorship seat of the state. Mbaise nation comprises Aboh, Ahiazu, and Ezinihitte Local Government Areas of Imo State. At a solidarity visit to Hon. Ihedioha at his country home, Mbutu, in the Aboh Mbaise Local Government Area of the state, the group, in a position paper presented to him, insisted that Ihedioha with a towering profile and enviable pedi-

gree, was the best material among other contenders for the coveted seat. A spokesman for the

group and former commissioner in the National Population Commission (NPC), Dr. Joe Ndu, said

that as a governor, Ihedioha would provide a change in the style of leadership in the state.

According to Dr. Ndu, “The Deputy Speaker will provide a government that will halt and reverse the

unemployment rate and will immediately restore the security of life and property in the state”.

N10m fraud: Anambra commissioner may quit today to face charges


nambra State Commissioner for Special Duties, Chief Vincent Ezenwajiaku, has threatened to quit his job beginning from today (Saturday) over allegation of N10.6

million fraud. Ezenwajiaku told journalists in Awka on Thursday that he would tender his resignation to Governor Peter Obi, to enable him to answer the allegation against him.

The commissioner, however, denied been involved in any fraud, saying, “In my life, I have never been involved in fraud or arrested or detained by the police on anything concerning

any form of illegality. I do not intend to embarrass this government that is why l wanted to resign to prove my innocence and clear my name of this mess,” he said.

Imo to partner WHO on healthcare delivery


overnor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State has expressed his willingness to partner with the World Health Organisation (WHO) in health care delivery. Okorocha made the statement in Owerri when the Country Rep-

resentative of WHO, Dr Ruigama Vaz, paid him a courtesy visit. He said that the state was particularly interested in manpower training, to boost existing healthcare delivery. The governor regretted that the country lacked human resources devel-

opment facilities, urging the organisation to partner with the state in manpower development. Said he, ``Without the required manpower development, Nigerians and indeed, Africans will continue to depend on Western countries for its health needs. WHO

should consider the culture and peculiar needs of a society before implementing any health care project in the area,” the governor said. The governor noted that the international health organisation had contributed immensely in assisting Africans in

It would be recalled that the Special Fraud Unit of the Nigerian Police in Lagos, recently declared him wanted for refusing to honour police invitation over the allegation. health care delivery, especially on immunisation. Vaz in his response, said that the visit was aimed at strengthening WHO’s relationship with the State Government. He said that the primary objective of the organisation was to ensure adequate health care delivery and prevention of disease in countries.

Politics BRIEFS

Tinubu to receive award at Jakande Leadership Summit today MURITALA AYINLA


ormer Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu will today receive the Millennium Defender of Democracy Award, MDDA, at a leadership and educational summit organised in honour of Alhaji Lateef Kayode Jakande, the first Executive Governor of Lagos State. The maiden edition of the annual summit, with the theme: Leadership and Educational Development will hold at the Oranmiyan Hall, Lagos Airport Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos and is being organised by the Old Students Association of Odo-Obara High School, Epe. Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola is expected at the summit as the Special Guest of Honour, while Chief Afe Babalola, the Vice Chancellor of Afe Babalola University will chair the summit. Prof. Abubakar Momoh of the Lagos State University is expected to present paper on the theme of the summit as the Guest Speaker and will be supported by some discussants. A statement released by the association’s National President, Feyi-Abiodun Oyeniyi, said the summit was designed to express appreciation to Jakande for making education available for the downtrodden masses. He said: “As beneficiaries of his administration’s free education policy, members of the association decided to organise the annual summit with a view to celebrate his enduring legacy in the educational sector’’

Northern CAN youths deny giving Tambuwal award A ZA MSUE KADUNA


he Youth Wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria in 19 Northern States and Abuja, (YOWICAN) yesterday denied giving the Speaker House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Aminu Tambuwal, an award in Kaduna and therefore called on security operatives to arrest impersonators who are using their religious body for money. YOWICAN in a statement signed and made available to Saturday Mirror by its chairman, Rev. Bitrus Dangiwa, also called on the Church and the public to disregard any activity of a strange group which purportedly held two days conference where it honoured people. The statement read in part: “The attention of the Youth Wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria, 19 Northern States and Abuja, has been drawn to the activities of a group of individuals impersonating, masquerading and parading themselves as officials of the Youth Wing of CAN, 19 Northern States and Abuja.

Saturday Mirror

September 21, 2013


‘PDP is ready to P. 14 win and take back Anambra State’

Now that Senate backs national conference… TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE


f the position of the Senate President, David Mark on national conference is anything to go by, the convocation of a national conference, which many Nigerians are yearning for, may soon take place. David Mark, on Tuesday, gave a boost to the call for the convocation of a national conference with Senate’s position that steps should be taken to convene a national conference of ethnic nationalities. Speaking at the flag off a new session for the Senate, the Senate President noted that time had come for Nigerians to meet and discuss in order to confront alleged structural distortions in the polity, adding that such a conference would find accommodation in the extant provisions of the 1999 Constitution which guarantee freedom of expression and association. His words: “We live in very precarious times, and in a world increasingly made fluid and toxic by strange ideologies and violent tendencies, all of which presently conspire to question the very idea of the nation state. But that is not to say that the nation should, like the proverbial ostrich, continue to bury its head in the sand and refuse to confront the perceived or alleged structural distortions which have bred discontentment and alienation in some quarters. This sense of discontentment and alienation has fuelled extremism, apathy and even predictions of catastrophe for our dear nation. “A conference of Nigeria’s ethnic nationalities, called to foster frank and open discussions of the national question, can certainly find accommodation in the extant provisions of the 1999 Constitution which guarantee freedom of expression, and of association. It is welcome. Nonetheless, the idea of a national conference is not without inherent and fundamental difficulties. Problems of its structure and composition will stretch the letters and spirit of the Constitution and severely task the ingenuity of our constitutionalists.” But despite his belief in the national conference, Mark cautioned that it would be unconstitutional to clothe such a conference with constituents or sovereign powers. Unlike the national conference, Mark said that the resolutions of a national conference consisting of Nigeria’s ethnic nationalities and called under the auspices of the federal government



would carry some weight. He stated further that the National Assembly, though not constitutionally bound by the resolution of the conference of the ethnic nationalities, would however find it difficult to ignore its outcome. To many Nigerians the position of the Senate on national conference is a welcome development and they believe strongly that convening it would proffer solution to various problems militating against peace, unity and continuous existence of Nigeria. Pro National Conference Organisation (PRONACO) and the Nigeria Political Summit Group (NPSG), two bodies which have been advocating political restructuring of Nigeria based on the consensus among the diverse stakeholders and nationalities in the country, have commended the latest support for a national conference of the people of Nigeria by the leadership of the Nigerian Senate. In response to the Senate’s nod to the perennial call for national conference, the spokesperson of PRONACO,


who doubles as head of secretariat of the NPSG, Mr. Olawale Okunniyi, in a statement made available to Saturday Mirror, applauded the Senate’s move to enable the Nigerian people and ethnic nationalities hold a frank national dialogue. The agitation for a platform for Nigerians, especially ethnic nationalities, to discuss at a roundtable, has been one of the major issues even before the beginning of the present Fourth Republic, which kick-off in May 29, 1999. While some are campaigning for a national conference, some are calling for a Sovereign National Conference. But one thing that is central is the need for a conference where Nigerians will meet and discuss. The call for a national conference or Sovereign National Conference is not new anyway. Several efforts have been made in the past to convene a national conference but some of the efforts seem not to have yielded any fruits. It would be recalled that a former president of the Nigeria Bar Association and pioneer chairman of the Campaign for Democracy (CD), the late Alao Aka-Bashorun, first stressed the need for a Sovereign National Conference in 1990. Aka-Bashorun, under the aegis of the National Consultative Forum led credible civil society organisations to campaign for the convocation of a Sovereign National Conference. Notwithstanding the threat issued by the then Head of State, General Ibrahim Babangida to charge Aka-Bashorun and other pro-democracy leaders with treason, all arrangements were made for the SNC CONTINUED ON PAGE 15



September 21, 2013

Saturday Mirror

‘PDP is ready to win and take back Anambra State’ Hon. Lambert Chizor Obidigwe is a member of the House of Representatives, representing Ayamelum/Oyi Federal Constituency from Anambra State in the lower chamber of the National Assembly on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Hon. Obidigwe believes that PDP is battle ready to win and take back Anambra State from the ruling All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA). The federal lawmaker also speak about the forthcoming November 16 Anambra governorship election and the recent fracas in the House of Representatives, among other issues. TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE reports.


ow do you feel about the fracas that took place on Tuesday at the House of Representatives following the visit of the Kawu Baraje-led PDP and some members of the G-7 governors to the National Assembly? Why did they come to the floor of the House? The problem is not that of being denied the opportunity to present their case, it was the issue of brothers trying to sought-out some issues. As a result, I don’t see what happened as an issue. Ordinarily, what happened was not an issue and to me, it is not an issue. From your own point of view, what is the cause of the problem in PDP? There is no problem in the party. The party is divided into two factions - old PDP and new PDP; chicken and egg. What difference does it make? None. Anambra governorship election is not too far from now, how prepared is your party for it? My party is as prepared as every other party in Anambra State. My party is ever ready and as such, I would say, we are ready to take over and win back the state. Your party has conducted two separate primaries and there is a case in court over it. Don’t you think your party’s performances in the November 16 governorship election will be affected? How can that affect my party? This is not the first time we are having something like that. In 2003, Anambra State had some cases like that. In 2007, there were cases like that and in 2011, there were cases like that. So, the issue of having two candidates is not new to Anambra State. Besides, it is not just PDP that is having two candidates. Of course, APGA also has the issue of two candidates. So, it is left for INEC to determine who will be the party’s candidate during the election. The registration of the major opposition party in Nigeria, All Progressives Congress (APC), has been generating a lot of concern and Anambra State governorship election is seen as the first test for APC. How do you see the insinuation that no party would be able to compete with the APC? APC is made up of Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), All Nigerian Peoples Party (ANPP) and Congress for Progressives Change (CPC). Before now, in Anambra State, we used to have the ACN and ANPP. As a matter of fact, the APC as it is today cannot really say, Yes, we will win it. The two parties (ACN and ANPP) and other parties have always been there in


Anambra State and PDP has always been there and you can see that PDP is still PDP. After the conduct of primaries, you will see some people who are aggrieved and who will still want to try as much as possible to go over to some of these other parties. So, as it is, being a testing ground or first baptism of fire for the APC coming to Anambra State, it is welcome. They have their strategies; they have their own issues to deal with and PDP also has its own issues to deal with. APGA is there too. So, it is not just a contest between APC and PDP. If you look at it carefully and if you have been following the politics of Anambra State, you will understand what I am saying. APC is just coming to announce itself. How would you assess APGA government in Anambra State? What is there for me to assess? I am not in a position to asses the government. It is there for everybody to asses. I have my

opinion about the government and I have my reservation about the government. But I don’t have to make my opinion public. How do you see the agitation that Anambra North should produce the next governor and Governor Peter Obi seems to be in support of it considering that some of the heavyweights in the governorship race are from Anambra Central and Anambra South? If you would recall, I said that no one knows who the next Anambra State governor is. With what is playing out, we still cannot say who is going to be the next governor. So, we will just wait and see the publication by INEC and we would also wait to see what people’s would be to it. Although we, people in the politics of Anambra North, have our own challenges, but we still hope we will produce the next governor. What is your advice to the people of Anambra ahead of the November 16

governorship election? They should remain focused and realize that Anambra State remains our, no matter where you come from. We have to do everything we can within to get things right not just for us but for the future of our people. It is for our tomorrow; we have to get things right. How do you see the security situation in the country? Every situation and every time in the history of man, you have one challenge or the other to deal with. So, I see the issue of security as one of the challenges that this administration would still have to deal with. You cannot rule it out. We have some security challenges but it is not peculiar to Nigeria. With the security agencies, we are making some headway. So, it is something that with time, it would be dealt with. They are not magicians; they are people like me and you. It is something that they will have to deal with gradually.

Saturday Mirror


September 21, 2013


Now that Senate backs national conference… CONTINUED FROM PAGE 13 to commence at the National Theatre, Lagos on September 6, 1990. But as delegates converged for the historic conference platoons of soldiers stormed the venue and violently aborted the assembly. The refusal of the government to hold a national conference despite several campaigns for it forced some prominent Nigerians to form the Pro National Conference Organisation (PRONACO). The group, led by the late elder statesman and nationalist, Pa Anthony Enahoro, in 2005 organised a national conference in Lagos. The conference was attended by eminent leaders and ethnic nationalities groups in Lagos. The organisation came up with a document which presented to the public as a draft constitution. But despite the success of the conference, the document remains on the shelf, gathering dust. Giving consideration to the idea of a national conference, the administration of former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, in 2005, held a National Political Reform Conference (NPRC) headed by Justice Niki Tobi, but the conference was not regarded by many as a national conference. Despite the huge amount of resources and time put into the NPRC, which was held in Abuja in July 2005, Nigerians are still waiting for the effects of the conference on the nation. Still displeased that all the efforts to convene a national conference have not yielded any effort, many Nigerians, especially civil society groups and human rights activists are campaigning vigorously for the convocation of a national conference as soon as possible. Some of them are even suggesting that the conference should hold before Nigeria’s Centenary celebration in 2014. Among those that are the forefront of the campaign for a national conference is the Alhaji Tanko Yakassai-led Nigerian National Summit Group (NNSG) and Prof. Ben Nwabueze-led Nigeria Political Summit Group (NPSG). Both groups, in the last few months, have been holding meetings across the country, strategising on how a national conference can be convened as soon as possible. But while some people believe that holding a national conference will proffer solutions to the mirage of problems in Nigeria some are of the view that it portends danger to the continuous existence of Nigeria, considering the ember of disunity being fanned by those calling for the disintegration of Nigeria. There are also sharp differences among people over what modalities the conference should take. While some are of the view that the outcome of the conference can be tinkered with, some are of the view that the conference should be ‘Sovereign,’ thereby preventing the government from changing or amending the report of the conference. To many people, having a Sovereign National Conference will prevent the government from doctoring its report, but some believe it will tactically render the National Assembly, which is constituted constitutionally to make law, not functioning.

Now that the Senate has backed the convocation of a national conference, definitely many Nigerians will be looking forward to its reality as soon as possible. It is believed that the Senate’s position has given credence to the need for Nigerians to sit at a roundtable to discus. Speaking to Saturday Mirror on the importance of the national conference, the spokesman of the Yoruba socio-political group, Afenifere, and Save Nigeria Group (SNG), Mr. Yinka Odumakin, said that holding a national conference would bring down the tension in the country. His words: “We need to discuss; we need to bring down the tension in the country. The structure of the government at the moment does not guarantee peace and peaceful co-existence because we have not addressed what kind of nation we want. Are we one people? How do we live together? We have not addressed those issues. Every time people are calling for national conference those who are benefitting from these iniquities are the ones saying that it is a nogo-area. But these issues are tearing us into pieces. “We need to sit down and discuss; and for those who don’t want to discuss, as we go now, there is discussion going on that is not healthy for the country. Terrorists are having their dialogue with

the bombs they are throwing all over the place. Kidnappers, assassins and armed robbers are also having their own dialogue, kidnapping people for ransom. But for the genuine representatives of Nigerian to come together, discuss and lay a template for Nigeria to flourish, that is what people who are reaping from the present crises don’t want. Until we do that this country cannot have peace. “The Nigerian crises will mature to a point that it is the cabals that will be begging people to come and talk. We have a lot of situations going on in the country today. The crisis is consuming everybody. So, for those who are still resisting talks now, a point would come such that they themselves would be the one begging for people to come and talk.” Senate President, David Mark, is of the view that the idea of a national conference is not without inherent and fundamental difficulties. According to him, some of the difficulties of organising a national conference are the problem of its structure and composition, which he said will stretch the letters and spirit of the constitution and severely task the ingenuity of the nation’s constitutionalists. Mark also advised that: “Such a conference, if and whenever convened should have only few red lines, chief among, which would be the dismemberment of the country.” Okunniyi noted that a proposed mo-

dality and roadmap for a profound national consultation and dialogue have been prepared by the Nigeria Consensus Group to enable government kick start the process of convening a constituent assembly in earnest and without hitch, stating further that it would be more beneficial to the country if the proposed political conference can hold before 2015 elections. “The summit group, in conjunction with the Nigeria Consensus Group of Project Nigeria, is ready to work with the National Assembly in bringing about a negotiated political reconciliation and consensus for the country, having already carried out enormous research and consultations on the subject of national question and healing for the country. “With this very cheering support for a national conference coming from the National Assembly, we believe that the final obstacle before the Nigerian presidency has been removed and there will be no more alibi for government not to convene this national family meeting as soon as possible,” he said. The groups however charged President Goodluck Jonathan not to waiver in giving necessary support to the National Assembly to set in motion the machinery for holding the much desired national conference. But will this call be heeded?

‘PDP crisis: Combatants not fighting for Nigerians’ interests’ TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE


he Executive Secretary of the Nigerian National Summit Group (NNSG), Mr. Tony Uranta, has attributed the ongoing crises in the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to efforts at acquiring more political powers ahead of 2015 by the combatants in the crises. Speaking to some selected journalists in Lagos, Uranta said that none of the combatants is fighting for Nigeria’s interest and in favour of the Nigerian people. The NNSG Executive Secretary also warned those tendering the Arab Spring violence as the solution to crisis in the country to be wary of the multiethnic and wide class difference of Nigeria, saying such spring would be more brutal and bloody in Nigeria. His words: “I have met severally with Governor Rotimi Ameachi of Rivers State. I have seen the president and I have spoken to all parties. I want to say here that the problem in Rivers was a breakdown of communication and I want both parties to adopt conflict resolution method to end the crisis. You cannot keep yourself in the trenches and expect changes. “The most important thing is that all Nigerians must remember that none of


the combatants is talking about Nigeria. They are talking about themselves. If the fight is because Nigeria is not getting good governance, good water or education that is understandable but right now they are only fighting about where they can get more power, political power and not necessarily in favour of the people.” Commenting on last week Wednesday sack of nine ministers in the cabinet shake-up of the Federal Executive Council, Uranta commended the cabinet shake-up, noting that more non-performing ministers should still be removed for

better effectiveness of the current administration. Speaking on the high rate of kidnapping in Nigeria, Uranta said it was a reflection of how bad the situation in Nigeria had gone. His words: “The level of kidnapping now has no ideological basis or cause that anybody is fighting for. It is just pure money making. And while we all advocate like Mike Oziekhome rightly said that government must fight poverty and so on, if it took 60-70 years to bring us to this level of poverty or 30 years of massive corruption, we are not going to resolve it in five or eight years. We have to be realistic. “What has to be done is that policing has to be closer to the people and more effective because they have to be better trained and better motivated. That is the only way we can go about it. Kidnapping as well as most crimes in Nigeria is just a reflection of how bad our nation has got.” The NNSG scribe, while expressing his view on the state of the nation and the need for peace, unity and progress in Nigeria, urged all Nigerians to support President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration. “What I will enjoin every Nigerian to do is to join hands in supporting President Jonathan not because of him but because of tomorrow and Nigeria,” he advised.


September 21, 2013

Saturday Mirror


Saturday Mirror

September 21, 2013


Islam’s answer to Miss World

Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola of Nigeria crowned Miss Muslimah 2013

Miss Muslimah 2013 being crowned

Miss Muslimah World 2013, Nigeria’s Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola collects her crown, trophy and flowers, and thanks the audience in Indonesia


Nigerian has been crowned Muslim Miss World in the final of a beauty pageant organised by a women’s group in direct response to the mainstream Miss World competition taking place in Indonesia. Twenty-one-year-old University of Lagos student, Obabiyi Aisha Ajibola, beat 19 other contestants to emerge Muslimah Queen 2013 on September 18, 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Obabiyi, who tearfully knelt down, prayed and recited Quranic verses when she was announced winner of the contest said it was “thanks to almighty Allah” that she had won the contest. She received 25 million rupiah ($2,200) and trips to Mecca and India as prizes. Ajibola had said before the final that the event was “not really about competition.” “We’re just trying to show the world that Islam is beautiful,” she said. Miss Muslimah World contest, which was organised by the World Muslimah Foundation, a Muslim women’s group, and held in Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta was a protest to the traditional contest being held in Bali this month. The annual Muslim event - now in its third year - is held exclusively for Muslim women, who are assessed not only on their appearance (in Islamic dress) but also their piety, religious knowledge and understand-

Nigerian Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola salutes in front of other contestants during the final of the 3rd Miss World Muslimah 2013 contest in Jakarta, Indonesia

ing of the Koran by judges and an audience made up of religious scholars and devout Muslims. Organisers say the pageant is meant to challenge the idea of beauty put forward by the British-run Miss World pageant, and to also show that opposition to the event could be expressed non-violently. Eka Shanti, who founded the pageant three years ago, after losing her job as a TV news anchor for refusing to remove her headscarf, describes the contest as “Islam’s answer to Miss World.” “This year, we deliberately held our event just before the Miss World final to show that there are alternative role models for Muslim women,” Shanti said. “But it’s about more than Miss World. Muslim women are increasingly working in the entertainment industry in a sexually explicit way, and they become role models, which is a concern. “Muslimah World is a beauty pageant, but the requirements are very different from Miss World - you have to be pious, be a positive role model and show how you balance a life of spirituality in today’s modernised world.” The finalists, from Iran, Malaysia, Brunei, Bangladesh, Nigeria and Indonesia, paraded Islamic fashions in what, according to Shanti, is an opportunity to show young Muslim women they do not need to show

their “immodest” parts - including their hair and bare shoulders - to be beautiful. The pageant, which also featured bright Indonesian Islamic designer wear, is a starkly different way of protesting Miss World than the violent approach taken by Islamic radicals. Shanti said she did not support hardliners’ calls to cancel the Miss World contest. “We don’t just want to shout ‘no’ to Miss World. We’d rather show our children they have choices. Do you want to be like the women in Miss World? Or like those in Muslimah World?” she said. Hosted by Dewi Sandra, an Indonesian actress and pop star who recently hung up her racy dresses for a headscarf, the pageant featured both Muslim and pop music performances, including one about modesty, a trait the judges sought in the winner. More than 500 Muslim women entered this year’s contest online, with 20 finalists chosen by judges. Entrants were asked to talk people through their path to the religion and what wearing a headscarf meant to them. Meanwhile in Bali, the mainstream pageant was subject to protests by hard-line Muslims within the world’s most populous Muslim country, even though organisers relented and agreed to cancel the bikini round. Moreover, its final, which is billed to hold on September 28, 2013, was due to take place

in Jakarta, but it has now been agreed that the whole pageant will take place in Bali, a Hindu-majority island, where armed police are on high alert following warnings that the contest could be a target for terror attacks. Meanwhile in Bali, the mainstream Miss World contestants have been warned about possible terror attacks Following protests around Indonesia opposing the Miss World competition taking place in Bali, contestants have warned to be vigilant against possible terror attacks on the island. The British, US and Australian Embassies in Jakarta have warned the women taking part - three of whom are from the UK - that extremist groups may be planning to disrupt the pageant. The competition final takes place in Bali on 28 September. Kirsty Heslewood from England, Gabrielle Shaw from Wales and Meagan Green from Northern Ireland are representing Britain in the competition. The British Embassy said that “local Islamist vigilante groups have threatened to hold large-scale demonstrations to disrupt the Miss World pageant”, adding that “extremist groups may also be planning to attack the event.” Terrorist bombs killed 202 people in Bali in 2002, 30 of whom were British.





y name is Nweke Chibueze. I was employed at Hongxing Steel on January 5, 2010. The sad incident took place in April 2012 and I have been in this hospital since then,” the badly charred figure on the bed managed to mumble. Mere beholding what is now left of Chibueze on that narrow hospital bed rends the heart. He has been reduced to a grotesque and pathetic form of his former ebullient self. Counting from the April 2012 date he mentioned as being the ill-fated day, it takes no particular skill in the science of computation to conclude that he has been held hostage in his hospital bed for the past 17 months by the company he had toiled for and got scald in the process. How did Chibueze who was bubbling with life and high hope of working hard to settle down and get himself a wife, suddenly become a shadow of his old self ? Chibueze works for Hongxing Steel Company Limited, a Chinese company which specializes in iron smelting, located at 60C, Amuwo Odofin Industrial Scheme, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos. And that he did until the day he had the accident. Chibueze ws badly burnt from head to toe. Now, he is partially blind, courtesy of the fire. Also, he needs to do a comprehensive corrective surgery. To all these, answers have not been given. But how did all this happen? “I was working where the irons are smelted in the factory. So, on that fateful day, I was evacuating some of the smelted irons when I got terribly burnt. It was a very sad day for me. The pain was just unbearable. As you can see, the fire has condemned me to nothing. It affected my two eyes and I can no longer see properly. I only see faintly with one of my eyes. My hands, trunk down to my legs were burnt. How would I manage my life now? I am not married yet,” he lamented at a private hospital in Festac Town, Lagos. Apart from being a man carrying bodily pains, Chibueze is also a very angry and sad man. not only that, he is disillusioned. “I am a man and I need to take care of myself. I need to get married and take care of my family. But look at me. Is this how I will live my life? Will I live my life in the hospital? “It seems to me that I have been abandoned here” he said in an alarmed tone. Chibueze also alleged that the company wants him dead. Asked if the company had bothered to make arrangement for a corrective surgery on him, he said: “I have asked them to do so. They wanted to take me to China for the treatment but they insisted that I would not go with anybody. They said that I must go alone with them to China. This condition and their insistence on it scare me. I fear for my life, leaving Nigeria to a country I don’t know, without a family member or friend accompanying me.” Chibueze insisted that aside taking care of his medical bills, the company ought to compensate him adequately for the physical damage he suffered while working for it. He however alleged that although the company has the financial capacity to pay what he asked for, it seems unwilling to do so.

September 21, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Occupational hazard:

Man spends 17 months in hospital

• Cries out: ‘They want to kill me’ •No, we want him to regain his sight –Chinese firm Strong, strapping Nnweke Chibueze left home for work, Hongxing Steel, a Chinese owned iron smelting firm, located at 60C, Amuwo Odofin Industrial Scheme, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos one morning in August 2012. He has never returned home since. He has since been lying injured at a private hospice in Lagos.


“I have told them to compensate me because I have been rendered useless by the burn but they have refused to do so. I have asked them to speak to my representative who has been pursuing my cause since the incident happened but they have refused to do so, insisting that they don’t want him to be part of my cause again. They said that they want to deal with me one-on-one. They want to kill me. That is their plan. They want to eliminate me.

“We are seeking N30million Naira compensation from them but they said that they don’t have such money. I don’t believe them. They do but they don’t just want to compensate me for what I have suffered while working for them. They have abandoned me here. I have been suffering here. They want me to die here. I think that is their plan. Six people have died in that company while carrying out their duties. May be they would have been

happy if I were dead”. Who has been taking care of Chibueze in his 17-month sad sojourn in the hospital? “They just abandoned me here. The first surgery was carried out on me in August 2012 and since then, nothing has been done. The doctor said that there is bad blood in my brain and I need a surgery to evacuate it. They called it blood vacuolization. I also need a cornea transplant. But the doctors said that the transplant cannot be done until the blood in my brain blurring my vision is evacuated. It is a 50-50 operation. The company proposed China for the surgery. But the fact that they are insisting on my going alone without anybody accompanying me is just suspicious and scary. Leaving Nigeria alone to a country I have not been to, to undergo such a major surgery that involves ‘tearing’ my brain to evacuate blood and other transplant needed without a family member or close friend accompanying me, is just too risky for me. “I have been abandoned here. I don’t eat regularly. Sometimes, I would not have money to even cut my hair for as long as three months. If I called them, they would decline my calls,” he alleged. Even with the high risk involved in his job, the remuneration seems to be at parallel. “I don’t know about other workers but we at the fire (iron smelting) section do not have a fixed and basic salary. They pay us on the basis of earn-as-you-work. Sometimes, we can earn like N40,000 at the end of the month. Sometimes, the salary can be as high as N50,000. The salary is not fixed. It fluctuates according to how the Chinese owners think that you have worked for the month. “As you are melting the iron, if you can ‘cook’ (smelt) like 10 pots in a day, that would amount to 15 tons and with that, each person involved in the smelting would earn for that day, like N2000. That is how the Chinese people fix it. It is a target-oriented job. We are paid according to how we have been considered to have worked”. But have the workers seen their CONTINUED ON PAGE 19

Saturday Mirror


September 21, 2013


Man spends 17 months in hospital CONTINUED FROM PAGE 18 conditions of service as slavish? He fumed: “It is a terrible setting. The Chinese expatriates make mockery of us. As we are working, they would be kicking our behind as if we were goats. But the firm’s Public Relations Officer of the company, Udonsen Udoma debunked the allegation that Chibueze has been abandoned in the hospital while assuring that he would receive adequate medical care. “He has been in the hospital for months now, as you said. However, the company did not abandon him. The company is doing everything possible to make sure that he regains his sight. If he was abandoned, he would not have been in the hospital. He has been in Saint Jude and the company has been taking care of the bills. As I am talking to you, arrangement has already been put in place by the company for him to undergo a surgery at Eye Foundation, Ikeja. Even before now, he has undergone surgeries and the company took care of them. I believe his problem is that he has met some people that are ill advising him because, right from the onset, the company has been with him,” Udoma stated. Despite Chibueze’s position that factory workers in the company are not on fixed salary, the PRO claimed that irrespective of Chibueze’s precarious condition, he is still on the company’s payroll, all aimed at assuaging his pains. “The company is taking good care of him. Even till date, he is still on the company’s payroll to make sure that he

Iron smelting factory

has something to fall back at every month. So, if he is neglected or if the company is not doing anything about his health, he would not have been in the hospital in the first place. “We are sorry for what happened but accident is inevitable. When such

things happen, they are now left for the organisation to take responsibilities, which we are doing. So, if he is saying that the company has neglected him, I will assure you that we have not. We are doing everything possible to make sure that he regains his sight,” Udoma assured.

Reacting to Chibueze’s fear and claim that he was billed for brain surgery in China but was aborted due to the company’s insistence that he goes for the surgery alone, Udoma said that “nobody would say such a thing. The company did not say so. We arranged for that operation but the guy insisted …. I don’t want to go into the details because he wants us to keep it secret. He insisted that he wants to leave the hospital. We are doing everything according to the law. We are not hiding anything. If we are, he would not have been in that hospital.” According to the PRO, workers in the company have insurance coverage and Chibueze is not an exception. “Before he had that accident, he was insured. All the workers here have insurance cover. You can verify that from NFITS. We have our records with them. So, we are doing everything possible to make sure that Chibueze regains his sight,” he insisted. The workers labour within a blazing working environment that requires utmost medical attention and safety. There are allegations that some workers’ life had been cut short while working in the factory. Asked the company’s safety concern for the worker, he said that “there are plans in place and the company has upgraded so many things. This is a factory and accidents do happen. It is now left for the company to minimise such occurrence. And we have deployed all necessary technology available to ensure the safety of our workers.”

‘The Employees Compensation Act of 2010 provides for compensation’


hat is the position of the law on employer/employees’ relationship and condition of service, especially in relations to factory workers, care and compensation in case of factory accidents? There are laws guiding terms and conditions of service of employees and employers’ relationships and responsibilities to the workers. But let me start by saying that the establishment of a company is basically the responsibility of the Corporate Affairs Commissions. There are requirements for the registration of a company. So, most of the foreign owners of companies maltreating Nigerians come in as expatriates, use Nigerians to register their companies. However, there is no law backing casual workers. Several companies in Nigeria are guilty of this. The problem we have in Nigeria is that these companies, especially those owned and operated by Lebanese, Indians, Chinese, do connive with their Nigerian counterparts to perpetrate inhuman acts on Nigerians. What would be the position of the law on the treatment and or compensation of a young man who had a factory accident, suffered severe burn and has been hospital-

Justice Uhuegbu, Lagos based human rights lawyer


ised for the past 17 months,? The first thing the company should do is to save his life. What I mean by that is to take the young man to the hospital, take care of his hospital bills and give him the best medical attention he needs to make him whole. In fact the truth is that, if the boy was to be a top official of the company, he would have been flown abroad for good medical attention. Why this boy is still languish-

ing in the hospital is because they regard him as a commoner. That is work place discrimination which we have been fighting against. The workers are all stakeholders working towards the prosperity of the company and must be treated equally well. This man is a human being and for whatsoever reason, he is supposed to be treated well. If the hospitals in Nigeria cannot adequately take care of his condi-

tion, the company is supposed to fly him abroad where he can be properly treated. Again, his salary is supposed to be subsisting because he is still a staff of the company; he sustained the injury while working for the company. So he should not be treated anyhow. If the accident caused him any permanent disability, the Employees Compensation Acts of 2010 provides for the compensation of the worker, provided he is a staff, working for the company, the injury occurred in the process of working for the company, within the company or even while he was going home from the company, vis-a-viz the connections to the company. But the problem we have is that people don’t want to obey the law. Some of the companies seem to be above the law. And the problem, is like I said before, these foreigners cannot perpetrate these crimes against Nigerian workers without the active collaborations of Nigerians. Nigerians have always been the heads of administration; Nigerians have always been the human resources managers. The question we should ask these administrators is that, what are the welfare packages and incentives for workers in these factories?



September 21, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Housewife poisons stepson with rat killer That Olabisi Adebola loved her stepson is a fact all her neighbours never hesitate to attest to. But the 35 years old woman has now become a fugitive on account of this boy she so much loved. SEGUN ADIO


housewife, Olabisi Adebola (not real names) has reportedly fled to her family in Iwo town, Osun State, after she allegedly poisoned her stepson. Olabisi, 33, lives with her second husband she married in 2008. After her first marriage which crashed in 2002, Olabisi re-married Lateef Adebola, and both of them live at Ijagun, in Ogun State. But before 41-year-old Lateef met Olabisi, he had been married to one Iyabode who bore him a son, Akeem. The union crumbled in 2008. It was that same year he married Olabisi. However, when his first marriage crashed, Lateef took custody of the only product of the union, Akeem. And so since the breakup of his parents in 2008, the young boy had lived with his father and stepmother. It was reported that since she moved into the house, Olabisi, who did not have any child from her previous marriage, took Akeem as her own, a situation which neighbours attested to adding that Olabisi so loved and showered affection on her stepson that they soon became inseparable. It was said that Olabisi had on many occasions even claimed to be the mother of the boy. Sadly, Akeem’s adopted mother is now on the run after she reportedly mistakenly poisoned the boy leading to his untimely death. On Thursday, 29 August, 2013, Akeem suddenly took ill and was diagnosed with diarrhoea. Olabisi, apparently not favourably disposed to taking the boy to the hospital, dashed to the market to get a local herb to cure the ailment. Olabisi returned home with two items: One, an antidote to diarrhoea and the second a rat killer. Both

SHE BOUGHT THE TWO WRAPS FROM THE MARKET BUT THEY WERE FOR DIFFERENT PURPOSES. IT SEEMED THAT INSTEAD OF APPLYING THE ONE MEANT TO CURE THE SICKNESS OF THE BOY, SHE PROBABLY DID NOT READ THE INSCRIPTION ON THE LABEL, AND WENT AHEAD TO APPLY THE RAT KILLER herbs were reportedly wrapped in the similar brown envelops of same shape and size, but with inscriptions clearly written on them. It was reported that when Olabisi got home, she hurriedly prepared pap for the sick boy aiming to administer the medicine meant for it. Apparently unknowingly, however, Olabisi wrongly administered the drug: instead of the anti-diarrhoea drugs, she applied the rat killer into a bowl of pap and gave it to the boy. It was reported that immediately the boy took the pap, he fell into a deep sleep and that was the time Olabisi had to see some of her customers in the neighbourhood. Barely 10 minutes after she left home, a co-tenant came into her one-room apartment to see

how the boy was faring. The co-tenant reportedly found Akeem foaming in his mouth and rolling on the floor. The woman immediately ran out of the house and raised the alarm to attract attention to the scene. Olabisi was called on her telephone to the development back home. She raced back home to see Akeem foaming in the mouth with some people trying to apply first aid to him. The boy died while being rushed to the hospital. Kolawole Ajani, is an estate agent in the neighbourhood where the incident happened. Though reluctant to comment on the issue, he narrated what he saw inside Olabisi’s apartment. “It was one of their neighbours

that ran out of the house and raised the alarm. It was then some of us ran inside to see what was wrong. We then discovered that the boy’s mother gave him rat poison instead of the antidote for diarrhoea,” he said. Another co-tenant and friend of the Adebolas, who was also at the scene of the incident, claimed that the woman was impatient to read the inscriptions on the two envelops when she wanted to mix it with the pap. According to the woman, who did not want her name in print, “Mama Akeem bought the two wraps from the market but the two were for different purposes. It seemed that instead of applying the one meant to cure the sickness of the boy, she probably did not read the inscription on the label, and went ahead to apply the rat killer.” The father of the dead boy refused to comment on the incident. A friend of his, identified as Olasupo, however, claimed that Olabisi had fled home and was reported to have gone to her parents in Iwo, Osun State. “The father of the boy is distraught at the moment. But we hear that the woman had run to her village in Iwo. But with what we got, the act must have been a mistake and not a deliberate action. Whatever the case is, we are keeping it a family affair,” he said.




Woman How I beat childlessness

窶的feoma Emekwe

Relationships Wh When your partner goes on sex strike

Fashion 窶「Plain and patterned

Sex talk Sex after the baby: How early is too fast?


...Sweet and sultry



September 21, 2013

I used to be a bus driver –Deji Falope Deji Falope is flying high nowadays as a prominent entertainment ainment personality. ame. He however As host of several high profile shows, he is a household name. lways this confirmed to OSEYIZA OOGBODO that things were not always rosy for him.


s it really true that you were once a commercial bus driver? I can only say that my story was written by God Himself. I come from a comfortable background but circumstances led us through hard times. I knew I had to drag myself out of the misery, but to do that, there were lots of challenges. I knew I had the talent to be a presenter, as I have always had a flair for entertainment, but there was no one to mentor or support me. I remember when I got a deal to present a 10-minute show on DBN, I did not even have money to transport myself to the studio and I had to trek from UNILAG to Victoria Island, and the day was supposed to be my first day on air. It was when I got there that I heard that the programme had been postponed. After a while, I decided to refurbish my mum’s rickety bus and immediately it was roadworthy, I took to the streets. I did not even have complete papers and because I was on TV, I would use a face cap to cover my face while driving. But I couldn’t hide for long. Some passengers would recognise me and ask if I was the one on television. However, I wouldn’t say anything but just continue driving. The big break came with MTN and the rest is history.

What’s the latest about you? I have been focusing more on the business side of entertainment and media. Of course, my baby, the MTN Y’ello Top 10 Countdown, which I host, is still on air every Friday. It is possibly the biggest show on radio worldwide, though it is adjudged the biggest in Africa. My focus now is more on business than the shows. I have also been travelling quite a bit, securing materials for various clients. If you are focused more on the business side of entertainment, how far with your music career which you commenced some way back? If you had asked that some years ago, I would have told you that it’s very much alive. But today, I am successful doing other things. I won’t sacrifice all that to be a musician. It is very much in me but I am more of a realist. To record a song and push it out takes a lot of time, and the question is do I have that time? So what do you really do in the business side? Promotions, production, movie making, what? We are not yet into movie making, but we are fully into production. Many of the adverts you see on television today are shot and produced by us. We have a multimedia studio where we do everything from editing to animation and post-production in general. We also work on various television shows. What we do is that we offer cheaper and better quality alternatives to clients and that seems to be working for us. We might delve into movies later. If we get a movie job now, we have all the equipment to shoot a high definition product, so we will take it on. Already, we have worked on various music videos and short movies. You are heavily into television, and many

people complain about ut the programmes on TV. What’s hat’s your own view of them? They could be a lott better. I mean, that is why DStv tv and the rest don’t pay producers ers much. But in details, looking ng at the business, it’s booming g madly. Considering content, Nigeria is among the top 10 across ross the world. Wale Adenuga Productions, Tajudeen Adepetu tu and others have contributed ed immensely to the growth of the industry. There is still a lot to be done though, but there ere is a new crop of young Nigerians gerians that will take the industry ustry to the next level. We will get et there. You are one of the he hottest bachelors in town. Why aren’t you married yet? Well, I don’t like talking ing too much about my personal life and relationships. This is because it has to do with more than one person. erson. I may say something and the other party may not like it. So for now, what I will say is that when I am a about to get married, I will let you kn know. know o . In fact, I will give you exclusive details. IItt co could be this year, it could be next, it’s all in G God’s od’s od hands. You had problems with your girlfriend a couple of years ago. o. What really happened? Well, that’s one story y I would rather forget. Let’s just say, I have learnt nt a lesson that I didn’t even know life had a class for. So now, I am very careful about everything rything and everyone. I have drawn closer to God and thank Him for the lesson, so that I don’t go through the experience again. As they hey say, if something that ought to cut your head off only takes off your cap, quietly and d calmly thank God, pick up your cap and go home to family. What did you learn from the accident you had on your power er bike? I learnt to be very careful areful when I’m riding. I’m still riding but ut I’m very careful. But I’m bored with bikes kes these days, and the roads are also not helping elping matters. What is your advice ice for Nigerians? We all need to get closer ser to God. In whatever I do, I put Him im first. It’s not just about being religious, eligious, but being actually close to Him. Many people do not really believe that heaven and hell are real, l, but they are.

Saturday Mirror


Saturday Mirror


September 21, 2013

Paul Can Personally finally help P-Square win …P-Square too the international awards eluding them? proposes I M t has been a long time coming for P-Square. But this might just be the year when they finally win the awards that are missing from their achievements roster. As highly talented and successful as they are, though they’ve sold out many concerts worldwide, they’ve failed to win any of the international awards available to African artists: MOBO, MTV EMA and BET. They’ve been nominated severally before, but they’ve never won any. And while they haven’t, 2face, D’Banj, 9ice, Nneka, Wizkid, Ice Prince have won one or more between them and are better rated internationally thereby. From every indication however, P-Square are set to win at least one of these major international awards this year as their latest monster hit, Personally, which is dedicated to

Michael Jackson and featured Jackson’s popular dance steps is really doing well internationally. Since the video’s release, Jackson’s elder brother, Jermaine, has commended them on it and even Manchester United football star, Robin van Persie, has said that he is a PSquare fan. Now, the international acclaim has paid off because they’ve been nominated for the MTV EMA Best African Act category alongside Wizkid, Fuse ODG, Mafikizolo and LCNVL. They were also nominated for America’s Soul Train Music Awards best international performance category alongside Iyanya, Emeli Sande, Bunji Garlin and Machel Montano. So will all the international praise help them finally win an internationally rated P-Square: Paul (left) and Peter award?

D’Banj, 2face finally shoot I’m Feeling Good video


igeria’s most successful contemporary artists, 2face Idibia and D’Banj, have finally commenced work on the extremely anticipated video of their duet, I’m Feeling Good. Though the song has actually been

out for quite some time now, its lack of a video, as befitting a song by two such megastars, hindered its progress. Now that D’Banj has shared photos of the video shoot which took place in London, it’s just a matter of time before the video will hit the airwaves t.

eanwhile, Paul, one-half of P-Square, has followed the step his twin, Peter, the other half of P-Sqaure, took recently by proposing to Lola Omotayo, his girlfriend of many years and mother of his two children. Paul too has proposed to his own long time girlfriend and baby mama as well, Anita Isama. But while Peter proposed with a Range Rover Evoque, Paul chose to propose with two rings. Anita didn’t mind the absence of an SUV, though. She was quite happy and immediately broadcasted her good fortune to the world through her social media pages.

Dillish gets new car gift from boyfriend … meets father finally




ood things just can’t stop coming the way of Big Brother The Chase winner, Dillish Matthews. After winning the keenly contested reality show against all expectations, she announced that she was looking for her father, and he surfaced immediately. They arranged to meet at her birthday party which held during the week in her base, Namibia, and it was a happy meeting for both father and child. That wasn’t all, though. Her boyfriend, Steven, also presented her with a brand new saloon car as her birthday gift and she couldn’t hide her joy over it.

NBC ban aids Wizkid, Phyno in popularity ratings


hen the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission sent a circular to radio stations warning to stop playing Wizkid/Maleek Berry’s The Matter and Phyno’s Man Of The Year, the NBC’s intention was probably to prevent the said songs from circulation. But with all songs that the NBC hammer falls on, the reverse has been the case. Since the NBC hammered both songs, demand for them has increased online and

their popularity has increased. Commenting on the NBC’s action, an entertainment pundit said the NBC is not really doing its job well as the songs should have been banned before even receiving any radio airplay, not afterwards. In her own case, on-air personality Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi advised artists to record songs that would be family friendly or do radio edits of their songs that have explicit contents.




September 21, 2013

Saturday Mirror



Sensational six make it to PFWA

season six grand finale





lawale, Roland, Omolayo, Margaret, Niniola and Immaculate have been announced as the six lucky contestants that have made it to the grand finale of this year’s Project Fame West Africa which is also season six of Nigeria’s most successful music talent hunt. Now known as the sensational six, they were able to scale through to the final when Simon and Jimoh became the last eliminated contestants when then they failed to escape the PFWA hangman’s nooses last Saturday. Having come far in the competition, Simon especially would have believed he would make it through to the final as he was always commended for his performances while Jimoh too would have fancied his chances. Their hopes were however dashed abruptly when they, Immaculate, Niniola and Roland were disclosed as the contestants with the least public votes to remain In the competition so they had to perform again to seek mercy from their fellow contestants, teachers and judges who had the fi-

Omolayo Terry G

Run Mad Artist: Terry G



nal power to save them. Sing, dance and perform for survival they did. And after doing the best they could, considering that they were under the pressure of losing out, so it would definitely affect them one way or the other, destiny reached out its hand and knocked out Simon and Jimoh when they were left standing alone, snubbed and denied by their fellow contestants, teachers and judges who preferred to save Roland, Niniola and Immaculate respectively. Now that the finalists are known, the question has now swung around to who will win the top prize and who are those who will win the three runner-up prizes

and who are the two who will finally lose out on any of the four prizes on offer on the final day? Speaking with Entervaganza, Olu Akinlabi, Head, Media & Publicity, Ultima Limited, PFWA’s producer, said, “That’s why the sensational six will have to keep working hard. Those who work hardest among them are those who will win the prizes so they have to keep working hard as getting to the final is not a guarantee that you will go home with a prize. We also advice the public to vote wisely for the best contestants so that it’s the most deserving of them that will win the lifechanging prizes available.”

MI’s contestant, DJ Switch, wins maiden X-Factor A

t the first live recording of Glo X-Factor, MI, one of the judges declared to the world that one of his contestants would win the music talent hunt. From the way he said it, and his demeanour throughout the duration of the competition, it was obvious that MI meant business and wanted to prove a point. He didn’t take criticisms of his contestants kindly, praised and hyped them to high heavens and was quick to point out the failings of his fellow judges’ contestants. All in all, MI’s attitude was that of Cristiano Ronaldo: “I want to win. I have no business with failure.” That strategy is working for Ronaldo. He is the highest paid footballer in the world and continues to break new grounds in football. For MI too, the strategy has definitely worked because his contestant, DJ Switch, has become the first-ever winner of the N24m, SUV and recording contract attached to winning the music competition.

While MI was totally businesslike about his duties in X-Factor, his fellow judges, Onyeka Onwenu and Reggie Rockstone trod paths similar-dissimilar to his. In her own case, Onwenu wenu also fought for her contestants nts but in a diplomatic way. Rockckstone however projected himself elf as someone who grateful to have ve even been appointed as judge of such a prestigious talent hunt so spent his time encouraging all the contestants. The X-Factor format is different from that of its rivals, Project Fame West Africa and Nigerian Idol. Its format is one whereby its judges personally mentor contestants so theirr contestants’ fates are indirectly ly in their hands. It is also open to groups and is not restricted to young people alone. And now that his contestant has won, MI must be feeling g quite smug with himself that he e said it and he did it.

As for Switch, it is two times lucky for her. She was a member of Da Pulse, the band that won another music talent hunt, Star Quest, in 2009, and went on to record the hit song, So Tey. She however went solo when they broke up, and has proven that she indeed has something to offer musically by winning X-Factor against her finalists, Vicky and Eshun, and the other talented acts: Pheel, Smooth Boiz, Princess Pat, Ankara Boi, Symphony and DNA Twins.

DJ Switch


Chorus You can only run, run, run (wola) Run, run, run, past Terry G When you run mad Awon ota mi wa, wa, wa Won le, le, le Won fe dabi Terry G They must to run mad Ebe lebe ehh ehh Ebe lebe lolo ehh ehh Ebe lebe lebe ehh ehh Won tiya were oh oh ehh Ebe lebe ehh ehh Ebe lebe baby oh yeah Won tiya were oh oh ehh Verse 1 When I step into the club The girls dem see me halla my name While some people hate oh yeah Join me jubilate Dem See me when we popping champagne Oya, See girls dem dey whine their waist You see Terry G Me no agitate When we sipping that shepe We mix am with dogo Oya fine fine girls whine oh Sexy girl whine your akpako Oya bi won lere Oya se woni were Oya omoge wa ka sere Oya oya oya oya whine akpako Chorus Verse 2 Koseni to le fi shampoo bo ju Koseni to le fi shampoo bo ju Rara ... Koma lo teri se ehhh Tobawu kowa fe bata fereketege Tobawu kofe fa feregegige Oya! Ina Olorun a jo won oo Se won ya were ni (craze) Abi se o ni were ni (now) To nwa gbori won wa ni Se won kawo lori ni Won fe bugegege Won fe beregege Won fe bugegege Olorun wa so wipe Ko ma lo terisi ehh Pe won a pari eh ...won a pari eh Won junkolo

Saturday Mirror


September 21, 2013


Orlando Julius, Yinka Davies, Tope Alabi

unite for charity



ighly respected singers Orlando Julius, Yinka Davies and Tope Alabi will unite in performance next week Saturday in a charity concert known as The Antioch Project and organized by the Church of the Lord (Aladura), Anthony Village, Lagos to raise funds for a hall the church is building for its host community’s use. The three music heavy-

weights will be supported by noteworthy gospel musicians including Seyi Solagbade, Ayanfe Jesu, Ebele the Flutist and The Antioch Choir while popular comedians Baba Gboin and MC Ajele will also thrill the expected guests with rib cracking jokes. Speaking about the project, its coordinator, Prince Adebola Adejobi, said, “The role of the Church is to reach out to help others in many ways so we are using music to bring awareness of our community

and mission to the world, and to extend our hands and hearts to give aid to those in need in the spirit of Christian love.” While the concert is free to the general public, donations will be collected. Prince Tony Momoh, Princess Tele Awofisayo, Hon. Babatunde Sofola, Hon. Ayodeji Joseph, Akin Adeoya, Declan Okpalaeke, Norbert Young, Ayodele Ojurongbe and Olawale Obadeyi are some of the dignitaries expected at the occasion.

i-Level Nite celebrates Fliptyce A

fter a successful hosting of turntable wizard, DJ Slam, last month, the monthly iLevel Celebrity Nite continues next week with famous music producer, Fliptyce, who has worked with Akon, P-Square, Faze, Bracket, May D and many other big-time music artists. The celebration, which holds next Friday at i-Level Lounge, Ogba, Lagos is a two-in-one affair as he will also mark his birthday at the hosting which is being held to recognise him for his indelible success in the music industry. Predictably, many artists, including Jaywon, Minjin, Dammy Krane, Danny Young, YQ, Az-Flow and Yemi Alade, have indicated their support of

Sean Tizzle

the celebration by saying they will be present there. Speaking, Fliptyce, who is most recognized for producing the P-Square


monster hit, Chop My Money, featuring May D, and its remix featuring Akon, said, “I’m really looking forward to it, and I’m happy that a lot of my celebrity

Fliptyce with P-Square in the studio

friends have promised to honour me with their presence. It is going to be fun as I will seize the opportunity to surprise all of them with my singing prowess as well.” i-Level Nite, which is powered by Square Image Associates, SIA, is targeted at celebrating entertainment personalities who have contributed their quota to the growth of the industry. It is also a platform for new artists to showcase themselves to their established counterparts and other industry movers and shakers. Apart from Chop My Money, some other hits produced by Fliptyce are YQ’s Sandalili, Faze’s Nkem and Am In The Mood, May D’s Ile Ijo and So Many Tinz, and Dammy Krane’s Ligali featuring Pasuma Wonder. He also runs a sound engineering and music production school and is signed to SoFly Music Group.

Sean Tizzle moves on from Sho Le


i ifference Entertainment artist Sean Tizzle has fia nally released the follown up video vide to that of his highly successful hit, Sho Le. cessfu The video, which is that of his recent release, Mama Eh, r was directed by Clarence and w Peters, was released during the Peter week, and immediately went week viral vira as his legion of fans have

been eagerly awaiting it. Mama Eh’s video, which officially confirms it as Tizzle’s followup single to his still-in-demand hit, Sho Le, comes at the point when his fans and the industry were beginning to question what his next step would be to consolidate on and maintain his Sho Le success. Just like Limpopo singer Kcee had to release Okoso to prove that

he still has a lot to offer after Limpopo, Tizzle too has been queried severally on if he can sustain his Sho Le success. And while the Mama Eh audio hasn’t gained ground like Sho Le, it was preferred by his fans over its co-release, International Badman, hence why he shot it into a video that can now aid its push to become a real success like Sho Le.


September 21, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Monalisa Chinda

encourages female prisoners


ne of Nigeria’s most attractive, successful and controversial actresses, Monalisa Chinda, took time out of her busy schedule last Sunday to reach out to women who are less privileged than her. Really intent on doing something definitely socially conscious, she just didn’t reach out to just any sort of less privileged but those in the unfortunate and frustrating circumstance of being imprisoned. So, shedding her glamorous jet set lifestyle for some hours, she called on the revered Kirikiri prison in Lagos with gift items that included edibles and clothes and presented them to the female inmates courtesy of her Arise Monalisa Foundation. She didn’t just present them with the essential items, though. She also mingled with them and did her best to inspire them so they would be able to change for the better and promised that she would have them in her heart and continue to reach out to them regularly. Chinda

Music bug bites Dayo Amusa


t’s official! Dayo Amusa is the latest actress to be bitten by the music bug. And the bug bit her so infectiously that she has released a song, Unforgivable, featuring Damz and produced by Psalm Jazzy. Acting and singing are related professions, and properly trained actors actually learn singing with acting, so maybe that’s why actresses always have the urge to go into music. Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, Darlene Benson and Ngozi Ezeonu are some of the actresses who have attempted music too. They all didn’t do well in it and were mostly condemned for their music efforts. Controversial actress, Tonto Dike, is one of their ilk who is defying the criticisms however to make something of herself musically. Though she has been brutally bashed online and in other mediums for her music aspiration, she has stuck to her guns. All the same, it can’t be said that she has made any real music impact, just that she and her Nollywood colleagues capitalise on their Amusa popular names to make some noise musically.

Muslimah World challenges Miss World


hen it comes to beauty pageants, Muslimah World is definitely not as popular and as prestigious as Miss World, Miss Universe and so

on. However, Muslimah World has one objective. It wants to prove to the world that beauty pageants, as they are mainly organized presently, is wrong, and therefore seeks to let the other pageants know they are wrong in their ways by setting the proper example for them..

At its own pageant which held last Wednesday in Jakarta, Indonesia, and was restricted to Muslim women, there was no swimsuit segment or revealing dresses. Rather, the contestants were all covered up and even had to recite from the Qu’ran. At the end of it all, a Nigerian lady, 21-year-old Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola, carried the day. She was chosen as the most beautiful Muslim woman in the world and was rewarded with cash and holiday trips as prizes.

Kate Henshaw

launches book for charity


ast Tuesday was a memorable one for Alist actress Kate Henshaw as she launched her photo book at the prestigious MUSON Centre. Based on her life, the book is appropriately titled, The World Of An Actress: My Story, and it contains pictures that tell the story of her life (at least the parts that she wants the world to know, someone joked). The launching was unsurprisingly a gathering of Nollywood’s finest. Funke Akindele, Rita Dominic, Chidi Mokeme, Charles Novia, Basorge Tariah Jnr, Susan Peter, Ibinabo Fiberesima, Chioma Chukwuka, Dakore Egbuson, Ireti Doyle, Chico and Joy Ejiro, Joke Silva, Monalisa Chinda and Segun Arinze were just some of those who represented Nollywood prominently. Other noteworthy guests were the comedians Ali Baba and Julius Agwu, Keith Richards and Ekiti State First Lady, Erelu Bisi Fayemi. Speaking, Henshaw, who is committed to several charity projects, said that she intends to “raise the much needed funds to support the charities with the proceeds from the sales of the book.”

Saturday Mirror


September 21, 2013

Adorables T



he feminine features of a woman make a man adore her at

one point or the other. But if you are to be pleasing to more than one man, you must be a regular user of outfits that

are designed to hide your flaws and celebrate your physical

endowments all of the time. One of such collections is what Tolu Adeosun, the Nigerian designer behind TAP designs tagged Adorables. It‛s a collection of pieces made to adorn and reveal the women‛s forms in the many shapes they may be. It seemed to be fabrics patchwork. For example, a velvet and African fabric dress was placed in stark contrast to the light airy effect created by the tulle. For some shapes, they are made fitted while for some they are made freer. For some, they are in simple tubes while for others, they are complete cover-ups. In short, you either like or don‛t like Adorable because there is just no inbetween. “In fact, you must be in love with yourself before you can pick a TAP outfit especially the adorable,” says Adeosun.

le StyGlam and

with Yemisi Adeniran




September 21, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Fashion Frenzy

Plain and patterned


lthough lth h patterned tt d wears h have b been around df for hunh

colours l lik like citrus it yellow, bright blue and red, just to give a notch

dreds of years, for many, they were considered too

to the outfit.

girly and feminine for the strong, modern woman.

The accessories

However, with the new breed of fashion designers

Keep it simple. Many geometric prints are unique and artistic.

and their unlimited creativity, patterned wears have recently

When correctly accessorised, they draw the eyes of passers-

experienced a resurgence in popularity. This new prominence is

by not only to the dress but also to the woman wearing it. Too

due in part to new colour combinations and to the bold accessories

much sparkling jewellery or too many competing statement pieces

that some designers and celebrities have paired with choice prints.

confuses the viewer‛s eye rather than pleasing it. Save your most

What then is new with today‛s patterned outfits? It is simply the

brilliant and interesting jewellery for plainer clothes and instead

stylish show of love for shapes and architectural designs that

choose simple pieces for your glamorous prints. For instance, studs

is displayed in triangular, squares, straight parallels and zig-zag

or hoop earrings ornament the ears without detracting from the

lines to create stylish outfits wearable only for the elegant career

rest of the outfit. A smaller purse or clutch will escape notice and

lady. The pieces may be in leopard prints, monochromes and bright

leave viewers free to notice the beautiful design of the dress.

Saturday Mirror

September 21, 2013




12 ways to achieve younger looking eyes (IV) •Dark Circles Tire You Out Dark circles are another tired-looking feature nobody wants, and is often difficult to cover up with makeup. The claims that one cream can completely cure a person of dark under-eye circles are misleading because there are multiple causes for dark circles. Some treatments are lifestyle changes such as more sleep, a healthier and well balanced diet, and to quit bad habits such as smoking. Smoking causes vascular, blood vessel, problems that can make the dark undereye circles more prominent. Vascular congestion can appear purple and may be associated with allergies; although it is significant to understand that some people are just born with more vessels than others beneath their eyes. Certain ethnicities are prone to dark undereye circles, predominantly seen in Indians and Hispanics. But everyone inevitably ages, and with that comes the loss of fat pads beneath the eyes, accentuating aging eyes. Under-the-eye hollowness then appears and creates a dark, unsightly shadow. Another important cause of under eye circles is allergies or eczema. Rubbing the eyelid skin can cause darkening of the eyelids. Avoid scrubbing washes on eyelids. If a patient has seasonal allergies and suffers from itchy eyes, the daily intake of an over-the-counter antihistamine such as Zyrtec or Allegra may be the right answer. •Thermage To Tighten Eyelids One of the most well known treatments for tightening and lifting the eyelid, reducing fine wrinkles above the eye and reduce hooding eyelids that characteristically droop, is Thermage. Thermage uses radiofrequency technology to deliver heat into the lower layers of the skin and tighten internally. The skin lifts and smoothes out wrinkles to renewal facial contours. Immediately after treatment, the skin may feel tighter, smoother and appear more youthful, and will increasingly tighten overtime because of the progressive collagen production. Results can last two years or longer depending upon the patient’s natural aging process.




September 21, 2013

Fashion Guest

Weird and out of the world as Adegbite Adennyke Hip may appear, she is one model whose profile has constantly added on different shades of bright and exciting colours. She tells YEMISI ADENIRAN how she has continually achieved this.

Saturday Mirror

‘My style is simple but artistic’

Adegbite Adennyke


hat attracted you to modelling? Curiosity and desire to showcase God’s special gift for me drove me into modelling. I know from a long time ago that there is a passion for something like this in me though I could not give it a definite explanation. I come from an academic and very strict background where all attention is dedicated to education and nothing less. It is just primary that you go to school and your first degree is not even enough, be you a lady or not. All the same, I knew I always love to be seen, to be outstanding and beautifully for that matter. I didn’t get to give an expression to this yarning in me until I began to model. What is your area of specialisation in modelling? My special area in modelling is runway, photography, magazines, commercials and I think i can do glamour modelling also but this is not really big in Africa. How accommodating is the industry especially for those of you just coming up? Competition is stiff but the industry, I will say, to a large extent, is receptive. There are people to put you through, people to learn from, people to see as mentor. The sky is wide enough for birds to fly and because of the exposure that is available to everyone and the industry particularly; climbing up the ladder is not going to be any big deal. Above all, one’s determination for success is an ingredient that will surely make a way no matter how competitive the industry may be. How do you describe your style? My style is bright and colourful because I am artistic. Besides, I am simple but love to be distinct. I hate to be like the crowd, I prefer to be outstanding.

Fashion Trivia Agbani Darego to launch denim line


igerian beauty queen and former Miss World, Agbani Darego, has added one more venture to her list of achievements. She will

be launching her own denim line called AD by Agbani Darego. This line will feature an affordable range of jeans, polo shirts and shirt dresses. The

jeans will also come in four styles named after Nigerian women. The trousers leg, classic cut, boyfriend jeans and skinny jeans will be named

Bola, Aisha, Ify, and Nosa respectively. According to Agbani, “AD by Agbani Darego is a line that caters to the ease we require of our personal style

and it has been a pleasure creating a line that’s intuitive to our body, style and pocket needs. I am excited about it and I hope that it will be well received.”

Saturday Mirror


September 21, 2013

Male Essentials


with Oseyiza Oogbodo w

Reverse your cap sense B

aseball caps were actually made to be worn with the peak over your face, shading it and protecting it from the sun or other elements. Some fashionable boys who rewrite fashion rules however elect to wear their baseball caps turned to the back so that the peak is over the back of their head instead. The amazing thing is that it doesn’t make those who do so look odd and out of place but sexy, fashionable, adventurous and gets them noticed. The style is one that you can also adopt, so long as you don’t do so with corporate attire, but casual and semiformal. Why not try it too, like the celebrities, Olamide, Reminisce, Jimmy Jatt, Skales and Sean Tizzle on this page?

6 basic steps to a custom made shirt (2) •Continued from last week 4) Get measured hether you’re shopping online or in-person for your custom made shirts, obtaining the correct measurements is of the utmost importance. Get this wrong and you botch the entire process. To avoid the situation in which you end up with a custom made shirt that looks like it was made for someone else, always have a tailor to take your measurements. If you plan on buying a custom made shirt online, go to your local tailor, pay him to take your measurements and then proceed. Request collar, chest, shoulder, halfshoulder, sleeve, waist, hip, and length measurements. Ensure that your tailor is measuring the largest circumference of any given area. For example, the tape should go around your Adam’s apple for a neck measurement and around your nip-


ples for your chest. Finally, if you normally wear a watch, bring it with you to your fitting and request that the tailor take your favourite accessory into account in your cuff measurement. As well, be as detailed as possible about how you like your shirts to fit. 5) Pay attention to detail When it comes to custom made shirts, the hallmarks of good craftsmanship can be found in the fabric, the buttons, the stitching, and the cut. Essentially, it’s the details that count. Although plastic buttons are still the most common, even in the custom made world, pearl buttons are the most revered and worth splurging on if you can afford them. On cuffs, gauntlet buttons and horizontal buttonholes are indicative of a superior shirt. With regards to stitching, the sides of a custom made shirt should always be hand-sewn rather than fused as hand-sewing results in a more durable product. Furthermore, seams should be smooth, with only one

line of visible stitching on the side, and free of puckering. If your shirt is striped, the pattern should be properly aligned everywhere. The collars on a top quality custom made dress shirt should be firm with no wrinkles and have collar tabs to help keep it sharp. For the most natural drape, ask for a shirt with a two-piece yoke (a yoke is the back shoulder panel of your shirt, and a split in this section makes it easier to accommodate alternations later on). 6) Check that it fits properly When the big day arrives and you get the call that your custom made shirt is ready, or it’s delivered to you if you bought it online, you’ll need to check that it fits properly and possibly return it for alterations. A shirt that appears as though it was custom made for you shouldn’t pull anywhere. Any exposed skin indicates that your shirt is too tight and that either your chest or waist measurements were not taken correctly. To check the fit of your collar, button your shirt up completely and

make sure you can get two fingers between your skin and your shirt. The sleeves of a custom made shirt should be long enough to cover most of your upper hand when you’re standing, and you shouldn’t be able to get your wrists through the sleeves without unfastening the buttons on your cuffs. Lastly, tuck your shirt into your trousers and raise your arms above your head; a shirt that comes out of your trousers is too short. Once you go custom ... The biggest downsides of buying a custom made shirt are that it’s somewhat time intensive (you’ll have to visit a tailor at least twice) and it’s costly. The advantages of owning a custom made shirt outweigh these negatives, however. As you can see, though, there’s a lot to consider when you’re thinking of going custom made, so even if you’re not planning on doing so in the near future, you can do so in future so keep these basic tips in mind. •Concluded


September 21, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Relationships When your partner Call her to order fast


very day we hear of funny, weird and or sometimes new or not so new methods of punishing one’s partner of a wrong that may have or not have been committed against one’s person and these methods even when non violent, are supposed to go a long way in creating an impact through an awareness of how deeply hurt we are concerning the supposed act of omission or commission our partner may have committed. These methods in most cases are believed to be foolproof and without a serious side effect to our person. One of these methods is that of a sex boycott or strike by a partner who believes he or she has been hurt and is seeking for a non violent means of redressing the hurt. People believe that globally now women have been relegated to being sex objects in their relationships and some people believe that there may be valid reasons while a woman may go on a sex strike. When sex becomes a weapon of choice in a relationship, the bed becomes a battlefield. People across the ages have sometimes viewed a sex boycott as a form of passing a strong message across to their partners concerning issues they feel non-violence means can equally help solve as I’ve already pointed out above. In fact, it is now the norm among a lot of educated females and some supposed enlightened ones who believe that they have a right to their body to say that having sex with your partner is an issue that is strictly yours and not supposed to be a shared idea. They say that you should only have sex with your partner only when you believe that you can respect him and get the same respect back. They believe that women should be responsible for their sexual activity instead of the joint responsibility that is generally expected in a loving relationship and I’m not one to refute or say that the belief is totally wrong. I’m not saying here that a woman does not have a right to sexual advances refusal from her partner. As much as our cultural and religious mores says that no partner can abstain from sex without the permission of the partner, over westernization or female liberation should not be used as an excuse to perpetuate something that is not morally right within any relationship.

For me, a sex strike or boycott is a destructive, passive aggressive behaviour of abuse, designed solely to punish a partner regarding their differences of opinion and or conformity. It is a sexist temper tantrum of an immature personality. I believe women have always had a choice about issues concerning them and if at all there is a problem, verbal means of communications are even better and will yield faster and better results than a sex boycott that may lead to creating or worsening an already bad situation or creating something worse. A lot of women at this point will say that it is just paying men back in their own currency. Women have always erroneously believed that the average man is always using sex as a means of punishing them. They will go further to say that men have always been in the habit of sexual withdrawal whenever there is a misunderstanding between couples but I want to beg to differ here. I need to point out at this junction that a partner who is doing such is only creating an excuse for the other person to stray and look for someone else to help keep his or her partner happy outside the walls of the relationship. It is a silly means of trying to force your partner to see things from your point of view. Sexual withdrawal or sex boycott is also another means of saying there is a deep rooted problem in the relationship. I believe that good sexual communication in any relationship is the first step in the direction of solving a lot of issues in a relationship. When one partner therefore goes on a sex strike or boycott, the person is therefore saying that there’s no good sexual communication between the couple. A woman doing so is even worse off because our society is very permissive of a man having extra marital affairs that may lead to his marrying another woman. Therefore as a man who cherishes good sexual communications in a relationship, I’ll try and call my partner to order and also see if we can handle the root causes that may have led to her taking the decision, but if she’s not ready to listen or heed my warnings,, I’ll go the route of the typical African male and get myself a new partner fast who will be on the same page with me.


This column is x-rated

Sex after the baby: How early is too fast? Will childbirth affect your sex life?


es, it certainly will! So please don’t expect that everything will instantly return to normal. A lot of guys think that they’ll be able to have intercourse as soon as their partner gets home from hospital. But this just isn’t true. Childbirth is a pretty traumatic process for a woman. Having a baby pass through her vagina is almost like having a small explosion go off inside her. The delicate vaginal tissues are inevitably strained, bruised and torn – and it takes some weeks for these injuries to heal up. Furthermore, childbirth involves considerable hormone changes– as well as emotional stresses. And as a consequence, very, very few women feel rampagingly sexy until a long time after they have given birth. Therefore, it’s important for both mother and father to realise that lovemaking may not go brilliantly in the first six months or so after the baby arrives. So be prepared – and be patient! How soon can you resume having sex? Traditionally, midwives and doctors have advised that a woman shouldn’t consider having full sex (i.e penetrative intercourse) until after her postnatal check-up. This examination usually takes place about six weeks after the birth. However, in recent years several experts have pointed out that there is no real scientific basis for this ‘prohibition’ until sex weeks. The idea seems to have just arisen over the centuries, and was perhaps based on the known fact that the womb takes about six

weeks to return to its normal size. But some mothers have said that they feel pretty sexy within two or three weeks of childbirth and want to resume. Some even say that they have done so, without any illeffects. Others are not so sure, particularly if they are still exhausted after giving birth. For the moment, medical advice remains that the average woman should postpone intercourse till after that six week check-up. Even then, she may not feel ready to ‘go all the way’ – particularly if she has had stitches and the opening of her vagina is sore. If you’re in any doubt about whether to resume sex, ask the doctor who does your postnatal examination for advice. Can you go for any other sexual activity before resuming penetrative intercourse? Yes – and it can be a good way of ‘letting off steam’. Couples do often get very frustrated when they are waiting to resume sexual intercourse. This applies particularly to men! So, in the meantime, you can go in for loveplay, hand and oral jobs, mutual caressing, etc. There is one very serious danger though. Oral sex performed by the man on the woman is definitely and seriously off limits during the first few months after childbirth. Why? It could introduce infection into the vagina and womb. Even more seriously, it has occasionally led to death. These tragedies have occurred because the man has (often accidentally) managed to blow air into the vagina. Air can very easily get into the blood vessels of the

Saturday Mirror


September 21, 2013


goes on sex strike



This column is x-rated newly-delivered womb – and cause an often fatal illness called ‘air embolism’. Not long ago, the British newspapers reported an appalling case in which a man forced his wife into cunnilingus shortly after she came home from hospital, puffed air into her – and killed her. Can both of you go as far as the point of climax? Definitely! It will do the postnatal woman no harm at all to have orgasms if she wants to. Do feelings for the new baby affect your sex life? Absolutely! A great deal of time has to be spent taking care of the new baby. Most new mothers – and plenty of new fathers too – feel exhausted because they are never able to get sufficient sleep. This may go on for months – or even a couple of years. During this time, a man can feel as if his partner is pushing him away. He may think that she is lavishing all her attention on the baby and this may make him feel jealous, or left out. After watching a partner go through pregnancy and birth, some men gain a new respect for the female body. These guys find it easier to articulate the emotions they feel about the new phase of their relationship and become more considerate of their partner’s changing needs. But a few men who have been at the birth of their child are quite distressed by what they have seen. Indeed, some of them feel so guilty at the pain their partner has gone through that they are unable to even consider the idea of making love with her again. This is usually just a passing phase, but unfortunately, it is not always so. What happens to the female sex drive after birth? Most women (though there are exceptions) don’t feel very keen on sex for at least a few weeks after childbirth, and the main reason for this is simply exhaustion. If the delivery was long or difficult, the woman may also feel anxious about getting pregnant again. Generally, women start getting their desire back within a couple of months of having a baby. If your libido doesn’t return, you should seek help from a doctor. What do you do when you want to re-

This column is x-rated sume sexual intercourse after the birth of your child? When you are both ready to have intercourse after the birth, you should begin gently. If possible, try and find a time of the day when you are not too worn out. Also, try to find a time when the baby is not likely to wake up – so you can have some peace and quiet. Hormone changes and worry can lead to some women experiencing vaginal dryness for the first three months after giving birth. Buy lubricants over the counter from a pharmacist such as K-Y Jelly or Liquid Silk. Some condoms have a built-in lubricant that may help. For the first few sex sessions after childbirth, it’s a good idea to choose a position in which the woman can control the pace and depth of penetration. A position with her on top, or one where both partners lie side-by-side facing each other, may be more comfortable. Note to male partners: Be gentle and be patient. Don’t try and force your way in – and do not pressure your spouse into having sex before she is ready! Please don’t forget contraception. It’s very easy to become pregnant again – far sooner than you intended. Try and decide on some form of family planning by the time your baby is four weeks old. If in doubt, ask the doctor at your postnatal examination about contraception. What if the woman does not regain her sex drive? With commonsense and a lot of patience, a loving couple can usually gets things sorted out – though it may take some months. In the last few years, there has been much publicity about possible hormone treatments which are supposed to increase female sexual desire. As of 2012, the only one on the market, Intrinsa, a testosterone skin patch. However, it is not suitable for women who have just had a baby. At present, it’s only licensed use is for females who have had their ovaries and womb removed, and who are taking oestrogens. Unfortunately, Viagra and similar drugs have not so far been convincingly shown to help new mothers who are having difficulties with sex. So the only way out is patience, tolerance and a good dose of love.

Call it off!

ndoubtedly, sex is a major need, if not the number one need, of men in marriage. You know all the talk about conjugal rights? Just call it sex rights! One way to determine the state of health of a marriage is to gage the ‘sex life’ of the marriage. Researchers have come up with all sorts of statistics, one of which states that in a good marriage, the couple have sexual intercourse at least four (4) times per week. Please do not ask me if they did the research amongst workingclass couples in Lagos who commute from the mainland to the island daily. People always preach to women not to use sex as a tool of manipulation or not to deny their husbands their ‘sex rights’ no matter how unhappy they (the women) may be. Why? The theory is that once a man does not get it at home, he will go out to ‘get some’. But let us consider the reverse side and look at this issue from the woman’s angle: what if your husband goes on a sex strike? Unlike the kind of strikes that trade unions embark on, sex strikes are not usually announced or clearly expressed, most times. It may take a woman some time to know that her husband is on a sex strike if he does not state it. This is because most men still have sex with their spouses even when they are not so happy with them. You know what they say about how men have sex with their heads while women have sex with their hearts? Topic for another day! Anyway, once a woman realizes that her husband is deliberately depriving her of sex for a continuous period, what should she do? A school of thought says that men can beg for sex, but women should never do so. In the same vein, a woman can make ‘the moves’ towards sex, but not too often. This is because a woman should be sought after and not vice versa. Based on this proposition, it seems that a woman whose husband embarks on a sex strike should just wait for him to call off the strike; she should not beg him or make the moves to break the jinx. If we go with this school of thought, then the woman should either become celibate or she should indulge in extramarital affairs. I do not subscribe to this. Although I agree that a woman should be sought after and she

should maintain some level of dignity, I believe that a woman should be able to do whatever it takes to salvage her marriage. Since we have identified the fact that sex is a vital part of a good marriage, then both parties should consistently make efforts to keep the fire burning. I am therefore of the opinion that if a woman realizes that her husband has gone on a sex strike, she should make obvious and deliberate efforts to call off the strike. First, she should talk about it; ask the man why he has gone on strike. Even if you think you know why, just seek clarification. Now, if the reason the man has gone on strike is that he is having an affair and does not need your home activities, do not expect him to tell you. In this regard, the first step is not a final solution, most times. If his reason is that you did something to upset him or that you have failed to do something, please apologise and make fresh commitments to avoid the hostilities. You ask: what if he is the one who upset you and instead of apologizing, he is “carrying face”? Nothing stops you from swallowing your pride and sorting out the issues. According to a wise marriage counselor, it is better to agree than to be right. Beyond the talk, give him some green light. Men are moved by what they see. Make him desire you again. Think about what gets him in the mood and do those things! He is your husband, so please go all the way! If it does not work the first time, try again… and again…and again. My message to men: the above advice does not apply to women only. Therefore, if your wife goes on a sex strike, woo her all over again till she calls off the strike! Do not let pride get in the way and compel you to start having extramarital affairs because you will eventually regret doing so. Sex is very important in marriage and scientific research shows that the sexual atmosphere of a marriage can affect the individual productivity of the man and the woman in all ramifications – health, career, finances, etc. Clearly, a sex strike will negatively affect both the person who embarks on it and the other spouse. So, how should you react to a sex strike? Call it off !


But for of In-Vitro-Fertilisation, (IVF), Ifeoma Emekwe, the proprietress of the Association for the Prevention of Infertility and the Promotion of Reproductive Health and Rights (ASPIRE), would have remained without a child till today. She led YEMISI ADENIRAN into her six turbulent years of waiting, in this interview. Excerpts:

September 21, 2013

Saturday Mirror


‘How I beat childlessness’ W

hat was it like to be childless for a long time? I must let you know that it was not a joke. It was one tough and a hell of a time on earth. It was one I will not wish for the worst of my enemies, least of all my loved ones. It can make one go crazy; I mean, for someone who had no inkling of having to wait to have a child, someone who could barely wait to have it all over with the wedding ceremony before settling down into the world of baby making and then the babies refused to come. It could be nothing but killing. A very tough time it was for me. But it was only for six years. What of those who waited for over twenty years and are still waiting? Well, I might not have waited as much as some women but I tell you, those years were the worst of my years on earth. You know how it is for us, women, on this side of the globe; children are the spice of any marriage. Barrenness, whether we like it or not, in Africa, is not pardonable. To make things worse, the main reason why we get married here is for procreation. And where this is not visible, the woman is mostly seen as responsible. In fact, she is the accused and made to be guilty of the charge. You can then imagine the anxiety and the trauma that envelopes the waiting woman as soon as her monthly flow arrives. The agony and the pain are unquantifiable. And you know what, if care is not taken, one year will roll into two and on and on, it can continue until remedies become inapplicable forever. So, for me, those years were longer than they seemed. No one had an inkling that I had gone through a tough turf while trying to have kids in my marriage. After a not-so-rosy six years, I sought help through In-Vitro-Fertilisation (IVF), a move which made me the proud mother of twins, Kosi and Oge. Did that inspire you to set up this NGO? Yes, it did. I decided to set up the Association for the Prevention of Infertility and the Promotion of Reproductive Health and Rights (ASPIRE) because I am very concerned about the state of women who find it difficult to conceive and are at a loss as to what alternatives they have. I was in that state for six years and I knew what that meant. I decided not to be silent over it. What exactly are the goals of ASPIRE? Most women do not know anything about IVF as a means of raising offsprings. Children are the crowning glory and in this part of the world, a defining factor about the validity and sustainability of a marriage. Infertility has been attributed to a number of factors. In this part of the world it questions the moral and purity standards of a couple. The woman in particular is often labelled and stigmatised In a country which places a high premium on child bearing and even a higher premium on the boy child as a promising progeny in most cultures, the failure to have a child is quickly attributed to the woman and many marriages are in trouble

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September 21, 2013




A HIGH PREMIUM ON CHILD BEARING AND EVEN A HIGHER PREMIUM ON THE BOY CHILD, FAILURE TO HAVE A CHILD IS QUICKLY ATTRIBUTED TO THE WOMAN AND MANY MARRIAGES ARE IN TROUBLE DUE TO PRESSURE FROM FAMILY AND CONCERNED FRIENDS due to pressure from family and concerned friends. For most couples, even when the support structures around them are positive and encouraging, the feelings of shame, loneliness and inadequacy they feel cannot be overemphasised. Having gone through this, even though I had support structures through my husband and in-laws who were supportive but then, I wasn’t happy. When did you get married? I was born forty-four years ago and shortly after my marriage in 1993, I had an ectopic pregnancy. A year later, I became perplexed when doctors told me that my second fallopian tube was also blocked. Consequently, I sought help through various hospitals, churches and even unorthodox ways. I was working in an office surrounded by a market then and every morning, I would stand by the window and all I could see were pregnant women. Without knowing it, tears would well up my eyes. I would cry and cry as if I could never be pregnant. How did it feel attending marriages at that time? At a point, I stopped attending weddings and traditional marriages because I had been married for some time and the people who married after me were already pregnant. I got several invitations to be God-mother and it wasn’t funny at all; even though there was no pressure from my in-laws, I told my husband that I didn’t want to be a stumbling block so that he could get married. As an Igbo man, he needed children. Consequently, I advised him that since I couldn’t conceive, he should take another wife but he said an emphatic no! How did you come in contact with Dr. Ajayi of the Bridge Clinic? After much talk, someone in-

troduced me to Dr. Ajayi of the Bridge Clinic. He is my hero. Then, there were not many hospitals; I went through all the procedures and became pregnant. My experiences have taught me that infertility is not a disease but a temporary setback which has a major impact on those who are afflicted by it. Children born from this procedure are also at the risk of being branded guinea pigs with uninformed suggestions that they are abnormal. The stigma and secrecy in which the entire thing is shrouded is heartbreaking because a lot of women have babies through this medium and keep the good news to themselves. As far as I am concerned, that is a disservice to our children and to those who suffer in silence. Don’t you think there is a proliferation of these fertility clinics now? I remember that there were only a handful of them when I had my children but one has heard rumours over the years that are alarming. With this at the back of my mind, there was a fervent need to reach out to couples, especially women through my organisation, to advocate open conversations on issues of fertility and reproductive health; educate, counsel and empower couples who tackle fertility issues among other things. In addition, women who tread the fertility route should be applauded because the IVF journey usually involves many months of failure and sometimes, even some losses. Morality and purity in the real sense do not play a role in determining whether a couple has children as there are instances where virgins go childless for years and so called women with loose morals have no trouble in conceiving. I hope to shatter the silence because I am on a mission of hope for women.

Pregnant women get morning sickness to protect foetus –Study


orning sickness is the bane of many a pregnancy. And many future mother wonders at the apparently unnecessary suffering. But, it turns out, there’s meaning to the misery. Two evolutionary biologists report that morning sickness protects both the pregnant woman and the developing embryo just when the foetus is most vulnerable. After testing the two dominant theories (one adaptive and the other nonadaptive) for why two-thirds of women around the world -- but seemingly no other mammals -- experience nausea and vomiting in pregnancy, only one holds water, says the lead author. “Our study, which tested theories and predictions about the nature of parentoffspring conflict in human pregnancy, shows that nausea and vomiting in pregnancy is beneficial by expelling such foods as meat and strong-tasting vegetables that historically and still may contain harmful toxins and microorganisms that could potentially sicken the woman and damage her foetus just when its organs are developing and are most vulnerable to chemicals,” he said. Other evidence that the theory that morning sickness is protective and beneficial, he said, includes: The nausea and vomiting declines after 18 weeks of pregnancy, as the foetus becomes less vulnerable to the effects of chemical disruptions. Women with the most severe morning sickness have lower rates of spontaneous abortion than other pregnant women. Historically, meat and strong-tasting vegetables were likely to contain parasites, pathogens and plant toxins; these foods tend to reliably trigger morning sickness symptoms across cultures. Al-

cohol and cigarette smoke, which also can harm the foetus while organs are forming, also trigger the nausea. Societies that consume more meats, strong-tasting vegetables and alcohol have higher rates of morning sickness than societies whose staples are bland plant products. Only humans experience morning sickness, as far as is known, because, the researchers suggest, of their “extraordinary broad diet,” compared with other primates and mammals. If the alternative theory that morning sickness is a non-adaptive outcome of an evolutionary tug-of-war between the mother and foetus for resources were correct, then the nausea should peak in the final trimester, when the foetus requires more nutrients and blood than at any other time. But it doesn’t. Neither does it occur with every pregnancy. If morning sickness were the result of the foetus signalling its viability to the mother, then all humans and other mammals should experience it. “All this leads us to suggest that morning sickness is a misnomer,” the lead researcher said. “It doesn’t occur just in the morning, and it’s not an illness. It can occur any time of day and it appears to be beneficial - we could call it a form of evolutionary wellness insurance.” The current study builds on a 2000 paper published in the Quarterly Review of Biology which studied the outcomes of thousands of pregnancies. In that study, the researchers noted, for example, that in the seven traditional societies that had virtually no morning sickness, the diets were based on bland, plant-based foods rather than meats and strong-tasting vegetables. Culled from


September 21, 2013

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Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression

How to get more sleep with twin babies G Tiny Feet etting enough sleep, most times is the worst thing about having baby twins. Any newborn is likely to keep odd hours, but balancing the demands of two newborns means that sleep is a scarce commodity for parents of twins. These ten tips will help you get more sleep if you already have or you are expecting them. Create a restful environment In the womb, there was no distinction between night and day. Now it’s up to you to help them adjust so that they’ll learn that nighttime is for sleeping and daytime is for waking and playing (well, and napping, too!) Create an appropriate environment in their nursery or sleeping area. Keep things dark and quiet. If you need lights, make them soft and low. Tag team With two babies, both parents will have their hands full. Soon enough, you’ve got a situation. Either both parents are exhausted and overwhelmed by the lack of sleep, or one parent is sleeping soundly, and the other is simmering with resentment. It’s time for


Spanish doctor has been ordered to financially assist a 24-yearold patient with raising her son. A judge on the island of Majorca made the decision after the woman sued because her doctor said he had completed her abortion, when, apparently, he hadn’t. What happened in this unusual case? Why did the judge make the doctor pay? Not only did the gynecologist botch the woman’s abortion, but he also failed to detect her still being pregnant in follow-up appointments. The young woman went to the doctor’s clinic to have an abortion when she was seven weeks pregnant. Two weeks later, she returned for a scan, and the doctor assured her she was no longer pregnant. Several months later, she returned to the clinic suspecting that she was still pregnant, and it turned out that the allegedly aborted fetus had been growing inside her all along. Why didn’t she just have the abortion then? The clinic refused, as the woman was 22 weeks pregnant at that point and abortion is illegal in Spain after 14 weeks. The clinic

a tag team approach. With a little bit of communication and planning, you can set up a structured schedule so that each parent gets a restorative shot of sleep. Take into consideration your family’s lifestyle, habits and preferences, and work out an approach that meets both parents’ needs. Get help Help! I need somebody! Don’t underestimate your need for sleep -- being a supermom (or dad) just makes you exhausted, not a better parent. Or call on grandma, aunts, sisters or neighbors to pull a night shift. That shot of sleep will do wonders for your well-being and make for a much happier family. Catnap (AKA Sleep When the Babies Sleep) When you have newborn twins, you have permission to let things go. Let someone else do the dishes, run the errands or clean the bathrooms. Or, put it off until next week. For the first few weeks of your twins’ lives, your main priority is to feed and nurture them. And catch a few winks when you can. Streamline the process Employ your best strategic planning skills to maximise your

sleep time. A little bit of preparation and planning will pay off in extra snatches of snooze. If bottle feeding, prepare bottles and formula in advance so that they’re ready to go when babies wake to feed in the night. Keep diapers and supplies right nearby so that you can change babies and get them back to bed faster. Aim for a coordinated schedule Parents of twins often receive conflicting advice about when to feed their babies. Feeding on demand, that is presenting the breast or bottle when a baby signals that he is hungry, can result in chaos. One’s eating, one’s sleeping, and then they switch. It is sometimes more effective to use a more scheduled approach and coordinate your babies’ schedules by feeding them both at the same time and putting them to bed together. This works especially well with monozygotic (identical) twins, or babies that are approximately the same weight, who often have similar metabolisms and are more likely to be hungry at the same time. Of course, keep your babies’ individual needs in mind.

NAME: Rahmat Omoshalewa Olayiwola BORN TO: Mr. and Mrs Taofeeq Olayiwola AGE: Six weeks, 3 days BIRTH WEIGHT: 2.8 kg

Have you just had a baby? Send a picture of your bundle of joy to

102 arrested in Niger for refusing polio vaccines

N Update Parenting

iger State Government has commenced the arrest of those who refuse to allow their wards to receive the Wild Polio Vaccine with 102

Why judge ordered gynaecologist to compensate mother and child for failed abortion

offered to reimburse the $500 fee the woman had paid for the procedure, and referred her to a Ma-

drid clinic that might perform a late-term abortion. But it was too late, so the woman had no choice

but to have the baby boy, who was born healthy four months later. What did the woman do after giving birth? She sued the doctor, and won. The judge ordered the gynecologist and his clinic to pay the mother $189,000 for emotional damages. The doctor also has to pay $1,300 per month in child support until the boy is 26. The woman, whose identity has been kept secret, spoke through her lawyer of her happiness at the sentence and how she had no regrets about having the child. “I’m fine now and have accepted things, I haven’t any other choice,” she said. “When the day comes for me to explain to my son what happened, I will tell him hoping he understands. I didn’t want him when I went to have an abortion but that’s not the case now.”

persons so far arrested. The Director of Primary Health Care Development Agency, Dr Shehu Yabagi said that the state has sought to enforce the law already passed by the state assembly on refusal of polio vaccine. According to him: “Some have paid fine for their action and others have served various jail term to serve as deterrent to others in the state”. The Director stated that those arrested were from various parts of the state while maintaining that the government would not compromise in making sure polio is kicked out of the state through routine immunisation. He said achieving the desired result must be through advocacy and enforcement of the various laws enacted by the government, adequate mobilization of traditional rulers and religious leaders for acceptance of the polio vaccines by parents and guardians for their wards, He reiterated that the vaccine would protect the children against the scourge of polio and negative consequence for the victims and their families saying that the vaccine is safe.

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September 21, 2013


rinary incontinence — the loss of bladder control — is a common and often embarrassing problem. The severity of urinary incontinence ranges from occasionally leaking urine when you cough or sneeze to having an urge to urinate that’s so sudden and strong you don’t get to a toilet in time. If urinary incontinence affects your day-to-day activities, don’t hesitate to see your doctor. In most cases, simple lifestyle changes or medical treatment can ease your discomfort or stop urinary incontinence. Symptoms: Urinary incontinence is the inability to control the release of urine from your bladder. Some people experience occasional, minor leaks — or dribbles — of urine. Others wet their clothes frequently. Types of urinary incontinence include: • Stress incontinence. This is loss of urine when you exert pressure — stress — on your bladder by coughing, sneezing, laughing, exercising or lifting something heavy. Stress incontinence occurs when the sphincter muscle of the bladder is weakened. In women, physical changes resulting from pregnancy, childbirth and menopause can cause stress incontinence. In men, removal of the prostate gland can lead to stress incontinence. • Urge incontinence. This is a sudden, intense urge to urinate, followed by an involuntary loss of urine. Your bladder muscle contracts and may give you a warning of only a few seconds to a minute to reach a toilet. With urge incontinence, you may need to urinate often, including throughout the night. Urge incontinence may be caused by urinary tract infections, bladder irritants, bowel problems, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, injury or nervous system damage associated with multiple sclerosis. If there’s no known cause, urge incontinence is also called overactive bladder. • Overflow incontinence. If you frequently or constantly dribble urine, you may have overflow incontinence, which is an inability to empty your bladder. Sometimes you may feel as if you never completely empty your blad-

Urinary incontinence der. When you try to urinate, you may produce only a weak stream of urine. This type of incontinence may occur in people with a damaged bladder, blocked urethra or nerve damage from diabetes, multiple sclerosis or spinal cord injury. In men, overflow incontinence can also be associated with prostate gland problems. • Mixed incontinence. If you experience symptoms of more than one type of urinary incontinence, such as stress incontinence and urge incontinence, you have mixed incontinence. • Functional incontinence. Many older adults, especially people in nursing homes, experience incontinence simply because a physical or mental impairment keeps them from making it to the toilet in time. For example, a person with severe arthritis may not be able to unbutton his or her pants quickly enough. This is called functional incontinence. • Total incontinence. This term is sometimes used to describe continuous leaking of urine, day and night, or the periodic uncontrollable leaking of large volumes of urine. CAUSES: Urinary incontinence isn’t a disease, it’s a symptom. It can be caused by everyday habits, underlying medical conditions or physical prob-

lems. A thorough evaluation by your doctor can help determine what’s behind your incontinence. Causes of temporary urinary incontinence: Certain foods, drinks and medications can cause temporary urinary incontinence. A simple change in habits can bring relief. • Alcohol. Alcohol acts as a bladder stimulant and a diuretic, which can cause an urgent need to urinate. • Over-hydration. Drinking a lot of fluids, especially in a short period of time, increases the amount of urine your bladder has to deal with. • Caffeine. Caffeine is a diuretic and a bladder stimulant that can cause a sudden need to urinate. • Bladder irritation. Carbonated drinks, tea and coffee — with or without caffeine — artificial sweeteners, corn syrup, and foods and beverages that are high in spice, sugar and acid, such as citrus and tomatoes, can aggravate your bladder. • Medications. Heart medications, blood pressure drugs, sedatives, muscle relaxants and other medications may contribute to bladder control problems. Easily treatable medical conditions also may be responsible for urinary incontinence.

• Urinary tract infection. Infections can irritate your bladder, causing you to have strong urges to urinate. These urges may result in episodes of incontinence, which may be your only warning sign of a urinary tract infection. Other possible signs and symptoms include a burning sensation when you urinate and foul-smelling urine. • Constipation. The rectum is located near the bladder and shares many of the same nerves. Hard, compacted stool in your rectum causes these nerves to be overactive and increase urinary frequency. In addition, compacted stool can sometimes interfere with the emptying of the bladder, which may cause overflow incontinence. Causes of persistent urinary incontinence: Urinary incontinence can also be a persistent condition caused by underlying physical problems or changes, including: • Pregnancy and childbirth. Pregnant women may experience stress incontinence because of hormonal changes and the increased weight of an enlarging uterus. In addition, the stress of a vaginal delivery can weaken muscles needed for bladder control. The changes that occur during childbirth can also damage bladder nerves and supportive tissue, leading to a dropped (prolapsed) pelvic floor. With prolapse, your bladder, uterus, rectum or small bowel can get pushed down from the usual position and protrude into your vagina. Such protrusions can be associated with incontinence. • Changes with aging. Aging of the bladder muscle leads to a decrease in the bladder’s capacity to store urine and an increase in overactive bladder symptoms. Risk of overactive bladder increases if you have blood vessel disease, so maintaining good overall health — including stopping smoking, treating high blood pressure and keeping your weight within a healthy range — can help curb symptoms of overactive bladder. TO BE CONTINUED NEXT WEEK


My son needs blood building medication Mirror Doctor Replies

Dear Mirror Doctor Good day doctor. For the sake of the future of my two year old child, kindly prescribe a reliable and futuristic blood building medication. His genotype is SS. God bless you Ma. Lawal


Sickle-cell disease or sickle-cell anaemia is a hereditary blood disorder, characterized by red blood cells that assume an abnormal, rigid, sickle shape. Sickling decreases the cells’ flexibility and results in a risk of various complications. Sickle-cell conditions are inherited from parents in much the same way as blood type, hair color and texture, eye colour, and other physical traits. The types

of haemoglobin a person makes in the red blood cells depend on what haemoglobin genes are inherited from his parents. If one parent has sickle-cell anaemia (SS) and the other has sickle-cell trait (AS) then there is a 50% chance of a child having sickle-cell disease and a 50% chance of a child having sickle-cell trait. When both parents have sickle-cell trait (AS) a child has a 25% chance of sicklecell disease. Children born with sickle-cell disease

will undergo close observation by the pediatrician and will require management by a haematologist to assure they remain healthy. These patients will take folic acid daily for life. Ensure that your child is registered at the paediatric unit in the State or specialist hospital where proper and adequate care is given to other children who have similar condition. Today, thanks to better management of the disease, patients can live into their 70s or beyond.



September 21, 2013

Saturday Mirror

On the run: Man, family become fugitives over property z He is a chronic liar – Asajon family

Prince Mikail Owolabi Ayeni is by no means an outcast. He is well known, sociable and outgoing. He even has a job many people consider lucrative. He is the Property Manager of TOS Benson and family. It is the job that has now turned him and his family to fugitives.



rince Mikail Owolabi Ayeni is an indigene of Lagos State having been born into the notable Benson family in Ikorodu area of the state. But today, he finds it hard to walk freely in the streets where he spent the most part of his youth. Though married with kids, Ayeni now moves from one place to another and is of no particular fixed address. Reason: He and his family are currently being reportedly threatened by unknown people. Pinning Ayeni down for a chat was like seeking an interview with head of a notorious mafia, as he changes venue for the meeting almost six times before finally agreeing to a cosy eatery in Ikeja. Though he apologised for the shifts in venue, he, however, claimed he was being trailed by some assailants. His offence was that he kept faith with the wish of his principal and uncle to look after his properly and ensure they are not tampered with by strangers. Ayeni’s principal and uncle is the late Otunba Theophilus Sobowale Benson. In actual fact, the late legal luminary was a grand uncle to the embattled Ayeni having been a cousin to the former’s father. Apart from being a grand cousin to TOS Benson, he was also the Property Manager to the late TOS Benson. That then conferred the right to oversee all of the man’s assets wherever they are on him. This much was attested to by Chief (Dr.) Opral Mason Benson, wife of the late TOS Benson in a letter she addressed to the Assistant Inspector General of Police Zone II and dated May 9, 2011. Prince Ayeni had reportedly been managing the late TOS Benson’s estate right from when he was alive until now, but somewhere along the line, he had to seek further studies overseas. While abroad, some suspected land grabbers had allegedly connived with some self-proclaimed agents of the state government to sell the whole portion of a landed property located


MY CHILDREN AND WIFE ARE NOT SAFE. I HAVE GONE TO HIDE THEM. I CANNOT DISCLOSE WHERE THEY ARE. MY WIFE IS SO SCARED BECAUSE WE DON’T BELIEVE ANYBODY AGAIN at Malatori village, Palapo Oju Olokun in Ibeshe area of Ikorodu Local Government Area. Speaking to Saturday Mirror Ayeni claimed that he was summoned back to the country when the suspected land speculators invaded the 55 acres of the late legal icon. “When I returned to the country, I noticed that the gate to Otunba’s landed property had been pulled down and that some land speculators had entered the 55 acres and sold them all. That was not all, they sold the dozens of tippers of sand, gravels, iron rods and hundreds of bags of cement packed in a big store he already built on the land,” he said adding that the estimate of the stolen property on the land was N85 million. Upon seeing this, Ayeni claimed he alerted police authorities in the area and the suspects were rounded up at the time. He said TOS Benson purchased the land

from the Ajako/Ominiya family, the original settlers in the place. He Continued: “Otunba wanted to build an estate on that land in the form of low cost housing estate, but he died in the process. Before he died, I have been in charge of his property to the knowledge of his siblings and children. I am in charge of his landed property.” He also claimed that the land grabbers, he identified are members of a notable family (Asajon) in the area. Though the expanse of the said land now have structures erected on them. The said family had reportedly sold the portion of the land to individuals who already erected buildings on them. According to Ayeni, along the line, selfproclaimed agents of the state government also invaded the property and pulled down some structures that were already built on the land. The said agent (Tope Iletogun), allegedly invaded the community with some thugs claiming he was acting on the orders

of the state government. The said agent would later ask the concerned landlords to repurchase their portions for close to N6 million. Ayeni did not waste time but began the process of reclaiming his principal’s property from the land grabbers. Trouble started for Ayeni when he reportedly asked that the occupiers of the property should not to pay any money to the self-proclaimed government agent, but come for negotiations with the TOS Benson family. During one of his visits to the site, Ayeni claimed that the said government agent threatened to deal with him which necessitated him reporting the matter to the law enforcement agents. The said government agent was arrested at the time but was later released with warning never to step into the property again, but he and his own thugs would not listen. Ayeni continued, “With the backing of the TOS Benson children and brothers, we wrote series of protest letters to the office of the governor, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Lagos State Lands Bureau on the matter. But there seems to be some connivance between some powerful forces and the land grabbers.” But in the last one month, Ayeni claimed that he has been receiving series of strange text messages and telephone calls urging him to come for a meeting at odd hours and in unknown addresses. In his petition to the Inspector General of Police, Ayeni claimed that his wife and children also receive similar death threats. His words, “My children and wife are not safe. I have gone to hide them. I cannot even disclose to you where they are. When I was coming to honour this interview, my wife was so scared because we don’t believe anybody again. They kept calling me at odd hours for meetings inside uncompleted buildings or at one site. They think I am a fool.” Asked if he would back out from the issue, Ayeni maintained that “I don’t think so because the TOS Benson family has a trust in me and they empower me by their authority and the property is under my authority and if I back out, we will not have a headway,” he said. Speaking with Saturday Mirror in a telephone conversation, Wasiu Esinlokun Asajon, a key member of the family Ayeni alleged resold TOS Benson’s land laughed off the death threat claim. In his words, “The man Ayeni is a chronic liar. How could a land tussle between you and a family now turn into threats to his life? If he says some people are threatening him, he should go and sort himself out with whomever he has issues with, but not from us. We are claiming ownership of the land and he is also claiming TOS Benson owns it. So the onus of prove is on him to prove his case in court and that settles it. I have not seen Ayeni personally before so how could I be threatening him?” Esinlokun said.

Saturday Mirror


September 21, 2013


Celebrities celebrate with basketball ...

Last Saturday, Multichoice Nigeria held a basketball game at Unilag as part of activities celebrating its 20th anniversary. The game, a celebrity affair, was between music station, Channel O’s team made up of Ghost, Melvin Oduah, Sound Sultan, Ikechukwu, Gideon Okeke, TJ Billz, MI, Gbenro Ajibade, Skales, Nanle, and Beat FM’s team that comprised of Jimmie Akinsola, Darey, DJ Caise, Bovi, Douglas Jeken, Bovi and others. Olamide and Burna Boy were also on hand to musically spice up the game which was won by the Beat FM team.

Channel O team

Beverly Osu and Melvin Oduah

Gideon Okeke

DJ Spinall


Jimmy Jatt

Tiwa Savage

TJ Billz


Olisa Adibua

Sound Sultan


Beat FM team


Iceberg Slim

Gbenro Ajibade and Melvin

Bovi and John Ugbe (right)

Burna Boy

Ikechukwu, D’Banj and Gbenro


Action time

Jimmie, MI and Douglas Jeken


September 21, 2013

Saturday Mirror

‘My wife is a trouble maker and party addict’ FUNMI SALOME JOHNSON


hirty-year-old Femi Abdul of 10 Awosika Street, Opebi area of Ikeja (Lagos) has told the court that he wants his three year old marriage to Iyabode Abdul dissolved on the ground of gross disobedience and negligence of duty as a wife. “How can I have a wife that

•I turned to party going for comfort - Wife

I cannot talk to and she listens? The only thing she is good at is making trouble and going to parties. She is never at home to cook and do the necessary chores expected of a wife She is always going from one party to another. If I knew she

would end up this way, I would not have married her in the first place. She is not ready to change and I can’t continue living with someone who is unyielding and insensitive to my feelings. I want the marriage dissolved,” Abdul said.

Iyabode, on the other hand, said she is trying everything within her power to fulfill her duties at home, but that her husband is not appreciative. She also promised to do all that is needed to keep their union. “I am trying my best to be a

‘My husband impregnated our pastor’s daughter’

Court dissolves 17-year marriage over desertion



housewife, Mrs. Tosin Adekunle, 28, has sued her husband, Tope Adekunle, for divorce at a customary court in Ado-Ekiti, the capital of Ekiti State over allegations of adultery, battering, lack of affection and neglect of their two children. She told the court that her husband had also failed to perform his conjugal responsibilities. Tosin said that Tope once beat her to the point of death and threw her belongings out of their matrimonial home. She alleged further that her husband impregnated their pastor’s daughter. She submitted that she could no longer bear the negative attitude of her estranged husband. The estranged husband, however, did not show up in court to defend himself on the allegations. The President of the court, Mr. Joseph Ogunsemi, adjourned the case to November 4, 2013 for further hearing. (NAN)

good wife but my husband is always complaining about everything I do and that is very frustrating. That was why I turned to party going for comfort. But I am willing and ready to do everything he wants to make the marriage work because I still love him and I don’t want the marriage dissolved,” she said. The case was adjourned to October 8, 2013 for possible reconciliation.

‘My wife beats me mercilessly’ •I still love him. I will never beat him again -Wife


n Osogbo Grade III Customary Court has dissolved the 17-year marriage of Asimiyu Oladosu and Kehinde Oladosu over frequent beating by the wife. Oladosu told the court that his wife, Kehinde, was fond of beating him whenever he returns from church or outings. He said that the marriage was blessed with three children, but that he could no longer bear his wife’s attitude. He said, “I am tired of this marriage due to frequent beating by my wife as well as her nagging nature. She does not go to church and whenever I go to church or

vigil, she will not allow me into the house and if she does, she beats me mercilessly. Based on these facts, I want the court to dissolve our union,” he said. His wife admitted that she usually beats him, but that she did so under the influence of what she called an ‘unknown spirit.’ Kehinde, who cried profusely, prayed the court to settle the matter amicably, adding that she still loves her husband. “What my husband said is true. I always beat him but I do not know what usually comes over me whenever I do it. I still love my husband and I want the matter to be settled amicably. I don’t want to

leave him and I promise that I will never beat him again,” the wife said. The President of the court, Mrs Temilade Agboola, pleaded on behalf of the woman and asked the man to forgive her. But Oladosu refused and maintained that he preferred divorce. Agboola said that since the husband wanted divorce, there was nothing the court could do but to grant the request. She dissolved the marriage and ordered that the wife should take custody of the three children. Agboola also ordered Oladosu to pay a monthly up-keep of N9, 000 to the children. (NAN)

n Ile-Ife Customary Court has dissolved a 17-year marriage between Adisa and Olusola Hammed over desertion for three years. Olusola had on September 4, 2013 brought her husband before the court, accusing him of abandoning her and her two children, Rukayat, 16, and Sherifat, 13, for three years. She alleged that her husband had failed to care for the family, adding that Adisa had been constantly fighting her, while he had also failed to pay her dowry. Hammed, who accepted all the allegations levelled against him, consented to the demand for the marriage’s dissolution. The Court President, Mr. Gani Awoyera, said that all efforts to resolve the case proved abortive, as the couple insisted on dissolution of the marriage. Awoyera therefore dissolved the marital union and directed the two parties to be jointly responsible for the upkeep of their two children (NAN).

Woman slammed for marrying comatose man •It is against Islamic law to contract marriage with a sick person who cannot recognise anybody –Presiding Judge


he Magajin Gari Sharia Court II, Kaduna has ordered a woman and her parents to appear before it on September 24, 2013 for marrying a comatose husband. Hadiza Mainasara of Kabala Costain, Kaduna had gone to the court asking it to order her husband’s younger brother to be remitting the salary of her sick husband to her.

The court was told that Mainasara, the husband, had been in a vegetative state for five years and throughout the period, Badamasi Ahmad, his younger brother, had been collecting his monthly salary without remitting anything to her. The court was, however, taken aback when in his testimony, the defendant said the woman, who was divorced from her husband,

only returned to the matrimonial home a year ago. Ahmad said since her return, he has been giving her N60, 000 monthly from the salary as directed by his father. The presiding officer, Khadi Ibrahim Mohammed, who heard that Mainasara “can neither walk, talk or recognise anybody for three years”, demanded to know from the woman how long

she had been married to him, and she said one year. Hadiza explained that she was asked by her in-laws to return to the house to take care of the man and the six children she bore for him before their divorce. She told the court that a dowry of N10, 000 was paid by her husband’s father to contract the marriage. At this point, Mohammed

said it was against Islamic law to contract marriage with a sick person who cannot recognise anybody. He, therefore, directed the complainant, her parents and her husband’s to appear before the court on Sept. 24, to determine why the marriage was contracted against the provisions of the law. (NAN).

Saturday Mirror

‘My wife is an alcoholic’


Grade 1 Area Court sitting in Aso Pada, Mararaba, Nasarawa State has dissolved a two-year marriage between Choji, 51, and Dinatu Chung, 39, due to the wife’s excessive alcohol consumption. The Presiding Judge, Mr. Albert Maga, dissolved the marriage after the two told the judge that they were yet to settle their differences. Maga in his ruling dissolved the marriage and ordered Choji to collect a divorce certificate from the court, and to pay Dinatu N4, 500 for transportation. He ruled: “Since the husband has insisted that the divorce be granted and the respondent did not object, I order that Choji pays Dinatu N4, 500 transport money. “The marriage is hereby dissolved; the petitioner should go to the registrar’s office and get a divorce certificate.” On May 14, Choji had filed a divorce suit before the court, seeking the dissolution of the marriage, due to his wife’s drinking habit. He had said: “She drinks a lot of different types of alcohol, and when she does, she starts misbehaving with different men. “There was a time I sent her back to our village to correct her attitude, but she ran back to me in Aso Pada. “I cannot continue to stay with her. I am sick and tired of her excessive alcohol intake.”


September 21, 2013

Lawyer catches wife in bed with Okada rider


lawyer, Terkula Pepe, has dragged his wife, Joy, before a Makurdi magistrate court over an allegation that he caught her in bed with a commercial motorcycle rider. Terkula, who sought the dissolution of their five-year marriage, told the court led by Magistrate Felicia Ikyegh, that Joy was adulterous, untruthful and disrespectful. He said, “My wife never had any respect for me throughout our marriage. She brought in her lover, an Okada boy, who

usually conveys her home and they were having sex right inside my bedroom. “Despite all these, I still opened a mini shop for her with N550, 000. Unfortunately she ran the shop aground.” The magistrate said, “It is very clear from the evidence before me that the respondent, apart from being unfaithful to the husband, committed so many other atrocities. “It is also a shame that she deceived herself and her husband for three years on the pretext of schooling at the Benue State


n Ilorin Area Court has dissolved the two-year marriage between Lawal Bashiru and his wife, Mulikat, over the latter’s waywardness and insincerity Lawal, 39, a resident of Okelele Area, Ilorin, had earlier prayed the court to dissolve his marriage to Mulikat due to her wayward lifestyle. The plaintiff told the court that his wife was fond of coming home late in the night, claiming she was delayed by customers in her shop. “My wife is not sincere in our marriage because she always moves around with different sets of married men, claiming they are customers. She is also

cope with the marriage, which is blessed with four children, on the grounds that her husband did not cater for her needs in the last eight years. She said, “Our union has been characterised by constant beating, hatred and disagreement. Dissolution of the marriage is the only way out for the two of us. In his defence, Gboyega refuted all the allegations against him, accusing his wife of extra marital affairs. He, however,

blamed his mother-in-law for his wife’s misdeeds. Although he supported divorce, he rejected the plea by the plaintiff to be granted custody of the last two children of the union. The President of the court, Mr Yemisi Ojo, adjourned the case to September 17, 2013 for continuation and ordered the defendant to come to court with the two kids for the next hearing. (NAN).

do not get food on the table and on the bed. Ever since we got married in October 2012, Jev has willfully and persistently refused to consummate our marriage”. This was the agonising plea of a divorce-seeking wife, Barbara Jev, at a Makurdi Magistrates’ court. Barbara asked for divorce because she claimed she was being starved of both food and sex by her husband of 10 months, Terhemen Jev. “We got married in 2012 under the Native Laws and Customs of the Tiv people at Abenga Mbabur District of Gwer Local Government Area of Benue State. But he has denied me the opportunity of enjoying my marriage right from the night he paid my bride price. We hardly stay together. The few times we spent

‘My husband cannot maintain his family’ •My wife is never satisfied with my efforts to please her -Husband


n Ilorin Area Court on has dissolved a fouryear marriage between Bashirat Aliyu and Isiaka Aliyu over the husband’s inability to maintain his family. Bashirat, 30, a resident of Amilegbe area, Ilorin, had earlier approached the court, seek-

torture by the acts of my wife. “My legal profession is currently under threat by her numerous atrocities and her refusal to be trained or developed educationally or vocationally since our marriage.” Consequently, the court dissolved the marriage. (

‘My wife is too fond of parties’


‘My husband abandoned me for eight years’


University. She never attended a single lecture but was collecting schools fees for the said years. The magistrate noted that the wife, “whimsically agreed to have a divorce – without denying the allegations.” Terkula said, “Throughout our marriage, I was subjected to severe mental and psychological

fond of attending parties on weekends and refusing to perform her domestic duties. Our marriage, which was contracted in 2011, is yet to produce a child. “My Lord, I want an end to this marriage because I cannot continue to endure with this woman,’’ he said. The defendant did not object to the prayer of her husband, saying she was fed up with her husband’s constant complaints. Mulikat prayed the court to grant the prayer of her husband without any claim. The presiding judge, Mr. Ibrahim Abdulquadri, dissolved the marriage and issued a certificate of divorce to the plaintiff (NAN).

‘My husband has refused to consummate our marriage’


housewife, Mrs Florence Osasoyin, has prayed an Ikole Ekiti Customary Court to dissolve her 24year marriage to her husband, Gboyega, because of neglect. The complainant told the court that her husband had abandoned her for eight years. In a suit filed before the court, Florence prayed the court to grant her custody of the last two children of the marriage for proper upbringing. She told the court that she could no longer


ing for dissolution of her marriage. She alleged that her husband had refused to take care of her and their only child. “Our marriage was contracted in 2009 and has produced a two-year old male child. But my husband prefers lavishing his income

on friends and does not bother about how I survive. I want an end to this marriage because I’m fed-up with my husband’s carefree attitude.” The defendant did not object to the prayer, but contended that “my wife is never contented with little things I do, in spite of

my efforts to satisfy her.” He prayed the court to grant the prayer without any claim. The presiding Judge, Mr Yusuf Abdulkareem, granted the wife’s plea and dissolved the marriage. (NAN)

together, he always slept on the floor on the pretext that he is hot. I am afraid that my intention to be a mother would never be realised with a man like Jev.” The Magistrate, Mrs Felicia Ikyegh, dissolved the marriage, based on the failure of the husband to consummate the union, though it was contracted under native law and custom. “This marriage, though it was traditionally contracted, the respondent had from the beginning refused to consummate his marriage by failing to perform his conjugal roles to the petitioner. “It is also unfortunate that the petitioner had to pass through all these because of her husband’s behaviour. “The marriage has already broken down and the court cannot do otherwise. It would be unconstitutional to force the couple to stay together since the marriage has broken down,’’ she said. Ikyegh also decried the high rate of divorce in the society and appealed to youths to study and understand their partners before getting married. She noted that the respondent did not deny the allegations and conceded to the divorce. (NAN).


Saturday Mirror

September 21, 2013


Eniola Bankole:

On mission to make Nigerian youths relevant credible leaders for future generations. “When I drive through the streets of Lagos and I see people hawking biscuits, oranges and other things come to my window, my wife sees them as poor people who have to work to make a living and that definition is not wrong. But I see differently, I see potential that is not tapped. That guy on the street could be a great potential to the country if given the opportunity. My real passion for this country is how we can develop our human capital and make sure that our people aspire to whatever they want to be. “National Dialogue is a platform where forward thinking Nigerians proffer inputs into sustainable economic infrastructural and social



ankole Eniola is the initiator of Nigeria Dialogue, a hub for progressive intellectuals who intend to challenge the systemic and institutional realities in the country. He is also one of the Nigerian youths in the Diaspora who are passionate about investing and empowering Nigerian youth to become effective leaders. Eniola is passionate about using his forum as the conduit to aid the effective transformation of the country into a civil and developed nation by doing everything within his power with the support of o t h e r

prominent Nigerians to ensure the country becomes an enviable nation in the world in terms of human and capital development. London-based Eniola was born in the 70’s to George and Caroline Eniola. He attended a number of schools and colleges in Nigeria before travelling to the United Kingdom to obtain an MBA at Birmingham University. Banks, as he is popularly called by his peers, works as a strategy consultant and he has consulted for

no fewer than 500 companies, including UBS, Credit Suisse, RBS, FTSE, Lloyds TSB and many more. His ideas on policy advocacy and communal participation in nation building led him to initiate Nigeria Dialogue in 2011. He told Saturday Mirror: “I have a track record of being passionate about ideas. I am passionate about Nigeria and Nigerian youths. In August 2011, I held leadership summit for youths from about eight Nigerian universities and what we talked about was building

development through meaningful dialogues and measurable actions. “This is a forum where we are not scared to tackle the difficulties facing us as a nation. We encourage conversations about our future. The Nigeria Dialogue platform is an avenue for Nigerians both at home and in the Diaspora to get involved in the engineering of a thinking framework that translates into the building of strong institutions, virile systems and the sustenance of their continuous

existence. “The Nigeria Dialogue team consists of a group of intelligent Nigerians. We are a mix of analytical and creative thinking individuals. We have a reasonable representation in London, New York, Lagos, Abuja and we look forward to having meetings in every city with a sizeable number of Nigerians. “We work with the belief that our destiny will not be written for us, but by us, by all those men and women who are not content to settle for Nigeria as it is; who have the courage to remake the nation as it should be. “What we do is that we have town hall meetings where we invite prominent people in the country to come and talk to Nigerians in Diaspora and show them opportunity at home so that they can develop the country. I am convinced having studied the development of Indian, Brazil, I known that foreign direct investment is going to contribute to growth of Nigeria. We have brought people like Prof. Pat Utomi and others to London to talk to people on issues like; ‘I lived in Lagos and this is how I survived in Lagos and you too can go to Lagos and I survived in Lagos. You can start small or start big. We are doing that in London and we intend to do more of that in Nigeria.” Speaking about the vision and mission of National Dialogue, Eniola noted that: “Our vision is to build a community of 40 million people who will usher in a civil and developed Nigeria. We plan to achieve this by having conversations within and outside Nigeria that will shape the future of our nation; we hope to bring change to Nigeria – one person at a time.” He added: “With the Naija Road Tour, we intend to visit over 100 higher institutions of learning across the length and breadth of the country over the next three through four years. We would have talk shows, workshops, seminars all facilitating human capital development and political awareness. We plan to use our website as the interface mentor all the young Nigerians that attends our event. We will work in partnership with initiatives within Nigeria to develop visible projects in Nigeria. Eniola while stressing the need for Nigerian youths to be relevant in decision making in country, tasked them to be hardworking and dedicated towards building their talent and skills. He also advised them not to allow politicians use them as political thugs, especially during elections and called for their active participation in decision making.

Saturday Mirror


September 21, 2013


Guarded heirlooms of Kano K AYODE FALADE


he ancient Kano city walls are 14 kilometres radius of earth structure built in order to provide security to the growing population. The foundation for the construction of the wall was laid by Sakri Gijimasu from 1095 - 1134 and was completed in the middle of 14th Century during the reign of Zamnagawa. In the 16th century, the walls were further extended to their present position. The gates are as old as the walls and were used to control movement of people in and out of the city. Though, most of them are largely in ruins. Ancient Kano City walls and associated sites are places of spiritual, historical and cultural significance. Dala Hill was the place of the first settlement in Kano City and it formed the nucleus for the peopling of the rest of the city and was the foundation of its economic and political development. The site bears testimony to local craftsmanship and ingenuity as is evidenced in the materials used for the construction of the walls and palace. The ancient Kano city walls and associated sites are a cultural landscape that the people still pride themselves in. The site can compare with other sites like Zaria city wall, Kufena archaeological site and Daura City wall all in the northern part of the country. Kano, right from its beginning, is commercial town. This has helped in the rapid development of the city. It sprawls over a wide expanse of savannah land. Although the city has long taken a modern cosmopolitan hue, relics of the city’s past as the hub for commercial activities during the trans-Saharan trade still remain. The real identity of Kano can best be felt in old city area. The mud houses with distinct Hausa local architectural dexterity, the narrow roads that were meant for only men and their domestic animals are still there. However, this is gradually being lost as the ancient structures go modern. The relics are gradually being wiped away by both man and nature. The walls also helped in monitoring the movement of people in and out of the city. In 1903 when the British forces captured the ancient city, Sir Frederick Lugard, then High Commissioner of the British Protectorate of Northern Nigeria, said: “The extent and formidable nature of the fortifi-

cations surpassed the best informed anticipations of our officers, needless to say that I have never seen or even imagined anything like it in Africa.” The walls are among the major tourist attractions in the city; that probably explains why the state government in conjunction with the National Commission for Museums and Monuments (NCMM) is working towards making the walls World Heritage Site. But while the government agencies are working, some individuals including indigenes don’t seem to appreciate the importance of the gates as most of the ancient walls have crumbled. At the rate of their current degradation, there may not be any wall standing soon. Another heirloom of Kano is on the brink of extinction - the Kano gates. At its current rate of degradation, in the next 10 years, the Kano traditional gates may all be lost. Recently, one of the gates was reportedly being demolished by a road construction company to pave the way for the road expansion and reconstruction which are still ongoing in the state. The gates, by history, were built during the reign of Sarkin Kano Usman Giji Masu Dan Wasiri, the grandson of Bagauda, the third king in the Habe dynasty. He started the first gate in 1112AD. The reason for the gate was due to the construction of protective walls to surround the ancient city against invaders. Below are facts about the gates, which in the beginning, were originally 16. Kofar Kansakali: It is the first gate which was built in 1112 AD. Its foundation was laid by Sarki Giji Masu. It was named after the first son of Kano (after whom the city was named) called Damina, popularly known as Kansakali. He was a blacksmith. The gate is located at Tudun Yola quarters in Ungogo Local Government Area. Kofar Waika: Immediately after the completion of Kofar Kansakali, the King moved

forward a little distance for the building of this gate which was named after Waika, Kano’s second son. The gate of Waika is situated off Aminu Kano Way behind Goron Dutse. Kofar Dawanau: This gate was initially named after the third son of Kano called Makeri (who was also known as Dan Kwai). Kofar Ruwa: This is the fourth city gate built by Sarki Usman Dan Warisi. Kofar Mazugal was built two years after the completion of Kofar Lunkwui in 1118 AD by the then Sarki Usman Giji Masu Dan Warisi and located along Gwammaja Road. Kofar Mata: It was during the reign of Emir Mohammadu Rumfa (1461 AD) that the idea of expanding Kano City wall and gates started. He invited his subjects within and around the city in 1464 AD to continue the expansion work from Kofar Wambai to the then Kofar Fagge. The Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Babba Zaki later turbaned Namata, his servant as the gate keeper of Kofar Fagge. Since then, people started calling the gate Kofar Namata, which was finally changed to Kofar Mata, as it is presently known. Kofar Kudu/Dan Agundi: A walking distance from Kofar Kawaye, Emir Mohammadu Rumfa decided to build another gate called Southern Gate (Kofar Kudu). Kofar Dogo/Na’isa: Emir Suleiman received a complaint from the nomadic Fulani that they were attacked by a group of thieves who took away their cattle. The Emir directed his son, Abubakar Mai Unguwar Mundubawa to go with the complainants and capture the thieves at all costs. At the end of the mission, the son of the Emir returned late and was disallowed by the gatekeeper to pass through the Kofar Dogo with his people. Hence, he decided to break a part of the wall close to the then Kofar Dogo (Dogo Gate). It took them

five days to complete the new entrance. He then ordered the removal of the metal gate of Dogo and fixed it at the new one called Na’Isa and blocked Kofar Dogo. The gate was renamed Kofar Na’Isa by Emir Suleiman. Kofar Gadon Kaya: In 1691, Sarkin Kano Mohammed Zaki na Zaki directed his son, Wambai Abubakar to continue with the expansion work of the old city gates and wall. At the end of the work, Wambai Abubakar invited his father to commission the gate. The King honoured the invitation and named the gate as ‘Kofar Gadon Kaya’. Gadon Kaya is a nickname given to Mallam Ismala, a well-known gardener around the gate. Kofar Wambai: It was after 300 years during the reign of Sarki Dauda Dan Kana Jeji in the year 1425 AD that Digaci an exiled ruler from Borno, who transited at Jigirya, a small village in the eastern part of Kano (Yan Kaba Quarters), moved to the old city and passed through Adama gate. Kofar Kabuga: The gate was named by Sarkin Kano Mohammadu Rumfa in 1469 AD to honour one of the prominent Islamic scholars, Mallam Attahiru, who lost his wife. Kofar Duka Wuya: On the western part of Gadon Kaya, the son of the Emir, Wambai Giwa, decided to build another gate in continuation of the expansion work of all city gates and wall as directed by his father. Kofar Nassarawa/Kawaye: Emir Mohammadu Rumfa built Kofar Kawaye in the year 1466 AD. After 395 years, the gate was renamed Kofar Nassarawa. Kofar Famfo: The gate was built in 1928 by the then Emir of Kano, Alhaji Abdullahi Bayero, the father of the present Emir, Alhaji Ado Bayero. It was named Kofar Famfo because the main pipe supplying water to the city passed through the gate. Kofar Rumfa/Sabuwar Kofa was built in 1927.



September 21, 2013

Saturday Mirror


Saturday Mirror

September 21, 2013


World Cup play-offs

Super Eagles looking set for the Ethiopian challenge

Chukwu, Nwosu caution Eagles IFEANYI EDUZOR


ormer Super Eagles’ coach, Christian Chukwu, says that although the team’s opponent in the African play-offs for the final qualification for Brazil 2014 World Cup could be said not to pose a serious threat to the Stephen Keshi- tutored side, but there is the need for the team to play the Ethiopians with all seriousness to avoid a major upset in the qualifiers. The Super Eagles were on Monday drawn against Walya Antelopes of Ethiopia in the final qualifier for the World Cup. They will be hosted by the East Africans between 11-15 October, 2013 in the first leg, while the second leg comes up in Nigeria between 15-19, November, 2013. Speaking in a telephone interview with our correspondent, Chukwu noted that the Ethiopians have improved greatly under Coach Sewnet Bishaw since Nigeria beat them by 2-0 at the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa and will

be out to prove a point against the African champions. According to him, there is the need for Keshi and his technical crew to understand that the first leg in Addis Ababa will be very tough considering that the country is a high altitude nation and as such everything must be done to ensure the team gets at least a point in the Ethiopian capital. “I am happy that the Super Eagles got a good pairing in the play-offs for the Brazil 2014 final World Cup qualifiers, but there is the need for the Eagles not to go to sleep or underrate the Ethiopians because doing so could be catastrophic. “The Super Eagles should bear in mind that there are no more minnows in African football and when one considers the present form of the Ethiopians who qualified for the final play-offs, one will appreciate the tremendous improvement the team has undergone since after the 2013 Nations Cup,” Chukwu said. “It is also necessary for the NFF to understand that playing countries with

We’ll partner the armed P. 48 forces to revive squash –Adino

high altitude is not always easy and as such they must ensure the team travelsto the East African country on time to enable them acclimatise before the match as that is the only way they can put up a good performance against their opponents,” added the former Green Eagles captain. The former Chief Coach of Harambee Stars of Kenya while expressing confidence that the Super Eagles has what it takes to qualify Nigeria for the world cup, advised the players to approach the game with the same zeal they prosecuted all the other qualifying matches as that is the only way to ensure victory against the Ethiopians. Meanwhile, former Super Eagles striker, Henry Nwosu, has advised the team not to see themselves as already in Brazil because the Walia Antelopes are capable of stopping them from going to the World Cup. “African football has come of age and when one considers how the Ethiopians topped their group in the qualifiers, it be-

Keshi wants longer training camp for Eagles P. 47


comes necessary for the Super Eagles to take them more serious and ensure they pick the maximum points. “They should understand that if an Island nation like Cape Verde could stop Cameroun from participating at the South Africa 2013 Nations Cup then nothing is impossible in football,” the former Golden Eaglets’ coach affirmed.

Mikel plays down Chelsea’s defeat P. 49



September 21, 2013

Saturday Mirror

W/Cup play-offs: Using every advantage against Ethiopia


uper Eagles’ journey towards Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup finals qualification looked bright during the passing week as the African champions were pitted against the Walya Antelopes of Ethiopia in the last hurdle of the qualifiers. Many Nigerian soccer fans heaved a sigh of relief after the draw conducted on Monday, September 16, at the CAF Headquarters in Cairo, Egypt, while some even saw the development as an act of God for answered prayers. The CAF draw also paired Cote d’Ivoire with Senegal, Ghana against Egypt, Algeria against Burkina Faso and Cameroun against Tunisia. When the Super Eagles and Walya Antelopes last met on January 29 at the quarter-finals of the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations held in South Africa, Nigeria defeated Ethiopia 2-0 and went on to lift the coveted cup. The Eagles have remained consistent in the continent after the championship in South Africa and are presently in a killer mood, but they have a great mountain to climb against the Walya Antelopes, who have also moved on by improving their game. Currently, the Ethiopians have reached the final stage of the Brazil 2014 qualifiers and have also declared their intention to clip the wings of the Eagles. On paper, Nigeria should be grateful that they avoided some


Andrew Ekejiuba of the heavyweights of African football during the draw, but how prepared is the Nigerian team against a resilient Ethiopian side? Only on Wednesday, Super Eagles coach, Stephen Keshi, broke his silence when he spoke for the first time since the draw for the play-offs for the Brazil 2014 World Cup was made. Keshi’s words confirmed a great mountain to climb and depicted a clear picture of what lies ahead of the Eagles which the players must be wary of. “I have a lot of respect for the Ethiopians and all the teams that made it to the last round of the qualifiers and I am certain that it will be tough, unpredictable and exciting for both the so called big teams and the minnows. “The last time we played the Ethiopians it was quite tough and I know when we meet next it’s going to be the same thing. “All we need to do is to be focused, concentrate and pray for


good health for our best players and the rest will be history,” the Big Boss said. From available records, the gap between top African footballplaying nations and the so called minnows are non-existent and as such Keshi and his lads must not see Ethiopia as minnow. Frankly, all the 10 teams that made it to the final qualifying round for the Mundial are evenly matched and for sure, there may be upsets at the end of the day in some of the games. So, the Eagles must not allow this opportunity to slip off their hands because a World Cup ticket will go a long way to confirm Nigeria’s soccer prowess as worthy champions of Africa. Of all the comments that trailed the Super Eagles fixture against the Ethiopians during the week, it was that of the former national team captain, Austin Okocha, and that of the Director General of the National Sports

Commission (NSC), Gbenga Elegbeleye, that caught HT’s fancy. Okocha, warned the Super Eagles not to take for granted their fixture against Ethiopia, which many soccer pundits may see as paper weights. The former Bolton Wanderers midfielder revealed that no country in the final round of the World Cup qualifiers should be treated like minnow and as such it is not yet Uhuru for Keshi and his lads. “The Ethiopians didn’t get a bye to qualify for this final stage; they worked hard to qualify. We cannot, therefore, afford to take them for granted. We must put our acts together to ensure that we beat them and qualify. “It is very helpful that the Eagles are playing first in Addis Ababa which is surely an advantage. But we must then use every advantage to our benefit by preparing for the encounter like a real World Cup game. We have no reason not to qualify,” Okocha affirmed. In his own reaction to the fixture DG Elegbeleye confirmed that he received the news of Nigeria playing against Ethiopia in the play-offs with happiness, but warned the Super Eagles’ coaching crew and players to treat the two-legged matches against Ethiopia with all the seriousness they deserve in order to ensure Nigeria books her place in the finals of the Mundial in Brazil. The former lawmaker who received the news of the final play-

off of the 2014 World Cup pitching Nigeria against Walya Antelopes with happiness quickly warned that the Eagles must not underrate the Ethiopians, who according to him, are a strong side as far as African football is concerned. “This pairing is nice if we consider the fact that we were able to avoid big names in African football like Cameroun, Egypt, Cote d’Ivoire and Ghana, but that doesn’t mean that we will stroll on Ethiopia to get the World Cup ticket, no not at all. “We all watched how well the Ethiopians played against the Super Eagles in the last group match of the last Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa which eventually ended 2-0 in Nigeria’s favour with Victor Moses slotting home the two spot kicks. If not for the individual brilliance of Moses, the Ethiopians almost held Nigeria to a stalemate because they were able to absorb all the attacking pressures from the Eagles then,” Elegbeleye said. From the foregoing, the ball is in the court of the Eagles to demonstrate that they have the capability to fly over the ambitions Ethiopians when the final play-offs will be played in October and November to determine the continent’s five representatives at the next Mundial. Nigerians for sure are behind them in prayers and anything short of Brazil 2014 World Cup ticket will be unacceptable!


MTN World Golfers Chapionship

HRH, King Alfred Diete-Spiff, the traditional ruler of Twon Brass, Rivers State, teeing off at the Eastern Regional qualifiers of the MTN World Golfers Championship.

Obije, lead golfers to National Finals ANDREW EKEJIUBA


ll is now set for this year’s National Finals of the MTN World Golfers Championship taking place in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State from September 27-29. It will also feature golfers who qualified

from the three Regional Qualifiers that took place in Rivers, Lagos and Abuja respectively. The winners from the national finals will represent Nigeria at the world finals in Durban, South Africa. As a tradition of the tournament, the MTN WGC Regional qualifiers and the National fi-

nals will be hosting both golfers and golf-enthusiasts alike, to a welcome cocktail party fit for royalty, on September 27. This is in order to welcome the gladiators of the gentleman’s game. While the “Garden City” of Port Harcourt played host to the Eastern qualifiers of the tourney this year and produced a number of talented golfers that were led by Samuel Amadi, the Western edition had a case of déjà vu, as the eventual winner of this year’s qualifiers was also last year’s winner of the Western qualifiers, prompting friends and fans to nickname Christopher Obije, the “King of the West”. Uyo will also be hosting qualifiers from the Northern region and will be led by elegant Ugandan, Flavia Namakula, who surprised everyone after she returned the best gross score of 79, at the IBB International Golf Club, to book her passage into the National final. Namakula, who is a handicap one player, started playing golf in 2006 but has excelled tremendously in the game.

Bankers Games: Fidelity, UBA in dicey fixtures ANDREW EKEJIUBA


t’s a hectic weekend for teams in the 2013 Nigeria Bankers Games (NBG) at the Onikan Stadium, Lagos, venue of the matches, as four games are lined up today according to the fixtures. But obviously to be watched out for are two fixtures involving UBA and Fidelity Bank as it will be the second game for both teams. UBA’s game against Ecobank is definitely the match of interest as a win for the acclaimed Africa’s biggest bank will make them the first team this season to win two games on the trot. UBA started their quest to reclaim the football event trophy with a 3-0 spanking of Sterling Bank and their team Manager, Emeka Iroegbu is already talking tough about their ambition this term. “We are in it this season to win having won the title last in 2010. We have carefully as-

sembled a team from our offices nation-wide and 80 percent of the squad came from outside Lagos and have been training for weeks in order to gel and play like a team. This is why they have been allowed time of regular duties to train twice weekly and we are confident of winning our first trophy since 2010”, Iroegbu had said shortly after the defeat of Sterling Bank. Fidelity will seek to tie on points with Cup holders, Skye Bank when they play Mainstreet Bank and they may even seek to go tops which will require them winning with as high as six goals without conceding. And their captain, Fayose Olujimi believes it can be achieved especially after they held the dreaded Skye Bank. In other fixtures, Sterling Bank will play Standard Chartered Bank in the day’s opening game while Keystone and First Bank will play the fourth and last game of the day. The Nigeria Bankers Game is organized by MediaVision Limited.

Saturday Mirror


September 21, 2013

Keshi wants longer training camp for Eagles


uper Eagles coach Stephen Keshi has asked for a longer training camp ahead of next month’s 2014 World Cup decider in Ethiopia. Sources close to Keshi informed that the coach wishes to set up a training camp for players from the local league at least two weeks to the Ethiopia match. “He wants to use this training camp to start preparing for next year’s CHAN as well as keeping an eye on the Ethiopia match,” a source close to the coach informed A broke Nigeria Football Fed-

eration (NFF) had jettisoned this arrangement before the final group game against Malawi, citing cash constraints. The Eagles only had one full training before the Malawi match. Meanwhile, the Super Eagles gaffer has hailed the performance of his players, who were in action in the UEFA Champions league and the Europa League. Speaking from his base in the United States, Keshi said, “I am very impressed at their showing. I watch Mikel Obi in the Champions league, it was unfortunate they lost, but I am happy he was in action and gave a good

Anambra Sports Festival: Opigo tasks Njikoka team ANDREW EKEJIUBA


he Chairman of Njikoka Local Government Area of Anambra State, Opigo Francis Okonkwo, has urged its contingent to win the next edition of the state’s sports festival. Okonkwo made the request while receiving the victorious team from the seventh Anambra Sports Festival at the council headquarters, Abagana, on Tuesday. Njikoka successfully defended the trophy which they won last year with a total of 152 medals which includes 72 gold, 42 silver and 38 bronze medals in the games which ended on Monday with a cash prize of N200, 000. The Anambra State Government also rewarded the efforts of former athletes who represented the state in the past with cash prizes and plaques. Top among them were Nwabueze Nwankwo and Patrick Okala among others. The council chairman said he was elated at the performances of the athletes in spite of the short duration of preparations, pointing out that the team had always prepared themselves well at all times. He added that sports were a veritable tool which helps to curb the minds of the youth away from crime. “You did it once, you have done it again and I am challenging you to win this Anambra Sports Festival for the third time in its eighth edition so that this cup can become ours. “Coach Jonny Igboka and the rest of the coaching crew, have

done well through the help of All Sports Foundation Academy Nimo (ALSFAN), in discovering and developing these talent that abound in Anambra,” he said. Igboka, who is an administrator of ALSFAN, assured the council chairman that the academy would continue to ensure its athletes dominance of track and field events. He however pleaded that government and corporate bodies should partner the foundation to upgrade facilities to make the task more efficient. The Sports Secretary of the Council, Aka Akachukwu, in his remarks said they were able to achieve such feat at the festival because of the immense support they received from the council chairman.


Finals of Peter Obi cup holds today ANDREW EKEJIUBA

A Keshi

account of himself. “Ogenyi Onazi was in action for Lazio and Nosa Igiebor played 90 minutes for Betis. I am impressed because that is what I want, to see our players in action week in, week out.” The Eagles coach said ahead of the first leg of the World Cup qualifier in Ethiopia, “We are

ever ready. I already know my list and have my programme once I return it would be business as usual.” Keshi is back in the United States to take care of his sick wife and said “she is a lot better now”. He is expected to make public his list for the Ethiopia decider in the first week of next month.

Eti-Osa to construct mini- stadium IFEANYI EDUZOR


hairman of Eti-Osa Local Government Area of Lagos State, Prince Olanrewaju Elegushi says that plans are on the pipeline by his administration to construct a mini- stadium to be known as Oba Elegusi mini- stadium to enable it develop sports in the council area. He stated this when members of Nigeria (Pro) Wrestling Federation led by its national President, Prince Hammed Olanrewaju Mohammed paid him a courtesy visit in his office. According to him, the Local Government in its efforts to develop sports has been sponsoring the annual tug-of- war championship just as he chal-

lenged corporate organizations to invest in sports as a way of fighting unemployment in the country. “As part of our efforts to create employment opportunities for the youths of the council area, we are investing in sports and have been organizing the annual beach tug- of- war championship which has been applauded all over the country. Earlier in his speech, the President of the wrestling Federation noted that the Federation decided to pay him a visit to officially inform him that he was one of the 23 Local Government chairmen selected to be honoured with the “Good Governance and Peace Award” which will be presented to him during the third edition of BRF wrestlemania slated for later in the year.

rrangements has been concluded for the finals of the 2013 edition of Governor Peter Obi Unity Cup slated for today at the newly renovated Rojeny Stadium, Oba, Anambra State. According to the secretary of Anambra State Football Association, Emeka Ralph, the finals which will be played between Nanka and Ukpo will kick off at 3pm and will be preceded by the third place match between Agulu-Uzuigbo and Nnewi starting by 12 noon prompt. The state FA scribe while expressing appreciation at the quality of officiating and standard of play exhibited by all the participating teams throughout the duration of the tournament appealed to soccer loving citizens of the state to troop out in their thousands to witness the explosive final just as he commended Governor Peter Obi for bankrolling the tournament. Meanwhile, the proprietor of Rojeny Stadium, Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka says that the finals will give fans the opportunity to see the newly renovated stadium even as he appealed to Governor Peter Obi to assist in the completion of the tartan track for track and field events.

Army camp agog for wrestling extravaganza




t will be a clash of the titans as new wrestling sensation; Kingstone of Nigerian Army takes on Atom Ant Ozegbe in a Night of Super Stars

Championship put together by Nigeria (Pro) Wrestling Federation in conjunction with the Nigerian Army. The tournament, which will hold at the Army Sports Camp, Morocco Road, Somolu, Lagos tomorrow, is put together as a testing ground for Kingstone who will be taking a shot at the world title during the third edition of BRF Wrestlemania scheduled for Teslim Balogun Stadium, Surulere, Lagos. Other bouts of the day will see Rushing Belt squaring up against Mr. Sharpman, while Silent Tiger goes to war against Mosendo. A Tag Team fight will also be on stage to light up the event with the duo of Strong Bone Erujeje and Zion Lion show strength

against the pair of Delta Warrior and Flying Danko while there will also be a royal rumble fight.


Niger set to defend ARS Championship title ANDREW EKEJIUBA


efending champions of the male category of Airtel Rising Stars Africa Championships, Niger, stamped their intent to defend the title they won in Ghana last year, with a 3-0 trouncing of Burkina Faso in the opening match of Group B held at the Legacy pitch of the National Stadium, Surulere.

Ide Barkin Hassane, coach of the defending champions disclosed that they needed the victory to stamp their authority. He admitted that expectations are very high this year. “Since we won the trophy last year, people expect us to win the tournament again,” he said. The boys from Burkina Faso, who were eager to create an upset, must now, shift their focus on their upcoming matches against Gabon and Chad.



September 21, 2013

We’ll partner the armed forces to revive squash –Adino Tochukwu Aghadinuno Adino is the vice president of Squash Racket Federation of Nigeria. In this interview with IFEANYI EDUZOR he speaks on plans of the Federation to make grassroots development of the game its cardinal objective and efforts made so far to reposition the game.


hat are some of the programmes your board has initiated to reposition squash and make it more attractive to Nigerians? The present board of the Squash Racket Federation of Nigeria is fully committed to grassroots development of the game which seemed to have nosedived in recent years. When you look back you will discover that in the past squash received great followership from the Army, Air force, Police, paramilitary organizations and Nigerians at large but suddenly, everything went down and that is why we are putting modalities on ground to ensure that the sport gets back to its position. We intend to do this by organizing more clinics at the grassroots and partnering with members of our armed forces to take active part in the game. Apart from this, there is also plan to organize more championships which will give our athletes the required exposure to excel in the game. However, you should understand that the problem the sport is facing is not peculiar to squash alone; it affects all aspects of our sports except football which receives attention of government and corporate organizations. But with adequate planning we hope to surmount some of these problems and probably take the game to higher level. Recently your Federation organized a coaching clinic for young athletes; how would you describe the programme? It will interest you to know that the mandate of the present board is to take the game of squash to a higher level in keeping with the Federal Government’s transformation agenda on reviving sports and that was why we organized the clinic in conjunction with the United States of America-based former Nigerian number one squash player and team captain, Jude Odeh. The clinic enabled us not only to impact the basic principles of the game to the youths but also discover some talent who will be nurtured to represent the country in future in international competitions. At the Federation, we are quite impressed with the turnout at the clinic and this has encouraged us to line up more of such clinics aimed at discovering talent at the grassroots. Apart from organizing clinics in Lagos, what efforts are you making to develop the game in other states of the federation? We are presently liaising with all the 36 states including the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, to ensure that facilities

Saturday Mirror

tournament over the years has been won by South Africans and Egyptians but with the new development programme we are putting in place, I can assure you that very soon Nigerians will make their mark in that championship. How would you like squash to be developed in the country? Development of squash and other sports is capital intensive and government cannot do it alone. There is the need for corporate organizations to come in and help government in sports development as it is done in developed countries of the world. Provision of sporting facilities and infrastructure should not be left to the government alone because it has so many areas where it channels its resources for the development of the country. Having said this, I want to add that for squash and other sports to be fully developed, government must compel the multi-national companies to invest in one sport or the other to be qualified for tax rebate as it is done in Europe and America. When this is done and scholarships given to outstanding sportsmen and women to enable then acquire higher education while doing sports, it will go a long way in developing the country’s sports. Corporate organization’s involvement in sports will bring about frequent championships where athletes will be discovered, nurtured and taught basic principles of the game and also help them get sponsorship to participate in international competitions where they will get the required exposure to challenge the best from anywhere in the world. You were once involved in tennis before switching over to squash; what made you take that decision? Actually, there is no denying the fact that I have been involved in tennis and presently, I am a member of the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos Tennis Club. But one thing you should understand is that squash and tennis have a lot of similarities which is an indication that I am on a familiar terrain. My experience in tennis has helped me a lot in assisting my chairman to chart a new course on how to develop squash in the country and I am happy that we are working as a team to achieve that objective.



are put on ground for the development of squash. As the president of SouthEast zone of the Federation, I have visited all the states in the eastern part of the country and the visits have yielded result with many squash court projects now under construction in that part of the country and concerted efforts are also being made to ensure such projects are executed in other zones of the country. We are also discussing with sports clubs in various parts of the country on the need to partner with the Federation and develop the sports because we strongly believe that if these clubs can have good squash courts, it will help a lot in developing the game at the grassroots and I am happy that we are getting positive response from them.

What efforts are being made to ensure that a Nigerian wins the forthcoming Governors Cup for the first time since its inception? You are quite aware that the Governors Cup being bankrolled by the Lagos State Governor is an international event that attracts the best squash players from all over the world and it is one of the major programmes in the annual calendar of the squash federation. Before any player wins that tournament, he must be in top form and have adequate international exposure that will enable him conquer all other opponents. Having said this, what the Federation is doing is to create an enabling environment to ensure our players get adequate exposure that will enable them challenge the best athletes in the world. It is true that the





Saturday Mirror


September 21, 2013

Mikel plays down Chelsea’s defeat


helsea midfielder, John Mikel Obi insists the club will improve after Basel defeat Mikel admits Chelsea’s display against Basel was unacceptable, but insists they are still equipped to beat anyone. The Blues suffered their first home Champions’ League group defeat in more than a decade as they lost 2-1 to Basel on Wednesday. Mikel admits that Chelsea need to step up their performance, but is not worried due to the quality they have within their squad. “With the kind of players we have, with the caliber of players we have here, I don’t think we should be afraid of anyone,” he said. “But if we play the way we did against Basel, we have a chance of losing to anyone we play. “We have to go back to training now and look at the things we have done wrong

and try to put it right. “It’s disappointing. It’s really, really bad. I mean, it’s a very bad result for us. We knew the kind of team we were playing against. “We knew how good they are on the ball and what they can do when they have the ball. “The manager spoke about how we had to put them under pressure from the first half, the first minute, and then they don’t have a chance to win here. “But we didn’t do that, it’s very disappointing. And it’s very disappointing to our fans, the way we lost the game. Coming from another defeat at Everton, we wanted to use this game to put things right but we didn’t. “Individually we didn’t turn up. Next game we have to put things right and put ourselves in the position of qualifying from this group.”

Pardew issues Cisses’ warning


ewcastle boss Alan Pardew has warned Papiss Cisse he must start scoring goals soon if he is to keep his place in the starting line-up. Cisse is yet to score this season with his last goal coming in the dramatic win over Fulham last April, but he is set to retain his place for this weekend’s clash with Hull City. Pardew admits Cisse’s lack of goals is a concern and that, if he does not end


his drought, he could find his starting spot under threat from the likes of Yoan Gouffran, who scored last weekend’s winner at Aston Villa. “I think that (Papiss Cisse’s lack of goals) is a concern and we have worked hard trying to find avenues for Papiss to get that goal,” said Pardew. “Papiss is focused but he knows with every game that goes by when a striker’s not scored, it’s difficult for them.


32 nations bid for Euro 2020 matches Holloway makes case for referees


EFA has announced that 39 cities from 32 nations have declared an interest in hosting matches at the 2020 European Championships, with Paris a shock omission from the list. The competition is set to break from tradition and be staged across the continent rather than in one country. London, Rome, Munich, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Madrid are among the cities to have all been put forward as prospective venues, with Paris a shock omission from the bid submitted by the French Football Federation, who instead put Lyon forward.

Blanc: PSG were keen on signing Ozil



aris Saint-Germain manager Laurent Blanc has said the French champions attempted to sign Mesut Ozil from Real Madrid before he joined Arsenal. The Gunners paid a club record 50 million euro to sign Ozil, 24, on transfer deadline day earlier this month. PSG had also been linked with Chelsea’s Juan Mata and Blanc said he would have welcomed either player to the French capital.


Arsenal can challenge for title-Walcott



rsenal striker, Theo Walcott is confident that Arsenal will be in the Premier League title mix this season. The Gunners have not won a trophy of any kind since 2005 but they are just a point off the pace in the early running this season, having reeled off three wins in a row. And they secured a club-record 10th consecutive away victory when they triumphed 2-1 in the Champions League at Marseille on Wednesday. Walcott said: “I think we’ll push on and we can definitely challenge this year, for sure. “There is so much belief in this team at the moment and I think its showing. We just need to make sure we get that home form go-

rystal Palace manager Ian Holloway has called for referees to be given greater video assistance and does not want football to become ‘win at all costs’. Holloway was unhappy with the award of a penalty in last week’s 2-0 defeat at Manchester United when Palace midfielder Kagisho Dikgacoi was also sent off for bringing down Ashley Young. However, replays suggested the challenge took place outside the penalty area and Holloway also questioned if it was a foul

on Young, who had already been booked for simulation. Goal-line technology has been introduced in the Premier League this season, but Holloway is adamant that more needs to be done to help officials. “I don’t have sour grapes, it should have been a free-kick outside the box but the job for the referees is getting hard,” Holloway said at a press conference. “You have to be careful. Winning at all costs isn’t what this sport is all about.

ing now, the away form is absolutely fantastic. “It’s 10 successive wins away from home, a record. To be part of a team that has done that, in the amount of years that Arsenal has existed, is a great honour and a great achievement for everyone. “It just shows how good and how talented these players are. “We haven’t got the biggest squad in the world and we’ve got a lot of injuries, which doesn’t help. We’ve got to stay fit; we don’t want to lose any more players. “As soon as the players come back there is going to be more competition for places as well, that’s only going to be a good thing for Arsenal.”

Hart pleads with Man City fans

M Holloway


anchester City goalkeeper Joe Hart has called for calm from supporters attending tomorrow’s derby against Manchester United at the Etihad Stadium. The corresponding fixture last season was marred by instances of disorder, which included United defender Rio Ferdinand being hit by a coin. In a message to City fans via the club’s official website, Hart said: “The derby is one of the most anticipated and exciting games in world football. “As players, we are all looking forward to Sunday, and we know that the fans will be too. “The home support is so important for us, and I know they will be like an extra

man for the team on the day. “As always, we need our fans in full voice, but we also need them to respect the occasion. “The eyes of the world will be on this game as usual, and I’m confident our supporters will do the club proud.” “We want everyone to enjoy the game but be sensible too. “There were incidents last year which no-one wants to see repeated. “Our fans are the best in the world and we want you to show your passion for the club, but in the right way.” Greater Manchester Police announced earlier this month they would be stepping up security procedures around the fixture.


Saturday Mirror

September 21, 2013

BRIEFS 33-yr-old man beats BlackBerry girlfriend to stupor


n Abeokuta Chief Magistrate’s Court, in Ogun State has remanded a 33-year-old man, Olasunkanmi Ikuomola, in prison custody for beating his girlfriend to a state of stupor. The accused, Ikuomola, of 28 Ori-Iyarin Agbeloba in Abeokuta, was arraigned on a two-count charge of attempted rape and assault, but no plea was taken. The Police Prosecutor, Inspector Banji Sangotokun, told the court that the offence was committed on August 5, 2013 at 6:18pm at the accused’s residence. He said that the accused attempted to rape the woman and in the process beat her to stupor. Sangotokun said: “The accused and the lady had been chatting on Black Berry for a while and had been intimate. “Ikuomola invited her to his house and when she got there, he locked the door and started beating her mercilessly, forcefully removing her pants and bra. “It was the neighbours that heard her screams and came to her rescue. They broke the door of the accused’s apartment.” According to the prosecutor, neighbours met the lady badly beaten, lying nude and unconscious on the floor.

Two Chinese nationals docked for attempted rape of 20-year-old cook


wo Chinese nationals, Chen Gang and Zhao Weidong, who allegedly attempted to rape their 20-yearold cook, were, yesterday, charged before an Ebute Meta Magistrate’s Court in Lagos. Gang, 47, is facing a four-count charge of attempted rape, sexual harassment and indecent assault, while Weidong, 31, is being tried for willful damage and attempt to pervert justice. The duo, however, entered a plea of not guilty. The prosecutor, Inspector Moses Uaedmevbo, told the court that the Chinese nationals committed the offences on September 15, 2013 at 8a.m. at China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation, CCECC, Nigeria Railway Compound, Ebute Meta. He said Gang harassed the cook sexually and also attempted to have carnal knowledge of her. Uaedmevbo said, “Gang assaulted the woman by removing her bum shorts forcefully and touching her without her consent. The woman shouted for help and the policemen on duty in the compound came to rescue her.” Uaedmevbo alleged that Weidong also destroyed a Nokia mobile phone belonging to the woman by throwing it ( into the toilet.

Crime Watch End of the road for kidnappers of school leaver z I was contracted to keep company of lonely man – Kidnapper claims z My role was to drive them around town – Another kidnapper

The suspects



ince leaving school some years ago, Paul Edeh had been shuttling Port Harcourt, Rivers State from his native Enugu State hoping that a suitable job would be secured in the Garden City. Though he still says he is searching for a dream job, it is said that Edeh’s lifestyle does not portray that of an unemployed man. He is reported to have been ‘settled’ by his brother who is said to be doing well in Port Harcourt. Paul reportedly rode an exotic car anytime he was in his country home where he met his friends and siblings, where they all had nice times together. Recently, Paul was on his usual visit to his country home but got what he never bargained for. Unknown to Paul, some criminallyminded people in the neighbourhood were observing his affluent lifestyle and were looking for a way to get a share of it. Paul reportedly drove in his Toyota Tundra car with registration number ABUJA 424 ABC into his friend’s family house at Aji in IgboEze North Local Government Area of the state. John Abah, his friend, received him well and they had a nice time together with some other friends. Around 11:00 pm, Paul informed his friend’s parents of his intention to go home. But John’s parents would not hear of it. They reportedly prevailed on Paul to spend the night with them and go home the following day. Paul hearkened to the advice and retired to his friend’s room. But barely a quarter of an hour later, something happened. While the two friends were on the bed, a loud bang was reportedly heard

at the door and four heavily armed men burst into the room. Threatening to kill anyone who attempted to raise the alarm, the gunmen blindfolded Paul and whisked him out of the room. He was reportedly dumped, blindfolded, into his own car and driven away with two other men who stood guard outside the building. Moments after the kidnappers had gone, John and his family reportedly alerted law enforcement agents who immediately swung into action. A detachment of policemen then gave the kidnappers a hot chase after receiving a tip-off from members of the community where they headed after the abduction of the young man. Around 12:05a.m, the law enforcement agents reportedly pursued the kidnappers towards Obollo community where they were told the kidnappers had driven towards. Before long, the car was sighted and inside it were Ejiofor Apeh and Ifeanyi Abah both of Enugu Ezike in IgboEze North Local Government Area of the state. Initially the two suspects reportedly denied knowledge of the kidnap. They, however, confessed during interrogation. The two suspects then reportedly took the law enforcement agents to their hideout where they reportedly met stiff resistance from three other members of the gang stationed there to watch over Paul. It was reported that after a fierce gun battle, the three members watching over Paul surrendered to the law enforcement agents and they were also arrested and Paul was immediately rescued. In his confessional statement, Ejiofor claimed he was brought in to help drive the car. He denied knowledge of knowing that the members of the gang were kid-

nappers. “I am a driver in Enugu and the people called me to help them drive one of their cars out a forest for them. They promised to give me money but I did not know that they were going for another mission”. Another suspect, identified as Ogbonna, told the police that he was only asked to help look after the victim whom the abductors reportedly claimed were their friend from Lagos who had quarrel with his father and needed a place to hide. “When I was asked to come here (into the forest) what I was told was that a friend from Lagos who quarrelled with his father over something was around and would be staying for some days in the bush. I was asked to come and keep his company pending when he would be there. I never knew that he was kidnapped by the same guys,” Ogbona claimed. Paul, visibly shaken after his rescue was said to have told law enforcement agents that he could have been killed while he was being driven through the hill where he was hid. “I was really scared when I was being driven to where I was hidden because they felt that they were being chased. So, the speed we drove was such that twice we escaped death before they finally took me to the place from where I was rescued,” he said. Ebere Amaraizu, Enugu State Police Public Relations Oofficer, in a statement, debunked the defence of the suspects. He maintained that they all were heavily armed and engaged policemen in a fierce gun duel before they were arrested. Amaraizu said the suspects are still being investigated and would be prosecuted upon competition of investigation.

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Saturday Mirror


September 21, 2013


Police smash visa racket syndicate in Lagos SEGUN ADIO


wo men are currently being detained by the police at the Special Fraud Unit, over alleged visa racketeering at the British Deputy High Commission in Victoria Island, Lagos. The two men, Jude Oseiwe Esebanmhen and Charles Abayomi Sanusi, were recently rounded up by the police following a petition from the High Commission against the two men. It was reported that Esebanmhen, 26, had filed application for a British visa with Nigerian Passport No. A04701778 for six months duration but the application was rejected. Shortly after that, Esebanmhen again sought for Spanish visa but this time with a fake UK Entry Clearance Visa on his passport. The aim was to deceive Spanish embassy officials that he already had right of passage to the United Kingdom. However, the Spanish Embassy deployed their trained forgery officer to check Esebanmhen’s documents which later turned out to be fake documents. Esebanmhen, a native of Esan North-East Local Government of Edo State was reportedly picked up

Jude and Charles

while he came to pick up his visa with the Spanish Embassy on the appointed day. Sanusi, 40, Esebanmhen’s partner-incrime, a trained concrete fabricator runs a visa agency office at Shogunle area of Lagos State, from where he help unsuspecting applicants to secure visas to virtually all European countries. Investigations revealed that Sanusi also procured fake documents like hotel reservation, insurance certificate, ticket, invita-

tion letters, employment documents and statements of account for those who need them. When his office was raided, fake visas, fake arrival and departure stamps of Benin Republic, Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, Ghana and the U.K were discovered there. Sanusi was subsequently picked up and he is also assisting law enforcement agents to unravel the visa racketeering. In his confession, Esebanmhen, a gradu-

One killed, others escape as police foil raid on store SEGUN ADIO


t was like a movie scene. A seven-man robbery gang invaded a popular electronics shop along Ikorodu Road recently but they were repelled by the superior firepower of men of the anti-robbery squad of the Nigeria Police. It was in the early hours of Sunday, 15 September, 2013 and the robbers, wielding weapons, stormed the store. The robbers stormed the store in a Lagos colour Varagon Volks Wagen bus with registration number KWARA XB146KSB. It was reported that on their arrival, they blew open the doors. The suspected robbers did not waste time in going into their ‘business’ as they reportedly began to load into the bus they came with series of gadgets from the store. While they were in it, about four of them were reportedly stationed outside the area to serve as back up for the one loading the

gadgets into the vehicle. But while this was going on, information reached the nearby Onipanu Police station from where a detachment of anti-riot policemen was deployed in the scene. When the police team got there, the men of the underworld engaged them in a fierce gun duel. After about 15 minutes, the leader of the gang was shot dead while his lieutenants took to their heels. While the policemen were trying to chase the fleeing robbers, the driver of the Varagon, later identified as Lukmon Olowoeshie, tried to make an escape with the loot as he reportedly climbed the lowly median at the express road. The said investigations later revealed that the said Olowoeshie had been in similar operations in the area in the time past. Law enforcement officers later traced the residence of the driver of the vehicle and found his wife and his conductor with whom they worked hours before the opera-

tion. According to the conductor, identified as Suleiman, he and Olowoeshie worked until 10:00p.m that fateful day before the latter asked him to go home. “We normally close around midnight. But that day, Olowoeshie told me round 10:00p.m that he wanted to take the vehicle to a re-wire in Palm Grove. He thus gave me my share for the day and left me at the bus stop. That was the last time I heard of him until police came to arrest me and told me that Olowoeshie was involved in a robbery,” Suleiman said. A police source who pleaded anonymity said: “it was very late in the day and we were at the station when this distress call came in that robbers had taken over the store. Immediately we sprang into action and went to the scene where the robbers gave us a lot of gun fight. In the end, we killed their leader while the rest ran away.” It was reported that the wife of the fleeing driver and his conductor are currently assisting the police in their investigations on the matter.

ate of Ambrose Alli University, claimed that he was introduced to Sanusi, who agreed to assist in securing the Spanish visa. “When I could not secure the British visa I then looked up to Spain since I was informed that someone could assist. That was how I met Mr. Sanusi, who later introduced me to Alhaji Oyekanmi,” he said. Sanusi, on his own, said he was not an accredited agent to the Embassy but he often found a way to assist prospective travellers to secure visas. He said: “I am not a licensed agent to the Embassy but Alhaji and I used to meet at CMS Bus Stop where we perfect ways for intending travellers.” When asked how much he collected from each applicant, Sanusi claimed each of them paid a minimum of N150, 000 for his service. Ngozi Isintume-Agu, sspokesperson for the Special Fraud Unit, told reporters that the unit has launched a manhunt for the fleeing accomplice.

Father catches man raping daughter


he Oyo State Police Command has arrested a man (names withheld) for allegedly raping a girl in Oluyole area of Ibadan. He was said to have been caught raping the girl in a bush. The suspect allegedly lured the girl into the bush before forcefully having canal knowledge of her, while the victim was said to be shouting for help. The cry reportedly drew the attention of her father, who rushed to the scene and caught the man in the act. Police Public Relations Officer of the Command, Olabisi Clet-Ilobanafor, confirmed the story. She said: “The father of the victim, who reported the crime, said he heard his daughter screaming in a nearby bush and that when he rushed there, he saw the suspect on top of his daughter, having canal knowledge of the victim by force. “The father said he saw the suspect holding the girl by the neck.” After the victim was rescued, the suspect was arrested and taken to the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID. She said the state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Mohammed Indabawa, had directed that the case be immediately charged to court like other rape cases.

Man remanded in prison for setting room-mate ablaze ADEOLU ADEYEMO OSOGBO


middle aged man, Mudasiru Oyeniyi, has been ordered to be remanded at the Ilesa Prison, Osun State for allegedly setting his friend, Oladimeji, ablaze following a sharp disagreement between them. The order for Oyeniyi to be remanded in prison custody was given by an Osogbo Magistrates’ court. Oyeniyi and Oladimeji were room-

mates. The incident which happened on 30 July, 2013, around 12:35am at Arikalamu area of Osogbo, reportedly threw residents of the area into a sympathetic mood as they discussed the matter in twos and threes. Saturday Mirror investigations revealed that trouble broke out between the duo on this ill-fated day when Oyeniyi reportedly lent out a megaphone belonging to Oladimeji out without his permission.

This reportedly infuriated Oladimeji as he could not find the instrument when he wanted to use it to hawk his herbs. His reaction was said not to have gone down well with Oyeniyi who later poured petrol on Oladimeji while asleep and set him ablaze. Though Oyeniyi pleaded guilty to the one count charge of attempted murder, he pleaded with the court to temper justice with mercy adding that it was the work of the devil. The Police Prosecutor, Mr Isiaka

Ajadi, told the court that the offence committed by Oyeniyi is contrary to section (2) of the criminal code cap. 34 vol. 11 laws of Osun State, Nigeria. Ajadi who told the court also that the victim is currently receiving treatment at an undisclosed private hospital in Osogbo, added that he sustained severe burnt from the incident. The magistrate, Olusola Aluko, ordered Oyeniyi to be remanded in the Ilesa Prisons till October 22, 2013 when he would be briefed further on the case.



September 21, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Boko Haram: Inches away to total victory W

ithout doubts, the Nigerian security apparatchik is recording tremendous success in its efforts to root out insurgency in different parts of the country, especially the north east. True to its promise, the Joint Military Taskforce (JTF) has continued to launch offensive against criminal elements and terrorism in the country. Recently the Nigerian Army announced the killing of over 150 Boko Haram insurgents at Kafiya Forest of Borno State. The Director of Army Public Relations (DAPR), Brig-Gen. Ibrahim Attahiru who made the disclosure added that a key commander and a high value target of the insurgents, one Abba Goroma was also killed. The Chief insurgent commander had a N10-million bounty placed on his head. Within the same week members of the youth vigilante group otherwise known as civilian JTF captured over 50 suspected members of the Boko Haram sect in some parts of Borno and Adamawa States. The arrest of suspects came after days of massive hunt of the fleeing insurgents. A lot of strategies is seemed to be put in place in this war on terror. The Director General of the State Security Service (SSS), Ita Ekpeyong, at the official passing out parade and commissioning of 385 new officers of the service declared that the service and other securi-

ty forces were gradually wiping our the Boko Haram insurgents in the country. Ekpeyong said: “We can confidently say that we have decimated the terrorists’ top and middle level leadership, its foot soldiers, thereby dislodging its centre of gravity.” Though there were a number of casualty on the side of the Nigerian security personnel and the civilian volunteers, nevertheless the positive development reinforce our belief in the ability of the response agencies working tediously in protecting us. We were all living witnesses when the dreaded Boko Haram terror groups operated almost freely in some NorthEastern states before State of Emergency was declared in the troubled states of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe. Their freedom have been curtailed. Hardly a day passes that the news media is not awash with stories of the JTF clamping down on members of fleeing Boko Haram terror group. These faceless and bloodthirsty elements have long fled areas they once operated like the Lord of the Manor where they unleashed terror on helpless and innocent Nigerians. The story has since changed. It is now the other way round. These elements have since been chased away. The recent creation of an army division is another ambitious step taken towards ridding the north east of inse-

curity. The government should leave no stone unturned in its resolve to make Nigeria a safe and secure nation. Despite the hydra headed nature of the insecurity conundrum, the government should leave nothing to chance getting to the root of the matter. Creating a division of the Nigerian Army specifically to fight insurgency in the north eastern part of the country is a commendable initiative. It is an indication that the government is very much attaches much premium to the safety of life and property of its citizens. While it will be considered rather too early and ill-time to sing victory song in the war against terror, it is not out of place all together to say we are close to achieving complete hundred percent successes. We are inches away from completely cleansing terror from our land. Credit must be given to our devoted and committed officers and men of the Nigerian army and other security establishments who have sacrificed their comfort, pleasure and time to guarantee peace in the land. The amount of stability we have so far witnessed in areas once branded flashpoints is an indication of the fact that the military is not relenting in its avowed determination to root out terrorism in the country. The unprecedented inroads re-

corded by the JTF are not without the matchless support and unwavering commitment of the Federal Government. President Goodluck Jonathan has never minced words in his avowed determination make Nigeria inhabitable for trouble makers and enemies of Nigeria with provision of adequate resources to our security. The JTF, with support from their civilian counterparts is truly on top of the insecurity situation in areas once dominated by members of the Boko Haram Islamist sect. While we must acknowledge and commend security and volunteers in this war against terrorism, we must rise to fight terrorism by words of encourage while we are also security conscious at all times. Aside creating the 7th Division of Nigerian Army in Borno State, the government should equally provide the army with necessary support for full take off. We cannot continue to watch almost helplessly how bloodthirsty individuals visit terror on Nigerians. It is our responsibility to make Nigeria safe for Nigerians and foreigners alike. Nigerians are peace loving people. Let us offer our individual supports to security agencies to enable them succeed.

Ola Lookman is of the Youth Against Disaster Initiative (YADI)

Enough of bitterness and rancour - An appeal to Nigerian leaders and elders I n recent weeks, the media (traditional and new) has been awash with all manner of negativity stemming from the rancour and what-have-you among the top echelon of our society. The nation has watched very sadly, as all opposing and ‘warring’ parties have engaged in open abuse, castigation, even casting aspersion on each other. To us, it seems as if the good in Nigeria, and the good name we struggle daily to assert, is being challenged by all the bitterness and rancour that has reared its head among us. No doubt, our nation is at a very critical stage of its development, as we daily grapple with many issues for the purpose of rebuilding our nation. In effect any negative incident is sure to erode, mar, or even break the trail of the many progressive steps that we have made or are taking towards our growth and development. Let us remind ourselves that our children are still roaming the streets idly, whilst eagerly hoping that the ASUU strike (into its third month now), will be called off soonest, to enable them go back and complete their education. Rising incidents of unemployment prevail, the health sector needs some ‘desperate’ attention; while social malaise is still there to grapple with - these are just some of the very serious developmental issues we should be focusing

more of our energies on. We at I-Nigerian Initiative are using this opportunity to remind ourselves that the younger population of Nigerians, constituting a large percentage of the population is watching. Indeed the whole world is watching us! Good legacies have to be bequeathed to the upcoming generation. Perhaps we should ask ourselves what legacy do we hope to bequeath to the next generation, with all the bitterness, acrimony and wrangling we are witnessing today?! Sadly this wrangling most rife among our elected politicians, who swore on oath, on assumption of office, to preserve the sanctity and the good name of the country, and whom the citizens look up to, to steer the course of the nation aright, and catapult Nigeria to assume her pride of place in the comity of nations. Nigeria is a country blessed with great endowments and resources. It is a country with individuals bubbling with ideas, ready to grab the opportunity to rule the world, and take the name of Nigeria to deserved great heights. It is rather unfortunate therefore, that those that are supposed to help the extremely talented men and women we have in our midst - and there are MANY OF THEM - to achieve their dreams seem to be concentrating their energies more on poten-

tially divisive issues. There is an evil caveat that if issues of divisiveness and personal interests are allowed to persist above national interest, the year 2015 might be the year that Nigeria will break! Well, we at INigerian, Initiative, a Non-Governmental Organisation with the objective of positively transforming the perception of Nigerians about Nigeria, DO NOT align with such predictions, or negative pronouncements, nor do we respect the voices that make such sad and unpatriotic utterances. For us at I-Nigerian Initiative, our dear country, Nigeria, remains ONE ENTITY...! We are a group that believes absolutely and doggedly in the sanctity of Nigeria, and in encouraging, capturing, and promoting the good in Nigeria, and of Nigerians as a people. Thus we urge everyone and anyone who feels or is insistent that personal issues and ambition should take precedence over national issues, to reconsider their position. Relentless patriotism, selfless service, principled interests that will uphold the values and interest of the nation are what we, just like every well-meaning Nigerian, expect from our leaders... Please note that the world is watching, while the psyche of Nigerians is being further dented by the negative press being generated by the negativity going

on. Nigerians need their dignity as a people restored. We need to bring back something we all need as Nigerians - FAITH! FAITH in ourselves, FAITH in our system, and above all FAITH IN NIGERIA. You will agree with us at I-Nigerian, that this can only be achieved in an atmosphere devoid of debilitating squabbling, and devastating selfish interests. As we approach our 53rd Independence Anniversary as a country, we at I-Nigerian seize the opportunity to appeal to everyone involved one way or another, in the current bickering on every opposing side - politically and geographically - to reawaken their patriotic interest for Nigeria, and selfless zeal for Nigeria’s growth. It is also an opportune time to wish the nation a Happy Independence Anniversary in advance. Our charge at this time is in this passionate appeal to us all to let posterity appraise us all in good stead; let the labours of our heroes past not be in vain; and let the next generation receive the ‘baton of legacy’ with pride in their hearts that those before them left a positive mark for them to emulate and follow. Ada Stella Apiafi is of I-Nigerian Renaissance Initiative Garki II, Abuja.

Saturday Mirror


September 21, 2013



Delta issues ultimatum to debtor landlords, property owners AMOUR UDEMUDE ASABA


elta State chairman of Internal Revenue Board, Mr. Thomas Joel-Onowakpo, has issued landlords and property owners a 14-day ultimatum to pay their ground rent or face the wrath of government. Joel-Onowakpo, and some members of the board, were at the office of the state’s commissioner for lands, survey and urban development, Mr. Patrick Ferife, to fashion out ways to recover debts owed the state government by landlords and property owners across the state. The DSIRB boss however, vowed to use government instruments to recover all debts. In the words of JoelOnowakpo, “The board shall within fourteen days move from door to door demanding for the demand notices and

failure to pay ground rent shall attract the wrath of the law on defaulters.

Paying of taxes is a civil responsibility as such ignorant of the law is not an

excuse at all,” he said. While calling for the needed support and co-

operation from the lands ministry, the state revenue boss stressed that

L-R: Executive Director, Women Advocate Research Documentation Centre (WARDC), Dr. (Mrs) Abiola Akiyode-Afolabi; His Royal Highness, Chief Enene Asuquo Etim, and Chief Eke Adim Edet of Bakasi and Akpabuyo Local Government councils at a one day Community Forum on Laws as Tools for Social Accountability and Development organised by WARDC with the support of the National Endowment for Democracy, in Bakassi, Cross River State recently.

it was important that landlords and property owners pay ground rents within thirty days of notice. On his part, Mr. Ferife called for the setting up of a joint viable tax force to enforce the collection of ground rent from individuals, landlords, and property owners across the state. The commissioner also promised to work with the board to achieve the one set goals towards the increment of the state revenue. In another development, Mr. Joel-Onowakpo has called on staff of the revenue board to keep to the tenets and operational framework of the board by shunning sharp practice in all its ramifications. He made the call yesterday while declaring open a five-day induction course for the newly recruited 200 junior staff of the board at Nelrose Hotel, Asaba, the state’s capital.

Total Group donates equipment, trains educators on HIV/AIDS in Edo SEBASTINE EBHUOMHAN BENIN CITY


he effort of Edo State government to enhance voluntary test, reduction and management of prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the state has received a boost with the donation, by the Total Group, of free equipments to the General Hospital in Ubiaja, in Esan South East Local Government Area. The donation was jointly launched by the Total Upstream Company Nigeria Limited and the Total Nigeria Plc as part of the companies’ Phase 6 Expanded Preventive Awareness and Care Project for this year. Apart from donating the equipment, the companies also trained and certified tens of peer educators. The trained educators were presented their certificates by wife of Edo State Deputy Governor, Mrs. Endurance Odubu. Speaking on behalf of the two companies, General Manager, HSEQ Total Nigeria Plc., Mr. Koleade Adegunle, said

AIDS is challenging the existence of people and the development of Africa. Adegunle said Edo State was the 17th state in the country where the company was leading

the national campaign against HIV/AIDS. He therefore charged governments at all levels to equip youths with appropriate knowledge and support to live safe life and be able to manage HIV/AIDS.

Secretary to Edo State government, Prof. Julius Ihonvbere, who represented the Governor Adams Oshiomhole, urged the people of the state submit themselves for screening of the dreaded disease,

saying, to “What Total is doing today is what a company with a good heart should be doing. This, indeed, is a good example of corporate social responsibility.” Project Manager, Edo

State Agency for the Control of HIV/AIDS, Hajia Mariet Binkola, also said that awareness in the state risen judging by the results of the two-week voluntary counseling and testing exercise.

Minister urges N’Delta youths to embrace peace


he Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Mr Godsday Orubebe, has urged youths in the region to embrace peace to allow Federal Government to develop their areas. A statement issued by the Director of Press in the ministry, Mrs Florence Mohammed, said the minister made the plea in Abuja when members

of the Niger Delta Youth Movement (NDYM), led by its President, Ajulisan Akumagba, paid him visit. The minister was quoted as saying,``Niger Delta youths should adopt peaceful means in registering their grievances with the government whenever they feel aggrieved. There is no development that can take place in an atmosphere of rancour and

chaos.” The minister said that his ministry would partner and support the group on any matter that would give room for peaceful coexistence in the zone. The minister urged the youth not to use violent as means of achieving their demands, advising them to support the developmental efforts of the ministry to move the Niger

Delta forward. He urged the group to sensitise other youth groups in the region to embrace peace and desist from crimes that could prevent contractors from executing the ministry’s projects, particularly the East-West road. The minister also advised them to always allow contractors to carry out their works to ensure

timely completion of projects. He urged them to develop a framework that would capture various programmes and activities in which they could participate. Orubebe said that such documents should be submitted to the technical department of the ministry for consideration and possible adoption.

Bayelsa community leader tasks govt on potable water


hairman of Onopa Community Development Committee (CDC) in Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa State, Mr. Jacob Bonzom, has called on the state government to provide potable water for the

people of the community. Bonzom told reporters yesterday that the community lacked potable water and that its people are suffering as a result of that. Acording to Bonzom, “Issues bothering my

community are much; we don’t have good roads, our schools are not conducive for learning, and most importantly, no potable water. Our water has been polluted by oil; we do not have drinkable water; we only depend on the sachet

water popularly known as “pure water.” He expressed the resolve of the people of the community to continue to press their demand for the provision of infrastructure that would make life bearable for

them. Bonzom, however, described Onopa community as a peaceful and loving place” and urged youths and chiefs in the area not to relent in their effort to sustain existing peace in the area.



September 21, 2013

Saturday Mirror


2015: Lamido/Amaechi presidential campaign unveiled in Kaduna A ZA MSUE KADUNA


igawa State Governor Sule Lamido and his Rivers State counterpart Rotimi Ameachi’s rumoured interest in 2015 presidential election has received a boost; a campaign organisation for that purpose has been



gain, gunmen struck in the early hours of yesterday morning in Wase Local Government Area of Plateau state and killing two people . Saturday Mirror gathered that the gunmen numbering about 20, attacked Nbiyak village of Kadarko district in the locality, setting residential houses on fire and shooting sporadically, forcing residents to run in different directions. Nbiyak is said to be a community inhabited by the Tarok ethnic group of Wase. A member of the community, Samuel Wuyep, who confirmed the attack to Saturday Mirror says, “There have been rumor that some people suspected to be Fulani were planning to attack our village. We reported the rumour to security agencies in the area but they ignored the threat. The attack was actually

launched in Kaduna. This was made in a statement by Alhaji Bilya Mohammed Lawal who is the National Coordinator Lamido/Amaechi Campaign Organisation. Lawal while launching the campaign for the joint ticket of the two governors appealed to Nige-

rians to support the new movement adding that the duo had proved their worth in their respective states. It would be recalled that campaign trucks, posters and billboards bearing Lamido/Ameachi in a joint 2015 presidential ticket were sight-

ed in Kaduna recently. Lawal also stated that the candidature of Lamido and Amaechi was desirable especially at the time that the country is in dire need of true servant leaders to move it forward. “Presenting Governor Sule Lamido as a credible

candidate for 2015 is the surest way of the PDP to retain the presidency because I have strong feelings that if the PDP is serious about a president who can take Nigeria to the next level and at par with other developed countries, Sule Lamido is the right choice.”

The Lamido/Amaechi Campaign Coordinator also lauded the emergence of Kaduna State Chapter of the New Peoples Democratic Party under the leadership of Alhaji Yaro Makama Rigachikun, describing it as a healthy political development.

Gunmen attack Plateau village, kill two carried out as rumoured and they killed two people. I also know some

people are missing and have not been found. However, the special

task force STF on JOS crises code named Operation Safe Haven was

not available to confirm the attack as the telephone line of its

spokesman, Captain Salisu Mustapha, was not available.

Internally displaced persons from Nasarawa crisis taking refuge at the palace of the Osana of Keana in Nasarawa State yesterday.

Kogi restates commitment on polio eradication WALE IBRAHIM LOKOJA


he Kogi State government has restated its commitment to the eradication of polio and other child killer diseases among its citizens. Governor Idris Wada stated this yesterday in Lokoja, the state capital, during the 2013 3rd quarter meeting with Chairmen of local government councils, traditional and religious leaders as well as stakeholders on Polio Eradication, Routine Immunisation and Primary Health Care. Governor Wada, who was represented by his deputy, Yomi Awoniyi, said that the state has

since 2009, remained poliofree, pointing out that the present administration is concerned with and working hard to permanently eradicate all child killer diseases from the state.

Wada explained that protection of children against vulnerable diseases has remained paramount since the inception of his administration. He commended the people of

the state for responding to all initiatives on polio and other diseases. Earlier in his address, Commissioner for Health, Dr. Idris Omede, disclosed that Kogi State ranks high

in the first and second quarter of 2013 immunization scheme. He revealed that the state has also released its counterpart funds to the Bill and Melinda Gate Fund Grant.

Crisis: 24-hour curfew imposed on Kafanchan A ZA MSUE KADUNA


s a fall out of the clashes in Kafanchan last Thursday, a 24-hour curfew has been imposed on the town by authorities of the Jema’a Local Government Council of the state. On that fateful Thursday, an unconfirmed reported claimed that an unidentified number of people were killed in the

clash in the city, while another version of the story claimed that there was no clash in Kafanchan, but rumours of a planned attack which never happened. The state government and the leadership of the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU) have, however, appealed for calm in the area, while the Police says that normalcy has returned to Kafan-

chan. Kaduna State governor, Mukthar Ramalan Yero, also asked the people of the area to remain calm and law-abiding as his administration is doing all within its powers to contain the breach of security in the area. He, however, directed security agencies in the state to take necessary actions at returning peace and normalcy to the

area following skirmishes over misunderstanding among the people. The governor warned those fomenting trouble in the state to desist from their devilish plots to plunge the state into confusion, adding that “as a responsible government, we shall not shirk our constitutional duty of protecting the lives and property of the entire people of Kaduna State, no mat-

Omede who was represented at the occasion, called on all stakeholders to support the forth-coming National Health Primary Health Care immunization campaign in the state. ter what it will take.” Governor Yero also commiserated with victims of the crisis and thanked the people of the state for their continuous support to his administration in its unrelenting efforts at building lasting peace and unity among the diverse people of the state. Meanwhile, President of the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU), Dr. Ephraim Goje has appealed for calm in the area.

Saturday Mirror


September 21, 2013


Ex-First Lady to be tried in Ivorian court


Models lined up behind Italian designer Giorgio Armani as he receives applause for his show at Milan’s fashion week, yesterday

Swaziland votes in no-party election z As King sets to take 18-yr beauty queen as 15th wife


oters in Swaziland are choosing a new parliament, even though political parties cannot take part and the king retains absolute power. Candidates are handpicked by traditional chiefs who are loyal to King Mswati III. Banned opposition groups, mainly based in South Africa, have called for a boycott. King Mswati recently described his country’s

electoral system as a “monarchical democracy”. “It’s just a name so people can understand,” said the monarch, educated at an exclusive English boarding school, to Reuters news agency in a rare interview. “The world really doesn’t understand the Tinkhundla system, but everybody can understand monarchal democracy. “It’s an English name. This monarchal democracy is a marriage between

the traditional monarchy and the ballot box, all working together under the monarchy.” He is Africa’s last absolute monarch, with the powers to rule by decree and dissolve the 55-member parliament whenever he wants. He recently announced that he would be taking his 15th wife, an 18-year old beauty queen whom he spotted at the annual reed dance. Political parties were

officially banned in Swaziland in the 1970s - a restriction yet to be overturned, although they are now allowed to register. The European Union and Southern African groups have sent observers to the polls. While King Mswati’s family has ruled Swaziland since the 1800s there has been growing criticism of his large family’s lavish lifestyle at a time when many in the country live below the poverty line.

Merkel fights for majority in tight German election


hancellor Angela Merkel looked on track to win a third term in a weekend election in Germany but faced a battle to preserve her center-right majority and avert a potentially divisive coalition with her arch-rivals, the center-left Social Democrats (SPD). Tomorrow’s vote is being watched across Europe, with many of Berlin’s partners hoping it will bring about a softening of the austerityfirst approach Merkel has promoted since the euro zone debt crisis broke out nearly four years ago. But the prospect of major shifts in her euro policy are slim, even if she is forced into a “grand coalition” with the SPD, whose candidate Peer

Steinbrueck has criticized the chancellor for choking off growth in southern members of the currency bloc by insisting on spending cuts and painful reforms. “Germany remains committed to euro zone membership, but public opinion and institutional constraints ... limit the scope for any German government to drastically

alter course towards more generous support policies,” analysts at Citi Research said in a research note. Two days before the vote, a survey by Forsa for private broadcaster RTL showed Merkel’s conservatives -- the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and its sister Bavarian party the Christian Social Union (CSU) -- 14 points

ahead of the SPD, meaning she will almost surely return for a third term. But her combined center-right bloc, which includes the businessfriendly Free Democrats (FDP), was in a dead heat with left-leaning opposition parties, with both camps on 45 percent. That makes the election in Europe’s largest economy too close to call.

vory Coast will try former first lady Simone Gbagbo, who is being sought by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for alleged crimes against humanity, in a domestic court, the government said following a special cabinet meeting yesterday. Former President Laurent Gbagbo, whose refusal to accept defeat in a late 2010 presidential runoff triggered a brief war, is currently in The Hague awaiting trial for crimes committed during the postelection crisis. The government declined to transfer Simone Gbagbo to the court when

the ICC indictment, which alleged she was “criminally responsible for murder, rape, other forms of sexual violence, other inhumane acts, and persecution”, was unsealed last November. “This decision by the cabinet aims to judge Madame Gbagbo in Ivory Coast under Ivorian jurisdiction, which is today rehabilitated and able to offer her a fair and balanced trial,” a statement read by government spokesman Bruno Kone said. “The government will shortly introduce its request to the registrar of the International Criminal Court,” he added.

Al Qaeda attacks kill 40 Yemeni forces


uspected al Qaeda militants killed about 40 Yemeni soldiers and policemen in two attacks in the south of the country yesterday, their deadliest for more than a year, security officials said. Around 30 soldiers died when two car bombs exploded at a military camp in al-Nashama, near the coast, and about 10 police were killed by gunmen in the inland town of Mayfaa. Officials believe members of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP)

were behind both attacks, the security sources said. AQAP is seen by Western countries as one of the most dangerous branches of al Qaeda because it has attempted to carry out bombings on international airlines. U.S. drone strikes have killed scores of AQAP members and the Yemeni army has seized back large tracts of territory from the insurgents, prompting the country’s foreign minister to call yesterday’s attacks a sign of increasing desperation.

Bombs inside Sunni mosque kill 15


wo bombs concealed in air conditioning units inside a Sunni mosque south of the Iraqi city of Samarra exploded during yesterday prayers, killing at least 15 people, police and hospital sources said. It was not clear who was behind the attack, which took place in al-Mafraq, around 10 km (6 miles) south of Samarra. “During yesterday’s prayer suddenly a huge explosion took place. Black smoke filled the mosque, we could not see each

other. I tried to stand, but I couldn’t as I had some injuries in my legs,” said 35-year-old Saleh al-Shamani. At least 17 people were wounded, the sources said. Iraq’s delicate sectarian balance has come under growing strain from the civil war in neighboring Syria, where mainly Sunni rebels are fighting to overthrow a leader backed by Shi’ite Iran. Both Sunnis and Shi’ites have crossed into Syria from Iraq to fight on opposite sides of the conflict.

Syria ‘submits chemical arms data’


yria has begun sending details of its chemical weapons as part of a US-Russia brokered deal to make them safe, the chemical arms watchdog has said. The Hague-based OPCW added that it expected more details from

Syria in the coming days and had postponed a meeting planned for tomorrow. Syria was given today as deadline to give a full list of its chemical arms. The US had threatened military action over a chemical attack in Da-

mascus last month, which the UN called a war crime. The US, UK and France have accused Syrian government forces of carrying out the attack in the Ghouta district, but President Bashar al-Assad has blamed rebel groups. Michael Luhan, a

spokesman for the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), which is responsible for policing the treaty outlawing chemical arms, said Syria’s submission was an “initial declaration”. Luhan said it was now

being examined by the organisation’s technical secretariat but he declined to say what was in it. A UN diplomat confirmed to Reuters that details had been submitted, adding: “It’s quite long... and being translated.”





28,000 Nigerians are awaiting trial in our prisons and 90% of them are indigent people who cannot afford legal services. Okey wali, SAN, President, Nigerian Bar Association, while urging the federal government to adequately fund the Legal Aid Council for the sake of the indigent who need legal services.

Saturday, September 21, 2013.

Opening up Africa to Africa


his is the fourth year that I have had the privilege and honour to welcome fellow Africans to the ancient city of Mombasa for the Africa Governance, Leadership and Management Convention. This year’s convention has the theme “Opening up Africa to Africa”. When the organising secretariat, jointly led by Mr. Ayodele Aderinwale, and Mr. David Muturi, visited me to discuss the focus of this year’s meeting, I was immediately pleased with their suggestion that we bring the issue of Africa’s integration to the front burner again. Two critical factors informed our decision to shine the spotlight on Africa’s integration efforts. First, this year marks the 50th anniversary of the Organisation of African Unity and its successor; the African Union, which is the longest enduring attempt at integration by independent African countries. I joined in the celebrations in Addis Ababa in May. In 1963 when leaders of independent African countries came together to form the Organisation of African Unity, they outlined some fourteen objectives that would drive the Organisation. Top on the list of objectives was “to accelerate the political and socio-economic integration of the continent.” This aspiration remains as relevant today as it were fifty years ago. The need to take a critical look at the success stories and challenges of achieving continent-wide integration as epitomised by a number of the Regional

with President Olusegun Obasanjo





Economic Communities will also help in providing critical inputs into the African Union 2063 Agenda which aims to achieve “an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens and representing a dynamic force in global arena” Furthermore, this kind of reflection and exchange between stakeholders

from the public and private sector will also assist in country level policy making particularly in identifying critical success factors that need to be enhanced and replicated and failure factors that should be avoided and eliminated. Recent events have proven the necessity of the theme. Only two months ago, and fifty years after they identified inte-



on our match with Enyimba,” he disclosed. “Why will they say we should replay the entire game in Lagos? What happened in our match was not an issue, our fans encroached the field to celebrate our goal which happens all over the world, and we are not saying it is right. “In Ilorin, the referee was beaten when Kwara United hosted Wolves, and they were never taken away from Ilorin. In Bauchi, the referees were admitted to hospital and Wikki still play in Bauchi, so why is our own case different? “We want LMC and NFF to revisit that decision. We are doing our best here for the progress of the league, and they should not discourage us with such decisions.”



Premier League: Pillars appeal replay decision

ano Pillars have appealed against a decision by the league for them to replay their abandoned Week 31 game against title rivals Enyimba Fc of Aba. The League Management Company (LMC) ruled that the game which was abandoned in the 87th minute after fans encroached on to the pitch with Pillars leading 1-0 should be replayed in Lagos and Pillars to repair Enyimba damaged camera as well as pay a fine of five million Naira. Pillars media officer Idris Malikawa told the decision was too harsh on his team which necessitated the appeal. “We have appealed the decision of LMC

gration as crucial to the continent’s development, African leaders gathered in Addis Ababa and agreed that“the ultimate goal of the Union is the construction of a united and integrated Africa.” In that solemn declaration adopted by the 21st Ordinary session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union on 26 May 2013, African leaders outlined the following critical steps to deepen integration. • Speed up the process of attaining the objectives of the African Economic Community and take steps towards the construction of a united and integrated Africa. • Speedily implement the Continental Free Trade Area; ensure free movement of goods, with focus on integrating local and regional markets as well as facilitate African citizenship to allow free movement of people through the gradual removal of visa requirements; • Accelerate action on the ultimate establishment of a united and integrated Africa, through the implementation of our common continental governance, democracy and human rights frameworks. • Move with speed towards the integration and merger of the Regional Economic Communities as the building blocks of the Union.

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7 killed as security operatives bombard Abuja hideout. Jonathan sacks Emordi, Olagunju as special advisers. Boko Haram kills 159 in Borno ro...


7 killed as security operatives bombard Abuja hideout. Jonathan sacks Emordi, Olagunju as special advisers. Boko Haram kills 159 in Borno ro...