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Hair robbers P. 55 target women with long hair

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Space race


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Britain divided over £1 billion aid

Nigeria can’t exist P. 10 without peace –IBB, Abdulsalami

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Tension mounts in North over Jonathan ...As North maintains opposition 2015

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•Northern leaders to meet in Kaduna to take stand Strike

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No going back unless FG meets demands –ASUU

L-R: Former President Ibrahim Babangida, and former Head of State, General Abdulsalami Abubakar, during their condolence visit to Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola over the passage of his father, Pa Ibrahim Ademola Fashola, in Lagos, yesterday.

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Malaria: New vaccine proves 100% effective •Scientists say it is first in history

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Professional misconduct: NBA concludes probe of SANs, eminent lawyers P. 9

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Saturday Mirror

August 10, 2013

British aid to Nigeria draws ire

‘A country so corrupt it would be better to burn our aid money’ •It is folly to give billions in aid to Bongo Bongo land –Ukip MEP, Godfrey Bloom MICHAEL BURLEIGH


igeria is not quite the most corrupt country on earth. But according to Transparency International, which monitors international financial corruption, it is not far off — coming a shameful 172nd worst among the 215 nations surveyed. Only countries as dysfunctional, derelict and downright dangerous as Haiti or the Congo are more corrupt. In theory, Nigeria’s 170 millionstrong population should be prospering


My P.34 parents named me ‘star’ –Ufuoma Divorce court

‘My wife is a witch. She is eating up our unborn babies’ •It’s God that makes children, not me – Wife P.18

‘He rapes me when I’m not in the mood for sex’


•She harbours her lover in the apartment I rented for her –Husband

Landlord shoots tenant over affair with wife P.20 40 landlords sign petition as land P.17 grabbers, hoodlums sack Lagos community

in a country that in recent years has launched four satellites into space and now has a burgeoning space programme. Moreover, Nigeria is sitting on crude oil reserves estimated at 35 billion barrels (enough to fuel the entire world for more than a year), not to mention 100 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. It also manages to pay its legislators the highest salaries in the world, with a basic wage of £122,000, nearly double what British MPs earn and many hundreds of times that of the country’s ordinary citizens. No wonder the ruling elite can afford luxury homes in London or Paris, and top-end cars that, across West Africa, have led to the sobriquet ‘Wabenzi’, or people of the Mercedes-Benz. Yet 70 per cent of Nigerians live below the poverty line of £1.29 a day, struggling with a failing infrastructure and chronic fuel shortages because of a lack of petrol refining capacity, even though their country produces more crude oil than Texas. And that poverty is not for want of assistance from the wider world. Since gaining its independence in 1960, Nigeria has received $400 billion (£257 billion) in aid — six times what the U.S. pumped into reconstructing the whole of Western Europe after World War II. Nigeria suffers from what economists call the ‘resource curse’ — the paradox that developing countries with an abundance of natural reserves tend to enjoy worse economic growth than countries without minerals and fuels. The huge flow of oil wealth means the government does not rely on taxpayers for its income, so does not have to answer to the people — a situation that fosters rampant corruption and economic sclerosis because there is no investment in infrastructure as the country’s leaders cream off its wealth. Corruption in Nigeria is endemic — from parents bribing teachers to get hold of exam papers for their children through clerks handed ‘dash’ money to get round the country’s stifling bureaucracy to policemen taking money for turning a blind eye. It is at its most blatant, perhaps, in the oil industry, where 136 million barrels of crude oil worth $11 billion (£7.79 billion) were illegally siphoned off in just two years from 2009 to 2011, while hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies were given to fuel merchants to deliver petrol that never materialised.

70 per cent of Nigerians live below the poverty line of £1.29 a day

BY THE END OF ITS TERM OF OFFICE, THE BRITISH GOVERNMENT WILL HAVE HANDED OVER £1 BILLION IN AID TO NIGERIA. GIVEN THE APPALLING LEVELS OF CORRUPTION IN THAT NATION, THIS LARGESSE IS UTTERLY SICKENING – FOR THE MONEY WILL ONLY BE RECYCLED INTO BANK ACCOUNTS IN THE CHANNEL ISLANDS OR SWITZERLAND. FRANKLY, WE MIGHT AS WELL FLUSH OUR CASH AWAY OR BURN IT Whether the country is ruled by civilians or soldiers, who invariably proclaim their burning desire to eradicate civilian corruption, it makes absolutely no difference. The military ruled Nigeria between 1966 and 1979 and from 1983 to 1999, but if anything, corruption was worse when they were in charge since they had a habit of killing anyone threatening to expose them. It is estimated that since 1960, about $380 billion (£245 billion) of government money has been stolen — almost the total sum Nigeria has received in foreign aid. And that even when successive governments attempt to recover the stolen money, much of this is looted again. In essence, 80 per cent of the country’s substantial oil revenues go to the government, which disburses cash to individual governors and hundreds of their cronies, so effectively these huge sums remain in the hands of a mere 1 per cent of the Nigerian population. Political power is universally regarded as a chance to reap the fortunes of office by the ruling elite and its families

and tribes. The most egregious example was President Sani Abacha, a military dictator who ruled in the Nineties and accrued a staggering $4 billion (£2.58 billion) fortune by the time he died of a heart attack while in bed with two Indian prostitutes at his palace in the nation’s capital, Abuja, in 1998. Abacha’s business associates did nicely, too — one of them deposited £122 million in a Jersey offshore account after selling Nigerian army trucks for five times their worth. Public office is so lucrative that people will kill to get it. Nigeria has 36 state governors, 31 of whom are under federal investigation for corruption. By the end of its term of office, the British Government will have handed over £1 billion in aid to Nigeria. Given the appalling levels of corruption in that nation, this largesse is utterly sickening — for the money will only be recycled into bank accounts in the Channel Islands or Switzerland. Frankly, we might as well flush our cash away or burn it for all the good it’s doing for ordinary Nigerians. (

Saturday Mirror


August 10, 2013

Saturday Starter

s will be z Husband 2023 z scarce in en z P. 2 wom z –Catholic

On y brraAl-M–uFstaapshahappeal Wednesday to Aveilns staam nd ove •Un

e c r a c s e b l l i h a l w e l s b s e d n n a Husba –CLabtholic women 3 2 0 2 y b N150

t 3, 2013

, Augus Saturday

. 33 l. 03 No


What has boy-child education got to do with marriage? “Husbands will be scarce by 2023”, “Quality Nigerian Husbands Will Be Scarce By 2023”, “Group Predicts Husband Scarcity By 2023”; the headlines went on and on in a story that went viral last week. But how could a slide in boy-child enrolment figures lead to such a damning conclusion by the group which made the prediction. Has the situation become so bad or is the group just crying wolf where there is none? Most importantly, how does education make a man eligible for marriage?



ast week, the National Council of Catholic Women Organisation of Nigeria, NCCWO, dropped a bomb shell: in the next 10 years, there would be a scarcity of quality husbands in the country. “The future of this country is going to be very bleak for the male-child. How many girls do you see hawking clothes? Go to Onitsha, they are all men. We have looked round and have come to see that there is a neglect of boys in education. Who are the armed robbers on the streets? They are mostly the boys. Let us concentrate on training boys. “The NCCWO feels that a vacuum is being created, and very soon, we shall be faced with a situation where our educated girl-child will not find a corresponding suitable boy-child to marry. This is because more boys drop out of school, apparently because the high rate of unemployed youth discourages our young boys from appreciating the need to be educated. “The NCCWO also considers the fact that in the near future, quality husbands will become extremely scarce, with too many highly educated women looking for husbands, and settling for anyhow husbands, just

to get married. The result of this type of situation is better imagined and will not augur well for Nigerians,” the group’s National President, Chief Felicia Onyeabo, was quoted by virtually every newspaper in the land. She made the declaration at a briefing to herald the inauguration of Cor Mariae College, Abuja. The women’s group warning based on the dwindling enrolment of the Nigerian boy-child is not new to many watchers of the country’s education scene. It is a malaise, initially associated with the eastern part of the land which is now spreading like a malignant tumour round the country. First to draw global attention was a similar occurrence in the North. This even predated the one the women group raised the alarm on. It is the despicably low attendance of the girl-child in schools in the northern part of the country. According to a study by UNICEF, 40 per cent of Nigerian children aged 6-11 do not attend any primary school with the Northern region recording the lowest school attendance rate in the country, particularly for girls. In the North particularly, the gender gap remains particularly wide and the proportion of girls to boys in school ranges from one girl to two boys to one to three

in some states. Despite a significant increase in net enrolment rates in recent years, it is estimated that about 4.7 million children of primary school age are still not in school. This situation is being addressed by current efforts of the Nigerian Government with the implementation of the Basic Education scheme. The compulsory, free Universal Basic Education (UBE) Act was passed into law in 2004 and represents the government’s strategy to fight illiteracy and extend basic education opportunities to all children in the country. Many children do not attend school because their labour is needed to either help at home or to bring additional income into the family. Many families cannot afford the associated costs of sending their children to school such as uniforms and textbooks. For others, the distance to the nearest school is a major hindrance. Another cause of low enrolment, especially in the North, is cultural bias. Most parents do not send their children, especially girls, to school and prefer to send them to Qur’anic schools rather than formal schools. It has also been established that even when children enrol in schools, many do not complete the primary CONTINUED ON PAGE 4


August 10, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Saturday Starter

Education is critical – Rev (Mrs) Veronica Odi, Head Possibility Clinic, Lagos. titude about life, and all that. Yes, it goes a long way. And yes there is correlation between education and being a good husband and wife.



s there any correlation between education and being a good husband? Yes of course. Education is being informed. It has to do with knowledge and getting informed. So when is properly informed and empowered in knowledge, it helps one to behave right. It goes a long way to direct your actions, your at-

Does education make a woman more difficult to control or manage? A woman being difficult does not have anything to do with education. I have seen where illiterate women are very difficult to manage and I have equally seen cases of educated women too. This has to do with the personality of the woman rather than her level of education. Some people are so difficult to manage even without being educated. What should take priority: religious piety or sound education? Being a child of God makes an individ-

ual, man or woman, a better person. This controls you, guides your actions and generally makes you a better person. I prefer a man who is an illiterate but Godfearing to a highly educated man who is not God-fearing. So, for me, religion should come first. Does a man not being well educated affect his chances of marrying a woman who is highly educated? Well, I think it does. As a woman, I prefer a man I would be proud of, a man I can be proud to be seen with in the society; not a man who cannot express himself very well in the public. And a big issue will result when you cannot work hand-in-hand with your man in the public. But i have seen an illiterate man. But like I said earlier, I have seen a woman,

PhD holder, who married a barely literate man. And vice versa. But should a man’s educational status be one of the criteria a woman should consider before consenting to his demand for marriage? It depends on the woman. But for me, education is critical. I know that if a man is educated, there are some things I would expect him to do and some he would not and that when I do some things, he would understand. For instance, an educated man would understand when his wife who is a career woman going for a trip to enhance her career. But if he is an illiterate, he may not. For someone like me, it is very important. I don’t see someone like me marrying a stark illiterate or encouraging my daughter to marry such.

A man with low self esteem can’t cope with an educated woman –Louisa Ono Eikhomun Executive Director, Echoes of Women in Africa


oes having a sound education have anything to do with being a good husband? Education sharpens character, mindset and intellect. It equips with knowledge and skills to ascend in career, relationship and leadership. What are the qualities of a good husband in the first place: he must be honest, faithful, loving, respectful, romantic, available, supportive and be able to secure his wife. In all of these the educational level of the man has no major part to play; a man with the best education in the world without these qualities will definitely fail in his marriage. What has education got to do with

successful marriage? My mother was in school in the 60s when she was yanked out to marry my father. She was not educated, she learnt to speak his kind of English from living with him for decades and they have a good marriage. I would say education has little to do in a successful marriage, if couple love and respect themselves, they will succeed in the marriage union. Who should be educated: the man or the woman? A man could be more educated and the marriage will be successful since the uneducated wife will be honoured to have a

better partner. But the reverse is the case with educated wife and a less educated man. This may create challenge for the women whose reasoning will be different from his and this may be seen as insubordination. Can the woman being more educated than the man have a negative effect on marriage? Yes definetly, a man with low self esteem cannot cope with an educated woman with a vision on a mission to succeed. He will feel more like an imp each time she shares her vision with him or moves higher in her career


What has schooling got to do with it? CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3 cycle. According to current data, 30 per cent of pupils drop out of primary schools and only 54 per cent transit to Junior Secondary Schools. Reasons for this low completion rate include child labour, economic hardship and early marriage for girls. Observers, have however, noted that unlike in northern Nigeria, where there is a preference for boychild education due to religious and cultural factors, the reverse appears to be the case in the South East zone. They, nonetheless, attributed the trend to the penchant for money-making ventures, particularly among the Igbo-speaking people of the South East zone. Sensing a damning effect in the nearest future, the Federal Government stepped by fashioning out a scheme in the zone: the “Back-To-School”. The programme, which was launched in Enugu State by President Goodluck Jonathan, aims at raising public awareness in the South-East region on the importance of boy-child education. While inaugurating the programme, the president directed the Federal Ministry of Education to establish additional schools in the South East to address the challenge of the boy-child education in the area specifically. President Jonathan directed that more schools

should be constructed within one year to particularly address the yawning gap existing between boy-child education and girl-child education in the zone. He stressed that if efforts to close the gap were successful, the economic potential of individuals would be considerably improved, while they would be repositioned to become effective players in the economy. “Education will, no doubt, enhance the success of our youths as small and medium entrepreneurs, especially now that there are a lot of programmes in place to support these groups or business organisations. “Participation in the formal education process plays an important part in enhancing the ability of the 21st Century businessman to succeed. It will help to open up the understanding of the dynamics of not only the local economy but also the global competitive environment. “It is my expectation that the boys we are sending back to school today will do their best to acquire the requisite skills and become amazing assets to their respective communities. I, therefore, direct the construction of schools that will address the issue of access to education for boys in the South-East zone within one year,” Jonathan said. A recent monitoring team report by Education for All, EFA, the arm of United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, that capture the statistics of children without access to basic

primary education around the globe, according to Professor Ruqayyatu Ahmed Rufai, the Minister of Education, spotlighted the downward fortunes of primary education in Nigeria. According to the EFA Monitoring Team report, an estimated 61 million children of primary school age do not have access to education globally. Nigeria alone is home to an estimated 10.5 million out-of-school children in 2012 – 3.6 million more than in 2000, or 42 percent of the primary school-age population. In essence 17.21 percent of out-of-school children in the world are in Nigeria. In another light, one in every six out-of-school children is a Nigerian. Similarly, six million of 36 million girls out-of-school world-wide are Nigerians. The situation may be worrisome but hardly surprising. In 2008, an EFA Development Index report for 129 countries revealed that of the 25 countries that are far from achieving the EFA four cardinal goals ratified by all members of UNESCO, two thirds are in sub-Saharan Africa which includes Nigeria. The situation stayed the same in 2009. The number of out-of-school children of primary school age climbed from 29 million in 2008 to 31 million in 2010. The EFA report found that most of the children who are out of school, work in low-paid jobs, often to supplement the income of their families or guardian.

Saturday Mirror


August 10, 2013

Saturday Starter

Most educated men are deficient in character – Chief Ifayemi Elebuibon, Araba of Osogboland and Yoruba culture icon


oes western education have anything to do with marriage? No, western education has nothing to do with marriage or getting married. If you say there would be scarcity of husband; which type of husband? Women have also been more in population than men from time immemorial. Even if you go to a maternity centre and take tab on the number of delivery; if 10 girls are delivered, you may probably have five male. It has always been women more than men. Even if every man should take two wives each, there would still be some women left without husbands. If they are saying there would be scarcity of men, they must be referring to reliable and responsible men and not just any man. And this has always been so for a very long time now. It is not a recent development. The obvious is just being stated. Nowadays, most women only have fathers for their children and not husbands. Many men are no longer responsible. The situation was better and different in the olden days because, a man would not get married without being financially independent. Among the Yoruba who are majorly farmers, no young man would get married without having his own farm which would then provide livelihood for him and his family when he started having one. Once he came of age, his father would give the young man his own farm, if he had been working for him before. But the situation is different and worse now because even many of the young men who graduated from colleges and universities are unemployed. So, how would they fend for wives and children? Sadly, most of them have their eyes on white collar jobs which are not forthcoming. So how would they marry? How would they be considered as eligible bachelors? That is one of the reasons; many young men of today run after older women or made women who are financially stable. Things have now gone the other way round. And if the affair should

result into pregnancy, they would leave the women to take responsibility. What are the criteria a woman should look for in a man? Now, most women look at the type of job the man is doing, his financial capability, the course he read at school, his social background. But all these are ephemeral. But there are other things which are equally if not more important than the financial status of the man. A prospective bride should take time to conduct investigation into the family background and history of her suitor. What are their peculiarities as regard diseases, ailments and behaviour? There are some families who are not in the habit of taking good care of their women despite the fact that they are not poor, while there are other families that despite their lean resources take the care of their women and children paramount. These are some of the things that are being left undone by the present day generation. In those days the investigations were carried out by the go-betweens. However, Ifa is then consulted after the alarina (go-between) must have concluded their work. There are many things the alarina would not know that only Ifa could reveal. For instance, the alarina would not know whether or not the union would produce children, either of the couple would die young, or a particularly dark mystery was lurking in the corner, whether the union would be prosperous to both parties and so on. All these can only be revealed by Ifa. That is why after consulting Ifa, some parents would tell their daughter that she could not marry the man she wanted to and being Yoruba, her parents might not tell her everything. These are investigations all prospective couples should do before finally tying the knot. Can western education make a better man char-


acter wise? No, western education has nothing to with good behaviour. In fact, most people who are too well read are deficient in good character. Being an omoluabi ( a good person) stems more from heredity and up-bringing. Hence acquiring western education or going to school does not make someone a better person. Is it advisable for a woman to be better educated than her spouse? It is not a new thing for a woman to be better read or richer than her husband. It has always been with us in our society. It is not a big deal if you know how to deal with it. It may get into the heads of some people while others would be able to manage it well. It all depends on the affected individual.

The husband should be ahead in all things, including education –Ustaz Alhaji Mudashiru Jayeola, an Islamic cleric and teacher based in Lagos. are equally, if not more, important. According to the holy Prophet (SAW) if one wants to get married, there are four factors that should be considered. These are: family background, beauty, wealth and faith, that is, religion. But out of the four, he emphasised faith the most. This he explained as follows: beauty could fade, wealth might disappear, an honourable family might get into disrepute but with faith/religion, one never regrets.



oes education play a major role in marriage or getting somebody to marry? To us Muslims, the prediction that husbands will be scarce towards the end time is not strange. This is because the Prophet Mohammed (SAW) had foretold this. However, education has a major role to play in marriage. But it is not formal education alone. Other things

Do these criteria also apply to a woman when she wants to choose her husband? Yes. They apply to both sides: men and women. But he emphasised mostly on religion because it is the only thing that can bring about a lasting marriage. Are you now saying that in the Islamic faith education does not play any role? No. Islam does not relegate education to the background. Consider this: when Prophet Mohammed (SAW) was to be called to ministry, God emphasised edu-

cation and knowledge. He had to become learned first before he started his work. Hence, education or knowledge is very key to the Islamic faith. And it is also essential in considering an individual for marriage because it enhances a lasting marriage. This is because if one is not knowledgeable, he cannot have a deep faith. Faith emanates from knowledge. However, it is pertinent to stress here that we are not referring to formal education or western education alone. As there is the literacy education also is that of religion. It is the religious education that is the most important for the Muslim when or when not considering a suitor for marriage. What role(s) does formal education play in the success of a marriage? There are two sides to this. It is true that education develops a person and all that. But some foreign cultures, alien to ours, have been inculcated in the western education we receive. This, sadly, affects the turn-out of everything, especially marriage. Each race and culture

has its own ways of doing this, but the introduction of western culture is putting the marriage institution into turmoil. In the days of yore, our mothers were very submissive to our fathers. But that is not obtainable again because of western education. This is because of the adoption of a strange culture. Many women, now, are too independent for their own good. it is now self first. But Islam frowns against this. a wife must be submissive to her husband. That is the teaching of the faith. But not everything in the adopted culture is bad. There are some things there too that if done could enhance the prospects of a lasting marriage. Who should be the more educated between the husband and the wife? The Holy Quran says the man is the head and because of this I think it is the man that should be the more knowledgeable between the two. To my own understanding, the husband should be ahead in all things because he is to be the provider, defender, protector, teacher and all wrapped together.



August 10, 2013

Saturday Mirror

2015: Tension in North over Jonathan

…as opposition mounts •Northern leaders summit to be convened soon OBIORA IFOH



he understanding between the Presidency and the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to offer President Goodluck Jonahan as a consensus candidate in the 2015 presidential election has heightened tension in the North as resistance continues to mount.

President Jonathan will, early next year, declare his intention to run for the presidency but the party, PDP, is insisting that as a tradition all over the world, the president must be allowed the right of first refusal before the position will be declared free. But Saturday Mirror gathered that the position of the ruling party is unsettling the peace in the North as prominent

political leaders think that the method is antidemocratic. If President Jonathan contests and wins the 2015 election, the North would have lost another opportunity of having one of its sons as president. A former military administrator who is also a top member in the ACF told Saturday Mirror that a summit of the North-

ern leaders would soon be convoked in Kaduna to take a stand on the 2015. According to him, “the meeting will also address the northern question of the marginalisation, under development, insecurity. It will also table the grievances of the five northern governors, particularly, the 2015 question. “All political leaders will be expected to be

L-R: Chairman, Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), Oyo State, Dr. Adefolarin Malomo; Secretary, Dr. Kolawole Aramide, and Chief Executive Officer, Premier Medicaid, Dr. Kayode Obembe, at the Continuing Medical Education Lecture of Nma Oyo State Branch, Ibadan, yesterday. PHOTO: NAN

Sallah: Traffic eases on Abuja-Mararaba Road


ommuters and other users of the A bu j a - M a r a r ab a Road on Friday heaved a temporary sigh of relief as traffic eased on the ever busy route following the Sallah holiday. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the road, noted for heavy traffic hold-ups during rush hours that stretch through several kilometres, was a shadow of itself on Friday. Mararaba, a district of Karu Local Government Area in neighbouring Nasarawa State, borders the Federal Capital Territory (FTC) in the east, and is a few minutes’ drive from the Abuja city centre. A good number of the FCT workers reside there and in neighbouring satellite towns where the cost of living, including that of accommodation, is relatively low.

On a weekday, the traffic situation on the road in the morning and evening rush hours is usually very hectic with commuters spending hours in hold-ups. Some of the road users, who spoke with NAN, wished the Sallah holiday could continue to keep a sizeable number of the population out of the FCT. ``I can’t believe this is Mararaba Road,’’ Mr Paul Idoko, a commercial bus driver who is spending his first major holiday in Abuja, told NAN. ``On a normal day, it takes me over an hour to drive from Mararaba to the federal secretariat at this time of the day (9.15 a.m.). ``But today, I spent less than 20 minutes on the road, notwithstanding the fact that I stopped several times to drop and pick passengers on the way. ``I wish the holiday would continue,’’ Idoko

added. Miss Patience Lalong, a salesgirl, who left home in Mararaba to keep an appointment in Wuse, Abuja, expressed regret leaving an hour ahead of time because of traffic. ``If I knew the road was free, I wouldn’t have left an hour ahead of time. It took our vehicle less than 15 minutes from Nyanya (close to Mararaba) to the NNPC Towers in town. ``This shows that Abuja is getting over-populated and there is the need for government at all levels to develop the rural areas of the country to curb ruralurban drift.’’ Mr. Ikenna Okonkwo, a journalist, said, ``Now that Sallah has taken many residents to their different states, you can see sanity on the road. ``If states and local governments can replicate the kind of infrastructure,

social amenities and opportunities found here in Abuja in their respective areas, many people will return home. ``This will not only ease the pressure on roads and other public infrastructure in the cities, it will also aid even development of the country,’’ he said. The improved traffic situation was, however, bad news for hawkers, who often took advantage of hold-ups to ply their trade. According to a NAN reporter, who monitored the situation on Friday, the area between Nyanya Market and Karu Bridge, which normally witnesses heavy presence of hawkers, was deserted. ``Hawkers can only sell when there is holdup. It will be `bad market’ for anyone of them that comes out today,’’ Paul Idoko told NAN.

present at the meeting as the future of the North will be adressed. It will also afford us the opportunity to seek congruous voice on national issues so as to avoid leaders clashing on issues that ought to be beneficial to all and sundry.” It would be recalled that the right of first refusal for the president in 2015 was first openly canvassed by the chairman of the party’s Board of Trustees, Chief Anthony Anenih, last May at a meeting of PDP SouthSouth chieftains in Asaba, Delta State. Chief Anenih had said, “I do not see anything wrong if the PDP considers automatic tickets for the president and its governors who have performed well and are seeking for a second term,” Only recently, a former minister, Abba Gana incurred the wrath of the northern leaders when he advocated that giving Jonathan another four years would not hurt the North in any way. Abba Gana said if the North had produced between eight and nine heads of state and presidents, with poverty as a proof and underdevelopment, then, four years of Jonathan would not kill them. Abba Gana noted, “some people in the North want Jonathan to come back and some don’t want him to return. But allowing Jonathan another four years will not take away anything from us. We’ve had between eight and nine heads of government. But what do we have to show for it? Poverty and underdevelopment! “So, if their person did not bring development to them, another four years of Jonathan will not cause any havoc. The North needs the four years to plan, learn, relate better with other parts of the country, work harder, talk less and groom a leader that will unite the nation and tackle the challenges facing the country.” However, the Northern Elders’ Forum (NEF) insists that it is morally

wrong for President Jonathan to recontest in 2015. NEF spokesman, Prof. Ango Abdullahi, said the North would search for a consensus presidential candidate just as it did prior to the 2011 presidential election to vie with Jonathan. In a statement by his media office recently, former vice president, Atiku said he remained opposed to the PDP’s policy of “consensus arrangement” and “adoption” rather than transparent elections to produce candidates for all elective offices, including the presidency. “My position remains that as far as PDP Constitution is concerned, any attempt to change the party’s rule to favour the president as a sole candidate in the event of his willingness to re-contest is unconstitutional. The contest should be open to all desiring to pursue an ambition on the platform of the PDP,” Atiku said. While acknowledging that President Jonathan is entitled to seek the party ticket in 2015, the former vice president, however, insisted that Mr. Jonathan should submit himself to a transparent and fair process just like any other party member. By foreclosing free and fair process of selecting its presidential candidate, Atiku said the PDP might be sending the wrong message to Nigerians about its commitment to conduct free and fair elections for the entire country. Meanwhile, the presidency will in few weeks begin a covert agenda to host several political groups which will be persuading him to declare his ambition for the 2015 election. Before now, over 2000 groups have applied to visit the presidential villa to persuade the president to declare his ambition, but such applications are usually directed to the office of the Special Adviser to the President on Political Matters, Alhaji Ali Gulak, who has always hosted them on behalf of the president.

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August 10, 2013



hat is your take on the issue of oil theft in the Niger Delta? First of all, I will say I sympathize with the country, Nigeria. I also sympathize with our good people in the Niger Delta region particularly because the issue of oil theft affects us in many ways. The environmental pollution and degradation and its negative impact on aquatic lives, vegetation, drinking water and the air we breathe are all polluted. All of these are the making of the government. Yes the government should be held liable. Oil theft became a very lucrative and serious business during the Warri crisis that later became what is known today as the Niger Delta struggle. The truth, however, is that though oil theft have been going on before that time but it became very serious during the period of the militancy. One of the main reasons for granting amnesty to the militants is for them to stop the illegal bunkering business that was fast eroding the nation’s oil earnings because the Jonathan Emami militants then were using the stolen oil to exchange for arms that comes in to be loaded with crude oil. and making good money. I believe that was the reason for oil theft. Now in Delta State, the menace has drastically reduced in terms The poor implementation of the post amnesty programme largely of oil theft and kidnapping. Bayelsa and Rivers states are the major accounted for the unabating crude oil theft in the region. places where oil theft is now booming. The reason why it has reQuestion: Why do you say the Federal Government is not duced in Delta State is because some persons are committed to the struggle to stem the unwholesome trade. properly implementing the post amnesty programme? Answer: The issue is not about President Jonathan here because there are people in charge of these programmes at the federal level. You know the agitators accepted to disarm while the government promised to do certain things for the region and also undertake to train the ex-fighters. But as at today, the reverse now becomes the case because the government is not leaving up to its promises and responsibilities.It is sad to note that the authorities only fulfilled one of its promises, which is just the training of the repentant militants. The other two key issues, which include direct employment and contractual patronage in the oil and gas sector after the training as capacity building and the strategic and speedy development of the region as part of the post amnesty programme were dumped by the government. But you see, in all these three programmes, only one appears to be receiving attention and it is not being properly handled. I am talking about engagement of the trainees because an idle man is a devil’s workshop. We have a situation today whereby these people come back from the training and there are nowhere to work; jobs are not being created. The oil majors and their subsidiaries in the region will not want to give contract to the indigenous contractor and people of this region. Question: Why do you think that qualified people in the region are not being patronised by the NNPC and the oil majors? Answer: The reasons are not far-fetched. Surprisingly, the government cannot compel the NNPC, which is even governmentowned. The government watch helplessly as NNPC claims that giving job to our people means that they would be going against their engagement policy. And a lot of jobs and contracts that should be given to the people from this region are being awarded all the way from Abuja and Lagos by people who knows next to nothing about the suffering and unhealthy environmental conditions in the region. So they give jobs and contracts to their cronies from other parts of the country. My fear and concern just now is that there are senior Niger Delta indigenes at the top echelon of today’s government of President Goodluck Jonathan. It would be most disappointing to a discerning mind if we cannot get it right now that we have the government made up principally of people from our region. Is it when we don’t have people again in government that we are going to get it right? If they allow it to happen that way, then another survival struggle is in the making and more oil theft will be the order of the day, no matter the amount of military presence because everybody is involved in the illegality. Question: What do you mean by that everybody is involved when there are security personnel and security posts dotting the waterways to check the illicit trade? Answer:When I say everybody is involved in the oil theft, leave the security people out of this. But ask yourself how the oil vessels that are coming from Offshore get to this place, the major vessel

Question: Are those people being engaged properly by the government? Answer: One way or the other, I will say yes because the surveillance contract, which was spearheaded by Chief Government Ekpemukpolo, alias Tompolo and majority of leaders of the riverine areas in Delta State, especially some leaders of oil communities in Warri areas, at the entry and exit points for vessels. Question: How far is it true that the Federal Government has taken care of some of you after your protest in Abuja and there are insinuations that is the reason why some of you have been quite about the agitations for the allocation of oil blocs? Answer: My life is repleted with the struggle for the betterment of life of our people in the Niger Delta but my own idea of struggle is not the one you carry gun to kill and maim people and I don’t think I will abandon that patriotic path for any mundane gratification.The essence of the protest is to ensure negotiation takes place and no matter how you fight or exchange gunfire, you are still going to a round table. We took our protest to the National Assembly and they listened to us. And they said we should give them time to resolve it. In between that, governors and ministers intervened and made promises which they have only fulfilled in the breach up till now. If the government takes responsibility for its mistakes and thereafter promised X, Y, Z and say sorry you were not included in the first prommame but now it will be corrected and by today they are not keeping their promises, what do you expect from the agitators to do? Of course to return to the trenches. We may not have any other viable option but to expose our grievances to the whole world through massive protests. The government is exhibiting insincerity and we are not comfortable with that attitude. When we went to the National Assembly they sponsored people from our own region against us because we were doing the right thing. We were fighting that this oil bloc must be given to people from this region. If these oil blocs are allocated to us, you will not be talking about oil theft? If we have one oil bloc in my place for instance, I don’t think my people will engage in stealing our thing because they will be carried along in the course of the business. But it is painful and indeed a sad commentary to state that in today’s Nigeria, we have the President, Governors, Ministers and even an Group Executive Director in NNPC and the Managing of NPDC, all from the Niger Delta and we cannot boast of any one that is doing very well in the oil industry. We dont have the likes of the Dangotes, Otedolas and other big names in our areas. When do you think we are going to get things done rightly? Is it when the Northerner is in the position or somebody from the South West as they are angling for in 2015? We are talking of the PIB and if it comes into being and the people in the position to implement its provisions are not doing what they ought to do properly, the whole purpose of the PIB would have been defeated as it was in the case with most failed government

programmes with good intentions. The little we even have now is not being judiciously managed and we are convinced that awarding oil blocs to qualified indigenes of the Niger Delta is a mini PIB Quetion: Do you support the PIB currently before the National Assembly? Answer: Some of us still support the PIB even when we know it will fail at the end of the day due to sabotage through deliberate poor implementation process and bureaucratic bottlenecks by some powerful persons in the position of authority. Even when it comes to the community level, it will create another monster that is capable of tearing everyone apart, but even then, the PIB is a welcome idea and well intentioned by its promoters. As it is today, we are being cheated in the federation in the management of our oil resources. Question: What gave you that impression? Answer: We feel cheated because we are being required to go for the bidding process by our own people at the helm of affairs, the jobs are being allocated to other people who are their friends and cronies outside the region and they keep up the campaign that we lacked the technical know how to work. This is a cheap blackmail. How do we build the capacity when we are not being involved? And they approach us when they are looking for power, persuading us that we should support our own. It is good to support our own but the relationship should be recipocal. Our own too should support us when they are in power. They should not abandon us to support outsiders. Charity should begin at home in this case too. Question: What is the way forward? Answer: The government at all levels must do the right thing. For instance you have fuel floating stations built to sell diesel and kerosene in Okerenkoko and Burutu in Delta State and till today there is no single drop of petroleum product in those floating stations because NNPC have abandoned them. We told people in charge that floating stations should be built in various places and products supplied to them. If petroluem products are being sold at these floating stations, nobody would go and buy adulterated diesel from the so called illegal refineries and people will be employed, business will be going on. Look for example, during the fuel subsidy palaver, I supported President Goodluck Jonathan. With due respect to late Gen. Azazi, he convinced us that when this money come back, we will witness X, Y, Z transformation in our place. He advised us not to fight again. Some ministers also spoke to us. The ideas are welcome but the implementation is a total rubbish. They promised us good housing, shore protection, jetty, water supply and good road network across the coastal region of the country. Instead of them to act they came with another wasteful idea called SURE-P Fund. Once again, they are engaging in window shopping, buying Keke NAPEP and Okada and small power generating set as empowerment programme. If we know that they were not going to honour their words, maybe we would have not supported them. So if you look at the oil theft, it is the issue of implementation of government programmes and policies as they affect our people that is causing problem. That we have people at the helms of affair but they are not doing what they ought to do and when people are poor, they fall back to stealing and other vices thereby causing crisis. The unnecessary crisis you see in Warri North Local Government Area recently is out of poverty, if not I don’t see a situation where a man will say he wants to be a local Government Chairman, then he will first of all, kill people to attain power. Question: In summary, what do you think the government should do? Answer: The immediate solution to these problems is to create enabling environment for the people of the Niger Delta region. If we are thinking of stopping illegal oil bunkering without all factors to make our people live a meaningful life in place, it will not work. We are planning another set of serious protests to the National Assembly and other government’s institutions in continuation of our agenda to draw attention to the age long criminal and wicked neglect of the Niger Delta and its people. No matter the level of blackmail, we must continue because we are tired of unfulfilled promises.



August 10, 2013

Malaria: New vaccine proves 100 per cent effective against disease •Scientists say it is first in history in human trial


nited States scientists have announced a significant breakthrough in the fight against malaria after a human trial of a new vaccine was 100 per cent effective against the disease for the first time in history. According to reports in Mailonline, more than three dozen volunteers were given multiple doses of a vaccine produced with a weakened form of the mosquito-borne disease that kills around one million people a year. And their results were promising: The monthslong trial was 100 per cent successful in protecting all of the subjects who received the strongest dose of the vaccine. The results, which suggest scientists could be nearing eliminating the disease, were released by researchers from the National Institutes of Health, the Navy, Army and other organisations Thursday. The vaccine, named PfSPZ, is made from weakened sporozoites which

is the form of the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum when it’s in an infectious state, CNN reported on Thursday. For the trial, the samples of the parasite were weakened by radiation and then frozen - but it remained in its whole form, which invoked a response of the patients’ immune system. In total, 57 people took part in the trial, with 40 receiving some dose of the vaccine. All were then bitten by infectious mosquitoes and scientists tested if they had developed the disease after a week. The six subjects who were given five intravenous doses of PfSPZ were entirely protected, with none becoming infected with the disease, the scientists announced in their findings. Other results were promising but not watertight. Of the nine who received four doses of the vaccine, three became infected, but of 12 who received no vaccine, 11 tested positive for the disease.

The people who were infected were then treated with an anti-malarial drug. None of the participants, who all took part in the study between October 2011 and October 2012, had any side effects from the new vaccine. Though the results were promising, greater testing is needed and, if this is successful, they said it will be years before the drug could be used in communities where it is required. Dr. William Schaffner, head of the preventive medicine department at Vanderbilt University’s medical school, said it was ‘a scientific advance’ - but that it could be as many as 10 years before the vaccine can be scientifically proven, approved and distributed, CNN reported. ‘This is not a vaccine that’s ready for travellers to the developing world anytime soon,’ he told CNN. ‘However, from the point of view of science dealing with one of the big-three infectious causes of death

around the world, it’s a notable advance. And everybody will be holding their breath, watching to see whether this next trial works and how well it works.’ He added that while the multiple, intravenous injections seemed a very cumbersome way to administer the vaccine ‘desperate times call for desperate measures’. The focus now needs to be on larger groups in conditions where the disease is likely to be developed and tests need to be carried out on how effective the vaccine is over time, he said. ‘We don’t know how long this protection lasts yet. Lots of questions remain,’ he said. ‘But that should not diminish the fact that this is a scientific advance.’ The vaccine was produced by Maryland Company Sanaria Inc. and tested by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and the Naval Medical Research Center.

Inaugurated Board of Directors of African Project and Programme Management Board (Nigerian Chapter) in Abuja, yesterday.

Muslim faithful defy rain to celebrate Eid-el-Fitri in Abuja


uslim faithful in Abuja on Friday defied early morning rain to celebrate Ed-el-Fitri with friends and loved ones at recreation centres. While some major roads in the municipal area were deserted, roads leading to recreation centres were busy with celebrants going to unwind. At the Millennium Park, celebrants, particularly chil-

dren, adorned in gorgeous dresses, were seen exchanging gift items with friends and family members . Abubakar Yahaya, a manager, who was there with friends told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), that they were not deterred by the rain because they were in the mood for celebration. He said it was one of the rare opportunities he had to celebrate with friends

and well wishers, adding, ``we are ready to stay in the rain and celebrate”. While Yahaya said it was an occasion to dine and wine with friends, Abdulkadir Tajudeen, an Estate Surveyor, however, said it was an opportunity to spend time with his wife and children. ``I think this is the right time to come together and share quality time with my family because my chil-

dren have been on my neck to take them to the millennium park for an outing this holiday,” he said. Tajudeen called for peaceful co-existence among Muslims and Christians in order to foster unity. Another fun seeker at the park, Mrs Charity Igbudu, said although she was a Christian, she was there with her daughter to celebrate with her Muslim friends.

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Space race: British divided over 1 billion pounds aid to Nigeria •Critics say project unnecessary as masses live in poverty


igeria is spending millions to put a man into space as Britain hands it more than £1billion in foreign aid. Nigerian government which has accepted £300million this year alone, has set in train ambitious plans to launch its own rockets and the first Nigerian astronauts are being trained to join Russian, Chinese or American missions within the next two years. But only on Thursday, critics have begun to query the reason behind Britain’s decision to subsidising a space programme for a nation where 70 per cent of people live below the poverty line. This latest controversy came just two days after Ukip MEP Godfrey Bloom ignited a fierce of debate by saying it was folly to give billions in aid to Nigeria. Yesterday David Cameron said the remarks were offensive and accused Mr Bloom of being guilty of a ‘stop the world I want to get off ’ approach to foreign aid. The £1.14billion Nigeria will receive over the five years of the Coalition is double the £500million set aside to prop up struggling accident and emergency departments at our own hospitals. Backbench Tory MP Philip Davies said it was ‘totally unjustifiable and unaffordable’ for Britain to give the money to Nigeria, given the scale of its ‘grandiose’ space programme. ‘We cannot go around the world saying “don’t worry, we will feed your public for you while you waste your money on all sorts of other projects”,’ he said. ‘We have got to say to these countries “you have got to spend that money on your people where it’s most needed not on some grandiose space programme”. We are against welfare dependency at home but at the same time we are encouraging welfare dependency abroad.’ The row surrounding Mr Bloom flared when he insisted that sending aid to Africa was tantamount to treason. He added: ‘How we can possibly be giving a billion pounds a month, when we’re in this sort of debt, to Bongo Bongo land is com-

pletely beyond me.’ He claimed foreign leaders frittered the money away on ‘Ray-Ban sunglasses, apartments in Paris and Ferraris’. He was widely criticised for using the term ‘Bongo Bongo land’ but many commentators believe he was right about the building resentment over spiralling foreign aid. The Department for International Development’s budget is rising by 35 per cent in real terms by 2015. But while aid costs are ballooning, spending on the military, the police, border control and care homes is being slashed. Britain is also spending about £280million a year on aid to India, another country with its own space programme. Despite Nigeria having the second-highest national income of all African countries, most of its people still live in poverty.It is also mired in corruption. The most modest estimates suggest between £2.5 and £5billion is stolen from the state’s coffers every year by corrupt officials and politicians. Jonathan Isaby from the TaxPayers’ Alliance, said: ‘When budgets are tight both for families and the government alike, people cannot understand why ministers are sending more and more of our hardearned cash overseas. ‘Taxpayers find it especially unacceptable when their money is sent abroad as aid to developing countries which then somehow find sufficient cash to fund the likes of a space programme. ‘It is totally unacceptable that British taxpayers’ money is effectively subsidising Nigeria’s efforts to send an astronaut into space.’ Nigeria’s space programme started in 2003 but its first satellite lost power and disappeared from orbit. It now has three in space, NigComSat-1R, NigeriaSat-2 and Nigeria-Sat X, the first to be constructed by Nigerian engineers. Although it has bought its own satellites and launched on Russian rockets, Nigeria has built laboratories which it hopes will produce its own space craft by 2028.

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August 10, 2013


Professional misconduct: NBA concludes investigations on SANs, eminent lawyers EMMANUEL ONANI ABUJA


disciplinary panel set up by the Nigerian Bar Association, NBA, to investigate allegations of professional misconduct levelled

against some of its prominent members practising in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, has submitted its report, Saturday Mirror gathered authoritatively. The list of those investigated includes some

Senior Advocates of Nigeria, who had different petitions and complaints pending against them. A highly-placed source at the national secretariat of NBA, revealed that the committee had since made “far-reaching recommen-

dations”, which are meant to bring sanity to the conduct of legal practitioners in Abuja. The impeccable source, who craved anonymity, because he was not authorised to speak on the matter, said the president

Dosunmu, AD condole with Fashola over father’s death TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE


he Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship candidate in Lagos State in 2011 election, Dr. Ade Dosunmu, has described Pa Ademola Fashola; late father of Lagos State governor, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola, as “a dedicated community leader who nurtured, inspired and encouraged a generation of educated and productive citizens, among whom are his illustrious children, who continue to be of tremendous assets to their immediate community and the society at large.”

Dr. Dosunmu who commiserated with the Fasholas in a condolence message sent to the governor and made available to journalists in Lagos said he received the news of the death of Pa Fashola with heavy hearts. “At the graceful age of 80, the late patriarch lived a fulfilled life worthy of admiration and emulation,” he noted. Dosunmu urged the governor and members of the family to accept the reality of the death of Pa Fashola with “utmost thanks to Almighty Allah for a life well spent”. Dr. Dosunmu also prayed for strength and comfort for

the family; noting that it has pleased Almighty Allah to grant a peaceful passage to the late patriarch in the last days of the Holy Month of Ramadan. In the same vein, the Lagos Chapter of the Alliance for Democracy (AD) has also sent its condolences to Governor Fashola on the demise of his father. AD, in a statement by its Lagos State chapter Publicity Secretary, Oyelade Taiwo, noted that the elder Fashola was a humble but distinguished father, mentor and guide to his son, the Governor of Lagos, who “the party salutes as a good man who has done his

Former minister calls for life insurance policy for journalists TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE


ormer Minister of Sports and Special Duties, Prof. Taoheed Adedoja, has urged media houses to institute life insurance scheme for journalists in the country. The former minister, in a statement made available to journalists, described the recent accident involving 10

journalists as a sad occurrence, not only to the victims’ families and the Nigerian Union of Journalist (NUJ), but to the entire nation. He said the scheme would take care of the hazards confronting the media practitioners. “Media houses should provide comprehensive life insurance for all Nigerian journalists in view of the hazards associated with the

profession’’, he stressed. He described the accident which claimed the lives of three journalists at Osu junction on Ilesa-Ibadan Expressway last week Friday, as a sad occurrence. “It is a sad loss to the victims’ families, the NUJ and the entire nation,” he said. Adedoja expressed his sympathy to the families of the deceased and the injured.

fair duties to Lagos State, despite great limitations, distractions and pressures imposed on him from certain political quarters.” AD advised the governor that while mourning his father with a grave heart, he should take consolation that his father is resting in perfect peace with his maker in Al-Jana-Fridaus. The party also urged Governor Fashola to take heart from the fact that his gentleman father spent his last years on earth a very proud, contented and happy man, who has produced a Governor for Lagos – the Centre of Excellence.

of the NBA, Chief Okey Wali (SAN), was determined to restore sanity to the “noble” profession, which he said was currently bedeviled by “a lot of indiscipline and unethical conducts”. “The NBA president and his team are painstakingly considering the report by the NBA disciplinary committee, FCT zone. In fact, he has expressed his readiness to implement the recommendations to the letter, at least, to send a strong signal to lawyers that, no matter how highly-placed they may be, rules of professional conduct must not be jettisoned. “NBA is expecting a thorough job from members of the FCT zone of the disciplinary committee, considering their credibility and sterling records, which have distinguished them in the past”, he stated. While promising to

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ALSCON: The unending controversy

Almustapha: Islamic council hails judiciary NWABUEZE OKONKWO ONITSHA


he Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), Anambra State chapter, has commended the judiciary for its recent land mark judgement that led to the discharge and acquittal of Al-Mustapha, former aide to General Sani Abacha, former Head of State. The vice-president of the state chapter of NSCIA, Alhaji Dauda Ajagu, who made the commendation in Onitsha,

Anambra State, yesterday, while wishing his fellow Muslems, the entire Nigerians and world over, a happy Eid-el-Fitri, said the Nigerian judiciary had exhibited good sense of judgements without fear or favour, since the advent of President Goodluck Jonathan administration. Ajagu stated that it was really a thing of joy to hear that Al-Mustapha who had been detained in the prison custody for almost 13 years to be discharged and acquitted by a court of competent jurisdiction.

He therefore advised Al-Mustapha to, as a good Muslim, forgive and forget whatever transpired against him during his 13 years of incarceration, adding, “let him take it as a wish of the Almighty Allah for it is a supreme sacrifice for this great nation”. Ajagu also warned politicians in Anambra State to participate in the coming election without violence, adding that they should play politics as a free, fair or friendly game by embracing their opponents when they lose the election.

make a “comprehensive list of the affected lawyers and the NBA recommendations ready in a short while”, he, however, volunteered the names of members of the committee, which he said has a former Attorney General of Abia State and eminent constitutional lawyer, Dr. Awa U. Kalu (SAN), as chairman. Other members of the committee, as listed by the impeccable source, include: former NBA General Secretary, Muyiwa Akinboro (Esq), former chairman of Unity bar, Abuja, Chief Patrick Okolo, as well as an NBA activist, Okey Ajunwa. A senior lecturer at the Nigerian Law School (Bwari campus), Stella Peter, serves as secretary of the committee. Efforts by Saturday Mirror to get Kalu’s comments failed as he told our correspondent to direct inquiry to NBA.

Will 2015 poll hold? Following a prediction by a United States agency that Nigeria would disintegrate come 2015, many Nigerians have shown concerns about the prediction while a few believe that the country would survive the present political crisis. Only recently, however, Niger State Governor Aliyu Babangida also foresaw something similar, by warning that if the spate of terrorism precipitated by the Boko Haram insurgency is not curbed, the country could disintegrate, and thus foreclose any general election in 2015. In this overview, we appraise the predictions and whether the 2015 election is the petrel that would lead to the disintegration oas predicted.

Passion The controversy surrounding the sale of Aluminum Smelter Company of Nigeria (ALSCON) seems far from over. Recently, the workers staged a protest at the troubled firm. The action rekindled concerns about the lingering ownership tussle that has crippled operations at the facility for years. The staff, supported by youths in the host communities, were protesting the decision of UC RUSAL to sack 475 of the 700-strong workforce after shutting down production and closing the plant indefinitely. The organised labour under the aegis of Metal Products Senior Staff Association of Nigeria in the multi-billion company had earlier raised the alarm over equipment stripping and other acts of sabotage allegedly by the expatriates. Where will the ALSCON crisis lead to? We give you details tomorrow.

My tattoo ministers Christ to me –Bimbo Thomas Bimbo Thomas is an embodiment of the popular saying, ‘If you’ve got it, flaunt it.’ The actress cum fashionista does not fail to show off her smooth skin, curvaceous figure and cleavage. She tells in this interview that she does not want to hurriedly rush into marriage, hence her apparent delay in saying ‘I do’.

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August 10, 2013

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Strike: No going back unless FG meets demand –ASUU •Meeting continues Tuesday EMMANUEL ONANI ABUJA


here seems to be no end in sight to the lingering strike embarked upon by university lecturers, as meetings held during the week, between the federal government and the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, ended in a stalemate. As a result of the failure by the federal government and ASUU to reach a common ground, both parties agreed to meet again on Tuesday, 12th, to continue with discussions with the

aim of ending the plight of university students, who have been on “forced vacation”, for over a month. The bone of contention has been the volte-face by the federal government to renegotiate the letter and spirit of the 2009 FGN/ASUU agreement, and the latter’s insistence that the said pact must be honoured, at least to demonstrate commitment to turning around the fortunes of tertiary education in the country. It would be recalled that the meeting earlier scheduled to hold at the Benue

State governor’s lodge, Asokoro, Abuja, did not achieve any meaningful result, as the federal government’s sub-committee on NEEDS’ assessment on the Implementation of infrastructure in universities, failed to submit its report. In the face of this set back, ASUU president, Dr. Nasir Fagge’s declared that the union would not call-off its strike, unless contentious issues that necessitated the action, were addressed to the letter. Fagge frowned at those urging ASUU to suspend the ongoing labour dispute with the federal government, while dialogue continued, insisting that such benevo-

lence was what brought the education sector to its current sorry state. He, therefore, vowed to sustain the momentum of the disruption, until government did the needful. Speaking in the same light, chairman of the University of Calabar (UNICAL) branch of ASUU, Dr. James Okpiliya, said the lecturers remained irrevocably committed to total implementation of the 2009 agreement. “The strike will be suspended as soon as our agreement with the federal government of Nigeria is implemented. Also on Tuesday, chairman of the NEEDS’ as-

sessment committee and Governor of Benue State, Dr. Gabriel Suswan, held a closed-door meeting with President Goodluck Jonathan. Suswam, who expressed optimism that there was going to be light at the end of the tunnel, pledged that his committee would adopt enduring measures that would address the infrastructure deficits in the nation’s ivory towers. Also present at the villa meeting were, the Minister of Finance and coordinating Minister for the Economy, Dr. Ngozi Okon-

GTB upgrades social bank offering


R-L: Director of Training, NAFRC, Brig Gen. Peter Bojie; Commandant, Nigerian Armed Forces Resettlement Centre, Oshodi, AVM Moses Akisanmi; Country Director, EMPRETEC Nigerian Foundation, Mrs. Onari Duke; Director of Training and Research, EMPRETEC Nigerian Foundation, Dr. Lemmy Omoyinmi, and the Deputy Commandant, NAFRC, Maj. Gen. Nsor Ojiji, during the inauguration of Senior Officers Entrepreneurship and Management Training at NAFRC’s Officers’ Mess, Oshodi, recently.

Nigeria can’t exist without peace, say IBB, Abdulsalami •Commiserate with Fashola MURITALA AYINLA


wo former Heads of State, President Ibrahim Babangida and General Abdulsalam Abubakar, yesterday, called for return to peaceful coexistence in the country, saying without peace there wouldn’t be any country. The former Nigerian leaders made the call when they jointly paid a condolence visit to Governor Babatunde Fashola (SAN) and his siblings over the demise of his father, Pa Ibrahim Ademola Fashola. Describing Governor Fashola as the gift left behind by his late father, they prayed Almighty Allah to grant the deceased Al-janat firidouz. They also prayed to God to return peace and tranquility to Nigeria.

Speaking during the condolence visit to the official residence of the Lagos State Governor’s House, Marina, General Abdulsalam Abubakar (rtd) declared that the nation cannot exist unless there is peace and harmony among the people that make up the nation. His words: “I keep saying that without peace there wouldn’t be any country, without peace, there wouldn’t be people and without peace there wouldn’t be means of livelihood”. Congratulating the governor on the future he is building, not only for Lagos State but for the country, General Abdulsalami prayed God to elevate Governor Fashola to greater responsibilities in the country as soon he leaves his present office. The former Head of State added that he and

President Babangida visited him to pay their condolence to the governor and his immediate family and through him to the Fashola family. Emphasising Fashola as gift to the nation, the former military president, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida (rtd.) added that it is gratifying that Papa left behind an important gift. He prayed God to give the immediate family the courage to bear the loss. He said: “In Islam, we do pray for long life but long life does not mean living for 100 years or 500 years. We are gratified that Papa left and he left one important gift that is Governor Raji Fashola. So, we are grateful that God has spared his life to see a governor that everybody respects in this country and I also pray that one of your children will also take the footsteps you

have taken after Papa”, Responding, Governor Fashola thanked both leaders for the visit, saying with the visit they had not only honoured his late father, but also honoured his family and prayed that honour would never depart from their households. Governor Fashola also lent his voice to the appeal for peace in the country by both leaders, saying he was doing so because his late father was a man of peace. “Nothing for him was forever worth any conflict, if things became too difficult, he simply moved on.” ‘’And I hope that the leadership that you both provide for this country will continue to endure and that through that leadership, much more enduring peace would spread around this country and that the promise of this country will come to pass in your lifetime,’’the governor said.

jo-Iweala, Minister of Education, Prof. Ruqayyatu Rufa’i and their counterpart in the Ministry of Labour and Productivity, Chief Emeka Wogu. Addressing journalists after the meeting with President Jonathan, Rufai pleaded with ASUU to calloff its strike, in the interest of Nigeria. “I have not been mandated to speak to journalists on the matter but I can tell you that we are on course. I will only appeal to ASUU to call off the strike in the interest of the nation,” she said.

uaranty Trust Bank plc has upgraded its Social Banking offering on Facebook to accommodate Instant GTBank Account Opening. With this upgrade, prospective customers of the bank can open accounts and immediately get their account numbers while on Facebook, without having to visit any GTBank branch. These information are contained in a press statement made available to Saturday Mirror by the Communication and External Affairs unit of the bank. Commenting on the new offering which went live recently, Managing Director/CEO of Guaranty Trust Bank plc; Mr. Segun Agbaje, said the upgrade would make it more

convenient for people to commence banking relationships with the Bank. Mr. Agbaje explained that all people have to do while on Facebook is fill the account opening form, upload their passport photograph and signature mandate and immediately get their account number. GTBank Social Banking, the statement said, is a unique offering pioneered by the bank earlier in the year that allows people open GTBank Accounts, make Account Balance Enquiries, perform Money Transfers and purchase Airtime on Facebook. The Bank has over 1.3 million followers on Facebook alone, the largest following for any Nigerian company.

Trade fair designed to boost brand development –NIMN TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE


he president of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN), Mr. Rotimi Adeyeye, has stated that the forthcoming Oyo State Mega Trade Fair 2013 which is billed to hold between August 16 and 25 at the Lekan Salami Stadium in Ibadan will serve as a major catalyst for the building and development of brands in the country. Speaking at the launching of Oyo Mega Trade Fair 2013 Prospectus at the Conference Centre, University of Ibadan, the helmsman of the marketing body explained that trade fairs are great avenues for marketing manag-

ers and brand managers to test the market, build their brands and consolidate on their market successes. His words: “This is the first time we will be partnering with an organisation on a project like this, we have closely observed the precedent of trade fairs in Oyo State and have come to one conclusion; Ibadan is set to take her rightful place as the business hub in the South West, hence, why we have thrown our full weight behind it”. Also speaking, the Lead Strategist/CEO of SPISH Concepts, Mr. Seye Olurotimi, who is also the Brand Consultant for the trade fair commended the president of the trade fair, Mr. Delight Owoyemi, for his foresight.

Saturday Mirror


August 10, 2013



Lagos community laments prolonged absence of traditional ruler


that the community has remained stagnant due to the lack of a traditional ruler to champion its courses. He stated further that

most of the developmental programmes initiated by members of the community could not be vigorously pursued in the absence of

tained that the community would be glad if the state government could listen to people’s voice and install Prince Salami.

a traditional ruler as recognised authority that would liaise with the state government was lacking. Chief Shotan main-

he people of Igbobi-Sabe kingdom of Lagos State, has lamented the continued absence of a substantive traditional ruler for the community, which they claimed has retard the progress of the kingdom. In a press conference organized by the three ruling houses of the community, spokesman for the group and Odofin of the community, Chief Nosiru Shontan, called on the state government to install the Oba-elect of the community, Prince Lateef Salami. Chief Shontan, who is also the chairman of the Igbobi-Sabe Traditional Council of Chiefs, said the appeal for the installation of a king for the community became necessary because the community has been without

traditional rulers for many years now, which has negatively affected the development of the community. According to Chief Shontan, this conference is necessary because we cannot continue to operate without a crown traditional ruler for the community. Prince Salami was unanimously elected in 2010 to the traditional stool of the kingdom. His nomination went through normal customs and traditional due process and the authorities in charge of the chieftaincy at the local and state levels had been informed accordingly,” he said. He also said that the Oba-elect’s candidacy was equally endorsed by the three ruling houses, namely, Igbobi, Ketu/Sabe Adoyi Alashe and Ijaoye. Shontan, also lamented


Okada accident claims two in Ondo



wo persons yesterday lost their lives in Akure, the Ondo State capital, in an accident involving two commercial motorcycles known as Okada. The accident which occurred around Araromi Street in Akure was caused by recklessness of the motorcyclists col-

liding with one another while on high speed. Saturday Mirror gathered that the motorcycle carrying three passengers lost control after colliding with another motorcycle, throwing away its passengers. Two of the passengers were said to be unlucky

Aare Ayandotun Ayanlakin, Royal Ambassador to Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, in a group photograph with graduating students and management staff of Olivet Baptists Academy Oyo, recently.

as an oncoming trailer lorry ran over them and leaving them dead on the spot. According to an eye witness, the accident could have been avoided had the motorcyclists not been reckless. According to the eye witness, “the two motorcyclists’ recklessness con-

tributed to the accident. The passengers fell from the Okada due to the impact of the collision and were unlucky as the oncoming vehicle crushed them on the head ripping their brain open. The third passenger was only lucky but he sustained a high degree of injury

but has been taken to the general hospital for treatment,” he said. He said the oncoming lorry with registration number ONDO KA 737 FFN tried to swerve off the road to avoid crushing the passengers but they were flung towards the lorry.

The eye witness said none of the Okada rider was injured in the accident, but said they have been taken to a nearby clinic for first aid treatment. The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) official who visited the scene of the accident later took the corpse of the victims to the mortuary at the state General Hospital in Akure.

Rep wants workable welfare packages for journalists KEMI OLAITAN IBADAN


he lawmaker representing Ibadan North Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, Hon. Abiodun Awoleye, has called for workable social welfare packages for journalists in the country. The lawmaker said having workable social welfare packages that will cater for the members of the fourth estate of the realm is imperative due to the nature of their work. Hon. Awoleye stated this in his condolence message he sent from Ibadan North Federal Constituency to the Chairman of Nigeria Union of Journalists, Oyo State Council, Mr. Gbenga Opadotun and

Alhaja Fatimah Abdulkarem (National Treasurer) both of whom are still responding to treatment at the University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan. The two of them were among victims that survived a motor accident that occurred on Friday, August 2, 2013, while re-

turning from Abuja on a national assignment. The letter addressed to the NUJ National President, Mallam Garba Muhammed, through the Chairman of Oyo State council, Mr. Gbenga Opadotun, read, “ On behalf of good and peace loving people of my constituen-

cy, I, Honourable Abiodun Dada Awoleye representing Ibadan North Federal Constituency on the platform of All Progressives Congress (APC), in the House of Representatives, wishes to sympathise with entire members of Nigeria Union of Journalists, in particular the

management and staff of NTA, Radio Nigeria, Voice of Nigeria, NUJ Oyo and Lagos states councils and Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS) over the unfortunate accident that occurred on Friday 2nd August 2013, which claimed lives of your three prominent

Ekiti NULGE seeks elections in LGs ABIODUN NEJO ADO EKITI


he Nigeria Union of Local Governments (NULGE), Ekiti State chapter, has advocated the conduct of local government elections in the different states of the federation as a way of facilitating rapid development at the grassroots. Newly elected Ekiti

NULGE chairman, Comrade Bunmi Ajimoko, said the presence of caretaker governments in councils in some states slow down growth as the “appointed caretaker committee members would only be interested in their appointments, especially since they do not have the people’s mandate”. Ajimoko told journalists in Ado Ekiti at the

weekend that the insecurity of tenure of caretaker committee members coupled with the frequency of changes of the appointed council bosses “bring about policy somersaults and discontinuity”. The NULGE boss, who said there would be more accelerated development and accountability in the 16 council areas of Ekiti State if democracy was

allowed at that level, advised Governor Kayode Fayemi to conduct election into state’s local governments without delay. He said that his administration would engage in robust discussion with the state government to tackle the challenges facing council workers in the state, including delay in promotions, implementation of Scheme of Service and the issue of

members and left other 10 injured who are still responding to treatment.” He prayed to God to grant the families of the deceased and members of the union the fortitude to bear the loss and for quick recovery of other injured 10 members of the union. National Certificate of Education, NCE, holders in the councils recently redeployed. Ajimoko, who disagreed with calls in some quarters for scrapping of local government in view of the large-scale corruption, said “corruption is everywhere in Nigeria. It is already endemic in our system. So, it is not limited to the local council system alone,” he said.



August 10, 2013

Saturday Mirror


STF arrests 2 over attack on female corps member in Bayelsa


pecial Adviser to Bayelsa State Governor on Security Matters, Col. Bernard Kenebai (rtd), has said two people have been arrested in connection with the recent attack on a female corps member in the State. Kenebai told journalists in Yenagoa on Thurs-

day that the Special Task Force (STF), acting on a tip-off, arrested the two people suspected to have attacked the corps member, Miss Folakemi Akinbode. He said that the task force received a call from the State Government’s Security Coordination Centre on a hint

about the where abouts of the suspects. Kenebai said the team raided Gbarain area, Yenagoa Local Government Area of Bayelsa, where they arrested the two suspects, Weri Malua and Ebi WestJato. He said the suspects were arrested with ma-

chete and two handsets, Blackberry and Nokia brand phones said to belong to the corps member, stressing that the operatives were on the trail of others. The adviser said Akinbode’s limb was chopped off in the attack by the suspects last Tuesday while returning from

her place of primary assignment. It was reported that the suspects had gone to the Niger Delta Teaching Hospital, Okolobiri, to donate blood. They were attended to by their victim, after which they were paid an undisclosed amount by the Hospital Manage-

ment through Akinbode. After that, the suspects waylaid Akinbode who is a medical doctor, and attacked her with machete, leaving her left her arm held by thin flesh. It was also reported that the suspects had been handed over to the police for further interrogation.

Medical doctors move against quacks as UNIUYO graduates 41 students TONY ANICHEBE UYO


pparently worried by the infiltration of quacks in the medical profession, the Registrar, Medical

and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) Dr. Abdulmunini Ibrahim, has said that the body would not hesitate to sanction medical doctors who run foul of the medical ethics. Dr.Ibrahim stated this

in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State capital, yesterday while administering the oath (Sponsio Academic) on the 5th batch of the 41 medical graduates of University of Uyo. He charged the newly

inducted medical professionals to uphold the code of medical ethics and expose themselves to the mandatory continuing professional development programme in order to keep abreast with global

best practices. The Registrar, who was represented by the Head of Registration Department of the Council, Dr. Udugbai Ilevbare, congratulated the medical graduates for the sacrifice and support towards their wards while the medical training lasted and the university management for creating an enabling environment for the training of the medical doctors. He maintained that the 41 medical graduates from the University would serve as huge contribution to the health sector in Nigeria, in view of the deteriorating health care delivery in the country. In his address at the occasion, Acting Provost, College of Health Sciences of the universi-

ty, Dr. Memfin Ekpo, noted that the University of Uyo Medical School has produced 130 medical Doctors in 11 years of its existence and reiterated the desire of the College to produce doctors with the capacity to adapt and move with the rapidly extending horizon of science and technology. Vice-Chancellor of the university, Prof. Comfort Ekpo, while congratulating the graduands, appreciated the hard work of the staff of the College, and the contributions of the Chief Medical Director of UUTH, Prof. Etete Peters, and reiterated her administration’s commitment to constructing the College of Health Science Complex once the federal government releases fund for the purpose.

Duke backs INEC on de-registration of parties


L-R: Anambra State Governor Peter Obi, mother of President Jonathan Mrs. Ayi Eunice Afeni Jonathan; Bayelsa State Governor Seriake Dickson; President Goodluck Jonathan; Vice-Chancellor, Federal University Otuoke, Prof Ayo Aloko, and Minister of Niger Delta, Peter Orubebe at the commissioning of two buildings donated by Mrs Eunice Jonathan to the university in Otuoke, Bayelsa State, yesterday.

How FRSC ensured crisis-free Eid-el-Fitri in Rivers


he Sector Commander, Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) in Rivers, Dr. Kayode Olagunju, said on Thursday that 300 personnel were deployed for the Eid-el-fitri celebration. Olagunju said in Port Harcourt that the command also deployed 200 special marshals to assist the regular marshals to patrol the highways

during the celebration. According the the FRSC boss, ``We had about 300 regular marshals on the road, while about 200 special marshals were also deployed. Then in terms of vehicles, we had about 20 on the highways, including ambulances and tow trucks, to remove any broken down vehicle on the highways,’’ he said. The commander said

the traffic situation in the state was calm during the celebration as FRSC personnel deployed had been doing their work. Olagunju said the command on August 6 and August 7, 2013, arrested 170 traffic offenders, adding 40 were arraigned before the Mobile Court, 37 convicted, while three were discharged. He continued, ``In

terms of crashes, we did not record any during this period. Our men were alsoon the road to ensure smooth flow of traffic and a crash-free Sallah period,’’ he said. Olagunju said the command was hopeful that the state would record a crash-free sallah period because of the special attention by personnel deployed to different parts of the state.

former governor of Cross River, Mr Donald Duke, yesterday expressed his support for the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on the de-registration of political parties. Duke said in Lagos that it did not make sense for parties which had no followers to remain registered. Duke was reacting to the ruling of a Federal High Court, Abuja Division, on July 30, 2013, which held that INEC had no constitutional powers to de-register political parties. According to the former governor, “If a political party does not have followership, just as companies are deregistered, such parties should be de-registered. There are situations

where people use such parties to contest for election because they lost primaries in their party,” he said. According to Duke, 80 per cent of the political parties listed on the ballot papers during elections are not active. He argued that it was normal for INEC to deregister such parties as they only constitute a nuisance to the polity.


Politics BRIEFS


‘Expect a new era of politicking’


National Conscience Party (NCP) presidential aspirant in the 2011 general election, Francis Onabis, has called on Nigerians to expect a new era of politicking that will bring progressive development for the country. Onabis, in a statement made available to journalists commended the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for registering the All Progressive Congress (APC), stressing that the emergence of the new party signals victory for true democracy and the Nigerian voters. He said the registration of APC had shown that INEC could still be trusted with conducting the next general elections if it did away with external influences. Onabis said that the new party would give the Nigerian people value for their electoral votes. He also described the birth of APC as a hope giver to democracy. “The APC, I am sure, is a government in waiting because Nigerians are tired and yawning for a change, a change that would lead to good governance and economic prosperity of our country. The registration is a pointer that we are very close to a Nigeria of our dream. We are now sure that this democracy would make headway, if the power that does not want APC can fail, then no power would be allowed to subvert our democracy,” he said.

August 10, 2013


APC’s emergence P. 14 can only strengthen PDP –Obiogbolu

Group wants June 12 designated Youth Day

igerian Youth Leadership Advocacy Group (NYLAG) have demanded for June 12 as Youth Day in Nigeria. The group in a statement made available to Saturday Mirror by its National Coordinator, Onyekachi Eze, noted that the group will on Monday, August 12, march from MKO Abiola’s residence in Ikeja to the Governor’s office in Alausa, to advocate for the declaration of June 12 as ‘Youth Day’ in Nigeria. “June 12, 1993 is not just a historical date in Nigeria but also synonymous to the term Democracy in our nation. Till date, it ranks as the freest and fairest (and violence-free) election ever conducted on this soil. This opinion is widely held locally, regionally and internationally. “We are advocating for the declaration of JUNE 12 as a National Youth Day to honour those that lost their lives during the struggle to actualise June 12. This will also serve to honour the late Chief MKO Abiola of blessed memories and his family and Nigerians at large in recognition of their labours and contributions in nation building. “June 12 is chosen because of its significance to both Nigerians and Nigeria. The fundermental issues thrown up by the June 12, 1993 presidential election affected the political landscape of Nigeria in an unprecedented way. Issues like fiscal federalism, resource control and sovereign national conference became firebrand points of national discourse,” Eze stated.

Saturday Mirror



APC registration: Matters arising TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE


he much anticipated registration of the All Progressives Congress (APC) appears to have changed the situation of things in the political circle and a number of issues have been raising their heads since the action of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). The APC is the product of a merger of major political opposition parties - Actions Congress of Nigeria (ACN); Congress for Progressive Change (CPC); All Nigerian Peoples Party (ANPP) and a faction of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA). To say that the emergence of the new party is a welcome development is an understatement. Many consider the party as a viable opposition to the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and can’t wait to witness its birth. Little wonder therefore that the political terrain appears to have assumed a new dimension, particularly, ahead of the 2015 general election since the APC was registered. One of the major developments took place barely a few hours after the registration of the party. Just last Saturday, Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State was suspended by APGA’s National Executive Council (NEC) over alleged involvement in anti-party activities. His sin was, of course, his involvement in the activities that led to the registration of the APC. Reading the communiqué of the party

after its emergency NEC meeting in Abuja, the National Vice-Chairman of APGA (South-West), Alhaji Tayo Sowunmi, said that “The NEC unanimously resolved to suspend, with immediate effect, the Governor of Imo State, Rochas Okoroacha, from the party for gross anti-party activities, bordering on his involvement with the All Progressives Congress contrary to the clear provisions of the APGA constitution. “The NEC also unanimously resolved to dissolve the Imo State executive committee of APGA with immediate effect. A 21-man caretaker committee shall be appointed to run the affairs of the party in Imo pending the conduct of state congress.” Apart from Governor Okorocha’s suspension, APGA has also threatened to institute a legal action against APC, Governor Babatunde Fashola of Lagos State and Governor Tanko Al-Makura of Nasarawa State for exerting APGA logo as part of the parties that merged in some of the advertorials published in national newspapers. APGA threatened N20billion and N5billion suits on Fashola and Al-makura respectively if they refused to apologise over the advertorials. Sowunmi said that APGA is not part of APC as some of their governors had mischeviously made it a point of duty to include the APGA logo in their advertorials. “We had demanded an apology from Fashola and the payment of N20 billion, and Alhaji Tanko Almakura repeated the same thing in a national daily and we will be demanding the sum of N5 billion from

him,” he said. Shedding more light on Okorocha’s suspension and the ‘controversial advertorial,’ APGA National Chairman, Chief Victor Umeh, while speaking to journalists in Abuja last weekend said that Governor Okorocha was suspended from the party for dragging the party to APC. “For some months now, the news had been that APGA had been part of this merger discussion and we went into a meeting to clear this wrong impression so that Nigerians will know that APGA was at no time involved in those discussions, but you will recall that Governor Rochas Okorocha has been at the forefront of the merger talks. “We are aware that on Wednesday (last week), INEC registered APC and announced that three parties merged to form the All Progressives Congress and proceeded to withdraw the certificates of the three parties: ANPP, CPC and ACN. But starting from Thursday (last week), people in APC started placing advertorials in the newspapers rejoicing over the new party. In each of the advertorials, they always exerted APGA logo as part of the parties that merged. We considered this to be very mischievous and unacceptable.” Reacting to the suspension, Governor Okorocha, in a statement by his Media Assistant, Mr. Chinedu Offor, described his suspension by APGA as “irrelevant’’ and urged the people of the state to remain calm and be law-abiding. Okorocha said he CONTINUED ON PAGE 15



August 10, 2013

Saturday Mirror

APC’s emergence can only Dr. Alex Obiogbolu, a medical doctor and politician is one-time Managing ing Director, Anambra State Environmental Protection Agency (ANSEPA) and formerr Executive Chairman, Anambra State Local Government Service Commission. A founding ounding member of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and one of the PDP aspirants for the he forthcoming November 16 Anambra State governorship election, he says in this interview erview with TEMITOPE OGUNBANKE that the emergence of the All Progressives Congress (APC) will cause the disputing parties within the PDP to sheathe their swords for a common goal. He also speaks on the forthcoming local government and governorship elections ections in Anambra State among other issues.


head of November 16 governorship election in Anambra State, about 23 aspirants have shown interest for the PDP primary. What is your view about the election? The contest has commenced on a healthy note, and it is easily discernible from our meetings so far that we all belong to one big family. Different from the past where instructions and guidelines were reeled out without consideration for the opinions and complaints of the aspirants, this time around, others and I are quite impressed by the consideration shown by the national chairman, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, and members of the National Working Committee (NWC) to observations expressed on certain issues pertaining to the election. It is not unexpected that many will wonder aloud at the huge number of persons who have expressed interest to run for the office on the party’s platform in Anambra State. My take on this is that this is democracy, and persons are allowed to offer to serve though the key element will be that the process of nomination is seen to be free, fair and unambiguous. Don’t you foresee PDP adopting the consensus option to pick its flag bearers among the major contenders for the party’s ticket? I must not hesitate to state that contrary to some opinions, consensus is not undemocratic as it is a resolution tool for political conflict. Consensus connotes that there is a general, unanimous or majority agreement on a matter. Thus, it still represents the wishes of the majority which is a cardinal feature of democracy. Consensus is a good option available to the PDP being that there has been pervasive conflict within its rank which may be further accentuated by the contending forces dragging it out during the party primaries. Consensus does not eliminate the process of having primaries but rather aids in making the primaries rancourfree. Consensus is not akin to a few persons who are neither stakeholders within Anambra State or participants in the intended primaries taking a decision for the majority without the input of the latter. This was what was enacted in 2010 that led to the massive opposition against the candidature of Professor Charles Soludo; that consequently led to the failure of the PDP at the polls. As such, the decision to employ consensus as an option is left for the leadership to decide; however, it must be employed in an honest, transparent and justiciable manner if we hope to achieve any success with that option. With the presence of many political

gladiators and moneybags in the gubernatorial election, do you think the process of selecting the party’s flag bearers during party’s primaries will be free and fair? I believe that we are all responsible persons who are contesting because of the passion to develop our state and the love for our people. Albeit, we must not all forget that power is derivable only from God Almighty, and as such the battle is not for the swiftest nor strongest. I pray that my fellow gubernatorial aspirants will understand from the benefit of hindsight that any attempt to undermine the process as set out in the guidelines for the nomination of the governorship candidate of the party cannot give them the post of governor unless God has willed it. God does not dwell within fraud, cheating, and injustice. You may be there but you cannot reign well or it will be short-lived as we have witnessed in Anambra State. The depth of one’s pocket in being a moneybag is not directly proportional to your performance as governor of a state, as instances have shown. Even in the United States of America, you will recollect that the tycoon actor, Arnold Swazzenerger campaigned as governor of the state of California trumpeting his huge work on charities and promising to help bail out the state from debt. The result was that as governor, the state went into more debt and he left office as an underachiever. Anambra State can’t afford to be used as a guinea pig for such ludicrous projects. Prior to the Anambra 2010 governorship election, the fall out in the choice of party’s candidate for the election forced some people to contest under unknown platforms, which led to about 20 governorship candidates participating in the election. Don’t you foresee the same scenario in November 16 looking at the number of aspirants who have declared their intention to run for the governorship? Like I stated earlier, it is my prayer that with benefit of hindsight we have all grown to understand that our party, PDP, can only win the November 16 governorship election if we are united. For that reason, I doubt seriously if the same scenario that occurred in 2009 shall reoccur this time around. As at today, the vibes from the current National Working Committee of the party is completely different from those emitted by the former inglorious executive of Prince Ogbulafor. Take the instance of e-registration which the current NWC stated as a prerequisite to the ward congresses that will elect the ad-hoc delegates to the primaries. Aspirants unanimously

advised strongly against that method, and I was amazed at how the committee accepted it. This is a glaring departure from the past and inspires confidence that things would be different this time. In some quarters there is an insinuation that the people of Anambra North Senatorial District should be allowed to succeed the incumbent, Governor Peter Obi. What is your take on this? It is


definitely true that not a few political stakeholders including the governor of our state, Mr. Peter Obi, believe and are canvassing that the next elected governor of the state should be someone from Anambra North senatorial zone. We Igbo place so much value on fairness and brotherhood. Though zoning is not constitutional, you will discover that all over Anambra State and rest of Igboland, communities find themselves sharing one elective position or the other such as Councillor, House of Assembly, Council Chairman etc. Look at the list of past and present governors in the South East and you will find an internal zoning and rotation arrangement which hitherto was not agreed by any assemblage of people. Our culture and traditional institution are testimonies to our immense sense of natural justice and fairness. It is unfortunate that westernisation has attempted to abridge this age long inherent culture, but thank God we still have in the majority those who still hold to the old lofty ideals. Do you think the desire of Anambra North to produce the governor is achievable considering that there are many heavyweights in the governorship contest from Anambra South and

Anambra Central? Are you inferring that there is no heavy weight in the governorship from the Anambra North? Am I a light weight because I come from the North? What are the units of measure to determine who is in heavyweight category? If that is the case, why is it that some of our brothers from the Central and South never seem by their acts to want a free and fair process? Why is it that they have continued to rebuff my well-intended suggestion that we employ the use of video camera machines to record the always controversial ward congresses? My argument is that if you state you are a money bag and as such can win the primaries, allow the process to be fair by not compromising the officers to alter the names of the real winners as has been the case on past occasions. If you believe your money can buy the conscience of the delegates, allow the prescribed process of secret voting, don’t superintend delegates and monitor how they cast their vote. Let us allow a free and transparent process and see if the eventual winner is a heavy weight as you have defined. For me, by your measured standards I may not be a heavy weight but may I remind CONTINUED ON PAGE 15

Saturday Mirror


August 10, 2013


strengthen PDP –Obiogbolu CONTINUED FROM PAGE 14 you that David was light weight compared to Goliath the super heavyweight, and yet it was the super heavy weight that fell. In our own case it is not completely the case of David and Goliath because even after free and fair primaries, whoever emerges is not really a victor in the true sense as he will still need the support of others to win the general election on November 16. How do you see the move by the Governor Peter Obi-led government to hold local government elections in Anambra State about one month to the governorship election, having failed to do so in the last seven years of his administration? I have always advocated that local government elections be held since 2002. As a former executive chairman of the Local Government Service Commission, I understand the glaring gap in governance by lack of elected council chairmen and councillors. Apart from bringing governance closest to the people, the legislative council provides a deterrent to abuse of power and ensuring that the people have a sense of belonging and someone who will CONTINUED FROM PAGE 13 joined APC “in the interest of Ndigbo.” Also reacting to APGA’s threat to APC, former chairman of the APC Merger Committee and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chief Tom Ikimi, explained that it was only a fraction of the All Progressive Grand Alliance that joined the party. “The leadership of the APC has committed nothing that APGA should be complaining about,” Ikimi noted. As many were still bothering with the suspension of Governor Okorocha and APGA’s threat against APC and its two governors, the presidency and some APC chieftains also exchanged words over the leadership of APC and PDP. The Senior Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe, in a statement he issued in Abuja on Sunday said that APC leaders are politically expired and yesterday’s men, adding that the alliance, parading former members of the PDP did not have a credible personality that would lead the nation. “It is clearly evident that the APC cannot and will not be an alternative to the PDP. This fact is further reinforced by the fact that even its leadership parades politically expired, analogue and yesterday’s men, including the likes of Bisi Akande, Tom Ikimi, Bello Masari, Muhammad Buhari, Audu Ogbeh, Bashir Tofa and their likes, who do not promise any hope for today’s Nigeria and, therefore, cannot bring any meaningful change to the polity,” he said. The president’s spokesman also noted that in spite of the long years of existence of the ANPP, CPC and ACN, they had not been able to find credible personalities among their followers for national positions and offices. “The ACN particularly is reputed to always outsource its presidential candidate to the PDP. It is not surprising, therefore,

always represent their divergent interests. Thus, no time is ever late to conduct such an election. My only prayer to the state government and Anambra State Independent Electoral Commission (ANSIEC) is that they deliver a free and credible election to Ndi Anambra as we deserve no less after thirteen years absence of democracy at the third tier. Do you think having the local government election about one month to the governorship election will have effect on the gubernatorial election? I believe it will definitely have an effect on the November 16 election, principally because there is an overlapping stage of multiple campaigns. It means that the governorship candidates whilst campaigning will need to campaign for their councillorship and chairmanship candidates at some stage. Otherwise, there are two independent bodies conducting separate elections and on separate dates. Do you see APC as a threat to PDP in the governorship election? The APC cannot be a threat to the PDP as time will soon reveal. What is absolutely clear is that the emergence of APC will cause the disputing parties to sheathe


their swords for the common goal. Thus, APC will make PDP stronger ultimately as those who hitherto felt the internal opposition in the party had no option will be compelled to concede to amicable terms. Don’t you think the division in Anambra PDP will affect the party performance in the governorship election? Please tell me which of the major par-

ties that is bereft of division or crisis? Is it the new APC or the ruling APGA? Crisis is an integral part of politics and that is why our Igbo word for Politics is “ndoro doro” (struggle). The ability to surmount these ever emergent crises is what will make a strong party and a party capable of securing electoral victories. In the political history of Anambra State, godfatherism has been a major factor considering how some past and present governors ride on the back of godfather(s) to the seat of power. Don’t you see the same scenario repeating itself in November 16 election? It is important that we are on the same page on the application of the lexicon, “godfather”, in Nigerian politics. Godfathers are men and women who are instruments in the hands of God in assisting a candidate become victorious at an election. There are different forms of support which are not limited to financial support, use of influence to obtain support, and overt support as a leader. With this background, I wonder which state you will state there was no godfather behind the incumbent. Thus, Anambra is no different from the other states in Nigeria.

APC registration: Matters arising that in the new party’s national executive, six of its 11 members, which is about 60 per cent were former chieftains of the PDP. The real question is whether this is APC or PDP 2? This is the poser Nigerians will resolve as time goes on. They are ideologically ill-defined and seem to have come together for only one purpose, which is to grab power from the PDP and united on one sentiment which is their peculiar hatred for the person of President Goodluck Jonathan,” Okupe noted. But in a swift reaction to Okupe’s statement, the APC acting National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, said the presidency’s submission was borne out of fear. “They are so worried and jittery by the emergence of the APC. The PDP is still stunned by the emergence of the party. They are afraid. It is just an attempt to cover up their fear. In the first place, who, in the APC, is as expired as Tony Anenih? Who is as expired as Bamanga Tukur? They have nothing more to say and I think they should leave that decision to Nigerians to decide which party parades expired politicians. “I can tell you that they are afraid already. First they said the APC was a party of Muslims, and then they said they are not moved by the party’s registration, now they are singing the expired politicians’ tune. We would not banter words with them, rather we will continue to moblise membership across the country,” he said. Corroborating Mohammed’s position, Ikimi, said that the PDP is the headquarters of expired politicians, starting with the national chairman, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur. He explained that most of them, including Chief Audu Ogbeh, left the ruling

party to join the opposition because PDP lacked internal democracy. Taking a swipe at Okupe over his statement, Ikimi said; “Okupe was my former publicity secretary. He is doing what he is being paid to do. I have used Doyin to do various things in the past.” Since APC was registered within the time specified by Section 84 (c) of the Electoral Act which is 60 days to the election, the party is eligible to participate in the forthcoming November 16 Anambra election. Therefore, one of the major agenda of APC leaders is to win the election, which many believe will be a litmus test for the new party. The party also needs to embark on massive mobilisation of people for future elections. Speaking to journalists on Monday after a four-hour meeting of APC in Abuja, the Interim National Chairman of the party, Chief Bisi Akande, said: “The only thing now is Anambra State. We are holding congresses. We are embarking on membership drive, as there are 8,000 wards. We will use three days to do registration of members. We have a manifesto but it needs a lot of fine-tuning. By the time we do that it won’t be difficult for Nigerians to know where we belong,” he said. In his view, Ikimi noted that, “The Anambra election is a test case for the new party, APC and INEC. INEC has to show that they are ready for the forthcoming election. We look forward to a free and fair election. APC will win if a free and fair election is conducted.” Former Head of State and APC leader, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd), also noted that the registration of APC had succeeded in stabilising the polity, even as he said that the next step was for the new party to

embark on massive mobilisation of the people. He said: “The tension has already come down; people now think that they have a viable alternative. These feelings and belief is across the country, not only in the North or in the South-West. There is a good feeling about the party in all the political zones of the country. “Our next important step is the mobilisation of constituencies to make sure that elections are conducted according to the law. The registration of APC marked a point in the political history of our country that will be the beginning of a watershed in the political struggle of Nigeria. “I thought about this merger since 2007. This is because I found out that none of the opposition parties can challenge PDP successfully. But if we come together with those that have representation at the National Assembly and the Houses of Assembly and go back to sensitise our constituencies, even if the PDP want to rig, they would find it impossible to rig. “I discovered that by being so divisive, we made ourselves very vulnerable. So, the best way to survive and for this country to stabilise, we just have to come together and I believe along the line we made necessary sacrifices.” Apart from the Anambra governorship election and massive mobilisation of people, APC is also not losing sleep over 2015 presidency and many of its chieftains have started positioning themselves to emerge as presidential candidate in 2015. Irrespective of the way people may think, APC has come to stay and the party will definitely play a crucial role to determine the direction Nigerians will go in future elections.


August 10, 2013

Saturday Mirror


Saturday Mirror

August 10, 2013


40 landlords sign petition as land grabbers, hoodlums sack Lagos community Residents of Ebute Ibelefun Oju Olokun in Malatori, along Ibeshe Road in Ikorodu Local Government Area of Lagos State certainly did not have a pleasant Eid-el-Fitri. Their community was invaded by a gang of hoodlums who demolished 11 buildings and left eight women and children with various injuries. SEGUN ADIO


hile many families across the world were felicitating during the Eid-el-Fitri celebrations, residents of Ebute Ibelefun Oju Olokun Iga Palapo community, near Ibeshe, in Ikorodu Local Government Area of Lagos State were under siege. According to residents, a few days before the end of the Ramadan fasting, some suspected hoodlums invaded the community demolishing houses and beating occupants of affected structures. In the aftermath, about eight women and children were hospitalised as a result of injuries sustained in the hands of the hoodlums and suspected and grabbers. 11 buildings were demolished while properties worth millions of naira were destroyed. Before the hoodlums departed the community, they threatened to carry out more demolitions very soon. The hoodlums, who are believed to be agents of a self-acclaimed agent, promised the residents of a much more frightening attack. This led the embattled residents to organise a ‘Save Our Soul’ protest. In a petition, signed by 40 landlords of the community and sent to the Inspector General of Police, the Lagos State governor, the state police commissioner and made available to Saturday Mirror, it was alleged that one Saheed, who claimed to be an agent of the State government, had in April 2012 invaded the community and marked all the buildings there for destruction, saying that the land in question was illegally acquired by the landlords. The petition read in part, “In August 2012 without prior notice apart from a verbal one, one Saheed, came with two armed policemen and four fierce-looking thugs armed with sledge hammers and demolished some buildings in our community. He later threatened others whose buildings were not affected by this initial demolition that he would come back to demolish more buildings except we come and ‘settle’

Displaced residents protesting their sack from the community

THE ASAJON FAMILY, WHICH SOLD THE LAND TO THEM, ERRED BECAUSE THE LAND DOES NOT BELONG TO THAT FAMILY IN THE FIRST PLACE. THE LAND ACTUALLY BELONGS TO MY LATE PRINCIPAL, CHIEF T. O. S BENSON. with him.” The residents of the community say Saheed demanded six million Naira from every house owner whose building bore his demolition mark. The house owners, in absolute fear and confusion, approached the family who sold their lands to them. Curiously, the land owners asked the confused landlords to negotiate with the agent, claiming that they could do nothing to help them. A twist was, however, added to the whole story when one Mr Ayeni appeared from the blues to claim that the land actually belonged to the late T. O. S Benson. The said Ayeni, with all valid documents to the land, claimed that he represents the late socialite’s family on the matter, a claim later confirmed by the landlords. According to Ayeni, he was away from the country when Asajon family sold the land to the people who are now claiming to own them. He approached the Ipakodo Police Station to prevent the hoodlums from invading the property again. Some of miscreants were detained and later released.

Ayeni, who claimed to have had a fruitful discussion with the landlords, argues that “The Asajon family, which sold the land to them, erred because the land does not belong to that family in the first place. The land actually belongs to my late principal, Chief T. O. S Benson.” Mr. Sunday Igho, a naval personnel who is also a landlord in the area, recounts his experience. “The hoodlums have made life worthless for us and for our dependants. My aged mother was almost killed when the hoodlums started demolishing houses and beating anyone that attempted to stand in their way.” Another visibly shaken landlord, Mr. Akeem Esivue, narrated how he and his family had been living in fear since the attack. “We are unable to go out of the community for fear of being attacked. My children and other children in the community now found it hard to attend school because of the perpetual presence of the hoodlums in the community, wielding dangerous weapons.” An Islamic cleric, Aafa Ismail Akewula,

who is also a landlord in the community, said, “My family has been thrown into untold hardship by the hoodlums. My means of livelihood in Ebute Metta is suffering because I have been unable to go out of the community since the invasion of the hoodlums.” A housewife in the community, who craved anonymity, also said her husband was critically injured while struggling with the land grabbers who were trying to demolish their house. She said, “It all happened like a dream. We were relaxing in front of our house one afternoon when about four hoodlums and two policemen stormed the community, demolishing every building in sight. When my husband got up to prevent them from touching our house, one of the thugs smashed a hammer on his shoulders. My husband has been in the hospital since then.” Saheed, however, he denies sending hoodlums to beat residents of the community. He insisted that the residents had refused to act on several government efforts to integrate them the state’s housing policy scheme, which he claims to oversee. His words: “How on earth would anyone send thugs to attack women and innocent children? This claim must be the figment of the imagination of its peddlers.” When Saturday Mirror called at Ipakodo Police Station, the head of the station was said to be away on duty. But a Sergeant, who does not want to be named, confirmed the arrest of the said Saheed recently. He, however, declined to give further details of the case.


August 10, 2013

Saturday Mirror

‘My wife is a witch. She is eating our unborn babies’ • It’s God that makes children, not me -Wife FUNMI SALOME JOHNSON


he Ikeja Customary Court sizzled last Tuesday when Mr. Paul Omorege and his wife, Helen engaged themselves in war of words over their troubled marriage. 48 year old Omorege told the court how he had married his wife for over twenty years with no child to show for it. He said, “My wife is a witch.

That is why she has not been able to give me a child in our over twenty-five years of marriage. I have caught her with all sorts of questionable things. The other day I found a small calabash tied with red scarf in her wardrobe where she hid it. I also caught her in the toilet one night where she was making incantation on a powdery substance in a piece of paper. When I caught her, she said it was not meant to harm me but to ensure pregnancy. I want this court to

dissolve this marriage so we can go our separate ways. “I want to live my life in peace. I am tired of her diabolical way of life. And each time I complain, she would tell me that she was not doing anything to harm me but was doing all she could so that we could bear children. I have all sorts of dream. Even my business is no longer as buoyant as it was when I met her. I am pleading with you sir, to please grant me the divorce so I can pick up the pieces of my life

and move on. I will not wait until she kills me before knowing what to do.” Omorege further disclosed that each time his wife becomes pregnant; she would become so sick that she would be unable to live a normal life. “Anytime she is pregnant, she would become sick and I will start spending and spending. And at the end of the day, the pregnancy will be lost. It is just as if she has been sent to ruin my life. How can I be married for twenty years without even one child to show for it? She would get pregnant only to fall sick. And I would labour and labour only for the pregnancy to be lost. Besides she keeps nagging at every little bad turn I get. I am tired. All I want is freedom from her claws” Helen on the other hand denied doing anything diaboli-

cal. Instead, she contended, her husband is having an affair with another woman and is hell bent on doing away with her. “I did not do any jazz for him. What he saw me using was a herb given to me by a native doctor to enable me have children. He is just lying to cover up his infidelity. After all it is not that I don’t get pregnant. But I keep miscarrying. We have done several tests medically and we were told that there is nothing wrong with either of us, that we should be patient. So what does he expect me to do? Am I God that makes children? I still love my husband and will not want the marriage to be dissolved.” After listening to both parties, the court president, Mr. Sam Aluko adjourned the case to September 23, 2013 for further hearing.

‘She left me for another man. I don’t want her back’


r. Sunday Gbadamosi, a 54-year-old electrician, wants the Alagbado Grade A Customary Court to dissolve his marriage. According to the petitioner, he did not pay any dowry on the woman he has been living with since 1980. He said, “I want the court

‘He rapes me when I’m not in the mood for sex’ •She harbours her lover in the apartment I rented for her –Husband


customary court in Igando, Lagos, has dissolved the nine-year marriage between Emmanuel Adegbola and his wife, Olufunke, on grounds of infidelity by the woman. Olufunke also accused her estranged husband of always raping her anytime she was not in the mood for sex. The court President, Mr. R. I. Adeyeri, said it appeared that the estranged couple was tired of the marriage and that efforts to reconcile both parties had failed. “Since both parties consented to the dissolution of the marriage, the court has no choice than to dissolve the union. “Both parties are no longer husband and wife, they are free

to go their separate ways,” he said. Adeyeri ruled that the issue of custody of their four children, aged between eight years and four years, including a set of twins, should be referred to the family court within the Lagos Judicial Division. The court president also ordered the petitioner to pay N50, 000 as rehabilitation cost to the respondent. Adegbola, a 63-year-old businessman, had filed the suit on June 26, seeking dissolution of his nine-year marriage over infidelity on the part of the wife. He told the court that his wife was having an affair and that the other man was always coming to his wife’s apartment whenever he (Adegbola) travelled out of Lagos on business.

“My wife was harbouring her lover in the apartment I rented for her. Anytime I go there unannounced, I always meet the man. My wife is always unable to give a satisfactory answer when I ask her what the man’s mission is in the apartment. “She has also been threatening my business by setting up shop in the same business, close to my business address and diverting my customers to her shop. Initially, I told her that we should start a pure water business together. She told me she was not interested. But later, she opened her own pure water business without my consent, snatching all my customers. This is now affecting my own business,” he said. He also said that his wife was no more cooking for him, as she

would complain of tiredness, and ask him to cook his own food. In her response, Olufunke, a 40-year-old businesswoman, denied the allegations. She told the court that the man her husband sees in her apartment is her brother and that she is not having an affair with any man. She also said that she was not threatening her husband’s business, and that she set up her own business because her husband was not paying her a salary, but was using her as a slave. “My husband was only using me as a slave. He was not giving me money. He and his first wife were sharing the proceeds of the business and giving me nothing,” she said.

to dissolve my union with this woman and compel her as well as her children to leave my house. We have been separated for about 14 years and she took the children with her when she was leaving me to marry another man. “The children returned to my house in 2011 and since then, she has been using them as an excuse to come to my house. She later moved in with them. She is always instigating the children to threaten to stab me with broken bottles especially when they are under the influence of alcohol and Indian hemp. Our sons are now very irresponsible young men as they smoke and drink without any thought for their health. Since this woman moved back into my house, she has been fighting me constantly. People have to rescue me from my sons and their mother when they are out to injure me. I am frustrated and I want the court to help me before they kill me. I want the court to order her to go back to her new husband’s house and leave me in peace. The respondent Nusirat Gbadamosi was not in court during the hearing. The court president adjourned the case till Thursday, August 29, 2013. Both parties were ordered to maintain peace. (

Saturday Mirror


August 10, 2013


Prophet files for divorce from ‘adulterous’ prophetess


lijah Johnson, a pastor at Holy Timothy Church, Aboru, has asked the Alagbado Grade A Customary Court to dissolve the union between him and his wife, Taiwo Johnson. The petitioner said that he started living with Taiwo in 1987 and he did not pay any dowry on her. He alleges that she is very hostile and is always insulting his church members.

Policewoman seeks end of 19-year marriage

•No other man has seen my ‘nakedness’-Wife “When I married a second wife, Taiwo was always fighting her. She does not care about me and even finds it difficult to cook for me, especially whenever I return from my missionary travels,” he contended. The 58 year old prophet claimed that he caught his wife committing adultery with some of his male church members on many occasions. He stated further

that he does not love her anymore and wants the court to grant him a divorce. The respondent, a 47 year old prophetess, said that all her husband’s claims of hostility are false and that it is not in her character to fight people. She said, “I love my husband and he means everything to me. For the 28 years we have been together, no other man has seen my ‘nakedness.’

‘My wife is mentally unstable’

•I still love her -Husband


39-year-old female Inspector of Police, Mary Igah, had pleaded with an Igando Customary Court in Lagos to dissolve her 19-year marriage because of threats to her life. She told the court that her husband, Emmanuel, who is also a policeman, threatened to deal with her, and that soon after that, she saw her pant and brassiere in his bag. She said: “My husband took my underwear without my consent. I saw my pant and brassiere in his hand bag when he wanted to leave for work. I am scared of staying with him, I no longer feel safe in his house.” Igah alleged that her husband was fond of disgracing her in public, including her place of work, saying, “My husband always comes to embarrass me at my place of work. He will drag me out of my office with beatings, calling me a prostitute.” The respondent, 46-year-old Emmanuel Igah, who is also a police officer, denied the allegations levelled against him by his wife. He alleged that his wife was promiscuous. “I heard about my wife’s infidelity, so I went to her office to find out and fortunately for me, I met her with the man. “I did not embarrass her. I only excused her outside and asked what she was doing with the man and she started shouting. “I did not beat her. In short, I have never raised my hand against her since I married her 19 years ago,” he said. He begged the court not to grant his wife’s wish because he still loved her. The court president, Mr. R.I. Adeyeri, adjourned the case to August14, 2013 for judgment.

•I don’t want him anymore because of lack of care and constant beating -Wife


Ex-banker drags wife to court for stealing •

I still love my husband -Wife


-64-year-old man, Mr. Femi Eboda, has prayed an Agege Grade ‘A’ Customary Court in Lagos to dissolve his 21-year marriage to Bolanle Eboda for stealing and embarrassing him publicly. Mr. Eboda, who lives at No, 14 Amusan, Oko-Oba, Abule Egba, claimed to have been suffering from stroke, diabetes and ulcer for the past two years, saying his wife has failed to take care of him. According to the petitioner, he resigned from Union Bank some years ago because of ill-health. He added that his health challenges were compounded by his wife and his family. He also complained that his efforts to

ensure that his children got good education were frustrated by his wife. While reacting to the allegations, the wife urged the court to beg her husband on her behalf. She denied the allegations and said she was not ready for divorce. She said their marriage is blessed with two children and that her husband should consider her and resolve their differences for the sake of the children. In his ruling, the court president, Mr. Emmanuel Shokunle, asked the couple to go back home and see how they could settle their differences amicably because “the woman still believes in the marriage.” He adjourned the case to August 13, 2013.

‘My husband complains too much’


housewife, Folake Femi, has urged an Ilorin Area Court to dissolve her two-year marriage to her husband, Adeyemi, claiming he was fond of complaining. The 27-year-old woman, who is a resident of Niger Area of Ilorin, told the court that her husband was fond of complaining about everything she does. According to Mrs. Femi, the marriage was contracted in 2011 and has produced one female child.

“I don’t want the court to dissolve our marriage. I want them to plead with my husband to consider the number of years we have been together. I want him to consider our children and not dissolve our union.” The couple lived together for 28 years and have seven children. The court president adjourned the suit till Monday, August 19, 2013.

She said, “My husband always criticises and condemns me in the presence of my friends, not minding the humiliation this has brought to me. My Lord, I want an end to this marriage because I cannot endure the humiliation anymore. The respondent, however, objected to the prayer of his wife, saying he was still interested in the marriage. “My wife needs thorough supervision whenever she is cleaning the house be-

cause of her lazy nature, and that compels me to always criticise her,” he said. Adeyemi promised to always encourage rather than criticise his wife henceforth and prayed the court for an adjournment to enable him make a reconciliatory move. The presiding Judge, Mr. Yusuf Abdulkareem, adjourned the case to Aug. 30 for a report of settlement or continuation of hearing (

n Agege Customary Court has dissolved an eight-year-marriage between a fashion designer, Mrs. Kehinde Babalola and her husband, Mr. Morufu Babalola, a butcher. The court, in a judgement delivered by the Court President, Mr. Emmanuel Shokunle, ruled that Mrs Babalola will take possession of her two children and mandated Mr. Babalola to provide N5, 000 monthly for feeding and general upkeep of the children. Apart from the monthly N5, 000 allowance, Mr Babalola will also take care of the education needs and medical care of the children while they are in the custody of their mother. The couple had lived together for eight years and they have two children together, a seven-year old girl, Basira and a two-year boy, Basit. Prior to the ruling, Kehinde Babalola had earlier pleaded with the Agege Customary court to dissolve her union with her husband and also grant her custody of her children. She is seeking for the divorce because there is no more love in their marriage based on lack of care and constant beating. During the proceedings Mr Babalola, told the court that his wife was not mentally stable and therefore, she should not be granted custody of their children. He suggested that the children were better off at his step mother’s place. But the court thought it was unwise for him to take his children to his step mother. In the course of the proceedings, the court asked the husband to seek custody of his children from his step-mother and bring them to court. But rather than obeying the court order, Morufu during his appearance in court refused to bring the children to court. For failing to bring the children, Morufu was charged for contempt of court for violating the court order and was sentenced to 14 days in the Maximum State Security Prison, Kirikiri, without option of fine.



August 10, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Landlord shoots tenant over affair with wife



aleed Oyatunde, recently escaped death by the whiskers after he was shot in the thigh by his landlord. Oyatunde, 36, and his landlord, who is identified as Mr Latunji, have been having a running battle over the landlord’s allegation that Oyatunde was having an amorous relationship with his wife. Latunji owns a block of flats at Ketu Adie Owe area of Ado Odo/Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State, which he let out to tenants. Oyatunde, a native of Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, moved into Mr. Latunji’s house about three years ago after he completed his youth service and got employment with an Agbara, Ogun State-based multinational company. The landlord is a member of the vigilance group in the area. Latunji’s wife, Ireti, runs a canteen in Agbara where Oyatunde works. Oyatunde, a bachelor, always gave the landlord’s wife a ride in his car to Agbara every morning since his office is close to the woman’s canteen. This he was doing with the blessing and approval of the landlord. Ireti is said to have been married to the landlord for six years but is yet to be blessed with the fruit of the womb. Trouble started in the Latunji family sometime in April, 2013 when it was reported that Oyatunde and Mrs. Latunji were dating. When news of the amorous

AFTER DENYING THE AFFAIR FOR MONTHS, WALEED OYATUNDE WAS CAUGHT PANTS DOWN IN A HOTEL WITH HIS LANDLORD’S WIFE. THE LANDLORD GRABBED HIS GUN AND PULLED THE TRIGGER... relationship with his wife got to Mr. Latunji, he confronted his tenant with the rumour. According to neighbours, when Mr. Latunji confronted Oyatunde with the allegation that he was dating his wife, the matter almost degenerated into an exchange of fisticuffs between the landlord and his tenant until some elders in the area intervened. Since then, Oyatunde has stopped giving the woman daily morning rides to Agbara. Mr. Latunji’s wife, however, did not take kindly to being accused of dating her husband’s tenant. She reported the mater to her in-laws, who prevailed on her husband to put the allegations behind him. However, according to neighbours, even though Oyatunde had stopped taking his landlord’s wife to Agbara in his car, the rumour mill was still agog with allegations of an amorous relationship between Oyatunde and his landlord’s wife. The story was that the bachelor was always seen with his landlord’s wife at some hotels in parts of Lagos State, es-

pecially on weekends. The bubble finally burst on Saturday, July 20, 2013, when Mrs. Latunji informed her husband that she would be travelling with her friend to Ekiti State for a burial ceremony. A day before that fateful Saturday, Mr. Latunji had reportedly called his wife’s friend to confirm their purported movement to Ekiti, which the woman confirmed. But it later turned out that the Ekiti trip was a hoax after all. The landlord’s wife left home early on Saturday morning for the purported weekend trip. Her suspicious husband hired three hoodlums to trail her movement. The three hoodlums rode on two motorcycles behind the bus the woman boarded from Lusada junction to Agbara. It was reported that the woman also boarded another bus from Agbara to Mile 2 area of Lagos State and the ‘spies’ still rode behind the bus the woman boarded. Eventually, Mrs. Latunji reportedly found her way to a hotel in Surulere area in the heart of Lagos State. It was reported that Oyetunde’s car was also

found in the parking lot of the hotel. The hired ‘spies’ promptly informed their client on telephone of the development. An enraged Mr. Latunji left home and headed for the hotel in Lagos. A couple of hours later, he arrived at the hotel and he told the receptionist he was on appointment with owner of the Hyundai car parked at the lot. A waiter at the hotel, who spoke with Saturday Mirror on condition of anonymity, continued the story, “When the man came that Saturday morning, he approached the boys at the reception that he wanted to see the owner of the car whose plate number he wrote for them. When asked to call him on his mobile phone, the man claimed that the visitor’s mobile phone was switched off. So, the boys felt that he was a genuine visitor and one of them chose to take him to the room where the visitor lodged. “When the boy knocked on the door, the visitor came to open the door. And when he did, he was shocked to see his landlord standing right in front of the door. The landlord’s wife was on the bed sleeping. That was when trouble started.” Mr. Latunji forced his way into the room and aimed a stool at his wife. But Oyatunde and the hotel attendant prevented Mr. Latunji from hitting his wife with the stool. The noise from the room soon attracted other workers of the hotel to the scene. After much persuasion, Mr. Latunji was whisked out of the hotel and he left for his house. Both Oyatunde and Ireti hurriedly left the hotel. The woman has not shown her face back home since then. Knowing that the game was up, Oyatunde went to his apartment in Latunji’s house on Tuesday, July 23, 2013, apparently to move his belongings out of the house. That was the opportunity Latunji had been waiting for. Once Oyatunde opened the door to his apartment and started packing his property, Latunji burst into the apartment and engaged Oyatunde in a fight. The brawling men were soon separated by neighbours, only for Latunji to rush into his apartment and emerge moments later with a loaded gun. He aimed at Oyatunde’s thigh and pulled the trigger. A neighbour, who pled anonymity, said Oyatunde was lucky to have lived to tell the story. “The landlord could have killed the man. But we thank God that did not happen,” the neighbour said. Oyatunde was rushed to an undisclosed hospital. The landlord has since fled his house with a 10-year-old son he had from another relationship. Saturday Mirror could not get Ogun State Police Command spokesman, Muyiwa Adejobi to confirm the story. A source at the Eleweran office of the command claimed that the matter was reported but that he had no details of it.




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Celebrity Victor Osuagwu is the chairman of the Lagos chapter of the Actors Guild of Nigeria. He tells ENTERVAGANZA about his plans in his position which is controversial as it is being claimed by another actor.


hy did you have your wedding in a truck? That was my own way of entertaining people because entertainment must continue and that is my job as a comic actor. I must apply all the tactics within my disposal to make my fans happy. It is not only on screen that I can make people smile and laugh. I felt that I could also achieve same without being on TV. I also did it to celebrate my wife, having endured for a long time waiting for me, and it made my fans realise that I’m a core entertainer on and off the screen. Port Harcourt knew that someone was wedding on that day. Some people said it was because I didn’t have money. But it was deliberate. It was a promise made to God that when he blesses me, I’m going to celebrate my marriage in a unique way. I promised God that if he keeps me alive by the time my last born would be five years old, I would celebrate my marriage alongside my children, and that was exactly what I did immediately my last child clocked five. Many upcoming actors find it difficult to become successful. What is your advice to them? An artist that wants to be successful creates opportunities for himself or herself. When we were coming up, we used to scout for auditions. Even after graduating with a degree from theatre arts, we would still go and allow ourselves to be auditioned by somebody we could lecture. But these days, there is a lot of laziness, which is what leads to exploitation and sexual harassment. You can’t sit down and wait for a producer to call and ask you to come play in his movie. He will most likely ask for favours to do that for you. So the upcoming ones need to be out there looking for how best to break through while AGN provides them with support services. There are people saying you are not legally the Lagos AGN chairman. What do you have to say about that? After any election, there are always such challenges. Even before I contested, I knew that there would be people who will not concede to my victory. The truth is that things should be done properly. If I had lost, I would not become a rogue about it. I will go through the proper channels to make my voice heard. There is a process to challenge any election in the AGN. After the election that was free and fair, I was made the chairman. Anyone who feels unhap-

August 10, 2013

Saturday Mirror

‘Lagos AGN chairmanship is not a do-or-die affair for me’ py about the outcome should follow the proper procedure to seek redress. It is wrong for anybody to go on air to declare himself winner or claim what is not true. The people in AGN are learned people. If you complain that the election is not fair, then a panel will be set up to hear your grievances. If it is found that there were irregularities, then they will take steps to rectify it. What I expect is that the losers would write a petition against me. In fact, they have the right to go to court to fight the election. It is wrong to go to the press to say bad things about the guild. This is the same guild you want to represent. It is wrong from any angle you look at it. They also say you brought thugs to the election venue. That is a lie. That is a fantastic lie. The truth is that when you never expected certain things to happen, you can now say things you like to discredit those who are right. My coming in to contest is a blessing to a lot of actors in Lagos. It is not a do-or-die affair for me. For me to have abandoned all my businesses to contest the election was a thing of joy for many of the actors. Many of them who had not been attending meetings quickly went to revalidate their membership when they got to know that I was contesting. They all came out to support me and vote for me. One even told me that he was happy that I am contesting, that they were all tired of the rubbish going on in the guild. Even the man who contested against me, I don’t know him. I don’t know where he is coming from. Does he really have the pedigree? Can he pull the kind of support that I can pull? I have been in the industry for 16 years and I have paid my dues. Right now, I am not just an actor, I am a brand. I am easily recognisable, and my name opens doors. I am not bragging. So I see no reason such a person will find it hard to accept that I won the election fair and square. All the talk that I brought thugs is mere talk. There were many people at the election venue and they will tell you that I did not have any thug with me. All my supporters came and cast their votes, and the electoral body did its job. Even the police were there to make sure there was peace. Have the police made any report that I brought thugs? Can thugs operate where there are armed policemen? Even the campaign manager to the man that lost the election came out to say that the election was free and fair. So, what other proof do you want? What is your plan for actors? I want to create a platform for young actors to be able to find their footing and

create a niche for themselves. There are lots of young actors out there who do not know what it takes to grow their talents. We are working on programmes to search for, train and engage such actors. That is in our plans. My work will also include creating opportunities for creative

entrepreneurship. An artist needs to have multiple streams of income and we are going to be bringing professionals from different fields to interface with us on how to get involved in other areas of industry and the economy so we can be more empowered.

Saturday Mirror


August 10, 2013


h c t i w s y a K

to dump D’Banj


elebrated entertainer D’Banj might face the biggest crisis of his career thus far as his blood brother, Kayswitch, who is signed on to his record label, DB Records, is said to be seriously considering dumping him because he is fed up with how D’Banj keeps projecting himself first . The grapevine has it that Kayswitch is seriously considering becoming independent of his more acclaimed elder brother and mentor and striking g out on his own to finally achieve the genuine music success ess he hasn’t under D’Banj’s tutelage. Kayswitch’s dissatisfaction with the antics and strategies ategies of the e Don’t Tell Me Nonsense singer, D’Banj, is said to have come to o the fore overr their label’s debut album, D Kings Men. Being a compilation album, DKM should have had the all e pictures of a ll DB Records artists on its jacket, but it is just D’Banj’s picture re there. The album’s release itself is said to be another eye Kaye opener for K ayswitch as music pundits rate Kayswitch’s songs on it over Songs er D’Banj’s. So ongs like For Example (Ka Ni Pe), Obimo and Show My Logo by Kayswitch h are the most popular tracks on the album and it has led to people eople saying tthat hat if Kayswitch doesn’t come out from under D’Banj’s shadow, might adow, he migh ht be there forever. Another sore point is that Kayswitch is yet to release album e his debut alb bum and he is the only member of the defunct Mo’ Hits yet to o do so. But when Entervaganza called D’Banj’s manager, Tony Nwakalor, ony Nwakalo or, on the phone so he could disclose the true situation in the e DB Records camp, he didn’t pick the phone. Kayswitch

Eva Alordiah blasts Linda Ikeji



ontroversial rapper, Eva Alordiah, has lashed out at model turned blogger, Linda Ikeji. The brouhaha between the two started when Ikeji posted a statement by Alordiah during an interview on Hot FM Abuja. The statement goes thus: “We are such a country that is so blessed by God. We don’t have earthquake, volcanoes, tsunami. We are problems to ourselves and this is disgusting. I come from a background where I was molested as a child. Definitely it’s a serious situation where you have to put a child through that type of trauma.” Alordiah was however displeased by Ikeji’s post and she tweeted: “I write on my blog, my own true stories not twisted in such a way as to drive website traffic. And in the end, gossip bloggers would be well … gossip bloggers.@Linda Ikeji, wouldn’t it be nice to ask questions before publishing s**t and making it look like Jesus drove limousines?” Trust the sassy Ikeji. She fired back in kind. “@Eva Alordiah. Laugh out loud. I see you’re beginning to believe your own hype. I listened to your interview, you said it, I quoted you, how is that s**t? Don’t blame you.” Alordiah is not the first celebrity that will have issues with Ikeji. Jim Iyke and RMD have too.

Why Peter P-Square proposed to Lola Omotayo




fter seven years of dating and having two children out of wedlock in the proPeter P-Square has finally process, P posed to p t Lola Omotayo. Peter’s proposal has caught many people off-guard as he and his twin brothoff-g make up P-Square, repeatedly er, Paul, who m insisted in interviews that it would take them a long lo time to marry as marriage their music career. would affect a The proposal was very unique as it was made with a brand new Range Rover Evoque, bouquet of flowers, a diamond diamon ring and note begging Lola to “say yes.” Needless to say, she said yes, and Need Peter h has since started referring to her as Mrs Lola Natasha Omotoye. A ssource ource close tto P-Square has however that ho owever told Entervaganza En reason Peter finally the real reas proposed to Lola at this time is because the brothers are b gradually growing apart so it only makes sense to start preparing for life after Pli Square. Squa


August 10, 2013

Saturday Mirror

After Limpopo, it’s

Okoso for Kcee


ust when people were beginning to ask what next for Kcee after his monster hit, Limpopo, he has replied by dropping Okoso which is already receiving a lot of rotation based on Limpopo’s unprecedented success. Despite Limpopo’s undisputed success, the burning question that has always been on people’s lips is if Kcee, who has always been said not to be a really good musician, can live up to the song that’s his most successful to date. Kcee is not the first musician who

has had such credibility issues. Olu Maintain is another prominent example. Right from his days as a Maintain member, credibility tales dogged Olu and Tolu, the duo that made up Maintain. So, when Olu, as a solo artist, released the monster Yahoozee, it was seen as a fluke, and Olu is yet to really prove that it wasn’t. Now, Kcee is battling the same problem. As a member of KC Presh, they

n had credibility issues, so when exhe went solo, not much was xver pected of him. He was however tics determined to prove his critics Limwrong and did so through ngly popo which became surprisingly hich successful after songs on which vour he featured Davido and Flavour failed to blow him. koso Well, only time will tell if Okoso ng will justify Kcee by matching or fy his surpassing Limpopo, or justify critics by doing otherwise.

Kcee K

Ayewa to celebrate 37 years AYO ESAN)

PFWA: Ayoka, Oluchi, Leonard, Simon, Roland

in elimination danger F

ive of the 16 hopefuls who made it into the Project Fame West Africa Academy to contest for this year’s mouthwatering prizes have found themselves in the possible danger of losing the mouthwatering prizes that are the show’s rewards. Come what may, two of the five, Ayoka, O l u chi, Leonard,

Don Jazzy

Simon and Roland, will definitely say bye-bye to the golden opportunity they had to instant fame and fortune when they are necessarily evicted from the show tonight as part of the whittling down of the contestants until the winner and his runner-ups will finally emerge in eight weeks time. Even as two of the above five will go home tonight, the three who are saved and all the remaining contestants

have grace until just tomorrow night when five of them will be put up for elimination again and three of them will be saved next Saturday. So, who will be saved and who will be eliminated? Who are those who will be eliminated tomorrow night? Make it a date with PFWA showing on TV stations this weekend to be part of the feeling of thrills and excitement that come with the saving and elimination of PFWA’s contestants.

D’Banj, Don Jazzy perform

together again M

usic royalty, D’Banj and Don Jazzy, surprised everyone last Saturday when they performed together again since their acriag monious split. mo The occasion was the reception of the wedre

ding of D’Banj’s younger sister, Taiwo, to Cool FM’S Dotun Ojuolape. When D’Banj stepped on stage to perform, nobody expected that he would invite Don Jazzy, who was one of the guests, to join him on stage to perform three of the hits they made together, Fall In Love, Mr

Endowed and Suddenly. Though the performance lacked the warmth, energy and synchronisation of their performances when they were together in Mo’ Hits, it did prove one thing: D’Banj surely knows the right things to do to keep endearing himself to the public.


enowned music evangelist and founder of Ayewa International Gospel Singers, Pastor Joseph Adebayo Adelakun, will hold a special thanksgiving service next week Sunday to commemorate the 37th year of his band. Speaking on why he is holding the thanksgiving, Adelakun, who is popularly known as Ayewa, said it was a request from God to stage an appreciation service to Him, and bring together lovers of God in all spheres of life including men and women of God, traditional rulers, as well as young and old people who want to thank God with him. “It is a way to do what God wants us to do. Since we could not mark the 35th year of the ministry in 2011 because I was outside Nigeria then, God has pressed on our heart to offer an altar of praise and thanksgiving to Him, and that is what we will do at the service,’ he added. The thanksgiving, which is scheduled to hold at the LTV 8 Multipurpose Hall, Ikeja, Lagos at 12 noon has Her Excellency, Dame Emmanuella Abimbola Fashola, Lagos State First Lady as the Mother of the Day while the message will be delivered by the Ibadan-based President of Sword of the Spirit Ministries, Bishop Wale Oke. Adelakun, now 64, hails from Saki, Oyo State and has waxed a number of hit gospel songs. Among them is the evergreen Amona Tete Ma Bo. The thanksgiving service will also feature the presentation of his latest album, Aye Asan (World Of Vanity).

Saturday Mirror


August 10, 2013




everly, Angelo have suspected sex

Opinions are currently divided as to whether the Nigerian Beverly and the South African Angelo actually had sex or not last Saturday. Under the cover of their bedsheet, the two were seen in movement believed to be those of making love. Later, they were more explicit when in a bathtub, they made more sexual moves. It is the bathtub sex action that has however confused some people over whether the duo was actually having sex or not. Well, whether they did or not, Beverly is the one being condemned by everyone for being loose. But all the harsh criticisms don’t seem to be doing her any harm as she is still going strong in The Chase and has avoided elimination imination again this this week. wee eek k.

Beverly rides Bimp Moments ts after Angelo jumped out of the Jacuzzi, zi, Beverly had a little bit of fun with Bimp. The Chasemates asemates decided to forget about their ir worries and all jumped into the Jacuzzi acuzzi for a round of conversation and laughter. Conspicuous in their eir absence were Elikem and Cleo who bonded in the bedroom. Once the he heady mixture of alcohol and bubbles took effect, Angelo decided cided he and Beverly would c call night alll it a ni al igh ht and head to bed. ed. As soon as he disappeared peared into the kitchen, en, Beverly playfully yfully pounced on Bimp and d started gyrating on h i m Beverly like a cat in heat. All Bimp mp p could do was just smile sheepishly eepishly as the sexy Nigerian gave him a hearty, albeit lbeit brief show. As soon n as she had started, Beverly dismounted followed her ounted and follow owed ed h er beau into th House. the H ouse. Beverly, Beverly, how naughty you can be! e!

Oneal given iven the boot After 10 0 incredible weeks in the game, Oneal’s chase came to a screeching ng halt last Sunday! The Botswana tswana boy fought the good fight, ht, but unfortunately, when his fate was placed in Africa’s hands, ds, he couldn’t survive the chop. The opinionated deejay and modell was given his marching orders, s, leaving his girlfriend and fellow w chasemate Feza, reeling. During his final Diary Session, he revealed d how he was more concerned about bout Feza rather than himself. “If If it were up to me, we wouldn’t have been nominated at the same time. I’m worried about

her,” he told Big Brother. As irony would have it, Oneal is out and Feza advances towards the Finale. Before Oneal’s eviction was announced, Head of House Elikem had to reveal his swap decision. There was palpable tension and of course a bit of exaggerated gasping as soon as the Ghanaian revealed Bimp’s neck was on the line. The Ethiopian, who earlier last week had a hunch that Elikem put him on the chopping block, smiled wryly and awaited his fate. When IK finally put the Housemates out of their misery and revealed who was going home, Oneal reached for Feza and declared to her that “I love you baby.” There were no tears shed as the Housemates walked him to the

eviction doors. After exchanging a final kiss with Feza, he gave a salute and left the House.

and willing to take care of her when she needs it. Must be nice!

Angelo sensually massages Beverly

Beverly makes nominations an all-girls affair

After a busy day tackling the Task at hand on Tuesday and raising awareness about the various problems that Africans face on a day-to-day basis for the ONE Campaign Week, Bengelo found the perfect way to unwind. Ruby lovebirds Angelo and Beverly turned the bedroom into their own little personal massage parlour. The Nigerian hopped upon the bed and lied face down. Her man then mounted on her back like a cowboy in a rodeo show, poured a bit of massage oil on her and proceeded to work his magic hands on her body and the raunchy young model even let out a few moans as he rubbed her down. Hmmm, so these are the perks of being the only couple still in The Chase? Must be nice!

I am ripe for marriage –Beverly Ring-a-ding-a-ling can you hear the church bells ring? Well, Beverly sure can hear them. She revealed to her fellow Housemates that she plans on getting hitched next year, saying, “I am ripe for marriage.” “You are too young,” Cleo tried to advise the 21-year-old. But that piece of advice seemed to go in through one ear and out the other for the Nigerian. “I am tired of having boyfriends,” she responded. The fact that the sexy model is not currently engaged and has only recently taken up a relationship with South African Housemate Angelo is not going to deter her one bit from her mission. When asked by her fellow Housemates what she would do if the South African does not want to tie the knot next year, she replied: “There are lots of other fish in the sea.” Wow, this is a lady on a mission!

Melvin rubs Cleo’s back When they say that friends should have each other’s backs, we didn’t know that this is what they meant. But then again, they do say that a friend in need is a friend indeed, and with her man Hakeem having been axed from The Chase long ago, Cleo has no choice but to turn to her friends with big sturdy hands when she needs someone to rub ointment on her aching back. He may not be her man, but Melvin sure makes for a good substitute. The Nigerian fellow was his usual helpful self as he rubbed ointment on Cleo’s back to clear he blemishes there. What a lucky girl Cleo is to have the likes of Melvin and Bimp always ready

Feza barely had time to process the departure of love interest Oneal before discovering that she’s up for eviction this week alongside Dillish and Cleo. The Tanzanian picked up the most nominations from her housemates (4), followed by Ethiopia’s Bimp and Zambia’s Cleo with 3 apiece. Head of House Beverly used her ‘save and replace’ decision to make it an allfemale nomination trio this week by saving Bimp and putting Namibia’s Dillish up for eviction in his place. Bimp kicked off the nominations, naming Elikem and Dillish as his nomination choices. Elikem then returned the favour, nominating the Ethiopian, and then Feza. Cleo nominated Feza and Beverly, with Feza reciprocating, saying she can’t trust the Zambian. Her second nomination was for Elikem, saying that he hadn’t been happy to see her stay on Sunday. Melvin nominated Beverly because of her ability to save herself, with Feza as his other choice. Dillish named Feza and Bimp as her nominees. The former because she has “lost focus” and the latter because she felt he would be saved by Beverly if the chance arose. Angelo nominated Cleo “for being sly” and Bimp for his role in eliminating strong players, Bassey and Sulu. Cleo and Dillish got Beverly’s vote: the Zambian because she’s a strong competitor and the Namibian because she is “cocky.”



August 10, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Mixed reactions trail Beverly Osu’s public sexual activity


ixed reactions continue to trail the sexual exploits of Nigeria’s female representative in Big Brother The Chase, Beverly Osu. While some are castigating her for bringing shame to the country by indulging in public sexual activity with the South African, Angelo, others have defended her by saying she is not representing Nigeria at the show but herself and that she has the right to do whatever she likes with her own body. But it has been more of public outrage over her sexual escapades in the Big Brother House. Most of the outrage have been online where she was severely vilified, not that she gives a damn as she continues to do what pleases her in BBTC, smoking, engaging in sexual activity and disclosing shocking information about herself like she once had an abortion and that she sleeps with men for money to take care of her family. A top celebrity who has jumped to her defence is Uti Nwachukwu who is a former BBA participant himself and actually won the 2010 edition. Some have questioned Uti’s defence of her, basing their stance on the fact that he refused to quit the show and come home when he heard of his father’s death. Nonetheless, Uti is solidly behind Beverly and whatever she does in the House. According to him, it is not easy for someone who is sexually active to be celibate for three months. He ended by begging people to please go easy on her as it is not easy to do without sex in BBA. Popular movie producer Charles Novia how-

ever took her to the cleaners, saying her brazen sexual behavior is not an indictment of just her, but Nigeria as well, and that her submission to the South African Angelo’s sexual advances actually means that South Africa is superior to Nigeria. Yet an online reaction to Novia’s lambasting of Osu warned the celebrated movie producer to lay off her case. The reaction stated that BBA is meant to unite Africa and that narrow-mindedness over Osu’s public sexual behaviour is the reason Africa is still backward in terms of development and liberty. Some reactions hope for Osu’s elimination from The Chase. She is however waxing stronger there. A reaction questioned why people are condemning her when they are not feeding her. Yet another reaction warned people not to judge her because they are not without sin themselves. But while those defending her or who are neutral about her actions have been very logical and convincing in their arguments, those against her just throw caution to the winds in trying to bring her down. But as Novia himself acknowledges, she might return to Nigeria to sign a lucrative endorsement or endorsements and become a highly demanded A-list celebrity whether or not she wins The Chase. Will that be the case? And what will happen when she does return to the country? That is the next phase in the life of Beverly Ada Osu, video vixen and model, that everyone, friend and foe alike, is eagerly anticipating. Beverly

Globacom pities Chukwuka, Edo, Akindele, Elliot

… so Rita Dominic battles Noble Igwe

… axes Noah, Chinda, Jombo, others


lobacom’s axe of most of its Nollywood ambassadors has led to a bicker between Rita Dominic and Noble Igwe. Though they have since made up, it only indicates how painful it is to lose such a lucrative endorsement. When the actors and actresses that were dropped became public knowledge, Igwe’s blog carried a story describing them as “Has-beens.” Not pleased by the term which she saw as uncomplimentary, Dominic fired back by tweeting that “we are still praying for you to become something so that you can be a has-been.” Before the issue could degenerate further though, the two friends made up and all’s well that ends well.


elecommunications giant, Globacom, has unceremoniously dropped Ramsey Noah, Rita Dominic, Mike Ezuruonye, Monalisa Chinda, Nonso Diobi, Uche Jombo and Odunlade Adekola as its ambassadors It however spared Chioma Chukwuka, Ini Edo, Funke Akindele and Desmond Elliot. Unsurprisingly, Globacom’s action has sent shock waves through Nollywood with opinions and reactions divided.


Flower Girl for UK cinemas



K-based Talking Drum Entertainment, which is into development and distribution of black film and TV content, will release the award-nominated romantic comedy, Flower Girl, directed by Michelle Bello and starring Dami Adegbite, Chris Attoh and Chucks Chukwujekwu across UK cinemas in October 2013. FG, which has already enjoyed success in Nigeria and Ghana, has gone through a complete re-edit with the help of top African filmmaker Mahmood Ali-Balogun so international audiences are in for an even better film experience with its new version, says Bello.

Saturday Mirror


August 10, 2013

le StyGlam and

with Yemisi Adeniran



k l i S f o e s u o m H o fr

ust as the Shekere (shaker),

an African entertaining piece is

tastefully designed with beautiful

beads, African fabrics, especially

the Ankara has continued to come out in irresistible designs, all thanks to the creative designers all around the country. This collection, tagged Shekere by its designer, Jennifer Adighi-Okolo of House of Silk, is designed in a rare way to stand you out in any gathering and

to compliment your outlook in the trendiest

way of a girly look. Jennifer, the first runner up for Young Talent Designer of the Year, proud of the African heritage, made a vow to the fashion world to provide the trendiest luxury ethnic fashion as much as she can. “Every woman is a star and she must appear so all the time,” she says. What‛s more? Check these models out and opt out to be a star the shekere way at all of your events henceforth!



August 10, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Loud statements for bold gir


f you really love the Ankara fabric as much as it appears, then you won‛t be limiting your expression to just the

dresses alone. Nigerian designers, in their creativity have come up with different types of ethnic bags,

ethnic jewelry for both your formal and informal outings and they sure tend to stand you out beautifully

for them all. The bags, for instance, are patterned most of the time, so you need to be careful not to carry them on a patterned outfit. Pair them with a beautiful colour that is plain and you will be shocked at

the ovation you will receive from your beholders. To crown it all, you can wear a-to-match pair of shoes at

the same time for an optimum expression. For jewelery, bigger ones in fuller and choker styles give the

loudest statements. If you love to be bolder in your fashion statements, why not break off from the

old and usual style and get exotic for a change? And as the whole world is in a feasting mood, now is

simply the right time to take a leap. You can get a cue from these models.

Saturday Mirror

August 10, 2013

Fashion Frenzy




rls When gelling your hair

Gel can be especially useful for wavy and curly hair, holding those waves and curls throughout the day. Here’s the quick and easy way to apply gel to your hair. Wash and towel-dry your hair. It’s important to have damp hair when you apply gel, so don’t dry it thoroughly. If you’re short on time, dampening your hair in the sink is also a good option. Choose the right gel. A light, foamy gel will give you a playful, messy look. A medium-hold gel is great for shiny spikes. A thick gel will give you a slicked-back look. Put a small dab of hair gel onto your palm and rub your hands together. Use a dime-sized amount for short hair, a quarter-sized amount for medium-length hair, and two or more quarter-sized amounts for long (or especially thick) hair. Be sure to spread it evenly across your palms so that you can apply it properly. Apply the gel. Starting at the front of the head, quickly, and evenly apply the gel to your hair, working it in deeply using your fingers. Make sure you apply the gel through to the root. Modify your technique to get the look you want. For example: •For a straight-haired look, brush or shape hair to your desired style. •Scrunch or twist your hair with your fingers to encourage curls. •To give curly or wavy hair extra volume, especially at the roots, flip your head over to scrunch the gel in evenly. •Blow-dry your hair if necessary. Blow drying the gel will give it a more natural, matte look as well as a stronger hold. If you want the gel to stay shiny, let your hair dry naturally •Gel takes time to freeze over. Be patient, and do not use more just because it hasn’t frozen. •Remember that certain styles, if kept for a long time, will use a large amount of gel. Opt for high-maintenance hairstyles only for special occasions. If it’ll work on your hair length, try using stronger gel around the tips rather than normal strength throughout your head. •Try using a leave in conditioner under gel to soften its effects. •Your hair may have a crunchy texture if you use a lot of gel. Flip your hair forward and use your fingers to gently scrunch your hair. This should leave you with soft, yet defined hair. •Use only the needed gel strength for your hair. Too much hold gives you “helmet head,” and that just doesn’t look good on everyone. The same thing goes for the amount of hair gel; a small amount is usually sufficient. •After you put the gel on your fingers wave them in the air for a few seconds, then apply. This helps to get the right consistency before application. •If you have hair that frizzes easily you may want to dry your hair after applying gel.



August 10, 2013

Fashion Guest

Saturday Mirror

‘No woman is complete without jewelry’ Although a graduate grad of Business Administration, on, Yemisi Akeju is making m usiness it big in the jewelry business and she is prou man proud of it. “No fashionable woman is complete without wi SI jewelry,” she told YEMISI ADENIRAN in this interview.


hy h have you pitched your career tent with ith jewelries when you studied Business Administraelri inistration? tion It’s my passion and I believe I have not gone away pa y from studied. I have always loved to look what I actually actu k good and to ma make other people look good. I hate to see a woman dr dress shabbily since I was younger. Those hose times, I could go out of my way to address the fashco shion fault in i a person’s dressing even when the perrson is totally a stranger. And when the person tot n appreciates appreciate it, I felt good. It is therefore not a big g surprise when wh I ended up in jewelry making and d selling today. I read Business Administration and I tell you this ha has been of immense advantage to me in the business. It is one exposure that has helped me to manage and stand out o well in this business. I am in love with ith fashion as a package. So, this is just an aspect of it. How would woul you assess Nigerian women when hen it comes to fashion, especially the use of jewelries? espe I would say they are not doing badly. In fact, when en compared with their counterparts around the globe, I can assure you thatt Nigerian women are on a top of fashion. We take the lead of them all. Nigerian women love to look good, they are not stagnant in their taste and choices which sta ch is why you see them attempt every good goo thing in vogue even in spite of their ir age. I just love Nigerian women; they are quite fashionable and will go the extra a mile to compete healthily on the fashion scene. scen How fulfilled are ar you in this choice of vocation? Very fulfilled I would say I am. There is nothing like being an employer and doing w well. It is my desire to add beauty to people and it is a thing hing of joy that I am living it. Besides, jewelry business is very lucrative as long as you are careful to use durable matebu rials for your products. Every fashionable woman loves to produ o wear jewelries, so, I am always busy. No woman is even complete without jewelries no matter the type. Besides, it gives me time for my family and other things. fa

Yemisi Akeju Fashion Trivia

Nature’s Gentle Touch, Make-Me provide free hair treatment


atures Gentle Touch and a highly rated hair salon, Make-Me Beauty Place are working together to impart knowledge and showcase best fitting hair care practices most ideal for African hair. The intention of the initiative is to enable Nigerian women overcome various hair and scalp challenges such as dandruff, hair breakage and slow hair growth. Titled “The Root of the Matter”, the initiative, it is re-

ported, will make Nigerians to be proud of their natural hair, after overcoming some of the problems that are associated with hair growth and care, through the initiative. The programme which started from last month will be on till the end of August with experts on ground at the Make-Me Salon’s Hairstory at Bode Thomas Street, Surulere, Lagos.

In a statement made available to our correspondent, the Brand Manager of Natures Gentle Touch, Mr. Austen Umeania, said the initiative was instituted to help women get to the root of their hair problems and tackle them. “The project is an affirmation of the brand’s promise to help African women to live and maintain a healthy natural hair, and will be extended to other cities across Nigeria.”

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August 10, 2013

Male Essentials


with Oseyiza Oogbodo w

Denim tops


he jeans trouser is the most popular fashion item in the world. But apart from trousers, jeans is also available as shirts, jackets, shoes and so on. Second to the jeans trouser in the available range of jeans fashion items is the jeans shirt, jacket and other tops. It is only fashionable and sensible to have top a fo fform rm of jeans to op or tthe he h other. othe ot h r. They They are very stylstyl ylish is h and d will w ll give wi giv ve you op For options. F or o instance, if you ou have sleeveless ve a sleeveles sss jeans to top, p, yo you will wear a Tshirt unde under der it to look really r cool.

How to sweatproof your clothes (2) •Continued from last week Soak your clothes If you sweat a lot during the day, learn how to wash your own shirts. Soak your dress shirt in extremely cold water as soon as you get home, and apply a stain remover to the armpits. One trick to really get stains out is to turn your shirt inside out and apply the stain remover to the inside of your shirt. This works better than applying a stain-removing product to the outside of your shirt because you’re trying to lift the stain out of the fabric, not rub it further into the fibers. Leave the product on for a few minutes and launder your shirt as soon as possible, or at least rinse it in ice cold water again. If your shirt is white, bleach it every now and again or, alternately, throw in a teaspoon of cream of tartar (available in the baking

aisle at your grocery store) with your regular laundry detergent to help keep your whites white. Wear moisture-wicking undershirts Although it might sound crazy to be layering when it’s hot out, smart layering can actually help sweatproof your clothes and reduce the not-so-fun effects of sweating. Your best bet is to layer a sports undershirt underneath a T-shirt. When you have no option but to wear a dress shirt, choose a sports undershirt in a solid color that won’t be too noticeable. Sports clothes are specifically designed to wick moisture away from your body and they also dry quickly so you’ll never feel like you’re soaking in sweat. As well, many sports shirts incorporate mesh, meaning that your skin will breathe better, and they’re often treated to be antimicrobial, so it’s

harder for odor-forming bacteria to build up on your body. Remove excess body hair Think about it: Your antiperspirant needs to come in contact with your skin in order to effectively protect against body odor and control sweating. This is a problem when your armpit hair becomes exceedingly long and, as a consequence, acts as an obstacle between the product and your skin. Take control by maintaining your body hair. We’re not suggesting to join your wife at her next bikini wax appointment, but a little trimming goes a long way. Choose natural-fibre clothing and wear light colours On particularly hot days, go for fabrics like cotton, silk or linen instead of polyester or other synthetics and blended fabrics.

Natural fibres allow your skin to breathe more, meaning you’ll sweat less. When the mercury really rises, even if you plan to wear cotton or linen, pick featherlight pieces and choose shirts that are slightly larger than the size you usually wear to encourage air circulation and sweat evaporation. When it comes to colours, white or pale pastels will deflect more of the sun’s rays, so you’ll feel the heat less in these softer shades. No sweat! Sweating is a natural process and it’s hard to stop this bodily function entirely. However, if it bothers you or you feel like perfectly decent clothes are being ruined because of it, implementing a few of these tips should go a long way to helping you keep your cool all summer long. •Concluded


August 10, 2013

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What if your partner calls you your Apply serious wisdom


mmm…for all purposes and in every situation, this may seem like a cardinal sin and a relationship breaker in almost all relationships that we may be in. and in all honesty it may be so but there are so many reasons why we should slow down and take a deep breath before reacting and screaming blue murder. The truth is that there’s really no big deal if we are to look at it critically. Most people do get carried away without a conscious thought in the midst of being seriously agitated or in an extreme emotional state and they may tongue-slip the name of any person who may be close to them without having any romantic or sexual liaison with the person whose name was called out during that intimate moment. I’ve been in situations where people in the midst of a very serious and passionately heated argument have called out wrong names for the person with whom they were arguing. Are we going to say that they were arguing unconsciously with the person whose name they called? Who in all honesty would not want his partner being friendly and close to his best friend? A best friend is someone who shares the same ideas and ideologies about most things with us. Our best friends are our siblings from other parents in truth because we are inseparable from them in our thoughts and deeds. We dare to trust them with almost everything about us and our partners shouldn’t be an exception unless we are not trustworthy ourselves in which case then we have a serious problem on our hands. The concept of trust is ephemeral I know but we need to believe in something. Believing our partner and best friend won’t stab us in the back is one of the cardinal points of dating and or being in a relationship. If there is no trust at some point in any relationship, then there is no basis for having or

being in that particular relationship. Honestly speaking, it should be admitted here without equivocations that the average person will immediately stop whatever he or she is doing at that point. The person will most probably feel really bad about anyone’s name being called out by the partner apart from his or hers coming up and I’ll be the last person to pretend and advice that one should just let it slide in denial that nothing has happened but the truth like I have said is that it may not really be a big deal. I may want to suggest or stretch out on a limb here to say that basically speaking, stopping whatever action that is going on at that moment is wrong. That moment may not even be the right time to ask about what is going on between both parties because addressing issues like these in the heat of the moment will make our judgment or acceptance of whatever excuse we may be given to be clouded by subjective jealousy. And a jealousy for that matter that may not even be founded in any evidence. The deed is done and even if you become suspicious that something may be going on between both of them, you have to apply very serious wisdom in how you handle a very delicate issue like this because one wrong accusation or move on your part may cancel all traces of evidence that you may have gotten the opportunity to pick up while watching both of them secretly. Another thing is that one really has to apply caution here. We have to be cautious that a friendship of so many years is not sacrificed on the altar of jealousy. We need irrefutable proof on our suspicions before we should act. We have to be certain about what is going on before we need to act. Staying safe on the side of caution doesn’t make us a fool. Instead, what it does is to show that we value the delicacies involved and that we are ready to be matured about a lot of things in life including love and friendship.


This column is x-rated

Top 10 things women should NEVER do in bed After conducting a poll of sexually active men and women, here are the top ten mistakes men feel that women make in the bedroom. The ages of respondents spanned from around 22 to 50. It’s interesting to note that the age of the men polled didn’t seem to matter much, as the top ten ‘nevers’ were taken from approximately 60 percent of the answers. 1) Not knowing about anatomy.


Women who are great in bed know how the male member works. Just knowing which end goes where is not enough. You need to know where the hot spots are, where you need to touch, caress, squeeze, nibble, etc for best results. Knowing is the difference between being good in bed and being great. Explore all the erogenous zones on a man if you plan on having great sex with him. 2) Expecting him to be able to read your mind. The number one complaint from men about how women behave in bed is the lack of communication as to what gets you hot. Women need to be comfortable with talking to men during sex, and this is an incredibly big turn on for them. Tell him what you

want and ask him what he’d like you to do. The excited whispering and heavy breathing during sex is all part of the intimacy which makes for great orgasms and genuine closeness for couples. 3) Faking interest in sex once you’re in a relationship. Another complaint high on the list from men is women who appear to be hot for sex during the first few months of the relationship, and then turn cold once they have him committed. Pretending he turns you on when he doesn’t (just so you can have company or get married) is the wrong way to develop intimacy. If sex turns boring, work a little to spice it up, by being open to trying new things and being open minded. 4) Never initiating sex. Leaving it all up to him makes him feel as if you don’t like sex or

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August 10, 2013



best friend’s name during sex? Suspect foul play


This column is x-rated are not turned on by him. Again, this could be about your self conscious hang ups, or it could be that you are really not interested. If it’s about hang ups, be willing to let loose a little, and surprise him by initiating sex and foreplay. He’ll respond to your sexy phone calls in the middle of the day by being all that much more interested when he gets home--but don’t promise something that you’re unwilling to deliver, either. 5) Being paranoid about your body. He likes your body enough to want to sleep with you, so leave it at that. If you’re really not okay with your body, fake it. Pretend your breasts are perky and your tummy is flat, whatever you need to do to let go and enjoy yourself. Guys want to have fun in bed, so don’t make the entire evening about validating your feelings. 6) Being afraid to try new things. A little flavoured lubricant doesn’t make you a slut. Try working through any hang ups you might have by trying something-anything--new. Do it with the lights on, just once. Missionary style position in a dark room gets old after awhile. Try doing it in the shower or someplace else you would normally not think of. 7) Shying away from oral sex. Most women don’t like to give head with good reason. It can take

This column is x-rated forever and your jaw can often end up sore. But if you like getting it, then you’ve got to reciprocate. Read a good article on how to give head and start practicing. He’ll be blown away when you initiate it. 8) Lack of surprise. One of the biggest complaints is that women expect the guy to initiate everything or anything out of the ordinary, and then they get angry that the guy tried to surprise them. Most women’s hang ups around sex have to do with the way they see themselves physically or what people might think of them. 9) Not acting out fantasies (and making him feel he can’t either). Acting out fantasies goes both ways. Everyone has sexual fantasies that don’t involve sleeping with a celebrity, so work through it by spicing up yours (and his) passions. 10) Conversations that are a turn off in bed. Don’t talk about your day when you’re in bed. Save the heavy discussions for after dinner, before bedtime. Nothing makes a relationship more hum drum in the sex department than practically picking a fight before sex (unless that’s part of your fantasy, to have dirty makeup sex!).You can whisper dirty words, (that’s great), but a laundry list regarding your relationship is sure to put a damper on the evening.

lmost every person on this earth should have at least one instance when he/she has been called a name other than his/hers in error. Most parents mistakenly call one child by the name of his or her sibling from time to time; bosses mix up names of their employees; friends call one another wrong names in error, etc. In the same vein, a woman can mistakenly call her husband by her brother’s name while a husband could call his wife by his sister’s name in error. But when your man mistakenly calls you by your best friend’s name, it could set the alarm on, particularly when the error is made during an intimate moment. Imagine what will spark in your head if your husband romantically whispers your best friend’s name, instead of yours, into your ears during an intimate “episode” between you both? Will you let it slide or will you demand an explanation? Even if your best friend is so close to you that the closeness has extended to your husband so much so that she is around you both a lot, will you consider it normal for your man to call you her name during a sacred time together? If the error in name calling occurs when the three of you are together, ‘gisting’, one could let it slide without much ado, but not at a time when only thoughts of you should fill his head. In my opinion, this kind of error in name calling is an indication that your man is intimate with your

best friend. I cannot think up any explanation which can justify it. Just as I cannot call God my husband’s name when I am praying, a man will not call his woman by his best friend’s name during their intimate time alone, except there is more than meets the eye. The woman would be right to assume that her man and her so-called best friend have been “catching trips” right under her nose. In fact, she is entitled to be devastated like someone who has experienced double betrayal. Okay, I could agree with you that a woman should not jump into conclusions if faced with such “error” by her man, but I tell you, it is something that will bug any woman until she is convinced that it was a genuine error. This is not the kind of error that should happen twice or thrice before you ask your man for an explanation. Of course, if it happens more than once, you can conclude that your best friend is “sharing” your man with you. Like I already said, during an intimate moment , only thoughts of you should fill your partner’s head. In this regard, I shudder to think why your best friend’s name should come into your man’s thoughts and escape through his lips when his thoughts should be filled with you. So, should you be suspicious if your partner calls you by the name of your best friend during an intimate moment? Why not?


August g 10,, 2013


My parents named me ‘star’ –Ejenobor

Ufuoma Stacey Ejenobor bor is a highly celebrated Nollywood actress enin City some decades ago, she was the and model. Born in Benin Best Actress nominee at the Monte Carlo Television Festival in um and I”,, 2010. Most famous forr her single motherly role in “Myy m mum auty queen and dm other spoke w ith Y EMISI a T.V series, the ex-beauty mother with YEMISI re childhood childhood and and exploits exploits in the make-believe ADENIRAN on her rare world. Excerpts:


here did you grow up and how would you describe it? I was born in Benin City but my parents are from Delta State. I spent the best of my toddling years in Benin and Jos before I came down to Lagos where I grew up into adulthood. I grew up in a loving and warm environment which made my childhood most memorable for me. My parents were loving and kept a closely knit family where we were all shown the meaning and essence of love in life. Childhood, in short, was fun. We were allowed to play when it was necessary and made to work when it was necessary. I might not have got all that I needed as a child but they made available all that I needed. We never lacked anything good or necessary and we were all well guided and piloted in life. This is not what many people enjoyed, so, I am grateful to God and my parents for the opportunity. I appreciate all of these and I pray that God will grant my husband and I the grace to do the same, even more, for our kids. They were not too harsh and at the same time not too lenient with us. We had a good listening from them and with patience they tolerated our foolishness in all of its forms. I had a rare childhood that I will treasure till I die. How rare is your childhood? As a child, I loved to read and watch television so much that I could forget my hunger just to be in front of a TV set. Several times, I burnt meals that we would eat just because of a TV show. Despite all,

my parents never banned me from the TV like many would have ordinarily done. They loved my passion such that both of them at different times named me a star even before I could understand the meaning. My father called me Isio, meaning a star in Urhobe language, while my mother also named me after the star actress in Telefest, one of the popular soaps on NTA Benin, then. My mum would always call me a TV star at any slightest move I made and it became a household name for me then. We were allowed to travel to Jos and have a feel of its nature’s rocky gifts and explore it. This, I could say, did not come easy and cheap to children but from a rare set of parents that God gave me. I appreciate them and really, like I said, will want to tow their ways and strive to better it. What effects would you say all of these had on your adulthood? When they were doing all that they did, they did not know they were prophesying on my future. Today, I am a television star and doing well, all glory is to God. In my primary and secondary schools, I was a star. I got an award as a brownie and was the best in

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August 10, 2013

THE KIND OF CHILDHOOD A CHILD IS EXPOSED TO GOES A LONG WAY IN WHATEVER HE OR SHE BECOMES AS AN ADULT. CHILDHOOD SHOULD BE HANDLED SERIOUSLY Mathematics and French apart from coming first throughout my primary school. Apart from standing out in the academics, I was a good sports woman and did my school, Federal Government College Odogbolu, Ogun State, proud in sporting competitions. I won numerous gold medals in Javelin, Discus, Shot put and Hurdles. These are besides debate competitions where I also did them proud. I was the Head Girl in my set. What I want to bring out here is that because my parents allowed me to take a leap at every good endeavour, I had no fear to go for any competition and I always wanted to be a star wherever I find myself. I was trained to have my eyes on the best and get the best which has helped me up till today. The good push they gave me, the good words they spoke concerning my efforts helped me to form a worthy character that I can talk about today. In addition, it has also helped me to develop the same habit and style in training my own children. What would you want parents to learn from these? Very simple and clear. They should cultivate the habit of using their tongues positively on their children. Good words work well for children while bad words take a terrible turn on them in the future. Besides, it is always good for parents to be very mature when dealing with their children. They should take their times to discover their talents, their passion and encourage them as much as they can. It is wrong to impose their desires on their children no matter how good it may be. Allowing children tow the path they have chosen from heaven or divinely will help them live a fulfilled life and early too. Most parents mislead their children unknowingly thorough their finicky styles. They should not again compare their children to others. Allow your children live their own life and not another’s. If my parents had pushed me into such profession as Medicine or Engineering may be I would have struggled to pass but I would definitely have not become the star I was des-

tined to be. Parents should also be careful not to be too strict with their children. When you beat or scold your child to the extreme, he or she is likely to develop fear of doing anything good because you would create that “never-doing-well” feeling into his or her unconsciousness which at the end of the day will hinder him from taking a determinant leap of success in life. Giving them the feeling that they can do all things is always the best. Some parents take delight in scaring their children about life through all kinds of gory tales of witches and enemies here and there such that the children grow with the feeling of fear and suspicion. They grow to suspect others and even read meanings into their own actions and desires. This is not healthy enough. We must try and help children grow up with a positive mind towards life; this will help them live a positive life at the end of the day. Parents should give good guidance to children, put them through what is right and wrong in life and keep a close watch on them as they grow. They should also pray for them and lead them in the way of the Lord. Parents should know that the kind of childhood a child is exposed to goes a long way in whatever he or she becomes as an adult. The period of childhood is a fundamental period and should be taken or handled seriously. What lessons are there in My Mum and I, the TV series that gave you an award in 2010? It is about a single mother and her growing daughter. It preaches a lot to parents in such a situation. One major lesson there is that mothers should be close to their daughters such that their interests will be top on the list when their daughters are to make any decision. They should make their daughters their friends and live a life of good example. Besides, it also teaches that the fact that one is single is not a licence for waywardness. We must know as a woman that our children are watching us closely and that we are role models to our girls especially. Every episode has its peculiar lesson for whoever cares to find out.



Nearly half of new mothers wait just SIX weeks to resume sex –Study • 41 per cent of women try sex within six weeks of birth • By 12 weeks, this had risen to 78 per cent and 94 per cent after six months • Older mothers and those who have Caesareans take longer to resume sexual relations

Most of us assume that sex is the last thing on the minds of sleep-deprived new mothers. But new research suggests that nearly half wait just six weeks after giving birth to rekindle romance. Researchers found that 41 per cent tried sex within six weeks of giving birth. By 12 weeks, this had risen to 78 per cent and 94 pent by the six-month mark. Older mothers and those who had undergone Caesarean sections took longer to get their sex lives back on track. Those who had sex within six weeks of birth were less likely to have undergone surgery or a forceps delivery or suffered an injury such as a cut or a tear during birth. Forty five per cent of women who had a Caesarean section, and 32 per cent of women who had a forceps-assisted birth resumed sex within six weeks, compared with 60 per cent who had a normal vaginal delivery. The proportion of women having sex within six weeks of childbirth is also lower among older mothers; 40 per cent of 30 to 34-year-olds resumed sex within six weeks, compared to 63 per cent of 18 to 24-year-olds. However, the research paper also states that only about 10 per cent of women having a first baby will achieve a vaginal birth without intervention, tear or cut. The research also found that nonpenetrative sexual activity was resumed earlier than vaginal sex, with 53 per cent of new mothers resuming some sexual activity within six weeks of giving birth. The study was published in the journal BJOG: An International Journal of

Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Gynaecologists typically do not give a recommended waiting time after birth. They tend to suggest that new parents take their time and wait until they feel comfortable to resume penetrative sex. According to the lead researcher, “The most important finding from the study is the wide time interval over which couples resume sex after childbirth. “Most couples do not resume sex until after 6 to 8 weeks postpartum, and many delay much longer than this. “This is useful information for couples to know before their baby is born, and may help reduce feelings of anxiety and guilt about not resuming sexual activity sooner. “It is very common for women and their partners to want information about when sexual activity may be safely and comfortably resumed, and what to expect in relation to the impact of childbirth on their relationship. “Having reliable information to guide clinical practice can dispel common myths about what is normal during the postnatal period as well as enabling clinicians to tailor information to a woman’s individual circumstances. “This study provides important new evidence to guide information given to women and their partners about what to expect after childbirth. However, it is important to remember that these decisions are down to the individual couple and when it feels right for them. It is, however, recommended that new mothers do not have sex until their post-birth bleeding stops because they otherwise risk infection.” Culled from


August 10, 2013

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Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression


our baby, no doubt, has inherited a lot from you and your partner: your height, your complexion and perhaps your tendency towards sensitive skin. If someone in your immediate family has allergic tendencies, eczema may be the first sign that your baby shares that tendency too. Eczema can start as early as your baby’s second month. Symptoms can be mild and barely noticeable, or itchy and intense. Signs of Baby Eczema Symptoms of eczema in babies include skin that is: dry, tender, red, scaly, cracked, thick or leathery, itchy, crusting or oozing, has circular patches of red areas or light areas Some of the symptoms above can indicate other problems such as diaper rash. So, don’t always assume your baby has eczema. Talk to your baby’s pediatrician before treating the skin problem. Top tips for treatment  Avoid triggers. The problem with eczema is that skin is easily irritated, so the main treatment is avoiding irritants. Triggers that may irritate your baby’s eczema include dry air, pollen, mold,

Does your baby have eczema? dust, harsh soaps and detergents, heat and sweating  Avoid scented products. What irritates eczema varies with each baby, but start by avoiding fragrances in all products that touch baby’s skin, including soaps, shampoos, and lotions. Opt instead for mild body soaps or soapfree cleansers. Also avoid perfumed laundry detergents.  Moisturise. Moisturising is the foundation of healthy skin for people with eczema. You can soothe your baby’s eczema symptoms by moisturizing skin at least two or three times daily, using a fragrance-free, hypoallergenic product. Look for oil-based ointments. These help lock in moisture better than lotions, which contain more water.  Use eczema creams. Creams that contain colloidal oatmeal or mild hydrocortisone can help ease itching and skin irritation. Some steroid creams may be too potent for



hen doctors told 2 0 - we e k - p r e g n a n t Sarah Sharples she was expecting a baby girl, the first-time mother-to-be rushed straight out and spent £3,000 on pretty pink essentials for her new daughter.

Sarah, 25, who lives in Northumberland (UK) with husband Lee, filled her house with £500 of pink clothes, £1,000 of pink nursery furniture, and a £900 pink pram. And every basic, from feeding bottles to baby bath, was bought in the tradi-

infants. Before using steroids on your baby’s eczema, always consult your doctor. And don’t use hydrocortisone creams for longer than a week unless advised by your baby’s doctor.  Consider oral antihistamines. Oral antihistamines like Benadryl, Claritin, and Zyrtec, may help if your baby’s itch is severe. But consult with your pediatrician before giving your baby these medicines.  Keep cool. Hot water strips the body of skin-protecting oils. So be sure to bathe baby in lukewarm water, then moisturise soon after.  Avoid dietary changes. Certain foods can be an eczema trigger for some babies, but “sorting that out can be very challenging. Don’t eliminate foods from your baby’s diet without the supervision of your doctor. The take-home message when treating your baby’s eczema symptoms is: talk to

your pediatrician. Your doctor can verify that baby’s symptoms are eczema, and can help

you pick the eczema treatments that are just right for baby’s sweet, sensitive skin.

Tiny Feet

NAME: Oseni Hamdat

BORN TO: Mr. and Mrs Ibrahim Oseni AGE: 3 weeks BIRTH WEIGHT: 2.7 kg Have you just had a baby? Send a picture of your bundle of joy to

Mother-to-be spends £3,000 on pink baby girl essentials, but has a boy tional girly colour. But when Sarah went into early labour at 36 weeks, both she and Lee, 37, were surprised to meet their beautiful little baby... boy. So now Sarah and Lee - who had already eagerly decorated the pink nursery with stencil’s of their supposed daughter’s chosen name, Lily-Mae - are adapting all their preparations to make them more suitable for their new son, Joseph. Sarah said: ‘I couldn’t understand it when the midwife said it was a boy. All our scans had confirmed it was a girl and I had everything prepared in pink. ‘We had picked her name, Lily-Mae, and had the room decorated with her name stencilled across the pink feature wall. We even had personalised blankets as gifts from family and friends.’ When Sarah found out she was pregnant, she and Lee decided they wished to know

the baby’s sex so they could be fully prepared for everything to come. Discovering it was a girl meant the forward-thinking couple could purchase all they needed for their ‘little princess’. Friends and family bought lots of -pink clothes and accessories as gifts, and their own spending began to mount up too. But Sarah always knew having a baby wasn’t going to be cheap, so the couple were happy to spend the money. She said: ‘It was my first baby and so we had to buy all the essentials. ‘I wanted everything to be perfect for her so that she would want for nothing. Being prepared was my main concern, and seeing as I knew I was having a girl I didn’t see the harm in buying everything in pink.’ And when Sarah went into labour four weeks early, she

knew everything was ready for their new arrival. But when the midwife went to hand the newborn to her she couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Sarah said: ‘The midwife said to Lee that there was something we needed to see. ‘I instantly started panicking thinking what could possibly be wrong. She then said she wanted to congratulate us on the birth of our son. ‘We looked at each other and couldn’t believe that Lily-Mae was actually a boy. ‘We decided to name him Joseph as we didn’t think he would appreciate the name Lily-Mae.’ Sarah and Lee then had to start the mammoth task of trying to get back the staggering £3,000 they had spent so that they could get Joseph everything he would need. •Culled from mailonline. com

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August 10, 2013


enstrual cramps are pains in the belly and pelvic areas that are experienced by a woman as a result of her menstrual period. Menstrual cramps are not the same as the discomfort felt during premenstrual syndrome (PMS), although the symptoms of both disorders can sometimes be experienced as a continual process. Many women suffer from both PMS and menstrual cramps. Menstrual cramps can range from mild to quite severe. Mild menstrual cramps may be barely noticeable and of short duration sometimes felt just as a sense of light heaviness in the belly. Severe menstrual cramps can be so painful that they interfere with a woman’s regular activities for several days.

What is dysmenorrhea? The medical term for menstrual cramps is dysmenorrhea. There are two types of dysmenorrhea, primary and secondary. In primary dysmenorrhea, there is no underlying gynecologic problem causing the pain. This type of cramping may begin within six months to a year following menarche (the beginning of menstruation), the time when a girl starts having menstrual periods. Menstrual cramps typically do not begin until ovulatory menstrual cycles (when an egg is released from the ovaries) occur, and actual menstrual bleeding usually begins before the onset of ovulation. Therefore, an adolescent girl may not experience dysmenorrhea until months to years following the onset of menstruation. In secondary dysmenorrhea, some underlying abnormal condition (usually involving a woman’s reproductive system) contributes to the menstrual pain. Secondary dysmenorrhea may be evident at menarche but, more often, the condition develops later.

What causes menstrual cramps? Each month, the inner lining of the uterus (the endometrium) normally builds up in preparation for a

Menstrual cramps possible pregnancy. After ovulation, if the egg is not fertilized by a sperm, no pregnancy will result and the current lining of the uterus is no longer needed. The woman’s estrogen and progesterone hormone levels decline, and the lining of the uterus becomes swollen and is eventually shed as the menstrual flow and is replaced by a new lining in the next monthly cycle. When the old uterine lining begins to break down, molecular compounds called prostaglandins are released. These compounds cause the muscles of the uterus to contract. When the uterine muscles contract, they constrict the blood supply (vasoconstriction) to the endometrium. This contraction blocks the delivery of oxygen to the tissue of the endometrium which, in turn, breaks down and dies. After the death of this tissue, the uterine contractions literally squeeze the old endometrial tissue through the cervix and out of the body by way of the vagina. Other sub-

stances known as leukotrienes, which are chemicals that play a role in the inflammatory response, are also elevated at this time and may be related to the development of menstrual cramps.

with women who do not experience cramps. Menstrual cramps are very similar to those a pregnant woman experiences when she is given prostaglandin as a medication to induce labor.

Why are some cramps so painful?

What other factors influence menstrual cramps?

Menstrual cramps are caused by the uterine contractions that occur in response to prostaglandins and other chemicals. The cramping sensation is intensified when clots or pieces of bloody tissue from the lining of the uterus pass through the cervix, especially if a woman’s cervical canal is narrow. The difference between menstrual cramps that are more painful and those that are less painful may be related to a woman’s prostaglandin levels. Women with menstrual cramps have elevated levels of prostaglandins in the endometrium (uterine lining) when compared

Y As mentioned above, an unusually narrow cervical canal tends to increase menstrual cramps. Y Another anatomical factor thought to contribute to menstrual cramps is a backwards tilting of the uterus (a retroverted uterus). Y Lack of exercise is now recognized to contribute to painful menstrual cramps. Y It has long been thought that psychological factors also play a role. For example, it is widely accepted that emotional stress can increase the discomfort of menstrual cramps. TO BE CONTINUED NEXT WEEK


I am HIV positive. Any hope for me? Dear Mirror Doctor, I am K C and I need a medical advice. Please I am positive to HIV and I do not know what to do. Kindly save a dying soul. God bless you real good. Thanks. +2348035----------------95 Mirror Doctor Replies.

Dear K C, being HIV positive is not a death sentence. There are many government hospitals where management is available. I am glad you are seeking help. That is actually very good for you and the society, as early detection is vital to managing HIV. The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a type of virus called a retrovi-

rus, which infects humans when it comes in contact with tissues such as those that line the vagina, anal area, mouth, or eyes, or through a break in the skin. HIV infection is generally a slowly progressive disease in which the virus is present throughout the body at all stages of the disease. The goals of drug therapy are to prevent damage to the immune sys-

tem by the HIV virus and to halt or delay the progress of the infection to symptomatic disease. Therapy for HIV includes combinations of drugs that decrease the growth of the virus to such an extent that the treatment prevents or markedly delays the development of viral resistance to the drugs. My advice is for you to go to any government hospital in your locality and ask to see a physician. You will be directed accordingly to the unit that will manage you adequately with great expertise.



August 10, 2013

Saturday Mirror

D’Banj’s sister, Taiwo, weds Cool FM’s Dotun The highly anticipated wedding of international music star, D’Banj’s sister, Taiwo, to Cool FM’s Dotun Ojuolape, finally held last Saturday with a lot of razzmatazz. Celebrities preferred to storm the reception which held afterwards. Vector, Ikechukwu, Don Jazzy, Ajebutter 22 and Gbemi Olateru-Olagbegi were some of them.

Groom’s parents

Taiwo signs the wedding certificate with Dotun watching

Kayswitch, Olamide, Ice Prince

D’Banj (right)

Bride’s vehicle

DJ Xclusive (left)

The couple display the certificate

Taiwo with her father-in-law

After the wedding

Bride’s parents


Well wishers

The couple kiss

Dancing time

Saturday Mirror


August 10, 2013


Uti and Ebuka Obi-Uchendu

Gbenro Ajibade, a guest and Bryan Okwara

Karen Igho and Uti with the birthday cake

IK Ogbonna (left)

Alexx Ekubo, Uru Eke and Bryan Okwara

Uti Nwachukwu clocks 31 in grand style Big Brother Africa winner, Uti Nwachukwu, clocked 31 years last Saturday. And to usher in his unique day, he and his celebrity friends converged at the Mouse Pad, Lekki, Lagos on the eve of his birthday to count down to the D-day itself. Ramsey Noah, Karen Igho, Yomi Casual, Lynxxx and Tiwa Savage were some of the celebrities on hand to usher in the big day with the birthday boy.

Vina and Uti

Uti with Yomi Casual

Uti and friends

Dominic Mudubai and Michael Nwachukwu


Hector Jobarteh

M-Trill (right)

Uti, Moyo Lawal, Ramsey Noah and other guests

Tiwa Savage and Annie dibia Julius Agwu


August 10, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Kara International Market: Where rain boots are a necessity Even though Kara International Market is the source of a significant percentage of the meat eaten in Lagos and its environs, the market is a study in filth and squalor. Traders and buyers practically wallow in cow dung. This is why they need rain boots in every season. THOMAS USHIE


t is sunrise at Kara International Market. The cows moo intermittently from different directions. Goats, sheep and rams bleat in varying pitches, forming a unique harmony. They obviously do not know what awaits them. More than 100 of them would be slaughtered at the Kara butchery today and loaded into the Eko Meat Vans waiting in tens or the Ogun State meat tricycles clanking through the rough roads in their droves. As the sun rises on Kara River, the cows, led by stick-wielding herdsmen, take their turns to seep of the water, disrupting its serenity and

gracious flow. This is just the tip of the iceberg for this river. It is daily bombarded by all sorts of dirt and filth from the open slaughterhouse which bears witnesses to the killing of hundreds of cows, goats, ramps every week, albeit unhygienically. And today would not be different. The time is 7.30 a.m. The market is already bubbling with transactions from all corners. Eko Meat Vans, Ogun State meat tricycles, articulated vehicles all compete for space as they angle through the untarred rough and narrow roads leading in and out of the market, beeping boisterously in apparent announcement of their respective arrivals. The multimillion naira market is dangerously decorated with filth despite its wealth. The market welcomes new arrivals of cows, goats, rams, sheep, almost every day. Mallam Garuba, a transporter who just arrived from Jalingo says it takes his 12-axle truck two to three days to bring in cows from Taraba State to Kara International Market. “It takes between two to three days to get here, depending on the traffic at various points of the road and the state of the truck,” he said as he inspected the off loading of cows from his truck. There is business for everyone. Touting is allowed. Eagled-eyed young men

wait at the entrance of the market seeking patronage for their different skills. They are willing to “help” the customer purchase, escort, slaughter and dismember cows, goats or rams, for a fee. Kara International Market is actually a cow market. It is where to find the best bargains when shopping for a live cow. Curiously, however, the cows at Kara market are poorly kept. The roads to the cows stalls are rough and slippery. The paths are littered with dung, which spill over and form a gelatinous slither. The bridge slabs that run across the market serve as shelter for the homeless who earn their living there. For all of them, rain boots are an absolute necessity. One of the traders, who identified himself simply as Timi, explained why rain boots are necessary for everyone in Kara Market. “As you can see, the ground of the market could become slippery when it rains. Even a drizzle can make the ground slippery. Even so, because of the cow dung, there is the need to protect the feet from being soiled. To navigate through with ease, we find it very convenient to wear rain boots whether it is raining or not,” Timi said. Before you start looking down on the cow dung which infests the market, Razaq, a butcher, quickly reminds you that “everything in and from the cow is

money. There is nothing that is waste here. People come here to buy cow dung. They use it as manure for flowers, gardens, and other agricultural purposes. Some people scavenge on the cow horns and sell them to factories. I believe that the end buyers crush and use them for various purposes”. As Rasaq reels out the uses of various non-consumable parts of the cows, the reporter caught sight of young men and women wearing rain boots, scooping the blood of slaughtered cows flowing on the filthy cemented open slaughter. The reporter sought to know what the scooped blood is used for. Enitan, one of those scooping the blood explained: “The blood is very important, just as the beef. We don’t eat it. After we scoop enough, it would be taken over there (pointing to the direction of the locally fabricated cookers) and boiled until the liquid dries up. We would then spread it for the sun to dry it. There are people who come here to buy them. They use it for animal feeds. I think people who own fishing ponds feed it to their fish. It has many other uses I cannot really tell.” The abattoir is always busy. It seems that hygiene is not of much importance to the butchers. The cows, which are the main stay of the market, are slaughtered on the cemented floor and their internal organs washed in the filthy

Saturday Mirror


August 10, 2013

‘Flies are a necessary part of the meat business’

stagnant water channel. When the water channel is opened, it flows into Kara River with all the dirt. A hygiene-conscious shopper expressed reservations about the dirty practice. But that is “how we do it here,” a young butcher who identified himself as Kehinde, responded. “We only wash off the wastes in the intestines and other internal organs to make it easier for you to take out. When you get home, you can then wash it properly. By the way, are you not going to boil the meat? Fire would kill all the germs, if there are any at all,” Kehinde assured further. The slaughtered goats and cow legs are roasted with fire from used tyres at the bank of Kara River, releasing thick black smoke into the atmosphere. Adeleke has been in the roasting business for many years. He said that he dropped out of school and decided to apprentice himself to a neighbour who was in the business. “He taught me the tactics, how to roast. Since then, this is what I have been doing to survive. We charge around N300 per goat, depending on who is involved. At the end of the day, we go home with some parts like intestines, livers, tails, part of the head, etc., depending on how kind the customer is and how generous he or she is. It is not compulsory to give us.” Price discrimination is the order of the day in the market. There is no fixed price for the cows, goats, rams or sheep. Your bargaining power would determine how much you pay. Beverages and snacks are the only exception. Saturday Mirror tagged along some young men who said they were in the market “to buy a small cow for a wedding party.” One of them who identified himself as Chigozie narrated how they had to move from one cow dealer to another before settling for a one that cost N130, 000. “There are others that are as expensive as N250, 000,” he said in total awe. Every cow purchased at the market is ticketed. Chigozie paid N1, 500 and obtained a ticket with the

inscription “Oluwanisola Cattle Dealers” for his N130, 000 cow. Indeed, there is no free service in Kara Market. There are various categories of people ready to provide services to those who patronise the market. If you buy a cow, ram, or goat and wish to slaughter it, you have to pay an array of costs. To slaughter a cow costs N500. The cost of leading the cow from the point of purchase, less than half kilometer, to the slaughter is as high as N400, while the rope used to tie the cow goes for N200, although the same rope is used over and over again by the service providers. Buyers need hot water to remove the cow’s hair. The hot water costs N400. Yet, there is another cost to clean the intestines and other internal organs that have wastes. For Chigozie, the charges seemed to be too much. He protested. “I have paid N1, 500 for the ticket. You told me that it would cost me N500 for the cow to be slaughtered and N400 for the hot water. You told me everything before I allowed you and I have paid you. What is this N300 you are asking before you clean the intestines?” a visibly angry Chigozie queried the butcher and the boys who were rendering services to him. Anything seems to go here. If you are not smart, you would pay, and pay, and pay and continue to pay,” he fumed. Comparing the filth in the Kara abattoir to what is found in abattoirs in other parts of the country, one of the butchers said, “I lived in the north before I came to Lagos. The slaughters in the north, especially in Borno, are usually besieged by flies. As a matter of fact, flies are a necessary part of the beef business in that area. You see flies swarming on the cows and the beef. If they want to cut the meat, they just use the knife to clear the flies aside and carry on. Nobody bothers to kill them. As a matter of fact, how many would you kill? So, the abattoir here is even better than what you find over there.”

In spite of the filth, the business of eating goes on heartily at Kara Market. There are “joints” where you can quench your thirst and banish your hunger. But you must not mind the filthy surroundings. The reporter visited a joint under the Berger Bridge. The bridge runs across Kara market. It is a dangerous spot. As vehicles and trucks of all sizes move on the bridge, it vibrates and shakes precariously. The vibration is nerve wracking. But there is nothing unsettling about for those who live under the bridge. Abdullahi runs one of the “joints” under the bridge. Despite the vibration, Abdullahi’s friends were having their siesta on top of a haphazardly constructed cupboard which serves as “warehouse” to his goods. “There is nothing wrong with selling or sleeping here. We are fine. Vehicles cannot tumble down here because there are protectors. The bridge would not fall. And the dirt does not kill,” Abdullahi stuttered in Pidgin English. There is also room for comic relief at the market. Practically all the animals resist every move made by their owners or buyers. Somewhere along the line, a cow was being led to the slaughter. But the poor cow was apparently protesting its cruel fate. It kicked the two young men holding it to the ground while people in the abattoir scampered to safety. Another cow was in the process of being loaded into a waiting van. It stood its ground with its horns. But the cow dealers know all the tricks of their merchandise. With ropes to its legs and its horns locked, the cow was dragged into the van. The business of Kara Market sets with the sun. Some cows, goats and rams were ‘lucky.’ They were not sold that day. But the herdsmen don’t find this funny. The animals are ‘burdens’ that must be dispensed with, possibly the next day. So the business goes on and on.



Saturday Mirror

August 10, 2013




sk talented singer and instrumentalist, Stanley Chibuzor Theophilus what he would do if given the opportunity to choose between the restoration of his sight and the release of a rave-making gospel inspirational album. Extraordinarily, he says he would certainly choose the latter. Even moreextraordinary is his claim that he learnt how to play the keyboard and the drum set in a dream. Theophilus says the sun does not rise and set without him whispering this prayer:“Let my album come”. He narrated how he lost his vision at the age of five and how his uncle dashed his dream of being educated early in life. “My mother told me that I became blind at about the age of five when I was about going into the primary school. She said that I had measles which was so severe, leading to my total physical blindness.This condition denied me early education. My lack of sight did not give me the opportunity to go to school as I would have wished. “However, as I was growing up, I realised that physical blindness is not a constraint to achieving one’s full potential. Blindness is not even an opportunity to become a professional beggar. Taking begging as a profession is like denying your humanity and mocking yourself. But that does not mean that people who are physically challenged like me cannot seek for help. Seeking for help is different from begging. I have a desire, a lifelong goal to release albums that would touch the lives of people. That desire has yet to be realised because of my financial state,” he lamented. Speaking on his foray into music, Theophilus revealed that he divinely, through dreams, received tutorship on piano and drum sets without any human help. “I started music professionally in 1998. I went into music because that is what I have passion for since my childhood. I started composing songs and playing Conga drums at the age of six. From there, I continued with the burning desire to improve myself and be of value to the society, irrespective of my physical challenge. I can play the keyboard and the drum sets very well. I learned these instruments through divine revelations in a dream. An angel taught me how to play these instruments and when I woke up from my sleep, I did not hesitate to put all I have learnt into use to the surprise of many people who had not seen me learning how to play these instruments,” he said. But has his knowledge of these instruments and his musical skills in general been able to put food on his table? He says, “I have not been able to release an album due to financial difficul-

Stanley Chibuzor Theophilus: Blind but ‘sighted’ ties, although I have several songs written and composed. I am still managing to live. But I trust God for a helper to take me out of all the miseries I have gone through in the past and put my feet on a solid rock,” he enthused. Considering the challenges he has faced and the discrimination he has suffered due to his visual state, one would naturally think that if Theophilus is given the golden opportunity to ask for one thing from God with the full assurance of it being done instantly, he would ask God to restore his sight. He, however, says he would rather asked God, like the famous King Solomon, for wisdom to release and launch his album into the market, “because wisdom is not something you can learn. It is what has made many men great, irrespective

of their conditions and where they come from. Wisdom cannot be bought in the market. I have composed several songs waiting to be produced and released. So, I will not ask God for the restoration of my sight. I have overcome blindness. I would rather ask God for wisdom for the release of my album. Theophilus recalls how h lost the opportunity to be educated. He says, “I had an opportunity to have formal education as a blind boy. I was living with an uncle. A public spirited group of people came to him to seek his consent to have me go to school but he refused. His excuse was that he cared for me and would not let me leave the family considering my condition. But I later realised that he did not mean well for me. When the people left, he started nagging that I sought the help

of the good Samaritans to be educated so that I would be enlightened like his children. I was taken aback. I was really surprised that a human being, my flesh and blood, would be jealous of his poor blind nephew. It was a very agonising experience. But I have long forgiven my uncle. “After the sad experience, I deemed it fit to leave the village to a place where I could realise my potential. I came to Lagos in 1999. People tried to push me into begging for alms but I stoutly resisted the temptation, irrespective of how lucrative they said begging could be. Since then, I have been struggling to earn a living and develop myself while looking for that divine leap.” But life has not treated him so nicely in Lagos in his quest to release an album. Although Theophilus, a multi instrumentalist and gospel artist, has showcased his talent in some churches and even bartered his talent in one of the churches he had played instruments for, many are his afflictions in the hands of the very “people of God” he thought could be of help to him. “The pastor of a popular Pentecostal church once entered into an agreement with me while I was working on my album. He asked me tobecome a music director in his church and help to minister in songs while also playing instruments for his branch and in turn, he would help me wax and release my album. I toiled for four years and kept to the terms of the agreement but he never kept his. He had a studio which he ought to have given me to produce an album. Instead of doing what he had promised, he kept shifting date from month to month until I got fed up and frustrated and gave up on him. After I left, the pastor called me to tell me that somebody wanted to help. “However, I’ve never and would not give up on my dreams. Presently, I have some singles which I have been trying to promote. But the difficulties of promoting the singles lie in the fact that I don’t have the money to print and brand the compact discs for the singles. The few radio stations I have taken the CDs to, they have had problems in playing the songs because, according to them, the CD could easily be mixed up with their jingles as well as the problem of copy right protection. I would be exceedingly glad if someone could help me in this regard, to enable me achieve my childhood dream of having a gospel inspirational music album that would touch the lives of people across the world. Anybody who wants to help me can call me on 08039094652. I need help.I need about 200,000 Naira to finance the printing and duplicating of the initial CDs and from there, I can continue on my own using the proceeds from the start up. If I can find help to brand, duplicate and release the album, I have resolved to carry out grass roots street marketing, using a bus.”

Saturday Mirror


August 10, 2013

Olua festival of Osi-Ekiti Women choral group at the groove


he early morning August sun smiles gaily on the brown earth which spreads wide and long before a white painted enclave. The thick wall which begins from a yellow painted bungalow bearing the inscription “Ile Olua” runs straight and long and disappears into a thick forest which boundaries the groove on the left; for the thick wall shields the grove of Olua: the Imole which visit OsiEkiti twice a year – March and August. It was Sunday 4 August, 2013 in OsiEkiti, Ekiti State. And it was some minutes before 10 a.m. The long wall has two openings. And like a few other sections along the long wall, the two openings were covered with palm fronds. The yellowish green of the fronds was dark at the tips. Out of the two openings only one was a thoroughfare though not for just anybody but the initiated members of the Imole cult. Acolytes, only male, clutching pieces of papers bent double as they passed through the barely waist level high hole-in-the-wall to place the supplications of their “clients” before Olua who in turn make some prescriptions for the supplicants who adherents believe would return at the next festival to show gratitude, if they complied and followed the directives of the age-long visitors from another world – the Imole. The other opening in the thick fortress is a shrine of sort. It also had the draping of palm fronds but unlike the former one, there was no thoroughfare. On the ground was an assemblage of different articles of worship: kolanuts, salt, two big horns of some wild animals and some white plastic bowls gazed on by a bottle of schnapps. Slightly to the right of this shrine sat the aworo (priests) of Olua. Most of them are aged and they support their bent frames with bamboo staffs which are also symbols of their office. As these gaunt men sat in reverence bare headed, suppliants and grateful adherents trickled in to pay obeisance to Olua for favours sought and favours granted. As the day dragged on, the large patch rectangular shaped earth in front of the enclave started swelling with humans who

The Aworo shasha (Chief priests of Olua)

When spirits visit the living kept on trooping in. The scanty leaves on the ancient Odan tree standing protectively over the square could not offer enough succour as the crowd which had grown in leaps and bounds now sought shelter under copies of old newspapers, umbrellas and even wrappers for protection from the sun which was now coming out more strongly. Some 30 meters to the great enclave, an impromptu market had sprung up. Goats, sheep, ducks, chickens, kolanuts, smoked fish and rats, honey, adi (palm kernel oil); just name any object of sacrifice; they were there. It was a ready market for adherents who needed to offer sacrifices quickly and promptly as prescribed by the unseen Imole Olua. It was where supplicants quickly rushed to, to get their orders which they took back to Olua. Olua, according to Olori Mese, of its chief priests, is as old as age to the people of Osi and its environ which includes Ido, Ido-Osi, Usi and two other towns. The Imole, he explained, are spirit beings which emerge two times in a year “and answer the supplications and prayers of those who seek them from both far and near. “No one knows their origin. We met our fathers worshipping them and we followed suit. Nobody knows who they are or where they come from or their sex and age. They are mysteries. People come from near and far to consult them on a varied and wide number of issues. These include barrenness, riches, ill health, good will, longevity, cure for diseases, ill-luck and just virtually anything” Lending credence to Olori Mese is the wife of the town’s monarch Olori Taiwo Agunbiade.

According to her, her parents always believe that she is a special being and hence had to consult the Imole when she was about to get married. “They told my parents that I should get married from within the town as I was destined to be a leader. I heeded their advice. I married an indigene of this town and now today, I am the queen of the town. At the early part of my marriage, I did not get pregnant on time. Again, my parents consulted the Imole. And again, today, I am the better for it. The marriage has also produced beautiful children who are successful today.” Olori Agunbiade also corroborated the claims of the adherents that the Imole call on people from the crowd and give them message. According to her: “This is occasionally. It does not happen all the time. But it is true. The Imole calls on people and tell them what to do. They call on total strangers. That is their way. It is a strange one.” Around 2pm, the atmosphere of the place changed. There was mounted excitement. And suddenly, bells started ringing. And the total clampdown on any form of electronic device be it camera, camcorder or even gsm handset was totally and brutally enforced. Recalcitrant members of the public were beaten up and even some people were harassed mere on suspicion of trying to take photographs while they were merely answering calls. Young men tipsy and even drunk were the enforcers. It is better imagined than witnessed their mode of law enforcement. With their loads of whips which they carry fiercely, woe betides any suspected breaker of the no-photographing law.

One of the rams brought for thanksgiving

The crowd which had grown into a multitude was pushed back and kept some hundred of meters from the enclave. With the sun glaring harshly down on the crowd, everybody men and women, old and young must be bare headed. No head gear was allowed from anybody. Still, the multitude persevered. The noisy and boisterous moves of the young men suddenly erupted into joyous chants, after some minutes of total silence. The visitors from another world had finally arrived. They were greeted with thunderous welcome. A figure, barely two feet high and covered from head to toe in palm fronds emerged limping in a style similar to the dance steps of the rampaging young men, moved to the monarch. Necks strained and eyes roved, people scrambled for higher and better positions to get better views and comments were rife. Practically all indigenes and old timers became commentators; telling eager listeners what to expect next from the sprit beings. Most of their tales came to past while some did not. After some a time, another shout rent the air. Another one had arrived. And so, two beings (Imole), totally shrouded in palm fronds, ambled around the square and stopped at some places which had earlier been marked out by palm fronds. As the figures ambled round, moods changed and the atmosphere became electrified. Chants were uttered and believers were seen making different sorts of supplications to the Imole. After about an hour of the dance, the two figures ambled slowly to the entrance of the grove where they emerged from followed first by the young men bearing whips and then dancing indigenes of the town and lastly visitors. As they ambled to their groove later to come out again early the following morning, one song sung in the dialect of Osi-Ekiti which caught the ears of the reporter is: “Dele ki o to ro, oun o ba ri ni ibi Imole, de ile ki o to ro” Don’t reveal until you get home, whatever you eyes behold in the Imole’s grove.



August 10, 2013

Saturday Mirror


Saturday Mirror

August 10, 2013


Moscow 2013

Blessing Okagbare (left) coasting home to victory at the London 2013 Anniversary Games and she is expected be lead Nigeria to glory at the Moscow 2013 World Athletics Championships. INSET: Ndanusa.

Go for medals, Ndanusa charges athletes IFEANYI EDUZOR


s the 14th edition of the IAAF World Athletics Championships begins today at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, Russia, President of the Nigeria Olympic Committee (NOC), Engr. Sani Ndanusa, has charged the country’s contingent to put their poor performance at London 2012 Olympics behind them and go for medals at the championships. Nigerian athletes will be competing for a share of $ 7,194,000 or about N1.6 billion prize money for the 2013 IAAF World Athletics Championships. Individual gold medalist wins $60,000 while silver and bronze medallists will go home with $30,000 and $20,000 respectively, with the 4th to 8th finishing attracting prize money of $15,000,$10,000,$6,000, $5,000 and $4,000 respectively. In the relay team, gold medalists

will receieve $80,000, silver, $ 40,000 and bronze, $ 20,000 with the fourth to eight finishing pocketing $16,000, $12,000, $8,000, $6,000 and $ 4,000 respectively. In addition, any athlete who surpasses a World Record at the IAAF World Championships will be awarded US$100,000 donated by IAAF Partners Toyota for women and TDK for men. Twenty athletes selected by the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) at the Cross Rivers State Athletics Championships held in June are representing the country at the competition. The athletes who are already in Moscow are led by Blessing Okagbare who a fortnight ago at the London Anniversary games, set a new African record of 10.79 seconds in the 100m race. She won the final race that featured reigning 100m Olympic gold medallist, Jamaican Shelly-Ann Fraser-Prycee and the current IAAF World Champion, American Carmelita Jeter. In a telephone interview with our cor-

NBBF puts D’Tigress training camp on hold P. 47

respondent, Ndanusa noted that he was optimistic that with the present form of Nigerian athletes in some international competitions, they are going to give a good account of themselves in Moscow but urged them to realise that they are going to face stiff opposition. “I am optimistic that Nigerian athletes will post good performance at the World Championships because some of them have improved in their timing since the end of London 2012 Olympics. “You are aware that Blessing Okagbare recently defeated the reigning 100m Olympic gold medalist and the current IAAF World champion at the just concluded London anniversary Games and all eyes will be on her to repeat that feat in Moscow. I am optimistic that she will not disappoint millions of her fans back home in the continent. “However, there is the need for all the athletes to be focused and avoid being put under pressure as was the case at the

Athletics is retrogressing in Nigeria –Agbaje P. 48

London 2012 Olympics because that is the only way they can perform well and win medals in Moscow,” Ndanusa said. According to the NOC boss who also doubles as President of Nigeria Tennis Federation, the AFN did a good job by ensuring that only the best athletes were selected to represent the country at the World Championships, and charged the athletes to be focused throughout the duration of the week long championship. Ndanusa also advised them to avoid the use of performance-enhancing drugs that could attract severe punishment from the world athletics body. “My advice to the athletes is that they should avoid using performance enhancing drugs because it could lead to the end of their career if discovered. “They should try and be clean and depend on their individual talent to achieve victory because that is the only way they can be celebrated,” he concluded.

We are the best, says Man City boss P. 49



August 10, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Boastful Saintfiet needs football lessons


om Saintfiet, remember him? He was the Technical Director of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Nigerians never had. Although the young man showed great enthusiasm to man the technical department of the NFF, providence somehow played a fast one on him. One uninspiring aspect of the Belgian is that since losing out in securing the Nigerian job, he has engrossed himself with great animosity and now he has sworn to stop Super Eagles’ quest for qualification to next year’s Mundial in Brazil. As easy as his vision may look, but the pertinent question still remains; who is afraid of mouthy Saintfiet and what is his pedigree when it comes to African football? Frankly, the Belgian’s greatest achievement against Nigeria came in May 2011 when he was named Head Coach of Ethiopia. Within 10 days of taking over, he guided the Walia Antelopes which was composed of local players to a 2-2 draw against the Super Eagles, in the 2012 AFCON qualifiers. In a full Addis Ababa Stadium, fans watched Ethiopia take the lead for most of the game, only for Super Eagles’ captain, Joseph Yobo, to score late on to rescue a point. Shortly after that feat, Saintfiet voluntarily resigned his position as coach of Ethiopia on October 28, 2011, with an eye on the technical director’s job in Nigeria. However, on March 28, 2012, he was unceremoniously named TD of Nigeria, but three months later the Minister of Sports, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi, cancelled his appointment, even before the Belgian assumed duty, basing his decision


Andrew Ekejiuba



on the fact that there are capable Nigerians who can do the job. Even some stakeholders of Nigerian football believe that the Belgian does not have a good knowledge of the history of Nigerian football, thus there is the likelihood that his Nigerian assistant will be doing most of the jobs as the foreigner collects a fat sum of $20,000 monthly, thus reaffirming Fela Anikulapo’s hard stand against “Monkey dey work, baboon dey chop’ mentality in our nation’s polity. Coming back to the subject matter, the September 7, FIFA

World Cup qualifying match between the Super Eagles of Nigeria and visiting Flames of Malawi in Calabar is already generating a lot of fireworks, but it is outrageous that it is only Saintfiet that is doing most of the talking. Earlier in the week, he reiterated his desire to beat Nigeria in the return leg of the 2014 World Cup qualifier billed for Calabar after bowing to pressure from his players and Malawians to withdraw a $10 000 appearance fee pre-condition he agreed with the Football Association of Malawi (FAM) in

the event of him achieving his ultimate mission of beating Nigeria. Actually, Saintfiet’s ambition looks tall, but highly unachieveable because football is only played on the field and anything outside this is an aberration. His words: “I am not here for money but for football and my mission is to beat Nigeria. If I don’t say I am going to beat Nigeria, I will be stupid. I am not underestimating them. “Stephen Keshi is a good coach and he has very good players but Malawi also has good players,” the Belgian told a news conference last Tuesday morning in Blantyre. From the foregoing, it is clear that at least Saintfiet acknowledges the fact that Nigeria is never a pushover when it comes to football in the continent, so where is he drawing his inspiration from? Is he not aware that as champions of Africa, it will be an uphill task for a visitor to have an easy ride at the backyard of a king? Many soccer analysts believe that recording an upset in Calabar against the Eagles may prove to be a mission impossible for the ambitious Malawians. Or better still, it may be compared to a cow passing through the eye of the needle. HT gathered that Saintfiet volunteered to coach the Flames, who trail the Super Eagles by two points, with a precondition that FAM will have to pay him $10 000, which sparked a furore in Malawi with captain Joseph Kamwendo openly attacking the association for failing to raise bonuses currently pegged at $85 per player for a win. Quickly FAM President, Walter Nyamilandu, said the issue of the

coach’s appearance fee had attracted bad publicity, hence Saintfiet beat a retreat by voluntarily withdrawing his demand and added that if his dream materialises, he had the ambition of donating the money to charity such as youth football. After analysing Saintfiet’s words, it is clear that he is seeking for unwarranted attention and there is need for the Super Eagles coaching crew headed by Stephen Keshi and his lads to teach this mouthy Belgian some football lessons with an emphatic win come September 7. A peep into the football career of this controversial European soccer tactician shows that he was born on March 29, 1973, and featured for FC Boom between 1983 and 1997 in the Belgium League. However, on retirement, he became a football manager at the age of 24, thus becoming the youngest manager in the history of Belgian football. Saintfiet coached in several countries; Belgium, Qatar, Germany, Faroe Islands, Finland and the Netherlands. The journey man also worked in Africa, becoming the Head Coach of Namibia, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia with few achievements to show for his efforts, before moving to Malawi. The African champions, Nigeria, on nine points, only need to avoid defeat against seven-pointer Flames in Group F to be eligible for the September 16 draw in Cairo that will set the group leaders against one another in a final knock-out race to Brazil 2014. HT believes this herculean task is achieveable at least to help put mouthy Saintfiet to shame.


Odegbami motivates kids at Cowbell Academy ANDREW EKEJIUBA


ormer Super Eagles winger, Segun Odegbami has paid a visit to the Cowbell Football Academy summer camp to mentor the kids. Odegbami who was nicknamed ‘Mathematical’ by late sports commentator Ernest Okonkwo because of his football dexterity, encouraged the kids at the Academy to take their trainings serious and be confident if they want to be successful. “You are very lucky at this age to have this opportunity to be trained by experienced coaches, who will take you through the rudiments and then you become stars. In our time we were not that lucky. So I want

to encourage you to put in your very best. Listen and learn from your coaches because they have got more experience than you and play with confidence,” he said. He further advised the kids that for them to stand out in football, or in any area of their lives, they should act the part, do the part and they will have the part. “I have a three word paradigm that guides my life. To become what you want to be, you must first ‘Be’ the part, that is, start acting like that thing you want to become, ‘Do’ the part, here you make efforts to become that thing and then you will ‘Have’ the part. To be number one you have to act like number one. To be outstanding you must put in a little more effort, because it is that little more,

that makes you different. It’s the little more that gives you an edge over the other players,” he noted. Cowbell Football Academy (CFA) has kicked off a 3-week Summer Camp training at the main bowl of the National Stadium Lagos to engage kids during the summer season. Explaining the need for a summer camp, Rector of the academy, Mr. Godwin Dudu-

Orumen said the academy which recently celebrated its first year anniversary is organising the camp to help keep the kids out of crime. Dudu-Orumen noted that the academy realised that most schools were on holidays and rather than letting the kids play and get into all sorts of vices, it decided to organise the Summer Camp training for the kids.

Head, Legal and Public Relations, Promasidor Nigeria Limited, Mr. Andrew Enahoro (left) presenting a Cowbell Football Academy sports jersey to exSuper Eagles winger, Chief Segun Odegbami (right), while Rector Cowbell Football Academy, Mr. Godwin Dudu-Orumen (middle) looks on at the ongoing Cowbell Football Academy summer camp in Lagos.

Idhiarhi charges Sunshine to brace up


r. Bekekhimi Idhiarhi, the Ondo State Commissioner for Youths and Sports Development has charged Sunshine stars to brace up in the Glo Premier League. Idhiarhi expressed his dissatisfaction with the club at the Sunshine Village

where he inspected the facilities provided at the Ondo State Football Agency (ODSFA) and added that the governor was not pleased with the position of Sunshine Stars FC in the Glo Premier League competition for now. “I pray to God that they will not disappoint us at

the end of the season. We believe the club will soon return to its glorious days. “I am most impressed with the pitch, where our players will train ahead of competitions without interference from unwanted persons. When players play inside this place, they

will have the privacy that they need, as spies will not be able to watch them train,” Idhiarhi said. Earlier, Mike Idoko, Coordinator, ODSFA, thanked the commissioner and pleaded with the authorities to be patient with the Sunshine Stars as the league table toppers were just ahead with nine points.

Saturday Mirror


August 10, 2013

NBBF puts D’Tigress training camp on hold


he Nigeria Basketball Federation (NBBF) has put on hold the planned Aug. 12 training camp for the national women’s team, D’Tigress, in Abuja. In a statement signed by its media officer, Patrick Omorodion, the NBBF said that the suspended training was in preparation for the Afro Basket Women’s Championship scheduled for Mozambique. The federation had planned to invite 15 home-based players to the camp, who would later be joined by their foreign-based counterparts. “The federation has resolved to modify the training camp and tournament dates for the invited players to enable them to work around

their school and club programmes. “This was achieved after much consultation with coaches and academic advisers of the national team players, especially in the U.S., who were invited to the Abuja camp. “The modified schedules are likely to see the international players reporting to camp in September,” the statement said. It also said that six home-based have been short-listed for the newly scheduled camping in Abuja. They are Nkechi Akashili, Evelyn Akhator and Amaka Nwakama. Others are Nkem Akarawe, Nkoyo George and Upe Atosu-all from the Zenith Bank Women League.

Osho unsure of Remo Stars promotion R

NBBF President, Alhaji Tijjani Umar

SuperSport launches ‘Follow ya Mouth’ commentator search ANDREW EKEJIUBA


uperSport has commenced a Pidgin English sports commentator search tagged, ‘Follow ya Mouth’. It’s the first of its kind in Nigeria and the winner will provide commentary on the Glo Premier League, which now


boasts several stars in the Super Eagles. Speaking of the novel initiative, Felix Awogu, General Manager, SuperSport West Africa, said: “We’re looking for Nigerians who can play with typical pidgin words on air and are also passionate about the league. It promises to be a unique experience for every participant”.

Our correspondent gathered that auditions will be held in Port Harcourt (August 23 and 24) as well as Lagos (September 6 and 7) and entry is open to Nigerians between the ages of 20 and 36 years. Contestants will have to demonstrate their versatility and command of pidgin English to the trio of Deji Omotoyinbo, Chinedu Ani (Nedu of Wazobia FM) and Tega Onojaife, who will serve as judges. The best six contestants from each audition venue will progress to the next round, where they’ll be housed in Lagos for a week to undergo mentoring and training. The organisers further revealed that at the end of the week’s stay in the house, the contestants will be trimmed down to a final three who will contest the grand finale on October 4. The eventual winner immediately gets an employment letter from SuperSport as a commentator on Glo Premier League matches.

emo Stars coach, Fatai Osho has said his side have a mathematical chance to clinch one of the promotion tickets to the elite league at the end of the ongoing 2012/13 Nigeria National League (NNL) season. The Sky Blue Stars are third on the NNL Division B log on 41 points one point behind leaders, Abia Warriors. Remo Stars will be guests of relegation-threatened side, COD United in Lagos in the Nigeria National League (NNL) Matchday 30 encounter. Osho said his side blew their chance to cement a place for themselves in the promotion race in the goalless draw against Abia Warriors in the NNL Matchday 29 tie in Ijebu-Ode. “It’s almost difficult to say right away that we’ll gain promotion to the Premier League at the end of the day. If we had won our last game against Abia Warriors the case would have been different but right now it’s tough. “Our season’s last match is at COD United in Lagos and they need the maximum three points to escape relegation. “We know it’s pretty tough right now but we won’t give up hope until the last game,” said the coach to


ARS records massive turnout in Lagos, Ibadan ANDREW EKEJIUBA L-R: Deji Omotoyinbo, Chief Judge, Felix Awogu, General Manager, SuperSport, Chinedu Ani (Nedu of Wazobia FM), one of the Judges and Nomsa Mazibuko, Marketing Director, SuperSport International, during the launch of the SuperSport ‘Follow Ya Mouth’ search in Lagos.

NNL: Yusuf targets FC Abuja for survival


uth FC coach, Taiye Yusuf is confident his side will edge already relegated side, FC Abuja to survive relegation in the ongoing 2012/13 Nigeria National League (NNL) season. The Healers are 11th on the NNL Division A log on 36 points and will be the guests of the Abuja-based side in the last game of the season. Yusuf said his side are not foreseeing a tough challenge from FC Abuja when both sides clash in the season’s last match. “We’re not safe at the moment but we’re confident of grabbing three points at FC Abuja in the season’s last game to survive relegation. “We’re believing that officiating will be balanced and we don’t foresee FC Abu-

ja posing a hard nut to crack. “We know teams already down often play the spoiler role so we’re not leaving any stone unturned in our preparations to ensure we win the encounter,” said the former Ranchers Bees coach. Yusuf said his side are satisfied with their performance in the outgoing season even as they make last minute effort to escape relegation. “I’m satisfied with our performance given the circumstance I met on ground when I joined the side from Ranchers Bees. “We’ve done a lot to stabilise the side and once we survive the drop, I foresee our club contesting for promotion next season,” he said.


housands of youngsters aspiring to hone their football skills have thronged the Practice Pitch of the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos and the Liberty Stadium, Ibadan for the ongoing Season 3 of the Airtel Rising Stars National U-17 Tournament which is at its zonal championship stage. The youngsters, male and female, had come out hoping for opportunities to impress the team of select coaches who have been saddled with the responsibility of picking quality teams that will compete for honours in the male and female categories at the national championship slated to hold later in the month. The Lagos and Ibadan zonal championship matches has been running on a three-leg format beginning with road shows within the designated host cities, followed by the screening of registered players and finally, the play-off matches

which run in a league format. In the qualifying matches decided at the Liberty Stadium, Ibadan, Ondo male team defeated their Osun counterpart 5-3 to book a semi-final place. In the female category, Osun defeated Ondo 5-4 via penalties while Oyo Team A handed down a 2-0 defeat to Oyo Beam B. Kwara was comprehensive in their victory as they stunned Ekiti 5-0 in the second semi-final match. To determine the zonal champions, Kwara will face Oyo in the girls’ final, while Ekiti will have their hands full against an Oyo side which has enjoyed home support from the fans. Aside determining the zonal champions, the play-offs double as qualifiers for the ARS national championship slated for Lagos from August 21 to 24. Already, Kaduna, Abuja, Enugu and Port Harcourt male and female teams have booked their places in the Lagos National finals following the successful completion of the inter-state championships in their zones.



August 10, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Athletics is retrogressing in Nigeria –Agbaje In the build up to the 2013 World Championships, Nigerian sprinter, Fred Agbaje, turned out to be one of the country’s fastest athletes when he stormed to a time of 10.16secs which was a new record for his school, Dickinson State University in the US. However the Edo-born athlete missed selection for the competition due to a series of injuries. He spoke to YEMI OLUS on the pains of missing the Moscow Games and sundry issues.


ow would you rate the 2013 season? Did it turn out the way you expected? Well, it was a sweet season for me, but above all, I will say I achieved ninety percent of my goals. I wanted to set a new school record, to earn All American honours both in the indoors and outdoors, and to be a national collegiate champion. I earned three All American honours, set a new school record in the 100m and ran a personal best, and the fastest time by a National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) athlete this year. You achieved all these but picked an injury when it was close to the national trials in Cross River State. How did you feel about that? I cried, not because of the national trials, but because I got injured while I was running to win the collegiate title. I tore my hamstring in the 60m race during the indoors in January and the same thing happened in May during the 100m outdoor final. I could have broken the NAIA record which is 10.05secs. That was how I lost the title. I never had any plan towards the national trials because I was never supported before the season started and even during the season. However the injuries cost me the opportunity of securing a ticket to the World Championships holding in Russia from August 10 to 18. But how are you faring and are you fully recovered? Yes I have fully recovered, thanks to full rest, love, and understanding from my family and loved ones. Only one athlete, Ogho-Oghene Egwero is representing Nigeria in the men’s 100m at the World Championships. How do you see this development? On what grounds was he selected? Both he and I made the IAAF ‘B’ standard. In fact on the IAAF website, I came before him because I achieved the time first. The Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) has lost lt. We are progressing

downward if there’s any word like that. In addition, the AFN doesn’t have a technical department that’s why things like this occur. But the men’s 4x100m team didn’t qualify for the world championships. The same thing happened last year at the Olympics. Don’t you think this is an indictment on the athletes? How can this be an indictment? I had a 10.16secs, Egwero also had 10.16secs. Nicholas had a season’s best of 10.30, while two other athletes had 10.3secs and you are telling me that the athletes are to blame. I will say it again, AFN doesn’t have a technical department and the planning is poor. There is no care or support for the performing athletes but we still achieve these results by our individual efforts. If i and my colleagues in school could run 40.61secs with two people going 10sec and two others running 11secs, then why can’t the Nigerian team run a 39.20? What do you think are Nigeria’s medal prospects in Moscow? As a performing athlete and a realist for that matter, I am sorry to say that we stand no chance of winning any medal! Yes Blessing Okagbare is at the top of her game but I don’t know how many events she’s going in for. I’m hoping that this and other factors won’t ruin her chances. Last year at the Olympics, Okagbare was the only medal hope and the same thing is playing out again. How can Nigeria move from this era of depending on only one athlete for a medal? The only way this problem can be solved is by what I am doing, which is going back to the beginning. We have to involve our primary and secondary schools as well as tertiary institutions to give sport scholarships. Secondary schools and universities need to employ coaches as teachers to handle the kids just like the Caribbeans, Americans and Europeans are doing, if not, come 2050 we will still be achieving this kind of results.

Fred Agbaje (left) competing in a college meet

I AM SORRY TO SAY THAT WE STAND NO CHANCE OF WINNING ANY MEDAL! YES BLESSING OKAGBARE IS AT THE TOP OF HER GAME BUT I DON’T KNOW HOW MANY EVENTS SHE’S GOING IN FOR. I’M HOPING THAT THIS AND OTHER FACTORS WON’T RUIN HER CHANCES. You were supposed to represent Nigeria at the World University Games but at the last minute the plans were cancelled by Nigeria. How did that make you feel? It was very embarrassing, disrespectful and sad; at the same time because I had contacted my school to do the paper work urgently only for me to tell them again that I couldn’t make it to the games again due to the Nigerian factor. It was unfortunate. A number of top athletes like Tyson Gay and Asafa Powell failed dope tests in the build up to the World Championships. What’s your opinion on this and do you think it will lessen the standard of the competition? Personally I feel this is as a result of desperation. As the saying goes, it is easy to get to the top, but more difficult to stay at the top. The absence of these starts will no doubt affect the level of compe-

tition especially in the men’s 100m, but generally performances were poor this year, so it is still going to be competitive among those participating. What are your plans for the rest of year in the build up to next season? As far as I’m concerned, the season has ended for me. School resumes on the 26th of this month. I will resume training in October so it’s all about academics for now. Have you set any target for next year since we have events like the IAAF World Indoors and Commonwealth Games? Next year is a big year for Nigeria’s track and field. But my first goal is to win the NAIA national title, both in the 100m and the 200m. I also want to break the school record in the 200m. It is only if I get any help from the federation in terms of grant that I would then set my targets as far as international assignments are concerned.

Saturday Mirror


August 10, 2013

We are the best, says Man City boss M anchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini has sent out a warning to the club’s title rivals by insisting he has the best squad in the Premier League. Pellegrini inherited a group of big-name players when he succeeded Roberto Mancini as Manchester City boss earlier this summer. The Chilean has added further options with the signings of Fernandinho, Jesus Navas, Alvaro Negredo and Stevan Jovetic for a combined cost of around £90m. Manchester United and Chel-

sea have not spent so heavily, while Arsenal are yet to bring in a big-name recruit and Pellegrini is confident he is better prepared than other teams for the title race. “I think we have the best squad in England,” he said. “We bought four important players, we already had a very good team and with these four players I think we improved a lot. “We hope that from the first match against Newcastle at home we will start winning, and we will try to bring another trophy here.”

EURO BRIEFS Perez: Bale price tag too much for Real


eal Madrid president Florentino Perez has hinted that the club will not meet Tottenham’s valuation of Gareth Bale. The Liga side have been in pursuit of Bale throughout the close-season, however, their advances have so far been rebuffed by Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy, who has placed a 100million euros price tag on Bale, which appears to have cooled the Spanish side’s interest.



Downing hails ‘sharp’ Sturridge


iverpool winger Stewart Downing feels Daniel Sturridge will be “very important” for the club this season following his return from injury. The 23-yearold has missed the bulk of pre-season after suffering an ankle problem while playing for England in May, but he returned to training again earlier this week.


Mourinho prepares Honda: Milan deal is close third Rooney bid J

ose Mourinho is refusing to relent in his pursuit of Wayne Rooney. The Chelsea manager has already had two bids – the latest believed to be in the region of £25m – rejected by Manchester United for the unsettled forward, with David Moyes stressing the 27-year-old will not be sold. But, with Rooney understood to be angry with Moyes’s stance and ready to leave the Premier League champions, Mourinho knows there is enough discontent to keep alive his hope of bringing the England forward to Stamford Bridge. Rooney’s advisers are fully aware of the Portuguese’s intentions and if, as expected, the striker hands in a transfer request within the next week that will encourage a third Chelsea bid to test United’s resolve further. Mourinho, who suffered his first pre-season defeat on Wednesday when Cristiano Ronaldo inspired Real Madrid to win the inaugural Guinness International Champions Cup, will not give up without a fight. “We are far away so we are not in England to know every detail but we are doing things in the correct way,” Mourinho said after the Real match. “We made the bid and Manchester United have reacted. Let’s see what happens because there is no time limit. We have our squad of strikers. We have identified the player as one we would like to have with us. We have done it in an ethical way and we are going to do that until the last day. And we will see how it comes.”


apanese international midfielder Keisuke Honda has said that he is on the verge of sealing a move to Italian giants AC Milan from CSKA Moscow. “I have already admitted having negotiations (with AC Milan) and it’s true that they are entering the final stage,” Honda said. The 27-year-old, who was training in Tokyo on Thursday, said contract details were “being settled”, as CSKA had demanded a $6.7 million transfer fee. Last month, Honda scored a double to help his side claim the

Russian Super Cup with a 3-0 victory over Zenit St Petersburg. After more than three years with the reigning Russian champions, Honda has been eyeing Europe’s top clubs as he looks ahead to next year’s FIFA World Cup in Brazil. He has in the past been linked with several English Premier League sides. Honda said senior officials from the two clubs were to meet in the coming days. “A clear decision will be made there,” he said, adding the final word rested with CSKA president Yevgeny Giner.


Pirlo hoping to extend Juve stay


ndrea Pirlo is hopeful he will earn himself a new contract at Juventus, but has not ruled out the possibility of playing abroad. The 34-year-old midfielder has won two Serie A titles in two years in Turin, however his contract is due to expire at the end of the season.


Hamburg ban players from training


x-Premier League players Michael Mancienne and Paul Scharner are among a group of five banished from the first team by cashstrapped Hamburg. The Bundesliga club’s financial

woes have deepened so badly they have taken the drastic measures of ostracising five players from first-team training, including Mancienne and Scharner, in a bid to attract prospective buyers.

Hull City renamed by owners


ull City will drop their Association Football Club label, as part of a rebrand by the club’s owners. The decision to overhaul the club’s moniker will see

a focus placed on ‘Tigers’ as owners Assem and Ehab Allam look to create a stronger identity both at home and abroad for the Premier League newcomers.

Suarez ‘should blame agent’


ormer Liverpool managing director Christian Purslow believes Luis Suarez will have his agent to blame if it is established there is no release clause in his contract. Suarez has


fallen out with the Anfield hierarchy after claiming that Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers had “promised” to help him leave if the club failed to qualify for this season’s Champions League.

Wenger backs Hawk-Eye technology Ake pledges to reward Chelsea faith


rsenal boss Arsene Wenger believes the Premier League’s goalline decision system (Hawk-Eye technology) is important for justice. The new technology that will be able to confirm whether a ball has crossed the line will be introduced for all Premier League matches this season. And while there has been focus on the financial implications of the Hawk-Eye system, Wenger thinks the change is vital for reasons of justice. “The important thing is justice,” said Wenger. “People always speak about financial implications but the most important thing is to get the decisions right. “It’s more sophisticated and compli-

cated than you would think. It took a while to get to this level.”



helsea defender Nathan Ake has vowed to repay the club’s faith in him after signing a new five-year deal. The 18-year-old committed his future to the Premier League side on Thursday after impressing during a breakthrough 2012-13 campaign, which saw him make six first-team appearances. And the youngster, who joined the London club from Feyenoord in 2011, is ready to show that the belief in him is warranted. “I’m very happy that Chelsea is rewarding me with a new contract for my effort and development the last years. “I would like to thank everybody at the club for everything they did for me. Thanks to them I have come so far. I won’t

Ake let them down and will keep on working as hard as I can,” he said.


Saturday Mirror

August 10, 2013


Jilted lover sets Corper ablaze


inifred Okey, a 23-year-old graduate was recently set ablaze at the corper’s lodge in Asari Toru Local Government Area of Rivers State by her ex-boyfriend on July 19, 2013. Winifred, a graduate of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia State, was in her room with her roommate when her ex-boyfriend set their room ablaze. One of her relations who craved anonymity said, “Winifred was the first child of the family. She has a younger sister, Ruth. We were all in Lagos when we received a call from NYSC that Winifred was in a critical condition, so her parents travelled to Rivers State immediately. “We learnt that her former boyfriend in the university went to her room at night, emptied a keg of petrol on the door and set the building on fire. Other residents rushed to the scene and were able to rescue Winifred and her roommate, but Winifred had been badly burnt. “They were rushed to the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital.” Winifred’s parents stayed with her at the hospital till July 31, 2013, when the graduate of Home Economics died due to the burns she had sustained.

Bricklayer caught with 83 wraps of cocaine in his stomach


he National Drug Law Enforcement Agency has apprehended a 46-year-old bricklayer, Chukwudi Ugankwo, at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport Lagos, after testing positive to drug ingestion. It was learnt that Ugamkwo ingested 83 wraps of cocaine, weighing two kilogrammes. The NDLEA said it was one of the highest quantities of drugs ingested at a time by a suspect this year. NDLEA Airport Commander, Hamza Umar, said Ugankwo was on his way back from Brazil when he was caught. He said, “Ugankwo was detected with the help of scanning machines during the screening of passengers on an Asky Airline flight. The case is under investigation.” Ugankwo, who was said to have four children, lived at Alor village, Anambra State. He said, “I am a bricklayer at Alor. I was lured into selling our family land in order to travel out in search of job opportunities. “I got to Brazil on July 10, 2013. Things were not as rosy as I had hoped because I could not get any job. That was when the idea of drug trafficking was sold to me. I had to swallow 83 wraps of cocaine.” According to NDLEA chairman, Mr. Ahmadu Giade, drug barons have now resorted to recruiting drug couriers from ( the villages.

Crime Watch How police broke motorcyclesnatching syndicate

z Motorcycles, fake plate numbers seized from them

Onwudiwe (left) and Murtala being paraded by polide



new crime wave is currently blowing across Nsukka town, in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State, which has left residents anxious about what to do to address the ugly trend. Lately, criminals in Nsukka have shifted their attention from other forms of crimes to theft of motorcycles, making life nightmarish for commercial operators of motorcycles as well as commuters. Reprieve may, however, have come the way of residents of the university town, especially the commercial motorcycle operators, as law enforcement agents have rounded up a notorious gang of robbers specialising in snatching motorcycles at gun point and dispossessing riders and their passengers of valuables. This menace had been a major concern for law enforcement agents and residents of Nsukka for some time, until recently when two members of the gang were caught right in the act. Ali Sule Murtala and Chukwudi Onwudiwe, said to be kingpins in the crime were arrested by officers of the Nsukka division of the Nigeria Police. Both Murtala and Onwudiwe had been prime suspects in the motorcycle snatching crime and had caused many

residents of the area untold hardship, until police smashed the syndicate after a raid on their hideout. It has been revealed that once the syndicate snatch motorcycles, they ship them to Lokoja, the Kogi State capital where they resell them at a considerably reduced rate. Murtala and Onwudiwe, together with their partners-in-crime who are currently at large, are said to carry out their heinous crime at gun point, threatening to snuff lives out of their victims. On the fateful day they were arrested, a resident had located the hideout of the criminals at Okutu in the locality and promptly alerted the police. After the said resident located the hideout and found several stolen motorcycles dumped in the compound, he alerted operatives at the Nsukka Divisional headquarters of the police, who in turn, moved in to get the criminals arrested. With a detachment of regular and mobile police men, Murtala and Onwudiwe were rounded up while attempting to go out for another ‘raid’. Just as they were being taken to the station for further questioning, it was reported that their accomplices in Lokoja called one of their telephone lines asking when they would be bringing another ‘consignment’ of stolen motorcycles. Among items seized from the criminals were three stolen motorcycles without registration number, six mo-

torcycle number plates with different registration numbers on them. Chukwudi Uba, a commercial motorcycle operator in Nsukka, heaved a sigh of relief even as he said, “The arrest of the two thieves comes as a big boost for the motorcycle business in this area. When it got to the point where an average of three motorcycles would be snatched every day, we were all thinking of what next to do apart from this business. But no one knew that the time was up for these criminals. I think their arrest is a welcome development and a sign that the new police boss in the state is primed to rid the state of bad elements. In his initial confession, Murtala claimed he was lured into the act by one Sule, now at large, who, he claimed, promised to get him a motorcycle with which he would work. In the words of Murtala, “I was without job and Sule promised to get me a motorcycle to use for transport. I never knew how he was going to get the motorcycle, until I came down to Nsukka. That was when I realised that it was a stolen machine he was giving me. I then joined them in the crime when I discovered that it is highly lucrative.” Onwudiwe, however, faulted Murtala’s claim of innocence, saying they were both part of the syndicate. According to Onwudiwe, they both were part of the syndicate that snatches motorcycles in Nsukka and parts of the state. Onwudiwe confessed that once they snatched the motorcycles, their contacts in Kogi would be alerted and they would come to ride take the ‘consignment’ with new sets of plate numbers to deceive law enforcement agents on their way back to Lokoja. Ebere Amaraizu, Enugu State Police command spokesman said the arrest of the two suspects came about through the sheer determination of some residents of the town and the promptness and alertness of men of the state police command who braved all odds to pin the suspects and prevent them from escaping arrest. According to Amaraizu, “The arrest of these two men is a step in the right direction because they had caused lot of hardship to the good people of Nsukka. But the police leadership in the state moved swiftly once we got a lead as to their whereabouts.” Amaraizu saluted the courage of the people that gave information leading to the arrest of two suspects. He urged residents of the state to volunteer information to law enforcement agents at all times.

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August 10, 2013


Landlord sets six youths ablaze for smoking hemp B

Assailants of Bayelsa female Corper arrested


he Ogun State Police Command has arrested a middle-aged man, Mukaila Adebesin, for allegedly setting ablaze six people in Ita Balogun Compund, Ago-Oko, Abeokuta. The victims are Adesanya, 20, Sulaiman Adebesin, 20, Saburi Seteolu 18, Raheem Bello 19, Azeez Alabi 20, and Kola Sodeinde 19. The victims were allegedly set ablaze by Adebesin because they were gambling and smoking Indian hemp on his premises. A witness, who pleaded anonymity, said Adebesin, a commercial bus driver, had just returned from an outing when he saw the six youths in his compound. He said, “Their activities made the driver engage them in an argument. As the argument became heated, Adebesin reached for a can of petrol which he emptied on them. “The victims attempted to flee when it dawned on them that the liquid poured on them was petrol. “But they caught fire from a stick of the Indian hemp one of them was smoking. They suffered varying degrees of burns due to the incident.” Adebesin, who is currently being detained at Oke-Itoku Police Station, was said to have turned himself in to the police immediately after the incident. Other youths in the area, on learning of the development, stormed Adebesin’s compound, vandalised his apartment and

injured his wife who is currently receiving treatment at an undisclosed hospital in Abeokuta. The state Police Public Relations Officer, Muyiwa Adejobi, said that investigations had already commenced into the matter. Adejobi, a Deputy Superintendent of Police, said, “Adebesin might be charged to court after the conclusion of investigations. He said four of the youths had been admitted at the General Hospital, Ijaiye, while two others were taken to a private

clinic for treatment. “Information available to us is that the suspect had an argument with the youths before he poured PMS on them. For now, we cannot ascertain other circumstances that led to the incident but we have the suspect in our custody.” The police spokesman added that the command’s commissioner, Mr. Ikemefuna Okoye, also warned youths in the area not to engage in any reprisals, saying the police would not condone any act that could disrupt peace in the state. (

ayelsa State Special Security Task Force, codenamed Operation Doo Akpor, has arrested two persons for the attack on a 26-yearold corps member, Miss Folakemi Akinbode. Akinbode’s limb was reportedly chopped off after being attacked by the suspected hoodlums on Tuesday while returning from her place of primary assignment. The suspects have been identified as Weri Malua and Ebi West Jato. The suspects were said to have visited Niger Delta Teaching Hospital, Okolobiri, where Akinbode is observing her primary assignment, earlier in the day to donate blood. After being attended to by the victim, they were paid an undisclosed amount by the Hospital Management through Akinbode. After effecting the payment, the suspects reportedly waylaid the corps member and attacked her with machete and cudgels. The Special Adviser to Governor Seriake Dickson on Security matters, Col Bernard Kenebai, (rtd.), said the security operatives acted on a tip-off and this led to the arrest of Malua and Jato. According to Kenebai, the Special Task Force received a call at the State Security Coordination Centre around 1.30pm, which eventually led to the arrest of the two in Gbarain, Yenagoa Local Government Area of the state. (

Man robs, rapes fellow tenants z Rapes woman in her late 60s …Blames action on the devil SEGUN ADIO AND SEYI ODUNTAN AKURE


esidents of Ijoka area of Ondo town in Ondo State recently marched on Yaba Police Station in the area threatening to bring the building down. Their grouse with police authorities there, it was later found out, was that they wanted to carry out jungle justice on an alleged robber cum rapist, who had held the community by the jugular for a long time now. The robber/rapist, identified as Mufutau, 26, was alleged to have raped and robbed a lot of innocent residents of the area in the last couple of months until luck ran out on him. It was reported that penultimate Tuesday, a little after midnight, the robber/rapist, who always dons a mask when carrying out his crime, forcefully gained entrance into a house demanding that a notable woman trader there should open her door. The woman claimed that the robber/rapist forced his way into her apartment and demanded for the

proceeds of the previous day, which he reportedly collected from her, and threatening to kill her should she raise the alarm. It was reported that after raiding the woman’s apartment, Mufutau jumped into another room in the same building where he allegedly raped a lady and collected her school fees and mobile telephone handset. From there, he reportedly entered into another building close by and allegedly raped a woman in her late 60s. He also reportedly moved from room to room in the building doing what he knows how to do best. But while the robbery was on going, a resident was courageous enough to alert the police on the crime. The law enforcement agents responded promptly to the distress call and headed for the area. But when he heard the siren of the law enforcement agents, Mufutau reportedly abandoned his mission midway, rushed out of the building and took to his heels. Luck, however, ran out on him when he was held to the ground by two of the policemen who already laid an

ambush for him. Once the law enforcement agents caught him, the hood on his face was removed to reveal his identity. The entire residents of the area, who, by then had joined the police team on the street, were shocked to see that the tormentor of the area all along was a known face in the area. In anger, some youths in the community struggled to have him released to them by the law enforcement agents so that they could deal with him their own way. The police team had a hectic time before they could take Mufutau with them to their station. But the youths and other members of the community followed the law enforcement agents to the station, demanding that they release the criminal to them. Mufutau was also led to his house where a lot of stolen items were discovered in his room. In his statement, Mufutau, who blamed the devil for his action, begged the law enforcement agents to save him from being killed by the irate mob. One of Mufutau’s victims, who

would not want his name in print, claimed that since the new phase of robbery commenced in the area, the suspect was always among the youths that always promised to unravel the person behind the heinous crimes. Narrating her experience, another resident identified as Karimot, claimed that the suspect had terrorised the community for so long, asking that justice be done on the matter. She said, “Everyone in the community was shocked to see that the man under the mask was one who we always discussed the new wave of crime in the community with. It was a hard pill to swallow for most of us and that is why we are at the police station to know how the case would be handled.” A police source at the station who craved anonymity said, “It is understandable the way those people feel. Left to them, they would have killed the suspect right there. But the law does not allow that. As law enforcement agents, we would not allow jungle justice no matter how compelling the reason is. Investigation has commenced on the matter and all I can assure you is that we will see this case to its end and the suspect would be prosecuted at the end of the investigation.”



August 10, 2013

Saturday Mirror

Security consciousness in the face of terrorism T here is no gainsaying the fact that the Nigeria’s security personnel are doing their best to ensure safety of lives and properties from acts of terrorism in the country. As citizens, we still want them to do more even though domestic policing against sophisticated criminals can be daunting and risky. Collaborative efforts with relevant security agencies and other stakeholders including volunteers and community leaders could make some positive differences. The General Officer Commanding (GOC) 2 Mechanised Division of the Nigerian Army, Major General Ahmed Tijani Jibrin, recently disclosed how Boko Haram members were arrested by his men in Ondo, Edo and Kwara states through the support of members of the public who provide useful information on suspicious movement and behaviours of strangers in their communities. The military officer disclosed how the military had been on alert closely monitoring entries into various cities in the south. This, he added, were necessitated by the declaration of state of emergency in some Northern states with awareness that some suspects may find their way to the South, particularly the South West.

While admitting that the task of detecting and apprehending suspected militants and other criminals is not easy, he sought for more understanding and support of the media and the public in curtailing the activities of the underworld. Also the recent Boko Haram attacks in Sabon Gari area of Kano came after persistent warnings by security agencies for the public to be more security conscious of strange objects and movement in their communities. The public refused to heed the warning until the terrorists attacked. In a statement issued by spokesperson of Joint Task Force (JTF) in Kano, it said that the disaster “could have been avoided if citizens maintain vigilance to observe when packages are dropped as it was in this case. The JTF had urged residents of Kano metropolis to keep an eye on their environment as members of the terrorist sect had planned to drop packages in bags or cartons in areas with high human traffic.” The JTF therefore reminded residents that the security agencies will continue to count on the support and cooperation to achieve an atmosphere of peace conducive for business. While the JTF and other security agencies should not rest on their oars

to rid the state of all terrorist elements, the general public are enjoined to report promptly all unattended packages or suspicious persons to the closest security agency for immediate action. The impressive activities of the joint-security team including the Quick Response groups that operate in fast-moving vehicles are worthy of note. The security personnel are well composed in terms of men and equipment and able to rapidly assemble, come down, form quick checkpoints, conduct their checks and quickly assemble again and move forward. Deliberate measures should be put in place to ensure that, at least, the security agencies detect movements of terrorists and other criminals and apprehend them. Relationship with people in the local communities should also be intensified, as most arrests have been made when the residents alert the appropriate authorities on movement of suspicious people in their environment. Nigerians need to be extra careful when hiring security personnel. Such measures would circumvent the mistake of recruiting terrorists and people with criminal tendencies. Investigations have revealed that some of the security personnel patronised by several individuals, communities

and organisations were in most cases unqualified people with questionable character. While the military should ensure that they hand over suspected individuals to relevant agencies after investigation, regular patrol and surveillance should be mounted by plain-clothed military, police and SSS. The support of critical stakeholders too are very essential like landlords, tenants, road transport workers, Okada riders, traders, and others who come across travellers and strangers most of the times. As disclosed by Major General Ahmed Tijani Jibrin, the security agencies need the media to draw the attention of the public to the fact that no matter how good the intelligence outfits are, no matter how well widespread they are, they are not as widespread as the people on ground. The public will help by giving information about the arrival of people from other parts of the country. The media, through their corporate social responsibility, should also publish emergency numbers and email addresses where the public and those in distress can send alerts on suspicious movements. Ola Lookman is of the Youths Against Disaster Initiative (YADI), Abuja

Reassessing President Jonathan’s actions I

f not for the recent multiple bomb blasts at a relaxation spot in the ever- busy Sabon -Gari area of the ancient city of Kano which resulted in several deaths, it would have been celebration galore that Nigeria is gradually winning the war against insurgency. Sadly, that expectation was aborted by enemies of mankind and those whose past-time is to visit terror and horror on fellow human beings. In their warped thinking, their mission is to frustrate the commendable efforts of the security agencies through murderous acts of bombing and killings, forgetting that they are only heaping curses and eternal punishment on themselves. That the present administration of President Goodluck Jonathan has taken bold steps in its efforts to stamp out terrorism and put the nation on the path of development through sound economic blueprint is to restate the obvious. Undoubtedly, such efforts, with particular reference to the declaration of state of emergency in the troubled states of Adamawa, Borno and Yobe and the setting up of the Tanimu Turaki led peace and reconciliation committee are some of the positive results so far witnessed. Interestingly, there seems to be a change in the way and manner issues of national concern are approached and handled by this present administration. We are witnessing an era whereby government has deliberately chosen to partner with those with opposing views and dissenting voices by inviting them over for healthy and con-

structive dialogue, rather than branding them enemies of government. This healthy development no doubt is a plus for the President Goodluck Jonathan administration and as indication that governance has been demystified. The administration, in line with her new style of governance has realised the critical role of opposition elements in the effective running of government anywhere around the world. We are indeed witnessing the era of walking the talk. The era of matching words with proactive action and meaningful translation of campaign promises into visible achievements for the betterment of all. In this same spirit, the President seems to be telling whoever that cares to listen that it is no longer going to be business as usual. That period of profligacy, laziness, bickering and wasteful spending is over. The era where policies and programmes are initiated and executed based on ethnic or tribal considerations is far gone. Undoubtedly, the message on Mr President lips is resoundingly audible enough for even the deaf to hear and the dump to announce to others. Another area where Mr. President appears to be scoring first is the way and manner he reaches out to politicians perceived to be at loggerheads with him or those termed as filth columnists. Mr President has indeed been presidential and statemanly in calming frayed nerves as well as taking punches from all spheres with equanimity. To a large extent, in line with his resolve to focus attention on developmental issues instead of wasting

time on trivialities, efforts are been strengthened to deliver dividends of democracy to Nigerians irrespective of tribe, religion or political persuasion in record time. His recent closed door meeting with five governors from the north is indeed a clear demonstration of his resolve to carry everyone along in the onerous tasking of realizing the Nigeria of our collective dreams and aspirations. The meeting was part of moves to foster peace and deliberate on ways of consolidating on the success so far achieved in the fight against terrorism in the north. The meeting which lasted for hours had in attendance Governors Muazu Babangida Aliyu, Niger, Murtala Nyako, Adamawa, Ibrahim Gaidam, Yobe, and Kashim Shettima, Borno. Though no official statement was issued at the end of the meeting, we all know that it was aimed at finding lasting solutions to myriad of developmental challenges confronting the north in particular and the country in general. Though many were quick to brand the move as political and purely PDP’s gimmick, the deliberate inclusion of Governors Ibrahim Gaidam and Shettima both elected under the opposition All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) in the team showed that the meeting was never a PDP arrangement. Mr President has since realized that he was elected to serve as President of all Nigerians irrespective of tribe, religion, political and idealogical leaning. Even in the ongoing media-hyped war between the President and the Rivers state governor, Rotimi Amaechi,

President Jonathan has rather chosen to act like the gentleman that he is. He has refrained from joining issues with those who are of the jaundiced view that he is the unseen face behind the political crisis threatening to tear Rivers state into shreds. Recently, he displayed to the chagrin of all that he holds no grudge against Rotimi Amaechi when Mr. President openly embraced Amaechi and pat him on the back. He knows his position and recognizes that undisputed fact that he is the father of the nation. In President Goodluck Jonathan, we see a leader that believes strongly in the fact that the only permanent thing in this world is change. And that all beings and their activities are subject to change. He represents that change that Nigeria is in dire need of. This, he has demonstrated by subjecting his programmes and actions to public scrutiny and criticisms. He desires to leave behind an economically viable, politically stable and technologically savvy country. It is about our fatherland, not personal or parochial considerations. This new thinking and modus operandi places immense emphasis on what benefits the country and its teeming population, rather than how to enrich a few individuals. It is about putting aside our perceived or imagined differences and making ambitious efforts to achieve our collective goal of leaving our country far better than we met it. Labaran Saleh wrote from Abuja

Saturday Mirror


August 10, 2013



Deportation: Group tells Igbo not to vote for APC NWABUEZE OKONKWO ONITSHA


he Concerned Igbo Citizens, CIC, has urged the Igbo not to vote for All Progressive Congress, APC, in any

election in the South East geo-political zone basing its action on the alleged deportation of 67 Igbo natives resident in Lagos. The CIC said its call was as a result of the quick support which the

APC, as a newly registered political party openly gave to Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola over the action adding that Lagos has now deported Igbo to Onitsha on two occasions now.

In a statement jointly signed by its National Coordinator and National Secretary, Chief Okechukwu Nnogu and Comrade Sunny Okpaleke respectively yesterday in Onitsha, the CIC said

such the overwhelming support APC gave to Fashola was a confirmed evidence that the party has a Northern-Yourba agenda. “How can a party that sees nothing good in Ig-

boland exist in the same Igboland? Ndigbo should not identify with APC because the owners of the party are Igbo enemies and have nothing good to offer Ndigbo,” the statement added.

Anambra Islamic council hails judiciary over Al-Mustapha’s freedom NWABUEZE OKONKWO ONITSHA


he Anambra State chapter of the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA), has commended the judiciary for its recent judgement that led to the discharge and acquittal of former Chief Security Officer to the late Head of State, Gen. Sani Abacha, Major Hamza Al-Mustapha. Vice-President of the state chapter of NSCIA, Alhaji Dauda Ajagu, gave the commendation in Onitsha, yesterday. Alhaji Ajagu said wioth the release of Al-Mustapha, the Nigerian judiciary had exhibited good sense of judgement with-

out fear or favour. Ajagu said it was a thing of joy to hear that Al-Mustapha who had been detained in the prison custody for almost 13 years was discharged and acquitted. He therefore advised Al-Mustapha to, as a good Moslem, forgive and forget hs adversaries, saying, “let him take it as a wish of the Almighty Allah for it is a supreme sacrifice for this great nation”. Ajagu also warned politicians in Anambra State to do the forthcoming election without violence, adding that they should see politics as a free, fair or friendly game by embracing their opponents when they lose the election.

He also advised youths in the state not to allow the politicians to use them as thugs, hoodlums,

kidnappers and urged them to avoid wearing military and police uniforms for impersonation. According to Ajagu,

“Let the youths not allow themselves to be used by the politicians who are targeting to destroy their lives while their

own children are in overseas studying for their bright future when they come back to Nigeria,” he said.

L-R: All Progressive Grand Alliance chieftains, Mr. Sunday Nwachukwu, Chief Maxi Okwu and Dr. Gbenga Afeni, at a meeting in Enugu, recently. PHOTO: NAN

Demolished Onitsha hotel: CD slams Anambra govt NWABUEZE OKONKWO ONITSHA


he Campaign for Democracy (CD) has faulted the Anambra State government over the demolition of the Upper Class Hotel located at No. 8 Old Market Road, Onitsha. The group claimed the state government carried out the action in a hurried

manner without conclusive investigations. It would be recalled that some human heads, two AK47 rifles and some munitions were allegedly found in the said hotel prompting the state governor, Peter Obi to order its demolition. In a two-page press statement issued to newsmen in Onitsha, yesterday and signed by Dede Uzor A. Uzor,

Chime mourns Justice Nwodo DENNIS AGBO ENUGU


nugu State Governor, Sullivan Chime, has expressed shock and sadness over the death of Justice Roseline Oby Nwodo of the Court of Appeal who passed away in a London recently. Governor Chime, in a message signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Chukwudi Achife, described the death of Justice Nwodo, who was the wife of a former Minis-

ter of Information, Chief John Nnia Nwodo, as a great loss to the nation’s judiciary and to Enugu State in particular. The governor said the deceased served her fatherland diligently and devotedly before her elevation to the higher bench. While praying for the soul of the deceased, Chime extended his condolences to the Nwodo family and to the deceased’s colleagues the judiciary praying that God will grant them the fortitude to bear the loss.

Chairman of the group in the South-East, the CD emphasized that Governor Obi acted arbitrarily and undemocratically. The statement read in parts, “Obi ought to have allowed the Nigeria Police to conclude its investigation before moving ahead to demolish the hotel itself, adding,

since the owner of the hotel, Chief Bonaventure Mokwe is currently within the police custody and at the same time helping in the investigation, he should have been given fair hearing and benefit of doubt before his hotel could be demolished”. CD, however, called on the state government

to stay action on the remaining property of the alleged culprit, pending when police investigation is concluded. The group claimed that precedence to that effect was laid in the case of Arthur Garden Hotel, Umusiome in Nkpor near Onitsha, where Chief Arthure Udoh, owner of the hotel,

was alleged to have harboured some suspected kidnappers. The group, nevertheless, restated its support for the demolition of any private, public and religious building, which harbour criminals, only when a conclusive evidence is established on such case.

Ihedioha, Uwajumogu condole IMO NUJ over death of colleagues CHRIS NJOKU OWERRI


minent Nigerians from all walks of life have continued to mourn the tragic death of three journalists who lost their lives in a fatal road accident which occurred on the August 2, 2013 at Osun-Ilesha road, Osun State. Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Chief Emeka Ihedioha, has also visited the NUJ secretariat in Owerri to commiserate with the

union over the sad incident described the death of the journalists as ‘unfortunate and regrettable’, noting that by their exit, the nation had once more lost a crop of tested and seasoned citizens who had contributed to sustain democracy. Chief Ihedioha pledged to be actively involved in the burial of the deceased, while praying God to grant them eternal rest. Responding, Imo State Chairman of the NUJ, Chief Innocent Igwe, on behalf of the National

President of the Union, Malam Garuba Mohammed, thanked Chief Ihedioha for his visit, lamenting that journalists in the country had been heavy-laden by the unfortunate incident. In the words of Igwe, “It is really painful that people who have dedicated their lives in nation building should die in active service hence we are sad and we have declared a 7 day mourning for all our departed colleagues,” he said. Igwe also called for reasonable welfare package for practising jour-

nalists in the country in view of the nature of their work, pleading that government should write off the financial requirements for Imo journalist for at least a period of two years. In a related development, Speaker of the Imo State House of Assembly, Benjamin Uwajumogu, has described the death of the three journalists in an auto crash, involving his kinsman Mr Adolphus Okonkwo as one death too many for the journalism profession and the Ihitte Uboma people of the state.



August 10, 2013

Saturday Mirror


2015: Only God’ll determine who rules Nigeria –Lamido A ZA MSUE KADUNA


igawa State governor, Alhaji Sule Lamido, has declared that only God will decide who becomes Nigeria’s president in 2015, even as he said that the registration of the All Progressives Congress (APC) is in no way a threat to the Peoples Democratic

Says, ‘NGF crisis will be resolved soon’

Party (PDP). Speaking with journalists over his rumored presidential ambition, Lamido said that only God gives power to whomever He wishes. Citing the case of former President Ousegun Obasanjo as an example, Governor Lamido explained that the

former president never dreamt he would lead Nigeria in 1999, but he was brought out of prison to become president of the nation. Governor Lamido also added that the late President Umru Musa Yar’ Adua never knew he would become president

in 2007 likewise the incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan who became president against all odds in 2011. The Jigawa governor also said that he was called all sorts of names in 201 whilst campaigning for President Jonathan Reacting to the re-

ported stoning of the five governor’s vehicles in Rivers State recently, Governor Lamido, though expressed sadness on the incident, but maintained that it was part of sacrifice for democracy. Also on the controversy in the Governor’s

Forum, Governor Lamido urged Nigerians to allow the issue to lie, saying that, “We governors in this country are friends and brothers. As a result we know how we settle issues among ourselves. So, the reported controversy in the NGF should be allowed to lie as it is. We will resolve it at the appropriate time,” he said.

NEMA donates relief materials to Gombe flood victims DANJUMA WILLIAMS GOMBE


he Gombe State operations office of the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has donated relief materials to flood victims of Burari village in Dukku Local Government Area of the state. The state’s NEMA Operations Officer, Mr. Jediel Apollos, who was represented at the distribution exercise by the assistant Head of operation, Hajiya Zainab Umar Aliyu, said the donation of the relief materials by the agency was to alleviate the suffering of the victims in the area. Some of the relief materials donated were food items and household needs. Receiving the relief

materials on behalf of the victims, Chairman of Dukku Local Government Area, Alhaji Umar

Ladan, who was represented by the Secretary of the council, Alhaji Mohammed Bello Bayu,

expressed his gratitude to NEMA for their intervention to alleviate the suffering of the flood vic-

tims. The council chairman, while thanking President Goodluck Jonathan for

L-R: Emir of Ilorin and Chairman, Kwara State Traditional Council, Alhaji Ibrahim Sulu-Gambari; Kwara State Governor, Dr. Abdulfatah Ahmed and his Deputy, Elder Peter Kisra during traditional Sallah homage by the Emir to the Governor at the Government House, Ilorin, yesterday.

his effort to assist the floods victims with the relief materials, assured that the items would be distributed to all affected victims. He also highlighted that the council on its own, assisted flood victims with medication while in the rehabilitation camp, saying about N1.5 million was earmarked by the council top purchase relief materials for victims during the period. He maintained that no fewer than 63 households were destroyed during the disaster and living about 263 persons homeless in the state. The council chairman also said that the council has set up a monitoring committee that would monitor the distribution of the relief materials in the area.

2013 Hajj: Kano gives intending pilgrims deadline to complete payment AUGUSTINE MADU-WEST KANO


xecutive Secretary of Kano State Pilgrims Welfare Board, Alhaji Laminu Rabi’u, has said that intending pilgrims to the holy land from the state has up to August 23, 2013 to complete payment of their Hajj fares. Alhaji Rabi’u, who gave the deadline yesterday in Kano, maintained that defaulters risk forfeiting their chance to make the trip. His words, ‘’All prospective pilgrims have made deposits of the minimum of N550, 000, while the board requests them to settle the respective balances latest by Friday, 23 August, 2013,”

he said. He said that following the announcement of the 2013 Hajj fares by the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON), which em-

powered state’ Pilgrims Board the right to announce their own costs, intending pilgrims from Kano State have to pay a minimum of N649, 500 for the trip. However, he said

that pilgrims who preferred medium and maximum seats were expected to pay N686, 000 and N764, 000 respectively. Alhaji Rabi’u exopline dfurther that those who

paid for the minimum seat would receive 750 dollars as their BTA, while those who prefer the medium and maximum seats would get 1,000 dollars and 1, 500

Eid-el-Fitri: Dankwambo donates to the sick, less privileged DANJUMA WILLIAMS GOMBE


overnor Ibrahim Hassan Dankwambo of Gombe State yesterday donated clothing and food items worth millions of naira to the less privileged. Governor Dankwambo made the donations as marking the end of the Ramadan and celebrating the Muslim’s Eid-el-Fitri festival. Governor Dankwam-

bo, accompanied by some state government officials, visited orphanages and hospitals where he empathised with the sick and the needy in the society. Earlier on in his goodwill message, Governor Dankwambo urged religious leaders, traditional rulers and the entire citizens of the state to continue tom pray for the sustainable peace so as to enhance socioeconomic development

of the state and country at large. He called on Muslims to demonstrate more tolerance, understanding and mutual respect with their neighbours, irrespective of their ethnic or religious differences as enshrined in the teachings of Islam. The governor’s message, signed by his Senior Special Adviser on Media Affairs, Alhaji Mansur Lawal, reiterated the state govern-

ment’s commitment to the protection of lives and property of the people of the state. Dankwambo, who said security agencies in the state would continue to enjoy government’s support to enable them discharge their duties well, called on residents to always report suspicious persons or acts of lawlessness to security agents so as to sustain the peace in the state.

dollars as their BTA, respectively. This year’s Hajj fare, Alhaji Rabi’u observed, was increased by 4.65 per cent due to the rise in dollar exchange rate, upward review of accommodation in Mecca and the rise in the cost of production of identification and enlightenment materials. Rabi’u disclosed that a total of 1, 412 pilgrims were affected by the Saudi Arabia Government recent decision to reduce the number of pilgrims by 20 per cent, saying, ‘’A total of 5, 648 pilgrims are expected to perform this year’s Hajj as against the 7, 060 pilgrims earlier allocated to the state’’, he said.

Saturday Mirror

Eiffel Tower reopens after bomb scare


undreds of tourists were evacuated from Paris’ Eiffel Tower yesterday afternoon in response to a bomb alert, but it was found to be a scare and the tower was reopened two hours later, police told Reuters. Police sent a bomb disposal unit to inspect the monument after an anonymous phone call triggered the alert around 2 p.m., but

the team found nothing suspicious and the tower was reopened, a police official said. Built in 1889, the 324-metre-high (1,062-foot) iron tower sees some 7 million visitors each year and up to 30,000 a day in the peak summer season. The tower is regularly subject to bomb scares but the threats only cause full evacuations a couple of times a year.

Hair robbers: Venezuelan thieves target women with long hair


group of Venezuelan thieves that calls itself ‘The Piranhas’ has turned its attention away from purses and pocketbooks, by holding women at gunpoint in order to steal their hair. In Maracaibo, Venezuela’s second largest city, the gang is targeting women whose flowing locks, once removed, can be made into natural hair extensions and sold to beauty salons. The robbers operate by holding their victim at gunpoint and ordering them to tie their hair into a ponytail, before removing it with a razor blade. Top quality stolen hair can fetch the equivalent of £200.

“The demand for hair extensions has risen by 30 per cent since the crimes started”, said Jhonatan Morales, a beauty salon owner who spoke to state television channel Globovision. “The market is more competitive now. We judge the hair on its tone, condition and colour”, he said. “But my salon doesn’t buy from street vendors as we don’t know where the hair has come from”. “When they came up to me I thought they were going to take my phone”, said Mariana Rodriguez, one of the gang’s numerous victims. “But before I had time to think they were gone and I had no hair”.

Racism: Oprah Winfrey’s ‘row’ a ‘misunderstanding’


he owner of a shop in Zurich where US talk show host Oprah Winfrey says she encountered racism has called the incident a “misunderstanding”. Winfrey, one of the world’s richest women, claimed an assistant refused to serve her in an upmarket handbag shop. She was apparently told one of the bags on display was “too expensive” for her. Shop owner Trudie Gotz told the BBC that Winfrey was “absolutely allowed” to look at the $35,000


August 10, 2013

(£22,500) bag, which was kept behind a screen. “My salesperson wanted to give her the handbag in her hand. But she didn’t want to take the bag,” claimed Gotz. She said her assistant had worked in the Trois Pommes store “for a few years and takes care of the most spoilt customers from all over the world”, adding, “she is really a correct sales person”. Winfrey, who stars in Lee Daniels’ new film The Butler, visited Zurich last month to attend singer Tina Turner’s wedding.


Zimbabwe’s MDC challenges Mugabe election victory


imbabwe’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) has filed a legal challenge to Robert Mugabe’s victory in last week’s presidential elections. The electoral petition seeks an order for the result to be declared null and void and a new election to be called within 60 days. The MDC’s 15 grounds include alleged bribery, abuse of “assisted voting” and manipulation of the electoral roll. Mugabe, 89, won with 61% of the presidential vote. His Zanu-PF party gained a parliamentary majority of more than two-

thirds, with 160 seats compared to 49 for the MDC. The MDC is to file a complaint on the parliamentary results at a later date, reports the BBC’s Brian Hungwe in the capital, Harare. Lawyers for the MDC, which filed its petition with the country’s Supreme Court, told the BBC they had “strong evidence of electoral irregularities”. They said a shockingly high number of people were unable to vote at the polls, and that food was distributed to Mugabe’s supporters against electoral regulations, our correspondent says. The challenge comes after Zimbabwe’s electoral

commission said nearly 305,000 voters had been turned away from polling stations on election day. Mugabe’s margin of victory was some 940,000 votes. A week after the election, Mugabe dismissed criticism of the polls and lashed out at Western countries for their response. Zimbabwe’s constitutional court has up to 14 days to respond to the legal challenge. But if the court upholds the results, Mugabe must be sworn in within 48 hours of the ruling. African and regional monitors praised the poll for being peaceful but noted some irregularities. Western observers were not in-

vited to witness the 31 July vote. But a local observer group, the Zimbabwe Election Support Network (Zesn) and its network of 7,000 observers, has said that about one million voters were “systematically disenfranchised” by being omitted from the voters’ roll or turned away. The electoral roll has come in for criticism for having duplicate names and the names of dead Zimbabweans. Morgan Tsvangirai, the leader of the MDC, rejected the vote as fraudulent and said his party would boycott government institutions.


Supporters of Egypt’s ousted President Mohammed Morsi shout slogans in Nahda Square, where protesters installed their camp near Cairo University in Gaza, southwest of Cairo, Egypt, yesterday. Protesters demand Morsi’s reinstatement, restoration of the suspended constitution drafter under Morsi and the return of his Islamist-dominated legislative council which was also disbanded.

Gunmen kidnap Turkish Airlines pilots


wo pilots working for Turkish Airlines have been abducted in Lebanon, near Beirut’s international airport. The men were snatched from a bus which was carrying several other crew members and passengers between a hotel and the airport terminal. A group called Zuwwar al-Imam Rida has said it seized the men, saying they would be freed in exchange

for nine Lebanese hostages in Syria. Turkey has advised its citizens in Lebanon to leave if possible. Turkey backs Syria’s Sunni rebels, and is seen to have influence over them, while much of Lebanon’s Shia community supports President Bashar al-Assad. Turkish media named the kidnapped men as pilot Murat Akpinar and his copilot Murat Agca.

Zuwwar al-Imam Rida said the kidnapping was in retaliation for the seizure of nine Lebanese Shia pilgri in Syria in May 2012. Daniel Sheiab, the brother of one of the pilgri, told the BBC Arabic service that the hostages’ relatives were not responsible for the kidnapping, but said the families “welcome the kidnapping of the two Turks as pressure which could push forward

the case”. The BBC’s Dima Hamdan in Beirut, says the families celebrated in the street after hearing the news of the abduction. The Turkish foreign ministry issued a statement yesterday urging its citizens to avoid non-essential travel to Lebanon. It advised those already there to leave or to take measures to ensure their personal safety.

Gibraltar dispute: Spain vows to confront Britain


rime Minister Mariano Rajoy said Spain will take “legal and proportional steps” after Britain sent a rapid reaction force of warships to visit the island’s waters. Rajoy’s comments ap-

pear to echo the language of the United Nations Charter, which uses the phrase “all necessary measures” to authorise the use of military force. Tension between Britain and Spain over Gibraltar’s

sovereignty have intensified following a row over fishing rights and the imposition of punitive border checks. Britain is sending a force of nine vessels, led by the helicopter carrier H

Illustrious and including two frigates, to sail for the Mediterranean on Monday for the start of a four month deployment. Three of the ships, including H Westminsters, will actually dock in Gibraltar.

Naval chiefs stressed the visit by the nine-vessel Response Force Task Group was part of a long-planned exercise, and not in response to the diplomatic row. Rajoy said:”We will take legal measures which

are proportionate to defend the interests of Spaniards,” he said. “I hope that this issue goes no further, but Spain has to defend its national interests and that is what we are going to do.”

Quote Saturday, August 10, 2013.




Any case of indolence by any civil servant in the country will be severely dealt with. Henceforth, only hard work will be rewarded and nepotism punished. Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, Alhaji Bukar Goni Aji, while speaking at Civil Service Week 2013 in Abuja.

The African military in an age of democracy I n the Southern African language of Sesotho, the word for weapon and tools is the same. In Africa, during the 1990s, armies were both a tool of liberation from colonial rule and repression by colonial masters. But they were also used, in postindependence Africa, as a tool of intervention in politics frequently undermining civilian rule. During the 1970s, there were more than 30 such unconstitutional changes of government. No African head of state departed by the ballot box during this era. Nigeria for one, Africa’s most populous nation, experienced eight coups d’état, which saw military rule virtually uninterrupted for 33years from 1966. The armed forces, while often justifying their role as a stabiliser, became not only a political player, but sometimes a principal source of insecurity in the very societies they were supposed to protect. Today much has changed, and improved. Democracy is now the norm across Africa, with not fewer than 40 of 49 sub-Saharan countries regularly staging multiparty elections, one measure of progress in spite of their often imperfect nature. Governance is improving, especially if measured in terms of human rights and economic freedom. This reflects – and is reflected in – improvement to African economic circumstances, with the continent, during the 2000s, enjoying

with President Olusegun Obasanjo


JUSTIFYING THEIR ROLE AS A STABILISER, BECAME NOT ONLY A POLITICAL PLAYER, BUT SOMETIMES A PRINCIPAL SOURCE OF INSECURITY IN THE VERY SOCIETIES THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO PROTECT the best growth decade on record. Of course Africa’s development circumstances are highly differentiated, reflecting history, policy choices, resource endowments, geographic location and size. That smaller countries have generally done better than bigger ones, for example, reflects in part the challenge of

governing over large areas. Africa’s armed forces unsurprisingly also relate to these historical as well as contemporary differences. A combination of the end of the Cold War, continental intolerance for coups led by the African Union’s moratorium, and the simultaneous spread of technology, elec-


Mandela Challenge: Igesund drops key players against Nigeria


outh Africa coach, Gordon Igesund, has agreed to Orlando Pirates’ request to withdraw their players from the Bafana Bafana squad that will face Nigeria in the Nelson Mandela Challenge in Durban on August 14. The club made the appeal after six of its players – Senzo Meyiwa, Andile Jali, Oupa Manyisa, Thandani Ntshumayelo, Thabo Matlaba and Daine Klate – were called up for national duty in a match that will be played three days before their CAF Champions League fixture against Zamalek. “It wasn’t an easy decision, consider-

ing that we were using this as part of our preparations for the crucial World Cup qualifier against Botswana. “This decision, however, is good for both parties because our nation comes first,” Igesund said. He said while he has the responsibility to the country to pick the best players, “there are times when we have to look at the broader interests of the nation, which is what I have done”. The club has welcomed the decision, saying, that they are grateful that the national team has agreed to their request. Pirates moved to the top of CAF

toral standards and values, have all helped to shape the militaries’ contemporary orientation. Indeed, as was proposed at a recent Tswalu Dialogue that we-hosted in the Kalahari, today it is possible to discern a taxonomy for African militaries in terms of the relationship with civilian government. Like the counties they represent, Africa’s militaries are differentiated. There are those proposed ‘red carders’ where military regimes (such recently as Mali) have come to power unconstitutionally. Coups remain a threat particularly where there is an insurgency which throws the absence of civilian leadership in sharp relief. A second category comprises the ‘legitimators’ where military governments or armies have morphed into civilian regimes. This category includes a lager number of countries, literally all the way from Angola to Zimbabwe. A history of liberation struggle invariably invests the army and especially its leadership in one party and one electoral outcome. And given the influence on the rule of law, this usually goes hand in hand with negative investment perceptions and economic fortunes, outside notably of natural resources.


Premiership Fixtures Saturday, August 17, 2013 Liverpool v Stoke 12:45 Arsenal v Aston Villa 15:00 Norwich v Everton 15:00 Sunderland v Fulham 15:00 West Brom v Southampton 15:00 West Ham v Cardiff 15:00 Swansea v Man United 17:30

Sunday, August 18, 2013 Igesund

Champions’ League Group A with a comfortable 3-0 win over Al Ahly last weekend.

Crystal Palace v Tottenham 13:30 Chelsea v Hull 16:00

Monday, August 19, 2013 Man City v Newcastle 20:00

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Binder1 saturday, august 10, 2013  

Britain divided over £1 billion aid. Professional misconduct: NBA concludes probe of SANs, eminent lawyers. 2015: Tension mounts in North ov...

Binder1 saturday, august 10, 2013  

Britain divided over £1 billion aid. Professional misconduct: NBA concludes probe of SANs, eminent lawyers. 2015: Tension mounts in North ov...