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Bisexual Nigerian loses permanent residence P. 2 battle in Canada

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I butcher victims with joy

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–Captured Boko Haram member


Saturday, March 8, 2014


Don’t abort democracy, FG begs military P. 8

•Assures that B’Haram, communal clashes, others will be surmounted •Describes political rivalry as normal in democracy •Accuses Borno gov. Shettima of “misfortune of discretion” over comments on terrorism WITH LOVE FROM OTUOKE Temi Desperate for fans P. 25

Paramount Chiefs of Otuoke during the burial of Pa Franklin Obah, father of Personal Assistant to the President, in Bayelsa State yesterday.

Boko Haram: Troops seek leave to pursue insurgents ...into neighbouring countries x e STalk All the size tricks

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Saturday Mirror

March 8, 2014

Confessed bisexual Nigerian loses permanent residence battle in Canada •Refugee claimant, Ogundairo, expressed fear of arrest at the airport on arrival in Nigeria and going to jail should he be returned to Nigeria, stating that some homosexuals were arrested and arraigned in court last month in Abeokuta, his home town. OLAJIDE OMOJOLOMOJU


confessed Nigerian bisexual, Adeyemi Ogundairo, has lost the battle to stay in Canada, following the failure of his application requesting for permanent residence. The prescribed governmental body, the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC), refused to grant the application Ogundairo filed to enable him stay in the country as a permanent resident. The officer, Susan Pirie, who ruled over the application, said that the documents submitted lacked enough evidence to scale through the relevant regulations. She, therefore, refused to grant the request of Ogundairo on humanitarian and compassionate grounds, and a waiver on the Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRRA) notice. Pirie, who is a senior immigration officer, said, “It has been determined that you would not be at risk of persecution, subject to a danger of torture, or face a risk to your life or a risk of cruel and unusual treatment or punishment if returned to your country of nationality or habitual residence. “Humanitarian and compassionate factors are assessed to determine whether an exemption

from certain legislative requirements to allow your application for permanent residence to be processed from within Canada will be granted,” she stated. Pirie said, “On 14 January 2014, a representative of the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration reviewed the circumstances of your request and decided that an exemption will not be granted for your application.” The unfavourable judgment was delivered barely two weeks after President Goodluck Jonathan signed the new law, Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act, which banned and criminalized gay clubs, associations and organisations in Nigeria. According to the law, culprits risk maximum of 14 years imprisonment, while those associated with or witness such act could be jailed 10 years. Ogundairo had expressed fear of arrest at the airport on arrival in Nigeria and going to jail should he be returned to Nigeria, stating that some homosexuals were arrested and arraigned in court last month in Abeokuta, his home town. Counsel to Ogundairo, Jack C. Martin, had urged that the refugee claimant should be granted permanent residence status based on the abundant facts that

Stephen Harper

proved he was a bisexual man. “The documentary evidence discloses a situation in which Adeyemi Ogundairo faces a reasonable chance of prosecution because of his sexual orientation if he is returned to Nigeria,” Martin explained in a letter dated January 6, 2013. Martin pleaded that “His claim is strong and is severable from the allegations involving his previously being sought in Nigeria that were rejected by the RPD. He has presented credible and reliable evidence about his activities in Canada since his RPD decision, and credible and frightening evidence about the situation for gays like him in Nigeria today.”

… as four homosexuals are sentenced to 15 cane strokes each in Bauchi


Bauchi State Upper Sharia Court Judge has sentenced four out of the seven homosexual suspects taken before him to 15 strokes of the cane and ordered them to pay a fine of N20, 000 each. Shehu Adamu, Yusuf A Adamu, Aliyu Dalhatu and Abdulamalik Tanko were arrested by the state Sharia Commission and were charged with the alleged offence of same-sex. The four convicts were among the seven arraigned before the Upper Sharia Court in Anguwan Jaki area of Bauchi Metropolis for the same offence. The Presiding Judge, ElYakub Aliyu, said after the sentence on the four that there


will be a further hearing on the matter of the three other suspects, namely Ibrahim Marafa, Aminu Ibrahim Sadik Usman

Sabo and Hazif Abubakar. The presiding judge explained that the trial was being done away from public glare for security reasons. Explaining the reason behind the sentences, Aliyu explained that the judgment was given on the basis that the suspects were not caught in the actual commission of the offence. He said that Aliyu Dalhatu and Abdullahi Tanko, for instance, admitted that although they engaged in the act four years ago, they have repented and had not engaged in it before their actual arrest by the Hisbah Commission based on the rumour that they had engaged in the act in the past.

Martin then declared: “I would ask that he be given Canada’s protection” But, the immigration officer refused and insisted that the applicant “bears the onus of satisfying the decision maker that his personal circumstances are such that the hardship of not being granted the requested exemption would be (i) unusual and undeserved, or (ii) disproportionate.” “I have read and considered the RPD’s Reasons and Decision in conducting this assessment as the applicant has cited the same hardship in returning to Nigeria in the application at hand as indicated at the time of his refugee claim hearing,” Pirie said. She maintained that the RPD

panel, which earlier adjudicated over the matter, explained that Ogundairo’s testimony lacked credibility. “The applicant has not demonstrated that his personal circumstances are such that the hardships of not being granted the requested exemption would be unusual and undeserved or disproportionate,” the officer stressed. “I have considered the issues presented by the applicant including: the personalised hardship due to discrimination and/ or adverse country conditions in Nigeria, personal relationships that would create hardship if severed; degree of establishment in Canada; and ties or residency in any other country,” she said.

Masaba, man married to 86 wives, sues court magistrate, former wife in Niger PRISCILLA DENNIS MINNA


he octogenarian with over 86 wives, Alhaji Mohammadu Bello Masaba has filed a case against a Magistrate, Rahamat Adamu Gado and his former wife, Hajiya Azatu Adamu before a Bida High Court. In the suit, the Bida-based Islamic preacher and super-polygamist and 7 others asked the High Court to void the decision of Magistrate Rahamat Adamu Gado in referring a case of criminal force and assault filed by Azatu against them to the Attorney General for possible prosecution. In a motion exparte, filed by the counsel to Masaba, the applicants applied for a writ of Certiorari to quash the proceedings in the case no BD/MC/DCR/43/2013 file by Azatu as well as an order for a stay of proceedings and actions relating to the case. The applicants also asked the court to discharge all the applicants. It would be recalled that, Azuta, Masaba’s ex-wife had on the 15th of August, 2013 filed a suit against the applicants before a Bida Magistrate for alleged criminal force, assault, causing grievous hurt contrary to Section 265 and 246 of Penal Code Law.


When the applicants appeared in court and pleaded not guilty, the case was referred to the police for investigations. However, the Office of the Area Commander, Nigeria Police, Bida, submitted a report that absolved Masaba and others of any of the allegations levelled against them. The applicants expressed surprise when the presiding magistrate (Rahamat Adamu Gado) on 27th February, 2014 directed that the case file be referred to the office of the Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice for possible prosecution or action. The case is currently slated for hearing on Thursday 20th, March before Honourable Justice Musa Abdul of Bida High Court.

Saturday Mirror


March 8, 2014

Saturday Starter

Fuel scarcity Now that the queues are back K AYODE FALADE AND CHIDI UGWU

Once again, Nigeria has gone back the days when petrol was as scarce as the waste product of a masquerade. Long human and vehicular queues have again become a common occurrence at our filling stations. Now that the queues have come again, how are Nigerians faring?


t started like a rumour. There would be scarcity of premium motor spirit, also known as petrol. So echoed the rumour mill. The Federal Government and the concerned agencies promptly sprouted a rebuttal. But Nigerians are the wiser now. For about two weeks now, fuel pumps across Nigeria have only been spitting petrol. Almost overnight, the nation was rudely flung back to the era of queues at filling stations were a common sight and people waiting endlessly the order of the day. It was a period Nigerians fervently believed they would see no more. From Sokoto to Asaba and from Lagos to Kano, Nigerians now share a common yoke: fuel scarcity. The queues are back again. And as the queues grow, Nigerians groan. While residents allege a shortfall in the amount of petrol supplied to marketers and filling stations, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC,

blamed the development on a deliberate ploy by some stakeholders to create artificial scarcity for their own selfish end. NNPC’s Acting Group General Manager, Group Public Affairs Division, Dr Omar Farouk Ibrahim, in an interview with journalists said the reappearance of long queues of vehicles at filling stations in Lagos and around the country is caused by an artificially induced scarcity. Farouk disclosed that there were absolutely no reasons for filling stations not to sell fuel to the people. He further revealed that there had been a similar situation in Abuja in the previous week and the special task force comprising NNPC, PPPRA, and the DPR went out to ensure that all the lines in Abuja were decimated. He stated that the NNPC did not believe that there was fuel scarcity in Lagos, but rather that people were hoarding because some think that Government was going to raise the price of petrol, an assumption he said “there is no truth in”. “Government is not, as far as we know, going to raise any price, and retailers who have fuel in their tanks CONTINUED ON PAGE 5


March 8, 2014

Saturday Mirror

Saturday Starter

Black market booms in Lagos FUNMI SALOME JOHNSON


he past week has been a long one of discomfort, inconvenience and total unplanned expenses for Lagos residents. However, commuters and businesses in Lagos are still experiencing acute shortage of premium motor spirit (PMS) known as fuel with many filling stations locked up due to unavailability of the product. This is creating business for roadside sellers who dispense the product from their big jerry cans at N200 and even as much as N300 per litre. Few of the major stations that have the product and are selling at approved price of N97 are experiencing severe traffic bottlenecks. The street urchins who established black market outlets in areas worst hit by the scarcity are making brisk business as vehicle owners and residents unable to wait for long in queues purchase from them at skyrocketed price. Investigation revealed the resurgence of queues around parts of Lagos, with black marketers having field day along major routes from Ketu up to Maryland and along Palm grove Ojuelegba axis. Five litres of fuel sell at N1, 000 while 30 litres go for N6, 000 translating to N200 per litre. The effect of the fuel situation has been a very bad one for residents of the megacity. Getting to the office on a daily basis is a tug of war. In spite of the high cost of transportation, the stress of getting through the traffic is another headache. For those who do not have the money to pay, it is another trauma entirely. While speaking with Saturday Mirror, Badmus Gbenga, who operates a barbing salon in Ikeja area of Lagos disclosed that the last few days of fuel scarcity have been one of pain and hardship for him since he cannot afford to buy from the black market, he has been left stranded. “Our power supply has been terrible in the last three days and I cannot afford to buy from the black market and so I have just been left stranded because since I have not been able to make sales, feeding has been a big challenge for me. It is really pathetic the way the whole situation is going. It s very frustrating” he said. Bayo Adele, a welder who works around Ikeja, also share his tale of misery with Saturday Mirror. “It is really a frustrating situation. The power has been terrible especially since the PHCN has been privatised and as if that is not bad enough, this fuel scarcity came again to compound the situation. Fuel is not available and the few places where there is fuel, the price is high and the queue is really long and tiring and buying from the black market is out of it for me because I cannot afford it” he said painfully. However, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. For people like Uche Okechukwu, it is a time to make some fast money while it last. He spoke with Satur-

day Mirror, “I suffered to buy this fuel, so I must make my gain from it. I bought it for N4, 850 and I know that I can sell it for over N6, 000. It is a good opportunity for some of us who are unemployed to make quick money,” he said. Another hawker, Abass Akeem, said he

had to join his friends in the business because he needed money to set up his barbing trade. “I am a trained barber but I have not been able to raise money to rent a shop. That is why I joined my friends to come here to sell fuel in jerry cans.

“I have sold five jerry cans of 25 litres each in three days and I only have two more left.” He explained that the hawkers buy the fuel through someone who had contacts with some of the petrol stations in Toyin area of Ikeja.

Consumers spend nights at filling stations in Oyo •We work at odd hours – Attendant IBADAN KEMI OLAITAN


or Segun Adebajo, a petrol attendant with an independent marketer at Odo Ona area of Ibadan, the Oyo State capital, the current fuel shortage crisis in the country, is unfortunate.

According to him, not getting fuel to sell normally has caused him a lot of hardship such that he and his colleagues are now made to come to work at odd hours. “While it is true that petrol attendants do make more money during fuel crisis, this time around it is not so, this is be-

Transport fares shoot up in Enugu


ommercial transporters in Enugu have increased their fares by between 40 to 60 per cent following the current fuel scarcity. The fares, which followed the increase in price of petrol to N140 per litre, saw bus drivers charging between N70 and N100 for short distances around the town. Taxi drivers collect N800 per drop or a 60 per cent increase compared to the earlier taxi fare of N500 for short distance drop. Francis Ugwu, a taxi driver, said the sudden rise in the price of fuel and the scarcity of the commodity determined the fare they charged. “Although the fare from Abakpa to Obiagu may differ from one driver to the other, the hike in the price of fuel has made us to charge higher to meet our demands. “We depend on the money we realise from the taxi business; once the fuel price goes down the transport fare will also go down,” Ugwu said. Another taxi driver, Caleb Aguba, said

the increase in taxi fare was not by their making. “The fuel experienced increase in price, that is why it affected the transport fare and it will come down once the fuel price goes down. “It’s not only the passengers that feel the heat, we also feel the heat as well,” Aguba said. A bus driver, Emma Akanma, said the transport fare was not much considering the scarcity of fuel and the prevailing price of the product in Enugu. Akanma, who plies Abakpa to Obiagu and Garki to Old Park, said the drivers were the ones feeling the heat. According to him, the transport fare from Abakpa to Obiagu now stands at N70 compared to the N50 charged earlier. He said Garki to Old Park now cost N100 as against the former price of N70. “The hike in the price of fuel is not only hanging on the neck of the passengers, it also hangs on the drivers because we made a lot of money before the increment,” Akanma said

cause whenever we get fuel to sell there is no way that we can afford to make any extra money apart from the selling price given to us by the petrol station owner,” he said. On her own part, a housewife, Mrs. Bola Odubela, said the fuel shortage crisis has affected getting kerosene to buy from the filling stations. She explained that unlike in the past while kerosene was sold higher than the N50 per litre price stated by government, it is not easy getting the product now. Her words: “The current fuel shortage crisis is affecting the home as we are not getting kerosene to buy to cook meals for our family.” Akeem Sotunde, a commercial bus driver plying Ojoo-Oke Padre in Ibadan, said it is becoming difficult for him to meet the needs of his family, stating that he does not work regularly before as he most often found himself keeping vigil at petrol stations in order to get fuel. According to him, apart from filling his tank and kegs whenever he gets fuel to buy, the problem begins when he exhausted the fuel as he found himself in the struggle again. “To me I think that it is time that the Federal Government found solution to this perennial fuel shortage crisis, the hardship is becoming too much. In my own situation, I now keep vigil at petrol stations to buy such that at times I would be there for as long as six hours or more”, he said.

Saturday Mirror


March 8, 2014

Saturday Starter

Filling station operators control sales in Ogun FEMI OYEWESO ABEOKUTA


uel scarcity in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital, bites harder yesterday as motorists and residents who need the product to power their vehicles as well as electricity generating sets spent several hours at the petroleum filling stations in anticipation of when the reluctant marketers would dispense. Our correspondent who monitored the situation in Abeokuta, the Ogun State capital during the week reported that there were long queues in few of the filling stations which had the tendencies of dispensing the product. Saturday Mirror observed that dealers as well as pump attendants in those stations which were dispensing the product, also had difficult time amid the chaotic situation containing the surging crowd of desperate buyers many of who said they had besieged the stations as early as 5: 30 am. In some of those filling stations, a litre of the product was sold at between N100 to N110, while the product was sold at the official pump price of N97 in others but desperate buyers were made to part with the sum of N200 before they were allowed entry into the station to buy the product. Saturday Mirror however, gathered that the dealers of the product might have reached a compromise whereby other filling stations would not sell whenever some are dispensing in order to give them a firm control and regulate how the product is sold in the state. At one of the filling stations located in Lalubu road in Ibara Roundabout of the Abeokuta metropolis, attendants abrupt-

ly stopped dispensing the product without any explanation after selling for about four hours. Efforts to get explanation from the management as to why they stopped dispensing proved abortive as none of the officers on duty would speak with the press. One of the private vehicle owners who spoke with Saturday Mirror, Bola Ogungbayi who claimed to have absented himself from office in search of fuel, demanded that the Federal Government explain to the citizen why the reason for the scarcity. Ogungbayi further said that if removing subsidy from the product as threatened by the Federal Government would be the lasting solution to the perennial scarcity they should let the citizens know to enable them adjust their spending. “I have been here since 10 am yet I have not been able to get the product. The attendants just stopped when it was only three vehicles from me. How do I explain this to my family? I had earlier queued at the

NNPC Mega station since 6: 30a.m before they too stopped dispensing around 10 a.m. “Again, we Nigerians are just fond of abusing our leaders without trying to do our own bit. See, a lot of people came from the rear and they got fuel while we that had been on the queue waited in vain,” Ogungbayi added. Oriade Agboola is a commercial driver. He accused the Federal Government of making live unbearable for the citizens by failing to do the needful that would make the product available for all. Agboola emphasised that commercial drivers and taxi drivers in particular have been made to undergo untold hardship since the scarcity began two weeks ago. He lamented that despite spending longer hours at the filling stations, passengers often refused to pay the high fare which commercial drivers charged due to the high price they parted with before getting the product. He however, demanded that govern-

ment should stop making life unbearable for the citizens. Saturday Mirror also visited the NNPC mega station located opposite the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP state Secretariat in Abeokuta on Thursday. Kilometre-long queues which began from the station on Abiola Way, snaked into the IBB Boulevard road stretching up to the Federal High Court opposite the Ogun State government Secretariat a distance of about a kilometre. A second queue stretched backward into Abiola Way, stretching beyond the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC, building on the same road around 11:45am by 2:57pm, it had extended beyond the junction of Sam Ewang road. A cab operator who queued for the purpose of buying fuel at the NNPC mega station told our correspondent that he had been waiting for his turn for over four hours and might not be served until evening. “It is painful. I’m still on the line. The people in front of me of have not bought. You can see the queue in front and the one at the back. We don’t even know when we will leave here,” he lamented. Meanwhile, enquiries by Saturday Mirror from the dealers over allegation of deliberately hoarding the product to enable them have a firm grip of the sales and its attendant increase in pump price showed that many stations actually ran out of supply of the product having exhausted their initial supplies. At Ebenfem, the Assistant Manager, Rahman Akinola, denied the allegation and emphasised that his filling station had always dispensed whenever they had the product.

Fuel scarcity: Now that the queues are back again CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3 should please release it for people to buy” he said. The situation has, however, affected the socio-economic lives of people with workers spending several hours on long fuel queues in search of the scarce product. Amidst the confusion created by the development, the NNPC said that over 209 million litres of petrol had been discharged in Lagos ports to curb the scarcity and alleviate the sufferings of people. In a statement issued to journalists, Ibrahim said all hands were on deck to return normalcy to the fuel supply chain in the country. Ibrahim stated that several vessels have been allocated to the Major Marketers Association of Nigeria, MOMAN, to wet the nation with products adding that NIPCO, CONOIL and others also have their vessels discharging to clear up the queues. “I can confirm to you that the NNPC has allocated additional vessels laden with pms to MOMAN and other suppliers and they are currently discharging the products at Atlas Cove, Apapa, IBM jetty, Capital Jetty and SPM jetty in Lagos,” Ibrahim said. He disclosed that other vessels were also discharging fuel at Port Harcourt and Oghara in Delta State adding that the queues would thin out in the next few days. The NNPC spokesman reassured Nigerians that the

agency was doing everything humanly possible to wipe out the queues from filling stations across the country. But, in spite the assurances, the situation appears to be taking a worsening dimension with fuel queues extending to about 2Km from some filling stations in the Federal Capital Territory, (FCT), Abuja yesterday. Last month the Major Oil Marketers Association of Nigeria, MOMAN, warned of impending fuel scarcity due to the depletion of their stock no one believed that it was going be like old days when scarcity of petroleum products were experienced almost every quarter. The oil marketers were said to have been unable to replenish their stock following the failure of the Federal Government to settle their outstanding subsidy claims, totalling about N120 billion for the third and fourth quarters of 2013. The Executive Secretary of MOMAN, Mr. Obafemi Olawore, raised the alarm of looming fuel scarcity, last month and appealed to the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency, PPPRA, to release the import allocation for the first quarter of 2014, explaining that its members had 45,000 metric tons which is about 60 million litres of fuel left in their storage facilities. According to him, two of its six members had run out of petroleum products, while the remaining four members had stocks that would last for only five days if they were not replenished. The major marketers, who account for 60 per cent of petroleum products supply

in the country, are Total, Conoil, Mobil, MRS and Forte Oil. He noted that 2013 ended on a very tall hope because some payment was received and products were brought into the country. But, the Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria, IPMAN, had dismissed MOMAN’s claims and urged members of the public to avoid panic buying of petrol as there was enough fuel in the country. IPMAN President Mr. Aminu Abdulkadri, said fuel supply situation in the country was stable; adding “There is no scarcity of fuel in the country. The marketers and Nigerians should stop sending wrong signals over scarcity of petroleum products. “We are loading petroleum products adequately from all NNPC depots across the country and we don’t think there is any imminent scarcity because the NNPC has assured us of sufficient stock.” He said the NNPC and its subsidiary had sufficient stock in its marine reserves and in the national strategic reserves that would ensure that the country remained wet with petroleum products round the clock. However, as if to belie IPMAN’s statement, shortly after the assurances, fuel queues resurfaced at some filling stations in major cities across the country, getting longer and longer each passing hour and slowing down traffic on major highways.


March 8, 2014

Saturday Mirror

Saturday Starter





Street urchins take over fuel trade in Abuja •It’s an early warning of crisis – Resident MARCUS FATUNMOLE


ike other parts of Nigeria, the Federal Capital Territory, FCT, has been facing the challenge of fuel scarcity since last week. It had seemed government was shield-

ing the city from the crisis which had surfaced in most parts of the federation for over two weeks before it finally hit the nation’s capital last week. Though p etrol is available in most fuel stations in the FCT, many of the stations have reduced the number of pumps used for dispensing the product, apparently to

help them watch the trend the more, if the scarcity would exacerbate. Such experiences had led to adjustment of pump price in most fuel stations and outright denial of public fuel sale in the past in Nigeria. In Abuja, most highways are flooded with street urchins and other ‘jobless’

Bus fares double in Kaduna A ZA MSUE KADUNA


uel scarcity has become hell for residents of Kaduna State since two weeks ago when the country started witnessing a shortfall in the supply of premium motor spirit, also known as petrol, at filling stations. Investigations by Saturday Mirror also revealed that the situation worsens by the day as many residents are stranded while vehicles that should be on the road are at filling stations waiting to be served. The product now sells at between N120 and N150 per litre if bought from some major marketers, while smaller ones have closed shops. Saturday Mirror observed that many bus stops and locations in Kaduna are filled with commuters waiting for the

few vehicles that have also doubled transport fares to various areas of the state. For example, a trip from Kawo to Sabo that normally costs between N80 and N100 has been increased to N120 or even more especially in the evening and morning by commercial bus drivers. One of the passengers, John Ike said, “This situation is unbearable. I couldn’t get to work on time for the past one week now because fuel scarcity.” Ike, a civil servant with the Kaduna State Ministry of Finance, said the situation caused him to abandon his car and join Okada who charged exorbitant fares to work. Saturday Mirror further observed that virtually all filling stations in the state capital have long queues of vehicles as most of them do not sell the commodity to motorists.

Some of the fuel stations opened for business without attending to buyers while others put their stations under lock and key. Many people were forced to either trek long distances to their places of work or return home after waiting for commercial vehicles to no avail. Some civil servants who have private cars took commercial motorcycles to their offices as they parked their vehicles at home due to the development. A resident, Mr. Femi Kayode, who is a car owner, said he began to notice the scarcity last week when some filling stations suddenly closed shop. Another resident, Mrs. Mercy Akor, said her family was unable to put on their generator since Tuesday, adding that her husband who works in one of the ministries had been trying to get fuel without success.

youths who have seen the opportunity to do brisk business. When Saturday Mirror moved round the city on Thursday, a 10-litter Jerry can of fuel which should have sold for N970 at fuel station was sold on the highways for between N2500 and N3000. One of the managers of a fuel station in the city who pleaded anonymity blamed the scarcity on short supply of fuel. He said: “We have been receiving between six to eight tankers weekly, as I am talking to you; we have only got three since Sunday. So, that is the problem. We have not adjusted our pump price because government has kept assuring and warning us that we should not increase the fuel pump price.” Our reporter observed that all major fuel stations in the city sold the product at the N97 official price while filling this report; but queues were very long at such stations. Motorists queue for between 20 minutes and one hour to get fuel. According to Pastor James Movel Wiye, who works with Interfaith Mission, Nigeria, Kaduna State,”My position on the issue of fuel is that this artificial scarcity is the responsibility of Nigerians themselves. Nigerians don’t love themselves; Nigerians want to suck blood out of fellow Nigerians. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have been in this situation.

Kano residents turn to black market for succour •‘Probe diversion of fuel to black market’ ALEX MOMOH KANO


n Kano, the commercial and business nerve centre of northern Nigeria, there is no much difference. A litre is being sold for between N120 and N140 as against the official price of N97. Our correspondent who went round the state capital yesterday reports that a five litre container of fuel goes for between N900 and N1000 at the black market against the hitherto N600. As a result of this many petrol stations in the state capital are closed while

the few opened have long queues. Some independent marketers interviewed attributed the scarcity and hike in prices to insufficient supply of fuel to the state by the NNPC and denied that it was as a result of hoarding. Saturday Mirror investigation in Kano revealed that both the Federal Government and independent marketers are to blame for the current situation on fuel. According to Alhaji Mohammed Musa Nya, a broadcaster, both federal and state governments should have taskforce committees monitoring the independent marketers and all the petrol

stations and those found hoarding the products or stations that have fuel and refuse to sell but divert to black market should be prosecuted. Alhaji Yakubu Bolama, a car dealer, said he was really worried as the fuel scarcity got prolonged, adding that it was grossly affecting poor income earners who could not afford to buy from the black market. “The fuel is available but because of the selfish interests of the petrol station owners they decided to hoard the fuel”. Alhaji Idris Ibrahim, a business man living at Tudun Wada New Extension,

Kano said if the situation persisted it would further devastate the nation’s economy, adding that the development has already hiked transportation problem in Kano State. Sharu Gwamaja, a Special Assistant (media) to the governor of Kano State noted with dismay that the current fuel scarcity was a sign that Nigerians needed a change of government He called for the removal of the Petroleum Minister he said was not helping matters, adding that another option for Nigerians was a change of leadership in the polity of Nigeria.

Saturday Mirror


March 8, 2014


…I butcher victims, says captured sect member •Military repels attack in Borno, Chad border he Defence Headquarters (DHQ) says that an insurgent captured by own troops during a military offensive in the NorthEast, has confessed to taking delight in butchering victims. The DHQ also announced a repel of attacks by insurgents at new Marte and Chad border on Thursday night. In a statement yesterday, by the DHQ signed by its Director of Defence Information (DDI), Major General Chris Olukolade, and avilable to the media in Abuja, the military said that the attacks were repelled by Nigerian security forces operating with the MultiNational Joint Task Force (MNJTF). Olukolade, in the statement, said that the terrorists were planning to overrun markets in communities in the outskirts of Monguno and NNPC at New Marte, Borno State along Chad-

ian border. He said over 50 assorted brands of grenades and 11 AK 47 rifles were recovered from the fleeing terrorists, adding that cordon and search operations were ongoing at the general area while heightened patrols were continuing. “Meanwhile, interrogation of captured terrorists from various locations has been yielding useful information as to their mode of operations. “Among those in custody is a lead specialist in butchering human beings who insists he does not use firearms but daggers and cutlasses for his assignment. “More assaults and encounters are continuing in other identified locations as intelligence sources confirm the routes being used by the fleeing terrorists.” The DDI stressed that troops have been directed to sustain aggressive patrols in certain areas where terrorists’ actions are anticipated.

determined otherwise. On the death punishment if the accused is convicted, Liman submitted that the court still has discretion at the moment since the accused person has not been convicted. Also the second accused person through his counsel, James Ocholi, SAN, prayed the court to admit him to bail. He hinged his application on medical ground submitting that his client is currently receiving treatment in Garki hospital, Abuja. A letter to that effect was presented to the court. Ocholi further submitted that going by the proof evidence placed before the court, there was nothing linking the second accused person to the alleged crime. Arguing the bail application of the third accused person, Abdul Mohammed submitted that by the proof of evidence, it showed that the prosecution had finished investigation and hence such cannot be tampered with.

He further noted that the prosecution did not disclose the identity of the witnesses it is calling and so, the third accused could not interfere with the witnesses. Opposing the applications made by the accused persons, prosecution counsel, M.B Jones-Nebo submitted that the gravity of offence in which accused persons were charged attracts death on conviction. She added that a prima facie case had been established against the accused persons. Jones-Nebo also opposed the medical report brought by the second accused person. He said it was an after thought as the report was signed after the accused person was arrested. She added that the disease being suffered by the second accused person is one that can be treated by the medical personnel in the prison where he is currently detained. Ruling on the bail, yesterday, the trial judge, Justice Gabriel Kolawole refused their request.


T L-R: Tade Ipadeola, 2013 Winner of The Nigeria Prize for Literature; Professor Emeritus, J.P Clark; Professor Emeritus, Ayo Banjo; Chairman Advisory Board for Literature and Babs Omotowa, MD, Nigeria LNG Limited at the public presentation of Mr. Ipadeola in Lagos, yesterday.

Boko Haram: Troops seek leave to pursue insurgents into neighbouring countries UBONG UKPONG ABUJA


n its bid to quash the terrorists group, Boko Haram, the Defence Headquarter has already embarked on plans to secure a diplomatic arrangement which would enable its troops to pursue insurgents into neighbouring countries and give them a good fight. This effort was disclosed to Saturday Mirror by reliable military sources in Abuja.

The sources said the move became necessary following the frustration faced by the military when insurgents flee to neighbouring countries like Cameroun, where they were alleged to find solace after committing atrocities in Nigeria. The sources said with the arrangement secured, it would be difficult for the terrorists group to thrive. The sources although said the efforts to quash the troops were not limited to the dimplomatic

arrangement, they refused to divulge other strategies. Stressing that other strategies could not be discussed on the pages of newspapers, one of the sources said the military was committed to wiping out Boko Haram and would do that in no distant future. Corroborating this, the Director of Defence Information (DDI), Major General Chris Olukolade, told Saturday Mirror there were great strategies in place which had led to a reason-

able amount of success in the fight against terrorism. The DDI said more were being done in the area of intelligence, robust patrol and surveillance amongst others. Boosting of the morals of troops was said to be very vital to winning the fight, and according to him, that was being done. He however said unguided utterances by political and security commentators could have negative effect on the activities of the troops, pleading that that should be avoided.

… Abuja court denies varsity don, others bail •Grants accelerated hearing in their case ISE-OLUWA IGE


Federal High Court sitting in Abuja yesterday rejected an application by three suspected Boko Haram members including a lecturer of the Kogi State University, Dr. Nazeef Yunus. The trial high court judge, Justice Gabriel Kolawole, who threw out their application, held that it was the duty of the court to assist the state law enforcement agents in their coercive action against terrorism, being mindful of the fundamental human rights of the accused. The court further held that no reasonable court or tribunal would do otherwise, especially against the backdrop of the insurgence in the North East, particularly in the last four to six weeks. “I hereby refuse the defendants’ application for bail

and instead order accelerated trial of the accused persons. “Accused persons shall be remanded in Kuje prison pending the commencement of their trial on the adjourned dates”, the judge held. The court later fixed March 18,19, April 3, May 6,7, 14 and 15 for hearing in the case . The suspected Boko Haram members are currently standing trial before the Federal High Court over alleged membership of the dreaded Islamic sect in Kogi State. The federal government had on February 3 arraigned them before the court. Apart from Yunus who is an Assistant Lecturer in Arabic and Islamic Studies at the Kogi State University, Lokoja, Umar Musa and Salami Abdullahi were also put on trial. In the eight count charge slammed on the accused persons, they were

alleged to have engaged in acts of terrorism and illegal possession of weapons, including two AK47 rifles, two magazines and 60 rounds of ammunition. They were also accused of recruiting and organising members of the Kogi State Boko Haram cell, in addition to funding the outlawed terrorists organisation. Abdullahi, a prominent businessman, who reportedly owns a filling station in Kogi State, was equally accused of using the premises of the enterprise to facilitate terrorists activities. The lecturer, Yunus, who was alleged to be the spiritual leader and coordinator of the Boko Haram sect in Kogi State, and the two others, have been in the custody of the State Security Service since their arrest in October 2013. The SSS had accused the suspects of planning to

carry out an attack in parts of Kogi State before they were arrested at a mosque in Zuba, a town near Abuja, while on their way to Zambisa in Maiduguri, Borno State, for training. The security agency also said the suspects planned to install Sharia in Kogi State. They however pleaded not guilty to the eight count terrorism charge slammed on them. The accused persons had through their various counsels argued their bail application before the court. At the last adjourned date, counsel to Dr. Yunus, Hassan Liman, SAN, prayed the court to admit his client to bail pending trial. Liman submitted that the court should consider the constitutional provision of presumption of innocence which an accused person enjoys until it is



March 8, 2014

Saturday Mirror

2015: Don’t interrupt democracy, FG begs military •Assures that Boko Haram, communal clashes, other challenges will be surmounted •Describes political rivalry as normal in democracy •Accuses Borno gov, Shetima , of ‘misfortune of discretion’ over comments on Boko Haram UBONG UKPONG ABUJA


he federal government, yesterday, pleaded with the military not to interrupt democratic governance in the country, just as it gave assurance that the problem of insurgency, communal clashes among other challenges would soon be things of the past. Information minister, Labaran Maku, while handing over in Abuja, as Supervising Minister of Defence to the new minister, Lieutenant General

Aliyu Gusau (rtd), told the military not to consider the utterances against 2015 as well as Boko Haram fight especially by the Borno State governor, Kashim Shetima, saying that “even the state governor has the misfortune of discretion.” He stressed that the country was faced with serious challenges ranging from Boko Haram insurgency to the troubles about 2015 general elections, communal crisis between grazers and farmers amongst others, but assured that it would overcome them all.

The minister expressed regrets that while Boko Haram was orchestrating crisis in the country on one hand, the political class on the other hand, were also overheating the polity over the 2015 general elections thereby creating a situation of uncertainty. He therefore urged the military to discountenace the inflamatory utterances by politicians on the present security and political challenges in the country, demanding their continuous loyalty to the system. “We are already heading

towards electoral situation and there have been a lot of utterance from within and outside the country. Mr President has assured that the 2015 elections will be even more free and fair than any other election. “One great thing the armed forces will continue to do is to remain loyal to the constitution, Commander-In-Chief and the democratic system.” Warning that Nigeria had no future outside democracy, Maku said that if the military had not interrupted the democratic

systems in the country, Nigeria would have been better off by today. Maku also warned that any military interruption of the present democratic system would only lead to crisis. Stressing that it was normal in democracy for politicians to quarrel, he said that in India, the Prime Minister was even assassinated, but the Indians never interrupted democracy in that country. “Politicians will continue to quarrel, the Armed Forces must remain loyal and not interrupt the system”, Maku pleaded. Having supervised the Defence for about five months, he said that he was in position to confirm that the Service Chiefs had done quite great jobs for maintaining the security in the country thus far. He pointed out that in spite of the huge efforts that the Service Chiefs were putting in on daily basis to curb insurgency, the

persistence nature of the challenge in the North East part of the country was making people to have the impression that the military was doing nothing. Maku said such was responsible for the wrong impression and comments by the Borno State governor, whom he alleged to have been going about to say that the military was doing nothing to stop Boko Haram in the state. Commending the Armed Forces for facing the challenge head on, he expressed the optimism that the country would win the fight on terror. In his remark, the Defence minister, General Gusau, pointed out that the military had made remarkable achievements in some areas but could record improvements in others. He noted that “the challenges in the North East are daunting but surmountable. We must be prepared to be committed to our duties each time we move.

Ejigbo Market torture: Police unveil faces of wanted suspects OMEIZA AJAYI L-R: Former Chief of Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Dele Joseph Ezeoba; incumbent CNS, Vice Admiral Usman Jibrin and Flag Officer Commanding, Western Naval Command, Rear Admiral Ilesanmi Alade, during the pull out ceremony for Admiral Ezeoba at the NNS QUORRA, Apapa, Lagos, yesterday.

Why FG shifted confab date OMEIZA AJAYI


he proposed national conference was on Thursday night shifted by a week to allow the federal government to finalise logistic arrangements in order to have a hitch-free conference, Saturday Mirror has learnt. The conference date was shifted by a week from its earlier advertised Monday, March 10 to Monday, March 17. The shift was necessitated by the need to effectively tidy up the grey areas with regards to logistics before the conference would be declared open. As at yesterday, journalists had not been accredit-

ed to cover the exercise as the executive committee of the conference needed to be put in place first before they will now put other structures in place. President Goodluck Jonathan had last week announced in a media chat that the conference would begin today with the Chairman, Deputy Chairman and Secretary, who would work for a week after which the dialogue proper would kick off on March 10. He said: ‘’Our thinking is that the national conference will begin on March 3. You will know the chairman, the deputy chairman and the secretary, but they will start work for at least a week before we in-

vite others to join. “On March 10, I will formally inaugurate the conference. The plan so far is that the conference will start on March 3.” Special Assistant on Media to the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Sam Nwaobasi, had recently allayed fears that the conference might not hold as scheduled. He had told our correspondent that the government would not only release the names of delegates but that the conference would go on as earlier promised by the president. Presidency sources said the time was too short to put the secretariat in place and then formally inaugurate the conference

without giving the executive committee more time to set up its secretariat. “Our thinking is that the exco need more time. You know the president added three assistant secretaries on Thursday. There is no how the whole exco will be able to work within the limited time-frame, so government decided to give them at least 10 days to be able to brainstorm and come up with their own modus operandi”, said the source. Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Sen. Anyim Pius Anyim had stated that the budget of the conference, had already been incorporated into the 2014 budget. However, with the budget yet to be passed, “the government will mop up the necessary funds from other areas”.


he Nigeria Police Force yesterday announced that as part of the continuing enquiry into the torture of Ejigbo Market women, it has obtained pictures and descriptions of the three suspects declared wanted in connection with the case. Force Public Relations Officer, Frank Mba, said in a statement yesterday that the three suspects are: Ranti Lukeman Akande, Akeem Shitu and Tiri. “Ranti Lukeman Akande a.k.a Otempa uses the appellations: Comrade or Alhaji or Chief Ranti Lukeman Akande. He is between 45 to 50 yrs old and hails from Ayetoro in Yewa North LGA of Ogun State. He is dark in complexion, tall with a big frame and has no tribal marks. “ The suspect has white set of teeth with an artificial gold tooth. He had been known as a panel beater before he eventually started parading

himself as the Oodua Peoples Congress (OPC) coordinator. He speaks Yoruba and English Languages. He is married and has children and he likes attending parties”, he said. According to him, Akeem Shitu is about 42 years of age. “ He hails from Ayete town, Ibarapa Central LGA of Oyo State. He is dark in complexion, slim but tall and has tribal marks. He speaks Yoruba Language fluently and also speaks understandable English language. He is married and is believed to be a member of the OPC at Ejigbo.” Mba added that Tiri is about 37 years of age and hails from Ibadan in Ibadan North LGA of Oyo State. “He is married and has children. He is dark in complexion, not too tall, no tribal marks, has pointed nose with uneven set of teeth. He also has visible thick lower lips.” He urged the public to furnish the Police with any useful information that would lead to the arrest of suspects.

Saturday Mirror


March 8, 2014


Nigeria’s economic growth to quicken, inflation to ease this year –IMF WITH AGENCY REPORT


conomic growth in Nigeria will accelerate this year, driven by sectors outside its dominant energy industry, while inflation will continue its downward path, the International Monetary Fund said yesterday. The economy is set to

grow 7.3 per cent this year, up from 6.4 per cent in 2013, the IMF said. The position of the body is a more optimistic outlook than the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala’s projection for 6.75 per cent growth. “Inflation will end the year at 7 per cent, down from 7.9 per cent at the end of 2013, continuing a

two-year downward trend supported by tight monetary policy.” IMF has said that the plan by Nigeria to recalculate its gross domestic product this year could push it above South Africa as the continent’s biggest economy, although the rebasing has missed several deadlines already, adding that the forecast does not

Second Niger Bridge to stimulate South East economy –Ekweremadu DENNIS AGBO ENUGU


eputy President of the Senate, Ike Ekweremadu, yesterday said that the proposed second Niger Bridge would help open up vista of economic activities in The South East and boost trade between Nigeria and the entire West Africa sub-region. President Goodluck Jonathan is scheduled to perform the ground breaking for the construction of the second Niger Bridge in Onitsha Anambra State on Monday. Ekweremadu described the proposed flag off as a major development, not just for the people of the South East, but the entire country and Africa.

He said: “I think it’s a major development; it’s a very positive development. It’s good not just for the people of the South-East, but also for the South-South, for the South-West, for the North and within the sub-region of West Africa, because it is not bridge that is being used only by the people of South-East, people from Benin Republic, from Togo, from Ghana; they come to Onitsha market. People from Cameroon also come to Onitsha market and everybody passes through this bridge. “So, it’s a major concern to everybody, but because it situates in the South-East that’s why we are more worried about that. So, I’m excited just like the rest of Nigerians

about the intended flag off of the construction of the second Niger Bridge.” The Deputy President of the Senate expressed gratitude to President Jonathan for his determination and desire to actualise the project, which he described as long-standing dream of the people of South-East, adding that the bridge is coming in grand style as it would come with other appurtenances including exit ways in and out of Onitsha. Ekweremadu noted that he personally followed developments concerning the project, adding that after studying the design he suggested the addition of a rail line to be incorporated in the design of the bridge, which he said was done.

Nigeria, Cameroon seek joint patrol of Bakassi Peninsula •Navy frees 3 seized Indian nationals SEGUN ADIO


he Nigerian government will be seeking joint patrol of Ibaka area of Bakassi Peninsula with its Cameroonian counterpart to further protect citizen’s lives and property in the area. This was disclosed yesterday in Lagos by the New Chief of the Naval Staff, Vice Admiral Usman Jibrin, during the pull out ceremony of his predecessor in office, Vice Admiral Dele Joseph Ezeoba. The naval chief was reacting to a comment that Nigerian Armed Forces needs to do more to protect

the interest of its citizens resident in the affect area. But Admiral Jibrin maintained that the Nigerian government could not unilaterally deploy troops to the area otherwise it would be violating the International Court of Justice pronouncement on the area. Rather than unilateral action on the area, the naval chief said that the government of the two countries would seek for ways to jointly maintain order and sanity in the oil rich area. His words: “We can only have joint patrol around Bakassi with Cameroon. If we go to Ibaka alone, it would be in violation of

the ICJ verdict.” Admiral Jibrin also maintained that his administration would ensure prudent management of naval resources while assuring Nigerians that the foremost naval ship, NNS ARADU would soon be back to sea, as he claimed discussions were already ongoing between the Nigerian Navy and some development partners on the warship. The naval chief also disclosed that the Nigerian Navy has set free three Indian nationals whose ship was allegedly hijacked by suspected pirates around Burutu area of Delta State.

around $9bn a year earlier. “Foreign reserves have also fallen, to a 19-month low of $40bn, and the naira, which had been stable, is under pressure from the emerging market asset sell-off, but the reserves remain at a relatively comfortable 5.6 months of imports”, the IMF noted. It said investors are concerned about a possible spike in government spending ahead of the presidential and parliamentary elections next February and potential leakages in oil revenues, in a sector which has suffered a number of corruption scandals in recent months. “Policies should focus on rebuilding external and fiscal buffers, avoiding spending pressures from the political cycle, strengthening the transparency and governance of the oil sector,” the IMF said in its report. Nigeria estimated oil output would average 2.39 million barrels per day, this year, which oil industry experts think is overly optimistic and is likely to lead

to an underfunded budget, as happened last year. Large scale oil theft, which can reach 400,000 bpd, and outages caused by ageing pipelines and other infrastructure deficiencies are keeping output well below the sector’s 2.7 million bpd capacity. Despite robust growth and an attractive investment outlook, Nigeria still suffers from gaping inequality, the IMF noted. Thousands of new millionaires are created each year but most of the country’s 170 million people live on less than $1 a day and unemployment is stuck at around 25 per cent. “Despite significant job creation, unemployment and poverty are high and social indicators lag those of peers,” the IMF said. “Continued weaknesses in labour markets, access to electricity, cost of doing business, and small and medium enterprises’ access to finance have prevented a transition to a more robust and inclusive growth path,” it said.

In your refreshingly different

Diversifying child-trafÀcking Child-trafficking, which occurred occasionally and sparingly in the past, has now become one of the teething problems facing Nigeria, apart from insurgency, kidnapping and oil bunkering. The infraction has now been elevated to the pedestal of normal trade and it is even diversifying. Sunday Mirror, in this special report, combs out the expanded arm of child-trafficking, which is the setting up of baby factories, where men are recruited to bed the women, impregnating them. Babies from such pregnancies are thus articles of trade…It’s a moving story of human injustice and callousness. It’s a must read.

Real reasons for judges’ sack Two High Court judges were last week sacked by the President, acting on the recommendation of the National Judicial Council, NJC, over acts described as misconducts. Though the details of the alleged offences of these judges were sketchy, our correspondent was able to scoop out the ABC of the offences, giving all you need to know about the alleged crimes of these sacked men of the bench. It is steaming hot.

What Abdullahi did against Jonathan



account for the rebasing. “Economic growth is expected to improve further in 2014, driven by agriculture, trade, and services,” the IMF said in a report following consultations with Nigerian officials. “Inflation should continue to decline, with lower food prices from higher rice and wheat production and supported by a tight monetary policy and a budget execution that maintains medium-term consolidation objectives,” it said. The IMF said there were risks to its projections, including the uncertain pace of the global recovery, lower oil prices and production, slow implementation of reforms and the continuation of a bloody Islamist insurgency in the north. It also cautioned against draining fiscal buffers. The report also said the excess crude account, where Nigeria saves money from excess oil revenues not allocated for in the government’s budget, contained $2.28bn at the end of last year, down from

It is no longer news that Bolaji Abdullahi is now at home, having been sacked as the Sport Minister. Though reasons have been variously speculated as to his sudden ouster, sources close to Kwara politics, especially the Saraki-Jonathan face-off have been able to reveal a lot on the Abdullahi saga, especially things that he allegedly did that President Jonathan could no longer contain.


‘Men are intimidated by my size’ Amaka Okere is an interesting Nollywood actress. She has many tattoos on her huge body which she carries with poise. In this interview, she says her big stature is really an asset as many men, who ordinarily would have loved to toast her, are intimidated by it. She also says other things capable of putting you on the edge. Meet her tomorrow.

These and many more available tomorrow in your


March 8, 2014

Saturday Mirror

From the Civil Service health Anambra traffic agency sacks Kaduna workers embark on 168 workers indefinite strike T P

he Anambra Traffic Agency (ASTA) has laid-off 168 of its personnel in the last12 months, Dr Chike Ohamobi, the Commissioner for Transport, said in Awka. Ohamobi stated that the affected persons, including 33 regular and 135 ad hoc staff, were sacked for various offences. “We have laid-off some 168 personnel who were caught in unethical practices in the past one year,” he added. Ohamobi said the action was part of an ongoing effort to reposition

the agency for better service delivery. He said that the exercise was also aimed at ridding the agency of miscreants who tarnished its image through various nefarious activities. Ohamobi said investigations were on-going to establish the culpability of trailer drivers who allegedly killed an official of the agency in January in Onitsha. He pledged that the law would take its course to bring the culprits to book, adding that policemen were now attached to

ASTA officials to ensure that the ugly incident did not reoccur. “There is an on-going repositioning and rebranding of ASTA in Anambra. We have changed their uniforms, and educated people are being engaged to strengthen the workforce. We are also warning motorists in the state, especially in Onitsha, that decongestion is still on. They should steer clear of our roads as we are going to intensify confiscation of errant vehicles,’’ he said. NAN reports that an ASTA official was killed

in January while on duty by trailer drivers on the Owerri-Onitsha road. (NAN)

Governor Obi

Alhassan pledges healthy liaison with health ministry workers



he new Minister of State for Health, Dr Khaliru Alhassan, has promised to work along with other leaders of the Federal Ministry of Health to enhance health care services for Nigerians. Alhassan, who stated this on his assumption of office at the ministry in Abuja, however, expressed worry over medical tourism in the country. “If I will tell you one thing I have learnt during the past few weeks at the Senate screening,

there has been a lot of accusing fingers towards us that we are responsible for medical tourism. The Federal Government is losing billions of dollars because of us; a lot of people are looking at us that we are responsible for people going out of the country. “I want to tell you that I have a lot of work to do to change this perception. I know we have the best professionals in this world and our institutions are some of the world’s best. I want to assure you that I will be a great team player. I am here to learn; of course, I don’t know anything. I

am here to learn among my equals,” he stressed. According to him, government has all it takes to effect the desired change and improve on the health of Nigerians. Earlier, Minister of Health, Prof Onyebuchi Chukwu, had said both of them alongside other staff of the ministry were expected to ensure the mandate of the ministry is effectively carried out. “Our mandate is clear; to ensure that Nigerians are healthy. We have to work with the states, local governments and the private sector to deliver our mandate,” Chukwu said, adding:

“All we are doing today is to ensure that the President’s transformation agenda is carried out to a logical conclusion, which comprises the National Health Development Strategic Plan; this is the core agenda of the President for the health sector.” In his remarks, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry, Amb Sani Bala cautioned sub-heads and other staff of the ministry to desist from all acts that could pitch the two ministers against each other. “The health sector is bedevilled with different problems; we don’t need to add more,” he warned.

Commissioner tasks civil servants on environment


he Commissioner for Environment and Forestry in Kwara, Mr Usman Mora, has urged the staff of the ministry to monitor their environment to ensure healthy living. Mora made the call in Ilorin at the maiden meeting with the management

and staff of the ministry. The commissioner also urged the staff to report cases of dirty environment to assist government clean up Ilorin and other parts of the state. “ I urge you to cultivate the habit of monitoring the environment you live in and report any dirty

environment to assist government clean up the affected areas,” he said. Mora further solicited for collective participation and sustainability of service delivery by staff to enable the ministry achieve its goals. The commissioner, who urged the staff to comply

with the dress code of the civil service, also called for honesty, dedication and sincerity in the discharge of official duties. Earlier, the Permanent Secretary in the ministry, Dr Abdulrazaq Amuda, had called for a positive change in attitude to (NAN) work.

atients have deserted public health facilities in Kaduna State following an indefinite strike embarked upon by health workers. Patients including those on admission had deserted the Yusuf Dantsoho General Hospital, Tudun-Wada and Gwamna Awan General Hospital, Nasarawa. The male, female, accident and emergency wards of the hospitals were closed, while medical doctors on duty were seen in groups discuss-

ing the situation. Mr Obadiah Sunday, Chairman, Joint Health Workers Union, said that the strike was due to the failure of the state government to honour a 2011 agreement on CONHESS salary structure and arrears. He advised the government to understand that healthcare delivery was a multi-services sector for doctors, nurses and laboratory technicians. The strike began on Saturday after a 21-day ultimatum by the union. (NAN)

Kwara urges civil servants to offer useful advice to politicians


wara State Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed has urged civil servants in his domain to always offer useful advice to politicians in order to attain the laudable goal of transforming the society. Ahmed made the call at the opening of the 38th Meeting of the National Council on Establishments in Ilorin, the state capital. The governor, represented by his deputy, Elder Peter Kisira, said the civil service was a veritable tool for attainment of the growth and development of the nation. Earlier, the Head of the Civil Service of the Federation, Alhaji Bukar Aji, called on heads of service across the country to develop a system which would improve the capacity of civil servants across the nation. According to him, the council is a consultative body for the governments of the federation on matters relating to general establishment matters.

He added that salary structure, grading, conditions and schemes of service, as well as productivity improvement within the limits set by the governments of the federation were matters within the purview of the council. “In order to ensure that the service effectively performs these roles, it is important that the council meets on a regular basis to review the existing rules and regulations that determine matters of official conduct in government business. The critical issue of welfare and well-being of workers as well the scheme of service for different cadres should be in line with emerging global trends and best practice in public governance”, he said. The Kwara Head of Service, Alhaji Dabarako Mohammed, urged Aji to look into the issue of state pensioners with federal shares whose names were omitted during payment. (NAN)

Saturday Mirror


March 8, 2014



We are safe in Ukraine, Osun medical students assure govt, parents


edical students from Osun State U n i v e r s i t y, studying in Ukraine have assured the state government and their parents of their safety, saying they were not affected by the crisis. World attention has continued to turn to

Ukraine over heightened tension over political unrest in Crimea region of the country. The students under the aegis of H.N. Karazin Kharvis National University State of Osun Medical Students, in a letter, signed by its president, Mr. Samuel Owoeye, and

sent to the state government, noted that the political rancour did not extend to their place of study. The students said that they are fully secured and are going about their studies in good academic atmosphere. They claimed that they only watch the

ongoing crisis through social media, like every other citizen of the world. According to Owoeye, “For a while now, news has been going around about the political instability in Ukraine, and that has created worries and agitations in people concerned especially from

government quarters, some parents and folks with half-baked information. “With all confidence, I assure that we are doing fine and not affected in any way by the political rancour in the country as this does not even extend to where we are living and schooling, everything is going well just like a normal day and we did not even physically witness any of the chaotic situations except those that we watch online and hear about. I confirm to all that State of Osun Medical Students in Ukraine are in peace and harmony”. The student prayed for a quick restoration of peace back to the

political system of the country of their host. They expressed gratitude to the Governor Rauf Aregbesola led government in Osun State for investing on them, stressing that they would remain grateful and be good ambassadors of the state and Nigeria in Ukraine. Osun government had sponsored 98 Clinical Students of the College of Medicine of the Osun State University (UNIOSUN), to complete their medical studies in the Karazin University in Ukraine. The programme, expected to last for two years, costs the state government about N146 million.

Egun ethnic group faults Lagos’ list to Confab


From left, Special Adviser to the Governor on Security Matters, Barrister Adekunle Amos; Governor Rauf Aregbesola of Osun State; Executive Director of Transmission TCN, Mr Shahid Mohamad; Executive Director of Operations TCN, Dipak Sarma; Principal Manager of Transmission TCN; Engineer Ade Odukale; during the governor’s assessment of the fire outbreak at the TCN Osogbo Sub-Region, yesterday

Ogun community sends SOS to govt over infrastructure


ommunity leaders in Itekun town, a settlement of AdoOdo/Ota Local Government Area of Ogun State has appealed to the state government to come to the aid of the community in developing its infrastructure. The appeal to the state government was coming on the death of the traditional ruler of the

community, HRM Oba Timothy Olutayo, who they claimed, had been at the forefront of bringing development and infrastructural development to the community. Speaking on behalf of the community, a prominent citizen of the community, Chief Azeez OkoOsi told journalists that the monarch died at the time he was working for

the development of the town. Chief Oko-Osi, who said that the late monarch had been at the vanguard of bringing development into the community, however, appealed to Governor Ibikunle Amosun to extend his giant development strides to the community especially in remembrance of the departed monarch. It was

learnt that the final burial of Oba Olutayo, would be held on Sunday with an Interdenominational Christian Service at Recreation Fuield, Itekun. He expressed gratitude to the Ogun State government and the Ado-Odo Ota Lcoal Government and Council of Obas for their support during the burial rites of the late monarch last December.

Ekiti 2014: Large turnout as residents get voters’ cards ABIODUN NEJO ADO EKITI


any residents of voting age in Ekiti State yesterday turned out en mass to collect their Permanent Voters’ Cards (PVC) at the various polling units across the state. The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) began the distribution of the cards yesterday to enable the

657,256 registered voters in the state use the cards for the June 21, 2014, governorship and subsequent elections in the state. Governor Kayode Fayemi and his wife, Bisi, were among those who collected their PVCs on the first day of the threeday exercise. Governor Fayemi said at his Isan-Ekiti polling unit that the massive turnout of prospective

voters for the collection of the cards did not indicate that INEC has done well in the performance of the exercise. The governor said preliminary reports from all the 2,195 voting units across the state showed that people trooped out en masse for the exercise with the INEC grappling with efforts to attend to the would bevoters. According to Governor

Fayemi, “We decided to declare public holiday on Friday (yesterday) so that the people could turn up in all the units. Initial reports showed high turnout in all the units, but this will not in any way make me begin to rate the INEC high or passes comment.” Governor Fayemi said he would reserve his comment until the end of the exercise on Sunday (tomorrow).

ollowing the release of delegates from Lagos State to the National Conference which kicked off in Abuja on Monday, the Ogu/ Egun ethnic nationality in the state has expressed its displeasure of its exclusion from the delegates from the state. The frustration of the people was contained in letter dated March 4, 2014, to Governor Babatunde Fashola with the title Unfair Exclusion of Ogu/Egun Ethnic Nationality From Lagos State List of Names to National Confab, and signed by Comrade Bokoh Seyido Oluwole, president and Ogunbiyi Gbenasu Isaac (Esq), General Secretary. The group, which said

the state government’s action was a show of maginalisation of ethnic nationalities in the state, however, demanded that their voice be heard at the forthcoming national conference. The group, which claimed it represents 16 per cent of residents of the state, wondered why such a large voice would be silenced. The letter read in parts, “We are of the view that all hopes are not lost because we believe in your sense of fairness, judgement and spirit of accommodation which has seen you through the act of successful governance in Lagos State so much so that people now clamour for your elevation to the Presidency.”

Ogun PFN warns against use of its name for political bargain FEMI OYEWESO ABEOKUTA


he Ogun State chapter of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) yesterday warned any of its affiliate members not to use its name to bargain with any politicians ahead of the forthcoming year 2015 general election in the state.

The state’s chairman of the Christian body, Rev. (Dr.) Tunde AkinAkinsanya, who gave the warning in Abeokuta, the state capital, yesterday, also cautioned all PFN members representing the body at the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) against the manner by which they represent the body across the structures.



March 8, 2014

Saturday Mirror


I’m not being Road accident claims 34 in Niger probed by Jonathan – Baraje PRISCILLA DENNIS MINNA



lhaji Kawu Baraje, erstwhile Acting Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), now in the All Progressives Congress (APC), on Friday, denied news making rounds that he is being probed by Federal Government. Baraje, who denied the report in a statement, in Ilorin, said that the purported probe against him was untrue. The said probe was said to have been at instance of award of some contracts claimed to have been awarded to Baraje. According to him, he did not embark or award any shoddy contract either as an acting Chairman of the PDP, chairman of the Nigerian Railways Corporation

(NRC) or the Chairman of the Nigeria Airspace Management Agency (NAMA). The politician said he was hail and healthy and that since the rumour surfaced, he had travelled out of the country, to attend crucial meetings. Baraje appealed to Nigerians and the people of Kwara State in particular to continue to be law abiding and remain peaceful in all their undertakings.


Plateau youths protest relocation of FRSC academy to Enugu JAMES ABRAHAM JOS


ouths in Plateau State under the aegis of Concerned Plateau Youths, have staged a peaceful protest to condemn the recent relocation of the Federal Road Safety Corp (FRSC) Academy from Jos to Enugu. The youths, in their hundreds, had assembled at the State Government House, Rayfield, yesterday. Spokesman for the group, Friday Bako said they had issued te state’s legislators a two-week ultimatum to reverse the relocation or face massive protest by youths from the middle belt region. The FRSC academy was established in 2007 by then former Corps Marshal, Major General Haladu Hananiya, for the training of its officers, in Jos. But incumbent Corp Marshal, Osita Chidoka had, last month, ordered

all staff at the academy to relocate to Enugu. The youths accused Chidoka of politicising the relocation exercise stating that, “Since Mr. Chidoka has only about a year left before the expiration of his second and final term in office, he is trying to justify his mostly lacklustre tenure to his kith and kin by taking away the FRSC Academy from Jos to his home region.” Bako also told Saturday Mirror that the FRSC Board whose chairman, “Mr felix Chukwu, also hails from the South-east zone of the country as Osita Chidoka, seemed to have concurred and connived with the Corps Marshall to perpetrate this illegality.” Meanwhile, Speaker of the Plateau State House of Assembly, Titus Alams, who addressed the youths, urged them to be patient and promised that the legislators would look into their case.


t least a total of 34 traders have lost their lives in a fatal motor accident in Gadan Kuiwo along Rijau-Kontagora Road in Mariga Local Government Area of Niger state. The auto crash, it was learnt, occurred on Wednesday night, when a

lorry, enroute Lagos, and conveying cattle from Gadan Zaimari in Zamfara State with 78 traders on board, had a head on collusion with a oil tanker on the bridge at about 11:00 pm. The collision sent the trailer, which it was gathered, was on top speed, tumbling under the bridge leaving 34 death on the spot.

Confirming the incident in a phone chat, the Federal Road Safety Commission Unit Commander for Kontagora, Mr Pius Bagoohlepeng, said 34 traders lost their lives as a result of the crash on the spot due to injuries they sustained, while 30 others were rushed to hospitals in Kontagora. The unit commander

stated that so far, most of the corpses had been collected by their relations for burial, while those injured were responding to treatment in Kontagora town. Niger State Police Public Relation Officer, Mr. Richard Oguche, confirmed the development and called on drivers to exercise restraint, while on the road.

L-R: Acting Chairman, PDP, Gombe State, Alhaji Nasiru Mohammed; Gombe Deputy Governor, Mr Tha’anda Rubainu; Governor Ibrahim Dankwambo and Speaker, Gombe State House of Assembly, Alhaji Inuwa Garba, during the swearing-in of Advisers, new Chairmen and Members of Boards and Commissions in Gombe, recently

534 persons killed in Nasarawa crises –Commission IGBAWASE UKUMBA LAFIA


he Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the Nasarawa State crises has said that no fewer than 534 persons were killed during the recent crises that had engulfed the state. Those killed, the commission claimed included personnel of the Nigeria Police and the Department of State Services. The commission also said based on the assessment

it carried out on property destroyed during the crises, about N2.3 billion worth or property were also destroyed. Chairman of the commission, Hon. Justice Joseph Fola Gbadeyan (rtd), disclosed this yesterday, while presenting report of the commission to Governor Umaru Tanko Al-Makura at the Government House, Lafia, the state capital. Governor Al-Makura had constituted the judicial commission of inqui-

ry following the incident of May 7, 2013 at Alakyo village, in Lafia Local Government Area of the state, where security personnel were killed while on official assignment by persons suspected to be members of an ethnic militia group. Justice Gbadeyan, however, stated that the figure of the 534 persons killed excludes the 143 individuals allegedly killed, but which no formal evidence was availed to the commission.

NAWOJ decries high rate of rape ALEX MOMOH KANO


he Nigerian Association of Woman Journalists (NAWOJ) has urged concerted efforts against the increasing cases of rape especially of minors in the country. Vice Chairperson of NAWOJ, Zone A, Hajia Zainab Rabo Ringim, gave the charge at the opening ceremony of the zonal meeting of the women

journalists, organised by the zone in Kano State. Hajia Ringim urged all stakeholders, including parents and governments, to come up with pragmatic measures that would help address the problem one and for all. According to her, “Rape issues are the focal point of this our meeting. The prevalence of this inhuman vice is alarming and therefore unacceptable and we will not rest until we see that the hei-

nous act is wiped out from the society,” Hajia Ringim said. Kano State chapter of NAWOJ, Hajia Aminu Usman, however charged the association’s members in the zone tom remain one and a united family especially as the national election of the group draws closer. In the meantime, NAWOJ has presented an award of excellence to Governor Rabi`u Musa Kwankwaso of Kano

According Justive Gbadeyan, “the commission discovered that 40 persons sustained injuries in the various crises that rocked across the state. out of this number, nine are members of the Nigeria Police Force.” Receiving the report, Governor Al-Makura assured members of the commission that their efforts would not be in vain as government would expeditiously look into the report and immediately bring out a white paper to that effect.

State for what they described as “is service to humanity and fiscal responsibility since he becomes the governor of the state within this period of two years.” While receiving the award, Governor Kwankwaso assured the group that his administration would continue to work hand in hand with journalists in order to actualise its dream towards the betterment of the teeming population in the state.


Saturday Mirror

March 8, 2014


‘We called PDP to order by restricting P. 14 debate on 2014 budget’

2015: Jega and reality of securing corps members EBERE NDUKWU


t the last general elections, ten National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members were brutally murdered in Bauchi and some other states in the northern part of the country. The tragic incidents which were aftermath of the April 17, 2011 presidential election saw many Nigerians questioning the rationale for the continuation of the NYSC scheme. While many Nigerians called for outright abolition of the scheme then, some preferred it reviewed. Those who called for its abolition based their argument on the risk and the difficulties corps members go through, in the name of rendering a one year selfless service to their father land. But those who think otherwise cite the positive aspects of the scheme, stressing that it provides interactions for different ethnic backgrounds, culture and traditions among other benefits. The arguments for and against have not changed anything. The scheme remains. However, another election is around the corner and corps members will yet, again, serve as Independent National Electoral Commissions (INEC) ad-hoc staff. Ahead of the exercises in 2015, the INEC chairman, Prof. Attahiru Jega, recently made what many have tagged empty promises. His promises include that INEC will this time around ensure the security of lives of corps members who will work as the commissions’ ad-hoc staff. Though the murdered corps members may have been years buried, for their loved ones, the tears are yet to dry, the sorrows linger and the pains incurable. Apart from election rigging, Nigeria’s elections have taken the dimension of post-election violence. As observed by the Human Rights Watch (2011), ‘’the April elections were said to be one of the fairest in Nigeria history, but was also among the bloodiest’’. After the election, unprecedented violence engrossed many states in the Northern part of the country. Even before the result was announced, Bauchi, Kaduna, Kano, and Borno states were caught up in a web of violence. The first security INEC should have promised should have been putting a stop to the neglect of some important aspects of the recommendations of Electoral Reform Committee (ERC) which have continued




to raise issues as one of the main factors responsible for the 2011 election lapses. These incude failure to deliver electoral materials on schedule, sundry examples of incompetence and the appointment of INEC chief which remains against the recommendation of the ERC. All these, many analysts argue culminated in the post-election violence of 2011 general election, and has remained same till date. According to Jega, the attacks carried out on the NYSC members deployed for elections in 2011 happened mostly at the NYSC camps and to avoid a repeat, he said the commission will provide security to the NYSC camps before and after elections. Many have taken the promise of the INEC boss with a pinch of salt. The argue that making promises could be cheap, but the fulfillment remains quite important. This is particularly against the backdrop of a critical look at the will and capacity of the federal government in fulfilling the promise. For example, it is argued that if till this moment, the country is yet to bring the activities of the Boko Haram insurgence to a sizeable control, despite numerous promises the government has made over the it might be necessary to think again, and to ask from which corner of the mouth Jega is making his promise. “If Jega will assure me that he can allow any of his relatives, let alone his child, who is a corps member to serve as an INEC ad-hoc staff or any of the politi-

cians, especially in places like Bauchi and these Boko Haram terrorised states, then I will know they are serious. “What do you expect Jega to say; he needs people to work with and he has no option than to come up with promises of providing security for corps members. I pray nothing happens again this time,” said a commentator who pleaded anonymity. It is important to recall that some of the murdered corps members of 2011, were killed right inside a police station. If Nigerian police cannot defend armless citizens in their custody, then, many questions beg for answers on how prepared INEC are in providing security to corps members in 2015. This is especially when one cannot point out any noticeable difference between Nigerian security of 2011 and the one at the moment. One should also not be ignorant of the facts that many of these corps members are posted to some unmotorable villages in the north and creeks in the southwest where if there is existence of police stations, they are very far removed from them. “Where are these quarters?” Tunde Moses, a corps member serving in Jigawa State, asked when reacting recently to Jega’s promise, on a social medial queried. “Or is the federal government going to build new NYSC quarters that will be big enough for the members? Because if the protection Jega is promising will be based on the already existing quarters, more corps members leave outside the quarters, as where it actually exist, it can house only but few corps members. “It was in Bauchi in 2011, who knows

which state it will be in 2015,” Tunde said. For many Nigerians one thing that readily comes to mind when one thinks about the coming 2015 election remains its safety. This fear deepens when one considers the ease with which the terrorist group, Boko Haram, carry out their inhuman activities in some northern parts of the country. Also sending signals of fears about the election is threats from Niger Delta militants and predictions of revolution and anarchy by some political big shots if Jonathan contests. Many analysts have continued to point accusing finger at a statement attributed to Muhammadu Buhari that Nigeria will be made ungovernable should 2011 election be rigged as what triggered the violence that resulted in the killings of last election. If, assuming it was true, by a statement of one man the youths went on rampage in 2011, now that many people have come to say that if Jonathan contests in 2015 not even win, that there will be anarchy and revolution, then one wonders what to expect. This is also significant when considered alongside the threat that hell will be let lose if Jonathan does not win 2015 election. It could be recalled that the Northern elders made it clear that the crisis rocking the polity will not cease should Jonathan decide to go for a re-run. Former Minister of Aviation, Chief CONTINUED ON PAGE 15



March 8, 2014

Saturday Mirror

‘We called PDP to order by restricting Hon. Emmanuel Jime, a member of the House of Representatives, is articulate, brilliant and recently sparked off controversy for calling the attention of his colleagues to the fact that the 2014 budget breached sections of the Fiscal Act. As 2015 draws close, he is working to take over the Benue Government House under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), for which he dumped the ruling Peoples Democratic Party. He spoke to TORDUE SALEM on some issues including the politics of restricting debate on the 2014 budget among others. Excerpts:


ou raised a Point of Order restricting debate on 2014 budget. What motivated you to do that? My decision with regard to the budget discussion was consistent with the provisions of our laws. So far, as I can remember, no one who has taken up issues with my position has questioned the legality of the position that we alluded to, as to whether or not there was a breach of the law. Therefore, if we can settle the question about the legality of the provisions which were breached and if we can settle the issue that really the law was breached, then I will prefer that people may wish to focus on the breach of our law and discuss that extensively. Of course, the provision of the Fiscal Responsibility Act at Section 21 (1,2,3) clearly stipulates what needs to be done when a budget is to be presented to the National Assembly; particularly, sub-section 3, which emphasises that the budget estimates of all the federal government corporations like the NNPC, the CBN, Nigeria Ports Authority among othrs, must accompany the estimates of the budget as submitted to the Minister of Finance. That is the law. Clearly, from what has been presented to us, there is no dispute that what the Minister of Finance presented to us was not the estimates that were submitted to her by those corporations. But they are all summary. My point is, under our laws, the minister has no powers to then summarise those estimates. If the law had wanted the minister to summarise, the law will say so clearly. This is the issue, that for me, formed the kernel of the Point of Order that I raised. And I thank the Honourable Speaker, who decided, in his wisdom, to constitute a House committee, that is responsible in more ways than one, for advising us on legal issues when they have been made clear. I believe most of the arguments that seem to have trailed this are really more about a supposed directive that was given to members of the APC, that we should stall budget processes. I will now like to address the question of whether what I did was strictly in obeisance to the directive of the APC or not. I want people to remember that when I was a member of the PDP, it (the PDP) gave instructions that we should elect Hon. Mulikat, the House Leader today, as Speaker of the House. But I, standing on the side of history and the people, decided that in the interest of the independence of the Legislature, that we should be allowed to elect our own leadership that would be responsible to the membership of the House without having to take instructions from somewhere outside of the chamber. I made that point to establish clearly that in my dear name and my understanding of my responsibility as a legislator,

of government; and deploy it to the full services of Nigerians, you are condemned. Let us not be deceived. The executive arm of government is only too happy when this blackmail is visited on the National Assembly. That is the only way they can ride roughshod over the Nigerian people and get away with. But you decided to softpedal on the budget later. Why? Femi speaks as leader of APC. I think it is his duty to do the politics of the APC. I am a member of APC . I am not its leader. So, I see things from the perspective of a member of the APC, who has been elected to do the duty of the members of his constituency. Any day that I am satisfied that the due process of the law has been followed, even if there is an instruction, I am not likely to comply with that instruction. My point in this case is: Was there a breach of the law? And it was very simple. Even on that very day, if the chairman of the Appropriation committee had asked for the matter to

once you get elected and you take the oath, you are no longer beholden to a political party. You are, indeed, the property of Nigeria. So, whatever decisions you take are decisions that you can explain in due conscience when questions are asked of you. I have never, in all of my political career, done something because I was directed by a political party to do so. Make no mistake about it, I am not saying that party instructions are not necessary for the vibrancy of democracy. The APC, in its wisdom, had decided that the impunity with which the executive arm of government has carried out its duties in this country must be called to order. An example was set about the impunity that has been going on unabated in Rivers State. That co-incidence of the party instruction and the breach of our laws, I think, is what people are now completely misunderstanding to mean that we are grand-standing on behalf of the APC. I think the question that Nigerians should be asking the executive, not me, is that we have been passing budget from 1999 till now, what impact have they made? Why did you choose now to raise dust on budget estimates when you did not in the past? If you ask me, the fact that you do some things the wrong way all the time means that you should


continue to the same things the wrong way even when you now have discovered that you have been doing things the wrong way. Another thing is that when I made my submissions on the floor of the House, one of the areas that I pointed out to was to remind us about the incidence of this $10.8 billion that is said to be missing in the NNPC. And I said to my colleagues that perhaps in 2013 if the budget estimates of the NNPC had been submitted to the National Assembly, maybe we would have been in a position to call NNPC to order and to ask questions about it. How can you, in all due conscience, conduct an oversight over an estimate, that in the first place, you have no hand in approving. When we approved the 2013 budget we

had no full details; but we went ahead and passed it, we were now confronted with a fait accompli. Now, we are, as a parliament, unable to tell Nigerians why $10.8 billion is said to be missing in the coffers of the NNPC. The day that the Legislature fails to hold the executive arm of government to account, what we are going to enthrone in this nation will be anarchy beyond redemption. People are used to seeing the executive and the judiciary. Every time there is a military coup, it is the parliament that goes. So, for too long, the National Assembly, is the one arm of government that is undeveloped in its capacity. When we don’t do what is due to us, we are condemned. When you also stand up, in recognition of the full powers of that arm

be stepped down so that he could go back and bring us the details of the budget, we would have continued with the budget discussion that day. So, my take is that we have good information available to us that the details have been provided. And that, from my angle, was the only reason why I saw an issue with it. Therefore, I concur that there is basis for us to proceed with the discussion on the budget. That having been said, if on account of what we did, which as I said really have no direct bearing with an instruction that was given anywhere, somebody, somewhere has woken up to the realisation that we should start calling ourselves to order; and we should reduce the incident of impunity in the country, then, halleluya! If Mbu, has been removed, congratulations. As far

Saturday Mirror


March 8, 2014


g debate on 2014 budget’ as I am concerned it was a little bit late in coming. But it is a welcome development. And I hope, that means, going forward, we would have less and less incidences of executive rascality and impunity. What explanation would you give on the obstructing of votes for police and capital budget and the legality of the Excess Crude Account? In the course of the consideration of the general principles of the debate, those issues can be raised. The point that we raised concerning the breach of the law is called jurisdiction in law parlance. In this case, we were saying because those documents were not before us, the budget was not properly before us. So, certainly if we have issues with those ones, depending on what, we are now going to raise them during the course of the general discussions of the principles of the budget. The ECA is constituted by a law of parliament that has been passed by the National Assembly. That is my understanding. So far as I know, that law has not been challenged or if it has been challenged, it has not been struck out by any law court. So, to the extent that it is the law of the law of the land, I don’t think there is any dispute on that issue. For now, this (question of legality) is one thing that we should not be discussing. My personal view, if you don’t mind, is that I truly believe that we ought to have savings in this country. When the National Assembly considers the budget, there is usually a benchmark. There is no way, as I understand it, that we would come below the benchmark to the extent that we would throw the whole proposal into deficit. So far, as we are hitting this price regime that overshoots the benchmark, it means clearly that there is some money that has not been appropriated for. That is the money that I understand goes into the ECA. The government idea is let have some savings. I am totally in agreement with savings. How much of that we may have is what may be debated. There must be some delicate balancing that enables some degree of saving to be done while at the same time we are not compromising the ability of the states and local governments to also perform some of their functions. There are indications that you like to contest for the governorship seat of Benue State. What would be your priorities? Governance has to do with the particular body make-up of the leader, his mind set, his vision, particularly, where you are headed for, where you want to take your nation or state, as the case may be. I am clear-headed about Benue State and where the state should be four years from now. One of the things that I think are critical to the development of democracy in Benue State is to appreciate that we have only one resource, and that is agriculture. Benue State is not, unfortunately, an oil producing state. In addition to agriculture, our focus must be on education. When I went to school in my own time, we were told that the only factory that was thriving then was the production of youths through schools. Education was considered the most criti-

cal element in development. There are also other parts of the world where you don’t have any other resource apart from human capital. Singapore is the best example. They were in the third world as you know. But today, Singapore is in the first world. What did they do? Their emphasis is on education and they make sure that every single Singaporean was given high quality education. And because of what they have, they are able to translate that human development of their people to national development. For me too, the emphasis must be the human capital development of our people, to make sure that the quality of education that our kids are receiving is second to none in this country. I will also want to enable, as much as possible, that the youths of our state are given the best tools they can be able to get, in terms of the quality of education that they can be able to get. I have done so much to advance the cause of education of our people. The evidence is there if I should be privileged to be of service at the level of governor. Agriculture is my main focus. Benue is called the food basket of the nation. I believe truly that with the fertile land that we have, if we encourage commercial agriculture, there is no reason why this country should be importing rice. I am ashamed that today that there are states that are less endowed; Kogi State for example is touting itself as the number one in rice production. That I think is an embarrassment to Benue State because we have even more fertile land that can grow rice than Kogi State. We will encourage the private sector to get involved in agriculture. Government alone won’t go into agriculture. We will intensify efforts to take over commercial agriculture and stand beside and support their efforts. What you need to do as a government is to prop up and provide the infrastructure that is required.


There is so much wastage of fruits in Benue state. There is no reason why we should not have a fruit factory in Benue State that produces fruit juices that can be sold everywhere in the country and even beyond as well. But what is happening right now is that because of the road infrastructure leading into our rural areas, people are not able to bring up their fruits to the market places and be able to sell them. We locate high quality schools in the rural areas so that those farmers and their kids need not gravitate to the cities. So, we are talking electricity; good, clean water… When you do these, you are guaranteeing the welfare of most of the citizens. The greatest problem that is confronting Benue State, especially my constituency, is the conflict between farmers and Fulani herdsmen over grazing areas. One of the reasons why it is impossible to deal with the situation is the fact that security response is greatly hampered and hindered. If there is a breakdown of law and order 30 kilometers away from Makurdi, I can tell you that it is almost impossible for the police in Makurdi to get to the place at short notice.

These are things that have not been done in Benue State. And I suppose we can do things differently because we are more concerned about the security and welfare of our people. And we think that in four years, these are issues that can be developed. Thereafter, we can now make projections of how our state should be in 20 years because the vision of any leader is to be futuristic. You have got to do things that four to five years from now you can look back and say we are truly happy that we made this amount of progress that we are here instead of giving people excuses. Will you run for the governorship position? That question I believe has been answered in a lot of ways. We have been consulting. We are nearing the end of our consultations. At the end we will be able to make pronouncement of our ambition one way or the other. All I can say for now is that I have received a lot of goodwill. There is excitement, especially among the youths of Benue around the project. There is a movement that has started. I am happy to be a participant in it. If the people should decide I will be too glad to offer myself as the anchor of the movement. What are your chances of winning? I believe we have very good opportunity. There is an enabling environment at home. Benue State has had its fair share of tribulations. I think it is fair to say that it is one of the most impoverished states in the country at the moment. The people are anxious to be pulled out of the poverty level that they are in at the moment. So, if you ask me my chances with the elite, I cannot be able to say, with some authority. But if you ask me my chances with the poor, those who have been deprived of any means of decent livelihood, and those who appreciate good service, then you may just be talking to the next governor of Benue State.

2015: Jega and reality of securing corps members CONTINUED FROM PAGE 13 Femi Fani-Kayode, not long ago said the way the President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration was going and the threats from different quarters to destroy Nigeria if the president does not win election in 2015 was a pointer that Jonathan would attempt to split the country if he fails to win 2015 general election based on the way he had succeeded in causing a division in the Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF). Not forgetting former member of the Revenue Mobilisation, Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) representing Benue State, Abu King Shuluwa’s comment that Nigeria may disintegrate if President Goodluck Jonathan contests in 2015. On the other hand, Mujahid AsariDokubo, former militant and leader of the Niger Delta Peoples Volunteer Force (NDPVF), said there would be blood in the streets if Mr. Jonathan is not re-elected in the 2015 election. A retired Federal Permanent Secretary

and Third Republic governor of Anambra State, Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife, he said: “The truth of the matter is that opposing President Jonathan’s second term is like opposing the continued existence of Nigeria as one united country. Amidst all these fears, the INEC Chairman, Professor Attahiru Jega recently said the commission had put in place security measures to protect corps members to avoid a recurrence of the carnage that followed the 2011 election. Already many analysts are saying that if care is not taken, the coming election will witness worst violence than the last general elections. According to them, the rate of party switch (cross-carpeting) in the polity tells how desperate and power drunk the politicians are. What must be considered when looking at the promise by the INEC chairman will be the level of insecurity in the country at the moment compared with 2011. A situation people fear might even be worse by the time 2015 election will be holding.

Some political watchers have concluded that the situation in the country at the moment is tense and if it continues till the election period, Jega’s promise may just be an empty one. There are some also who, in their opinions, suggest that the only security Jega can promise corps members will be to use them as INEC ad-hoc staffs in their respective states if not in their own communities or use Muslim corps members in Muslim populated areas and Christian corps members where Christians are dominant. They argue that to some extent, the measure will make it difficult for one to kill one’s brother or a person of the same faith because he worked as an INEC staff in an ill feted election. In all, many are of the view that except anyone desirous of witnessing the brutality that corps members and other ordinary citizens of the country suffered in the 2011 general elections repeat itself, it would be wise to avoid another wanton loss of lives of future leaders.


March 8, 2014

Saturday Mirror


Saturday Mirror

March 8, 2014


Street trading








Divorce Court

‘I met my wife in another man’s arms’ •It’s not what he thinks –Wife •There’s room for reconciliation –Judge P.38





Saturday Mirror

March 8, 2014


Street trading

Earning a living in harm’s way Street trading, obviously a risky adventure, is carried on with reckless abandon in Lagos, as with almost all Nigerian cities. But really, who cares? Neither the traders nor their teeming patrons, apparently. NNAMDI ONYEUMA takes a look at the dangers of street trading and what should be government’s role in stemming its ugly tide.


r. Chimuanya Ogbonnaya has had to eke out a living by any and every means possible on the cold, mean streets of Lagos in the last four years. And as he readily attests, things have not been easy. Armed with an Higher National Diploma, HND, in Purchasing and Supply from the Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, Owerri, Imo State, to him, the skies were potentially launching pads. He craved working in a big corporation, rising to management level with all its privileges, including a branded official car and a driver. But… if wishes were horses, wouldn’t beggars ride? Ogbonnaya had reasons to aim high. Having graduated with an Upper Credit and oozing with confidence, what could he not wish for? But after searching for gainful employment for years without luck, and having to practically beg to live, he turned to hawking. His mobile ‘shop’ on the streets of Abule-Egba a suburb of Lagos, boasts all manner of lighting accessories smartly arranged in a wheelbarrow and securely placed in a corner of the Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway, near the ever-busy junction linking Agege, Iyana-Ipaja and Command roads, all suburbs of Lagos. Ogbonnaya’s sales technique involves racing after moving vehicles. When luck

smiles on him in the meandering traffic, he quickly introduces his goods. On appeal, in split seconds, money exchanges hands. Sometimes, too, he sells to passers-by. “It’s obviously risky, but what can a desperate man aiming to survive do?” Ogbonnaya asks. “This is survival level. I hope one day soon, I will be out of here for good.” Ogbonnaya is well aware of the risky nature of his trade, but seems helpless. “Many times,” he says, “hawkers get knocked down by devil-possessed drivers. If you are lucky to escape with minor injuries, your item of trade might not be as lucky. “As you can see,” he continues, drawing attention to his wheelbarrow, “my items are all made of plastic and glass. If any falls or goes under any car tyre, it is minus one. That one is a loss.” The Ebonyi State-born graduatehawker is, however, quick to add that though nerve-wrecking and risky, street hawking has provided succour for him. He says, “I am not the only graduate hawking around here. If you wait a little longer, you will meet two Akwa Ibom guys - Udoh and his brother, Austin. What can we do? Since our leaders are lacking in ideas of how to create jobs, but simply looting, we will not fold our hands

and die waiting for God to intervene in Nigeria’s situation. Besides, everything in life is a risk. Even, coming out without something to sell is a risk.” Reminded that hawking is prohibited in Lagos, Ogbonnaya takes a studied step backwards, as if in self defence, and replies, “Yes, I know. But is it better to go into armed robbery? I finished my NYSC in 2006 and came to Lagos in 2007. I started this business in 2012 with the money I made working as a waiter. For, now, ban or no ban, I will keep hawking until I get a better job. “Please, help us tell Governor Babatunde Fashola to lend us money to rent shops rather than sending his Task Force and Monitoring Team after us. Many of our guys have lost their lives or sustained bodily injuries trying to escape arrest. This is what we do to survive and nobody is happy putting his or her life at risk,” he said with finality. With an eye on the risks faced by street traders, their patrons as well as other road users, the Lagos State government, through its Ministry of the Environment, moved to ban the activities of street traders on June 8, 2008. The law finally came into effect on August 10, 2008. In Lagos, as with most major cities of the federation, the ban on street trading became inevitable as a result of seemingly unmovable mountains of refuse in locations where there is a high volume of street trading. There are also concerns that the drainage systems are at risk from this pile up of refuse, which could lead to flooding. Also adding up to the concerns are the fear of attack on commuters, the trend of trading in fake products and the risk of losing the beauty of

the environment. According to Mr. Bayo Sulaimon, a Superintendent of Police who is the chairman of the Task Force on Environmental and Special Offences Unit, the move was aimed at curtailing crime, as well as restoring the beauty of the streets. Says Sulaimon, “Investigations by my office reveal that some of those who pretend to be hawking or selling products to the public on the streets also carry guns. They carry short guns which they use in robbing people after the close of the day’s trading activities.” Sulaimon made a list of high-risk areas around Lagos to include Bank Anthony Way (Ikeja), Oshodi and Third Mainland Bridge and warned that the government would no longer take it kindly with anyone caught engaging in street trading across the Lagos metropolis, particularly in these areas. He warned that any hawker arrested will be prosecuted. Unfortunately, while the number of violators of the order may be known to authorities of the Ministry of the Environment, very little is known about those who have died in the act. This is probably because of one or a combination of the following factors – the lack of official records, proper monitoring of those who get injured while avoiding arrest or unwillingness of families and those who indulge in street trading to report fatal cases to the police. Indeed, it could even be worse if it is true that the traders also rob unsuspecting buyers as alleged by Sulaimon. While that is a real cause for concern, little consideration is given to the monetary value of products lost to the stampede that often greets the arrival CONTINUED ON PAGE 19

Saturday Mirror


March 8, 2014

CONTINUED FROM 19 of Task Force officials or in the simple act of racing after moving vehicles, as Ogbonnaya noted. The tales of people killed while in the act of street trading come in various colorations. If it is not traders in makeshifts shops erected along the rail lines, it is young boys and ladies running after fast moving vehicles on highways to make sales. They emerge from all corners like an army of occupiers wherever there is a traffic glitch. It would seem that no matter the dangers or the law banning the activities of hawkers, nothing can discourage those who earn their living through this clearly hard way. Godwin is one of such traders. He hawks belts of different sizes, shapes and colours on the main road around the popular Katangowa market in Lagos. In the mix of trading activities, music from loudspeakers rent the air, contributing in no small way to the aural cacophony Katangowa is (in)famous for. The first sure sign that you are indeed at Katangowa market would be the surge of boys and girls; all hawkers, who appear from nowhere, to anxiously enquire what you want to buy. Items for sale hang on and around hands, heads, shoulders, waists, buttocks and all places possible. Like soldier ants, they literarily throw their goods on you and encourage you to check them out, while running a soft commentary on the quality, durability and affordability of whatever item you seem to be interested in. It was from this curious lot that the taciturn Godwin emerged. He says, “I live at Egbeda and come here every day to make a living. Everybody is aware that street trading is banned, especially along the highways, but business goes on all the same. If you are not smart, Fashola’s men will arrest you, but we have only had a few instances since I started coming here last year. We work as a team. We co-operate. Anyone who sees Fashola’s men coming will alert everybody almost immediately and we will all disappear into the market. It is often very difficult to make arrests here because we restrict our activities to around the market. Any little alert, we sneak into the market and mix up with the traders and buyers. Some of us own their articles while others are apprentices serving other people. I am on my own and whether or not I sell, it is entirely my headache,” Godwin boasts. Even as the correspondent was trying to squeeze a meaningful response out of Godwin, right there on the road, some of the hawkers were cursing like maniacs and ready to get into a fight at the slightest provocation. As he took a look at the items on display, he got pushes and shoves from haggard cart pushers who were already sweating even though it was still early morning. The truck pushers are also part of the street trading equation. They make a living ferrying purchased items to transit points in the market. Even as you are moved to pity by their pathetic situation, Godwin says everyone is happy. ‘Even with the enormous risks involved?’ the correspondent asked incredulously. “Do you know how much I make daily or, do you have a job for me in your company?” Godwin fired back impatiently,


Earning a living in harm’s way

Trading on rail line in Ikeja

Street traders in Abule-Egba

as he hurried away to join some hawkers who were running after some potential customers. Street trading in Lagos extends well beyond busy streets and markets such as Katangowa to railway tracks. Mr. Andy Ukwuorji a newspaper distributor along Awolowo Way, Ikeja, Lagos, close to a rail track, says street trading has come to stay. Although he agrees that there are very high risks involved, he says, “Where too many people are without jobs and unable to afford lock-up shops, street trading comes readily as an alternative. It is not enough for government to proscribe street trading. They have to provide a viable alternative. How would people survive without jobs? I will not advice anyone to trade on the rail lines or on highways because of the inherent dangers, but street

trading anywhere else in Lagos is welcome. People must eat. If Fashola doesn’t like it, government should provide alternative jobs. “It will take a change in the financial powers of the people to make such a law work. Even in Ikeja here, people still smartly hawk. Often, you find members of the Task Force seizing wares and arresting people, yet it does not deter the people. It is not that they enjoy it, but they just can’t help it. Government needs to be more proactive in their policies. Who says it would be wrong if government builds shopping malls and makes them affordable? Until government sincerely tackles the growing poverty in the land by providing basic tools that will empower the people, laws prohibiting things like street trading can barely work.”

Ukwuorji is right in some respects. Right under the noses of members of the Lagos State Task Force on the Environment, hawkers and traders of all shades do brisk business on the railway lines along Lagos-Abeokuta expressway, near the Ikeja Local Government Council. They disappear into the side streets and alleys when members of the task force try to take control of the bedlam, only to return to their ‘duty posts’ as soon as they are out of sight. Even without physical shops in place, the railway lines in Ikeja are a beehive of activities every day. Items ranging from clothing items, household utensils, electronics, stationeries, mobile phones and accessories, recharge cards, to snacks and soft drinks are on bold display. The plight of the average street hawker is succinctly summed up by Uche Emenike, a school leaver who hawks plantain chips along Gate-Baruwa-Ipaja road, in Alimosho local government council of Lagos, who says he has been meeting his needs with hawking, since leaving school three years ago. Emenike who finished from Abesan Estate Grammar School, Ipaja, like many others, had no kind words for the government. According to him, he had attempted to enlist into the Nigerian military twice without luck. He says, “I have tried Navy, no luck and also Army, no luck. They would not take you unless you have someone high up there. So, what do they (government) want people to do? In order to make ends meet, I had to ask my elder brother for money to start this plantain chips business.” Reminded that he could be knocked down by a reckless driver, he retorts, “My problem is not with being knocked down by a moving vehicle, but with how long this country would remain like this. I heard that Nigeria is ranked sixth in oil production in the world. Yet the masses live in abject poverty. So why won’t people take risks?”



March 8, 2014

Saturday Mirror

All was well between Mama Lati and her husband, Alhaji Oreoluwa, before he mooted the idea of taking a second wife. The hostilities which began there and then, months ago, got to a head some days ago. Now, she lies critically ill at an undisclosed hospital. No thanks to the beatings from her husband. SEGUN ADIO


woman, identified as Mama Lati, was on Wednesday, last week, found unconscious in her room after she was reportedly beaten to a stupor by her husband. Mama Lati, said to be heavy with a six-month-old pregnancy, was later rushed to an undisclosed hospital for medical attention. It was gathered that Mama Lati lives with her husband, Alhaji Oreola, an auto-mechanic, at Obada Oko town, near Abeokuta with their two kids. Before the incident that saw the auto mechanic descend on his wife of seven years, it was gathered that the couple had been at loggerheads over his attempt to take in a new wife. Saturday Mirror learnt that around September 2013, Oreola informed his wife of his intention to have a second wife but Mama Lati made her position clear to him on the matter: she would not tolerate another woman in the house. It was said that Oreola had, towards the end of last year, left home and moved to the residence of the woman he wanted to marry as his second wife. The woman, it was learnt, lives at Ifo area of Ogun State. And for three months he stayed with his proposed second wife. During the said period Oreola never looked back at his wife and two kids. Saturday Mirror gathered that in the first week of 2014, Oreola came home to his family but rather than reunite with them, he only came to pick some of his clothes and left without making provision for the family’s upkeep. He came home in January and when he did, his wife, Mama Lati, was not around. Oreola allegedly

Man beats pregnant wife to coma over plans to marry second wife took some of his wife’s personal effects along with him when he was leaving. Since the woman did not know how to locate her husband, she allowed the matter to rest waiting for when the man would come home again before she asked for the whereabouts of her personal effects. The opportunity, however, presented itself on Friday, February 28, 2014. On the fateful day, Oreola reportedly came home at a time his wife would be at the market. But he was wrong. Although Mama Lati, who hawks local cheese at Kuto market in Ita Oshin garage, Abeokuta, is not naturally, home in the afternoon, that day she returned quite early from market. It was gathered that not quite barely half an hour that Mama Lati got home, Oreola also arrived and headed straight for their apartment said to be a

stone throw from the expressway. The woman did not waste time but reportedly held on to his shirt, vowing that she would make him pay for her personal effects he moved out of the house while she was away. And thus, trouble started for the couple. Eventually, fight broke out. Oreola was reported to have given his wife the beating of her life not minding her being in state. Before long Mama Lati slumped. A neighbour, who does not want her name in print told reporters that immediately the woman collapsed, Oreola took to his heels claiming that he wanted to organise a vehicle that would convey her to the hospital but he never returned. According to the woman, “When we heard the screams of the woman while her husband was beating her, we

all rushed there and discovered that we could not mediate between them because it was between husband and wife. I went back to my shop but moments later, I heard the voice of one of their children who just returned to school shouting Mummy! Mummy!! “By the time I got there, I only saw the man running out of the house saying he wanted to get a taxi to convey the woman to the hospital and when I got to their room, Mama Lati had already fainted. So I was joined by some people to administer first aid treatment on her hoping that her husband would come with the taxi but he never did.” An elder in the community who reportedly witnessed the incident told reporters that immediately the matter was brought to his notice, he put calls to Oreola’s phone but it was switched off.

Entervaganza The Saturday Mirror Magazine

Fashion Get lost in style

p28, 29

Relationships What’s wrong with being a housewife?


Sex talk

Ibinabo ... Keeps rising

All the size tricks




March 8, 2014

Saturday Mirror

My life is under threat and I don’t care –Ibinabo Fiberesima


ow do you actually feel about your successes as AGN president? You are proud of yourself, right? Of course I’m proud, but in the vain way, not in the way of being full of myself. Rather, I just feel very humble and blessed. I have a team that’s totally amazing. From my executives, to the media, my very good friends, I’m just blessed. You still have many critics, despite your achievements which are plain for everyone to see. What do you have to say to such people? You’ll always have critics. There are some people that just don’t wish for progress. I’m sure most of them have been in positions that nothing happened. Now, somebody else is making things happen,

they won’t be happy, it’s the norm, so you just make sure you keep doing what is right. You’ve always been a busy person. But you are even more busy now with your NCAC board membership. How are you coping? It’s the grace of God. God has a reason for everything. He won’t give you anything bigger than what you can handle. And I have fabulous people working with me, so everything just works out. The $200m Nollywood Intervention Fund is like a mirage. Some say it has been released, others say it hasn’t. I’m happy that you’ve brought up this issue. Some people have actually collected it. As it’s a mirage to some of us, some have collected it.

So the government has released the money? Oh yeah. Who was it released to and how was it disbursed? That’s why I mentioned it to the President because I wanted him to find out what was going on. Even the N3bn intervention fund again, yeah, only a certain set of people are getting it and I really need to understand why. It has been released as well. Left to the President, all these things have been put in place for all of us. But all of us are not getting it. So what’s the next step over it? That’s why I brought it up, so that we can we know. We are still waiting to know. A lot of things are being investigated. You are a very big fish now. Are you

Ibinabo Fiberesima is an exbeauty queen, an actress and the first female president of the Actors Guild of Nigeria. She has also been inaugurated into the board of the National Council for Arts and Culture. Even as she is flying high, having achieved a lot for AGN, she tells OSEYIZA OOGBODO that it’s not all rosy as her life is under threat due to her desire for positive change

y t i r b e l e C

still acting? Yeah, I am, yes. How many movies have you done this year then? Eh, we just started the year now. But I’ve done quite a number that will be coming out soon. I even did my own movie, The Limit, and I’m going to premiere it soon. The typical Nigerian would be more concerned about making money through AGN. What sort of Nigerian are you that you prefer to run it properly instead? Well, that’s how the President feels too. He wants everyone, the common man especially, to feel I’m a Nigerian and I’m enjoying Nigeria. People see you as going out of your way to run AGN. Is that so? I’m not going out of my way. I’m doing what I’m supposed to as a leader. But why are you so selfless? Well, that’s the way leadership should be. That’s the way I view leadership. When you’re a leader, you’re supposed to be selfless. You want people to be happy you are who you are. If I go somewhere, like when I was being inaugurated into the board of NCAC, AGN members came there and before they even mentioned my name, when they were announcing that the President, Actors Guild of Nigeria, you should have seen the hall, they went agog, it was as if I was the chairman. There’s this fulfilment you get when you lead well. I think it’s just the grace of God, the glory of God. That’s how Christ was too, selfless, and when you accept Christ, you must be selfless, you must be able to help and impact on other people’s lives. You are also very generous, helping a lot of people with your own money. How are you making that money? I work oh. I’m a hard worker, and lots of people support me as well. It’s not all money from my pocket, pocket. Sometimes, I’m given money for myself, but I’ll rather share it with people because for Nigeria, we dey hungry oh. People really need to survive. So anyway I can, I’ll help. Is it true that last year you treated yourself to a N20m SUV? I treated myself ? I dey mad? I was given. It was a gift. Is it true that your life is under threat by some people who are not happy with the steps you are taking? Such things don’t bother me. They are threatening me for a cause I’m pursuing. And I knowthat cause is a proper one. We really need to get things done right, and the President didn’t know, I mentioned it to him. I’m not the only one crying, the industry is crying. So threatening me will not remove it from my mouth that I said what I said. I stand by it. They told me not to step into Jos, that they will kill me. I don’t have anything doing in Jos right now, so lucky them. So you are saying if you have something doing in Jos, you’ll go? Me, oh yes, I go go.

Saturday Mirror


ra singer, BrymO, has won the latest round of the ongoing bout between him and the label that shot him to limelight, Chocolate City. Their bout began when he walked out of his CC contract last year and CC’s boss, Audu Maikori, took legal action against him and secured a court injunction against him that he couldn’t undertake any music endeavours until their contract dispute was resolved. While Maikori won that first round, their second round was won by BrymO who didn’t appear in court at the fixed date, claiming that he wasn’t served with the appearance notice. Subsequent court dates ended up with one being on a public holiday, so it couldn’t hold, and another one was adjourned. Finally, though, they came face-toface in court this week, and this latest round of their heavyweight bout was won by BrymO as the injunction against him was lifted by Justice I Buba of the Federal High Court, Ikoyi, Lagos. Lifting the injunction, Justice Buba said that since Chocolate City can still be compensated, there was no sense in BrymO not working. The final court dates have been set for March 19th and 20th.


March 8, 2014

Chocolate City versus BrymO

O wins latest round m y r B



Comeback bid ... Lord of Ajasa runs to Olamide



Daddy palaver Reminisce


regrets featuring



he news in town now about Reminisce and Davido is not really palatable. The duo recorded the hit song, Daddy, together, and it is that song which is now said to be making Reminisce unhappy with Davido. Though Daddy is owned by Reminisce, and t has become quite popular, it is Davido whom is seen as its owner in most quarters.

This development arose for a variety of reasons, the first of which is that Davido’s vocals on the song were more than Reminice’s, the chorus’s lyrics as sang by Davido are more applicable to Davido’s true life, and the last reason is that Davido is far more popular than Reminisce. So people feel that Davido is the actual owner of the song, a situation that Reminisce is said to be regretting right now.

or those who have been en wondering g where Lord of Ajasa is and iff he is still in music, music, he has replied them by dropping ropping a new w song, 36 Kinihun, featuring Durosoke e rapper, Olamide. Olam mide. While collaborations are one of the norms of the music industry ry y, they the are also an indication sometimes tiimes that an artist doesn’t believe ve he has the charisma to push a song on ng with his own name alone so s he features an artist who iss in i demand to help him push the th he song. And this is the case with AjaAja asa. He has been out of the limeme elight for so long that he feels his hiis viable return can only be aided de ed by Olamide, one of those who wh ho were inspired into doing indigend digenous rap music by Ajasa himself msself who is credited as one of the pioneers ne eers of indigenous rap with O Ti Ya, Ya a, his smash hit back in the days. But will Olamide’s featuring ring on 36 Kinihun be enough to make the song a success and return Ajasa to the limelight? That’s the question that will be answered with time.




March 8, 2014

Saturday Mirror



Obesere rape mess ... It’s a publicity stunt –Pundits ... It’s not –Publicist


f there’s one thing that is true about the entertainment industry, it is that it’s a sector where virtually anything is possible. Entertainers will do what regular people would consider odd in order to get talked about to remain relevant, maintain their celebrity status and make more money. It is for this reason that pundits are saying that the sudden rape case involving bad boy fuji musician, Abass Akande Obesere, is just a publicity stunt to help him make the news and get more shows thereby. According to the story, a lady known as Olanike Olaiya, went to report Obesere at a police station that he raped her. Speaking on behalf of Obesere, his publicist, Adeola Adeoti, however denied that Obesere raped Olaiya. He also denied that the rape allegation is a publicity stunt manufactured by him and Obesere. According to Adeoti’s press release on the issue: “Alhaji Qudus Abass Akande fondly called Obesere came in contact with Miss

Olanike Olaiya on February 5th in Ibadan through his old friend, Bola Okoro, because of his business project, Obesere Rice, which Olaiya is supposed to be a beneficiary of as a marketer. “In discussing the business, she came to Obesere’s Lagos residence in Okota and an intimate relationship between two consenting adults developed between them. Awed by Obesere’s famous celebrity image, she was all over him, behaving like the woman of the house, offering to cook, and making advances. One thing led to the other, and she stayed the night. After having a swell time, she departed. “But to Obesere’s utter surprise, he got an invitation from the Isolo Police Division that a girl who departed happily from his house had reported him for rape four days after her departure. To him, it was a laughable matter.” And if you’re wondering where Obesere’s wife was while he was allegedly raping Olaiya, Adeoti said she wasn’t around as she lives


On Top Your Matter Artist: Wizkid


in Ireland with their children. Pundits however insist that it is all a publicity stunt and that like many Nigerian issues, especially many which are even more serious than Obesere’s own, the issue will just die a natural death, albeit with Obesere having benefitted from the attendant publicity, the sort which he hasn’t had in a very long time.

Was Aisha Falode’s son murdered? Nigerian international student tasks government to take up the case(s)


op female sports personality, Aisha Falode, has finally spoken on the death of her teenage son, Toba, which was initially thought to be an accident but has now been discovered to be murder. She spoke at the funeral service held for Toba earlier in the week, and it was obvious that Toba’s untimely death is one that she might never get over. “My son, the curtain fell too early for you, for us. I am in the audience. I cannot jump on stage where you are. Even if I could, the curtain is drawn already. I cannot reach you. I am tempted to say why me, but why not me? God loves us. He took my bundle of joy, yet even now I lean on Him,” she said. Continuing, she confirmed the depth of the pain and sorrow Toba’s death had brought her when she added that “I looked forward to having my own son. I carried you with pride and honour in my womb for nine good months. Knowing you will eventually be born made the discomforts of nine months seem like chewing a candy bar.” The late Toba was initially thought to have died in an automobile accident. Contrary reports however surfaced last week, reports that claimed he was actually pushed to death from one of the up-

per floors of a Dubai skyscraper. Toba is not the first Nigerian that will be killed in such a manner in foreign countries. Sunkanmi Ogunade, a Nigerian student in Malaysia, confirmed to ENews that many Nigerians are also killed in the same way in Malaysia.

“It’s about time the Nigerian government starts looking into such deaths. There are many of them, and only the government’s intervention can prevent more of them, and also bring to book the perpetrators of those that have already been committed,” Ogunade fumed.



Intro Aha Oh na na na na na na yah yah yeah Oh na na na oh eh It’s Del B on the beat Chorus I fit die on top your matter eh (baby oh) Baby girl God bless your mother eh (baby oh) You too fine pass mammy water eh Baby bless your mother Baby girl God bless your father eh (baby oh) Love me make I love you baby oh (baby oh) Kiss me make I kiss you baby oh (my baby oh) Baby let me love you (uh huh) Baby kiss me eh Baby make I kiss you baby oh (baby oh) Verse 1 Baby girl you mesmerize me I’ve been searching, searching, searching and I finally found love (yeah) Baby girl you take my heart away I’ve been looking looking, looking and I finally found love I wanna have kids with you baby Dem go school for Germany I find peace with you baby and I’ll never leave you my lady I wanna please you my baby Buy you everything you need Dem go bring your car from Germany Give you mansion and money Eh eh Love oh love oh (baby oh) Make you give me many oh (baby oh) I go give you love oh, give you love oh And I promise to give you many oh (baby oh) Chorus Verse 2 Ahhh Lisa ahhh Pretty Lisa Ahh baby I beg no dey play me like that Ahh Lisa Ahh Monalisa Ahh baby I beg no dey play me like that Hey ey ey! Love oh love oh (baby oh) Make you give me many oh (baby oh) I go give you love oh, give you love oh And I promise to give you many oh (baby oh) Love oh love oh (baby oh) Give me many oh (baby oh) I go give you love oh, give you love oh And I promise to give you many oh (baby oh) Chorus

Saturday Mirror


March 8, 2014


Temi Dollface gets desperate ...holds audience to ransom


here is probably nothing more frustrating in life than doing something not just well, but very well, and not get praised for it. That is exactly what is happening to beautiful singer-rapper Temi Dollface. If you don’t know her, don’t worry, you’ll get to know her sooner than later as she is definitely going to be one of the shining stars of the music industry. E-News can authoritatively tell you that Dollface is a very talented singer and rapper. Her voice on Blackmagic’s Rainbow was one of the factors that made the song a success about three years ago. Since then, she has been trying to establish herself as a solo artist. The going has however not been extremely smooth, not because she is not talented and trying to force herself into the music industry, but because every upcoming singer has to undergo a trial period and again because she is coming with a soulfunk sound that Nigerians are not really used to. Nevertheless, all it will take for you to know she is gifted is to hear her sing. E-News was privileged to see her performance at an Industry Nite last year and the audience didn’t show her much love afterwards and she had to plead with them to appreciate her. After that performance, she released the video of her song, Pata Pata, but both the song and video can’t really be said to have caught on. The news about Dollface right now is that at a recent performance, when she wasn’t shown love by the audience, she lay down on the stage and refused

to get up until until the audienc audience ce appreciated herr performance properly. Her ploy smacks of desperation, tion, the same desesperation the e le gendary Fela AnikulapoKuti too had when n his initial ial music wasn’t sn’t appreciated by Nigerians. ians. And in n order to win over er the music loving public, Fela had to change nge his music. So iss this perhaps the turning ng point for Dollface too?? Will she have to change ge her sound too in order rder to become popular ular faster and not have to beg for appreciation? reciation? That will not be a bad ad idea.


Metro FM uplifts arts, entertainment with Open Mic, Bookville T


he arts and entertainment sector is about to get more exciting as top radio station, Metro FM, has declared that it will revolutionise the sectors through its events, Metro Open Mic and Metro Bookville, which are dedicated to discovering and encouraging creative talents. Speaking, Funke Treasure Durodola, Controller, Corporate Communications, Corporate Development, Sales and Strategy, Radio Nigeria, under which Metro FM is, said, “Recently, we decided to aid the continuing growth of the arts and entertainment sectors through events that will both discover and encourage both new and established talents. “That’s why we came up with Metro Open Mic which holds on the first Saturday of every month and is an avenue for singers, rappers, comedians, spoken word performers, poets and every creative person to express themselves. “We also came up with Metro Bookville which holds every third Saturday of the month and features authors reading from their books as well as per-

formances by singers, poets and suchlike. Both these events are for the growth of the creative sector and we are happy to say that they are achieving that purpose.” At the last edition of Bookville which held last month, Folu Agoi, Eghosa Imasuen and Femi Onileagbon were the three featured authors. They read from some of their books that included Fine Boys by Imasuen, Two Plays by Onileagbon and Service To Fatherland by Agoi. Their readings were interspiced with performances by Ezzdean, Kaskida The DNA, Taiwo and Kehinde Adeyemi, Uzoma Ahamefule, Moses Audu and others. Speaking further with E-News, Durodola said, “Very soon, Metro Open Mic and Metro Bookville will be the melting pot of arts and entertainment in the country. We foresee a time when Metro Open Mic and Metro Bookville will have creative people from all over the world participating. That’s when we’ll begin to believe that we’ve achieved our objective.” Metro Open Mic and Metro Bookville hold in Metro FM, Ikoyi, Lagos prem-


March 8, 2014

Saturday Mirror

Genevieve returns with Mikel Obi



Donald Duke eyes Nollywood


ust as Mikel Obi has taken the step of making his acting debut, ex-Cross Rivers State Governor, Donald Duke, is also ready to make his own acting debut. The handsome former governor, who presently has his hands in a lot of projects, the most recent being a construction firm, made his desire to become an actor known in an interview with urban and lifestyle channel, Hip TV.

Wedding tales trail Chris Attoh, Damilola Adegbite


ust like yesterday, it became public news that Nigeria’s Damilola Adegbite and Ghana’s Chris Attoh were dating. And now, just like the romantic movies they act, they are said to be heading for the altar. It’s all happening very fast for them, their fans and the industry as their wedding is said to be already fixed for April.

The lovebirds, Chris and Dammy

fter recent news about her have centred around the fact that she and her arch rival, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, are no longer getting as many movie roles as they used to, Genevieve Nnaji will be quite happy now that those peddling such tales about her would have to eat the humble pie now it has been made known that her latest movie, The Journey, will premiere tonight. And her return to the big screen is not in just any movie, but a movie that is already attracting much attention because it also features the acting debut of superstar footballer, John Mikel Obi. The movie, which’s title is believed to be The Journey, is expected to be premiered tonight at the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards holding in Lagos, and it is said to be a movie based on the lives of Genny and Mikel in order to inspire people that they too can be successful like the two superstars.



Juliet Ibrahim celebrates 28th birthday


exy actress Juliet Ibrahim is the latest actress to celebrate her birthday. Though a Ghanaian, she spends most of her time now in Nigeria, and her birthday party was thereby held in Lagos last weekend. The party which was all about having mad fun and her friends and colleagues who don’t pass up opportunities to have fun were thereby present there. Julius Agwu, IK Ogbonna, Uti Nwachukwu, Yemi Blaq, AY, Jackie Appiah were some of the celebrities who had a nice time with the actress who courted controversy last year when she accused OJB Jezreel of asking for more money than he really needed to have a kidney transplant.

Ibrahim (left) and sisters Nadia and Sonia

... her birthday cake

... with Julius Agwu, Okey Bakassi and Jackie Appiah

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March 8, 2014

le StyGlam and

with ith Yemisi Adeniran




ppearing elegant as far as Lui Clothing is concerned requests no extravagance. All that is necessary is a good choice of materials and creative designer. Tagged elegant but simple, this collection is African inspired and specially aimed at showing the different characteristics of an African woman - beautifully raw, energetic, natural and creatively outstanding. It is less costly but with strictly endearing features that we posses as African women and a lot more. The collection portrays the elegance of our today‛s African woman, though contemporary but with a twist of nature,� observed the designer.




March 8, 2014

Saturday Mirror

Fashion Fre

Saturday Mirror



March 8, 2014

Get lost T

in Style

oday‛s style has gone beyond the straight jacketed style that can be determined by just anybody. It is a step beyond the ordinary. It is weird, colourful, at the same time simple and extravagant. It plays with colours, textures and harnesses key shapes and silhouettes that are tailored to the female body. They are ready-towear pieces that display confidence and make you stand out appealing to people in any crowd. They are designed in such ways for great women from the vintage era of the 60s till date. One thing you cannot take away from this peculiar outfit is its ultimate goal to always wow the wearer as well as its beholders. Just take a cue from these models.




Fashion Guest March 8, 2014

Saturday Mirror

‘Not all compliments are genuine’ Logico divine is a fashionista sta who believes in simplicity in all things. She he told YEMISI ADENIRAN about her love e for fashion, her views about the fashion world and nd why ladies should not be blinded by vogue.


hat does style means to you? It’s an individual thing. What I see as being stylish may be different from rom what you see as one. Unlike what a lot may believe, my perception of style is that which makes you appeal to other her people. This does not have to be something in vogue or something costly but anything that gives you real compliment. ent. It is that which makes me feel comfortable and proud in the midst of others. It is that which appeals to me when en I look at myself in the mirror. What do you mean by real compliment? liment? What I mean by that is that whatever ver you wear or appear in that can move people or anyone nyone pay you a genuine compliment because it is not all compliments that are genuine. Some people e compliment people just to satisfy their own selfish sh interests, others do so that the person may not be hurt. But when you are truly complimented, you would know that you are deserving of it and that the compliment is genuine. For instance, when you are half-naked and people are coming to you with lustt in their eyes or trying to touch you while they y are paying that compliment, it is clear ear thatt such compliments are coming from a hidden agenda. What then do you advise ladies es on this? They should be careful about their choice of outfits. It must not be anything that hat will present them negatively. They must wear ear only what fits them and not be blinded by what is in vogue. If you will always aspire to wear ear anything in vogue without a second thought, ought, then you are blind or drunk with vogue. ue.

Fashion Trivia Nigerian-British model Betty Adewole is the new face of tom ford’s beauty campaign


1 year old Nigerian-British IMG model, Betty Adewole, is the new face of Tom Ford Beauty in its Spring/Summer 2014 Ad Campaign. Before landing the campaign, Adewole has worked with everyone from Emanuel Ungaro to Issey Miyake. Adewole is replacing Polish model, Zu-

zanna Bijoch. Ford’s Spring/Summer 2014 beauty collection will feature a limited edition colour collection that includes four new nail shades and 8 new sheer lip colours. The limited collection is scheduled to hit stores this month.

Saturday Mirror


March 8, 2014

Male Essentials


with Oseyiza Oogbodo w

Top 10 qualities she will appreciate Real women disclose how men can impress them E

ver had a woman find you attractive and have absolutely no idea why? Have you pondered the mysteries of what, exactly, women want in a man? We’ve saved you hundreds of hours of research and embarrassing questions by going straight to the source. Here are the 10 qualities women find irresistible, and which if you adhere to them, the ladies will start eating out of your palms. 1) Passion It’s no secret that women are drawn to men with passion in their lives. Even if it’s not a passion that you both share, the ability to care profoundly about something means that you have the ability to take things seriously, including her. That’s attractive. Even if you’re passionate about something that you’re embarrassed about, there will always be a woman somewhere who admires you for it. Unless it’s stamp collecting. Then you’re done. 2) Appreciation of her sense of humour It’s not only you who lights up at being the funniest guy in the room. Everyone responds positively to their sense of humour being appreciated, and two people who find the same things funny are bound to bond. We all feel closer to the people who appreciate us. Don’t fake laughter at jokes, though, just to get a lady to like you. That’d That d just set you up for a really creepy moment down the road. 3) Humour Sorry to repeat what you already know, but humour makes her heartt go sploosh. Make her laugh, and you’re sure ure to win her over. Chances are, if you’ve got ot her laughing again and again, you’re in,, big g time. time 4) Style Sure, style is subjective. But ut we can reasonably say that women are more attracted to men who obviously physically ally take care of themselves as compared to men who dress like slobs because they put no effort into their appearance. So there’s e’s no need d to dress like David Beckham on a daily y basis. Just brush your teeth and nd comb your hair and put on a clean n shirt in the morning. At the mostt base level, that’s style enough for most women. 5) Kindness to animals ls It’s no secret that a lot of women love animals. So if you ou go out of your way to act kind d towards animals, it will nott only melt their animal-loving hearts, but also suggest you’re a kind and loving kind of guy. A guy they’d want in

our lives. Guess it’s time to adopt that stray mouse that’s been pestering you ... 6) Honesty I know, I know. You’re thinking, “Really? So you want me to tell you when that dress doesn’t actually suit you or that we think your dad can really be quite difficult sometimes?” Not at all. Honesty does not mean having no filter or saying everything on your mind. What it is about is being open and trying to include women in your life rather than keeping them at arms’ length because you think you have to be a certain way and only say what they want to hear. Tell them where you are going with your friends, talk to them about your hopes and goals, and give honest answers when they ask a question. 7) Thoughtfulness While not exactly rocket science, studies have shown that thoughtful people make better spouses. So if you want to be the one she wants to settle down with, this quality cannot be emphasised enough. You’ll win her heart easily when you pay attention to what is going on in her life. 8) Hugging From an evolutionary standpoint, this makes total sense. Every woman wants to feel safe and secure with a guy she’s dating or in her relationship, and hugs are an easy way to trigger an immediate feeling of security. Even if you’re just friends, a burly bear hug subconsciously reminds her that you’re bigger and s t r o n g e r, and have the upper hand when it comes to the

ability to protect. It’s a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it. 9) Confidence and wit Even if you’re the kind of guy who isn’t macho, doesn’t play sport (or even like sport), isn’t in a band and doesn’t have a swollen bank account, you can, and should, still be confident. All you need is to like yourself, make decisions that help you sleep at night (women can sense immediately if you’re uncomfortable in your own skin), have your own hobbies and a few good friends (having no friends is just weird). If you’re witty, it’s only more attractive, as it’s a sure sign of intelligence. Also, stand up for yourself, for others, and for what you

believe is right. Don’t talk down to her to make yourself feel better, call her if you’re interested in her and, more importantly, call her when you say you will. 10) Dancing Remember when you were in secondary school and you begrudgingly found yourself at unfathomably awkward school dances? Well, I remember those dances. And I remember the guys who had a laugh about the slow dancing but who did it anyway way more favourably than the guys who stood there with arms at their sides, looking around from the sidelines. So even if you’re unsure of your moves or if you’re nervous to put yourself out there, if you’re willing to try, it’s always attractive to the women watching.


March 8, 2014



n these age and times, it is becoming anathema for a woman to stay at home as a full housewife. Most people now see the concept of being a full house as an outdated concept which should be thrown into the dustbin of history. Housewife is a term used to describe a married woman with household responsibilities who is not employed outside the home. Merriam Webster describes a housewife as a married woman who is in charge of her household. The partnership called marriage entails that both parties must be supportive of each other so that the marriage can work. The major idea behind being a full housewife, even if it is not being followed to the letter is that someone has to stay home to attend to the physical, psychological, social and emotional needs of the family, especially the children who are just growing up. Her role also entails nurturing the growth of the children through on the spot corrections of their ills since she is always around to correct them when necessary. There are many other reasons why some women may decide to be a ‘stay at home mum’, otherwise known as a housewife, while others may want to fully explore the working environment. Some of the common and popular advantages of being a working mother are that more disposable income is brought into the finances of the family by the woman. Also there is freedom to make independent financial choices with one’s own money by the woman, thereby creating financial independence which will bring the relationship to an equal footing to create a partnership in the marriage. It will also give the woman an opportunity to create and have a life outside the home environment, thereby giving her an identity outside being someone’s wife or someone’s mother. On the other hand, there may be discrimination in the workplace when colleagues find out that a woman may have a child and there is also the risk of being criticized for not being at home to care for the young growing child which may act as a form of stigmatization for the woman. A woman will also have less time for herself due to the nature of working outside the

Saturday Mirror


What’s wrong with

home. On raising the kids, there will be the problem of finding good child care, coupled with the problem of juggling her work with caring for any child who is ill, and these will negate all the above mentioned reasons for her to work, especially being passed over for promotions because the woman spends official hours taking care of her children. A full housewife one the other hand, while staying at home, will definitely have more time for domestic duties and will always be there, a hundred percent for the family. It will be easier for the woman to create more quality time for herself and the household because she is the master of her own time since she answers to no boss. A stay at home mum will also spend quality time with her children and will always be there for her family and this will even give the man confidence in leaving his children with her when he goes to work, knowing full well that his child is safe and well cared for. The funny thing about being a ‘stay at home mum’ is that the common general perception of being lazy is generally attributed to women who would rather stay at home to take care of the family. This concept is basically gotten from the fact that it is assumed that since a full housewife does not go out of the house to earn added income for the home, especially if she has the qualifications to do so, then she must be lazy. This becomes even more glaring when she always has to ask the man, who is the bread winner for money to buy things for herself. This will therefore create the idea in people’s minds that a full housewife is a gossip and a brainless person who has nothing to do all day apart from tying wrapper round her body, doing nothing but being the neighbourhood gossip. Most full housewives are undervalued by their partners and the society at large. We forget that even though they are not being paid, the job they do cannot be quantified. Or how do we pay a person who works twenty four hours every day as a cook, a social worker, a psychologist, a teacher and finally a homemaker? To me, I’ll say, there is nothing wrong with being a full housewife.


This column is x-rated

Size tricks QUESTION: “I have just started having sex with this really great guy but I’m having a major problem with the size of his member. Basically it’s gigantic. I haven’t measured it but it’s longer and wider than anything I’ve seen. I was totally shocked because he’s kind of short and he’s not that muscular or anything. He’s actually quite skinny. The first time we had sex I was sore the next day and then got a urinary tract infection, which meant no sex for a while. Now, I guess I’m a bit nervous every time we try. I really like him, but his size is a little overwhelming. What do you think I should do?” ANSWER: If you are in this situation, there are things you can do to make it work. The first thing to sort out is whether the length or the width is what is causing problems for you. A long member can hurt, because during penetration it can hit the cervix. A wide one may feel like its stretching you too much and it can also lead to more bacterial infections if

it’s rubbing (and irritating) your urethra. You may want to examine these issues in your search for a solution. Are you aroused enough? As part of female sexual response, arousal brings with it physical changes that will help deal with a bigger member. In particular, most women will produce vaginal lubrication. If your partner is big you may need to wait until you’re very aroused, mentally and physically, before moving to penetration. Adding more clitoral stimulation (or wherever you know you’re most easily aroused) can be a fun and effective way to make sure your body is as ready as your mind is. Do you use lubricants? If you haven’t already discovered the benefits of lubricant, now is the time. These days there are dozens of different brands of lube (organic, sugar-free, espresso-flavored, etc.), and they all make sex more comfortable and fun by mak-

Saturday Mirror


March 8, 2014

being a housewife?




Families need both incomes


This column is x-rated ing it more slippery. Some women say they don’t need lube because they lubricate a lot on their own. If you’re having intercourse with someone with a big member, using extra lube is always recommended. Experiment with a few different kinds to see if a thicker or thinner lube is best for you. If you’re prone to yeast infections, avoid lubricants with glycerin. Recommended sex positions If one or both of you are constantly worried that a wrong move is going to cause pain, the sex will suffer. Sex positions are another way to deal with discomfort due to a partner who is on the large side. The best sex position will be one that allows both of you control over the depth and angle of penetration and offers as much movement as possible. There’s no easy answer here. The key is to experiment until you find a few that work well. Products from the sex industry There are actually products you

This column is x-rated can buy in sex stores that are designed with the longer man in mind. Often called “limiters,” these are essentially a think ring of soft rubber or vinyl that slides down the base of the member and limits the length that will enter the woman during intercourse. They can seem a bit silly at first, but if your intercourse is fraught with anxiety about one thrust too deep, the freedom they allow can be wonderful. What about condoms? Finding condoms that fit well is a problem for most men, especially men who are exceptionally big and indeed for their sexual partners who are interested in safe sex. There are a variety of larger size condoms available and it’s worth experimenting with them all until you find one that is comfortable and large enough not to break. Men who complain about condoms not fitting may also want to have their partners try the female condom to see if it’s a preferred option.

hen women liberation and gender equality was the inthing, a lot of women began to detest being called housewives. Those who could not quickly switch to being working-class wives took up more attractive titles like “Full-time Mum”, “House Manager”, “Stay-athome Mum”, or “Managing Partner”. The concept of being a housewife has become undesirable over the years and lots of women see the need to earn their own incomes, no matter how small. These days, it seems that a woman who stays home as a housewife is either lazy or just unlucky to get a good job. But should being a full-time housewife be such an undesirable phenomenon? A woman can be a housewife at her own instance or that of her husband. For instance, man could insist that his wife must stay at home either because he believes he is too wealthy to have a working wife, or just to ensure she is financially dependent on him, or because he doesn’t want his wife to be exposed to the lustful ‘fangs’ of other men. As irrational as these reasons sound, this is the plight of many women. The housewife status could also be foisted on her by circumstances beyond her control, e.g: loss of a job or inability to get a good job. Whatever is the case, a housewife must focus on the benefits of being one in order to pay her role excellently, and to enjoy (not endure) it. In my opinion, the one and only reason that should compel a woman to be a housewife is for her to fully play the role of a mother during her child(ren)’s formative years. No doubt, a woman should cook her husband’s meals, serve him the meals herself and generally be at home to attend to him. But I believe that a working woman can still play this role, although maybe not as well as a housewife would. Although it is not wrong for a man to desire that his wife is home every evening to take off his socks, serve him meals cooked by her, give him a massage and all what not, I think it would be unreasonable for him to ask her to be a full-time housewife just to play that role. Moreso, it is distasteful for a man to ask his wife to stay home just to rob her of financial independence or on the basis of his insecurity that makes him fearful that other men could take his wife from him. The commonly discussed disadvantages of being a housewife are: •Financial dependence – This is enough to depress a woman, especially where her husband is penny-pinching. •Monotonous lifestyle – This could turn the woman into a nagging woman. •No intellectual development – She

won’t have the benefit of the intellectual stimulation a work environment provides. •Narrow social network – She may have very few friends, mostly fellow housewives in her neighbourhood. •Risk of being undervalued – Her husband, his friends, relatives and other people may look down on her. There’s a general low rating of housewives. However, the advantages of being a housewife are countless. In fact, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, e.g: •More time to bond with children •Ability to help children with school work •Ability to groom children the way you want •Ability to do domestic chores •Freedom to do other personal things •Ability to prepare meals carefully Research reveals that children who develop secure attachment with at least one parent and who receive high quality care during childhood are more likely to have higher academic success, lesser potential to engage in crime, better relationship skills and many other admirable characteristics. It is clear that no matter how much you pay caregivers/nannies/housemaids, nobody can take care of your children they way you would. For me, the greatest disadvantage of being a fulltime housewife is the lack of intellectual stimulation. Every human being needs continuous brain stimulation to be healthy and sound. This is why I do not subscribe to the idea of being a 100% full-time housewife. Simply put, I believe that a woman who has young children should not take up a regular 8am-6pm job, but should engage in some form of flexible job or business. This will enable her get the better of the two worlds. In order to create a balance and to merge the advantages of the two worlds, a woman who has young children should be a stay-at-home mum who has streams of income that she can harness while spending 60-80% of her time at home. Make no mistake about it: being a full-time housewife is a lot of work!!! In fact, sometimes it would feel as if 24hours are not enough for one day. If we choose to be honest, we would admit that most mothers who have regular office jobs are working to augment their husbands’ income. This is because the average Nigerian family needs dual incomes, which most times, still are not sufficient to pay the bills. So, is there anything wrong with being a full time housewife? I don’t think so.


March 8, 2014

Saturday Mirror


Discrimination against women has to stop –Falana Against the background of the International Women’s Day being celebrated across the country today, Barrister Olufunmilayo Falana, wife of lawyer, and human rights activist, Mr. Femi Falana, speaks on the need to protect the rights of women and give them the opportunity to compete favourably with men. In the interview by YEMISI ADENIRAN, she also sheds light on her nongovernmental organisation, Women Empowerment and Legal Aids (WELA) and its activities. Excerpts:

marriage is contracted outside Lagos State. A woman, man, children and even domestic servants can use the law. Generally, anybody at home who finds himself being deprived of his or her rights can make use of the law. Under the law, the court can make an order for the perpetrator of the offence to be removed from the home or the victim be taken away from the home under the preservation order. Also, a specific amount of money may also be ordered by the perpetrator of the offence, usually the man, to pay for the upkeep of the woman, children’s school fees and provision of other economic rights of the victim like shelter, food, clothing and so on. The court will also give an order to restrict the man from beating or harassing the victim pending the time the case will be finally determined. A provision officer will be assigned to the man to monitor if the man has changed. As soon as discoveries are made indicating that the man has truly changed, the court will make an order returning life to normal.


omen’s Day is usually celebrated with many repeating the call for the emancipation of women. On your part, what would be your advice in their relationship with women? I can only advice men to support their wives to attain greater heights in the society. Also, I would advise men and the society at large against attaching more importance to the male children than the girl child. The discrimination against the girl child has to stop. So, what would be your advice for women? Women should rise up and take their proper position in the society as the place of women has since gone beyond the kitchen as it used to be. Women should be able to find their place in great places like Aso Rock and others, especially in the decision making organs of the country. Women should no longer allow themselves to be marginalised. For example, 2015 is around the corner, they should strive to make a positive impact. It is because they have not been taking up the challenge that they are being discriminated against. If they rise up to the occasion and fight for their rights, the society will consider them deserving of even the topmost position. They should be economically independent. The resources in the

country should not be taken away from women because they constitute the largest number in the nation’s population. In your campaign for the rights of women in general, you have been talking about a law promulgated by the Lagos State government against domestic violence. What’s the attraction to this law? The attraction to it is its usefulness in the prevention of domestic violence. Besides, not many appear to know anything about it. Only few lawyers are even aware of it. Because of the significance of the law and our interest in promoting peace at home and in the society generally, we are drawing attention to it. We are organising seminars and confer-

ences to draw attention to it so that people can demand for their right. And that is actually working because we have so many women coming to our offices to seek assistance in getting their rights or protecting their rights. What is this law about? The objective of the law is to eliminate all acts of violence in the home. This act of violence is not restricted to the physical alone, it can touch on the emotional aspect too. It can deal with issue of deprivation of economic rights, nagging and even putting a woman under pressure under the excuse of wanting a male child. Let me add that the beauty of it is that any resident in Lagos can use the law even where his or her

What discovery have you made in the course of your duty as an NGO dealing with issues of violence as they affect women? We have discovered that it is the men that are perpetrating violence in the home. But what we do is to invite them and carry out a sort of rehabilitation so that they can change their ways and be the loving and ideal head of the family that they should be. To a large extent, we engage in mediation than encourage them to go to court. To what extent have you succeeded in your efforts? Let me say that with the help of our awareness programmes, women now come in regularly on their own to make report, seek refuge. We call on the men who are usually the perpetrators of violence in homes to address issues. We even call both parties to settle where need be. We have been able to intervene in 56 cases in the last one year. We always want to let them settle here without getting to court. We use the law eventually in court if we have to get there.

Saturday Mirror

What specific cases have you taken up in the course of your advocacy? So many of them. Like I told you, we have intervened in no fewer than 56 cases in the last on year. I will give you example of some of the cases we had handled in the past. There is the case of one Mrs Florence Goment Ezoh versus Chris Ejik Group of Companies. The claimant was dismissed by her employer and the latter refused to pay her the entitlements and other allowances. We took the case up and she got her entitlements. One Miss Adbusoye Temitope had an industrial accident and the employer did not want to pay. But by the time we intervened, she was compensated. A similar success was recorded in the case between a couple, Mr. and Mrs Aina. Mrs Aina came to us to com-


able to overcome some of our problems with the assistance of some kind individuals, well-meaning Nigerians. Let me also say that we discover that women are their own enemies, and to me, that is a challenge. For example, when we talk of widowhood rights in the East, women are used to harass, jeer, molest and do all sort of abominable things. In the area of politics, women are not allowed or involved in politics because they feel it is an exclusive area for men. For example, Serah Jubril, when she contested for the Presidency, got a vote. If all the women had supported her, it wouldn’t have been so. Women don’t rally round their folks. When a woman keeps having a female child, our disposition is bad, even from birth. In the court room, we have more than 60 per cent in the judiciary, thanks to Lagos State govern-






March 8, 2014



plain about domestic violence by the husband. We invited the husband with the aim of resolving the issue and at the end of the day, the issue was resolved. At the beginning of the case, it was as if the differences would be irreconcilable. But at the end of it all, we did settle it and today, we still get sweet stories from them. Quite a number of them are like that. How do you finance your activities? We fund it personally. No external assistance. For now, we have suspended our programme on MITV for lack of fund. With the programme, we educate people on laws relating to women’s right. We also try to speak on where rights are not equal, and we let government know where necessary. We also address parents on the issue of equality of sex. We make it known and clear that boys and girls are children, hence discrimination against the girl child is uncalled for. We help women to rise up from the old tales that the place of the woman is the kitchen. With the programmes, we stress that women should not be marginalised and they should rise up to take their rightful position whether in politics, business or any other endeavour. We teach them how to be economically empowered to have a say and a place in the nation because women, as a matter of fact, constitute the larger number in Nigeria’s population. Do you face any major challenges in the course of your activities in the fight for protecting women? We face challenges on a daily basis, including finance. We are however

ment. Unfortunately, the disposition of our women on the bench to violation of women is very poor. I’m not saying they should turn the law around. For instance, there’s a section in the law that says a woman police, if she was not married before taking up the job should take permission from the commandant. Also, she cannot marry within the first three years of her employment. But it is not so with her male counterparts. I took it up and the law has been rendered useless. So, what I am saying in essence is that women are their own enemies and that is one challenge. Changing the tide is one challenge. Of course, we have the challenge of funding. Some of the cases, we finance on our own. What amount of support do you get from the police? The police, are not helping matters. Take for instance, a client of mine fought with his wife in the evening at about 10 p.m. and the woman ran to the police. But what did she get? She was raped right at the police station. It was her husband that came to report. It is so unfortunate. You can imagine; if one feels unsafe in a police station, I wonder where else one would feel safe. That, also, remains a major challenge. How do you feel about the feedback you get on some of your activities? We feel good. I personally feel good. We get soul-lifting messages from the public almost on a daily basis. The reports we get have been very encouraging and they make us to want to do more. It makes us want to go further in the fight for the rights of women; to empower them and thereby develop the nation in our own little way.

Top tips for breast cancer prevention

Much as breast cancer is a dreadful disease, studies have shown that a good lifestyle will prevent a woman from the disease. Here are some ways to keep safe from the deadly disease;


. Avoid becoming overweight. Obesity raises the risk of breast cancer after menopause, the time of life when breast cancer most often occurs. Avoid gaining weight over time, and try to maintain a body-mass index under 25 (calculators can be found online). 2. Eat healthy to avoid tipping the scale. Embrace a diet high in vegetables and fruit and low in sugared drinks, refined carbohydrates and fatty foods. Eat lean protein such as fish or chicken breast and eat red meat in moderation, if at all. Eat whole grains. Choose vegetable oils over animal fats. 3. Keep physically active. Research suggests that increased physical activity, even when begun later in life, reduces overall breast-cancer risk by about 10 percent to 30 percent. All it takes is moderate exercise like a 30-minute walk five days a week to get this protective effect. 4. Drink little or no alcohol. Alcohol use is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. Women should limit intake to no more than one drink per day, regardless of the type of alcohol. 5. Don’t smoke. Research suggests that long-term smoking is associated with increased risk of breast cancer in some women. 6. If you bear children, breast-feed your babies for as long as possible. Women who breast-feed their babies for at least a year in total have a reduced risk of developing breast cancer later. 7. Avoid hormone replacement therapy. Menopausal hormone therapy increases risk for breast cancer. If you must take hormones to manage meno-

pausal symptoms, avoid those that contain progesterone and limit their use to less than three years. “Bioidentical hormones” and hormonal creams and gels are no safer than prescription hormones and should also be avoided. 8. Get regular breast cancer screenings. Follow your doctor or health care provider’s recommendations to decide what type of screening you need and how often you need it. If you are at high risk for breast cancer, such as having a particular gene like a BRCA gene, or have a strong family history or have had high-risk benign breast disease in the past, talk with your doctor about other options for you which might include: A. Extra screenings. For some women, MRI or ultrasound screenings can add valuable information to regular mammogram screening. B. Estrogen-blocking drugs. Women with a family history of breast cancer or who are over age 60 should talk to their doctor about the pros and cons of estrogen-blocking drugs such as tamoxifen, raloxifene, and aromatase inhibitors. C. Prophylactic surgery to remove breasts and/or ovaries. Women who have had both breasts surgically removed reduce their risk of breast cancer by over 90 percent. Women who have had both ovaries removed have about half the risk of developing breast cancer as women with intact ovaries. Clearly these options are most appropriate for women at very high risk. Culled from prevent


March 8, 2014

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Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression

11 ways to handle the stress of a new baby


ne minute, you’re child-free, and the next your life is 12 diapers a day, cuddles, cries, coos, and a fuzzy memory of what life was like before baby. It might be a shock to the system, but having a few basic guidelines can help ease your mind.

1. Establish a parental plan How are you going to handle visiting in-laws? Who’s going to get up in the middle of the night? And how does each of you feel about letting a baby cry? Once you get on the same page physically, emotionally, and philosophically, things will be smoother. But, you must do it before chronic sleep deprivation and physical and emotional exhaustion set in. 2. Plan for baby’s arrival -- Now Before the baby is born, create a schedule of day care drop-offs and pick-ups and planned down time. It sets the pattern for the next 18 years of schedule juggling. 3. Stay flexible The first year of a new

baby’s life requires a huge level of adaptation on the part of parents. Let your baby teach you about structure, flexibility, and creative problem-solving. Babies are life-altering in the challenges they present. Learning to respond and adapt to the issues babies bring to your life can be life-enhancing. You learn to think on your feet. 4. Keep a log Write down baby’s feeding, sleeping, and crying habits. It will help you identify patterns and give you a record you can use for instructing caregivers. 5. Rethink priorities Only put on your to-do list tasks that absolutely have to get done. How do you know what kind of task to put on that list? If it doesn’t get done, your family’s health, safety, and well-being would be at risk. Outsource things that you dread doing -- grocery shopping, laundry -- or that can be done just as well by someone else. 6. Try a little TLC Get hugs from your partner when you can fall into grown-up arms when you’re


exhausted and overwhelmed. You’re entitled to a whole year to rebalance your family around the baby.” 7. Leverage the Internet Online forums provide a sanity check for new parents, but beware of information overload. Parents need to keep in mind that not everything they read is reliable or a good fit for their family. 8. Beware the risks of comparing Resist the urge to “compare and despair” when it comes to your baby and anyone else’s.

When one parent is up, the other one should be sleeping. The one on duty can sleep with the baby; the other one in a separate part of the home. Even nursing mothers can protect their brain chemistry from crashing as long as they get a few uninterrupted hours of sleep each night.

11. Don’t Be a Super Hero It’s tempting to try to take on the Super Mom role, insisting on doing everything for the baby from diapering to handling pediatrician’s appointments. But you wind up exhausted, which won’t help the baby -- or you.

Tiny Feet

9. Find the humour Making sure to laugh is a sure strategy. Laugh a lot. Imagine you are in a sitcom. Manage sleep deprivation It’s not that you want to stay awake. It’s just that in a large part of that first year, sleep is a rare commodity. 10. Sleep when baby sleeps Sleeping when the baby sleeps is time-tested advice, and it works. Sleep is a medical necessity even for new moms. Sleep is also an important way to guard against depression.

NAME: Iyimide Ola

BORN TO: Mr. and Mrs Ola AGE: 3 days BIRTH WEIGHT: 3.5 kg Have you just had a baby? Send a picture of your bundle of joy to

Dad delivers baby after doctor, nurse flee A

USA hospital is staying mum after a maternity ward mix-up left a dad to deliver his own daughter. Zaheer Ali says he and his labouring wife, Indira, were abandoned by hospital staff when another patient needed an emergency C-section. “My wife was screaming,” Zaheer Ali said. “The nurse says, ‘You have to wait.’” The Alis arrived to Bethesda Hospital East Saturday night and were given an induction drug to speed up the delivery. Indira Ali’s labor was mov-

ing along quickly. When a patient down the hall needed the C-section, her doctor stopped the induction drip to stall the birth until she could return, according to the report. But baby Aaliyah couldn’t wait. She was born weighing 6 pounds, 3 ounces, with just her mom and dad in the room. “It must have happened very rapidly, because I was only in the C-section for 30 minutes,” obstetrician Dr. Elana Deutsch explained, adding that a nurse should have stayed with the couple

but was likely “nervous” about being there alone. “By the time she [the nurse] was back in the room, the baby was in the bed,” said the doctor. The doctor returned to the room just in time to cut the umbilical cord. “The patient was obviously very upset,” she said. “I was very upset.” Hospital spokeswoman Lisa Kronhaus declined to comment on the ordeal, citing patient privacy rules, but stressed that mom and baby are “doing very well.” (

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March 8, 2014


Disposing waste with so much! Residents of Lagos State like those of other states are conscious of the cleanliness state of their environment. A sudden hike in the cost of its maintenance credited to the Lagos State Waste Management Agency, LAWMA, has however, become a source of controversy between the residents and the agency. FUNMI SALOME JOHNSON reports.

•Lagos residents lament hike in waste disposal tariff •No general increase yet –LAWMA


s you move around the city of Lagos, especially some areas like Ojota, Ajegunle, Orile to mention but a few places, a stench of various degrees welcomes you. This emanates from different sources which include debris and mountains of dirt in refuse dumps. But in spite of this sickening odour which pervades many areas of the megacity and its attending environmental pollution, the body saddled with the responsibility of waste disposal, the Lagos Waste Management Agency (LAWMA) recently increased its tariff and Lagos residents are not finding it funny. Mrs. Funmi Abdurrahman resides in Ikeja area of Lagos State. She disclosed that the changes made on the tariff are pleasant. Abdurrahman stated LAWMA should have taken cognisance of the prevailing economic situation before hiking its tariff adding that the services provided by the agency have become epileptic. “Initially, the PSP operators used to come twice in a week. But now, it is once. In fact at times, it is once in a fortnight, giving excuses like their truck is not functioning well. The whole street becomes messy with refuse and dirt and everywhere is smelly. There is no need for the increase at all. They did not even give any reason for the increase. We were paying N6, 000 for a house of four flats and now we have to be paying N9, 800. This means a flat is to pay N2, 400 each every quarter. That’s really high,” she said. Another resident of the area, Mrs. Patience Uche, a mother of two, also expressed her displeasure at the increment describing it as unfair. “Why on earth will they make such increase in tariff without any explanation and it is not as if their services are better. As a matter of fact, their service is deteriorating. They don’t come regularly and all they give are flimsy excuses, now they are increasing by over 50 per cent; that is not fair at all,” she said angrily. Ayomi Akindele is not particularly disturbed over the increase. His only concern is that the agency should have come up with reasons for the increase. He stated that although the business environment is not friendly in the country at the moment, everything seems to be affected adding that it is not only the tariff of LAWMA that is going up.

“Honestly complaining from now till tomorrow will change virtually nothing. Everything is going up, not only the LAWMA bill but my annoyance is the fact that there is no explanation for the increment. The same thing with the power people, they bring all kind of crazy billing without any reasonable explanation for the increase. It is only God that will rescue us in this country” he said. “In my area, they come only once in about three weeks” Ada Ezenwa, a mother of three who lives in Olodi Apapa area of Lagos, lamented. She disclosed that especially during the rains, “they will find that as an easy excuse for not coming claiming that the roads are bad but the bills are coming and worse still increasing. It is not a fair deal in anyway. We have other bills to settle too, like the PHCN bill, house rent and other mandatory bills. And for those of us who are single parents, it is a very tough one” she said. Also reacting to this issue, Mr. R.O Tijani, chairman of Ajasa/ Obe Community Development Association in Ikeja area of Lagos stated that none of the PSP officials or LAWMA officials met with them before embarking on the increment. “It was a shock when in December; they brought a paper stating that adjustments had been made in the bill and that there was going to be an increment. We waited with the hope that they would at least call a meeting for us to discuss before embarking on any increment but that was not to be. The next we saw was the bill reflecting the increment. It is so annoying because the truth is that we are not even satisfied about their services yet and even if there is going to be an increment, I think we deserve to know

about it and we should have a say on the matter. After all, they call themselves Public Service Participation (PSP). Besides, sometimes they will not come for over two weeks and the whole place will be left unkempt and smelly, we should at least have value service for our money,” he said. However, the Managing Director of Lagos State Waste Management Agency LAWMA, Mr Ola Oresanya, told Saturday Mirror that there is no general increase in the tariff yet. He stated that the agency was on the verge of increasing the tariff due to maintenance cost but the process is still on hold adding that, there are three major processes that must be in place before any such increment can come up. “We have not given any announcement on the general increase and for some that have been increased in error; we already told them to withdraw. The three conditions for giving approval on the increase by LAWMA are that firstly, there must be evidence of satisfactory service by the people. There must be evidence to show that the Community Development Association (CDA) is satisfied with their services. Secondly, there must be evidence that at least 80 per cent of people are receiving the services and thirdly, the PSP must have evidence that they are covering at least 80 per cent of the cost in the community. It is only then that LAWMA can approve a marginal increase which cannot be more than 50 per cent” Even with the current state, some areas have received notice of increase and issued bill reflecting the increment. Although, he said there are some few areas that the PSPs have been able to meet with this conditions and are now running on the increment.

Mr. Oladimeji-Oresanya

“Some of the PSPs sent out some notice of increment in error without meeting the conditions and we have told them to withdraw all the bills immediately and we have also made announcements on radio last Saturday to announce that LAWMA has not given any approval for general increase in tariff. For them to have the approval of LAWMA, they must have met those conditions” he said. He however stated that although as a regulatory body, LAWMA is making sure that the interest of people are not jeopardized, at the same time, he noted that approval has been given in some areas that has met these conditions. “There are some PSPs that are doing so well that even the CDA agree that they should increase the bill. We have had situations like that where the PSP have had meetings with the CDA and they reach agreement in writing that they need to increase the tariff in those areas. As much as we are protecting the public, we also sympathetic with the PSPs because if you look at it, you will find that anybody in business at the moment is working under a very tight condition. The bill rate currently has been on seven years ago, and you know that the cost of diesel, airbags and other material used are not the same as they were seven years ago; everything has increased. They have every good reason to say they want to increase but we told them that the only reason such increment can be approved is to meet up with the three conditions earlier stated” he said.



March 8, 2014

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‘I met my wife in another man’s arms’ • It’s not what he thinks –Wife • There’s room for reconciliation –Judge FUNMI SALOME JOHNSON


ifty-fouryear-old Kennedy Obazie has approached an Ikeja Customary court for dissolution of the marriage between him and his wife Yewande which has lasted for 17 years on the grounds of adultery and irresponsibility. Kennedy a business man who resides at 10, Abuka Street in Ketu area of Lagos told the court how he has been bearing the excesses of his wife and trying hard to tolerate her in the last five years. According to him, he does all he is supposed to do as a family head and makes sure he provides the needs of his wife and children, but his wife is not satisfied with all these and all she can think of is adultery. “I provide all the needs of my family to the best of my ability and I wonder why this woman is yet unsatisfied and all she can pay me with is to keep a secret love affair with another man.

Every time I ask her for sex, she would always decline, saying that she is tired and needs to rest. It is not as if she has any big job she is doing. I even opened a grocery store for her just to make her happy, not knowing that she still will not be satisfied. “The last straw that broke the camel’s back was when I decided to pay a surprise visit to my wife’s shop only for me to find my wife in the arms of another man in a very compromising position right in the shop that I rented for my wife! The man left the store section and had the effrontery to go into her inner office. Imagine. That was the peak of it! The most annoying part was that she was not even remorseful, she was still giving excuses claiming that what I saw was not what happened and that the man was only one of her customers. I am tired and just want this marriage dissolved so that peace can reign. I cannot continue to live with an adulterer because if I do, I may end up killing her one day” he said. Yewande, however, said she is not sleeping around

and that the man her husband is talking about is only one of her customers and she does not have anything to do with him nor anyone else. She said, “I don’t flirt around like my husband is painting it. The man is only a customer and I have nothing to do with him apart from business. There is nothing between us; he was only showing me something on the computer that day. That was why he came into the inner office” Yewande also stated that it is not true that she declines anytime he demands for sex but she does only when she is not feeling well. “Unless I am not feeling well, that is the only time I deny him sex. I always allow him have sex with me. My husband is too possessive and always acts funny anytime he sees anybody with me and he would always call me names. I am still interested in the marriage and will not want it dissolved,” she said. After hearing both parties, the court president pleaded with the couple to maintain peace while adjourning the case to April 7, 2014 for further hearing and possible reconciliation.

‘I don’t love my husband anymore’ •Ignore her –Husband •Case is adjourned for report on settlement –Judge


39-year-old housewife, Fausat Bello, has applied to an Ilorin Area Court seeking the dissolution of her marriage of four years to Ibrahim Bello, citing lack of love for her husband. The applicant told the court that she wants an end to the marriage as her love and passion for her husband had waned over time. “I am just fed up with the marriage and I prefer to be alone with my children for now,” she said. Fausat told the court that there was no misunderstanding between her and her hus-

band, saying, “My husband has not offended me in any way. Fausat told the court that their marriage which was contracted in 2010, produced two children, aged four and two years old. “My Lord, I want an end to this marriage because my morale is weak. I can no longer continue with this marriage as I no longer love him. I do not want to hurt my husband,” she said. In his reaction, Bello asked the court to disregard his wife’s application for divorce, saying he was still interested

in the marriage. He, however, admitted that “I have observed some changes in her behaviour these past weeks, and she has refused to open up to me on what was troubling her.” He urged the court to grant them an adjournment for further consultation with their families for a possible out of court reconciliation. The presiding judge, Mr. Yusuf Abdulkareem, adjourned the case to April 2, 2014 for report on settlement. (NAN)

‘My wife keeps late nights’ •His attitude turned me to a party freak –Wife


emola and Bose Ajeku have urged an Ikeja Customary Court, Lagos, to dissolve their marriage, accusing each other of infidelity. Demola, 30, a business man who resides at 10 Abiodun Street, Oke Ira, in Ogba area of Lagos had earlier told the court that his wife is fond of keeping late nights and going to every party on earth without caring about either him or the family. “All my wife is interested in is to go partying with friends and buying all the Aso Ebi in this world. She would keep late nights on all kind of excuses that customers are many in her shop and she needed to attend to them. But, when I go to her shop, she is never there. She receives strange calls from different men even late into the night and when I complain, she would tell me that they are her customers. I am tired and cannot cope anymore. I want this marriage dissolved so that I can have peace of mind,” he said. Bose, 26, a business woman,

denied all the allegations levelled against her, claiming that Demola beats her regularly, adding that she was tired of his infidelity. She said: “My husband is the one who is making me a party freak. It is because of his cruel attitude that I have decided to take solace in my business and social gathering. I don’t keep late nights like he claimed and I don’t have any secret lover. Most of the calls I receive are either from my customers or from my girlfriends not men friends like he said. He is just looking for excuses to justify his uncaring and adulterous attitude. I have seen him severally with other women and he knows that I know that he has other affairs outside. That is why he is looking for excuses. All he is good at is to beat me constantly and to call me all kinds of names. I am also tired of the marriage and will want the marriage dissolved so I can have peace in my life. I also want the custody of our two children,” she said. The court president adjourned the case to April 15, 2014 for further hearing.

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March 8, 2014


Woman seeks dissolution of 27-year marriage over irresponsibility, battery •She is rude and lacks discipline –Husband


omfort Ajayi, 42, has urged an Ado-Ekiti Customary Court to dissolve her marriage union of 27-years with her husband, Philip Ajayi. In a petition to the court, the

woman requested for immediate dissolution of the marriage over her husband’s alleged failure to take care of his family. She said that Ajayi had failed to take care of his children and

their education. The mother of five also claimed that her husband no longer bothered about the day-to-day upkeep of his family, including the children’s welfare. She also accused her

husband of constant battery, adding that he sometimes beat her to stupor. Ajayi, however, denied the allegations, saying that his wife lacks discipline and is rude to

him. The president of the court, Mr. Joseph Ogunsemi, after hearing from both parties, adjourned the case to April 4, 2014 for judgment. (NAN)

‘My husband behaves like a woman’ •I promise to mend my ways –Husband •Case is adjourned for report of settlement or continuation of hearing –Judge


housewife, Kaosarat Nurudeen of Edun area of Ilorin has told an Ilorin Area Court on Tuesday to dissolve her marriage, saying that that her husband`` behaves like a woman’’. The 33-year-old petitioner prayed the court to dissolve the three-year marriage because her husband, Wasiu, “is feminine in nature.” She told the court that Wasiu “is the type that keeps malice and gets easily provoked at the slightest provocation.” The petitioner said that Wasiu always over-reacts on minor issues and changes his attitude “whenever he is provoked.” She told the court that her husband “talks too much and blames others for his mistakes when he is wrong.” The petitioner said that their marriage was contracted in

2011 and has produced a male child. “I want an end to this relationship because my husband is not ready to change and takes no correction,” Kaosarat pleaded. Wasiu, however, objected to the prayer of his wife, saying he still had interest in the marriage. “My wife always does things that arouse my anger which usually force me to react and at times stop talking to her to avoid more trouble.” Wasiu promised to change his ways and begged the court for another date to enable them settle out of court. The Presiding Judge, Mr. Yusuf Abdulkareem, adjourned the case to March 28, 2014 for a report of settlement or continuation of hearing. (NAN).

‘My husband stripped me in public’ •I beat her because she is not straight forward in our marital union –Husband •Case is adjourned for report of settlement and continuation of hearing –Judge


housewife, Yetunde Afolabi, of Osere area of Ilorin, on Thursday pleaded with an Ilorin Area Court to dissolve her five-year marriage to Kunle Afolabi, because he publicly humiliated her.

Yetunde, 30, told the court that her husband was fond of tearing her clothes, making her naked before beating her in public, just to humiliate her. She told the court that her husband was also fond of calling her names like “prostitute,

‘My wife comes home drunk and reeking of cigarette smoke’ •I promise to mend my ways for the sake of my marriage –Wife


hirty-two-year-old Wasiu Bankole has pleaded with an Ilorin Area Court to dissolve his marriage of three years to Omolara over drinking and smoking. Wasiu, a resident of Amilegbe Area, Ilorin, told the court that his wife was not playing the role expected of a wife and mother. “She complains virtually about everything that has to do with the family, but she can spend her last kobo on alcohol and cigarette. I don’t know

what has come over her in the last one year. I have done all I can to help her but it seems she can’t change. And before she influences the children negatively, I would rather have the marriage dissolved so she can go her separate way and do whatever she likes with her life,” he said. Usually, when I want to have sex with her, she does not oblige me. And many times, she comes home drunk and smelling of alcohol,” he said. Omolara however objected

to the petition saying she was still interested in the marriage. “I promise to be responsible to my family and make my family happy for the sake of my marriage,” she said. She pleaded with the court for adjournment to enable her make a reconciliatory move. The Judge, Mr. Yusuf Abdulkareem, adjourned the case to April 5, 2014for a report of settlement or continuation of hearing. (NAN)

dirty pig, and shameless person’’ in public. “My husband has ridiculed me and soiled my personality to the extent that I am ashamed of moving freely in my neighborhood,” she said. Yetunde told the court that their marriage was contracted in 2009 and produced two children, aged five and two years. She wants the court to dissolve the marriage, saying, “I am fed up with his arrogant lifestyle and the humiliation I am subjected to.” But, Kunle objected to the request of his wife, saying he was still interested in the marriage. “Though, I sometimes beat her out of provocation, but not frequently; and it is because she is not straight forward in our marital union,” he said. Kunle pleaded that the court should adjourn the case to enable him reconcile with his wife, and promised not to humiliate her anymore. The presiding judge, Mr. Yusuf Abdulkareem, adjourned the case till March 31 for report of settlement and continuation of hearing. (NAN)



March 8, 2014

Saturday Mirror

Wombs for rent in India • Baby farms are transforming the lives of poverty-stricken women who are paid to carry babies for wealthy foreigners


ndian ‘baby farms’ are thriving as demand from couples from developed countries, including the UK, soars. Infertile couples are turning to women in India to carry and give birth to their children, as commercial surrogacy is not legal in certain countries, or if it is legal, can be prohibitively expensive. The money these women earn - as much as £4,700 per pregnancy - is transforming communities. The Akanksha Infertility Clinic in Anand, a small town in the Indian state of Gujarat, is at the forefront of the commercial surrogacy in India. The treatment at the clinic costs from £17,000 with the surrogate receiving about £4,700 as a fee. The surrogates generally come from poor backgrounds. In India, about one third of the population lives on less than one pound sterling a day. The clinic started offering surrogacy services about ten years ago, and since then more than 700 babies have been delivered there. The money paid to women for carrying other people’s babies has had a huge economic impact on families in the surrounding villages Sarla Patelia, 40, lives in a village called Manjipura about 25km from Anand. She was a surrogate in 2009 and 2012. With the money she earned, she built a new two-storey house and moved her family out of the hut with a tin-roof they were living in previously. She has two sons, aged nine and 10. “It completely changed our lives,” she says, explaining that her husband, Shashikant, 44, had a tumour and she was able to pay for a life-saving operation which cost 150,000 rupees (£1,470), which they otherwise would not have been able to afford. “We don’t actually have a source of income at the moment,” she says. “We’re still living off the money from the surrogacy.” Neeta Makwara, 30, who lives not far away in the village of Nadiad, gave birth to a baby boy for a foreign couple in 2008 and to twins for another couple in 2011. The first time, her husband, a rickshaw driver, squandered all the money she received. But the second time, she used the money to build a three-storey house and now makes a bit of cash each month from renting out the ground floor. Commercial surrogacy became legal in India in 2002 but it is illegal in countries including the UK and Australia. A surrogate cannot legally be paid to carry a child in the UK; only their expenses can be covered. Commercial surrogacy is available in parts of the United States but costs about five times as much as it does in India. Dr Nayna Patel, the medical director of the Akanksha Centre, says that affordability is a factor for foreign couples opting for surrogacy in India, but that it is also popular because Indian doctors and medical technology are well-regarded and the poor rural women generally lead

clean-living lifestyles. “The surrogates are considered trustworthy, committed, and vices like drugs, smoking, and drinking are not seen amongst these women,” says Dr Patel. A British couple, who wish to remain anonymous, used the clinic last year after the wife was left unable to have children following a botched operation at a clinic in London. The couple had a baby girl who was genetically their own through a surrogate in India. The wife, 37, a management consultant, explains that she was apprehensive of using the treatment at first. “When you’re from the West, you don’t do this lightly,” she says. “When we did the research and visited, we were reassured that the women were volunteering and it wasn’t exploitative. We are obviously very conscious of human rights.” She contacted other clinics in India, which seemed much ‘more commercial and pushy’, before deciding on the Akanksha Infertility Clinic. She says she burst into tears after the surrogate mother and her husband visited the baby a couple of weeks after she was born. “They were thanking me, which is what made me emotional because they’ve given me this baby. The surrogate’s husband was able to start his own diamond business with the money.” “They’re moving into a bigger house. For them, this money means so much. This place actually helps people. Yes, it helps people like myself and my husband, who have been married 11 years and have tried lots of different avenues to have a child. “We’ve got the happiness of a lifetime now having this child but it’s not just a one-way thing. It helps the surrogates and their families as well.” Dr. Jatin Shah has a clinic in Mumbai

called the Mumbai Infertility Clinic and IVF Centre, which last year handled the surrogate birth of a baby boy for the Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan. The clinic oversees about ten surrogate cases a month, but only offers the service to Indian residents or Indian expats. Dr. Shah explains that he wants to see a proper surrogacy law in place in India before he starts catering to foreigners. There is an Assisted Reproductive Technologies Bill but the actual law has yet to be passed. Dr. Shah explains that there is no issue with finding women who are willing to act as surrogates and that there is a ‘long queue’ of potential candidates who approach the clinics. They are screened and selected based on having a healthy uterus. The clinic pays surrogates almost 400,000 rupees (£3,860) for carrying a child. In some cases, the surrogates will also get a bonus from the couple. Dr. Shah dismisses concerns often raised that the surrogate mother might become bonded to the child and not want to give the baby up. “Why should it happen?” he asks. “She needs the money. I haven’t heard of a single case yet in India. When you go to the grassroots and talk to the mother, she has two children of her own. She is doing this for the money. “She has no interest in getting linked up to the child. She can’t look after her own, so there is no question of looking after somebody else’s child.” They could also face legal challenges in such a situation, Dr Shah explains. “There’s a legal contract between the surrogate mother and the patient, so how will she turn around to claim the baby? And she delivers under the care of the doctor in the nursing home. “The minute she delivers the baby, it is





handed over to the genetic parents. Unless she absconds in the fifth month and disappears. Why would she do that because she needs that money? “We’ve done about a hundred surrogates and they’ve all just been very happy that they’ve been paid the promised amount and from that money they could buy their husband a taxi or buy themselves a house or pay for their kids’ education. “That is their motive which we fulfill for them.” (

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March 8, 2014

hat are the kidneys?

The kidneys are small organs located in the abdomen toward the back, normally one on each side of the spine. The kidneys play key roles in body function, not only by filtering the blood and getting rid of waste products, but also by balancing levels of electrolyte levels in the body, controlling blood pressure, and stimulating the production of red blood cells. The kidneys have the ability to monitor the amount of body fluid, the concentrations of electrolytes like sodium and potassium, and the acid-base balance of the body. They filter waste products of body metabolism, like urea from protein metabolism.Two waste products in the blood can be measured: blood urea nitrogen (BUN) and creatinine (Cr). When blood flows to the kidney, sensors within the kidney decide how much water to excrete as urine, along with what concentration of electrolytes. For example, if a person is dehydrated from exercise or from an illness, the kidneys will hold onto as much water as possible and the urine becomes very concentrated. When adequate water is present in the body, the urine is much more dilute, and the urine becomes clear. This system is controlled by renin, a hormone produced in the kidney that is part of the fluid and blood pressure regulation systems of the body. Kidneys are also the source of erythropoietin in the body, a hormone that stimulates the bone marrow to make red blood cells After the kidneys filter blood, the urine is excreted through the ureter, a thin tube that connects it to the bladder. It is then stored in the bladder awaiting urination, when the bladder sends the urine out of the body through the urethra.

What causes kidney failure? Kidney failure can occur from an acute situation or from chronic problems.

Kidney Failure

In acute renal failure, kidney function is lost rapidly and can occur from a variety of insults to the body. The list of causes is often categorized based on where the injury has occurred. Prerenal causes (pre=before + renal=kidney) causes are due to decreased blood supply to the kidney. Examples of prerenal causes of kidney failure are: • low blood volume due to blood loss; • dehydration from loss of body fluid (for example, vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, fever); poor intake of fluids; • medication, for example, diuretics (“water pills”) may cause excessive water loss; and abnormal blood flow to and from the kidney due to obstruction of the renal artery or vein.

Renal causes of kidney failure (damage directly to the kidney itself) include: • Sepsis: The body’s immune system is overwhelmed from infection and causes inflammation and shutdown of the kidneys. • Medications: Some medications are toxic to the kidney, including nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. • Situation in which there is significant muscle breakdown in the body, and the damaged muscle fibers clog the filtering system of the kidneys. (Rhabdomyolysis) This can occur because of trauma, crush injuries, and burns. • Acute glomerulonephritis or inflammation of the glomeruli, the filtering system of the kidneys. Many diseases can cause this inflammation. Post renal causes of kidney failure (post=after + renal= kidney) are due

to factors that affect outflow of the urine: • Obstruction of the bladder or the ureters can cause back pressure because the kidneys continue to produce urine, but the obstruction acts like a dam, and urine backs up into the kidneys. When the pressure increases high enough, the kidneys are damaged and shut down. • Prostatic hypertrophy or prostate cancer may block the urethra and prevents the bladder from emptying. • Tumors in the abdomen that surround and obstruct the ureters. • Kidney stones. Usually, kidney stones affect only one kidney and do not cause kidney failure. However, if there is only one kidney present, a kidney stone may cause the lone kidney to fail. Chronic renal failure develops over months and years. The most common causes of chronic renal failure are related to: • poorly controlled diabetes, • poorly controlled high blood pressure, and • chronic glomerulonephritis. What are the symptoms of kidney failure? • In the beginning, kidney failure may be asymptomatic (not producing any symptoms). As kidney function decreases, the symptoms are related to the inability to regulate water and electrolyte balances, to clear waste products from the body, and to promote red blood cell production. Lethargy, weakness, shortness of breath, and generalized swelling may occur. Unrecognized or untreated, life-threatening circumstances can develop. • Increased acidity of the body due to the inability to manufacture bicarbonate, will alter enzyme and oxygen metabolism, causing organ failure. TO BE CONTINUED NEXT WEEK


I have taken antiretrovirals for 8 months without relief from HIV Dear doctor, Please doctor, I and my wife are victims of HIV. And we were asked to take some medications. These we have used for 8 months, but our tests are positive after treatment. Is HIV a silent killer? I am worried. Thanks. Sam---------------------------Nassarawa state Mirror doctor replies

Although there is no cure for Acquired Immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS), medications have been highly effective in fighting HIV and its complications. Drug treatments are designed to help reduce the HIV virus in your body, keep your immune system as healthy as possible and decrease the complications you may develop. You and your doctor will work together to develop a treatment plan that best meets your needs. Three main factors

will be considered when designing your treatment plan. These are; your willingness and readiness to begin therapy, the stage of your disease and other health problems. It’s important that you take your medications exactly as prescribed. This is a crucial part of your treatment success. Most medications have side effects, which your doctor will discuss with you. Individuals respond differently to medications and side effects may vary.

At this point, it is important you know that the medications will help reduce the virus in your body if you use them as prescribed. Don’t be so anxious that your test results are still positive. You need to develop a positive attitude to accepting the fact that you are positive and can live healthy life. Ensure you are registered with an approved health facility that caters for patients that are positive. This is for effective monitoring and management. The drugs are free.



March 8, 2014

Saturday Mirror

Africans dazzle at the Oscars The world’s biggest movie awards, The Oscars, held last Sunday, and it was very significant for Africa as two Africans, Nigeria’s Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Kenya’s Lupita Nyong’o were nominated in the best actor and best supporting actress categories. Ejiofor, who was nominated for his role in 12 Years A Slave, was up against Christian Bale (American Hustle), Bruce Dern (Nebraska), Leonardo DiCaprio (The Wolf of Wall Street) and Matthew McConaughey (Dallas Buyers Club). Though Chiwetel lost out to McConaughey, Nyong’o who was nominated for her own role in 12 Years A Slave as well, came up against June Squibb (Nebraska), Julia Roberts (August: Osage County), Sally Hawkins (Blue Jasmine), Jennifer Lawrence (American Hustle), and won, thereby making Africa very proud.

Lupita Nyong’o

Will Smith and wife Jada

Chiwetel Ejiofor and girlfriend Sari Mercer

Jamie Foxx and daughter Corinne

Pharrel Williams and friend

Charlize Theron of South Africa

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his is the ancient household of Igbo, the ancestral father of the Igbo race. In front of the shrine which represents his old living room (Obi), Igbo is depicted by a bronze casting of a man in the traditional loin cloth, holding a staff. A replication of what his Obi looked like has been erected on the same site where he lived so many centuries ago. It has become a shrine and a hallowed ground, attached to the old family shrine. Visitors are received within the ‘Obi’ which is furnished with traditionally carved wooden chairs depicting eagles, lions and other animals. They are presented with the traditional white clay, kolanuts and palm wine. The floor is covered with broken kolanuts offered to ancestors. According to historical account, Dege; a descendant of Igbo, whose name the village now bears who was killed in the Okotu war is the forebear of the present custodian of the Obi Igbo, Chief Umeokonkwo Chukwunonso; Eze Ononobi Igbo of Igbo-Ukwu. Who by his royal birth is the acknowledged Prince of Igbo, descendant of the first son lineage. The paraphernalia of his office can be glimpsed from his inner shrine, which contains among others the helmet which ‘Igbo’ had worn in the war against Agu-Ukwu, Nri. This can only be brought out by the Council of elders of Igbo-Ukwu. Other instruments such as his horn of elephant tusk can also be seen. There is a jar from which palm wine magically does not finish. Palm wine taken from it is believed to be an antidote for poison. The shrine is forbidden to men who carry charms on their bodies or those whose characters are questionable and to menstruating women. Eze Ononobi Igbo, The “Prince” of Igbo The man Igbo, as legend has it never died. He grew so old that he faded away to join his ancestors. This is what informed the saying in Igbo land that an ‘Igwe’ (the Traditional ruler) does not die; but lives on forever. Only persons of high moral standing can enter the Obi Igbo, others remain outside even without being told. Owing to his ancestry, the Ononobi Igbo is said a higher Chief by descent than the traditional rulers in the area. The historical value of what he and his ‘Obi’ represent cannot be quantified. Dike’s ancient war tower (ukpor) Any person referred to as ‘Dike’ in Igbo land is a great man and must have performed an extraordinary feat to deserve the title. In times past, it was used for great warriors who had shown exceptional bravery at war. Dike Madueke, who lived and died in Ukpor before 1700, falls under this category. He is reputed as the greatest warrior in Ukpor land. He led the people to many wars, perfecting a strategy that enabled the people defeat their enemies all around. The early European adventurers who came


March 8, 2014

Umudege, Igbo-Ukwu:

Root of a race

to Ukpor met such stiff resistance from the local soldiers that they had to retreat for re-enforcement before they were able to subdue the people. It was said that in the process of perfecting his war strategies, Dike Madueke erected in his family compound which still stand today, a twenty-foot tall multi-purpose pyramid tower that aided the people to thwart the plans of their enemies. The interior of the tower has three decks, spy holes all around it and with the aid of ladder people climb from one deck to another. a sentry is constantly posted on top of the deck from where he observes the surrounding are and reports the movement of soldiers

from every direction. The middle rung is reserved for sharp-shooters armed with Dane guns and darts. The height gives them the advantage of reach over enemy soldiers. The ground floor of the tower is the most spacious and acts as a refuge for women and children, considered the most vulnerable in war times. While the men fight, they ensure their loved ones are protected from attack. Dike’s tower has recently been reduced in height to enable maintenance and preservation of this important historical monument. It has survived years of weathering due to special indigenous architectural skill that went into its construction, which ac-

cording to the people has been lost, years ago. The walls, hedging the Madueke family compound are as old as the tower itself and still stand as strong as ever. One cannot claim to have seen the ingenuity of the Igbo people during the early years without a visit to Dike’s tower at Ukpor town in Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State. Dike Madueke is also reputed as a powerful rainmaker in his days. The art of rainmaking in Igbo land is one that can only be inherited; a jealously guarded secret of families that are its custodian. See more about the art of rain making as we take you to cultural practices of Igbo people.



March 8, 2014

Saturday Mirror


Saturday Mirror

March 8, 2014


CAF CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FIXTURES Today’s Matches AS Real vs Enyimba Esperance vs Gor Mahia Kampala City Council vs Nkana Red Devils Raja Club Athletic vs Horoya ASFA Yennenga vs ES Setif Primeiro de Agosto vs AC Leopards Liga Muculmana vs Kaizer Chiefs Sunday, March 9, 2014 Al-Ahly vs Young Africans Ahli Benghazi vs Berekum Chelsea TP Mazembe vs Astres Sewe Sport vs BYC CS Sfaxien vs Dedebit Coton Sport vs Flambeau El Hilal vs Stade Malien AS Vita Club vs Dynamos

Dejected Enyimba FC players looking set to turn the table today against AS Real in Bamako.

Enyimba walk tight rope against Real •As Bayelsa Utd plots AS Kondzo’s fall in CAF Confed Cup IFEANYI EDUZOR


igeria’s remaining representative in this year’s CAF Champion’s League; Enyimba of Aba will have their hands full today when they confront AS Real of Bamako in Mali in the second leg, first round game of the continent’s most prestigious club competition. The match is scheduled for Stade Modibo Keita, Bamako, Mali. The Peoples’ Elephant were stunned 1-2 by AS Real last Sunday at the Enyimba International Stadium in Aba. Enyimba’s Sibi Gwar, the two-goal hero against Togolese side Anges de Notse, grabbed the opener for his side in the 45th minute, but the Malian side fought hard to draw level in the 64th minute through Mohammed Cisse, while Amadou Samake grabbed the winner in the 76th minute to end the former’s eight-

year unbeaten home run. The result also puts Enyimba’s chances of progressing in the competition on the balance. The 1-2 home loss to AS Real Bamako was the third time, the six-time Nigerian champions will lose a CAF Champions League match in Aba. Enyimba’s previous home losses in the competition were to Africa Sports and Al Ahly in the 2004 and 2005 editions. Both games ended in identical score lines of one-nil. The Nigerian representative must now win by two clear goals in Bamako to stand any chance of progressing to the second round of the competition. While it could be said that Enyimba will be counting on mother luck to defeat their host and progress in the moneyspinning league considering their poor performance in the first leg, but the team who won the lucrative league back-toback in 2003 and 2004 respectively has a

good away record which might count in their favour in today’s cracker. However, playing against a Malian side who has been dubbed as the “giant killers”, of the tournament after sending former winners AS FAR of Morocco out of the competition in the preliminary stage, could pose serious danger to the Aba millionaires. Although Enyimba as part of efforts to ensure they fly over their fellow West Africans has sacked their goalkeeper trainer, Coach Shuaibu Suleiman whom they accused of not fielding their first choice keeper in the encounter which cost them he match, but whether this will have any positive impact on the Coach Zachary Baraje’s led side will be determined after the full 90 minutes. Meanwhile, Enyimba’s striker, Mfon Udon has said that the task before the team looks difficult but they have what it takes to turn the table on AS Real when they clash in Bamako today.

“We have to believe we can go to Mali and do the same thing they did in Aba. We are a team that wants to go as far as possible in this competition so we have to go there and prove ourselves. “It is true that we need to score two goals without conceding any before we can progress to the next round of the competition which many people can describe as a difficult task, but we are capable of rising to the occasion and inflict pains on our opponents. “The coaching crew has corrected all the lapses discovered in the first leg that caused us the match and I am optimistic that we are not going to disappoint in the second leg,” he said. In a related development, Bayelsa United will also this afternoon lock horns with Congolese side AS Kondzo in the return leg of the Confederation Cup at the Sapele Township Stadium. The nation’s representatives in the second tier African championship pulled off a goalless draw against the Congolese side last Friday in Brazzaville. Bayelsa United who were semi- finalists in the 2009 edition of the championship appears to be in a good position to progress to the next stage of the championship considering their performance at the first leg but they should not underrate their opponents because doing so could be dangerous. Speaking on the match, Bayelsa United Coach, Richard Bubagha said his side has prepared very well for the encounter and will leave no stone unturned in ensuring they record a win in the match. “Bayelsa United will win convincingly against AS Kondzo today and advance to the next stage of the competition. “We have done our homework very well to the extent that we can confidently assure Nigerians that we are going to make them proud at the end of the full 90 minutes. “We didn’t know much about the Congolese side prior to the first leg last Friday in Brazzaville, but right now we’re better informed about their strengths and weaknesses and should be able to handle them perfectly well,” he affirmed.



March 8, 2014

Saturday Mirror

What’s next after Abdullahi’s sack?


ports fans in the country received with mixed feelings the sacking of ex-Sports Minister, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi on Wednesday by President Goodluck Jonathan. Some of the fans who wanted to remain anonymous on the subject matter saw the sack as unjust, while majority saw it as long overdue. However, Abdullahi’s sack gave credence to the belief of many inquisitive minds, including philosophers that the only thing that is constant in life is change. So, there is nothing new about Abdullahi’s sack because the portfolio is never and will never be his private property. Also, there are many Nigerians who are capable and deserve to serve the nation diligently in that capacity, thus the only thing that can make them come forth is the recent change in the helm of affairs in the Sports Ministry. As a kicker, how did Abdullahi get himself to the wrong side of the Presidency? Many media reports during the passing week gave several reasons for the sack of the Kwara State-born politician and it will not be out of place to take a second look at some of them. Some media reports alleged that Abdullahi was given the boot for his apolitical stand, despite being a card-carrying member of the ruling party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Another alleged that Abdullahi was caught in a ‘deadly romance’ with the


Andrew Ekejiuba opposition party, All Progressive Congress (APC). Without sounding immodest, it is the stand of HT that no matter the reason for Abdullahi’s sack, common knowledge in politics shows that loyalty is key, especially in a political terrain like Nigeria. It is also tantamounts to betrayal of trust when a serving Minister finds himself at a crossroad with the party that enabled his career rise. Since Abdullahi secured the esteemed position in the Sports Industry through the platform of PDP, he ought to have remained loyal to the party that gave life to his political future. It is totally unacceptable for one to destroy the staircase in which he used in rising to stardom! HT took time during the week to reflect on the tenure of the former Sports Minister and it will be worthwhile here to correct some erroneous impressions being created out there by a section of the media. HT discovered that after


Abdullahi’s sack, a section of the media has been ascribing the Super Eagles 2013 Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) triumph in South Africa to Abdullahi’s administrative ingenuity and HT begs to differ in this regard. For the umpteenth time, HT wants to state emphatically that the 2013 AFCON triumph of the senior national team came as a result of the determination of the players and the coaching crew to break even. Many Nigerian soccer fans and administrators in the sports industry never gave the team a chance to excel in the competition and it will be unfair to ascribe the success to the ex-Sports Minister. During the competition proper the distraction the team suffered from top sports administrators in the country was enough to break the heart of the Super Eagles players, yet the team came, saw and conquered. The Super Eagles flew over Cote d’Ivoire in the quarter-finals despite their armada

of world-class players, crushed Mali in the semi-finals before taking mouthy Burkina Faso to the cleaners in the final match. Thanks to Sunday Mba’s lone strike which gave Nigeria a 1-0 slim win at the end of the day. Aside the aforementioned, the victory made Stephen Keshi and his wards instant heroes before the eyes of their detractors, while some green-eyed fools were busy ascribing the win to administrative ingenuity of those in the helm of affairs in the NSC or even the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF). HT gathered that the maltreatment Keshi and his wards got during last year’s AFCON almost made him to quit the national team job until he was persuaded to change his mind in this regard by the Presidency. Therefore, it will be like living in a fool’s paradise to ascribe the AFCON win to Abdullahi or NFF’s administrative acumen. Also, another erroneous impression that is worthy of correcting here is on the 2013 FIFA U-17 World Cup triumph in United Arab Emirates. HT wants to ascribe the win to the long preparation the team had under the watchful eyes of Coach Manu Garba. Many thanks to the NFF who walked tirelessly towards this great accomplishment! The firm and articulate planning of the NFF made it possible for Garba to produce such crop of exciting players who took the world by storm, and soccer ana-

lysts believe the products should be the bedrock of future Super Eagles squad. The world-conquering Golden Eaglets must be encouraged to graduate to the current Flying Eagles squad instead of distorting there career rise. Coming back to the subject matter, the question which has been in the minds of many sports analysts is now Abdullahi has been sacked, what’s next? It is the stand of HT that the new Sports Minister Dr. Tamuno Danagogo should as a matter of urgency commence the immediate probing of the former Minister to create room for transparency in the NSC. Nigerians would like to know how much Abdullahi met in the coffers of NSC when he came into office in May 2012 and how much he left behind following his sack on Wednesday. There are a lot of sporting programmes earmarked this year for Nigeria and it will not be out of place if Danagogo audits Abdullahi’s tenure to put the records straight. Or better still, it will also be appreciated if the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) can also lead the searchlight in this regard. A lot of tax payers’ money was voted into the administration of the NSC during Abdullahi’s tenure and it is worthwhile for him to give the account of his stewardship. Nigerians, including those in Diaspora are watching with keen interest!


Vieria named Etihad Airways brand ambassador ANDREW EKEJIUBA


tihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates, has welcomed international football star Patrick Vieira as the latest highprofile addition to its Guest Ambassador program. One of the most accomplished sportsmen of his generation, Vieira has won nine league titles and five national cups during his 17-year career as midfielder with some of the world’s leading football teams, including Manchester City, Arsenal, Inter Milan and Juventus. He was also part of France’s national football team during its 1998 World Cup and Euro 2000 victories, and currently serves as Head of the Elite

Development Squad at Manchester City Football Club, which is also sponsored by Etihad Airways. In his new role as Etihad Guest Ambassador, Vieira will work on a number of initiatives to promote Etihad Airways in the UK and other key markets around the world. The agreement builds upon the success of several grass roots sporting initiatives run by Etihad Airways and Patrick Vieira in the past two years, focused on the athletic development of youngsters in key markets around the world. Peter Baumgartner, Chief Commercial Officer at Etihad Airways, said: “When we look for Etihad Guest Ambassadors, we look for remarkable men and women who follow their aspirations, excel in their chosen fields,

Premier Lotto Schools Athletics final holds in Lagos ANDREW EKEJIUBA

T Vieria

and also reflect the brand values of Etihad Airways. Patrick Vieira, who is one of the football world’s biggest success stories, fits the description perfectly.” “The program is aimed at developing the skills of aspiring footballers worldwide and we are delighted to extend this relationship, even further by welcoming Patrick as our latest Etihad Guest Ambassador.”

he grand finale of the Premier Lotto Schools Athletics competition holds today in Lagos. Impressed with the quality of organisation of this year’s Lagos Premier Lotto Athletics Championship, Chairman, National Academicals Sports Committee (NASCOM),

Yemi Idowu and former national athlete, Yusuf Alli have hailed the Lagos State Government for this laudable initiative. The NASCOM boss, who was at the district six qualifiers on Wednesday at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, believes this kind of programme would positively help to groom quality athletes for the country. For Alli, who is also a

technical officer of the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN), programmes like this would help to unearth new athletes. “This is fantastic and this is what we have been talking about. Taking sports to the grassroots. When you take sports to the students, you gain a lot and I just pray that this Premier Lotto Championship will continue for a very long time,” the national record holder in long jump said.

L-R: Technical Officer, Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN), Yusuf Alli; Chairman, National Academical Sports Committee (NASCOM), Yemi Idowu and Lagos State Commissioner for Youth, Sports and Social Development, Hon. Wahid Oshodi at the Season Two of the Lagos Premier Lotto Schools Athletics Championship at the Teslim Balogun Stadium on Wednesday.

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March 8, 2014


Brazil 2014 Scotland manager confirms Nigeria friendly



cotland manager Gordon Strachan has confirmed the readiness of his side ahead of the international friendly against the Super Eagles. He said, playing close to home was the big attraction in agreeing a friendly with Nigeria at Fulham’s Craven Cottage. The match, scheduled for May 28, forms part of the Super Eagles’ preparations for their fifth appearance at a World Cup finals.

Scotland will be looking to extend their five-game unbeaten run. “We considered a lot of options, but playing Nigeria in London without the need for long-haul travel was the one that appealed most,” said Strachan. With Scotland having failed to qualify for the World Cup, Strachan was attracted by the chance to test his side against a team that will be in Brazil this summer. “We will have time for some quality training sessions before the game and we will look to finish the season with a positive performance and result that we can take forward as we finalise preparations for the Euro 2016 qualifiers,” he said. The match will be the Scots’ last friendly before they start their Euro 2016 qualifying campaign against Germany in September. They have also been drawn against Republic of Ireland, Georgia, Gibraltar and Poland, whom they beat 1-0 in a friendly on Wednesday. “I was encouraged yet again by a lot of what I saw in Warsaw and the players are now protective of the performances and results they have put together recently,” added Strachan. “We will look to continue that against Nigeria.” Scotland last met Nigeria at Pittodrie Stadium in 2002, when the visitors came from behind to win 2-1.

LMC, NSCDC collaborate for Glo League opener ANDREW EKEJIUBA


owards ensuring safety at Glo Premier League venues, the League Management Company (LMC) has secured the services of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) to compliment the Nigeria Police as security stewards. Commandant of NSCDC, Dr. Ade Abolurin who received a delega-

tion of the LMC led by the Chief Operating Officer, Salihu Abubakar, said the Match Day one games holding this weekend will be used to test run operations of his officers at stadiums. “We are very happy to support the LMC and our clubs to provide security for match officials, players and more importantly, fans, declared Abolurin and added, “I have followed the league keenly and believe that the civil

Quadri wins Yoruba Tennis tourney IFEANYI EDUZOR


yinlomo Quadri has emerged the winner of the 6th edition of the annual Yoruba Tennis Club Secondary School Championship held at the Yoruba Tennis Club Court, Onikan, Lagos. Quadri who is the defending champion of the tournament, defeated Mary-Love Edwards in a two-straight sets of 6-2, 6-1. Ouadri ,who is currently the defending champion of the U-14 West Africa tournament said the champion-

ship will enable her prepare well ahead of the African Junior Tennis tournament scheduled for Nairobi, Kenya later in the year. In the Boy’s category Micheal Ayooola of Ebute Elefun Senior High School, Lagos Island, defeated Michael Osewa of Branded College, Ebute Metta by 7-5, 5-7, 6-3 to emerge the winner. The winner of the boys and girls categories went home with one hundred thousand naira each with tennis equipment, while the runners-up went home with seventy-five thousand naira each.

defense will be part of the innovations the LMC is bringing to the game”. Abolurin said operatives of the NSCDC will be deployed at all match venues to work with existing security operatives in ensuring the safety of lives and property. “Football is a game that unites us as a nation and it must be played at safe secure places to attract people, so we will help in providing this enabling environment to make Nigerians comfortable watching their favourite clubs,” the NSCDC Commandant assured.

A member of the Nigeria Football Supporters Club displaying the club’s regalia during one of the Super Eagles outing.

Supporters club needs N800m to support Eagles –Ladipo IFEANYI EDUZOR


resident General of Nigeria Football Supporters Club, Rafiu Ladipo says, the club requires about N800 million to enable its members travel to Brazil to cheer the Super Eagles to victory at the Mundial, even as he commended President Goodluck Jonathan for donating the sum of N 50million to the club. Disclosing his appreciation during an interactive session with the media, he noted that for the Super Eagles to surpass their second round record at the Mundial there is the need for the club to sponsor about 800 members to Brazil who will cheer the team to victory. “It is true that the President gave the club N50 million, but when one considers the amount required to take care of about 800 club members that will be travelling to Brazil, you will discover that the amount is not enough and that is why I am appealing to corporate Nigeria to come to the aid of the club. “Members of the Supporters Club are

ready to give their total support to the Super Eagles quest in Brazil, but this involves a lot of money and that is why we are appealing to well meaning Nigerians to emulate President Goodluck Jonathan and help the club financially,” Ladipo said. Earlier in his speech at the occasion, the Chief Executive Officer of First Sports Entertainment, Effiong Nyong appealed to corporate bodies in Nigeria to help Nigeria Football Supporters club raise enough funds that will enable them travel to Brazil. He added that his organization will soon organise corporate dinners in Lagos and Abuja aimed at raising money for the club. “As the official partner of the Supporters Club for Brazil 2014 World Cup, our major duty is to sensitize and mobilize Nigerians on the need to support the club financially towards going to Brazil to cheer the Super Eagles to victory. “We are also discussing with the Nigeria Lottery Board on how to use the agency to raise funds for the club which we hope will be successful at the end of the day,” Nyong affirmed.

Wheelchair Tennis: Nigeria retains African title IFEANYI EDUZOR


igeria continued its dominance of wheelchair tennis in the continent when it defeated Morocco 2-1 to emerge champion of the 2014 African Wheelchair Tennis Qualifying Championship concluded in Nairobi, Kenya. Nigeria’s duo of Wasiu Yusuf and Alex Adewale both won their singles matches which was enough to clinch the continent’s sole ticket to the World Team Cup billed for Holland in May. Two-time Paralympian Yusuf was stretched to the limit by Ayoub

Etali as he needed a decisive final set to claim a 6-4, 3-6, 7-5 win against his opponent who is the top-ranked player in Morocco, while his compatriot, Adewale recorded a 6-2, 1-6, 6-1 victory over Ihaj Boukartacha. Prior to the finals, both players did not drop points in the tournament having recorded 3-0 wins over hosts Kenya and Egypt respectively. Reacting to the victory, national wheelchair tennis coach, Frank Tarmena noted that the players are poised to do the country proud in Holland just as he expressed worries that the gap between Nigeria and other nations are getting narrow because the players are match-rusty.




March 8, 2014

Casillas praises Lopez form

Wilshere injury worries Wenger



ker Casillas believes the form of Diego Lopez has played a huge part in Real Madrid sitting top of La Liga with 12 games to go. Lopez has been first-choice goalkeeper under head coach Carlo Ancelotti this season, restricting Casillas to 15 starts in the Copa del Rey and UEFA Champions League. The 32-year-old has no complaints about Ancelotti’s decision and insists Lopez’s 10 clean sheets in 2013-14, coupled with only conceding an average of a goal a game, validate the Italian’s team selection. “So far, the gaffer has opted for Diego Lopez in La Liga and we are leaders’ thanks in no small part to his efforts,” Casillas said. “I, at this moment, as I said, respect the manager’s decision, and if he says cup and Champions League, I’m happy with that and will try to do my best for the team.” Despite a lack of first-team action, Casillas remains Spain number one ahead of the FIFA World Cup, but he insists his focus is solely on helping Madrid win trophies and will only turn his attentions to the tournament in Brazil at the end of the season.


anchester United manager David Moyes has thanked the club’s fans for their loyalty in what he admits has been a “difficult” first season. Moyes succeeded Sir Alex Ferguson, who ended his 26 years career as United boss by winning a 13th league title, on July 1, 2013. However, United lie seventh after only 13 wins from 27 Premier League games. In a magazine sent to United season ticket holders, Moyes wrote: “The difficult season we have experienced was not something that I envisaged and I have absolutely no doubt we will see great winning sides here again.” Moyes, 50, replaced fellow Scot, Ferguson, who won 38 trophies during his reign at Old Trafford,






1 Chelsea




2 Liverpool




3 Arsenal




4 Man City




5 Tottenham




6 Everton




7 Man Utd




8 Newcastle




9 Southampton




10 West Ham




11 Aston Villa




12 Hull City




13 Stoke City




14 Swansea




15 Norwich




16 Crystal Palace




17 West Brom




18 Sunderland




19 Cardiff City




20 Fulham




rsenal manager Arsene Wenger is more worried by the sporting impact of Jack Wilshere’s foot injury than any financial implications. Wilshere sustained a hairline fracture to the navicular bone in his left foot following a challenge with Daniel Agger in England’s friendly win over Denmark at Wembley on Wednesday that will rule him out for up to six weeks. The injury casts a major doubt on the midfielder’s inclusion in Roy Hodgson’s provisional 30-man England squad for the FIFA World Cup finals, which is due to be named on May 13, and means he will miss a number of key fixtures for Arsenal. Amid reports that Arsenal could seek financial damages


Moyes commends Red Devils’ fans M Kehl not giving up on which also included two Champions League crowns, five FA Cups and four League Cups. United lost only five league games in their title-winning season of 2012-13, but have already lost eight times in the current campaign, including home defeats by West Brom, Everton, Newcastle and Tottenham. They were also beaten 2-1 at home by Swansea in the FA Cup third round and are trailing 2-0 after the first leg of their last-16 Champions League tie with Olympiakos. Moyes, who began his managerial career at Preston before spending 11 years with Everton, added: “Everything we have been through will make us a better, stronger team and club in the future.”

Baines targets FA Cup glory Lopez

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verton defender Leighton Baines has set his sights on knocking Arsenal out of the FA Cup and ending his club’s long wait for silverware. The team makes the trip to the Emirates today in their FA Cup quarter-final aiming to take a step closer to Wembley and in the process end Arsenal’s hopes. Baines admits the Arsenal game is massive for Everton after falling off the pace for a topfour finish in recent weeks and

he insists everyone at the club is driven to win their first piece of silverware since 1995 by going all the way in the FA Cup. “We are now outsiders for the top four because Liverpool and Tottenham are ahead of us, but the cup game against Arsenal is massive,” said Baines. “You would be a fool to look too far beyond that but there is no denying that we want to win a trophy. “We want that in the dressing room and, ultimately, that is the

from the Football Association as a result of the injury, Wenger insisted he was largely concerned at losing a player of the 22-year-old’s caliber. “Our shock was losing a competitive player, the finance is not my main worry at the moment,” he said.

Bundesliga title


ebastian Kehl has refused to give up on the Bundesliga title, despite Borussia Dortmund sitting 20 points behind leaders Bayern Munich. After a strong start to the season that saw Jurgen Klopp’s men claim nine wins in their opening 11 league games, Dortmund stuttered from November until the mid-season break. A run of one victory in six Bundesliga matches, which included four defeats, meant Dortmund

lost contact with Bayern at the top of the table at the end of 2013. However, Kehl has not given up hope of catching the defending champions and is confident that Dortmund has the quality to challenge. “We will not raise the white flag in surrender. “There is always a point in a game where you can beat them. “We have insane quality, but we must also be consistent to ensure we at least finish in second place,” he said.

aim. We know the task is a big one but you have to set yourselves targets and that is one of them. “We don’t speak about it among ourselves in great detail, but we are all conscious of it. We all know. “A lot of us have been here a long time and we know what it means to this football club. We have been close a couple of times. “You can’t be a club of this size, be as supported as well as we are and have the hunger among the fans, and the football club, and not win things.


EURO BRIEFS Nantes receive 16-month transfer ban

Macheda set to leave Man Utd


ederico Macheda is not expecting to be at Manchester United next season, but is hoping manager David Moyes’ quality shines through next term. The Italian striker Macheda burst onto

the scene almost four years ago with memorable winners against Aston Villa and Sunderland in his first two appearances for United, but he has since struggled to make an impact at Old Trafford.

F Macheda

Thauvin needs time to grow, says Anigo



lorian Thauvin must be given time to develop at Marseille this season, according to head coach Jose Anigo. The midfielder moved to the Stade Velodrome in September from Lille and has started 19 games in Ligue 1 as Marseille battled to get into the top three.

rench side Nantes will not be able to sign any players until the summer of 2015 after losing an appeal against a transfer ban imposed by FIFA. The eight-time champions were given the sanction

following a dispute over the signing of Guinea forward Ismael Bangoura from Al Nasr in January 2012, which United Arab Emirates club’s claim that the 29-year-old breached his contract.

Hyypia demands Leverkusen improvement


ayer Leverkusen coach Sami Hyypia has called on his side to stand up and be counted ahead of their trip to Hannover. After three straight Bundesliga defeats, elimination from

the DFB-Pokal and an almost certain exit from the Champions League after a heavy defeat at home to Paris Saint-Germain, the former Liverpool defender admits the situation is perilous.

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March 8, 2014


GLO PREMIER LEAGUE LMC approves 18 clubs, with Andrew Ekejiuba

drops Nembe City, Giwa FC T

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Sponsor charges LMC, clubs to raise bar EVEREST ONYEWUCHI


s the 2013/14 Nigeria Premier League kicks off this weekend at various centres, title sponsor, Globacom, has called on the League Management Company (LMC) and participating clubs to work assiduously towards consolidating on the gains of the last league season. The 2012/2013 League season was generally rated high for its fair play and minimal hitches which led to its rating as one of the top three leagues in Africa. Globacom in a press statement in Lagos commended the LMC and Premier League Clubs for a successful 2013 League season, adding that the company looks forward to a much improved league season in 2014. “The outgoing season has

been unprecedented in recent years, especially as matters arising from league matches as well as players’ welfare have been treated with dispatch. “We wish to congratulate the LMC on its resolve to place Nigerian football on the pedestal it rightly belongs,” Globacom said. “We also wish to congratulate the players, club officials, match officials and fans for their collective efforts that saw the season to witness few disruptions. “We also commend the Nigeria Football Federation for creating the enabling environment to make the league flourish.” The telecommunications company called on all the clubs that will participate in the 2014 season to exhibit good sportsmanship on and off the field of play.

he League Management Company (LMC) has certified 18 Clubs as fit to participate in the 2013/14 Glo Premier League, while all the fixtures involving Giwa FC and Nembe City FC have been dropped from the schedule as both teams failed to substantially comply with the minimum registration requirements. The decision was announced Thursday by the LMC through the Chief Operating Officer (COO), Salihu Abubakar who disclosed that the other eighteen Clubs substantially met the requirements and received provisional approvals to compete in the league. “Since the deadline for submission of registration form closed 48 hours ago, we have been scrutinising the registration materials returned by the clubs and can now state that Nembe City and Giwa FC are in substantial default of the minimum requirements to participate in the Glo Premier League this season. “They have consequently been withdrawn from the fix-

LMC boss, Hon Nduka Irabor.

ture and all matches involving both clubs are cancelled,” Abubakar said in Abuja. The LMC insists that the reg-

istration requirements are based on licensing principles that promotes the development of the league for the benefit of the clubs.

Emeteole brings high expectation to Heartland Ivorian star


he last time Coach Kelechi Emeteole was in Heartland, he took the club to the finals of the CAF Champions league. He is back as Technical Adviser and Owerri fans are very expectant of a top finish in the coming season and a greater feat in

the continentals. Heartland will host Dolphins of Port Harcourt in the season opener tomorrow and the players are upbeat as they returned two Sundays ago to closed camp in Orlu. They had received 40 per cent of their sign on and the management had given them a

short break to go and sort out family needs in order to keep full concentration. Club Media Officer, Cajetan Nkwopara informed that the club is at home with the league reforms having been incorporated since 2006 and having been a regular in

the continental arena. “We can comfortably say we have met almost 80 per cent of the LMC club registration requirements. It is so for many clubs which have been regular in the continent. We have a good ground. We are rearing to go,” he enthused.

Ogunbote tips Sharks for greatness


gauge of Gbenga Ogunbote’s confidence ahead the 2013/14 Glo Premier League season could be seen in his picking the phone at about 5.20pm this Tuesday afternoon when other clubs have their players sweating on the pitch in last days’ fine-tuning of strategies to make hay and grab the enticing prize money staked by the League Management Company (LMC). Ogunbote had announced his departure from Sunshine Stars after guiding them to the CAF Champions League semi-finals in 2012 but surprisingly didn’t announce a new destination. And when Sharks swam in troubled waters in the 2012/13 season, stagnating at the rear of the log, the Okey Kpalokwu-led Management had no option than to look for a rescuer. Ogunbote was the target and his arrival at the Garden City swung things around for the Blue Angels albeit with huge struggles until the last three weeks of that season. It was an awkward time to place the call but when the voice came through from the other end, it elicited some apolo-

gies from this end…’sorry coach, I guess your training is being interrupted”, but after ascertaining who was calling, Ogunbote waived aside any considerations that he was being distracted from work. “No, I am not at the training ground, my phone would have been switched off if we were training,” he assured. So began the probes into Sharks outlook for the 2013/14 season and their plans to compete for a bigger chunk of the N75m pay-out. “Last season, I arrived at Sharks when they were having difficulties, bad results and we worked to improve their position which one is thankful that it materialised. “Starting from the outset with the team this season, we have expectations for a very successful season and this we look forward to achieving because we have built a team and are also expecting some new signings to improve the quality from last season”. Ogunbote has targeted some players he hopes will join to make Sharks formidable but he has also lost a number of them to Enyimba, Sunshine, Kano Pillars and Gombe United.

rejoins Dolphins


olphins FC of Port Harcourt have been boosted by the return of Ivorian midfielder Dosso Alhassan. The Box to box midfielder who re-joins Dolphins after a stint abroad first joined the Rivers State-owned club in 2005 from Issia Wazi of Abidjan, along with two of his Mamadou Toure and Maurice Bassole. After three seasons in which he won the FA Cup twice, he moved to Sharks and then had a five year stint in Norway with Lillestrom, then Strommen before moving to Kongsvinger in 2011 where he had forty eight games in three seasons, before returning to pitch his tent with his old club. “I decided to return to Dolphins where I started my career outside Ivory Coast,” Dosso said. “I believe I still have something to offer to them and I will give my best. I remember good times I had with this club like getting to the final of the CAF Confederation Cup in 2005 and winning the FA Cup twice with the team in 2006 and 2007. “I believe if we work together like we did back in those days, we can return this club to winning ways,” Dosso said.


“In trying to build a formidable squad that can achieve our expectations, I have naturally had some transfer targets and while three of them, a midfielder, Tunde Aremu from Wikki Tourists, defender, Akas Chima from 3SC and forward, Ajani Ibrahim from Sunshine, it will not be proper to list others who we are still working on their transfer papers,” he said.



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March 8, 2014

Crime Watch


2 men arraigned for stealing electronics


he police on Friday arraigned two men at an Upper Area Court in Mararaba, Nasarawa State, for stealing two generators, three television sets and other electronic items valued at N383,500.00. The accused are Godwin Akogwu, 37, a security guard at New Nyanya, and Yakubu Yusuf, 35, a store-keeper, also living in Mararaba. They are standing trial on a three-count charge of criminal conspiracy, burglary and theft. The police prosecutor, Mr Samuel Okoro, said the offence contravened the provisions of section 97, 347 and 288 Penal Code. Section 97 stipulates that whoever is a party to a criminal conspiracy, commits an offence punishable with imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months or with both. Section 347 stipulates that whoever commits house breaking between sunset and sunrise is said to commit house breaking by night. The offence under Section 288 carries a maximum punishment of seven years in prison, fine or both. Okoro said that on May 5, 2011 the accused criminally conspired and broke into a shop opposite Chris Park Hotel, Mararaba, belonging to one Chuks Ogbodo.

Applicant gets 2 months imprisonment for removing man’s teeth


Senior Magistrates’ court in Wuse zone 2, Abuja, on Friday sentenced a 30-year-old applicant, Aminu Abdullahi, to two months in prison for knocking a man’s two teeth. Abdullahi, who resides in Federal Housing Authority (FHA), Lugbe, was arraigned for causing grievous hurt. The Magistrate, Mrs Simisola Adeniyi, sentenced the convict, after he pleaded guilty to the charge and begged the court for leniency. ``The court will give the convict an option to pay N15,000 as compensation to the complainant.’’ Earlier, the prosecutor, Insp. Jeremiah Elijah, told the court that Mr Ibrahim Hassan of Angwan Dutse, Sauka Kahuta, Lugbe, Abuja, reported the case at the Lugbe police station. Elijah said that the accused intentionally hit the complainant’s mouth and in the process, he lost two teeth. The prosecutor said the offence contravened the provisions of Section 247 of Penal Code. The convict pleaded to court for forgiveness and mercy on him. (NAN)

Ibe and his accomplice

Confession: I’m a perpetual dupe –Pastor Victory Ibe, until recently, was known around Port Harcourt, Rivers State and environ as a man of God. He was also regarded as such. But things have changed. The self-acclaimed pastor has confessed. Confessed to what? SEGUN ADIO


ot a few residents of Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital had approached a self acclaimed Pastor, Victory Ibe, for cleansing of various afflictions and deliverance from spiritual attacks. Ibe, who always parades himself as the Leader in Charge of a new generation church in the oil rich city, was far from being a chosen man of God. Ibe attends to miracle seekers together with a cousin of his who also appeared to the public as Personal Assistant to the Man of God. Unknown to those people Pastor Ibe and his Personal Assistance are dupes, with no association with the clergy. Recently, the evil deeds of these brothers were brought to the fore when a woman reportedly brought her husband, Mr.

Umejiego, to the prophets seeking business development and growth. Upon getting to the self-styled man of God, Ibe allegedly urged Umejiego to part with his Toyota Land Cruiser, V8, using it to sow a seed for the Lord. Ibe had prevailed on his victim that he was shown a revelation that once he parted with his priced car, Umejiego would be called for a multi-million naira contract that week. That was not all. Ibe also reportedly claimed God revealed to him that Umejiego should give him N200,000:00 which would be used to neutralise a curse already placed on him and his household. He had also told Umejiego that he had been ordered by the heavenly spirit to give the sum to the less privilege in the state. At that stage, Umejiego became confused and fearful. Without wasting time, he reportedly paid Ibe N90, 000:00 out of the money, with the promise to make it up some days later. Thus, on Friday, February 7, 2013, Umejiego left his house with his car and never returned home with it but used it to sow seed for the Lord in Ibe’s church with the original documents of the car, together with the N90, 000 he paid for removal of family curse on his household. Once Umejiego and his wife had left their presence, Ibe and his Personal Assistant, jumped into the car planning to flee the state. As fate would have it, while they drove out of the city, the vehicle was reportedly involved in an accident with the

two brothers sustaining minor injuries. Upon interrogation after the accident, it was discovered that the vehicle did not actually belong to the man in the driver’s seat, Ibe. The two men were immediately arrested and taken to the law enforcement agents. It was said that the N90, 000: 00 he collected from Umejiego was still with him as at the time of the accident. Rivers State Police command spokesman, Ahmad K. Muhammad, while confirming the arrest of the two men, claimed that Ibe confessed to being a perpetual dupe and not a man of God as he claimed. “I have duped some people in the past with convincing prove of my sincerity towards them,” he was quoted to have said. According to Muhammed, “Unfortunately for the fake prophet, the said vehicle was involved in a serious motor accident with the ‘prophet’ in it. Surprisingly, the self-acclaimed prophet also ‘prophesied’ that the same victim should part with the sum of N200,000.00 to neutralize a curse placed on him and his household. The victim complied with the instruction and paid the ‘prophet’ the sum of N90, 000.00 on February 7, 2014, which he told his victim would be donated to an orphanage.” It was gathered that Ibe also confessed to always being in possession of a pro-forma change of ownership which he used to make people part with their properties once they come to him for spiritual assistance.

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Olumide Adebayo aka Ogbor is known at the ShomoluBariga axis of Lagos as a notorious person. But when he allegedly spearheaded the escape of his colleague from police net, he bit more than he could chew. Days later, he met his own waterloo.


March 8, 2014

Police arrest attackers of policemen ted to taking part in the attack on the police team which led to freeing Friday from police arrest. He however reportedly denied causing any harm to the law enforcement agents. Adebayo was later moved to Ogudu Area Command office. Mr. Ayodele Aina, a resident of the area who witnessed the cultists’ attack on the law enforcement agents told reporters that the lawlessness of the cultists was now unbearable. He claimed the cultists attacked the police vehicle and almost killed some of them but for the wisdom of the law enforcement agents to abandon the vehicle and flee. Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer Ngozi Braide, confirmed the attack on police personnel by the suspected cultists.



ollowing the intense search for suspected cultists that attacked an unmarked commercial bus used by the police and set free an arrested colleague, the dragnet of the law enforcement agents have caught one for the leaders of the onslaught. Six other members are, however, still at large. The suspected cultist kingpin, Olumide Adebayo aka Ogbor, was picked up by a detachment of armed policemen detailed to fish out the attackers of the law enforcement agents. A group of suspected cultists, numbering about 36, had reportedly attacked a police patrol team, last Saturday, when the law enforcement agents arrested one of them, who had been on the wanted list of police for a long time now. The suspected cultist, identified simply as Friday aka Gobe, was arrested by chance while the police were on a raid of an area he was hiding, It was reported that a cultist was having his birthday bash


that fateful day when scores of colleagues started converging on the area. When the residents of the area noticed the unusual presence of these notorious elements in their area, they reportedly alerted the police. Acting on the said alert, a detachment of policemen headed for the birthday venue where a marijuana dealer was selling his ware without let. Upon citing the advancing policemen, the hemp dealer reportedly abandoned his wares and fled, hiding away in a building close by. The policemen reportedly gave the hemp seller a hot chase into the building. While looking for the hemp seller, Friday, the wanted criminal came out of one of the rooms in the building. He was promptly ar-

rested by the police. This prompted other suspected cultists around to mobilise themselves armed with cutlasses, bottles and other dangerous weapons with which they reportedly pelted the retreating policemen. At the end, the policemen reportedly abandoned their operational vehicle and ran for dear lives. The cultists reportedly removed the seat of the vehicle where Friday was cuffed and took him to a nearby street where the cuff was sawed off. All of them then took to their heels. In the aftermath of the attack on the law enforcement agents, another detachment of policemen were reportedly mobilised to the area but by the time they

arrived the scene, they found no one there. The entire neighbourhood was thus combed by the police in search of their attackers. Their search eventually paid off on Tuesday, March 4, 2014, when policemen found Adebayo, said to be one of the cultist kingpin in the Shomolu and Bariga axis of the state, drinking alcohol at a relaxation spot in the area. He was immediately arrested and taken to police custody. The said Adebayo had been on the wanted list of police for suspected cult activities in the area. He was said to have been one of those who attacked a community leader, Olatunde Vincent, recently in the area. In his confessional statement, Adebayo was said to have admit-

Man, 23, docked for alleged child stealing


23-year-old man, Chukwuma Asor, charged with child theft was on Friday arraigned in an Enugu Magistrates’ Court. The accused, a native of Osumenyi town in the Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra, was alleged to have stolen a five-year-old boy. The Prosecutor, Mr Charles Nwodo, told the court that the matter was reported at the Emene Police Station on Aug. 12, 2013. Nwodo said that it was discov-


ered that the accused stole two children, one of whom was later found, while the other was still missing. In her testimony, the mother of the missing child, Mrs Ifeoma Ugwu, told NAN that the accused was her neighbour at Emene, near Enugu. She said that the accused had repeatedly threatened to deal with her. Ugwu alleged that two days after her missing child was stolen, Asor furnished his room and

bought a generator, bed and other home appliances which he never had since he moved into the compound. The prosecutor told the court that the offences of conspiracy and child theft which the accused was charged with were punishable under Sections 495(a) and 321 of the Criminal Code Law of Enugu State, 2004. The accused, however, pleaded not guilty. His Counsel, Mr S.I. Chime, pleaded with the court to grant

him bail, saying that he had a surety who could stand for the accused. The Magistrate, Mrs Martha Onuoha, granted Asor bail in the sum of one million naira with one surety in like sum. Onuoha ordered that the surety must be a public servant on salary grade level 14 or above and must reside within the court’s jurisdiction. She also directed that the surety must be brought to the court to be assessed and approved

Driver bags 24hour community service for stealing


n Igbosere Magistrates’ Court, Lagos, on Friday sentenced one Ibrahim Rasaki to 24-hour community service for stealing five litres of diesel worth N600 from his employer. Rasaki, a driver in a construction firm and resident of No. 28, Ajiboye St., Iyana-Ipaja, was sentenced after he pleaded guilty to the offence. The prosecutor, Sgt. Edet Akadu, told the court that Rasaki committed the offence on March 4 at 12.10 a.m. at Phase II, Oba Elugushi Estate, Lekki, Lagos. Akadu said Rasaki was caught stealing diesel from Arbico Plc by the company’s Chief Security Officer. He said that the offence contravened Section 285 of the Criminal Law of Lagos State, 2011, which ``prescribes three years imprisonment for anyone found guilty of theft’’. Delivering judgment, Magistrate J. Ugbomoiko, sentenced the driver to 24-hour community service. ``In consideration of the defendant’s guilty plea, I hereby sentence him to 24-hour community service which shall commence immediately.’’


March 8, 2014


ooking carefully into the 2014 budget presented by the Federal Government much attention was paid to how to encourage local manufacturers, local industrial developments and agriculture. Any investor into any of these sectors will benefit from various government incentives. Any type of manufacturing engaged by individual or groups of individuals or corporate organizations will go a long way in contributing towards the growth of the nation’s economy. It will generate employment opportunities and add to GDP. The purpose of this write-up is to educate and encourage potential investors on the commercial viability and profitability of tissue paper/ serviettes production. Most Nigerians consume toilet roll. Its demand is influenced by population explosion, rapid urbanization and social awareness. It is generally used for cleaning and sanitary purposes in households, restaurants, hotels, canteens, social gatherings, parties, maternity homes, clinics, hospitals, educational institutions, churches, night clubs, shops, fast food centres and offices. Research findings indicate that Nigeria alone now needs over 950 million tons of tissue paper per annum, while our total local production output is still less than 150 million tons. The supply gap offers a tremendous opportunity for Nigeria investors. Nigerian investors can now go into this lucrative business using locally made machines. Though there are imported machines as well, our local investors do not need to waste their scarce foreign exchange for the importation. The writer will assist you in procuring and installing quality machines that stand the test of time at moderate and affordable prices. The attractiveness of this project is that both the raw materials and equipment are locally available and the technology involved is very easy to understand and master. The essential equipments are: (1)

Core making machine


Rewinding System


Band Saw cutter


Embossing Unit


Perforating Unit

These equipments are portable, simple to operate and durable. The machines will be procured from highly experienced local producers of such machines. The writer will supply the machines at the sum of N3Million. The machinery being introduced here is rugged, reliable and high performing with a capacity of 5,000kg per day. Operating on a single shift for a minimum of 250 days per annum, a total of 1,250,000 MT of tissue paper will be procured and processed into quality tissue products (toilet rolls & serviettes). Raw materials include jumbo reels, and glue. Packaging materials include printed labels and nylon rolls. All these are 100 per cent available locally. Since

the machine will process 1,250,000MT per annum, the total sales revenue is N437.5million from which we deducted our total inputs of N315. 5million thus realizing a gross profit before tax of N122.5million in the first year. Many Nigerians have burnt their fingers while sourcing local machinery from some inexperienced and dishonest fabricators who produce machines with very low efficiency. Many investors have been deceived. They also tell big lies about

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with Godwin Uba 08034494437

Setting up a toilet roll/ serviette production plant NIGERIA ALONE NOW NEEDS OVER 950 MILLION TONS OF TISSUE PAPER PER ANNUM, WHILE OUR TOTAL LOCAL PRODUCTION OUTPUT IS STILL LESS THAN 150 MILLION TONS. THE SUPPLY GAP OFFERS A TREMENDOUS OPPORTUNITY FOR NIGERIA INVESTORS the efficiency, performance, capacity and life span of these machines. To guard against this industrial fraud, prospective investors can contact this writer for free investment advisory services. The issue of availability of raw materials should not disturb anybody because we have so many options to handle it. On the whole, a toilet roll project is a very good small-scale industry, which can launch a small investor into the world of millionaires within one year. A three-bedroom flat garage or warehouse may serve, as accommodation while staff strength of eight is required for effective production, marketing and administration. Bigger or smaller

plants are also available at competitive prices. For details on preparation of comprehensive & bankable

feasibility studies/ report, sourcing & installation of quality & durable machines; Recruitment & Training, Sourcing of Investment funds.

Estimated Cost Implications (N’000) Preliminary Expenses


Machinery & Equipment


Working (Variable)


Accommodation (Rented) (variable)






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March 8, 2014



Ex-Imo LG boss dragged to court over unlawful detention CHRIS NJOKU OWERRI


ormer Coordinator of Orsu North Development Area of Imo State, Chief Damian Santa Okpara, has appeared before an Orlu

High Court for the unlawful detention of a man accused of kidnapping four children. The plaintiff, Chief Nelson Okpara, is claiming N3 million damages from the ex-Orsu North Development Area boss

and two others, Edwin Obiezue and Ambrose Ogbuji, for maliciously writing a petition to the Inspector General of Police who was said to have ordered his arrest and detention. In the said petition to

the police boss, the three accused alleged that Chief Nelson Okpara kidnapped the four children of one of the defendants and also burnt his house in Amaruru Autonomous Community in the locality. However, the plaintiff

claimed that in the cause of police investigation, it was discovered that the defendants actually took the children and hid them at Chokocho community in Etche Local Government Area of Rivers State. According to Chief Nel-

son Okpara’s Statement of Claim, the three defendants to be arraigned before a Chief Magistrate court in Abuja for giving false information to the police. No date has been fixed for hearing on the case.

Obi distributes 32-seater buses to Anambra institutions

E L-R: Minister for Labour and Productivity, Chief Emeka Wogu; Abia State Governor Theodore Orji; his deputy, Sir Emeka Ananaba and Speaker, Abia State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Udeh Okochukwu, during a courtesy visit by the minister and Sure-P team to the governor in Umuahia, yesterday.

Imo Elders Council slams FG on neglect CHRIS NJOKU OWERRI


mo State Elders’ Council has accused the President Goodluck Jonathan’s led Federal Government of continued neglect of the state since the inception of the administration in 2010. The elders, who claimed that President Jonathan received over 1.3 million votes from the state during the 2011 presidential polls, wondered why the state remained neglected. In the same vein, the Imo Elders’ Council is also demanding for a rotational presidency among the six geo politi-

...calls for rotational presidency cal zones of the country. Addressing journalists after a one-day meeting of the forum in Owerri, the Imo State capital, Chairman of the Council, Prince Israel Njemanze, said that the Federal Government has, over the years, failed to carry out any meaningful project in the state, even after the people of the state ensured victory for the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP) at the federal level. Prince Njemanze regretted that all promises made by President Jonathan during the 2011 cam-

paign ranging from construction of second Niger Bridge, upgrading of Sam Mbakwe International Airport, Completion of the on-going Independent Power Plant at Egbema among others, had not been fulfilled. The Imo Elders Council Chairman said the meeting suggested a rotational presidency among the six geo-political zones of the country, recognition of merit in the appointment of individuals into key positions of government as well as the need for the government to site a refinery in the State in

appreciation of her enormous production of crude oil. Prince Njemanze used the opportunity to explain that the Imo State Elders Council is a non-political forum that advises not just the State government but local or federal government on issues that concern the well-being of all Nigerians. On the issue of security, the Council condemned the spate of wanton killings in the North Eastern part of the country and urged the Federal Government to seek solution to stop the killings.

Elechi advises rice millers to relocate to new site


overnor Martin Elechi of Ebonyi State has advised rice millers at Abakaliki Rice Mill to relocate to Iboko, in Izzi Local Government Area. The relocation, he said, was to avoid forceful ejection by the state government. Governor Elechi gave the advice in Abakaliki during a visit to the Abakaliki Urban Forum, an asso-

ciation comprising mainly of non-indigenes residing in the town. He said that in spite of the fact that the government’s case with the millers was still in Court, the state government was aware of its right and would enforce it at the appropriate time. Said he, “We could have acted since, but issues such as the poor state of the road from Sharon to the

new rice mill at Iboko, Izzi, had been restraining us. “The ongoing work at the road is encouraging and when it is completed in the next two months, we will forcefully eject the millers, if they refuse to relocate. “I thereby urge the Urban Forum to appeal to the millers to relocate and develop their plots before the road is completed, to prevent being ejected.”

The governor maintained that the decision to relocate the millers to the three new-modern rice mills across the state was to enhance the environmental status of the state capital. The rice millers dragged the state government to the National Industrial Court, Enugu, over the decision to relocate them from their present location in Abakaliki.

ven in his final days in government, Governor Peter Obi of Anambra State has continued his donations to institutions in the state with the distribution of 38 Coaster buses to critical institutions in the state. Receiving two buses for the School of Nursing and School of Midwifery of Iyienu Hospital, the Anglican Bishop on the Niger, Most Rev. Owen Nwokolo thanked Governor Obi the interest of the state at heart. Rev. Nwokolo expressed surprise that even when the Governor has less than two weeks to leave office, he is still going about doing well for the people of the state. Also receiving their own buses for Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Catholic Bishop of Nnewi Dioceses, Most Reverend Hilary Okeke, thanked the state governor for his gesture and noted that the governor has continued to demonstrate effective and practical concern and commitment to the welfare of the people of the state. Speaking during the presentations, Governor Obi said that his government’s attention to health was because most of the Goals of the Millennium Development Goals were heathbased. He said that the investment on health had paid off since from a state where no hospital and health institutions were accredited before he became governor, but that hospitals and

Gov Obi

many health institutions in the state have now accredited. Other institutions that benefitted from the coaster buses were: School of Medical Laboratory Science (Tech), Immaculate Heart Hospital, Nkpor; Anambra State College of Health Technology, Obosi; School of Midwifery of St Joseph Hospital, Adazi-Nnukwu; School of Nursing, St Joseph Hospital, Adazi-Nnukwu and School of Nursing, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu Teaching Hospital, Awka. Others were School of Midwifery, Chukwuemeka OdumegwuOjukwu Teaching Hospital, Awka; School of Midwifery, Holy Rosary Specialist Hospital and Maternity, Waterside, Onitsha; School of Nursing, St. Charles Borromeo Hospital, Onitsha; School of Medical Laboratory Technicians, Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Ihiala; School of Midwifery, Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Ihiala and School of Nursing, Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital, Ihiala.



March 8, 2014

Saturday Mirror


Abducted Rivers PDP members regain freedom


he police in Rivers State has said the three members of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) seized by gunmen on February 26, 2014, in Port Harcourt, had been freed.

Commissioner of Police in the state, Mr. Tunde Ogunsakin, told journaists in Port Harcourt that Chinyere Igwe, Ikechi Chinda and Allwell Ihunwo, all chieftains of PDP in the state, were

freed on Thursday. Ogunsakin, however, did not disclose how the PDP members regained their freedom, but said the police were on the trail of their abductors. According to the po-

lice boss,``We cannot give more information on this now because it could affect ongoing investigation into the incident’’, he said. The state chapter of the PDP also confirmed

the release of its members. Special Adviser on Media to the state Chairman of the party, Mr. Jerry Needam, said the freed members were in good health. His words, ``The three members of our party that were abducted last Wednesday have been re-

leased’’, he said. Needam said Allwell Ihunwo was the first to be freed. ``Chinyere Igwe, a former member of the House of Representatives and Ikechi Chinda, the Chairman of the PDP in Port Harcourt City Local Government, were freed later.’’

Nembe community advises investors against Shell interests


Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for Health, Dr Ememabasi Bassey (left), presenting keys of a tricycle to a focal person of the World Bank Malarial Control Programme, Mr Monday Ikon in Uyo, recently.

Don decries absence of Fishery Law, statistics in Nigeria


hairman, Fishery Society of Nigeria (FISON), Rivers State branch, Dr. Awotein George, has decried the absence of Fishery Act and statistics on fishery in the country. George, who spoke with journalists yesterday in Port Harcourt, said the situation had robbed the country of foreign investments in the sub-sector.

In the words of George, ‘’Nigeria has no Fishery Act and statistics on fishery and so no foreign investor can come and invest without proper statistics, because they want to know what is on ground and whether the investment going to be viable. ‘’We need Fishery Act; the society has already approved the draft of the

bill which is now ready to be sent to the National Assembly. But you have to lobby to get it passed.” According to him, Nigeria is endowed with abundant fishery resources that could generate adequate employment. George, who is a senior lecturer at the Rivers University of Science and Technology (RUST), Port Harcourt, also said that

investment and employment opportunities in the fishery sub-sector would improve the country’s food situation. He noted that fish importation had reduced by 25 per cent due to FISON’s push for a ban on fish importation to encourage local production, stressing that imported fish had ``little or no nutritional value’’.

Akpabio signs 2014 Bill into law


overnor Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State has signed 2014 Appropriation Bill put at N498.5 billion into law, saying that it focuses on transparency, accountability and of international standard. The State Government had on December 11, 2013 sent a budgetary outlay of N469.374 billion showing Capital Expenditure of N308.870 billion and Recurrent Expenditure of N165.504 billion to the State House of Assembly for approval. About one week ago, Akwa Ibom House of Assembly recently passed

the Appropriation Bill into law ago after deliberations and scrutiny Governor Akpabio who signed the bill into law on Thursday, explained that the approved budget shows Capital Expenditure has N333 billion or 85 per cent while Recurrent Expenditure stands at N165 billion or 15 per cent. He hinted that though N469.374 billion budget was sent to the House of Assembly, N498.5 billion with additional N21 billion was approved for this year’s budget, remarking that the State Government has for sev-

en years now maintained less than 20 per cent for Recurrent Expenditure and above 80 per cent for Capital Expenditure. A release issued by Deacon Jackson Udom, Special Assistant, Media to Governor Akpabio, said the governor described 2014 budget as “optimistic” one, but expressed worry that there was a short fall in revenue of about 39 per cent last year due to shortfall in revenue from the Federation Account, oil bunkering and theft. Governor Akpabio thereby announced the introduction of Inter-

national Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS), which he said aimed to improve the quality of general purpose financial reporting by public sector entities. Speaking earlier, Commissioner for Finance, Mr. Bassey Albert Akpan, explained that the vision of the state government was on massive development, which he says has shown Nigerians that indeed government can work, and thanked the entire Executive members and the state House of Assembly for speedy deliberation and approval of the budget.

he Nembe community in Bayelsa State has cautioned investors to be wary of interests dropped by Shell Petroleum Development Company in the area. A statement from the Chairman of Nembe Oil and Gas Committee, Chief Nengi James, advised such investors to investigate the company’s outstanding liabilities. James claimed that Shell had an outstanding liability of about one billion dollars (about N163 billion) in damages and compensation to the community, saying the liability accrued over a period of 50 years. He said the disclosure was necessary to guide the potential investors in determining unresolved liabilities of the divesting company. According to James, “We want the potential buyers and investors to know that Shell has neither negotiated nor paid any damages to the community for degrada-

tion over the years. We have submitted our positions over non-payment of damages and other claims to the UN in New York and to the National Assembly,” he said. James said the community’s demands included payment of one billion dollars as compensation for various damages for 50 years of oil exploration in the area. James, who said the disposition of the people to peace and security over the years would be sustained, added that the community would cooperate with any investor that would take over the operations in the area Shell’s spokesman, Mr Joseph Obari, said the company had conducted its business in the Nembe field in line with best practices in the industry. Reacting to the allegations, Obari said gas flaring from the company’s activities in Nembe was within the legally allowable limits, with no negative impact on the people and the environment.

Akpabio tasks Air Force on security of airspace


overnor Godswil Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State has called on Nigeria Air Force to assist the state government in maintaining security in the airspace and waterways by providing fighting choppers to stamp out militant camps in the state. Governor Akpabio made the call when Commander, 207 Special Mobility Group of the Nigeria Air Force, Calabar,

Air Commodore Ken Odibendi, paid him a courtesy visit at Governor’s Office, Uyo. In the words of the governor, “We need the Nigeria Air Force to assist us to maintain security not only in the airspace but on our waters. We need fighting choppers to fight piracy on our waters and to scare away militants disturbing the peace of the riverine communities”.

Saturday Mirror


March 8, 2014


Obama orders sanctions against Ukraine agitators, opposes Crimea split


resident Barack Obama ordered a round of financial sanctions Thursday targeting individuals and corporations that the Administration sees as destabilizing Ukraine or involved in the crisis in Crimea. And he spoke out forcefully against a referendum being considered that would allow Crimea to split from Ukraine and join Russia. “The proposed referendum on the future of Crimea would violate the Ukrainian constitution and violate international law,” Obama said at the White House. “In 2014 we are well

beyond the days when borders can be redrawn over the heads of democratic leaders.” Obama’s Executive Order authorizes Treasury Secretary Jack Lew to freeze assets of individuals or entities found to be “responsible for activities undermining democratic processes or institutions in Ukraine; threatening the peace, security, stability, sovereignty or territorial integrity of Ukraine; contributing to the misappropriation of state assets of Ukraine; or purporting to assert governmental authority over any part of

Ukraine without authorization from the Ukrainian government in [Kiev].” “We believe there need to be costs and consequences for Russia for what they’ve already done in Crimea,” a senior Administration official said. The sanctions, Obama said, “give us the flexibility to adjust our response going forward based on Russia’s actions. We took these steps in close coordination with our European allies.” The broad directive allows for sanctions on an array of individuals, from officials of the former Ukrainian government, to

Russian government, military and business leaders. White House press secretary Jay Carney warned in a statement that “depending on how the situation develops, the United States is prepared to consider additional steps and sanctions as necessary.” The new sanctions follow on previous efforts to punish those responsible for humanrights abuses in Ukraine during the months of protests that undermined the pro-Russian government. But while the authority is in place, “no individuals or companies have been designated for sanctions


this morning,” a senior Administration official said, adding that determinations would be made in the coming days and weeks, and saying of Russian threats of retaliatory sanctions: “That does not concern us.” Obama has also ordered Secretary of State John Kerry to impose visa restrictions on officials and individuals found “responsible for or complicit in threatening the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine,” the White House said. A senior Administration official said those penalties have already kicked in for some Ukrainian and Russian individuals, but would not provide a list. Officials said this week that any sanctions would not hit the top of the Russian government, President Vladimir Putin. The response is unlikely to severely inconvenience the intended targets. Taken

unilaterally without the backing of European allies, the sanctions only affect funds within the U.S. or controlled by U.S. financial institutions abroad. Additionally, the visa restrictions only affect travel to the U.S. Administration officials said the U.K. and Germany were both consulted before the sanctions were put in place. Carney added that the U.S. is seeking to reassure worried NATO allies by providing “additional support to NATO’s Baltic Air Policing mission and our aviation detachment in Poland.” The U.S. is also rejecting a Russian-backed effort for a referendum in Crimea to separate from the rest of Ukraine, with an Administration official saying that to be legitimate, “the government in [Kiev] has to be a part of any decisions that are made about the future of Crimea.”

... Russia dismisses sanctions threat Y

S Foreign Ministers meet on Ukraine, without Russia

Sarkozy’s phone tapped by judges F ormer French President Nicolas Sarkozy has had his phone tapped for the past year on the orders of judges investigating alleged campaign donations from Libya, it is claimed. And Le Monde newspaper says the phone taps have revealed evidence of tampering with the justice system. It says a senior prosecutor in the country’s highest court was feeding Mr Sarkozy confidential information. Mr Sarkozy’s lawyer denies the claims and says the phone taps were illegal. The BBC’s Hugh Schofield in Paris says that

the investigators who ordered the taps were looking into allegations, unproven, that Mr Sarkozy had taken illegal payments for his election campaign from late Libyan ruler Muammar Gaddafi. According to Le Monde, what the investigators discovered from the phone taps was that Mr Sarkozy was getting inside information from the courts about the course of various inquiries into his past. This information was allegedly being fed from a senior prosecutor at the appeals court whom, Le Monde says, Mr Sarkozy tried to reward with an official post in

Monaco. Mr Sarkozy’s lawyer, Thierry Herzog, said on Friday that his client “is probably still being tapped” and denounced what he said was a politically motivated plot against him. He told AFP news agency: “There was no attempt to pervert the course of justice and in due course this monstrous violation will be shown to have been a political affair.” Mr Sarkozy is planning a political comeback, and our correspondent says that the drip of allegations like this has the potential to do him harm. It was in 2011 that Col

Gaddafi’s son, Saif alIslam, accused Mr Sarkozy of taking millions of his father’s money for illegal campaign funding, a claim Mr Sarkozy has strongly denied. At the time France was spearheading Nato’s military campaign in Libya. Mr Sarkozy, who lost the 2012 presidential election to Francois Hollande, is also under formal investigation over claims he received illegal donations for the 2007 race from France’s richest woman, 90-yearold L’Oreal heiress Liliane Bettencourt. He has denied all the allegations.

Your sanctions don’t scare us

o said Russia’s parliament Friday, as it gave its defiant support to Crimean lawmakers who want to see their region split from Ukraine and join Russia. The lawmakers’ unanimous call for a vote on separation prompted howls of outrage Thursday in the United States and Europe -- and the threat of sanctions including asset freezes, visa bans and travel bans. A delegation from the Crimean parliament, which said it would put the decision to a public vote on March 16, headed to Moscow on Friday and got a very different reception. Valentina Matvienko, the speaker of Russia’s upper house of parliament, told the Crimean delegation it would “support and welcome” any decision made by the Crimean people to become a part of Russia. “We have no rights to

leave our people when there’s a threat to them. None of the sanctions will be able to change our attitude,” Matvienko said. The delegation was greeted with loud applause in the lower house, where the speaker described the decision to hold the referendum as “dictated by the willingness to protect human rights and lives.” Ukrainian interim Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk has condemned those backing a split. The Crimean government, which was installed a little more than a week ago after armed, pro-Russian men took over the parliament building in Simferopol, does not recognize the interim government in Kiev. The authorities in Kiev, in turn, say the Crimean government is illegitimate.





I don’t believe in gender equality. I don’t believe that God made man and woman to be equal in any way. I believe the husband is the head of the home and the wife his assistant. Budding actress-activist, Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, declaring that men are superior to women, a view that many of her fellow women activists will not like.

Saturday, March 8, 2014.

The West and the new SAP (II) T

oday, gay rights are a condition for the West’s engagement with Africa. It has become a full-fledged policy of some western governments that they will only deal with African governments which have adopted their Sexual Adjustment Programme. Clearly, this is a full frontal attack on the core pillar of African societies, the family. It is the beginning of another round of social disarticulation. This time, we must resist and stoutly too. It is worrisome that these governments are aggressively pursuing the gay rights agenda with all manner of inducement, blackmail, and threats. It is infuriating that any nation will risk ties with an African nation simply because the African state has an anti-gay law, backed by the overwhelming majority of its people. There have been attempts to force the hands of African governments to key into the gay rights agenda. This much was demonstrated last year when, during his state visit to Senegal, American President Barack Obama ambushed his host, President Macky Sall, by calling on African nations to recognize gay rights. It is commendable that President Sall immediately countered Obama on the issue arguing that while Senegal, and indeed most African states, are tolerant, they cannot be forced to decriminalize homosexuality or embrace it. Western leaders like Obama fail to ap-

with President Olusegun Obasanjo




AND STOUTLY TOO preciate the realities of African societies and cultures in their mad rush to adjust the perceptions of Africans regarding gay issues. In most parts of Africa, it is difficult, if not outrightly impossible, to sell the idea that a man can be physically and emotionally intimate with a fellow

man and a woman with a fellow woman. Some have argued that this is strange to African culture; an argument that has been countered with the notion that some African societies practiced homosexuality even before contact with foreigners. Whether or not African oral tradition has evidence of


Balogun delighted with Super Eagles debut


uper Eagles debutant Leon Balogun whose debut against Mexico lasted all but twenty minutes due to an injury sustained in a collision with the advertising boarding is still very upbeat. “I am actually feeling quite good. Of course it is not a nice situation, something different from what I have imagined but I have been in this situation and have come back stronger than before. I will do so again,” he said. Early prognosis says Balogun has fractured his foot “the centre of the foot actually” during that collision but confirmation will happen when he gets back to Dusseldorf. “I expect to have an MRI scan and most probably surgery to correct it all”.

Leon will not allow anything to detract him from what he describes as an incredible honour and pride he felt in representing Nigeria for the first time. “It is also a matter of mindset so I plan to leave no space for any negative thoughts, my focus in recovering so I can be back and be available for selection again as soon as possible,” he enthused. What has been most noticeable with the Fortuna Dusseldorf defender is how he is still very calm and relaxed and joking in spite of the injury. Hopefully, Balogun’s positivity can help him through this injury and who knows still get him on the plane to Brazil as a member of the squad.

homosexual practices among Africans is a subject of debate for scholars. What is, however, obvious is that today the majority of Africans are opposed to homosexuality. Whilst they may be tolerant, they will also not welcome a public display or promotion of homosexuality. This is the reality which the West refuses to come to terms with. It is simplistic to argue that the refusal of African governments to recognise gay rights translates to their refusal to protect human or minority rights, as some have argued. This position fails to take into cognisance the fact that the so-called antigay sentiment is etched into the religious beliefs of most Africans. Most adherents of the two dominant religions, Christianity and Islam, believe that only marriage between man and woman is sanctioned by God and that homosexuality is against God’s will. As such, the issue is no longer just about the political will of leaders to grant gay liberties. It is also about people’s religious, and even cultural, beliefs. Any student of history would know that religious matters are delicate in Africa. An attempt to force gay rights down the throats of African believers is an open invitation to chaos and instability. One is forced to wonder if the West is ignorant of this fact in its fight for gay rights or whether chaos is the desired outcome.


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