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Sunday November 3, 2013

Walking in financial fortune! T The Voice o of wisdom

with Dr. David

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very child of God is a seed of Abraham. As Abraham’s seed, wealth is your birthright. You are a blessing to your world, not a burden. However, financial fortune is an illusion to many Christians.

Many do not believe the reality of financial fortune, so they remain in financial struggles. Nothing has held humanity to ransom like the quest for money. That is the reason those who pursue money will remain frustrated in life. Many are struggling and doing everything to get wealth, but God cannot be served alongside mammon (Matthew 6:24-32). Let me show you a secret? Seek ye first God’s Kingdom, subscribe to all its demands, and all the things that others are dying to get, will be added to you (Matthew 6:33-34). When God and the expansion of His Kingdom become the excitement of your life, financial struggles, among others, will end permanently. You must first understand that the realm of financial fortune, is only possible on the platform of the covenant. What Is God’s Covenant?: It is a deal

enacted by God, based on well-defined terms and sealed with an oath. When you become a certified covenant practitioner, you commit the Almightiness of God in your life. Without playing your part, you can never be empowered for financial fortune. It is the blessings of the Lord that make rich and add no sorrow with it (Proverbs 10:22). This covenant is reliable, dependable and ever guaranteed. Accessing The Covenant Keys To Financial Fortune: Seed time is the guarantee for harvest time. Without any seed in the ground, the fruit will never be in view. While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest…shall not cease (Genesis 8:22). There are different kinds of seeds. There is the agricultural seed, the spiritual seed (the Word), the stewardship seed and the financial seed. Let’s focus on the different types of seeds that give access to financial fortune: Your life: Your greatest seed into realms of financial fortune, is yourself. Every child of God is a spiritual seed; we are called the seed of Abraham. Jesus came as the seed and He said: Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die... (John 12:24). Sowing your life is the real covenant. The Macedonia church erupted in financial fortune, because they first of all gave themselves unto the Lord (2 Corinthians 8:5).

Only those who commit to seed sowing are entitled to fruitful returns. If you do not give your life as a seed, you will surely end up as a beggar. What does it mean to be a seed? It means to love God. It means to engage in Kingdom stewardship. It means to be interested in God’s business. From scriptures, one key area of principal interest to God, is soulwinning. God gave His only Begotten Son to rescue souls; that is how valuable souls are to God. So, soul-winning is God’s principal area of interest. No genuine soul winner knows poverty. This is because every genuine soul winner is on God’s robust payroll (Proverbs 23:26). Financial seed: There is the financial seed that entitles you to the realms of financial fortune. So, if you are not a financial seed sower, you will be limited in your access to financial blessings. All the covenant fathers, who walked in financial fortunes, were celebrated givers. Abraham was an addicted giver (Genesis 14:20). Tithing is the starting point in your covenant practice into the realms of divine fortune. Abraham and his offspring were tithers (Genesis 28:22). So, it is impossible to walk into the realms of financial fortune, without being a tither and a celebrated giver. What you give to the poor is a privilege. Somebody else would have done it, if you had refused. If you were not alive, God would have sent someone else to help the poor. When you

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give, therefore, don’t give as though you are supporting God; give with a privilege mentality. Friend, the power to be a giver, is the exclusive preserve of those who are saved. You are saved by confessing your sins and accepting Jesus as Lord and Saviour. You can do so now if you haven’t, as you say this prayer: Lord Jesus, I come to You today. I am a sinner. I can’t help myself. Forgive me of my sins. Cleanse me with Your precious Blood. From today, I accept You as my Lord and Saviour. Now I know I am a child of God. I will continue this teaching next week. I am glad to inform you that from December 10-14, 2013 at Faith Tabernacle, Canaan Land, Idiroko Road, Ota, many destinies will be transformed to higher levels of greatness at SHILOH 2013, tagged, Exceeding Grace. SHILOH is the annual prophetic gathering of the Winners’ family worldwide. Be there! Every exploit in life is a product of knowledge. For further reading, please get my books — Understanding Financial Prosperity, Covenant Wealth and Breaking Financial Hardship. I invite you to come and fellowship with us at the Faith Tabernacle, Canaan Land, Ota, the covenant home of Winners. We have four services on Sundays, holding at 6:00 a.m., 7:35 a.m., 9:10 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. respectively. •I know this teaching has blessed you. Write and share your testimony with me through: Faith Tabernacle, Canaan Land, Ota, P.M.B. 21688, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria; or call 7747546-8; or E-mail:

Put your hope in God, Pastor Oloruntimilehin

Have you lost something vital to your wellbeing? “All hope is not lost; put your hope in God because he has promised to restore you,” says Pastor Joshua Oloruntimilehin, Founder, Omnipotence Mission of God. Excerpts:


od is merciful and compassionate that when a person prays for his or her lost things to be recovered, He would grant the request. Many things are lost in different people. Therefore I want to seize the opportunity to pray to God that all the things lost in our life should be recovered in Jesus name. I fervently believed that God will do it for you and I because He has been doing it and will continue to do it. Many people do not know that He will do it that is why they do not recover their lost things.

A woman was rejoicing that her lost thing was recovered for her miraculously. This woman lost her only child and son. In fact she became a widow when her son was 12 years old. She has been responsible for her son’s education but the guy died when he was in 300 level in the university. She cried, wailed and slandered God for taking her only child. After some time she repented and begged God for forgiveness and God obliged her.

Several months later, a woman and a lady came to her, she recognized the lady that was always with her late son in the university. The lady said she was pregnant for her late son that they were about to abort it when her son fell sick. She had made attempt to abort it but to no avail. This woman was happy and appeal to the lady’s mum to let them take care of the pregnancy. Eventually the lady delivered twins a male and female. Now God recovered her lost thing for her miraculously. The woman is 77 years old now and the two grand children are treating her like gold. She is always traveling overseas for medical checkup and pleasure. I pray that all that is lost in your life shall be recovered and returned to you in the name of Jesus. Similarly a kidney patient in a Lagos hospital was to undergo kidney transplant in India but he could not get the required fund. He decided to seek God’s intervention into his

Notable artists to perform at TOMOG’s harvest TAI ANYANWU


otable gospel singers are expected to grace the 18th harvest celebration of the Omnipotence Mission of God (TOMOG), otherwise known as Solution Ground. According to Senior Evangelist John O Oriloye, the Harvest planning Committee Chairman, the event tagged ‘Harvest of Freedom’ would commence at 10 am prompt; with thanksgiving service.

Bazaar sales would follow immediately at the church premises, located on

Oloruntimilehin Street, Ipaja, Lagos. “All roads would lead to the church because everyone is invited to celebrate us” the harvest Committee chairman volunteered. It was gathered that activities marking the harvest had been preceded by ‘a night of gospel music explosion’ held on Friday, November 1. Some of the notable gospel artists include Mega 99, Demola Suzi, Afi Ara, Shola Ara, Ayofe Omo, Zakaraya, Sukanmu Oladele and a host of others.

plight. He went to worship God in the church and prayed to God for His intervention. Later, a kidney test was carried out on him; it was found that the two kidneys that needed replacement were working fine. Imagine God recovered and returned his lost kidneys back to him. What is the thing that is lost in you that cannot be recovered? There is nothing lost that God would not recover for you. Even if your star is lost it can be recovered. In the same vein I was with an old man in a town in Ondo state when a guy drove in a Toyota jeep. He gave some money to my host and his family. My host told me that the guy is his nephew and was insane for 10 years after leaving the university. Later he was healed of his insanity and got a job with an oil company. Imagine what he lost to the principalities of this world. Brethren, many people are found in similar situation that all they have are lost. Do not lose hope, the lost things in your life shall be recovered and returned to you because the bible says in the book of Psalms 126:4 - 6 “Restore our fortunes, O Lord like streams in the Negev…” some people are bewitched to be doing odd things. For instance, some men are bewitched to be spending their money for concubines. It is after they spent the money that they realized they had done improper thing. These men do not take care of their wives and children at home. They are remotely controlled by the principalities of the world to the extent that they lavishly spend their money for their concubines. People would think is the money – consuming spirit that is tormenting them. I command that wherever the principalities are spending your money remotely,


the heavenly host should put a stop to it in the name of Jesus. It is a spirit that spends the money and a spirit collect the money. Brethren, God knows the thought He has for people. So He created man in His own image and for people to be enjoying, multiply and increase on. He had good thought for us. The bible says in the book of Jeremiah 29:1113 “For I know the thought that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thought of peace and not of evil, to give you and expected end…” God does not have bad thought or plan evil for you. It is the devil that always thinks of bewitching and doing evil things for people. It is through God that people are looking and sustaining not through the devil. All things belong to him because the bible says in the book of Proverb 8:15-18 “By me kings reign and princes’ decree justices’… I love them that love me, and those that seek me early shall find me. Riches and honour are with me; yea durable riches and righteousness. Let your hope be in God so that your lost things could be recovered and returned to you.