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Sunday November 3, 2013


God will soon close many churches, says Pastor Chidi


he other day, I was reading a popular Lagos evening journal. I was taken aback when I saw the picture of a Pastor who was caught with the head of a human being. What could a Pastor be doing with a head of a human being? According the story, the Pastor had to hunt of human head because he wants to acquire power to do ministry.

I sincerely don’t know who that kind of Pastor would be working for or ministering to. The bible, of course, warned us that not all that call my father, my father that knows the father. I don’t know the kind of sign that you want to see to know that the world is coming to an end. But hear me. I am not afraid of he that can kill the flesh but I am afraid of he that can kill the spirit, the flesh and the soul. That is why you must be careful about any place of worship that you go to worship. If you are a member of this church, why not stay in one place and believe the God of this Assembly? There is a purpose why you found yourself in this place of worship. Not today you are here, tomorrow you are there and next tomorrow you are somewhere else. Listen; you need to know something about whom God has called and who God has not called. I can assure you that I have never stood on any pulpit to preach against or condemn any man of God; simply because I have not called them. But

air? Stop it now ergy or gets you excited but you do nothing to stop it. 2. You keep the relationship or some aspects of it away from your spouse because you know your spouse will not be happy about it, such as conversations, e-mails, texts and meetings. 3. You have to lie or deceive your spouse in order to see or spend time with this person. 4. You think a lot about this person. 5. You pay attention to your appearance because of the person. 6. Your feelings for this person affects your marriage, how you feel or relate with your spouse, causing some distance or strain. 7. You don’t want to share your friend with your spouse or you know involving your spouse will change the way things are between you and your friend. 8. You spend unnecessary or too much time with this person. 9. You confide in this person, discussing things you should share with your spouse only. Sometimes, the discussion is about your marital challenges and how your spouse has hurt you, as Tosin did in the novel Love Fever. How to prevent an emotional affair In my novel ‘Love on the pulpit’, Dave counselled a married man on how to end an emotional affair. He said, “Men don’t want to talk about their wives for fear of appearing boring but what they don’t know is this that is what will save them. Talking about the fact that you are married and how much you love your family establishes a limit immediately. For instance, when I travelled to

General Overseer of Kings in Christ Church, Pastor Chidi Anthony, expresses concern over unChristian behaviours among the faithful. Excerpts:


there are certain things you must look for to differentiate between who is a genuine minister of God and a fake. How do you know them? The Bible says that by their fruit you know them. You go to a church where there Abuja last week, there was this lady who became very friendly. I immediately told myself I must be careful. When she began to chat with me, I told her I am a pastor. That didn’t seem to bother her. I had to think of another way to let her know I wasn’t interested in a relationship. When she said she liked fried rice, I said my fiancée likes it too especially with snails.” They laughed. Dave went on. “You shouldn’t have gone for her mother’s burial alone. By going without your wife, you are giving the message that you are a free man, thereby feeding the relationship.” What to do 1. Talk often about your how much you love your spouse and children. Doing this keeps you focused and sets a limit. 2. Involve your spouse in the friendship. 3. Avoid spending time alone with a person you feel attracted to. 4. Of course, as I have said several times, there is nothing we cannot pray about. So, pray for the strength to do the right thing, resist the ungodly attraction and push this person away from your heart. Prayer makes power available to see clearly and do what is right. 5. Don’t start discussing your marital challenges or emotional issues with a person you are attracted to. Keep your issues to yourself. If you must discuss them with someone, go to a person who is not biased and can counsel you and your spouse. 6. As Pastor Tom told Richard in the novel Oh Baby, discussing the challenge of the closeness with one’s spouse will help. Secrecy feeds emotional affairs, making them thrive and continue. When you tell someone who can hold you responsible, the power of the affair is broken.

are over 2, 000 to 30,000 congregation, and the man of God there is living very fine, riding good cars but he cannot marry. And you are still worshipping in his church. It is a very big error. Most of such pastors are homosexuals. We know them. But thank God for the scripture. Any plant that is not planted by my father shall be uprooted. And the time has come. There are many churches that God Himself will close. The time is ripe and any moment from now, Christ will visit His church. Many churches today are operating on past glory. The glory of God is no more there. Where must you go to worship? Our beloved brother John made a comment. He said that we should test all spirits. Do not set your foot on just any place. In some places, they will ask you to bring a ram. They will kill the ram and pour the blood. Then they tell you: buy this and that for sacrifices; and you will buy because you are in need of something. Hear brethren; Satan is ruling the earth now. And this is a time of testing; God is testing to know who belongs to Him. In markets today, many young people no longer do things without using some other means. They move from one native doctor to the other to acquire means o or make things happen in their lives. The patronize Satan; but woe unto you that has one leg in the church and the other one at the native doctor’s p shrine.

A woman came to my office one day crying profusely. Her husband died; and her son who should grow to fit into the shoes of his late father was her source of grief

We shall hear the sound of the trumpet. Why do you defy yourself sister, brother? Is just because you want to get married to that young man or lady? Mama, why mess yourself up, because of the things of this world? Mama do you know that if you die today all those unworthy desire will not be useful to you again. Do you realize that your husband, wife and children will not be there to answer for you? Judgment is personal. Check your life. What kind of life do you live. Who are your friends? The type of friends you keep determines how far you can go in the journey of your life. The love of money has destroyed a lot of people. And when you step in there, going back would be so difficult. I have not come to condemn you, but I have come to blow the trumpet that you might run for your life. Be at alert. As a matter of fact, if you are about to go into and fenced compound and you saw at the entrance gate a notice: “beware of Dog’ you do not need your prophet, you don’t need Prophet Chidi Anthony to warn you that there is danger. You have to very careful. Some will stay at the gate shouting, “Are you sure that the dog is chained?’ because danger is ahead. Hear me: every gift will come and disappear; but only the word of god will remain. I like to ask you at this juncture if you are4 indeed bornagain; because many people seem to be at home with lies. The devil has a great strategy there. Let me make this clear. So far, as you have a cell phone, you are prone to tell lies. There are very few people that have cell phones that do not tell lies. So far as you have one, you are a liar; and every liar is a sinner. Every liar belongs to Satan because he is the father of lies. That is what the scripture says. There are people hat devil has ordained to lie. Even if they are cut read-handed, they will be swearing and laying their hands on the engine of a car and say, if I lie let me die. The one who has caught such red-handed will even be confused and begin doubt if he actually saw well or if he was the one telling lies. Devi has given them certificate and given bachelors degree in telling lies. But may God have mercy on us. What about you, young man? Do you respect your parents? A woman came to my office one day crying profusely. Her husband died; and her son who should grow to fit into the shoes of his late father was her source of grief. The young man, she explained, had lost every sense of responsibility because he had gone wild after their house maid. The young was so crazy to the extent he joined force with the house maid decided to pursue his mother of hers husbands house, so that they would live any how they like without any interruption from the mother. That is the sign of the end-time where children don’t have respect for their parent. And the Bible warned us that in the last days, this spirit of disobedience will possess them.