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Sunday, November 3, 2013


Look good even when married –Abike ADAEZE AMOS


bikeola Makinde studied Computer Science at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun State. But because of her passion for hair and beauty care, she ventured into beauty business. Today, she is the managing director of Creative Women Beauty Shop and Salon. Her zeal to make both married and single ladies, including celebrities look good, has not diminished her undying love of becoming a journalist. Hence, she combines her beauty business with her lectures at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Ogba in Lagos. As a beauty expert, she affirms that every woman, no matter her status, should strive to look good. “Every woman should endeavour to look beautiful because looking beautiful is a good business,” she stated. But why does this include married women who should be occupied with how to take care of the home front? “Taking care of your children and home front should not hinder you from looking good and appearing neat. It is even more important to look good, especially when you are married. I hate when I see women tying wrappers across their chests in the morning just because you call yourself a married woman. Stop it! It doesn’t speak well of you. That may be putting your man off. It is such married women that keep complaining about their husbands straying or cheating on them and all that. “I think as a married woman, you should look neat for yourself and for your husband. Looking neat and your appearance come from the inside. Even if your husband is the type that desires anything in skirt, you should still try your best to look good for him. Take care of yourself no matter what happens, so that whenever he is looking at other ladies outside, he would remember he has a neat and beautiful woman at home,” she said. This black beauty believes that when a lady wants to clean up well, she should start from her hair to the toe. “I encourage every woman to look good and let it come from the inside. Don’t see the effort you put into looking good as a waste of time and strength,” she said. According to her, “I pay adequate attention even to the small details. Often times, when I’m dressing, I usually tell my hubby I’m dressing well for him. When he asks why I fix expensive human hair, I usually say I’m fixing it for him, and he would smile. So, I would advise you to emulate me. Make effort to look good even when you are married; it is worth it. Look good for yourself and your husband. If your husband is happy with you because of your kind of hairstyle or the way you look, it is kudos to you.” Abike, as she is known, insisted that variety in beauty is the spice of life. “I think it is necessary to change your looks as well. At times you might want to go for hair that is very long at another time, you might go for very short hair. That is when you hear some people compliment you that you look different, fabulous and beautiful. So, ladies I think it is good to vary your looks,” she affirmed. This hair and beauty executive believes there are beauty tips many Nigerian women are not adhering to as well as many beauty blunders they are committing. “Most Nigerian women seldom go to professionals. I mean professionals in the area of hair and beauty. Oftentimes people look at the money involved and opt for a cheap place where you could hardly detect what goes on hair your hair style, the products to use - provided they are cheap. At times people don’t even know what is good for their hair. You may not know the hairstyle that may suit your face. Please let professionals make decisions for you. They would consider the shape of your face first and choose for you and at last you would like yourself the more,” she counselled. On beauty blunders, she explains that, “Most women choose hairstyles that are not suitable for their faces. For instance, centre parting is not good for ladies with oblong faces. And you see some of such ladies opting for that because of ignorance. But I will categorically make it clear here that centre parting is good for ladies with round face and egg shape face. But centre parting for oblong face is not good. Then for fringe style, any kind of facial shape can go for it. Afro hairstyles are good for slender ladies. If you are big and you are wearing afro hairstyle, you look extra big. When you are plus sized and you are also wearing plus-sized hair, you would look outrageous. “For slender ladies who want to choose afro hairstyle, just be moderate about it so that people would not be looking at your hair per se. They should be looking at the totality of your beauty.” To celebrities who want their hairstyles to stand out, the hair expert has some words. “For celebrities, we look at them as performers. Whatever style they opt for should be signature styles. We should not just judge them based on their hairstyles. I think looking at the celebrities or artistes, we may allow them detect their look and hairstyles themselves,” she said. Makinde