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Destitution: Any way out?


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2015: Nobody can influence me –Jega

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Sunday, January 26, 2014


Amaechi charges Ogoni people

You must meet violence with violence P. 7

Lambasts CP Mbu

Defector-lawmakers pledge fresh loyalty to APC



Amaechi, Okorocha, Oshiomhole in fresh battle for APC VP ticket

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Tinubu: Senate President Buhari: BoT chair

PASSI ON A Lifes tyle M agazin



Sun nd Januar ay y 26, 2014


Ye witchc s, I play raft ro but I’m le, not a wit –Patie nce O ch seni >>26


‘I used out th to give ings m mum y s man I old to a admir ed’ >>29

‘I’m gla d Ak a state wa Ibom is no of hous l emaidsonger ’ >>27


Uns Unstoppable! Super Eagles Gbolahan Salami (left), on the prowl against Atlas Lions of Morrocco in yesterday’s quarter-final clash decided at the Cape Town Sta Stadium at the on-going African Nations Championship in South Africa. Nigeria triumphed 4-3

Bafarawa shocks APC, returns to PDP Says ‘my supporters want me back’

Dana Air resumes flight operations today

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Sunday Mirror


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Yes, I play witchcraft role, but I’m not a witch –Patience Oseni Patience Oseni has been in Nollywood for about 19 years. She has bagged so many awards to show for it. She is fondly known as End Of The Wicked mama as that was the movie that brought her into the limelight. In this interview with Adaeze Amos, she speaks about what she does to look healthy and keep at bay early wrinkles

reform the party. He said some powerful individuals, who were benefiting from the rot in the party were opposed to his reform and went all out to sponsor campaign of calumny to get him out of office. Tukur said but for the doggedness of President Goodluck Jonathan and the wisdom he displayed in managing its affairs, the PDP would have long collapsed, given what he described as ‘evil plots’ by certain members to completely destroy the party

Bloody Sunday in Rivers, thugs on rampage At least two young men were shot Sunday morning during an eight-hour shooting-spree that prevented an All Progressives Congress, APC, and Save Rivers Movement, SRM, rally billed from holding at Bori, the headquarters of Khana Local Government Area of Rivers State. This is coming one week after the state police command prevented SRM from

staging a similar rally in the Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of the state. That incident led to the shooting of Senator Magnus Abe, who was flown to London for medical treatment last Sunday night. Some residents of Bori told journalists that they were woken up in the middle of night by sporadic gun shots, which lasted from 2a.m. till about 5.30a.m. on Sunday.

I wont tamper with state PDP structures –Muazu Applause

‘I’m glad Akwa Ibom is no longer a state of housemaids’


The new chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party and former governor of Bauchi State, Alhaji Adamu Muazu said that he would not tamper with any of the state structures of the party. He said: “I won’t tamper with any of your structures. But please let the chairman allow everyone to register. “Those without work should stay off PDP secretariat. Those who want to gossip should be able to say whatever they tell me in the

presence of the person they are gossiping about. I’m not here to listen to gossip.” At exactly 2.29p.m., Muazu took his oath of office and allegiance after the NEC approved a motion moved by the Bauchi State Governor Isa Yuguda which was seconded by Senator Ndoma Egba that Muazu be appointed the new chairman. The position became vacant last Thursday following the resignation of Alhaji Bamanga Tukur over the crisis rocking the party.

Obanikoro, Gusau, Haruna, Wali make ministerial list Two-time former National Security Adviser, NSA, Gen. Aliu Gusau Mohammed (rtd); former Adamawa State governor, Mr. Boni Haruna; former Nigerian Ambassador to Ghana, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro

and the Nigerian Ambassador to China, Aminu Wali, are among the 12 who made the ministerial list sent to the Senate by President Goodluck Jonathan for screening and confirmation.

Criminals may no longer have hiding place in Lagos again as the state government has activated the surveillance of the Close Circuit Cameras Television (CCTV)cameras installed across the state by the Federal Government. The 1,000 cameras powered with 66 based stations across the state has its collapsible Video Wall for live feeds located at the Lagos State command Centre, Alausa, to effectively monitor the happenings at various strategic locations in the state. The state government which said it planned to provide additional 1,000 CCTV cameras across the state to enhance the security surveillance, also disclosed that plans are in place to

acquire video analytical solution for effective monitoring of the covered area. Speaking after a demonstration of the command and control of the emergency situation using the CCTV cameras and telephony infrastructure, the state Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola who revealed this, said his administration is committed to security of life and property since life is irreplaceable He said the state had been able to move from zero-camera-state to over 1,200 highly powered CCTV cameras installed in the state metropolis, assuring residents that he would make the state uncomfortable for criminals with effective surveillance of the strategic areas in the state.

APC plots against 2014 budget passage The leadership of the All Progressives Congress, APC, has directed its members in the National Assembly to block all legislative proposals until the rule of law and constitutionalism is restored in Rivers State. The opposition party said that the proposals include the 2014 budget recently sent to

the National Assembly and the confirmation of nominees to military and civilian positions to public office. President Jonathan had on resumption of sitting by the National Assembly earlier this week sent the lists of service chiefs and ministerial nominees to be confirmed by the lawmakers.



Can Muazu take PDP to the promised land?

The former chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur has declared that a cabal within the party worked to ease him out of office. He said that they were not comfortable with the reforms he brought into the party. Speaking for the first time since he resigned, Tukur told some clerics who visited and prayed with him at his residence over the weekend that he stood by every decision he took to

Lagos activates 1,000 surveillance cameras


Cabal kicked me out of office, says Tukur

JANUARY 26, 2014

I’m an actor, model and a businessman. Tazal Initiatives is about showbiz generally, apart from the movie thing I do as well. I do modelling also and commercial adverts. On Monday, I do review of what I had done the previous day. I make sure everything is in place before another week. When I’m through with that, I will know what next to do and how to go about it and the jobs that I’m done with. I visit whoever I want to, go for locations, studio sections and do every other thing I have to do outside my office. I check all my details for the week and make sure they are going according to the way I planned them. I will make sure everything is done today. If it is not, I tidy up for the weekend. I work light today. I make sure it is a short working day for me. In the night, I go to club to dance away the night. I relax. I take my time to iron my clothes. Then if there is any event or show to be attended later in the day, I do so. I go to church. When I return, I relax and get prepared for the new week. *By Adaeze Amos (0802 301 2293)


Sunday Mirror



January 26, 2014

Destitution: Any

way out?

The increasing tribe of destitute in the country calls for concern to the plight of the lessprivileged. Fresh investigations reveal why Lagos, which is Nigeria’s commercial nerve centre can hardly cope with a deluge of destitute. Among these Nigerians, some are physically impaired while others are able-bodied but laid prostate by hunger. How do they survive the odds, and what are the steps needed to be taken to rescue them from their plight? Woman Editor, Adaeze Amos, explores the world of the destitute.


aruba Yusuf (not real names) has been sleeping and waking up in his makeshift shelter, right under the open place of Ikeja bridge for the past six months. He had a ghastly accident and lost his left limb which has been bandaged. Garuba has a rickety umbrella he uses to cover himself anytime he wants to urinate. He depends on alms from good-hearted Lagosians for survival. A quick glance at him would give any bystander the impression that this disabled, middle-aged man has been receiving medical attention from Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) Ikeja, because his ‘shelter’ is just a stone throw from the hospital. Looking at him, one would easily pity him because his state of destitution deserves just that. His bandaged limb has some stains of blood and perhaps for that reason, Garuba was able to escape the wrath of Lagos State Government who deported so many destitute in Lagos to somewhere in Owutu, Ikorodu sometime last year. Well, Garuba is just one of the many destitute that have turned the road sides and streets to places of habitation. In Lagos alone, despite the fact that majority of them had been deported, there are still some who troop out to the sides of the road to beg. Places like Ebutta Metta, Egbeda, Iyana Ipaja, Iyana Oba, to mention but a few. Little wonder the World Bank Country Director for Nigeria, Marie-Nelly said that 100 million Nigerians are living in destitution or extreme poverty. But the Nigerian government was quick to deny this CONTINUED ON PAGE 4






The Big Read

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Mirror

‘Islam does not promote destitution’ CONTINUED FROM PAGE 3 through the Chief Economic Adviser to the President, Dr. Nwanze Okidegbe. The Presidential Aide noted that the position of the country is a sharp contrast to what the world bank had said about the level of poverty in Nigeria and number of destitute. He noted that “there are about 112 million active GSM lines in Nigeria. Even accounting for those who own more than one phone and netting out nearly 44 percent of Nigerians who are under 15 years (and mostly do not have phones), this is not a description of a country with 100 million destitute living in extreme poverty. “This administration is undertaking critical reforms in all key sectors of the economy to create jobs and reduce poverty. For example, the reforms in the agricultural sector have increased production and created many job opportunities. In recognition of the fact that growth in the Agricultural Sector is pro-poor, we are confident that the consistent growth being recorded in agriculture is translating into further poverty reduction. “Indeed, Nigeria was recently honoured for meeting the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of reducing people living in absolute hunger by half, well ahead of the 2015 target set by the United Nations. On average, about 20 percent of the Subsidy Reinvestment Programme (SURE-P) is allocated exclusively to protecting the poor through different types of social safety nets. One important area of success is the Conditional Grant Scheme with total conditional cash transfer to almost 40,000 households and recruitment of over 2,000 new health workers working on improving maternal and child health. “Rather than engage in peddling easily disprovable and inaccurate poverty numbers, we believe it would be a better for the World Bank to focus its attention on designing programmes and interventions to support the government’s efforts in accelerating poverty reduction in Nigeria,” he said authentically,” the presidential aide hit back. A visit to areas dominated by destitute persons in Lagos would convince you that majority of them is from the northern part of the country which proves that the problem of destitution is prominent in the North. And this beats one’s imagination. But Abdulrahman Mohammed who resides in Badarawa, Kaduna, a public servant and a part-time lecturer with Kaduna State Polytecnic gave answers to the poser. “In fact, the problem of destitution especially in Northern Nigeria has turned out to be a major social malaise. So many factors are responsible for entrenching this problem in this part of the country. “The most painful aspect of it is that it is Muslim North that dominates this segment of the society (destitution) anywhere in the country. However, we must note that there are many types of destitution which include the one that is caused by poverty (real or perceived), physically handicapped situation and self-inflicted, child destitution of the Almajiri genre. “ All the above types of destitution are prominent in the North because we seem to have accepted them as normal ways of life. The Number One cause of destitution in the North is lack of political will on the part of governments at all levels. Whereas in other parts of the country one would find government at various levels honestly encouraging and strengthening their educational systems from primary to tertiary levels, but ours in the North are merely paying lip-service to education. The rich and well-placed individuals in the South are rewarded with chieftaincy titles and recognition considering the number of students one is able to sponsor or the scholarships so distributed; but we in the North have chosen the complete opposite of that. It is therefore very important for us to know that for as long as we choose to leave a larger part of our population uneducated, so shall we have the persistent problems

Destitute persons in the popular Kano Street in Lagos

of destitution among our people. Education or knowledge is power and anybody that is not educated is for sure, powerless.” The lecturer unveiled many more causes of destitution in the North. “Destitution in the North is also caused by what I tag “elitist neglect”. The rich and the educated among us, as I said earlier on, are simply not doing anything or not doing enough to get our children off the streets and into schools. They are just satisfied with sending their biological children to the best and most expensive schools in Nigeria and around the world, as if their children are prepared to live on this planet alone. I won’t also forget to mention that another major cause of destitution in the North is parental neglect or absence of responsible parenthood. Most parents, especially of low income status, do not care what becomes of their children. They are usually very proud of having numerous children, 20 or 30 as the case may be. But they are less concerned with their feeding, upkeep, education, health, accommodation and general wellbeing. This I must say is a clear preference for quantity as against quality. Some parents, in spite of the Islamic injunction that stipulates every parent should account for the upbringing of his/her children, prefer to add a wife than to send their children to school. They can pretend to be poor when the issue involve of their children’s school fees are brought up, but they can raise money to add harem of wives. I am not trying to denigrate polygamous family setting here, after all I came from one. But it must be stated that it is only good for those who can afford it.” Are most of them Muslims who believe that it is in the Koran for one to beg for alms. “That is perception I loathe. Yes, the perception of destitution being an Islamic phenomenon is quite wrong. Northern Nigeria is not the only predominantly Muslim society in the world. The obvious question to ask is: “why is destitution, be it handicapped or child destitution, prevalent in the North? I think one of the answers is that we lack courageous leaders in the like of the late General Hassan Usman Katsina and the late Sheikh Abubakar M. Gummi, leaders who could come out forcefully to speak against it today. Islam in its entirety abhors begging. Traditions of the Prophet Muhammad are full of examples of such stance. Self reliance, hard work for a

legitimate earning, contentment are all virtues aimed at discouraging begging. I do not know where my Muslim brothers and sisters kept the lesson Prophet Muhammad taught an able bodied man who came to mosque begging and the Prophet was said to have given him an axe to go and fetch firewood-to earn a living, instead of him begging,” he enthused. Abdul Mohammed has tips on how to nib destitution in the bud. “Their talents should be explored. They should be encouraged to contribute to national development, and not just to pity them and give them alms. That is not what they need from us. Also, functional rehabilitation centres where the handicapped can be educated, learn skills, sports and so on are what they require us,” he affirmed. Talking about functional rehabilitation centres, the Lagos State Government has been able to do so although they complained that the place where they were deported is not conducive for them. That was why sometime last year they temporarily halted activities at the State secretariat, Alausa and the House of Assembly as they protested against alleged harassment by the government officials and plan to bar them from operating in the state. Their spokesman that day, Hassan Zakawa complained that about 63 to 65 people are put in one room. We are telling the government to treat us as human beings and not animals,” he said. Well, whether it is conducive or not, the fact still remains that the Lagos state government is making effort to rehabilitate destitute at Owutu in Ikorodu. Other state government should take a cue. And Mr Abdul Mohammed concurred. “We must therefore appeal to governments at all levels, non-governmental organisations, faith-based organisations, parents, schools, teachers and so on to continue to promote the culture of responsible parenthood and education for all. An educated society is surely on the pedestal of development, peace, growth and progress. Reason being that any time I see children of school age roaming around our streets with a bowl in hand in a country where the number of JAMB applicants going to the University from one state in the South is more than that of the 16 states in the North put together, the question I usually ask myself is “where is our future”? The simple answer to that question is that we do not have any future, and if by accident we do, it is certainly a bleak one,” he said on final note.

Sunday Mirror

Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Big Read


Destitution can also derive from medical causes –Dr Onyekwelonwu Dr Ikechukwu Onyekwelonwu is Medical Director, Victory Land Clinic and Maternity, Centre, Ojoo, Lagos. He says that destitution apart from having some negative effects on the society or people, it also has some health implications, in this interview with Woman Editor, ADAEZE AMOS


ho is a destitute? A destitute is someone without any means of subsistence, lacking food, clothing or shelter. It might also mean some one that is so poor that he or she needs the help of others. He or she becomes impoverished, indigent, necessitous, needy, deprived, devoid and poverty-stricken. Any condition that can subject a person to this level of degradation makes that one, a destitute. It follows that any medical condition that can predispose one to any of the aforementioned make that person, a destitute. What are then the medical conditions that can make one a destitute? There are such medical conditions as leprosy, HIV/ AIDS, Mental illness, malnutrition, road traffic accident and old age. How can all these medical conditions make one become a destitute? First and foremost, leprosy which is also known as Hansen’s disease is a chronic infection caused by Mycobacterium lepra. The morbidity associated with leprosy accounts for its preponderance to cause destitution. When leprosy is left untreated, with consequent loss of limbs, the victim would not be able to take care of him or herself, leading to abject poverty and hence destitution. Then for HIV/AIDS which is a retrovirus that infects cells of the immune system, destroying or impairing their function. As the infection progresses, the immune system becomes weaker, and the person becomes more susceptible to infections. The most advanced stage of HIV infection is acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). It can take 10-15 years for an HIV-infected person to develop AIDS; antiretroviral drugs can slow down the process even further. As the disease transforms to AIDS, the victim becomes so weak that he or she cannot take care of him or herself, leading to destitution. Then of course for mental illness, any illness with a psychological origin, manifested either in symptoms of emotional distress or in form of abnormal behaviour. Most mental disorders can be broadly classified as either psychosis or neurosis . Psychosis for example, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, are major mental illnesses characterized by severe symptoms. And they are major causes of destitution in mentally morbid individuals. The tendency to lack judgement and introspection leads to the individual not being able to grasp with himself and so can become a destitute. Also, malnutrition is the condition that develops when the body does not get the right amount of the vitamins and other nutrients like, protein, carbohydrates and fat, it needs to maintain healthy tissues and organ function. Malnutrition occurs in people who are undernourished because they consume too few of essential nutrients or losing them more rapidly than they can be replaced. This can result in inadequate or unbalanced diet, Problems with digestion or absorption and some certain medical conditions. Malnutrition as a cause of destitution, can be traced to lack of orientation, confusion and mental illness. And when one is unable to take control of


his actions, that can cause destitution. Road accident is a major cause of destitution. When one loses one`s limbs in a society where social security is not given premium position, the victim is left with only one lone road-destitution. Then finally old age is another factor. In advanced societies, social security is well enshrined in the constitution and so the aged or senior citizens are accorded pride of place. Old peoples’ homes are built with adequate foster facilities. In a country where the aged with no means of livelihood are provided for, destitution becomes the last resort. What are some health hazards of having numerous destitute in a society? The health hazards associated with this problem are protean, and derive mainly, from the characteristics of the type. When sick people are not taken to hospitals where they can be treated, they may end up disseminating the diseases to the general public. When the disabled are not catered for, they could constitute public menaces. Destitution leads to homelessness, and so these people could roam the streets, begging, and so cause major traffic hold-ups, not to talk of discharging wastes and excrements, as such endangering the environment. Can hardship and abject poverty affect the brain cells of a human being or result in one being mentally retarded? if yes, please explain in details? Hardship and abject poverty are major causes of stress to the body. The anatomy of stress, acute or chronic underscores the effect of hardship and abject poverty on the brain cells. The brain functions to keep the individual alive as well maintain all the body homeostasis. A major function of the brain is memory encoding. Abject poverty and hardship affect the brain by interfering with the memory process. The effects of stress on memory include interference with a person’s capacity to encode memory and the ability to retrieve information. During times of stress, the body reacts by secreting stress hormones into the bloodstream. Stress can cause acute and chronic changes in certain brain areas which can cause long-term damages. Over-secretion of stress hormones most frequently affects memory negatively, but in a few cases can affect it positively. In particular, the hippocampus, prefrontal cortex and the amygdala are affected. One class of stress hormone responsible for negatively affecting memory is the glucocorticoids, the most notable of which is cortisol. Glucocorticoids facilitate and impair the actions of stress in the brain memory process. Cortisol is a known biomarker for stress. Under nor-

mal circumstances, the hippocampus regulates the production of cortisol through negative feedback because it has many receptors that are sensitive to these stress hormones. However, an excess of cortisol can impair the ability of the hippocampus to both encode and recall memories. These stress hormones are also hindering the hippocampus from receiving enough energy by diverting glucose levels to surrounding muscles. Stress affects many memory functions and cognitive functioning of the brain. There are different levels of stress and the high levels can be intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic stress level is triggered by a cognitive challenge whereas extrinsic can be triggered by a condition not related to a cognitive task. Intrinsic stress can be acutely and chronically experienced by a person. The varying effects of stress on performance or stress hormones are often compared to or known as “inverted-u” which induce areas in learning, memory and plasticity. Chronic stress can affect the brain structure and cognitions of the brain. When a stressful situation is encountered, stress hormones are released into the blood stream. Adrenalin or epinephrine is released by the adrenal or suprarenal glands to begin the response in the body. Adrenaline acts as a catalyst for the fight or flight response, which is a response of the sympathetic nervous system to encourage the body to respond to the apparent stressor. This response causes an increase in heart-rate, blood pressure, and accelerated breathing. The kidneys release glucose, providing energy to combat the stressor. Blood is redirected to the brain and major muscle groups, diverted away from energy consuming bodily function unrelated to survival at the present time. There are three important axes, the adrenocorticotropic axis, the vasopressin axis and the thyroxine axis, which are responsible for the physiologic response to stress. Chronic stress is a stressor that is ongoing for a long period of time. When chronic stress is experienced, our body is in a state of continuous physiological arousal. Normally, our body activates our fight-or-flight-response, and when the perceived stress is over our body returns to a state of homeostasis. When chronic stress is perceived, however, the body is in a continuous state of fight-orflight response and never reaches a state of homeostasis. The physiological effects of chronic stress can negatively affect memory and learning. Chronic stress does affect a person’s cognitive functioning differently than a person with cognitively normal subjects versus a person with mild cognitive impairment. Chronic stress and elevated cortisol (which is a biomarker for stress) has been known to lead to dementia, a form of mental retardation in elderly people. In general, higher event based stress was associated with more rapid cognitive impairment. What are some medical ways destitution can be curbed or reduced in such a country as Nigeria? The sure way to curb or reduce destitution in the country is for the relevant institutions to re-assess the medical causes of destitution as outlined above, with a view to addressing them. Some patients with mental problem also contribute to a large number of destitute in our society, if it is so, what is the way out? The way out to reduce the population of mental illness in the society is for relevant institutions to take care of the population. Social security should be of paramount priority. People with mental illness should be referred to appropriate mental institutions for treatment. The homeless should be afforded government sponsored low cost homes with basic amenities. The streets should be cleared of destitute.

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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Mirror

Destitute are not useless, they can be helped –Pastor Okhai Charles Okhai is pastor and the General Overseer of White House Christian Centre, Lagos. He is of the opinion that no destitute should become useless to the society if the church begins to cater enough for them and the government makes adequate efforts to train them, vocationally. He spoke with Woman Editor, ADAEZE AMOS


has to put appropriate laws that would help curb the rate of which destitute are coming up. And they should also create enabling environment where anyone that out of maybe as a matter of situation that cannot be controlled beyond human capability and find him or herself as a destitute. The government should have a kind of measure, a kind of programe where such people would be taken care of and properly brought up and become good citizens of the country.

estitution in Nigeria is increasing by the day, do you think the church has a role to play to reduce destitution in our society? Of course, the church has a role as regards destitution. From the book of James chapter 2 :15-17, if a brother or a sister is naked and destitute of daily food and one of you says unto them, depart in peace, be warmed and filled, without giving them those things which are needful to the body, what does it profit? Now that scripture is basically talking about ministering to the needy in both material and spiritual terms. Remember a portion in the Bible where Jesus, having fed the people and his disciples, came to him and said ‘let them go and find food to eat. But Jesus said no, we have the responsibility to feed them and that was how the miracle of five loaves came about, with just two fishes and five loaves of bread. So, the church has a responsibility to minister to the needy, to the destitute in our midst. But I won’t be able to make a strict statement on how much the body of Christ generally is doing that. But I know that some churches are doing that. Do you think they are doing enough with the number of churches we have today in our society? It is easy to say but most churches are barely living up to their means. You can’t give what you don’t have. There are so many churches but few of them are buoyant. If you go to so many churches, they are running at a loss or they don’t have enough even to take care of their little staff or even their pastors. It is agreed that there are numerous churches but not many of them are buoyant enough. So, you can’t put it on them that they are not doing enough but I know that some churches that have enough are doing that. Parental neglect or absence of responsible parenthood is one of the causes of destitution, if this is the case, is there anyway biblical morals can be of help? Of course, it should. Parental neglect has contributed to that because when a child is not properly brought up and he or she is vulnerable to any threat; now most broken homes are responsible for this. Single parenthood do not help us. There is no way you can bring up a child that is not brought up by both parents. It would be one-sided. It is very rare to find a child of single parentage to have a complete character. That is why the church takes time to counsel people before they go into marriage, to educate them on marital issues so that by the time you get in there, you can withstand the storm of marriage. Because when a home gets broken, children suffer. And it becomes a problem to society. And that is why some people are poor because they are unable to bring their children up the proper way. Some of them allow their children to slip off their hands to join gangs and all that. And then because of that, they also become threats to the society. There is a biblical scripture that tells us how to bring our children up well. Like it is written, ‘bring up a child in the way he should go, he would not depart from it.’ The word should mean there is a particular way a child should be brought up. So that when he gets old, he would not depart from it. Most parents neglect this part of the scripture. They do it in their own way and at the end of the day, the society is at the receiving end. Do you think another cause is when couples


start bearing more children they can bring up? Yes, that is another point you raised. Some couples don’t even look at their pockets, and the Bible says that if you want to build a house, you should sit down and calculate how much it is going to cost you. You see, most people who have more than enough children are the poor. The people that have the money don’t even go for too many children and those who don’t have enough just keep producing and producing and they cannot take care of them. And then they become a problem to the society. Some churches frown at family planning; they tell you it is a sin to do family planning. How do you relate this to bearing of more children that couple cannot cater for? Well, I don’t think there is anything wrong with family planning. There is nowhere in the scripture the Bible says we should do things that we cannot cope with. God has given each and every one of us wisdom. And the Bible says wisdom is profitable, it is the principle thing. The Bible says get wisdom. So the Bible instructs us to apply wisdom to the things we do. So, because you get married and you say you shouldn’t stop any child from coming, then why do we frown at people who sire child when they are not married? When two young adults meet and they are not married and they have children in the process, we regard them as having committed sin. But this is about couples, those who are married. Is it a sin to do family planning? This is not a means of stopping a child from coming to the world. You do so when you abort. It is when you abort, that a child is already in the womb but family planning is strictly preventive. The only one I do not support is when a child is already on its way and you stop that child. That is when it is a sin. But when you apply wisdom, not to bring out a child anyhow, I think it is wisdom and there is nothing wrong with that. How do you think destitution can be curbed? This has to start from the government. Government

What measures are you talking about here? Measures that have to do with helping the destitute by training them, educating them. Someone that doesn’t have a mother or father or anybody that can take care of him, government should be able to take care of such a person. So that they can be integrated into the society without trace of discrimination. Government should do that and the body of Christ also. The body of Christ has sole responsibility of helping the needy. It is one in the gospel of Jesus Christ. And that is after ministering to you, if he needs to help you, he would do so. The apostles, when they were going about preaching the gospel together they shared what they had and also shared with people. So, that is not contestable. They should have a home, is what I’m saying. I thank God there are some individuals that run homes like orphanage homes. These ones are somehow helping to reduce destitute because if those kids there are not catered for they would also become destitute. Is this spirit of love and sharing not reducing in today’s Christendom? Yes it is reducing. People are more interested in miracles and personal gains than reaching out to the needy or the destitute. That was the kind of love that was shared by the apostles in their time is hardly available today. Maybe because of the prevailing circumstance. Or maybe because of the economy, things have so been degenerated in terms of provisions. Everybody first and foremost wants to fight for his stomach. A good percentage of churches still share that kind of love. But just as I have said, it is what you have that you share. How do you think the destitute, especially the old men and women and children can be engaged productively? They should be given what is called vocational training where they can be self-reliant. I can tell you, God created everybody with a talent. There is nobody that is useless. The truth is that God does not create useless people. Every single being that God has created, He created with potentials. And medical science has proved that when a man and woman copulate, you have about four million cells that fight for life. It is only one that comes as a human being. Meaning that every single person that you see has fought the battle of four million and became a winner. It is like a company wanting to produce a product, they would first and foremost go to the laboratory and test the product before they push it away into the market. So, before you manifest as a human being, you have given that willing power, the potential to live this life successfully, because God created every human being with a purpose. So these destitute you see, most of them have something in them.

Sunday Mirror


Sunday January 26, 2014


Meet violence with violence, Amaechi tells Ogoni


ollowing the shooting incident that prevented a pro-APC rally at Bori in Khana local council of Rivers State last Sunday, the Rivers State Governor, Mr Rotimi Amaechi, has advised the Ogoni to resist any attempt to invade the area again by thugs under any guise.

This is even as the 37 defecting members of the House of Representatives have vowed not to return to the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. The governor and members of the lower chambers

...says Rivers CP, Mbu, lied of the National Assembly spoke at the rescheduled pro-Amaechi rally organised by the Non-Governmental Agency, Save Rivers Movement, yesterday at Bori, the headquarters of Ogoni in the state. Amaechi told his Ogoni supporters that while he was not a violent man and did not believe in relying on its use to settle scores, he was not favourably disposed to people stepping on others through the use of

force. “I came to Bori to prove to you that you don’t have to run away from violence. If a man is chasing you with AK 47, you should carry a machine gun, and the man will call for peace. In the Bible, the book of Isaiah said you should allow one to offend you 70 times seven times, but I told my priest that before it gets to twenty times, you are already dead,” the governor said.

Amaechi, speaking against the backdrop of the invasion by some political thugs who invaded the area a week ago, admonished the people of the area to meet force with force in order to prevent a repeat of the incident in which two youths were shot. His words: “I want to apologise to you on behalf of Mbu and those who came to shoot here last Sunday. From here, I’ll go to the hospital to see one of the

L-R: Governors, Godswill Akpabio (Akwa Ibom); Babangida Aliyu (Niger) and Vice-President Namadi Sambo, during the turbaning of Katsina State Governor, Ibrahim Shema, as Sarkin Fulani Katsina 1 by the Emir of Katsina, Alhaji Abdulmumini Usman, in Katsina, yesterday. PHOTO: NAN

2015: Amaechi, Okorocha, Oshiomhole V-P ambitions threaten unity in APC ... as Tinubu eyes Senate Presidency, Buhari, BoT Chair OBIORA IFOH, ABUJA


mbitions of three prominent members and governors in the rank of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Rotimi Amaechi (Rivers) Adams Oshiomhole (Edo) and Rochas Okorocha (Imo) states, appear to be giving the leadership of the party grey hair as to who to nominate as the presidential running mate come 2015 general election.

The party, which has since ceded the presidential slot to the North, has been undecided over the zone between the SouthSouth and South-East that will be preferred to produce the vice-presidential candidate, considering

the political weight of the three governors. Gov. Oshiomhole has the support of most of the governors of the SouthWest, having been in the same party, ACN. His preference could also be adduced to his performance in office, his acceptability in the civil society and the public. For Gov. Okorocha, who is now the Chairman of the Progressives Governors Forum and leader of the party from the South-East, being the only governor from the zone, he is coming into the contest with a huge political sagacity and followership. Northern governors within the party are also rooting for him. The sympathy the Riv-

ers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, is currently getting from across the nation over his political victimisation from the Federal Government and his ability to lead four other governors from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP to the opposition, clearly stands him out as the favourite to be considered for the vicepresidential position. According to a source from APC National Secretariat, former Lagos State governor, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu, has been positioned to lead the National Assembly as the Senate President while General Muhammadu Buhari will be nominated as the chairman of the Board of Trustees in the party conven-

tion scheduled in the third week of March. According to the source, “the party has zoned the Presidency to the North and as it is, about five aspirants, including three of its governors have started negotiations with party leaders on the possibility of their emergence as the party flag bearer. “Of the three vice-presidential aspirants, Oshiomhole seems to be having an edge over others as his ACN colleagues in the APC are working closely to ensure that one of their own emerges, but this is not going down well with the governors from the North who are already rooting for Okorocha.

people they shot. Mbu said nobody was shot. I’m going there to see the person myself. As the governor of Rivers State, I’m governor for every local government area; nobody can stop me from coming to Khana, not those children that issued press statements threatening that they will shoot me. I said, let me come and be shot. This morning, several persons called me to say, don’t go and I said okay, give me reasons why I shouldn’t go. I should send over two to three thousand persons to Bori for them to be shot, and I won’t be there to be shot? Will that be fair? If they are going to shoot you, they should shoot me first.” Governor Amaechi also reminisced on past events in the state: “I want to start this speech by thanking the Inspector General of Police. I had to call him and I told the IG that I was going to Khana. I thank him for sending security here. I had assured him that Rivers people are peace-loving. But let me start by tracing the history of this government. In 2007, this territory belonged to one man called Solomon. I heard he was the person that came to shoot here. Nobody could gather here then, even the police couldn’t even gather here. They were being shot at. I brought the police, seven vehicles and gave them; they were afraid. I gave them scholarships and said if any of you die in the course of this struggle, I will sponsor your family. I will employ your wives. I bought nearly all the patrol vehicles, over 200 vehicles. I paid allowances to the police. “The same people we chased away with the military are back to our state, fuelled by a man called Mbu and his cohorts in Abuja. They don’t mind that your lives are important. They want to sacrifice your lives just to earn the office of the Presidency and that of governorship. Before I came, you lost your voice, none of you could speak, none of you could call Solomon a criminal because you were scared, but we came and we chased him away; we shall still chase him away.” Amaechi also took a

swipe at Mbu, who recently said his performance at his former duty post in Oyo State was applauded by the people of the state and was awarded a chieftaincy title in recognition of this meritorious service in the South-West state. “One thing about power is that it is very transient; those who are using it now don’t have a good sense of history. If they did, they should check those who abused power in the past, where they are now.” They failed; they don’t remember that. Let’s say that despite all we have done for the police, we thank the Inspector General of Police. Mbu has said that he did very well in Oyo; I have spoken with the governor of Oyo State. He said Mbu didn’t do well. Whatever he is doing here, he has done in a smaller scale there. Why he’s doing it, in larger scale here is because there are very important people in Abuja that are fuelling him. If he says it’s a lie, let him call the governor. I spoke with the governor; he is making me say this in public. But, leave out Mbu, let us talk about the matters I came here for. I came to Bori council on the issue of UNEP. We said be calm and quiet. Let United Nations come and do their investigations and go home. I will support you from the beginning to the end. United Nations finished all they needed to do and came back and said spend at least $1 billion in the clean up of Ogoni and the development of Ogoni people. Have you seen the $1 billion? They want you to vote for them. It will be a foolish man that will vote for a person who denies you your rights.” Politicians from the area who have served in various offices and at different times were not spared by Amaechi in his speech. “Your children are back again to deceive you. You have children who have served as senators, commissioners and in various capacities. One of your former senators said he’s very close to the President; ask him, what he has brought to Ogoni people,” he urged.


National News

Sunday, Janaury 26, 2014

Sunday Mirror

2015: Nobody can influence me, says Jega AZA MSUE KADUNA


he Chairman, Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Professor Attahiru Jega yesterday promised that INEC will come up with an online verification of voters register before 2015. Jega said nobody has ever intimidated, attempted to influence or bribe him to manipulate elections results in the country. The INEC Chairman disclosed this during a radio programme “Guest of the Week” on Liberty Radio and monitored in Kaduna. According to him, “Maybe I’m lucky, but I can tell you categorically that nobody has ever intimidated me, nobody has ever attempted to influence me to do something wrong and nobody has ever attempted to bribe me to come and say I will give you this, do this. Whether they do it to some lower officers, but where we have substantial evidence we make them face the law. “The formidable chal-

...INEC to create online voters register before 2015 lenge is the general tendency among the Nigerian political class, not all of them, is that of winning elections by hook or by crook. They want to persuade the electoral commission, the


he former deputy national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Chief Olabode George yesterday appealed to the five former PDP governors who defected to the All Progressive Congress, APC to come back to their former party. George spoke at a thanksgiving service organized for him by a group, Atona Collectives in Lagos to celebrate his victory at the Supreme Court in a decision which nullified his earlier sentence. He appealed to the aggrieved governors to please return to the PDP, adding, that APC characters are known to him, even as he described them as selfish people who are not interested in good governance. His words: “I want to appeal to our aggrieved governors; please come back

tendency in the mindset of politicians in Nigeria and that has to change. “Because if it does not change no matter what adequate and efficient preparation of the commission the integrity of the elec-

L-R: President, Central Council of Ibadan Indigenes (CCII), Chief Bayo Oyero; representative of the Chief Launcher, Mr. Ademola Seriki; Vice President, CCII, Chief Wole Akinwande, at the fund raising for new PHOTO: NAN palace building for the Olubadan in Ibadan, yesterday.

Return to PDP, George appeals to defected governors AYO ESAN

officials to do them favours, if persuasions and paying fails they want to intimidate or harass or threaten them. And obviously that mentality of do or die, or winning by hook or crook is a dominant

home. You don’t know these APC characters. I know them. I know what their leader has turned Lagos into. They are not interested in any good governance. Their total pursuit is about selfish mercenary interests”. He also called on the PDP leaders across the country to unite and help in rebuilding the nation saying they should give support to President Goodluck Jonathan. He also appealed to all Nigerians irrespective of their tribes to return to the path of righteousness. “I now want to call upon all our people from the furthest reaches of the ancient forests of Ondo land far into the verdant thickets and the primeval wilderness of Ekiti, from the fast moving rivers and thundering streams of the Osun hinterland far into the luscious valleys and undulating hills of Oyo, from the rocky, mountainous expanses

of Ogun, far into the rich, bounteous immensity of my own ancestral swampy mangroves of Lagos, my friends and comrades, sons and daughters of Oduduwa, let us return to the path of equity and fairness”, George said. On the Supreme Court judgment, George described his trial and incarceration as a convoluted conspiracy saying however that though he suffered needlessly, he begrudged nobody. According to him, “I am not detained by any malice. I am not constrained by any hatred. I am only full of appreciations to the God Almighty who has seen me through the valley of the shadows of death”.

tion will always be undermined,” he said. The INEC boss continued that the commission is to spend less than 10 per cent cost of what it spent in conducting the 2011 general elections for the 2015 elections. “If you compare the cost we have computed for the 2015 elections with the cost of election in 2011 it has come down by at least 10 per cent. The figure is 10 per cent lower than what we proposed for 2015. We procured equipment in 2011, we are not procuring now. However, we are going to use more people than we have used in 2011, more polling units which means more personnels, logistics which means providing more vehicles, boats and having more efficiency of moving people. “The normal standard or index of measuring the cost of election is how much are you spending per person. But if you look at the cost of elections all over Africa, the cost of elections in Nigeria is comparable and in many cases lower than the average of cost per voters. A lot of all this money

goes to payment of honourarian and allowances for ad-hoc staff. “In Nigeria in 2011 and up till now we have been using about three people per polling unit and they are overwhelmed in a polling unit that has at least a thousand people. You will see how these three people are struggling to maintain order and ensure that everybody has discharged their right of voting. The average number per polling unit globally is between seven and eight, and we are aspiring to get close to what is obtainable globally. “In 2015, we have decided that instead of three we will use six per polling unit. The more people you have in the polling unit the more you can assign responsibility and get best of results in polling unit. The good thing is that if you compare the cost per person in Nigeria with the cost in Ghana it is less. We are planning to do the 2015 voter election at about eight dollars, in Ghana it is about 12 dollars while in Kenya it is ten dollars, so I can tell you that the cost of our election is not outrageous.”

2015: PDP hails INEC’s elections’ time-table .....says democracy has come to stay with or without APC OBIORA IFOH ABUJA


he ruling People’s Democratic Party, PDP on Saturday hailed the elections’ timetable released by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, for the conduct of the 2015 general elections and those of the governorship elections holding in Osun and Ekiti States. Reacting on the timetable which was made public by the commission on Friday night, the national publicity secretary of the party, Chief Olisa Metuh

while speaking in Abuja, described it as welcome development and that the party would abide by the order of the elections as a law abiding political party. He said democracy had come to stay in the country despite all the threats from the main opposition APC, saying that with or without them, the nation would move forward. According to Chief Metuh, “the INEC timetable is part of democratic process, PDP is a law- abiding party; we are guided by the procedure for electoral processes. “We will participate

fully in the entire process, our job is to sensitise the various organs of our party to mobilize themselves and rally for the election. Said he, “We are not unmindful of the machinations of the opposition who have become undemocratic in their actions and activities to boycott elections; we hope that they will instruct their members in the National Assembly not to participate in the electoral process. “Let me put it unequivocally that democracy has come to stay in Nigeria, with or without the APC”, he declared.”

We’ve reduced accidents by 75%, says FRSC


he Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC, has succeeded in reducing accidents figure by 75 per cent by 2012. This percentage was given by the Head of the Corps, Mr. Osita Chidoka. The World Bank’s SubSaharan Africa Transport

Policy Programme has described it as “an inspiration to other countries in several ways”, singling it out for its professional management and use of modern technology, among other things. Chidoka said the FRSC uses a state of the art bio-

metric driver’s license and vehicle number plate identification system as well as a satellite based vehicle-tracking system that enables real-time location of patrol teams and ambulances nationwide. It has also implemented a penalty point electronic

ticketing system for traffic offenders. “We are very proud of our record so far,” said Chidoka, who has been in charge for the past six years. “That has meant that we do more to keep up our record and surpass it.”

Sunday Mirror


Sunday January 26, 2014


Stalling of budget, service chiefs’ approval

APC inciting the military, says Labour Party

•You’re a pro-Jonathan party –APC OBIORA IFOH, ABUJA


ollowing the call by All Progressives Congress (APC) on its members in the National Assembly to block all executive bills, including the 2014 Appropriation bill and the confirmation of military service chiefs, the Labour Party (LP) has accused the APC of inciting the military against civil authority.

Addressing a press conference in Abuja yesterday, the National Chairman of the LP, Chief Dan Nwanyanwu alleged that “to block confirmation of military service chiefs is an attempt to anger the military into thinking and reconsidering their roles in the Nigerian nation and democracy. “The real reason is to anger the military. The real reason is to push for military coup. We are talking about senior military officers who have over the years laid down their lives for the nation and Nigerian

people who no doubt deserve appointments to the highest position in their career”, the Labour chief said. “We must not allow power mongers and desperate politicians, particularly those who were part and parcel of the story of the sorry state Nigeria found itself, to truncate our hardearned democracy. The President must not allow himself to be intimidated by the mischievous antics of the APC political leaders who are so desperate for power that they do not want to wait for 2015 when the Nigerian electorate will exercise their inalienable rights to choose their leader.” The party chairman also described the resolution of the APC Committee as subversive, insensitive and unpatriotic to the fragile nature of Nigeria’s heterogenous and multi- ethnic society ,averring that “the sentiment does not permit any patriotic leader whether in politics or out of poli-

tics to arouse sentiments and emotions that have the tendencies to threaten the corporate existence of Nigeria. “We condemn very strongly the extremism and fundamentalism that the APC has come to be associated with. What APC has proposed to do is a recipe for the disintegration of the Nigerian state. It is therefore an ill-wind that will blow no one any good. The desire and the quest of APC to win the 2015 presidential election will remain a pipe dream if there is no Nigeria for them to govern. “What APC has done is equivalent to a declaration of war on Nigerians. This is opposition taken too far. The APC has, in unmistakable terms, declared war on the Nigerian people and it must be resisted at all cost,” Nwanyawu alleged. The party chairman said that he was surprised that APC “was crying wolf in the Rivers State matter but forgot so soon how an APC

L-R: Nigeria’s Ambassador to the United States, Prof. Adebowale Ibidapo Adefuye; Hon. Abimbola Daramola; Chairperson, House Committee on Diaspora, Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa and others, during Adefuye’s visit to the National Assembly in Abuja at the weekend.

government in Ekiti, supported by the same police, frustrated the governorship declaration of Hon. Opeyemi Bamidele where lives were lost and properties worth millions were destroyed.” “For the APC, the police alleged brutality in Rivers was not acceptable but the killing of innocent Nigerians in Ekiti and the prevention of a legal party activity within the premises of the political party was good,” Nwanyanwu quipped. But in a swift reaction,

We’re still in PDP, say OBJ’s supporters FEMI OYEWESO ABEOKUTA


embers loyal to former President Olusegun Obasanjo in the Ogun State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have said they would not as yet yield to overtures being made to them to join the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The group of OBJ loyalists has also declared that it would remain in the PDP notwithstanding the former president’s decision to abstain from participating in the party’s affairs at ward, local, state as well as national levels, “for now”.

The decision of the Obasanjo’s faction of the Ogun PDP to remain in the party was reached at the state caucus meeting of the party held at the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library (OOPL) late Friday night. Sunday Mirror reliably gathered that the stance of the Obasanjo faction to remain in the PDP was coming on the heels of an alleged moves by some powerful politicians in the state to lobby them to defect to APC. Sources at the meeting said those in attendance include the two lawmak-

ers presently serving at the state’s House of Assembly on the platform of the party, Honourables Job Akintan and Abiodun Akovoyon and 14 out of the 20 local government party chairmen in the state. Our correspondent further gathered that a motion to defect to APC was moved by the party’s East senatorial chairman, Chief Tayo Ajayi, and was seconded by another elder from Ogun West, Chief Shina Adejobi. A counter-motion moved by a former lawmaker who had represented Ifo I state constituency at the state

House of Assembly, Hon. Johnson Fatoki however, made the moderators at the meeting to subject the motion to a voice vote which consequently voted out the motion. The group however, affirmed their supports for the new national chairman of the party, Adamu Mu’azu, and his ability to genuinely reconcile all aggrieved members and particularly redress all the injustices that had hit the South-West zone of the party during the tenure of the immediate past national chairman, Alhaji Bamangar Tukur.

the APC Interim National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, said he was not surprised with the comment of the Labour Party, saying the party is a supporter of President Goodluck Jonathan. He clarified that the decision of the party to call on its National Assembly members to block all executive bills was not targetted at inciting the military to interfere with the civil authority but that “the confirmation of Service Chiefs just happened to be one of

the issues before the National Assembly. He said his party had no problem with the military and its action was not targeted at the military. Mohammed said that the party was just saying that the impunity in River State must stop and it believed that it should use its new found strength in the National Assembly to achieve that. He, however, said that what the party had done was not new to democracy as it is the practice the world over.

2015: Northern Elders Forum insists on Presidency HENRY IYORKASE MAKURDI


econd Republic Minister of Power, Mines and Steel, Wantaregh Paul Unongo, has insisted that the North must produce the next President come 2015. Unongo is the spokesman for the Northern Elders Forum (NEF)

He made the declaration at his country-home at Jato-Aka in Kwande Local Government area of Benue State at the weekend, observing that the zone, going by its numerical strength, has approximately over 60 percent of the entire population.

He asserted that “whoever we throw our weight behind at the end of the day will emerge the President come 2015”, alluded that “with our overwhelming margin, no one will ever threaten to take away leadership from us without the knowledge of the stakeholders. “Therefore we are undaunted and not shaken by the forces to deny us access to returning to power by 2015 as politics is a game of number and if at the end of balloting the votes cast do not give us the margin against other contenders, it means we are defeated”, he boasted.”

NIGERIA IN BRIEF Consumers groan as fishmongers begin strike

Frontline architect, Faturoti, passes on The death has been announced of a seasoned architect, Chief (Arc) Ebun Faturoti. He was a trendsetter in the architecture profession in Nigeria, having pioneered a lot of outstanding design works all over the nation. He was

a onetime Vice President of the Architect Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON) where he served meritoriously for about 10 years. Until his death, he held the chieftaincy title of Orunto of Ondo Kingdom (No.7 in hierarchy

to the King), where he was a very well-respected and reputable community leader and a distinguished pacesetter. At the national level, he was one-time Chairman, Governing Council of the National Institute of Sports (NIS). Faturoti,

aged 76, will be buried on Friday, February 14th, 2014 in his home town- Ondo Kingdom, after a funeral service held in his honour at All Saints Church,Ogbonkowo, O ndo, Ondo State. He is survived by children and grandchildren.

Fish consumers in Osogbo yesterday complained about the scarcity of the product in the markets owing to the strike action by fish sellers. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that fish sellers in the area began a strike on Jan. 23, over what they described as hike in the price of the commodity. Speaking to NAN in Os-

ogbo, some of the consumers expressed regret over their inability to buy the commodity. Mrs Ronke Oke, a teacher said she had gone to the market for the past two days to buy fish but had not seen any fishmonger. ``I was wondering what had happened until I heard that the fishmongers were on strike.

Sunday Mirror


Man in the News JANUARY 26, 2014

Lt-Gen. Azubuike Ihejirika

Staving off threats of war crime trial AYO ESAN


enultimate Thursday, President Goodluck Jonathan dropped Lt. Gen. Azubuike Ihejirika as the Chief of Army Staff and few days after he was relieved of his official duty, the Northern Elders Forum (NEF) also threatened to drag him before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at the Hague for alleged killing of defenceless civilians in Bama, Borno State, by soldiers of the Joint Task Force (JTF). The Northern Elders accused Ihejirika of serially killing civilians in Bama and Giwa Barracks. The forum, according to Prof Ango Abdulahi, its spokesman, came to this conclusion on the evidence of two committees of legal and security experts it set up to “investigate the details of the gruesome use of force against unarmed civilians in Bama and other parts of Borno State.” He said: “At our meeting in Kaduna on the 15th January, 2014, we received the reports of the two committees on Security and Legal Matters, regarding extra-judicial killings by soldiers in Bama and the act of strangulating civilians in Giwa Barracks using an underground detention centre, while depositing the corpses in hospital. “The Forum has, therefore, resolved to harmonise the reports of the two committees, preparatory to filing a case of extra-judicial killings by the Nigerian Army under the then Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant-General Azubuike Ihejirika, and six others. The reports will be harmonised at our emergency meeting in Abuja on Wednesday the 22nd of January 2014 for further action”. He did not name the six others the forum claimed participated in the alleged killings. The Bama incident occurred on Tuesday May 7, 2013 when suspected members of Boko Haram unleashed terror on residents, many of whom were killed. The casualties included 13 officers of the Nigeria Prisons Service who were killed during a raid on the Bama prisons by the terrorists. About 105 inmates of the prisons were set free by the insurgents. The army authorities said at the time that the terrorists who carried out the attack wore military fatigue and were armed with high calibre arms and ammunition. Twenty-one of the invaders were said to have been killed by soldiers and many others were arrested. Recovered from them were four vehicles, 14 weapons, 12 IEDS, assorted ammunition, several RPG tubes and bombs. The army lost two of its personnel while six policemen, four civilians, including three children, and a woman also died. Ihejirika in his reaction, however called the bluff of the NEF, which had threatened to drag him and six others to the International Criminal Court of Justice (ICC), based in The Hague, Netherlands, saying it was “ill-conceived and based on misinformation. “My reaction is that their statement is ill-conceived, perhaps based on some misinformation. The northern elders should be thanking the service chiefs, my officers and me for making huge sacrifices, first to see that Nigeria is safe and the north in particular since they are the first beneficiaries of the sacrifices made. “There is no senatorial zone in this country that has not lost personnel of the armed forces. It is unfortunate that the same elders, if they are really elders, have not





IS SAFE AND THE NORTH IN PARTICULAR SINCE THEY ARE THE FIRST BENEFICIARIES OF THE SACRIFICES MADE cared to send a single condolence message to the military. “I think their statement is discouraging and it impacts negatively on the counter-terrorist efforts, because as we speak, there are soldiers that have not had a meal since yesterday because of the peculiarity of where they are at the moment.” Ihejirika, further reflecting on his experiences while fighting the war against terrorists, declared that very soon, there would be no hiding place for the terrorists, adding, “It has been a very busy thing, I believe that very soon, Nigerians will be very happy, because we have put quite a number of structures in place. “I want to say that with some equipment and training that were carried out in recent days, there will be little or no hiding place for the insurgents,” adding that now that he was out of service, “ His kinsmen, Igbo elders have, however dared Northern elders to carry through their threat to drag former Chief of Army Staff, to The Hague over alleged human rights abuses in the fight against terrorism in the country. The Chairman, Senate Committee on Education, Sena-

tor Uche Chukwumerije, spoke on behalf of Igbo elders at a news conference in Abuja. Chukwumerije said the threat of Northern Elders Forum to drag the immediate past COAS and six others to the International Criminal Court of Justice (ICC) in The Hague was capable of unleashing a national ill-wind that would do no one any good in the country. He noted that the approach of the Northern Elders Forum to a national problem was “selective, patently biased, apparently in search of preconceived culprits, pointedly indifferent to the demands of national unity, and highly provocative to the sensibilities of all who genuinely desire the unity and stability of this country.” Though he emphasised that senseless sacrifice of a human life is indefensible, the lawmaker noted that violations of human rights had remained the bane of Africa. “A society that has no respect for human life is nearer the status of a community of animals. But the situation in the universally acknowledged, difficult terrain of a borderless war such as terrorism, counter-terrorism and guerilla-like conflicts offers a unique challenge,” he said. Chukwumerije added: “The motives of Prof. Ango Abdullahi and co are obviously beyond concerns about violations of human rights. This is so because the incident of Bama (Baga) has been investigated and put to rest long ago. “For instance, the Senate sent a strong team to the area in June 2013 after the incident. After a thorough onthe-spot investigation which extended to interviews with all concerned officials (Director of SSS, State Governor, Commander of the Multi-National Joint Task Force, and stakeholders of the community) and visit to the grave yard, the Senate Committee concluded as follows: ‘the death toll of 185 was exaggerated but there may be more than 37 deaths.” Chukwumerije, who said the Senate endorsed the report, noted that “definitely, there were no massacres to the scale that demanded the judicial sanctions of The Hague.” He posed three questions: “Why the blatantly selective search for responsibility in Bama (Baga) and why so personal? “Every citizen (including Prof. Ango Abdullahi) knows that the anti-terrorism campaign in the North is a joint-military operation under the command of the Chief of Defence Staff. “In singling out Lt. General Ihejirika, the then Army boss, the likes of Prof. Ango Abdullahi are merely betraying old prejudices and embarking on new hazardous search for bad names to hang hated dogs. “Besides, the fact that Prof. Ango Abdullahi and co sprung into action immediately Lt. General Ihejirika and ‘six others’ left their commands has revealed the depth of long-smouldering resentment of the campaign against Boko Haram by the self-proclaimed leaders of the North.” The position of the Northern Elders Forum, he said, “raises a question about where their sympathy lies in this battle” against Boko Haram. Onyeabo Azubuike Ihejirika was born on February 13, 1956 in Ovim, Isuikwuato Local Government area, Abia State. He commissioned into the army on December 17, 1977 as a member of the Nigerian Defence Academy 18th regular combatant course. Prior to being appointed COAS, he was the Chief of Defence Logistics at Defence Headquarters. He was also the former GOC of 81 Division at Lagos, and a former Director of Engineering at Defence Headquarters.


Sunday Mirror

PDP fights dirty with Saraki’s new APC for the soul of Kwara P 12 …starts with struggle to reclaim secretariat


CP Mbu’s role in Rivers crisis


P 13

Briefly Ado-Ekiti PDP adopts Famuyibo as guber candidate With the governorship election in Ekiti State a few months away, the executives of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Ado-Ekiti local council, have adopted one of the governorship aspirants, Otunba Reuben Famuyibo, as their preferred choice. A letter signed by the Secretary of the party in the council, Hon. Bayo Awe, and addressed to the chairman of the party in Ekiti State, copies of which were made available to journalists in Ibadan yesterday, said their position was informed by the unfolding political scenario in PDP, which favoured consensus arrangement. The letter dated January 20, which was also endorsed by 17 executive members in the local government, including the Chairman, Hon. Kola Lawal, and 13 ward executives, said Famuyibo remained a credible governorship aspirant and should therefore be anointed as the flag bearer of PDP by both the State and National Working Committees of the party. According to the PDP leaders, some of the important factors that favoured Famuyibo above other aspirants include his indigeneship of AdoEkiti; the state capital, which also has the highest number of registered voters (about 132,000) in the state.



Can Muazu take PDP to the promised land? AYO ESAN


few days after Alhaji Bamanga Tukur resigned his appointment as national chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, the party, led by President Goodluck Jonathan appointed a former Governor of Bauchi State, Alhaji Adamu Mu’azu, as its new chairman. Mu’azu was selected as the consensus candidate after a meeting between President Jonathan and the governors of the party at the Presidential Villa in Abuja last Sunday. Muazu, who until his recent appointment, was the chairman of the Nigerian Pension Commission, PENCOM, had drawn the wrath of the human rights and civil society groups who felt that since he was still under investigation by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, he should not have been given a public office. The anti-graft body is investigating him over allegations that he failed to account for N19.8 billion of public funds during his tenure as governor between 1999 and 2007.

Although, he had consistently denied these allegations, civil society groups believe that since he had not been cleared by EFCC, he should not have been given any public office. As he begins the task of rebuilding PDP, which seems to be in its worst state since its creation, political watchers believe that Muazu in addition to his personal problem, is coming to the leadership of the party at a time its fortune is nose-diving. This position was given credence by the Governor of Jigawa State, Alhaji Sule Lamido who shortly after Muazu’s appointment was accompanied by his deputy, the three senators from his state, the 11 House of Reps members, the National Vice Chairman, North West, Ibrahim Kazuare, among others to Muazu and told him he had a very great task ahead of him. He stressed that he was confused on whether to commiserate with him or congratulate him. According to Lamido, what happened during the tenure of Tukur was most unfortunate as, according to him, impunity became the order of the day, culminating in the defection of five governors, legis-

lators and other notable stakeholders. Tukur, probably, with the benefit of hindsight, had a day before his successor was unveiled, advised whosoever was going to succeed him “to be fearless, consistent and focused”. He gave the advice while addressing a handful of his supporters and clerics who paid him a visit in his residence after his resignation. He further cautioned his successor to beware of evil plots and acts of treachery by some members of the party who he said were hell bent on destroying it. “I did my best to bring PDP to good standard and international best practices on politics. I came in with the mindset to reform the party by promoting the principle of election instead of selection and the idea of consensus instead of imposition. “Alas, I was proved wrong by those who believed that the old order in PDP must be retained, not for any good thing, but for their selfish interests. “Some members got so desperate that they turned to the media and funded all negative reports against me. If you are CONTINUED ON PAGE 57


Agege LG moves to empower youths The Agege Local Government Council of Lagos State has conducted training in various professions for youths in the area. This is as part of its empowerment programme in order to make them self-reliant and reduce unemployment. Chairman of council, Mr. Jubreel AbulKareem, while distributing certificates to the beneficiaries who had completed their training in various professions, said the training programme was aimed at improving their living standards. He promised that such gesture would continue until unemployment was totally reduced in the council area. His words: “We will assist you financially in form of loan to start your business while such loan could be repaid back so as to give others the opportunity to benefit from the system.” The council boss disclosed that other areas such as education, road, market, public toilet would continue to enjoy the patronage of the people. AbulKareem enjoined the local council staff to be dedicated to their duties, adding that the council would not relent in its efforts to meet their needs like promotion and better welfare. He pledged to see that unemployment was reduced to the barest minimum in Agege and advised the youth to support the present administration in the state.





ome February 4, 2014, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Interim Caretaker Committee for Kwara State is expected to resume in the state and members are full of anxieties for this. The reason is not farfetched; the party once belonged to them and for 11 years, they were dispossessed of their own party when the giant of Kwara politics, the late Dr. Olusola Saraki, led his followers who are usually intimidating in number from the All Peoples Party (APP) into the PDP. This was after fighting the incumbent Governor, Mohammed Lawal, dirty in the APP. The Sarakis came and before the people could say ‘Jack Robinson’, they had taken over the PDP and the original members of the party dramatically lost out in its totality. This was the claim of these party members. When Senator Bukola Saraki also led the same political followers of the Sarakis out a few months ago, the old PDP men were the happiest. This was why they are happy now to have their party back and anxiously waiting for their newly inaugurated leaders to come and take over. However, there is one issue in contention: the secretariat which the Saraki men who had left the PDP along with Dr. Bukola Saraki, for the All Progressives Congress (APC) and occupied for 11 years is the target of both the defected PDP members into APC and the old PDP members. The matter has now become an issue for the courts. But on February 14, it was the work of fate that blood did not freely flow when the members of the PDP and a few of their new leaders decided to move in and take over the secretariat building. The stage was set and the new APC entrants also swore that taking the building would only be on their dead bodies. It was the day that the police were turned to mere onlookers when the charged atmosphere got to the peak and the two sides which had taken positions advanced on each other right in the presence of the law enforcement personnel, which had earlier in day cordoned off the Nupe Road area of the secretariat. Alhaji Ishola Balogun Fulani, a Bukola Saraki stooge and erstwhile chairman of the PDP in Kwara State started it all. He, it was that within 24 hours, with five new PDP governors, including Alhaji Abdulfatah Ahmed, formally declared their defection to the APC, stirred the hornet’s nest when he publicly declared that he and his members had come to take over the APC. He had also described their new party as one that had no structure and called on the old members of the party to come on board if they so wished. Fulani also boldly flaunted an influence of the ownership of the APC when he promised that these old members would be allowed slots in a place naturally considered to belong to the people he was addressing. Reactions of the APC people had since become a watershed and the flame that he (Fulani) ignited had continued to thicken each passing day. That he also allegedly pronounced the then PDP Secretariat his new APC secretariat, equally did not help matter. It had since become a subject of contention, both in court and with the police. The drum of contentions over the subject had been sounding. On February 14, the airwaves of Kwara Radio and the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN, Harmony FM) were

Sunday, Janaury 26, 2014

Sunday Mirror

PDP fights dirty with Saraki’s …starts with struggle to reclaim secretariat


filled with counter announcements by both the APC and the PDP, each inviting their members for an emergency meeting in one single venue even when the police had cordoned off the entire area with their personnel and vans. Gradually, crowd of supporters of the two parties started building up, the entire environment getting charged and tension mounting. The Bukola Saraki, APC, members were the most charged, chanting war songs and praises of the senator while the PDP supporters cleverly signalled to one another and thinned out of the place only to regroup and take over the other end of the road. It was the day that also signalled a calculated preparation by the old members of the APC who are not comfortable with the entrance of Senator Saraki into their party as they openly joined forces with the old PDP men singing the party’s slogans. After about two hours of this charged atmosphere and impending restiveness, the police kept both sides at bay but along the line, the same police allowed only the new PDP executive to walk down the lonely street and take over the secretariat. This was the opportunity the Saraki troop was apparently waiting for. They tore into the barricade made by the police vans and personnel and advanced menacingly towards the secretariat like a herd of mad bulls. The police became onlookers and helplessly watched what might happen next. However, leaders of the PDP, particularly the elderly ones among them, called their own men to retreat to save an ugly situation which was the saving grace that day. Fulani had earlier, when the PDP members in December first attempted to take the secretariat, resisted the move and in like manner called his party men now in the APC for a meeting in order to meet force with force with the PDP people but the police at the time successfully warded the two sides off. Since then they had locked up the place and stationed a detachment of policemen to guard the place day and night,


allowing no one into the premises. Fulani later took the police to court to challenge the audacity of the police to cordon off his office. Sources said Fulani is having the payment receipts for the rents of the secretariat in his personal name, which is the strength of his claims to the building for now. He was praying the court to hold that he was still the rightful tenant in the building, which no one could deprive him of. The case was still in court as at the time of the averted clash on February 14. Before now, the old PDP men who for 11 years lost their ownership to the Sarakis, had been forced to go under. Many of them relocated to Abuja while those who managed to stay back home and raise their heads once in a while were instantly dwarfed. Bukola, the biggest beneficiary of this control of PDP for eight years, enjoyed a good control of the party. As soon as his father, Olusola, died, the strength of the senator now representing Kwara Central Senatorial District had known no bounds. He had been crowned the political leader of the state in place of his father and only his voluntary exit last month could make the owners of PDP now get the platform to raise their voices. By now, Bukola has assumed a larger than size political stature than that of his father. He gave his father a dose of what he was capable of doing when he called the father’s bluff to disallow his younger sister to succeed him as governor while he succeeded the same sister as a senator. It was a masterstroke that the father never survived. For 11 years, these PDP members were in the limbo until last month when he, on his own, led his followers out of the party. Similarly, his coming into the APC has created discomfort for those who were there before him. There had been a series of rallies, press briefings and moves to protest feared plans to surrender the total structure of the party to Saraki. More so that Fulani had instantly let the cat out of

the bag. A section of these APC members who are in the majority are the followers of Mohammed Dele Belgore, SAN, a governorship aspirant in 2011 under ACN. These are the people who obviously in no distant days are said to formally join the old PDP men to make a common political enemy in Bukola. For now, Bukola appeared the target of all politicians in Kwara State irrespective of the political parties. The song on every mouth is not about election in 2015 for who and for which office but that Saraki should be made the proverbial fox that should first be driven away before the chicken could be reprimanded for wandering too far away from home. How much success this could fetch the people is another matter. In an interview with ‘Sunday Mirror’ on the moves to take over the PDP Secretariat, Chief Rex Olawoye; a member of the Caretaker Committee said: “ As you can see, we had our inaugural meeting and we decided at that committee level that we should occupy our secretariat to be able to prepare grounds for a formidable team that would come up as PDP. We know that some of our members have migrated to another party but those of us remaining, we feel we should coordinate ourselves and see how we can put ourselves together to be strong enough to face any general election. The first step is for us to have a place where we can interact and plan our activities. We decided to have an inroad into our secretariat more so we know that when you belong to a particular party and you decided to remove your membership of that party, I don’t think that entitles you to holding on to the secretariat of that party. “Because, where you are going you have your own secretariat and you would have considered all the pros and cons of all these matters before you move. For instance, I was with our late father, Dr. Olusola Saraki, in All Peoples Party (APP) and we decided to move to PDP; we left the secretariat of APP that was wholly owned by Dr. Olu-

Sunday Mirror


Sunday, Janaury 26, 2014


new APC for the soul of Kwara sola Saraki, we left it and we came here to join the PDP; that is our interest. But we should be strong in heart, firm in mind to do whatever we believe in. Sunday Mirror: But the issue of the secretariat is currently in court. Rex: That is not true; we were with the commissioner of police and of course before we even took this decision, we consulted our lawyers and it was purely a case between the police and those who call themselves APC. If you are now taking somebody who is protecting the property to court and left out those who are owners of the property, won’t we take our property at the right time? We, the caretaker committee members and a few of our elders, stakeholders in the party, going into the secretariat, we offered our prayers; we came out and hoisted our flag. It is when we were coming out that people who belonged to the other party came up and decided to mob us”.



he present Rivers State Commissioner of Police, Joseph Mbu swapped posts with former CP, Mr. Mohammudu Indabawa, who headed in the opposite direction to replace Mbu in his former Oyo State post, in December 2012. At the handover ceremony witnessed by several journalists at the state Police Headquarters in Port Harcourt, there was no inkling of what was to follow his redeployment to the oil-rich state, even barely six months after his transfer. There, he promised to uphold the integrity of the police and to help sustain the stable security situation of the state, which hitherto had been terrible but had been restored to an enviable level by the Governor, Rotimi Amaechi, in cooperation with the outgoing police boss, Indabawa. However, a few months after his assumption of office, Mbu showed certain traits that surprised the residents of the state when, in a press conference he addressed in his office at the state capital, warned “certain trouble makers”. An Abuja High Court had sacked the G.U. Ake-led state PDP executive of the state and replaced it with the present leadership led by Chief Felix Obuah. In what is regarded as an overkill by Nigerians, Mbu told journalists in his office that he was going to obey the Abuja court order and that anyone that disobeyed the order, would face severe consequences. His words “We shall ruthlessly deal with such people.” A few weeks later, pro-Amaechi politicians in the state started pointing in the direction of the Cross River State-born police boss as being the force behind some of their travails, especially the spate of intimidation and arrests that became the order of the day. Mbu, on the other hand, did not help matters when he ordered that the Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Otelemaba Amachree, and the Chief of

Also, a chieftain of APC, Hon, Bashir Omolaja Bolarinwa, who is strongly opposed to the coming of Saraki and his men into APC to take over the structures, told Sunday Mirror that: “Well, I am in APC, not because of Bukola Saraki and I think that I do not in any way feel like leaving the party for his entrance. We as members of the party where need be, we will work together, we will do that and where the need be too, people like us will talk when they do things that are wrong. We will continue to do that. Being members of the same party does not mean we should not criticise things that they do that are wrong. I think that does not really matter to me. What is important and paramount to me, which should be paramount to everybody is this. This is because the leader of the party, Asiwaju Ahmed Tinubu, with all the good things he did as the governor of Lagos and one of the good things which he has also done is to install a

good successor in person of Raji Fashola. His good intention is what he wants to be replicated in some other states and not the type that we are having here in Kwara by Bukola Saraki. He cannot come to hijack the structure of the party which has a high degree of credibility where it has been in government. We cannot afford to have such good things bastardised in Kwara because the Sarakis some 12 years ago got into the PDP, hijack the structures and bastardised whatever good things the party stands for, for the people. Question: With all these, compatibility is very important. You are now in the some party now. I believe that if there is any trace of incompatibility between you people and him it will spell some doom for the state. Don’t you think so? Bolarinwa: “The party has constitution, don’t forget. It also has leaders that paddle the canoe of affairs and because there will be rules and regulations in

the party, which all of us must abide with, the issue of compatibility will now be made to work because there are rules and regulations which we must all abide with, which will bind us together. That however will not prevent us from closing our eyes to wrong things or keeping quiet when they do that which is not right”. Meanwhile, the planned national convention of the APC may be the last straw that might break the camel’s back. Saraki would go there with the largest delegates to, as the beautiful bride of the moment, convince his new political grooms that he is a worthwhile bedfellow that can guarantee a productive marriage and go further to garner national offices for his men after co-making other national officers. This may finally seal his control of the APC in the state. The journey from there, however, is the race for 2015, which only time will tell. It is still a titanic show waiting to happen, come 2015.

CP Mbu’s role in Rivers crisis



Staff to the Governor, Tony Okocha, report to the state Police Headquarters to explain what he stated as an “unfounded statement” in which the duo had raised alarm over at various times that the state governor’s life was under threat. Mbu’s actions were seen by his critics as taking side in the crisis that engulfed the state, when there was a fracas at the state House of Assembly and the 25 pro-Amaechi Assembly members were roughly treated while those of the Wike camp were spared. This followed the arrest and illtreatment of the Majority Leader, Chidi Lloyd, who claimed that he was chained, beaten and tortured by the police, while under arrest by the security agents. During the House of Assembly fracas, the Government House was attacked by the police and canisters of teargas were fired into the Executive Chambers,

where the governor was in a meeting with members of his cabinet. The police boss’ knack for quelling civil unrest with force has not gone down well with residents and Nigerians and his modus operandi has been faulted by many of his critics, who had at various times accused him of being partial in the scheme of things in the state. The Police Command has also been accused of selective arrests and sanctions, in the crisis affecting the state. While Grassroots Democratic Initiatives, GDI, which is the mobilisation arm of the state branch of the PDP has been given free rein to organise campaign rallies and meetings all over the state, the attempts to do same by the Pro-Amaechi Save Rivers Movement, has been thwarted by the police many times. One of the rallies organised by the body at the Rivers State College of Arts

and Science compound resulted in the shooting of Senator Magnus Abe, who has to be flown overseas for medical treatment. Unconfirmed reports have claimed that five others had died in that incident too. The police in the state had claimed that the organisers of the rally did not obtain the necessary permit for the event. However, the organisers in a press conference showed copies of the application for permit to hold the rally to journalists in a press conference in Port Harcourt the next day. Barely a week later, on January 20, SRM organised another rally in Bori, the headquarters of Khana Local Government of the state. The rally was disrupted as thugs form two opposing political camps in the state, had a shootout that lasted for more than eight hours. Surprisingly, the next day the police which though, were not accused of being part of the melee, were alleged to have watched while the thugs unleashed terror on the residents of the area, without interfering. Curiously, the chairmen of two proAmaechi Local Government chairmen of Khana and Gokana were arrested by the police and were detained for hours. The APC raised alarm over the indiscriminate arrest of its political leaders and demanded for their immediate release. In a press statement issued and signed by the media aide of the party chairman, Chief Eze Chukwuemeke Eze, APC stated that the council chairmen, who are those of the Khana Local Government Area, Hon. Gregory Bariledum Nwidam, and that of Gokana Local Government, Hon. Ledee Demua, had been arrested since January 20, the day of the unfortunate incident, after being invited for routine questioning by the CONTINUED ON PAGE 57


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Sunday Mirror

Taiba Abina celebrates 40th birthday in style


he 40th birthday celebration of Mrs. Taiba Abina, which took place at the prestigious Standard Alliance Event Hall, Lekki, Lagos State, was a scintillating experience. The celebrant savoured every bit of the occasion as friends, relations and associates spoke about her in glowing terms. Her husband, Mr, Ayo Abina, dutifully played the part of a perfect host while celebrated musician, Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, entertained the dignitaries that graced the event. Below is the photo splash:

L-R Alhaji Luqman Ogbara, MD, National Mirror, Mrs. Kafilat Ogbara, celebrant’s husband and Ms. Nike Jones

The Celebrant, Mrs Taiba Abina

Kwam 1 performing at the event

L-R: Mrs. Ronke Bello, Mrs. Becky Edosa and Engr. Rasheed T Dare

Architect Ayo Assaf and wife

R-L: Justice Lati Folami, Mrs Bola Onochie and Ms. Augusta Toun at the event

The celebrant cutting the birthday cake with her husband while other dignitaries watching


Sunday Mirror


PDP’ll definitely win Ekiti governorship election –Party Chair Mr Makanjuola Ogundipe is the Peoples Democratic Party chairman in Ekiti State. He tells Abiodun Nejo in this interview that his party is government-in-waiting in the state having overcome the crisis that rocked it in the past. Excerpts: Don’t you think that the crisis rocking the PDP at the national level, which has degenerated into defections in high quarters must be a source of fear, especially with 2015 general elections around the corner? As a loyal member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), I have no fears about the defection of members. It happens periodically. Those who defected took the wrong decision. A governor going to another party where he has no position, has not taken a right decision as he is not going to meet fools there. There are some people there who have been financing the party before his arrival. Will such people just vacate the room for him to take the lion’s share? I have reports from the affected states; the defected governors are having a hell of a time in their new parties. As for PDP in 2015, we thank God that this is happening early. That will give us opportunity to reposition, restrategise and redefine the way forward. You cannot take this away from politics. The defecting governors have not reached their final bus stops. This is because when they are not allowed to operate in their new parties, they will go back to the basics. Don’t you believe this will affect the President’s reelection bid? One thing you need to realise is that the chances of President Goodluck Jonathan are very bright in the election. The President has done well. The records, achievements, opportunities and the people support him. I am sure that by the time the chips are down, the opposition will flee. The President’s victory will shock the opposition and force it into coma. We are talking about what the electorate will look at. This is using what the President did in the past and what he is doing in the present to project what he will do when re-elected. The Railway is working now with extended lines; Aviation, Water sectors are doing well. Of course, we have improved electricity supply and the youth are getting employed. Look at the education sector, which has been repositioned. The improvement in the nation’s economy has been attested to by the World Bank. While promoting industrialisation in the country, the President is also working to ensure security of lives and property. What is being done about the Boko Haram menace is a pointer to the fact that the President is concerned with the security of Nigerians. Even PDP in the South-West is not free of crisis, what is the party leadership doing to restore peace? In any institution or organisation, political parties inclusive, there will always be agitations. All I see

here is agitation. Somebody wants to be somewhere. That is part of politics. You cannot stop anybody agitating to go up, make more money, for security or recognition. These are the core issues that the Press blows as crisis in the PDP in the South-West. We are talking about unity, security and moving forward. These are the efforts our leaders are making. I want to commend their efforts. They are doing it right. Are you comfortable with the situation that your party is going into the governorship election billed for June with a divided house? The PDP in Ekiti State is not divided. We are united. Ogundipe We have had our own share of crises a year ago. Today, we are robust, focused, prepared and we are strategising. Nothing like division is coming up among our members. I hold meetings with my executive council members and the aspirants. The aspirants are holding talks, visiting members and conducting their affairs in peaceful manners. We talk about the next election. How can we be divided and are able to assemble all the governorship aspirants and take them to Mr President to assess, talk and appeal to them in so many ways?




How can we be divided and have one aspirant talking to the other and discussing issues in the party and the need to support the eventual candidate? Is that the way to be divided? It is the ruling party here that is divided. Today, they are killing themselves, tomorrow, they are maiming themselves. Are you saying that the party that unilaterally picked a candidate is united? Are you saying a party that has not done anything to enhance the living standard of the people it tends to be governing is united? That is the party that is not united. In PDP, Ekiti State, we are united more than before. What are the chances of your party in the governorship? The PDP is the party to beat in Ekiti State. Our chances are very bright. If you have the opportunity to listen to the electorate and public opinion, you would realise that we do not have a government in Ekiti State now. The All Progressives Congress (APC) government is just buying time. A government that cannot guarantee the lives of its citizens is not a government. A government that promised rice and beans but now serving sand and saw dust is not a government. A government that cannot be trusted with the state econoCONTINUED ON PAGE 16



Sunday, Janaury 26, 2014

Sunday Mirror

‘Today, Ekiti State borrows more than it receives’ and the know-how to defeat Fayemi in any open contest.

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 15 my is not a government. The people are saying that this governor is gone. A government that cannot pay salary when due has no responsibility in the Government House. A government that uses taxpayers money to pursue unprofitable and white elephant projects, building a Government House with N2.2 billion at a time the teachers, local government staff are yet to receive their pay and allowances is not a government. Let the governor tell us his priorities in government. When Fayemi was coming in, he spoke about eight-point agenda. Ask today, what is the status of Ekiti schools? The governor said education would be highly subsidised, at the end of the day, the subsidy is not coming and school fees in Ekiti State University is higher than that of its contemporaries in the South-West. How many agricultural ventures has he established? He tells you about free health in Ekiti, but go to EKSU Teaching Hospital in Ado Ekiti, you will find that there is nothing near free health programme. Come October 2014, PDP will take over Government House, Ekiti. What would PDP give if it is in charge in the state? We have a lot of things to correct when we get to government. We have a lot to do because this government has bastardised the system. Today, Ekiti State is running a bankrupt organisation because we are borrowing more than we are receiving. Under the revenue profile of about N46 billion that we get, we are borrowing over 60 per cent of what is officially allowed, which means even the bond the governor took is already giving the problem of how to pay. The economy of Ekiti State is the worst right now among the South-West states, just to do a mini-comparison. In most cases, people go from Ekiti State to Akure in Ondo State to buy foodstuffs; it should not be. We should be in a situation where we make use of what we have in Ekiti. This is happening because of the capital flight. Nobody knows how the government awards contracts and the contractors are not from the state. So, most of the things that our people rely upon are being taken away from the state. Our priority is not going out to purchase awards as being done by the present government. With your party not finding it easy selecting its candidate, is time not running out, especially with the Ekiti guber election around the corner? In the actual sense, no party has a candidate yet in Ekiti State because none has submitted candidate’s name to the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). We are, therefore, not running behind schedule. For the emergence of our candidate, our leader, President Jonathan, has spoken. Penultimate Saturday, about 15 governorship aspirants were with him and he said that for reasons of wisdom, we would use consensus system for our candidate to emerge. Nothing can be more direct. We have adopted the consensus system.

How will your party reconcile the consensus option and the agitation for zoning of the governorship to the southern senatorial district? When you get to a bush, you use the best stick there. This is because there are so many sticks standing there in the bush. What I am trying to say is that politics is about agitation. You talk about self. You will not say you cannot do it. In politics, people say they are the best. But it is the duty of the system to bring out the best. I am assuring you that we will bring our best to contest the governorship election.




THAT IS THE BEAUTY OF DEMOCRACY. HOWEVER, BEFORE WE GET TO THAT POINT, SOME PEOPLE MUST CONCEDE TO A LOGICAL REASONING It is not new to our constitution. There were situations where some aspirants spent millions of naira to emerge as candidates in primaries and they would not have money to prosecute the election proper again. That is, to me, a faulty system. In PDP, we have always done things in manners that confirm the family that we are under the same umbrella. The system will produce a candidate that every other aspirant will rally round. That is the commitment that we have given to Mr President that whoever is chosen through a transparent and acceptable process of consensus, will be worked with by all other aspirants because they have something to give and something to share. That is the beauty of democracy. However, before we get to that point, some people must concede to a logical reasoning.

What modalities will the party use for the consensus? I will get the directive on the modalities for the consensus at the appropriate time. But the President gave us a month to look inward. You should expect our candidate any moment. But there is the insinuation that some of the aspirants are being sidelined because it is believed they cannot defeat the governor? Everyone of the aspirants in PDP has the capacity and capability to defeat Fayemi in the election. It is only that we have to choose one among them. Each of them has qualities that surpass the incumbent governor. All of them are up to the task; they all have the integrity

What you have said is against the belief in some quarters that the governorship contest in the state is a straight fight between APC and Labour Party (LP). Where is Labour Party in Ekiti State? Who is the chairman of LP in Ekiti State? We are few months to the election. Who is the candidate of LP, where are its structures in Ekiti State? I can even accept that Fayemi and APC are somewhere waiting to be shoved aside, but the issue of LP does not really come on board. There is nowhere that a boy of two days will contest anything with his father. I do not know where such people arrive at the straight fight between APC and LP. Which of the Labour Parties? Is it the one we know or the one we do not know? As far as I know, there is only one vibrant party in Ekiti State that has structures in every political ward and the 2905 polling units and that is PDP in Ekiti State. That is the truth. Is it not thinkable to say APC divided itself into APC and LP? What I want to reveal to you is that most of the people in APC today are products of PDP. The APC chairman left PDP, the APC vice chairman left PDP, what I am trying to say is that we are the base of all the parties because we give them food to eat. But now, we are saying they have eaten enough; it’s time for the food to go back to the owner. But, didn’t LP as an underdog defeat the incumbent in Ondo State in 2007? This is not Ondo State. In Ekiti State, we have had our own share of court-snatched victory. The court snatched it from Dr Olusegun Agagu in Ondo State. The court snatched it from Engineer Segun Oni in Ekiti State. The court snatched it from Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola in Osun State. That is the end of it. We cannot have that again in Ekiti State. We are going to win this election neat, square in a free and fair contest. There is no doubt about that. Go and check it out; for every 10 persons discussing politics in Ekiti State, eight are behind PDP. The remaining ones are undecided because of the lack of performance of the incumbent. Ekiti people, the artisans, local government workers hospital and health workers, all have learnt their lessons. The result is that Fayemi will be voted out of office.

Sunday Mirror


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Escalating crisis in education sector


he distress in the national educational system seems to be on the fast lane. Virtually all the components of the system - from the primary to the tertiary - are infected with the malaise of depression. The recent six-month strike embarked on by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) exhibited the extent of the decay and stench. Indeed, the nation’s education sector is under severe bouts of systemic and institutional failure. At the primary level, for instance, the abysmal manner of handling the foundation of the youth is demonstrated by the haphazard structural and infrastructural organisation of the nation’s primary schools. Aside from the practical abandonment of public schools and their condemnation to self survival strategies, which have resulted in inadequate funding, poor staffing, unavailability of teaching and learning resources, poor staff remuneration, inadequate quality assurance monitoring, etc., most of the public schools have no tables, chairs/ benches, blackboards, and even roofs on the classrooms. It has been that bad. Not too long ago, one of our Editorial Board members visited Oro Nursery and Primary School in Kwara State, where he completed his primary education in 1983. The erstwhile Catholic school was one of the best in the state at the time. But pictures of what now remains of the school showed the pathetic state of a blighted school system. Entire buildings abandoned, outmoded and wobbly dormitory beds and beddings used in his days still in use, while the Coaster bus in use in the 1980s was still the only vehicle available. Besides infrastructural decay, there has also been inconsistency in educational policies. Administrations come and go with their policies as every administration commences a new educational regime. The Universal Basic or Primary Education (UBE/UPE) was only consistently and sincerely administered by the Olusegun Obasanjo regime in the second half of the 1970s. The Free Education Policy of the Obafemi Awolowo era worked for the Western states, but was put asunder soon after the incursion of the military. Today, governments and political

parties seeking popularity and cheap electoral votes politicise the scheme, thus deepening the education crisis. It has been argued that the military constituted the greatest threat not just to the advancement of human freedom and justice, but also to knowledgebuilding, knowledge-sharing and human-capacity development; and that the armed forces during their rule between 1966 and 1999, buried an already ailing university system, which boils down to the fact that the military and political class were the very anti-thesis of human capital development. The poor foundation haunts the nation at higher levels, too. At the secondary level, up to the point of university admission, the crisis rears its ugly head. In 2012, N7 billion was made from the sale of forms to the 1.5 million candidates that sat for

Nigeria cannot continue to put its education system in jeopardy for whatever reasons, otherwise the nation will remain in the back seat of global reckoning the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME) that year, but who had to battle for 500,000 admission spaces available in institutions of higher learning. This, according to the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), is the highest since UTME started three years ago. The figure showed a marginal increase of 10,338 over the 1,493,603 candidates for 2011; while the number of candidates for 2010 was 1,375,641. Moreover, JAMB examination periods have become business seasons for all sorts of crooks in and outside the Board, who come as UTME mercenar-

ies, black market form sellers or score manufacturers, all in search of quick money. The UTME results, too, have been scandalously poor. Of the 1, 503, 931 candidates who sat for the 2012 UTME, for instance, only three candidates scored 300 and above, while 336,330 scored below 170. It is the same story of below average performance in the National Examination Council (NECO) and West African Examinations Council (WAEC) examinations. The crisis in the education sector is further compounded by the fiscal policy towards the sector. The budgets by federal and state governments are far below the 26 per cent UNESCO benchmark, which has resulted in the expanding colony of Nigerian students in neighbouring West African countries like Ghana and Benin Republic, as well as South Africa, Europe, Asia and North America. Nigeria contributed N167 billion to the Ghanaian education tourism in 2011 alone. The frequent and protracted lecturers’ strikes also exacerbate this exodus. There has also been the establishment of more universities over the years without careful planning, adequate funding and a policy for their sustainable growth and development. The proliferated universities and other higher institutions have staffing shortfalls; and in the process, incompetent hands multiply in the system. This has led to a sharp drop in the number of scientific publications by Nigerian universities, as well as the latter’s non-inclusion among the top 1,000 universities in the ‘webometric’ ranking. But educational institutions in Ghana and South Africa have continued to do well. The postulation by John Gardner that “in questions of mind, there is no medium term: either we look for the best or we live with the worst”, is instructive for the Nigerian experience. Social capital development is sine qua non for national growth and development. Therefore, Nigeria cannot continue to put its education system in jeopardy for whatever reasons, otherwise the nation will remain on the back seat of global reckoning.

Reminiscences JANUARY 26 IN HISTORY 1950: India becomes a republic

On January 26 1950, India announced that it had formally become a republic. This was three years after the former colony gained its independence from the United Kingdom.

1988: US - Broadway Show holds

The longest-running Broadway show opened on this day. It is Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera. It is the most successful piece of entertainment of all time, produced in any media, and its success is continuing all over the world. It is estimated that Phantom has been seen by more than 130 million people, and the total worldwide gross is now in excess of $5.6 billion.

2001: India - Earthquake kills 20,000 persons

A magnitude 7.7 earthquake rocked the Indian state of Gujarat, killing more than 20,000 people. Ahmedabad was reduced to rubble; small and huge buildings crumbled and rescue workers worked for months. It is known one the worst natural disasters ever.

1966 - 5th Halley’s Comet recorded

This is the best-known of the short-period comets and is visible from earth every 75–76 years. Halley is the only short-period comet that is clearly visible to the naked eye from Earth, and the only naked-eye comet that might appear twice in a human lifetime.

1531: Lisbon hit by earthquake

About 30,000 people died in the disaster and it took a long time for Lisbon to fully recover. Unfortunately, other earthquakes hit Lisbon in decades after.

1666: France declares war on England

The British fleet under Monck and Prince Rupert was defeated in the Four Days Battle or Battle of the Downs (June 1-4, 1666) by Michiel de Ruyter and Cornelis Tromp. In August, they inflicted a severe defeat on the Dutch and destroyed shipping along the Dutch coast. The plague, the great fire, and disaffection in Scotland made England anxious for peace, and negotiations were undertaken.

1697: Newton invents the calculus On this day, one of the best brains in history showed the stuff he was made. Isaac Newton receives Jean Bernoulli’s 6 months time-limit problem, solves problem before going to bed that same night 1940 – Ronald Reagan weds

Actor Ronald Raegan (28) weds Academy Award-winning actress, Jane Wyman (23), at the Wee Kirk o’ the Heather church in Glendale, California. Reagan went on to become one of the most popular Republican governors and then presidents of the USA in the late 80’s and 90’s.



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Sheriff S Folarin

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hose who live in glass house, they say, do not throw stones. But members of the ruling party in Ogun State seem to have broken that law and should be ready for the consequences if they do not retrace their steps. The recent infighting among members of the Ogun State chapter of the All Progressives’ Congress (APC) is worrisome. The state governor, Senator Ibikunle Amosun has apparently parted ways with his political godfather, Aremo Olusegun Osoba as recent reports of altercation, public show of disaffection and animosity between the two party leaders demonstrate deep gulf and division within the party. The most disturbing culmination of the rivalry was the violence at Ewekoro a fortnight ago, in which guns and cutlasses were freely used by the political thugs of both factions, which led to the shooting and wounding of even police officers.

But how did a rendezvous that started in 2011 become a war-call? A faction loyal to former Governor Osoba is allegedly scheming to upstage Governor Amosun in 2015 as they do not wish to have him seek re-election. The Osoba faction, prodded by Senator Adegbenga Kaka (Osoba’s Deputy Governor between 1999 and 2003 and currently a Senator from Ijebu North) is not willing to issue the party ticket to Amosun because of what they perceived as political marginalization and underrepresentation in the present political arrangement. According to the Osoba-Kaka faction of the APC, their teeming loyalists had assumed the victimized group as they barely have a say in the running of the state,

The Osoba-Amosun feud in Ogun State which had culminated in their boycott of the APC launch in the state last year. The Osoba Group feels the former ANPP members Amosun led into the defunct ACN (SAICO) are having a little too much of the political pie in the state. The Osoba Group is aggrieved that the outsiders who were no more than disgruntled defectors who could not fulfil their political destiny and aspirations in the ANPP, had suddenly hijacked the party apparatuses and become the majority with the lion share of the State Cake. It had now become the case of the “owners” of the land pushed to the fringes or edges. SIACO on the other hand, is apprehensive and angered by the surreptitious and direct moves the Osoba camp is making to deny the incumbent governor the ticket for a re-run next year. The battle-line seems drawn as the spokesperson for Amosun, Sola Balogun, while denying any personal rift between the “political father” and his “humble son”, had ended a good and hopeful statement with an outright ridicule of Osoba saying that the former governor should be “ashamed of himself” for the non-performance of his nominees in the ministries and other plum positions. The dirty linen was further exposed when Balogun was generous enough to let us in on the cake-sharing by Amosun, which appears to be in Osoba’s favour: 14 state commissioners out of 26 going to Osoba; House of Reps member representing Abeokuta North/Obafemi-Owode/Odeda (Osoba’s son); House of Reps member representing Ewekoro/Ifo (Kunle Adeyemi, Osoba’s personal lawyer); Deputy Governor (Segun Adesegun, Osoba’s son-in-law); Senator representing Ogun East (Kaka, Osoba’s former Deputy Governor); and Senator representing Ogun West (Odunsi, Osoba’s bosom friend). Now the above is the true but pathetic picture of how friends and families of politicians share public offices and apply

primordial sentiments in governing. It gives us an insight into why it is difficult- and almost impossible- to have good governance because merit is placed on the chopping block of mediocrity, on the altar of personal friendship and for return of political favours. It is unfortunate that it is our dear Ogun State that becomes the next clear example, after Anambra under Ngige, Oyo under Ladoja and Kwara in the time of Saraki, of such level of pettiness in governance. The above disappointing power-sharing in Ogun State shows also that godsons are firmly locked down by the dictates of their godfathers. Whatever the case may be, the crisis in Ogun State exposes the level of greed, avarice, power-play and fragility of the “union” of the APC in the state. One thing is clear: Osoba and his group seem not to remember the hard-won battle of the “progressives” over the former ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), which had, in 2003, dislodged or rather, swept them off like a cyclone and kept them at bay until eight wasted years later. The APC should recall how indecision, immaturity, petty jealousy, rivalry, chivalry and greed had made them to involuntarily concede the magic wand to the PDP. They had wallowed in the political margins until the Senator Bola Tinubu “cleansing” strategy was embraced and the ANPP members led by Amosun closed ranks with the established ACN to upturn the status quo. An undeniable fact about the period from 2011 to the present is that Senator Amosun’s administration is working and turning Ogun State around. The massive roads construction is breathtaking; virtually all the parts of the state are affected by this development leap. These include the entirety of Sango Ota, Akute, Ijoko-Berger, Ijebu-Ode, Sagamu-Papa Lanto, the whole of Abeokuta (these are just the places I

have recently visited). The road construction comes with decongestion of traffic and beautification. The land reforms and new land ownership policy are unprecedented. Also, the administration’s ability to increase the state’s IGR from about N700m in 2011 to over N4b at present, is commendable. As a result of his achievements, the people of the state generally consider Amosun principled, honest and straightforward person; while they also respect him for being a no-nonsense governor. These laudable objectives are enough for Chief Osoba and his political protégés to consider, rather than petty thoughts that will never allow development to happen. In the same vein, it is not proper too, for Amosun to disrespect his political forebears and mentors. It is generally considered immoral and unacceptable in Yorubaland for a successor to look at his predecessor straight in the eye and spit into it. Whatever the grievances, the “junior” takes it in its stride and shows humility and wisdom. It is therefore not too late for Amosun to do what is expected of a true Egbaman and mend the cracks first by showing genuine remorse to Osoba and then explaining to the elderstatesman why the public interest and the development agenda of his administration should tower above any personal, selfish, class or collective interest. The public domain is what Kaka and company should consider and the fact that Amosun is making us (Egba in particular and Ogun State people in general) proud by his hard work and good governance, in throwing the second term ticket at him. Not some frivolous excuse of who, among a few greedy people, get what, when and how. • Dr. Folarin heads the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria

Why Ekiti elders are endorsing Fayemi GBENGA SODEINDE


t is no longer news that Ekiti State Governor, Dr Kayode Fayemi, had marked his three years of unprecedented achievements in the state. To mark the three years of the advent of his government, he commissioned over 1,000 landmark projects.

Apparently impressed by the level of achievements Fayemi has brought to Ekiti, an elder statesman, Chief Afe Babalola (SAN) at the grand finale of the celebration, featured not only to commend the governor for his good works in terms of developmental projects in the state but also used the occasion to endorse him for a second term. He detoured to a Yoruba adage-beegun eni ba joore lua, ori ayaniwhich connotes that if one’s masquerade dances well in a ceremony, one is bound to be exceedingly happy. Having been carved out of the old Ondo State in 1996, Ekiti has come of age. It has a line of historical antecedents. We have witnessed in this state when a governor went berserk out of infantile mind and disrespected this great Man. Little wonder, this government was short-lived .A flagrant disrespect to

this avatar spelled doom for that government, as it was rejected by Ekiti populace . It is axiomatic that a child that snatches an elder’s walk stick will not live long, but if a child knows how to wash his hands he would eat with the elders. Fayemi knows how to wash his hands; he puts Ekiti first in his vision, he is a man with passion for the development of the state and he pursues this with all vigour and determination and he is achieving results that are commendable. Perhaps, these qualities must have impressed Aare Afe Babalola that made him to openly shower accolades on him, praying for him and urging him to continue in his developmental agenda for the state. Apart from him, other elders of means and dignity, including Chief Deji Fasuan, who is also one of the founding fathers of Ekiti, and some elders who were being appreciative of the monthly social security scheme for the aged, have been lauding Fayemi for his good works . But Aare Afe`s endorsement of Fayemi became news because this man is not a man that gives in to frivolities. Afe, as fondly called by admirers, is a man that has unquenchable thirst for excellence, humanitarian services, generosity and dedication to service without expectation of monetary reward or praises. He is

a philanthropist and a revered legal icon; a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Doctor of Letters, Officer of the Order of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Commander of the Order of Niger; winner of Queen Victoria Commemorative Award at Socrates Award of European Business Assembly in Oxford, UK and member of Rector of Europe, among many other such awards. With this array of laurels, one could conclude that his verdict may mean the verdict of the people and that of God. He is an icon of progress and development in Ekiti. He is man that has great passion for Ekiti development; he is a man that thinks Ekiti, and a man with great vision for the state, always working for justice, peace and unity of Ekiti Babalola Founder of ABUAD the fastest growing Private University in Nigeria, said he has been vigorously engaged in ridding the country of leadership deficit through transformational and visionary educational policy which placed priority on the need for developing, training and grooming future leaders in an enabling academic environment to enhance job creation, food security and human capacity development amidst fanfare at the rally which was held in Oluyemi Kayode stadium, Ado-Ekiti, the

Ekiti State capital to mark the three years in office of Governor Fayemi`s government. He congratulated Fayemi and the Ewi of Ado-Ekiti, Oba Rufus Adejugbe for their inoculate efforts towards the reformation and transformation of Ado Ekiti, turning it to mega city. On the occasion which had in attendance youths, women representatives, student representatives, market leaders and several leaders of the All Progressives Congress including the Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomhole and his counterpart from Osun State, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, Aare Afe, showered encomiums on Fayemi, his wife, Erelu Bisi Fayemi and his entire cabinet members for the laudable achievements of the government. Aare Afe, who expressed satisfaction at the beatification of Ado Ekiti Local Government and the infrastructural development across the state, specifically described Governor Fayemi as a visionary and focused leader that Ekiti can be proud of. “We are witnessing an historic event in Ekiti; every patriotic person must support development and transformation programmes of Fayemi,” he concluded. • Sodehinde is an Ekiti-based freelance Journalist


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QUOTE To truly forgive, you must feel sorrow, which may take time to abate. Even after you’ve decided to let go of your anger, you may feel it flare from time to time. You need to be gentle with yourself

–Dr. Tunde Ojewole

Sunday January 26, 2014

Why we’re observing 100 days’ fasting –Pastor Adeboye RICHARD EGHAGHE


eneral Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, has explained why the Church declared 100 days fasting for all its members, as from the first day of this year.

According to the man of God, the 100 days fasting and prayer period are being observed to eliminate all enemies of progress, who have refused to repent and change, for good. He said such enemies of progress would be eliminated in the nation and in individuals’ lives. Delivering a sermon, ‘Divine Placement’ at a special service in his honour last Sunday at the Solid Rock Parish, Lagos Province 40, Ojodu, Lagos, Pastor Adeboye stressed that it had become dangerous to continue to tolerate “our enemies for a longer time, as they are capable of waxing stronger and creating more havoc. “All those enemies blocking your progress in life and the progress of Nigeria must disappear to pave the way for the much-needed change in our lives and nation. That is one of the rea-


sons for the 100 days’ fasting and prayer period by the church to begin the New Year,” he said. The cleric added that holiness is not for heaven’s sake alone but for the righteous, and for God to defend and substitute your enemies for your sake. Taking his text from the book of 1Samuel 16:11-14, the clergyman noted that “God is in the business of substitution; He removed Saul to promote David whom He re-

Briefly Internet is a gift from God -Pope

moved from the bush and anointed King over Israel”. He equally cited the case of Daniel, who had an excellent Spirit, and was promoted by God to become the more preferred among the governors, by King Darius. The G.O. also warned that it was dangerous for anyone to be an ex-champion or backslider. In his words, “there is no room for vacuum in life. As seen in the life of King Saul, the Spirit of the Lord departed from him and an evil spirit from the Lord troubled him. This is to tell you that God is the Lord of Host; He does not only control the angels but the demons as well. Even the devil takes permission from God.” Pastor Adeboye charged everyone to be careful in order not to be an ex-Christian and therefore admonished all to always win souls for the kingdom of God. “It is bad not to be saved but worst to be a backslider,” he noted. The special service had in attendance, Pastor Bola Odutola, Provincial Pastor in charge of Lagos Province 40; Pastor Atoyebi (SAN), Provincial Pastor, Lagos Province 2; Pastor Goke Aniyeloye, Assistant Provincial Pastor, Lagos Province 40, among other men of God.

Boosting his credentials as a moderniser, Pope Francis has called the internet a “gift from God” in a statement released at the weekend. In a message on Catholic Church communications, the pontiff wrote of the pros and cons of the digital age, and its implications for Catholics when interacting with people from different faiths and backgrounds. While praising the internet for the “immense possibilities” it offers to encounter people from different backgrounds, he also warned that the obsessive desire to stay connected can actually isolate people from their friends and family. “This is something truly good, a gift from God,” he wrote. But he warned: “The desire for digital connectivity can have the effect of isolating us from our neighbours, from those closest to us.”

Australian gays rush to New Zealand to marry More than a quarter of all same-sex marriages in New Zealand are couples from Australia, according to the first release of statistics since same-sex marriage laws were introduced. Between 19 August and 19 December last year there were 361 same-sex couples married, according to the New Zealand Births, Deaths and Marriages department, 97 of which were Australians who travelled to New Zealand to get married. “We are seeing continued national and international interest by same-sex couples in getting married in New Zealand,” said registrar-general Jess Montgomery. Trailing a long way behind are 10 Chinese couples, four from Hong Kong and four from the United Kingdom. Of the total number of marriages, 195 were between women and 166 were between men. New Zealand passed legislation allowing same-sex couples to get married in August 2013 – and the government predicts the numbers will continue to rise.

Sunday Mirror/Babcock University Bible Quiz: L-R: Chairman, Negris Group Ltd, Sir Abidoye Ayoola; Prelate, Methodist Church Nigeria, Dr. Samuel Chukwuemeka Kanu Uche; newly installed Bishop, Diocese of Lagos Mainland, Rt Revd Isaac Ayo Olawuyi; wife of Negris Group Chairman, Lady Olulanu Ayoola, and others at Bishop Olawuyi’s installation at Hoares Memorial Methodist Church Cathedral, Sabo Yaba, Lagos.

‘Methods of witchcraft attacks’ 22

L-R: Pastor Adega Olatunji; Pastor Samuel Omotosho Okomolehin; Ifeoluwa Odayemi; President Christ Miracle Church Mission Worldwide, Prophet Peter Abiola Adebisi, and Vice-President, Pastor (Mrs.) Folashade Abiola Adebisi, at the 51st birthday ceremony of Prophet Adebisi held in Lagos at the weekend. PHOTO:ADEMOLA AKINLABI

When your adult child is in a bad re elationship (3) 24

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Deflating the pressures of life (4) 42



Praise & Worship

oshua 2:9-11 says, “And she said unto the men, I know that the LORD hath given you the land, and that your terror is fallen upon us, and that all the inhabitants of the land faint because of you. 10; For we have heard how the LORD dried up the water of the Red sea for you, when ye came out of Egypt; and what ye did unto the two kings of the Amorites, that were on the other side Jordan, Sihon and On, whom ye utterly destroyed. 11; And as soon as we had heard these things, our hearts did melt, neither did there remain any more courage in any man, because of you: for the LORD your God, he is God in heaven above, and in earth beneath.” Joshua 10:19 says: “And stay ye not, but pursue after your enemies, and smite the hindmost of them; suffer them not to enter into their cities: for the LORD your God hath delivered them into your hand.” Brethren, our time has come. It is not a time for everybody; it is our time, the time for the Chosen ones, the time for real and genuine believers. We are no longer in the time past when enemies were terrorising us and messing us up; that was then. But now is our time to pursue them, our time to overtake, our time to overcome and recover all; our time to destroy our enemies. I want to let you know that the time of persecution, trials, and intimidation is gone. Now is the time of victory, dominion and honour on every side. God has determined all this grandeur for us this year, therefore, whatever He has determined shall stand for us, no matter who is opposing it, no matter who is fighting us and who is occupying what God has given to us. Anybody that dares God shall have himself to blame. God has given us something and no man can take it. No man can oppose it, no devil can oppose it. We shall possess our possession in Jesus’ name. Such person, who may want to oppose what God has given to us, will be in trouble. We are aware that devil, demon and their human agents may not care about that, because sometimes, everything will want to prove that they have their own power but unfortunately for them, all power in heaven and on earth is given to our Master Jesus Christ who also has given us power to tread on snakes, serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of our enemies and nothing shall by any means hurt us. (Lk 10:19) As long as all power in heaven and on earth has been given to Jesus Christ our Master, and He has conferred the same power on us who are His chosen ones and genuine believers, if the devil doesn’t care or his human agents don’t care, don’t bother yourself for that is their stock in trade, they will always try to oppose the programme of God but they could not and will never. Exodus 5:1-2 says, “And afterward Moses and Aaron went in, and told Pharaoh, thus saith the Lord God of Israel, let my people go, that they may hold a feast unto me in the wilderness. And Pharaoh said, who is the Lord that I should obey his voice, to let Israel go? I know not the Lord, neither will I let Israel go.” In the verse above, Pharaoh who was acting for the devil said to Moses ‘I don’t know your God. Even as God has commanded the children of Israel to go out of Israel to worship Him, Pharaoh feigned ignorant of the existence of his Creator and said ‘I don’t know Him, neither will I let Israel go’. Beloved, I don’t know what you are go-

Sunday January 26, 2014

Sunday Mirror

‘Time to pursue and destroy them’ General Overseer of the Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministry, Pastor Lazarus Muoka, in this sermon, declares that there is no better time than now to pursue and destroy your enemy. Excerpts:

Pastor Muoka

ing through now, a lot of promises have been made to us in the Bible but you are still suffering. All efforts to break-even have proved abortive, everything seems to fail you and almost everything is fighting against you and you are wondering what is happening. Now, I want you to understand that, that problem, and that enemy is representing Pharaoh in your life situation. It is the Pharaoh that is fighting and saying ‘I don’t care, I will not let you go, I don’t know your God.’ But today and this time around whoever they may be or whatever they may be that is opposing you from what God has given to you, you know what will happen, you will pursue them and shall take what belong to you in Jesus name. If they like, let them say, ‘they don’t know’, they will later know. Exodus 6:1 says, “Then the Lord said unto Moses, Now shall thou see what I will do to Pharaoh; for with a strong hand shall he drive them out of his land.” The assurance am giving to you today is that no matter who is claiming ignorance of the promises God has made to you and is saying, he will not allow you to enjoy the blessings of God, that person will see what God will do. He can’t resist the power of God, and go scot free. You will no longer watch them and allow them have their way but you are now to go after them. From today we shall go after them. So, if they do not bother, if they are ignorant of what God has promised us and they don’t care but want to oppose you, you must not fear them because they can do nothing. You should not regard their threat, you should not regard their boasting, and you should not regard their resistance. I don’t know what they are doing right now against you, they may be mocking, opposing you and making caricature of you, do

not regard them because something will surely happen to them now. I don’t know where they have conspired and are blocking your business. It may be in the area of marriage, business, promotion or academic life, but not to worry no matter their resistance what God says about you must surely come to pass. Whatever God has determined for you must surely come to pass and nobody can hinder you from possessing it. What you need to do now: Is to follow the programme of God. And His programme now isto pursue your enemy. To pursue does not mean that you should be watching and saying well let them do their worst, rather this time around you are going to chase them. You are going to go after that enemy, that affliction, that trouble, that devil, that demon, that sickness, that poverty you are going to pursue after them; they must get away from your life in Jesus name. You must not be afraid of them because when you become afraid, you are belittling God, you will be bringing God down, when you become afraid of these enemies it means that you don’t know what you have. Deuteronomy 1:29 says, “Then I said unto you, Dread not, neither be afraid of them.” Don’t be afraid of them, don’t worry about them. They could be witches or wizards, the Bible says don’t be afraid of them. Are they in the market place, don’t be afraid of them, are they living within your compound, don’t be afraid of them, are you working with them in the office and they are threatening you, making caricature of you and they are saying they are going to frustrate you out, they are not going to promote you as long as they are here, may be because you are born again or a

chosen, they therefore threaten to deal with you, don’t be afraid of them it is an empty threat that has no power. Anywhere they have risen up against you, it may be in the bus, on the road, in the market, in the office, the compound, in the village, wherever they have risen up against you, I do not know the place, don’t be afraid of them, even if it turns to be sickness, affliction, evil dreams don’t be afraid. Even if the situation appears to become sad, or it appears that there is no money, no husband, no wife, child, please don’t be afraid for the promise of God covers you. And if the promise of God covers you then I want to let you know, God will bring what he has said to pass, He will bring it to accomplishment in Jesus name. So, don’t be afraid. I do not know who and who that has risen up now and said you see, you told me that you are Christian, a child of God, you should therefore prove yourself. Don’t be afraid, this is your time of greater harvest, dominion, honour and victory, always remember this, for what God has said will sure come to pass and God will use everything as an instrument to bring it to accomplishment. Roman 8:31 says, “What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us who can be against us? Can devil, demons, native doctors, occult men or women, witches and wizard, men or women be against us when God is with us. Can poverty, barrenness, sickness, be against us when God be for us? If God be for you can the devil be against you, can failure, disappointment be against you. One thing that is very certain, is that as long as God has promised and God is with us victory is very definite because what God has said, that shall stand. Remember our God is the Almighty, He is in absolute control of the whole situation of everything in heaven and on earth and all powers belong to Him. I didn’t say some power belongs to Him, but that all power belongs to him and all spirits whether good spirit or bad spirit are subject to him. Isaiah 45:23 says, “I have sworn by myself, the word is gone out of my mouth in righteousness and shall not return, that unto me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear.” Your problem must bow today. That enemy, demon, that human agent of the devil, that demon shall bow today. That barrenness must bow today, all those enemies making noise, making caricature of you and saying ‘come and make it let me see; ‘come and move forward let me see’ in their very face today you shall possess your possession. Psalm 23:1 says, “The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want.” Now, if God is our shepherd that is guiding us and leading us, can the devil hinder Him? He is the Perfect God, Director, Perfect Keeper and perfect Supplier; He will take you to the green grass, to the perfect still water where you are going to drink perfect water. And where perfect benevolence and perfect mercy shall follow you into the perfect home all the perfect days of your life and you shall dwell in His perfect destiny. He will protect you from everything and every devices of the enemy, He will deal with them, He will give you victory in Jesus name. Do you still have cause to be afraid? That problem you don’t know how to solve must be solved by same perfect God.

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Sunday January 26, 2014


‘Understanding your country of origin’


e that cometh from above is above all: he that is of the earth is earthly, and speaketh of the earth: he that cometh from heaven is above all. John 3:31.

When you understand where you are coming from, it will be easier to know where you are going. By reason of being a born again (Christian), your spiritual status has changed. You are from above just like your master Jesus; He is above everything likewise you. If then you are from above, you do not need to depend on abroad. Help comes from above and not abroad. As a matter of fact, when the help from above locates you, you become a helper to those abroad. With benefit of signs and wonders ministry, I have been privileged of God to offer enormous help to those abroad. In 2007, a woman ran to our church and requested that her son incarcerated in Bolton, London be prayed for. She had gone to London but was denied access to her son. I agreed with her in prayer that if her son’s hand was clean that God will do the unusual. That was it. God stepped in strongly. She on attempt to get the judge handling the case over the phone, got his wife instead and she went ahead to pour out her heart to this woman, narrating her ordeal. The Judge’s wife in turn convinced the husband to revisit the case. When the judge opened the case file, he discovered that the boy ought not to be in prison of which he instantly demanded the boy’s release. He then went ahead to file a case against the government for ‘illegal imprisonment’ of which the boy was paid and compensated for. Fifteen thousand pounds was paid to him for illegal imprisonment and another eighty thousand pounds for the number of days he spent in jail. The country of our origin which is heaven is by far superior to every earthly one. It is the spiritual that governs the physical. Your understanding of the superiority of your country of origin is your confidence in addressing issues on the earth. Stop writing beggarly mails and making such calls to abroad. It is high time you looked up so as to go up. …I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.However, do not rejoice that the spirits submit to you, but rejoice that your names are written in heaven. At that time Jesus, full of joy through the Holy Spirit, said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children... Lk.10:17-21. Jesus reduced the devil but redeemed mankind. By that singular act, He placed man on the same pedestal with Him thereby making Him a Master to the devil. Every redeemed kingdom star has the capacity to suppress the devil, the master of evil, forever. That means evil is at the mercy of a kingdom child. Serpents and scorpions have no choice but to be threaded on by believers.It is an irreversible deal for Jesus sold them out wholesale. When evil is thriving around you, it is not longer God’s fault but yours. By reason of what Jesus did on the cross,

Presiding minister of Assemblies of God, FESTAC (2), Lagos, Rev. Izuchukwu Chukwudebelu, wishes that all followers of Jesus Christ will graduate from children of God and become sons and daughters of God because, according to him, there are many children of God but only sons of God are empowered for manifestation. Excerpts:


you are absolutely in charge. You can live a devil and evil free life; you can equally keep the devil and evil perpetually off your territory. You can ask Satan to get lost. Hear this: Having wiped out the handwriting of requirements that was against us, which was contrary to us. And He has taken it out of the way, having nailed it to the cross. Having disarmed principalities and powers, He made a public spectacle of them, triumphing over them in it. Col. 2:14-15 According to God’s servant, Smith Wigglesworth of blessed memory, in one of the nights, he heard a noise in his sitting room and came out only to see a black cobra rocking the cushion, He hissed and said, ‘Satan I did not know you are the one,’ then he went back to sleep. He did so because he knew that inside him was residing the power to tame the devil. As a matter of fact, when he woke in the morning the devil that came in form of a snake had gone to look for

a cheaper client elsewhere. You are the wrong person, no devil shall settle in your house anymore!An average believer that lacked the understanding of the power he carried would have jumped out of the house that night, used physical weapons to fight the devil or started praying and speaking in tongues out of fear. It may interest you to know that two kings do not rule in same domain at the same time. In 1987, the then military junta, Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, was to visit Kaduna State. David Oyedepo was also in Kaduna State then, he wanted to use the stadium for a crusade but was turned down on the grounds that the Head of State was coming and shall be hosted in same venue. David Oyedepo answered, ‘Two kings cannot rule at same time in same place, one has to step down for the other.’ Suddenly, he was sent for to come and use the place as the Head of State has deferred his coming to Kaduna. Beloved, make quality

use of this license given to you for the suppression of evil when a major evil is suppressed it turns out a sign to the people around. The apple of God’s eye For thus saith the Lord of hosts; After the glory hath he sent me unto the nations which spoiled you: for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye. Zech. 2:8. In a desert land he found him,in a barren and howling waste.He shielded him and cared for him; he guarded him as the apple of his eye, like an eagle that stirs up its nest and hovers over its young... He nourished him with honey from the rock, and with oil from the flinty crag. Deut. 32:10-13. Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings from the wicked who are out to destroy me, from my mortal enemies who surround me. Ps 17:8-9. According to God’s word, you are as important as the apple of God’s eye. Much as I am not an Optomologist, I do know that the apple of the eye is the most essential part of it. When it suffers damage, the eye becomes nothing but a decoration. For God to liken you to the apple of His eye, it shows that in divine preference, you are second to none. In spite of how weak or lazy a man is, he will fight with the last drop of his blood, when he senses any threat to the apple of his eye. Israel was God’s apple eye; no wonder people died and are still dying on their behalf. God simply meant that you are too defended to end a casualty, the gravity of the challenge notwithstanding. Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of GodJn 1:12. All that have received Christ are invited to kingdom power display. When one receives Jesus as personal Lord and Saviour, he graduates from a child to a son. You and I know that children are not given tangible responsibility. Though a child maybe the first born of his father, but due to his immaturity, certain secrets are kept away from him until he is grown. When a man is about passing to the great beyond, he usually requests that his son be invited. There he unveils the deepest secret of his life and family. God is on the lookout for sons to bestow power on so as to show forth what heaven is like on earth. No matter how brave a child is, he cannot take over from his father. Fathers only retire and handover to sons. Before Isaac grew, Eliezer of Damascus, Abraham’s chief servant was in charge of the entire business of Abraham; however, when he became a man, Abraham handed all he had, including Eliezer, to him. For you to be a candidate for working signs and wonders, becoming a son is sine qua non. A father who claims to love his child cannot hand over the key of his car to him. If he does, he has registered the boy as a casualty. There are many children of God but only sons of God are empowered for manifestation. Sons of God manifest power, not just children of God. May you graduate as a son!


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General Overseer of House of Prayer Ministries, Pastor Segun Adewunmi, reveals methods of witchcraft attacks. Excerpts:

Sunday January 26, 2014

‘Methods of witchcraft attacks’


s we always tell you, witches are people that have demonic spirits which give them extraordinary spiritual powers. They possess abilities and capabilities beyond those that are available to the ordinary man. Demons are the fallen Angels, whose main interest and vow are to oppose God by fighting believers and righteous people. Witches are demonic human agents having demons as their higher nature. As the true believers fervently and absolutely surrender to God, witches are totally committed to Satan and the devil. The event of Abraham and his son Isaac whom God instructed Abraham to sacrifice, applies to both believers and Pagans. Satan the devil requires real demonic agents to sacrifice their most loved child or wife to demonstrate absolute and complete commitment to him. It is common to find those in occultism losing their most loved children suddenly. Being the higher nature, witches have no option than to obey whatever the demon desires.

Witchcraft attack is carried out in various forms. The first one that we shall discuss is a curse. Usually, a curse is a pronouncement that changes life for the worse. A curse can also terminate life. The first curse was that of Adam and Eve when they disobeyed God and it went like this, “And the LORD God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life. And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee. “And unto Adam he said, Because thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife, and hast eaten of the tree, of which I commanded thee, saying, Thou shalt not eat of it: cursed is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life. Thorns also and thistles shall it bring forth to thee; and thou shalt eat the herb of the field. In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.” (Gen 3:1419) Witches use demonic power to deliver curses. Example is that of Balaam who was commissioned by Balak to curse the children of Israel with witchcraft. The purpose was to weaken the spiritual power and cancel the spiritual immunity of the people of Israel to make them vulnerable to physical attack and defeat. Most times when we have a sickness, especially those that normally result from our activities like the food we eat or sexual intercourse, what determines our vulnerability to such a sickness is the invasion of our spiritual immunity. For example, the man who lives un-

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Pastor Adewunmi der the bridge and drinks from dirty and contaminated water, may not contact typhoid fever while the one who lives in a most hygienic condition may have terrible typhoid fever. The reason was that the immunity of the victim of typhoid was broken, so he became vulnerable to typhoid. A situation like this results from a curse. Witchcrafts attack through curses. In Yoruba land, a curse could be concoction loaded into the horn of an animal wrapped up with red cloth, this concoction known as ‘Afose’ harbours demonic spirits upon which invocations are made through incantations and the result is a release of floods of demons that attack the victims as desired. Another concoction with more powerful ability to curse is known as ‘Olugbohun’. It is usually placed in the hut outside the house and most times in the farm because of its sensitive nature. It gives strength and ability to prayer and curses said around it. Yes; a curse could be generational that is passing through the blood line family from generation to generation. Witches enforce Ancestral curses and use same to disturb the lives of their victims. Sometimes the ordinary man invites generational curses on himself through some special greetings usually called ‘Oriki’ in Yoruba land. The misdeeds of the forefathers and ancestors are used as praise songs on their people. One may be called ‘Omo Owa’, ‘Omo Ekun’ to demonstrate the wickedness of the ancestors.

Descendants of powerful kings or rulers could be greeted as he, whose father would use somebody’s child for sacrifice and such a one must come the following day to thank the father. Such careless practises give demonic agent the power to enforce curses that normally result from these misdeeds in the lives of the descendants of the wicked people. Wicked spirits capitalise on our sins to attack us. “I was wroth with my people, I have polluted mine inheritance, and given them into thine hand: thou didst shew them no mercy; upon the ancient hast thou very heavily laid thy yoke.” (Isaiah 47:6) Dreams about witchcraft attacks usually commence from encounters with Police, masquerades and Armed robbers. A dream of arrest by the police signifies that the dreamer has been reported to the congregation of witches for a particular sin upon which an attack is required. The Bible says there shall be no curse without a cause. “As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come.” (Pro 26:2) Satan usually entices us to sin and when we do, we become vulnerable to his attacks. We know that Balaam finally advised Balak to entice the children of Israel to sin and when they did, God visited them with a plague that killed over 20,000 men from their midst. Whoever dreams of police harassment or arrest should

quickly pray for deliverance. Victims of such attacks are those referred to in Isaiah 49:24-26 as ‘Lawful Captives’. “Shall the prey be taken from the mighty, or the lawful captive delivered? But thus saith the LORD, Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered: for I will contend with him that contendeth with thee, and I will save thy children. And I will feed them that oppress thee with their own flesh; and they shall be drunken with their own blood, as with sweet wine: and all flesh shall know that I the LORD am thy Saviour and thy Redeemer, the mighty One of Jacob.” (Isaiah 49:24-26) Attack of masquerades and robbers in our dreams are unjustified spiritual attacks. The type of which happened to Israel from the Amalekites (Exo 17:8-16) and through Sihon the king of Amorites in (Num 21:21-25). These will be discussed next week. “Then came Amalek, and fought with Israel in Rephidim. And Moses said unto Joshua, Choose us out men, and go out, fight with Amalek: tomorrow I will stand on the top of the hill with the rod of God in mine hand. So Joshua did as Moses had said to him, and fought with Amalek: and Moses, Aaron, and Hur went up to the top of the hill. And it came to pass, when Moses held up his hand, that Israel prevailed: and when he let down his hand, Amalek prevailed. But Moses’ hands were heavy; and they took a stone, and put it under him, and he sat thereon; and Aaron and Hur stayed up his hands, the one on the one side, and the other on the other side; and his hands were steady until the going down of the sun. And Joshua discomfited Amalek and his people with the edge of the sword. And the LORD said unto Moses, Write this for a memorial in a book, and rehearse it in the ears of Joshua: for I will utterly put out the remembrance of Amalek from under heaven. And Moses built an altar, and called the name of it Jehovah-nissi. For he said, Because the LORD hath sworn that the LORD will have war with Amalek from generation to generation.” (Exo 17:8-16) “And Israel sent messengers unto Sihon king of the Amorites, saying, Let me pass through thy land: we will not turn into the fields, or into the vineyards; we will not drink of the waters of the well: but we will go along by the king’s high way, until we be past thy borders. And Sihon would not suffer Israel to pass through his border: but Sihon gathered all his people together, and went out against Israel into the wilderness: and he came to Jahaz, and fought against Israel. And Israel smote him with the edge of the sword, and possessed his land from Arnon unto Jabbok, even unto the children of Ammon: for the border of the children of Ammon was strong. And Israel took all these cities: and Israel dwelt in all the cities of the Amorites, in Heshbon, and in all the villages thereof.” (Num 21:21-25) • Pastor Segun Adewumi 08039425631

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Sunday January 26, 2014


Pastor Chidi asks: What is that stone upon the grave? According to Pastor Chidi Anthony, General Overseer of Kings in Christ Church, except one’s heart is right with God, it is difficult for such a person to witness the miracle of God. Excerpts:


et’s see what the Bible says about the resurrection of Lazarus in the book of John: “Now a certain man was sick, named Lazarus of Bethany, the town of Mary and her sister, Martha.

“It was that Mary which anointed the Lord with ointment, and wiped his feet with her hair, whose brother Lazarus was sick. Therefore, his sisters sent unto him, saying, Lord, behold, he whom thou lovest is sick. ”When Jesus heard that, he said, This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God might be glorified thereby. Then said Jesus unto them plainly, Lazarus is dead. Jesus therefore again groaning in himself cometh to the grave. It was a cave, and a stone lay upon it. Jesus said, Take ye away the stone. Martha, the sister of him that was dead, saith unto him, Lord, by this time he stinketh: for he hath been dead four days. “Jesus saith unto her, Said I not unto thee, that, if thou wouldest believe, thou shouldest see the glory of God? Then they took away the stone from the place where the dead was laid. And Jesus lifted up his eyes, and said, Father, I thank thee that thou hast heard me. And I knew that thou hearest me always: but because of the people which standby I said it, that they may believe that thou hast sent me. And when he thus had spoken, he cried with a loud voice, Lazarus, come forth. And he that was dead came forth, bound hand and foot with graveclothes: and his face was bound about with a napkin. Jesus saith unto them, Loose him, and let him go.” Woman, what is that stone that covers the grave? Every day you are in the church, praying that God should bless your children. What about that maid who is living in your house? How do you treat that maid? Let me tell you. If you treat another man’s child well God will treat your child well; and if you treat that maid wickedly, be prepared. Wickedness will follow you. There is no short cut. God is not a fool. Hear me; if someone has not said about you that, if not for your help, I would have gone hungry or if not for that man, they could have pushed me out of my rented apartment or if not for his sake, I would have been naked, then you are not useful. You have to affect other lives, no matter how small. Do not say you do not have to give; if you are such that do not realise that you have something to share with other people in need, when you have, just give to the needy. Most people have brothers. Maybe your brother is late and the late brother’s wife and children are suffering; and you don’t remember to phone or ask about how they are fairing. Instead of doing something to help them in their sufferings, you chose to intimi-

date them. Some will do everything to push them out of the family land so that they can take over the land which should be shared between them and the late brother’s family. And you want God to bless you. God cannot bless you. What is that stone that covers the grave? For many years, many people have not asked about their aged mother to know how she is doing. But you can buy a costly phone for a strange woman or those promiscuous girls that are sagging about on the streets. Some do rent and furnish houses for their girlfriends while their poor mothers are in the village and going without food. And you are here expecting positive prophesy from the pastor. I tell you, this place of worship cannot help your poor attitude. If your heart is very wicked, God cannot hear your prayer. What is that stone that covers the grave? Many men have turned their wives to punching bags. When you are provoked outside, when you get back home, you turn your wife to an object for boxing practice. Outside, you are a peacemaker, you don’t like trouble, but if you come back to the house, your wife receives all the misplaced aggression. A woman that was on her own before you used both correct and incorrect grammar, even knelt down with a banquet of flowers in your hands to convince her to fall in love with you. Where is that love? What is that woman’s offence that you can’t forgive her? Hear me now; the blessing of God will come upon your home until you make peace in that home. If there is no peace in your home, Jesus cannot perform his wonder in your home because Jesus is the prince of peace. Check your life. And woman, learn to respect your husband when he has money and when he does not have money. But do not allow your wife to pay your house rent for you; she is just a help meet, not the bread winner. My prayer is that every man should be blessed enough to be able to shoulder his responsibilities to his family and extended relations. The Bible says that a man who cannot take care of his family is worst than an infidel. That means that it is the job of a man to take care of his family. If you are a man here, God will open your way, in the name of Jesus. I prophesy to every man in the house, the problem that is greater than you will never come your way, in the name of Jesus. What is that stone that covers the grave? In the yard where we live, most of us are lions; but in the church, we are born-again. In the church, everyone maintains a sanctimonious posture. But can someone, in the yard

Chidi where you live testify that indeed you are a child of God? Or can you carry your Bible and stand in front of your yard and preach the word of God? What is that stone that covers the grave? Jesus did not resurrect Lazarus while the stone was still covering the mouth of his grave. There must be an access for miracle to locate you. And that access is your heart. Is your heart clean? If Jesus comes now, will he find you a worthy temple to be used as an oracle of God? Do you know that 10 per cent of the girls that come to the church come to seduce men? If not, how come girls come to the church wearing skimpy dresses and sleeveless (tiny rope) dresses that expose their brassieres? In the 1970s, you could never see the brassier of a woman in the public. But today, it is fashion for misguided ladies to expose their brassier’s tiny hand. Sister change your dressing, woman change your character and man respect you home. Remember; Mary and Matter said, Lazarus their brother had died for over four days and said he must be stinking by the time Jesus arrived at the scene. Your problem might be smelling, the situation you are in might be smelling; you marriage might be smallish; you business, your academics might be in

a mess. But if Jesus could do it in the life of Lazarus, Jesus can equally do it in your life. The bible says that when Lazarus can out of the grave, he was still bound. Jesus knowing that with the bound, Lazarus cannot move. He said to the people, loose him and let him go. And immediately he was loose and he left the grave. I see somebody leaving the grave of poverty. I see somebody leaving the grave of sickness today. I see somebody leaving the grave of delayed marriage today. I see somebody leaving the grave of infirmity today; I see somebody leaving the grave of academic failure today; in the might name of Jesus. And if you believe that, let your amen roar like thunder. The greatest miracle is the miracle of salvation. Every other thing will come and pass; but salvation will stay. This is the endtime; very soon, every church that is not of God shall be closed down. God is coming to marry His church. Very soon, those wolves that are wearing sheep garments will be located. Be careful about where you go to worship God. And if this message has touched you and you know that you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal saviour, give your life to Jesus now. God bless you as you do.


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Sunday Januar 26, 2014

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When your adult child is in a bad relationship (3) Christian Relationship with Taiwo




have been dealing with the issue of what a parent can do if an adult child has made a wrong choice and is in an ungodly relationship or a bad relationship e.g., going steady with a dangerous person or your child is being used or abused in the relationship. The four points I have mentioned are: 1) As a parent, you need to first determine that your adult child is actually in a bad or an ungodly relationship. This is because it is possible that the parent considers a relationship to be bad based on their own preferences and judgments whereas it is not a bad relationship and the person is good for the child. In the novel ‘My First Love’, Tofe’s brother and parents knew she was definitely in a bad relationship because she was not happy. She cried often and lived in fear of her intended partner, Jude, yet she claimed that they loved each other. Her family was right though and Tofe eventually confessed to them, “He hits me whenever he’s very angry and he calls me names.” 2) If indeed your child is in a bad or an ungodly relationship, don’t react in anger or an emotional way such as yelling or telling your child that he or she is crazy. Also,

don’t intervene in a way that could push your child away from you, such as getting in touch with your child’s intended partner and telling him or her off as Dave’s mother did in my novel ‘Love on the Pulpit’. As the parent, you might feel like telling your child to end the relationship right there and then. You might want to do something to stop them but don’t forget that we are talking about an adult child who probably is no longer living with you and is financial independent. The person is still your child but is definitely no longer a child. What you should do is to calm down and think of how to get your child to see what you are seeing. If your child is able to understand that it is a bad relationship, he or she will come out of it. In the novel ‘With This Ring’, Pastor Femi told Ibie, “Before I tell you what to do, let me tell you what you should not do. One, don’t send your daughter away from the house like some people would do.” But if your child’s life is in danger, then you must act immediately and do everything possible to save your child! 3) Call your child and sit him or her down for a heart to heart talk. When you do, don’t start by shouting or blaming your child as this might turn your child off and you would not be able to get through to him or her. In a direct but loving way, express your concerns about the relationship. Let your child know why the relationship is bad, as well as the consequences of a bad relationship. It could lead to unwanted preg-

nancy, lifelong abuse, unhappiness, and even death. Also, let your child know the type of relationship that is good and right, which he or she should be in. In the novel ‘Too Much of a Good Thing’, a mother sat her son down and said, “My son, you have to stop going in that direction, it leads to destruction … When you want a wife, look for a virtuous woman. She will do you good and not evil all the days of her life. Strange women will destroy you. Can a man take fire in his bosom and his clothes not be burnt? … Can one go upon hot coals and his feet not be burnt? … Any man who goes after strange women lacks understanding; anyone who does that destroys his own soul.” And in the novel ‘My First Love’, Lisa told Tofe, “Living in fear of Jude is not okay. That’s an unhealthy relationship … Love will protect you, trust you. It will be patient with you and kind to you. It does not get easily angry. A man who loves you will not hit you because he’s angry. He won’t treat you this way. What Jude is doing to you is called abuse … This is not God’s plan for your marriage.” 4) Whether or not your child admits that you’re right and terminates the relationship let your child know that you love him or her and will always be there to support. Let your child know he or she can always call you or come to you when necessary, you will listen and do whatever you can to help. This does not mean that you’re enabling that child. What it means is that you’re offering love as Pastor Femi said to Ibie in the novel ‘With This Ring’. Femi said, “She’s still your daughter. Weeping and anger do not change the situa-

tion in any way. Let her know you are there for her. What some parents would want to do is shout at her and let her know she did not follow the teachings she was given and the way she was raised. They would abandon her or ask her to go and live with the man who impregnated her but doing this would only cause more troubles for her … What we all need to do is love, support and pray for her. Doing these doesn’t mean that we agree or approve of what she has done but it simply shows that we are offering her forgiveness and love like we should as Christians. We are helping her and at the same time, we are being like our heavenly Father.” Today, I will give one more point. And that is: 5) Take the matter to the Lord in prayer. This reminds me of the Hymn: What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear, what a privilege to carry, everything to God in prayer. Oh what peace we often forfeit, Oh what needless pain we bear, all because we do not carry, everything to God in prayer. Ask God to do what only He can do: bring your child out of the bad relationship and turn your child’s heart in the right direction. The Bible makes us to know that nothing is impossible with God. (Luke 1:37) There is no problem He cannot solve, and there is no situation He cannot turn around. In Genesis 18:14, God asked Abraham, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” And in Jeremiah 32:17, Jeremiah gave the answer, “There is nothing too hard for the Lord.”

Work hard, for the night cometh –Pastor Oloruntimilehuin Founder of Omnipotence Mission of God, Pastor Joshua Oloruntimilehin, emphasises the importance of making good use of one’s early age to secure comfort in old age. Excerpts:


he world is moving on and the people are moving with the trend. As people are sleeping in the night and waking up the next day, people’s life span on earth is reducing and their time is moving fast. Therefore, what a person is supposed to do or acquire at the youthful stage in life and when they are not acquired or attained, it may be said that the person has missed it. There are three periods in human life: the morning, afternoon and night. So, if a person uses his or her youthful stage in a useless manner, it would adversely affect the afternoon period. It is in the youthful stage (morning period) that a person is supposed to acquire education or learn a profession and use it to work in the afternoon period. The afternoon period determines what the night period would be. Therefore, the importance of a person’s youthful period cannot be over-emphasised. You need not joke with it or waste it. A person who does not know what to do or have plans for his or her life may never make it in life. There are some people who started making their money legitimately under 30 years of age. They made the best of their youthful period to become successful, respected citizens of this country. Why do you have to waste your morning period in lust of flesh instead of pursuing tangible things that would make your afternoon


and night pleasant. Do not allow Satan to take over or control your morning period by you catching fun too much, womanising and enjoying too much. The bible says in Proverbs 21:17; “He who loves pleasure will become poor, whoever loves wine and oil will never be rich.” Therefore, such a person

would encounter problems. It is my fervent prayer that Satan and sins will not snatch away people’s morning period, particularly the youth, in the name of Jesus. Some parents are facing hardship and finding it difficult in making ends meet. Probably, they had wasted their morning period doing nothing. Also, they would not have heeded their parent’s instruction and advice on the reality of life. The destruction of some people’s lives started in their youthful stage and could not be reversed again. Imagine a lady was brought to me with the belief that she was bewitched by urinating on her body consciously. After thorough spiritual examination, it was revealed that she had terminated four pregnancies before the age of 24 years. She destroyed her life in her morning period. Similarly, a lot of people did things that adversely affect their lives in their youthful stage. Some people are so lazy and overpampered by their parents in their morning time and this eventually affected their afternoon and night period. The scripture says in Proverbs 12:24; “Diligent hands will rule but laziness ends in slave labour.” People that missed their morning time should be very careful not to mess up their afternoon period. It is still possible to make amendment and corrections in the afternoon, otherwise, the night period would be unpleasant, uncomfortable and terrible.

It is very pertinent for parents to train their wards and monitor them very well so that the children could have a very good foundation to build their lives. Some parents never bothered to monitor what their children are doing in their school and university. The bible says in Proverbs 22:6; “Train your child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not turn from it. Brethren, do not destroy your morning period so that your life could be meaningful. Some parents depend on their children to survive in the night period. If the dependence should fail, then the parent’s life is finished. You can only depend on your child if God does put your mercy and favour in the eyes of the child. Some children do not know how their parents feed and live. They are not bothered despite all the things the parents did for the child. Do not depend or rely on your children. Let people work hard, acquire prosperity and possession that could see you through your night period. There are lots of children that abandon and forget their parents. Make impact so that your night period would not be miserable. The principalities of this world can turn your children against you. I pray you will not wait for your children before you eat in Jesus’ name. Let people work for their night period and make impact. The scripture says in I Peter 2:21; “To this you were called because Christ suffered for you….” This is the impact Jesus left for people; so we must leave behind impact for people to see and emulate. Again, work very hard for your night period.

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Yes, I play witchcraft role, but I’m not a witch –Patience Oseni >>26


‘I used to give out things my mum sold to a man I admired’ >>29

‘I’m glad Akwa Ibom is no longer a state of housemaids’ >>27



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Sunday Mirror

Yes, I play witchcraft role, but I’m not a witch –Patience Oseni Patience Oseni has been in Nollywood for about 19 years. She has bagged so many awards to show for it. She is fondly known as End Of The Wicked mama as that was the movie that brought her into the limelight. In this interview with Adaeze Amos, she speaks about what she does to look healthy and keep at bay early wrinkles You are a Nollywood actress? I’m a Nollywood actress. From my look, I have a dual parentage. That is why some people used to wonder where I come from. My father is from Ogun State and my mother is from Calabar in Cross River State. That is how I came about this body frame I have. I’m a versatile artiste. I do bill board modeling. When did you start acting? I started acting since 1995. The first movie I did was titled ‘Deadly Passion’ for Opal Williams. I was young then. I acted as a pregnant girl in that movie. Emeka Ike was dating the mother in the movie and she didn’t know. Was that the movie that brought you into the limelight? No, the movie that brought me into the limelight was shot in 1999. It was entitled ‘End Of The Wicked’. I had a dual role. I acted as a wicked mother and as sweet mother tormenting her children. That movie was expository and until date, it is still relevant. The movie won four awards, including international prize. That even earned me a name from my fans. Some used to call me ‘End Of The Wicked’. Even after telling them that I was only acting, the name stuck like a leach. I never knew it was going to be so hot that even my fans still remember it. It was very popular in Europe; and was number one on African list of movies. It took so long before the movie waned; almost one year. It was so high in demand it sold well. I was even given extra money by the producer afterwards. That was how I was thrust into the limelight. Do you enjoy acting as a career? Right from my youth, I have been what I am. I love acting. It’s my passion, my talent; anything you want me to do, I do it for you, except for the fact that I don’t go naked on set or in movies. Apart from going naked, is there any other roleyou won’t accept? There is a way some weird roles can be interpreted. If you want romance scene, there is a way I do it without even being touched. I can stroke your nose and talk to you in a low, sexy bedroom voice. That is just it and I would go and collect my money and take a walk. Romance roles are not necessarily when you touch and smooch the person. How do you cope with fame? It is very simple. I respect myself a lot. Anyway I go, I ensure I don’t drag my dignity in the mud. I don’t insult people. If I like you, I play with you, if I don’t like you, I stay on my own. You can’t force me to come close to you. Who are those you admire in Nollywood? I admire everybody; we all have our roles to play. For instance, I can play the role of an old woman and of a witch. There was one I played and people were calling me witch. I hushed and reminded them that it was only an interpretation of a role. I’m not a witch; do I look like one? I interpret any role that has to do witchcraft very well but I’m not a witch. How do you get inspired? I get inspired by watching cartoons. I watch them a lot.

In cartoon films, you will see old women at times screaming, that thrills me. That was how I got addicted to cartoons. Can you define your style? My style is simple. I’m not too much into heavy things because I have a very sensitive skin. I wear necklace depending on where I’m going. For instance, if I want to wear iro and buba, I would put on necklace as complement. What are your aspirations for this year? I was begging God to see 2014 because I know what it has got in stock for me. This year is going to be good for me, watch and see. It is going to overflow. A lot of goodies will come. What new positive changes are you expecting in Nollywood? This year, there would be no death in Nollywood. But let me also say that working from January to another January without good rest is not the best. Some of us don’t take care of their health. You would see someone today and you greet him/her very well, but the next thing you would hear the next day is that the person is gone. It is shocking. It got to the extent that I was now asking what was killing my colleagues like that. Let us learn to take care of our health. For instance, I cleanse my colon. In Cross River State, we douche. My grandmother used to do it and she taught me how to do it. In Calarbar, it is called ‘ukebe’. Herbs are used. It is pounded and filtered before it is used. As I was saying, I cleanse my colon, check my blood pressure, go for health check every six months because you may think you are healthy, not knowing you are not. In my mother’s place, we don’t overcook our food. Ten/fifteen minutes, is enough. You can see how smooth my skin is and how full and silky my hair is. It is because of good, natural food which is cooked half done. You know in Cross River, we have lots of food. We add vegetables to everything we cook. Let us watch what we eat this year. Let’s stop or reduce our intake of junk foods and eat more of vegetables and sea foods. As you age, you stop eating beef. Some sit and eat ‘nkwobi’, ‘isi ewu’ and gulp it down with beer as if to-

morrow won’t come; please let’s watch it. I don’t smoke or drink. This reminds me of one movie I featured in. It is entitled ‘Street Kids’. I played the role of a prostitute and I smoked. If you watch it, you may think I’m a smoker, whereas it was what someone taught me so as to interpret my role well. The movie was shot at one prostitutes’ hostel and when the real prostitutes there saw us, they said they wanted to follow us. Have you ever been embarrassed or intimidated by some of your fans? I have never been embarrassed or intimidated to give fans money. I was born and bred in Lagos. If I want to behave like a tout, when you demand for some money like a tout, I would do so. You can’t intimidate me. I don’t fear touts. There is a way I would react and they would know that this is a crazy woman. With that, I have been scaling through. I know the body language they speak and their slangs. It is when you give them room that they would insult you and start demanding unnecessary money. There was a day we went to shoot somewhere, Bimbo Akintola and I. Some touts saw us and they were threatening us. They said they were going to pursue us into the river that was close there. I turned to them and asked them why they want to do so, whether we are fishes. Immediately, I changed my voice to the voice of a street urchin and started speaking their slangs. They just hailed me and said Mama, your eyes are too wide and hot, please you people can go. Is there anything about Nollwood that puts you off? At times, they would call and give me script. When I’m ready and waiting to go on set, I would be told that it has been taken away from me to another person. That is what I don’t like in Nollywood; it is common. But it also makes the world to go round. What do you do to unwind when you are not at work? I love reading magazines, watching movies, rearranging things just to keep myself busy. I don’t like thinking or brooding so that I don’t grow old. I don’t want to have early wrinkles.

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‘I’m glad Akwa Ibom is no longer a state of housemaids’ ADAEZE AMOS


osemary George is the CEO, Sweet World Travels and Beauty Pageant, a company that specialises in organising beauty pageants and top shows. She is also the National President of Akwa Ibom Entertainment Forum. The real name of this diva may not ring a bell because she is affectionately known as Queen mother. “My fans and friends prefer to call me Queen Mother because I manage queens. I have been able to manage numerous beauty queens who emerged from many agencies. I started doing this since 2005 and honestly it has been fun and challenging. It is fun because of the flair I have for beauty and fashion. Yes, I love fashion and that is why I seldom allow another person to design what I wear. I do that myself. In fact, I started designing my dresses right from my days in the secondary school, till my university days. Then I used to go to fashion parades a lot and even till date, I still do. It is one of the ways I un-

Rosemary George

wind,” she emphasised. One of her duties as CEO of a pageant is that she goes out to scout for beautiful ladies and encourage them to participate in pageants. “The reason is because some of them may not on their own volunteer themselves. They need to be encouraged, spoken to and that’s part of my work. While doing that, I don’t just approach every girl/lady I see on the street. I look out for some certain qualities, one of which is facial beauty. A queen ought to be beautiful. After all, it is beauty pageant we are talking about here, so beauty is paramount. I also look out for intelligence. When she starts her tenure, she should be able to represent her platform well. What I do is to engage the person in discussion. I could just pick a topic and start discussing with you. When I’m true, I would know if you are intelligent or not. This has disqualified some girls who find it difficult to speak well. Another quality I look out for which is vital is your attitude, which includes humility. A beauty queen ought to have the right attitude all the time and she needs to be humble and respectful no matter how beautiful she is. If any of these qualities mentioned is lacking in an aspiring queen, such a person would not be selected. This is my work and it takes a whole lot. But I’m enjoying it,” she said. How many beauty queens has the Queen Mother been able to manage? “I have been able to manage up to 23 queens in Nigeria and outside the country. Two months ago, I travelled to Italy where I had to crown Miss Akwa Ibom/Cross River Italy whose main duty is to project the image of Nigerians in Italy. But out of these 23 beauty queens I have managed so far, my favourite is Miss Fashion Nigeria who of course is very pretty and highly fashionable,” she explained. One thing that beats the imagination of this ex-Miss Akwa Ibom State 2004 about today’s queens is that most of them don’t wish to let go the platform, even when their tenure has ended.

“This makes me laugh because when I was Miss Akwa Ibom State, I was eager to see who would take over from me in 2005. I was ready to hand over the crown and sash to a new queen, hug and wish her well. But today, you see a different thing all together. Most of them would not want to hand over the diamond-studded crown or place it on the head of their immediate successor,” she enthused. The reason for this is not farfetched. “I think why they find it difficult to hand over their crown is because of what they are benefiting from the platform. You know that fame is sweet. Some beauty queens hold on to it and enjoy it even when their tenure has long expired. It is the benefit of fame and exposure they enjoy that are responsible for this. But let me use this medium to tell them that even as an ex-beauty queen, you still enjoy the fame. You still grant press interviews and feature on fashion and beauty pages,” she said. Another poor attitude she had observed about some of the queens she had managed is that, “some lose humility when they eventually have the crown on their heads. Some want to feel they know more than you, their queen mother, and that pisses me off. What I do in that case is that I try to let them know that I had been there before them...that I was once a beauty queen and I have my photographs to prove that. I tell them of my own fame and exposure when I was crowned. In fact, I enjoyed my tenure as the Miss Akwa Ibom 2004. I attended so many dignifying events, ceremonies and granted lots of press interviews. I also impacted on lives,” she reminisced. Rosemary is an Airline Management graduate of the College of Aviation, Lagos and Thomas Aviation School London. She also enrolled in a beauty institute known as Wholly Beauty School, Lagos for a diploma in beauty. She has some words for parents who frown at their daughters opting to for beauty pageants. “Most parents think that beauty queens are into prostitution, maybe because of some scanty dresses they wear during the contests. But this is not the case. Those scanty wears are just worn on the stage to showcase the body frame and it ends there. Beauty queens are responsible ladies who are there to project womanhood well,” she disclosed. If Rosemary was not a queen mother, she would have been a newscaster. “I still work in entertainment industry as a presenter. For instance, the Akwa Ibom Entertainment Forum where I am the national president, I present everything about the forum. Let people know about this strong platform of our indigenous artistes. At times, I make effort to bring them closer to the government and tour round the world. I do organise shows for them, especially the young up-and-coming artistes. I want to say that Akwa Ibom Entertainers Forum is an organisation strictly for our musicians, comedians, actors, artiste management promoters, investors, celebrities and everything about entertainment. I’m glad that Akwa Ibom is no longer a state people see as that of house helps. I give kudos to the present governor of the state who has brought a great change to the state and the indigenes,” she said.


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Explore these styles and overhau ADAEZE AMOS


t is not a bad idea if you wish to overhaul your wardrobe this year. Maybe you are preparing to attend glamorous events and fashion shows where you would be expected to dazzle on red carpet. If you are looking for styles that would boost your image, you may opt for some of those on this page. It is true that fashion designers such as Joon Clothing, Ejiro Amos Tafiri, Ibile Vogue, Regalia Fashion House, Maufechi and many others have been doing a lot to keep the style flag flying, but you too can get creative. It is not wrong if you choose to add something different to your own style by not copying completely styles you see on fashion magazines. Add your own concept, get creative, be a fashion pacesetter, and stand out.

High-heeled tips you need to know High-heeled shoes are the delight of every fashionista. If you doubt this, attend one or two glamorous events today because there are some tips about high heels you need to know. *Ensure you buy high heels you can wear. Don’t do just because others are wearing or as it is in vogue. *Before parting with your money, wear both shoes and walk within the shop. If you get shaky, opt for another pair. *Ensure that the heels are balanced. Insist on firm shoes for your proper balance and not oversized ones you would start beefing up with shoe pads.

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ul your wardrobe this year

Perfect Cut


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Pregnancy Talk with

Adaeze Amos 08023012293 (SMS ONLY)

I’m a designer-label freak CONTINUED FROM PAGE 29 someone who is there to guide and instruct you. God has been there for me. I was never opportune to grow under anybody. But that notwithstanding, I have a lot of role models who inspire me. People such as Holy Mallam, Gordons, AY and Gandoki. Which of the major platforms have you performed? I have performed in AY open Mic, Stand-up Nigeria, Who wants to b a millionaire, Nigeria Idol and many more. Have you been embarrassed on stage before? I have never experienced that for the past five years I started this career. I guess maybe it’s because I restricted myself from some places where they humiliate artistes. Where do you see your brand in the next five years? I see my brand beyond the shore of this country. My first international performance in Ghana 2013, made me to believe that the world is waiting to see (me) Loquacious and it shall come to pass.

Breech presentation in pregnancy


hen Nkechinyere Iwuji’s pregnancy was 36 weeks old, she had to go and see her doctor for pelvis examination and the baby’s presentation. When she was told to lie face up, she was scared as her doctor checked for the foetal heartbeat and how the baby was presented in her womb. Nkechi’s heart was beating so fast that she started observing some cold sweats on her palms, as she usually did when she was nervous. As her doctor observed that her unborn baby was still head up, his facial expression told Nkechi the result. He then referred her to the scanning room to be sure. Nkechi was still praying in her heart because she believed so much in miracles. Her doctor quickly smeared the slimy substance on her tummy and placed the scanning mouse on it. She was still whispering her prayers. Immediately her unborn baby was seen on the computer. Nkechi refused to look. She only heard when the doctor said that her baby’s heartbeat was in perfect condition. “Madam, your baby is alright. This is your 36th week. Yes I can see it from the scan. But your baby is breech,” he said. Immediately the doctor dropped the bombshell, tears dripped down her cheeks. She also had a myriad of questions in her mind. What is breech? How is it my fault that my baby didn’t turn head down? How would I be able to deliver a breech baby? She was able to bring herself together and asked her doctor some of the questions running riot in her brain. As her doctor answered, she listened attentively. “Nkechi,” gazing into her eyes, “what you should know is that most babies settle into the head-down position before birth. But some babies position themselves differently. A breech baby is one whose buttocks or feet, instead of the head, are the first to present into the birth canal. A baby who is positioned buttocks down is called a frank breech; a baby who puts one or both feet forward is called a footling breech. But fewer than five per cent of babies present in a breech position,” he said, gesticulating.

But doctor, who is most at risk? Nkechi managed to ask with tears in her eyes. “Breech babies are more common when the foetus is smaller than average (as would be the case with a premature baby or multiples). If the uterus is unusually shaped or contains fibroids, if there is too much or too little amniotic fluid, or if there is placenta previa. If you’ve had a previous breech baby, you run a somewhat higher chance of subsequent babies turning breech as well,” he said What do you mean by placenta previa doctor? Nkech enquired. “Leave that as a topic for another day. I thought you would ask for symptoms. The symptoms are not farfetched. During your regular prenatal visits, your physician will feel your abdomen and uterus with his or her hands to determine your baby’s position. The baby’s head which feels round and firm will be felt toward the top of your uterus if your baby is breech. The baby’s bottom which is softer and not round like the head will be felt lower in the uterus. The location of your baby’s heartbeat will also indicate to you his or her position. If presentation is breech, the heartbeat will usually be heard in the upper half of your abdomen,” he affirmed. When the doctor paused and looked at his patient, he realised that she was trying to come to terms with his explanations. She now asked one touchy question. Doctor, are you sure I will be able to sleep tonight with all I have heard? “Don’t allow that to bother you. Worry would not change anything. Remember you still have a while to go in your pregnancy. Most breech babies turn head-down by the last few weeks of pregnancy. If your baby stubbornly remains a breech as delivery approaches, we will have a talk together with your husband about possible ways to attempt to turn your baby head-down and the best method of delivery. While vaginal delivery of a breech baby is possible, most of us prefer to deliver via a caesarean section for your safety and that of your baby,” the medic assured.

How do you get your jokes? And what kind do you do? I get my jokes from the Holy Bible, personal life experience and activities around us I do clean jokes, corporate jokes, motivational jokes and of course, jokes that would inspire my audience You got married last year; how is the experience? It is a wonderful experience. You know in our society today, no matter who you are, especially in entertainment industry, if you are not married, you will be regarded as irresponsible person and I noticed that some corporate bodies only love to do business with responsible fellows. I’m so glad I did when I ought to do it and God backed me up. What is your advice to bachelors? My advice to them is that they should go and get married and stop keeping ladies in suspense. Besides that, marriage makes you look responsible and command respect in the midst of your colleagues. Apart from comedy, what else do you do? I do graphics designs, and I just finished a program on video editing recently. I have set up a video editing suite to make my job faster. I have two albums already and currently working on a new one to be released before the end of the first quarter of the year. What’s your advice to the young ones? Ensure you believe in God and in yourself. Don’t try to be like anybody. Be like only yourself and be unique in it. I’m sure God would announce you in due time. What is your impression about fashion? Fashion is good indeed. It is good for one to dress well because your dressing has an invisible mouth that speaks volumes. You are addressed the way you dress. Always bear this cliché in mind. Can you define your style? My style is unique. I always like to stand out in my suits. That is why I go for designer label suits. In fact, I’m a designer-label freak when it comes to suits.


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Connecting with


Signs of life partner to look out for while dating P

atience, an undergraduate in the University of Port Harcourt, sent me an E-mail bemoaning her apparent lack of luck in getting a boyfriend that sticks with her for a considerable long time. She wrote: ‘Why is it that when I meet a guy, after a few dates, he suddenly leaves me, breaking my heart? I am scared to date again for fear of being heartbroken all over again. What can I do?’ Before I answer Patience’s questions, let me just say that I’ve observed with keen interest the dating mannerisms of our youngsters and discovered that most of them just date for the heck of it. Some enter into relationships either out of peer pressure that borders on the need to ‘belong’ or for the simple reason they think they are of age to have sex. Others just go into it without any reason at all, only to come out with their hearts shred into pieces by the sharks they had the misfortune to date. Whatever reasons yours might be, if you belong to the category of Patience who had her heart torn out of the rib cage then it’s time to learn the basics in what I call ‘Dating Rules 101’. The true Models reason behind going on dates is that we hope one of these days, we will come across the right person, the one we’ll make the greatest romantic connection with; but most times we find ourselves hit by waves of successive breakups. Do you feel like you are lost and doomed in this whole dating business? Stop feeling sorry for yourself ! You just neglected to learn the rules when you first started. If you feel unsuccessful and dissatisfied with your dating patterns, then it is time for you to take a few steps back to see where things went wrong for you. The first rule in dating is to ask yourself questions! What are you really looking for in a lover? What are your needs and desires? What qualities are important for a person to have and what other qualities are you willing to compromise with and accept? The first thing you have to do before finding your soul mate, is finding yourself. What qualities are important to you? What are your morals and beliefs? How do you show your affection and how do you expect it to be presented to you? These are questions necessary for you to ask yourself before going out there. Giving yourself an interview will make things clearer to know the type of person you are really looking for, instead of just going on a blind search.

It is very common for a person to date people just for dating. While dating is a fun and useful experience, it is not advisable to just go out with anyone just to have a date, or to enter a relationship because you do not want to be alone. When you go out on a date, it is important that you use that date as an opportunity to observe and see if the person is someone you would like to see again and if they carry the qualities you are looking for which you found out during self examination. It is essential that you observe your actions and decisions, making sure that you do not continue to date certain people in the name of dating. For instance, in the E-mail Patience wrote, I observed she kept attracting the same kind of men who do not fit into her ideal man, and neither does she fit into their idea of an ideal woman. But she could save herself the trouble by mapping out the kind of man she actually desires at the very beginning. Another important dating rule you need to tuck into your pocket is to break up a date that does not fit into your ideal partner before it gets too serious. Once you have realised that those dates will not lead to a relationship you have dreamed of, then obviously the person is not your dream mate either, and it would be best if you stop seeing each other to prevent any misleading expectations. Continuing to date someone just because you entered a comfort zone or do not want to hurt their feelings will only hold you back from meeting who you are really meant to be with, not to mention waste precious time for both you and your dates. Tracking down your soul mate will require patience; so do not feel frustrated or hopeless if you do not find him or her in a certain amount of time. Good things take time to be made and you will come together when the time is right. The time becomes right when you look out for the right signs. Such signs to look out for are: • Be strongly attracted to each other physically and to each other’s personalities. • Share common interests and have same values in important things. • Have respect for one another. • Someone who makes you feel truly special and worthy. • Someone who puts in a great effort to show passion for you and the things that is important in your life.

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In need of a serious relationship/marriage I am Grace, 34 years old, single and not looking bad. I need a responsible, well educated working-class man who is God-fearing and humble for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage –08139138202. I’m Kingsley, 31 years old handsome and tall graduate from Enugu. I need a beautiful, rich, working-class and God-fearing lady for a serious relationship –07037898118. Tola is my name, 29 years old. I am romantic, affectionate. I am seeking for a gentle and honest man, between 30 and 45 years old, for a relationship that is based on trust –08037539297. My name is Lawal Adewale, 25 years old and a native of Epe in Lagos State. I need a decent, responsible and beautiful lady, between 18 and 25 years old, for marriage irrespective of her ethnicity and religion –07087595421. My name is Michael, 24 years old, from Imo State and living in Ibadan. I need a girl, between 20 and 22 years old, for a relationship –08063776925, 08111050050. I am wale, 29 years old, tall, an accounting officer living and working in Lagos. I need a cute damsel, between 20 and 24 years of age, for a serious relationship –08138023506. My name is Peter, 42 years old. I live and work in Lagos. I require a mature lady either working or in business for a serious relationship that will lead to marriage soon –08135872431. I am Lucky, a graduate, 32 years old. I need a rich, sexy lady for a serious relationship –08162973116. My name is Lola, 25 years old, slim, dark, tall and a student. I live in Lagos and need a working-class guy, between 30 and 35 years old, for a serious relationship –08088087501. I am Gideon, 32 years old, 6ft tall and handsome, from Oyo State. I work and live in |Lagos. I need a good-looking, working-class lady, between 20 and 35 years old, for marriage –08111140248. I am Obinna, from Imo State, living in Lagos. I am fair in complexion, a businessman. I need a good lady who is fair in complexion, slim and with a smiling face, between 22 and 28 years old, to settle down with in marriage –08029070164. Rose is my name. I want a serious relationship with a guy that can take care of me –09091644282. My name is Ola, 28 years old graduate of accounting living in Lagos. I need a female student between 19 and 23 years old for a serious relationship –08063239215. My name is Gbenga, 42 years old. I need a God-fearing lady, between 27 and 38 years old, for a serious relationship –08111485985. My name is Stephen, 25 years old. I require a lady, between 25 and 30 years old, for marriage –08039495873. I am Femi, 27 years old, good-looking and living in Ibadan. I need a working-class or business lady, between 20 and 24 years old –07039277322. Ola is my name. I am 40 years old. I live and work in Lagos. I need a lady, 25 years old and above, for a serious relationship –08038669791. My name is Mc Dollars. I want a lovely and good-looking lady for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage –08074899137. I am Funke, 29 years old, tall, fair and beautiful. I have a six-year-old lady but single. I need a well educated and responsible man for a serious relationship –08116852812. I am Peters, 35 years old. I am a graduate, Christian and employed. I need a pretty, caring and humble Christian or widow, between 28 and 35 years old that is employed or into business and ready to settle down –08021231256. My name is Glory, a graduate of Business Administration from Anambra State. I am physically challenged and living in Enugu. I need a godly person that will help me and be a friend –08098597220. Segun needs a lady for marriage. She must be below 30 years old –08032637636. I am Nkem Daddington, 29 years old prospective corps member, fair, and loving. I need a tall, dark lady, between 20 and 26 years old, for a relationship. I live in Okigwe, Imo State –0803437372988. 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I need a God-fearing man, between 33 and 38 years old, from Niger Delta for a relationship that will lead to marriage –08174469144. My name is Oluwapemisre, 49 years old widower living in Lagos and an engineer. I need a mature, serious-minded lady, between 33 and 47 years old, for a relationship –08181007938. My name is Olayinka, 28 years old. I need an educated and financially stable Yoruba lady, between 22 and 25 years old –08100034484. Chinedu is my name, 38 years old; I work and live in Lagos. I am looking for a genuine Christian lady, between 24 and 35 years old, for a serious relationship –08149102734, 08171920784.


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& ovies M usic M Edited by Adaeze Amos 08023012293 e-mail:

Why I chose bell as my identity –Chawa Khalik Chawa Khalik is a musician who has the penchant for carrying bell anywhere he goes. According to him, bell is his style signature. In this interview with Adaeze Amos, he speaks about his lifestyle, music and what the bell he carries about means to him. How did you come about the stage name Gbagahmi Master? Gbagahmi means accepted or indorsed. It is an African axiom and a spiritual thing that has to do with acceptance. How is it a spiritual thing? If you understand the meaning of bell, you won’t ask me this. Bell is a spiritual thing and that is why in the church, once the bell chimes, it has a meaning. Everywhere would be calm. The meaning is usually amen, or you are in agreement. That is what it means and why I said it signifies agreement. The sound of the bell is spiritual. When did you start carrying bell? It has always been like that. I have always carried it but recently I decided to be carrying it to events to make it known. But, honestly, it has always been with me. How many years have you been in music? I have been in music for over a decade. I was in Tabansi for years, at the time of Majek Fashek. But when problem started, I had to leave. As I normally say, in every profession you keep on developing. When I introduced the Gbagah thing, if you are used to my music, you would hear my bell a lot. I have got to go with it. It is my identity. What was the problem at Tabansi Records? It was a problem with Tabansi and Majek Fashek. I don’t really know what happened. But, being an artiste under a label, you are expected to make about three different albums in three years. One is supposed to be released in a year but after three years, nothing happened and my contract was renewed two times. I discovered that the best thing to do was to leave. I am back now on my own personal label with a bang. When did you discover you would become a musician? My passion for music is inborn because my father was a musician. It is always in you and it depends on when you want to realise yourself. I discovered myself in the 80s. I was 12 or 13 years when I started nursing the dream to be a popular musician. What motivates your songs? I’m a moral singer. I sing about injustices. Actually, it is God that inspires me. When I look at the environment, I watch what is happening...for instance, brother killing his brother. It is wrong. These are the things that inspire me. When I see such things, I sit down and write songs about such injustices and ask God to show mercy. Which song brought you into the limelight? Do you have popular dance steps?


Gbagah brought me into the limelight. I have a Gbagah dance. People have started mimicking me. Soon it would be all over the place and people would start dancing it just as they danced Alanta, Azonto, Etigi and the rest. What thrills you about music? Music is life and life is music. If you are the type that is being weighed down with problems, matrimonial problems for instance, you’d get yourself back when you listen to music. When I’m depressed, I listen to music. I can listen to reggae; I also listen to rock music. I used to listen to Don Carlos a lot. I feel good whenever I listen to music. Who in the music world do you admire? There are many of them. I admire Olamide, P-Square, they are great Africans and ambassadors of music. They have done well in the music world. How do you think the world would have looked like without music? There would have been confusion everywhere. Music has saved so many lives and ugly situations. In fact, when you listen to music, you would cone round or get back yourself. I remember sometime in the 80s, when I was passing through some tough times, once I listened to good music, I would be able to sleep. How was growing up like? I have been to so many states in the country. I grew up in about four or five of them. I was in Jos in the late 70s. I came back to stay in Onitsha for sometime before I moved to Lagos. I stayed for a while in Edo State. I’m a complete African. I don’t like to disclose my state because I hate tribalism with passion. I would want to be known as a Nigerian, by name Chawa Khalik, the Gbagahmi Master.

You must be married; how does your wife see what you do? I’m married. I have a beautiful wife and children. My wife is a major contributor to what I am today. She is a lively, lovely and understanding wife. She shares my emotions, problems, always there when I’m down. Behind every a successful man, there is a woman. You can’t do it alone. God knew this and that was why He gave Eve to Adam. Women are gifted, they are special. You know that life without music is empty, so also is life without women. When you discover your woman, there would be no running around. You would get all you need from her. She would pamper you. Have you ever been hushed to stop ringing your Gbagah bell? No. It has always attracted people to me. I was in hiphop awards and when I strike my bell, heads usually turn. At times, if I attend events, I go with my symbol, which is my bell. What’s your advice for fellow artistes? I want to tell them to always be humble, no matter how rich or popular you are. When you are pompous or arrogant, that same ladder that took you up there can bring you down one day, if you don’t watch it. So, try to be humble. Is there anything that irritates you about women? Nudity pisses me off. When I see a woman half naked, I won’t have respect for her. When you dress and open what ought to be covered, people would disrespect you. I usually see some ladies in hot minis bringing down their skirts. I ask them why are they bringing them down as if they are not the ones that wore them.

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The boob battle: Mine are the biggest in

Nollywood, says Mimi

But celebrities differ

boobs are firmer and the biggest in Nollywood. This is my candid opinion. Mimi, Cossy, and Moji are all my good friends in the industry. Their boobs as far as I’m concerned have received my sampling in the course of hugging them at different events and at different times. I think the one I felt most is Moji’s own. She has got the biggest for me. I disagree with Mimi. She should not be the judge in her own case because it is very easy for one to claim being the best in what she does or has. She should leave guys to judge.




ver since the busty actress, Mitchell Ozakpolor, fondly known as Mimi (who resigned from her banking job and joined Nollywood) granted an interview to Sunday Mirror on October 21, last year, saying that her boobs are the largest in Nollywood, popular male celebrities have been reacting to her story. Mimi said in the interview among others that, “I know I’m busty, it is supposed to be my best asset. One good thing about me is that I really don’t flaunt my boobs. I just wear dresses that I like and my boobs flaunt themselves, whether the neckline of my dresses are low or not. But my cleavage is just obvious because my boobs are massive. I think my boobs are the biggest in Nollywood.” That was the statement that triggered the reaction of other celebrities. Some said Cossy was the queen of the boobs, while others mentioned Moji Oyetayo, also known as Mama Ajasco. The poser now is among Mimi, Moji Oyetayo, Bola Yusuf fondly known as Mrs Ibu, Foluke Daramola and Ronke Oshodi Oke, who is believed

to be the queen of all boobs in Nollywood. Below are responses from these celebrities: Mimi’s boobs are not the biggest. Moji hugged me recently, hers are bigger –Cornel Udofia, MultipleAward Publicist. This your question is funny but honestly it is the kind of question I would Udofia always love to answer any day even if you suddenly wake me up from slumber. Initially, I was thinking that Mimi’s boobs were the biggest. I have been very close to her and I have had the opportunity to look at her from a very close range. But sometime last year at an event somewhere in Lagos, I met and hugged Moji Oyetayo while greeting her. I felt the gravity of her big bosom on my flat chest. That was when it dawned on me that I was making a mistake by thinking that Mimi’s own was the biggest. In fact, Moji’s

Cossy Orjiakor’s boobs remain the biggest and not Mimi’s –John Agoha, musician cum model I disagree with Mimi. To me, out of all these ladies men- Agoha tioned, the biggest boobs in Nollywood or in the acting world are those of Cossy Orjiakor. She still remains the queen of boobs both in the acting world and in the entertainment industry. Hers are indeed huge. But I do not know much about Mimi’s. But I have seen Cossy’s own. I have been with her many times. I still think she has the biggest. I’ll vote for Cossy Ojiakor –Joe Genius aka Oyoyo, musician One thing I know is that Cossy is the booby queen any day. No one can beat her. Nobody has taken that position Joe from her. I have not seen Mimi’s boobs but Cossy’s, I have because she flaunts everything. There was one magazine where I saw a picture of hers on the cover wearing one net-like top that showed all her boobs, including her nipples. I have seen it and I know what I’m saying. Moreover, she has a slim body frame which makes her boobs obvious, so

what are you talking about? To me, Cossy still retains her crown as the booby queen in the acting world. Cossy Orjiakor’s boobs are the largest -Nero Sexy, CEO Nero’s Just Dance Entertainment Cossy Orjiakor has the largest boobs in Nollywood. I have come close to her and have seen how big she is there. She is the largest in Nollywood, believe me. Foluke Daramola’s boobs are mighty –Roland Okorie, CEO, Equity Concept I disagree with Mimi over her stand that her boobs are the biggest in Roland Nollywood. To me, I would say Foluke Daramola’s boobs are the biggest. Foluke’s own are mighty. The only thing Cossy Orjiakor does is that she used her boobs to attract publicity to herself. She is an actress, I know, but doesn’t act much but she is widely known for her boobs. There was a time she was featured on CNN as a Nigerian celebrity that loves to flaunt her boobs. So, she has become popular because of her boobs. But when it comes to who has the biggest, I think it is Foluke Daramola. She doesn’t flaunt her own. I think I prefer Foluke’s boobs to Cossy because hers are healthier to me and consumable. I don’t know Mimi, maybe she needs more visibility. I give it to Foluke Daramola –MC Pato, comedian I haven’t really seen Mimi’s own but I have seen Cossy’s, because she is always fluanting them. If I MC Pato should give a crown on who has the largest in the acting world, I would place the crown on the head of Foluke Daramola.

Other contenders in the breast war

Foluke Daramola

Cossy Orjiakor

Ronke Oshodi-Oke

Moji Oyetayo

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Lessons of Life

NAOME LUCAS 07026615808, 08097097988


‘My boyfriend is in love with my daughter!’ Y

emisi is 42 years old. Two weeks ago, she was all stressed out when she got home after sitting in traffic for two long hours. She had taken half the day off to visit her sick half-sister in the hospital and came straight home from there. She fished out her keys before she got to the gate out of habit and found it open, so she knew someone was home. She did not think much of it because she assumed it was Seye, her boyfriend cum fiancé who owns five large drugs stores with efficient workers and pretty much controlled his own time. She had given him a key to her apartment about a year ago. They had been together for two and a half years now. When Yemisi entered the living room, she saw a pair of bright, red high-heeled shoes on the floor and knew they belonged to her daughter Tolu. She had seen those shoes when Tolu bought them. For the umpteenth time, Yemisi pondered on the fast rise of Tolu who was only 24 year old. She knew those shoes were very expensive. Yemisi threw herself on the sofa thinking: “How that girl pulls these stunts beats me; high end modelling jobs that paid her millions throughout her university days plus a posh car. The girl was always travelling yet she graduated with a 2:1 in Economics. On top of all that she somehow guaranteed her NYSC posting to Lagos and to a huge bank. It’s like she has magic wand or something.” Yemisi was proud of her daughter but there was a strain in their relationship: A stain that had lingered for two years and three months. Their relationship had become strained after a peculiar incident. As Yemisi tried to relax on the sofa, the image of Tolu clad in a skimpy towel, batting her eyelids and smiling coyly came to her mind but she immediately dismissed it. Then Yemisi’s mobile phone rang and as she pulled it out from her handbag her nail file fell out and slipped between the cushions of the sofa. After the phone call, she fished for it, but could not reach it, so she got up and pulled all the cushions off the sofa and found a shiny nylon-like slip next to the file. When she examined it, she discovered that it was a condom wrapper. As if by magic, the condom wrapper triggered off the memory she hated the most. This time she did not dismiss it but instead allowed her mind go over the incident of two years and three months ago. She remembered every detail of how she had startled the two of them as they whispered in the corner of the kitchen. She remembered how all the alarm bells had gone off in her head that Saturday afternoon. Then all the other tiny ‘harmless’ incidents, volatile fights, peaceful settlements and reassurances began to play through her mind one after the other. She also remembered how she had battled to shake off the nag-

ging feeling for endless months to no avail. As Yemisi put the cushions back into place, she told herself that Seye knew better than to put another woman in her face, especially because their wedding was only three months away. This was a wedding she had put off twice. It was the second wedding for both of them. Seye was divorced with no children at 44 while Yemisi’s first husband died in a car crash that cost her two fingers from her left hand. She would have given her entire arm to have him back. That life changing car crash was 11 years ago and she would always miss Greg even though she didn’t cry about it anymore. All through the years Tolu had been a consolation and now she had Seye too. Nonetheless, she had to look at the condom wrapper in her hand again and as if on cue, the image of Seye whispering into that ear flashed through her mind again. Yemisi started shaking. Then she had yet another memory flash; she remembered that she had cleaned out the sofa herself the night before when the TV remote control had slipped between the cushions. With that recollection she knew that what was in her hand was a fresh condom wrapper and that made her bolt up the stairs. She banged into her bedroom, and found it empty. Then she dashed to the bathroom and heard the shower running. When she knocked on the door she was praying that it was a strange man in there. She was praying the strangest prayer she had ever prayed in her life: “God please let it be Tolu who brought a man home.” Yemisi couldn’t speak because she was not herself so she knocked for the third time but there was still no response. Then the shower stopped running and she knocked again. This time she got a response but she froze because even though it was a man’s voice that said “Yes?” it was not a strange man’s voice, it was Seye’s. When the bathroom door opened, Seye stepped out, dripping wet and completely naked. When he saw Yemisi, the shock in his eyes almost killed her. Yemisi saw that he was surprised to see her at the door and asked herself: “So who else would he step out naked to meet?” At that point she simply lifted the condom wrapper for him to see because she could not bring herself to speak and it was the look of guilt in Seye’s eyes when he saw the condom wrapper that broke what was left of her heart. Yemisi attempted to flee Seye’s presence but Seye seized her arm; she found her voice and said; “Who? … Where is she?” Seye said “I don’t know what you are talking about?” but his denial was not convincing, so Yemisi slapped him and he released her arm. Yemisi dashed into the guest room and found it was empty. It was then she remembered the red shoes in the living room and dashed into Tolu’s room. She found her

daughter curled on the bed, watching TV. When Tolu turned, her mother lifted up the ‘cheating certificate’ and Tolu asked: “What is that?” Yemisi reigned herself in and said: “What does it look like?” Tolu said: “Let me see it” and approached her mother but she froze before she got to her. Tolu had seen her mother in this state before and she could tell that her mother was livid. Tolu stayed where she was and peered at what her mother was holding up. “A condom wrapper,” she whispered. There was no expression on Tolu’s face when she said: “I’m so sorry. I would not have believed Seye would cheat on you with another woman after everything you have done for him.” Seye’s denial did not convince her because deep down inside she knew the truth. She remembered the Saturday years ago when she had left a wedding ceremony early and come straight home. She had found the door open, so she went straight to the kitchen to put her food pack from the wedding in fridge, and there she had seen them whispering to each other and giggling. Her daughter had a skimpy pink towel on, and Seye was leaning over her as he whispered into her ears. She remembered how they were so startled when she had coughed to announce her presence. At that time Yemisi had been dating Seye for three months. He had begged her to believe him

and had done everything to reassure her, but it was all a lie. That day a voice told her to end it with Seye there and then, but her loneliness had gotten the better of her. Now, two years later, Yemisi knew that she had lost both ways because now she had also lost her only child. Just then Tolu entered the living room to join them. When Tolu tried to speak, Yemisi raised a hand to silence her and said: “I want you both out of my house right now.” That day Yemisi threw both her fiancé and daughter out of her house and called off her upcoming wedding. As expected, Tolu ran to her aunty in the hospital and twisted the whole story. Tolu said she had brought a lover to the house two days before the condom wrapper was discovered and that she had never slept with Seye. Yemisi’s half-sister has kidney failure and is very dear to her. The doctor insists that she is too delicate to be upset or stressed at this point so Yemisi really wants to please her half-sister, who is begging her to take her daughter back no matter what. But Yemisi knows that Tolu is still lying because the condom wrapper was not in the sofa the night before she found it and Seye had definitely stepped out naked from the bathroom to meet someone he was intimate with. What should Yemisi do? Please send your advice to the phone number or e-mail address above. No calls, please.

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Power in saying ‘no’

(Jeremiah 35:1-10) “But they said, we will drink no wine: for Jonadab the son of Rechab our father commanded us saying, ye shall drink no wine, neither ye, nor your sons forever” Jer 35:6


rom the very beginning, man has always been faced with the issue of making choices in life. This, hitherto, has either ended him in a state of honour and celebration or that of regret and doom. Joshua in his departing speech to the Israelites stressed on the consequences that would trail their choices in their quest to possess the Promised Land (Jos 24:15); sadly, some could not say no to the abomination in the land and which stopped them from getting there. In the scripture above, we see the determination to hold on to what they believed in. The Rechabites, in exercising their power of will, stood firm and resolute in saying no to what they considered a bridge of covenant steps and violation of their ancestral belief despite Prophet Jeremiah’s intervention and at the instance of God’s instruction. Do we still have people like the Rechabites in the land today? People have criminal habits and weaknesses that have moulded a future of woes and misfortune

Let’s go

BIBLE with Favour




have been noticing my wife’s wrong behaviour for some times now, but l believe that with prayers, she will change. Especially the way she treats my parents (my mother in particular) and my siblings of which she is not doing the same to her family. Her attitude and behaviour are so bad that sometimes l regret getting married to her. She always wants to lord it over all of us, dominating everything and everyone.

Well, maybe, according to my parents, l was the one that gave her the chance to do so. Well it was later we got to know that there was a powerful demonic woman behind her, encouraging and giving her the boldness to act to the contrary. As if that was not enough, l got to know last week that she is actually a witch of which she confirmed. I am so confused, what next? She is an unbelieving wife, can l leave her? In accordance with 1Cor. 7:15, which says, “For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the husband: else were your children unclean; but now are they holy. But if the unbelieving depart, let him depart. A brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases: but God hath called us to peace”? Godwin, Awka, Anambra State Dear Bro. Godwin, Just to quickly brush through some

for them and their unborn generations. Your inability to say no to the things that God detests and considers absurd is probably the bane of your present predicament. One distinguishing quality among man, angels and animal is the Power of Choice. Unlike angels, man is a product of choice, not command. Hence, extreme caution is required when about to make choices or take decisions. Many had failed to stand firmly to take certain decisions in the past and which has come to stare them in the face today. You could not say no to little lies, immorality, drunkenness, covetousness, hatred, (mention it) and today, these have become the root causes of your situation. You cannot go far in destiny if you cannot say no to those ideas, choices, alliances and even ventures that are destiny impediments and which are capable of sabotaging your destiny pursuit. If you want to be the peoples’ man, then know it that you can neither walk with God nor stand for Him because His ways are in sharp contrast to that of the world. Exercising your will power to say no to sin in whatever dimension is a determinant of your pace and impact in destiny assignment. “My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not. If they say, Come with us, let us lay wait for blood, let us lurk privily for the innocent without cause… We shall find all precious substance; we shall fill our houses with spoil… My son, walk not thou in the way with them; refrain thy foot from their path” Pro 1:10-15 “He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down, and without walls.” Prov 25:28

Whenever you are at the brink of making a choice, there would always be seeming benefits which would look tempting and mouthwatering, characterised by selfish undertones, ‘we shall find all precious substance, we shall fill our houses with spoil’, but the Bible cautions solemnly, ‘my son, walk not thou in the way with them’. Know that anytime you decide to say ‘no’ to a wrong decision, you must be ready to stand alone; the fear of not wanting to be alone is the major undoing of many. John the Baptist knew the danger associated with misrepresenting his personality when the Levites sought to know his true identity (Jn 1:19-23). Can you stand boldly to say ‘no’ irrespective of the consequences? If you are the type who keeps many friends, you can never say no to sin. If God must use you and manifest His greatness in you and through you, then you must learn to say no by standing for and with the truth. Benefits of exercising your will-power to say ‘no’: It preserves the anointing: Samson failed to say ‘no’ to immorality, hence, he lost his anointing. He lost his place in destiny and wasted heavenly resources invested in him. When you say no to that lust and filthiness of the flesh, you’re redeeming your destiny from the grip of hell and also preserving God’s anointing upon your life. It saves you from destruction: Moses could not say no in the face of anger and this truncated his sojourn with God, he did not get to the promised land. Can you say no to that habit or untailored style of living that is about to license your destiny for destruction? It upholds your integrity, Matt 5:37: Say-


ing no to sin keeps and preserves your moral standard. Infidelity in marriage and other celebrated social ills are on the increase because men and women of integrity are becoming scarce. Beloved, your integrity is precious and valuable than you ever imagine. It brings glory to God: When you exercise your power of saying ‘no’, you are taking after your heavenly Father. The Bible says that His eye cannot behold iniquity. The Church of Christ is now besieged with sinful acts commonly seen in the world thereby despising the name of the Lord. Can you be like the Rechabites who stood their ground to uphold their family name? Can God count on you like the Rechabites? Now is the time to stand and say ‘no’ to the world and sinful ways therein. Prayer points Every seed of wrong habit capable of wasting my life, catch fire now! My Father, strengthen my areas of weakness! Holy Spirit, divorce me from every wrong association and alliance! My destiny, refuse to be a disgrace to God and the anointing! I receive power to defeat sin and live righteously! …in Jesus’ name. I know you have been blessed. Write and share your testimonies, comments, etc. with me through; info@ Hotlines – 01-7903163, 08085845864. You can also listen to my messages on our podcast at www.thehebrewsng. com/podcast. Rev’d Femi Akinola – The Hebrews International, Lekki, Lagos.

What do I do when my wife is impossible? questions before answering your own question. Things that you should have done before getting to this stage. First, was your wife born again when you met with her or she changed later after your wedding? Secondly, did you put your pastor in the know before entering into courtship? Thirdly, were you able to keep yourselves pure without pre-marital sex? Fourthly, were you able to do all the required prayers before your wedding day (confirmed, revealing and approved prayers)? Lastly, was your family involved in your relationship spiritually before your wedding? Maybe they were not prayerful enough. Otherwise, they should have warned you even before your involvement with your wife. Or they actually did but you failed to listen or yield. Well, all that are in the past now; what we need to do now is to get you through this stage. As a child of God, we are born to fight and win battles from the WOMB to the TOMB. We are not born again to run away from battles. The armour provided for us only takes care of our front posture; it’s only the front that it covered but not the back. You dare not turn back from the battle, or else, you will be hit. You are in this now; you must get through it victoriously. Fine, you can say that it is easier said than done, but you just have to let the light shine above darkness. You have the capability and the en-

ablement inside of you to walk over this problem that’s why it came your way, 1Cor. 10:13, “There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it. Before doing anything, you must first undergo a serious deliverance. Mark 3:27 says, “No man can enter into a strong man’s house, and spoil his goods, except he will first bind the strong man; and then he will spoil his house.” For you to be able to get both yourself and your wife back. You must deliver yourself. You are a prey in their hands, which they have locked up somewhere, manipulating and controlling. You can’t fight any battle locked up in the prison, you must first get back your freedom before you can do anything. Prov. 6:5 says, “Deliver thyself as a roe from the hand of the hunter, and as a bird from the hand of the fowler.” So many things they would have done to put you in darkness concerning the whole matter, for you not to know. Therefore you must call unto God, who has the power to deliver from the kingdom of darkness and is able to transfer you into the kingdom of light; that is, the kingdom of His Son where you will have total freedom.(Colossian 1:13). Genesis 27:38-40 “And Esau said unto his father, Hast thou but one blessing, my father? Bless me, even me also, O my father. And Esau lifted up his voice, and wept. And

Isaac his father answered and said unto him, Behold, thy dwelling shall be the fatness of the earth, and of the dew of heaven from above; and by thy sword shalt thou live, and shalt serve thy brother; and it shall come to pass when thou shalt have the dominion, that thou shalt break his yoke from off thy neck.” After your liberty, you need to get power from the Lord. Let the Lord equip you with great power and strength. With the power, which goes along with God’s anointing, all yokes shall be broken, giving you total freedom from all bondage. Then you will be able to bind the strongman holding on to your wife. Now you can take the step to help your wife out of this mess. Don’t apply physical force, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”(Eph.6:12). That will not get you anywhere, don’t enter into any physical combat, don’t shout, don’t nag, and don’t even keep malice. Their operations are in the spirit; you can’t now use the physical to overcome the spiritual. Be wise. Let God fight for you. Actually, the battle is not yours but of the Lord’s. If you are not careful, since they are like their father the devil, the great deceiver, they can make all around you to believe you are the one having problems, manipulating them to see things their own way. Use great wisdom to achieve the best for yourself and for your wife.


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with Dr. David

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n my teaching last week, I examined financial pressure arising from children’s fees and how to overcome it. I said the kind of school you send your children to, should not be determined by your choice, but by your income. If the school fees of your children are more than your income, relocate them to another school whose fees you can afford without tears. This week, I want us to consider social pressure and how to overcome it. Social pressure in most cases is purely emotional. This occurs when a husband or wife or any person capitalises on the past and lives in fear of the future. The past is gone; let it remain buried. The future is in the hands of God. When you abide in the hollow of His palm, your future is secured. The fear of tomorrow is an enemy of destiny, in the sense that fear opens the door to the enemy. Think of that! The Word of God says: Which of you by tak-

Desti Destiny Hour with Pastor Femi



o God alone be the glory for the great things He has done. Continuing on healing and health which we started two weeks back, what then is your role in claiming your healing and living in health? You need to understand that when God speaks through His word or through His servants, He backs everything He says up, it may not come as you thought or through the expected medium but God is never late,Habakkuk 2:3. Spiritual matters require you believe in your heart or in your spirit and be ready to hold on until you see the reality of what has been spoken. This is the key to healing.

As you meditate on healing scriptures, illumination and light comes to you, singularity of purpose, especially when meditating on the word of God brings understanding to your spirit man. God is not the source or cause of any ordeal you face, God will not plague you with sickness or diseases but let it sink into you deeply that the will of God is that you come out of every other stronger than you went in. In order words, while you wait on God for healing, don’t use the time to worry or blame God or yourself but use the opportunity to grow your spirit man, get understanding and intensely desire illumination. Testimonies and miracles are born out of covenant partnership between God and man, the problem we face basically is the lack of understanding on

Sunday January 26, 2014

Sunday Mirror

Deflating the pressures of life (4) ing thought can add one cubit unto his stature? (Matthew 6:27). Therefore, the anxiety and fear of tomorrow don’t add anything to anybody. When you give in to fear, the enemy cheaply comes into your life. And when he comes, he steals, kills and destroys (John 10:10). There is a man in the Bible called Job. He said: For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me and that which I was afraid of is come unto me (Job 3: 25). Therefore, all social pressures are anchored on the past and the uncertainty of the future, which can be cheaply deflated with the application of God’s wisdom. Listen! You can’t do anything about the past. Maybe somebody has called you a dummy and assaulted you. That is gone! Your crying in the room won’t remove the assault, neither will it effect any change in the man that abused you. Therefore, why must you die under pressure when the person who assaulted you is not under any pressure? Maybe, he has even forgotten he assaulted you. After the assault on you, he might have slapped more people, forgetting about his encounter with you. Paul said: ...This one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press towards the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in

Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:13-14). Therefore, keep pressing towards your goal. Don’t allow the past to rob you of the joy of the present. Don’t allow the fear of the future to rob you of a colourful tomorrow, and you’ll be there! The new year has just begun and for you to make the most it, you have to let bygone be bygone. Husbands and wives, please allow the past to be past or else you pass away with it! But this won’t be your portion in Jesus’ name! Social pressures can also be deflated by the application of divine wisdom. The Bible says concerning divine wisdom: All her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace (Proverbs 3:17). Wherever social pressure reigns, there is a clear evidence that divine wisdom is lacking. Divine wisdom is the heritage of children of God. Only those who are born of God, with the help of the Holy Ghost, can access the wisdom required to deflate social pressures. Being a child of God entails accepting and confessing Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. That is how you can be born again. If you are not born again, you can do so right now, as you pray this prayer with sincerity and confidence: “Lord Jesus, I come to You today. I am a sinner. I cannot help myself. Forgive me my sins. Cleanse

me with Your precious blood. Deliver me from sin and Satan, to serve the Living God. Today, Lord Jesus, I accept You as my Lord and Saviour. Thank You Jesus for saving me! Now I know, I am born again!” Welcome to the family of God, the family of winners! You will not fall! You will never go back, in Jesus’ name! Now that you are born again, you will no longer be a victim of social pressures anymore, in Jesus’name! I come against any social pressure in your life and family right now in Jesus’ name! This is your year of Exceeding Grace! Every exploit in life is a product of knowledge. For further reading, please get my books— The Winning Wisdom, Understanding Financial Prosperity and Breaking Financial Hardship. I invite you to come and fellowship with us at the Faith Tabernacle, Canaan Land, Ota, the covenant home of Winners. We have four services on Sundays, holding at 6:00 a.m., 7:35 a.m., 9:10 a.m. and 10:45 a.m. respectively. I know this teaching has blessed you. Write and share your testimony with me through: Faith Tabernacle, Canaan Land, Ota, P.M.B. 21688, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria; or call 7747546-8; or E-mail:

Divine healing: God’s agenda for 2014 (3) how to secure our healing and I want you to read carefully because I strongly believe God for that this truth will forever set you free in the name of Jesus. For someone reading today, you will no longer be the devil’s chewing stick again in Jesus name. Maybe you have become a medical lab rat, every new drug is experimented on you; an end has come to that today in the name of Jesus. How do you claim your healing and remain in health? Ingest daily and regularly the scriptures on healing and health. Use concordance, browse the internet for scriptures on healing, ask your friends and Pastors, ask the Holy Spirit to bring it to you; just ensure you gather them. Just as the food you eat physically strengthens our body so also, the word of God strengthens our spirit man and the spirit man in turn sustains us from sicknesses and infirmities however they may want to come Proverbs 18:14. Matthew 4:4 brings the understanding that the word of God is the major thing man must live on. The word of God is real, it is not an abstract thing, it is tangible and may I say that it is more real than you or the situation you are going through. Why so? God created everything you see from His word as shown in Genesis 1. May I interest you, an understanding of this will put you in dominion for life;your body is created from dust, from earth and this earth is created and sustained by the word of God John 1:1-5 talks about the world being created from the word of God, earth is created by the word of God and your physical body was created from the earth.This essentially mean that what can sustain and renew

you day to day health wise is the word of God. Understand that if a pot of clay cracks, the potter will return it to the table and mend it with clay. God made you and He made you out of clay which is from the earth;a product of His word, so when you pick the word of God concerning any illness, believe that the potter has carried you and returned you for repairs. I make bold to say to you that the smallest unit of the human body and the world in entirety is the word of God. When your word of healing comes, it recreates you from the smallest part, even with cancer where the disease is down to individual cells, God’s word is reaching it and recreating it in Jesus name. Even when the genotype is SS or the bones and marrows are infected, the word of God can get deep and change you inside out. If you don’t take anything else from here today let this reality sink into your spirit. Hebrews 4:12 ESV For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing to the division of soul and of spirit, of joints and of marrow, and discerning the thoughts and intentions of the heart. God has said it I believe it and that settles it!!! This must become your language and your song, for with God all things are possible, this must be your mindset. God’s word cannot be broken, He will never say what He doesn’t mean, be doesn’t joke with His word, His word has the full backing of trinity. How? God speaks it, Jesus is the spoken word and the Holy Spirit who is the custodian of power fixes it. So why are you frightened

by the Doctor’s report?Why are you crying and losing hope? A Doctor’s report is to tell you where the problem is and that is if he can because not all diseases that can be medically diagnosed. Why you are bothered? God is your healer, your healing is secured and guaranteed by the God head. Say this to yourself, as many times as possible concerning any situation on your life I believe in God; I believe in the power of God’s word and I receive my healing in the name of Jesus. Keep seeing it till you become it. If you have not given your life to Jesus, do so now to enjoy the divine health in God’s agenda for 2014 and the process is simple: • Believe in your heart that you are a sinner and cannot save yourself. • Believe in your heart that Jesus died on the cross of Calvary paying the price for your sins and rose from the dead the third day to establish your victory • Confess with your mouth that Jesus is lord and saviour. • Repent of all sins before the Lord and forsake them. • Welcome into God’s family. Now you can enjoy and experience true healing of the soul. Please locate a bible believing church and share you new-birth experience with the church leaders. For further prayer & counseling, pleases contact: Pastor Femi Lanre-Oke Jesus Praise Evangelical Ministries International, Ibadan, Oyo state 2348030752799, 2348053695097. Email:

Sunday Mirror

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Sunday January 26, 2014


Phases of genuine forgiveness


he Bible teaches that there is no limit to the number of times we must forgive our offender(s). We must forgive even in the absence of repentance. Forgiveness must be unconditional! We even forgive our enemies, even while they are still our enemies. More value would grow out of forgiveness that out of withholding it. Genuine unconditional forgiveness flows out of an awareness of the tremendous price that was paid so that we could not only be forgiven but also be forgiving. The more we understand how much we have been forgiven, the more we are able to forgive. The healthy and genuine phases and paths to true forgiveness include the following:

1. Understand what forgiveness is— and what it isn’t: Forgiveness is about you, and not about your offender! You let go of all those anger that is eating you up! Yes, you were wronged but you decide to move on from your hurt. It involves profound self-respect and self-care that takes courage and commitment on your part. Forgiveness is not: • Justifying, understanding, or explaining why the person acted toward you as he or she did • Just forgetting about the offense and trusting time to take care of it. • Asking God to forgive you for being angry or resentful against the person who offended you. • Denying that you were hurt; after all, there are others who have suffered more.


e would talk on the glory of the latter day as contained in Deut 18:17-18. There’s an adage in Yoruba that says, ‘it is what you see that you believe.’ It is not the issue of sight-seeing. To see is believing. I have seen and l believe. I like to encourage you, that not everyone that is in the church that is in touch. Not all that are in the church that are in touch. I like to tell you that you must get prepared to get in touch with God. It has gone beyond the level of being in church. You must be in church and as well be in touch. Until your Christianity gets to the level of being in church and being in touch, if you are not connected to the Source, you will miss it. If you are not in touch with the Pulpit, you will miss it. I have said it several times on the podium, that until you pass through a rough road, you cannot enter into your expressway. Every road to success is always a rough road. It is your rough efforts that correspond to your smooth motion. There is no royal road to success. There is someone today, within the next seven days, via a Word from His Servant, you are returning with celebration. Prophets are agents of change. Prophets are seers. Prophets are sayers. Prophets are agents of deliverance. Every unpleasant situation in your life via a Word from the Throne of Grace, that problem will melt off. It was only a Word that changed the destiny of Saul. It was the same Word that brought Saul down. But there are two distinctive

2. Place the blame appropriately. We cannot forgive a wrong unless we first blame the offender for it. 3. However, do not wait for an apology. Sometimes the person who hurt you is not even aware of what was done or may even be incapable of understanding or caring! As desirable as the words: “I’m sorry” are, you no longer need to wait to hear them. 4. Grieve what has been lost. To truly forgive, you must feel sorrow, which may take time to abate. Even after you’ve decided to let go of your anger, you may feel it flare from time to time. You need to be gentle with yourself. In time, as you forgive, the memory of what happened will return less often and feel less painful. This sorrow may include getting angry; protesting the wrong; sadness; and resignation over what was lost. This anger ranges from cold silence to mild impatience to an outof-control rage. Be careful of your anger so you would not sin. “Do not sin by letting anger gain control over you. Don’t let the sun go down while you are still angry, for anger gives a mighty foothold to the devil.” (Eph 4:26). Be disciplined in your anger and cautious in it expression. 5. Offer decisive unconditional forgiveness to the offender. Say it. Write it if you have to. Believe it. Claim it. Cancel the debt the person owes. He owes you no more. Choose by an act of your will to forgive that person. You may not feel like being forgiving. That’s all right. Just do it and the feeling will follow. God will take care of that. Do not doubt that what you have done is real and valid. Release the person from the debt you feel is owed you for the offense. Say: “You are free and for-

given.” 6. Consider reconciliation. After forgiveness, lower and minimize your expectation from the offender. If something good happens, it is like a gift. If nothing good happens, we are not disappointed. Genuine reconciliation can only occur when both the offender and the offended have entered into a forgiveness process. If only the offended, the one hurt, is in that process, there can be no reconciliation. Reconciliation is always an option, not a requirement. We are commanded to forgive, but reconciliation depends on the other party’s willingness. 7. Learn to trust again. This can be a long and slow process requiring a very open and repentant attitude. Godly sorrow by the offender is needed. Both parties must be willing for this to happen. You cannot force, mandate or command it. It has to be earned with time; but we must be open. Do not allow the hurt inflicted by one person to be taken out on other innocent persons. 8. Celebrate who you have become. Forgiven and forgiving people have a lot to gain as a consequence of their ugly experiences. They become less selfish, less bitter, and discover they had unexpected strength. They have greater understanding and maturity and more compassion — toward others, and toward themself, as well. Life is a school for learning, and some of the lessons are painful ones. Commit to a lifelong process of maturing and healing. Once you begin to remove from your life the bitterness and malice that has clogged your communication with God and others, the Holy Spirit will flow freely through you. 9. Adopt Smart ways to really move

on: Trust God implicitly. Expect less from people. Judge people with your heart, while you judge yourself with your head. Take a calming breath. When an upsetting memory arises, use deep breathing or another stress-management technique. Change the way you describe yourself. Stop keeping your hurt alive by telling your grievance story. Let go and let God. You are healed! 10. If more help is needed, consider talking with a person you’ve found to be wise and compassionate, such as a spiritual leader, a mental health provider, or an impartial loved one or friend. When Pete Peterson was appointed the U.S. ambassador to Vietnam, his friends asked him how he could return to the country where he had been held as a P.O.W. for six years during the Vietnam War. He replied, “I’m not angry. I left that at the gates of the prison when I walked out in 1972. I just left it behind me and decided to move forward with my life.” What if Peterson had remained bitter and unforgiving toward his captors? That would have prevented him from building new bridges of friendship and diplomacy between two nations nearly three decades later. And the same can happen to us. The key to forgiving others is to contemplate how God has forgiven us. We were God’s enemies; “But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us” (Rom 5:10). Tunde Ojewole, PhD, is the Babcock University Pastor in charge: Division of Spiritual Life. Get your copy of the newly released book: GOD’S FOOTPRINTS. For enquiries, contact: or call/ SMS 08058299434/08060376577

A Word can catapult you, says Pastor Bamidele Pastor Lai Bamidele of Christ Glorious Evangelical Ministries says a divine pronouncement from the man of God can take you to your Olympian heights, provided you are in touch with God. Excerpts: things here. When Saul obeyed, a Word turned his level around. When Saul disobeyed, a word brought him down. The difference between Saul and David is that David was in touch even after that Word. David was always in touch. That is why, in the journey of the life of David, every time David made a mistake, he adjusted quickly. You cannot read the story of David and confirm that David will come back to the same previous mistake. But when Saul got to the place of comfort, and pride set in and he usurped the power of his priest. It was the same power that brought him up, that brought him down. Another important aspect is discipline. Discipline is obedience in totality. The question I will ask you is this; many of you, is it not what your pastor rejected that you accepted? Is it not where your pastor is not going that you are going? Many of you; the reason why your life has no meaning, the reason why your prayer is not answered is because you are a disobedient follower. Discipline is setting godly love for yourself. Discipline means self-con-


trol. Discipline means ability to put your body under control. Discipline is subjecting yourself to God’s control.

Listen to me today, the reason why many of you have been in this church for years , you are counting years without achievements; is it not what your pastor said you should not do that you love most? Is it not where your pastor said you should not go that you love to go? That is why your life has no meaning. But listen to me today; every satanic agenda that is planting indiscipline in your life, that will not make you to succeed in your portion, today, we separate you in Jesus’ name. A word will catapult you back to the top. Every journey of a believer’s life requires a Word. Just a Word. No matter the situation you are passing through, all you require is just a Word. Who told you God is not real? You don’t need to make noise to make news. It is only an empty drum that makes the loudest noise. But the drum that has content inside of it, you cannot hear its noise. You can’t serve God and be under the satanic cage. You will sing a new song. When it is God, it is good. Not every good idea is God’s idea. But when it is God, it is good.


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Sunday January 26, 2014

Sunday Mirror

‘New year revelation on possessing your possession’


t was on the 12th of December, 2013, at about 4:30am that I had a dream. In my dream, I saw myself in a church (Name withheld). I entered the church with a key in my hand, walking straight to the pulpit. There were three boxes; one at the right-hand side, and the other at the left-hand side. And the one my left, they were all empty, as they were really open. A young man came out to challenge me, but I said nothing to him, he went and called the pastor. I asked the man; “Why did you put the children of God in bondage? He replied, ”Who are you to challenge me, and where are you from?” I answered; “Look, I have the key of your tithe box in my hand. He asked,” Are you the one sent by God to send message to us?” I said, “Yes, look at the key in my hand, you have sinned against God, and God will judge you, for putting his children in bondage, by not paying your tithe of tithes’, you do not allow the blessing of those that pay their tithes to you to flow.” I told him to read Numbers 18:28, which says, “Thus ye also shall offer an heave offering unto the lord of all your tithes, which ye receive of the children of Israel, and ye shall give thereof the lord’s heave offering to Aaron the priest. He said to me, “Let me ask my master.” So he left me, and entered a dark place. As I was waiting for him to return, I saw a canal, water did not flow; immediately, an angel made a gutter by the canal, water started flowing from the right side to the left, and to the junction. Water was flowing everywhere and I said, “This is how the blessing of the children of God should be flowing. When he came out, I asked him, “What did your master say?” He replied by calling the name of his master, and I was shocked because, the name he mentioned was not the name of God. I pray to God always to take me to where Christians are in bondage, God has been taking me to so many places and by his power, many have been set free, and this is the last place he took me to in year 2013. THE CHURCH: Many Christian have been put in bondage through the conduct of their minister, because any church whose ministers do not pay tithes is under a curse. When I say church, I don’t mean the structure, but you the members are the church. You may say, “”Why should I pay my tithe to a fellow minister like me? I want you to know that callings are different; there are some ministers that are called to be leaders and fathers to other ministers. God said in the book of Numbers that we just read, that you shall offer an offering of all your tithes that is, all the tithes that you collect from the members, you shall pay your tithes of tithes to the priest, not to the orphans or beggars, you don’t use your tithes for charity, which is what many of you are doing. Charity is different from tithes. Charity is your free-will help to anybody, but tithes must be in the house of God. He said in Malachi 3:10A: bring ye all the tithes into the storehouse, that there may be meat in my house. God did not say bring my tithes to the hospital or street, but to the storehouse, so that his house might be fruitful. Lev.27:30 states, “And the tithes of the

General Overseer of Rock of Salvation Ministries, Iju, Lagos, Apostle Emmanuel Utibe-Abasi , in this exhortation, teaches on the best way to possess all your possessions as ordained by God. Excerpts: lands whether of the seed of the land or of the fruit of the tree, are the lord’s.” It is Holy unto the Lord. Tithes is Holy unto God, it should be given to only the Levites (Ministers). I’ve heard of some churches where church workers monitor tithes, what it’s being used for and so on, I say to you today, if you are among those that do these abominable act, you should cease from it or the anger of God will be upon you and your family. You have no right to know whatsoever, what the tithes in the house of God is being used for. It is for the minister. How or what they use it for, should never be your concern. Num. 18:24 says, “But the tithes of the children of Israel, which they offer as a heave offering unto the lord, I have given to the Levites to inherit. Tithes are for the ministers, it’s only for them to do the right thing by also paying their own tithes to the anointed fathers in the ministry. Nehemiah 10:38 states, “And the priest, the son of Aaron shall be with the Levites, when the Levites take the tithes, and the Levites shall bring up the tithes of the tithes unto the house of God to the chambers, unto the treasure house.” There were two ministers that came to me for blessing; they both started paying their tithes to me, one because he is so rich and was counting in millions while the other was still coming up. The rich one stopped paying his tithes of tithes because he felt the money was becoming too much; instead, he used the money to invest in other businesses to make more money, while the other was still paying his tithes of tithes from his little tithe. But today, I tell you the truth that the rich minister is now almost begging to eat while the other now has a place of his own and is growing to the glory of God. You can’t cheat God, no matter how big you are today; have you thought about tomorrow? Those of you ministers that have not been paying your tithes, you should trust but mind you, don’t pay into the lands of a false minister; for in my vision, the pastor mentioned the name of his master and definitely, the name was not that of God. Some pastors have other gods which are not right, that’s why they are ruled by spirits that are not of God. That’s why the Bible says in 1 John 4:1, “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirit whether they are of God, because many false prophets are gone out into the world.” Don’t judge the spirit of God by the size of a church, or the beauty of a church, or the miracles you see or hear of a church, 1Kings 19:11b-12 states, “And a great and strong wind rent the mountains, and break in pieces the rocks before the lord, but the Lord was not in the wind, and after the wind, an earthquake, but the lord was not in the earthquake. And after a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire, and after the fire a still small voice.” Vs 13b says, “And behold, there came a voice unto him, and said, what does thou here Elijah? The voice of the Lord was not in the wind, earthquake or fire, but in a small and still voice. Jesus


Christ was born in a manger, as a sign of humility. Not that we should keep the house of God untidy, but that we should know that all good things do not come from the house of Herod (the Mighty) alone, but that your godfather can be the one you see as the least among you. Peter was the least of the Apostles of Christ; he was a fisherman, but in the ministry, he was the greatest. So pray that God should show you his true servant that your tithes of tithes should go to. Don’t just make the decision on your own, for the sake of the sheep he has given you to lead, because you shall give account of each one of them. THE BENEFIT: There was a very rich man, he was rich in houses, land, chains of businesses, but had just a son and a slave, and this son was living a reckless life. One day, the rich man died. At the appointed day, the son was called upon for the reading of the Will. The son was to choose just one out of his father’s properties and leave the rest to the slave. The boy could not decide immediately so he had to fix another date. He was thinking of what to do, while the slave was eating, drinking and growing fat. On the appointed day, everyone gathered to hear what the boy was going to say. The boy .looked so learn and un-kempt, while the slave was riding on a horse with body guards. The boy begged the chief of the town to give him some more days, the slave was so angry at the boy’s request, but still the boy’s request was granted by the chief. The boy then went to a man of God, he was sorry for his sins, and gave his life to Christ. The man of God now advised him on what to do; he went back to the chief and a day was fixed, people gathered, the slave was there looking more radiant than ever. The boy greeted everyone and thanked them

for their patience. He apologised for his past life and told them that now he has given his life to Christ, and that now he wants to choose one thing out of all his father had, and he also made them to understand that the slave was also his father’s property. The last word he said was “I choose my father’s slave. The slave fell down and fainted. By choosing his father’s slave, all his father’s properties went back to him; that is wisdom from God. We allow slaves that are supposed to serve us to rule over us. If you look into the world, slaves are riding us to rule over us. If you look into the world today, slaves are riding on horses, that’re supposed to be ours, while we Christians become the slaves eating the crumbs, all of this is because we refuse to make the right choice. Joshua said to the children of Israel that made themselves slaves to their father’s idols in Joshua 24:15: “And if it seems evil unto you to serve the lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land ye dwell, but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Before you choose, I want to point out some things to you about God; He owns and controls the universe. When the rich man’s son chose his father’s slave, all his father’s property became his. If you choose Jesus Christ, all principalities and powers, such as mermaids, witches, wizards, family enemies, problems, difficulties, all and more will be under your control; they will become your slave. You will rule and reign over them because they are all your father’s property. Happy new year to total fulfillment with Christ. • Enquires: 08037187775

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Sunday January 26, 2014


The reality of the spirit Pastor

Ade-David Email:


e are number one; the greatest, strongest, prettiest champions! Daily, such proclamations boldly assert claims of supremacy. Everyone wants to be associated with a winner. Losers are those who finish less than first. In direct contrast are the words of Jesus.

“And whosoever of you will be the chiefesh, shall be servant of all. For even the son of man came not to be ministered unto but to minister, and to give His life a ransom for many (Mark 10:44&45) Jesus is the greatest – God incarnate, our messiah – but He entered History as a servant. If the kingdom is the essential reality, the truths or truths, and if all human beings are - as Jesus great awakening made Him aware they are - innately gifted with direct access to all the transforming power of the spirit, then the entire human life lies in living and enacting the Laws of the kingdom so that its birth into reality, into the structures of human society and politics and religion, into every area or human life, in fact, can be ever clearer, and more complete for that birth to occur, and go on occurring. All the forces, inner and outer that block it or could block it have to be exposed and faced as unshrinking as possible, and with as mordant and illusioned as possible.

The parable of mustard seed Jesus used this parable to explain that although Christianity has very small beginnings, it would grow into a worldwide community of believers. When you feel alone in your stand for Christ, realise that God is building a worldwide kingdom. He has faithful followers in every part of the world, and your faith, no matter how small, can join with that of others to accomplish great things. What Jesus is trying to wake us up to is depth of our own individual responsibility to be a flame of the fire or the kingdom if we do not choose to transform ourselves, then we will not simply live in misery and



relate of the Methodist Church Nigeria, His Eminence, Dr. Samuel Chukwuma Kanu Uche (JP), has frowned at the dilapidated socio-economic infrastructure nationwide, and warned the ruling class, especially the politicians, to desist forthwith from reckless, arrogant spending and affluence.

Dr Uche urged them to show zeal and determination in order to make the nation better and secured than they met it, especially in their thought, words and deed. The Prelate made the call in his sermon delivered at the investiture of the newly installed Bishop, Diocese of Lagos Mainland, Rt. Revd. Isaac Ayobami Olawuyi, at the Hoare’s Memorial Methodist Church Cathedral, Sabo, Yaba, Lagos. He warned the political class against the wrath of God, as being witnessed in certain

anxiety, we will ‘be’ misery and anxiety spreading their toxic destruction through our thoughts and actions. We’ll actively be preventing the wealth of the kingdom from flaming out everywhere and healing the “poverty of being. For Jesus, however the “poverty” of the world and of the consciousness of most of the people in it-the “godless ones who have no hope” –is not a fixed absolute, not an irremediable consequence of some original disaster. Jesus, in fact, never speaks, either in the Gospels or in the Gnostic fragments that have come down to us, of originals, his teaching, contrary to the teachings that have been derived from Him and used to manipulate frightened followers, has – for all its realism and sober awareness – nothing whatever to do with a denigration of human nature. For Jesus, every human being, however lost or destructive, is still innately divine, capable, through grace, of being divinized. The kingdom is the final reality, not sin, or inevitable evil and failure. Everything depends on the choice of the individual soul as to whether the kingdom shall become manifest in it and in the whole being or not. This relentless emphasis in Jesus’ authentic teaching on individual choice is what makes it demanding; the doctrine of “original sin”. This can offer a kind of depressive comfort to those too passive of despairing or too lazy to invite and pursue awakening. Jesus, by telling us that the kingdom is everywhere and that all human beings are given the chance to enter it if they work hard enough to transform themselves and are prepared to undergo all the necessary ordeals of initiation, implicitly derides every human comfort in defeat. He speaks of every neurotic embrace of limitation, every philosophy, secular or religious, that in any way diminishes the potential glory of the fully awakened divine human life. Jesus is always aware of how improbable his vision must sound to those who have no idea of the reality and power of the spirit, and again and again he tries, in teachings and parables, to help his listeners understand how what seems impossible to the human mind if will on its own is possible, even easy, when God’s grace is invoked. To an all – loving God,

whose one desire for humanity is to see ir realize its divine identity and origin and transform itself and the world it lives in into a garden of divine live and justice, nothing is impossible; God’s kingdom had an astonishing hidden strength of self propagation, once its existence has been embraced and its power accepted and unleashed. This Jesus tells us explicitly in the parable of the mustard seed (Mark 4:30-32): “And Jesus said, with what can we compare the kingdom of God, or what parable shall we use for it? It is like a grain of mustard seed, which, when sown upon the ground, is the smallest of seeds on earth: yet when it is sown it grows up and becomes the greatest of all shrubs and puts forth large branches. So that the birds of the air can make nests in its shade.” As in all the authentic parables of Jesus, his language works in several, sometimes contradictory, dimensions at once. On the most obvious level, Jesus is speaking in this parable about the vast hidden power of the spirit, of the tiny “seed” of God =head within each of us, which, once “sown” (really claimed and begun to be made conscious through the prayer and meditation and service), grows rapidly and becomes a large “tree” capable of sheltering and nurturing others. THE Reality of the world and of the worldly mind denies the reality of the spirit, because it cannot be seen: but, invisibly its effects grow very fast, until the whole of external reality also is transformed, and what seemed tiny “seed” has become a large, vibrant, powerful “Tree”. What makes the parable startling, however, is its subtext – one that would have been recognisable immediately to Jesus’ listeners in first century Palestine. In his natural history, the Roman author, Pliny, the elder wrote: “Mustard with its pungent taste and fiery effect is extremely beneficent for the health. It grows entirely wild. Though it is improved by being transplanted; on the other hand, when it has once been sown, it is scarcely possible to get the place free of it, as the seed when it falls germinates at once.” So, when Jesus uses the Mustard seed as the symbol of the Kingdom, he is pointing also to the way in which opening

to the realities and powers of the kingdom can dissolve the structures and orders of “ordinary” reality. As Dominic Crossan tells us in ‘Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography’: “the mustard plant is dangerous even when domesticated in the garden and is deadly when growing wild in the grain fields. Those nesting birds, which might strike us as charming, represented to ancient farmers a permanent danger to the seed and grain. In other words, it’s not just that the Mustard plant is dangerous even when domesticated in the garden and is deadly when growing wild in the grain fields. “It is that it tends to take over where it is not wanted. That it tends to get out of control where it is not wanted, and it tends to attract birds within cultivated areas, where they are not particularly desired. And that, Jesus said, was what the kingdom was like - like a pungent shrub with dangerous take - over properties.” In the same parable, Jesus is at once celebrating the miraculous power of the spirit to grow in reality, from humble beginnings and also pointing out the potentially radical, even destructive, nature of those growths. Once the power of the kingdom is unleashed in the worlds, the entire world’s tidy symmetries and controlling orders, all man-made barriers, demarcations, and socially convenient distinctions are menaced. The radiant anarchy of the spirit, whose laws of growth are divine and follow the law of divine extravagance and abundance, cannot be contained within the anxiety-driven constructions of humanity; introduced into them, they will all be overturned, disrupted, and eventually transformed beyond recognition. Once the splendour and mystery of the reality of the spirit have been acknowledged, once its law of love has been seen in all its glory, then the world’s games start to seem absurd and all the world’s passion for control and security begins to be undermined by the experience of a wild, original freedom, the freedom OF THE COMMON-AS MUCK MUSTARD SEED. Your Steward,


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Methodist Prelate warns politicians against rage of God •Laments poor infrastructure nationwide parts of the African continent and globally. Delving on 2014, he quoted extensively from Bible injunctions, specifically on the arrogance and stubbornness of King Pharaoh to the divine call of God on the deliverance and release of the Israelites in which God proved his mightiness and his eventual grace to fulfil his age long promise after forgiving them, having been in bondage for 430 years. He therefore pleaded for their divine holiness with God in their respective calling, especially with their time, talents and treasures to ameliorate the suffering of others. The Prelate warned Nigerians, including the clergy, against meddling in financial mess and the divine expectations of God and the society.

Dr. Uche called on the leaders and the ministers alike, to remain fervent as front burners for Christ in their dogged strides to win souls for Christ through perfect holiness and genuine rapport with all concerned. He enjoined the clergy to live above board and to create such a virile road map for genuine and continued membership drive and positive growth of membership and improved financial expansion of the Church. Congratulating the newly installed Bishop Olawuyi and his family on their achievements so far, he was quick to advise them against derailment of their ministry, but to functionally partner with God at all times in holiness and better cooperation and understanding with the congregation.

The Prelate pleaded for continued genuine, constructive, meaningful advice to improve the diocese and the entire Methodist Church Nigeria to reposition them for the millennium expectations of all. Dr. Uche, however, called on all to renew their faith in God, especially by renouncing cultism and any secret society as there was no other power supreme over God. In his remarks while fielding questions from journalists, Bishop Olawuyi expressed his profound gratitude to God, the entire Methodist Church community on his family and his achievements for far, especially through their cooperation and determination for his success at all times. He reiterated the need for the leaders to ameliorate the problems of the masses with adequate job opportunities and improved economy.


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Sunday January 26, 2014

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It’s normal to see your father’s nakedness

(The Coach) Pastor Moses A Omogbehin


ust as any child can directly or mistakenly see his parents’ nakedness, which is both normal, so also any man (believer, worker, follower, Pastor, Minister and General Overseer) can directly, indirectly or mistakenly see the Father’s nakedness, which is also normal. What is abnormal is to announce it directly or mistakenly in order to spite them publicly.

The Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary defines “naked” as not wearing any clothes.” •Without the usual covering. •To express yourself strongly, and not hidden. •Unable to protect from being harmed, criticised, etc. In this write-up, we are talking about spiritual nakedness. Spiritual nakedness could be defined as a situation where evil deed, reaction, negative attitude, errors, etc. are revealed to the individuals. Ordinarily, there is nothing so special, bad, directly or when individual saw their father’s nakedness (error, mistakes, evil deed, reaction, misbehaviour, ungodly attitude, negative attitude etc). However, announcing it publicly or acting upon what you have heard or seen in a way that betrays the trust between you and the “naked father” can bring a curse. One of the main and major ways an individual can touch and do a prophet harm, according to the Bible, is to see your father’s nakedness and announce it publicly. “Saying, touch not mine anointed and do my prophets no harm.” Ps. 105:15 Note this, there are levels and there are

Holy Inquiry with Pastor Paul

Nkirukah E-mail:

Dear Pastor, I want to get something very clear: does it mean that God no longer answers prayer? If it is not true, why is it that there are certain things I have been asking God, for which I have prayed, fasted and done everything humanly possible, yet nothing has happened. Why? But the Bible says ‘God answers prayer’. -Justine, Calabar. Dear Reader, I doubt whether you read and digest your Bible. Do you even believe that the Bible is the word of God? From my understanding of your question or complaint above, it is clear that you have been making supplications to God over certain things, which God has not answered. Your conclusion is that God no longer answers prayer. But I can prove ito you that it is not yet over. If I may ask, are you sure what you are asking God is in line with the word of God? I

•but it’s divine curse to announce it publicly higher levels. There are grace and there are higher grace, there is anointing and there is higher anointing. There are shoes, yet shoes have various qualities, shapes and sizes. We are all called but some are both called and chosen. We are all men of God; some are men and servants of God. There are some men of God that are not just called, but having called them, God made a “covenant with them”; beware of such men of God. Even though you see their nakedness, don’t ever announce it. Then you may ask: Man of God, when I see such, what would I do? •The best which is the greatest any man can do for his spiritual father (leader) is to first of all, appreciate the love of God over the life of such man of God. For how far God has used the man in the time past, the way God is using him and the way God has ordained to use him in the future to come. •Ask or make prayer to enquire about who is in charge of the situation, it is God or devil. Because it is possible, for what you saw or what man see as his nakedness (error, mistake, or misbehaviour etc) may be God in action to prove a particular point for the moment or for the season. Be very careful. Read Hosea 1:1-11. •iii. •Having made an enquiry from God, if the situation is of God, pray that God’s will would be done hastily, but if it is of the devil, you can begin to pray and fast for the man of God that the devil’s activities will not prevail concerning him. •If the man of God is close enough to you, go and ask him some questions by applying wisdom not to condemn him. But make sure you commit his heart unto the hand of God before you make a move. Ensure you are led to go to him. If you are not led, just pray and fast on his behalf and see

what God of Heaven would do. If you are not led and still believe you want to talk or ask him some questions, make sure you pray very well before leaving and act in wisdom, not in foolishness. Let us see an example of covenant leaders: •Abraham (man of God, G. O. Father, etc.) in the Bible. Ps. 105:5-10. “Remember his marvellous works that he hath done; his wonders, and the judgement of his mouth; O ye seed of Abraham his servant, ye children of Jacob his chosen. He is the Lord our God: his judgements are in all the earth. He hath remembered his covenant he commanded to a thousand generations, which covenant he made with Abraham, and his oath unto Isaac; and confirmed the same unto Jacob for a law, and to Israel for an everlasting covenant.” •Note again what the Lord has to say specifically concerning this covenant man Abraham: •“And said, by myself have I sworn, saith the Lord, for because thou hast done this thing, and has not withheld thy son, thine only son: That in blessing I will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies; And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou hast obeyed my voice.” Gen. 22:16-18 Abraham was in covenant walk with God of Heaven, he committed some mistakes, errors, he took an ungodly attitude, etc. Let us consider just any one among these ungodly attitudes, which is lie. He lied to Abimelech that Sarah was his sister. Let me ask you this question. Did God ever rebuke Abraham for telling Abimelech that Sarah was his sister or for telling lies to Abimelech in the presence of Abimelech? No! Did God ever approve lying

directly or by any wisdom (indirectly)? No! God rather punished Abimelech for the sin he did not commit directly or intentionally. Man of God, Founder and General Overseer and followers, be careful of covenant men, I mean, those you call fathers, those who God has placed ahead of you as a leader in the kingdom. Covenant men are real, they are all around the places. They may not be popular, rich, educated and sometimes they may even possess all the adjectives mentioned. Just be careful, be very sensitive, be meek and fear God in your judgement. “And Abraham said of Sarah his wife, she is my sister: and Abimelech the king of Gerar sent and took Sarah. But God came to Abimelech in a dream by night, and said to him; Behold, thou art but a dead man, for the woman which thou hast taken; for she is a man’s wife. But Abimelech had not come near her: and she said, Lord, wilt thou slay also a righteous nation? Said he not unto me, she is my sister? And she, even herself said, he is my brother: in the integrity of my heart and innocency of my hands I have done this. And God said unto him in a dream, yea, I know that thou didst this in the integrity of thy heart; for I also withheld thee from sinning against me: therefore, suffered I thee not to touch her. Now therefore restore the man his wife; for he is a prophet and he shall pray for thee, and thou shalt live; and if thou restore her not, know thou that thou shalt surely die, thou and all that are thine. Gen. 20:2-7. Just as God cannot lie or fail so also God will ever protect His covenant and those men he had made covenant with. To be continued •Write and share your testimony with me through : Covenant and fulfillment ministries at our Corporate office 10, Onwuasoigwe close, off Oguntoyinbo Crescent , hostel Bus/Stop, Egbe, Lagos, Nigeria. Tel: 08034980921, 08054120540

How long does it take God to answer prayer? am asking to know because God does not and cannot answer unrighteous prayer. Any request that is not in line with the word of God may not be answered because it is an unrighteous prayer. Even if it is in line with the word of God, have you not read in the scripture that there is time and season for everything? {Ecclesiastes 3: 1} So don’t conclude yet, If you are convinced that your prayer or request is in line with the word of God, hold on to faith and wait for your turn. Let us examine the scriptures below for a better understanding if truly you believe that the scripture is the word of God. Numbers 23: 19 reads: God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? Or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good? Hebrews 6: 13-18 reads: ‘For when God made promise to Abraham, because he could swear by no greater, he sware by himself, 14 Saying, surely blessing I will bless thee, and multiplying I will multiply thee, 15 And so, after he had patiently endured, he obtained the promise, 16 for men verily swear by the greater: and an oath for confirmation is to them an end of all strife, 17 Wherein God, willing

more abundantly to shew unto the heirs of promise the immutability of his counsel, confirm it by an oath: 18 that by two immutable things, in which it was impossible for God to lie, we might have a strong consolation, who have fled for refuge to lay hold upon the hope set before us. My dear, except you don’t believe that the Bible is the word of God, if you truly believe that the Bible, then you will agree with me that the above scriptures have not only answered your question but also made you to understand that for the fact that God has not granted your request does not mean He will not answer you. There are some requests you make to your father and he takes his time to grant. He will not grant it immediately even where you want it granted right away because he has the means. Same applies to our heavenly father, the mighty God. However, let me also remind you that there are so many reasons why God may not have answered your prayer, but time will not permit me to state all. Below are some scriptures to give you a very clear understanding of what I mean. Lamentation 3: 39 and verse 42 - 44 read: Wherefore doth a living man com-

plain, a man for the punishment of his sins? 43 We have transgressed and have rebelled: thou hast not pardoned, 43 Thou hast covered with anger, and persecuted us: thou hast slain, thou hast not pitied, 44 Thou hast covered thyself with a cloud that our prayer should not pass through. Jeremiah 5: 23 -25 also reads: But this people hath a rebellious heart; they are revolted and gone, 24 Neither say they in their heart, let us now fear the LORD our God, that giveth rain, both the former and latter, in his season: he reserveth unto us the appointed weeks of the harvest, 25 Your iniquities have turned away these things, and your sins have withholden good things from you. The above scripture has said it all, so please examine your life carefully and make amendment if need be. But most importantly, the Bible warned that you should have faith in God since without faith, it is impossible to please God. It is very obvious that you are but a man of little faith; if you have faith as the word of God demined, you would not be complaining the way you are doing. Your faith should have told you that complaint is as a result of doubt, and doubt is an evidence of unbelief.

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Sunday Janaury 26, 2014


Thoughts on bloodied Rivers Kayode K Fasua (08034101207; SMS only, pls)


hruways of long stretches cutting across communities are to be found from time to time; as aesthetically built school structures. With lush green lawn for pupils to regale, sommersault, and engage in sport, Port Harcourt public schools are as though a little London is descended. This is aside from other public structures in the garden city, depicting a sanitised public environment which is far-fetched in many other places in the country. Again, the madding scoots and derring-do concomitant with commercial motorcycle operators, popularly called okada riders, are no more than anaethema as such can no longer be afforded, so as not to compromise new Port Harcourt.

But what this capital city of Rivers State has gained in the form of commendable performance of Governor Rotimi Amaechi, it has in the present, been losing them in allure, to the raging political fiasco between the Amaechi government and the Presidency. The orchestrated, intractable disagreement between Port Harcourt and Aso Rock, in the real sense of the word, is primarily a product of disaffection between President Goodluck Jonathan and Governor Amaechi. But to exhibit dispassion in the battle of wits between the President and the governor

is to go down memory lane and know when what could have remained merely a cold war, actually degenerated to an open fight. That time really was when the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, attended a public function with the governor in her native home of Okrika in Rivers State. There, she allegedly snatched the microphone from the governor, accusing him of dictatorial tendencies. She reportedly shouted at Amaechi; “Listen to me, you should stop using the word ‘must’; I am from Okrika, you MUST (emphasis mine) use diplomacy.” Apart from that, there was an occasion when Amaechi had a face-ff with the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Chief Godsday Orubebe. The governor had pilloried the Federal Government for abandoning the East-West Road project, which upon completion, should traverse the six states of the Niger Delta. In a swift reaction, Orubebe denied the accusation of dumping the road project but did much to fire back at the governor’s perceived peskiness and insubordination. In responding, he accused Amaechi of reckless talks and of disrespecting the President. Granted that Amaechi was unable to come to terms with the First Lady over what sources described as the latter’s displeasure with ‘arbitrary demolition of structures’ in her Okrika native home, at what point did the President become known to be unhappy with Amaechi? A blogger sympathising with the President once remarked that Amaechi has never seen Jonathan’s emergence from a deputy governor to a governor, to a Vice President and finally, to a President as having

any divine connection, but only sees his meteoric rise as borne out of sheer opportunistic politics common with the Niger Delta zone. But this suggestion may have been jaundiced by Amaechi’s circumstances, as he became a governor through a Supreme Court declaration which says only a political party can win an election, not its fielded candidate. Before the conduct of the 2007 Rivers governorship election, Amaechi who was then the Speaker of the House of Assembly had been picked as the candidate of ruling Peoples Democratic Party; but at the last minute, his name was substituted with that of his cousin, Celestine Omehia, with excuse that Amaechi’s case ‘get k-leg’. Amaechi headed for court to fight his case; he lost both at the lower court and the Court of Appeal before the apex court in the land, the Supreme Court, dropped the bombshell that sacked Omehia and returned Amaechi as duly elected. This is history, anyway. At the moment, the root cause of the Amaechi/Presidency brouhaha is still as controversial as the possible solution to the festering crises in Rivers. Many times, the state’s House of Assembly had been desecrated with combatants separately loyal to the President and Amaechi turning the House to a theatre of war. The state’s lawmakers, some of who have now become lawbreakers, according to reports, now move around with daggers, guns and other dangerous weapons, either for self-protection or sheer assault. Lately too, the embattled Majority Leader of the House, Lloyd Chidi, an Amaechi loyalist, was arrested over allegation that he ran

over a political enemy with his bullet-proof car. A few weeks ago, Senator Magnus Abe nearly lost his life as he was shot by a trigger-happy riot policeman during a rally in the Rivers’ capital city. Yet another dramatic dimension to the Rivers’ cul-de-sac is the alleged complicity of the state’s Commissioner of Police, Joseph Mbu, who is being accused of being the Presidency’s Man Friday in the discharge of his assignment. Again, Amaechi is equally at war with the Education Minister, Nyesom Wike, who was once his Chief of Staff before he stepped up. He is accusing him of being an abiding Judas in the ongoing battle. But in rummaging through the haystack, to find an antidote to the Rivers political rumpus-which has now cascaded to a social disorder, the factor of an Amaechi who has defected from the PDP to rival All Progressives Congress, APC, makes the road to a re-union look like the legendary un-tarred road to hell. Only last week, the newly appointed chairman of PDP, Bauchiborn ex-Governor Adamu Muazu, was heard appealing to defectors to the APC to return to their ‘home’, the PDP. If with the gift of unmatched panache in intra-party crisis resolution, Muazu can persuade Amaechi and the five other governors who left the PDP to retrace their steps, the Rivers conundrum may after all thaw and give way to peaceful co-habitation. But if Amaechi fails to return to PDP, should that also suggest that peace should not return to Rivers, especially the beautiful city of Port Harcourt? That city is now like a belle, seated under duress, on a cushion filled with spikes.

Jonathan bashing: What does Nda-Isaiah want? NICHOLAS IKEJIANI


n Monday, January 13, 2014, Sam Nda-Isaiah, owner of the Leadership newspaper, published an article in his “Last Word” back page column that has stirred interest in political circles. The article, titled ‘Is The President Aware That $10.8b Is Still Missing?’ ended on page 10 of the newspaper where Nda-Isaiah signed off with a characteristic slur against President Goodluck Jonathan. In the last sentence of the article, Nda-Isaiah stated, “Anyone, no matter who that person is, who wants President Jonathan to govern Nigeria beyond 2015 is an enemy of the Nigerian state.”

While Nda-Isaiah has no authority to declare anyone “an enemy of the Nigerian state” for being a supporter of President Jonathan, the mere fact that he desires to do so is deeply disturbing. This is more so for a newspaper publisher who should be in the forefront of the defence of freedom of expression. Moreover, it is freedom of expression that has allowed Nda-Isaiah himself to grow a lucrative, albeit, ignoble career out of pouring vituperations on governors and presidents from the tenure of former President Olusegun Obasanjo, through the late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua era to the administration of the incumbent, President Goodluck Jonathan. Nda-Isaiah, who is a pharmacist by training, became active on the media scene

about a decade ago through venomous opinion articles written mostly against then President Obasanjo. The articles were often published on the back page of Daily Trust and some online forums. Nda-Isaiah launched Leadership in 2004 and continued in the same malicious vein against the late President Yar’Adua and has reached his apogee since President Jonathan assumed power. In the light of this track record, it is pertinent to ask what exactly Nda-Isaiah wants to achieve. The answer, if his stepped up campaign of calumny against President Jonathan is any indication, is to take a crack at the presidency in 2015. Nda-Isaiah, who in the past, had served as a spokesman for the three-time presidential candidate, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd), is clearly no longer content to be a mouthpiece for another power seeker. In a 2012 interview with, an online media outlet, he did not discountenance reports that he was considering a run for the presidency in 2015. Instead, Nda-Isaiah said, “Let me put it this way on a serious note. If I am going to make a foray into politics as you said, I have to see a very clear path. I will not just go in and just become a part of the statistics of what has happened.” But this month, he has finally unravelled about his presidential ambition in The Union newspaper interview of January 19, 2014 at pages 11 and 32, wherein he

said: “Tinubu, Buhari Can’t Impose Candidates on APC.” While he is free to seek any elective office of his choice, it appears however—judging from the quantum of negative write-ups he has done against President Jonathan in the last six months alone—that Nda-Isaiah has seen a clear path to his objective by way of misrepresentations, indecorous language and outright dissimulation. It should also be added that it has now become public knowledge that Nda-Isaiah’s brand of opinion-writing and newspapering combines an inordinate dose of chicanery with outright blackmail. In February 2013, Governor Ibrahim Geidam of Yobe State revealed in a widely circulated and published letter that, “Since November 2011, we have been victims of…blackmail.” An excerpt of Governor Geidam’s letter reads: “We are writing to call the public’s attention to the disturbingly unethical practices of (the) publisher and chairman of Abuja-based…newspaper. Since November 2011, we have been victims of…blackmail. He has committed grave ethical infractions that strike at the very core of the integrity of journalism. We feel obligated to state the facts because we are concerned that (the publisher’s) brand of journalism will expose the profession to ridicule. The publisher has decided on a deliberate editorial policy to fabricate lies against us, ridicule our institutions, pillory our achievements and maliciously

libel our functionaries all because we refused to yield to his unceasing demand for advertisement patronage.” From the foregoing, it is clear that once the publisher does not obtain the favour he seeks from elected officials, he turns his venom on them in a bid to bend them to his will. Unfortunately for him, his latest foray along the lines of his peculiar brand of journalism has drawn the ire of the Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Board of Trustees, Chief Tony Anenih. In a private letter sent to the publisher, which was promptly published in the Friday, January 24, 2014 edition of the newspaper, Anenih wrote, “Though politics has eaten deep into, and ruined the socio-cultural fabric of Nigeria, I urge you and other influential Nigerians in the media to put the interest of the nation first in your publications over and above personal interest and selfish political and sectional agenda which are capable of heating up the polity and leading to pernicious division in our nation.” It is good and well that a man of Anenih’s political stature and maturity has spoken up to call the publisher and others of his ilk to order. For the fact that they so desperately want to wrest power from those currently serving in various positions should never be an excuse to throw the nation into chaos. • Ikejiani sent this piece from Port Harcourt, Rivers State.


North News

Sunday January 26, 2014

Sunday Mirror

Former Kano poly rector’s credentials questionable –Panel AKEEM BOLAJI KANO


Visitation Panel, set up by Kano State Government to investigate allegations leveled against the former rector of the Kano State Polytechnic, Professor Yusuf Alhassan, has observed that his academic credentials were doubtful. The panel stated that this automatically disqual-

ified him from occupying the exalted position of a rector of the Polytechnic. This was contained in a nine volume report on the polytechnic`s activities from 2010-2013, presented by the chairman of the panel, Engr. A.T. Abdullahi to Governor Rabi`u Musa Kwankwaso at the Government House on Friday night. Presenting the report, Dr. A.T. Abdullahi explained that during the

course of its assignment that lasted nine weeks, the panel invited the rector to present his credentials for verification, but instead he brought photocopies of his academic certificates that were not relevant and authentic, adding that the proof of his Professorship could not be established. According to the panel`s investigations, it was observed that although N976 million was supposed to

have been generated from the sale of scratch cards and students` registration from 2010-2013, but N846 million was not accounted for. It therefore advised government to set up a committee to investigate the missing funds. Dr. Abdullahi who is a former deputy governor of the state disclosed that the panel felt disappointed with the ways and manners the management account of

L-R: Minister of Interior, Comrade Abba Moro; Commandant-General, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), Dr. Ade Abolurin; Katsina State Governor, Ibrahim Shema and others, cutting the tape to inaugurate the NSCDC College of Peace, Conflict Resolution and Disaster Management at Babbar-Ruga in Katsina at the weekend. PHOTO: NAN

Kwankwaso appeals for support from non-indigenes AKEEM BOLAJI KANO


overnor Rabi`u Musa Kwankwaso of Kano State has appealed to leaders of Kano non-indigenes Forum to support the state government in its crusade against illicit drugs. Kwankwaso who made the plea during a meeting with the Kano non-indigenes stakeholders at the Government House Kano

yesterday, said the government was not opposing the sale of authorized drugs rather the dealers of hard drugs from any community in the state. He pointed out that anybody selling such drugs was an enemy of the society, adding that, “Peace will never be achieved in a place where people are addicted to hard drugs”. The governor disclosed that a lot of progress was currently ongoing at Sab-

on- Gari Areas of the state where most of these nonindigenes reside, adding, that water and clinic problems bedeviling the area would soon be addressed. He also commended them for supporting his government and prayed the spirit would remain alive. Earlier, leader of the delegation, Dr. Boniface Ibekwe commended the state government for the construction of road net-

work at Sabon- Gari and other projects embarked upon by the governor. He further appealed to Governor Kwankwaso to provide more to the area which he said is in view of its economic importance. Chief Ibekwe further intimated the governor that Kano non-indigenes, especially those living in Sabon-Gari area of the state were hundred percent in support of his administration.

Increase child spacing funds, group urges Yero A ZA MSUE KADUNA


coalition of advocates on reproductive health have called on Kaduna state governor, Mukhtar Ramalan Yero to increase funding of childbirth spacing services. It also called for timely releases of same to ensure quality delivery of the services in the state. At the end of a two-day strategic planning and organisational develop-

ment workshop, the group lamented how annual budgetary allocations at the local government level meant for child spacing commodities and services were not released. This they said would continue to keep Nigeria’s maternal mortality ratio high. Vice-Chairman of the group, Malam Shehu Makarfi who applauded the creation of budget line for child spacing at the local government level in Kaduna State, said one mil-

lion naira was inadequate to cater for the needs of pregnant women in each Local Government Area. He therefore called on the authorities concerned to act in favour of the health of women. The group also called for the passage of Free Maternal and Child Health Bill into law to ensure safe motherhood in the state. Also speaking, the Kaduna State team leader of Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Ini-

tiative, NURHI, Mallam Kabir Abdullahi said the support by NURHI and other partners to Kaduna State Government in recent years had assisted in changing the safe motherhood landscape in Nigeria. He said since the commencement of NURHI project more women had accessed childbirth spacing services and commodities, especially the modern method - a practice that was initially seen as a taboo in some areas.

the Kano State Polytechnic was being run, lamenting that it was on record that out of the N18.5 million collected as Information and Communication Technology (ICT) charged in 2013, only N8.8 million was recorded, which he said was spent irregularly. Similarly, the N13 million collected as JAMB regularization fees for 2013 was not lodged in the bank but spent irregularly, the panel’s report said. The panel further observed that three weeks before the former rector, Yusuf Sule Gaya handed over to the incumbent, Professor Alhassan in November 2012, the former awarded contracts worth N267.6 million, while the latter awarded five contracts worth N95 million in 2013, all of which appeared irregular and the panel recommended that this should be investigated. ccording to the panel, other irregularities were

payment of unapproved furniture allowances to the former rector, principal officers and directors as well as payment of 14 days estacode at 360 US Dollars (N54, 000) daily to the former rector to travel out to Saudi Arabia on terminal leave. Lamenting on the over admission in many programs of the polytechnic which the chairman said indicted quest for polytechnic education, the panel recommended that the institution should be split into three and located in the three senatorial districts, namely, Kano, Gwarzo, and Rano respectively Responding, Governor Kwankwaso assured the panel that the state government would go through all its recommendations and complaints and take appropriate action without fear or favor. He also thanked the panel members for dedication of the time spent to investigate the situation of the school.

2015: We’ll produce Eggon candidate –Youths leader IGBAWASE UKUMBA LAFIA


head of the 2015 governorship election in Nasarawa State, national president of the Eggon Youths Movement (EYM), Daniel Anyuabaga Yaro, has said the Majority Eggon ethnic nationality in the state will produce a candidate to contest in the forth-coming governorship election. Yaro made the decision of the group known yesterday while interacting with journalists in Lafia, the state capital, shortly after emerging from a peace meeting held between the leadership of the EYM and the Alago ethnic nationality. The Eggon and the Alago ethnic groups had in the recent past engaged each other in some fierce communal violence that had led to the death of several people, and destructions of property in their major settlements of Obi, Asakio and TudunAdabu of the state. His words: “I want to say it categorically clear that we; the Eggon ethnic nationality in Nasarawa state, are going to produce an Eggon candidate in the 2015 governorship election in the state. Leadership

comes from God; and if God says we are going to be the next governor of the state, nobody can stop it.” He debunked insinuations that the Eggons had engaged in crisis because they wanted to harness the political leadership of the state arguing thus: “I want to say that we have a Senator, two House of Representatives members, five state House of Assembly members and a minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. All of the aforementioned persons are Eggons and there was no crisis before they got it.” On efforts by the group at ensuring that peace returned in the state that was recently engulfed in communal crisis, the youths leader said that the Eggon youths had been meeting on a regular basis with youths of other ethnic nationalities in the state to ensure that peace is permanently returned to the state. “Eggon community and other tribes in the state have discovered that for them to allow this crisis to continue, they will be at a negative receiving end hence the need to see to an immediate and permanent return of peace in our various communities in the state,” he maintained.

Sunday Mirror

South News

Sunday January 26, 2014


ACP directives to NASS members callous –APGA boss


he All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), has described the directive by the All Progressives Congress (APC) to its members in the National Assembly to block all Executive Bills, including the 2014 Budget, as callous and unpatriotic. Reacting to the APC directive through his Special Assistant (Media), Mr. Stan Okeke, the National Chairman of APGA, Chief Victor Umeh, described it as insen-

sitive on the part of APC in giving such a directive that would cripple economic activities in the country. He stated that it was highly regrettable that the APC which prides itself as the main opposition, had resorted to acts capable of promoting anarchy and instability in a country it is hoping to govern. “We had in the past alerted Nigerians about the undemocratic credentials of APC, as the

party is a conglomerate of odd characters and undemocratic elements, as well as former coup plotters who overthrew democratically elected governments in Nigeria,” Umeh asserted, adding that APC therefore cannot be expected to have respect for democracy. The APGA chairman observed that the crisis in Rivers State which the APC hinged its directive on, and indeed in other parts of the country, were all instigated

by the party. According to Umeh, the people of Rivers never at any time in the history of the state, voted for ACN nor the CPC or the ANPP which came together to form the APC. “The present annexure of Rivers State by the APC is a usurpation of the mandate of the people of Rivers State to the PDP in the last general election. The crisis in the state can also be traced to the resistance of the people of the state to the

strange direction of their affairs by a political party that they did not give their mandate to”, Umeh stated. Umeh said the APC had used a tactic of brainwashing and inciting people who were never elected through their platform, to defect to their fold. He pointed out that similar flashpoints and crisis could be found in Imo, Adamawa, Kano, Kwara and Sokoto states, where the elements in the present

APC never won any election, but have their governments taken over by the APC, in clear breach of the constitution. “It is ridiculous to hear the APC complain of constitutional breaches when they are clearly aware that the purported defection of National Assembly lawmakers to the APC was a clear breach of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which they are shamelessly flaunting,” Umeh added.



L-R: Anambra State Deputy Governor-elect, Dr. Nkem Okeke; Governor-elect, Dr. Willie Obiano and Governor Peter Obi, at inaugural seminar on values and leadership for elected local government chairmen and councillors in the state, at Awka at the weekend. PHOTO: NAN

Ondo APC gears up for bye-election


he All Progressives Congress (APC) in the coastal area of Ondo State has decided forge coser ties as various groups and factions in the party closed ranks to ensure success ahead of the coming bye-election in the area The party at a recent meeting summoned and presided over by Dr. Tai Malumi also witnessed mass defection of Labour Party members in Ilaje local government to the party. Speaking at the occasion Dr. Malumi said he summoned the meeting to resolve all pending grievances among the various

groups and factions in the party and the need for them to be united and work for the success of the party. The groups are Ilaje Democratic Forum (IDF) and Legacy Group which comprised leaders of defunct various political parties that make up the APC merger in the area Dr. Malumi who described the coming House of Representative bye-election in Ilaje/Ese-odo federal constituency as a testing ground for PDP, LP and APC, was however optimistic that the APC candidate will be victorious at the poll. He said for the party to

succeed, all hands must be on deck stressing that splitting the party into groups of factions will do the party more harm than good. The APC chieftain advised all aspirants vying for the House of Representative bye-election under the platform of the party to be of good conduct and remain steadfast to the cause of the party. Dr. Malumi affirmed that all the groups and factions possess necessary qualities and political clouts needed for any party to excel but said they could only be useful to the party when they come together

and work like a team. Some of the party chieftains in attendance were former chairman of OSOPADEC, Chief Adewale Omojuwa, former chairman Ilaje local government Hon. Adebambo Odoro, former Vice Chairman of Ilaje local government Hon. Nbe Tawose, former PDP Senatorial leader in Ondo South, Ayebo Taiwo, former Secretary to Ilaje local government, Hon. Adamson Orowole, APC acting woman leader in the area, Mrs. Ogunfeyinmi, and Hon. Lucky Ayedatiwa among others.

Floods: Lagos allays fear, intensifies effort to fix canals MURITALA AYINLA


s the rainy season approaches with fears in some parts of the metropolis due to its attendant flooding, the Lagos State government yesterday said it has intensified efforts to clear drainage channels and construct canals to ensure flood-free season in the year 2014.

Speaking after monitoring the January edition of the monthly environmental sanitation exercise in Ajeromi Ifelodun Local Development Area, the state Commissioner for the Environment, Mr. Tunji Bello, who gave the assurance appealed to residents of the state not to panic over the persistent heavy rainfall and the attendant flooding.

He said the government has put in place measures to curtail its effects. He said: “In the last two years, the state has not witnessed any major flood case. And it is due to the efforts of the people and the relevant agencies. What we did last year, we will do more this year. We have pre, mid and post rain cleaning. We will sustain that. Our plans are already

on ground. And we are ready to work towards it. “We have started the cleaning and we have deployed all the relevant agencies especially Emergency Flood Abatement Department. You will begin to see some of them on the road. So we will intensify on that. In the next few weeks, we will commence major desilting of the drainage and canals in the state”.

he Ijaw Youth Congress, IYC, yesterday postponed its executive election saying that the group would issue a new date for the election in two weeks and notify the public when a date is chosen. This was disclosed by the Public Relations Officer of Ijaw National Congress Mr. Victor Burubo who was also the Chairman of the electoral committee of IYC at Okrika the proposed venue of the election. According to Burubo, the Electoral Committee was prepared to conduct the election with ballot papers and all the electoral materials but a new development came up as the election could not hold. He further said, Chief Ateke Tom who was their host had told them that he

spoke with an Ijaw elder Chief Edwin Clark who assured that he would conduct the election in a fatherly way as he would ensure a free and fair election. “As you can observe the election can no longer hold in this vicinity, we came to conduct the election but there is a new development, our host Chief Ateke Tom has spoken with an Ijaw elder, Chief Edwin Clark on phone who said he would handle the election by himself as a father as Election Committee members we came here to conduct election we cannot force them”, he said. The Election Committee chairman maintained that the group did not receive any court order restraining them from conducting the election as he was at the INC office but did not receive a court order stopping them.

Ijaw laud Isoko on election of Gen. Omu as leader


he Ijaw Monitoring Group has described the election of General Paul Omu (retd.) as the new President- General of the Isoko Development Union (IDU) as a blessing to the people of Isoko land. In a congratulatory message signed by Comrade Joseph Evah on behalf of IMG, the Ijaws saluted what it described as the popular decision of the Isokos to put forward one of “Africa’s best strategist in military tactics and an unblemished public servant as the leader of one of the richest ethnic nationalities in Nigeria”. The IMG in the statement said “We are proud to say during the debate for

the creation of Delta state, General Omu was the point man at the Armed Forces Ruling Council (AFRC) under Gen Ibrahim Babangida military government. We are also aware that he was betrayed when the capital of Delta state was announced to the world but we thank God that his struggle and sleepless nights to see Delta state created in his lifetime was not in vain. “The emergence of Gen. Omu as leader of the Isoko nation is a new dawn in Isoko land and we urge all the people particularly politicians to cooperate with him to promote the economic and social life, as well as the identity of the people”, Evah stated.


Sunday, January 26, 2014

From the Civil Service

Kaduna to establish waste recycling firm –Yero


he Kaduna State Government is collaborating with some foreign and home-based companies to establish a waste recycling firm as part of efforts to create wealth. Governor Muktar Yero gave the assurance while flagging off the state’s monthly environmental sanitation at PZ, Sabongari, Zaria. Yero, who was represented by the state Commissioner for Environment, Alhaji Kasimu Lawal, said that when established, the recycling plant would eliminate heaps of refuse from the streets. “Negotiation to establish a waste recycling firm, in collaboration with some foreign and home-based companies, has reached an advanced stage.

Sunday Mirror

“This company when actualised will, no doubt, assist in making our environment clean,” Yero said. The governor appealed to the state residents to support the government’s efforts in ensuring a conducive, habitable and diseasefree environment. Yero said that his administration had introduced daily cleaning of major roads in six additional local government areas to enhance sanitation. He also announced that the government had set up a committee to check building on waterways. The Permanent Secretary in the state’s Ministry of Environment, Alhaji Ahmad Abdu, said that the event was aimed at encouraging the residents to clean their environments.

NDLEA arrests former lawmaker in Adamawa T

he Adamawa command of the National Drugs Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) on Saturday confirmed the arrest of an ex-lawmaker in possession of 81.9 kilogrammes of cannabis sativa (Indian hemp). Confirming the arrest to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Yola,

the state NDLEA Commander, Alhaji Hassan Zungeru, said the suspect was charged to court. ``The suspect, a former lawmaker is being prosecuted at the Federal High Court, Yola,” Zungeru said. Zungeru said the former Assemblyman, who was in the State Assem-

bly in 1992, was arrested with the exhibit in Jada town. ``Following intelligence report of suspicious illicit activities by the ex-lawmaker, the agency after several months of monitoring, finally arrested him,” Zungeru said. The commander com-

mended the courts in Yola for their demonstration of professionalism in the acceleration and prosecution of drug suspects. He mentioned shortage of personnel and patrol vehicles as the major challenges facing the agency in Adamawa. The NDLEA has nine area offices in Adamawa

FG launches initiative on women empowerment MARCUS FATUNMOLE ABUJA


n an attempt to minimize growing economic burdens of women in Nigeria, the Federal Government on Monday launched an initiative expected to provide jobs for women across states of the federation. The project, tagged girls and women initiatives, GWIN, in the water sector, “is an initiative by the federal government to create new ways of reaching the poorest girls and women by enhancing the already existing opportunities and openings to support and increase the number of girls and women gainfully employed in the water sector,” said Minister of Water Resources, Mrs Sarah Ochekpe, while launching the project in Abuja. The project, according to the minister was conceived in 2012 as a product of collaboration with development part-

ners from diverse sectors of the economy. Five Ministries were listed as pilot ministries for the initiative namely water resources, agriculture, communication, works and health. Mrs Ochekpe noted that women and girls faced huge challenge of accessing safe water in the country. She therefore urged would-be beneficiaries of the project to exhibit high sense of ownership of the programme. The initiative, she stressed, was capable of providing women with requisites for leadership in water management in the country. Her words: “The idea behind the project therefore is to create employment and generate wealth for economic empowerment through the provision of water kiosk, public sanitation facilities and enhance the capacity of women and girls to own and upscale such facilities on an economic basis.”

L-R: Beneficiary, Mrs. Susan Jideofor; Head, Small Scale Enterprises, National Directorate of Employment (NDE), Enugu, Mrs. Nneka Onyeji and PHOTO: NAN State Coordinator, Mr. Eke Iroegbu, at the NDE micro credit disbursement recently.

...nabs undergraduate with 1.7kg of cannabis OLUSEGUN KOIKI


he National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, said it has arrested a 20year old undergraduate at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, MMIA, Lagos for importing 1.745 kilogrammes of dried weeds that tested positive for cannabis sativa popularly called Indian hemp. The suspect, Udiomeh Kufre Ita was reportedly found in possession of the drug during the inward screening of passengers on an Africa World Airlines flight from Accra,

Ghana at the weekend. NDLEA Lagos Airport commander, Mr Hamza Umar said that the drug was detected during routine screening of passengers. “An undergraduate student was found in possession of two parcels of cannabis weighing 1.745kg during routine search of passengers. The drug was hidden inside his bag containing personal effects. He was immediately arrested and the case is under investigation” Hamza stated. The suspect who reportedly gained admission into the faculty of Management Sciences at the Regent Uni-

versity is currently assisting narcotic investigators assigned to the case. In his confessional statement, Kufre Ita allegedly said that he used his tuition fees in purchasing the drug found on him. According to the suspect, “I spent my school fees on cell phone, smoking hemp and attending night clubs. I bought a cell phone for N107, 000 and spent my school fees recklessly. I thought I could make enough profit from the sale of cannabis to offset the deficit in my tuition. “I bought each parcel of hemp for 220 Ghana cedi. I did not know what came

over me and I am afraid to go to my parents. My father is a retiree” the suspect stated. The suspect purportedly said that he hails from Akwa-Ibom State, but grew up in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja. The Chief Executive of the NDLEA Ahmadu Giade has described the action of the student as shameful and sad. In his words, “this is very shameful and sad. It shows that the suspect is morally bankrupt. Students must understand that drug use is inimical to the pursuit of their academic goals” Giade stated.

Sunday Mirror

From the Civil Service

Sunday, January 26, 2014


Council vice chairman slumps, dies while waiting for doctor


L-R: Chairman , Senate Committee on MDGs, Sen. Ali Ndume; United States Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. James Entwistle; his wife, Pamela; Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu and Director General, National Agency for the Control of AIDS, Prof. John Idoko, at the premiere of Shuga PHOTO: ROTIMI OSASONA Series 3 in Abuja recently.

Police commiserate with family of man shot by its personnel


he Ebonyi Police Command has commiserated with the Uto Family of Amike Community in Ohaukwu Local Government Area (LGA) over the shooting of a member of the family, Chukwudi, by a policeman. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Chukwudi, a cement dealer at 135 Junction, on the Enugu-Abakaliki Expressway, was shot by Cpl. Efom Andei, on the road. In a statement signed by ASP Chris Anyanwu, the command’s Public Relations Officer, and made available to newsmen on Saturday, the command regretted the shooting. “The state Commissioner of Police and the command’s entire management

team commiserate with the family, relatives and friends of the deceased over the unfortunate incident. “We give the firm assurance that the circumstances leading to the unfortunate incident will be thoroughly investigated and justice will take its full course,” the command said. It said that the deceased was shot for failing to stop at a police checkpoint on the road, contrary to reports that he was shot while celebrating with his friends over purchase of a new car. “Andei and his colleagues were on a stop-andsearch duty at Nwankwo Elom, Ohaukwu axis of the expressway when they received information that an

armed robbery gang was heading toward their end. “The information revealed that they were inside a purportedly stolen Dyna vehicle without a registration number, as the said vehicle raced toward our officers. “The officers flagged it down; the driver refused to stop but meandered through the temporary barrier put in place along the road, thereby evading being halted. “A Good Samaritan later offered assistance to the policemen and pursued the fleeing suspects; in a bid to halt the car at the popular 135 Junction, the corporal used his firearm and a bullet hit the driver,” it said. It said that the corporal had been arrested and put

in custody. “The command promises to make public, the outcome of its investigations and further disciplinary actions against the policeman if found culpable. NAN, however, learnt from some indigenes of the community that the victim, a father of one, returned from Lagos after buying a Dustan truck for his cement business, and was rejoicing with friends when the policeman shot him. A source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said that the policeman came into a drinking bar and demanded for the key of the truck. “When the victim refused to hand over the keys to him, the officer shot him thrice on the chest,” he said.

NUT partners Glo on free phone calls for teachers


he Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT), Lagos State Chapter, is partnering with the Glo mobile network to provide a platform for members of the union to talk free to one another on phone. The Chairman of the chapter, Mr Segun Raheem, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday in Lagos that the initiative was aimed at bridging communication gap between the union and its members. He also said that the free mobile phone calls would promote effective communication among the union members.

``As part of our 2014 agenda, we have concluded a system of communication with Glo network tagged: Close User Group (CUG). ``This will enable teachers in the state to talk with one another for free. Members will only be charged N1, 000 rental fee each month. ``As a movement, we want to build a platform that will elevate the profession through effective dissemination of information and smooth communication among members,’’ he said. The chairman said that the union would roll out

3,000 lines to start the free phone calls. Raheem also told NAN that there was an arrangement to register teachers in the state at the Teachers’ Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) for them to obtain their teaching licence. According to him, teaching without a licence is a punishable offence, although some teachers are not aware of that. ``Most teachers practise only by registering and not obtaining the licence to teach from the TRCN. ``The union recognises this fact; that is why we

want to obtain the licence for them,’’ he said. Raheem said that obtaining the licence would enable the teachers to benefit from lectures, seminars, symposia and training organised by the TRCN. ``The union is facilitating the licencing process between TRCN and the state government,’’ he said. The chairman encouraged the teachers to use the social media to interact with one another. ``The NUT, Lagos chapter, is online to connect with our members on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

he Etsako Central Local Government Area of Edo has been thrown into mourning as its Vice Chairman, Mr Charles Eshiesimua, slumped and died while waiting for a doctor on Friday. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the vice chairman died at about 3.55p.m., while waiting to see a doctor at the Iruua Specialist Hospital in Esan Central Local Government Area of Edo. He had gone for a medical check-up. The council Chairman, Mr Emmanuel Momoh, expressed sadness over the death which, he said, was

shocking. ``The death of Charles is surprising to me because we both spoke before I left for Benin. ``I can’t believe that Charles is dead,’’ Momoh said on Saturday when he paid a condolence visit to the family of the deceased. He described the late vice chairman as a loyal official, who was committed to the development of the council area. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the Esan West Local Government Council boss, Mr Henry Irumudomon, died barely three months after he was sworn-in in April 22, 2013

Nigerians hail INEC over timely release of 2015 polls time-table


ajor stakeholders have continued to react to the release of the timetable for the 2015 general elections by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). Mr Sunday Oginni, Secretary of Labour Party (LP) in Ogun, in a telephone interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), commended the electoral body for the prompt release of the timetable. Oginni said that the release of the timetable had officially signified the commencement of politicking. ``INEC with the release of the timetable has blown the whistle for politicking to start,” he said. The LP chieftain, how-

ever, urged political office holders not to jettison governance for politics. He enjoined them not to neglect the people they were elected or appointed to serve while preparing for elections. Mr Buruji Kashamu, Chairman, Organisation and Mobilisation Committee (South-West) of the PDP, also lauded the development. ``Political parties will have enough time to prepare for the elections,” he said. He said that the PDP in the region was prepared to play the game by the rules and expressed optimism that the party would sweep the polls in all categories in the region.

NUT tasks govts on recruitment of teachers


he Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) yesterday called on governments to adhere to the 1: 26 teacher/student ratio recommended by the United Nations for improved students’ performance. The NUT President, Mr Michael Alogba-Olukoya, made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation recommended that teacher/student ratio should

be 1:26. Alogba-Olukoya said that the NUT desired to see the implementation of the ratio in 2014. “If we should analyse this properly, we will discover that nearly all the state governments as well as the Federal Government are not meeting the standards. He urged employment of more teachers to enable achievement of the ratio. “Currently, there is a shortfall in the number of teachers in our schools due to retirement and other reasons.


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Dana Air to recommence flight operations today OLUSEGUN KOIKI


he suspended Dana Air will today recommence flight operations in the domestic market. The airline said it would recommence flight operations with its Lagos-AbujaLagos route while other routes would be added to it in the coming weeks. The recommencement of flight operations by the airline follows the successful outcome of the operational audit of the airline by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority,NCAA. It will be recalled that NCAA had on Sunday, October 6, 2013, announced

the total grounding of the operations of the airline following the air return it had on its Port HarcourtAbuja route. NCAA had said that it would carry out operational audit of the airline immediately, but it took it another two months to commence the audit of the airline. NCAA attributed the delay in the commencement of the audit to the late arrival of its technical partners from Europe and America. However, it took the regulatory body less than a week to finish the audit, but noted that some items were still to be closed by the airline before it would allow it to resume for flight operations.

An online statement signed by the spokesman of the airline, Mr. Sam Ogbogoro stated that the resumption of the airline’s flight operations comes on the heels of the lifting of the suspension order by the regulatory agency as the airline has demonstrated satisfactory competence in operating the Boeing McDonnell Douglas (MD-83) aircraft fleet. He stated that the Chief Operating Officer and Accountable Manager, Dana Air, Mr. Yvan Drewinsky announced the resumption of the flight operations to the staff. The statement added, “The lifting of the suspension order is a testament

that Dana Air adheres strictly to prescribed safety standards as dictated by the Nigeria Civil Aviation Regulations (NCARs) and the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) standards.” The statement also commended the aviation ministry and the NCAA for the transparent and objective conduct of the operational audit of the airline. He informed further that the successful outcome of Dana Air’s operational audit by the NCAA involved the Flight Safety Group in conjunction with their foreign partners, saying that this underscores its commitment to safe operations in line with standard proce-

dures. “We are therefore delighted at the prospect of our imminent plans to recommence flight operations to continue to offer unparalleled quality of flight services to our guests”, said Mr. Drewinsky. Whilst commending Nigerians for their show of support and understanding especially those whose travel itineraries were disrupted during the operational audit exercise, Drewinsky specifically thanked the Minister of Aviation, Princess Stella Oduah, and the DirectorGeneral of NCAA, Captain Fola Akinkuotu, for their unwavering commitment to make the skies safer.

ActionAid to commit N12.5bn to programmes Tola Akinmutimi ABUJA

ActionAid Nigeria (AAN), the local arm of the an international nongovernmental organisation working in over 40 countries to alleviate poverty and injustice among the poor, yesterday launched its new Country Strategy Paper (CSP) 2014-2018 with a promise to intensify its interventions in key areas of alleviating poverty and create capacities for vulnerable groups in the grassroots nationwide. The NGO has over the past few years intervened in the country’s education, health, women’s rights, democracy and governance issues and other poverty-alleviating areas with positive impacts on the lives and institutions that have benefitted from such supports, especially in the rural communities nationwide. Speaking at the formal launch of the Strategy on Thursday in Abuja, the organisation’s Country Director, Dr Hussaini Abdu, explained that if there was anything that should be of concern to all Nigerians it should be the threat of poverty which, he said, must be frontally addressed through participatory collaboration

Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State (middle), Representative of former Governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, Chief Ademola Seriki (left) and an Ibadan-based business mogul and Chairman of the occasion, Chief Bode Amoo (right) at the fund raising for the new palace of the Olubadan PHOTO: OYO GOVERNMENT HOUSE. of Ibadanland at the Lekan Salami Sports Complex, Ibadan on Saturday.

of all stakeholders. He explained that the AAN was not only committed to the pursuit of all initiatives aimed at reversing the ugly situation of millions of socially disadvantaged poor in the country but would also like governments at all levels in the country to allocate more resources to key sectors such as education, health and agriculture in order to economically empower the poor and make them active contributors to national development. Hussaini said the organ-

isation was looking forward to active involvement of the Organised Private Sector (OPS) , development partners, government agencies, communities and others through increased collaboration in order to achieve its key objectives. The AAN boss assured that through the new Strategy, the NGO would inject a new dynamism into its work and expect to carry out people-driven interventions on governance and accountability, women’s rights, health, education,

food and human security in the face of conflicts and emergency. The CSP 2014-2018 tagged ‘Take Action: End Poverty’, is designed to consolidate on the achievements and reviews of the performance of the last two CSPs and derived from key stakeholders’ belief on the need to prioritise current fight against poverty at all levels of governance in the country. It is projected that at least N2.5 billion would be spent yearly on the interventions.

According to the AAN, the CSP 2014-2018 “is a reflection of the challenges of poverty and exclusion in Nigeria.

Grounded Rivers jet: Court strikes out suit against NCAA OLUSEGUN KOIKI The Federal High Court sitting in Port Harcourt, Rivers State on Friday struck out the suit instituted by the Rivers State Government against the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, following the continued grounding of the State’s jet. An online statement signed by the Special Assistant, Media to the Minister of Aviation, Mr. Joe Obi stated that the Rivers State Government had sought the Court’s order to compel NCAA to release their aircraft. But counsel to NCAA, Dr Alex Izinyon, SAN, objected to the competence of the entire action, praying the court to dismiss the suit on grounds of want of jurisdiction. The Rivers State Government however quickly filed a Notice of Discontinuance indicating their willingness to discontinue with the action. The Court thereby struck out the case. It would be recalled that NCAA had in April last year, grounded the state’s plane, a Bombardier -BD 700-1A11(Global Express) aircraft, with the registration number N565RS. NCAA had claimed the aircraft has expired clearance approval effective April 2, 2013. The Director of Airworthiness Standards of the authority, Benedict Adeyileka, who announced the grounding of the plane, said the aircraft was operating illegally.

ALHUJAAJ INTERNATIONAL UMRAH AND HAJJ SERVICES LIMITED Rc 435368 ADDRESS: 26 Ikale street, Ijesha, surulere, Lagos TEL: 08023032363 Email:

The General public is hereby informed that the above named company has applied for the RE-issue of AIR TRAVEL ORGANISER’S LICENCE (ATOL) from the NIGERIA CIVIL AVIATION AUTHORITY (NCAA). Signed: Management

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Sunday January 26, 2014

Bafarawa, supporters defect to PDP AYO ESAN



ormer Governor of Sokoto State, Attahiru Bafarawa and members of his faction in the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Sokoto, defected to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Media Assistant to Bafarawa, Alhaji Yusuf Dingyadi, disclosed this to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Sokoto. Dingyadi, also the state publicity secretary of the Bafarawa’s faction of APC, said that the decision was taken on Saturday after a meeting with Bafarawa and former Kano State Governor,

Ibrahim Shekarau. Dingyadi said the meeting was also attended by supporters of Bafarawa in the three parties, who merged to form the APC. According to Dingyadi, the leaders of the former governor’s faction of the APC had been asked to go back to the 23 local government areas in the state for further consultation. State secretary of the Governor Aliyu Wamakko-led faction of the APC, Alhaji Ahmed Aliyu, told NAN that it was a welcome development. “It is a good omen for the APC in Sokoto state and at the national level. APC will now be stronger and united. “Bafarawa is afraid of

Wamakko. He had since been working for PDP. Only his body was in APC, but his heart was already in the PDP,’’ said Aliyu, who is also the health commissioner. As at the time Bafarawa’s defection was announced, the leaderships of defunct Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), All Nigerian Peoples Party (ANPP) and also Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) throughout the 23 local government areas of the state had officially defected to the APC. It would be recalled that Wamakko had defected to the APC from the PDP, although his deputy, Alhaji Mukhtari Shagari, refused to join him in the APC.

The party (APC) in the state had since been factionalised into two, with two separate state headquarters and different interim state caretaker leaderships. In 1999 Bafarawa was elected governor of Sokoto State on the platform of the ANPP, and was reelected in 2003. He founded the Democratic People’s Party (DPP) and became its presidential candidate at the 2007 presidential elections in Nigeria. In the run up to the 2011 general election, he joined ACN and was one of its presidential aspirants before the emergence of Nuhu Ribadu as the party’s candidate.

L-R: Sen. Iyiola Omisore; former Ogun State Governor, Otunba Gbenga Daniel; Peoples Democratic Party chieftain, Dr. Abimbola Ogunkelu; wife of the celebrant, Roli George and celebrant, Chief Bode George, during the Thanksgiving Service for Chief Bode George held at Christ Cathedral Church Marina in Lagos, yesterday. PHOTO: YINKA ADEPARUSI

Again, Boko Haram sacks community, kills 2

…as police kill 4 terror suspects INUSA NDAHI MAIDUGURI


unmen numbering about 80 suspected to be members of Boko Haram insurgents yesterday invaded Wala village, a Christian community of Gwoza Local Government area of Borno State, killing two persons, while several others sustained gunshot injuries. The insurgents also set shops and residential houses ablaze carting away domestic livestock and food crops. This brings to about 37 communities/settlements located on the fringes of the Sambisa Forest which have been sacked or displaced by terrorists in the state in the past one week. The sacked settlements

include, Ngawo Fate, Limanti, Mairamri, Yahuri, Alau, Mude, Kwaljiri, Njaba, Kaya, Wala among other villages of Gwoza, Konduga and Damboa Council areas, a situation that has left thousands of residents taking refuge in other places including Cameroon Republic. Wala village is a border community with Cameroon Republic and about 150 kilometres south of Maiduguri, the Borno state capital which had witnessed series of deadly bomb blasts and shootings masterminded by terrorists. The first one was on January 9 of this year, when a lawmaker’s house who is the only Christian House of Representative member from Borno was attacked.

Although no live was lost in the first attack, the attackers carted away over 70 domestic animals before setting the buildings on fire. While in the house, the attackers reportedly burnt a consignment of sorghum which was meant for distribution to his people to cushion their hardships. They also burnt 30,000 pieces of exercise books, 30,000 packets of biro and 30,000 packets of chalk which were also allegedly meant for distribution to schools in his constituency, as well as a neighbouring church. The latest sacking and killing of Wala residents according to a reliable source took place over the weekend, when a large number of terrorists in-

vaded the village in broad daylight with knife, cutlasses and AK47 rifles, before they executed their deadly mission and fled. The source explained that during the attack, a 35 year old Ahmadu Usman and Usman Jahawa suspected to be a younger brother to the former were killed by the insurgents, while several houses and shops were completely razed down by the attackers. He added that prior to the two coordinated attacks on the community, there was a threat message from Boko Haram sects, that unless they denounce Christianity and join Islam, their lives will be in danger as they will be attacked soon.


Obi doles out N100m on tertiary Institutions


overnor Peter Obi of Anambra state yesterday presented two vehicles and N100million to Tansian University, Umunya, with a promise that such assistance would get to all higher institutions in the state. This is coming few weeks after he presented cheques of N5bIllion to the State University, Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu University and six vehicles, two buses for the students’ union in the two campuses of the university and four patrol vehicles for security; N100m and two vehicles to Paul University, Awka; N100m and two buses to Madonna University, Okija, for infrastructural development. Speaking at the premises of the university yesterday, Governor Obi said that the policy of his government to support all institutions in the state was borne out of the fact that those institutions not owned by the government also assist the government, sometimes even better than government, in the training of the people of the state. Explaining the philosophy behind direct disbursement of funds, the governor said it was not, and could not be interpreted as abdication of responsibility of governance. He said the state govern-

ment erected a lot of structures in the State University, including the perimeter fencing of the permanent site at Igbariam, the Faculties of Law, Social Sciences, Mass communication, Agric and Management buildings; the administrative block, classrooms, among others. He however insisted that direct disbursements achieve more, especially through the churches. “With the churches doing the projects directly, you hardly hear of variation and related terms”, Obi said. The governor said that the presentation of cheques to schools and hospitals had not blinded him to other needs of the state. “For instance, in investment alone, since I became the governor, we have invested over N20b for the state, which before me, rather than invest, was actually in deficit. In INTAFACT (SABmiller), government invested 10 per cent, which is above N2Billion. A few days ago, I laid the foundation for the expansion of their facility in Anambra State. As part of our contribution, the state will pay another N2Billion and we shall pay it in February, that is next month,” the Governor said.

CLO demands release of APGA detainees DENNIS AGBO ENUGU


he Civil Liberties Organization, CLO, has demanded for the immediate and unconditional release of members of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, from Isi-Uzo local government area of Enugu state currently being detained in Enugu prison and the state police headquarters. CLO in a petition to the Enugu state governor, Sullivan Chime and the commissioner of Police, said that the harassment, victimization, continued arrest and detention of the APGA members by the police is at the instigation of the Chairman of Isi-Uzo local government chairman, Augustine Nnamani and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, local government chairman Chijioke Ugwueze. The state Commissioner of Police, Adamu

Mohammed, when contacted, failed to react on the development. The CLO Director in South East, Olu Omotayo in the petition said the organization believes the crisis needs urgent attention as it concerns the plight of suffering members of APGA, in Isi–Uzo Local government. CLO said it learnt that during the last local government election which took place in the state on November 2, 2013, there was a fracas at the Umualor Community in Isi- Uzo Local government. The said fracas witnessed confrontation between the supporters of APGA and the PDP which after the said election, the supporters of APGA in the local government have not known peace as some stalwart of the PDP have allegedly launched a massive attack and victimization of the members of APGA, in the local government.


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ne courageous 10-year-old from Phillipsburg New Jersey was born without arms but that doesn’t stop him from triumphantly playing the trumpet with his toes. Jahmir Wallace is a fifth-grader at Green Street Elementary School and he’s also a member of the band of 40 students who played in the winter concert on Friday. Wallace was born without any arms so in order to function in his daily life, he uses his toes as other people would use their fingers. His inspiration for music is Stevie Wonder and he’s been wanting to play the trumpet ever since the third grade. With hard work and an inspiring and positive attitude, Jahmir’s dream has become a reality and his classmates and teachers are thrilled to see him play. ‘My older sister used to play the piano. So I thought maybe I should try an instrument. I thought maybe I could try and figure out new things,’ he said. Wallace remembers the first time he played a note on the trumpet four months ago and it filled him with sheer joy. I kind of felt excited. I kind of felt like ‘oh man this is kind of comfortable’ and it kind of felt like this might be the one for me,’ he said.

JANUARY 26, 2014

10-yr-old boy, born without arms, plays trumpet with toes


Teachers and employees at a local music store made Wallace a special stand to

hold the horn so he could play the trumpet with ease.

With elephantiasis, begging is uphill task for me –Memunat WASIU SALAU


ver four years ago when her story first broke, Mrs. Memunat Abdul, like most indigent Nigerians, was optimistic that succour will soon come her way from the array of good natured Nigerians that showed interest in her matter, but since then, she has remained on the streets of Lagos, begging for alms. “I lived in Kano with my husband and four kids until we had to flee from the Boko Haram people who killed without mercy and without discrimination. I was one of the victims of their first wave of attacks as I lost my husband and two of my children in the attacks.” Having arrived Lagos with her two kids, she had no alternative than to take to the streets begging for alms as nobody she knows in the city will house her and her two kids with such an ailment that they know little about. “When we arrived Lagos, we searched for some people I used to know from the past, but astonishingly, none of them were forthcoming, so I hit the streets with my children, because we

had nowhere to go and nothing to eat” Mrs. Abdul used to be happily married and was blessed with four children who she raised with great optimism until she suddenly suffered some kind of swellings in her right leg. From that moment, her seemingly unending search for reprieve began. “It was a bright morning some years ago that I first noticed this itchy swellings and as an ordinary person, I thought it was a mere infection that will soon depart after using some ointments. I obviously applied some ointments and local herbs and the itch abated temporarily only to return stronger and deadlier.” The infection has certainly returned deadlier and the woman no doubt labours to move around on her search for her daily bread, which most of the time has become elusive, as even good natured people often avoid her as a result of the gory sight that her leg has become. “I can’t even get enough to meet my daily need as most people avoid looking at me a second time because of the leg, but I must commend Lagosians for their magnanimity; they try to help in every little way they can, but honestly I


don’t want to be a beggar.” Her children have also not fared better in life as they have joined her on the

Jahmir’s teachers are impressed by his playing abilities and his confidence. ‘To see how he moves his toes like we move our fingers,’ said Raffaele LaForgia, principal of Green Street Elementary. ‘It’s amazing.’ Wallace loves playing the trumpet, but he wouldn’t have been able to hone his skill had it not been for his teacher Desiree Kratzer who taught him to play. Kratzer is ‘Very important because if it wasn’t for her I would never know what the trumpet was,’ he said. WPTV reports that Jahmir’s favorite song in the concert is ‘Go Tell Aunt Rhodie.’ Reports say that his favorite song of all time is ‘I believe I can fly’. Wallace had some uplifting words for kids who wanted to try an instrument but who may feel intimidated by the thought of it for whatever reason. Source: Daily Mail street begging for survival and like her barely making enough for their three square meals. Abdul, one of the children said, “I don’t like the life we live, I wish I could be in school like my mates, I sometimes wish I had a house over my head, but especially I wish my mother wasn’t sick like this. Maybe life would have been better for us.” According to her medical doctor, Mrs. Memunat Abdul suffers from a tropical disease commonly known as Elephantiasis. Elephantiasis is a disease of the lymphatic system, characterized by an enormous enlargement of the infected area. The hardened skin of this area resembles the hide of an elephant and that is why it goes by that name. The disease is usually the result of blockage of the lymphatic system by threadlike filarial worms, usually Wuchereria bancrofti. The parts of the body most frequently affected are the limbs and the genitals. The disease is treated with the antifilarial drug diethylcarbamazine (Hetrazan) and with surgery. Now she needs about N2 million to carry out a corrective surgery on the fast decaying right leg, consequently she is pleading with good natured Nigerians to come to her aid. “I have been running from pillar to post for the money, but it’s been difficult because I don’t have people that can assist me and that are why I trust on Nigerians to safe my life.” To help save Memunat Abdul from her misery, send your contributions to the First Bank Account named Abdu Memunat with Account number 3078028123.

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Sunday, Janaury 26, 2014

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 11 familiar with all the negative media reports, none attributed any wrongdoing to me. The reports only echoed the views of the sponsors that I was unbending in my desire to change the bad situation in PDP.” The first task before Muazu therefore would be the urgent need to bring confidence to the teeming party members and begin a process of assuring aggrieved members of a level playing field, just as he needs to bring those who have deserted the party back to its fold. Muazu, it seems, has since realised this as during Lamido’s visit in Abuja, he beckoned on him to help in persuading the defected governors to retrace their steps and return to the party. Muazu, during the visit, apologised publicly to the five governors, lawmakers and other stakeholders who dumped the party for the APC, saying the party was sorry over what happened. He also pleaded with the G5 governors to return to PDP in the spirit of patriotism, against the backdrop that the party had helped them get to where they are. Muazu stressed that the doors were open for the former party members in the PDP. He noted that his leadership would continue to strengthen and deepen the nation’s democracy, adding that plans had been concluded to set up a very high-powered reconciliation committee that would comprise major stakeholders and leaders to reach out to everyone, especially those who defected. Muazu specifically pleaded with Lamido to help reach out to his colleagues who left the party to create an enabling environment, as the leadership planned to meet and beg them to come back. According to him, the present National Working Committee, NWC, would look into everything that happened with a view to addressing the problems holistically, as his leadership would ensure that all injustices and wrongs done to the defectors and other aggrieved PDP members would be thoroughly looked

Can Muazu take PDP to the promised land? into and reviewed. Muazu said, “Whatever be the case, I appeal to them (defectors) to let us correct it and move ahead. We will look at the various things that made our party to shrink in size. We are going to be bold to correct whatever injustice had been done. “Please talk to the G-5 governors on our behalf before we go to them; appeal to their senses of patriotism and commitment to the PDP because PDP is Nigeria. Let us accept peace and move forward. I have seen the need to form a high level committee very soon to undertake genuine reconciliation in the party. “I will like to appeal to you (Lamido) to be part of us, come with us to go and see all those who had been offended to tell them that we are sorry. Again, I appeal to all who had gone to come back home. We will deepen internal democracy so that if we succeed, anybody with our ticket will be sure of victory during elections.” In the coming days, Muazu has to unite the deeply fragmented party, whose members’ personal ambitions not only threaten its existence, but the corporate existence of Nigeria. Another issue he needs to urgently visit is the threat by more members of the party to defect to the APC. He has promised to set up a reconciliation committee to reconcile aggrieved members but the committee needs to be quickly put in place to beg if the need be those who are threatening to defect for them to remain in the party His diplomatic ability and crisis management skill will be put to test in the way he would ensure that the ambition of President Jonathan to go for a second term will not create more crisis in the party. Also in the South-West, election is


taking place in two states of Osun and Ekiti; with the Ekiti poll already fixed for June by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC. It is clear that the party is facing crisis in the region. How quick he can resolve the crisis before the election would go a long way in assessing his performance in the office. The elections in the two states will be the first test for him. In this regard he may need to appeal to former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Chief Olabode George and a host of other leaders to put in their best and rescue the party from disintegration in the region. How he is going to handle various primaries in the states in the build-up to the 2015 general election is another

CP Mbu’s role in Rivers crisis CONTINUED FROM PAGE 13 police following the violence that took place in Bori town two days earlier. “Since Monday morning, the two council chairmen have been kept incommunicado and their whereabouts unknown. They are being detained at the Police Old Government Reservation Area (GRA) and Divisional Headquarters and both men have been subjected to severe mental torture after a series of interrogations supervised by the Assistant Commissioner of Police in-charge of Monitoring”. The statement maintained that, it was “another evidence of the highhandedness being displayed by the State Police Command under CP. Mbu, observers believe, is probably acting on the directives of his PDP partners in their desperation to plunge Rivers State into unprecedented crisis. APC also stated in the statement that, the arrest and detention of Hon. Nwidam and Hon. Demua was without justification as they were held beyond the 24 hours contained in the country’s



constitution, while attempts are being made to frame up the council bosses for offences not committed. “We condemn this act by CP Mbu and therefore call for the immediate release of these gentlemen whose only crime is

their support for democracy and Government of Rivers State, within 24 hours or we may be forced to draw the attention of the National Assembly on this illegality,” the party warned. Following closely on the heels of the statement from APC, the Rivers Commissioner for Information and Communication, Mrs Ibim Semenitari, also accused the state Commissioner of Police of romancing with elements opposed to the state government. Semenitari laid the allegation while speaking on a national television programme. She told watchers that the commissioner of police had restricted his job area to the protection of only members of PDP and GDI. According to her, the people of the state are now left with only divine protection, adding that Mbu had shown that his job description excluded anyone in Rivers State that did not belong to either PDP or GDI. “How come Mr Mbu allows former local government chairmen who are sympathetic to GDI, policemen as much as six; is

test in his hands. Will he be able to do this effectively? That is a question for the future. If his appointment is ratified at the party’s National Convention later this year, then he will have the hard task of presiding over a presidential primary between contending forces, which may make or mar not only the party but the country’s democracy. Will Muazu be able to write his name in gold by returning PDP to its old self of being the ‘largest party in Africa’? Will he be able to cement a fragmented party he received from his predecessor? Does he have the political dexterity to pilot the party to victory in the 2015 election? These are the tasks before him. Only time would tell how far he can go!

that part of the impunity he’s stopping? How come Mr Felix Obuah, chairman of PDP in Rivers State having troop of policemen escorting him? How come former senators, no longer serving, entitled to six and eight policemen, given to them by Mr Mbu? How come Mr Mbu attends meetings in their houses? “Mbu secures PDP and GDI, God secures Rivers people”, she said. She also cited the activities of the state’s police command, which she said prevented the Assembly members from gaining access into the Assembly complex to deliberate on the 2014 budget, an action she said necessitated the designation of a temporary chamber, by the lawmakers to pass the budget. One of the sins of Mbu, according to his critics, was his perceived harassment of all those associated with the state governor, a trait they said points to the assertions that he was in the state to do the bidding of certain Federal Government officials, who are said to be his paymasters.

Sunday Mirror



Royal Regency schools, Lekki, Lagos

Regency pupils crowned African Youth Ambassadors

‘We’re excited to be history makers’ TAI ANYANWU


oyal Regency School may not be the biggest private school in Nigeria. However, it is reputed to be one of the most populous and leading privately owned nursery, primary and secondary school on the bourgeoning Lekki axis of Lagos State. While other schools in the vicinity had vacated for last year’s Xmas holidays, the school’s management tarried for few days to put finishing touches, before releasing the pupils for Xmas festivities. But unknown to the school’s management and minors, who kept mixing academics with excitement, an international honour was beckoning. An invitation to participate in the fourth edition of African Camp for Excellence, to sensitise only the brightest African female students towards overcoming gender discrimination against the female child, had earlier been extended to the school. Incidentally, when the invitation was first received, the school’s authority had to keep it view, not really being able to relate it to anything worthwhile. “We didn’t even know what it was all about because it was written in French,” the school’s proprietor, Mr. Yinka Ogunsuyi explained. Fate however, located the school few days to the opening ceremony of the sub-regional conference. “A journalist, who represented the conference organizers, visited our school and told us that it was a good opportunity for our country to be part of the history making

event. Ours was the only school that was invited to represent Nigeria,” Mr. Ogunsuyi related. According to the school’s director of academics, Mrs. Folashade Ogunsuyi, the invitation was unexpected. But all said and done, the school’s authority plunged down to

Esther and Fatia

the task of selecting the most suitable candidates to represent Nigeria in the conference, and soon be admitted into the club of Africa’s Junior Ambassadors for Integration as it is called. The objective of the camp meeting, it was gathered, was to encourage brilliant girl children to focus on academic excellence, build on that prowess to get to the apex of their chosen career. The overriding idea, it was further learnt, was to disabuse their minds over the popular belief that the girl child was inferior and incapable of excelling in certain fields of endeavour like their male counterparts. “The main criterion for selecting participants stipulates that only those topping their age groups are chosen. We were, of course given an age limit of between 9 and 11 years. But then, the invitation came very late. It became rather imperative that we needed to add our own criteria because some parents were unwilling to release their girl children to participate on such short notice. It was Xmas time and parents don’t allow their kids to stay away from them. “Some pupils were short-listed along with our representatives; but their parents did not release them to travel,” she further explained. Fatia Bamjoko, and Esther Ojeaga, 11 and nine, JSS 1 pupils, who are among the leading pupils of Royal Regency Schools, finally got the nod to represent Nigeria at the fourth edition of the conference, held in Abidjan, the Cote d ‘Ivories capital and which sponsored by the First Lady of that country. “Because of the level of the invitation, necessary travel documents for our representative were secured within CONTINUED ON PAGE 59

Sunday Mirror

Sunday, January 26, 2014



Experts condemn early marriage during award

The junior ambassadors with the head of Nigeria Mission in Cote d’ Iviories

Ambassadors with the Ivorien Minister of Education and the Regency school’s Director of Academics

A cross section of the junior ambassadors at the conferenc venue

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 58 three days,” Mr. Ogunsuyi explained. The school’s director of academics accompanied the minors to the summit; where the young Nigerians did the country proud. Though they missed the opening which had taken place the same night they arrived the Ivorian capital, the kids were not discouraged. They spent 11 solid days in the country and participated in virtually every other activity. Were Fatia and Esther jittery having missed the first opportunity to register their impression at the opening session? “No we were not,” said Fatia. “Our only problem was their language. Little of them could speak few words of English. We ourselves couldn’t speak French. They were speaking all the way; and we could not understand French half of the way. We were kind of handicapped because initially we could not follow the discussion until we got someone to translate. So we weren’t able to participate in the quiz competition,” Esther added. Relating her impression of the host country, Fatia had this to say: “ “Cote d’ Ivories is a beautiful country; the people are friendly. I want Nigerians to be as friendly as the Ivoirians.” Though the delegation from Nigerian did not participate in the quiz competition, which was won by their counterparts from Burkina Faso, Fatia and Esther became conspicuous and warmed their ways into the hearts of the conference organizers because of their intelligence and eloquence. “We actually got a translator to help us follow the quiz competition process,” Fatia explained. On the spur of the moment, they gave a message of peace because, it was more on the role of a girl child and how she can be more useful to herself and her society. In her own message to the world, Esther condemned gender discrimination. “It is not good to discriminate against the girl child and eventually give them out in early marriage. She can be useful to the society; she should be educated and given equal opportunities to develop herself and contribute to societal development. She should not be given out in early marriage”, she said. A girl child, she added, “can be useful to society, by bringing up her peer groups together, teaching her how to be courageous and self reliant in whatever they do so as to bring out the best in them. They are not just to be taken care of.” Fatia frowned at gender discrimination saying, “The men think that the work of the girl child is to go to farm, plant food for them to eat; but they don’t know that education is important to the girl child. When they are doing this to a girl child they are actually influencing her negatively. So it is better that the girl child is given sound edu-

a speech and integration to use to tell the world what they like and what they don’t want as the girl child. That is why she called them the ambassadors of peace and integration. Different countries bring these girls; they have a message to their country and other countries where they are doing it to say we appreciate if this can be stopped. “And many of them actually asked for a country that is free of all these unrests and wars. And that things could be better for their parents to send them to school so they could become better citizens tomorrow. Basically the objective is to develop the girl child and to challenge them to greater things”, she noted. In her message to Nigeria, Fatia stressed that Nigerian parents should stop giving out their girl children to early marriage. According to her, “they haggle and agree to give out their girl child in early marriage to big chief without the consent of the girl child.” She added: “Nigeria should stop this demon called rape and all forms of gender discrimination. They should realise that what a boy can do a girl can equally do, and bring about full integration of the girl child.” Esther urged the government of Nigeria to take French language more seriously pointing out that the country is surrounded by many French speaking countries. “They are trying their best to speak English we too should encourage them so that when we go to their countries we will be able to communicate effectively in a language they can understand. “Nigerians should at least learn two languages preferably French and English. We have to take French more seriously because one does not know where the future lies. Maybe it’s in a French speaking country,” she added. The ambassadors also want the powers that be to ensure steady supply of electricity so that they would no long have to read at nights with candle light which they complained would spoil their eye sight. The Nigeria Youth ambassadors spent 11 days in Cote d ‘Ivories’ and returned on December 31st, with gifts and honour. “We have the good luck to have represented Nigeria in this very important programme. The organizers are even hoping that the next or subsequent event would be held in Nigeria. “By the reason of our participation, they have already talked to the first Lady and the Minister of Integration in Africa and Minister for Women Affairs. As a matter of fact, it is expected that these children should be received by the Minister of Education, the Minister of Women Affairs and other relevant ministries, to brief them,” Mr. Ogunsuyi said.

cation so that she will learn how to keep herself and to make herself better for the society”. The conference did have great influence on Fatia’s perception as could be deciphered in her comments: “In this age, they say what a man can do a woman can do, even better. A woman can be a president or a president’s wife”. Part of the sensitisation process was to expose the youth ambassadors to highly accomplished women to serve as role models for the select few whose task after the conference would be to influence their peer groups, in the new understanding that a female child is in no way disadvantage or inferior to their male counterparts. “In Cote d’ Ivories, for example, a woman, Kamdia Kamara, is the minister for education and the coordinator of the Youth Ambassadors programme is also a woman. We had the privilege of visiting the biggest newspaper company in the country. And to our amazement, the Managing Director of the newspaper is a woman. The programme, Junior Ambassadors for Integration, was originated by Aysha Quedraogo from Burkina Faso. Mrs. Ogunsuyi said: “I actually had a talk with Aysha. I wanted to know why she embarked on this sensitisation. She said that when she finished her primary school and had to do the common entrance examination, that she was the best. “But that was the last level of education that her patents could give her, because they were illiterate and shortly after they were divorced; and that pushed her out. And of course she had to fend for herself and eventually she ended up in journalism, working for a radio station for about eight years”, Mrs. Ogunsuyi related. But while she was there, Aysha kept thinking about how she could help the girl child, generally in the African environment where the girl child is given out in early marriage. Ogunsuyi continued, “She said that she noticed that the girl child themselves were enemies of themselves. Once they are intelligent, they start making up, start doing all sorts of things to attract unnecessary things at a young age to themselves. That was how she decided that her models must be the best girls in their age grade. “That the girls must be made to realize that they must move on even with all her weak points; and that because she is so good; she must focus her attention on her education. And not allow anything to bring her down. “She must not draw herself back and that she found herself an intelligent child, she must keep going forward. That is why Aysha chose the girl child not boys,” Mrs. Ogunsuyi explained. “For each of the youth ambassadors, they were to have


Sport S port

Sunday Mirror


Zanetti: I’m not thinking of hanging up my boots P. 62 KEEPING YOU ABREAST OF SPORTING NEWS

Podolski eager to fight on all fronts P. 63

January 26, 2014

English FA Cup

Moses shines, as Liverpool shoots down Cherries Unstoppable! Victor Moses (second from right) scoring the opening goal against Bournemouth at the ongoing English FA Cup yesterday.



igerian international and onloan Chelsea winger Victor Moses opened scoring for Liverpool yesterday as they won 2-0 at Bournemouth at the ongoing English FA Cup. By the victory, Liverpool avoided a repeat of last season’s FA Cup fourth-round exit away to lower-league opposition. A year ago, the Reds were bundled out at this stage of the competition in a shock 3-2 reverse at League One outfit Oldham. Skipper Steven Gerrard started that game on the bench against Eddie Howe’s Cherries, currently lying 16th in the Sky Bet Championship. And despite a spirited display from the south-coast club, they were unable to provide an upset at the Goldsands Stadium. Moses opened the scoring in the 26th minute with a low shot into the corner from the edge of the box and, after Bournemouth had had a second-half penalty appeal turned down, Daniel Sturridge was put through on the hour mark to double the visitors’ lead. Sturridge’s composed finish will have pleased watching England manager Roy Hodgson, although the most influential player on the pitch

with both assists was Luis Suarez, whose Uruguay side faces the Three Lions at the World Cup in just under five months’ time. Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers also included Brad Jones and Martin Kelly in his starting line-up, while Howe named the same XI that drew 1-1 at home to Watford last time out. Jones had to be alert early on as Simon Francis’ deep free-kick eluded his Cherries team-mates, with the ball pushed over by the Australian. Marc Pugh then headed Matt Ritchie’s free-kick wide at the back post, but it was the Reds who forged ahead just past the midway point of the first half. Suarez got away down the right flank past Elliott Ward and picked out a fine looping pass right across the penalty area to Moses who was waiting on the left corner of the area. The Nigerian winger cut onto his right foot and fired a low shot inside the near post and past the despairing dive of Lee Camp, who was perhaps unsighted by the defenders in front of him, but will be disappointed to have been beaten in such a fashion. Harry Arter flashed a free-kick wide, Andrew Surman saw a shot deflected behind and Cherries captain Tommy Elphick headed over from the resulting corner.

However, it was Liverpool who came closest to scoring again before the interval, only for Jordan Henderson to fire over the bar after Suarez had wriggled free in the box. Bournemouth continued to push for an equaliser and on 58 minutes, Kelly was fortunate not to concede a penalty when he pulled the shirt of Francis on a corner. But shortly afterwards, Liverpool doubled their advantage. Suarez slid a perfect pass into the run of Sturridge, who coolly clipped the ball beyond the advancing Camp and inside the far post. The former Chelsea forward came close to adding a third as he latched on to Henderson’s long ball and lobbed Camp - with his effort going behind off the crossbar. With the hosts chasing a way back into the game, Sturridge once again worked some space but could only shoot wide after cutting inside. Suarez was the next to come close as he beat the offside trap to attempt his own lob, sending his effort over goalkeeper and crossbar. Bournemouth actually had more attempts on goal throughout the 90 minutes but with their ‘SAS’ partnership in such good form, Liverpool were able to see the game out and are through to the fifth round of the FA Cup.

CHAN 2014 My players are not the best in NPL, says Keshi


igeria coach Stephen Keshi claims that the Nigeria Premier League has better players than the ones he has at the African Nations Championship (CHAN) in South Africa. Nigeria overcame an opening day defeat against Mali to rout both Mozambique and a strong South Africa side, and before yesterday’s quarterfinal cracker against Morocco, Keshi confessed that this is not even his best squad. “The ones that are here are just fortunate to be here because there are better players back home in Nigeria that could have been here but we had no time to get them into the system,” Keshi told The coach however gave credit to the players in his squad, saying they had not disappointed him. “But I thank God with what I have here. These players are very disciplined, they work hard and I just want them to have fun, play without pressure and be happy so that they can get experience of playing at a high level in Africa. “All we are here to do is enjoy ourselves, have fun and be happy. Pressure? Nothing like that. “We had no specific target when we came here. But for me, if I can see three or four players that will make the World Cup squad, I will be satisfied,” Keshi affirmed.

Sunday Mirror


Sunday January 26, 2014

CHAN 2014

Knockout IFEANYI Eduzor

Eagles in dramatic comeback! …Stuns Atlas Lions 4-3, books semi-final ticket ANDREW EKEJIUBA WITH AGENCY REPORT


igeria’s home-based Super Eagles yesterday completed one of the most amazing comebacks in modern football when they came from three goals down at halftime to beat Atlas Lions of Morocco 4-3 to book a semi-final ticket at the ongoing African Nations Championship (CHAN) in an energysapping game played at Cape Town Stadium yesterday. The match was reminiscent of the ‘Damman Miracle’ where the Flying Eagles came back from 4-0 down in the 1989 FIFA U-20 World Cup to equalise against Russia before proceeding to win the explosive encounter on penalties. In the game played yesterday, Atlas Lions had raced to a 3-0 lead in the first 45 minutes but Nigeria’s never-say-die attitude saw them overhaul that mammoth deficit in an electrifying second half to take the match into extra-time. Buoyed by the second half fightback, the Super Eagles stunned the shell-shocked Moroccans with a second half extra-time winner that set the Cape Town Stadium aglow.

On a sun-drenched afternoon, Morocco were the first off the blocks but Iajour Mouhssine’s effort was well blocked by in-form Chigozie Agbim after only 50 seconds on the board. Abdelkbir El Ouadi wasted the first really great opportunity as the Atlas Lions fashioned better openings. But in the 22nd minute Morocco were forced to defend in desperation during a goal-mouth melee. Mouhssine was in action again on the 28th minute but his angled shot went tantalisingly wide of the diving Agbim as the Super Eagles failed to heed warning signals. Soon after, they paid the price when the North Africans took the lead in the 33rd minute with a delicate chip by Mohsine Moutaouali after he had received a fine pass from Fatah Said. It was a lead the Moroccans fully deserved as Morocco’s Mouhssine was then pushed off the ball in the 36th minute from just outside the box and from the resultant free kick, sent a swerving shot beyond Agbim to make it 2-0. With everyone expecting them to sit back and defend their 2-0 cushion, the Atlas Lions went further ahead in 40th minute when Moutaouali’s angled shot beat Agbim hands down

following another subtle pass from Mouhssine who had an outstanding afternoon. The North Africans then threatened to run riot and their 3-0 half-time lead was well deserved. In the 49th minute, Ugonna Uzochukwu pulled one back for the Super Eagles, bringing back excitement in the contest. Nigeria scored a second six minutes later to make it 3-2 through Rabiu Ali as the encounter became delicately poised. The Super Eagles finally made it 3-3 on the stroke of full-time through Christantus Ejike to complete one of the most fascinating comebacks to send the match into extra-time. The two teams then created a lot of chances during the extra time, but with fatigue setting in, it was going to take a defensive error from either side to take the lead. And that was what happened midway through the second half of extra time. Morocco goalkeeper and captain, Nadir Lamyaghri spilled an easy ball and Ibrahim slotted home a rebound to send the Eagles into the last four. Nigeria will play the winner between Ghana and Congo DR in the semi-finals.

LMC salutes Eagles’ fighting spirit Tug of War elects new President A E NDREW




he League Management Company (LMC) has commended the resilient spirit of the Super Eagles in overcoming a first half lead to oust Morocco 4-3 in the quarter finals of the African Nations Championship (CHAN) in South Africa and said the victory is consistent with the vision to achieve a responsive and sustainable professional league in the country. Chairman of the LMC, Nduka Irabor who has been in Abuja for the Glo Premier League Pre-season tournament said the performance against the Atlas Lions of Morocco couldn’t have come at a better time than now that the foundations for a truly professional league is being consolidated with the on-going reforms to make the clubs to meet global training and administrative standards. “Thank you for making this bold statement about our League. Thank you for affirming that our league is good and thank you for responding to our charge to be good ambassadors of the league,” Irabor enthused. “The competitive spirit exhibited by the Eagles in South Africa

T Irabor

last night is consistent with the competition in our league which ended in a photo finish in the last season. It is a true reflection of the potentials in our league which has been hardly tapped and which some persons have so far not come to terms with. “It has never been in doubt that we have the talent and the commitment of players to compete at the highest level and staying focused to come back from three goals deficit is a confirmation that the potentials to be the best in the world is in this league,” added Irabor. He commended the players for their guts and depth and urged them to focus on the remaining games until the trophy is brought back to Nigeria to confirm the country’s supremacy in African football.

ug of War Federation of Nigeria has elected Temitope Oliyide as its new president. Oliyide defeated the former President, Anthony Oyetayo in a keenly contested election held at the Board Room of the Nigeria Olympic Committee (NOC) in Lagos. He polled a total of 10 votes as against his opponent’s 6 to be declared the winner, while one vote was voided. In the other elections, Samuel Babatoba defeated Adeyeye Ayodeji for the South West membership seat of the 14-member board. Also the position of the Deputy President went to Isaac O. Isaac with Cecilia Arinye becoming the 1st Vice President, while Emmanuel Nweri emerged as the 2nd Vice President. Other members of the board are Abdulkareem Macaulay (Secretary General), Mrs. Gloria Obajimi, Henry Amike, Linda Eseimokumo, Olatunji Caulcrick, Elizabeth Imonitie, Lt. Afeez Sadiku, Wing Commander Chiroma Wandeo and Olushola Ogundele as members. Speaking shortly after his swearing in, Oliyide commended his successor for a successful ten-year tenure and spoke on need for total rededication by the board members on the tasks ahead.




NBF set for open camping


s part of its efforts to select quality boxers that will represent the country at the forthcoming Glasgow Commonwealth Games, Nigeria Boxing Federation (NBF) will soon commence open camping of pugilists. According to a statement by the Federation and made available to our correspondent, the open camp will enable the coaching crew make a good assessment of the boxers will be anchored by the national boxing coach, Anthony Konyegwachie. He will be assisted by other coaches from the National

Sports Commission (NSC). The open camp which will involve both male and female boxers in different weight categories that the country hopes to present at the Commonwealth Games. “We are organising the open camp to enable boxers have the opportunity of showcasing their talent. “The open camp will also give the coaches an opportunity to have a proper assessment of the boxers to enable them select the best pugilists that will do the country proud in Glasgow”, the statement concluded.

Glasgow 2014: Coach predicts good outing for boxers


boxing coach, Kehinde Daramola has predicted good outing for Nigerian boxers at the forthcoming Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland. The Commonwealth Games is scheduled to hold from July 23 to Aug. 3 in Glasgow, Scotland. Daramola who is the Chief Coach of Young Stars Boxing Academy Iyana-Ipaja, Lagos, told our correspondent that the country’s pugilists has always performed well at the Commonwealth Games and as such he does not expect them to perform below expectation at the Glasgow Games. He however advised the

National Sports Commission to ensure that boxers selected from the open camp organised by the Nigeria Boxing Federation are sponsored to training tours abroad to enable them perfect their skills before the commencement of the Games. “I am quite convinced that Nigerian pugilists will comeback with medals from the Commonwealth Games because we have a record of good performance at the Games. But it is important that training tours are organised for these pugilists preferably in Cuba to enable them be in top shape ahead of the competition,” he said.

Froch dreams Chavez fight


BF/WBA Super middleweight champion, Carl Froch says a fight with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. motivates him more than a rematch with fellow Briton, George Groves. Froch defended his titles against Groves on November 23, 2013 and knocked out his challenger in the 9th round, but since after that fight, Groves has been calling for a rematch. Froch stated that a fight with Mexico’s Julio Cesar Chavez is closer to being made than a Groves re-

match.” Froch also said that the idea of facing Chavez in Las Vegas, where he has never boxed, motivates him hugely. Froch said that should he fight twice this year, as he usually does, he will look at facing Groves and Julio Chavez Junior but, “not in that order.” According to the 36-yearold, the possibility of the Groves rematch depends on his promoter Eddie Hearn and that he may well face Groves one day, but it won’t be his next fight.

Carl Froch (left) lands a punch on George Groves during their title fight in November last year.



Sunday January 26, 2014

Sunday Mirror

Zanetti: I’m not thinking of hanging up my boots Javier Zanetti is already considered one of the finest players in Inter Milan’s history, and in 2010 he enjoyed the most trophy-laden year of his illustrious career by winning the Italian league and cup double, as well as taking the UEFA Champions League and FIFA Club World Cup titles. The 145time Argentina international, who turns 41 in August this year, is an icon in his homeland, yet as he told, he is not thinking of hanging up his boots just yet. able support.

I STILL FEEL YOUNG. IT’S SOMETHING EVERYONE HAS TO SENSE AND FEEL Ye s , Y b u t they’re not the o only ones. For exam example, Ivan Zamorano is ChilC daughean and is my dau ter’s godfather. IIvan Ramiro Cordoba is Colombian and is my younger son’s godfago ther, while a very g good Italian friend is my oldest son’s godfat godfather. I don’t limit myself. myself Zanetti

You’ve been in Milan since 1995, a total of 19 years. Has part of you become Italian after so long? Yes, I think so. If you live in the same city for so many years and play in the same team, then of course you can identify with everything. The club took care of me fantastically well right from the start and made me feel at home very quickly. I haven’t forgotten my roots, but after so many years here part of me has become Italian. How often do you go back to Buenos Aires? I always spend some of my vacations there and I also go back on certain public holidays to visit friends and family. I also work with my foundation called “Pupi”, which helps disadvantaged children in the poorest areas of Buenos Aires. I always like going back home. Do your friends and family in Buenos Aires want you to return home for good? No, they know that my family and I are doing well in Milan. They also know what the city and the club mean to me, so they’re happy for me. In the last 19 years you’ve made a lot of friends and met footballers from all over the world. Have your compatriots at Inter, where the famed Argentinian contingent is always big, become close friends in the meantime?

What do Italians and Argentinians have in common? There’s no doubt that we’re very similar. In the past a lot of Italians emigrated to Argentina, and now us Argentinians, and in my case, us footballers, are returning to Italy. We always try to keep our identity. Looking back, what do you remember from your move to Inter from Banfield in 1995? It was an important challenge for me. I was 21 years old and I still had a lot to learn and discover. To arrive in a city like Milan as a young man was a huge challenge. A lot of things, experiences I had, helped me to grow up and mature, both in terms of my football career and my private life too. The club always stood by me and were a massive help. Back then it was a very important decision for me and with hindsight I can undoubtedly say I made the right choice. It’s been almost 20 years and it’s been very intense. I’m still proud to belong to this fantastic club and to still be a part of it. Inter have given me everything. That sounds rather like a declaration of love. Is your relationship with Inter one of eternal love? Definitely. Those are my honest feelings for this amazing club, for the Moratti family and all the fans. It was love at first sight and that feeling has grown stronger with each passing day, week, month and year. The respect shown to me means so much.


WHATEVER YOUR AGE, IT ALL DEPENDS ON WHAT YOU DO WITH IT AND HOW YOU DEAL WITH IT. Does your wife Paula not get a little bit jealous in that case? No, quite the opposite in fact. Over the years she’s become a real Interista and knows that Inter Milan have been and will continue to be a very important part of our lives. You and your wife have three children. Are you as decisive, proud and exemplary as a father as you are on the pitch? Of course. Those are things I set great store by and I give everything and more for my three children. I spend as much time as I’m able to with them when I’m at home, I need that and it gives me great pleasure. I enjoy being with my kids. You’re famed for your tireless displays, ambition and discipline. Is it true that you returned to training just hours after your wedding with Paula? It is true. We got married on December 23, 1999 and in the Christmas break we’re always given a special programme to follow to stay fit. That’s why I went back to training straight after getting married. On November 9, 2013 you came on as an 82nd minute substitute at home to Livorno after a six-month absence with an Achilles injury. Your reception from the fans in the San Siro was truly remarkable. How was it for you? It was unique. My heart was beating so hard and I had goose bumps after the deafening ovation. Our supporters gave me a wonderful present and I’ll forever be thankful to them for that. When I got injured my only desire was to play at least one more game in front of our fans in my stadium. That I was able to do so was thanks to hard work and indescrib-

Equally astonishing is that whenever you are substituted on or off, regardless of which stadium you are at in Italy, the supporters - including the opposition fans - always applaud you. Is it a wonderful sign of respect and recognition? It’s very moving and makes me very proud. Football is a fantastic sport and can bring people together despite the rivalries. Titles aside, as a footballer there is no greater honour than to receive the respect and applause of fans whose hearts beat for a different club. Do you see your love affair with Inter enduring? I’d like to stay as part of this wonderful family forever, even after I retire as a player. One thing is certain: I always want to serve and be of use to this club. Changing subjects, you also own two restaurants in Milan. What are you like as a restauranteur? Are you involved in any of the cooking? Certainly not! I’m a very bad cook so I leave that to the professionals. I go to the restaurant in order to eat, which is the best thing for everyone. Your “Pupi” foundation is also an important part of your life. How much has the project shaped you and is it a sign that not all footballers are only interested in money? I can only speak for myself but footballers don’t only think about large sums of money. There are several who are involved in similar initiatives. It’s important to think of the people who are less fortunate. I’m aware of that responsibility and set the foundation up from scratch. We enjoy working for these children in the deprived areas of Buenos Aires that really need help. Finally, do you not feel old? Anyone who watches you play would not think that such a combative, ambitious footballer would soon be 41… I still feel young. It’s something everyone has to sense and feel within themselves. Whatever your age, it all depends on what you do with it and how you deal with it. If you’re satisfied with yourself, it’s easier to always do your best.

Sunday Mirror


Sunday January 26, 2014

Lotito fumes as Lazio fans call for Juve defeat


azio president Claudio Lotito has blasted the club’s fans for urging the team to lose against Juventus yesterday. Defeat to Juve would deny fierce rivals Roma the chance to close the gap on the Turin outfit at the top of Serie A, prompting Lazio fans to make the case for intentional defeat on local radio stations. But Lotito claims the severity of the rivalry is having a negative impact on the matchday experience at the Stadio Olimpico, and threatened to punish those who called for the loss. “What the fans do will not remain unpunished,” he said. “People must understand that football is to be enjoyed, not treated with hatred, bitterness or violence. “You must go to the stadium to enjoy a wonderful day and at the end the winners and losers emerge in a positive atmosphere, regardless of the result. That’s what happens in English stadiums. “Juventus also have a section of their fans who create problems. “I have always said we need football to teach and set the moral tone. Once anything was allowed, now there is zero tolerance. “It’s still not enough, as we must all understand that in football there are opponents, not enemies.”

Podolski eager to fight on all fronts


ukas Podolski is relishing Arsenal’s “fight for trophies” after the win over Coventry City took them another step closer to FA Cup glory. Arsenal are competing on three fronts to end their long wait for silverware, with Arsene Wenger’s side top of the Premier League, into the last 16 of the UEFA Champions League, and through to round five of the FA Cup. Friday’s 4-0 home win against Coventry, in which Podolski scored twice, was Arsenal’s seventh victory in a row in all competitions. And Germany striker Podolski is enjoying the quest for trophies. “It was an important match for us,

the FA Cup is important trophy for the club and in England,” he said. “I think the first half was very good, the second half the last 10 minutes was good. “The second half we did not play so well and we needed to keep going and create chances for 90 minutes. “We were a bit slow, Coventry had a few chances. If they had scored at 2-0 we would have been in trouble. But we are in round five and top of the league, it is a long season but we want to stay there and fight for trophies. “We have an important match against Bayern in the Champions League, we’re top of the league, we want to stay there and keep fighting.”

Liverpool will be ready for Everton, says Rodgers

L Lotito


Man United, Chelsea agree on Mata’s deal


anchester United have agreed a club-record deal to sign Juan Mata from Chelsea, subject to a medical and personal terms being agreed. The Spain international is set to move for a fee reported to be in the region of £37million and will become the club’s most high-profile arrival under David Moyes.


Solskjaer delighted with Campbell



ardiff City boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was thankful for the impact of substitute Fraizer Campbell after the FA Cup win at Bolton Wanderers. Campbell, alongside Craig Noone, came off the bench at halftime yesterday and the pair combined to provide the winning goal for Cardiff, who progressed to the fifth round of the competition for the first time in four years.

Bruce lauds match-winner Fryatt


ull City manager Steve Bruce praised matchwinner Matty Fryatt after he scored both goals in the 2-0 FA Cup win at Southend United. The Premier League outfit were given a tough test against a Southend side managed by former boss Phil Brown, the man who had led them into the topflight in 2008, but an upset rarely looked likely.



iverpool manager Brendan Rodgers insists his players will be ready for Tuesday’s Merseyside derby against Everton, despite having little time to recover. The Anfield outfit edged into the fifth round of the FA Cup with a 2-0 win at Championship side Bournemouth yesterday, and host local rivals Everton in the Premier League next week. But Rodgers was not tempted to field a weakened team at Dean Court. “We have a very thin squad, and along with that we’ve got a number of injuries, but the tradition of the FA Cup for Liverpool is huge,” he said. “We want to pay respect to the competition because we want to get to the final and win it if we can. “The players have had enough recovery time and will recover well for Everton. They have everything there to recover. “We go into Tuesday’s game on the back of a good win against a good Championship side.” And the Northern Irishman was full of praise for Bournemouth and their manager Eddie Howe. “Bournemouth are a very good side and we give credit to them first of all,” he continued. “They have a


FA Cup: Crystal Palace crashes out at Wigan


ames McClean’s late winner sent holders Wigan through to the FA Cup fifth-round after a 2-1 win over Crystal Palace at the DW Stadium yesterday. Ben Watson gave the home side the lead on 36 minutes and were good value for their advantage heading into the interval. However, second-half substitute Aaron Wilbraham deservedly leveled for the visitors, and looked likely to go on and find a winner. However, former Sunderland winger McClean pooped up with a late strike to send the Premier League strugglers crashing out of the cup, and send Uwe Roslers side through.


great idea when it comes to playing the game. Eddie is similar to myself in terms of his philosophy. “They were excellent, we didn’t work hard enough in the first half, but once we re-organised at halftime we were much better.”

Ben Watson (left) celebrates after giving his side the lead against Crystal Palace yesterday.

Essien excited to work with Seedorf


ichael Essien has revealed new AC Milan coach Clarence Seedorf played a major role in his decision to join the club. The Ghanaian midfielder has linked up with the Rossoneri, who appointed Seedorf last week, on a free transfer from Premier League giants Chelsea. “I can’t wait to play for Milan,” Essien told reporters after landing in Italy on Friday. “Kaka and Balotelli are great players. “I joined Milan because of Seed-

orf. I spoke with him two days ago. Seedorf is a great man and I hope that he will also become a great manager. “I’m happy to be at Milan. They’re a great club. l will do my best for them. “I want to thank Chelsea chairman, Roman Abramovich, the squad and Mourinho, who gave me the chance to join Milan,” concluded the 31-year-old, who has also represented the likes of Real Madrid.




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Sunday, January 26, 2014



bn, sum Governor EmmanN7.35 uel Uduaghan of Delta State,

disclosed as what the country loses daily to oil thieves.

Can Bamanga Tukur emulate Stella Oduah?

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E-mail: Unah is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Lagos

with Jim Unah



bn, amount the Special Adviser on Communications to the Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, said FG has paid to oil marketers.

gather that Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, the ousted Peoples’ Democratic Party Chairman, has been appointed by President Goodluck Jonahan to Chair the Board of the Nigerian Railways Corporation. If this is true, I wonder to what intent. Alhaji Tukur does not strike me as one who has a passion for transforming institutions of state or public corporations from a comatose condition to a state of flourishing. Yet, the nation’s rail transportation system, from the rail lines to the wagons and coaches, requires surgical operation to restore it to life and reposition it to play the role which rail transport is playing in development conscious countries of the world. From his antecedent as Chairman of the PDP, it is evident that Tukur is one hell of a one man riot squad with a penchant for swimming, not just in troubled waters, but in the poodle as well, to rubbish everyone. But people change. Nothing is permanently fixed, not even for entities with volition, such as politicians. Tukur can leverage this appointment to advantage, that is, if he has escaped from the box and is thinking outside the box. I see the appointment as one fine tablet of a gift by

the transformation conscious President Jonathan for the embattled politician to re-write his autobiography and endear himself eternally to Nigerians. I like to look at and explore the brighter side of life, even where everything appears hopeless. I call it optimistic toughness, and we can rebuild the country with more of it. I still worry about the charge, the brief, of Mr. President to Bamanga Tukur as he mounts the saddle of the Railway Corporation—a critical infrastructure, after electric power and road infrastructure, with a capacity to deliver rapid economic, industrial and technological development to the nation. I worry also about Tukur’s own agenda. Is he seeing the appointment as “job for the boys”, something to accept, sit back and settle down to business as usual or to raise fund for 2015 electioneering and vote buying; having been so cruelly, conspiratorially, and ignominiously booted out of the Chairmanship of the ruling party? If this is his perception of his new position, may I prognosticate that he would end up sinking more and more into ignominy and irrelevance? But as I said earlier, nothing is so fixed that it cannot be altered, especially where the issue relates to human conduct and perception of life. I see a process unfolding in which Tukur can gain mastery of his travails and write his name in gold in the annals of the nation’s history. Rail transport in the country has been held down, since the attainment of political independence from Great Britain, by the chains and fetters of the road haulage ca-

bal of which Alhaji Tukur is alleged to be a prominent member. How can he use the new position in the Railway Corporation to right the wrong done to the nation’s roads by the destructive activities of the road haulage businessmen, and make a significant contribution to the transformation of rail transportation in the country? That would be the real challenge of his new appointment. Assuming that Tukur can buy into the new commitment of giving the country a rail infrastructure that works, like Stella Oduah has transformed the nation’s Aviation industry infrastructure, how is he supposed to go about the task of dismantling the stranglehold of the road haulage cabal where celebrated businessmen like Aliko Dangote have committed unquantifiable resources? Now, what about the road haulage people, how have they become an issue in the development of rail infrastructure, and how have they constituted themselves into a nuisance to the nation? For the businessmen concerned, road haulage is perceived as a viable means of vehicular transportation of goods from one destination to another; pursuant to their own commercial interests which have their own unique contributions to the country’s economy. So, they do not see anything wrong with that archaic mode of transportation and the eternal obstacles they pose to other road users, the damage they cause to the roads, the man hour lost from frequent traffic gridlocks arising from the obstruction and nuisance they create on the highways. They

FIFA U-20 WWC Qualifier: Falconets land in Canada


igeria’s Falconets yesterday qualified for the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup scheduled for Canada after defeating hosts South Africa 1-0 in the qualifying round second leg match of the qualifiers. The Falconets had recorded a 6-0 win in the first leg game two weeks earlier in Abuja, thus qualifying on a 7-0 aggregate. Reacting to the victory, Elizabeth Kah, the Falconets’ Media Officer said there was the need for an immediate commencement of preparations by the team for the 2014 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup. Kah told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in a telephone interview that good preparations were necessary in order for the team to

excel at the world competition. “The NFF should ensure that preparations for the World Cup start immediately. This is important, for us to be able to do well in Canada,” Kah said.

Speaking on the Falconets’ match against the Basetsana at the Dobsonville Stadium in Soweto, the team spokesperson said the match was very tough for the Nigerian

under-20 women side. “It was a very tough game for us, but Yetunde Adeboyejo scored the only goal of the match in the third minute. This helped us a lot,” she said.

do not see anything wrong with their operations on the highways, and believe, at any rate that they have a constitutional right to choose any mode of transportation to convey their commodities to the end users. For this category of businessmen, rail transport is a hindrance to their interest, and should, therefore, be crippled and never allowed to function. The road haulage business entails the use of heavy-duty trucks to convey iron rods, cement, cattle; light vehicles, petrol, diesel and kerosene, as well as other heavy and weighty commodities from one part of the country to another. In developed and other developing countries, such heavy commodities are usually conveyed through the railways because rail transport is faster and cheaper than road transport for the type of commodities in question. Apart from lowering cost for the operators and ultimately reducing the prices of commodities to end users, the use of the railways removes stress, wear and tear from the roads; thus making it safer and faster for light vehicles to ply the highways to ease their own transactions and contributions to the national Gross Domestic Product—GDP. The way Alhaji Tukur can come to the rescue as Chairman of the Board of the Railway Corporation, is to phase out the heavy-duty trucks from the nation’s highways by first, buying the trucks off their owners and stocking them in designated fallow lands in the savannah as scraps, TO BE CONTINUE NEXT WEEK

CHAN 2014 RESULTS Nigeria 4 – 3 Morocco Mali 1 – 2 Zimbabwe Today’s Matches Gabon v Libya 17:00 Ghana v RD Congo 20:30 ENGLISH FA CUP RESULTS Bournemouth 0-2 Liverpool Birmingham 1-2 Swansea City Man City 4-2 Watford Southampton 2-0 Yeovil Town Wigan 2-1 Crystal Palace Stevenage 0-4 Everton Today’s Matches Sheffield United v Fulham 14:00 Chelsea v Stoke City 16:30

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