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The Tradition Can Move Forward With Your Help With your generous help, so many wonderful projects have been completed and are now being enjoyed by the students of Cheverus High School. But the current phase of our construction shows there is so much more to accomplish. We need your financial support to keep the tradition moving.



New gymnasium with spectator seating for 1,000, new concession and bookstore spaces, new locker room space for women and men under the gymnasium, new athletic equipment storage, an indoor practice track, new boiler room, kitchen space above boiler room (for gym egress and future use), sprinkler system for gymnasium and existing school building, new science classroom and 2 new general classrooms. Phases 4 and 5 – Future Construction

Our Proud History

The school, originally established on Free Street, was moved to Cumberland Avenue in 1946 and to its current facility on Ocean Avenue in 1952. In 1926 the school was renamed Cheverus High School in honor of Bishop Cheverus, the first Bishop of Boston. After 1942 Cheverus High School became a private school, owned and operated by the Jesuit Fathers.

New science classrooms & laboratories, conference room, audio/visual room, testing room, 11 additional classrooms, art classroom & storage, 2 faculty work centers, freshman/JV baseball field, 2 women’s softball fields, 6 outdoor tennis courts, 2 multipurpose athletic fields, concession & bathroom facility, storage facility, temporary women’s locker room & restrooms, additional women’s restrooms, temporary women’s trainer’s room & coaches offices and parking. Phase 3

These exciting projects planned under “The Tradition Moves Forward” campaign will require the participation and support of every member of the Cheverus community. To find out how you can support these efforts, please call the Development Office at 207.774.6238 or visit our website at

Cheverus High School is a living testament to the vision of Catholic education in Maine. In 1917, Bishop Louis S. Walsh, D.D. founded the Catholic Institute High School. The school was administered by local diocesan priests until 1942, when the Jesuit Fathers and Brothers were asked to take over the administration and instruction­at the school.

As with any capital improvement project, there are many expenses associated with the project. The following is a list of our accomplishments and the costs associated with completing them, and also a list of current construction projects and related costs for Cheverus High School’s capital campaign – “The Tradition Moves Forward”. Phases 1 and 2 Completed 1999-2004

and storage, performing arts center (in current auditorium), enclosed link between buildings, offices and meeting rooms, growth of Endowment Fund and development of Technology Fund.

Projected Cost $6,350,000

New food preparation/serving/dining facilities, new fitness center under the gymnasium, library and technology lab moved to Loyola Hall, 1 new music classroom, 3 music practice rooms, 1 studio

Cheverus Mission Statement The mission of Cheverus High School, an inclusive Jesuit Catholic college preparatory school, is to prepare young men and women to be people for others by fostering intellectual, spiritual, physical and personal excellence.

In 1962 Cheverus dedicated its full resources to offering college preparatory courses and in 1963 received full accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges as a college preparatory school. Since its initial enrollment, Cheverus High School has grown into one of the most widely recognized and respected Jesuit secondary schools in the region, and has played a key role in the development of young people to serve in church life, in professional and business life, and in service to our communities.

The Capital Campaign for

In addition, over the past 20 years Cheverus has continued to: u Foster new programs in art and music. u Upgrade the computer system to guarantee computer literacy and to allow advanced computer training for all students. u Introduce programs of studies to provide special assistance to students with college potential who require the development of fundamental mathematical, verbal and study skills. In 2000, Cheverus embraced a new opportunity that will carry our values to the young women of our region as they joined the ranks of Cheverus students. The mission of the school emphasizes the importance of: u Individual growth and care. u Offering the atmosphere and experiences that provide a quality, well-integrated education. u Instilling Christian values. u Fostering personal responsibilities. u Community service. u Challenging young men and women to take leadership roles in society.

Cheverus Today Cheverus High School, with the continuing strong support of the New England Province of the Jesuits, continues to provide the educational and spiritual foundation for hundreds of young men and women. As one of only three Catholic high schools in Maine and the only Jesuit school in northern New England, Cheverus has experienced explosive growth in admissions with the enrollment indicating an increase of 100 percent in admissions since 1993. Much of this growth

Cheverus High School 267 Ocean Avenue, Portland, Maine 04103 (207) 774-6238



The Tradition Moves Forward At this time, Cheverus is concluding one era and embarking on a new one. This new era will widen our direction, carrying our illustrious tradition and our mission into the next century.

Our Challenge Cheverus High School has begun to shape its future with the initiation of a program to modernize many areas of the school. Through these initiatives Cheverus has laid the foundation for success into the future. Improvements, which began in 1993 and were completed through 1997, include: u The

new science classrooms and laboratories. playing field expansion. u The computer lab completed. u The library’s physical and technological expansion. u The

The strong academic rigor and the dedication of our faculty have made the school the first choice for many parents and students seeking a quality education in a Catholic environment according to the Jesuit tradition. As we change and grow, we must not only continue to provide the opportunities to prepare the intellect, but we must also enhance the facilities and resources to train the physical, foster the creative, and expand the spiritual.

But the world of education is changing and Cheverus desires to be at the forefront of this change. Today even high schools must compete for the best and the brightest students available. However, to be successful in this increasingly competitive environment, Cheverus must have facilities and resources that assure all parents that their sons and daughters will have an opportunity to expand their academic horizons beyond the intellectual, and provide the opportunities for each one to excel in sports, drama, music and the arts. To successfully compete and attract quality students Cheverus will continue to: u Offer the broadest range of educational experiences possible. u Continually maintain new technology. u Create and maintain the best physical facilities possible. u Foster the spiritual and community aspects of each student.

Our Master Plan Expansion and Renovation of Learning Space

By providing its students with the most current classroom and school facilities available, Cheverus will remain a leader in Catholic education in the Portland area.

Expansion of Athletic and Performance Facilities

To remain competitive in our sports programs, Cheverus’ male and female sports teams must have facilities in which to practice and play. Also, to enhance the creative talents of all our students, new auditorium and stage facilities are needed.

Develop New Sources of Funding for Technology

The world around us is changing rapidly, and Cheverus must continually prepare for the future. Sources of

funding are needed to help our school remain abreast of the rising wave of technology and computer innovations.

Develop New Sources of Funding for Scholarships

In order to maintain and expand financial aid based on need, increased endowment funds are especially critical to the school. Presently, every student receives a “hidden” subsidy of over $3,000 per year, the difference between the tuition charge and the actual cost of our education. In addition, Cheverus also offers more than $650,000 in financial aid annually based on need. Subsidy and financial aid help each student to receive a quality education in a Catholic environment according to the Jesuit tradition.

Improve Parking Areas and Grounds Beautification

As the population of Cheverus High School grows, maintenance and improvements are imperative to attract students and their families to our campus.

Cheverus High School Capital Campaign Brochure  

Cheverus needed a compelling capital campaign brochure, complete with architectural renderings to clearly convey the school's plans and need...

Cheverus High School Capital Campaign Brochure  

Cheverus needed a compelling capital campaign brochure, complete with architectural renderings to clearly convey the school's plans and need...