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Oh what a difference 365 days make, 8760 little hours! April marks the 1st Anniversary of 72M Magazine and, like most first birthdays, brings with it new developments.


We welcome four new sections on tech, travel, design and food whilst we say goodbye to “Painted Smile” as Andy Holmes explores new opportunities beyond depression and Mental Health. We indulge in a first person review of working abroad; as Mbeke Wasame switches up the ‘careers’ section with her experiences of Ghana, West Africa, and we tackle the biggest business and money myths with Soul Agent, Sarupa Shah. Seventy2minutes With... indulges in a conversation with the talented and beautiful Tehmina Sunny whilst ‘The Alex Experience’ discusses the folly of the easily fooled. Also, to celebrate our 365 days in circulation we’re giving away £500 worth of prizes to our readers, old and new. All you have to do is identify the name of our contributors, in our word cloud on pages 4 & 5,and post you response on our Facebook fan page;

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what they tweet With Social Media fastly becoming the way local, national and specialist news is shared we bring you the best of Twitter tweets in response to some of the major events that take place during the 3 months before our issues are published!

Neha: I’m in shock like I was when MJ died. R.I.p whitney houston. We lost another legend

A U D A C I T Y: Michael Jackson passed before the BET Awards, Amy Winehouse passed before the VMA’s, and R.I.P Whitney Houston passed before the Grammy’s.

Ian watkins: R.I.P Whitney Houston x The tabloids will enjoy reporting sordid detail… Please let us remember her talent not her troubles Seu amigo sincero: Nosso luto, R.I.P Whitney Houston

Alexey Vorobyov: Она была одной из величайших певиц всех времен. Сегодня ночью Америка не уснет.. R.I.P. Whitney Houston

This time it’s on the much talked about: #whitney houston

Akshay Kumar: The loss of one of the greatest voices of all time!! R.I.P Whitney Houston. I will always love you

Dacia: “We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.” – Whitney Houston #R.I.P. Whitney Houston

La Voz Libre: Twitter llora la muerte de Whitney Houston R.I.P Whitney Houston

© iS

to c


o to

.c o m

/A ndy


  Summer 2012



There’s no escaping the influences of religion on our everyday lives.

© Brend

an Hunte



ur languages are littered with words that have religious connotations, our working patterns are structured to respect Holy days, our celebrations, our rituals and even our names have their roots in religious beliefs. In today’s world Christianity is still the most practiced religion boasting 33% of the world’s population (or 2.5 billion people) but changing views about the existence of a God (any God) coupled with high profile clashes between exponents of Christian beliefs and, just about, everyone continue to raise questions about Christianity’s place in the modern world. At the time this article was produced several high profile incidents thrust the seeming preposterous nature of Christian beliefs into the limelight; the 2012 American presidential election (, the continuing debates on the morality of abortion and birth control ( and the inflammatory attacks on homosexual relationships (, ( It seemed all too easy to jump on the ‘damn those Christians’ band wagon but with my many networks connecting me to people from all walks of life it felt more appropriate to ask the many Christians in these networks whether Christians, and their passions, were outdated, outrageous or simply misunderstood!

8  Summer 2012 

Of the 40 Christian bloggers/ writers that I contacted only 4 felt comfortable about contributing to this article. The majority did not trust that their views would be accurately presented nor did they want any exposure that could lead to a negative backlash. This in itself highlights how tender the subject of religion is; where those who practice it fear some form of repercussion if they announce their beliefs in an arena where others may not share their views. Of the bloggers/writers that did respond I had 4 basic asks and I explained clearly that my purpose was not to court controversy, or to shun their beliefs, just to present a point of view on subject that continues to ignite debates world over...

the passion of the christian Healing Leaf is one of the bloggers that chose to respond to the four questions posted but also chose to remain anonymous witholding details of who they are and where they are. Their blog is a personal reflection of their journey through their faith and is described as “... my way of sharing the truths I have learnt while earnestly seeking God and a clearer and deeper understanding of His word. ”

There is something greater at work than just what I perceive to be my own personal challenges. But these challenges and troubles teach me to persevere and overcome, and I have to trust that in all things God works for the good of those who love ideally I should be.

Unfortunately I see more of what Christianity’s beliefs have done to Christianity and how that has impacted it, so many different teachings, all claiming they are the perfect truth with the only correct interpretation, yet there is only one God, and one Bible...doesn’t this testify to the confused state of the Christian world, and yet there are so few who are willing to seek the truth, seemingly content where they are. healingleaf.


As far as other religions and non-religious view points... everyone has their own opinions and thoughts, and they all differ, but I don’t think that effects or impacts Christianity too greatly (I don’t think it will change the course of Christianity).

For me, having a life of faith means to love, forgive and bless. My top priority is to know God and his will, and the only way to do that is through his word (John 1:1, John 17:3).

 o you, what does it mean T to be a Christian in today’s society, wherever you live?

Unfortunately I see how arrogance, lack of humility, egotism, power, pride, and greed are prevalent in the Christian world. High profile Christians definitely have a zeal for what they are doing, but is that zeal based on knowledge of God and his word (Rom 10:2)? This spiritual nation (Christianity) is drunk on spiritual wine (man-made teachings) – Isaiah 29:9-13, Rev 18:3 – and the confusion within the nation of Christianity is all too evident to the rest of the world. As a Christian I often find it embarrassing to see these ‘high profile’ Christians parading around in churches, in Primaries, on TV, over the radio, representing “my” religion, when there is very little that we actually have in common – regarding our beliefs. I cannot be a person who judges (Mt 7:1-2), persecutes, or hates (Mt 5:44), but need to be someone who loves, forgives and blesses. My attention should be focused on how to truly do those things.

As a Christian I often find it embarrassing to see these ‘high profile’ Christians parading around...

Unfortunately I see more of what Christianity’s beliefs have done to Christianity and how that has impacted it, so many different teachings, all claiming they are the perfect truth with the only correct interpretation, yet there is only one God, and one Bible...doesn’t this testify to the confused state of the Christian world, and yet there are so few who are willing to seek the truth, seemingly content where they are. healingleaf. As far as other religions and non-religious view points... everyone has their own opinions and thoughts, and they all differ, but I don’t think that effects or impacts Christianity too greatly (I don’t think it will change the course of Christianity).

The 3 largest National Christian populations are Mexico (99%), Brazil (93%), USA (85%) One of the revealing, and recurring, discoveries whilst researching this article was the belief, by many, that religion is forced upon the world by the overtly religious. A group called 1 Million Moms came to my attention as their outrage at the erosion of ‘good Christian family values’ in today’s world has had them square up to the likes of JC Penney ( and Toys R Us ( Their outspoken views may have backfired on them but the residual impact is that a very bitter taste is left in the mouths of the growing masses who feel that such right-wing; Christian views have no purchase in western society. I was curious to learn from ordinary, everyday, Christians if they felt that being a Christian meant spreading, forcibly, their views on the world.

  Summer 2012


the passion of the christian Allison blogs on feedingmytemple and explores, through her blog, the importance of good food and the impact of religion in her life. To be a fully devoted follow of Jesus Christ and accepting him as your Lord and Savior. And having a relationship with our Father God through Jesus. It means being involved in the Word and letting God’s love, grace, and forgiveness shine through you.


 ow do you think high H profile Christians, and their views, impact on perceptions of the religion as a whole?

I don’t think they [high profile Christians] have much impact on religion, but more on helping others sort through their own thoughts and questions about the Bible and what being a disciple of Jesus really looks like. I was not raised Christian, so it has taken a very long time to break 20+ years of secular beliefs and habits. I’m certainly not perfect, but I had to commit to making the example Jesus left me with as a priority. When it becomes important, it becomes a priority. [other religious beliefs, or non- religious beliefs] sort of brings out the immaturity of some Christians in their faith. Jesus never told people they HAD to believe anything. Walking the walk of Jesus allows you to be who He wants you to be.

There are 38,000 Christian denominations in the world There are also hundreds of high profile Christians. Ignoring the obvious (The Pope… in case you were wondering) there are those that are comfortable enough to speak out about their beliefs, often rooting their success in their faith (Oprah, Tom Cruise, George Bush Jr & Snr), and those that prefer to allow this aspect of their private lives to play second fiddle in their public worlds (David Cameron, Cliff Richards). Whatever their position, and however it presents itself, it’s undeniable that their behaviour, in the public eye, helps to shape our views about the many faces of Christianity and its followers. I wondered if our respondents would feel the same. Patty Perkowski runs a web based ‘ministry site for moms’; she also writes a Christian blog: A social worker and a pre-school teacher she describes herself as a Spiritual Direcfor and her blog promotes the importance of motherhood and religion.

10  Summer 2012 


 ow do you face the H challenges of the modern world if, and when, they contradict Christian teachings?

To be a Christian in America is to be someone who feels passionately about causes; for me being a Christian means helping moms to become more than just the role of mom but to see value in all they have been called to do. I think some high profiles Christians have an impact, and it is not always a positive impact. Because America is such a pluralistic society there cannot be a consensus of opinion. Even among Christians there is not set mutual agenda. There are conservative and liberal Christians each fighting for what they believe is their fundamental issue and more often than not they are polar opposites. America on a whole is also very centric, so those who views seem more to the center will be looked upon more favorably. I don’t see many contradictions to my Catholic beliefs. Take for example homosexuality. As a Catholic we are taught to love the sinner but not the sin, for me that means I have no right to judge them as human beings because of their sexuality. If they are in a stable monogamist relationship then that is good and right, but if they doing things that will cause emotional, or spiritual pain to another, or themselves [ sleeping around, cheating] than that is sinful. I have to remember that Jesus was a rebel in his time. He came to set up a new world order and I can get behind that! He came to bring a new age and that is what I feel I am called as a Baptized Catholic woman to help bring to life: a new age of love and respect to everyone. Regarding other beliefs and Christianity? I think that is an individual calling for each person to pray over and answer in their own way. For me I look for ways to bring respect to those who feel they do not matter in this world and beliefs, either Christian or non, that block, that I will work to change.

The Economist Has revealed some fundamental similarities in the belief of a universal reward system ( The bad get punished, a virtual sending off to a karmic naughty step, and the good accumulate brownie points that will eventually result in a reward of some sort. The most inflammatory Christian teachings have been those on homosexual rights and women’s rights with many high profile Christian leaders arguing against Gay marriage and ‘ProChoice’ legislation. (

the passion of the christian gossip, engage in sexual activities or drink liquor, among others. It’s also hard to give an opinion without sounding judgemental or archaic. People often target us to argue about issues like abortion, evolution and atheism. I think of what Jesus went through and try to remain calm in the face of fiery opposition. Consider Colossians 4:6 which says “Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.”

Marsha, originally from Trinidad & Tobago, considers herself opinionated, She states that she shares many of the interest that any gregarious 30 something enjoys (family, fitness, films and music), and writes on oneopinionatedwoman


 ow do you see other H religious beliefs, or non‑religious beliefs, impacting on Christianity?

A Christian’s goal should be to emulate Jesus Christ’s teachings in every aspect of their lives. This is easier said than done because life is full of distractions, temptations and reminders of who we were before accepting Him as our Lord and Saviour. We must take time to meditate on God’s Word. The Old Testament is the history of our faith. The New Testament shows us how to cope with our present and prepare for our future. Life in the public eye is very difficult. There are many pressures to change your self to maintain, increase popularity or remain relevant. As a result, many high profile Christians compromise their values because they are afraid of causing offence. The truth is that saved or not, you can’t please everybody. The best thing that they or any of us can do is to maintain integrity in God’s sight. Mankind will fall in to place afterwards. It’s a difficult matter [face the challenges of the modern world]. Often one has to explain decisions not to lie,

All human beings are connected to each other. Thus we constantly affect each other’s lies despite distance or condition. Jesus commanded us to love everyone: our neighbours as we love ourselves; in addition to our enemies. Impact from other faiths is inevitable. Even if we choose to cut ourselves off from the rest of the world, which is only a delaying tactic. We must stay true to Jesus’ commandments and hold on to our beliefs. Simultaneously we should agree to disagree on certain customs without those of different faiths; or those with no faith at all

23.4% of the world’s population, or 2.2 billion people, are considered, or consider themselves, Muslim

15.2% (over 1 billion)of the world’s population is thought to be ‘non-religious’ or ‘atheist’ leaving 28.4% of the world sharing all other religions from Buddhism to Zoroastrian. It is often quoted that the Muslim faith is the fastest growing in the world but the rise and rise of the ‘non-religious’ (Atheists, Agnostics, Humanists and Freethinkes included!) continues to push at the boundaries of Christian beliefs.

We know that time is of the essence that’s why we’re backing the NSPCC when they say ‘Don’t wait until’ you’re certain.

  Summer 2012


Š Larysa Dodz

tech & gadgets

© amriphoto

© Stuart Jenner

These days its hard to make time to do all the things we plan and sometimes finding the balance between work, rest and play is difficult without a little help!


his is where technology steps in. There are some great gadgets available that will help you save time! Nothing complicated (gone are the days of the 1000 page manual), just simple, lightweight, effective tools that do their job and make your busyness manageable!

You have everything you want to reach: Facebook, Twitter, Camera, Video (exceptional quality), all kinds of applications and it’s extremely easy to use. Once you buy an iPhone 4S, you need about five minutes to get used to it, learn how to use its key functions, then I guarantee you will not want to leave it far from hand. The iPhone comes in two colors: black and white but

There are more than 600,000 apps available for the iPhone, and about 100,000 specifically focused at women. You can find apps that do anything from helping you put on your make-up to organising the important things in your calendar.

track of your menstrual cycle so you know your dates and can plan around them!

© Beano5

Phones today are small computers (some much more powerful than a normal PC), and you can do all sorts of things with them. A friend asked me the other day for my opinion of THE phone to buy. I replied instantly: iPhone 4S. Why?

it can be customized easily with all kinds of cases.

Some of our favourites • Super Woman – My closet: You can take pictures of all your clothes, a picture of yourself and use this app to create an outfit wherever you are, whatever you’re doing! Handy if you’re in the office fretting about whether you need to pop into your local boutique to buy something new or make do with what’s at home! • Carmindy: The star from TLC teaches you how to make-up really quick. You can even create an avatar with your skin tone and eye colour so that your make‑up choices are specific to you! • Only for Women: Strange but true, this app help you keep

Busy house? For those who love their home but need to save some time on the cleaning I recommend the iRobot Roomba. An awesome little gadget that cleans your house with no set-up stress just press the ‘on’ button and let it do the rest! Gadgets, tech and tech news for your busyness by Larry Baldwin

  Summer 2012


fashion & beauty

Phones ringing, emails are Phones ringing, pouring in, my emails are

boyfriend’s pouring in, my

demanding boyfriend’s attention , the demanding

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Don’t wash your hair every day!  I know what you’re thinking… but Gina I have to, I just can’t go a day without washing my hair or it will look too greasy. Our hair is not meant to be washed on a daily basis and it’s good to give your hair and scalp a break from chemicals. If you feel the need to wash your hair everyday, you’re probably using the wrong products for your hair type.

Conditioner  is only meant for the ends of your hair, stop putting in on the roots. The point of conditioner is to smooth and weight down your hair, so why would you want to put this on the area where you’re looking to get the most volume? You’ll find that when you only apply conditioner the ends of your hair, not only will be happier with your style, you’ll also have to wash less.

Use the right products.  I always use a root lifting spray on my clients and myself. Regardless of the texture of the hair, we all want lift and volume. This will also help the hairstyle hold until 14

you’re ready to wash again. And my favorite product… HAIR SPRAY! It holds a poof, makes a pony look sleek and not disheveled, and best of all it holds sexy voluminous curls all night long. This also helps to preserve you hair so again… you don’t have to wash it every day.

Thank goodness for the invention of dry shampoo.  I wash my hair every 4 to 6 days. Come day 3, 4, or 5 I have to use something to take the grease off my roots and make my scalp feel clean. Not only is it a huge time saver, it is also a money saver. If you dye your hair, you’ll find the color will last longer because the hair is not being subjected to as much heat. This results in less split ends and fewer trips to the salon.

Teasing  – if that doesn’t make you have a finished look I don’t know what does. Use a wide-tooth comb and tease in spots you want volume, such as the crown. This makes a style finished and helps to hold the hair in place all day.  Summer 2012 

dog needs to go attention , the needs to go out,dog I haven’t even out, I yet haven’t even eaten let alone eaten yet my let alone brushed teeth, brushed my teeth, and I still need and I still need to forthe the to leave leave for salon hour. salon in in 11 hour.

Who time Who has has time

to 3 hours hours to spend spend 3 on hairaa on their their hair day? Not me! day? Not me! Living in Living inaa

high-paced high-paced

city like like Chicago, city Chicago, I’m always on I’m on the always go and as the go and as a hair stylist hair stylist Ia know the I know the tips and tricks

tips and for tricks getting

beautiful hair for getting

(that only looks beautiful hair

likeonly you spent (that looks 3 hours it). like you on spent 3 hours on it).





t’s difficult to ignore the striking beauty of Tehmina Sunny and it would be easy, but so very wrong, to suggest that her growing success in Hollywood is down to just that. With her deep brown eyes, silky long hair and smooth brown skin you could be led to believe that her best attributes were on show for all to see, however, you would be so very wrong. Tehmina has an honours degree in Computer Science, speaks 3 languages, plays 3 instruments, sings and practices Tae Kwando and Karate; in her spare time (yes, spare time!) she also designs websites. The term ‘triple threat’ seems somewhat lacking and I couldn’t wait to delve behind the beauty to discover the brain, and spirit, of this quintessential 72m woman!

with: Tehmina Sunny 16  Summer 2012 

seventy2minutes with:  Tehmina Sunny

Another highlight was working with Ben Affleck… He’s a great talent with this tenacity for making things happen… He’s an amazing and wonderful person

We start by talking about the weather. A lacklustre topic, you may think, but a very important starting point if you’ve ever endured the schizophrenia of British weather. The week before our Skype the UK basked in the type of sun that LA indulges in, at this time of year, however we were both now grumbling (a little) about the grey skies above. Tehmina is originally from Croydon, South London, so she’s very well aware of the temperamental British weather. We also chat quickly about the pace of her week, how Monday turns into Friday before Tuesday has even begun, and debate whether this is a good or bad thing. I say how I think busyness can [sometimes] be a good thing but she wonders, because soon it will be the end of the year and the speed that this year has disappeared is crazy. Nonetheless she states that it’s been a really good, productive week and we move on to talking about her ‘busyness’.

Tehmina describes her ability to managing a very hectic life as ‘OCD mentality’. Her time management is impeccable (she laments) and she knows exactly what she’s doing every minute of every day. I’m sure this is the sort of disorder most employees would pay well for but Tehmina acknowledges that sometimes she just ‘needs to relax and chill’. I explain a bit about 72M, that it’s a magazine aimed at busy people, like herself, who still manage to find

time to take care of their inner and outer self, their appearance, largely because I want to get on to the fact that she’s simply beautiful. The Sun newspaper would define her as ‘a stunner’ and this is how I describe her as our interview begins… 72m: I’m going to describe you as a triple threat because you seem to be good at everything! You’re über organised, über intelligent, über stunning…

TS: God, who are you talking about? (She laughs incredulously)

72m: Is there any one homogenous fit, a repetitive fit that you have to lean towards to get those roles?

72m: Sometimes it’s hard to recognise ourselves when someone else talks about us…

TS: It’s funny because you do your thing, your everyday thing, and it’s not like its anything extra ordinary but when someone else tells you what you’re doing you have this kind of reality check and go ‘what? Is that me?’ 72m: One of the first questions I wanted to ask you is about your aesthetic appeal, especially in an industry that’s so very focused on how women look, how do you rationalise that seeming dichotomy between intelligence and beauty?

TS: It’s interesting out here because even though I’m Indian and I get put up for Indian parts (and I’m pleased to say that there are so many Indian parts and being brown is great) I still don’t fit into that category! It’s almost like they go for the stereotypical, darker skinned almost quirky looking Indian and I always get asked if I’m sure I am Indian. That’s really funny. I insist that I’m a complete and utter pedigree… I’m battling against my own type right now! 72m: What about crossing over and going for roles that weren’t specifically written for Indian women?

TS: Honestly? If you meet me on an ordinary day I hardly wear any makeup. I wake up then go and work out so I’m usually in my gym kit for the rest of the day until I have to go to a meet, an audition or do something. I’m very basic when it comes to who I am. I always like to keep fresh faced, hair tied back and wear comfy clothes. It’s always fun to play a new character, a make believe character, and this is when I enjoy getting dressed up, but on a daily basis I’m a complete plain Jane! 72m:

you fit amongst the ensemble. You can’t have so many strong looking people because it has to be a balance. It can be really frustrating because I constantly get strong feedback from auditions but I also get the “…just not the right fit.” That can be frustrating because I wonder what I have to do to be that ‘fit’. I wear my hair back, I wear my glasses and I wear very little make-up just so I can fit in. You’re adapting, morphing yourself into what you think they feel is going to work.

I find that really hard to believe

TS: Honestly, it’s true! 72m: Do you find that when you’re auditioning for roles you’re always pulled back to the foundation of how you look?

TS: Yes. I usually go for a bracket that’s called ‘ethnically ambiguous’. 72m: That’s

interesting (we laugh)

TS: It’s where you don’t quite know where the person is from so I always have to be polished up with accents. It’s the only way you can succeed in landing roles for, as an example; Latina, Middle Eastern, French, Greek… whatever it could be. 72m: Taking a lead from having to be flexible I also wanted to touch on your Degree in Computer Science, the three languages that you speak, the four instruments you play (one of which is your voice), and the two martial arts you practice (Taekwondo and Karate)… this is all besides your talent for acting… do all your pursuits find you or do you just like being busy?

TS: When it comes to the casting process it’s about a fit. You can be the very best actor but it’s about how

  Summer 2012


seventy2minutes with:  Tehmina Sunny TS: I’ve always liked to be busy. My family would always say ‘you can relax now’ but I guess I don’t really know how to. I would love to be able to learn how to meditate but I don’t have that discipline, I’m always wanting or doing something. I don’t have that focus to just be centred or settled so that is definitely something I really want to try and achieve. I just love filling time up. Of course I have days when I just sit in front of the TV watching movies but that’s still research for what I do! 72m: Ok. About your talent for acting; you’ve completed 3 films this year; Amazing Love, Argo, Singularity, and one TV series; The News room... it seems that this busyness follows you into your work as well.

TS: It’s one’s own confidence. You book a job, you build your confidence, and it’s like an acceptance. This gives a snowball effect to be able to move and progress in the right direction. 72m: Tell us a bit about the films you’ve just completed. What are they about, who’s in them, when are they released?

TS: Singularity was a wonderful project working with Roland Joffé, who’s an Oscar nominated director, so being in his presence was like ‘teach me everything please!’ That was filmed in Australia and India which was great, as was working with these top calibre actors like Josh Hartnett and Neve Campbell. It’s a story that spans 2 time periods and my character’s story is in the past so it was wonderful wearing period costume and jewellery in a set that was opulent in a way that’s difficult to describe!

Another highlight was working with Ben Affleck this year on Argo. He not only directs it but he starts in it too. I’ve always admired his work from a very young age. He’s a great talent with this tenacity for making things happen. To just work with somebody you’ve admired is a dream come true. He’s an amazing and wonderful person, down to earth, friendly, caring… just a superb human being. I have to say that has to be one of my highlights to date. 18

72m: Wow.

What a compliment.

TS: Yes! With Amazing Love I was filming in Israel. My character is a woman that is within The Old Testament. It’s always fascinating to play someone who actually existed because you have to put your own impression on it but keep to the facts too. Just doing the research and learning about this human being blew my mind. I was filming in Nazareth village and it felt like we were 700 years BC and the whole experience was a real trip. 72m: Are

these films released this year?

TS: I believe Singularity is going to be premiered at Cannes this year (May 2012). They’re just finishing the post-production on Amazing Love, so that will do the circuits this Fall (Autumn) and Argo is either the end of this year or the beginning of the next. It’s funny because you finish your job on a production and then there’s so much more time spent on the post production, the EDR, the getting it together… it’s a huge process. 72m:

So, of all the roles that you’ve played or that you hope to play in the future what do you aim to get from them and what do you hope to bring to them? TS: I see my job as a storyteller. I morph myself into different thought processes, different mentalities and physicality’s to be able to get the story across. If I do a good job in making people believe, I’ve succeeded. I’ve been very lucky in that I’ve had a mixture of characters that I’ve played. In Children of Men I played a hooligan and other times I’ve played a gentile type or the protagonist. I’ve not really been type cast and this allows for longevity, plus I’m always learning things about myself that I never knew, things that I can channel and bring to the table. 72m: Would that not be a testimony to your own talent? The fact that you’re not type cast and people believe you can play so many different characters well? There are certain actresses that are type cast and are expected to play the same romantic character over and over again (albeit a different setting)  Summer 2012 

and for a casting director to believe you can be anyone, or anything, I think, is a real compliment to you. TS: It is, and I’m really grateful but I notice that when people get their break on a particular project and become known it always seems like the next project they do is on a very similar vein because that’s how people know them. It’s definitely a matter of trying different things and taking risks but it’s really tough now because of the economy and financing for films so I’d guess these people would have to go with things that are guaranteed… sometimes it’s completely out of your control. 72m: You’ve also dabbled in some theatre haven’t you?

TS: I used to. LA is mainly TV and film. There is fringe theatre but not very much. If I were in New York I would be doing theatre a lot more but for where I am it’s not something you’d go out on a daily audition for. There’s not much theatre here like in England…. 72m: There’s so much here. Do you miss that sometimes? English culture, the love for theatre…

TS: I miss going to the theatre because I loved it so much but I’ve got to be honest and say that from a very young age I’ve always been into movies.

seventy2minutes with:  Tehmina Sunny

“I always get asked if I’m sure I am Indian. That’s really funny. I insist that I’m a complete and utter pedigree…”

Keeping up with Tehmina


Singularity My nickname was Mike TV, from Charlie and the Chocolate factory, because I was obsessed with watching movies and TV. I’m in the perfect job! 72m: You’re originally from South London, Croydon. It’s multi-cultural, vibrant; fast paced… how does that compare to where you live now?

TS: My life is so busy and hectic out here that it seems like the only difference is it’s sunny here… but I’ll tell you what a huge difference is… public transport out here is almost non-existent. You’re in your car all the time so you’re not interacting with a lot of people on a daily basis. In London you’re always bumping into people on a tube, walking down the street… it’s very different 72m:

So if you could borrow bits of each, a bit of LA and a bit of London, and blend it into the perfect environment for you what bits would you borrow? TS: I’d have my friends and family out here… and a good fish and chip shop. That would be perfect… and a good Indian restaurant. I haven’t found a good Indian restaurant here and it is torture for me!

72m: So when the busyness subsides what do you do to relax?

Amazing Love

TS: I love to work out. I’ve just recently learned how to make candles. With my computer degree I help people to build websites, I work with other actors [put them on tape and edit it for them]. I work with a children’s acting class… it’s still involved with this world… I love going to the movies… 72m: What’s a good movie you’ve recently seen?

TS: I’ve seen ‘The Hunger Games’ and I really liked it. It was really good. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn’t read the books. Every time I read a book and watch the movie I’m always disappointed. It’s your own world that you create in your mind and the movie just tampers with it! I thought that they did a great job with the film. I want to see it again actually! 72m: This issue of 72M is called ‘Nobody’s Fool’. The theme is about highlighting how easily people can be manipulated or blinded from the truth. The question is; ‘have you ever been fooled or unknowingly manipulated by somebody else? If so how did you deal with it?’ TS: In this industry it happens all the time. As an example you go to an audition, people say to you “they love you, they love you” and you think ‘what are you talking about? They don’t even know my middle name! I appreciate they like my work…’

I do think that in any industry, in any walk of life, things are manipulated to keep people in check so I think you should believe in yourself, in your own thought processes and be strong! 72m: Great! Finally, in reflection of 72M, managing a busy life and looking like you’re in control… for you what has been, or could be, the best seventy2minutes of your life?

TS: I actually have a lot of Seventy2Minutes days if I’m honest. I like a good structured day where I’m being fulfilled and I have a good business day but I also get to see my friends and that social/business/pleasure balance is continuously fulfilled!

  Summer 2012




hether you know of it through Don Johnson, Will Smith, the Winter Music Conference, a cruise ship hub or LMFAO, you probably know of Miami as being one of the world’s party capitals, bitch

Beaches, bikinis, fun and music are all key elements of what to expect when you hit this Florida hotspot, and South Beach is where it all goes down.

bright yellow GoCar. This two-seater open air vehicle is guided by a builtin talking GPS that not only directs you, but points out landmarks and educates you on the way round, at your own pace. Lots of fun, definitely eye-catching and a superb way to see the classic cars, famous buildings such as the Armani house, the nooks and crannies, and the homes of the rich and famous, opt for the two hour tour as it will enable you to cover much more ground beyond what you will have seen already

24 hrs

Start by taking in the sunrise (either by getting up early, or not going to bed) at one of the many cafés along Ocean Drive. You may find it difficult to choose between each of the breakfast specials, with each place seemingly offering something to compete with the last, so just pick a spot, face the sea, and enjoy. At the right time of year, the beach will soon be full of a midmorning feast of eye-candy itself, so don’t overeat so you can’t compete when your swimwear comes out. Just a short hop between South Beach and the mainland, Jungle Island offers a quick fun zoo experience. Small enough to get round in a couple of hours, this animal park on Star Island offers a few different shows, photo opportunities with some cute critters, and some unique attractions, such as the Liger (Lion-Tiger hybrid) and some albino alligators. If reptiles are your flavour, then rent a car and head towards the Everglades for a quick swamp Safari, to visit alligators in their natural surroundings. However, if crustacean is more your thing, lunch at the famous Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami should be on the agenda.


on foot, and it’s just so much fun, you’ll be like a spoilt child having his ice-cream taken away at the end if not. It’ll also give you an idea of where you’d like to go for happy hour or dinner later that night too. Talking of which, your upcoming evening will be a long exhausting one, as Miami-locals don’t even begin to get going till after midnight. So, early afternoon would be a great

Following lunch, a great way to check off some of Miami’s sights and art-deco landmarks is by a tour on the 20


time to escape slight north to the more relaxing simple vibe of Sunny Isles, and simply relax on the beach or at one of the resort hotels, and perhaps rejuvenate and prepare your body with a massage, or prep for the big night out with some treatments or a facial at the Aveda Spa in the Newport Beachside hotel. Finish off your down-time with a cliché cocktail at the hotel’s Tiki bar on the beach (very Tom Cruise in Cocktail) and then hotfoot it back to South Beach just in time to pick your choice of the competing Ocean Drive earlier breakfast spots to indulge in another strong Miami tradition – Happy Hour. The drink to have is the Bulldog – a huge margarita with two upsidedown Coronas in the glass. Take note though, and do happy hour while the sun is still up, and the bars are busy – a little later and it all goes quiet again whilst the party crowd go home to nap / get ready / drink more.  Summer 2012 

Kick off your evening in style with a late dinner (remember Miami parties late, so don’t jump the gun) and a fantastic place to check out is Ola – Latin inspired cuisine, served in a rich, classic and moody décor. The choice of many visiting celebrities, this restaurant offers some unique and interesting dishes and spectacular cocktails. Go in a group and eat family-style so that you not only get a chance to try many different flavours, but also so you don’t fill yourself up to the point of lethargy! The food is so good that you might – dishes not to miss are a selection of ceviche, the lobster empanadas, the Puerco asado, and the Chocolate cigar.

Š Anna-Yarullina

Five tips for a

Perfectly styled


It’s the last thing you see before you close your eyes at night, and one of the first things you see when you wake up, so make sure it looks good! The bedside arrangement is essential to the overall look and functionality of a bedroom. Here are five easy tips to achieving a well-styled bedside…



The ideal height for a nightstand is probably slightly below the top of the mattress, but there’s no hard and fast rule decorators use here. The most important thing is that the table is proportional to your bed and headboard, and that it works functionally in your bedroom. You should be able to easily reach items on top, and avoid any corners near the area where your head rests.



The height of the lamp, however, is important, especially if you read in bed. Whether you go with a table or floor lamp, it shouldn’t be more than 30” tall. You want the light on the page, not in your eyes.


Mix it up

Jessica Rowe For more inspiration check out my Pinterest board dedicated to Bedside Table Arrangements: bedside-table-arrangements/

Its easy to buy a matching bedroom set, but I strongly urge you not to. You’re guaranteed to get a more interesting and chic look by thrifting a nightstand instead (bonus: you’ll save money, too!) My nightstands are a pair of fabulous Dorothy Draper-inspired chests I found at a local thrift shop for $80. (www.theaestate. com/2012/01/diy-dorothy-draperstyle-chests-mini.html) A pair of mismatched nightstands is also an option, but in this case, a pair of matching lamps is essential to keep the whole look tied together.


 utside O the box

Some of the best nightstands aren’t even tables. I’ve seen decorators use pedestals, plant stands, vintage suitcases and trunks, serving carts and trays, reclaimed stumps, stools, and chairs. If you can stack a few books on it, it’s a nightstand.



A tightly-edited collection of accessories will give your bedside arrangement a layered, finished look. Trays and trinket boxes are a great way to round up loose items and hide essentials. Waking up to fresh flowers in a beautiful vase is a great way to start the day, so is a framed picture of a loved one, or a special memento that makes you smile. The space above the nightstand is a perfect spot for a mirror or small pieces of art. When arranging accessories remember that objects look best grouped in odd numbers and in varying heights.

© Eduardo Jose Bernardino


A great guide to styling vignettes: thelennoxx/hottest-designers/ make-a-perfect-vignette/ I’ve also posted a list of 7 essential bedside items on The Aestate:


HOME  Summer 2012 


Belgrade, or Beograd (White City), offers many surprising experiences for the slightly more adventurous traveller. You arrive at Nikola Tesla Airport and take a shuttle bus into the city centre. Your approach takes you across one of many bridges spanning the Sava River. Belgrade sits on the confluence of the Sava and Danube Rivers and it is here that you start to get a feel for the real atmosphere and spirit of this city. Perched above the confluence is Kalemegdan Fortress, an imposing reminder of the rich cultural heritage that Belgrade enjoys. Here you find an eclectic mix of Roman, Ottoman and Austro Hungarian influences. Packed along the banks of the Sava are the numerous splavovi, or rafts, housing a multitude of clubs and bars open until dawn. Prepare to discover the energy and lust for life that Belgrade is justifiably famous for! Prefer something a little more traditional? Grab a taxi and ask for Skadarlija. This is the old Bohemian district of the city where poets and writers of the 18th and 19th

Dobrodošli u Beogr ad!

century enjoyed the hospitality of the many kafanas, or taverns. Today, this vibrant atmosphere is retained in the traditional food being served and the live music that can be heard whilst you eat.

(Welcome to Belgrade!)

Looking for somewhere a little different to spend a long weekend this year?

Belgraders are warm and friendly people and you will never be short of someone to chat with and enjoy a beer or coffee. With all the kafanas, rafts and the infectious café culture, a short weekend break will probably leave you little time for sightseeing! However, Belgrade is equally ready to please the curious sightseer.

Set aside any preconceptions that you may have and book yourself a bargain return flight to Belgrade, Serbia

Aside from Kalemegdan Fortress, there are many parks and historic buildings to keep you occupied. Chief among these are Tasmajdan Park, St Marko’s Church and St Sava’s Temple. The last of these being the world’s largest Orthodox temple. During the summer months a visit to Ada Ciganlija is a must. This lake, on the bank of the Sava, offers a multitude of sports, kafanas and woodland walks along with 7km of beaches on which to lay back and reflect on just how pleased you are you decided on Belgrade for your short break!

Dave view?id=141493756&trk=tab_pro Dave is an English national living in Belgrade, a CELTA qualified English language teacher, writer, proofreader and language editor.


Stay – Belgrade Airport – Nikola Tesla

Accommodation – Budget – £150 – £1,000+ Age range – Under 2 – 65+   Summer 2012



Mexican tomato rice In an increasingly busy world there are plenty of solutions available to ease the pressures of mondern life so we can enjoy just ‘being’; however, if you love good food, and the satisfaction of self sufficiency, cook. Don’t let your busyness be a barrier to developing your cuinary skills to discover new tastes. Find 20 minutes in your day to throw together this simple rice dish from Mexico. We road tested this dish from 500 20 Minute recipes [] and the result was enough to feed 5. All the ingredients should be cupboard staples and the peas can be substituted for other basic vegetables like carrots or sweetcorn. At 500 calories a portion this is also a healthy addition to any Zero to yummy in minutes!


Ingredients 2 /2 cups, 1 /2 lb or 500g of medium or long grain rice (we used basmati); 1 cup, 150g or 50z of frozen peas (we also used sweetcorn); 500g or 4oz can of tinned tomatoes in juice; 3 cups, 750 ml or 1 1/4 pints of vegetable stock (we used 3 oxo cubes); 2tbsp or 30ml vegetable or olive oil; 1/2 onion chopped; 2 garlic cloves chopped; 1 /2 tsp salt, 3 fresh chillies (optionalif cooking for fussy children) 1


Prepare Blend, until smooth, the tin tomatoes (with their juices) in a food processor or blender. Prepare the stock according to the instructions on the packaging. This normally invovles pouring boiled water over the crumbled cubes and stirring until they’ve dissolved. Leave both to stand on the side whilst you chop the onions and garlic. (During our road test we were feeding 3 fussy children so although the recipe calls for ‘rough chopping’ we finely chopped the onion as it imakes it easier to ‘hide’ it in the rice!) Fry the garlic and onions over a medium heat until they’re soft, this should take a minute or two, then add the rice and stir fry for another 2 minutes. The rice should appear

slightly glazed because of the oil and the juices from the onion but it should not be sticking to the pan or clumping together! Pour in the tomato mixture and continue stirring until the rice is red and the mixture has been absorbed. Add your vegetables (peas and sweetcorn in our case) and stir to mix the ingredients together. Pour over the stock, stir once more, then cover the pan. Our pan came with a heavy lid designed to circulate steam but you can use clingfilm, foil or any cover that adequately traps in the heat. If you like your rice firm you can turn the heat off after 5-10 minutes and let it stand and steam for another 5. If you prefer you rice soft turn the heat low and allow it to cook, tasting as you go, until the consistency is how you like.

Eat Serve and enjoy or add a side of your favourite salad to garnish! If you’re cooking for one, store the rest in the fridge. Stored properly cooked rice will retain it’s texture and taste for about 3-4 days.

COOK  Summer 2012 

Š paul prescott

B brit on the Haruptatincim hitist eum rem boulevard

rit on the oulevard Monthly musings & shenanigans from a Brit in LA

Wel com e to Mi ami in

The start of a new year in LA trickles slowly, following an extensive holiday period from Thanksgiving through Christmas and New Year, where it seems as though everyone is out of town. In a place full of uncoventionals and self-star ters it takes them a while to get back into “busy” mode, so during this time, I took a moment for a quick vacation in Miami (which is just like LA, but far cheesier, tackier and with a sunrise over the beach rather than a sunset); a cruise to the Bahamas – my first (fun, but kinda like Butlins on a boat); and a few lower-key events such as a night of Improv Comedy at Upright Citizens Brigade (my second favorite after Hothouse Improv) and friend and fellow Brit Leilani Dowding’s birthday at Sur Nightclub, where the UK Model turned Fashion Designer partied up a storm, with a few famous brit faces in tow. The birthday girl looked stunning in her dress, one of her own designs from her Leiluna collection.


In a town built predominantly on the film industry, the start of the year means a couple of things – Pilot Season (where many upcoming actors / writers / creators get their break) and Awards Season – where the successf ul ones amongst those get their moment to shine. From early Februar y, the awards shows are seeming ly back to back: Grammys, Emmys, Screen Actors Guild, Independent Spirits, and that much overlooked event where they give people a little golden man statue.


I didn’t live totally in an auditioning cave though, so during Grammy week, I took in a Chivas-sponsored pre-Grammy style event, and spent the Grammy evening at the notorious Playboy mansion, partying it up with Mr P. Diddy himself, who was reportedly paid an astonishing $8000 a minute to be there. My fee for showing up was 3 whiskies and a mini-cheeseburger. The real winner of the night was once again a Brit though, with Adele cleaning up for her country, and prompting possibly the biggest overkill of radio play ever – yes, we’re still hearing “Someone like You” six times an hour now…. Earlier that week though was one of my favorite events so far this year, just for all-round cool value. The launch of the new Tesla X electric car was an extremely spectacular event. Mysteriously held in an aircraft hangar at the company’s plant just south of LA, the new all-electric SUV was unveiled with an introduction by governor Jerry Brown, amidst over a thousand people, fantastic gourmet food, free-flowing drinks, and a DJ set by Brits Zen Freeman and Wade Crescent (yes, the Brits are everywhere in Hollywood). After the car took the center stage (with a few embarrassing malfunctions it must be said) guests were treated to test rides in the vehicle, whilst the rest watched a fantastic live performance by electro-pop band Foster The People, who’s repertoire was extremely enjoyable to watch and very catchy. d the winn er is...

The run up to the Grammys kicks it off, and of course is just an excuse to have parties. I didn’t indulge as much as usual, I must say, because as an actor and writer, pilot season was busy for me, and I went to many auditions for new and continuing shows, including Boardwalk Empire,

and happy to say that my martini-anddancing aversion paid off, as I will be seen playing a CIA agent in the new (as-of-yet Untitled) TV pilot directed by Brett Ratner (X-Men 3 / Tower Heist) and by the writing-producing team of Prison Break, so that should do well.

Darren and Bradley  Summer 2012 

brit on the boulevard

from SoC al... with love

I took a small break after that to enjoy a Valentine’s day getaway along the Californian Coast, taking in Redondo Beach, La Jolla and Balboa Park and Zoo in San Diego – it’s always good to escape the city when you can and realize how much sanctuary the beautiful SoCal area has to offer. It was a good job too, as my batteries needed fully recharging for the week ahead, running up to the Oscars. My events advice was called upon by the producers of the official afterparty for what was to be the winning film, The Artist, so that week was busy anticipating and helping them get ready for their big night. There are no-end to Oscar events that happen that week – some super-exclusive, others riding the coat-tails; some that are film-related, others couldn’t be further from it; some you are invited to, others you have no chance. For pure silly fun, nothing beats the Brits In LA event The Toscars, where random teams get together a few weeks prior to film 5 minute parodies of the nominated Oscar films, which are then screened and Golden Fist awards given to the winners, judged by a celebrit y panel which this year included Skeet Ulrich and Bradley Walsh. One of my other favorites that week was a plush event thrown by Jane Owen PR for the artist D.Zapata, whom has a celebrit y clientele longer than your arm (and probably many people’s arms.). The cocktails and canapés in the courtyard of the recently opened Mr C’s hotel in Beverly Hills attracted many faces including Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, Lady Victoria Hervey, Izabella Miko, Stephen Dorff, Demet Oger, Judi Shekoni, designer Lloyd Klein, formula 1 driver Stefan Johansson and producer Brian Grazer. My best friend and Celebrit y Big Brother contestant Bobby Sabel was also in attendance (and for the rest of Oscar week), as was his fellow housemate Tara Reid. The other star of the night, was the other electric car, the beautifully crafted Fisker Karma, who was showing off her stunning body that evening,

thank-you brunch at the Beverly Hilton in celebration of our Rock The Kasbah fundraiser last year; and then on to the party of the evening, for The Weinstein Co. / The Artist, who took home 3 top Oscars.

accompanied by my Danish chum, the designer and CEO Henrik Fisker. I finished up Oscar weekend in style, at an intimate night-before party at The Beverly Hills Hotel with Elton John, David Furnish and Prince Albert of Monaco; a Virgin Unite

At the highly private event at Sunset Strip’s Mondrian Hotel and SkyBar, stars holding Oscars, including Jean DuJardin, Meryl Streep, and many others such as Brits Kenneth Branagh, Malcolm McDowell, and hotly-tipped producer Lucy Fletcher (who told me all about her new wakeboarding movie) partied into the night, whilst feasting (bizarrely) on fast-food Fatburgers.

Christopher and Michelle

It seemed even Hollywood isn’t recession-proof with super-exclusive neighboring Vanity Fair serving $2 In-n-Out Burgers at their lavish affair. Althoug h anyone that has tasted the simple genius of an In-N-Out animalstyle may argue the trade over some fancy-schmancy hors d-oeuvres anyhow.

Darren and Bradley

A quick day-trip to ski in Big Bear (yes, you can surf and ski in the same day in LA); some restaurant openings includi ng Bagatelle from NYC; St Paddy’s day block party at the Rock & Reilly’s pub; the premiere of Hershey Felder’s “Lincol n” at the Pasadena Playhouse (directed by Joel ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ Zwick) and filming my role in the Brett Ratner series finished off the month of March nicely, ready to take what Summer will throw at us. Here in LA, we wait with baited breath – the weather has actually been at least 2 degrees cooler here than the UK, so maybe you’ll be getting all our pool parties and premieres this year too…

After the spotlight being so heavily on entertainment, it seems the city takes a breather, the streets clear, the ubiquitous and gratuitous parties pause, giving time to focus on some other activities. Rounding up the first quarter, Southern California played host to the massive TED conference in Long Beach, which offers food for thought across the Technology, Entertainment and Design space. This is an area where I get stimulated regularly, through the entrepreneurs group METal International, who bring in great speakers to their Santa Monica breakfast each week, such as the Finnish ‘rockstar’ creator of Angry Birds, to a new monthly music event, Amplifier, which has featured intimate performances by legends Richard Page (Broken Wings, anyone?) and Richard Gibbs of Oingo Boingo (Weird Science, anyone?) On the music tip, I was also treated to a gig from Daniel Bedingf ield at the Hard Rock Café in Hollywood, benefitting his charity Stop The Traffik, which featured great new materia l, amongst a song with his sister Natasha, and ending with his classic “Gotta Get Thru This”.

  Summer 2012


health, wealth & wisdom

Painted Smile Life is indeed more of a marathon than a sprint

by Andy Holmes


’m at a point now where I feel I’m in the dying embers of my depression. I thought when I wrote in issue four that I’d kicked the habit, but the last month or so has seen a slight blip, ironically since I wrote and performed a speech on depression at the Toastmasters group I belong too. I don’t know about you, but when the New Year gets underway, I really do see it as a fresh start and since the last lines of Auld Lang Syne played out I’ve had a fitness kick that’s seen me lose more than a stone, worked hard at my job, started learning the guitar, started to cook better, written a pilot for a sitcom, a workshop on the media for colleagues and a couple of speeches from scratch, for Toastmasters. Who says men can’t multitask? So, by mid February I was ready to drop, and predictably perhaps saw a dip in my mental state as well. A lesson learnt, well hopefully I won’t make the same mistake next year, be kind to yourself, don’t feel you have to build Rome in a day, and life is indeed more of a marathon than a sprint. Being on probably my second or perhaps third career path at 31 should’ve enforced that ethos in me, but sometimes we forget I think that life may be short, but it’s not THAT short, there’s more time than we think, and certainly time to take a chill pill every so often. But was this blip, that has only really fizzled out now, a return to depression or just one of those things? The better I get the more I’m 28

realising that it’s actually normal to feel down from time to time (I can hear the choruses of “no sh*t Sherlock” as I type) but sometimes you fail to see the wood for the trees and mistake a period of low mood for something worse. And I guess if there’s a theme to this scrawl, it’s that it’s okay to be down from time to time, it’s okay to be negative, it’s okay to feel lost on occasions. But when you feel like that, instead of beating yourself up, which only makes things worse, just accept it as a part of the rich tapestry of life. I wish someone had told me that ten years ago, as it’s been a rocky road to that revelation and I think if they had, well I wouldn’t have needed to have vented my soul over this issue so much in that time which I know has worried close friends and family, to whom I apologise, but it has often seemed like the best way through this for me. Something else I wish I’d known about a decade ago, and again this comes from the stating the obvious perhaps, but I’ve been so self involved as not to notice. A good cup of tea or coffee doesn’t half lift the spirits; I wish the doctor had suggested that to me instead of anti-depressants! Yes, on the day I write this, aged 31 and a half (and a bit more) I’ve just had the first day in my life of drinking coffee and boy do I feel more focussed and so much better. It’s funny how you look for answers to the puzzles of life, probably over look for them in many cases, when the conundrum can actually be solved by looking right in front of your eyes.  Summer 2012 

I have a colleague who is twice my age and he says the day he stops learning is the day he should retire, and I think those words are wise indeed. I recently saw a Rat Pack tribute act at my local theatre, and like Frank Sinatra, my low moods have had a comeback of late. But hopefully the worst of that is over, and come issue six, well it will definitely be time to talk about something new!! Maybe I should write another page of obvious stuff that everyone else knew that I didn’t!! Everyday is a school day!

Get over it already! With the right support ‘getting over’ your depression is a reality. You can live a full and busy life, explore your potential and experience new things that, whilst depressed, seemed far beyond your reach. Although no one wants to be defined by what they were, once upon a time, the path to sustained recovery really does depend on you. Understand your triggers and


coping strategies

a network of people you can


when strategies fail

your knowledge and your experience of your depression... if it feels like a


get help

doesn’t mean all is lost, nor does it mean you have failed. The road to recovery can be a long and winding


day at a time, one step at a time. Remember it’s a marathon not a sprint

the Alex Experience

The Alex Experience


or the attentive, the curious or, open minded to discover that you have been a fool is inevitable. Ask yourself, what do you really know about the foods you eat, your medicines, the language of legalese, media programming, the financial world, the idols you are worshipping; religious or otherwise, and is it enough to know only about one or two of these?

Let’s have a mystical moment and look at the tarot card entitled ‘the fool’. Being both first and sometimes the last card of the major arcana it represents renewal. Amongst mountains the figure might be partaking of breaths of fresh air with an infinite outlook on all possibility. Whilst he may yet step off a cliff, through blind ignorance, a closer look reveals he carries baggage; things that are known to him. Etymologically the word fool (Being from the Latin follis) means a bag or leather sack of wind; a bellows. As such a fool could be tantamount to an ‘airhead’, carrying sacks is a literal pun on the word for fool. Doubtless enlightened, in the true sense of a feeling of weightlessness this figure could in fact be referred to as ‘the principal’, being indicatively numbered zero. Indeed, the numbers we use are a cycle that returns to 0. Had you assumed it was linear? Look figuratively at how a number 9 is drawn as a nearly re-formed 0 and that the number 10 is the return to zero with an additional value in front. In quantum physics, zero point energy is a concept developed by Albert Einstein & Otto Stern. Being over concise, this is the ground state of energy that any quantum physical system may have. Quantum field theory continued with study of the zero point field, more commonly termed the vacuum.

In this edition The Alex Experience suggests that we are all fools and that we will be fooled again. And again… and again… and again…

To the layman a vacuum is literally empty, perhaps like our fool’s head, but quantum theory accords that the vacuum is never truly empty instead containing ephemeral electromagnetic waves and particles that discharge into and out of existence. Nature then, presents a base level source that must be returned to and according to physicists this is, naively, infinite.

So what of April or ‘All Fool’s’ day? Amongst more jocular elements this represents the first day of the financial year for some governments where corporation taxes are due so renewing a commercial cycle. Indeed the commercial world, in which we all operate, is a vast reservoir of opportunities to be suckered with use of its instruments perhaps contributing to the 1% controlling 40% of global wealth.

If financial institutions have been making gulls of us, seeing us perhaps as ‘muppets’ and that which has been rightfully ours ‘salvage’ to which they may lay claim, who else is making us this type of fool? The seemingly mountainous problems that we are creating are conceived of a determination by some to make fools of others, which inevitably detract from us all to a petrified status quo. Measures to deny freedoms in favour of an erroneous state of ‘security’, to gluttonously favour consumption and slavishly hammering the anvil of growth are unknowingly fashioning the perfect instrument of self-immolation. When the figureheads of these insane actions subsequently declare on behalf of their shadowy masters the next psychopathic step along their path perhaps now the smallest alarm bell will ring and you will recall the pearl of wisdom that Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi extolled apt for such a time… “Who’s the more foolish? The fool, or the fool who follows him?”

For example, at the end of each daily cycle of business banks and debt servicing companies must ‘balance their books” as we are operating in a situation of, obscured, bankruptcy. Yes, bankruptcy! This necessitates a process of double entry book keeping so that accounts payable are reconciled against accounts receivable to demonstrate ‘zero’ balance. Obfuscation of this by banks taking the accounts payable column ‘off ledger’ has occurred thereby creating the illusion that each person or firm engaging in commerce with them appears always the debtor and the bank the creditor.   Summer 2012

Ready to experience the insights of Alex?  Email

am velenia essuscidam velenia essuscid



the Crown Prints B R ITIS H T-S HIR TS

Defining personal style in

The five tips I

Record time

Embark on a merciless closet edit. Keep only what you love or basics to build on. Enlist a trusted stylish friend who is not afraid to be brutally honest.

Here’s a simple, surefire plan to help get you there. A powerful remedy to channel your inner fashionista—and release the stylista within. Five timesaving tips that you’ll need to invest in, but will pay off in the long run.

II Know your body. This is the time to learn what lengths and silhouettes suit you. Try everything on to see what looks best—and what doesn’t. Make mental notes.

Embracing these five steps will help you own your personal style resulting in a more confident and betterdressed you. Every day....guaranteed!

III Come up with two or three buzz words that define your personal style: Eclectic, Classic, Designer, Rocker Chic, Tastemaker, etc... This will help if confused in decision making while shopping.

What is the key to looking our best every day when we are already time-challenged? How and when can we wade through the mire of the fickle, season-changing fashion trends to discover our own personal style? And once there, how do we know we’ve discovered it and aren’t just being sucked in by the latest It Girl trend that may not be the best choice for us?

IV Grab every fashion magazine you have. Cruise the internet, print photos and make copies of the looks you love. Develop a Vision Board of styles you’d like to recreate. Build a shopping list based on the looks and work toward building a Vision Board-inspired wardrobe.




Practice Targeted Shopping. Carry your list with you and use it. Match existing pieces in your wardrobe that you love. Work toward your Vision Outfits and do not buy anything outside your guidelines—EVEN if it’s on sale.*

Wear it


ulia S a

vc h e n


Own it

* There are exceptions to this rule. For example, a great basic piece to build your wardrobe foundation or something you fall in love with on the spot that looks amazing on!

health, wealth & wisdom

workout tools for your BEST body EVER Jay Darrell is a celebrity fitness trainer, a martial artist and an athlete with over 12 years’ experience in the fitness industry teaching a variety of classes at all the major commercial health club chains as well as blue chip corporate fitness gyms. Jay Darrell has been nicknamed ‘the awesome kicking machine’ by Chuck Norris!











Contact Jay:



pring is on the way and its a good time to look at some of the most effective tools on the market to help us better our general fitness and help us obtain whatever benchmarks we have personally set ourselves. Remember its vital to set ourselves goals to reach for as this helps keep us on track and motivated when things seem tough. Its a good idea to keep a diary or maybe blog your progress as your amaze yourself when you look over it in the future and will help you propel you to your next goal/level.


In parting I would like to leave you with this for your mental training to bolster your physical workouts! Success is failure turned inside out, the silver tints of the clouds of doubt, you never know how close you are you maybe nearer when it seems so afar! So stick to the fight when your hardest hit its when things seem worse you mustn’t quit. As I write this I’m due to make my mixed martial arts debut professional in 2 days and it will be have be all done and gone by the time you read this. Jay  Summer 2012 


health, wealth & wisdom

Kettlebell training The kettlebell is used to perform ballistic exercises that combine strength and cardiovascular as well as flexibility training. Working out with them builds strength and endurance particularly in the lower back, legs and shoulders and increases your grip strength. You should becareful if you have a weak core or shoulder issues and start very light to build up safely! Kettlebell workouts often involve large num ber of repetitions in a holistic nature thereby working several muscles simultaneously.

See JDI in action on our channel:

Take it outside

TRX Training

A breath of fresh air will add… well… a breath of fresh air to your workouts! Whilst the weather is good take advantage of bright spells and cool breezes to harness the energy of the sun and fill up on a good dose of O2

Improve your total body strength, balance, flexibility and joint range with this interesting workout that harnesses the resistance of your own bodyweight and gravity using the suspension training system. The trx uses bodyweight and manipulates gravity using the leverage of various positions to improve muscular strength and endurance. For optimal development of strength and definition the repetition range should be between 6-12 with the muscles fatiguing by the 12th repetition. © Anthony Mayatt

For optimal development of muscular endurance and joint range of motion the repetition range should be between 12 – 20.

  Summer 2012


fashion & beauty



Mineral make-up Mineral make-up is a true extension of skincare. I recommend Jane Iredale Mineral Make-up. The make-up is not just a refinement of normal makeup; it is a new technology. So effective it is recommended by plastic surgeons, dermatologist and skin care professional. Mineral based make-up is good for your skin, and it may be freely applied to your skin following a Waxing, Threading or Facial treatment!

© a l ex g a l m

e a nu

White Fan Brush This is a favourite of mine, as this brush may also be used to apply blushes, bronzers and shimmer powders, however the product is able to be applied lightly, and then built up to the desired effect, as well as making it ultra-easy to blend. The fan gives a softer blend, in comparison to the “dome” brush which gives more definition.

34  Summer 2012 

Shader Brush

Dome Brush

This brush is for the application of eye shadows. It is a soft and gives a smooth blend and is used to apply eyes shadow over the entire eyelid.

This is a soft multipurpose brush that’s great for applying blushers, bronzers, and shimmer powders to highlight and blend.

HeavenSentBeauty Adhere – Minerals adhere to the skin until they are removed with a cleanser. Weightless coverage – Because there is no use of fillers such as talc to dilute the pigment, one quick application will provide all day coverage that requires minimum touch-ups. Coverage – because minerals are concentrated pigment, they give complete coverage and are great fo camouflage. Four in one – The micronized mineral bases are four products in one: foundation, powder, concealer and sunscreen (SPF 20), and will disguise almost any skin discolouration. Broad Spectrum Sun Protection – Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, physical sunscreen ingredients, give instant UVB and UVA Medium protection. Non-Comedogenic and oil-free – The Minerals lay a protective filter on your skin which allows it to breathe and function normally. All products have passed comedogenicity laboratory tests. Hypoallergenic and Dermatologist Tested – All products are nonirritating and have been safety, allergy and clinically tested. Inert – Because minerals are inert, and do not breed bacteria, there is very little risk of cross contamination.

Highlighting The purpose of highlighting is to bring areas forward, so that you may focus more attention on the eyes and make the cheekbones appear higher. For an effective highlight, shades should be used that are lighter than the skin tone. These can be matte or shimmer. Shimmers will reflect more light. Potential areas to highlight would include: • Centre of forehead • Bridge of nose • Inner corner of the eyes • Brow bone • Top of cheekbone • Upper apple of cheek • Centre of chin

HeavenSent Beauty “Nita is the owner and creative director of HeavenSent Beauty, a prestigious salon in Hadley Wood, North London.

Contouring The purpose of contouring is to create depth. Shades should be used that are darker than the skin tone and blended well so that no demarcation lines may be seen. Matte shades will absorb more light, making them the most appropriate for contouring. Potential areas for contouring would include: • Around the hairline • Socket of eye • Temples • Under the cheekbone • Jawline • Under the chin

The Handi

Blending Brush

This brush is natural hair brush and is great for picking up mineral powders efficiently and disbursing and blending evenly on to the skin.

This is a soft multipurpose brush that’s great for applying blushers, bronzers, and shimmer powders to highlight and blend.

She has worked in the beauty industry for over 13 years and is passionate about working with clients from Top-to-Toe to look and feel their best. Her well established client base includes: Rickie Haywood-Williams & Melvin Odoom of Kiss 100 Breakfast Show/MTV.” tel: 020 8440 8893

  Summer 2012



Angels in disguise? Divination is often thought of as the act of attempting to predict the future in order to, somehow, prepare for it or alter it. Pshycics, crystal balls, tea leaves and tarot cards are amongst the commonly accepted tools of divination. There are some schools of thought that believe that divination has less to do with predicting future events and more to do with connecting with your inner self. The popular tools (some mentioned above] are aides for your meditation and your focus on these tools are meant to manifest the messages that you, at the sub conscious level, already know but have lost sight of in this increasingly busy (and noisy) world of ours.

It’s all about S

ome believe that knowing yourself is the key to health, wealth and happiness but the path to selfdiscovery rarely runneth smooth.

Are you affected by the waxing of the moon? Do your hands hold the secret to your past? Is your name the reason why you love being the centre of attention?


There are some indications that Angel Divination has its roots in tarot and that the angels are depictions of ‘guardian angels’ that watch over their human charges. There are also many practitioners out there and a simple internet search will throw several sites that offer online readings or guides that will teach you how to read your own cards. For this issues You-ology we’ve called on the popular ‘Daily Guidance’ deck developed by Doreen Virtue Ph.D. A 44 card deck, illustrated by Marius Michael-George, it comes with a guide book that walks you through the process of using your deck of cards to seek daily guidance from your angels. Like any form of holistic, or spiritual, practice you are going to have to invest some belief into this process otherwise it might strike you as a little ‘left field’. The best advice is to perform a reading alone, in quiet and when you’ve taken a moment (or two) to really reflect on the answers that you are seeking.


To begin take the deck of cards in your non-dominant hand (the hand you do not write with). This, apparently, is the hand that receives energy. Make a fist with your dominant hand and knock the deck to ‘clear’ it by removing any enregy that isn’t yours and replacing it with your own. Now is the time to reflect on the question you wish to ask as you shuffle the deck. (Note that whilst shuffling if any cards were to fall you should keep them to one side as they are considered as special messages the angels wish to communicate to you!)  Summer 2012 

There are many beliefs out there that promise to offer vital insights into your person, suggesting that once revealed [these insights] will give you the tools necessary to navigate your existence or fulfil your destiny. Before you scoff wait a minute!

Immediate past

Current status

Immediate future

YOU-ology We’re going to test drive a few of these for you. Over the coming issues we’ll take a closer look at everything from stichomancy to rumpology. We promise to keep an open mind (honest) and let you judge for yourself. This issue we delve into ‘Angel Divination’ and explore the concept that gods and angels communicate

with us on a daily basis and we merely have to learn the language of this communication in order to find guidance and inner peace. The notion of angels and gods may smack of religion to you but manymainstream religions view divination, of any sort, as fundamentally evil!

YOU-ology editor revealed! On the day of writing this article I indulged in a personal reading from the Angel Oracle Cards from Doreen Virtue Ph.D. Using the 3 card spread the cards below were pulled on 7 April 2012.

Immediate past Recognising the blessings in the midst of an apparent challenge. What has been lost needed to fall away to be replaced with something better.


There are many spreads in tarot and if you are familiar with them there is nothing stopping you from using these layouts to place your cards in, however the daily guidance cards can be used to ask for guidance for the particular day (one card pull) or as a three card spread that focuses on your immediate past, current situation and immediate future. The three card spread is a good way to gain fuller insight on a situation, its root cause and its eventual outcome. Each card will have a ‘headline’ meaning that is clearly explained in the guide book but there will also be additional interpretations provided to help you understand the broader context of the message being conveyed to you.. The intention is once you have received your message, act on it!

Current status You have been in doors for far too long. You need some fresh air. Exercise outdoors Get some sunshine. Bring some fresh air into a stale situation/ relationship

Immediate future Take certain steps before prayers can be answered. Now is the perfect time to act. Any blocks in the past were because the timing wasn’t right.

Daily guidance can be sought from your cards by performing step one and drawing the card from the top of the deck (once you have shuffled). This card will give you some insight into the challenges you may face that day or the key message that your angel is trying to communicate. It’s suggested that you can keep this card close (in your bag, wallet or pocket) throughout the day as a reminder of the message that is being passed to you. It’s also advised that you do not perform too many readings in one day as this will dilute the message that is being conveyed to you or diffuse the energy passed through the cards.

You can buy your own copy of Dorren Virtue’s Angels oracle cards by following the links on

Want more? Look here…

  Summer 2012


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Things you’ll

Follow the url links or use the qrcodes to keep up with all the latest news, views and competitions! You’ll l♥ve it!

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am velenia essuscidam velenia essuscid

Working without boundaries Ghana

I stepped down from the Tro tro. On this Saturday at 7pm, central market in Kumasi took on a whole new ambiance. I was lost but not afraid. I watched myself walking through these familiar, yet unknown streets and I smiled quietly to myself. I realized that I had been doing a lot of this lately! Smiling at the thought of me, working here in Ghana! I looked around and I could see stalls and the dancing shadows of many people. People sure do like to shop in Kumasi, I thought to myself. I wondered how though! There were few street lights and only some of the stalls had candles, lamps or lanterns. I watched a woman on the floor trying to pair together shoes from a pile. There was no light at that stall and I wondered …would she return home with a matching pair!!! As I walked up one of the main roads, I noticed a large aluminous sign for BOSS 97FM. I couldn’t remember if I had heard any DJs from that station. The radio and I had become great friends since moving to Ghana so the listening to the world service was usually where I ended my evenings and I would move between R&B, Ghana and Jamaican reggae and country and western, often ending up at the serious discussions on the world service. These were more important ingredients that made this experience the fantastic thing it was. I walked a little further and stood with others where I thought I had stood many times and asked a young man (in my best fake Ghanaian accent) if this was where I could board the car for ‘Tec’. He said yes and so I stood. I became aware of a

woman smiling at me. I wondered if she could smell that I was a foreigner and, in her own way, was planning to ‘befriend’ me for later financial gain!! She continued to smile and so I smiled back! She said hello and I responded politely, turning my face away quickly so as not to encourage too much conversation though!! She said ‘Madam, I did your hair!’ She was still smiling and I was embarrassed as I hadn’t recognized her! I looked good for it was hard to tell who was who amongst the dancing shadows of the night! I believe she could have done my hair!

She was still smiling and I was embarrassed as I hadn’t recognized her! I looked good for it was hard to tell who was who amongst the dancing shadows of the night! I believe she could have done my hair! I wondered what she thought of what I saw as the mess that I had pulled together and tried to tie back neatly…It looks nice she said! I thanked her. ‘Where are you going to madam’ she enquired. I confirmed my destination as ‘Tec’’ Oh madam, you’re in the wrong place. You must go and stand there! I thanked her and moved towards another group of people who were waiting for cars. I was glad that I had not totally ignored

Mbeke Waseme

is a qualified Coach and NLP practitioner with extensive managerial and supervisory skills. With international work experience of Cameroon, Ghana and Jamaica. Mbeke specialises in Career Coaching, Change management, Curriculum development, project management, teacher trainer and the development of sustainable partnerships and collaborations. Mbeke offers SKYPE consultations – MWaseme

her and that she had recognized me! Our angels come in many guises I was reminded! The car for Tech arrived and the driver increased the fare from 50p too 1ghc knowing that it was late, dark and that people were desperate to get home.As he announced the fare, some of those stepping forward slowly stepped back! The 50p could buy plantain, or kenke or something or, they were just not going to succumb to the exploitation this evening. I looked in their faces as the driver left with those of us who could afford the 50p increased fare. I looked at faces that were used to waiting. Many who justified good, bad and ugly with ‘in gods’ name’. At Tech, my journey and research into working class transport came to an end after my being punched, shoved and with my oh so limited Twi, not knowing which car to board for Kwamo junction, I chartered a taxi and paid the 6gch!

© Peeter Viisimaa

  Summer 2012


health, wealth & wisdom

WorldWiseWoman Prachee Where I’m from I am an Indian living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from around 5 years. I’m 28 years old. It’s a cosmopolitan city with different cultures and nationalities staying together in one society. Geographically, it’s quite a small city but its presence on the World map is pretty noticeable as it continues to build the biggest, largest, tallest structures in the World. Of whatever I have heard from people, Dubai was just a desert before 10 years, whatever growth and development we see today has been within the past 10 years, which is commendable.

Working 9-5? I am a Graphic artist by day and a housewife, after the office hours, who likes cooking and experimenting if time permits.

What I do for fun? I enjoy watching movies, spending time with family and friends, blogging, travelling and capturing moments in my camera.

Women and opportunity I don’t feel there are fewer opportunities for women as compared to men. It’s equal. But I do hear cases of discrimination where a certain candidate is preferred over the other just because of the color of their skin. It’s very common in public places like restaurants & clubs. I have the freedom to do what I like and it’s is a safe place to live. It’s true that Dubai being an Islamic country there is certain level of cultural and religious sensitivity but, at the same time, because of its cosmopolitan nature it’s a very tolerant society.

What are the men like? The Arab and Emirati men are known to be rich and wealthy who splurge on comfort and luxury. Men are known to be more dominant in the relationship. I have read stories about restrictions on Arab women but I hear its gradually changing. Being a cosmopolitan society cross culture marriages are quite common here.

WWW dot com My work itself involves a lot of internet usage. People in Dubai are very well connected with the world through internet and social networking sites.

Wish you were... I don’t know about living in a particular place neither have I travelled the world enough to say that. But if it’s travelling, being an Indian I surely wish to see my country completely (I know it’s huge!) and the art capitals of the world France & Italy.

What world dominates yours? Dubai has a very strategic location and acts like a perfect gateway to important tourist destinations of Europe and Asia. Europeans come here not just for a relaxing holiday but also shift for work. And so do Arabs enjoy travelling to Europe. Western TV shows have a lot of influence on the younger generation here..  Summer 2012 

What about other women? Every women belongs to a certain culture & has their own living style, nobody is forced to behave in a certain way unless you don’t hurt the religious sentiments. To each their own.

Wondering about wandering to... I have travelled to the African countries Kenya & Zambia and in and around India & UAE. The land of big five made me feel, there can’t be any place more peaceful & close to the nature as this is! Its untouched natural beauty and wilderness left me wondering ‘How do these wild animals survive in our modernized caged Zoos leaving behind the luxuries of the huge jungle?’

Word to the wise women of the world... The world is full of fake and pretentious people, be yourself and be TRUE to yourself because if you try being everybody else you are neither yourself nor the person you want to be and you end up being nobody!

Want to know more? Prachee blogs on photography, her writing and things that inspire her

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Health wisdom 10 key tips for staying fit for life

Boys don’t cry Aspiring author and ex-radio presenter Andy Holmes talks life, ambition and depression

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Mon£y Matter$

The top



money &

business illusions

his statement is replayed over and over in so many different guises. It basically says do what you love and then the money will flow to you easily and effortlessly. While the sentiment is true it isn’t guaranteed.

Being an entrepreneur and business owner is all the rage. Even my local news last night was talking about how being an entrepreneur is a viable solution for those who have been made redundant, especially given current market conditions. I doubt very much that is true for everyone who is job hunting, but for many it is becoming the chosen vocation.

illusion 1 Do what you love and the money will follow

This statement is used by clever marketers, (I am sure not many of them realise the illusion they are upholding) to make you feel as if you are failing yourself and your true calling if you have money problems and are a business owner. You are not doing what you really love, you are hiding… (…and there’s another myth!)

Join me on Facebook and follow me through twitter to keep up with my hottest tips on changing the way you think, and feel, about money to attract more of what you want into your life, today.

You see money and love are both connected; one is energy and one is energy manifest into matter. However doing what you love isn’t the sole activity or only prerequisite to bringing in the money.

Soul Agent

The truth of this illusion is, love who you are and love whatever you do, do it all with love and then the money will start to flow. Where you find you an absence of love for


But take heed, to falsely and blindly focus on what you think you love to do because you are panicking that anything else will not bring you the money is not helping you. My advice to anyone at the moment who is in business and not making the money they need to survive let alone thrive is: (i) don’t waste time worrying. (ii) make a plan to get out of this situation and (iii) if you have to pick up some part time/contract work, go do it. After all, all money you earn is good money, why care where it comes from!

” “

Maybe you are considering going solo and being your own boss. Maybe you have ventured into the ocean of business ownership already. Wherever you are, this article will stop you falling into the illusionary traps that have been set up to make you feel totally inadequate, wrong and pants about yourself!

Sarupa Shah

yourself and what you do is where you are holding your money blocks.  Summer 2012 

This myth is a marketers dream, as it presses all the right buttons for the susceptible recipient, who incidentally is anyone who is in business and struggling to make ends meet. It has 2 illusions wrapped into 1 statement.

illusion 2

You can have a

seven figure

business working a few hours a day

Now, 7 figures, my first question (call me pedantic but I call me an illusion buster) is what currency? To be honest unless you have won the lottery or been given a gift, 7 figures in £££ requires effort and work, albeit fun because you are doing what you love!

health, wealth & wisdom The business coaching market is flooded with USA coaches and mentors who speak of how they hit 7 figures in $$$, I always smile and think ‘well convert to Sterling and you got some way to go.’ Not that it matters to me what someone earns, why is it my business? What matters is what they can do for me if I am to hire them and unless they are parting with some of their 7 figures and just gift it to me, what difference does it make in the grand ol’ scheme of things? What about working less to make more? Indeed it’s an ideal we all love and one of the benefits of owning my own business is that I am my own boss. Sometimes I have to have a word with myself about my attitude to work and sometimes I reward myself with treats, days off, late starts, early finishes… it’s a perk and blessing of being one’s own boss! However I am under no illusion that I have to work and sometimes even work weekends, not just because I am delivering services to clients but because I choose to, want to and am excited to. I also know sometimes I work into the evening because I want to get something completed or prepared. Working late or working weekends when I do never makes me feel like I have failed myself or the industry I am aligned to. In particular the coaches and mentors who catch you with this statement or statements like this, very rarely reveal the years that they slogged it to make it. We’ve all cried into our pillows and wondered is it worth it, will it ever work. We’ve all woken up in the middle of the night thinking I must just get this idea down. We have all said sleep is for wimps at one point or two in our life. The key of course is balance; if you work long hours and weekends permanently then it is cause for concern as being an entrepreneur/

business owner doesn’t make you immune from stress.

The play is, we live in a masculine world…not sure how that conclusion is made, but believing it means as a woman you are out of balance. You were forced to live and act as a man.

Now those who say get more done in less time while rolling it in, (and I mean those who are really raking it in not just faking it and jumping on a marketing band wagon) tend to have a massive team that does stuff for them. I know of one coach who sits on a chaise long telling her copywriter about her ideas for a new service or product and the copywriter then turns it into marketing copy. I am not judging how someone else runs their business. But if you add up the hours ‘the team’ spend making the business a business, then it blows this theory of making 7 figures, 6 figures or whatever the figure while working less, into tiny pieces that can’t actually be put back together. The truth here is don’t let someone else’s approach to their business and how they work make you feel inadequate. You can choose to be inspired to be efficient, but that’s about as far as it should go. Inadequacy which is similar to jealousy in many respects is a very negative emotion and one that really will get in the way of you loving what you do! Okay this is more for the ladies out there, but I have to say this one makes my skin crawl. It also makes me wonder if the suffragettes are turning in their graves. There are women business coaches and mentors who are telling other women, I can teach you how to be more feminine in business, in manifesting, with selling and so on.

illusion 3 Be more

Now before you go all feminist on me this is nothing to do with equality. This more about inequality as it keeps women feeling inadequate. It makes you feel like you have failed as a woman but thankfully your saviour has arrived to teach you how to be a woman again. Women are told and made to replay stories of how before they became a business owner they had a job where the culture was macho and they lost their feminine way. I always ask did you grow a pair in that case? The fact is if you are born a woman and choose to stay as a woman then nothing and no-one can take that away from you. It doesn’t matter how you dress, what you drink, how you choose to show up in the world in any situation, you will always be a woman. From a spiritual and energy perspective, balance is the key here again and it is nothing to do with the sexes but all about polarities of energy. Feminine energy is described as creative, nurturing and intuitive and masculine energy is more about action and movement. Of course it isn’t so clearly defined. However in business you need both. As a woman you have access to both energies and neither is wrong, neither make you weak or strong, or less or more of a woman! The next time you are made to feel like you aren’t feminine enough, take a deep breath and walk away!


in business   Summer 2012


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© JazzIRT

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Issue 5 celebrates our 1st anniversary and we bring you an interview with the beautiful Tehmina Sunny on busyness, business and life in the...

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