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Preserving, Promoting & Protecting Bowhunting in Pennsylvania January 2018 This newsletter is sent monthly as a supplement to the quarterly magazine

LEGISLATIVE REPORT Wes Waldron, Chairman, UBP Legislative Committee HOUSE BILL 1483 - NOT GOOD FOR WILDLIFE OR HABITAT House Bill 1483, as introduced by District 130 (Parts of Berks County) Representative David Maloney, if nothing else, has likely resulted in more controversy than the failed legislative proposal it mimicks. The sponsor and proponents continue to tout the bills intent to improve deer and habitat management and address excessive deer hunting pressure, but the only thing we see is an attempt to wrest control of deer and habitat management from the professionals of the Pennsylvania Game Commission, and put it in the hands of political appointees. While the supporters of HB1483 claim otherwise, if the latest version of the bill is anything like the version that failed to get traction during last year’s legislative session it becomes clear that political control is just what will occur. Of course you have to read the bill to discover this, and although the bill number is listed on the House of Representatives website, any text is strangely unavailable. The text of HB 1483, as introduced last year, included the intent to create a “forest and wildlife council” to be headed by individuals appointed by various members of the General Assembly, and the Governor, and if that doesn’t open the door to political control we don’t know what does. Nothing in the previously available text indicates anything about those appointees

being required to have professional wildlife and habitat credentials, and that should be enough to make anyone with a concern for scientific and biologically sound wildlife management cringe. And then there was the expressed intent in the original text that the “council” and the PGC would practice “maximum sustained yield “, in regard to deer management practices. This management practice was abandoned nearly as quickly as it was conceived decades ago as implausible and likely detrimental to the habitat. House Bill 1483 is fool’s medicine for maladies that exist only in the minds of the obstinate, and the ill-informed. When nearly every major sportsmen’s group in Pennsylvania oppose what HB1483 proposes, and that same opposition is voiced by national wildlife, habitat, and conservation groups the only proper conclusion for this misguided piece of legislation should be that of its predecessor-failure.

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January 2018



Saturday, February 10, 2018 Linfield National Golf Course 66 Church Rd. Linfield, PA (Montgomery county)

Having trouble locating your state Senator and Representative? See these links for all the contact information you need. When writing or calling your Senator or Representative, be polite and be professional. Let them know the Senate or House Bill number you are contacting them about and clearly let them know why you are for or opposed to the bill or issue. Conclude with your name and contact information. Click HERE for a letter template ‌.

Saturday, February 24, 2018 Tree Top Golf Course 1624 Creek Road Manheim, PA (Lancaster county) See more details here on our website: .htm



Our new Office Manager is long time UBP member Patrick Schild of Mechanicsburg.

Sunday January 21, 2018 8:00 AM - Noon

The office 800 phone number and e-mail address will remain the same: 1-800-279-2024 and The new mailing address will be as follows: United Bowhunters of PA 907 Derbyshire Avenue Mechanicsburg, PA 17055

ELECTION YEAR Members are reminded that in the impending November 2018 election, all of the 203-seats in the House of Representatives are up for reelection to another 2-year term. Also, one half of the Senate (25-members) will be up for reelection for 4-year terms. This is a good time to let your Legislators know how you feel about issues such as those listed in the Legislative Report, and to tell them that their support or opposition to any of those bills will have an effect on how you vote.

C.J. Hummels Restaurant 28 Willow St, Lenhartsville, PA 19534 Won’t you please join us!

2018 UBP ELECTIONS It is election time once again and the UBP is looking for a few individuals to step up and fill a few open 2-year term positions. Our by-laws require that you make your interest known by February 15. The current election cycle has three positions open for the Board of Directors in addition to both President and Vice-President positions. The current Board of Directors would like you to consider running for one of these open positions. Serving is a way to give back to the sport we love. If you are interested or have questions, please contact Office Manager, Patrick Schild at or Jack Davis at Your organization needs you. 2

January 2018

ARCHERY BEAR SEASON PRODUCES RECORD HARVEST Although the harvest data has not been officially presented, archery hunters most definitely set a record by almost twice as many bears as they did in last year’s season. Preliminary reports indicate that over 470-bears were taken by archery hunters as opposed to the 225-bears taken during the 2017 season. Pennsylvania Game Commission Bear Biologist, Mark Ternent indicated that he was neither surprised nor concerned about the high bear harvest since an increase was expected due to the change in this year’s archery bear season. Previous seasons have been scheduled during the third week of November, after the archery deer season, and prior to the opening of the traditional firearms season for bears. Beginning this season, the archery bear opportunity was moved back to the 5th week of the archery season, during the last of October and first week of November. The 5th-week of the archery season in 2017 allowed for the concurrent hunting of whitetailed deer and black bear, and while the record harvest may well approach the 500-mark, it does not present any management concerns, according to Ternent. A large part of the reason that the PGC acknowledged UBP’s request to make the season change, was to increase the harvest. It appears that Pennsylvania archers have done just that. The final harvest figures for the 2017 Archery Bear Season will not likely be available until the April 2018 meeting of the PGC Board of Commissions.


Ubp newsletter 201801  
Ubp newsletter 201801  

January 2018