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Preserving, Promoting & Protecting Bowhunting in Pennsylvania November 2017 This newsletter is sent monthly as a supplement to the quarterly magazine

LEGISLATIVE REPORT Wes Waldron, Chairman, UBP Legislative Committee I cannot tell you how frustrating it is in the legislative end of things right now, what with one member of the House after another proposing legislation that- in my opinion and that of many others – is highly detrimental to both the sportsmen of Pennsylvania, and more importantly, to the game, wildlife, and habitat managed by the PA Game Commission. No need to re-hash the failure of the House to approve a license increase, by now you should all be aware; and I certainly hope that if you support House Bill 192 that you have indicated such to your Representative in Harrisburg. The latest problem is that some House members are disappointed that the PGC and PF&BC are cutting services like pheasant propagation facilities, fish hatcheries, and charging for the Hunting and Trapping Digest. Sounds like fiscal responsibility to me, something that legislators should emulate rather than creating what has all the earmarks of “revenge legislation”. All of this when the whole issue could have been avoided years ago when the PGC began to request a license increase. Duh? What did the legislature think the agencies were going to do in response to dwindling revenue? So now Representative Brian Barbin 71st District (Parts of Cameron & Somerset counties) and the Minority Chairman of the House Game & Fisheries Committee, is proposing legislation to merge the Administration Offices and Law

Enforcement Bureaus of the PGC and PF&BC. If that wasn’t bad enough news, Representative Martin Causer (R) 67th District (Cameron, McKean & parts of Potter counties) is proposing legislation to entirely merge both agencies. As with previously proposed and similar legislation, both Barbin and Causer rest their reasoning on the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee’s (LBFC) 2014 study in which they claim a $5-million savings would be realized by a merger. What has never been made clear is how much a merger will cost, how long it will take to complete, and where the money will come from to pay for it all. The cost alone to standardize, side arms, uniforms, vehicles, cross-training, and radio standardization has - to my knowledge never been mentioned. And let’s not forget the union negotiations that are sure to occur when cross-training and reassignments will undoubtedly be required. I would expect that the whole process would not be completed in less than five years, and I have been told that my estimate may be somewhat low. Of course just when things look the darkest you can bet that some legislators will suggest banning lightbulbs. Representative David Maloney (R) 30th District (Part of Berks County), member of the House Game & Fisheries Committee, and a well- known critic of the PGC, recently announced he would be introducing House Bill 1483 aimed at stripping the PGC of regulatory powers to manage game and habitat, and issue licenses and permits.


November 2017

The proposed legislation appears to be nothing more than a re-write/re-introduction of failed House Bill 2083, which proposed similar removal of powers. Of course Representative Maloney’s intent is to transfer those usurped powers to the Forest & Wildlife Advisory Council (FWAC) which if the complexion of that “council” hasn’t changed, will include a mix of dissatisfied, disparaging, and discrepant sportsmen and legislators, with little if any experience in scientific and biologically sound wildlife and habitat management. Sort of like giving the powers of the DEA to Cheech and Chong. And of course the latest to come to light on the license increase is that House members don’t want to increase taxes or fees this close to their election. REALLY! Can you say fuel tax and liquor tax? Can you say no property tax reform? How about you cease with your opposition to Senate Bill 192 and Senate Bill 30, and nix the proposals to gut the powers of our game and fish agency, or we won’t vote for you.

ARCHERY GOLF The interest and participation in archery golf is increasing each year. We have more golf events planned for this coming February. Stay tuned for further details.

REMINDER: NEW OFFICE MANAGER Our new Office Manager is long time UBP member Patrick Schild of Mechanicsburg.

2018 UBP PATCH SUBMISSIONS It’s that time of the year for all artists to create a design for the 2018 annual patch. Starting this year we have a template for you to use. Please download two versions from the UBP website. In the template you can put our logo on the bottom left or right side and work your design around it. The writing in the outer circle must remain the same. You will receive this issue of the Fall magazine in October. The deadline to submit your design will be November 20, 2017. The BOD will pick the winning design and get it into the manufacturer in time for the Harrisburg show. Send your design to me at If you submitted a design in the past and it was not picked, don’t let that discourage you from submitting again. The artist who wins will receive 10 patches to sell for yourself. Looking forward to seeing your designs. Thank you, Dick Koch, BOD UBP

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The office 800 phone number and e-mail address will remain the same: 1-800-279-2024 and The new mailing address will be as follows: United Bowhunters of PA 907 Derbyshire Avenue Mechanicsburg, PA 17055


November 2017

JOIN THE UBP FOCUS GROUP We want to know what you think! UBP has a survey tool and we periodically send a survey to members (e.g. Sunday hunting and license increases) who have volunteered to participate and tell us how the feel about various issues. This enables the Officers and Directors to correctly represent the opinions of our members – at least some of them. Please send your email address to Steve Koch - and ask to participate in the UBP Focus Group. The more members who participate the better we can represent you!

STATE SENATE/HOUSE REPS Having trouble locating your state Senator and Representative? See these links for all the contact information you need. When writing or calling your Senator or Representative, be polite and be professional. Let them know the Senate or House Bill number you are contacting them about and clearly let them know why you are for or opposed to the bill or issue. Conclude with your name and contact information. Click HERE for a letter template ‌.


Ubp newsletter 201711  
Ubp newsletter 201711  

November 2017