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Lunch La Milanesa

Lunch La Milanesa



Milanesas & Chivitos

Carpaccio de Lomo $ 14

Soup of the Day $ 6 Sopa Pampa $ 6

Chivitos (Sandwich Style) $13

Carpaccio de Mar $ 14 Thin slices of Salmon, Scallops & Tuna drizzled w/orange citrus extra virgin olive oil & served w/Salmon caviar

Ceviche $ 12 Fresh catch & shrimp cooked in lemon juice w/ jalapeños, onions & corn

Matambre Arrollado $ 10 Traditional Argentinian rolled Veal flank steak served w/ La Rusa salad

Creamy potato soup w/ crispy bacon & gruyere cheese

Pizza From our Wood Burning Oven Pizza al Asado $ 15 Pizza topped w/ our specially grilled Short Ribs

Milanesa Regular $ 13

Grilled Argentinian sausage served w/ bell peppers

Choice of: Beef, Chicken, Pork, Wild Boar, Veal, Fish “catch of the day”, served w/ side selection of: Fries, Provenzal potatoes, Rusa Salad, Mashed potatoes

Pizza Figazza al Queso $ 12 Thin crust Pizza topped w/ onions, assorted cheeses & oregano

Grilled provolone cheese topped w/tomato, prosciutto & fresh herbs

Pizza Caprese con Prosciutto $ 15

Lengua a la Vinagreta $ 11

Caprese Pizza topped w/ tomatoes, basil & prosciutto

Uñitas de Cangrejo $ 15 Smoked crab fingers served w/light lime jalapeño buttersauce & mini arepas

Seafood Punta del Este $ 12

Foccacia Primavera $13 Tomato, Ricotta cheese, black olives, balsamic reduction & fresh basil

Eggplantini $13 Eggplant & Zucchini, pesto sauce (basil, extra virgin olive oil, pine nuts) w/ Pecorino & Goat cheeses

Seasonal seafood, sun-dried tomatoes & mix greens

Pescado - Fish

Vitel Toné $ 11

El Nadador $ 16

Peceto (eye of round beef) slowly cooked for 3 hours served w/ mayo & tuna sauce w/ a touch of anchovy

Roasted Salmon served w/ julienne vegetables & salsa fresca

Tuna Tartar $ 13

La Tuna $ 19

Tuna, avocado mousse, soy and sesame oil, fresh ginger, tomatoes

Yellow fin Tuna served w/ tomato eggplant risotto & drizzled w/ pear, soya & ginger sauce


El Chato $ 16

Mango Salad $9 add pork $ 5 Mango, avocado, red onion served w/mango vinaigrette

Pan seared Flounder served w/Puttanesca sauce, black olives, capers & light white wine tomato sauce

Homemade Pasta

Popeye Salad $ 9 Spinach, fresh mushrooms, parmesan cheese, feta cheese & toasted almonds w/ raspberry vinaigrette

Ensalada Ceasar Patagónica $ 8

Los Grandotes $ 17 Salmon ravioli served in a light saffron & shrimp cream sauce

Los del Domingo $ 16

Add grilled chicken breast $ 5 or grilled shrimp $ 8 Ceasar Salad w/ a twist of mango & goat cheese

Spinach ravioli served w/ tuco sauce

Farfalle 4 Quesos $ 13

Caprese Auténtica $ 10 Caprese salad w/ buffallo mozzarella, fresh tomatoes, fresh sweet basil, sun-dried tomatoes, black olives & prosciutto

Choice of: Beef, Chicken, Pork, Wild Boar, Kobe, Ostrich, Vegetarian, Elk

Pizza al Chorizo y Pimientos $ 14

La Provoleta Grillé $ 12

Veal tongue slowly cooked for 3 hours & marinated in South American vinaigrette

Traditional Uruguayan Sandwich “the King of sandwiches” * all chivitos are prepared w/homemade bread, ham, bacon, provolone cheese, egg, caramelized onions, pickles, mushrooms, peppers, olives, mayo spread & French fries. *Quote by Anthony Bourdain

Bow Tie pasta served w/ 4 cheeses sauce & grilled chicken breast

Add grilled chicken breast $ 5 Mix greens, tomatoes, onions served w/ Rioplatense dressing

Bife de Chorizo 8oz $ 18

All Natural New York strip served w/ La Rusa Salad & Chimichurri sauce

Costillas de Cerdo a Caballo completa $ 18 Prime Pork Chop 8oz topped w/eggs, sautéed onions & peas, served w/ homemade mashed potatoes

Picanha – Brazilian Cut 10oz $ 20

Vegetarian Milanesa $ 11

Eggplant & Zucchini Milanesa served w/ provolone & basmati rice stuffed tomatoes

All Natural Top Sirloin served w/ arroz con feijâo (basmati rice & black beans)

Suprema Pastora $ 17

Grilled Chicken breast w/ marinade tandoori & served w/ sautéed vegetables

Pollo Rio de la Plata $ 15

Chicken Milanesa stuffed w/ provolone cheese, ham & served w/ rose sauce & paillé potatoes

Milanesa a la Napolitana $ 18 Choice of: Beef or Chicken Milanesa topped w/ ham, mozzarella, tomato sauce served w/ La Rusa salad & Fries

Churrasquito de Lomo $ 26

6 oz Center cut filet mignon butterfly style served w/ homemade potato salad & chimichurri sauce

Filet Mignon 24 oz (for 3people) $ 96

Center cut all natural filet mignon served w/mashed potatoes & asparagus

Lamb Loin $ 24

Milanesa Patágonica $21 Choice of: Wild Boar or Ostrich Milanesa topped w/ mozzarella, arugula, sun-dried tomatoes, mushrooms & served w/ provenzal potatoes

Suprema Maryland $21

Colorado Lamb Loin served w/ Rustic potatoes & balsamic reduction

Parrilla for 1 $ 24 (Parilla para 2 $40)

Beef Short Ribs, Argentinian Sausage, Grilled Chicken breast, Lamb Loin, Entraña, served w/ Tango Salad

Akaushi Flank Steak $ 20

Chicken Milanesa topped w/ macho plantain, corn, ham, béchamel sauce & more

8oz Akaushi Asado de Vacío served w/ Rustic potatoes

Cambalache $19 (chivito in a plate)

Served w/ provenzal potatoes & asparagus

Elk Striploin $ Market Price

Tenderloin steak pan seared topped w/ bacon, ham, provolone cheese, olives, red peppers, mushrooms, eggs, pickles, tomatoes, lettuce, caramelized onions served w/ Tango salad & Fries

Traditional Argentinian Empanadas $ 3.50 each

Suprema Rústica $21

Beef Chicken Onion & Cheese Humita (cream of corn) Spinach Ham & Cheese

Choice of: Chicken or Pork Milanesa stuffed w/ Jamón Crudo & mozzarella; topped w/ béchamel sauce, champignones, sautéed spinach & bacon; served w/ steak potatoes

Ñoquis $ 15 Potato & Ricotta gnocchi pasta served w/ Elk ragu

Ensalada Tango $ 7

From our Wood Burning Grill

Los Rellenitos $ 14


Ricotta Agnolotti served w/ Caruso sauce (cream, mushroom, ham & onion)

From the original we add the dulce de leche (Argentinean version) Rice pudding w/ a touch of cinnamon served w/ meringue alfajor

Ask for our Executive Lunch Special

Warm bread pudding served w/ rum sauce & coffee ice cream

Malbec Humberto Canale $ 5 • Torrontes Humberto Canale $ 5

Dulce de leche Cheescake $ 8 Dulce de leche cheescake served w/ apricot stew & wafers

Flan de coco $ 7

Special drinks


Arroz con leche $ 6

El Calientito $ 7

Three course meal $ 21 Choose from our Executive Lunch selection of Salads, Main courses & Desserts

Caipirinha $ 5 • Mojitos $ 5

4 Leches $ 7

Coconut flan served w/ a dollop of dulce de leche & chantilly

El Vigilante Martin Fierro $ 7 Dulce de membrillo & batata served w/ Mar del Plata Cheese

Cremas heladas y Sorbetes $7 Degustación de sabores artesanales Artisan ice cream & sorbets

Fruit Salad $ 6


Domestic $ 3• Imported $ 4

Catering is Now Available

Updated 01/22/13

Thin slices of beef tenderloin served w/ basil sauce, portobello mushrooms & parmesan cheese

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