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JIB – Japan, Israel, Britain unlike CASSH – Canada, Australia, Singapore. Switzerland, Hong Kong Something we may all have overdosed on this holiday is CARBS – Canada. Australia, Russia, Brazil, South Africa Then we heard about the potential in VISTA – Vietnam, Indonesia, South Africa, Turkey, Argentina But what about CIVETS – Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa ….. we thought it was an animal known for its scent glands! So to stave off acronym indigestion maybe we should just have a MINT – Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria, Turkey Finally, how about some sympathy for CEMENT – Countries in Emerging Markets Excluded by New Terminology! So whether you are in a JIB or feeling full in CARBS we’d like to wish you a very happy holiday from the Institute of Export. Catriona Tippin has been a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) since 2006 and proofreads study guides, house magazines and publicity material for two national educational charities, in addition to working on a variety of proofreads and copyedits for the growing self-published world.

And finally .... Fun Facts! Did you know.......      

Fossilized bird droppings are one of the chief exports of Nauru, an island nation in the Western Pacific In 1952, the first TV toy commercial aired. It was for Mr. Potato Head The most overdue book in the world was borrowed from Sidney Sussex College in Cambridge, England and was returned 288 years later Montreal has an underground city, which has over 2,000 shops and 26 kilometres of walkways. This is the largest underground network for any city People drank gold powder mixed in with water in medieval Europe to relieve pain from sore limbs More than three thousand people work on research in Antarctica each year

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IOE Newsletter - January 2014  
IOE Newsletter - January 2014