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Press Release: !

European solidarity action 
 to Roma Population in Ostrava" !

Today, on October 28 2013, an anti-Roma attack might take place in Ostrava, Czech Republic.! Participants of the European Conference UNITED for Intercultural Action against Fascism and Racism, representing around 100 organisations from 35 countries across Europe take action to support the Roma community of Ostrava threatened this very day by a nazi march joined by a part of the population.! “What we face in Ostrava and many other towns in Czechia is a result of social and economical despair leading to a racist mechanic. This increase of populist discourse and clearly nazi actions is symptomatic of the danger Roma communities and the rest of the Czech society and all European countries are facing nowadays.” said Mr. Geert Ates, director of UNITED.! Another evidence of that is the fact that out of 22 MEPs elected in Czechia who had been invited to sign the Charter of Political Parties for a Non-Racist Europe (Council of Europe) at the conference, only one, namely Mr. Jaromír Kohlíček (GUE/NGL), responded positively and signed it.! We will not accept the normalisation of a situation where a significative part of the population is put in danger and denounced as the main responsible of all the problems faced by the population.! We will not accept, anywhere, anytime, anyhow, the nazi parades and the right-wing populist stances surfing on the fear and fantasies of people left alone and without clear hope toward the future.! Stigmatisation of Roma, other marginalised communities, and also refugees and migrants, by states and by societies, is not solving a situation which is first of all political, economical, and social.! The Czech Republic and other members of the EU are avoiding their responsibilities by not solving this situation and are betraying the spirit of the charters they have all signed. By that, they also deny democratic values which we consider as core values of the European Union.! WIPE OUT HATE! 


We invite media to inform about our protest, which will take place at 16:50 on Staroměstské naměstí in Prague near the Old Town Hall."

! Contact: Miroslav PROKEŠ, tel. +421 603 438 822

United press release  

Sending support to Ostrava Roma community, where a Nazi march tried to attack them.

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