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When I first came to Hong Kong three years ago, all I know about Hong Kong was that it’s a free port with plenty of entertainment , famous brand and luxuries.

Shopping paradise night life

Three years pass

Came to Hong Kong again

Live in Hong Kong

Apart from luxuriesďźŒlife can be peaceful and simple. This time I saw a total different Hong Kong. People living here was not influenced by noise and it seems that they could always find peace and fun of life.

The buildings I see today are different from what I have seen three years ago, it’s possibly because I have change my mind and look at this city from a total new angle. It makes me fall in love with this city.

They are  t)o  interesting   pict1re  at    least  in  my  eyes.  If   I  saw  them  three  years  ago,  I   would  just  focus  on  the   moder<  building  behind  but   today,  I  was  totally  a>?acted   by  the  old  and  poor  houses   before.  I  g1ess  t)o-­‐year  life   here  has  change  my  a>it1de   to  Hong  Kong.  I  starCed  to   have  affection  to  this  citF,   because  I  have  Giends  here   as  well  as  much  memorF.    

Act1ally   here   not   simple   you   people   to   hard   maintain   life        

life is   as   as   think   have   work   to   their    

All about what Hong Kong told me and taught me

Hong Kong Impression -Lei Tong  
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