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Who and what would you say inspires your music? What inspires me and my music, is when I can look on the dancefloor and see all those people's faces light up because for those 4 hours that they're in the club, I can tell they have no worries about their jobs or their problems. They're just there to party with me and have fun. That's what keeps me going. Where is the best place your music has taken you? Why? St. John's, NL. Just because I love the people here.

What about the craziest thing that’s ever happened at one of your shows? I could probably give you 100 different stories, but one of the craziest was when I was playing at Salmon Fest 2009 at Red Cliff. It was about 3 AM with 3500-4000 people going crazy, and all I see is this big bright light coming at my face and basically a firework exploded about half an inch in front of my face which shot me back about 5 feet. All I saw was white light, couldn't hear anything...Truly thought I was dead. Then I came to and there was about 4 or 5 people looking over me, saying my name and trying to see if I was alive & okay. I was pretty mad, but I got up and went back to my set. I played 'Many Men' by 50 Cent and the crowd went crazy, then I kept playing for another 4 hours. That was probably the craziest. What does making music mean for you? Could you imagine yourself doing something else? I really can't answer this question the way you've asked because I'm not a producer. Some say djs are musicians, some say they are not but I consider myself a musician because a turn table can be an instrument if you use it right. No, I can't see myself doing anything else. I think I was born to do this, but one day I will have to put down the turn tables. However I plan to always be in the business of club promotions, and events. Or I would love to start managing other djs. Who would you like to thank? I would like to give big shoutouts to the one that started this all for me, he is my main mentor, DJ Shortcut. My management team, Jason Winsor and Seamus Dooley. All the club owners that have allowed me to pursue my dreams, there are just too many to name. And much love to all the djs who hold it down to keep the party alive. Ain't no party like a DJ Sina party!

68 East Magazine // #06#  

Enjoy our 6th issue.

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