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p: phil taylor

Phil Taylor, where do I start. Well he took most the phtos in this article and without him this wouldn’t have happend. First time I met Phil I pulled up to this house in the south end and was like you have to be kidding me and he was gonna come take pictures of us I didn't know the guy from Adam and I go to his house he’s nowhere to be seen. I wait and wait and wait some more. Finally I go to his bedroom window and knock hes not even up yet at this point he had no idea what we were about soon he would figure out but this was not the only time. This became a regular occurrence, usually he would stumble out all tired wanting Tim Hortons and a smoke then it was game time and he was ready to take photos. Phil went out on the rainiest days coldest days and we’d look up from the line up and see him there waiting for us to do something and through this he has captured some of our best surfing as seen threw his lens, and through this he has become one of my best friends although we lost him to surfing, now that's all he wants to do so its hard to get him to take photos, but he’ll still take the camera out now and again and capture some action.

68 East Magazine // #06#  

Enjoy our 6th issue.

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