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we're at in surfing, and we wouldn't be progressing like we are as well. It's not just him driving us places to surf, or buying us energy drinks so we can get pumped, no. Logan pushes myself and Woody to become better, yes he's a complete dick in terms of dropping in on us and paddling around us, butting in line ups, making a bigger splash, boosting higher, and catching more waves, but he pushes us and it works. But that's only in terms of surfing. No, I don't wanna be pushed to wearing tighter jeans, no, I don't wanna be pushed to drink that many energy drinks in a single day, no, I don't wanna do a backflip on that thing going that fast. Logan's surfing has grown to be pretty damn good I reckon. He's surfed in multiple places around the world, gaining huge steps in experience along the way. I have to say a huge turning point was when him and I were in Portugal, something in him clicked and ever since he's been taking bigger and bigger leaps in skill and style. As Nova Scotian surfers, we have huge determination and commitment, and as a Nova Scotian surfer saying this; Logan has huge determination and commitment. There's few people I know that'll get up that early to drive that far away in that kind of weather. There's few people I know that'll spend that much time of a day either surfing, thinking about surfing, reading about surfing, or anything surfing related. Logan's humor can go from absolutely dry to soaking wet and dirty (haha!) crossing many lines, turning people's day's around, changing situations, just....nuts. He is a habitual line stepper, he steps over many lines, all in good manner though. If you ever get a chance to hang with Logan, take a step back, don't be quick to judge, cause he's actually a really good guy. Logan will do favors and things for just about anybody, if you really need something, Logan's gonna try and get it for you or help you get it. So if you meet him, don't tell him you read this because he might just tell you to "suck it" of all things, but keep in mind what you're dealing with (no, not some dude who looks like a hobo with ADHD sluggin' back redbull.) A wang dang doodle. - Ben Marsh THE FUTURE-

68 East Magazine // #06#  

Enjoy our 6th issue.

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