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steve + chris photo: josh Who is on team right now? We have a real blend of 'old' and new. Riders like Devon Chandler, Greg Kerr and Lesley MacKeigan have been around since back in the day and still train with us, so they're in a great position to mentor and be positive role models for the younger riders. Devon (who has also been to Cervinia with us a number of times in the past, once with yourself) was at the 2007 Canada Games and is such an amazing all-round rider who seems to get better every year...I wish he knew what he knows now when he was 16!! Stuck in the middle is Kita McRory. She showed up just before the Whitehorse Games and basically learned to ride for those Games. Actually what's really happened is she learned to ride / after/ the Whitehorse Games and the feel and power she has right now is the best it's ever been. She's still eligible for Canada Games in 2011 so

she's coming good at the right time. Then we have a core of younger athletes all pushing, most of them getting their first PGS and PSL NorAm experiences this year...Jenn Hart, Zach Fraser, Gabrielle Fairbairn, Sam Flinn.....and below them there's Marc Chasse who is just 14 but fearless and already talented - I think he could make a name for himself in the future. Our SBX team has some real talent and potential...Zack Francis, Josh Drapeau, Kyle Seagram are all part of a competitive, fit new breed of rider challenging the 'old guard.' On the Women's side, Dallas Rourke and Kim Sutherland are making great stides, Dallas making top 15 at Nationals last year against riders like Maelle Ricker and Dominique Maltais. Who are you exactly? I often ask myself the same question.

68 East Magazine // #06#  

Enjoy our 6th issue.

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