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Where can people check out some of your work? or add me to facebook, thats where all of my recent work is. Thanks for the reminder to update my youtube account hahaha. Any shoutouts to conclude? Black Rob(Rest in peace bro), All of the skaters that have been around over the years, Oromocto Boys, David White, Dave Sawler and everyone at Lighthouse, Garret Gardiner, Jon and everyone at Pro, Darcy Campbell, Harry Doyle, Stevie Dubbs, Ryan MacAurthur, Mark Sparrow, Matt Ingraham, Ryan Mansfield, Mason Burke, Shane Wilkie, Meghan Detheridge, All the boys at the Glace Bay Bowls and skateboarding itself.

Right: Morgan Skidmore, Mark down below, Halifax. photo: Zac Tovey. Below: Mark’sDvx100 photo: Mason Burke.

68 East Magazine // #06#  

Enjoy our 6th issue.