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September 23, 2013

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September 23, 2013

Guinea Pigs Hide Signs of Illness

DEAR PAW’S CORNER: My male guinea pig, “Dale,” was always healthy. He was fat and not losing weight. One day, we cleaned his cage and noticed that he was sticking his head out repeatedly and opening his mouth -- like yawning. The vet said to come in right away, and within five minutes of hanging up, Dale was dead. The vet looked at him and said he looked healthy and that maybe he had a heart attack DEAR JULIE: Sadly, it often can be difficult to tell when or stroke, but I didn’t see any symptoms. Any help would be a guinea pig is getting ill. They’re very good at hiding signs great because we have two others. -- Julie G., via e-mail of illness, and often they are acutely ill before their owners can tell what’s wrong. It’s clear that you pay close attention to your guinea pigs, as you were aware of Dale’s weight and normal behavior. However, guinea pigs can become ill very quickly. You were right to contact the veterinarian immediately after noticing Dale’s strange behavior, which I agree, could have been a sign of a stroke or heart attack. I’ll refer again to the late Peter Gurney’s brilliant Guinea Pig Health Guide. One suggestion, which you may be able to apply to your surviving guinea pigs, is to have the vet listen to their heartbeat. A heart murmur can indicate valve problems. Another possibility is an undetected fungal or bacterial infection that got into Dale’s system, eventually causing a heart attack. But as you pointed out, he showed no external signs of illness. For this mystery, I’ll turn to my readers. Any suggestions for Julie on monitoring her two surviving cavies? © 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

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September 23, 2013

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• Wednesday, September 25 - Big Stone City Branch Public Library open 2:00PM - 6:00PM Big Stone City Community Center - 400 Washington Street • Thursday, September 26 - Big Stone City School Open House, 5:00-7:00PM • Saturday, September 28 - Big Stone City Branch Public Library open 10:00AM - 1:00PM Big Stone City Community Center - 400 Washington Street • Friday, November 1st, 2013: Big Stone City School Assembly Program @ 8:40am - It's Science • The Big Stone City Council meets on the first Monday of every month at 7:00pm. Meetings are held in the Community Center located at 400 Washington Street in Big Stone City. SUBMIT YOUR BIG STONE CITY EVENTS THROUGH THE COMMUNITY EVENT SUBMISSION PAGE

Go To:


Big Stone City, SD

Incorporated 1885 • Elevation 1,043 ft • Pop: 467 (2010 census)

• It was Israeli politician Abba Eban who made the following sage observation: “A consensus means that everyone agrees to say collectively what no one believes individually.”

legislation mandating a $100 fine for “public flatulence, crepitation, gaseous emission and miasmic effluence.” • In 1903, a now-unknown inventor (and breeder of chickens, one might venture to guess) submitted a request to patent eyeglasses for chickens, designed to prevent injury due to pecking by other chickens. The request was refused.

• According to tradition, a bride whose dress is made of silk • The Sphinx in Egypt is the only one of the Seven Wonders will have good fortune in her marriage. A woman who wears of the Ancient World still in existence. velvet to her wedding will face poverty, and a satin wedding ••• gown will bring bad luck. Thought for the Day: “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the • On average, there are 50,000 earthquakes around the former.” -- Albert Einstein world every year. © 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

• Beloved composer Frederic Chopin died in 1849 in France. He was terrified of being buried alive, so at his request, after his death his heart was removed, preserved in alcohol and returned to his native country, Poland. Once in Warsaw, the urn containing his heart was sealed into a pillar of the Holy Cross Church with the inscription, “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” • Spanish explorers named California after a mythical island of Amazon women ruled by a warrior queen named Califa.


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• An assemblyman in Alaska once wrote and tried to pass


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Corning Ware

Q: I have several pieces of Corning Ware and was surprised to see some for sale at a local antique mall. What’s the deal? -- Susan, Littleton, Colo. A: Corning Ware was introduced in 1958 and was high-fired glassware capable of going from the freezer to the stove without damage. The first pattern was Blue Cornflower, which was followed by several other popular designs such as Spice O’ Life, Renaissance, Peony, Friendship and Indian Summer. More than half a century has passed since Corning Ware found its way into American homes, and it is, perhaps, a combination of its durability and a nostalgia for mid-century America that has drawn increased interest. Although prices are fairly reasonable, I predict the values will steadily climb. •••

September September 23, 23, 2013 2013

Q: My family lived in Manhattan during the 1930s and was one of the first to have a television set. It is a General Electric model HM-185 console and was purchased by my dad in about 1940. I have always been curious about how much it might be worth. -- Carl, Sun City West, Ariz. A: Your television set was marketed in 1939 and is referenced in the Antique Trader Radio and Television Price Guide edited by Kyle Husfloen, and valued at $12,000. ••• Q: I purchased a collector plate at a yard sale, “Pieta” by Michelanglo. I was offered $15 for it, but that doesn’t seem like a fair price for it. -- John, Sioux Falls, S.D. A: Walk into almost any antique mall and you’re likely to find stacks of collector plates, most priced in the $5 to $15 range. As with most collectibles, there are always exceptions, but the market for collector plates is stagnant, and many are selling for a fraction of their original cost. I don’t see this trend changing, at least not in the immediate future.









September 23, 2013

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Q: What’s the latest news on the judge situation on “American Idol”? Have they sorted out who’s new and who’s coming back? -- Tyler W., Fresno, Calif. A: Finally, “American Idol” has a judge lineup that could make Julie me start watching again. Keith Urban will be returning for his Benz second season, Jennifer Lopez has decided to come back after a season away, and newbie Harry Connick Jr. rounds out the group. Randy Jackson will be back, as a mentor, and Ryan Seacrest returns as the singing-competition show’s gregarious host. Here’s hoping that this January’s 13th season of “AI” is its luckiest one yet. ••• Q: I am dying to know what will happen in season two of Syfy’s “Defiance.” It was one of my favorite new shows of the summer, and I love one the stars: Julie Benz. -- Katie H., via e-mail A: I spoke with the lovely and talented actress -- who most recently starred in the Lifetime original movie “Taken: The Search for Sophie Parker” (check local listings for airdates) -- and she gave me a few

hints about what next season holds. The sciencefiction near-future drama, which is currently filming its second season in Toronto, will take on a darker tone, as will Julie’s character. “The world of Defiance has changed,” she told me, “and with that, so does the look of the show. We see a darker Amanda this season. A much darker Amanda -- she’s struggling; she’s having a very hard time. Her ex-husband was killed during season one; she lost her job, which is truly how she defined herself; and her sister has gone missing. She’s really in a bad place when season two opens. “In the season one finale, we basically hit the reset button, so we start season two in a whole different place. Every character is in a different place than they were during season one. Creatively, it is so much fun to play characters who can grow and change exponentially each season. That is what you are going to see in season two. It’s a much darker ‘Defiance’ -- especially my character.” ••• Q: I love PBS’s “Foyle’s War,” but I think I missed some of season seven. How can I catch up? -- Stephanie R., via e-mail A: You can get caught up on the Masterpiece Mystery! series at, which is streaming the series

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online. Or you can go to on Sept. 24 to buy the series seven DVD set, which includes almost two hours of bonus features. Write to Cindy at King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 32853-6475; or e-mail her at © 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.


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By Samantha Mazzotta

Pipes and Joists and Squeaks. Oh My!

Q: I’ve got a squeaky-floor problem, but it’s a little bit weird. When people walk along the ground floor I can hear wood squeaking against the pipes that are down in the crawlspace. Is this a risk to the pipes? How can I fix the squeaking noise? -- Jim in Buford, Ga. A: You won’t know for sure without getting into the crawlspace and visually inspecting the pipes and the underside of the floor, including the joists. The pipes running along the crawlspace are likely suspended from the floor joists. If they’re in contact with the joists, then you might hear the faint screech of wood across metal as the joists rub against the pipes. How serious is the problem? It depends. If the floor and joists are in good condition, then you can reposition the pipe very slightly so it doesn’t contact the wood. Do this by lowering or loosening the existing pipe hanger slightly, or replacing it with another pipe hanger or a plastic pipe strap. You must support the pipe in place as you do any loosening or replacing of the hangers. It should not

September 23, 2013

move more than a few centimeters in any direction, and it shouldn’t hang unsupported even during a quick rehanging job. Doing so could cause it to work loose at a pipe joint, and you’ll have a much bigger problem than a squeaky floor. To avoid this you can either rig up a substitute -- a sturdy rope or cloth tacked to the joist and wrapped underneath the pipe, for example -- or keep the old pipe hanger in place as you attach a new pipe hanger just a little lower. Once you’ve hammered the ends of the new hanger into the side of the joist, carefully work the old hanger loose as a helper holds the pipe in place. Gently lower the pipe into the new hanger. Repeat at other hanger locations along the run where the pipe contacts the joist. If, on inspection, you see that the joist is not in good condition -- it’s sagging, or you detect wood rot or water damage -- contact a flooring or foundation specialist. Damaged joists can cause problems throughout the house, so you’ll want that problem addressed immediately. HOME TIP: Talcum powder can serve as a quick, if temporary, way to stop squeaks between floorboards. Send your questions or home tips to My new e-book, “101 Best Home Tips,” is available to download on Amazon Kindle! Pick it up it today for just 99 cents. © 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

• “If you have a fish tank, you can use the fish-tank water to fertilize your rose bushes. I do this, and it’s rich in minerals that the bushes love!” -- A.U. in Alabama • Make your own bed-buddy hot pad with a long sock and rice. Use a sock that’s knee high, and fill it about two-thirds full with plain, uncooked white rice. Knot it an inch or two from the top of the rice, so it’s nice and loose. Once it’s secure, stick the sock into the microwave for 1-2 minutes. The rice heats up, and the heat is stored in the rice. It’s wonderful for aches and pains -- or just for keeping toes toasty!

As nice a home as you could ever want with eat-in kitchen, open living room, jack-and-jill bath and a large attached garage. Nearly all the windows have been replaced with vinyl windows and the major appliances stay with the home. New: interior - insulation - wiring (in the late 90's). Partially finished basement.


• Shower caps can be placed over a planter and used to make a kind of greenhouse for planting cuttings. Just water and place it in a sun-filled window. Be sure to check it often, because even though it might be cool out, your little greenhouse can get pretty hot with only a few hours of sun. • “Loosen tight jeans with a cutting board! First, wash in cold water, then button them around something that’s about an inch wider than the waist ... say, a cookie sheet, chair top, cutting board, etc. Air dry. It’s magical.” -- V.L. in New York © 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

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September 23, 2013

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answers on page 10

Come take a stroll through Historic Uptown Watertown... and visit these fine businesses and many, many more!!

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September 23, 2013

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MUST SELL: 1995 Toyota 4runner 172,000 miles, leather interior, power For Sale: 1950 International Pickup. Wooden windows, moon roof, newer clutch, new Grain Box is in good condition. Complete water pump, radiator, timing belt, good tires. engine. Cab Interior poor condition. Perfect $3000 obo. Call 605-690-0314. restoration project. $1500. Located near Watertown, SD. Come & see. (402) 968-9208. FOR SALE: 2003 Chevy TrailBlazer. 102,000 miles roughly on the vehicle. 4.2L MOVING SALE: Couch $50.00, 2 FOR SALE: 1948 5window 1/2 ton chevy inline 6cyl 4x4 and dark blue. Call for price Drawer/2 Glass Door Classic Style Hutch pickup ... 3,500.00 OBO ... Located in Water- and any other questions. If no answer leave $75.00, 5 Drawer Dresser, 6 Drawer a message or text. The number is 605-651town, SD ... Call 605-882-1882 Dresser with Mirror, 4 Piece Dining Room 5393. Set/High Table and Chairs $350.00, End FOR SALE: 1989 Chevy Astro Mark III Table Set $15.00. All items are in very conversion 7-pass minivan, 115K one owner good condition. Please call 605-254miles, needs some engine work. Best offer. FOR SALE: Hitch for Jeep Grand Cherokee 3979. 605-432-5089 2011-2014. New Class 3 2" receiving tube FOR SALE: Cast Iron Bath Tub. Call with pre-existing bolts. $110 or make offer. FOR SALE: Car Cover. Extreme Garage, 605-874-2830 ready-fit XL. Fits cars 16'9" to 19'. Storage Call 320-598-7973. Leave message. FOR SALE: Antique Chopping Block. 60 years old. 29" X 24". Height 34". Good condition. $600. phone 605-882-3526.

FOR SALE: Craftmatic Lift Bed. $75. Call 320-265-6950. FOR SALE: Twin mattress and box spring set, nearly new, complete with headboard, sheets, mattress pad and comforter. 605-881-4013 FOR SALE: Cast Iron double kitchen sink with faucet. Cream colored, good condition and extra deep bowls.22"X33". $100 Call 605-868-1360 FOR SALE: Elec. Prism PowerChair Perfect Fit. 605-237-6695. FOR SALE: Microwave Cart. Good Condition. $20.00. Please call 605-2543979. FOR SALE: An upholstered swivel rocking chair in excellent condition. Call 605-486-4430.

bag included. $20. Watertown 605-520-2339. FOR SALE: 7 foot long by 7 foot 3 inches wide steel diamond plated with 5th wheel FOR SALE: 2002 Silverado W/T V6 1500, ball and headache rack, flat bed for sale ... 199k miles, Regular Cab, white, long box, located in Watertown SD. call 605-690-6125 A/C works well, good mileage, new tires. Call FOR SALE: tranny and transfer case, fresh or Text 320-290-6015. $2,300. rebuilt fits 95-99 chevy/GMC ... and a 1953 FOR SALE: 1994 Chevy Silverado 5.7 V8 Automatic 4X4. willys ... located in Watertown, SD ... call Clean inside & out. In shed. 7 South, 3.5 miles West of 605-881-8064 Clear Lake. $4,500. Also, hay wagon 7-W 25 ft long, Make FOR SALE: Chevy Corvair engine. early offer. Call 605-881-3721. 60’s. 1961 to 1964. Call 320-839-3332. FOR SALE: Chevrolet Impala LT, silver, very clean, 61,000 miles, full power, 33 miles per FOR SALE: Original Aluminum Wheels gallon, will burn E-85 gasoline, will consider for Ford Explorer or pickup. Will fit 1970’s vehicles and other later Fords. Call 320trade. $12,500. Call (320) 839-3595. 839-3332. FOR SALE: A 1947 Dodge Truck. One-of-a-kind to restore. Call 605-882-3095 evenings. If no FOR SALE: 50cc Scooter. Good shape, answer, please leave a message. runs good. 605-266-1465. FOR SALE: White 2007 Tahoe LS, 5.3 liter V8, 38k, Excelent condition. Asking $24,995. FOR SALE: 2002 Honda 400 EX. New rear 605-880-9884. radial tires, runs great, $2100. 218-3683970 FOR SALE: 1970 Lincoln Mark lll. 2 door,

FOR SALE: Salad Master Cookware Set, only one frying pan used once. Cleaner cookbook included In original box. hard top & in good shape. Blue with black Call 605-881-2705. $1500.00 or best offer. top. 460 V8 engine. ALWAYS garaged.

FOR SALE: 2001 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Motorcycle. Lots of extras. $9000.00. Call (605) 881-2016.

FOR SALE: 2003 Honda 400EX, low miles, great condition, new battery, $2300. 2002 Honda 400EX, New rear radial tires, runs great, $2100. 218-368-3970. FOR SALE: 2008 5x8 enclosed trailer. Insulated, with windows, like brand new. Used for business in summer, Ice shanty for winter. $1750. FOR SALE: Aluminum Boat Lift. 2000#. Full length bunks, motor stop and electric winch. 605-694-2743. WANTED: Pull type pop-up camper. All I really want is the running gear in good shape. Call 320-598-7810 leave message. FOR SALE: 2003 Excel 33' Fifth Wheel Camper. 3 slideouts stored inside. Very clean. Appleton, MN (320) 289-2780. FOR SALE: 17" Grumman aluminum canoe in very good condition. Current MN registration. 320-568-2527 FOR SALE: Shasta Phoenix 30' Fifth Wheel Camper. Living area in front. Excellent condition. Must see. 605-793-2145.


1. Are selling more than one item? 2. Are you representing a business? 3. Is you item worth less than $15? 4. Do you curently have another FREE4SALE ad running?

FOR SALE: 3 Men's Black Leather Vests. Excellent condition. Sizes: 1 large, 1 extra large, 1 size 44 tall. 320-598-3404.

FOR SALE: Antique Dayton Hobart grocery FOR SALE: Ladies Square Dance Clothes Size 12-14. Skirts, Blouses & store type scale. Up to 24#’s. Call 1-605Can-Cans. Also a pair of White Western 949-4009. Boots Size 7. Call 605-878-0210. WORK FROM YOUR HOME OFFICE. Looking for motivated individuals to work from home setting up shopping accounts for our 26 year old INC 500 COMPANY. No stocking or delivering. Residual income. (507) 677-2356 WANTED TO BUY: 11.2 X 28 tractor tire. Prefer Firestone bias ply field and road. Phone 605-880-1369. FOR SALE: Hay Wagon 7X24 good offers. Field Deluxe Solar 6 volt electric fencer $100. 605-881-2721.

FOR SALE: 2004 Gulf Stream Motorhome. 22 FT, 30,600 miles, generator, 6 liter, gas, V8, Chevy, sleeps 2. $17,000.00 in Milbank. Call (605) 432-5341.

FOR SALE: Electronic Dart Board with wooden case. Works great. $75. 605233-0480.

FOR SALE: 1957 Chevy Pick-up box trailer FOR SALE: Large 36 inch exhaust fan suitable for barns, machine or mechanic work with good rear end $300. 605-881-4315 building. Call 605-938-4748. FOR SALE: COINS. 2012 & 2013 Uncl. Presidential dollars. Both Mints. Also, 5 FOR SALE: ShopSmith Mark V Woodworking Unit With Manuals Table Saw Lathe Disc Mint National Parks Quarters. Call (605) 886-6384. Sander Drill Press Used Little $700 obo 605-467-0889 For Sale: 2 antique wooden buggy buckboard seats. 4 old leather fly nets for FOR SALE: Big Joe lift, manual foot pump,20 horses. email inch X 25 inch platform,capacity 1000#,lifts 5 for pictures. 320-766-1376 inch to 54 inch,model 14P54, $325 OBO 605 874-2478 FOR SALE: Paperback Romance Novels. Over 30 popular authors. ALL books in FOR SALE: Barrett Brake Drum Lathe. very good condition. $.50 each or 3/$1.00. Handles 16.5” Drums. $125.00. Call Dave Call (605) 880-6441. 320-769-4337.

FOR SALE: 1990 Bayliner Capri 19 ft, open bow. 3.0 Liter inboard. Plenty of power to pull tubes and skiers. Includes skis and ski rope. $4200 OBO. 605-753-5277 or 605-351-9766.

FOR SALE: Farmall Model-B Tractor. Runs Great. Everything works. Good paint. Get on and go. Call 1-320-7602054.

FOR SALE: Double Hung Vinyl Windows. Call for sizes. 605-956-0541 FOR SALE: Patio door. One door is stationary and one swings open to the inside. $100 OBO. 605-753-5313 FOR SALE: WTD Old 1/2 Round Gutters. 320-695-2742. FOR SALE: 100 used cement blocks. New Effington, SD. Please call 605-637-5458. PACKING BOXES - $150 - Watertown Over 75 boxes of various sizes used for moving household items and lots of packing paper 605-753-3228 FOR SALE: Kid's Ice Skates - Like New White size 3 1/2 B. #20. Black adjustable skate. Size 2-3-4. $25. Affordable Heater. EdenPure Model 500. Like New $180. 605878-0544.

FOR SALE 4 Titan 20.8R - 42 tractor tires. Approx. 40% tread remaining. $250. each or best offer on all 4. Call 320-568-2404. For Sale: H International Tractor for parts. 1976 Kenworth Dump Truck 360 Cummings Engine. Ditch Bank Mower 3pt hitch. Call evenings (605) 432-6075. TRAFFIC SAFE TEAM OF HAFLINGER DRIVING HORSES. 13.2 and 13.3 hands. 3 years and 8 year. Geldings. $1750 for team. 605-932-3509. Cell Ernie 605467-0945 SELLING: Bale spike for skide steer. $325. 44" Swisher Rough Cut Trail Mower. $650. Both in very good condition. 605881-0569.

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FOR SALE: Dock - (9) 4X7 sections with poles and bench. $850. Call 605-949-0784. Big Stone City.

FOR SALE: 1992 Excel 29.5’ Fifth Wheel Camper.Single Slide. No smoking or pets. Stored inside. Very clean. Watertown SD 605-882-1834 or 881-2856.

FOR SALE: 2005 Jayco 29' Camper. Single slide large rear window. Very Clean. LAKEVIEW KENNEL PET BOARDFOR SALE: 1997 FORD EXPLORER EDDIE FOR SALE:1978 Honda 750A Hondamatic Collector In Barness Park Glenwood. $8,200.00 Call ING - A trusted name in pet care. Clean, BAUER TOTALLY LOADED EVERY OPTION Motorcycle. Low miles. Excellent condition. New battery (320) 289-1909 or (320) 808-1209. modern, state-of-the-art facility. For the 119,000 MILES, VERY GOOD CONDITION, and tires. NADA book $2,285. Asking $2,000 OBO. Call best care available, call 605-882-3342! FOR SALE: Adjustable 4 Bow NEW TIRES AND BATTERY, V6 MOTOR 605-868-9405. Watertown. Bimini Top (Boat Awning) 54 inches high, DETAILS CALL 605-691-9473. FOR SALE: 2008 Harley Davidson 82 to 94 inches width. New cost was $390. FOR SALE: Chihuahua puppies. 8 weeks Sportster. 2700 miles. Call 605-880-3287. Asking $150. Call 605-862-7977. old. Small, short hair, black, tan, brown, very FOR SALE: 1998 Windstar Van. Plum friendly & have puppy shots. Female $250.00 purple, 3.8 V6, rear heat, gray cloth interior, FOR SALE: 1984 1200cc Honda Goldwing & Male $200.00. Madison, MN. Call (320) tinted windows. $1800 Madison, MN. Call Aspencade, low miles, lots of extras. Call 226-3626 320-226-3626. HUNTERS! Fully equipped house in day or evening, 320-273-2181, if no answer Bryant. Sleeps four. Large area to run FOR SALE: 2010 Chevy Silverado. 37,500 leave a message. dogs. no guides. Call 605-628-2238 for miles, V6, 2 wheel drive, $13,600 OBO. New FOR SALE: 2005 Softail Heritage Classic. more information. Snow Tires. Call 605-862-6004. 7200 miles, fully loaded, clear title, maroon/ CLOVER LEAF SPORTING CLAYS EstellFOR SALE: 2001 Dodge Ram 1500, 5.9L, black cherry. Call (605) 880-1817. ine, SD. Bring your friends and try our scemany extras, very clean. 186K miles. 605FOR SALE-Yamaha zuma 49cc scooternic Sporting Clay Course. A great place to 881-4232. Call anytime. great gas mileage and only 2500 mi--605- start your bachelor party! Summer Leagues. 881-9472 Call Russell Nelson (605) 690-3955

$3000.00 Call Ron at (605) 868-3964.

4 SALE BOAT LIFT FOR PONTOON OR BOAT $1100.00. 320-839-3207

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September 23, 2013 FOR SALE: 16" Roping Saddle. Very Good Condition. $395. email for pictures: (320) 766-1376. FOR SALE: 5 Dorper Katahdin ewes, open two to four years old, hair sheep. $150 each. Evenings 9 pm. 605-873-2175 FOR SALE: 1973 Tandom Chev Truck. 427 Engine. 5x4 Trans. 18 ft. Steel Box, Tilt hood, Excellent tires, Nice truck. Call (605) 854-3693 or (605) 203-1900. FOR SALE 44 inch Swisher pull behind mower $400 OBO. 320-815-7249.

FOR SALE: Duplex in Ortonville Mn, Two 2 bedrooms up and walk out basement. Garage for each unit.. $99,000.00. Call 605-467-9531. For Sale: 5 Bedroom House, with 1 1/2 Bathrooms, Central Air & Heating, 2 Car Garage. This home has a solid foundation & was built in the 1920's. Asking $49,999. Call (320) 760•4476.

FOR SALE: Top of the Hill Cafe. GREAT business opportunity!! Call (605) 398-6464. Evenings call (605) 398-6457. Summit, SD Looking to buy: 3-4 + bedroom, 2 + bathroom house contract for deed. Little down payment, in the Watertown SD city limits. Garage a plus. Call 605-881-6067, ask for Todd. FOR RENT: 1 Bedroom, fully furnished, above average condition apartment on ground level in Appleton, Mn. for more information call (320) 289-2161 free lot rent for 9 months for your mobile home. Call Neil (605) 874-2539 or (605) 868-6972.

FOR SALE: 1997 3 horse 5th wheel horse trailer with living quarters, great for trail rides or rodeos. Hay rack on top. Plus water tank on top. New awning also. Call 605467-0561. or 605-467-3051.

FOR SALE WITH OPTIONS: 5 Bedroom House Located In Wheaton, MN. Call 320-760-4467 for more details.

FOR SALE: Poly Dome Nursery Calf Huts. $150.00 (O.B.O.) Call 605-983-3903 & Please Leave A Message.

short term rental Lake Kampeska home near Watertown. Book Now for Summer! 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, sleeps 12. (605) 520-7055

FOR SALE: 325 Gallon Pick Up Poly Tank. $150.00. Call 605-983-3903 & Please Leave A Message.

FOR SALE: Southern Black Hills building lot. 2 miles from Wind Cave. Bordered by Black Hills National Forest. South of Custer $60,000. Call 605-8814078. FOR SALE: Paper Shreader, old typewriter, fax machine. Make offer. Call 605-874-2422. FOR SALE: Office Desk 30” x 60” five drawers with 1 file drawer. Oak laminated. Sturdy and very heavy. $25. Call Bruce at 605-690-3833. FOR SALE: HP Officejet All-in-one phone, fax & copier. Call 1-605-9494009. FOR SALE: Marco Polo Apartment size piano with bench. 66 keys, very good condition. Call 320-839-6165.

• On Oct. 6, 1683, encouraged by William Penn’s offer of 5,000 acres of land in the colony of Pennsylvania and the freedom to practice their religion, the first Mennonites arrive in America aboard the Concord. The German Mennonites were founded in Europe by Menno Simons in the 16th century.

FOR SALE: New Hub City over running 1000 to 540 pto coupling part #0331-00012. Quick realease up to 125 hp. $200.00 asking $125.00 obo. Call 492-3337. FOR SALE: 1947 M JD Tractor with hydraulic 2 pt w/ 5ft digger and 2 btm plow. Make Offer. New paint and tires. Call 320394-2348.

.FOR SALE: Nordic Track's Walk Fit Treadmill with workout computer & pulse sensor. $95.00. Call (605) 432-6909. FOR SALE: Baseball and football cards and memorabilia. Includes cards, small sets, and sports collectibles from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. Asking $650 OBO. Call 605-886-3422. AVON Collectibles all in original boxes starting from the late 70's. Plates, Christmas items and knick knacks. Call to discuss. 605-237-2112 WANTED: 15-20 gal. crock jar and wide mouth quart jars. 320-413-0758.

9 WANTED TO BUY: 1960-66 Chevrolet pickups for parts or to restore. Also, 193747 Plymouth and Dodge pickups or trucks. Call Ken at (320) 226-1314. Wanted to buy 1990-2000 Ford F250 or F350, must be 4 door long box. Will consider any condition. Call me at (605) 881-1498 WANTED TO BUY: 500 Gallon Propane Tank. Call 605-486-4430. WANTED: 1960-66 Chevrolet pickups for parts or to restore. Also, 1937-47 Plymouth and Dodge pickups or trucks. Call Ken at 320-226-1314. WANTED: Tintah, Minnesota 1949 and 1956 high school year books. Call (320) 413-0083. Looking To Buy: 1960s or 70s Restored Car. 320-310-2170 or email info to overhillace2@

loon demonstration near Washington, D.C. Both Confederate and Union armies experimented with using balloons to gather military intelligence in the early stages of the war, but the balloons proved to be dangerous and impractical for most situations.

• On Oct. 1, 1908, the first production Model T Ford is completed in Detroit. The cheapest one initially cost $825, or about $18,000 in today’s dollars. It had a 22-horsepower, four-cylin• On Oct. 2, 1780, British Major John Andre, an accomplice of der engine that could run on gasoline or hemp-based fuel. Benedict Arnold, is hanged as a spy by U.S. military forces in Tappan, N.Y. Andre wrote a letter to Gen. George Washington • On Sept. 30, 1954, the USS Nautilus, the world’s first nuclear asking that he be executed by firing squad, that being a more submarine, is commissioned by the U.S. Navy. In August 1958, Nautilus accomplished the first voyage under the geographic “gentlemanly” death than hanging. North Pole. After a career spanning 25 years and almost 500,000 • On Oct. 4, 1861, President Abraham Lincoln observes a bal- miles steamed, Nautilus was decommissioned in 1980.

FOR SALE: New - 200 Feet 1” Rope (coiled). Selling for $100. New price was $238. Can deliver to Watertown. Call Bruce at 605-690-8381. FOR SALE: Roping Saddle, 17 inch. $500. Can email photo of the saddle upon request. Call Bruce at 605-627-5466. FOR SALE: 1980 Gleaner F-2 Combine, 4-row, 30” corn head. $4,000 or best offer. Pickup head also available. Call 605-924-0467.

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Incorporated 1897 Elevation 2,014 ft • Pop: 288

(2010 census)

• Monday September 23rd- 5th and 6th BB at Wilmot at 4:00 pm. 7th and 8th FB with TZ at Waubay at 4:00 pm. CC Deuel Invite at Clear Lake at 4:30 pm. • Tuesday September 24th- VB at home with Langford at 6:30 pm. • Wednesday September 25-7:00 SAEG meeting. (upcoming Lutefisk supper and opening of bids.) • Thursday September 26th- 7th and 8th VB at Wilmot at 5:00, JV and V VB at 6:15 in Wilmot. • Friday September 27th- 7th and 8th FB at Webster at 5:00 pm. Varsity FB at 7:00 pm in Webster. • Saturday September 28th- ECC VB Tourney at GPL in Watertown.

SAVE THE DATE 75th Annual Lutefisk Feed November 2nd, 2013

415 S Main Street, Suite 301 PO Box 98 Aberdeen, SD 57402-0098 Direct (605) 225-3382 Cell (605) 880-7088 Fax (605) 225-3388 E-mail: Insurance Representative of MassMutual. Registered Representative of and offers securities through MML Investors Services, LLC, a member of the MassMutual Financial Group, OSJ 901 Marquette Ave Suite 2600. Minneapolis MN 55402 (612) 333-1413. MassMutual Financial Group is a marketing name for Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual) and its affiliated companies and sales representatives, Springfield MA 01111-0001. Local sales agencies are not subsidiaries of MassMutal or its affiliated companies.


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September 23, 2013

September 2013 Events & Happenings

Friday, September. 27th CGB Homecoming Parade 1:30 with the football game at 3:30 Graceville vs. Brandon Evansville.

Mon. 23rd & 30th - Wing & Drink Specials During the Monday Night Football Game - Graceville Bar & Lounge SUBMIT YOUR GRACEVILLE EVENTS THROUGH THE COMMUNITY EVENT SUBMISSION PAGE

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Graceville, MN • Elevation 1112 ft • Pop: 577 (2010 census)

Puzzlers Answe

September 23, 2013

Tidbits® of The Lake Area - - For Advertising Call 605-541-0110

• September Events at the Appleton Public Library: -September 25, 3:30 p.m.-Lego Club for grades 2-6 • The Appleton Ridge Runners Snowmobile Club will be holding their membership supper at the Ridge Runners Clubhouse Saturday, September 28th at the Clubhouse being Prairie Waters Inn. Social Hour at 6:30 p.m. with dinner to follow at 7:00 p.m. Membership dues: $30 for a single & $35 for a family. Membership includes meal & MNUSA membership. Dues can be mailed to RRSC, PO Box 4, Appleton MN 56208. New members welcome! You don’t have to ride to belong. • Kvitesied Lutheran Church’s Annual Supper will be Sunday, September 29th from 4:00-7:00 p.m. Menu includes: Roast Turkey, Scandinavian Meatballs, Mashed Potatoes, Dressing & Gravy, Squash, Lefse, Vegetables, Homemade Rolls, Pie & Coffee. Cost: Adults-$10, Ages 5 to 10-$4.00 and Ages 4& under-free. Takeout and local delivery available. Please call 320-734-4455. SUBMIT YOUR APPLETON EVENTS THROUGH THE COMMUNITY EVENT SUBMISSION PAGE

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IT'S FREE, THANKS TO OUR SUPPORTING APPLETON BUSINESSES!! City of Appleton 320-289-1363 Appleton Public Library 320-289-1681 Appleton Police Dept. 320-289-2356


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Friday Sept. 27th CGB

Homecoming Parade 1:30 with the football game at 3:30 Graceville vs. Brandon Evansville.

September 23, 2013

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