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9 July 8, 2013 Volume 1 • Issue #44 Published by Professional Print Management • Serving Northeast South Dakota & West Central Minnesota • Advertising Information 605-541-0110 •

July 8, 2013

Laugh-A-Bit with Tidbits


A Texan was standing admiring the beauty of Niagara Falls when a New Yorker standing next to him said sarcastically: "I bet you don't have anything like this in Texas." "No," said the Texan, "but we've got plumbers who could fix it!"




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Tidbits® of The Lake Area - - For Advertising Call 605-541-0110

8th annual Fogfest 2013 in Summit, SD • August 16-17 Sherwin Linton to perform at Fire department street dance on Saturday night -$5.00 cover charge

Follow us on facebook and Twitter @summitfogfest

Tractors Against Cancer August 3, 2013

$20 Entry Fee with proceeds going to support the Big Stone County Cancer Support Group. Any donations welcomed. Contact James or Joy Haukos at 320-288-6192 (evenings) or 320-630-1415

WIN With Tidbits Reader Contest!!

GONE FISHIN' Time to hit the lakes and hook a Walleye with this weeks prize! Pocket Fisherman Spin Casting Outfit by Ronco! Find the three (3) Walleye in advertisements in this issue, send us your answers to be entered!! Congratulations to ner our Gone Fishing Win

Goldie Heinrich of Gary, SD!!!

Telescoping fishing pole complete setup!

Goldie was our contest winners from the July 1st Issue!! #1: Bendix Imaging pg 1 If you had difficulty find#2: Clinton 130th ad pg 3 ing the 3 Northerns, here #3: Hurkes Implement pg 5 are the locations for the BONUS FISH - Jeffrey's Supper Club, pg 11 July 1st Issue. ANY THREE FISH QUALIFD YOU FOR THE CONTEST

This is exactly what you are looking for... only smaller. DEADLINE TO ENTER IS, FRIDAY - 2 PM, July 12, 2013 ENTER THROUGH REGULAR MAIL: Name/number/address and the locations of the 3 Walleye to TIDBITS READER CONTEST P.O. Box 313 • Big Stone City, SD 57216

ENTER ONLINE: Enter through EMAIL: Name/number/address and the 3 Walleye locations to

July 8, 2013

July 8, 2013

Tidbits® of The Lake Area - - For Advertising Call 605-541-0110 • On July 14, 1789, Parisian revolutionaries and mutinous troops storm and dismantle the Bastille, a royal fortress built in 1370 that had come to symbolize the tyranny of the Bourbon monarchs. This dramatic action signaled the beginning of the French Revolution, a decade of terror in which King Louis XVI and his wife Marie Antoinette were executed. • On July 12, 1861, special commissioner Albert Pike completes treaties with the Choctaw and Chickasaw tribes, giving the new Confederate States of America several allies in Indian Territory. Many of these tribes had been expelled from the Southern states in the 1830s and 1840s, but still chose to ally themselves with those states during the Civil War. • On July 8, 1918, author Ernest Hemingway is severely wounded while carrying a companion to safety on the Austro-Italian front


during World War I. Hemingway, working as a Red Cross ambulance driver, was decorated for his heroism. • On July 13, 1930, France defeats Mexico 4-1 and the United States defeats Belgium 3-0 in the first-ever World Cup football matches, played simultaneously in host city Montevideo, Uruguay. The World Cup has since become the world’s most-watched sporting event. • On July 9, 1941, crackerjack British cryptologists break the Enigma secret code used by the German army to direct groundto-air operations on the Eastern front. Various keys would continue to be broken by the Brits over the next year, each conveying information of even higher secrecy and priority. • On July 11, 1979, parts of Skylab, America’s first space station, come crashing down on Australia and into the Indian Ocean five years after the last manned Skylab mission ended. The cylindrical space station was 118 feet tall and weighed 77 tons. © 2013 King Features Synd., Inc.


Tidbits® of The Lake Area - - For Advertising Call 605-541-0110

July 8, 2013

Come take a stroll through Historic Uptown Watertown... and visit these fine businesses and many, many more!!

• It was actor-turned-politico Arnold Schwarzenegger who made the following sage observation: “Everybody pities the weak; jealousy you have to earn.” • If you’re like an average person, the time you spend blinking in one day adds up to about 30 minutes of shut-eye. • A New Yorker named Ashrita Furman holds the world record for the most world records: He has set 462 of them and currently holds 160. Among his exploits are the longest yodel (more than 26 hours); the longest distance traveled via acrobatic somersaults (12 miles, 390 yards); jumping up steps on a pogo stick (1,899 steps in 57 min-

utes, 51 seconds); the fastest time skipping through a marathon • Scientists at NASA are working on developing a kind of space (5 hours, 55 minutes, 13 seconds); running the fastest mile with a broom. The device will use a laser to sweep debris out of the way milk bottle balanced on his head (7 minutes, 47 seconds); creating of the International Space Station. © 2013 King Features Synd., Inc. the largest popcorn sculpture (20 feet, 10 inches tall); underwater hula hooping (2 minutes, 38 seconds); the most candles burning simultaneously on a cake (48,523); the longest rally while playing table tennis with an egg (14 hits); and the fastest time for orange peeling and eating (3 oranges in 1 minute, 9.72 seconds). • In the Middle Ages, chicken soup wasn’t just comfort food for those suffering from a cold; at the time, it was considered to be an aphrodisiac.

July 8, 2013

Tidbits速 of The Lake Area - - For Advertising Call 605-541-0110

Brigadier General Jon L. Trost - August 10, 1950

Jon L. Trost was born on August 10, 1950, to parents Lloyd and Carol Trost in the Graceville Hospital in Graceville and graduated from Appleton High School with the class of 1968. He continued his education at Moorhead State University, graduating in 1972. On May 26, 1972, he was united in marriage to Karin Pederson, who is also originally from Appleton. This union was blessed with the birth of 3 children, Stephanie, Erik & Brian. His civilian occupation was as an instructor and department leader for industrial technology at Coons Rapids Senior High School. His career there spanned more than 30 years. He resigned his position there after being appointed assistant adjutant general of the Minnesota National Guard July 1, 2004. Brigadier General Trost has more than 34 years of service as a citizen soldier serving in the Minnesota Army National Guard. He began his military career as an infantryman in 1970, and received his commission as a 2nd Lieutenant after graduating from the Minnesota Military Academy in 1974. Since that time he has served in a variety of leadership positions as an artillery officer, including battery commander with the 1st Battalion, 175the field artillery in Olivia; battalion commander of 1st Battalion, 151st Artillery located in Duluth; battalion commander of 1st Battalion, 125th Artillery in New Ulm; commander of the 34th Division Artillery headquartered in Brooklyn Park and Division Chief of Staff. Trost then served as Assistant Division Commander for Operations of the 34th Infantry Division. At the time this was written, Trost and his family were residents of Champlin, and when asked what has been the best part of serving as a leader in the National Guard, he responded that, "Working with people - the challenges of putting together a team wherever you go and enabling the success of others has been truly rewarding." "I have been extremely fortunate during my career as a member of the Minnesota National Guard. It has provided me with advanced education, leadership training as well as the opportunity to travel and develop friendships with many fine people that I have served with over the years," added Trost. Publisher's note: This biography was first published on on September 17, 2004 in the Appleton, Minnesota Home of the Honored Veterans book. Brigadier General Jon L. Trost is now, Major General Jon L. Trost (retired).



Tidbits® of The Lake Area - - For Advertising Call 605-541-0110

Clothes Sprinkler Q: My mom has an older clothes sprinkler bottle that features a ceramic cat design and is marked “Cardinal USA.” She thinks it has been in our family for at least 40 years. The big question is if it has any value other than just a few dollars. -- Kathy, Newton, Iowa A: Before permanent-press fabrics, getting wrinkles out of freshly laundered clothing often involved sprinkling each piece with water, rolling it slightly to distribute the moisture and then putting it in the laundry basket for ironing. During the 1920s and well into the 1950s, sprinkling bottles were found in almost every American home, and some of these containers have become quite collectible. For example, several collectors I contacted

Puzzle Answers

think your “cat” sprinkler could be worth in the $150 to $250 range, depending, of course, on its condition. ••• Q: I have a Sears, Roebuck and Company Consumer Guide Catalogue No. 104 dated 1897 from Chicago. Could this be of any value? -- David, Sun City, Ariz. A: In 1968, a facsimile edition of the 1897 Sears catalog was published by Chelsea House. I think this is what you have. The 1968 publication featured an introduction by S.J. Perelman and Richard Rovere. It was so popular that several later editions followed. The first edition can be found in used bookstores for about $20. ••• Q: I am enclosing a picture of a basket I purchased at a yard sale. I am curious about which Indian tribe made it. I also would like to know its approximate value. -- Brighton, Mich. A: I examined your picture, and think your basket was made fairly recently and in Mexico. These baskets generally sell for about $15 and can be found in most border towns. In my opinion, it is not an example of Native American work.

July 8, 2013 •••

Write to Larry Cox in care of King Features Weekly Service, P.O. Box 536475, Orlando, FL 328536475, or send e-mail to Due to the large volume of mail he receives, Mr. Cox is unable to personally answer all reader questions. Do not send any materials requiring return mail. ©2013 King Features Synd., Inc.

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July 8, 2013

Tidbits® of The Lake Area - - For Advertising Call 605-541-0110


answers on page 10

FOR SALE: 10 Horse Long Shift Boat FOR SALE: 1994 Lumina Van, 3.8 V6, Air, Motor. Electric start or pull. Call (605) Teal Green, Many new parts, 165,000. $800 467-0561. as is. Madison, MN Call 320-226-3626. FOR SALE: CLUB CAR/GOLF CAR; LIKE FOR SALE: 2010 Chevy Silverado. 37,500 NEW, ALUMINUM RIMS; USED VERY miles, V6, 2 wheel drive, $13,600 OBO. New LITTLE, ASKING $4900, OBO; CALL: 320-808-3428. Snow Tires. Call 605-862-6004. FOR SALE: Twin mattress and box spring set, nearly new, complete with headboard, sheets, mattress pad and comforter. 605-881-4013

FOR SALE: 2001 Dodge Ram 1500, 5.9L, many extras, very clean. 186K miles. 605881-4232. Call anytime.

FOR SALE: Elec. Prism PowerChair Perfect Fit. 605-237-6695.

FOR SALE: Adjustable 4 Bow Bimini Top (Boat Awning) 54 inches high, 82 to 94 inches width. New cost was $390. Asking $150. Call 605-862-7977.

MUST SELL: 1995 Toyota 4runner 172,000 miles, leather interior, power windows, moon roof, newer clutch, new water pump, CLOVER LEAF SPORTING CLAYS EstellFOR SALE: Round oak pedestal table, radiator, timing belt, good tires. $3000 obo. ine, SD. Bring your friends and try our scelarge leaf with 3 oak carved back, arm nic Sporting Clay Course. A great place to Call 605-690-0314. chairs. $300.00 OBO. Call (320) 265start your bachelor party! Summer Leagues. 6950. Call Russell Nelson (605) 690-3955 1996 Ford Explorer $800 call 882-9679 & FOR SALE: Salad Master Cookware leave message FOR SALE: 1987 15 HP Johnson Outboard Set, only one frying pan used once. Cleaner cookbook included In original box. FOR SALE: 2003 Chevy TrailBlazer. 102,000 Motor $525.00 OBO Excellent condition. Call 605-881-2705. $1500.00 or best offer. miles roughly on the vehicle. 4.2L inline 6cyl Call (605) 432-6909. LAKEVIEW KENNEL PET BOARDING - A trusted name in pet care. Clean, modern, state-of-the-art facility. For the best care available, call 605-882-3342! Watertown.

FOR SALE: 1989 Chevy Astro Mark III conversion 7-pass minivan, 115K one owner miles, needs some engine work. Best offer. 605-432-5089

4x4 and dark blue. Call for price and any other 4 SALE BOAT LIFT FOR PONTOON OR questions. If no answer leave a message or BOAT $1100.00. 320-839-3207 text. The number is 605-651-5393.

FOR SALE: Dock - (9) 4X7 sections with poles and bench. $850. Call 605-949-0784. Big Stone City.

FOR SALE: Meyer 8’ snowplow with hoist and light bar, stored inside, not used past 3 years, good condition. Goodwin, SD. Call (605) 795-3520 FOR SALE: Large 36 inch exhaust fan suitable for barns, machine or mechanic FOR SALE: Chevy Corvair engine. early work building. Call 605-938-4748. 60’s. 1961 to 1964. Call 320-839-3332. FOR SALE: Original Aluminum Wheels for Ford Explorer or pickup. Will fit 1970’s vehicles and other later Fords. Call 320839-3332.

FOR SALE: Ladder rack that fits any full size van and size 13, 14, 15, 16 car and truck tires ... items located in Watertown. Call 605-690-6125. FOR SALE: 12 inch power wood planer. $125.00 OBO 605-882-2115

FOR SALE: 2001 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Motorcycle. Lots of extras. $9000.00. FOR SALE: Barrett Brake Drum Lathe. Call (605) 881-2016. Handles 16.5” Drums. $125.00. Call Dave 320-769-4337. FOR SALE: 2008 Harley Davidson Sportster. 2700 miles. Call 605-880-3287. FOR SALE: Metal Cutting Band Saw FOR SALE: Dune Buggy, Model A Body and Chassy 1Horizontal/vertical capacity on stand. Used Volkswagon Engine. Make Offer. Call (320) 760-2054. FOR SALE: 1984 1200cc Honda Goldwing little. 2 extra blades. $200. Call 605-467Aspencade, low miles, lots of extras. Call day 0889. Milbank. FOR SALE: A 1947 Dodge Truck. Oneor evening, 320-273-2181, if no answer leave of-a-kind to restore. Call 605-882-3095 evenings. If no answer, please leave a a message. FOR SALE: Antique Dayton Hobart message. grocery store type scale. Up to 24#’s. Call FOR SALE: 2005 Softail Heritage Classic. 1-605-949-4009. FOR SALE: 1970 Lincoln Mark lll. 2 door, 7200 miles, fully loaded, clear title, maroon/ hard top & in good shape. Blue with black black cherry. Call (605) 880-1817. top. 460 V8 engine. ALWAYS garaged. FOR SALE: Ranch King Pro Riding Lawn $3000.00 Call Ron at (605) 868-3964. Mower. 17.5 HP, hydrostatic, FOR SALE-Yamaha zuma 49cc scooter42" cut. 320-305-9576. FOR SALE: 1991 Ford LTD Crown great gas mileage and only 2500 mi--605Victoria. 302 V8, RWD, 4 Dr. Madison, 881-9472 FOR SALE: Chevrolet Impala LT, silver, very clean, 61,000 miles, full power, 33 miles per gallon, will burn E-85 gasoline, will consider trade. $12,500. Call (320) 839-3595.

Minn. Call 605-430-6695.


FOR SALE: 2003 Honda 400EX, low miles, great condition, new battery, $2300. 2002 Honda 400EX, New rear radial tires, runs great, $2100. 218-368-3970.

FOR SALE: Double Hung Vinyl Windows. Call for sizes. 605-956-0541

FOR SALE: 100 used cement blocks. New Effington, SD. Please call 605-637-5458. FOR SALE: Microwave Cart. Good Condition. $20.00. Please call 605-254-3979. FOR SALE: An upholstered swivel rocking chair in excellent condition. Call 605-486-4430. FOR SALE: 3 Men's Black Leather Vests. Excellent condition. Sizes: 1 large, 1 extra large, 1 size 44 tall. 320-598-3404.

FOR SALE: New Hub City over running 1000 to 540 pto coupling part #0331-00012. Quick realease up to 125 hp. $200.00 asking $125.00 obo. Call 492-3337.

FOR SALE: Office Desk 30” x 60” five drawers with 1 file drawer. Oak laminated. Sturdy and very heavy. $25. Call Bruce at 605-690-3833.

For Sale: 2 antique wooden buggy buckboard seats. 4 old leather fly nets for horses. email for pictures. 320-766-1376

FOR SALE: Case IH 5400 no-till drill 20 foot, 10 inch spacing. Yetter coulter cart. Factory markers. Above average condition. More info call 605-7582554.

FOR SALE: HP Officejet All-in-one phone, fax & copier. Call 1-605-949-4009.

FOR SALE: Paperback Romance Novels. Over 30 popular authors. ALL books in very good condition. $.50 each or 3/$1.00. Call (605) 880-6441.

FOR SALE: 1947 M JD Tractor with hydraulic 2 pt w/ 5ft digger and 2 btm plow. Make Offer. New paint and tires. Call 320394-2348.

FOR SALE: Ladies Square Dance Clothes Size 12-14. Skirts, Blouses & Can-Cans. Also a pair of White Western Boots Size 7. Call 605-878-0210.

FOR SALE: New - 200 Feet 1” Rope (coiled). Selling for $100. New price was $238. Can deliver to Watertown. Call Bruce at 605-690-8381.

FOR SALE: 12 ft. Outdoor Movie Theater Blow-up Screen with Blower. (ALL NEW) For use with your projector. You have to see it to believe it. MAKE OFFER. Call (605) 878-0544 Watertown, SD.

FOR SALE: Roping Saddle, 17 inch. $500. Can email photo of the saddle upon request. Call Bruce at 605-627-5466.

For Sale: Hot Tub $1200.00 O.B.O. 605237-4709

FOR SALE: Bike Carrier. Holds 2 bikes, brand is Saris, Locks to the bumper hitch $100. 605-886-2305, Watertown, SD WORK FROM YOUR HOME OFFICE. Looking for motivated individuals to work from home setting up shopping accounts for our 26 year old INC 500 COMPANY. No stocking or delivering. Residual income. (507) 677-2356

Does your ad qualify for our FREE4SALE reader ad program? Answer these simple questions...

1. Are selling more than one item? 2. Are you representing a business? 3. Is you item worth less than $15? 4. Do you curently have another FREE4SALE ad running?

FOR SALE: 1981 Gleaner F@ Combine, 2120 Engine hours, 1450 Separator hours, 15 ft Flex Head. $4,000 or best offer. Call (320) 568-2404. FOR SALE: Duplex in Ortonville Mn, Two 2 bedrooms up and walk out basement. Garage for each unit.. $99,000.00. Call 605-467-9531.

FOR SALE: 16" Roping Saddle. Very Good Condition. $395. email for pictures: (320) 766-1376.

FOR RENT: 1 Bedroom, fully furnished, above average condition apartment on ground level in Appleton, Mn. for more information call (320) 289-2161

FOR SALE: 1973 Tandom Chev Truck. 427 Engine. 5x4 Trans. 18 ft. Steel Box, Tilt hood, Excellent tires, Nice truck. Call (605) 854-3693 or (605) 203-1900.

free lot rent for 9 months for your mobile home. Call Neil (605) 874-2539 or (605) 868-6972.


FOR SALE WITH OPTIONS: 5 Bedroom House Located In Wheaton, MN. Call 320-760-4467 for more details.

FOR SALE: Allis Chalmers WD tractor with Du-All loader. Snow chains, new PTO FOR SALE: WTD Old 1/2 Round Gutters. 320-695-2742. pump, new hydraulic hoses. $2250. Runs good. Call 605-793-3842. FOR SALE: Combination storm door like For Sale: Bike or Trike, 1985 Honda 1200cc FOR SALE: Poly Dome Nursery Calf motorcycle. Convertst o a trike. 87,330 miles new. Also Main Door. Call 605-432-6218. FOR SALE: 1998 Windstar Van. Plum Huts. $150.00 (O.B.O.) Call 605-983-3903 runs great, looks sharo. Asking $3300. Ph purple, 3.8 V6, rear heat, gray cloth FOR SALE: Trane Gas House Furnace. Will & Please Leave A Message. 605-237-0384 interior, tinted windows. $1800 Madison, Guarantee working condition. $300 or best MN. Call 320-226-3626. FOR SALE: 325 Gallon Pick Up Poly offer. Watertown, SD. Call (605) 753-5313. Tank. $150.00. Call 605-983-3903 & FOR SALE: 70’s Chevy Custom, short FOR SALE: 1992 Excel 29.5’ Fifth Wheel FOR SALE: Lift Chair, Burgundy in color, Please Leave A Message. box, lowered ... has bad motor ... call 605- Camper.Single Slide. No smoking or pets. 881-8064 for more details. used only 4 months. Perfect condition. Call Stored inside. Very clean. Watertown SD 605-882-2253 for particulars. 605-882-1834 or 881-2856.


FOR SALE: 1980 Gleaner F-2 Combine, 4-row, 30” corn head. $4,000 or best offer. Pickup head also available. Call 605-9240467.


____ Yes, My Ad Qualifies for FREE4SALE $0 - 4 weeks

short term rental Lake Kampeska home near Watertown. Book Now for Summer! 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, sleeps 12 (605) 520-7055

FOR SALE: Marco Polo Apartment size piano with bench. 66 keys, very good condition. Call 320-839-6165. FOR SALE: Weight Machine $175. Hoist Fitness System - Prime 8A. 12 exercises in 12 minutes for the Prime 8 muscle groups. Watertown, SD. Call 605-7533228.. FOR SALE: Tony Little’s Gazelle Edge Exercise Machine $75.00 obo. Call 605432-5723. FOR SALE: Baseball and football cards and memorabilia. Includes cards, small sets, and sports collectibles from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. Asking $650 OBO. Call 605-886-3422. AVON Collectibles all in original boxes starting from the late 70's. Plates, Christmas items and knick knacks. Call to discuss. 605-237-2112 WANTED: 15-20 gal. crock jar and wide mouth quart jars. 320-413-0758. Wanted to buy 1990-2000 Ford F250 or F350, must be 4 door long box. Will consider any condition. Call me at (605) 881-1498 BUYING OLD MACHINERY, JUNKED CARS, DUMP CARS, COMBINES, TRACTORS, TRUCKS, STEEL BINS, APPLIANCES, WIRE AND BATTERIES. WILL HAUL AND CLEAN UP. 605-7709211. WANTED: Fuller Brush Mop w/a string sponge mophead. Call 605-432-6218. WANTED TO BUY: 500 Gallon Propane Tank. Call 605-486-4430.

WANTED: 1960-66 Chevrolet pickups for parts or to restore. FOR SALE: Southern Black Hills building Also, 1937-47 Plymouth and Dodge pickups or trucks. Call Ken at 320-226lot. 2 miles from Wind Cave. Bordered by Black Hills National Forest. South of Custer 1314. $60,000. Call 605-881-4078. WANTED TO BUY: 30# or 40# propane cylinder. Call 605-874-2478. FOR SALE: Paper Shreader, old WANTED: Tintah, Minnesota 1949 and typewriter, fax machine. Make offer. Call 1956 high school year books. Call (320) 605-874-2422. 413-0083.


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