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november 2012

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“ Church is made of living stones, joined together to be a temple of God.

You may have at some time been shown the word CH__ __CH and were asked “what’s missing?” And the response was “UR”! You may have smiled because you too believe that church is more than just a building or meeting place. Church is people who are called to be a community – people who love God and love each other. We cannot be church if we do not come together and see the need to know one another beyond the “hi, how are you today?” or “Hope we can get to know each other better” clichés we often use. In this second issue of Momentum, we present an important value cherished by our churches – RELATIONSHIPS. We have articles by people who live in community and have seen what difference relationships make. In this issue we talk about the “Open Home” and why we value it and how it has helped to shape the church as a family. There is an article about Covenant Relationships, one about Conflict - ‘Glorifying God in our relationships”, a study on the many “One Anothers” that appear in the epistles and about “ The Cell group” and why it is import,ant. Some of our common fears about community have to do with ‘measuring-up’ to others expectations, ‘opening up’ to strangers, or whether we will be accepted at all. There is the feeling that church is for the ‘holy Joe’s’ and not for the average Christian who stumbles through life trying to do what pleases God and is right and proper by church standards. In the New Testament we see church was not made up of

the perfect few but rather of Christians learning to be a community with common goals – ‘in the world, but not of it”` Church is made of living stones, joined together to be a temple of God. When people live together and come from different backgrounds, cultures and vocations, it will require dropping of their guard and taking off masks to get close to others and build strong friendships. Of course coming together also leads to disagreements and conflicts when we are faced with others views of what the Bible says, their ideas, prejudices and biases, preferences etc. This issue also has some interesting reads – the Mission Nepal Report, Newsmakers in GMI, New Church plants and also Happenings in the last few months caught on camera. You will read what readers had to say about the first issue of Momentum, spend a few lighter moments seeing the funny side of church life and we also offer you the challenge of doing an interesting Crossword about angels. We hope this issue will truly impact you and help you to build strong relationships with others in your church. Do send in your feedback on the form at Page 25. Please email your reply to Mohan

Mohan Varghese pastors the Grace Tabernacle Ministries and oversees their churches. He is married to Sareeta and have three sons Adarsh, Ashok and Alex, the eldest is married to Tiqvah-El and they have a daughter Mireya.


GMI - Momentum - Issue 2 / November 2012  
GMI - Momentum - Issue 2 / November 2012  

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