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growth in the gifting that God has given us. ‘There is nothing comparable to the small Cell group for ensuring constant personal fulfillment. Many people too diffident to pray, testify, or take part in a large service, can find their tongue much more easily in a group of fifteen or so. Each Cell group, moreover, becomes a kind of mini-church within the wider local church. Therefore all sorts of ministries such as visiting the sick, collection of tithes and offerings, exposition of Bible themes and the use of the Holy Spirit's gifts can be developed in the small local sphere. Latent talents, which we all have, are brought out in each, to a degree that is quite impossible in a large congregation’ (Ron Trudinger – Cells for Life).

Some tips for the Cell goers:

Thanks to the models I had when I was still single. We now enjoy having Cell groups in our own home. I enjoy having an open home, and see people come and build relationships with one another, and grow in the things of God. Hosting singles in our home is a pleasurable experience, especially, since I know their needs in a city like Mumbai.

Life is busy and will only get busier. Take time off mid-week to attend a Cell, and it will recharge you to move on or face life for the rest of the week. If you arrive early, don’t sit down waiting to be served. Go and be of help to the family by helping in the kitchen, or with the baby or clearing the room for the others to sit. Help in clearing up after the Cell is done. Remember you are a family member now and not a guest. Singles should not stay back till very late, unless you are sleeping over, or have been invited to stay over. Your hosts too need to unwind and retire for the day.

Some things to keep in mind when starting/running a Cell

Have games in the beginning to break the ice or to remove the tiredness from work. It helps people unwind and relax When sharing the Word, make it very interactive. Ask open ended questions and invite responses. It helps people to stay focused and they will remember the Word long after it is discussed It does not matter how big or small your house is. What matters is, how

big your heart is; and that is easily gauged by anyone who comes into your house. It does not matter how clean your house is. What matters is that people should feel “at home” when they come to your home It does not matter how fancy your cooking is. What matters is that you care enough to make the ‘chai’ and ‘poha’ or even chips so that people can spend time in fellowship while they snack.

About the author: Shinnie Steven has been part of the GMI family since 1994. She is a professional counselor and presently works with Human Dynamic, an organization that provides counseling services to corporates. She is married to Steven and they have two daughters, Sheena and Sara who are 13 and 10 years old.

Why Cell Groups Matter? by Amrita Sahu Coming from a non-Christian home, Church was a place to meet people in a group, but with little scope for meaningful interpersonal friendships. I was involved in carrying out assigned responsibilities like praying or taking care of the needs of new comers. But it was the Cell groups that became very dear to my heart. It was there that I began to feel like being a part of a family. I could share views, ask doubts regarding Bible, discuss in depth and yet, not feel threatened. I remember one of the series that was done in the Cell group - Enemies of the Soul. It was a big eye opener for me. The author had explicitly described about how the enemy could ensnare us through the various personal traits that we had. There were two topics in the series that completely changed my life. The first one was, Anger. Everyone in that cell related to it. This made it easy for me to share my weaknesses and also listen to the others too. We worked on the issues in our personal lives together, helping one another.. The second topic was the issue of the ‘I’ factor. This brought a major change in my life. Whenever I had to use the word ‘I’ in my conversations, I would ask myself a couple of questions like, “Why did I use it? Was it because of pride? These revelations and conscious efforts to work on my character weaknesses were possible only through the encouragement that I found in the Cell groups.


GMI - Momentum - Issue 2 / November 2012  
GMI - Momentum - Issue 2 / November 2012  

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