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From Big Sur to Santa Cruz Greenscape California, Inc. By / photos by Manny Espinoza

“Gardening Solutions by Design” is not just part of Greenscape California, Inc.’s mantra; it’s the artful way in which they create garden sanctuaries. “While we service a large area of the Central Coast, our approach has remained the same since we first started: attention to gardening/landscaping details and building longterm customer relationships,” says Co-owner David Otterbach. Their team of professional Green Gardeners’ focus, commitment, and pride has allowed them to grow their business year after year. David, Co-owner Greg Cottingham, and their gardeners are passionate about what they do because they love gardening. “We meet with each new customer and listen to their vision for their property’s gardens,” says Greg. “As Certified, Advanced Green Gardeners ( we then utilize Green Gardening practices, which incorporate water conservation, pesticide mitigation, and utilization of drought tolerant and native species to accomplish each customer’s goals.” “The Williamson gardens and landscape in Markham Ranch was designed by Marion Weaver (, a well-known local landscape architect, who we enjoy working with,” says David. This four-acre estate features large water fountains and sculptures among native plants including many different succulents and drought tolerant shrubs and trees to match this site’s microclimate. Back in Carmel, the Ayers’ residence incorporates a natural “English garden” with abundant blooming plants among mature oak trees. “It is important to install well-suited plants and properly irrigate them with a drip system,” shares David. “A Green Gardener ensures not to over water, especially around oaks, which require little water.” For more information about how Greenscape California’s professional team of experienced Green Gardeners may be able to assist you, visit or call 831.392.7099 (David) or 831.236.7381 (Greg).

65 Fall 2013