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Wolfpack Howler Issue 6

1 August 2013

From the Commander Inside this issue: 1ST PLATOON






July could not have gone by faster as 643rd’s operations reach their peak! I have been absolutely floored by the quality of work and high tempo your soldiers have maintained for so long. That work ethic is starting to pay off as we finish projects in Guam and the off-islands. My personal highlight this month was getting the opportunity to visit our team in Palau. 1SG McKinney was able to visit CAT-P in May, but I have not seen those 13-soldiers in five months! From the moment I set foot on the ground, I could tell they hadn’t wasted one minute of that time. There is a genuine spirit of service among those soldiers and they seek every opportunity to put their skills—and their spare time—to good use. The team arranges movie nights for local families, sponsors walk-a-thons and sports tournaments and delivers food to the elderly. What was most impressive was the fact that no one asked them to do it. Of course, the team accomplished all of their assigned projects and named missions, but they took it the extra mile and truly made a profound impact on that community. This truly says a lot about your soldiers and you! That desire to serve others comes from a good upbringing and strong families. Anything I write here cannot accurately describe the feeling of pride I had when I left Palau. That team has truly done its duty, and now its time for them to come home! The teams in Guam finished some landmark construction. Up until this month, no soldier in this company had participated in an overhead concrete pour. This is an extremely technical construction operation, which requires a lot of planning and preparation. We had to consider a number of safety concerns while pouring tons of concrete into wood formwork 12 feet in the air. 2nd and 1st Platoons worked together on our first overhead pour at the Andersen Air Force Base Urban Terrain village which went flawlessly. In fact, that pour marked the completion of the battalion’s first major project from the entire deployment. They didn’t stop there. A week later, 1LT Johnson’s platoon poured the middle floor to their two story building. Finally, 2LT Oberlechner’s Roughnecks completed a similar overhead pour that included a concrete staircase with a 180 degree turn. The steel reinforcement that supports this suspended concrete is very technical and requires a keen understanding of one’s craft. Your soldiers possess that understanding. They made a very risky operation look easy and we aren’t done yet—there are still two more pours at Andersen and the massive roof to Project 808 on Naval Base Guam. We celebrated the Liberation of Guam on the 21st of July. The US Army and Marine Corps took this island back from the Japanese 69 years ago at the cost of 2,000 Americans and 18,000 Japanese. We are working on hallowed ground. The airfield where we run our PT test was the site of desperate, bloody clashes that ended in hand-to-hand fighting. Shortly after the Americans recaptured the island, engineers quickly built airbases and a port. Guam became a logistics hub for the rest of the war, and brought mainland Japan within range of our bombers. Liberation Day really made us realize our precious freedom is; unfortunately, many don’t realize that until it is taken from them. Your soldiers’ hard work honor the service of those who fought and died here. Our projects continue to make this island a strong example of freedom in the Pacific.




SSG George Marshall

SPC Moge (3rd July) SPC(P) Hurst SPC Rivera PV2 Dean PVT Smith

SSG Pino and wife Regina — 6th July SPC Moya and husband Reymundo – 8th August

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Wolfpack Howler

1ST PLATOON Roughnecks

Upon arriving to Guam, the Roughnecks of 1st Platoon quickly began closing out projects. Project 518 at Camp Covington required approximately (5) courses of CMU block to complete. In support of 523rd EN CO, the Roughnecks were able to finish the block in (2) days. SSG George Marshall was quoted by saying, ―The project at 518 gave our new Soldiers the ability to hone their skills on block construction before beginning our project at Anderson AFB. Upon the completion of the 518 project, 1st platoon hit the ground running starting on their two-story CMU block building on July 8th. Since then the Roughnecks have finished the remaining 3 courses of CMU block on the 1st floor and completed the challenging rebar cage needed for the concrete cap. The Crew-leader of the project SPC (P) Joshua Hurst was quoted, ―We underestimated the difficulty of installing the rebar, but with the hard work and motivation of our troops we were able to complete this task ahead of schedule‖. The Roughnecks have recently begun preparing for their first story pour which is scheduled for July 25. The Soldiers have begun the formwork for the outer wall concrete cap and the 9 inch floor. Since the start of the project, the Roughnecks have been able to get ahead of schedule by assigning teams to specific construction activities. SPC (P) Fletcher, SPC Brink, SPC Clay, and PV2 Bradley were tasked with the prefabrication of over (200) stirrups of #4 rebar and the bending/cutting of approximately 30 sticks of #6 rebar. SPC Brink showed his creativity by using a cheater pipe and a LMTVR to bend the #6 rebar. His innovation saved hours of times and prevented Soldiers from traveling 30 minutes to and from the job site to bend the #6 rebar. SPC Khuc and PFC Bonduh took initiative on day one, beginning the challenging formwork for the staircase leading up to the second floor. The team had completed all work necessary for the formwork by day two and moved on to prefabricating the formwork for the outside walls. 2LT Oberlechner quoted, ―the platoon has shown an intense level of focus and determination to complete this project, along with performing quality construction day in and day out‖. Soldiers of 1st Platoon have been staying at Anderson AFB and traveling 20 minutes each morning to the job site. In order to stay ahead of schedule Soldiers have been working 10 hour days, 6 days a week before coming back to Camp Covington on Saturday night to refit. The Roughnecks would like to congratulate SSG George Marshall for his recent promotion to Staff Sergeant along with wishing a happy belated birthday to SPC (P) Hurst, SPC Rivera, PV2 Dean, and PVT Smith who celebrated their birthdays this last month.

Rebar crew assembling the rebar cage for the concrete cap of the two story building.

SPC Nelson and SPC Khuc cutting a 2 x 6 in preparation for the stairs formwork

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2ND PLATOON ―Going Up‖ July marked a pivotal point in 2nd Platoon’s construction venture with multiple concrete pours. The roof on Building 4 Mout Site was poured first on July 9. ―This was a wonderful training event for my squad since most of my Soldiers have never completed an overhead concrete pour before. We learned and experienced so much,‖ SSG Martir. The Air Force played a large role in this pour, providing manpower and assistance on using the A-Frame Power Screed and the Worley Bird, tools somewhat foreign to the platoon. Only a week later, the platoon poured again. On July 17, the first floor roof on Building 2 Mout Site and the first half of the East and West pilasters on GM 11-808 were poured simultaneously. With a previous overhead pour secured at Mout Site, this pour went by smoothly. Although the A-Frame Power Screed broke mid way through the pour, the Soldiers were able to recover by quickly transitioning to hand screeding the remainder of the roof. Formwork is currently being erected as the platoon prepares to pour concrete stairs and the Building 2’s final roof pour in early August, weeks ahead of schedule. The first pilaster pour on GM 11-808 was very symbolic as it marked the end of demolition and beginning of rebuilding. ―It’s nice to see that all the blood, sweat, and some tears were paid off as we start rebuilding 808. The way forward to the roof pour looks clear,‖ SSG Worley. On July 29, the upper half of the East and West Pilasters of GM 11-808 were poured. The platoon is quickly forming and installing rebar on the remaining half of the roof for the much anticipated 100 Cubic Yard concrete roof pour in August. ―It’s going to be epic,‖ PFC Turner. Along with pouring overhead concrete, a small team, lead by SGT Reese from 2nd Platoon, is pouring new sidewalks all over Camp Covington, beautifying the camp for the next group of occupants. SGT Reese, ―we really want to leave the camp better than what we found it.‖ August will be the month of final concrete pours on Mout Site and GM11-808 before the platoon is scheduled to return home.

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Wolfpack Howler

3RD PLATOON Yokwe from Majuro Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands! The “We Ready” Platoon has been working through incredible heat and humidity for the past month both here and on Enniburr, Kwajalein Atoll. On Majuro the Platoon has been constructing the SSG Solomon Sam Memorial Pre-Engineered Building (PEB). Working with Navy, Marine, and Australian Army Engineers as well as carpentry students from the College of the Marshall Islands (CMI), the Platoon has completed over 60% of the project in less than thirty days of work. As Project Supervisor and Crew Leader, SSG Anthony Bledsoe and SSG Justin Nation have ran construction from the start: receiving all of the material deliveries, projecting out construction requirements, and leading Soldiers, Seabees, Marines, and Apprentices through the daily activities. SGT Donny Vaiau has done a great job serving as the Safety NCO and working with the medic, SGT Eric Faylor, to keep everybody on the project happy, healthy and working hard. Although every Soldier has shown tireless energy throughout conSPC Tremper and CMI apprentice struction, working 6 days a week frequently over 10 hours a day, SPC Junior help place concrete in the Manuel Ferreria, SPC Lukasz Zabkowski, and PFC Luigi Fernandez, 7th footer on 22 July. have distinguished themselves through their outstanding technical skill and hard work. SPC Corey Mauser and SPC Julio Murcia showed off their technical skill with equipment by excavating over 100 cubic yards of material extremely efficiently and by mentoring Seabee and Marine equipment operators on how to use a backhoe and bucket loader. Because of the huge efforts and high energy of the Soldiers, the Platoon is still on the mark to complete the project by the planned date of 19 August despite a number of setbacks (late material deliveries and the discovery of a massive underground septic tank). On Enniburr, SFC Yancy Young and SSG Bryant Kennedy led the effort to renovate the local rainwater collection cistern, providing the island its only source of potable water production. SPC Ryan Marshall, SPC Dykes Lopez, PFC Kevin Hardy, and PF2 Sergio Aquino worked with 10 other Navy and Marine Engineers inside of the close-topped cistern which would turn into an oven as the day went on and the sun hit it directly. By coating over 3,000 square feet with a mold-resistant epoxy paint, the Soldiers ensured that the island would have direct access to free water. Their hard work paid off greatly as they completed the project, scheduled for a week and a half, in less than 5 days. Even while staying focused on construction, the Platoon was able to get out and meet much of the Marshallese community on both Majuro and Enniburr. SSG Bledsoe and SPC Dustin James taught four ASVAB tutorial classes for over 30 young Marshallese interested in serving in the U.S. Military (most wanted to go in the Army). SGT Darrin Albarico and SSG Nation led a basketball team that went 1 and 1 through July and elicited a lot of “ooo’s” and “aaahhhs” from the Marshallese crowd and SPC Lopez and PFC Fernandez brought out some trick dunks and layups. Through it all the team maintains contact with Marshallese citizens and the culture in their constant interactions with their CMI apprentices. The month of August is going to be another tough and rewarding month for the “We Ready” Platoon as they work to complete the SSG Solomon Sam Memorial PEB on time. With much of the tough work behind them, the Platoon is sure to enjoy seeing their hard work pay off as the metal frame and roof eases into position above the basketball court. The Platoon will continue to work with 16 CMI apprentices throughout, making strong friendships that will last well into the future. With the possibility of making it back to Schofield Barracks by the end of August, the Platoon eagerly awaits the completion of their work and making it back to their loved ones. A very special thank you goes out to the families and friends of all the Soldiers in the “We Ready” Platoon for their support and care.

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4th PLATOON Mighty Rhinos

―You are fully meeting the intent of this mission and setting the benchmark high for future teams to reach.‖ – Commodore Moore after his visit to CCAD FSM. Only a few weeks remain for the Soldiers of CCAD FSM but still a heavy workload remains as the team eyes a strong finish to a deployment riddled with challenges. The three tasked projects the team was sent here to execute are complete. Congratulations to SSG Jeremy Lanning, SGT Wesley Snead and SGT Adam Fickel and their crews on the successful completion of these tasks. Two additional projects remain: one under the leadership of SGT Wesley Landry who is currently undertaking a fencing project for the Kosrae High School Special Education Facility and one under SGT Lanning who will once again be working at Malem Elementary School on a project that promises to further improve the drainage of the elementary school as well as provide a new venue for assemblies and ceremonies that the school and village may use in the future. SGT Landry’s project is the first fencing project for the Platoon and brings with it new construction methods and tasks the team is eager to learn. ―Fencing is a new challenge for the platoon. It’s our last project so we plan on going out with a bang,‖ said SGT Landry. SSG Lanning’s scope includes placing a concrete pad consisting of twenty cubic yards of concrete and spreading over 100 cubic yards of gravel throughout the courtyard. Newly promoted SGT Archibald Simangan took the lead on completing a new roadside flowerbed foundation project that was personally requested by the Governor. The project has been praised by the department of transportation and tourism for making a remarkable difference in the community and beautifying the island of Kosrae. ―It’s an important project for the community and island as it will create a better view for tourists and visitors,‖ said SGT Simangan. As for the platoon’s MWR and COMREL activities, we invited Kosraean veterans of the US Armed Forces to join us as we celebrated the 4th of July with a BBQ and games at the Tree Lodge Resort. It was a relaxing day filled with good food courtesy of SFC Stewart and SGT Rutledge, who manned the grill. Both Chief LaJuya Hackley and PFC Earlena Evans were guests at a girl scout camp held in Lelu Village where they encouraged women to take on leadership roles and put the young ladies through a small drill and ceremony class. SGT Adam Fickel and PFC Brodie Welch completed two more of their medical workshops and SGT Snead and his team of ASVAB tutors including SPC John O’Sullivan, SPC Kun Lee, PFC Earlena Evans and SGT Alvin Rutledge completed four more weeks of ASVAB tutoring. Additionally, our Insanity physical fitness program has moved into its second month and participants are well on their way to completing the 60 day challenge. In the month of July, 4th Platoon also implemented a new part to its Community Relations Program. SGT Rutledge has taken the lead on our new tech assist program where he works with the DPW maintenance department twice per week to give expert technical guidance and assistance on their fleet of vehicles and heavy equipment. His impact on the department has been immediate and significant and he has already been able to get what were considered lost vehicles back on the road. To cap off the month, 4th Platoon hosted senior leadership including Commodore Moore, Command Master Chief Cassell, Lieutenant Colonel Reisinger and First Sergeant McKinney. Next month, we will be completing our two remaining projects, closing out our community relations program, cleaning equipment and conducting inventories all in preparation of our redeployment back to Hawaii! ―The team has worked hard throughout the deployment and looking forward to finishing strong. Considering all of the projects we’ve completed and community relations we’ve built, it is really impressive what everyone has done here,‖ said SFC Ramant Stewart, NCOIC of CCAD FSM. All hands hard at work at Tafunsak Elementary The Platoon will be conducting its ribbon cutting School as the project reaches its final stages of conceremony on August 17th, an event that the Governor promises to be struction. filled with good food, music and celebration.

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Wolfpack Howler

CAT PALAU As we are nearing the end of our tour in Palau, the team still manages to stay busy and remain productive. CAT84-01 has been in full force since day one and they are still in full force till they depart the Republic of Palau. The vertical guys have just recently completed the latrine renovation and are currently working on repairing the camp’s gym roof. Great improvements have been made on Camp Katuu since the team has taken over and are still improving the camp till this day. We hope to leave it better than we received it and add a little bit of our touches to embrace what once was ours. In the past month, CAT 84-01 completed nearly 10 tech assist. From refurbishing a merry go round to making a catchers and pitchers net to servicing small engines for vehicle that come in and out of Camp Katuu. The team has also made the US Ambassadors flag case in remembrance of the team as well as load a container and placing it in a different location for the Belau Museum. These last few weeks, the team strives to complete tech assist as we know we will end our journey in three weeks. The team participated in the Belau Games, where the host nation’s selects their top athletes to represent their state in the Micronesia Games as well as the South Pacific Games. The CAT 84-01 officiated in the Micro All around games and also the track and field events. Over two thousand athletes participated in this huge nationwide event. In addition to the events, the officer in charge, 1LT Danielle Monroe, was selected by the Koror State to join their women’s basketball team in these challenging tournaments. 1LT Monroe and her team earned the bronze medal in the women’s basketball tournament. Her team also earned gold in the women’s volleyball tournament. Overall, 1LT Monroe’s team won first place in the entire Belau games which had over 15 sporting events. It was quite the experience for the team as well as for the individuals who served in various events. The team is cleaning up around the camp as they prepare for the Army team that will replace them all the way from Alaska. The team hopes to give the incoming team a thorough turnover as we wish to set them up for success. We look forward to reunite with our loved ones as we have been away from family and friends. CAT 84-01 hopes to close this deployment out in a positive note and the team knows that they have guaranteed made a difference in this country. The people and the government have stated this numerous of times. CAT 84-01 is by far the best team to come out to Palau and we the CAT 84-01 would like to keep it that way.

(Below) Cat 84-01 awaits for Belau Close out ceremony.

CAT 84-01 officiates Micro All around games

(Above) 1LT Monroe volleyball team winning gold medal for Be-

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Maintenance The Backbone Throughout the month of July, Maintenance Platoon, the Backbone of the Company, has worked hard on maintaining the fleet and maintaining themselves. The first big event that occurred at the beginning of the month was the turn in of over $20,000 in excess tools and out dated equipment. The Backbone has held onto 4 master mechanic toolkits and 1 five kilowatt generator for the past few years, when all of these items were outdated and in excess. With the help of SGT Thao, SPC Warthon, and the company supply team, to include SPC Fry, the Backbone was able to complete this task with complete success. Also during the second week of the month, SPC Ramey and SGT Thao started to conduct the Technical Inspections (TI’s) on the entire vehicle line. With SGT Thao training and guidance, SPC Ramey continued the TI’s throughout the remaining days of the month. The rest of these TI’s will be completed during the month of August when SGT Thao comes back from leave. Moreover, with the help of 1st platoon drivers and NCO’s, the Backbone was able to plan a successful dump truck maintenance roll out and refueling operation on the 17th of July. These roll outs, along with the TI’s, will ensure that 643rd vehicles continue to be maintained to the highest standard. Finally, it is also important to note that we had to unfortunately say goodbye SGT Watson, who PCS’ed, and SSG Baptiste, who was transferred to the 65th and is getting deployed. We wish them the best of luck and a safe return. The coming month of August is going to be a month of transition and hard work for the Backbone. First off, we will have to complete all of the Technical Inspections on all rolling stock within the company prior to the end of the month. Second, we will be conducting many long and arduous cyclic inventories during the first half of the month. In order to complete both of these tasks, along with the normal Backbone battle rhythm, it will take a lot of determination and hard work on the part of every soldier and leader. Furthermore, this month will mark the return of SSG Pino and SPC Moya, the Backbone’s motor sergeant and engineer equipment mechanic who have been away on deployment for the past six month; we will be thankful to have him back. With these two soldiers back in the mix, the Backbone will have to adjust so that everyone has a job when we reorganize. During the early part of July, we celebrated the birthday of SPC Mohamed Moge, who turned 22 on July 3rd. His contribution to the Backbone platoon is undeniable, and we are always thankful for how hard he works, and look forward seeing him continually drive for success. On the 6th of July, SSG Pino and his wife Regina celebrated their anniversary. We at the Backbone know that they were not able to spend their anniversary together as a result of the deployment to Palua, but we will make sure that SSG Pino gets the time when he comes back. For the coming month on 8th of August, SPC Moya and her husband, Reymundo Garcia, will also unfortunately be spending their anniversary apart, but the Backbone will make sure that they also get the time to spend some time together when she gets back.

(Left) SGT Thao replacing the circuit board on a broken battery charger.

(Right) The Backbone after Koko Head Offsite PT 26JUL13

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Wolfpack Howler


SGT Ayers instructs BN soldiers on advance M2 skills and maintenance

SGT Won teaches soldiers on how to properly install Radio Kits into vehicles

Aloha to the family and friends of the Wolfpack Headquarters Section! Your Headquarters Soldiers work around the clock to make the many diverse operations of the company possible, and the month of July has been no exception. After lots of stunning plays on many sports fields for Engineer Week, our Headquarters Soldiers got right back to work keeping the company going. Whether it was maintaining the fleet through careful PMCSs or organizing the company’s plans and training statistics into the company’s training meeting slides, we made it happen this month. The Supply section has been working overtime in the last month. SPC Kenneth Bakholdin and PV2 Christopher Fry worked hard to complete the large amount of lateral transfers due this month. The Wolfpack family is glad to welcome a new member to the Supply room SSG Niya Jones. She joined the crew midway through the month and we have already seen tremendous benefit from her leadership and expertise! SGT Jaesun Won worked overtime this month to ensure that the Wolfpack could communicate well while also leading the teaching effort for two battalion-level classes. He flawlessly executed the 643rd's tasks in the recently implemented Communications Exercises, sometimes leading the exercises for other companies and even the whole battalion! He also taught critical classes in the Battalion Drivers’ Training program and the Battalion Radio Telephone Operator Training class. Well done SGT Won, and congratulations to HQ’s newest certified RTOs – PFC Michael Edman amd PV2 David Kearns! Also, SGT Johnathan Ayers taught a thorough, informative Weapons Expert course for the battalion. PV2 Chandler Strickland is our newest weapons expert! Congrats! Operations is happy to welcome another new member to its team: PV2 Kearns. He will be transitioning with SPC Fernando Gaeta as the Personnel Actions Clerk. The two of them have been tirelessly conducting a thorough, detailed transition. You can be certain that your actions are in the best hands when they are handled by SPC Gaeta and PV2 Kearns! Headquarters also enjoyed a wonderful Family Day on the 19 th. The Wolfpack family enjoyed barbeque, bouncehouses, volleyball, and fun at Hickam Beach. Everyone had a wonderful time. Thank you to all of the people who made it happen and all of the family who came out! Can’t wait to do that again!

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Safety Supervisor, SGT Williams, instructing Soldiers on proper safety procedures.

PV2 Dean preparing to lay CMU block on the outside of the building.

PV2 Myers and PV2 Little using wire ties to assembly the rebar cage.


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Wolfpack Howler

3rd PLATOON (Below) LTC Reisinger and 1LT Lennox pose with Rev and Mrs. Sam, SSG Sam’s parents, during their visit to the project site on 23 July.

(Above) SPC Ferreria teaches local kids how to do good pushups during a basketball tournament on July

(Below) SSG Bledsoe and SPC James go over math problems with Marshallese students who are interested in becoming future Army Soldiers.

(Above) SGT Albarico and PV2 Galloway teach their apprentices how to do a dry run before you place CMU block on 12 July

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Wolfpack Howler


SGT Fickel teaches an electric class at Tafunsak Elementary School. The class was part of the ongoing Soldier Professional Development program being held by the Platoon in Kosrae.

SPC Tran and PFC Villa prepare the sidewalk for the concrete pour at Tafunsak Elementary School.

SGT Snead works the BHL to clear Malem Elementary School of the existing concrete foundation in the middle of the school’s courtyard.

The team continues to host the Insanity Physical Fitness program nightly at the Kosrae High School Gymnasium. Participants are only a few weeks away from completing the 60 day challenge.

FRG NEWS! IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS Army Community Services: (808) 655-4227 Army Substance Abuse Programs: (808) 655-8700 Battalion Chaplain: (808) 655-1297 Military Family Life Consultant: (808) 226-7307 Military One Source: 1-800-342-9647 Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 Tripler Trolley: (808) 433-1200 Military Directory Assistance: (808) 449-7110

Important Dates and Events

Visit us on FaceBook! 643rd EN CO—Wolfpack!

 August 1 (Thurs): Welcome Home Redeploying Soldiers Project-Kalakaua Park on post, from 1630-1830. Email if you want to volunteer!  August 5 (Mon): Spouse Information Meeting, Nehelani Club, @1000 hrs, Topics: AFAP and Health Fair  August 8 (Thurs): FRG Car Wash Fundraiser from 900-1500 across from Burger King.  August 16 (Fri): DONSA.  August 21 (Wed): FRG Meeting @ 1730-Bessie Estonactoc, MFLC (Military and Family Life Counsultant) will speak about transitioning at home with redeploying soldiers. Location of the meeting TBD.  August 30-September 02: DONSA Labor Day Weekend. Note: The FRG will try to welcome home every platoon at the company with refreshments and a small, Aloha gift. Please check your email and our Facebook page to keep up with the welcome home ceremony dates and times. We also welcome any volunteers who would like to provide treats or help set up for these exciting events!

FRG Training with ACS July 31 : CRT (Care Response Team) Training, 1700-2100 130th Engineer Brigade Classroom. Email to sign up. August 6 Master Resiliency Training for FRGs, FRSAs, and Family Members 900-1100 August 13 FRG Essentials (FRG 101, Key Callers, Fundraising, VMIS) 900-1345 September 3 Resiliency Training for FRGs, FRSAs, and Family Members 900-1100 September 10 FRG Essentials (FRG 101, Key Callers, Fundraising, VMIS) 900-1345 September 24 FRG Essentials (FRG 101, Key Callers) 1800-2015 September 25 FRG Essential (Fundraising, VMIS) 1800-2015

FRG Committee Contacts: FRG Leader: Darcy Mainwaring (205)310-3515, Secretary: Vacant Treasurers: Kristina Spohn and Beatrice Marshall Activities Coordinator: Vacant Fundraising Chair people: Vacant Hospitality Chairperson: Kimberly Ramey Points of Contact/Key Callers: Traci Kendall (253)720-2033, or Kristina Spohn (810)5 516 1550 Soldier Liaison POC: SPC Fernando Gaeta

August WPH issue