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Wolfpack Howler Issue 14

10 April 2014

From the Commander Inside this issue: 1ST PLATOON





I’m filled with pride as I write my first contribution for the Wolfpack Howler. I’ve officially been in command for 3 weeks and I’m humbled by the hard work this great company accomplishes on a day-to -day basis. As I said before, CPT Mainwaring and 1SG McKinney handed me the top company in the battalion on a silver platter. Our company leadership accomplishes any mission set before them. Our NCOs live and uphold the standard. And most importantly, our Soldiers get the job done with pride and professionalism. Each morning I wake up with a sense of gratitude knowing I’m leading a premiere pack of America’s finest. I’m literally hitting the ground running as Wolfpack tackles a multitude of construction projects in April. In the coming weeks 1st Platoon will depart to the Philippines to execute a joint construction project with the Filipino Armed Forces. Executing Theater Security Cooperation Programs (TSCP) missions with our Pacific Allies is a unique training opportunity and allows our Soldiers to hone their construction skills while our partners. 2nd Platoon is currently deployed to Pohakuloa Training Area (PTA) for the next two months to execute a number of construction projects and high -speed tactical training. Their efforts will dramatically improve the training area’s infrastructure and expand training opportunities to all units stationed in Hawai’i. 3 rd Platoon continues to support Schofield Barracks and 25 th Infantry Division with a number of construction projects. Their work enables 25 th ID with the capacity to train hard and keep our Pacific Theater safe. I’d encourage all of you to “like” us on facebook so you can see pictures and read stories of are hard work. Few units have the technical capability and leadership to do what we do. Foreign nations, sister services, Army units, and civilian agencies consistently look to Wolfpack to get the job done. I’m proud of what we’ve done and I’m eager for our future endeavors. As members of the Wolfpack family, I’d like to thank each and everyone one of you for your support. Raise Hell! Captain Pablo A. Valerin

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Wolfpack Howler

1ST PLATOON Roughnecks Aloha! 1st Platoon is quickly approaching Balikatan 2014. The Roughnecks just completed a three day long field problem where they trained on various construction tasks in preparation for the mission. During the FTX the platoon convoyed to the Engineer Training Area and established a deliberate defense that included crew served fighting positions. Upon completion of the perimeter the platoon quickly transitioned into their construction tasks. They prefabricated concrete columns where they built the formwork and rebar cages on the ground before standing them in place. The platoon also laid countless CMU block. The platoon has four day weekend ahead of them before 2nd and 3rd squad depart the island. 1st Squad will be staying back as the rear detachment. The platoon will host an information social at Bellows on April 10th at 1130 where they will put out pertinent information for Balikatan 2014. All families are encouraged to attend. The Roughnecks would like to send a congratulations to PFC Luigi Fernandez as he competes this week for 8th TSC Soldier of the Year. Upcoming Birthdays: April 19 – SPC Schultz April 28 – PFC Fernandez April 1- SGT Bartnett

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2ND PLATOON “Hell Hounds” During the month of March, 2nd Platoon has been focused on getting prepared for its deployment to Pohakuloa Training Area. On the 7th of March we conducted a recon of PTA in order to develop the training plan and recon the construction projects that we will be executing in April. During the second week of March, all three squads successfully completed their trailer storage containers or “dog houses.” These type of containers make the Platoon a mobile work horse that can rapidly deploy with all assets of vertical construction at their finger tips. On the 18th of March, 2nd Platoon said goodbye to its former commander, CPT Mainwaring, and welcomed in our new commander, CPT Valerin. We appreciate everything that CPT Mainwaring has done for us and look forward to working with CPT Valerin as he guides this company and our platoon to new heights. On the 21st of March, SFC Evans completed her Battalion Leader Validation without a hitch and took a well deserved leave period. Furthermore, the very next day, the Platoon showed overwhelming support at the Battalion Spring Fest on the 22nd of March. We greatly appreciate all of the support that the friends and families of our Soldiers donate to the unit and are in your debt. We would like to thank Mrs. Irene Hall and Mrs. Taryn Sawyer for their support in the arts and crafts station for the kids. Finally, we welcome SSG Carlos Colon into 2nd Platoon as he transitions over to take over the rear detachment of the platoon throughout the month of April and May. By the end of March, with the support of all Soldiers, their leadership, and most importantly their families, 2nd Platoon was ready to deploy to PTA in support of Battalion construction and training objectives. During this coming month of April, 2nd Platoon will be nearly all deployed to PTA. Our primary mission is to support 561st Engineer Company with vertical construction assets at three sites with concrete low water crossings and three culvert sites with concrete headwalls. The successful completion of these sites will stop the degradation of the adjacent range roads. Furthermore, we will be supporting smaller vertical construction missions around the training area and even around the island, with 2nd Squad heading off to Kilauea Military Camp to support roof repairs in the area. Throughout this time, the support of all of these Soldiers’ loved ones will be much needed as the missions will require long hours and will require lots of physical labor. Birthdays 18 April - PFC White

SSG White checks the level of her “dog house” to ensure that the Soldiers of 1st Squaad are making a quality product.

SGT Hall and his wife Irene enjoying the Battalion Spring Fest. Thanks for the support.

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Wolfpack Howler

3RD PLATOON “Dream Team” Dream Team operated at maximum capacity during the month of March driving important operations to support both the 84 th Engineer Battalion and Post Operations. 2nd Squad led the way with SSG Terrazas and crew as they re-sheathed the Air Assault training ramps. They also started construction four UH-60 Mock Ups. Both of these projects are essential to the continual operation of 25 th Infantry Division’s Lightning Academy and Air Assault school operations. 1st Squad under the wing of SSG Falcon, started construction on four sets of Pull Ups bars for the 728th Military Police Battalion. Their efforts are shaping relations with our sister battalion and our Battalion’s reputation for quality construction in the 8 th Military Police Brigade. 3rd Squad made significant progress on a project to re-roof our Battalion’s S4 yard in the Motor Pool. They constructed all 18 trusses and completed the demolition of the old roof. Their project will provide a location to store all of our materials for future construction projects and open up the motor pool bays for our mechanics to focus on maintaining our equipment. In addition to these projects, Dream Team qualified 42 Soldiers on the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon from four different companies in the Battalion on two separate days. Our platoon’s NCOs were heavily involved in the coaching and teaching out on the range to help our Soldiers qualify and to PFC Douglas Climbing Kokohead keep our ranges running efficiently. SSG Terrazas acted as the tower NCO for the duration of both ranges. SSG Falcon and SGTs Polena and Reese and PFC Strickland were especially dedicated in their efforts as Range Safeties for both days. SSG Bushey and HQ Squad were flawless in the range preparation. Without their efforts, the range could not have run like it did. It was amazing to see that every single Dream Team NCO contributed to the range effort while simultaneously managing projects and additional training requirements. 3PLT also set up the Physical Challenge station for the Battalion Leader Validation. PFC Bass, PFC Matthews, SPC Vandelinder, SSG Bushey and SSG Falcon ensured that each participant experienced a mentally taxing and physically demanding teambuilding event. Our very own SFC Baker, was validated during this Leader Validation as well. We received word that we will be responsible for the construction of the 25th Infantry Division Command General’s Pavilion on the 25th ID Parade Field. Although our construction won’t be starting until sometime in the late Fall, we’ll be focusing our training efforts on ensuring that we’re ready to execute such an important, technically complex and high visibility project. SSG Bushey and SGT Jusi worked diligently over the past two weeks to ensure our initial material requirements and plans are SGT Sega at the M249 on the right track. No doubt we are ready. Dream Team.

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Wolfpack Howler

Operations Greetings from the 643rd Headquarters Team! While platoons once again start to go on fantastic missions across the Pacific, headquarters has been responsible with the great challenge of keeping things straight here at Schofield. Sending platoons across the Pacific requires an extensive amount of logistical planning. SGT Andrew Schmidt has been leading the charge on the by processing all of the DTS orders. These orders ensure that the correct amount of money is authorized for hotels, flights, meals, and any other charge needed to provide life support and transportation for the Soldiers. SGT Ayers has ensured that the training resources needed for the platoons are locked in. All of the qualification ranges and ammunition Soldiers will use at PTA have been forecasted and secured by SGT Ayers. Meanwhile, SPC Sexton has been running the arms room ensuring that all of the weapons are secure and accounted for. SPC Sexton recently was presented with an Army Achievement Medal due to his outstanding performance during a security inspection with officials from the Pentagon. Although we may be back at Schofield, the rear detachment and company operations continues to remain busy. We proudly support all the hard word platoons are doing and will continue to provide all the support needed!

(Above) SFC Audain, SSG Isdale, SGT Ayers, SGT Barnes, SPC Tremper, PFC Fry, and PFC Kearns all thought one trip up Koko-head was so easy so they climbed it a second time. Bid Farewell to SPC Brower!

CPT Valerin and 1SG McKinney present SPC Brower with an AAM and a MOVSM.

Yesterday the company bid farewell to SPC Franklin Brower. SPC Brower has been with the 84th Engineer Battalion for a little over three years and has been an outstanding signal support systems specialist. Aside from his expertise on specific army communications equipment, SPC Brower also rescued many people who had trouble working their computer! He is also part of an elite group of Soldiers who have been presented with the Military Outstanding Volunteer Service Medal by showing outstanding dedication to volunteering during non-duty hours. SPC Brower soon be making a great addition to a unit in Fort Lewis!

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Maintenance Aloha! Maintenance experienced a lot of turnover this month with 2LT Sefers leaving to take over a platoon in the 70th EN Co, SSG Rutledge moving over to the 561st EN Co and SPC Cheeseboro PCSing to Fort Stewart, GA. New to maintenance this month are SPC Hatch who comes to use from Fort Stewart, GA, SFC Morgan and SSG Pino who transitioned here from the 523rd and 2LT Pfister. To say goodbye to those soldiers and welcome the newest members of the team, maintenance and their families gathered at Bellows Air Force Station to play paintball, grill and enjoy the beach. SPC Warthon was generous enough to share a little bit of his culture with us by bringing plenty of home cooked Peruvian food. In addition to the large turnover in personnel, the battalions renewed emphasis on maintenance had us assessing and revising many of our SOPs in order to improve our maintenance program for much of March. The experience and leadership that SFC Morgan and SSG Pino have brought with them has already proven invaluable with this process and with their continued mentorship 643rd maintenance will surely become the standard to which all other maintenance teams are judged. Looking Forward we will continue to look at how we conduct maintenance in the company and the battalion as well as rebuild the trust and cohesion of our team.

SGT Amon Instructing a class on the SINCGARS radio

Maintenance at the beach for the

SGT(P) Thao teaching senior leaders a class on 5988s

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Wolfpack Howler

Schofield Barracks

FRG IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERS Army Community Services: (808) 655-4227 Army Substance Abuse Programs: (808) 655-8700 Battalion Chaplain: (808) 655-1297 Military Family Life Consultant: (808) 226-7307 Military One Source: 1-800-342-9647 Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 Tripler Trolley: (808) 433-1200

Visit us on FaceBook! 643rd EN CO—Wolfpack!

FRG Committee Contacts: FRG Leader: 1LT Karwick, Secretary: Ashlie Bass Treasurers: Irene Hall and Taryn Sawyer Activities Coordinator: Vacant Fundraising Chair people: Vacant Hospitality Chairperson: Vacant Soldier Liason: PFC Kearns

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