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Uniwersytet Artystyczny w Poznaniu 60-967 Poznań 9 al. Marcinkowskiego 29 skrytka pocztowa 191 tel. +48 61 855 25 21 fax +48 61 852 80 91

95 lat istnienia tradycji uczelni | 1919–2014

Dear Sir/ Madame, On behalf of University of Arts in Poznań ( I would like to invite your University to the partnership so that we could produce a project “Rolling Stock of Art” financed by EU program: Creative Europe “Rolling Stock of Art” is educational, social and artistic program, connected with 3 smaller projects: 1. Cycle of artistic workshops 2. Mobile Gallery of Modern Art 3. Numerous meetings with artists representing varied medias Main goal of the project is to spread art and educate Europeans, living in countryside, by contact with the modern art. With our program, we want to include people, who have a rare contact with art. Main element of our project will be a mobile gallery- a big tent or container – mobile place for all events: workshops, exhibitions and meetings with artists. 1. Workshops- varied medias, for children and adults, organized by students from partnership countries. Our purpose is to educate local people, familiarize them with art and invite them to the other parts of the project. We also want to find the most talented children and help them to find grants for artistic education. We would like to find local artists and help them to promote their art by making exhibitions of international folk art at Mobile Gallery of Modern Art. 2. Exhibitions in a Mobile Gallery of Modern Art-we will invite population. If they can’t go to the gallery, gallery will come to them. We want to show art of modern international artists from partnership countries, representing varied medias: painting, sculpture, graphic, photography, installation, video- art, performance etc. and we will also show pieces of art creating at workshops. 3. Meeting with artists- Talking, showing, discussing about modern art. Main goal of this part will be to familiarize populace with modern art, by direct contact with artists. We want to make art more un-

derstandable and make people to stop being afraid of modern art. We want to teach them art language and tell them how to interpret art. Very important for us is a contact with populace- we want to talk, but we also want to listen to and being known their thinking about art and encourage them to reveal us their needs. Our purpose is also to proof that it’s possible to cooperating and understanding the art level without speaking native language. Mobile part of the project will be lasting few months, since July to September. Organizers will stay in one place for 4- 7 days. We plan promotion and cooperation with local self- governments at destined places. Project is directly involved in to program of Creative Europe 2014- 2020 with main goals together, which are: creating international culture events and workflow of them, increase access to culture, international cooperation of artists and exchange mobility of art, art creations and development of audience (art recipients). We hope for your attention and help, looking forward to receiving your positive response.

Sincerely, dr Joanna Marcinkowska PhD +48 889 110 444

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