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“We moved back here from Tennessee and my grandma had bought this house, because she was going to flip it. So we ended up buying it from her. We did tons of work in the house. Tanner made the built-ins.” (Pictured top right.)

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TANNER AND AMANDA SOGGE When one approaches the Rapid City home of Amanda and Tanner Sogge, it’s apparent that a Volkswagen enthusiast lives there. An older model Beetle sits in the driveway, a converted bus/pickup is parked at the curb, and in the garage, is Tanner’s current project – a 1962 VW bus with a safari windshield, faded paint and a whole lot of new under the hood. This blend of old and new translates to the home’s interior as well. “My husband and I are both old souls,” said Amanda. “He’s brought in the antique, vintage side of our house and I’ve grown to kind of love it. I like newer stuff, but because we can never afford all-new-modern, we’ve made our style be where you can kind of mix together old and new. I think a lot of people are doing that now.” That blend of eras and styles has led to a hip, vibrant aesthetic. “I love mix-match stuff,” said Amanda. “I really just put

whatever I like in my house. And then all of it just starts to blend and work. I’ve been told our style is eclectic.” Recurring floral patterns throughout the Sogges’ décor create a sense of serendipitous unity. An affinity for the natural world appears everywhere throughout the first floor, from the vintage rose painting in the kitchen to the vine detailing on a metal mirror frame to the brightly-colored throw pillows. Amanda says the pillows are one of her favorite details in the living room. “These two here – the colorful ones – are from Uganda, so they are really special. They were hand stitched and we just brought back the cases.” Another recurring theme throughout the home is artifacts and souvenirs purchased during the process of adopting their son from Uganda. Two trips were made to the African

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