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DR. RACHEL MK HEADLEY “My dad thought I should throw a match through the window, to be honest,” said DR. RACHEL MK HEADLEY. Headley, a scientist, author, speaker, and project leadership specialist had her (experienced) hands full. The entrepreneur, who owns COBBLESTONE SCIENCE, THE ROSE GROUP, PROJECT LEADERSHIP SECRETS, and more, had purchased a 1989 farmhouse in Spearfish that no one wanted to touch. “I’ve talked to a million people that have said, ‘I would have loved to have done that, I just didn’t know where to start,’” she said with a smile. And try they did. Headley said there had been four previous attempts by owners who started to remodel, and soon sold it. “They just got in over their heads,” said Headley’s partner, JARED CAPP. Capp, who goes by “CAPPIE,” owns PANGEA DESIGN GROUP. When Headley purchased the house, she had only known Cappie from a few run-ins at concerts and around town. After “normal builders” would hardly speak to her after hearing of the house, she cold called him. “I knew he built straw bale houses, so I knew he had done crazy [explicit] like that,” she laughed.

24 // MAY 2017

May 2017  

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