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the clear favorite at our table. The combination of salty, savory, and slightly sweet created a glorious orgy of pizza perfection on the palate. We didn’t try any of the sandwiches, which are built to order with freshly-sliced meat (roast beef, corned beef, turkey or ham), along with cheese and artisan condiments on locally baked bread. But since we were asking so many questions, Joe brought us each a slice of the jalapeno cheddar bread to try. It was incredibly soft, with bits of jalapeno and large veins of cheddar cheese running through it. When I pulled my slice (with the corner missing) out of the toaster the next morning, it was one of the best pieces of toast I’d ever encountered. Since I don’t give much thought to toast, that’s saying a lot. As we were leaving, Wooden Legs’ other patrons were getting ready for Wall Street Wednesday. During this weekly event, beers are put on a Wall Street-style ticker. Prices start low, but rise as more beers are purchased. At some point during the night, the market crashes, causing beer prices to plummet. Joe says it’s very popular – and there’s an additional discount if patrons wear their best stockbroker suit. Bottom line – if you’re looking for an out-of-the-way spot to grab a high quality beer, Wooden Legs is for you. If you like pizza, particularly delicious, creative pizza, Wooden Legs is for you. Next time, I’ll likely order a sandwich just to mix it up, but the Black & Blue Pizza will haunt my dreams.

DR. MATT KRIVARCHKA 1511 W. Holly Boulevard, Brandon, SD 605.582.5000





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It’s the facts... · 12 pounds of ghost peppers and Trinidad scorpion peppers are used per every three barrels to make the Pepper Jack Chili Lager. · Wooden Legs offers three to seven of its own brews on tap at any given time, but also stocks microbrews from around the U.S. and some carefully selected imports. · Wooden Legs gets bread from Brookings-based Cottleston Bakery twice a week. The bread can also be purchased at Brookings’ farmers market and at The Pheasant restaurant. · All of Wooden Legs’ “pubkeepers” are beer server certified from the Cicerone Institute, which means they can likely answer any question you have about beer and recommend food great pairings. · On SDSU’s Hobo Day 2014, Wooden Legs serves only South Dakota-brewed tap beers, including some unique, rarely-distributed varieties.

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(ATMOSPHERE) It was friendly and inviting. Although we’d never been there, my friend and I felt like we’d walked into Cheers. (SERVICE) The staff was attentive when we needed help, clearly displaying pride and passion for their products. (TASTE) The beers were all well-crafted and interesting. The food was high-quality with well-balanced flavors, yet very homey.

E v e r y F r i d ay @ 8 p m w w


1013 N Splitro ck Blvd, Brand on, SD

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