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than just a live sculptor. There will be carving technique demonstrations and workshops held in the Dahl Arts Center throughout the summer. Nagase says he has sculpted live before and it is always interesting to work in a new community and to meet new people. With such a huge project underway and so many people looking forward to it, what does Nagase want people to get out of his art? “What I hope is that people will feel connected with the nature of this region through the sculptures while also offering opportunities for the viewer to reflect about the natural and cultural history of the region.” In July, Nagase will begin his work in Main Street Square with a design labeled “Badlands Garden #9.” The exact date is still unknown as to when Nagase will make his first strike. Nagase will return to Rapid City this month to set up his studio in the Dahl and will be attending the Art and Wine Festival June 22-23 to prepare the stones. For more info on the artist and the project, visit www.

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June 2013  

605 Magazine June 2013 Edition

June 2013  

605 Magazine June 2013 Edition