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arms. A lady came over and told me that her parents had been killed in the earthquake. There are thousands of stories like that.” Traveling through Port-au-Prince, the city largely affected by the earthquake, gave the members of Scarlet Letter the chance to experience the devastation reported on the news with all five senses. “As we were passing the collapsed palace, a Haitian man with us made the comment that he knew at least five people still trapped in the building. Just as he said that, the smell hit us,” said Bohl. “Thousands of bodies still lay under the rubble. People cannot forget about Haiti. It is going to take years to rebuild. It’s so important to still raise awareness and support for the country and its people.” Looking past the rubble and the pain may have been difficult, but the

members of Scarlet Letter were there to offer positivity to a country heavily burdened by the negative. Through music and a little hard work, Scarlet Letter brought happiness to the people of Haiti, giving them a chance to get lost in music built on a strong foundation of faith. “We got to play an acoustic rock show the last night we were there, which was awesome. The kids were dancing and jumping around, even though they had no idea what we were saying,” said Bohl. As soon as they arrived back in the states, Scarlet Letter began laying the preliminary groundwork for future trips to Haiti and other destinations, as well as local benefits. “We can’t wait to make another trip to Haiti and to hopefully become a familiar face to the kids there,” said Bohl.

“We will help wherever we feel called and needed.” Haiti is still in need of the love and support of individuals able to lend a helping hand. The worst thing the world can do is forget about those less fortunate affected by poverty and/ or disaster or shut out the stories of the suffering simply because it hurts to hear. “There are still thousands of residents wounded, homeless, sick, and starving. It will take billions of dollars and years of help to rebuild what was already a country in devastation,” said Bohl. “We think the most important thing the youth of Sioux Falls can do is to continue to raise awareness and support in schools, churches and at youth events. The need in Haiti is endless and every little bit helps.” Now that they have returned home, Scarlett Letter hopes to share their experiences of their travels to Haiti with their fans, inspiring them to spread the word and continue to raise awareness. In addition, a portion of the profits made from the sale of band t-shirts goes directly to help Mission Haiti and their cause. If you are interested in attending a Scarlet Letter show visit www.MySpace. com/ScarletLetterBand or check out www. to see how you can help. | 33

May 2010  

605 Magazine May 2010 Edition

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