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even when your body is saying ‘no.’”   Knutson shares that she enjoys running for a cause, not just for herself.

interesting outlook on reasons to train for a run as well. “Running has helped me through some hard times, and it helps me clear my

“I always hear people say they just can’t run pass three or four miles. Well, that’s because the first three to five miles are always the hardest...But once you can get pass those, you can keep running forever.” “I like to dedicate each mile I run to a person I know and pray for them during that mile. But the last mile I run just for me. It helps me stay motivated.”   Brenda Poppens, 23, has an

Though Forrest Gump never needed a reason to run, most people do. So find your reason, whatever that may be, and give yourself something to be proud about. To find information on where and when 5Ks and marathons are held, go to You can search according to your city, state or race type. Decent pair of running shoes? $75.00. Registration $30.00.



mind. I always feel so much better The feeling you get when you cross that I’m doing something that’s re- the finish line? Priceless. ally healthy for myself instead of turning to possibly unhealthy alternatives.”


June 2009  

605 Magazine June 2009 Edition

June 2009  

605 Magazine June 2009 Edition