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Uncommon Solutions for Common Beauty Dilemmas: Do They Work? by Molly Keen


ver find yourself short on supplies—and on cash? I scouted out five popular household remedies for common beauty problems and acted as your own personal guinea pig to find out which really work and which are just myths. So the next time you’re a damsel (or dude) in beauty distress, look no further than your very own cupboard.

Hair Conditioner for Irritated Legs

Ladies, this one is just for you. Shaving can make your legs dry, red and itchy. Shaving foams work well, but are a little tough on the wallet. The solution? Hair conditioner. I give using hair conditioner as a shaving cream a resounding five stars! It makes for a close, smooth shave and leaves your legs soft and moisturized afterwards. Plus, it’s a good way to get rid of all that old conditioner you have sitting around from switching hair products.

soften your tough side? The olive oil did work to moisturize my skin, but only for a limited amount of time. Also, remember that less is more. If you use too much, you’re left with an unpleasant greasy residue that you wouldn’t get with most lotions. This tip deserves three stars because while it is not ideal, it would still work in a pinch.


the mayonnaise works! I just applied a palm full of mayonnaise to my hair, making sure to work it in from root to tip. Afterward my hair was soft and tangle free. I give this tip only two stars, however, because mayonnaise is just not worth the price (or the smell!) and it does not do anything for your hair that a regular conditioner couldn’t do.

** Toothpaste for Breakouts

I was hopeful that this trick would work—after dabbing a little toothpaste onto a blemish, the minty flavor had a tingling and cooling effect. I settled into bed expecting to wake up to clean, clear skin. In the end, however, it ended up being messy

***** Baby Powder for Oily Hair

Summer heat and humidity making your hair a little greasy? Sprinkling some baby powder over your locks will absorb the oil and leave your hair looking freshly styled. It works best if you shake the powder onto your brush or fingers first and then comb it through your hair, starting at the roots. A little powder goes a long way. This tip only gets four stars because it can be tricky for darker hair.

**** Olive Oil for Dry Skin

Mayonnaise: Delicious Remedy?

Mayonnaise for Tangles

One of the most often repeated unconventional beauty tips is using Skin-baring summer clothes are not mayonnaise as a hair conditioner, forgiving of rough, dry knees and so should we be swapping our soaps elbows. Is olive oil the best way to for sandwich spread? Surprisingly,

and ineffective. And to be frank, it’s just rather silly looking. This tip earns only one star because while it didn’t make my problem any worse, it certainly didn’t make it any better either.



June 2009  

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June 2009  

605 Magazine June 2009 Edition