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Chicago, IL The windy city is rich with culture and style all its own. You can eat it up in the form of a deep-dish, Chicago-style pizza or a simple hotdog from a corner vendor. Take a walk through the Museum of Modern Photography to learn how to look at life through a narrower scope, or tower over the city from the Sears Tower Skydeck to broaden your horizons. If that’s a little too deep for you, you can find some comical relief at The Second City, a comedy club in Chicago’s Downtown Theatre District (a.k.a. Broadway in Chicago). Navy Pier, along with its boats, cruises, and rides, hosts a dazzling fireworks display twice a week from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day weekend. So once you’ve taken in the culture, relax a little bit in Chicago’s Millennium Park, an outdoor center for art, music, architecture, and landscape design.


hough traveling to a coast has a certain appeal that is hard to resist, the grass is not always greener on the other side. In fact, there might just be a lot more concrete. So stay a little closer to home and let the Midwest pleasantly surprise you with all the fun, beauty and diversity it has to offer. And if by the end of this summer, you find yourself with a trendy South Dakota state outline tattoo on your arm or your ankle, don’t say I never told you so!


June 2009  

605 Magazine June 2009 Edition

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