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Life show. Last weekend was prom in Luverne, and after all of the kids went to the dance, some of the parents came over to my house. My parents decided to put in the Vermillion DVD for seven or eight 40-year-old couples. Did they love it? Chris: Oh yeah. Which other shows have influenced you? Chris: Gumshoe Extraordinaire. Zach: Probably The Office, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Arrested Development. Stuff like that. Nathan: Some friends of ours have a show that they do sometimes called Rural Living that we like to watch online. They haven’t done an episode in a while, though. They’re from Sioux Falls. Chris: It’s the drummer from We All Have Hooks for Hands. Nathan: Our friends Isaac and Nick do it. They’re pretty funny. They do it in a different way than we do. I think they just have a general idea of where they want to go and then they improv most of it.

Do you ever get recognized around campus? Chris: Yeah. Zach: Yeah. More and more now that people are watching the show. I remember that the first few times were pretty exciting. Nathan: Oh yeah.

Chris: We’re always coming up with new ideas. Nathan: Yeah. Someday we might do an-

How long have you been doing this? Nathan: We’ve been doing it since our freshman year—last year. We’re all sophomores. Do you plan on continuing Vermillion until you finish school?

other series, or we might do a film, or more short films. We have a million ideas to keep going with.

Nathan: Right from the beginning we decided that Vermillion was going to be two seasons long. We’re certainly going to keep going together, because we have, like, 10 more projects that we want to do.

Check out Zach’s blog at, or watch the Pilot episode, then five or six more by plugging in “Vermillion episode” at com.


June 2009  
June 2009  

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