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Chris: My extended family thinks that Vermillion is the greatest thing on the face of the planet. My extended family on one side will literally quote Vermillion episodes at family gatherings. Like, every time he sees Cheetos at the grocery store, my little cousin, who’s four years old, will say, “Oooh Cheetos,” like Percy. Stuff like that. It’s almost become, like, a cult classic to them. Nathan: I got a girlfriend last year because of Vermillion. That was awesome! She recognized me from the show. Zach: Score! That’s why we set out to do this. To get girlfriends. How have your parents reacted to the show?

Nathan: On Facebook, someone used the “Pieces of Flair” application and they made Vermillion pieces of flair using our faces. We don’t know who made them, but we found out about them one day. That was weird. Zach: The mild levels of fame that we achieve are so sad, but we get so pumped about it. We call ourselves F-List celebrities.


Chris: Like, we’re famous on YouTube, but not even all of Youtube. Just the Midwest, but not all the Midwest… Zach: Then there are ridiculous stories, like my girlfriend told me that she was talking to her cousin and said that she was dating someone. When she showed her who she was dating, her cousin was like, “You’re dating the guy from Vermillion!?”

Nathan: Mine didn’t know about it. Zach: I didn’t tell my parents about it for obvious reasons, just because we curse up a storm the entire time. My dad found out about it and liked it, though. He showed it to everybody at his work. I think my mom knew about it, but didn’t want to watch it at first. She was like, “I don’t think it’s something a mom should watch,” and I agreed. But she eventually saw it, and now she likes it a lot. Chris: I’ll tell you about my parents and the

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