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Life The show is not a far departure from reality. Vermillion is about the everyday adventures of three guys who go to USD: Ted, Danny and Percy, who talks like a less-coherent Walter Matthau. So why is it worth watching, you might ask? Because it’s pretty freakin’ hilarious. That’s why. How did you guys meet? Nathan: Chris and I were randomly roomed together our freshman year of college, and Zach and I met because we’re both art students. We met in our first art class. What were your experiences before this show? Had you ever done anything like it before?

iting it together, we shot an opening credit sequence and a closing credit sequence. We loved how it turned out and just decided that we wanted to do more. When we started writing the second episode, we saw it as a series and just kept going with it. How many cast members do you guys have? Zach: The main cast is the three of us. We’re in every episode. The Hooks guys are in a couple of different episodes. They’re this band, We All Have Hooks for Hands - they go to school here. They play somewhat recurring roles. How many people do you write into each

Do you guys write out the whole script, or is there a lot of improvisation? Nathan: We script every episode. We have full scripts written out. I think that there’s improv in every single one, but it’s mostly scripted. Who acts as the director? Zach: Nate’s the director, because he owns the camera… Nathan: Then the three of us write it. Do you worry about things like lighting? All: No. Chris: We did one episode where we had

(From Left to Right): Chris Dorhout, Zach DeBoer and Nathan Hoffman. Hoffman has been creating short films since high school. Dorhout was his randomly selected dorm roommate. As Art majors, Hoffman and DeBoer met in their first art class. In their show, Vermillion, each plays an exaggerated version of themselves.

Zach: I never did. Chris: I never did. Nathan: I’ve been doing movie stuff since I was in high school, and I just wanted to do a new thing here. Where did the concept for Vermillion come from? Zach: After I met Nate, I knew he did shorts. We wanted to do something together. Our first episode, we thought of it as that - as just a short piece - but when we started ed-


episode? Nathan: In the first season it’s the three of us mostly. In the second season we have a lot of extra characters. We have around tenplus, it just depends. Zach: We try to give them all equal play in the second season. After we’ve just written an episode that’s heavy on the character “Mike,” we’ll try not to have him in the next episode. That way the audience doesn’t get bored.

lighting, and it just sucked. It took forever, and it was hot… Nathan: We were all mad at each other by the end of it, because the room was a thousand degrees with three lamps pointing at us. Zach: It was just awful. We’ll stick to lowtech, I think. What about your characters? Are they based on you? Zach: I play Ted. I guess I am kind of the

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