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f you’re feeling like you want to be footloose and fancy free, the band for you is coming to town.

The Golden Bubbles is a threepiece that embodies quirky indiepop sensibilities, wearing bright gold and white; think Ben Folds with more bounce and wardrobe by Sid and Marty Croft. They’re flying all over the countryside these days in their touring van trying to build their name, a name they actually borrowed from a dance hall in Wells, MN, that was shut down for being a meth lab. Irony? Check. Chris Vondracek, piano and vocals, explains the origin of the group, “My brother (Leo) is the lead vocalist/bassist. I do a lot of singing too, Jared (Fette) is the drummer, and we’re all from a town called Wells, Minnesota...We played with a band called Brickhouse Boys. Basically that group was everyone in The Kickback now and my brother and I. That broke up two Decembers ago, and we started the Bubbles up again. So we’ve been going strong about a year now.” Their recently self-released first LP A Good Time Was Had By All has been getting play on college radio, and is complete with amazing piano work and perfect harmonies that hit just when you’re not expect-

Local Indie-Pop Group Kicks Out Floating, Danceable Jams ing. From the up-tempo piano mixed with a honky tonk breakdown of “Pretty Girl” to “Hold Her Tight” jumping between do-wop and hip-hop, to the guitar riff power pop of “Vroom Vroom” (Tim Evenson from We All Have Hooks For Hands helps out live on occasion), listening to the entire disc without at least tapping your foot in almost impossible. “We love Beatles, the Beach Boys, all kinds of pop music,” Leo Vondracek, bass and vocals, says. “Billy Billy Joel, Ben Folds Five, Chicago...Carole King? That pounding piano music,” Chris lists as his influences, “I love old melodies...I shouldn’t say old, I should say classic, of the rock genre....we want to cue the audience in a little bit, don’t want to make it heavy-handed... we’re not just a re-enactment band. I just don’t want to be pastiche.” Seeing them live defies what you know about bands playing in little halls. Even as the opening band they make the crowd dance, and that’s not what opening bands should be able to do. By the time they step off the stage, all three members are soaked with sweat through their trademark gold and white outfits. If the outfits are getting as much attention as the music, the

band says that’s the idea. “The costumes aren’t supposed to be ironic, I think bands should perform,” Chris says, “We try to conjure up some of the mystique, dazzling stuff you had with costumes.” “I want to be a pop Kiss. That’s what I want to be. That’s my dream,” Leo says, “I don’t like Kiss’ music, but I want to be a pop Kiss.” The Golden Bubbles aren’t a joke band, they just want to see you dance. The CD release show is at Nutty’s North on Thursday, June 25th. To get more updates visit myspace. com/thegoldenbubbles or join their e-mail list by writing to

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