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New Camellia

Busan-F u k u o k a d a i l y f e r r y

.,L Cam e llia Line Co


All AllAbout About

■Prescribed ■Prescribed Number ofNumber Passengers of Passen (Number (Number of Passengers of Passengers Sold) So                         647(522) 647(5 ■Gross ■Gross Tons   19,961tons Tons   19,961t ■Length   ■Length               170m 17 ■Breadth       ■Breadth         24m   2 ■Draft           ■Draft           6m ■Dead Weight   ■Dead Weight   4,500tons 4,500t ■Main Engine  ■Main Engine  18PC2-6V×2 18PC2-6V ■Horsepower   27,000ps ■Horsepower   27,00 ■Speed   ■Speed           23.5kt    23


The name The of name the of ship the is ship derived is derived from the from “camellia” the“camellia” , which, which is the city is the flower city flower of Busan of Busan City, City and the and “Camellia the “Camellia sasanqua” sasanqua” , which , which is the iscity theflower city flower of Fukuoka of Fukuoka City. The City.common The commo element element sharedshared in the in names the names of the of flowers the flowers of the of two the cities two connected cities connected by theby sea the route sea rout sailed sailed by thisby ship this was ship used wasto used name to the name vessel the vessel the“New the“New Camellia.” Camellia.”

etable Timetabl Time

Departure Departure Time Time Destination DestinationImmigration Immigration Time Time Arrival Arrival Time Time

19:00∼19:40 19:00∼19:40 22:30 morning Next morning 7:307:30 Busan→Hakata Busan→Hakata 22:30 Next (Start Time(Start of Disembarkation) Time of Disembarkation) (Boarding(Boarding by 8pm) by 8pm) Hakata→Busan Hakata→Busan 11:00∼12:10 11:00∼12:10 12:30 12:30

18:00 18:00

※Please complete ※Pleasethe complete boarding theprocedure boarding before procedure the immigration before the immigration process starts. process Thank starts. you Thank for youryou cooperation. for your cooperation. ※The ferry※The service ferry usually service operates usually7 operates times per7week, times but per in week, somebut months in some themonths ferry does the not ferryoperate does not on operate certain days. on certain Please days. contact Please us contact for details. us for detai ※The arrival ※The timearrival at Busan timemay at Busan change may depending change depending on the weather. on the weather.

Access Access BusanBusan Port Port


Subway Line 1

Hakata Port Hakata Port International International Terminal Terminal

Hakata Pier Hakata Pier Urban Urban Expressway Expressway Marine Messe Marine Messe

Busan Station

Busan Port Busan Port International International PassengerPassenger Terminal Terminal Chungjangro

Subway Line 1

Busan Busan Metro Station


Busan Metro Station

Hakata Hakata Port Port

Sunpalace Route 3 Route 3 Convention Center ConventionSunpalace Center u hu sh us To Karatsu To Karatsu yu Showa-dori Ave. Showa-dori Ave. k ky ita ita Tenjin Tenjin oK oK T T GofukumachiGofukumachi Metoro Station Metoro Station Gion Nakasu-Kawabata Nakasu-Kawabata Nishitetsu Nishitetsu Subway Metoro Station Metoro Station Station Fukuoka Station Fukuoka Station

jun jun ga ga n ngro ng eongro aechgeo Me Me Daech D tro tro St S ati Yongdusan Park Yongdusan Park tatio International International on n Market Market

ta Sumiyoshi-dori Sumiyoshi-dori Ave. Ave. aka H


Baggage Baggage Fare Fare (KRW)



Classification Classification Regular baggage Regular baggage (1 piece) (1 piece)

on tati aS Fukuoka kat a Airport H

(Reception: (Reception: 3:30 PM-6:30 3:30 PM-6:30 PM) PM

Up to 20kg Up to 20kg 5,000


Each baggage Each baggage in excess in of excess 5kg of 5kg 1,000

Special Special Baggage Baggage Prescribed Prescribed fare will fare apply. willPlease apply. ask Please our ask staffour for staff the details. for the details. ※Bicycles※Bicycles may be checked may be in checked for 10,000W in for 10,000W per bicycle. per bicycle.



Fukuoka Airport

・Take a bus ・Take #88 abound bus #88 for Hakata bound for Port Hakata International Port International Terminal Terminal (Chuo Futo) (Chuo from Futo) Hakata from Station Hakata andStation 15 minand ride15 min ride ・Take a bus ・Take #80 abound bus #80 for Hakata bound for Port Hakata International Port International Terminal Terminal (Chuo Futo) (Chuo from Futo) Tenjinfrom and Tenjin 10 minand ride10 min ride ・20 min by・20 taximin from byFukuoka taxi fromAirport Fukuoka Airport

・15 min walk ・15from min Busan walk from Station. Busan Station. ・40 min by・40 taximin from byGimpo taxi from International Gimpo International Airport  Airport  ・5 min by ・ taxi 5 min from bySubway taxi from Jungang SubwayStation Jungang Station


tion Sta

Gion Subway Station



person/KRW) (1 person/KRW) ssenger Passenger Fare (1 Fare

Classification Classification Royal


Deluxe Deluxe




First Class First Class

Second Second Class Class

Twin JapaneseJapanese Style Western Style Style Western Style

120,000120,000 140,000140,000 120,000120,000 90,000 90,000 Adult One Adult WayOne Way200,000200,000160,000160,000

380,000380,000304,000304,000 228,000228,000 266,000266,000 228,000228,000 171,000171,000 Adults Round-trip Adults Round-trip Students Students (12-29 years (12-29 old) years old)


160,000160,000 128,000128,000 112,000112,00096,000 96,000 96,000 96,00072,000 72,000

※20% OFF ※20% OFF

ChildrenChildren One WayOne Way

70,000 70,00060,000 60,000 60,000 60,00045,000 45,000

(6-11 years (6-11 old) years old)100,000 100,000 ※50% OFF ※50% OFF

Preschool Preschool ChildrenChildren (2-5 years (2-5 old) years old) ※80% OFF ※80% OFF


28,000 28,00024,000 24,000 24,000 24,00018,000 18,000

40,000 40,000


(0-1 year(0-1 old)year old) ※100% OFF ※100% OFF




Free Free

Free Free

Free Free

Free Free


servations ※Reservations are accepted are from accepted three months from three priormonths to the departure prior to thedate. departure  ※Round-trip date.  ※Round-trip fare only applies fare only to a applies reservation to a being reservation made being withinmade six months within of sixthe months date of of the date of ※Infant issue. under ※Infant the age under of 1the year age is free of 1 of year charge, is freeup ofto charge, one infant up toper one accompanying infant per accompanying adult. (However, adult.another (However, or others another willorbe others required will to be pay required preschool to paychildren’ preschool s children’ s  ※Tofare.) ※To apply student apply discounts, studentyou discounts, are required you are to show required yourtostudent show your ID orstudent certificate ID orwith certificate expiration withdate expiration when you datepurchase when you a ticket. purchase (Only a ticket. applied (Only to those applied under to those under ge of 30.) ※One the age of 30.) ※One companion accompanying companion accompanying a person with a person a disability with (who a disability has identification (who has identification showing they showing are a person they are with a person a physical withdisability) a physicalwill disability) receive will the receive the discount same offer. discount ※Identification offer. ※Identification showing theshowing disability themust disability be presented. ※Terminal must be presented. ※Terminal usage fee will usage apply feeboth will at apply Hakata both and at Hakata Busan and Port.Busan  ※Besides Port.  ※Besides the the nger fare, passenger fuel surcharge fare, fuelmay surcharge apply. ※If may apply. ※If you purchase youa purchase boarding a ticket boarding at Hakata, ticket please at Hakata, contact please ourcontact agent Camellia our agentLine Camellia Co., Ltd Line at Co., 092-262-2323. Ltd at 092-262-2323.

(1 person/KRW) (1 person/KRW) oupGroup Discount Discount Fare Fare

Classification Classification Royal

Royal Single

Deluxe Deluxe Single


First Class First Class

Second Class Second Class

Twin JapaneseJapanese Style Western Style Style Western Style

gular Group Regular (Over Group 15 persons) (Over 15 persons) 126,000126,000 108,000108,000 180,000180,000 144,000144,000 108,000108,000 81,000 81,000 ※10% OFF ※10% OFF

dent Group Student (Over Group the age (Over of the 15) age of 15) ※25% OFF ※25% OFF

150,000150,000 120,000120,000 105,000105,000 90,000 90,00090,000 90,000 67,500 67,500

If there isIfathere designated is a designated boardingboarding date(1 person/KRW) date(1 person/KRW) ncellation Cancellation of a reservation of a reservation

boarding of boarding (The day) (The day) 2 days 2 days 1 Day 1 DayDate of Date 8 days 8 days 7-3 days7-3 days Cancellation Cancellation before before before before before beforebefore before 2 hours before 2 hours before 2 hours before 2 hours - Departure before - Departure Cancellation Cancellation Fee Fee 100% of the 100% 18:00 of the 18:00

(From Busan (From Port) Busan Port)

of 30% a passenger fare ∼18 :00∼18 of a passenger fare :00 passenger passenger fare ∼20:00 fare ∼20:00 10% of 10% a of30% a

3,000 3,000 Cancellation Cancellation Fee Fee 100%10:30 of the passenger passenger fare 30% fareof 30% a passenger of a passenger fare ∼10 fare :30∼10100% :30 of the

10:30 passenger passenger fare ∼12:30 fare ∼12:30

From Hakata (FromPort) Hakata Port)

ou have If you anhave openan ticket open without ticket without designated designated boarding boarding date date

within●If thewithin valid the period valid 10% period of the 10% passenger of the passenger fare  ●No fare refund  ●No 6 refund months6after months purchase after purchase date. date. e accept a refund if youonly contact uscontact before the boarding ※We acceptonly a refund if you us before thedate. boarding date. efund A process made atisthe office and issue withinand 30 within days from the scheduled boarding date. refundisprocess made at of theticket officeissue of ticket 30 days from the scheduled boarding date.

(KRW) (KRW) arter Charter Fee (Room Fee (Room charge) charge)

yal Royal uxe Deluxe

2 passengers 2 passengers 2 passengers 2 passengers

2-3 passengers 2-3 passengers only only 2 passengers 2 passengers only only

uxe (Japanese Deluxe (Japanese style) style)

2-3 passengers 2-3 passengers

2-3 passengers 2-3 passengers only only

t Class First (Western Class (Western style) style) 2 passengers 2 passengers One Person One Use Person Use t Class First (Western Class (Western style) style) 4 passengers 4 passengers Three Persons Three Persons Use Use

30,000 30,000 No extraNo charge extra charge

t Class First (Japanese Class (Japanese style) style) 5 passengers 5 passengers Three Persons Three Persons Use Use

30,000 30,000

t Class First (Japanese Class (Japanese style) style) 5 passengers 5 passengers Four Persons Four Persons Use Use

No extraNo charge extra charge

e are ※We not able aretonot accept able to a capacity accept a other capacity thanother above. than above.   ildren※Children under the under age ofthe 12 age must ofbe 12accompanied must be accompanied by a parent/guardian by a parent/guardian in order toinuse order a 1st to use or higher a 1st grade or higher room. grade room.

hicle Vehicle FaresFares The fare The includes fare includes a roundtrip a roundtrip 2nd class2nd ticket class forticket one driver. for one (KRW) driver.(KRW)(Revised (Revised in October in 2016) October 2016)

ype of Type Vehicle of Vehicle

Roundtrip Roundtrip Fare Fare

Automobile Automobile

Special Special Vehicle Vehicle

Motorcycle Motorcycle




nly motorcycles ※Only motorcycles with engine with displacement engine displacement of 250cc of or 250cc higher are or higher allowed areonallowed board. on   board.   ease make ※Please a reservation make a reservation one week one before week thebefore departure the departure date. date. ease contact ※Pleaseuscontact for the us details for the of details vehicle-related of vehicle-related procedures procedures and the price. and the price.



Space Space Relaxing Relaxing Luxury Luxury

GUEST GUESTROOMS ROOMS The The Guest Guest rooms rooms of New of New Camellia Camellia is a hotel is a hotel on the on the sea.sea. Guests Guests can can enjoy enjoy a luxurious a luxurious timetime in a in relaxing a relaxing space. space. ※We accept ※We a change accept of a change room after of room boarding after boarding at the information at the information desk. Please desk. feelPlease free tofeel contact free to us.

Royal Royal The room The features room features excellent excellent habitability habitability like like a suite a in suite a hotel in a hotel and chic andinterior. chic interior. You can You can command command a magnificent a magnificent view of view theof sea the from sea from the private the private deck and deckcan andenjoy can enjoy the finest the finest luxuryluxury

View from View the from the private private deck is deck is absolutely absolutely amazing! amazing!

[Number [Number of Passengers/Rooms] of Passengers/Rooms] Passengers: Passengers: 2 (3) persons/Rooms: 2 (3) persons/Rooms: 2 2 [Equipment] [Equipment] Prefabricated Prefabricated bath and bath toilet andPrivate toilet Private deck, deck, Walk-inWalk-in Closet,Closet, TV, TV, Refrigerator Refrigerator

Deluxe Deluxe Single Single

Deluxe Deluxe Twin Twin

[Number [Number of Passengers/Rooms] of Passengers/ WesternWestern Style Room: Style Room: Passengers: Passengers: 2 persons/Rooms: 2 persons/ [Number [Number of Passengers/Rooms] of Passengers/Rooms] The deluxe The deluxe twin makes twin makes your your A comfortable A comfortable space space with with Mixed Western Mixed Western and Japanes and J Passengers: Passengers: cruise experience cruise experience even more even more Style Room: Style2Room: (3) 2 (3) a touch a touch of highofclass highinclass a 1in a 1 person/Rooms: person/Rooms: 4 4 persons/Rooms: persons/Rooms: 2 2 memorable. memorable. [Equipment] [Equipment] Prefabricated Prefabricated urban hotel urbanoffers hotelaoffers stylish a stylish [Equipment] [Equipment] Prefabricated Prefabr Weboth haveWestern both Western style style shower, shower, Toilet, Cloak, Toilet, TV, Cloak, TV,We have shower, shower, Toilet, Cloak, Toilet, TV, Cloak day cruise. day cruise. Refrigerator Refrigerator and Japanese and Japanese style rooms. style rooms.Refrigerator Refrigerator



First First ClassClass Japanese Japanese StyleStyle RoomRoom A A A habitable A habitable spacespace creates creates a Japanese a Japanese style ambience style ambience and isand perfect is perfect for families. for families. [Number[Number of Passengers/Rooms] of Passengers/Rooms] Passengers: Passengers: 4-5 persons/Rooms: 4-5 persons/Rooms: 21 21 [Equipment] [Equipment] WashingWashing Basin, Basin, Closet, Closet, TV, Table TV, Table

[Number[Number of Passengers/Rooms] of Passengers/Rooms] Passengers: Passengers: 2 persons/Rooms: 2 persons/Rooms: 22 22 [Equipment] [Equipment] WashingWashing Basin, Basin, Cloak,TV, Cloak,TV, Chair, Table Chair, Table

s] s/Rooms] oomger s/Rsen sen Pas of Pas r ger mbe [Number of [Nu s:sengers: Passenger Pas 12ooms: 12 oom sons:s/R per 4 person4s/R in,ng Basin, Basshi ng Wa shint] Wame nt]uip [Equipme[Eq bleair, Table Ta , , Ch , Ch TV ak,air Cloak, TV Clo

First Class First Class Western Western StyleStyle RoomRoom C C

irst Class First Class Western Western tyleStyle RoomRoom B B

The basic Thebright basic bright space space is perfect is perfect for a group for a group of up to of4. up to 4.

houghtfully Thoughtfully designed designed space with space functionality with functionality ffers privacy offers privacy and comfort. and comfort.

NewNew Camellia Camellia staff staff will will make make your your triptrip more more comfortable comfortable andand easier. easier.

4 e

[Number[Number of Passengers/Rooms] of Passengers/Rooms] Passengers: Passengers: 11-24 persons 11-24 persons Rooms:Rooms: 24 24 [Equipment] [Equipment] ChangingChanging Room, TVRoom, TV

Second Second ClassClass RoomRoom

Futuristic Futuristic spacespace with exibility with exibility and privacy and privacy provides provides an innovative an innovative casualcasual cruise experience. cruise experience.



Experience Experience Cruising Cruising Grade Grade High High


TheThe boat boat complete complete with with plenty plenty of amenities of amenities provides provides a a public public space space where where passengers passengers cancan enhance enhance their their cruise cruise experience. experience.

Entrance Entrance A free A free relaxing relaxing and and comfortable comfortable space. space. Enjoy Enjoy the sense the sense of openness of openness in a large in a large ferry.ferry.

n an a laxeldaxied i FeelFereel urse ruosomr.oom. spacsipoacio

Restaurant Restaurant This This authentic authentic restaurant restaurant provides provides not only not only Korean Korean cuisine cuisine but also but also NewNew Camellia Camellia original original Japanese Japanese and and Western Western cuisines. cuisines.

FeelFereellarela viewvioefw tohfxetdhxweidthwiath a e sterasittrsa!its!

Observatory Observatory Spa Spa Bath Bath A spacious A spacious observatory observatory spa spa bathbath relieves relieves youryour fatigue fatigue whilewhile travelling. travelling. Enjoy Enjoy a soothing a soothing bathbath experience experience on aon boat. a boat.




Duty Duty Free Free Shops Shops and and GiftGift Shops Shops TheyThey provide provide a wide a wide range range of products of products from from alcoholic alcoholic drinks, drinks, tobaccos tobaccos and and cosmetics cosmetics to to souvenirs souvenirs and and other other dailydaily amenities. amenities. Enjoy Enjoy dutyduty free free shopping shopping aboard aboard the the international international ferry.ferry.

on on selescetliecti A goAodgooodducotdsucts of porf pr

of of PlenPtlyentfyoodf!ood! us us delidceiloicio

Makes Makes youryour cruise cruise experience experience more more enjoyable! enjoyable!

apcaec!e! p S S y y it it n n e e m m A A f f o o FuFllull




inairnsars KDLQ KHLQH ForFosremsenmtsn!ts! F F D 0 0   e e v v J J LQGLQ andaned e QHGQ 9H9 Multipurpose tipurpose Hall Hall

An exceptional An exceptional space space can be can used be used for various for various occasions occasions such such as small as small groupgroup seminars seminars and training. and training.

̪Fee ̪Fee appliesapplies A reservation A reservation needed. needed. PleasePlease contact contact us forusdetails. for details.





Narayamachi Narayamachi

Komondomachi Komondomachi


Tsumashoji Tsumashoji

Kuramoto K

Hakata Hakata Bay Bay For Uminonakamichi For Uminonakamichi Momochi Momochi seaside seaside Park Park Marizon Marizon

쇼와 도 쇼와 오리 도오 리

Fukuoka Fukuoka Yahuoku! Yahuoku! Dome Dome Fukuoka Fukuoka SRP SRP Fukuoka Fukuoka CenterCenter Bldg. Bldg. TowerTower HawksHawks Town Mall Town Mall TNC TNC 후쿠오카 후쿠오카 현립 현립 Robosquare Robosquare 미술관미술관 Fukuoka Fukuoka City City Consulate Consulate General General Museum Museum 스자키 스자키 공원 공원 of the Republic of the Republic Fukuoka Fukuoka City City of Korea of in Korea Fukuoka in Fukuoka Public Library Public Library

시모카와 시모카와

바타마치 바타마치 TENJIN TENJIN 하카타자 하카타자 하카타하카타 리버레인 리버레인 AREA AREA 이니미니마니모 이니미니마니모

Yoka Yoka TopiaTopia StreetStreet

The heart The heart of Fukuoka of Fukuoka where where Ka 후쿠오카 후쿠오카 가가미 가가미 department department stores stores and condo and condo 아시아 아시아 신사 신사 미술관 미술관 buildings buildings line on lineboth on both sidessides of of Watanabe Watanabe Street. Street. ThereThere are many are many unique unique select select shops, shops, hideaway hideaway 나카스 나카스 5쵸메 5쵸메 Kamigate'sgate's restaurants restaurants and cafés and cafés with good with good Shopp atmosphere in a back in a back alley.alley. Arcad Fukuoka Fukuoka City City atmosphere

MOMOCHI MOMOCHI AREA AREA 복지센터 복지센터 You can Youcommand can command a panoramic a panoramic 텐진키타텐진키타 다이에다이에 쇼퍼즈쇼퍼즈 view view of Fukuoka of Fukuoka City from City from 안코쿠지 안코쿠지 Fukuoka Fukuoka Tower, Tower, one of one theof the 나가하마 나가하마 공원 공원 landmarks landmarks in Fukuoka! in Fukuoka! ThereThere are Yahuoku are Yahuoku DomeDome and and mina tenjin mina tenjin Momochi Momochi Beach Beach nearby. nearby.

마이즈루 마이즈루 1쵸메1쵸메

SuikyoSuikyo Tenmangu Tenmangu ShrineShrine ACROS ACROS Fukuoka Fukuoka

TenjinTenjin FukuokaFukuoka Bldg. Bldg. Fukuoka Fukuoka PARCO PARCO TENJIN TENJIN Tenjin Tenjin CORE CORE VIVRE VIVRE Platform Platform 2A 2A I GA IKA CH JIN I TEN GA IKA CH JIN TEN

Tenjin Tenjin Nishi Nishi


e. e. ri Av ri Av i-do i-do Meij Meij


Av ro r do do Tenjin Tenjin 1-chome 1-chome Nishinakasu Nishinakasu utai utaiN 1 k k ak Fukuoka Fukuoka TenjinTenjin Central Central Park Park Ko Ko a City Hall City Hall

IMS Freai Freai HirobaHiroba

Haruyoshi Haruyoshi

IWATAYA IWATAYA SOLARIA SOLARIA DAIMARU DAIMARU Nishitetsu Nishitetsu FUKUOKA PLAZA PLAZA FUKUOKA Tenjinminami Tenjinminami Fukuoka Fukuoka (Tenjin)(Tenjin) TENJINSubway TENJIN Subway Station Station StationStation MITSUKOSHI MITSUKOSHI Tenjin Tenjin 2-chome 2-chome Nishitetsu Nishitetsu TenjinTenjin Bus Center Bus Center Bus) Bus) Kego Kego Park (Highway Park (Highway

Haruyoshi Haruyoshi 3-chome 3-chome




ve. ri A



ve ri A






Daimyo 2-chome Daimyo 2-chome






Fukuoka Fukuoka City City NPO &NPO Volunteer & Volunteer Exchange Exchange Center Center


Fukuoka Fukuoka City City Tourist Tourist Information Information Center Center (Tenjin) (Tenjin)

Nakasu Nakas 4-c

Fukuhaku Fukuhaku deai-bashi deai-bashi BridgeBridge

Tenjin Tenjin Subway Subway StationStation TenjinTenjin Bldg. Bldg.

Akasaka Akasaka 1-chome 1-chome

나카스나카스 3쵸메3쵸메

Nichigin-mae Nichigin-mae Akarenga Akarenga Cultural Cultural Center Center

Tenjinbashiguchi Tenjinbashiguchi

ve. ve. ori A ori A wa-d wa-d Sho Sho

Tsunabamachi Tsunabam

Watanabedori Watanabedori 4 4

Kegojinja Kegojinja Bic Camera Bic Camera

Watanabedori Watanabedori 5-chome 5-chome

Hakozaki Hakozaki LineLine Gion Gion

Hakata Watanabe-dori Watanabe-dori Hakata Yakuin

Yakuin Yakuin-odori

Yakuin-odori Sakurazaka

Sakurazaka Ropponmatsu

Ropponmatsu Befu

Chayama Befu

Chayama Kanayama

Kanayama Nanakuma

Nanakuma Fukudai-mae

Fukudai-mae Umebayashi

Umebayashi Noke

Noke Kamo

Kamo Jiromaru


Jiromaru Hashimoto




Kaizuka Hakozaki-Kyudaimae

Hakozaki-Kyudaimae Hakozaki-Miyamae

Hakozaki-Miyamae Maidashi-Kyudaibyoinmae

Nanakuma Nanakuma LineLine

Chiyo-Kenchoguchi Gofukumachi

TenjinTenjin minami minami


















Kuko Kuko LineLine

Nakasu-Kawabata Tenjin

Fukuoka Fukuoka City City Subway Subway Route Route Map Map

Maidashi-Kyudaibyoinmae Chiyo-Kenchoguchi

i ca i-Fni can Wi-F e fre eW free The Th aybway sualbw l su allat ated edus be us be at.ions. statio stns

Ha 1-

Higashihie Higashihie

Fukuokakuko Fukuokakuko (Airport) (Airport)

Nakagofukumachi akagofukumachi Kamigofukumachi Kamigofukumachi Katakasu Katakasu 4-chome 4-chome


Gofukumachi Gofukumachi

Gofukumachi Gofukumachi Subway Subway Station Station Shofukuji Shofukuji Temple Temple

Tenyamachi Tenyamachi

T ih aih ak ak u- udo do ri r A i A Tochoji Tochoji ve ve . Temple . Temple

JR Hakata JR Hakata Station Station is home is home to theto the railroad railroad lines lines of Kyushu of Kyushu including including Shinkansen Shinkansen and JR andtrains. JR trains. It’ s very It’ s very convenient convenient that bus thatterminal bus terminal is is directly directly connected connected to subway to subway station. station.


Myorakuji Myorakuji Temple Temple

JotenjiJotenji Waka Waka Hachimangu Temple Temple Hachimangu ShrineShrine

Reisenmachi Reisenmachi ami-Kawabatamachi awabatamachi

미카미카 사가사가 와강와강

sen Reisen Park Park

Hakata Hakata Traditional Traditional Craft and Kawabata ata Craft and Hakata Hakata Machiya Machiya Design Museum Museum ing Design Folk Museum Folk Museum e Kushida Kushida ShrineShrine

Gionmachi Gionmachi

Dekimachi Dekimachi Park Park

Gion Subway Gion Subway Station Station Shokokaigisho Shokokaigisho Iriguchi Iriguchi

KushidaKushida Jinja Iriguchi Jinja Iriguchi

Hakata Hakata Ekimae Ekimae 1-chome 1-chome


Hakata Ekimae Hakata1Ekimae 1

Gourmet Gourmet City

Gionmachi Gionmachi Nishi Nishi su chome 2-chome City

suNakasu 1 1


shi ruyoshi me chome

Sumiyoshi Sumiyoshi 1-chome 1-chome Sumiyosh Sumiyosh 2-chome 2-chome

Platform Platform A A Platform E Platform E

Hakata Hakata Subway Subway Station Station Nishi-Nippon Nishi-Nippon City Bank City Bank

Meiji Meiji Park Park


JR Hakata Station

CanalCanal City City SeiryuSeiryu Hakata Hakata Park Park

A large-scale A large-scale commercial commercial complex complex located located in between in between TenjinTenjin and and 하카타 경찰서 하카타 입구 경찰서 입구houses Hakata. Hakata. It houses It tons tons of clothing of clothing shopsshops and restaurants, and restaurants, as well as as well a as a 하카타구청 하카타구청 남쪽 입구남쪽 입구 moviemovie theater theater and aand theater. a theater. The The Raumen Raumen Stadium Stadium here here is very is very popular popular among among foreign foreign tourists. tourists.

JR Hakata Station

CanalCanal City City Theater Theater

Hakata River

Ri ve r

Hakata River

e. Nakasu su 1-chome me


HakataekiHakataeki Higashi Higashi

Hakata Hakata Bus Terminal Bus Terminal


Hakata Ekimae Hakata3Ekimae 3

Hakata Hakata Ekimae Ekimae 3-chome 3-chome

Hakata Hakata Station Station General General Information Information Center Center

Free Free Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Access Access Area Area PhotoPhoto provided provided by:福岡市 by:福岡市

Rakusuien Rakusuien Garden Garden

Tenjin) Tenjin) (Hakata, (Hakata, Center Center City City ⇔⇔ Port Port Hakata Hakata to to Access Access Subway Subway

Nishitetsu Nishitetsu Bus Bus

From From Hakata Hakata PortPort International International Terminal Terminal to City to City Center Center

하카타항 하카타항 국제국제 터미널⇔시내 터미널⇔시내

■Hakata ■Hakata Port International Port International Terminal Terminal → → ■Hakata ■Hakata Port International Port International Terminal Terminal → Tenjin → Tenjin ¥190 ¥190 ■Hakata ■Hakata Port International Port International Terminal Terminal ⇔ ⇔  Hakata/Tenjin  Hakata/Tenjin \200 \200  Bus Bus 80, 55, 80, Limited 55, Limited Express Express 151, 151, Hakata Hakata Sation Sation ¥230¥230  20 min  20walk min to walk Gofukumachi to Gofukumachi Subway Subway Station Station  Limited  Limited Express Express 152 152  Bus Bus 11, 19, 11,50 19, 50  10to min Hakata to Hakata Subway Subway Station, Station, off at off Tenjin at Tenjin Kita, Tenjin Kita, Tenjin Core-mae Core-mae or or  10 min Get off Get atoff Hakata at Hakata Ekimae Ekimae A stop. A stop. 20 min 20 Get min  Get  5 min  5to min Tenjin to Tenjin Station Station  Tenjin  Tenjin Daimaru-mae Daimaru-mae stop stop 15 min 15ride min ride  ※Bus  ※Bus 80 stops 80 stops at Tenjin at Tenjin Core-mae Core-mae stop stop ■From ■From Hakata Hakata Station Station → → ■From ■From TenjinTenjin Station Station → →  Hakata  Hakata Port International Port International Terminal Terminal ¥190¥190  Hakata  Hakata Port International Port International Terminal Terminal ¥230¥230  Tenjin  Tenjin Solaria Solaria Stage-mae Stage-mae Platform Platform 2A 2A  Hakata  Hakata Station Station CenterCenter Bldg-mae Bldg-mae Platform Platform E E  Bus  Bus 80 80  Bus Bus 88 88 off atoff Hakata at Hakata Port International Port International  Get Get off atoff Hakata at Hakata Port International Port International  Get Get  Terminal  Terminal stop stop 15 min 15ride min ride  Terminal  Terminal stop stop 20 min 20ride min ride

Taxi Taxi

HakataHakata Port International Port International Terminal Terminal ⇔ City⇔Center City Center ■Hakata ■Hakata Port International Port International Terminal Terminal ⇔ ⇔  Hakata  Hakata Station Station  ¥1,200∼¥1,800  ¥1,200∼¥1,800 20 min 20ride min ride ■Hakata ■Hakata Port International Port International Terminal Terminal ⇔ Tenjin ⇔ Tenjin  ¥1,000∼¥1,500  ¥1,000∼¥1,500 15 min 15ride min ride

※This ※This information information is current is current as of October as of October 2016. 2016. ※Times ※Times and prices and prices are subject are subject to change to change depending depending on traffic on conditions. traffic conditions.



Pl Pl ay aythe theFUKUOK FUKUO AfterAfter a relaxing a relaxing cruise cruise with Camellia, with Camellia, it’s time it’s time for a for sightseeing a sightseeing tour of tour Fukuoka. of Fukuoka. HereHere you can you enjoy can enjoy shopping shopping and delicious and delicious food,food, as well as as well encounter as encounter the history the history and culture and culture of Japan. of Japan. Photo provided Photo provided by:福岡市 by:福岡市

Dom u!uok u!eDome a Yah a Yah uokuok Fukuok Fuk The ground home of ground of Fukuoka The home Fukuoka HAWKS baseball team. SoftbankSoftbank HAWKS baseball team. Besides baseball Besides games, baseballthe games, domethe dome holds various holdstypes various of events types of such events such as concerts as concerts and expos. and expos. 2-2-2 Chikouhama, 2-2-2 Chikouhama, Chuou-ku, Chuou-ku, Fukuoka Fukuoka City City ☎092-847-1006 ☎092-847-1006

One of On thee of landth landmarks m e ks in Fukuok in Fuar a! kuoka!

vierawmic view c no noraamipa pars a fe Offers Of ! ! wn to of the of the town

a Tow uokaerTower Fukuok Fuk One of the One landmarks of the landmarks in Fukuoka, in Fukuoka, the towerthe is 234m towertall is 234m and covered tall and covered by as many by as as 8000 manyhalf as 8000 mirrors. halfYou mirrors. can command You can command a panoramic a panoramic view view of Fukuoka of Fukuoka City from City the observatory from the observatory at 123m above at 123m the above ground. the ground. 2-3-26 Momochihama, 2-3-26 Momochihama, Sawara-ku, Sawara-ku, Fukuoka Fukuoka City City ☎092-823-0234 ☎092-823-0234

ineShrine Shrgu d d guman man Ten Ten aifu Daz t diflsp oalatyedisplayeDazaifu floa tion Decorati Deoncora a a is is The is dedicated to Sugawara Michizane, the god o The shrine is shrine dedicated to Sugawara Michizane, the god of emeises premises on theonprth and is filled with visitors throughout year. of An array o study andstudy is filled with visitors throughout the year. the An array ! -see! eest shops lineapproach on the approach to thePopular shrine. Popula souvenir souvenir shops line on the to the shrine. must-smu

a Shr a Shrine hidine Kushid Kus

localUmegaemochi sweets Umegaemochi a must local sweets is a must is eat food!eat food! 4-7-1Dazaifu Dazaifu,City Dazaifu City 4-7-1 Dazaifu, ☎092-922-8225 ☎092-922-8225

This shrine is dedicated to This shrine is dedicated to Hakata Gion Yamakasa Hakata Gion Yamakasa Festival. Festival. It’ s known It’ s as known as “Okushida-san” among among “Okushida-san” locals. locals. 1-41 Kamikawabata-machi, 1-41 Kamikawabata-machi, Hakata-ku, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka Fukuoka City City ☎092-291-2951 ☎092-291-2951

a Area Are asu Nakasu Nak

The Nakasu area located in between Tenjin and The Nakasu area located in between Tenjin and Hakata contains many bars andbars restaurants. You canYou can Hakata contains many and restaurants. savor local food and tasty sake at sake food at stalls lined savor local food and tasty food stalls lined along the river.the river. along

a Area Arejin TenjinTen

You must come to come Tenjinto if Tenjin you are in Fukuoka. You must if shopping you are shopping in Fukuoka. There are a row of adepartment stores, shopping buildings, There are row of department stores, shopping buildings, unique shops cafes. uniqueand shops and cafes.



A mea A mea ty ty of off otfextofufretexture al is al is delicio delicio us! us!


enmen nemRa Bo BoRa rkne PorkPo It features It features pork bone pork soup bone and soup and a good a texture good of texture noodles. of noodles. You You can choose can choose the firmness the firmness of of your noodles. your noodles. Picking Picking a solid a solid texture is texture Hakata is style. Hakata style.


ottpot Ho l Ho ffaltp OffaO

Full of collagen Full of collagen and its and rich its flavor richisflavor is very popular! very popular!

Fukuoka Fukuoka is famous is famous for its for delicious its delicious FromFrom ramen ramen to offal to offal and and chicken chicken hotpots, hotpots, you should you should definitely definitely try them try them out! out!

ndon UdoU

HakataHakata is the isbirthplace the birthplace of of Udon noodles. Udon noodles. The best The choice best choice on theon menu the is menu soft isnoodles soft noodles with burdock with burdock tempura tempura topping. topping.

to kitori ari YakiY

sides Besides chicken, chicken, you will you find will find ewered skewered beef and beef pork andinpork the in the kataHakata style yakitori. style yakitori. Another Another aturefeature of the Hakata of the Hakata style is style that is that u get you served get served a bowl a of bowl of opped chopped cabbage cabbage with special with special uce when sauceyou when sit down. you sit down.

ottpot Hontp Ho n ke keic ChicCh You should You should try thetry delicious the delicious taste of taste of chickenchicken and vegetables and vegetables that can that becan onlybe only enjoyed enjoyed in Fukuoka. in Fukuoka.

Beyond Beyondthe theKyushu! Kyushu!

sch Bosch Ten Ten isBo Huis Hu

t Spring Hot Sp Horing

This theme recreates a town with its with European style Thispark theme park recreates a town its European style buildingsbuildings in the specious premises. Surrounded by trees by and in the specious premises. Surrounded trees andKyushu isKyushu one ofisthe main hot main spring areas. There are famous spring tourist one of the hot spring areas. There arehot famous hot spring tourist plants, the parktheshows faces from to plants, park different shows different facesseason from season tospots: Yufuin and Beppu inBeppu Oita, Kurokawa in Kumamoto, Ibusuki inIbusuki Kagoshima. All spots: Yufuin and in Oita, Kurokawa in Kumamoto, in Kagoshima. All season. It’ s also It’ spotted amusement facilities, facilities, restaurants season. s also with spotted with amusement restaurantsprefectures in Kyushuinare easilyare accessible from Fukuoka. Recommended to enjoy to enjoy prefectures Kyushu easily accessible from Fukuoka. Recommended and hotels. and hotels. hot springs each area. hotinsprings in each area. 1-1 Huis Ten Bosch-machi, Sasebo City, Nagasaki 1-1 Huis Ten Bosch-machi, Sasebo City, Nagasaki ☎0570-064-110 ☎0570-064-110



Basic Travel Conversation Dialog

Let’ s enjoy Japanese conversation with this list of dialog!


Do you have any recommendation?

I ’ll t a ke t hi s .

こんにちは Konnichiwa

オススメありますか? Osusume arimasuka?

これください Korekudasai

Thank you ありがとうございます Arigatougozaimasu

Do you have a English menu? 英語のメニューありますか? Eigono menu arimasuka?

How much is it?

Excuse me

Beer, please

Can I try it on?

すみません Sumimasen

とりあえず、 ビール Toriaezu Bi-ru

試着できますか? Shicyaku dekimasuka?

I’ m OK.

Water, please

Receipt, please.

大丈夫です Daijyoubudesu

水をください Mizuwo kudasai

領収書ください Ryousyusyowo kudasai

いくらですか? Ikuradesuka?

Y e s /N o

A n o th er p lease

I want to go ***

はい/いいえ Hai/Iie

もう一個ください Mouikko kudasai

∼まで行きたいです ∼made ikitaidesu

Where is the washroom?

Let’s dig in

I’m lost.

トイレはどこですか? Toireha dokodesuka?

いただきます Itadakimasu

道に迷いました Michini mayoimashita


It’ s delicious.

What time is dinner?

楽しい! Tanoshi!

おいしいです Oishidesu

食事は何時からですか? Syokujiha nanjikara desuka?

Can I take a picture?

Thanks for the meal.

Do you have ***?

写真を撮ってもいいですか? Syashinwo tottemo iidesuka?

ごちそうさまでした Gochisousamadeshita

∼ありますか? ∼arimasuka?

It’s beautiful.

Can I get the bill?

I’ll come again

(景色を見て) 綺麗∼ (Keshikiwo mite) Kirei∼

お会計お願いします Okaikei onegaishimasu

また来ます Mata kimasu

Regular Ferry Route Between Hakata and Busan

up to Get the discounts of a ke 50% off if you ma booking online!! ww w. ko re af er ry .k r Ko re af er ry

검색 〒812-0031 3F Hakata Port International Terminal 14-1 Okihama-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City ○Hakata Port/TEL.092 (262) 2323 FAX.092 (262) 2332  Hours of Operation:Weekdays 9:00∼17:00 Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays 9:00∼13:00 ○Busan Port/TEL.051 (466) 7799 FAX.051 (466) 7161  Hours of Operation:Weekdays 9:00∼17:30 Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays14:00∼17:30

※The office will be closed on days when the ferry does not operate.

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