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■Prescribed ■Prescribed Number Number of Passengers of Passengers (Number (Number of Passengers of Passengers Sold) Sold)                         647(522) 647(522) ■Gross ■Gross Tons  Tons   19,961tons  19,961tons ■Length   ■Length               170m 170m ■Breadth       ■Breadth         24m   24m ■Draft           ■Draft           6m 6m ■Dead ■Dead Weight   Weight   4,500tons 4,500tons ■Main ■Main Engine  Engine  18PC2-6V×2 18PC2-6V×2 ■Horsepower   27,000ps ■Horsepower   27,000ps ■Speed   ■Speed             23.5kt 23.5kt

All All About About

NEW NEW CAMELLIA CAMELLIA The The name name of of the the ship ship is derived is derived from from the the “camellia” “camellia” , which , which is the is the city city flower flower of of Busan Busan City, City, and and the the “Camellia “Camellia sasanqua” sasanqua” , which , which is is the the city city flower flower of of Fukuoka Fukuoka City. City. The The common common element element shared shared in the in the names names of of the the flowers flowers of of the the two two cities cities connected connected byby the the sea sea route route sailed sailed byby this this ship ship was was used used to to name name the the vessel vessel the the “New “New Camellia.” Camellia.”

e e tabl tabl Time Time

Destination Destination

Departure Time Time Arrival Immigration Immigration Time Time Departure Arrival Time Time

Hakata→Busan Hakata→Busan 11:00∼12:10 11:00∼12:10

12:30 12:30

18:00 18:00

19:00∼19:40 Busan→Hakata Busan→Hakata 19:00∼19:40 (Boarding (Boarding by 8pm) by 8pm)

22:30 22:30

Next Next morning morning 7:30 7:30 (Start (Start TimeTime of Disembarkation) of Disembarkation)

※Please ※Please complete complete the boarding the boarding procedure procedure before before the immigration the immigration process process starts. starts. Thank Thank you for youyour for your cooperation. cooperation. ※The ※The ferryferry service service usually usually operates operates 7 times 7 times per week, per week, but in but some in some months months the ferry the ferry doesdoes not operate not operate on certain on certain days.days. Please Please contact contact us for usdetails. for details. ※The ※The arrival arrival timetime at Busan at Busan may may change change depending depending on the on weather. the weather.

ss ss Acce Acce Hakata Hakata Port Port

Busan Busan Port Port

Hakata Hakata Pier Pier

Urban Urban Expressway Expressway

Marine Marine Messe Messe

Hakata Hakata PortPort International International Terminal Terminal

To Karatsu To Karatsu Showa-dori Showa-dori Ave. Ave. Tenjin Tenjin Gofukumachi Gofukumachi Metoro Metoro Station Station

u u sh sh yu yu ak ak Kit Kit To To

Gion Gion Nakasu-Kawabata Nakasu-Kawabata Nishitetsu Nishitetsu Subway Metoro Metoro Station Station Subway Station Station Fukuoka Fukuoka Station Station

on on tati tati aS aS Sumiyoshi-dori Sumiyoshi-dori Ave. Ave. kat akat a H H

Fukuoka Fukuoka Airport Airport

・Take ・Take a bus a #88 bus #88 bound bound for Hakata for Hakata Port Port International International Terminal Terminal (Chuo (Chuo Futo)Futo) fromfrom Hakata Hakata Station Station and and 15 min 15 min ride ride ・Take ・Take a bus a #80 bus #80 bound bound for Hakata for Hakata Port Port International International Terminal Terminal (Chuo (Chuo Futo)Futo) fromfrom Tenjin Tenjin and and 10 min 10 min ride ride ・20 ・ min 20 min by taxi by taxi fromfrom Fukuoka Fukuoka Airport Airport

s s Fare Fare Baggage Baggage Fare Fare Per Per Passenger Passenger Per Per Baggage(JPY) Baggage(JPY) Classification Classification Regular Regular baggage baggage (1 piece) (1 piece) Special Special Baggage Baggage

Busan Busan Station Station

Busan Busan PortPort International International Passenger Passenger Terminal Terminal

Subway Subway Line 1 Line 1

jun jun ga ga n n eongro eongro g M g M Daech Daech etr e o S tro S tat t Yongdusan Yongdusan Park Park International International ion ation Market Market

・15 ・ min 15 min walkwalk fromfrom Busan Busan Station. Station. ・40 ・ min 40 min by taxi by taxi fromfrom Gimpo Gimpo International International Airport  Airport  ・5 min ・5 min by taxi by taxi fromfrom Subway Subway Jungang Jungang Station Station 釜山大橋 釜山大橋

(Reception: (Reception: 10:30 10:30 AM-11:45 AM-11:45 AM) AM)

Up Up to 20kg to 20kg

Each Each baggage baggage in excess in excess of 5kg of 5kg



Prescribed Prescribed farefare will will apply. apply. Please Please askask ourour staff staff for for thethe details. details.

※Bicycles ※Bicycles maymay be checked be checked in for in ¥1,000 for ¥1,000 per per bicycle. bicycle.

1 1

Busan Busan MetroMetro Station Station


RouteRoute 3 3


Sunpalace Convention Convention Center Center Sunpalace

arge arge s/Ch s/Ch Fare Fare (1 person/JPY) (1 person/JPY) Passenger Passenger Fare Fare

Classification Classification

Deluxe Deluxe

Royal Royal

First First Class Class

Single Single

Twin Twin

Second Second Class Class

Japanese Japanese Style Style Western Western Style Style

20,000 Adult Adult OneOne WayWay Fare/Charge Fare/Charge 20,000

16,000 16,000

14,000 14,000

12,000 12,000

12,000 12,000

9,000 9,000

38,000 Adults Adults Round-trip Round-trip Fare/Charge Fare/Charge 38,000 Students Students Fare/Charge Fare/Charge

30,400 30,400

26,600 26,600

22,800 22,800

22,800 22,800

17,100 17,100

16,000 16,000

12,800 12,800

11,200 11,200

9,600 9,600

9,600 9,600

7,200 7,200

10,000 10,000

7,000 7,000

6,000 6,000

6,000 6,000

4,500 4,500

4,000 4,000

2,800 2,800

2,400 2,400

2,400 2,400

1,800 1,800

Free Free

Free Free

Free Free

Free Free

(12-29 (12-29 years years old)old)

Disabled Disabled Fare/Charge Fare/Charge ※20% ※20% OFFOFF

Children Children OneOne Way Way Fare/Charge Fare/Charge (6-11 (6-11 years years old)old) ※50% ※50% OFFOFF

Preschool Preschool Children Children Fare/Charge Fare/Charge (2-5(2-5 years years old)old) ※80% ※80% OFFOFF

Infant Infant Fare/Charge Fare/Charge

Free Free

(0-1(0-1 yearyear old)old) ※100% ※100% OFFOFF

Free Free

※Reservations ※Reservations are accepted are accepted from from threethree months months prior prior to thetodeparture the departure  ※Round-trip  ※Round-trip fare only fare only applies applies to a reservation to a reservation beingbeing mademade within within six months six months of theofdate the date of of issue.issue. ※Infant ※Infant underunder the age the of age 1 year of 1 year is free is of free charge, of charge, up toup one to infant one infant per accompanying per accompanying (However, (However, another another or others or others will be willrequired be required to pay to preschool pay preschool children’ children’ s s fare.) ※To fare.) ※To applyapply student student discounts, discounts, you are yourequired are required to show to show your your student student ID orID certificate or certificate with with expiration expiration date date whenwhen you purchase you purchase a ticket. a ticket. (Only(Only applied applied to those to those underunder the age the of age 30.) ※One of 30.) ※One companion companion accompanying accompanying a person a person with with a disability a disability (who(who has identification has identification showing showing they they are aare person a person with with a physical a physical disability) disability) will receive will receive the the samesame discount discount offer.offer. ※Identification ※Identification showing showing the disability the disability mustmust be presented. ※Terminal be presented. ※Terminal usage usage fee will fee apply will apply both both at Hakata at Hakata and Busan and Busan Port.Port.  ※Besides  ※Besides the the passenger passenger fare, fare, fuel surcharge fuel surcharge may may apply. ※If apply. ※If you purchase you purchase a boarding a boarding ticketticket at Busan, at Busan, please please contact contact our agent our agent Korea Korea FerryFerry Co., Co., Ltd atLtd 051-466-7799. at 051-466-7799.

(1 person/JPY) (1 person/JPY) Group Group Discount Discount Fare/Charge Fare/Charge

Classification Classification

Royal Royal

Regular Regular Group Group (Over (Over 15 persons) 15 persons) 18,000 18,000 ※10% ※10% OFFOFF

Student Student Group Group (Over (Over the age the age of 15) of 15)

15,000 15,000

※25% ※25% OFFOFF

Deluxe Deluxe

First First Class Class

Second Second Class Class

Single Single

Twin Twin

14,400 14,400

12,600 12,600

10,800 10,800

10,800 10,800

8,100 8,100

12,000 12,000

10,500 10,500

9,000 9,000

9,000 9,000

6,750 6,750

Japanese Japanese Style Style Western Western Style Style

If there If there is a is designated a designated boarding boarding date(1 date(1 person/JPY) person/JPY) Cancellation Cancellation of of a reservation a reservation

Cancellation Cancellation Cancellation Cancellation FeeFee

8 days 8 days before before

(From (From Hakata Hakata Port) Port)

Cancellation Cancellation FeeFee (From (From Busan Busan Port) Port)


7-37-3 days days before before

Date Date of boarding of boarding (The (The day) day) 2 days 2 days 1 Day 1 Day before before before before 2 hours 2 hours before before2 hours 2 hours before before - Departure - Departure

100% 100% of the of the10:30 10:30 30% a passenger fare ∼10 30% of aofpassenger fare ∼10 :30:30passenger passenger farefare ∼12:30 ∼12:30 10% 10% of aof a 100% of the 100% of the 18:00 18:00 passenger passenger fare fare30% 30% a passenger fare ∼18 of aofpassenger fare ∼18 :00:00passenger farefare passenger ∼20:00 ∼20:00

If you If you have have an open an open ticket ticket without without designated designated boarding boarding date date ●If ●If within within the the valid valid period period 10%10% of the of the passenger passenger farefare  ●No  ●No refund refund 6 months 6 months after after purchase purchase date. date. ※We accept a refund onlyonly if you contact us before the boarding ※We accept a refund if you contact us before the boarding  A  A refund process is made at the of ticket issue and and within 30 days fromfrom the scheduled boarding refund process is made at office the office of ticket issue within 30 days the scheduled boarding (JPY) (JPY) Charter Charter Fee Fee (Room (Room charge) charge)

Royal Royal Deluxe Deluxe Deluxe Deluxe (Japanese (Japanese style) style) FirstFirst Class Class (Western (Western style) style) FirstFirst Class Class (Western (Western style) style)

2 passengers 2 passengers 2 passengers 2 passengers

2-32-3 passengers passengers onlyonly 2 passengers 2 passengers onlyonly

2-32-3 passengers passengers

2-32-3 passengers passengers onlyonly

2 passengers 2 passengers One One Person Person UseUse 4 passengers 4 passengers Three Three Persons Persons UseUse

3,000 3,000 No No extra extra charge charge

FirstFirst Class Class (Japanese (Japanese style) style) 5 passengers 5 passengers Three Three Persons Persons UseUse

3,000 3,000

FirstFirst Class Class (Japanese (Japanese style) style) 5 passengers 5 passengers Four Four Persons Persons UseUse

No No extra extra charge charge

※We ※We are not are able not able to accept to accept a capacity a capacity other other thanthan above. above.     ※Children ※Children under under the age the age of 12 of must 12 must be accompanied be accompanied by aby parent/guardian a parent/guardian in order in order to use to use a 1st a 1st or higher or higher grade grade room. room.

Vehicle Vehicle Fares Fares TheThe farefare includes includes a roundtrip a roundtrip 2nd2nd class class ticket ticket for one for one driver. driver. (JPY) (JPY)

(Revised (Revised in October in October 2016) 2016)

Type Type of Vehicle of Vehicle

Automobile Automobile

Special Special Vehicle Vehicle

Motorcycle Motorcycle

Roundtrip Roundtrip Fare Fare

50,000 50,000

60,000 60,000

40,000 40,000

※Only ※Only motorcycles motorcycles withwith engine engine displacement displacement of 250cc of 250cc or higher or higher are allowed are allowed on board. on board.     ※Please ※Please make make a reservation a reservation one one week week before before the departure the departure ※Please ※Please contact contact us for us the for details the details of vehicle-related of vehicle-related procedures procedures and and the price. the price.

2 2

Space Space Relaxing Relaxing Luxury Luxury

GUEST GUESTROOMS ROOMS The Guest The Guest roomsrooms of New of Camellia New Camellia is a hotel is a hotel on the onsea. the sea. Guests Guests can enjoy can enjoy a luxurious a luxurious time in time a relaxing in a relaxing space. space. ※We accept※We a change accept of room a change afterofboarding room after at the boarding information at the information desk. Pleasedesk. feel free Please to contact feel free us. to contact us.

Royal Royal The room The features room features excellent excellent habitability habitability like like a suite a insuite a hotel in aand hotel chic and interior. chic interior. You can You can command command a magnificent a magnificent view of view the sea of the from sea from the private the private deck and deck can and enjoy can the enjoy finest the finest luxury cruise. luxury cruise.

View from Viewthe from the privateprivate deck isdeck is absolutely absolutely amazing! amazing!

[Number of [Number Passengers/Rooms] of Passengers/Rooms] Passengers: Passengers: 2 (3) persons/Rooms: 2 (3) persons/Rooms: 2 2 [Equipment] [Equipment] Prefabricated Prefabricated bath andbath toilet and Private toiletdeck, Private deck, Walk-in Closet, Walk-in TV, Closet, TV, Refrigerator Refrigerator

Deluxe Deluxe Single Single

Deluxe Deluxe TwinTwin

[Number of[Number Passengers/Rooms] of Passenger Western Style Western Room: Style Roo Passengers: Passengers: 2 persons/Rooms: 2 person [Number of [Number Passengers/Rooms] of Passengers/Rooms] The deluxe Thetwin deluxe makes twin your makes your A comfortable A comfortable space with space with Mixed Western Mixed and Western Japanes and Passengers: Passengers: cruise experience cruise experience even more even more Style Room: Style 2 (3) Room: 2 (3) a touch aoftouch high class of high in class a 1 person/Rooms: in a 1 person/Rooms: 4 4 persons/Rooms: persons/Rooms: 2 2 memorable. memorable. Prefabricated Prefabricated urban hotel urban offers hotel a stylish offers a [Equipment] stylish [Equipment] [Equipment] [Equipment] Prefabricated Prefab We haveWe both have Western both Western style style shower, Toilet, shower, Cloak, Toilet, TV,Cloak, TV, shower, Toilet, shower, Cloak, Toilet, TV, Clo day cruise. day cruise. Refrigerator Refrigerator and Japanese and Japanese style rooms. style rooms. Refrigerator Refrigerator



First Class First Japanese Class Japanese Style Room Style Room A A A habitable A habitable space creates space creates a Japanese a Japanese style ambience style ambience and is perfect and is perfect for families. for families. [Number of[Number Passengers/Rooms] of Passengers/Rooms] Passengers: Passengers: 4-5 persons/Rooms: 4-5 persons/Rooms: 21 21 [Equipment] [Equipment] Washing Basin, Washing Basin, Closet, TV, Closet, TableTV, Table

[Number of[Number Passengers/Rooms] of Passengers/Rooms] Passengers: Passengers: 2 persons/Rooms: 2 persons/Rooms: 22 22 [Equipment] [Equipment] Washing Basin, Washing Basin, Cloak,TV,Cloak,TV, Chair, Table Chair, Table

st Class FirstWestern Class Western yle Room Style BRoom B

s]gers/Rooms] oom s/R sen Pas r of mbeger [Number of Pas [Nusen Passengers: Passengers: s: 12 s/Rooms: 12 person 4 persons/R 4 oom in,shing Basin, Bas ng shi Wa Wa nt] me uip [Equipment] [Eq ble ble Ta Chair ak,, TV, Chair, Ta Cloak, TV, Clo

First Class FirstWestern Class Western Style Room Style CRoom C

The basic The bright basicspace bright is space perfect is for perfect a group for a group 4. up to 4. oughtfully Thoughtfully designeddesigned space with space functionality with functionality of up to of ers privacy offers and privacy comfort. and comfort.

4 e

NewNew Camellia Camellia staffstaff will make will make youryour trip trip moremore comfortable comfortable and and easier. easier. [Number of[Number Passengers/Rooms] of Passengers/Rooms] Passengers: Passengers: 11-24 persons 11-24 persons Rooms: 24 Rooms: 24 [Equipment] [Equipment] Changing Room, Changing TV Room, TV

econdSecond Class Class oom Room

uturistic Futuristic space with space exibility with exibility and privacy and privacy rovidesprovides an innovative an innovative casual cruise casual experience. cruise experience.



Experience Experience Cruising Cruising Grade Grade High High


TheThe boat boat complete complete with with plenty plenty of amenities of amenities provides provides a a public public space space where where passengers passengers cancan enhance enhance their their cruise cruise experience. experience.

Entrance Entrance A freeArelaxing free relaxing and comfortable and comfortable space. space. EnjoyEnjoy the sense the sense of openness of openness in a large in a large ferry.ferry.

a a xeeldaxiend in a l e r r l l Fee Fee us ruosomr.oom. spacsipoacio

Restaurant Restaurant This authentic This authentic restaurant restaurant provides provides not only not Japanese only Japanese and Western and Western cuisines cuisines but also but Korean also Korean cuisine cuisine unique unique to New to Camellia New Camellia line. line.

FeelFereellarela viewvioefw tohfxetdhxweidthwiath a e sterasittrsa!its!

Observatory Observatory Spa Spa Bath Bath A spacious A spacious observatory observatory spa bath spa bath relieves relieves youryour fatigue fatigue whilewhile travelling. travelling. EnjoyEnjoy a soothing a soothing bathbath experience experience on a on boat. a boat.




Duty Duty Free Free Shops Shops andand GiftGift Shops Shops TheyThey provide provide a wide a wide rangerange of products of products from from alcoholic alcoholic drinks, drinks, tobaccos tobaccos and cosmetics and cosmetics to to souvenirs souvenirs and other and other daily daily amenities. amenities. Enjoy Enjoy dutyduty free free shopping shopping aboard aboard the the international international ferry.ferry.

on on selescetliecti A goAodgooodducotdsucts of porf pr

Makes Makes youryour cruise cruise experience experience moremore enjoyable! enjoyable!

of of PlenPtlyentfyoodf!ood! us us delidceiloicio

apcaec!e! p S S y y it it n n e e m m A A f f o o FuFllull

WHV ♪ DWRHGVD♪ RGP P P P R R F F ♪ F F D D SR XS ♪ DQDQ H JUHR J XU ☆ ,W F ☆ ,W F J J U U D D O O ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆D D



inarisnars KDLQ KHLQH ForFsoermsnetms!nts! F F D 0 0 e e v v J J QQ andaend e 9HQ 9HGLQGL Multipurpose tipurpose HallHall

n exceptional An exceptional spacespace an be can used be for used various for various ccasions occasions such as such small as small roupgroup seminars seminars and training. and training.





Seomy Seomy eon eonAREA AREA Busanjin Busanjin Police Police Office Office

Bujeon-dong Bujeon-dong 1 Town 1 Town Office Office

Seomyeon Seomyeon Church Church

Jeonpo Jeonpo Elementary Elementary School School

Dcity Dcity

Busan Busan Bujeon Bujeon Library Library

Dongdaesin do Dongdaesin dong

Busan Busan West West District District Police Police Office Office

ゴウゴウ ン ン




eti -ro eti -ro

Bujeon Bujeon Elementary Elementary School School

Food Stall Street

Food Stall Street

Lotte Lotte Department Department Store Store

路 路 ヤンヤン マンマン

An An area area with with famous famous hotels hotels andand グドク グドク department stores is popular is popular 運動場前 運動場前 stores クムホタン クムホタン department among among young young people. people. Enjoy Enjoy shopping shopping andand dining dining at at Dongdaesin Dongda fashion-oriented fashion-oriented buildings buildings dong dong 2 2 including including Lotte Lotte department department store, store, restaurants restaurants andand local local Seodaesin Seodaesin markets. markets. Metoro Station Metoro Station

KT Plaza KT Plaza

Seomyeon Seomyeon Metoro Metoro Station Station

クドク交番 クドク交番 Seomyeon Seomyeon 徳周寺 AREA AREA 徳周寺

Busan Busan Central Central GirlsGirls Junior Junior HighHigh

Buyo Buyo ungungro ro



-ro -ro

クドク路 クドク路



ro ro ae ae g-d g-d on don d k k Na Na

Kkachigogae-ro Kkachigogae-ro

Goejeong-dong Goejeong-dong 2 Town 2 Town Office Office

Daeti Daeti Metoro Metoro Station Station



The The area area has has thethe Jagalchi Jagalchi market market and and is filled is filled with with bustling bustling atmosphere. atmosphere. Other Other local local markets markets in its in its neighborhood neighborhood create create a a cheerful cheerful atmosphere atmosphere with with a a BUMIDONG BUMIDONG 3-GA hint hint of3-GA of nostalgia. nostalgia.

GOEJEONG GOEJEONG 2-DONG 2-DONG Seunghak Seunghak Goejeong Goejeong Elementary Elementary Common Common Grave Grave School School ↓To↓To Gamcheon Gamcheon culture culture village village

ro ro ae ae g-d g-d on don d k k Na Na


Toseong Toseong Metoro Metoro Station Station

ベスト ベ薬局 スト薬局

Busan BusanMetro MetroMAP MAP Metro MetroRoute Route ファシン ファシン マンショ マンショ ン ン


Nopo Beomeosa

Beomeosa Namsan

Namsan Dusil



Jangjeon Jangjeon

Gochon Gochon Dong-Pusan Dong-Pusan College College



Suyeong Suyeong


Geumsa Seo-dong

Yeonsan Yeonsan

Seo-dong Myeongjang

Nangmin Suan


Busan Busan Nar'l Nar'l Univ.Univ. Edu. Edu.

Anpyeong Anpyeong

Myeongjang Chungnyeolsa

Chungnyeolsa Nangmin

Dongnae Dongnae

Oncheonjang Oncheonjang

Myeongnyun Myeongnyun Minam Minam

Bujeon Bujeon

Seomyeon Seomyeon


Mangmi Baesan


City City Hall Hall

Baesan Mulmangol


Buam Gaya

Yangjeong Yangjeong


Gaoje Sports Complex

Dongeui Univ. Gaegeum

Sports Gaya Dongeui Univ. Complex Sajik

Sajik Gaegeum Naengjeong


Deokpo Deokpo

Naengjeong Jurye

Modeok Modeok

Youngsan Youngsan Univ.Univ. Seokdae Seokdae

Banyeo Banyeo Agricultural Agricultural Market Market

Gunam Gunam MoraMora

Deunggu Deunggu

Guseo Guseo

Pusan Pusan Nat'l Nat'l Unvi.Unvi.

Gumyeong Gumyeong

Sports Sports Park Park


Centum Centum City City

Gwangan Gwangan Geumnyeonsan Geumnyeonsan Namcheon Namcheon

Busan Busan Museum Museum of Artof Art Dongbaek Dongbaek Haeundae Haeundae


Choryang Busan Station

Jung-dong Jung-dong Kyungsung Kyungsung Univ.Univ. Busan Busan Int'l Int'l Pukyong Pukyong Nat'l Nat'l Univ.Univ. Finance Finance Center Center Beomnaegol Beomnaegol Jeonpo Jeonpo Busan Jangsan Jangsan Busan BankBank Daeyeon Daeyeon Beomil Beomil Munhyeon Munhyeon Motgol Motgol Jwacheon Jwacheon Jigegol Jigegol Busanjin Busanjin

Busan Station Jungang

Jungang Nampo

Nampo Jagalchi

Jagalchi Toseong

Toseong Dongdaeshin


Dongdaeshin Seodaesin


Sasang Seodaesin



Daeti Gwaebeop Goejeong Renecite Gwaebeop Goejeong Seobusan Renecite Saha Yutongjigu Seobusan Saha Gimhae Yutongjigu International Dangni Airport Gimhae International Dangni Hadan Airport Deokdu Hadan Sinpyeong


1 1

Yangsan Namyangsan

GupoGupo Gangseo-gu Gangseo-gu OfficeOffice

Daejeo Daejeo

7 7

Namyangsan Pusan Nat'l Univ. Mandeok Yangsan Campus Pusan Nat'l Univ. Mandeok Namsanjeong Yangsan Campus Jeungsan (Not open) Namsanjeong Jeungsan Sukdeung (Not open) Hopo

Deokcheon Deokcheon

Pyeonggang Pyeonggang

3 3

Hwamyeong Hwamyeong


Daesa Daesa

Yulli Yulli

Sujeong Sujeong

JinaeJinae Buram Buram

Dongwon Dongwon


Gimhae Gimhae College College

Kaya Univ.

Inje Univ. Inje Univ.

Presbyterian Kaya Univ. Univ.

Gimhae Gimhae City Hall City Hall

Yeonji Park Univ. Presbyterian

Buwon Buwon

Gimhae National Museum Yeonji Park

Bonghwang Bonghwang

Geumgok Geumgok

4 4

1 1

2 2 Gimhae National Museum

RoyalRoyal Tomb Tomb of King of King SuroSuro

カンウン カンウン ジョン寺 ジョン寺

2 2

FirstFirst Choryang ChoryangTheThe Underground Underground Intersection Intersection Passage Passage

168168 Stairways Stairways Choryang Choryang Ibagu Ibagu Rd. Rd.

Busan Busan Central Central ParkPark

Ce Ce nt nt ra ra lP lP ar ar k k Rd Rd . . Daewon Daewon GirlsGirls Junior Junior HighHigh

Choryang-dong Choryang-dong 1 Town 1 Town Office Office

-ro -ro ngjungju YeoYeo Yeongjy-ro Yeo ngj y-ro Ma ngy ang-ro Mangyang-ro

DaeDae yeonyeon g-rog-ro


Busan Busan Central Central Library Library


Busan Busan Metoro Metoro Station Station

Before Before Donnamu Donnamu ParkPark

Busan Busan AREA AREA





-ro gu ng -ro Ju gu




Busan Busan Station Station connects connects Busan Busan with with Seoul, Seoul, thethe capital capital of South of South Korea. Korea. TheThe area area contains contains Shanghai Shanghai Street Street andand Choryan Choryan shopping shopping arcade arcade often often visited visited by by foreign foreign crews crews on on a ship. a ship.





Busan Busan Digital Digital HighHigh School School

ボスマンシ ボスマンシ ョンョン





Medium Medium District District Office Office







Jungang Jungang


International Market

International Market

EA RERA apmopoA A Na Nm


Daecheong-dong Daecheong-dong

1st 1st Ave.Ave. OSU-DONG BOSU-DONG Metoro Metoro Station Station Daecheongdong Daecheongdong Before Before Busan Busan Dae aec che heo ong ng-r o -ro 3st 3st AveAve Daecheong-ro Daecheong-ro PostPost office office

pyeong ong 4st 4st AveAve

Busan Busan PortPort International International Passenger Passenger Terminal Terminal

EA RERA BuBsuasnanA A

DaeDae yeo yeo ng- ngro ro



釜山民主公園 釜山民主公園

Jungang-daero Jungang-daero

Ch un Ch gjan g un gja -dae r ng -da o ero

Ch o r ya n gD Cho Ch o wn ryanorya Rd. g Ung D Cho pp ow e r y r a Rdn. Rd. ng Up p er R d.

CHORYANG-DONG CHORYANG-DONG Ma Ma ng ng yan yan g - r g - r Seongmak Seongmak Church Church o o

Busan Busan PortPort Passenger Passenger Terminal Terminal

Jungang-dong Jungang-dong 5th 5th Ave.Ave.

Nampo Nampo AREA AREA



Busan Busan JUNGANGDONG JUNGANGDONG PortPort Passenger Passenger Busan Busan Tower Tower 1-GA 1-GA Terminal Terminal Bupyeong Bupyeong 1st 1st AveAve Busan Busan Bupyeong Bupyeong Department Department An An area area where where youyou cancan mingle mingle Intersection Intersection Gw ang Gw ang bokbok Store Store ro St. ro St.

d. uR d. uR

Jagalchi Jagalchi

Metoro Station Station o-gu Seo-guMetoro ce Office

with with people people of different of different culture culture andand feelfeel a soothing a soothing seasea breeze breeze in Busan. in Busan. There There is Busan is Busan Tower Tower nearby. nearby. It’ sIt’ definitely s definitely worth worth checking checking out. out.

Nampo Nampo Metoro Station Metoro Station






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Ja Ja gaga lchi lchiARE ARE AA


Lotte Lotte Department Nampo-dong Nampo-dongDepartment Store 1st 1st Ave.Ave. Store


Nampo-dong Nampo-dong 5th 5th Ave.Ave.

Access Access from from Busan Busan Port Port International International Passenger Passenger Terminal Terminal toto City City Center Center (Busan (Busan and and Nampo-dong) Nampo-dong)

ByBy Bus Bus Busan Busan Port Port International International Passenger Passenger Terminal Terminal ⇔ City ⇔ City Center Center ■Busan ■Busan PortPort International International Passenger Passenger Terminal Terminal ⇔ ⇔  Busan  Busan Station Station / Busan / Busan Metro Metro Jungang Jungang Station Station  [Loop  [Loop Bus] Bus] Runs Runs every every 20-30 20-30 minutes minutes  [Fare]  [Fare] Adults: Adults: KRW1,100 KRW1,100           Teens: Teens: KRW800 KRW800 / Children: / Children: KRW300 KRW300

[Operation [Operation Route] Route] Busan Busan PortPort International International Passenger Passenger Terminal Terminal ⇔ ⇔ NearNear Exit Exit 8 of8KTX of KTX Busan Busan Station Station ⇔ In⇔ front In front of Busan of Busan Customs Customs (Domestic (Domestic Passenger Passenger Terminal) Terminal) ⇔ ⇔ NearNear Exit Exit 14 of 14Busan of Busan Metro Metro LineLine 1, Jungang 1, Jungang Station Station ⇔ Crown ⇔ Crown Harbor Harbor Hotel Hotel Busan Busan ⇔ ⇔ MainMain entrance entrance to Metro to Metro LineLine 1, Busan 1, Busan Station Station (Airport (Airport limousine limousine bus bus stop) stop) ⇔ ⇔ NearNear Exit Exit 4 of4Metro of Metro LineLine 1, Choryang 1, Choryang Station Station ⇔ Busan ⇔ Busan PortPort International International Passenger Passenger Terminal Terminal

ByBy Metro Metro

ByBy Taxi Taxi

Busan Busan Port Port International International Passenger Passenger Terminal Terminal ⇔ City ⇔ City Center Center ■Busan ■Busan PortPort International International Passenger Passenger Terminal Terminal ⇔ Busan ⇔ Busan Station Station / Nampo / Nampo Station Station  Busan  Busan PortPort ⇔ (15 ⇔ min. (15 min. walk) walk) Busan Busan Station Station ⇔ (2⇔min. (2 min. by metro) by metro) Jungang Jungang Station Station ⇔ ⇔  (2 (2 min.min. by metro) by metro) Nampo Nampo Station Station

Busan Busan Port Port International International Terminal Terminal ⇔ City ⇔ City Center Center ■Busan ■Busan Port Port International International Passenger Passenger Terminal Terminal ⇔ ⇔  Busan  Busan Station Station andand Nampo-dong Nampo-dong  About  About KPW4,600-5,000 KPW4,600-5,000 Approx. Approx. 10-15 10-15 minutes minutes

※This ※This information information is current is current as ofasOctober of October 2016. 2016. ※Times ※Times and and prices prices are are subject subject to change to change depending depending on traffic on traffic conditions. conditions.

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Play Playthe the Busan Busan

After After a relaxing a relaxing cruise cruise withwith Camellia Camellia it’ s it’ s timetime for a forsightseeing a sightseeing tourtour of Busan. of Busan. A A widewide range range of attractions of attractions fromfrom beautiful beautiful ocean ocean andand sceneries sceneries to history, to history, culture culture andand delicious delicious foodfood awaits awaits

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heon heon mcmc GaGa e e Villag re lag ltuVil Cultu Cure

idge Brge n Br n id gaga anan GwGw e) e)

Busan’ Busan’ s machu s machu picchu! picchu! This colorful This colorful house ho artwork artwork is famous. is famous. You can You enjoy can enjoy a unique a uni scenery scenery with with an array an array of artworks. of artworks.

Bri Bridg d dg amdon (Diam (Dion

A large A large bridge bridge thatthat connects connects Haeundae Haeundae and and Gwanganri Gwanganri beach. beach. It offers It offers amazing amazing nightnight viewsviews and is and a perfect is a perfect spot spot for afor drive. a drive.

ngsa gusa ngng Yogu g ng onYo edon edg HaHa

Built Built on the on steep the steep cliffs cliffs alongalong the coastline, the coastline, it’ s ait’ sa temple temple with with magnificent magnificent ocean ocean views. views. There There is also is also a souvenir a souvenir shopshop nearby. nearby. A perfect A perfect tourist tourist

w w ht vieht vie a niga nig Enjoy Enjoy ach haecrhe here e e the bthe b from from

h h acac BeBe aeae ndnd eueu HaHa This This beach beach will be willpacked be packed withwith lots of lots people of people enjoying enjoying sunbathing sunbathing fromfrom all over all over South South Korea Korea when when it’ s in it’ sseason. in season. The The surrounding surrounding areaarea is lined is lined withwith many many accommodations. accommodations.



House ECuse APEC APHo rimaru Nurim Nuaru

aeae gdgd ejon ejon TaTa You may You may be able be able to see to see Tsushima Tsushima from from the lighthouse the lighthouse overlooking overlooking the Genkai the Genkai Sea! Sea!

Park n rk dunsaPa ngsa Yong Yodu The park The contains park contains BusanBusan TowerTower wherewhere you can you command can command a a panoramic panoramic view of view Busan of Busan City. City. EnjoyEnjoy a view a from view 120m from 120m aboveabove the ground. the ground.

BUSAN BUSANGourmet Gourmet Plenty of spicy of spicy food food and and desserts! desserts! e duiseh dish Plenty A unAiquuniq san san Savor Savor thethe unique unique taste taste of Korean of Korean B fromfroum Bu food food at food at food stalls. stalls. a a It’s Itd’ y y spic spic

papa ikup DejDikejup Pork bone Pork soup bone added soup added with with pork, red pork, chili redpeppers chili peppers and and saltedsalted shrimpshrimp and topped and topped with Chinese with Chinese leek and leek Korean and Korean radish radish kimchi.kimchi.

kun kkoukn iP ho uicP kuackh NaN

Stir-fried Stir-fried octopus octopus and and vegetables vegetables pot. pot.

JapaJa paneOse nese d Odisen is also aalsopoapuen porpular la menumen atu th ate th steall.stall.

HoH orm rm ony oa nkyiaki A charcoal A charcoal grilledgrilled offal. offal. Salt flavor Salt flavor is recommended is recommended for first fortimers. first timers.

kkikki bobo teok Tte Tok

ngsu bisu atng Pat Pbi

A typical A typical menumenu at Korean at Korean food food stalls.stalls.

a perfect a perfect SimilarSimilar It’s It’s to Japanese to Japanese shavedshaved on walking! on walking! ice with snack snack ice with various various toppings toppings

such as such fruits, as fruits, ice cream ice cream and and jelly. It’ jelly. s a It’ hearty s a hearty dessert! dessert!

ok eok ttoett HoH A sweet A sweet Korean Korean pancake pancake filled filled with nuts. with nuts. 10


Basic Travel Conversation Dialog

Let’ s enjoy Korean conversation with this list of dialog!


Should I eat as it is?


이대로 먹어도 돼요? Idero meokododeyo?


Thank you

Is it spicy?

It’s great!










Excuse me

Is there a garbage can?

It’s nice to meet you.


쓰레기통 있어요?

만나서 반가워요


Seuregitong iteoyo?

Mannaseo bangawoyo

I'm OK.

Water, please

It’s cool.

물 주세요




Mul juseyo


Please don't make the food too spicy

I like you.

네 /아니요

안 맵게 해주세요




An maethge haejuseyo


Wha’ t your name?

Let’ s dig in

It’s cute.

이름이 뭐에요?

잘 먹겠습니다


Ireumi moeyo?

Jal meokgetseupnida


Where is ***?

It’ s delicious.

I’ll take this.



이거 주세요

Where is the washroom?

Thanks for the meal.

How much is it?

화장실 어디에요?

잘 먹었습니다



Igeo juseyo


Hwajangsil odieyo?

Jal meokotseupnida



Can I get the bill?

Receipt, please.

계산해 주세요


Gyesanhe juseyo


영수증 주세요

Yeongsujeung juseyo

Regular Ferry Route Between Hakata and Busan Facebook


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Ca me llia Lin e

Search 〒812-0031 3F Hakata Port International Terminal 14-1 Okihama-machi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City ○Hakata Port/TEL.092 (262) 2323 FAX.092 (262) 2332  Hours of Operation:Weekdays 9:00∼17:00 Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays 9:00∼13:00 ○Busan Port/TEL.051 (466) 7799 FAX.051 (466) 7161  Hours of Operation:Weekdays 9:00∼17:30 Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays14:00∼17:30

※The office will be closed on days when the ferry does not operate.