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South & City College Birmingham offers great vocational courses from Construction to Fashion, with excellent facilities and outstanding support for its learners and the community.

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Foreword by Bill Brown - 4 Support letter from Bitmingham City Council - 5 Introduction - 7 BEX Live 2013 Stand Numbers & Exhibitors - 8



Running Day Order (Daytime) - 11 Competition - 14 Running Day Order (Evening) - 15 Midlands Black Hair and Beauty Awards - 16 Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2033 - 18 Young Entrepreneur’s Showcase and Awards - 22

VOCATIONAL COURSES Accounting | Business Administration Business Studies | Catering & Hospitality Childcare | Construction | Fashion & Textiles Finance | Hair & Beauty | Health & Social Care IT | Media | Music & Performing Arts Public Services | Science | Travel & Tourism

9 MAIN CAMPUSES Digbeth | Balsall Heath Women’s Centre Handsworth | Fusion Centre | Tyseley Golden Hillock Women’s Centre | Hall Green Bordesley Green | Ladywood Centre

For more information please contact us on:

0800 111 6311

or visit /southandcitycollege




By Bill Brown

Our mission is to strengthen peoples businesses and our relationship with the communities we serve.We want to promote economic development through increased exposure for people giving them the opportunity to showcase products and services to the public. We pride ourselves as an organisation that embrace, recognise, respect the diversity that exist in this country today. The main objective of Bex live 2013 is to get people to showcase their talents, exchange ideas and interact with other business people old and young. Consumers will be able to browse and purchase goods and services from a broad range of exhibitors with a diverse mix of style and cultures for every taste and budget. This event gives recognition to creative entrepreneurship across the sectors of fashion and design, music, dance , everything lifestyle. whatever you do can be showcased and marketed at this show. The Bex Live team is here to serve you , it is our  goal to strategically connect corporations and businesses of every size and dimensions with you the people they serve.Working together we can a difference in our communities with each individual doing their part. Working in tandem with our dedicated team we will measureably impact lives of the young, families and business owners throughout the region.   These entrepreneurs represent our future economic growth, job creation and business leadership in our communities. regions and the country looking forward to seeing you at Bex LIve 2013.   Bill Brown CEO and Founder.

Local Service Directorate Date: 11/04/2013 Black Exposure Live 2013 Black Exposure Live brings to the City of Birmingham the largest cultural and lifestyle exposition in the Midlands which celebrates the black community and all it has to offer in culture, creativity, epreneurship, consumer power and more. We see Black Exposure Live as a socially responsible community organisation, dedicated to strengthening communities, inspiring youth and building better lives for everyone. We salute Black Exposure Live for putting together such an impressive programme, This can only be good for job creation, future economic growth and business leadership, whilst also providing the ideal opportunity to raise and create brand awareness with thousands of potential consumers. This programme includes features such as:The Midland Black Hair and Beauty showcase and awards 2013 The Young Entrepreneur 2013 The Young Entertainer of the year. BEX Live cultural and lifestyle marketplace Seminars and workshops that include wealth creation, careers opportunities, health and well-being, dance, fashion, hair and beauty catwalk shows. We see this event having the magnetism to expose young people to careers and higher education opportunities, and certainly assisting businesses to increase their exposure to a large consumer community. Initiatives such as this complement other community initiatives to support young people and create prosperous communities. It is terrific to see so many businesses, educational institutions, individuals and voluntary organisations working together and supporting each other in this initiative. Yours Sincerely Steve Hollingworth Assistant Director Birmingham Sport & Events



Introduction Welcome to BEX Live 2013

Meet your host Gemma Feare, the current Miss Jamaica UK. Ambitious, intelligent, beautiful, aspirational and exciting are just some of the words used to describe talented young entrepreneur on the rise - Gemma Feare. At just 22, she has lived an enviable and animated life. She has travelled the world, won awards and inspired many people along her short but fruitful journey thus far. Gemma believe’s that her positive attitude and own personal life experiences, which include surviving the 2005 Thailand Tsunami, have helped shaped her character today. She is a very pro-active and ambitious young woman who creates her own opportunities and works hard to meet her own exceptionally high standards. Upon meeting her, you are instantly captivated by her great sense of humour, boundless energy and dazzling smile. Her undeniable enthusiasm always seems to encourage those around her. Gemma is moving full steam ahead with her career plans, hosting live events, landing presenting jobs on TV & Radio and renewing her love of acting. In 2013 Gemma launched her website which features press interviews, events, and appearances with photos and video footage.

Black Exposure Team Bill Brown Founder Katana Brown Strategic Events Director Owen McFarlane Marketing Director Rena Sparks Entertainer Director Tim Douglas Media Director




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COMPANY NAME   ORS   Organic  Root  Stimulator™,  the  #1  brand  in  the  ethnic  hair  care  market,  is  now  ORS™!   GOT  TO  BE  NATURAL   GTB  Natural  provides  100%  natural  skin  care,  natural  hair  care  and  black  hair  care   products.   Web:   DESTINY,  WARTON  &  BROWN     Fashion   ELEVATION  NETWORKS   LOCKS  BY  FITANA   Sisterlocks™  is  a  natural  hair  management  system     Tel:  07957710035,,  email:   OSCAR  BIRMINGHAM  -­‐  the  official  charity  of  BEX  Live  2013.   OSCAR  Birmingham  was  established  to  improve  the  quality  of  life  for  individuals   affected  by  Sickle  Cell  and  Thalassemia.   Call  us  on  0121  212  9209   IT  WORKS  GLOBAL     It  Works  body  applicators     For  more  information  contact  Paul  on  0787  883  4382  or  visit   bRAP     bRAP  is  a  think  fair  tank,  inspiring  and  leading  change  to  make  public,  private  and   voluntary  sector  organisations  fit  for  the  needs  of  a  more  diverse  society..,,  0121  297  3609   MONEYGRAM     MoneyGram  International  helps  connect  people  through  our  global  money  transfer   network.   web:   BRITISH  HEART  FOUNDATION     The  British  Heart  Foundation  is  the  UK’s  number  one  heart  charity.   RAFFA     RAFFA  International  Development  Agency  is  an  independent  charity,  local  and   International  Development  Co-­‐operation.   Tel:  0121  357  4437  email:,  web:   NEW  STYLE  RADIO     New  Style  98.7  FM,  Our  service  is  reflective  of  multicultural  Birmingham.,  Tel  0121  678  6666   MEYE  COUTURE   Fashion   SOUTH  AND  CITY  COLLEGE  BIRMINGHAM     South  and  City  College  Birmingham  is  Birmingham’s  newest  and  biggest  college.   SOUTH  AND  CITY  COLLEGE  BIRMINGHAM   THE  REAL  PROJECT   The  REAL  Project  is  an  exciting  and  innovative  new  sexual  health  initiative  that  aims   to  support  the  sexual  health  of  Birmingham’s  African  Caribbean  communities  

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Tel: 0121  334  0767  or    0121  334  0777  Web:   PROSTRATE  CANCER  UK   HAIRFINITY     Hair  Finity  hair  products  can  help  your  hair  grow  faster  and  longer.   THE  PHOENIX  NEWSPAPER   The  Phoenix  Newspaper  is  a  multicultural  publication  focusing  on  positive,   informative  and  objective  news.   MARY  KAY     Beauty  and  cosmetics  products   Web:,  email:     ASSIE  BOUTIQUE     The  Square  Shopping  Centre,  Birmingham   Web:,  Tel:  07866204421   Web:­‐Boutique-­‐The-­‐home-­‐of-­‐African-­‐Print     ART(ASTON  REINVESTMENT  TRUST)   provides  business  loans  of  between  £10,000  and  £100,000  to  businesses  and  social   enterprises  in  Birmingham  and  Solihull  .   Contact  Dr  Steve  Walker  0121  359  2444,,   ACCESS  TO  MUSIC   Learning  with  Access  to  Music  is  an  exciting  and  unique  experience  which  is   refreshingly  different  to  being  in  a  big  school  or  college   Web:       MOTIVES  /  BEAUTY  CLUB   Motives  will  be  showcasing  their  cosmetics  range  at  BEX  Live  2013  with  live  demos   throughout  the  day,  The  Beauty  Club  provide  a  West  end  service  to  the  whole  of   London  specialising  in  the  best  of  Beauty,  style  &  finish.     SALAD  MASTER   Saladmaster  has  the  perfect  cooking  solution  to  help  you  maintain  an  active  lifestyle.   Web:  

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Kerie Designs     Liberty  House  

Liberty House  is  a  private  residential  care  home  based  in  Erdington,  which   provides  adults  with  learning  disabilities  24-­‐hour  support..   Tel:  0121  327  0671,  


LT Stores, 07810184565  

Noelle Blake  

I am  Noëlle  Blake,  author  of  the  novel  Haunting  My  Ghosts  

Skone Designs  

Saturday 21st September 2013 Birmingham Town Hall

contact@kirei-­‐, 07852228961  

Pure DE’Vine  



Pure De’Vine  provides  a  complete  range  of  fantastic  nail  care  services  all   carried  out  by  master  nail  technicians.  They  cater  for  men  but  specialise  in   Divas  being  creative.     Tel:  0121  523  8596,   Skone  designs  (means  ‘beautiful  woman’  designs  in  African).    The  vision  of   SK1  designs  is  to  produce  products  that  make  us  feel  beautiful   web:,  

11:00 12:00

Black Exposure Live 2013 Market Place Opens To The General Public. Welcome To BEX Live 2013 – Gemma Feare


Fashion Show by South and City College


True Street Kidz Academy


Fashion Show by Destiny Walton Brown & Co

12:55 13:05

Chaotic Sax Vibes Fashion Show by South & City College


Ladies Speedy Hair Stylist Competition

14:00 14:15 15:00 15:15 15:20 15:25 16:00

Paigey Cakey Battle of The Barbers Competition Rio Young Entrepreneur of The Year Award Emmah Beckford CLOSE DAY TIME ENTERTAINMENT BEX Live Market Places Closes



14:00 14:15

British Heart Foundation Gospel Choir JazziFizzle Dance Academy


African Drummers



GETYOURSELFHEARD!!! Multi award winner music producer and songwriter Fred Jerkins III is leaving the USA in search of talent here in the UK. Fred has written and produced for top artists such as: Michael Jackson, Spice Girls, Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Kirk Franklin, Mary Mary, Will Smith, Destiny’s Child, and many more.





Destiny’s Child


Mon 28th Oct LONDON Tues 29th Oct BIRMINGHAM (Sponsored by BEX live) So you believe you’re a singer, songwriter, producer or musician eh? If you feel you really have what it takes to be signed, book your place in the auditions now.



Fr Kirk




Book from 15 minutes to an hour’s one 2 one session with Fred where you can discuss your gifts and talents in depth, share your material with him face 2 face.


Whitney Ho

Fred Jerkins III

MasterClass: Saturday 2nd Nov 2013

Come and hear Fred’s Story at the MasterClass, where you can have all your question answered and learn from one of the world’s greatest producer.




Donnie McKlu


for all MasterClass and Audition bookings made before 12pm 20/09/13 LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE: Book now 2 avoid disappointment Call Antoinette +44 (0) 7930852081

Fred Jerkins III

from the DARKCHILD CAMP & DARKCHILD GOSPEL RECORDS will be in the UK 26th October to 2nd November 2013 BOOK


BEX LIVE 2013 RUNNING DAY ORDER Saturday 21st September 2013 Birmingham Town Hall

EVENING AWARDS & MUSIC SHOWCASE TIME 19:30 20:00 20:05 20:10 20:15 20:25 20:30 21:15 21:30 21:40 21:45 21:55 22:15 22:30 23:00 23:10 23:30 23:40

Black Exposure Live 2013 Awards & Showcase Doors Open To The General Public Welcome To BEX Live Awards & Music Showcase 2013 – Gemma Feare Rookery Road School Performance British Heart Foundation Gospel Choir Rudi Page & Norma Ellis Presents History of Black Hair & Beauty Show 1983 - 2013 South Birmingham Representative Midland Black Hair & Beauty Awards Ceremony INTERVAL Annette B Tru Street Lytie Fashion Show “Let’s Go To Africa, Caribbean & India” Delilah Young Entertainer Awards Hosted by Sandra Bee 1 EYE Young Entertainer Awards Hosted by Sandra Bee British Heart Foundation Gospel Choir CLOSE EVENING AWARDS & MUSIC SHOWCASE

Saladmaster Food Processor 240 CUTS SLICES, DICES,PEELS AND SHREDS WORTH £400!


Enter the competition by completing the Health Survey only available at the Saladmaster stall at BEX Live 2013


Midlands Black Hair and Beauty Awards

BEX LIVE MHB AWARDS 2013 OFFICIAL SHORTLIST BEST CUT STYLIST • Pauline Sutherland - XTreme MOST ARTISITC BARBER Adrian - Hair Academy • • Byron - Bettercut Howard - Dudley Road Barbers. • BEST NATURAL HAIR / BRAIDS Locks by FiTana • Jackie - Hibiscus • • Melesia Bedward - MIST Hair Design BEST WEAVE STYLIST Claudette Kenise - Hibiscus • • Melesia Bedward -MIST Hair Design • Kamisha - Eclipse. BEST MAKE UP ARTIST Shabana Yasmin •

The first ever “Afro Hair & Beauty “,Europe’s largest Black Hair Care and Cosmetics showcase was opened by lady Pitt who said “Black is beautiful and we must never be tired of saying so or showing how true that is”, achieved most of the original objectives set by the company’ i.e. to promote black hairdressing and haircare products, also to help educate and motivate others into an awareness of dignity and self respect. Also that the Black haircare and beauty business should receive the seriousattention of the people who should know and care. The excellent student styling competition organised by Caribbean and Afro Society of Hairdresser’s and won by Ashia School of hairdressing, Electric Avenue, Brixton, underlines those sentiments. Joan Sam of Supreme School of Hair Design, Turnpike Lane, NB and Supreme Supercurl Technical Consultant, expert demonstrations on BBC TV “Breakfast Time” and “Pebble Mill at One” contributed to the total awareness we are all striving to be accepted as professionals in this industry.


American Manufacturer’s such as M&M products, Soft Sheen, Hair-Lox, Summit Products, Pro-Line, World of Curls, Alberto-Culver and EF-Kay Shaving Products, demonstrated the unique qualities of their brands to an enthusiastic audiences. British based companies such as St. Clairs, A & B Enterprises, Gold Care, Chezahn Cosmetics, Koffee & Kream, Ken-Euro Ltd. And Tops Cosmetics also enjoyed considerable success and exposure.

Exciting and fast moving fashion shows were co-ordinated by Karen Hamilton & Associates, Dawes Road, Fulham SW6, highlighting some of our talented second-generation designers and models. Excellent coverage by the black media and their appearance on BBC-TV “Pebble Mill at One” stimulated considerable public interest. Truly inspired plans for AFRO HAIR & BEAUTY 84, Bloomsbury Crest Hotel, Coram Street, London WC1 - 17th to 18th March 1984 are near completion. Manufacturer’s stands are already sold out with All-American companies set to return including JOHNSON PRODUCTS CO. INC. the World’s largest Black Hair Care & Cosmetics Company. (Makers of Afro Sheen & Ultra Sheen). The event was a marketing triumph also a social one, displaying a positive approach with aggressive action, a must in order to attain “SUCCESS”.

BEST MANUCURIST Pure De’Vine • • Giovannis, Tamore Nails. • THE BARBER SHOP OF THE YEAR Dudley Road Barbers • Better Cut Barbers • • The Hair Academy HAIR SALON OF THE YEAR Classic Concept • • TZ Wolverhampton Diva International • BEST HAIR STYLIST 2013 Melesia Bedward - MIST Hair Design • Charmaine Brown - CRB Hair Salon • BEST BARBER 2013 Howard – Dudley Road Barbers • Byron – Better Cut • Nyron – Hair Academy •


Young Entreprenuer of the Year 2013

“Entrepreneurs find new and innovative solutions, invent new products and services, or find fresh ways of looking at age old problems. They find ways to reinvent markets usually by deeply understanding what customers actually want rather than what they have been putting up with for years”.

The winner of this prestigious award receive a marketing tool kit to publicise their success including: * The BEX Live logo to use on your marketing collateral to promote your business excellence to customers, investors and partners. * Press coverage, networking opportunities to grow your connections further. * And a cash prize of £500!


“Living The Freedom”

“Living The Freedom”

Locks by     FiTana    


Sisterlocks ™

    What  is  Sisterlocks™?       Sisterlocks™  is  a  natural    hair  management  system  that     allows  women  with  tightly  textured  hair  to  take  advantage  of   a   wide   range   of   today's   hairstyles   without   having   to   alter   the  natural  texture  of  their  hair.     Does   this   mean   that   once   I   get   Sisterlocks™,   I   can   still   change  my  hairstyles?   Yes!  Sisterlocks™  is  a  lot  less  limiting  than  extensions  because   it  is  your  natural  hair.  You  can  curl  it,  braid  it,  wear  a  ponytail,   cut  it,  spray  or  mousse  it,  wear  bangs  and  parts  -­‐  You  name   it!    

Fiona Brown   Certified  Sisterlocks ™ Consultant   E:                                               M:  07957710035      

Young Entertainers Showcase and Awards Anyone who can sing, rap, do comedy, dance and the spoken word, anything entertaining will be up for this prestigious award they will get the opportunity to perform in front of some of industry decision makers. Here’s the shortlist of the final contestants who will be competing during the evening show.

Lucy Tennyson Lucy 14 years old has been singing from the tender age of 2 years of old. Lucy is committed to take her gift seriously, she now wants to take things onward and upwards from here on! A singer, songwriter and entertainer, this female has no intention of slowing down.

ALEXiS From a young age ALEXiS was drawn to the lyrical content of Hip Hop, and the word play that he heard. which influenced his early writings of poetry. He realised this was the direction he wanted to head towards as an artist, as he felt his writing ability, over the beats of Hip Hop at that time, were a perfect match., @ALEX_iS_UK Lushea Lushea Taylor, often known as ‘Lush’, is known to be one of the most respected, petite, unique, talented Singer/Songwritter in the Midlands. Writting from ones experience as well as behalf of others, Lushea presents a strong stage presence with powerful everylasting enjoyable performances! @LusheaT,

Kezia Soul In Kezia’s words “music is a cultural collective of educational experiences” to Kez, these very same influences lend themselves to the very soul of Kezia’s unique, seductive vocal tones. Her honeysweet voice will intoxicate your ears, always leaving you wanting more! Ricardo Williams With more than 10 years experience in the music industry Ricardo is stepping up to the forefront to share his life and story with the world. With Ricardo’s debut release Soundcheck, his music takes his listeners through a snapshot of his highs and lows.

Jemstone Jemstone, has been singing and songwriting since age 7. Following in the similar steps as her father Grammy nominated reggae artist Peter Spence. What sets her apart from the rest is her powerful vocal range and experience for such a young age. She is about to release her Mixtape called: “The 20 Something Club” and plans to be a Triple Threat as a Singer/Songwriter/Actress. “My Aim is Grammys & Oscars” “The Futures Bright, The Futures Jemstone!” VITAL Vital aka Vernon Caisley is a musician/student/mentor and a believer in his own destiny, musically Vital dabbles in all genres of music from bashment, dancehall, grime, hiphop & anything that he likes. He is also strong believer in family morals and shows that through his music and how he acts towards his younger siblings & mother.,


Janiece Myers Janiece Myers is a 23 year old singer songwriter from Liverpool, writing songs from the age of 9 years old referencing the pop groups ‘Steps’ and ‘The Spice Girl’s as her earliest inspiration... Nice. Janiece is ready to ‘Shake up the World’ for real... Watch this space. Cassie Reid Cassie Reid  has developed her own unique sound of Rock/pop style with influences from a soul background. Starting at the age of 8 when she realized she had a natural ability for picking out harmonies, she began writing her own songs aged 11. She is now a solo artist and also regularly sings backing vocals for other Birmingham artists.


No.1 for Naturals Customer Service Centre +44(0)20 7263 2331 Wholesale & Trade Accounts Register at


Online Shopping: 03/09/2013 23:30

BEX LIVE 2013 Show Guide  
BEX LIVE 2013 Show Guide