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Business Terms: 1) Zee Design Studios requires 25% deposit to start the design stage and then 25% deposit to start development stage - and the rest of amount (50%) after web project is completed. 2) Zee Design Studios will make all the reasonable efforts to make the website functional in all the browsers and platforms. If the client wants special effects that Zee Design Studios advised against and those special effects create a problem with browsers Zee Design Studios will not take responsibility for that. 3) Fully functional website will be placed on Zee Design Studio's server for the client to examine. After client's approval of the website the reminder of the payment is due. Zee Design Studios will then zip up all materials pertaining to the project and send to the Buyer. 4) Client understands that the timeline of the website project is strongly influenced by client - provider interaction. Without client's feedback/approval provider cannot go forward with the project. Zee Design Studios cannot be responsible for any delays that are a result of poor communication with the client. Zee Design Studios will make all the efforts to finish the project on time or before the deadline. Zee Design Studios can be reached by e-mail - The response time for e-mail is between 1-12 hours.



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