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By Sarah Pye

Paravana and Shauzia’s life in

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the Market. In the market, Shauzia and Parvana sell different items such as, chewing gum, cigarettes and other various items like those on their trays. They walk around the market waiting for customers. Paravana spends some of her time selling different goods and if someone wants something written or read, she will also do that for costumers, this is all done in her market stall.

All about the stadium “The stadium is no soccer match.” - Parvana. Every Friday, the Taliban torture someone who has done a crime, Shauzia and Parvana once went in there with their trays, thinking there was a soccer match being held in the stadium, and came wondering in. But no one was cheering and they were very confused, instead of soccer players, some Taliban came onto the field, men moved onto the field, but there weren’t any soccer players. A heavy table came out too. One of the Talibs took a man and put his arms on the table. The Talib took out a sword and chopped off the man’s arms! That man was a theif!

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Parvana, turning into a boy Parvana took a while to get used to being a boy. On her first day, she read a letter to a Talib. It was sent to the Talib’s wife who had died. After the letter, the Talib was crying, and since then, Prvana has been wondering if Taliban have feelings like others do. She wears her older brother, Hossain’s clothes, Hossain died in a land mine when he was thirteen. Parvana calls herself Kaseem, as she is a boy.

Life without Father Parvana finds life hard without father because she has to work and earn money. She once thought that she saw her father, so she ran and gave him a hug, and then she realized that it was someone else. She misses her father very much and wishes that he was here. Her father is in jail because... well they don’t actually know. “The Taliban just destroyed our house and took him.” - Parvana.

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